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The snuff movie entertainment park (cons, snuff)

"Hi I'm Tanya and I will be your guide through our park", the naked attractive bimbo with GG tits smiles at you. "The rules are simple. You can do whatever you want to every women and they all do whatever you order them to do. There are different studios with different settings. There is a filming crew in every studio for the technical stuff, eg. cameras, audio recoding,... and you can chose from an incredible large number of actors and statists to use however you please. I see you chose the Roman setting for your first scene, so let's go there".

The actresses for the big battle scene had already prepared and got dressed. On the one hand where the "Romans", athletic women with Mediterranean features and big boobs wearing nothing but having huge shields and sword as well as helmets. A centurion, even taller than the rest of them, additionally wore a fancy thing on her head and was shouting order in Latin. Following the order the "Romans" placed themselves in different formations. There were around 50 of these Romans.

On the other side of the studio were around 200 women from Germanic tribes, all naked, more than 6 feet tall and huge boobs. They had different weapons from axes to maces. They did not fight in formations or anything fancy like that, they liked to prove their manliness, eh womanliness by charging at their enemy without fear. As Tanya explained the numbers were chosen in a way that the battle was fair, the Germanic women had to make up their lack of discipline with numbers. They were preparing themselves for the battle by shouting and jumping, working themselves into a frenzy.

You walk over to the Germanic tribeswoman an ask one of them to suck your cock. She dutifully takes your cock into her mouth. You take the sword she lay next to her on the floor and just while your cock is in her throat you cut through her throat (below you cock of course). While cutting through her throat she makes gurgling noises and her feet start to trembe, but otherwise she dutifully holds her position. You throw her head into the group of frenzied German women, encourage them to fight like beasts and paint themselves in the now dead women's blood.

Via loudspeaker you also tell all women that they will be expected to fight until all warriors of at least one faction are dead, but when there is a loud signal ,they should stop in their track. Then you give the signal for the fight to start.

The Romans hide behind their shields and the Germanics run at them at full speed. The last line of Romans start throwing their pillae and a few Germanic women are hit and go down.

Just after the first wave hits the shields, the Romans put their shields a little bit to the side, use their swords to strike out and then the first line moves back, being replaced by the second line. Many Germans are hit by a sword, some who were hit badly fall down but other continue fighting.

The Germans also get in a few hits, for example an axe comes over the first line of Romans and hits a busty women in the second line right in her nipples. She grunts but continues fighting.

The now first line of the Romans repeats exactly what the first did, strike, then move back. The Germanic women, dumb but vicious continue to run against the shields and hit the women behind the shields however they can.

After doing this a third time the grounds is already littered with dead and dying tribesowmen.

As the Romans change strike with their swords again and the first line wants to move behind the second line, the Germanic women anticipated exactly that and manage to strike down a few Roman women.

Just then a loud noise can be heard and all fighting freezes. You walk into the arena, noticing the smell of sweat, blood and fear. You find a particularly intriguing situation at the very left of the battlefield: A Roman warrior is about to strike a Germanic fighter in the side with her sword, just as the Germanic women is about to crush the Roman's skull with her axe. It is not possible to anticipate exactly, who would have hit first and who would have survived. Their faces are grimaced and as you step behind the Germanic women you can hear her breathing loudly and you can see sweat running down her skin. Her smell is musky.

You take out your cock and insert your hard member into her behind. She grunts a little bit, repositions herself a little bit to not fall over, but otherwise completely hold her position. You begin pushing harder while looking at the stone-faced face of the Roman soldier she was fighting. Looking further around you can see a battlefield frozen in time, with dying women lying on the floor. This turns you on, so you begin pushing harder inside the women's anus. Then while still buttfucking her, you take a small knife and cut her throat, which causes the Roman soldier to be sprayed with blood.

You then take out your cock again without cumming and push your sword through the Roman woman's big left breast into her heart. "Just to be fair", you smile at her as she falls to the floor making weird noises.

