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Well, this could probably needs a little more time, but here it is. Let me know what you think!

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

I was waiting behind the counter when I first saw him coming. He was walking confidently towards me with a big smile on his face, and I hesitated for just a minute, looking at the other girls around me. No one moved, so I stepped up behind the counter, as we were supposed to do.

He stopped on the other side, laying his briefcase on the countertop. His eyes were locked on mine as he smiled, and soon I was trembling. He was at least 6 feet 5” tall and wide as a door, but what stroke me the most was his skin. It was so black that it seemed to be shining under the lights.

Looking into his eyes, I smiled as I dried my sweaty hand on my apron.

“Hello Sir, and welcome to XXXpresso. My name is Roanne, how may I serve you today?” I said to him.

I had been working there for over a week by then, but I still felt nervous with some clients, especially the ones like him. He looked at me with that big smile of his, running his tongue over his teeth, and then he checked his watch.

“Mmmmm… I got time today. Give me a double espresso with milk. I will be waiting in one of the couches, over there.” he said, pointing towards one of the corners of the shop.

After asking for his name I told him I would be there in a minute and he left. My hands were trembling as I wrote his name on the cup, but I knew better than to waste time. I went to the espresso machine and another girl took my place, greeting the next customer as I prepared the coffee.

Once it was ready, I carefully picked up the tray, trying not to let it fall and I took it to him. He was sitting in one of the couches, with a book in his lap as he waited for me. I could feel his eyes following me around as I placed his coffee on the little table by his side, leaving the complimentary cookies next to it.

“Aren’t you a little young to be working here?” he asked me a moment later.

I felt my face turning red as I clutched the tray to my chest. I was barely 5 feet tall and my body wasn't fully developed yet. It was one of the reasons I still felt nervous working here, thought all the girls said I shouldn't worry about that.

“No, Sir. I turned 15 years old last week.” I said.

“Really?” he said, laughing lightly as he looked up and down my body.

I stood next to him, waiting silently but he just smiled at me, sipping his coffee while I felt more and more uncomfortable with every passing second.

“Will that be all, sir?” I finally asked him, a minute later.

He seemed to enjoy playing with me, so he took his time before he answered. He sipped his coffee one more time, and then he placed it on the table.

“How about a blowjob?” he asked me with a smirk on his face.

“Of course, Sir!” I said quickly.

Setting the tray on the table, I kneeled between his legs, resting my hands over his thighs. He was wearing an expensive looking suit and the silk felt cool under my hands. Opening his fly, I grabbed his cock and pulled it out.

He was already hard, and I held his cock in my hand for a few seconds, enjoying the warmness of it. He was pretty big, but not as big as I feared when I saw him. Pumping him a few times, I breathe deeply and then I swallowed the head.

The taste hit me immediately. There was his own sweat and the musky aroma of all cocks, but under it I could taste a woman's flavor. He must have fucked a girl on the way here, I thought as I started running my tongue around it. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw him resting back on the couch, his eyes closed and a smile on his lips.

This was what XXXpresso was all about, and the part I enjoyed most about my job. He started moaning as I took him deeper into my mouth, picking up my pace as I got him wet with my saliva.

Without stopping, I unbuckled his belt and I pulled his pants open, giving me better access. I pulled out only for a minute, breathing deeply as I pumped his cock, and then I swallowed him again, pushing myself against it as it slid past my throat.

I started gagging as it pressed against the back of my head, and for a moment I was afraid it would be too big for me and that I would start puking, but soon it was past it and I was able to relax.

When I had my nose pressed against his stomach, I looked up. He was watching me with a big grin on his face. He laid a hand on the back of my head, running his fingers over my hair while he held me there.

“Mmmmm… that feels nice.” he said above me. “Do you like sucking my cock?”

I mumbled a yes as I felt his cock twitching inside my throat. Then I tried to pull out so I could breathe, but he held me firmly in place. I closed my eyes as I tried to remain calm, but it wasn't easy.

A moment later I felt my lungs burning and I started to panic, but I held still as tears ran along my face from the effort. A moment it became too much for me and again I tried to pull away, but his fingers dug painfully into my head and he held me there as I struggled.

I looked into his eyes, pleading him silently and a moment later he released me. I pulled back quickly as saliva exploded from my mouth, running down my lips and into my chest.

He started laughing as I sat on the floor, trying to catch my breath.

“Did you like it?” he asked me as I was wiping my face with the back of my hand.

I looked into his eyes as I felt air blowing over my wet cunt and I shivered. We both knew the answer to that question, so I grabbed his cock again, and I took him into my mouth one more time. This time he let me work alone and he started drinking his coffee again I gave him a blowjob. I took my time, working it slowly as he moaned from time to time.

When I had to breathed, I pulled out and then I started licking his balls, sucking his testicles inside my mouth one at a time. It wasn't long before his cock was smeared red from my lipstick, all the way to the base, and I smiled to myself.

Then, as I had his cock deep into my mouth again, he grabbed my head with both hands once more. I felt his fingers digging into my head as he started fucking my throat. I could feel my pussy dripping from excitement as he used me for his pleasure, but before long he pulled out until only the head was inside my mouth and I felt his cock jerking.

He came hard, filling my mouth with his seed as I let it pool inside it. Shot after shot, he sprayed it inside my mouth until it was almost full, and only when it was over he released me.

I opened my mouth wide, showing it to him as his cum oozed over my tongue, and only when he nodded I swallowed it all. It was so much that I had to swallow it in three part before it was all gone.

Closing my eyes, I waited for a minute as the thick fluid slid slowly down my throat, threatening to come out as it settled in my stomach, but in the end the feeling of nausea I sometimes got disappeared and I opened my mouth again, showing him it was all gone.

He patted my head like he would a good dog, and then he simply ignored me. After checking his watch again, he pulled his pants back up and the left without another word, leaving a few bucks on the table as a tip.

Feeling a little dizzy, I got up and walked towards the counter again, tasting his cum in my mouth. There was a long line of customers waiting when I got there, so after washing my face, I took my place once more.

“Hello Sir, and welcome to XXXpresso. My name is Roanne, how may I serve you today?” I said to next customer as he smiled at me.

XXXpresso was born out of a reality show a few years ago. At the beginning it was a place where men went for a cup of coffee and a blowjob. The girls were all gorgeous and the cameras made sure to catch all the action, and soon it became immensely popular.

But as with all reality shows, other programs started copying the idea and the producers thought it was time to push it a little further, just to keep ahead of the rest. Little by little, it became more extreme.

