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Emily looked around to make sure nobody had followed her, before quietly slipping into the back alley. The bell for recess had only just rung, so she had a full 30 minutes before she had to go back to class.

This had become a daily ritual for her in the past two weeks. The first time, she had slipped back here only because he had to pee. That was when she first met him. It was a stray rottweiler. He didn't seem much older than a puppy. He had snuck up on her while she was relieving herself.

From the moment she felt his tongue enter inside her, she knew she'd eventually get a dog of her own when she was older. In the mean time, she had come here every day just to meet him, and every day they went through the same routine. She'd bring her left over lunch food, and feed it to him from between her legs.

Recently she had gotten even more daring, and let him mount her a few times. She felt herself become wet, just from thinking about wrapping her legs around his waste as he pushed himself deep insider her. She quickly slipped her hands underneath her skirt, and removed her panties before they had been completely soaked through.

She waited two minutes for her friend to meet her at the usual time, however the dog that showed up was completely different from the one who was usually there. He was much bigger. His fur was black, and matted, and he was a bit skinny like he hadn't eaten in a while.

"Come here boy!" She called out as he slowly walked towards her to investigate. She reached into her shirt pocket and pulled out a tater-tot. "You want one?" She asked, as she held her hand out.

She immediately had to yank her hand back as he tried to snatch it. "Bad boy!" she scolded. "You have to wait for the best part."

She smiled at him, as she slipped the tater tot into the pink slit between her legs. "Now you can have it." She said before lifting her skirt and placed it over his head. She leaned against the brick wall behind her as she felt his cold nose press against her most sensitive area.

She let out a slight moan as his hot breath filled her insides. Cautiously he began to lick at the crumbs around her outer lips. She felt her heart thump in heavily in her chest as adrenaline started to course through her body.

His tongue slithered in and out of her, pushing the tater tot deeper and deeper into her womb. His licks began to hasten as he desperately tried to get at the tasty morsel that was just out of reach. She gasped in pleasure. Her legs began to feel weak and wobbly, as she put her hands behind his head and pushed his face against her crotch.

No longer able to stand, she slowly lowered herself to the ground. His tongue continued reaching deep insider her, feeling every nook and cranny. This was the most pleasure she had ever felt in her life. The other dog had always been so gentle, but this dog was rough. As if he were trying to gobble her up entirely.

She felt his lower jaw enter inside of her, as he kept trying to get at the tater tot. Pain suddenly erupted from inside her. "Ouch!" She yelled, shoving him back. He grunted at her angrily.

She sat up and examined herself. A small amount of blood slowly dripped out of he. It stung a bit, but not enough to deter her from finishing.

He stood in front of her, completely still. "Alright, I forgive you" She said, as she laid on her back spreading her labia. He pushed his face between her knees and resumed lapping at her, hungrily. The blood seemed to make him all the more eager and excited.

With each lick, she felt pressure build inside of her. He grunted loudly as he continued licking at her harder. Soon the pressure felt as if it had reached it's maximum capacity. Her back arched, as she let out a loud squeal. Just as she felt as if she were about to burst, juices sprayed out from inside of her.

That was when everything when wrong. She felt the dog's lower jaw enter inside of her. She felt his teeth puncture the roof of her vaginal canal, as the dog clamped down right over her barely formed pubic hairs.

Emily let out a high pitched scream as he dragged her forward from her original position. Her clothes tore from the friction, revealing her slender body and small, succulent, breasts.

She continued kicking and screaming as he dragged her for what seemed like hours. The flesh on her back and bare bottom was scraped and tore against concrete and shards of glass leaving a trail of blood behind her.

They had finally arrived at what seemed like a junkyard. More dogs appeared around them growling hungrily. With a loud snarl he lifted her up, and began swinging her back and forth like in an old Jurassic park movie.

There was a sickening crunch, and a loud tearing noise. The area between her legs exploded in a fountain of blood as she was launched several feet away from him. She screamed at the top of her lunges before coughing up blood.

He began chewing on the chunk of flesh that he had ripped out from between her legs. Bits of flesh poured out from the gaping hole that used to be her most sensitive area.

The others lunged at her, hungrily ripping and tearing at her flesh. One of them dived head first into her womb, and began literally eating her from the inside out. With a final tug he had completely torn her uterus out from inside of her.

Another dog ran over and grabbed an ovary that was hanging out of the dog's mouth. They began fighting over it in a vicious game of tug of war.

Blood began to pool around her body as more dogs surrounded her. One bit down on her left breast. It stretched, ripped, and teared as the dog hungrily yanked at the mount of flesh.

Another gripped on to her right shoulder. Two others grabbed her by the ankles and began pulling in opposite directions. Her body lifted into the air one last time. Tears streamed down her face as she cried in agony.

With another sickening crunch, her body completely split up the middle. Her vision blurred, as she was no longer able to breathe. After what seemed like an eternity of watching them fight over pieces of her body, she finally passed out from shock.

The last thing she remembered before she died was the rottweiler she had met a weak earlier, whimpering as it rested it's head on what was left of her body.


Hey i liked it! Can you make one about a girl fucking a dog and other dogs jump on them? Maybe they can eat a little brother masturbating to the scene! Or a mom and son! Keep up the good work!


One thing I wish I thought of when I had written this story, is that when getting dragged she logically would have wrapped her legs around his head and held on to reduce pain/pressure.


Also, I had the above image in mind when I wrote the story. Too bad the actual manga scene didn't go the same way as the cover. =/


Resurrecting fics that fell off due to spammers.


Yup, could alway use more of this around here!

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