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B-b..Because, techi!

(Part 1)


Looking for jissouseki is relatively easier than one would expect. Like a great rodent population, you find them most populous in the alley-ways and areas around urban housing, behind restaurants and marketplaces, and warehouses and ports. You might find one in your backyard, maybe even within your own home; quietly and sometimes cleverly hiding from sight in the basement or the attic.

But the largest populations comes from the parks. Next to that are the forests or pastures in the countryside. But parks remain the number one way to run across many jissouseki.

I myself have a jissouseki as a pet, along a few to play with for my amusement, if nothing more. Many of these creatures are expendable, to an almost ridicoulous degree. The ones worthy of being pets, and thus entitled to a good life of treats, bedding, love and care, are the smart ones. It foten hard to ever find a jissou smart enough to grace you. But how to tell which ones are the dumb retarded stupid ones from the above average to high in intelligence?

Simple! You just ask them, whenever they waddle up to you by themselves or in a group asking (and in some cases, demanding) you to take them home, why you should.

And watch the spectacular results.

You often find them in large packs of two to twelve. Right now I had been accosted by two jissou. One was obviously a recently grown adult with the responsibilities of a mother to boot. On her arms was a slumbering jissou child, looking exactly like a miniature, but cuter, version of herself.

"Hello Mr. Man!"

I smile, quietly humoring her, "Hello little jissou."

"Is my daughter not cute, desu?" She asked, her brightly colored eyes glowing with anticipation.

"Yes," I replied honestly, "She looks so very cute!"

"Am I not cute too, techi?"

I raise an eyebrow and bluntly replied, "You are ugly. I don't know how your kid lives whenever she wakes up to your face. And frankly, you smell worse than a horse that died on crack."

The mother stared at me, red and green tears welling up in her large eyes. She wiped some away with an arm, now openly crying, "I'm not ugly, desu! I'm a pretty jissou Mama, desu! You are a mean jerk, desu!"

"Ha! Me, mean? That may be so Jissou Mama, but I am honest!" I replied with a snort of laughter, "Your daughter is cute, you are not!"

"I AM cute! You are lying desu," screeched the mother, now angry, gnashing her teeth and her face going splotchy red. The jissou child woke up with a cry and immediatly began weeping, "Too loud, techi! I'm scared, techaaa~!"

"LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID, DESU! YOU MADE JISSOU-CHAN CRY!" shouted the jissou at the top of her lungs. The outburst only served to make me guffaw louder and the child to bawl even louder. There was a soft impact on my leg and I saw the child falling from my ankle onto my shoe, her expression was one of disbelieving shock from being thrown. It didn't take long for the small ball of shit between her ass and the panties to squeeze through like guacamole through a cheesecloth.

"You just threw your only child at me," I supplied easily to the angry panting mother, whose eyes wept tears of emotional despair, "You could've killed her. How does that make you feel Jissou-Chan? That your Mama doesn't love you?"

Freshly outraged, the mother seemed speechless. Though she did make some odd sounds in her shock of my accusation. The child on my shoe was bawling and wept even harder as it shook it's head, "Mama loves me! She does! Mama does love me, techa!"

I bend down easily and said quietly and soothingly, speaking cruelties to the jissouseki, "But she threw you, used you as a weapon to hurt me! She is jealous of you, you're young and cute, she is ugly and old! She hates you."

The child shook it's head, unable to believe the words from the human, but even as she denied it all, her mother's antics did not prove to encourage her child to believe her any more than the human.

"I AM NOT UGLY, DESA! I AM NOT OLD," screamed the jissouseki hoarsely, her face now sallow and red with rage and mouth with spittle, "YOU ARE A BAD MAN, DESU! YOU ARE A MEAN LIAR, DESU! I'M NOT LETTING YOU HAVE MY DAUGHTER, DESU!"

I smile and snorted, discreetly slipping on gloves. "You ARE ugly. You ARE old. I am not a liar. You just nearly killed your child. You are a bad mother, so I will take care of my new Jissou-Chan!"

The jissouseki's eyes nearly popped with freshly brewed anger, veins growing from out of her green hoodie as I pick up her child, who still wept, oblivious to the chaos around her. I look around, noting that the mother had not noticed the large crowd around us. A sizable number of jissouseki had gathered, many of them children and mid-mature jissou-children. The rest were a few adults leading a family of kids and maggots, the latter riding on the children or with an older sibling clutched in their mother's hands as they all seemed to sense an upcoming slaughter and hungrily anticipating it.

Grinning to myself I made a slashing motion to my throat and pointed at the still crying child in my gloved hands. The mother noticed the 'Bad Jissouseki' Gloves and the threat to her daughter, but her rage overrode her senses and she began screaming obscenities and launched herself at me, "I ATE YOU, DESU! YOU ARE A BAD MAN, DESU! GIVE BACK MY DAUGHTER DESU! IF YOU-"

I kicked the screaming bitch in the face, silencing her more effectively than the can of mace in my back
pocket. Not that I was going to use it on her just yet.

"My face, desu! My cute beautiful face! What have I done to you?" Screamed the mother as she writhed on the ground, her voice slightly muffled from broken teeth and the arms around her face.

"You attacked me," I replied easily, "Here I am being nice and you make your own baby cry! You attack me. You are clearly not a good mother to this child!"

She protested feebly, this time the circle of jissou numbered around a dozen or so. They soon joined in an orgy of yelling and throwing things at the wounded mother. I knelt down to the mother and the jissou stopped to watch what happened next.

"I...I hate you, desu!" said the mother weakly, "Give back Jissou-Chan, now!" I raised an eyebrow, "Do you want to go back to Mama, little jissou?"

The jissou hiccuped, blinking wet eyes at me as she swallowed the question. She wiped away her tears and spoke in a frail voice: "Ugly stupid Mama hate me! She will kill me! Please don't let her, techi! Please Mr. Man!"

The jissou Mama let out a howl of fury, that soon became yells of pain as I quickly sprayed a few seconds of Mace into her face.

"It burns, DESU! IT BURNS!"

The jissou writhed on the ground, her face slowly turning blue as she tried to inhale, only to find that, like most jissou, she had an allergic reaction to mace.

The horde surged forward and began feasting on the dying jissou.

As I watched with slight amusement, the young pest gulped and looked up at me from my glove. "Nice human say he will take care of me. Will you take me home?"

Some of the jissouseki protested this at once. A few still had body parts in their hands as they tried to get me to take them home.

"Take my family home, desu! We eat very little and are good jissou!"

"I'm a good jissou and Maggot-Chan and Onee-Chan are-"

"Me, me, me-"

"Take...m-me...-cough- home, Mr...Man! Spicy taste...can'"

I hold up a hand and waited for them all to stop speaking. A few had died from allergic reaction after consuming the jissou mother's face and hands, not that I minded. But I soon asked the crucial question:

"Why should I take any of you home? If you give me a good reason, I will make you my favorite pet!"

Then, pandemonium decided to go hand-in-hand with hell and literally broke loose.


End Part 1



B-b..Because, techi!

(Part 2)


Strangely enough for those watching this, most of the first pieces of chaos were anti-climatic. The Jissou around me, including the one sitting in my (Bad Jissouseki Gloves, $3.25 a pair, tm) hand, had hung onto my very words. Predictably they only seemed to focus mainly on the last sentence of my demand. The part that they had a chance to live the good life for the rest of their miserable lives.

A large plump mother ran up to me, holding up her child, who in turn was clutching a maggot that seemed content to simply just exist and hope for belly-rubs.

"Mr. Man! Mr. Man," said the jissou mother pleadingly, "Please take my children home!"

I began petting the little jissou in my hand, who squeaked and cooed appreciatively, which in turn brought jealous looks from the rest of the horde around me. I replied thoughtfully, "How do you know you can trust me? I might just keep this one in my hand as a pet and torture and kill your children for fun!"

The grub's face went pale, a blue tinge growing in it's forehead. It squeaked a stuttering 'R-refu?' and crapped itself. The shit fell onto the ground as it's big sis copied it's little sibling. The mother did not seem fazed by the question and threat, "You saved that Jissou-Chan from bad Jissou Mama. That must mean you are good Mr. Man!"

The jissou around me nodded and murmured with bright eyes. "Then why should I take your children home? What possible reason should I oblige?"

You could practically see the cogs and gears in the jissou's head turning. Finally she had an answer. "They are cute are they not, desu? You are nice human, so you are nice enough bring Jissou-Chan and Maggot-Chan home, desu!"

I sigh and shook my head, "Not good enough."

Her jaw fell in disbelief, her children shared her enthusiasm and looked affronted. Finally, she set them down and removed her panties to show me an impossibly wet and drooling vagina. "Use me, desu! I give you sex and you bring my babies home yes?"

The mother began to squeak something indecent and rub herself with a stubby hand, blushing red as she started to pant. Rolling over, she raised that disgusting example of ass to me and shook it as if to tempt me. Deciding that an example was to be made of her, I picked up the two kids that the mother had dropped.

Shoving the maggot into the puckered asshole, and drawing an unearthly screech of pleasure, I forced the crying child until only the stubby forearms and head were exposed.
The maggot whimpered and begged me for mercy, "I don't like this, refu! Help me, refu!"

The other child kicked and bit ineffectively in my hand as I shoved her feet-first into the small drooling vagina, much to the delight of the mother who still had no idea what was going on as her screeches covered all other noises.

"No, stop, Mr. Man! My clothes, techi! My cloths," wept the jissou child as she struggled within her mother's hole. Only her head protruded from the sex hole now, and her body was slowly begin squeezed as her squirming began to give the mother jissou a climax.

The two were screaming bloody hell now, both of them had gone blue and were wiggling as much as possible.

"H-help me, big sis," panted the maggot desperately, "I'm stuck, refu!"

"I'm coming little sister, techi," said Jissou-Chan as she finally got an arm out and began to pull herself out. Unfortunately, thanks to jissou anatomy and the way things were going, the tube that was the jissou vagina was more like a wet soft, meaty, vacuum-filled tube. Instead of pulling herseslf out, she was making it easier for the vagina to pull her a mouth.
"So good, desu! I'm cumming, desu, I'M CUMMINGGGGGG!"

The Jissou child gripped the side of the sex hole and only managed to pull her waist out as the hole contracted.


The Jissou-Chan's eyes went wide as a dribble of green and red vomit fell from her mouth. She was going to go into shock soon, now that everything below the waist was her own mother's vagina no less!

The horde around me were cheering and panting, a few had shit themselves out of pleasure, the kids didn't look too god as they witnessed the carnage. The mother stood and straightened up, looking satisfied and anticipated. She smiled at me, revealing yellow teeth, "Will you take my babies home now?"

"Where are your babies? I cannot take them home if I don't know where they are," I replied pointedly
Confusion flitted across the mother's face as she looked around for her maggot and child, but they were nowhere to be seen. She went down on her knees and scrabbled about in sudden fear. As she turned her back on me, I saw the child was still alive, and was breathing shallowly. The juices from her mother's climax had been lubricated her partially crushed body and she was hanging onto dear life as she, with a massive frce of willpower, pulled herself up and hung onto the sides of the vagina. I could see how bad the damage was now. Red, green, brown ichor dripped from the pulpy mess that once housed the lower body. The legs were held by the barest tendon, skin, and sinew. Despite this, Jissou-Chan forced herself to endure the pain to free her Maggot-Chan.

I raise my eyebrows as the sheer love for her sibling, no doubt the kid was running on adrenaline and sheer willpower to free her sibling.

"Where is my baby, desu? Where are my children?" Shouted the mother frantically, "Where are they Mr. Man? Do you know where they are, desu?"

She stiffened as the Jissou-Chan gripped the Maggot by the hoody and pulled weakly.

"I am leaking, desu?" Mumbled the jissou mother as she felt her asshole. Shock soon became visible as she felt the familiar head and body of her children. She went deathly pale and brought up her stubby paw. It was covered in blood, including a leg that had broken off of the Jissou-Chan. Unable to hold the emotions inside of herself, she did what most jissou did during times of highest stress.

-Pffffft!- "Ahhhhh!" "Refuuuuu~?!"

As the mother shat herself, the two landed and were soon covered in slimy dark green spinach shit. The Maggot crawled out and pulled his big sis slowly out of the fresh pile of manure. The Mother dug through it with her bare hands and held her coughing, choking, and bleeding child.

"Y-you..." Rasped the Jissou weakly as she gazed back at her Mama, her sibling crying in her arms, "W-why, Mama? Why did you try to kill me and Maggot-Chan?"

The shock in the Jissou Mom's face made a comeback as she looked at me with such hatefulness that another torrent of shit spat out of her ass, "YOU HURT MY JISSOU-CHAN! WHY, DESU? WHYYYYY?!"

"I didn't hurt her," I explained, "You used your own children as sex toys, to make me bring them home. You hurt them not me."

"WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU! I HATE YOU! YOU ARE EVIL," cried the mom tearfully, "I-"

She never got to say anything as I whipped out my newest weapon: Hot Chili Sauce. As she opened her mouth, a squirt oof thick liquidly delicious sauce went into my mouth. Confusion flitted in her face as her taste-buds began to cook off.

"Mah mouf defu! MAH MOUF!!!"

Spluttering and in pain, she keeled over and began go into feral position. Another squirt into her eye started the torture. Her eye burned and hissed unnaturally as her stomach bulged. I filled her vagina with more hot-sauce and shoved the partially crushed jissou back in, her lower body hissing as it came into contact with the sauce.


"It burns, techii~! Maggot-Chan! Why won't Mama help me? Make it stop Mama, make it stop!"