Soon the girls were mostly naked and the uniform that we now use was born, then you could also fuck them if you wanted, but it was never enough, and one day they came up with something that had never been done before.

At the end of the month, they picked one of the girls as employee of the month, just like they always did. But instead of taking a picture for the wall, the tied her up, raped her for half the day.

At first she didn't suspect anything, as it was usual for the men to fuck them, though this time it was even more brutal than usual. They fucked cunt and her ass until she started bleeding, and then they kept going. When she started crying for help another one fucked her throat, choking her until her face turned blue. When they were done with her, she was barely conscious, and her body was covered in bruises and cum.

Then they looped a rope around her neck, and they hung her from the ceiling until she was dead. It was transmitted live on primetime TV, and to this day, it is the most watched TV episode of all time.

Some thought they had gone too far, others thought no other girl would ever work there again, and a few called for the show to be censored, but when the producers announced a casting for a new waitress the next day, the line of girls outside stretched for two blocks.

Unfortunately the show was canceled two months after that, after the church lobbied heavily against it. A new law was passed in record time, saying that snuff shows, as they were called after that, were strictly forbidden on TV.

After that the shop remained open, offering the same service as it always had. Men could come in there for a cup of coffee, pick the girl they wanted and have their way with her. And at the end of the month, they would still pick up a girl as the employee of the month.

Business was great, and branches appeared all over the country. It was the dream of many girls to work there, and to be picked up the employee of the month was considered the greatest of honors.

Since I was little, I dreamed of working there, but of course I was too young back then. The minimum age was 15 years old, but in practice they only hired girls with experience working in similar places, so most girls started there at 18.

The competition was also fierce, with many stages in the casting process, so I didn't have high hopes when I sent a video application through their site. It was still a month before my 15 birthday, but I thought I had nothing to lose if I tried.

I never thought they would call me, but a week after that I got a call from a blocked number while I was at home.

Against all odds they had picked me up, and they wanted to set up an interview as soon as possible. I couldn’t contain my excitement as the girl on the phone told me to be at the shop the next day. I said yes before I realized I would have to skip school, but it didn't really matter.

That night I was so nervous I had trouble sleeping, and the next morning I woke up feeling tired and nervous. I took a shower and after checking myself a million time on the mirror I finally left.

Despite having watched every episode more than once, I had never been there myself, and as I crossed the door I was overwhelmed by what I saw. Girls were working all over the seating area, being fucked or giving blowjobs as men waited patiently behind the counter. I looked around, but I couldn't see the manager's office, but a girl stopped next to me a moment later and she pointed towards a man sitting on a table.

She was wearing the uniform that all girls had to use. Black stocking with a garter belt, high heel shoes, a green apron that was way too short to cover anything, and of course her lips were painted a deep cherry red.

After thanking her, I walked towards him, watching the girls around me. They all looked gorgeous as they walked confidently from place to place. A few had cum on their faces or their aprons, and they wore it proudly as they talked to the men.

I was feeling a little insecure by the time I got there, but he greeted me warmly and he told me to take a seat. We chatted about nothing in particular for a few minutes as I tried to relax, until finally he started asking me questions.

How old was I, and to which school I went. I lied about my age, saying I was already 15, but I told the truth on the rest. After a while he asked me if I knew what the job was, which stroke me as funny as I could see a girl giving a blowjob to an old man behind him, but I told him that I already knew.

By the time he asked me if I had any previous experience as a waitress, I was trembling. I wanted to lie, as I knew that with no previous experience I had no chance, but I couldn’t do it. Hanging my head down in shame, I told him that I didn't, but he laughed softly and told me that it wasn't a problem.

I really wanted to believe him, but after telling me they would call me soon if they needed another interview, I left feeling that I had reached the end of my luck.

To my surprise, the next week they called again, telling me that I had to be at the company headquarters the next morning. Again I skipped school and when I got there I was told to take a seat. This time I wasn't the only one waiting it seemed, as a few girls were sitting next to me. The all looked so much prettier than me, that I thought it would be pointless.

One by one, the receptionist called us and the girls disappeared into an office. Some stayed for a few minutes, others took longer, but in the end I was the last one waiting. For a while I thought about leaving, as I felt I had no chance against them, but just when I was about to get up, she called my name.

Trembling, I got up and went inside, where a big man with white hair was waiting behind a desk. He was taken some notes on paper when I closed the door, but he looked up at me, smiling warmly as I got closer.

“Roanne, right?” he said as he got up. “Please, take a seat.”

I sat down, and then I waited silently as he read what I assumed was my file. At first he started by asking the same things they had asked me in the last interview. I repeated the same things I had said before, trying not to wince when he asked me my age. From time to time he took notes, nodding silently with every answer.

“Are you virgin?” he asked me after a while.

I felt my face turning red as I looked at him, but I told him no.

“Good, that is good.” he took a few more notes and then he got up again.

Standing next to me, he gave me his hand and told me to follow him. He made me stand next to his desk as he walked around me. I was trembling, hoping that he wouldn't notice, when he spoke again.

“Take off your clothes, please.” he said, and after that he sat on the couch on the opposite wall.

Biting my lips, I kicked of my shoes and I tried to unbutton my pants, cursing myself for choosing jeans instead of a skirt or a dress.

“Roanne, just try to relax, okay?” he said from the couch.

I closed my eyes as I nodded, and then I took a deep breath. Feeling just a little more calm, I finally managed to pull my pants down, and then I took the rest of my clothes off. My panties were the last thing to go, and soon I was standing naked in front of him.

I felt really uncomfortable at first and I wanted to cover myself with my arms, but his smile was oddly comforting.

“You are very pretty, Roanne.” he said, making me blush. “Turn around for me.”

I turned around, stopping for a second as he watched my ass, and then I waited.

“That is very good. Now, how good of a cock sucker are you?” he asked me, pulling off his pants.

Oddly enough, this was the easy part for me. I smiled at him as I dropped to the floor between his legs. Taking his already hard cock in one hand, I licked my lips and looked into his eyes.

“I don't know, you tell me.” I said confidently to him as took him into my mouth.

He relaxed into the couch as I started blowing him, and soon he was moaning in pleasure. I felt my confidence raising as I took him deeper and deeper into my mouth, until I felt my nose pressing against his stomach. He didn't have a huge cock, but he was still big enough that I started gagging.

A moment later he grabbed my head, holding me down. I wasn't ready, and I knew I would need to breathe soon, but I wanted to show him what I could do. Instead of fighting him, I pulled my arms behind my back and I looked into his eyes.