You then announce via loudspeaker: "Okay cut, thank you very much ladies, that was great! We'll shoot the rest later"

Both Romans and Germanic women start to move again, but no longer fighting and start chatting about the scene they had just filmed. They were not only chatting and smiling with their respective groups, but Romans and Germanic women were also busily chatting with each other, retelling each other how they had seen the battle and what exciting things had happened during it. The women lying on the floor were also carried to the so called "trash-bind" and a few Germanic women started to throw sand over the blood on the floor. Not few of them are masterbating, as all the killing and dying has made them very horny.

"Woow, you are a master film-maker, that was great", Tanya smiles at you.

"Which kind of scene do you film next", she asks you.

Well which kind of scene do you want to see next?


Cool concept. I would love to see a 'generic coming of age' bit, with school kids ;)


I would quite like to see some sort of mass execution of "witches" set during the witch trials


I'd enjoy a scene of a sexy spy going down a laser hallway and failing. She doesn't even have to die, it'd fine if just her limbs got lasered off. Then later she could be reused in other scenes.


I like the idea of having hundreds of characters to use at your disposal.



I want to encourage everyone to use all ideas from the story to write your own stories in this scenario (snuff movie entertainment park), as this scenario allows for a huge amount of obscenities with with eager bimbos in very different scenarios.


Filming a rap music video.

The text is simple, eg. "I am the best, I am the coolest and Imma snuff that bitch" repeated over and over again (no that much worse than some actual rap, eh?)

Whenever the second part of that is rapped, the music video show a woman being snuffed. The story is about how these individual scenes are filmed and how the actresses voluntarily and eagerly do what the band wants them to do (eg. shhot a gun into their pussies, beat them with a baseball bat, put them into a pool head down while fucking them, inserting exploding dildos into their pussies,...) The atmosphere during the shooting is relaxed and easy-going, but the action is extremely brutal.

Filming a black metal video

The atmosphere during filming is also relaxed and easy-going, but what is being displayed is much more brutal and cold, eg. women being gutted and left to rot, freezinh to death, using a chainsaw to dismember them....

Warhammer 40k

Based in the WH40K universe.

In the grim darkness of the future there is only war. In the story to the movie, however, the Imperium of Man has found a new way how to keep its enemies in check more efficiently. Instead of sending millions of billions of men to fight and die against chaos, orks, dark eldar, tyrannids,... the Imperium has decided to send women to be killed by these enemies.

The four gods of Chaos:

Khorne loves to maim and kill, if enough women are delievered to him to give him blood for the blood god, skulls for the throne of khorne, he is happy
Nurgle loves to humiliate the women, let them suck his rotting cock and also scat, and then by doing all sorts of really nasty thing and finally slowly being rotten from inside
Slaanesh: That's easy, he's a textbook sexual sadist
Tzeentch: He's a weird guy, maybe likes to make them crazy in their mind.

Orks: At least in the story to the movie very horny, cocks big enough to rip their share of women to pieces but also maim and torture them otherwise for their own enjoyment

Dark Eldar: Love to torture in the most brutal way so that their souls are not consumed by Slaanesh, fit the story perfectly

Tyrannids: Just eat the women, hard vore

So finally in the grim darkness of the future their is peace for the Imperium of Man, for a change it's the women that are sacrificed in the fight against the enemies of the Emperor.


This post is about ideas for other scenes being filmed in the snuff movie entertainment part, wanted to write this in the first sentence but forgot to


Snuff ninjas

"Are you fucking kidding me? I asked for Japanese ninjas and not white ninjas! Yes, they wear masks but they still do not look similar with the rest of their naked bodies", the blonde director was shouting at her redhead assistant. She was ripping her a new one, like literally ripping her a new one by stabbing her with a big knife into her left tit.