There was nudge from my toe, and I looked down to see the Maggot doing something very rare. It stood up on it's two tiny hind legs and waved up at me, red green tears flowing from it's pleading eyes. I obliged and pulled the screaming child out and set her on the ground to writhe in pain. The Maggot-Chan rushed over and squirted guacamole juice all over the wounds, in an effort to heal them, though I was sure the infections alone would kill his Big Sis in time if she didn't lose any more blood.

"It burns, Mr. Man! Please help me!" I ignore it continued to pet the jissou in my hand. The poor sap was traumatized by now and was shivering fearfully.

I smiled to myself as the Mother began to have contractions. Soon the floor was full of grubs soaked in gelatin-like sacs as more of their brothers and sisters lay still inside the vagina. The mother instinctively began to lick them, only to gain more hot sauce.

I got a good look at the mom's face and it looked a mess. The Hot Sauce had turned her eye bloody red and had welded the eyes closed. Her mouth was swelling and her tongue was dry and thin. The maggot woke up with a loud 'Refu~!'.

Then the fun began.

The grub's eyes bulged as they both went red from the sauce on it's mother's tongue and around it's body.

"Refu?" It squeaked uncertainly, it soon began to convulse in her hand as the rest on the ground began to wake up, "Refu... refu reu refu refurefurefurefurefuREFUREFUREFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

The maggot exploded. Literally.

The two children on the ground shat themselves, so did the mom. And the rest of the jissou around us.

The ones in her belly exploded as well.

Grubs began to explode like mines as they too convulsed and exploded screaming, "REFUREFUREFUFREFUUUUUUUUUUU~!"

Needless to say, the mother wasn't too happy about. Not that she could anything about it of course.

Nevertheless I stroked the pale jissou in my hand, whose bladder somehow managed to fire another load. She was looking a bit peaky now from the lack of fluids within her body, since most that had been expelled in the form of feces in her fear.

Well, that was just peachy wasn't it?


End Part 2


And now for something completely different... A man with a family of Jissouseki invading his home. A WitchDoctor productions.

Pest Control

(Inspired by a strip about Jissou with the same name)

At around 9:30 on Saturday morning, I heard some strange noises at the entrance of my home. Something dropped through the mail slot in the door. At first, I thought the sound was a package I had been expecting being delivered through the mail slot in my front door.

“Ah, the figurine I ordered arrived early! I’ll finish up making myself breakfast, then I’ll go get it.” Then I heard what sounded like another package being delivered. “I only ordered one ... What the hell?”

I left my kitchen and went to see what was being delivered. I only ordered ONE figurine, so if I got charged for the extra one, I was going to be pissed. Seriously, the one I ordered was really expensive. Oh, Hatsune Miku, you aquahaired overdose of cuteness, I cannot resist your charms, even when all I have of you is a 400x600 .GIF file and you cost more than I make in three days. *sigh*

Turns out that my figurine was not delivered. Instead, I found two small green goblins with flat faces, heterochromia,triagnular ears, and harelips. I was looking at two Jissouseki children.

I had a serious problem on my hands now, minus the lack of cute figurine. I saw a special on TV about this last week on Sunday. I think it was called “Horror Stories: Jissouseki Home Invasions.” All the incidents began like this: the mother Jissouseki would send her children into a house by any means possible, be it through a window, a door, a mailslot, or even one incident where they entered through a vent for the drying machine. Once inside, her children, and mother herself once she got inside, would try to befriend at least one occupant of the house and ask if they could be pets. They would stick around, beg and bug you until you said “yes.” Once Jissou moved in, it would take a large amount of time and effort to get them to leave, more time than I had in the weekend.

They would wreck your furniture, shit on your carpet and stain it, stain your clothing, eat your food, and annoy the shit out of you by asking for new clothes or new toys so shit like that. On top of that, they might invite other Jissouseki into your house as permanent residents, making the problem worse. They’re disgusting, selfish, noisy, annoying, cannibalistic, and they breed like rabbits. One person said that, except for single celled organisms, they were the fastest reproducing creatures on the entire planet.

I saw another child drop through the mail slot. It landed safely on its belly and climbed down to the ground. I had to do something fast before more get inside.

As I tried to recall what I had learned from the show, a few of them spoke to me in a high pitched squeaky voice.

“Is this your home, Mr. Human techi?” “We want to be your pets, techi.”

“Amazing techi! It’s cool in here techi!”

What I had learned from that show came back to me, and not a moment too soon. One woman that was in the audience had a close brush with an infestation, but she showed force against the family that wanted to settle in her home. More specifically, she attacked them with a broom, sweeping the children out of her apartment, and even going so far as to brush them off the walkway of her home, where they splattered on the ground nine stories below. She hadn’t had a problem with Jissouseki since then. Some of the “experts” on the show said that it might be attributed to her being nine stories off the ground, well out of reach for all but the most desperate Jissouseki, as this building had no functioning elevators.

The number of children dropped through the mail slot was now at five. “We won’t inconvenience you, Mr. Man techi.” One said as it made an X with its arms across its chest. “A little late for that,” I thought to myself. “Can everybody be happy techi?” “We’re just babies techi.” “We’re lovable babies techi.” “It’s so spacious in here techi.” “Can mama come live with us techii?”

It really was happening. An entire family of Jissouseki was attempting to invade my home. It wasn’t just a small group of orphans or strays wanting a place to live for a while. Those are dealt with easily enough; in those cases, using a broom would be overkill.

There was a mother behind that door, lifting her children up so that they could climb inside the mailslot, hoping that either I or her children would open the door.

I went back into my kitchen, where I kept my supplies for just about every dirty job around the house. Whether it’s cleaning out the toilet or preparing food, I really don’t like getting my hands dirty. I took a pair of rubber gloves out of a drawer. Getting rid of them was going to be a messy job, and I don’t want their filth getting all over me.

Seriously, that shit stains.

After putting on the gloves, I grabbed my camera and walked back to the front room. The door was wide open. Somehow, the Jissous got the door open. Standing just behind the threshold was the mother, clad in a green hoodie dress and what appeared to be a white bib with a pink bow, who had been dropping her children through my mail slot. She was two or three times as big as her offspring, making her about the size of a teddy bear. She barely reached the lower 3⁄4 ths of my shins. Her soulless mismatched eyes gazed back at mine, as if to say, “Am I not cute?” She had a pair of triangular ears on her head, making her look like a harelipped, retarded gremlin. She had the typical “cute” Jissouseki facial expression; mouth opened just slightly to showcase the harelip and tongue, right hand up to right cheek, head tilted slightly to the right. I say “cute” because I don’t find the gesture all that appealing; I
actually find the expression to be downright disgusting.

She had four more children behind the door than she dropped through the mail slot, making nine in all. To be honest, I have seen videos on the internet of people popping their MRSA boils that didn’t make me want to vomit like those disgusting little monsters.

The thoughts of seeing blood and pus flow freely out of massive, painful, pimple-like sores seemed like puppies and kittens compared to these filthy little parasites. Eight of the little pests were Jissou children, tiny versions of their mother no bigger than my thumb.

“Techi! Techi! Techi! Techuu!” they cried with their high voices; their high pitched calls making the sound of rusty nails on a chalkboard sound like Mozart. The other child was a grub, complete with stubby legs and a tail. It lay behind the mother, on its back, rolling back and forth with its tongue licking at the air as a trickle of dribble flowed from the corner of its mouth.

“Refuu~” It said as a small stream of a green slime leaked out of the slit at the base of its tail.

A truly disgusting sight, those children were. I could feel my hatred of them growing by the second. I was already plotting about ways to dispose of them, none of them particularly hygienic.

I stooped and gently picked up one of the children. I could barely feel her weight in my hand. She was so small I could wrap my index finger and thumb around her waist and support her that way. As I brought it up to my eye level, it smiled gleefully and threw its arms in the air with joy.

“Techuuu~! Mr. Man is really, really tall techi!”

“Mr. Human,” the mother addressed me, “Do you like my baby desu?”

I heard her siblings chirp as I play with the little patch of brown hair on the Jissou’s head.

“My big sister is enviable techii.”

“A friendly man is good techi.”

As I played with the little one’s hair, she giggled and said,

“That tickles, techii.”

I try my best to suppress the animal within that wants to destroy this abomination and say in a shaky voice “You’re so tiny...” She looks back at me like a kitten would its new owner.
While trying to melt my heart, she merely added fuel to my anger, burning hotter than the fires of Hell. I was having trouble controlling myself. My hands began shaking and my body tensed up.

As I played with her hair, the little beast in my hand chirped, “Don't worry techi. It’s not all that irritating, so I won’t run away techii.” Quietly, I heard the mother say to herself, “Mr. Man is playing with my baby...She’s happy desuu...”
My hands were shaking violently by now, and I am sure that my face turned beet-red in anger. I was trying my best to conceal it, but it was a battle I was quickly losing.

Finally, I snapped. The animal I had tried to contain had broken free and chewed through the leash. I found that my fingers had latched onto the little child’s tuft of hair. I gave it a hard tug.

“Am I getting closer to you te-“

At that moment, I heard a crack and saw red and green blood spurt everywhere. I looked down at the little child. It had stopped moving consciously, its body racked with involuntary spasms. In one hand, hanging by its hair, I held its severed head, its cheeks stained with blood and red-green tears. Its once bright eyes went dull. A small limp triangular tongue hung out of its harelipped mouth. Green slime was released from between its legs; filling its tiny white panties with a semi-solid matter that looked like really thick pond scum and smelled like raw sewage. Its mother’s and sibling’s faces went blue with shock and fear. Finally, the corpse stopped twitching. I threw it to the ground in front of its mother. It bent over its dead child in both shock and sadness. Its siblings watched on in horror.

“M-My... My baby...” I heard the children speaking. They were shocked that I would do such a thing. “Mr... Man?” “S-sis?” “Te...?”

After a few seconds, the mother looked up at me. When she saw her decapitated child on the ground, she abandoned that false facade of cuteness and showed her true self: a subhuman monster. She changed from a goblin trying to pass herself off as lovable to a demon torn between burning rage, confusion, shock, and sorrow. She shook violently, her face twisted in a mixture of agony and pure anger, with red and green tears pouring down her cheeks. Drooling and crying, she screamed, “W-w-w-w Why did it do such cruelty desuu... dejaaaaaaaa!”

Her children’s reaction was mixed. Some broke out into all out crying, while others tried to maintain an appearance of cuteness, pointless as it was. Sorry guys, the jig is up.

“Onee-chanaaaaann...” “Teeeeeen...” “Techuuun...” “Chiiinnn...”

While everybody was crying over the dead Jissouseki child, one of its living siblings walked too close to the step where I was standing. Big mistake on its part. I quickly reached down and grabbed it. It screamed in surprise, and its mother and siblings looked up from their mourning. Gone was the anger in the mother’s face, replaced with a look of shock, horror, and despair. She knew what was going to
happen to her child; she was going to do anything she could to save this one. “No... Stop... you cruel man... Please stop desuuuuuuu!”

The little one in my grasp was also terrified. The last time she trusted this human, she saw her sister be made shorter by a head. She was fearful of what I was going to do to her. She soiled herself, staining her previously clean white panties a dark green. Red and green tears poured down her face. She bared her teeth, and gave a growl that was just pathetic.


I almost burst out laughing when she threatened me. What was she going to do, shit on me? It was like an ant punching my shoe, saying "I got him, I got him."

No you don't. You're an ant. “Oh my, it’s wriggling so much... You’re soooooo scary.” I said with a large dose of sarcasm.

It hit the Jissou what I was going to do to her when I started twisting her little arm. In her limited mind, anger gave way to panic. Her terrified mismatched eyes seemed to plead, “Please, no!”
With one good twist, I tore her left arm right out of its socket. One weak pull and I had torn it off completely. The child emptied her bowels into her already full panties, splattering green slime on my glove. The child uttered a scream of utter agony through clenched teeth. Her siblings and mother went pale again and screamed. One thing was agreed on by me, the child in my hand, and the Jissou on the ground: that had to hurt.
Obliging to the mother’s pleas to just let her child go, I threw the child to the ground, where she landed hard on the tile right next to the corpse of her decapitated sister. She was shaking after she came to a stop, her frail little body already going into shock from the traumatic loss of a limb and copious amounts of blood. The mother didn’t kneel over her like the last one. She collapsed on her knees and then looked up at me on all fours. If looks could kill, she would have killed and dismembered me a thousand times over.

She looked like she was going to pounce and tear my face off with her bare hands.

“W-w-w-w-What did that baby do to you dejaaaaaa!?”

All around her, her children sobbed uncontrollably at the fate of their sister, now missing her left arm, crying, and shaking as her body began to shut down. Gritting her small teeth, she tried to hold back a scream when she looked at the stump of her now severed arm. Now all the children began crying; when they start dropping like flies, cuteness gets thrown to the wolves.

“Teeeeeen...” “Onee-chan!” “Teeee!”

The maggot from outside started to crawl in. I guess it heard the commotion and wondered what was going on.


The children began berating me for my cruelty. Even the fucking maggot. Nevermind that they were all trespassing on MY property and were taking up MY time and were complaining about MY cruelty...

“You devil, techi! You monster techi!” Shut up... “Onee-chan what to it do refu?” Shut up...

“You’re evil, absolutely evil techiiiii...” SHUT UP “We didn’t do anything techi.” SHUT UP SHUT UP

“I’ll avenge my sisters techii!” SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP

The mother knelt over her two children, the survivor wincing and coughing in pain and fear, and started crying. “What did we do to you desuuuu?! What are my children’s crimes desuuuu?!”