Seconds passed slowly as the air in my lungs started to run out, but I stood still. My face felt hot and my body started to tremble, but I refused to give up. He was looking into my eyes with a big smile on his face, and a moment later he released me.

By then I was desperate for air, but I stood still for another minute, until I was about to pass out. Only then I started pulling out, but I moved slowly, looking into his eyes as his cock left my throat and I was finally able to breathe again.

I kneeled on the floor, stroking his cock as I breathed deeply, drool running down my lips.

“Ohhhh, that was pretty good.” he said laughing.

I smiled again, licking my lips as I felt my stomach turning inside me. A moment later I started sucking his cock again, thought this time I took my time, running my tongue along its length and licking his balls as if they were the most delicious thing in the world.

A moment later he told me to stop, and I reluctantly pulled back, fearing I had done something wrong, but he was still smiling.

“Roanne. Have you ever had anal sex?” he asked me as he stroked his cock in front of my face.

I felt myself blushing again, and once more I thought about lying to him, but I didn’t.

“No, Sir. Thought I had played with my ass before.” I said, losing all that confidence I had.

“Ahh, don’t worry. That is really easy to fix’” he said as he got up from the couch, undressing as I watched from the floor.

“Why don't you lay there while I get ready?” he said, pointing at his desk.

Trembling in anticipation, I got up and walked to his desk, pushing a few papers to one side before I laid down on it. The wood felt cold under my breasts, but I waited patiently. When I heard him walking, I stretched my arms high above my head and I tried to relax my body.

He stopped behind me, and without a word he kicked my legs apart. My hips were resting on the top, with the edge digging uncomfortably into my flesh. I closed my eyes, expecting his cock at any moment, but I heard him kneeling behind me and a moment later I felt his hot breath between my legs.

“Ohhhhh!” I moaned loudly when he worked his tongue inside my cunt.

He started lapping at my sex as I struggled to remain still, but he was making it very hard. His tongue moved between my cunt lips, lapping at my juices as his nose pressed against my asshole. From time to time he would go down, gently sucking my clit as I trembled, and a moment later I felt him pushing two fingers inside me.

“You taste so sweet, Roanne. But I wonder…” he said, and before I knew what was happening his tongue was pushing its way inside my asshole.

I gasped, both in surprise and in arousal as my asshole gave way and he started exploring inside me. It felt glorious, and for a moment I forgot about everything. He was still pumping his fingers inside my cunt, and I started grinding my hips against his face.

A moment later he pulled out his tongue, and he pushed his thumb inside it. He started fucking my asshole with it while his other hand worked my cunt. It was a little painful, but I was too close to an orgasm for me to care. I moaned loudly in pleasure, my voice filling the small room.

Then without a word he stopped, just when I was about to cum. He left me panting on the table, my ass sore and my cunt dripping with juices. When I looked behind me, he was standing there with a smile on his face.

“No, not yet. You have to earn it!” he said, and then he shoved his cock inside my ass.

I had played with a few dildos in my ass before, but nothing could prepare me for this. I let out an ear splitting scream of agony as he pushed himself all the way inside me in one push, and without giving me time to recover he started fucking me.

The pain became so intense that I started crying as I bit my lip, trying not to scream again. Oblivious to my agony, he grabbed my hips with both hands, and he started pushing even harder. Soon he was slamming his cock inside me, forcing my body forwards until I was pressed tightly against the edge off the desk.

I knew that I had to relax, but no matter how much I tried I couldn't do it. My asshole was clenched tightly around his cock as I tried to push him out, and I realized I was holding my breath.

Behind me, I could hear him moaning loudly as he fucked me raw. From time to time he would slap my ass until it made me scream, and then he grabbed my hair in one hand. Without warning, I felt him pulling back, lifting my body from the table and putting a tremendous pressure on my neck.

I tried to scream, but the only thing I managed was a muffled croak.

“You have a lovely ass! So tight…” he said as he slowed down just a bit.

Then, as soon as it had started, he pulled out, releasing my hair so suddenly that I fell down onto the desk, bumping my head against the hardwood. I laid still, trying to catch my breath as my asshole screamed in agony.

His hands roamed my body, moving along my back almost tenderly until they got to my hair again. I tensed in anticipation, and a moment later the pulled me off the desk and onto the floor, where I managed to kneel.

I watched his cock, inches from my face, covered in blood and shit, and without having to ask I knew what he expected.

Without hesitating, I grabbed it and took it into my mouth, swallowing the head as I ran my tongue over it. The taste was awful, and I started retching almost instantly, but I that didn’t stop me. Using my tongue, I cleaned him as best as I could.

“Fuck! Oh, fuck… so good!” he said, grabbing my head once more.

His fingers dug painfully in my scalp as he held me in place, forcing his cock deep into my mouth and then he started rocking his hips back and forth. A moment later, he pulled out, holding me in place as he pumped his cock.

I opened my mouth, and a second later the first jet of cum landed on my face. I pushed my tongue out, hoping to catch as much as I could, and then a second and a third followed. His cum was thick and warm, and I could feel it sticking to my face as I waited.

After one last jet, he released me and I was left panting on the floor. I felt my orgasm slowly fading away, but I didn't care. I looked at him, smiling as I felt his cum on my face.

When he smiled back, I took one finger and I scooped up as much cum as I could, licking my fingers clean and swallowing every drop of it. Then I grabbed his cock again, and I sucked him clean.

Breathing deeply, he patted my head and then he went to his desk.

“So…” I said, but he just looked confused.

“I am a good cock sucker, or not?” I asked him with a grin on my face.

“Ohhh, I think you did okay. You still have a lot to learn, though.” he said laughing while he took some notes.

A moment later he became serious, and taking one of the papers from the desk, he shook his head.

“Though, I have to say that I don't like it when people lie to me, Roanne. You are not 15 yet, are you?” he asked me.

I felt my face turning a deep red and I had to look away.

“Oh, god… I am sorry. I know I shouldn't have, but I really wanted the job. Please, you have to understand!” I said, my voice just about to crack.

He got up from his chair and he walked towards me, giving me his hand. After helping me up, he sat on the desk, crossing his big arms over his chest.

“Well… that is not really that big of a deal, since your birthday is… what, next week?” he said.

I looked up, feeling hopeful again.

“Next Wednesday.” I said to him.

“Well, since you really want to work with us, maybe you can start that same day? Think of it as a birthday present!” he said. “What do you think?”