Somehow intrigued by the scene you move over to the door in fron of which they argue. "What movie are you filming", you ask the director, aware that with your gold card membership you can also take over any movie set not labelled as "very important", which this one was not. "Oh it's a ninja movie, let me show you something, I think it's very impressive", the busty director tells you. You and Tanya follow her inside, where you see around

30 Asian women with ninja face masks, but otherwise completely naked standing in line. They all have athletic bodies but huge boobs and cute little bushes down there.

"Show us what you learned", the director shouts and the first ninja starts running at full speed, then does a few sommersaults to become even faster. Across her in the room another ninja is standing with a big spear in hand. The ninja running at the spear is now at full speed and makes no intention to stop as she runs into the spear, it piercing her on the left lower part of her abs. The spear slows her down but she still continues to move forward, even though the spear pierces her side and as she finally arrives at the holder of the speer, she cuts the ninja holding the spear into her throat with a knife. The ninja holding the spear falls to the floor making weird gurgling noises.

"That's impressive", you nod at the director, but she says that was just the beginning. The ninja impaled by the spear now cuts the wooden spear with her knife in front of her and behind her, so that only the part of wood inside her belly remains. "The cool thing is", the director tells you, "that they are not seriously hut by this and as long as no vital organs are hit, the wooden part of the spear keeps pressure on the rest of her organs and as long as it is in there, they are in some pain but not in any danger and can be used as if they hadn't been impaled by a spear before."

Seriously impressed by that you walk over to the impaled ninja. She breathes heavily as you cup her breasts. "Now, what happens if I were to use my penis and put it in there instead of the spear", you ask. "Go ahead", the ninja smiles at you, "as long as there is something in there it's fine with me." You wink at another one of the ninjas to come over and she immediately starts sucking you dick and makes you hard. As you are hard, she moves behind the other ninja, slowly pulling out the spear and pushing your hard dick in from the other side, until only your dick is in the ninja. The other ninja then starts sucking the tip of you dick from the other side of the ninja impaled with your dick.

Every small movement from you leads to a whimper from the impaled ninja. "You know if you cum and pull out I will die panifully, how do you like that?", the impaled ninja whsipers into your ear romantically. This idea turns you on very much and the other ninja's tongue lapping at your cock makes you cum. Suddenly a little bit disgusted by what you are doing you pull out quickly and the imaled ninja falls to the floor, blood and weird slippery stuff coming out from her side.

"You and you, come with me", you point at two more ninjas standing in the line. The director looks at you a little shocked, she has a lack of ninjas anyway. You also order Tanya to stay here and be used like on of the ninjas to make up for it. One of the two masked busty ninjas asks you, "Where do we want to go, master?"

You smile at her: "Africa! But before we go there, the cute hair of you ninjas down their gave me an idea. Would you be so kind and fetch me a bunsen burner?"

"Of course", she says and moves to other end of the room doing sommersaults. You motion a third ninja to comer over and to spread her legs very wide while standing. "I heard you all have a very high tolerance of pain and can take a huge amount of pain without any reaction, is that true?", you ask her. "Yes and I will show you", she says. You cannot see her mouth because of the mask, but her eyes seem friendly and encouraging. As the other ninja comes backwith the bunsen burner, you take it and try out if it works. The ninja to be used standing there with wide legs seems to be turned on by this, as a small drop can be seen on her pussy hair. "Ready when you are", she encourages you. Without any further break you take the bunsen burner at full heat, and turn it on held against her hairy crotch. At first she is quiet but after 5 seconds she starts to scream in an inhuman voice, suddenly falling back and throwing her legs and arms around while shrieking.

"Ha, I though so", you smile while going to the exit door of that studio with the two ninjas walking next to you, their boobs floppong around rhytmically with every step.


The ninja scene looks promising. I hope to see more, i.e., the narrator coming inside the impaled ninja's wound.


The ninja scene looks promising. I hope to see more, i.e., the narrator coming inside the impaled ninja's wound.


Should have fucked her with the lit bunsen burner





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