Finally, I could hold back my rage no longer. I took deep breath and flushed red with rage.


They all recoiled in fear, other than the dying jissou on the floor. I think she was preoccupied with having her arm ripped off and then realizing that she going to die. I could feel the adrenaline and heated blood flowing into my arms and legs.
That outburst felt good. Good thing too. I was about to have another one within the next twenty seconds.

When she recovered, the mother squealed back at me, “D-Don’t be so greedy desu! That’s enough desu! Don’t kill my children desu!” My eyes widened with anger and shock. I felt my cheeks heat up as hot blood poured into my face. She’s coming into MY house and accusing ME of being greedy?!



Some of the children berated me for my disorderly conduct, but not all. There was something distracting them from scolding me. It was the maggot. When I yelled, it was not prepared for such a shock and its heart exploded inside its body. Green blood leaked out of its mouth, and it was sitting in a puddle of its own waste. It stopped breathing, and its once bright beady eyes were now dull and lifeless. It was stone dead.

“Maggot-chan techi?” “Maggot-chaaaaaan!” “I’m scared techiiiii...” “Evil man teeeen!”

I had enough of our little exchange, and I said, “Okay, now leave, go away and never return.” The children did not respond well to that. A few of them climbed up the single step and attacked my slippered feet. It tried to kick them off, but to no avail. Some of the Jissou were begging, others were lashing out in anger, the rest chastising me for my cruelty.

“We’re very poor techi!” one pleaded.

“I’ll make you pay for my sisters techi!” one of the tiny she-devils screamed as she punched my foot.

“Why are you doing this techi?” Another chirped.

“You killed my favorite sister techi!”

“Why... are you doing this techiii!”

Alright, you little heathens. You plead with me, you attack me burning with rage. Let me show you a new kind of fire: a Butane lighter.

I picked up a candle lighter that I normally use for lighting candles for entertaining the occasional female guest. I bent down and pointed it at the Jissou directly in front of my foot.

A few of the keener ones of the group, the ones who didn’t climb up the step, caught onto what I was doing.

“W- What are you doing techi?” she said.

One of the children near my foot fell to the ground after I shook her free. One her sisters cried to the others “Help her techi!” to no avail.

The three attacking my foot were not so intelligent. The one under the lighter didn’t even look up. She kept holding onto my foot, weeping as it cried “This is the most sad I have ever been techu~n~”

Another, the one attacking me in revenge for its fallen sisters, clenched its teeth and cried, “I can never give Maggot-chan belly rubs anymore techi!”

I coolly replied,“Don’t worry little one. You’ll be able to give the damn maggot all the belly rubs you want... IN HELL!” That got their attention.

I flicked the lighter on. Almost instantly, the one complaining about being sad ignited. Well, at least it wouldn't be depressed or cold anymore.

“TECHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” She screamed as her clothing went up in flames.

Her siblings on the step fell back in surprise as she was engulfed in blue flame. One of the children on at the entrance ran away, back towards the door. Good move. She picked the maggot up and started dragging its lifeless body away. “Run away techiii!” The others just sat still in shock. Perfect!

I lit another on fire. She screamed and then started coughing as the fire ate up the oxygen around her. Her anguished screams were loud enough to hear over the flames consuming her into a pile of smoldering ashes.


I looked at the remaining children at my feet and they ran towards the door. A few of them tripped over the burning bodies of their siblings, catching their hair or clothing on fire in the process. One tripped while climbing down the step, breaking its legs from landing on the tile. Even so, it crawled away, legs shattered and hair alight.




Some of the children fled in such a panic that they ran through the railing 6 feet in front of my door, falling to their doom.

After the burning children fled for their lives, I turned to the mother Jissou. She had backed up into a corner and had filled her panties to the point of bursting with green slime. Her eyes were fixed on the smoldering corpses that were her children. When she hear my footsteps, she locked eyes with me.

“You monster desuu... You’re a monster desuuuu!”

“Want to be next?” I said as I flicked the lighter on.

Her eyes got as big as saucers and she fled out the door, shitting herself. As she ran, her panties burst, splattering a big wad of green slime on the ground.

With that little demonstration over, I closed the door to make sure that no more Jissou came inside. I went back to the kitchen to clean up the mess the little bastards left behind. I came back with paper towels, a wet rag, and the garbage can.

I took a nap after I had finished removing the corpses, blood, and excrement off the floor. All that was left were scorch marks where two Jissou children had been immolated. I guess I would need to get it repolished. I would have to deal with that later.

I awoke to the sounds of something being dropped through the mailslot. "Okay, maybe that was the figurine I ordered." Then another object dropped through the mailslot. I jumped to my feet, grabbed a pair of rubber gloves, and walked to the door.

“Here we go again...”

Pest Control END


And now, a classic story based on a classic animation!

Jissouseki Pedestrian Crossing

Tokyo, Japan
Nagoya District suburbs
July 2010
Approximately 11:45 pm

The night air gave Sayuri a pleasant chill as she stepped out of the convenience store. With her bag of food in hand, the young woman began walking back to her apartment complex. She came to the crosswalk and while waiting for the light to change, she heard something at her feet. No, two somethings...

"Mrs. Lady have food, techi!"

"Give food, desu?"

Sayuri looked down and, much to her disgust, saw two Jissouseki. Unusually clean ones, considering they were undomesticated. The two at Sayuri's feet were an adult and her young child, both about average height for their respective growth stages, the former up to Sayuri's knee and the latter the typical soda can size. They looked very hungry, not that she cared in the least. The child jumped surprisingly well and began tugging at the bag Sayuri was holding, grunting with effort. The little fucker's trying to tear it open, she realized.

"Please take us home, Mrs. Lady, desu!", the mama jissou said, doing the typical "cute" pose jissou are so famous for that makes most humans only want to hurt them even more, "We are little and don't eat much, desu!"

Shaking the child away from her bag, Sayuri's face took on a look of fear. She was neither stupid nor uninformed, she'd heard PLENTY of horror stories about these repulsive shit-goblins and was not about to let even one of them into her home. Running a shaking hand through her long raven hair and thinking fast, she decided to distract them and run a different route home. Looking in her bag, she found some candy she had bought, which happened to be konpeito, the candy that jissou are known to instinctively love for whatever yet-to-be-discovered reason. She quickly opened the package and took out a large pink one.

"You want food? Here's some candy!", she yelled, throwing the candy into the middle of the road, "Whoever gets it first is my new pet!" Within a second of it being thrown, the hungry jissou were both waddling after it. Sayuri took this opportunity to flee. How unfortunate, she thought as she ran, since she had wanted to see what might happen next. But getting home was far more important. She didn't want them or any other jissou following her, and it was getting late anyway.

What Sayuri missed began with an ever-so-charming display of cruel, thoughtless behaviour from the mother. She glared viciously at her child as they ran for the candy. Sayuri's distraction of food and false promise of a good home had made her want nothing more than the disappearance of the little jissou running alongside her.

"MY candy, desu!", she screamed, turning and kicking her own child right in the stomach. "Stay away, greedy shit jissou, desu!" The child went flying back onto the sidewalk, holding her belly in pain as her mother kept running, apparently completely forgetting she ever had a child.

"TECHA!! Why mama hurt me, techa?!", she cried, getting back onto her feet, watching her bad mama kneel down to pick up the candy.

"Mine, desu! All mine! First food all day, desu!", she shouted gleefully, "Now I get nice home, de--"


The greedy mama jissou got her head and right stump flattened in an instant, likely on purpose, by a passing car she'd failed to notice approaching. It happened too fast for her to even let out a final death scream, thick green shit filling her panties and spilling onto the road. The candy was crushed as well, now just scattered pink sugar dust.

"Chuwa!", the shocked child whimpered, running over to her dead mother, crying and tugging on her shit-bloated panties to try and wake her. The child knew that her mother was hurt, but was in too much terror and grief to understand that she wasn't going to wake up.

"Mama! Get up, techi! We must go back to park, techi! Dangerous out--"


She got cut off as another car drove right over her mother's corpse, again likely on purpose, crushing the torso with a loud, wet crunch and making even more shit fly out. The mother jissou's panties snapped off, her revolting diarrhea burying her child. Coughing up some shit, the child climbed out of the pile. While sobbing over the loss of her only family, she suddenly noticed a little lump of something poking up out of the shit--a little jissou maggot's peaceful sleeping face, covered in birth slime. It had been born from an automatic last-second preservation pregnancy. She gasped, knowing by instinct that it was a maggot and that her job as a good sister jissou was to keep Maggot-chan from dying.

"Maggot-chan?", she cried out, pulling the maggot out from the poop, "I help you, Maggot-chan!"

The child began cleaning the maggot with her tongue, dropping it and letting it tumble to the ground once it let out its cheerful cry of "Tetere!" She began digging, found another maggot, cleaned it and set it down, repeating this many times. Before long, the orphaned child now had a new family, three maggots and six thumbs.

"My new family, techi!", she squealed gleefully, her sisters assembled in a neat little group, happily staring up at the child as she greeted them from atop the pile like she was the queen of Shit Mountain, "There bright side to everything, just like Mama told me, techi! We go back to park together and live happily, techi! And then find Mr. Mans and Mrs. Ladies to go home with, techi~!"

A flood of happy "refu" and "rechi" reached her ears as her new sisters cheered. They weren't all that certain what they were happy about, they just knew somehow that they had a good reason to--


A third car passed and the babies were mangled and flattened against the pavement faster than the eye could detect, their blood and guacamole shit painting the road. A thumb and the maggot she was holding, their faces intact, stared out at their older sister with bulging lifeless eyes, their tongues and intestines hanging from their gaping mouths, looks of sudden pain eternally frozen onto their faces. The rest of the unfortunate thumbs and maggots had been crushed from head to toe into paste.

The child stared at the gruesome mess in total silence for a moment, her face stuck in a dumb smile, forehead turning blue and breaking out in a cold sweat after several seconds. She didn't know how to react or what to say, her tiny brain flooded with the realization that her brand new baby sisters had all just died right in front of her, not even five minutes after their birth, that everyone she'd ever loved was dead, that she was a shit sister for not protecting any of the Maggot-chans and Thumb-chans, that she was alone and vulnerable, that she might be the next to die on that road. And if she didn't die there, she'd certainly die on her way back to the cardboard box she called home.

Left without anyone to call family and retaining absolutely no hope for survival, she fell to her knees on the pile, now filling her own panties in despair, and began to sob into her tiny stumps as the rain came down. All the shattered jissou child could do now was wait...


AN: Though this is a thread about Jissouseki being abused to our heart's content, it occasionally needs a little levity.

Dissection In The Classroom


Today had one of my more disliked classes: Biology. I hated just how disgusting everything looked when they were exposed. Insides weren't meant to be shown to the outside! It just wasn't right. As I filed into the classroom after my fellow classmates, I saw something that made my stomach clench: The chalkboard had the words 'Dissecting Day' on them. Thoughts on slicing frogs open and removing eggs, intestines and other gross things emerged, enhanced by my vivid imagination.

My dissent was echoed as everyone, especially the girls, muttered to each other. "Please hurry to your seats class!"

Mr. Beckham, the Biology teacher, was a young man in his late twenties, the kind of brown-haired blue-eyed, white man that some of the college girls would lust after. I knwo for a fact some of the guys on the football team got straight As from him.

I hurried to my seat, sitting at a table with two girls, both blond and talking about makeup and what dresses they were going to wear tomorrow.

"Today, as you know, will be Dissection Day," spoke Beckham loudly, "However, the frogs I ordered to be dissected were halted, by an unusually successful petition by PETA activists."

There was soft sigh of relief from everyone, but...

"Instead, we will be using a critter we usually see. They are quite common, you usually see them in the park, the alleys, and the pet store. Can anyone guess what they are?"

I raised my hand, "Rats?" The two blonds shuddered and fanned herself at the mere idea of it.

"No, but you're close. They can be pest or a pet. Some of you like eating these for sure," replied Beckham, as he eyed a student with a pack of ships.

A number of people now gave him their utmost attention.

"I have here, a soon to be mother that will give birth to the specimens we will dissect," he said as he reached into a box next to him. There was muffled sound of a "Techiii~!" and he pulled out a mature Jissouseki. She screeched with fear through a ballgag, red and green eyes looking around for help. However, unlike the usual Jissouseki, this one was partially naked, with her pale stomach completely transparent, revealing a number of pods swelling slowly inside, next to red and green slimy organs.

"As you know Jissous are asexual," said the professor, quickly tying the mother-to-be to a rope hanging from the ceiling, "Can anyone tell me what this means?" He began to use tweezers to pull out eleven more slug-like Jissous, obviously in larvae form. They squirmed about, looking at the students assembled, emitting sounds of "Refu! Refu!"

Some of the girls with the expressions of 'Awww! How adorable!' were looking faintly sick. "They can reproduce without sex," said a student at the front row.

"Correct!" Nodded Beckham, "Now, this Jissouseki I found, along a dozen more in the School Garages. She is a bit young, but mature enough to give birth. The average Jissou's eyes are green and red, but both eyes become red when they are about
to give birth. This can be artificially induced by artificial coloring. As you can see..."

Pulling out an eye-dropper, Beckham dropped several droplets of red water into the Jissou's green eye, which immediately went red, the effect however, did not extend just to the eyes.

Green slime had filled the sacs swelling inside the transparent body of the Jissou. A small tiny, minuscule rupee had formed in the center of each of the masses. Within a minute, a naked larvae was born, eyes closed as it swam blindly in it's sac. The cocoon-like clothing formed around it, hair sprouting slowly as it began to open it's eyes. The sac merged, allowing dozens to form and rub against each other. Occasionally, a dribble of greenish slimy fluid would ebb out of the vagina of the mother, who continued to struggle futilely.