I felt so happy then, that I couldn't say a word. I started crying and I hugged him, feeling his naked body pressed against mine. A minute later, I took a step back, and I wiped the tears from my face.

“Should I take that as a yes, then?” he asked me with a grin.

The next Wednesday I was there an hour before opening time, ready to face my first day at work. I tried to stay at school up until the very last day, hoping that it would make the time past faster but I ended up skipping Monday and Tuesday as I was just too nervous.

I was the first to arrive, and as I waited for the shift to start I met all the other girls as they arrived. One by when they changed into their uniforms until I was the only one left. I was too nervous to come out, so I stayed behind, looking at myself in one of the mirrors.

For the millionth time I checked my uniform, straightening my apron and checking that I had enough make up. And just like before, I couldn't find anything wrong.

Still, I couldn't move, and I remained glued there as I heard everyone else making the final preparations before the first customers arrived. I kept thinking of all the thing I had seen on the TV and during the interview, and I felt my legs turn to rubber.

A moment later the door opened and one of the girls came in. I had seen her before when she arrived, but I couldn't remember her name. When she saw me standing in front of the mirror, she came over and she took my hand.

“Hey, everything okay?” she asked me, her voice soft and warm.

I nodded, afraid that my voice would crack, but she shook her head as she smiled.

“No, it isn’t. I can see it in your eyes.” she said, standing in front of me.

I looked at her, saying to myself that this was the very reason while I was afraid. She was so much prettier than me. The was taller and her breasts were bigger, her pale skin and short blond hair were perfect and her tattoos were gorgeous.

Her right arm was covered in green vines and red roses, from her wrist to her shoulder, and her left arm was completely covered in black ink, fading towards her wrist. It must have been pretty painful to get those, but they were so pretty that I felt jealous.

“You look very beautiful in that uniform.” she said a moment later, trying to break the ice.

I hung my head in shame, knowing that it wasn't true. We were both dressed exactly the same, with the stockings, the green apron, and the red lipstick, thought I did have my hair tied up behind my head with a green ribbon. One of the girls had said it made it easier to keep the cum out of it, and it gave the man a place to grab your head if they wanted to.

“Roanne, right? I am Taylor.” she asked me. “Look, every girl was nervous on her first day. If one tell you that she wasn't, she is simply lying. Just relax and you will do just fine!”

As she waited for me to talk, she pulled my head up with one hand until she could look into my eyes. Her touch felt like fire on my skin and soon I was trembling. Without a word, she leaned forwards and she kissed my lips. It was just a peck, but it left me stunned and out of breath.

When she pulled back I felt like crying, but she simply smiled before she grabbed the back of my head, pulling me towards her. She started kissing me deeply, her tongue moving inside my mouth as her hands roamed my body.

Turning me around, she pushed me against the mirror without breaking the kiss. I was desperate for air, but she held me down. One of her hands started fondling my breasts over the apron, pulling roughly from my nipples until I gasped from the pain, while the other moved slowly towards my cunt, dragging her nails along my stomach until it hurt.

Finally she released me and I tried to catch my breath again. I tried to move away, but her hand shot to my neck, pressing at either side of my throat. The only sound I could make was a dry panicky croak, but she seemed to find it funny.

“Shhhh, stay still.” she said, releasing my neck as she kneeled on the floor in front of me.

She pulled my apron to one side, and I could feel her breath on my cunt, making me tingle in anticipation. Grabbing one of my ankles, she raised my leg over her shoulder, and I felt her fingers spreading my cunt lips apart.

A moment later I felt her tongue lapping my clitoris, hot and wet, and I started moaning in pleasure. One of her hands held me against the mirror while the other moved between my legs, shoving two fingers inside me while a third pressed against my asshole, digging her fingernail into my sensitive flesh.

The room seemed to disappear as she started fucking me with her fingers. There was no foreplay, and I was not wet enough yet, so it was a little painful at first. She didn't seem to care though, and after a minute my cunt was dripping with juices and the pain faded away.

Without stopping, she started licking my clitoris again, sucking it between her lips from time to time. As the minutes passed, it became increasingly difficult for me to stay standing, as my legs felt weak and my body seemed to become heavier and heavier.

I had my eyes closed, but I could see her anyway, kneeled in the floor, her face pressed against me. I grabbed her head with one hand, running my fingers along her short hair like all the men did during a blowjob, and I pulled her hard against me.

But then she pushed my hand away and she stopped. I looked down at her, hoping that she wouldn't leave me like that, but she was smiling. She got up, taking off her apron and then mine, and she pointed at the floor.

“Lay down there, let me show you something!” she said, excited.

I laid on the cold floor, feeling as my nipples got even harder than before, to the point where they started to hurt, and she then climbed on top of me, her hips over my face and hers over mine. I licked my lips when I saw her cunt, pale and completely smooth, only inches from my face. She was already wet and I could smell a musky aroma coming out of it, mixed with some kind of flowery soap.

Without waiting for her, I pressed my face against her cunt and I started doing what she had done to me. I slipped my tongue between her lips, savoring another woman's cunt for the first time, and then I started lapping at it with hunger, almost desperately.

She resumed her previous work, and I started trembling on the floor. It wasn't easy to concentrate, as I wanted nothing else than to lay down on the floor until I came, but I couldn't leave her like that, so I tried my best.

Despite my lack of experience, I felt her body reacting. Her hips started moving from side to side, grinding against my face, and her cunt started getting wetter and wetter. Her juices flooded my mouth, dripping down my lips and my chest. They started to taste different too, it became stronger than before and I could feel something metallic behind it. It wasn't unpleasant, though, so I didn't really mind.

Unlike me, she did know what she was doing, and I could feel my own body responding to her touch. My whole skin was covered in goose bumps and I couldn't stop trembling. My hips were moving on their own, pushing against her fingers as she fucked me, and I could feel her fingernails dragging painfully over my thighs.

Then I couldn't hold it anymore and I came violently. Every muscle in my body pulled hard, trying to tear my body apart and I started flopping on the floor like a fish out of the water as she took my clitoris between her teeth. It was really painful, but she held it there as I screamed, until finally it was over and I collapsed on the floor. Only then she opened her mouth, releasing me.

“Ohhhh, I think you liked it!” she said laughing as she got up.

When I finally managed to open my eyes the lights on the ceiling were blindingly bright, and I rolled to the side, covering my face with one hand. Now that it was over I felt tired and dirty. I was covered in sweat and my mouth felt sticky from her juices.

She was waiting next to me with a smile on her face, and when I finally felt strong enough she helped me up onto my feet. I blushed when I saw her face and her breasts, dripping with my juices, but she didn't seem to notice it.

“Oh, shit!” she said, looking at the clock over the mirror. “ No time to lose, come!”

She gave me my apron and before I could say anything she dragged me outside. The doors closed behind us as I watched the first customers arriving. I quickly slipped the apron on, tying it behind my back, and then I remembered my face.

I was about to turn around when she grabbed my face with both hands, pulling me towards her face.

“No, don't worry, no one will mind!” she said with a smile she before she kissed me again.

As I felt her tongue moving inside my mouth again I felt my body melting, and when it was over I was gasping for air.

“We will continue this tonight. You owe me an orgasm!” she screamed as she walked to her station, oblivious to the people around her.

A moment later I did the same, and my first day at work finally started. I could feel her cunt juices drying on my face, and my thighs were full of scratches. I felt really embarrassed at first, but as she had said, no one seemed to care.

The day passed by in a blur of cocks and cum, and before I knew it we were closing the place. was exhausted, but I couldn't stop smiling. I had my first lesbian experience, and the job had been everything I had dreamed off, and then some.

Back at the changing room I took a long shower, cleaning my body while I savored the taste of cum in my mouth. Then I followed her to her house, holding her hand as I wondered what awaited me tomorrow.

It was the last day of the month, and we were all nervous. We knew what that meant, or at least we thought we knew. I sometimes wondered if they would introduce something knew as a surprise, just as they had done during the reality show. Strangely enough, the thought made me really horny, but then again, I knew what was they were going to do to me one day and here I was..

The place was bursting with people, as no one wanted to miss the show, so we worked really hard. I was at the counter, whipping my face when the manager came in. He said that a customer had asked for me specifically, which wasn't strange, so I went into the VIP room where there was a business meeting.

When I entered everybody stopped talking and they looked at me. A few were grinning, others were laughing. After all this time groups still made me nervous, but I knew how to handle them.

Closing the door behind me I looked at each one of them. Of the six, I picked the one that looked to be in charge, and I walked confidently towards him, swinging my hips from side to side.

“Hey, what is your name?” I asked him seductively.

He started laughing as the other men watched us.

“I am Andrew. It's a pleasure to meet you, I heard so many good thing about you, Roanne.” he said with a smile.

Standing on my toes, I stretched my neck until I managed to kiss him while my hand grabbed his cock over his pants. He was already hard, and I felt my body tingling in anticipation.

“I can only imagine!” I said laughing just before I dropped to the floor.

The rest of the men formed a circle around me while I pulled his pants down and I started blowing him. Every one of them started undressing and before I knew it they were all naked. A moment later Andrew grabbed my head and he pulled me towards his cock, fucking my throat just how I liked it.

Not wanting to be left behind, the rest took turns on my sides as I grabbed their cocks and started masturbating them.

A few minutes later Andrew filled my throat with his cum and the rest lost all the control they had. They threw me on the floor and they started fucking me, one in my cunt and another on my asshole. A third took Andrew’s place, fucking my throat as I struggled to breathe.

They took turns using me, giving me no time to recover. Half an hour later I finally managed to cum, and orgasm filled my body. Everything seemed to fade for a few moments, and I could only fill their cocks, feeling me completely. Then it was over and they kept fucking me.

When I struggled too much they simply punished me. Sometimes they would pull from my nipples until they turned white and other they just slapped my face. One took his pleasure in strangling me, and I felt his hands squeezing my neck until I got dizzy.

When it was over I was too tired to move. I laid on the cold floor with my eyes closed, covered in dark blue bruises and drying cum. They had all cummed inside me, and I could feel their seed dripping down my legs and forming a pool under my ass.

I felt someone standing in front of me, and when I opened my eyes I saw Andrew, crouching a few feet away. He was already dressed again, and I wondered if I had fallen asleep at some point.

Rolling onto my back, I opened my legs and I showed him my cunt. I started playing with myself, smiling as I remember his cock inside me.

“Ohhhh. You slut!” he said and everybody started laughing. “I think it's time to clean up this mess, don't you think?”

I knew what he meant, and I quickly got on all four. The floor was covered in their cum, and with a smile on my face I started licking it clean. As I swallowed the slimy mixture of cum and who knew what else, the rest left the room, leaving me alone with him.

I swallowed as much as I could from the floor, and then I sat next to him and I started scooping what was still in my body. Using my fingers I cleaned my face, and my cunt, slurping their cum as if it was caviar. In the end I had managed to cum twice while they fucked me, but as he watched me I felt another orgasm rising inside me. I knew it wouldn't be able to cum, but I still enjoyed how it felt.

Before I knew it, there was nothing more. With a stomach full of cum, I got up as he watched me. With a smile he told me that I had done a great job, and that he was sure he got the contract he was after. After leaving a very generous tip on the table for me, he told me he would recommend me to his friend and then he left me alone.

I sat on one of the tables, enjoying a moment of peace I knew I wouldn't have until the night and I tried to rinse my mouth with a glass of water they had left behind. My stomach was rumbling inside me, and when I moved I could imagine their cum sloshing inside me. For a moment I thought I would get sick, but slowly the feeling faded away and I felt fine again.

After cleaning up the place, I went to the changing room for a quick shower and I returned to the counter. More and more men seemed to arrive with every minute and I knew we would be overwhelmed soon. Still, all the girls were smiling and I felt really happy as I greeted my next customer.

The rest of the morning flew by. We worked around the clock, serving as many customers as we could, but it became really hard to concentrate as the middle of the day got closer. I grew nervous as I imagined myself being chosen. It was what I had dreamed all this time, but the possibility still filled me with dread.

And then the bell rang, and everybody started cheering. The area in front of the counter was left free as every men formed a semicircle in front of it, and the girls stood in the middle, looking towards the men. In the six months I had been working here, I had never seen it so full.

The manager appeared from the crowd, and someone gave him a microphone. He congratulated all of us, saying that we had all done an amazing job this month. The crowd roared wildly, and I saw a few of my regular customers among it. A few were smiling, and as I remembered their cocks I started blushing.

I wasn't really paying attention as he kept talking. I knew the speech by now, so I simply looked straight ahead with a smile on my face as he started walking along the line, looking at each one of us. He got closer and closer, congratulating each one of the girls, and then he stopped in front of me.

He was smiling but there was something odd about it, and suddenly I knew what it was.