"They should almost be here any moment, gather around to see how they are born," said Beckham as he pulled the pregnant Jissou towards him and setting her over a small pan. The eleven larvae watched, still emitting sounds of "Refu!" as they followed. Beckham pulled them into his hand and dropped them unceremoniously into the pan, where they laid there stunned and confused.

I walked forward, captured by the struggling mother's pregnancy, and the formation of new life that so quickly found itself alive. The mother's struggles were more frantic now, with more greenish slim gushing out with each push.

A single massive push let us see through the transparent belly as the dozens of larvae dropped down from the vagina in a torrent of goo into the pan. While normally the fall would've sent the babies splattering onto the pan, the goo saved their fall as they landed squealing.

I drew away from the smell, like many other around me, but I came back to watch with horrid fascination as the Jissous squirmed about in the path, confused and squeaking "Refu? Refu?" over and over.

"Amazing isn't it? They are alive in just under five minutes, and can speak coherently soon after. Despite their brains the size of pea, they can learn to speak like a five-year old in under ten minutes!" Said Beckham, obviously enjoying himself very much, "Lets take a break for now. You can play with some of them, see if they can learn. Then we get back to the test at hand!"

A slurp from a fat boy to my right made be coil back in disgust. "Hey! No eating!" Shouted the professor as he backhanded the drooling boy, "Next time I catch you eating one of them, you'll be in detention!"

I look back at the Jissouseki larvae, who were shocked by the sudden disappearance of one of their brother or sisters, but soon relaxed as girls cooed over them despite the smell. They looked up in confusion at their mother, who strained weakly against her bonds. I pick one up with tweezers and ran it under a bit of water to clean the goo off of it. It sneezed and looked up in anticipation, "Refu?"

"Alright, breaks over, pick your Jissous, clean em," said Beckham, "Get to your tables, get your stuff and we'll begin dissecting them."

I looked at the small larvae in my hand and felt my heart break for it, but I took it to my table and set it there as I placed a cutting board, scalpels and knives on next to it. It squinted at me, rolled onto it's back and spoke in a tiny voice, "Tummy soft and springy. Please rub!"

I raised an eyebrow and obliged. Around me, student picked out their victims and prepared to dissect them. I raised my hand and extended a finger...

The Jissouseki larvae's belly was actually pretty soft, smooth, and quite like fur. I ran my index finger up and down it's upturned belly and began poking it. The little critter actually started to pant and lick the air with a tiny tongue. A second later a spurt of the same green thick slime oozed out of what appeared to be the anus at the end of it's cocoon. I looked up for any other people watching, but only a sea of people poking and prodding their larvae with Q-Tips and fingers as they watched the creature‟s reactions.

“As you can see, they are somewhat intelligent,” supplied Beckham as he fished up a larva to see. This one was quite large, about the size of a large potato. It turned its head around side to side to look at them and emitted a loud “Refu! Tummy soft! Please rub, refu!”

“This is a more mature Jissouseki, artificially enlarged through steroids, about a month or two ago, it was the size of these young newborns here. Give this one in my hand a few more days, we‟ll have a immature Jissou child, though the size of an adult,” said Beckham as he began strapping the large squishy larvae to a examination table, that was apparently designed just for it‟s kind, and pulling out a scalpel. “Now watch its reactions,” he continued, easily ignoring the shocked expressions on his student‟s faces and lowering it to the middle of the Jissou‟s belly.

It looked down in confusion and back up, “What are you doing Mr. Man, refu?”

“You need not worry, while slightly intelligent, they feel little pain as their nervous systems are too simple for something such as that. The only sounds that appear to be pain are only those of shock and confusion,” assured Beckham with a smile of anticipation, “You noticed that Jissou‟s love to be belly- rubbed? The green slime flowing from them are a multi-tasking fluid, a combination of semen, lubrication fluid, nutrient-rich food, an aid in giving birth, and many other things. In the case of belly rubbing, it is considered semen.

“Ah, and don‟t get any of that on your clothes, that shit stains,” he said, a bit late as several were frantically attempting to remove the shit stains from their clothing, “Now, watch as I slowly remove the cocoon...”

The larvae sitting next to me, along many of its brethren had also looked up to watch, childlike in anticipation of what was to come. All were more or less confused or bored, including the on then examination table displayed for all to see. The mother who birthed them all was squealing faintly through the ball-gag, clearly knowing what was going to happen to its child.

The scalpel sliced easily through the fabric, alerting the jissou as it stiffen and attempted to move away. There was little it could do as Beckham removed it‟s cocoon, revealing it‟s pale naked flesh and four stubby arms and legs previously barely seen. The stubby limbs flailed helplessly as it cried, “Stop, refu! My clothes! Give them back, refu!” Red and green tears flowed easily as it started to ejaculate the same green slim from it‟s puckered anus.

“A jissouseki often lets waste fall when it is in „pain‟, in „pleasure‟, „afraid‟, giving birth, or any mixture of the above. Usually they do so anyway for sometimes absolutely no reason at all,” said Beckham as he pulled on plastic gloves, “Jissousekis are unnaturally fragile, some fall and become a splatter on the floor with little to no pressure. Even adult Jissous suffer from accidents continuously. Not to mention their stupid antics and childlike intelligence. Now...”

The scalpel fell, poking through the skin of the overgrown larvae and burying it‟s sharp head into it‟s belly. The larvae looked down, transfixed at the sight, as though unable to believe this was happening. The other smaller larvae before it were panting as more semen squirted from their anuses, a few actually fainted, a some more had gone pale. Mine had a pale complexion to it as it watched Beckham systematically sliced a long cut through the extra-large jissou larvae, eviscerating it.

“Stop, refu! This feels funny Mr. Man! I feel bad, refu!”

“What is happening, refu?”

I looked down in surprise as the tiny larvae nudged it‟s head into my hand and looked up at me with child-like innocence.

“Nothing,” I replied, unsure as to describe what was happening to it‟s steroid-dosed brother/sister. It rolled onto it‟s back, face locked onto mine with a smile, “Please rub, refu!”

I obliged, but returned my gaze to Professor Beckham, who had begun opening the cavity in the jissou‟s chest for all to see.

“The internal organs and blood within a Jissouseki are predominantly red and green! Though occasionally predominantly red, green, even pink or blue color may come out through genitival selection,” Beckham was saying over the cries of “Please stop

Mr. Man! Stop! Refuuu~!”, “As you can see, the internal organs of a Jissouseki are simple, a downgraded version of our own internal organs. You can see the lungs, the heart, similar bone structure, the stomach, bladder, pancreas...”

With flourish, he put the scalpel away, after cutting away at a green and red intestine and began unraveling and pulling it out before everyone‟s eyes. The restrained mother began pulling at it‟s ropes even more frantically now, as it‟s shocked and equally retrained child squirmed weakly. The intestines were soon removed, giving the larvae (and the mother, whose panties were overflowing with shit now) to empty what was left in it‟s bowels, though from the clear view into it‟s was wasn‟t much.

“Now, pass this tray around, feel free to touch this, with gloves if you please, and examine closely at the texture. This here is the bladder, which is empty now,” said Beckham as he removed the organ and slapped it onto a tray. It burst with a splatter. “Ah, maybe not,” he said with a shrug, “Here are the large intestines...”

The larvae was getting weaker now, as more and more organs, more and more blood was shed. Behind it, it‟s mother had passed out, with it‟s panties impossibly filled with green slime that was oozing through the stained fabric like Guacamole through a cheesecloth. “Mr. Man, I feel sleepy...” murmured the larvae softly, “Refu...”

With a soft whir of a saw, Beckham swifty removed the stop of the jissou‟s skull, revealing a pulsating red-green blob; it‟s brain.
“I feel cold, refu,” said the larvae, “What is going on...refu?”

Slowly and carefully, Beckham removed the brain. The larvae continued to move, but without saying anything.
It was brain-dead. A few seconds later it was very much stone dead.

A large amount of people wore greenish expression, along with a number of other larvae (especially in the front) going white and frozen with shock and shitting bricks. The rest looked excited. Especially the blonds next to me – they had shit stains on their clothes.

I pulled a small box out of my backpack; hand coaxed the larvae into it with a bit of beans from my potato salad sandwich and raised my hand.

“Yes?” “Can I go to the bathroom?”

Beckham seemed to just noticed just how many people had gone green or white with shock, “Well... I though this class was made of sterner stuff!”

A girl stood up, he chest thrown out, with a familiar PETA badge on it, “You‟ll pay for this!” With a huff she ran out of the door. Most of the class followed, though they were headed to the nurses office for something to ease their feeling of throwing up the contents of their stomach. I left too, with my new friend in tow.

Behind me, the unfortunate larvae were squealing in fright and pain as those they had shitted on revenged themselves mercilessly upon them.

I was headed home.

- Going home, with a new friend -

I wasn't the only one to leave the class retching and sick, many were guys who never killed anything intentionally or never anything cute or fluffy, let alone something that could think and speak for itself.

The others were girls who were shocked and traumatized by the massive display of gore. I skipped class, as many others were going, the PETA girl was talking to another person, an older man with 'PETA' emblazoned across his shirt back and front. They eyed me before going back to their conversation. I hurried to the bus stop and paused only to pull my backpack open. Gently, I pulled out the small box and found the small grub stuffing food into it's tiny mouth. Having no arms, all it could do was gather as much of the beans into it's maw and swallow.

"How is it?" I asked, "Don't worry, you'll be safe with me."

"This is good, refu! Thank you Mr. Man!" squeaked the jissou grub with obvious happiness, "Are we going somewhere?"

"I'm bringing you to my home," I replied with a nervous smile, "You will be living with me."

The jissouseki tilted it's head and peered up at me as though it had never seen anything like, which it probably didn't, "Refu? What do you mean, Mr. Man?"

The bus was rumbling in the distance now and I quickly reassured the grub by redirecting it's attention to the partially eaten bean. The bus stopped and opened it's doors. I quickly hopped in and flashed my pass. The driver nodded boredly and waved me on.

The bus's interior was empty, with no one inside. Going for the back seats, I set my pack down and took the lunchbox out again and opened it. The grub had eaten about half of the bean and was happily leaking green goo from it's anus. "Can you stop pooping that stuff," I asked, "Just hold it in until I get home and put you in your box, alright?"

"But, Mr. Man," cried the jissou grub pathetically, "I-"

"You are living with me, so you have to follow my rules," I declared softly, "You understand?"

Shaking with tears in it's eyes and still leaking, the little larvae looked absolutely adorable, but I pushed on relentlessly, "I give you food, a home, love, and you have to listen to me. Now hold it in like a good jissou. It won't be long before you are in your new home."

It stiffened and nodded reluctantly as the bus slowed. I got up, passed the driver and hurried down the street. The neighbor's cat yawned at me as I passed the fence and hurried to the door. I glared at the cat and hurried inside. The house had only one level, with four rooms: Living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. I pulled the box containing the baby jissou out of my bag and placed it onto the table in the living room, hurrying into the kitchen and dug around for an old hamster cage I used to have. It had the main necessities, a small plastic animal-friendly food bowl, water-drip, and bedding.

I returned to the jissou baby, who had stopped gorging on the starchy foods inside my old lunch box, looking up at me as it said, "Can I poo now, refu?"

"Just a minute," I replied reassuringly, "I'm setting up your new home."

I modified the hamster cage, adding in a tray that would hold the jissou's green crap. I pick the grub up with two gentle fingers and set it gently into the white transparent plastic and metal cage. "This is where I will put food. Drink water from the drip," I instructed, "Sleep and play here. And you poo in this tray. Only in this tray, understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Man~!" The grub rushed forwards, putting it's anus over the tray and spurting out a slow trail of thick dark green slime. It sighed ("Refuuuu~") and made it's way to the bedding and closed it's eyes.

I smiled and set the cage in my room, walking into my kitchen to get something to eat. The grub's little snores followed out into the hallway, even as I left.


Everytime I cleaned him and washed his clothes. It was during one of the baths I asked him what kind of name he would like.

"A name, refu?" squeaked the jissou excitedly, "I want to be called Keichii, Mr. Man!"

Keichii Domorodo is a fairly famous local comedian I watch on Comedy Central on the television, the little jissou took to the man and watch every episode avidly. Another thing was that he continued to call me 'Mr. Man' no matter how much I ask him to call me by my real name.

After the bath, I gently dry him with a towel, help him into a cocoon, and set him into his terrarium. It was after that night, I found Keichii completely changed.

The morning after, I checked up on Keichii's cage, only to find a great white silk cocoon on the padded floor. A few seconds later, it bulged and ripped apart, to reveal a soda-can sized jissou looking up at me with happiness in it's eyes, "Look Mr. Man, I grew!"


Mr. Man being Nice and His Horrible Ways: Day 1 by REd

- - - - -

Today was a good day. I had gotten my paycheck, I had an entire day off. It had been a while since I had visited the park, to enjoy the fresh air, and the weather was quite pleasant for one. I found myself walking the entire length of the place several times. Tired, and happy, I perused an old newspaper and sat down at a bench. After half an hour or so, I dozed off.

I woke sometime later that afternoon to a number of chirps and coos near my left leg. Blinking in half-awoken confusion, I looked down. Before me were seven Jissouseki. One, obviously a mother, was lifting up her shirt to reveal two colored nipples, red and green to match her eyes and piss-soaked panties. Two children were busy sucking from the exposed tits, and another child sat on the mother's knee fed and happy, though very dirty.