“Roanne, congratulations. Your are the employee of the month!” he said grabbing my hand.

The room exploded in applause, but even with all the noise I could hear the girls next to me breathing in relief. Apparently some of them were having second thought about this, and I couldn't blame them.

I wasn't surprised when he said my name. When I woke up that morning I had a feeling I wouldn't be coming back, and I was strangely calm as I thought about the few hours I had left. I remembered all the girl that had gone before me, trying to remember their faces, but the only one I could was Taylor’s.

The other girls congratulated me, and I noticed that a few were crying. Were they happy that I would be the one this time? That they had escaped the odds one more time? I tried to remember what I had felt all those times I had not been chosen, but I couldn't.

Then he was standing in front of me, asking me if I was ready. He took my hand and I started trembling as he led me into the crowd. The men formed a big circle around us, blocking everything else, until the only thing I could see were their faces, leering at me.

I was scared, much more than what I had imagined, but I had seen this before, and I knew the script. I took of my apron, knowing that it would only get in the way from now on, and I kneeled in front of him

He was pulling down his pants, and a moment later I had his cock in one hand. He was already hard, but the skin was silky smooth under my fingers. I stood like that, just watching it, though I don't know why. It certainly wasn't the first time I gave him a blow job.

Then I felt him grabbing the back of my head, pulling me towards him and I opened my mouth, swallowing his cock. I heard him laughing above me, but I closed my eyes and simply concentrated on his cock. It didn't take long for him to cum inside my mouth, and I felt his warm cum coating my throat as I swallowed it.

After that, the men around us started undressing and the real show began. They started fucking me, sometimes one at a time, taking their time, while others did it three at a time, filling all my holes as they savagely fucked me.

I knew this would go on for a long time, well into the evening, and I got wet just thinking about it. I forgot what awaited me at the end, and instead I just thought of their cocks, one after the other as they took turns using my body. Soon my pussy felt sore and sloppy from all the cum, and my ass gaped open all the time.

My throat started hurting an hour into it, after someone shoved the biggest cock I had seen before down my throat in one go. I choked on it for an eternity, until I couldn't resist it anymore, and then I tried to push him away but he wouldn't let me. His hands held me down as I struggled, running my nails over his thighs in desperation, but it made no difference.

Only when he came, shooting his cum right down my throat, he let me go. I pulled back quickly, coughing a slimy mixture of saliva and cum that seemed to stick to the inside of my mouth as I struggled to catch my breath.

But they gave me no time to recover, before another man slapped my face and then he filled my mouth once more.

I relaxed as much as I could despite the pain I sometimes felt , letting the men take their pleasure as I came, over and over again. I saw their faces only briefly, wondering how many they were, and how many more I would have to serve.

A few hours in they stopped just for a moment. When the last one pulled out of my asshole, I collapsed on the floor, exhausted and covered in cum. When I opened my eyes there was a man in front of me. He seemed familiar, but I couldn't quite figure out who he was.

He rolled me over, and before I knew it he had tied my arms behind my back, pulling tightly until my elbows were touching. Then he tied a rope across my chest, wrapping my breasts in it, tighter and tighter, until I could feel the blood accumulating inside them. When he was done they were already a light blue color, bloated into two cones of flesh.

It hurt, and I was quivering from the pain by the time he rolled me over once more. I laid on the floor, thankful for the cold tiles under my body, when he slipped a loop of rope over my neck. He pulled it tight, and then with one strong pull he lifted me from the floor until I was kneeling.

“Aarghhhh!” I screamed in panic as the rope dug into my neck.

He stood next to me, smiling as I cried from the sudden pain. My breasts were already beating as more blood pooled inside them, but I knew that it was just the beginning.

More men came forward, taking the rope from his hand and using it to choke me, pulling me towards their cocks until my face was pressed against their bodies. One of them, an old man that smelled of cigarettes, started pulling from my nipples as he fucked my cunt. He pulled so hard that I thought he would rip them off, and I cried in pain despite having a cock in my mouth.

But this wasn't new to me, and soon pain and pleasure mixed together until I couldn't tell which one was which. I lost count of the times I had cummed so far, and my body felt hot and feverish. After another man made me swallow his cum I felt my stomach turning inside me, and I wondered how much cum I could swallow before I started puking.

Out of nowhere I heard the manager's voice, asking me how I felt. I opened my eyes, and I saw that he was under my body, fucking my cunt. Then the one fucking my asshole picked up his pace, and I started moaning in pleasure as another orgasm rocked my body.

“So good…” I said weakly when the one in my mouth pulled out.

Looking around I could see the rest of the girls, pleasuring the men that couldn't wait for their turn with me. Some were moaning in pleasure, others in pain, and I remembered my first time like that, the day Taylor was chosen.

After that first time in the changing room we started sleeping together almost every night. Sometimes we did it before our shift in the changing room, other back at her house, and a couple of time we couldn't control ourselves and we did it behind the counter, playing with each other's cunt while we worked.

I thought I was in love, though I never said a thing to her. She was all I wanted to be. Beautiful, smart and above all she always seemed to be smiling.

Then they choose her as the employee of the month, and I felt my heart breaking inside me. Of course I knew that it could happen any time, but I wanted more time with her. A single month hadn't been enough, and I felt cheated.

I saw her being led into the crowd as her eyes turned wide with panic, and I couldn't even say goodbye before they started fucking her. Like the rest of the girls I also had a job to do, so I got as close to her as I could, and I started giving blowjobs to any men that came close to me.

It went on and on, well into the night, until I was too tired to keep going. But Taylor had it much worse. I heard her crying in pain and exhaustion, but they didn't care about that. After a while she started begging for mercy, but it only seemed to make them more violent.

When you sign up your contract, one of the things you choose is the way you want to go. Taylor had chosen to be strangled, and we had talked about it a few times after sex. What would it feel like to have the rope digging into your throat? To feel your lungs screaming for air?

She told me once that she had tried it with one of her boyfriends, back when she was still in high school. She said that they had fucked for a while, and when she was close to her orgasm he had slipped a noose over her neck, pulling it tightly. Her face had light up as she told me the story, and she swore that it had been the best orgasm of her life.

I asked her if she had tried it again after that, but she told me that she was afraid to lose control. She preferred to wait until it was her time, to experience it one last time. We never had time to talk about that again.

When it was time, the men left her on the floor, forming a big circle around her. The manager stood next to her, as she laid on the floor, covered in cum. I could hear her breathing, slow and ragged, and I imagined the pain she must had been feeling.

Then the manager looked straight into my eyes, smiling widely as he held a thin steel cable in his hand.

“Roanne, come here.” he said, and I started trembling.

Slowly, I walked towards them, feeling the cum of all the men that had abused her under my feet. From up close she looked even worse. Her arms were purple and I could see the ropes cutting into her flesh and her asshole was dripping a pink mixture of cum and blood.

With great effort, she managed to turn her head towards me. Her face was covered in cum, but she managed to open her eyes. She was crying, and I wanted to pick her up, to kiss her as I had done many times before… but I couldn't.

“I think you should do the honors, don't you think?” he extended his arms, giving me the cable.

I started crying as he waited for me. Desperate, I looked at Taylor’s eyes, but she had them closed. Knowing I couldn't escape, I finally took it, and he smiled.

Without waiting to be told, I kneeled behind her, rolling her onto her back. Then I looped the cable twice around her neck, and I started pulling. Her eyes shot open in panic the moment it dug into her flesh. She started kicking and thrashing, desperate to escape, but I held her firmly.

I was trembling in the panic, and I felt sick as she gurgled. The cum inside my body seemed to be boiling, and I started retching. I imagined myself puking over her, covering her in the cum of the men I had blown.

I tried to calm myself as Taylor fought me, I breathed deeply, telling myself that we had talked about this. She had said to me that she got wet just by thinking about it, but when I saw her face I only saw panic. I pulled a little harder, whimpering as the thin cable cut my hands. I saw blood flowing from my hands, but I held it firmly as I prayed for it to be over quickly.

She had her mouth open, her tongue hanging outside of it as she made a dry and raspy sound. She had always been stronger than me, but tied as she was she had no chance to escape. Then her eyes closed a little and her face turned from blue to purple.

Was that a smile on her face, or was I imagining things? For a moment I thought she was pumping her hips into the air, but I wasn't sure. Slowly she stopped struggling and I could pull the rope a little harder. Her face was a deep purple color by then, and when she closed her eyes a moment later I stopped breathing.

Her body spasmed one more time, making me jump, and then I saw a pool of urine forming under her body.

For a moment I couldn't breathe. She was dead, and I had killed her. Then I remember that we weren't alone and I looked around us, seeing the men that surrounded us. Some were masturbating as they watched. Others simply laughed while a few were screaming at me, thought I couldn't understand what they were saying.

I unwound the cable from her neck, marveling at the pattern that was imprinted on her skin. Her throat was crushed from the pressure, but I waited for a whole minute, watching her chest. It stood perfectly still, and only after that I laid her gently on the floor, and I got up.

My hands were bleeding but it wasn't as bad as it looked. Then the manager was standing next to me, and he took my hand, pulling it into the air as he cheered. The crowd started roaring, and I started smiling.

I looked at her dead body on the floor, and I felt sad, knowing that I wouldn't be able to be with her any more. But I was also horny, and my cunt was dripping onto the floor. I felt myself burning with shame as I imagined what they thought of me.

Before I could do anything else, they dragged me into the crowd and they started fucking me. I barely remember the rest of the night, thought when it was over I remember I was laying on the floor, sore all over but with a big smile on my face.

I thought that could almost feel the cold tiles under my body when I heard a voice, calling my name. It seemed to be very far, but it got closer as I tried to open my eyes. When I finally managed I was laying on the floor and the manager was asking my name.

“Roanne, its time.” he said “Are you ready?”

Images flashed inside my mind, so fast that I could barely make them out before they were gone. The whole day replayed inside my head in a few seconds, then the months I spent working here. I saw Taylor when she died, and a second later the first time I saw her.

No. I wasn't ready. I wanted to keep living. Knowing what awaited me only made it harder. I remembered the girls before me. Their faces of panic as they faced their death. I felt my heart beating inside my head and I started hyperventilating.

But in the end I knew I had made my choice a long time ago. I nodded once, afraid my voice would break. He looked at me, smiling warmly as someone gave him the metal spit that they would use.

It was taller than him and probably as thick as my wrist. All polished steel, gleaming under the light, and the tip looked impossibly sharp.

I remember choosing it on my first day, thought I was terrified of it now. It was considered one of the most painful way to go, but that also made it the most spectacular. It took time and skill to do it right, and if it went well, even after it had pierced my body, I would be still alive for some time.

Not many girls chose it though, but I was young, and I wanted to prove myself.

“Do you want to be tied down?” He asked me as he towered above me, the spit in his hand.

I remembered the panic they all felt when it was time, how some tried to run, and despite my earlier bravado, I knew I wouldn't be able to do it without being held down.

I nodded once more, and he called for a table and some rope. A moment later the crowd opened up, and two men dragged one of the tables to the center. They set it down next to the counter, only a few feet away from us.

I struggled to get up, slipping on the cum covered floor, but I finally managed to stand on my own. Around me, everyone was watching, probably wondering if I would run or if I would make it all the way to the table.

I was trembling as I took my first step. My feet felt incredibly heavy and my legs seemed to be made of rubber. I kept seeing Taylor’s face in front of mine. Had it been a grimace of pain, or had she been smiling? I kept walking, step after step, but the table didn't seem to be getting any closer.

I closed my eyes, trying not to fall as the room spun around me, and when I opened again the table was in front of me. The manager was standing behind me, his hand resting lightly in my back. I looked at him and he nodded once.

Closing my eyes, I breathed deeply and then I laid on the table, facing down. My breasts screamed in agony as I laid my weight on them, and I shuddered to think of how they looked now.

A moment later someone started tying me down. Whoever he was, he worked quickly and efficiently, tying my legs to the table legs, one to each side. He wound the rope along its length, from my ankles to my thighs, and when he was done I couldn't move them at all.

After that he tied my body to the table top, running ropes over my lower back and over my shoulders. He pulled tightly, forcing me down and leaving me completely immobile. I tried pulling from the ropes, but they held firmly, with no slack at all.

I thought that would be all, but after another moment, he grabbed my hair, pulling my head back until my chin was resting on the table. Then he ran a rope over my neck, pulling it down and holding it firmly in place. It made it very difficult to breath, but I knew why he had done it. Now they had a straight line between my ass and my mouth.

I started hyperventilating, and my mouth felt dry and pasty. I wanted them to get on with it, to make it quick as I had done with Taylor, but nothing happened. I felt the ropes cutting the blood circulation on my arms until they started to tingle. It was a bad sign, but then I remembered that in a few minutes it wouldn't matter anymore and I chuckled to myself.