One child however, was not fed and reduced to eating a large amount of semi-solid green slime flowing in bulk from her stained panties. I blinked in disgust. Personally, I have not had much interactions with jissouseki. Once I was accosted by a mother, who begged me to take her child home. I didn't, mainly because that child was already dead.

"You took my milk techu!"

"I waited like a good jissou, onee-!"

"I was first, techi! Me! I teach you lesson, techi!!"

On my left, under the bench, a jissou had begun striking her sister, who cowered and hid her face with a pair of tiny arms to fend the blows away, to little effect. I blinked and decided to intervene. Gently, I nudged the little jissou away from her cowering sibling, sending her falling to the ground and surprise and a loud squeal. The mother started and looked up in fright, "Please, don't hurt us, desu! Leave my children alone, desu! Take me instead!"

I was hurt, to think that she would think I would try to kill her poor kids. She paled as I picked up the crying jissou. The small jissou child was the size of a small sake cup, and almost as light. She hiccuped, not noticing me as I gently set her down onto the bench beside me. Wiping away her tears, she looked up just as I petted her little head gently.

She stared at me in surprise and instantly chirped happily, "Did you save me Mr. Man?"

I nod and glare at the small angry jissou child, continuing to pet the young jissou next to me. The Mother set her two sucking kids down and smoothed out her dirty dress, "Thank you, Mr. Man! Do you like my daughter, desu? Is she not cute?"

I nod absentmindedly, "Yes, she is very pretty. But she smells bad."

The mother looked at the daughter responsible and growled, flashing her red and green eyes angrily, "Bad jissou-Chan!"

The daughter cowered, loosening her bowels at the same time and dumping a large amount of shit, "I'm sorry, techa! Don't hurt me, Mama!"

The mother backhanded the child, bruising her and making an even large pile of green shit. I crinkle my eyebrows at this display of vilenece, feeling slightly sick now. The child wept loudly and begged, "Sorry! I'[m sorry, Mama! Please, techi!"

I stopped her from dying a painful death as the mother prepared to end her daughter's life by kicking the former into the air. I hadn't meant to, but the mother sailed like a football in the air and landed with a soft thump a meter away. Knocked unconscious, I was rewarded with a cry of gratitudfe from the recently abused jissou.

"Thank you Mr. Man," said the child gratefully, running up to my shoe and hugging it, "You protected me from Bad Mama! I must thank you, techi!"

Now being assaulted by two graeful jissou, one purring and clutching at my hand, the other huggin my shoe, it was only a matter of time before I was assaulted by the other jissou.

"You hit Mama!"

"You are bad man, techi!"

"Mama won't wake! Mr. Man killed her!"

The three ran forward, punching and kicking my other shoe with all their might. Their blows may as well been a blow of air for all it was worth. I didn't want to hurt them and let them get it out of their systems. After trying to attack me, they futilely attacked me with child-like names. After that failed to faze me, they started insulting the jissou who seemed to idolize me. I scooped the two siblings up and protected them by setting them onto the bench.

Reduced to screaming, crying wrecks, the worst came in the form of the badly bruised mother who apparently woke up from her flight. Wheezing, the now disabled jissou stumbled towards me, her harelip mouth growling. Scooping up her children in fury, she threw one of them as hard as she could at me. I caught the screaming frightened jissou with a hand, which left me with a handful of green poo. Angry that the living missile had not achieved its purpose, she hefted another one.

"MAMA! What are you doing, techi?" Bawled a jissou, before she was launched into the air. The jissou's aim was poor, and the poor thing flew past and over me into a tree. The three kids in my possession went pale blue and began gibbering incoherently. Even more enraged, the mother raised the last jissou, who promptly bit the stubby little fist gripping it. Shitting a literal mountain, the mother screamed in a mixture of anger and horror as she dropped her child to the ground.

"Help me Mr. Man! I'm sorry! Please, techi!"

I obliged and set her near her sisters, who huddled around each other in a group as they fearfully watched their enraged mother.

The mother looked very much like a monster now. Shit had stained her panties bib, and legs green. Blood filled her mouth, missing both teeth and a part of her tongue that she likely bit off in a fit of rage. Unable to express herself in words, she charged.

I reacted and picked up my legs, where she ran straight into the dirt.

The jissou kids next to me cried.

"Mama, stop, please!"

"You're scaring me Mama!"

"Stop, techi!"


The jissouseki lost all control and leapt onto me, screaming incoherently. I struck the jissou in mid-jump, burying my fist in her stomach. Me and the jissou children watched as the mother fell to the ground, coughing and spitting out blood and vomit. Her face was covered in blood. Within seconds, her incoherent babbling of rage turned to shock as her belly bulged. Both eyes blinking red tears and blood, her weakened belly stretched. Combined with the stress of sudden pregnancy, the kicked, punched belly's skin split open as a few dozen maggots launched into the air.

I covered my face with my arms as it began raining freshly born jissouseki maggots.

After a torrent of 'Refu!', splattering sounds, and squeals, I opened my eyes.

The entire area around me was colored red and green. Surprisngly, I was spared the staining. The four kids next to me however were quite unwell.

Two had died of fright, their faces blue and panties expanded beyond capacity, permanently stained green.

One was quite still, her body crushed under a dying grub, her face filled with agony as she slowly died.

The last remained alive, holding onto a grub, and licking the slime off it's body. As soon as the face was cleaned off, it opened it's red and green eyes and barked, "Refu?"

I sighed. From a nice nap in the park, the day had turned into an unintentional bloodfest.

I looked down at the jissou-chan, and she looked up back at me.

She spoke first, "Can Maggot-Chan come home with us?"

- - - - -

End Day 1

- - - - -

Mr. Man being Nice and His Horrible Ways: Day 2

- - - - -

After the fiasco at the park, I decided to help the surviving jissou at that little impromptu event. I couldn't take them home, no way. I felt sorry for those things, but I couldn't afford to have any pets. Of the six jissou and mother, only one child remained. The rest had died during the mother's inexplicable rampage after I prevented her from attacking one of her own daughter after she was caught beating up a sibling. The mother's death came during her knockout from my fist, blood from her toothless mouth had poured into her green eye, accidentally illiciting pregnancy in an instant.

Her stomach had been stretched taut and broke down. The mother died like a bomb, and most of the surviving children had died when grubs fell onto them like hail.

The other two currently lived in the backyard of my house. I gave them a small cardboard box that used to hold some of my books and papers from middle school. Inside were newspapers, a few old clean towels, a number of old plastic bowls, and edible plants and fruits from my garden.

"Thank you Mr. Man! You must be the best human ever," squeaked the jissou child, practically crying in happiness. They took to the box easily and lived well for the next month or so. I occasionally come out, mainly to take care of the garden. The jissous often come out to greet me whenever I find the time to sink my hands into the dirt. Sometimes they even help out. The grub had grown well, and was twice the size it had once been. It would grow into a child soon. The jissou child was larger and plumper as well. Her face was not as ugly as her mother's had been. Her clothes were also well taken care of and harelip not as pronounced.

One day, she knocked on the backdoor. I opened it to find her carrying a large pink frayed old purse, little Jissou-Chan clutching her skirt as they both looked up at me. "What is the matter," I had asked.

"I have taken your hospitality for too long, desu! I must take my leave," said the jissouseki nervously, "I cannot thank you enough, Mr. Man! Maggot-Chan has grown up, and is Jissou-Chan now! I must make a life for ourselves, desu! We cannot stay."

I agreed and let her out into the street.

Little did I know I would see her again the very next day...

End Day 2

- - - - -


Anyone got the pizza one or the one with the guy dealing with jissou in the snow?


- - - - -

"Look Mr. Man, I grew!"

My pet had indeed grown. Keichii was at least the same height and weight of a small beer can, and he was looking pretty happy. I take off the top of the terranium, and gently pick him up. The jissou crooned happily the entire way up, practically hugging my hand as I put him on the floor.

"Where are we going, techi~?"

I gave Keichii a small smile as she hopped around in excitement, "We;re going out to eat and to visit the park."

The jissou squealed in excitement, having never been to a park and having only eaten jissou pellets and the occasional candy. I tried to get her attention by tapping her on the head. "But you have to stay near me at all times. It is dangerous for a young jissou on the streets. After a visit to the park for fresh air, I'm going to buy you some clothes."

Keichii nodded, her face serious, "Yes sir, Mr. Man!"

I nodded and instructed her to go and wait by the door while I prepare to leave.

- Jissouseki Perspective -

'Mr. Human was a very good friend,' thought Keichii happily as she hurried to the door with anticipation, 'After all he took care of her ever since she was born!'

As her human put his shoes on, he knelt down and let her climb into his arms. She happily snuggled into them and looked at the outside world with her own eyes. It was a strange place for her.

Humans similar to her own human walked and talked around them. Her human stopped at the corner of the road, which to her sharp eye saw the smudged words for 'Bus Stop'. "Are we riding on the bus, techi?"

Her human nodded and scratched her behind the neck. She shivered in delight and watched in fascination as the bus screeched loudly to a stop. The interior was full of people...and a few jissou too! Keichii saw her human meet up with a Ms. Lady and felt her human set her onto the other human's lap. She had met this human before, many times in fact. The lady looked down at her with a smile, but the jissou shivered. Something about the woman's eyes made her scared. But her human liked this human, so she had to behave!

"Hi Miss Lady," she chirped, "How are you?"

"I'm fine," replied the female human dismissively and began a conversation with her human at once.

Keichii looked down and saw a jissou much like herself with a maggot that she herself had been a few days ago, and a few of her age. She waved energetically at one, who returned it. The Mother grabbed the one who returned the wave and pulled it out of sight. She thought she might've heard an odd squelching sound but forgot about it.

Under the seat, the jissous around their mother whimpered in fear as they relieved themselves at the sight of one of their favorite sibling dying a messy death within their mother's own jaws.

- End Perspective -

I chatted with Lucia a bit more before my stop and told her I'll lend her my notes from history class before picking up Keichii and saying goodbye. My pet waved goodbye too, but I saw her eye twitch at the sight of her. Behind me was a small family of jissou, including one dirty mother with something green and red in her mouth. The trembling children around her told me this wasn't the kind of jissou I want mine to be exposed to...

- - - - -

End Part 1


STS-152a Subproject: F-12 Biological Experimentation Log

Mission Specialist: Maj. Matt Greer PhD. Vertebrate Biology
Guest Mission Specialist: Sir Gregory Hughs, D.Litt. Psychology and Modern Philosophy

Pre-Experiment Briefing:
To further examine the behavior of selected jissouseki specimen in conditions of low gravity.

Subject information:


* debated
+Roughly “enclosed fool” as determined by the National Audubon Society as of 2011

In the little time that since the discovery of the first populations in East Asia, much has been learned about the creatures known colloquially, and herein, as jissou. First a brief history of the study of jissou as compiled by the Smithsonian, the National Audubon Society, and NASA mission planners.

~2004 First Jissou populations discovered in East Asia

2005 rapid proliferation

2005.10.?? African farmers “domesticate” jissou as livestock

2005.11.15 Vatican declares jissou “unclean” and therefore lesser than animal in rights, citing their unholy behavior and disregard for eachother. Consumption of jissou derived commodities deemed unacceptable. This in part sets stage for the Darfur conflict.

2006.12.26 Mass migration from mainland to Taiwan damages telecom cables, though direct cause unknown.

2007.01.27 Jissou imported as “exotic pets” widely to N. America

2008.01.23-02.04 Large jissou migration north to Europe causes submarine telecom cable damages costing billions in lost revenue/repair and maintenance costs.

2014 Smithsonian research logs incite congressional inquiry regarding the rights of jissou as “intelligent beings”. The supreme court rules 8-1 in favor of the indicted researcher in exchange for his anonymity (to keep from the moral dilemma of his profiting from the “suffering” of jissou)

2015.01.01 Supreme court ruling that animal anti-abuse laws may not apply to certain classifications of jissou.

2015.01.12 (Shuttle program continued past retirement as US policy toward Russia cools and Joint-Vostok project deemed null and void) STS-152a launches from launch pad 39a at 03:13:37 to take advantage of renewed experimentation rights.

General jissou knowledge as compiled by previous missions:

Life stages: (1)Larval; (2)Nymph (adolescent stage); (3) Adult
High tendency for congenital defects, leading to hypothesis of lab synthesized origin
When stressed, endocrine responses leads to spontaneous spawning of numerous offspring; this Darwinian survival technique has lead to worldwide proliferation.
Internal anatomy similar to multiple primate species, though simplified.
Blueish hue displayed for stress or illness
Defecation is a survival tactic, as the feces is nutrient rich and the species exhibits cannibalistic behavior. Generally a jissou will stop to consume the expelled feces of another rather than waste calories attempting to catch and consume the prey that defecated.