I closed my eyes, counting the seconds, and then I suddenly felt a hand on my ass. I jumped, as much as I could tied down as I was, but a moment later I felt a cock entering my asshole.

Whoever it was, he decided to fuck me one last time, and I was grateful for it. He took his time at first, moving slowly as he rammed his cock deeply inside me, but after a while he started to move faster and faster.

I closed my eyes, concentrating on the feeling as I tried to cum one last time. Soon I was moaning loudly, oblivious to the men around me thought I could her a few chuckling. I wanted to cum so bad that it almost hurt, and I was close. I knew I only needed a few more minutes and I would make it. I prayed to everyone that was listening for a few more minutes. I needed to cum one last time. Just one more time...

And then he pulled out, just as quickly as he had started, leaving me just at the edge of it. I opened my eyes, trying to look behind but I couldn't move my head. I started pulling from the ropes despite the pain, as I started sobbing while the men in front of me laughed.

I thought to myself that this was surely it, and a second later I felt the cold spit touching my asshole. I clenched tight in reflex, thought it was sharp enough that I knew it wouldn't make any difference.

It moved slowly but firmly inside me, stretching my sphincter as it passed, wider than any cock ever had, though it wasn't painful, just uncomfortable. With my eyes closed I could feel every inch of it as I traveled inside me, and it amazed me how deep it seemed to go.

A moment later I started whimpering as the cold from the spit moved inside me, making my stomach cramp. But then the spit slowed down, only to pull back. He started fucking me with it, just as he had fucked me with his cock a moment ago.

The cold started to fade, replaced with a warm feeling I knew well. Despite everything, the pain, the fear, my arousal started to grow again and I felt my pussy dripping between my legs. With every pump of the spit, the tip slipped a little further inside me, and around me I could feel everybody watching in silence.

My body felt weak and feverish, but I started moaning again, grinding my hips as much as I could. This was it, my last chance. It didn't matter that the spit was moving deeper and deeper, I wanted to cum. I needed it.

I started whimpering as it moved deeper inside, and from time to time I would grunt in pain as I felt the tip scraping the inside of my intestines. I must have been more than a foot inside me by then, and I briefly wondered how it could be so deep.

But after a while it slowed again. I heard him grunting behind me as he pushed hard, pushing my whole body against the table. The wooden edge dug painful into my hips as I felt the tip moving inside me, as if looking for something.

Then it moved forwards in one quick push and I screamed in agony as it pierced my intestines. I felt blood flowing inside me as he kept pushing, but I couldn't move. The pain was too great, and I was struggling with every breath.

But like before, pain and pleasure seemed to become the same and I heard myself moaning.

I was dying, I knew that as I felt my blood dripping along my legs. The room filled with the metallic smell of blood and I grew scared. Would I last long enough for him to finish his work, or would I die too quickly for that.

He seemed to be thinking the same as he kept pushing and pushing, guiding the tip along the inside of my body. He wasn't fucking me with it anymore, there wasn't time, but it didn't matter.

Everything seemed to slowly disappear. The men, the room, him… The only thing that was left was the spit and my orgasm, just out of my reach. I tried to remember what came next, but I couldn't. I had seen a few impalements before, but now the memories were muddled and distant.

The pain seemed to fade away too, though not completely, and I felt warm and comfortable. Deep down inside me I knew that it was because I was losing too much blood, but it didn't matter. Nothing did.

The tip was still moving somewhere inside me, but I didn't know were. Was it close? I breathed deeply, trying to clear my head and just before I could exhale I felt another sharp flash of pain inside me.

Then I remembered it. My diaphragm, that was the next step. It was close then, not much more. The spit move faster than ever before, urgently looking for my throat. It slid easier too, and I didn't feel it pushing me forwards anymore.

I tried to breathe but I found out that I couldn't. My lungs simply wouldn't work, and they never would again, but that too became unimportant. I felt a shock, traveling along my whole body, and I finally came. Every muscle in my body pulled and I felt I would explode from the pressure as my body trembled and the ropes groaned.

When I managed to open my eyes, I could only see a blindingly white light. I heard voices all around me, but I couldn't understand what they were saying. My orgasm seemed to last forever, but at some point it finally started to fade.

The light died away and I saw the room again. The men were still watching me though I couldn't make their faces. Then the spit started moving yet again. Had it stopped before, or had I completely forgot about it?

I started crying as the last of my orgasm faded away and the pain flared up. Now it all returned to me. My breasts, filled with blood and crushed under my body. My arms, tingling as they starved for blood. The spit, piercing my body as I bled to death.

Then I started gagging as something moved along my throat. Drool flooded my mouth until it spilled over my lips, forming a pool under my head.

I started retching again, feeling as if was about to puke, but when I opened my mouth nothing came out. The spit kept moving, faster than ever before, and it finally entered my mouth. It pushed my tongue down, and I could taste my own blood as it slid over it.

It kept moving forward, and I opened my mouth as wide as I could. The tip appeared in front of my vision, the metal shining under the light despite the blood. Then I felt it scraping against my teeth. It was too wide for me, but it didn't matter. He simply pushed it and my jaw popped open, allowing it to pass.

Then it moved a little more, until about a foot was coming out of my mouth, and it was over. The all looked at me in silence as I concentrated on the spit, piercing my whole body.

The pain seemed to fade away once more, and I felt something warm stirring inside me. I kept crying as another orgasm bloomed inside me, despite everything I had been through. I knew that I wouldn't live long enough to reach it, but it didn't matter. It had been everything I had dreamed off, and I was happy.

Now I was truly sure. Taylor had been smiling at the end. Despite the pain and the fear, I was sure she had managed to come before she died.

I wanted to hold on as long as I could, but I was too tired


Oh man, you are head and shoulders above the vast majority of authors here. Keep it up!


Loved every part of it


Fuck; that was awesome. Some grammatical errors but nothing that interrupted the flow of the story.




Shit! I just found out the I failed to post the very last paragraph, so here it goes!

I wanted to hold on as long as I could, but I was too tired. I closed my eyes for the last time, thinking of her face as I slowly fell asleep. A second later someone whispered something next to my ear, and tried to concentrate on it.

“Well done, Roanne.” it said.

I moaned softly, and with a smiled on my face, I was finally gone.


Good job.


To be honest, I might like it better without the last paragraph--having it cut out mid sentence gives it a note of finality imo





I hope you never stop writing.


Glad to know that people liked this one. Hopefully I will have the next one in a couple of weeks, but for now I am completely stuck...

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