Display rapid growth of intelligence
equally rapid stunting of intelligence
able to communicate via spoken language, illiterate in most cases
display of emotional empathy rare, however group pain sharing has been postulated giving appearance of empathy/sympathy
intense urge to feed: cannibalistic/auto cannibalistic tendancies
generally conceited, superiority complexes noted

Savory, like chicken
cook thoroughly; thought to be responsible for the 2008 southern African cholera outbreak

Begin Experiment Briefing:

A.Exposure to near-zero G's
I.Subjects 1.0a-d
II.Subjects 2.0a-d
III.Subjects 3.0a-d
IV.Subjects (alpha)&(omega)
B.Exposure to near vacuum
I.Subjects 1.1a-d
II.Subjects 2.1a-d
III.Subjects 3.1a-d
C.Reproduction in near-zero G's
I.Subjects 3.2; (alpha) & (omega)
D.Digestive functions in near-zero G's


1.0a Stage (1) Healthy
1.0b Stage (1) Healthy
1.0c Stage (1) Mutated: ocular development stunted
1.0d Stage (1) Mutated: proximal limb stubs absent

2.0a Stage (2) Healthy
2.0b Stage (2) Healthy
2.0c Stage (2) Mutated: vestigial tail retained
2.0d Stage (2) Mutated: stunted limb development

3.0a Stage (3) Healthy
3.0b Stage (3) Healthy
3.0c Stage (3) Mutated: vestigial tail retained
3.0d Stage (3) Mutated: stunted limb development

(alpha) Stage (3) Mutated: near human appearance

(omega) Stage (3) First Class variety (deemed rare subspecies or mutation)

1.1a Stage (1) Healthy
1.1b Stage (1) Healthy
1.1c Stage (1) Mutated: outer integumentary layer (“clothes”) failed to develop
1.1d Stage (1) Mutated: critically obese

2.1a Stage (2) Healthy
2.1b Stage (2) Healthy
2.1c Stage (2) Mutated: outer integumentary layer failed to develop
2.1d Stage (2) Mutated: critically obese

3.1a Stage (3) Healthy
3.1b Stage (3) Healthy
3.1c Stage (3) Mutated: outer integumentary layer failed to develop
3.1d Stage (3) Mutated: critically obese

3.2 Stage (3) Healthy

Experiment A-I Setup notes:

Subjects 1.0a-d contained in clear acrylic apparatus measuring 200cm long, 100cm deep and 100 cm wide counterweighted and rotating to simulate roughly 1 Earth gravity.

Orbit achieved 02:37:23.

Experiment A-I begin observations 02:40:00

Maj: Greer's physical observations:
“Subjects 1.0a and 1.0b interact as expected, expressing unease and as usual, hunger. C (blind) collides with its fellow subjects and defecates; subject expresses more fear than others. D (lame) proceeds to roll laterally to achieve locomotion it along with a and b begins to consume the feces expelled by c.
At 02:42:00 The experiment was begun and the containment motor disengaged, thus allowing the jissou to float in the now Zero G environment. All subjects express intense fear and each defecates. Subjects aside from C attempt to obtain the floating spheres of feces to no avail. At 02:45:00 the enclosure is opened and the jissou are allowed to float freely. Their small bodies seem unable to shift their weight efficiently enough to move and appear to be at the mercy of physics. All subjects returned to containment at 02:56:00, gravity will not be restored until 2 days observation complete.”

Dr. Hughs psychological observations:
“Subject c seems to be more fearful of its environment lacking a means to envision its surroundings. It's cries of 'Is scary – refu!; What happen- refu?' Seem only to irritate the other specimens. It's fear is so great that it releases its bowels, thus initiating a feeding frenzy. Subject d seems to not notice its own impediment and interacts with subjects a and b normally, while ostracizing c like the others. A and B show apathy to D's limbless nature, or are too occupied with taking advantage of C to care. Upon terminating the gravity simulation all subjects submit to their primal fear and defecate. Cries of 'REFU! What going – refu? Am fall -refu!' are heard. Quickly the larvae forget their peril and the urge to feed consumes them. However as the Major has noted, they are unable to obtain the food they seek as a,b, and c's limbs and muscle structure do not allow for microgravity locomotion nor does the mutated structure of d.”

Day 2
Maj. Greer:
“Interestingly, subjects a, b, and d have begun their metamorphosis. This is despite their very young age. It is my hypothesis that they have begun their transformation not based by their internal biological rhythms but to anchor themselves to a surface, in this case the encasement. Subject C has not begun to transform and appears unconscious. Review of the surveillance video shows that around 08:15:00 the other subjects began to transform. C attempted to communicate with them but the other subjects seem to focus on anchoring themselves to the walls of the encasement. It appears that C, having released more contents of its digestive system yesterday than the other subjects was unable to muster the ability to transform. Upon viewing the surveillance video and conducting physical examination of C I have determined that it has expired of malnutrition/exhaustion around 12:00:00 yesterday. I have bagged the corpse for further analysis, and subsequent disposal. I am now examining the internal happenings of subject b (a of course being the control). I have carefully removed b from the container and have delicately removed part of the pupal covering. The tail has not recessed though the limbs have grown significantly. Its old clothes have begun to dissolve and the new layer has begun to form. I will now return subject to container and artificially reattach the pupa to the container wall.”

Dr. Hughs:
“The video capture was astounding. Not only has the jissou's will to survive spurred on an early transformation, in all but c, it appears that we may have discovered their ability to choose when they transform. C's weakness is cause for more suffering at the hands of its mates. A blueish colour can be observed as it weakens through the day. It's 'hungry-refu!, please help- refu!' are met with apathy or even hostility, as subject b appears to 'headbutt' c away and into the air. It is astounding how little regard these horrid little creatures are capable of expressing for one another. Alone and stomach empty, subject C begins to die. While all other subjects are soundly in the first stages of their brief hibernation, C curls up and defecates once more and the colour leaves its eyes, as they go dark. Clearly survival of the fittest has claimed its first victim; I excitedly await the fate of subject D.”

Day 3
Maj. Greer
“The transformations are complete and the effect the absence of natural gravity has had is astonishing! All surviving subjects show elongated body growth and are for the most part healthy stage 2 jissou. However each is roughly 1.5 times taller than expected and limb growth has resulted in a spidery appearance. D shows an interesting recovery of limbs, but somehow has retained its tail, though now it is slightly diminished. Upon releasing them from the encasement the jissou displayed much increased motor abilities, using their gangly arms to push themselves in many directions and contorting their bodies as an astronaut would, to move about. Interestingly D has shown an greatest motor skills in this environment, likely with the added benefit of a tail. I will now administer as sub test. I have placed three jissou food pellets on the opposite side of the experimentation pod. It will be up to the subjects to obtain the food themselves. Subject D moves quickly whipping its tail about to grab onto some pipework on the wall. A and B squirm to follow, essentially in an awkward swimming motion. D meanwhile hurtles about in a fashion reminiscent of an acrobat jumping off opposite walls. In no time D has reached the food and consumes all three. I will let Dr. Hughs make his observations now.”

Dr. Hughs
“I would like to first note that all subjects seem to ignore the fact the subject C is missing. Carrying on, amazingly, what was a handicap to D has become its saving grace. A and B glare jealously at D as it eats halfway across the room. Interestingly, for an “intelligent” creature, jissou show little regard for each other, as D without a second thought consumed its portion as well as its companions'. A and B yell, “come back- -techii! Mine – techi!” Maj. Greer has now fed A and B by hand and all subjects have been returned to the pen. The Major will now restore gravity to measure the ability for the subjects to adjust.”

“In an absolutely amazing twist, subjects A and B upon restoration of gravity, have taken their rediscovered ease of locomotion and used it to attack subject D, no doubt to make up for the feeding incident. A held D down as B punched and gnawed at D. The Major attempted to separate them, but this only served to make him their new target. Amazing, these miserable, stupid, little creatures. I removed one of the little beasts from the Major by smashing it with my observations clipboard which garnered a response of anger rather than fear. As it leaped for me, I drove my ballpoint pen into its eye socket, destroying it. Matt on the other hand was still beating the remaining subject as it clung to his uniform, defecating wildly. He succumbed to the innate instincts that drive us as a species to hate these little monsters and tore its arms off. Despite my best efforts to calm him Matt continued to mutilate the subject until nothing was left but floating globules of red and green blood, feces, tears. Subject D would have submitted to its wounds, but the Major finished it off. Too hesitant to interfere with him in his current state. “thank for saving- techi !”said subject D through red and green tears. “Techi! Too hard” it wailed as the Major grabbed it and threw it into the pen. As he latched the pen shut, the crying jissou defecated covering the tank with filth. Still enraged, Greer recalibrated the servos and activated the tank, which spun violently, making a sound like a boot in a dryer through the anguished cries of “TECHIIIII!”

“I fucking hate these vile things,” said the Major, though gritted teeth. I couldn't help but agree as we exited the experimentation module intent on washing ourselves of the sticky green and red fluids that had spattered us. Hopefully the next experiment would fare better results.


April 13, 2010.

Archibald, George- About a month ago, I was visiting family in Kiev when I met a strange man. He was a tall man with blue eyes, hair graying prematurely from a life of stress. When he spoke, his words boomed out in a deep Slavic accent. I met him at a hotel, removing a family of Jissouseki from the premises in a burlap bag. I could tell from cries of “Let us out techi!” The man holding the bag was a fairly nice guy, and after an interesting conversation about the captured Jissouseki, I managed to arrange a meeting with him the next day. As it turns out, he was a rogue biologist who has been researching Jissou for quite some time. I could not pass up such an interesting story.

I met him the next day on the roof of his apartment building. What follows is a transcript of his interview. Be advised that I did not tamper with his dialogue at all, so expect to see broken English. He knows English, but not fluently.

George: Please state your name.

Researcher: Vladimir Kozlov.

George: Mind if I call you Vlad?

Vladimir: Go ahead.

George: So, Vlad, tell me a little about yourself, like where were you born, where did you live, and all that good stuff.

Vladimir: I born in Kiev, December 14, 1979. (Points into distance) My parent home somewhere across river. Mother was housewife, father work hard at factory. I had little brother, he three year younger than me. I just graduate from University when Soviet Union fall. I receive Master in Biology from National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv. I major in biology. It been dream since child to be scientist. Mother always call me “Little Professor.” I first member of my family to get diploma. (Smiles and laughs) Huh huh huh… You should have seen the look on father’s face when his son show diploma at family gettogether. “Little Vlad, I so proud of you!” Huh huh huh! He still proud of me to this day!

George: What did you want to do with your degree?”

Vladimir: I do not remember, sadly.

George: I remember yesterday you were carrying a family of Jissou out of the hotel where I was staying. Do you do this for amusement or for money?

Vladimir: For money, of course. Got to put food on table. Jissou also make good research specimen.

George: So when did you first see a Jissouseki?

Vladimir: I first saw Jissouseki while looking for work in Kiev back in 2006. It was little troll-like creature that jump up and down shouting (imitates Jissouseki child) “Techi Techi! Techi Techi! Techuuu!” I call over passerby and ask, “What is that thing?” Man look at it and say “I do not know!” I get same response from people all day. They not know what it was.

George: Tell me what happened after that.

Vladimir: Three day afterward, I get call from government. They offer job. Good pay, life-time medical insurance. It seemed like a very good deal. (Becomes more stern) Never, ever accept job from government that offer free medical care for life! You not know where they send you, so not accept.

George: Where did the government send you?

Vladimir: They sent us to Chernobyl.

George: Chernobyl? You mean THAT Chernobyl?!

Vladimir: No, it that other Chernobyl in Disneyland where animal sing and child are-- Of course THAT Chernobyl! We station in abandoned hotel in Prypiat. Was not so abandoned when I arrive. There snipers on rooftop and military men on ground around hotel. Prypiat very scary place at night… Sometimes, we think we see ghost… Ah, on topic. When we get to hotel, we told we are part of Chernobyl Containment Project.

George: Tell me about that.

Vladimir: It very serious operation. It start when government began seeing Jissou population appear in Kiev and move upwards. They probably originate from plane arriving from Kyoto. Concern from scientist was, “What if Jissou eat food contaminated by radioactive material in the Red Forest or, God forbid, get inside Reactor 4?” They could eat something contaminated by remnant of 1986 accident and spread potentially harmful material to other places. Consequence were severe; they could turn whole East Europe into radioactive wasteland. Chernobyl Containment Project meant to secure Zone of Alienation, build stronger sarcophagus around Reactor 4, and seal it for at least 400 years. My job was to patrol around Prypiat, wiping out all Jissou I came across and anybody who was not where supposed to be. Oddly enough, my brother got same patrol as me. Ah! My brother! I nearly forgot to talk about him. He get Master in Nuclear Physics three year after I get Master in Biology. You should have seen me and Father. “Little Anatoly, we so proud of you!” I, father, and grandfather nearly crush him in group hug. Huh huh huh… Ah, good times…

George: How was the job?

Vladimir: It Hell. 24 hour day, radiation high enough to fry your brain in some place, vagabond, bandit, and wild animal make life dangerous. That and uniform. Radiation suit, pack of anti-rad drug, Geiger Counter, and AKS-74U with five clip of ammunition. That biohazard suit get hotter than hell after eight hours, imagine having to wear it all the time!

George: What was the worst moment on your patrol?

Vladimir: There this one guy, he vagabond, he not where supposed to be, near an old military base near Chernobyl. I say “Hey, you not supposed to be here! Go home!” He pull out gun and start shoot at me. I got one burst, but that all it take. His chest get ripped open by bullets. Most haunting thing about that day was man’s eye. I saw him die. He still haunt my dream at night.

George: What was your weirdest encounter in the Zone of Alienation?

Vladimir: It was first time I see maggot.

George: A maggot? You mean like a fly maggot?

Vladimir: No, Jissou maggot. Jissouseki have three life stage: maggot, child, and adult.

George: Okay, now that we’ve cleared that up, tell me about the encounter.

Vladimir: Well, I in abandoned village near Prypiat. On fence there was green thing, no bigger than thumb, inch forward. When brother and I approach, it roll over on back, smile and say (Imitating Jissouseki maggot) “Belly soft, squishy refu! Please rub refu!” I turn to brother and ask, “What in world is that?” He look at me and say “You’re biologist! You tell me!” We chose side of caution, and knocked it off fence. It die on impact with ground. We about to move on when something punch brother in leg. It scream, “Why does it kill my baby desu?! It is evil men desu!” Heh. Brother kick it back and unload clip of bullets into it. It explode. Got green shit all over our suit. We search village to be on safe side. We find small group of twenty, twenty five Jissou living in the village. The children make nice crunchy noise when hit with shovel. Adult make for good target practice. Heh heh heh. I still hear their screams every now and then. (Imitates holding his rifle) “TECHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” “BANGBANGBANG” SPLAT! HA HA HA HA ho ho ho… Ah, those were great times.

George: So you two had fun, right?

Vladimir: Sometimes. Most of time, it either boring or dangerous. One of most fun moments was in Red Forest. We run across small family of Jissou along old road, three children and mother. Anatoly and I get bored with shooting on sight, so we decide to play around with them. Mother ask, “Am I not cute desu?” Anatoly laughed and said, “Cute you are, but your child is far cuter!” as he point to a child. Mother get so angry she turn around and stomp own child to death in front of her other children. I say this time, “Ah, you are cute, but your youngest child is so much cuter!” Mother pick up rock and splatter child’s brain all over ground. Last child shit herself with fright. Mother look at us and say “Am I cutest now desu?” I and Anatoly nearly fall over laughing. Mother get so angry she storms toward child. Child like “No! Please don’t kill me, mama! I love you techi!” Mother pick up child and piledrive head first into ground! Mother start crying when she realize all her children dead. She then perk up, take off her panties, and shake ass at us. “Desuuuuu…” Anatoly say, "That hot." I first think it joke, until Anatoly unzip pants. I look at him, he look back like “This is going to be great.” He stick something inside her, and she shudder with pleasure. She panic as she finds herself lifted into air. Turns out thing is not Anatoly, it his assault rifle. He pulled trigger, splattering Jissou parts everywhere. We walk away laughing.

George: What was the hardest moment of your job?

Vladimir: Leaving brother behind.

George: When did this happen?

Vladimir: It happen about a year and five months into job. We called to Chernobyl Power Plant. I, my brother, and 11 other guys sent into the Sarcophagus.

George: You mean, INSIDE Reactor #4?!

Vladimir: Yes. Inside reactor.

George: Why?

Vladimir: Some worker report Jissou in area around New Safe Confinement Construction site. Then robot come back showing a Jissou inside Sarcophagus. We sent in to eliminate problem before Jissou leave carrying radioactive material within them.

George: How did it go?

Vladimir: Badly.

George: Tell me about it.

Vladimir: Three guys enter sarcophagus before us. Only one come out, and his hair falling out. He die shortly after. We enter, not much better. I lose three guys almost five minutes in, killed by overexposure to radiation or falling rubble. Two guys find Jissou, then radio go dead. All I hear is sound of guys screaming. We go find them. There not much left of them. They leave big mess. Blood everywhere. Then, we see what killed them. A Jissou as big as man gnaw on severed leg. We shoot it, and it do what other Jissou do: burst like water balloon. We continue down hallway, and find large maggot size of baby. It say, “Too loud refu.” We shot it and it explode like slimy grenade, and find more maggots and repeat. Just then, our sensors detected a radiation spike caused by collapsing rubble. We evacuate. Everybody else aside from brother collapse from radiation or get lost in hallway. Our lights getting dim, so we had hard time sticking together. Then, it happen. A beam fall from ceiling and hit my brother. Break his skull, I guess. I try to get him free when guy on radio yell “Get out of there! NOW! GO GO GO!” I run toward exit. I finally find it. I went to get help, but they tell me that radiation kill him. (Looks away) My brother’s GPS locator still active for several days afterwards. He not move for two day, then three days later, he move 24 meters, then stop. Not long after, signal go dead. They not find his or others’ body. I think I know what happen. One guy’s radio remain on entire time. Sticky button, I guess. I hear whisper while at base. “Hungry techi…” “Mr. Man die techi” “Food techi” “My share techi!”. Gave me nightmare.

George: How did your family take the death of your brother?

Vladimir: Very hard. Mother start crying, Father ask me, “Why you not help him?” I not put up with them. I hung up. They didn’t speak to me until my leukemia.

George: Wait, you had leukemia? How did you find out?

Vladimir: About three months after job complete, I receive cut while cooking. It not stop bleeding, even after four hours. It minor injury, you see. I go to hospital, and doctor there say I have leukemia. I blame being in the Zone for too long.

George: What do you feel about the Jissouseki?

Vladimir: They worst ecological disaster this century. So many species go extinct, entire biosphere disrupted. And we can’t eradicate them.

George: When did you decide to study Jissou?

Vladimir: After I returned home and found Father torturing one. He strap it to table and cut off limbs one by one. “Why you take my son from me? Why, Why?!” He yelled. It kind of funny, if you saw it. An old man yelling like a crazy man while the Jissou is screaming “TECHAAAAAAAA! IT HURTS IT HURTS TECHIIIIIIII!” Father not crazy. Father normally good man. He used to feed stray dogs in street table scraps, even If they bit him in process. He not act like my father. I needed to find reason for strange behavior.

George: Did you find it?

Vladimir: I think I have, I need to finish paper and submit to peer review.

George: Can you tell me a little bit of it?

Vladimir: My paper tell discovery of Jissou marker pheromone that cause increase in aggressive activity in human. I find pheromone emitted from pores all over body, and test concentrated version of it on volunteers. They get extremely angry at slight provocation and become violent in instant. That all I have ready for review.

George: Well thank you for your time Vlad.

Vladimir: Anytime.

After the interview, Vlad and I went out for a drink. He also showed me some of the more interesting sites around the city, like several notable land marks in Kiev and the best restaurants in town. After another week in his company, we parted ways. He told me, “Come back if you want to talk more, yes?”

(Update November 2009: In September, I went back to visit Kiev again. I called Vlad’s number and did not receive a reply. I managed to track down a friend of his. That’s when I heard the news.

Vlad died in July, his paper unfinished. His leukemia came back a mere two months after we last spoke, and he was simply too weak to fight it. He lingered for about a month, then he died. He passed on with his parents by his side the whole time. His ashes were scattered in a small piece of land near the Chernobyl Power Plant, according to his last wishes. He wanted to be as close as he could be to the brother who he could not help those years ago. His name has been carved into a monument in front of the New Safe Confinement structure, yet another name added to the list of lives taken by the Zone.






A WitchDoctor Production

天照会社 の実験 (Amaterasu Corporation’s Experiment)

In the fallout of the Jissouseki Scandal, a major genetics research company, Amaterasu Genetics Corporation, had its assets seized during an investigation of the company’s actions. Somebody on the inside managed to hide and save this document before it was confiscated by investigators. Only in early 2008 did an anonymous source post this document on a prominent Japanese message board named 2channel. It was up for two hours, but was then taken off the boards because of the threat of legal action, as this is a document pertaining to the investigation of Amaterasu Corporation and therefore should be sealed from the people for at least the next fifty years. Before it was taken down, however, several Anonymous managed to save many, many copies and distributed them across the internet. This document is the work log of the man responsible for creating the first Jissouseki. It details the beginnings of the project, the process of development, the failure of the first prototype, and then the release of the prototype into the wild. Below is an English translation of said document.

Work Log of: Amaterasu Genetics Corporation, Research and Development, Katō Hajime, PHD. Genetic Research.

Date: August 27, 2001.

When I proposed my idea to my superiors, they sent me back to my desk with orders to put it into motion at all reasonable speed. I am now in charge of the “Living Doll Project,” companywide collaboration between the Genetics Department, the Biomaterials Department, the Software Development Department, and the Nanotechnology Department. We will be working on a living doll, one that breathes, eats, sleeps, walks, and talks. It would be capable of performing various tasks, such as playing, singing, laughing, and crying. It would be perfect for everybody. Our living dolls would be the perfect toy for small children, the perfect pet for all ages, the perfect companion for lonely bachelors, the perfect substitute for a child, and the perfect analog for medical research, making animal experimentation obsolete. And it would all be powered by the tiny experimental self-replicating computer developed by our Nanotech Division. Normally, my company does genetic modification of plants and small animals, like lab rats, but this would be our greatest undertaking yet, and would stand to make the investors very rich men. It would be likely that at least one of our products would reside in every household in every first world country.

Date: January 25, 2002.

We have finalized the body plan for the Living Doll Project. When we began the project back in August, we originally went for an organic version of a ball jointed doll. That is, a miniature human with exaggerated facial features, mainly the eyes. Our current design will look like a ball jointed doll without the joints. It’s basically a miniature human. Now comes the biggest task, which is writing its genetic code. To maintain human functionality and likeness, we will be using a modified human genome, for which there is a working draft that was released earlier this year. Of course, we will be modifying it to suit the needs of the doll. So far, I feel that enough of the genome is mapped to begin its modification.

Date: February 14, 2003

At last, we have our first semi-working prototype, on paper of course. The problem is that the prototype design is naked, which means it’s exposed to the elements. However, we want to add a chromosome that codes for organic fibers growing under of the skin during development, which then weave themselves into a coherent mesh before birth, giving the doll clothing the moment it is born into the world. To create and insert the chromosome into the genome, we’re using an evolutionary algorithm set to the necessary conditions. This will allow for a largely seamless insertion of the gene. Sadly, we have to use some of the most powerful supercomputers in the world to make the necessary calculations, and even then it might take a while, maybe a year or more.

Date: January 20, 2004

The clothing gene was created and inserted successfully. However, it would appear that the genetic code has been rewritten from the ground up. I can’t read this new code yet, but we will press onward with the project.
For a reference model for our product, we will be using a character from one of my favorite manga, Rozen Maiden. The character is a doll named Suiseiseki. She wears a beautiful green dress, has heterochromia, and long brown hair. She is a character with two faces personality wise; she can be a devious little bitch, yet she as a good heart and avoids putting herself or others in harm’s way. She also appears to desire recognition or affection from Jun, the male lead in the series. She’s my favorite character, and I want to have a doll like her. With this project, now I can have my own Suiseiseki.
Making her clothing, her appearance, and her personality will be quite a challenge. While the doll will have the brain the size of a small dog’s to carry out basic thought processes and instincts, we will use the crystal to contain such information such as memories, personality traits, and language memorization. Note that the doll can still use these functions if it is ever separated from its crystal. I don’t remember how; the guy from the Nanotechnology Department gave me this longwinded speech consisting entirely of what might have been technobabble. To be honest, the only thing I could understand from his explanation is that it somehow works through the use of entanglement. Anyway, great care should be taken with the crystal, as the doll will cease to function if it is damaged. The guy from the nanotechnology department said that best case scenario would be that the doll’s head explodes, and the worse case could be that the doll’s body is ripped apart at the quantum level as its entangled particles are scattered throughout space.

Because of our choice in terms of design, we have changed our priorities from the body to the crystal itself. We can think of the organic body as merely a mobile, protective shell for the crystal, which would be the essence of the doll. The crystal even contains a small encyclopedia’s worth of vocabulary words. I have put in a request to both the software department and the nanotechnology department for their full participation in this endeavor.

Date: August 12, 2004.

We are ready to begin synthesis of the first of our living
dolls. Everything is ready. We placed the crystal into a highly nutritious syrup filled container with cells modified with our custom-made DNA. Hopefully, they will form around the gem, as we have managed to synthesize the proteins that keep cells attached to one another on the surface of the crystal. Whether the doll will form, moreover, if it will work is still up in the air. I and several of my coworkers (also Rozen Maiden fans) are ecstatic. We have 16 specimens in such canisters as I am writing this. I will continue documenting the progress of the project.

Date: September 13th, 2004

Since my last entry, there have been 137 failed attempts to build our doll. On Attempt 138, we got something that survived gestation. My happiness is tempered by the fact that we did not get what we wanted. In fact, we got a hideous little beast. This is not a minor setback, like the doll forming as expected but being mentally handicapped. That would be a condition that would be fixable upon the next prototype. However, the first prototype is not at all what we’ve been working on since 2003.
I was surprised to see that Lot 138, Specimen 12 appeared to still be in the fetal stage of development when it became active. The prototype has heterochromia and green clothing, but that’s where the similarities with our initial design end.
I was there when Specimen 12 was decanted. In fact, I was the one who volunteered to get it out of the canister. I had the entire R&D team standing around me. When I emptied the contents of the flask, all we saw was a small green thing the size of a USB thumb drive. It lay still until we rinsed it off with lukewarm water. It opened its little eyes and chirped “Tettere~!” as I took it over to the nearby table for a more complete examination.

Specimen 12 looks like some type of grub with four stubby legs and a fat tail that wags side to side when it gets excited. The most striking feature, disregarding that it’s a warm pink grub, is its face. It has no nose, two button-like eyes, a large flat tongue that never goes back into its mouth, large, catlike ears that are almost as big as its face, and one more facial feature that makes the creature a failure. It has a severe harelip. I can see the gums of the upper jaw through its triangular mouth. It also has only one tuft of hair on its forehead. As for its clothes, all it had on was a green body stocking that covered every part of its body but its face.

In summary, Specimen 12 is ugly and just unappealing to look at. To make matters worse, Specimen 12 smells like rancid rotten cabbage even after a warm soapy bath. As it is right now, I do not think that our product would sell. Despite its hideous appearance and foul stench, I let it live, thinking that maybe it was one of our dolls that had been born prematurely.

The first thing I did after the little worm was decanted was to feed it a konpeitou (sugar candy). My coworker had a small package of them in his desk for a quick sugary snack, so he gave the little creature one. It crawled over to the candy, sniffed it, and gave it a lick. It closed its eyes and happily declared “Delicious refu~♪”

All of our effort, all the trillions of yen that went into our project, and the first fruit of our labors was a talking grub.

I feel like the king of the fucking world right now. (Translator’s Note: This sentence is worded in a sarcastic manner)

At the very least, the speech processing functions are active. That’s the one good thing to come out of this.

The talking worm then licked the candy into oblivion, enjoying its sugary meal as a downpour of its own saliva rained down on top of it. When it had finished, it turned and started crawling towards my hand. That’s when I noticed the foul green shit trail it left behind as it crawled towards me. It was giving me less and less of a reason to like it. When it finally reached my fingers, it began tasting and gumming my index finger. I’m guessing that the action was merely exploratory behavior, like a human baby putting everything in its mouth. Human infants do this because their mouths contain the most nerve endings at that stage of development. I don’t know if I could say that the behavior our little abomination is for the same purpose, but it stands to reason that it might be.

I sent one of my underlings to find a suitable container to store the grub in. As I waited for him to come back from his office, the little monster looked around and began barking “refu-“ randomly, as though it was calling somebody who wasn’t there. Its voice is high pitched, and its insistence on practicing its vocal skill with nonsense aimed at nobody in particular wore my patience thin.

“Shut up,” I said as I rolled the grub onto its back by pushing it over with my finger. I grazed its belly as I knocked it over. This got a most unexpected reaction from the grub.

“Re? Feel good refu. More refu.” It chirped as it wagged its tiny tail back and forth like a dog’s. I assumed that it would at least keep it quiet, so I granted its request. I carefully rubbed its belly with my finger. The grub was surprisingly warm, soft, and squishy. It closed its eyes and began panting.

“Feel good refu. Happy refu.” As I rubbed its soft belly, I noticed a small slit at the base of its tail twitch with every stroke. Within a few more passes, a green sludge began seeping out of the orifice, staining its body stocking. I kept rubbing the grub’s stomach until a geyser of green slime shot out of the slit, spattering a mixture of green and brown chunks on a nearby writing pad. I recoiled.

“Ah! You’re a bad… whatever the hell you’re supposed to be!”

The grub looked up at me and replied “I not do bad thing refu. Just poop refu. Poop feel good refu.”

I almost killed it at that moment, but then I thought of the billions of yen my company invested in this one little creature. Despite my disgust, I let it live unless I wanted to sell my organs to pay for the lost investor money. After the fanfare of the first birth had died down, thanks to the news that it was a dud, I placed the grub in an empty bento container the underling retrieved for me, along with several candies.

Despite this living setback, we’ll just keep the synthesis process up and running until we get the desired result. I wonder if maybe the grub grows up to be the doll? If that’s the case, then I take back everything I said about it, and wow the investors with a live demonstration of the finished product. If not, when we do get our doll, then I will kill this hideous worm-like mutant by rubbing it in salt. Maybe it will melt like a slug. I can only hope it does.

Date: September 20th , 2004

Apparently, there is something horrifically wrong with our product. The original specimen itself has recently finished a metamorphic phase (non-existent in mammals) in which it changed into a humanoid form. This is sort of what we wanted, but not like this at all. The subject has four stubby limbs, stands upright, and has three patches of hair on it head: two in the back to form the tails, and one in the forehead. It has a triangular mouth full of small, human-like teeth. For clothing, it is wearing a green dress, with a white frilly bib around their necks. The bib has a small pink bow on the top. Between its legs are tiny white panties. To make matters worse, even at this stage of development, it has very loose bowels, filling its underwear with excrement at the slightest disturbance. I never thought I would see the day where seeing an upskirt shot would make me sick to my stomach.

I think that the fault lies with the evolutionary algorithm we assigned to insert the clothing gene, or with a gross misunderstanding of what we were working with. In the “faulty evolutionary algorithm” hypothesis, the same conditions that we felt would make the evolutionary algorithm insert the clothing gene also caused it to give them flat faces, small button like eyes, a cleft palate, a figure that is a twisted parody of our own species’ young, oversimplify the clothing gene we gave it, and remove any extremities such as fingers and toes. Either that, or the algorithm had a glitch or was not properly calibrated. In other words, we allowed the faulty algorithm to run unchecked from February 14th through January 20th, 2004 for nothing. When I get my hands on whoever wrote that algorithm, I swear…

Anyway, soon after transformation, it began running around awkwardly, like a child learning how to walk. We put it in a play pen made from an old cardboard box to keep it from harming itself. Eventually, somehow, it managed to get a cut on its forehead, the blood from said cut trickling into its left eye. I assumed that nothing would happen, like in other animals. For example, a human that gets blood in his eye attempts to blink it out. I learned the hard way that whatever I thought would happen in normal animals does not happen in our bizarre creation. Its eye went red and its belly swelled. “My belly hurts techiii…” Before I could assess what was happening, tiny variants of the grub like creatures began popping out of the single hole in between her legs with cries of “tettere~!”

Within mere seconds, what had been the only creature of its kind was suddenly joined by twenty four new members of the same species, still flopping about in their birth fluids like a fish out of water. At the very least, we’ve managed to get the replication process to work well. In fact, it worked better than we planned; in the design documents, we planned for the doll to only be able to give birth to one baby per pregnancy.

To expect one baby and get a whole litter of them; it sounds like another advantage granted to these monsters by the evolutionary algorithm that designed their genetic code. I think that we did not create these things so much as the algorithm did. After all, it took code that might not have worked and made it work splendidly as a macrovirus. It even looks the part as a creature that seems to exist for the sole reason of propagating its species.

Within seconds of birth, the little grubs began crawling around. While some lapped up their birth fluids as their first drink, others focused on their first meal. Three of the grubs jumped on the runt of the litter, ripping it to shreds in seconds. Disgusted by their behavior, I took the cannibal grubs and dropped them in formaldehyde. As they were an accident and the investors would not want to know that their money went to create these terrible creatures, I felt it would be acceptable to kill a few of them. The grubs struggled for a few seconds as they drowned in the preservative. The mother was upset by their chemical-induced demise. “TECHAA! TECHAAA!” she screamed as it tried its best to break open the jar to get to its children, even as their flesh was being hardened by the embalming fluid. Her face turned blue and her voice louder as her maggot’s struggles became weaker and weaker. Eventually, the three grubs we dropped in the container stopped swimming altogether.

When she realized that three of her spawn were dead, a river of multicolored tears cascaded from her mismatched eyes. She looked up at me and a few of the scientists around me and began chastising our behavior, however crudely. “Why Mr. Man do this techaa?! Baby do nothing to you techaaa!” she wailed. To keep her quiet, we restrained her and gave her dose of ether in the form of a cotton ball below the nostril. Not enough to kill, just enough to knock her out. She struggled in my colleague’s arms until her tiny body went limp.

After she had been properly sedated and put back in her cage, we turned our attention to the remaining maggots. Some had pressed their stubby legs against their fat little bodies and just relaxed on their backs, tongues hanging out. A few others crawled around the container sniffing for food. Maybe one or two acknowledged our existence by looking up at us. It was like they were expecting us to do something. Eventually, others took notice of the grub just looking up at the large pink things that towered over the box they were just now exploring. More and more of them gathered and started looking up. I put on a glove and lowered my index finger into the box. Immediately, all the grubs gathered around me flipped over onto their backs and began squeaking something I had not heard before.

“Punifu punifu”

“Belly punipuni, please rub refu-”

“Please rub refu-”

“Hurry please give rub refu!”


Even as they begged for a belly rub and flailed their stubby limbs about, I did not respond. Instead, I gave donned a gasmask and dropped a cotton ball soaked with ether into the box. Within mere seconds of me dropping the sleep bomb in their pen, they all fell asleep. We assigned them to separate cages during their slumber.

I have yet to decide how we will proceed with these monsters. They are the exact opposite of our intended product. The doll was supposed to be beautiful, sophisticated, and smell of perfume. Even their birth process would have been cute; the original design called for their babies to be merely miniature versions of their mothers. Instead of an elegant living doll, we have a hideous, stupid monstrosity that reeks of rotten cabbage.

Tomorrow, I have to meet the company president to discuss the results of the project. As of this moment, I am expecting to be in the unemployment line after this.

Date: September 21st, 2004.

Well, my job is still intact… The company president was furious when I told him of the result of our project, and was disgusted when I gave him one of the grubs. It was his idea; I wanted to spare him the monstrosity. When I set it down on the desk, it turned on its back and demanded the President for “punipuni.” It started wagging its tail around impatiently for the President’s reply. Disgusted by the grub’s smell and angered by my failure to produce the promised product, he reacted violently.

“Do you think I’m going to even touch you, you disgusting piece of shit?!” he said as he drove a fountain pen into the grub’s belly. It shrieked from the shock of having a piece of metal driven through its abdomen and several vital organs. It squirted green slime a good six inches into the air. The president pulled the pen out of its belly to write something on a piece of paper. The writing was entirely in green. As it turns out, he signed his signature on a form that would effectively leave me as the only active researcher on the project. All the other researchers would be reassigned to different projects to ensure that we would be able to make up for the lost income. And he signed it in the blood of our failed experiment. My boss has serious balls.

After calming down a bit, he said to me, “Katō-san, I want to make it very clear to you that I am going way out of my way to make sure that you still have a job. You’ve been with us since we first opened our doors, and you’re one of the most important scientists we have. However, this does not mean that you are not replaceable. I don’t care how long it takes, you get this problem fixed unless you want to tell our investors where their money went. And let me tell you that you do not want to deal with our investors.”

“No… Give blood… back… re…fu…” said the grub weakly as its tiny body began to deflate as its blood and organs leaked out.

The president drove the pen into the grub’s belly again. “You shut up.” The second stab was too much for the little thing to take. Its tiny pink tongue stuck out of its triangular mouth as its eyes went dim. It laid its small head back down on the desk with a tap.

The president looked at me and said, “Meeting adjourned. Now get this thing out of my office and don’t come back until you give me the working prototype.”

Needless to say, I’m happy that I still am employed, but I am at a loss at how to proceed. I’m guessing that I’ll need to go back to reviewing our observations and seeing where we went wrong.

Date: October 2nd, 2004.

Maybe these things might sell after all. The smaller humanoid ones usually address me as “Mr. Man,” and use proper etiquette when addressing me. Even with their smell and their repulsive appearance, I managed to find a redeeming quality in these little animals.

I’m going to take care of them for a month or two and see if they develop other qualities our dolls were supposed to have. If we can get out first batch ready for retail, we might be able to make up for our losses. Right now, we are a mere five days from the premier of the Rozen Maiden anime. If we can get a working Suiseiseki out on market at about this time, think of the money we could rake in from the popularity of the anime! My employer has gone to great lengths to ensure that the proper licensing has been acquired. If I can get this working, everybody in our company can expect to be very rich men.

Date: December 2nd, 2004.

I can’t take it anymore. These little beasts have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I should have known that they were a complete failure and euthanized the first one when nobody was looking. Not only have the qualities of the original plans for the doll not developed, but the only good thing about them has disappeared.

Some of the creatures that I’ve shown favor towards have gotten rather fat. To make matters worse, they apparently forgot who fed them, gave them water, played with them, and changed out their litter box, and think that I am merely their slave. As I was walking by one of their pens, I heard one of the fat children.

“Hey, stupid human. Get me and Maggot-chan more food techi. You piece of shit techi.”

“Shit human is so useless refu. Need to go die in fire refu.”

I dropped my clipboard and nearly tore the door off their cage.

“Say please.”

“Shit human techi! You woke up Maggot-chan techi!”

“Human wake me up refu. Human need to eat poop refu.”

I felt something overcome me. Like a more animalistic side of me. I felt more rage towards those two little monsters than I have towards anything in my entire life. I grabbed the grub and threw against the wall like I would with a baseball. It didn’t even have time to let out a surprised “RE-?!” before it splattered on the wall like a green water balloon filled with dark green sludge. The child in the cage was obviously not happy about the death of its sister.

“You kill sister techi! You are shit monster techi!”

I grabbed the little monster and went back to the main lab holding it by its hair. It swatted at its hair and my hand in a futile attempt to release my grip. Frustrated and angry, it filled its undergarments with green sludge. When we made it back to the lab, I set it down on the table while I dug a pair of tongs out of a nearby drawer. When I turned my back to it, it reached into its panties and threw a wad of shit at my back.

“Take that techi!”

My work outfit was spared however. In the brute’s anger, it miscalculated the angle at which it threw its excrement. The wad of fecal matter went straight into the air and landed on its head.

“Techaaaa! My hair smells now techi! You clean it up shit human techi!” It shouted in surprise. It tried its best to get as much of the gunk out of its hair as possible, but it could not do a very good job at it.

At around this time, I had a pair of tongs in hand. I turned back to the shit-covered beast and stared down at it. We stared back at one another for a few seconds. The little beast smiled and said “Techuuu…” in a low voice in an attempt to look cute. I was not fooled. I grabbed her belly with the tongs, squishing out the remaining shit from her intestines into the sink. I then showed her my final present for her: a Busen burner.
After setting it up and igniting it, I held the shit bug over the open flame using the tongs. As she burned, I saw the fat begin bubbling out of her skin. She squirmed and screamed as she was cooked alive.


When I had reduced the ungrateful little bitch to a crispy corpse, I dropped her in the nearby waste disposal, and flipped it on. I reduced her body to ashes and ground those ashes up and sent them into the sewer, where all shit like these monsters belong.

However, what worries me most is not their lack of anything redeeming them for their many, many flaws. It is their reproduction rates and feeding habits. These things are reproducing like crazy, like rabbits on steroids! Within one day, one became 25. Within a month, 25 became 624! The holding pens are swamped. Everything is covered in foul green biomass with more of those small grubs squirming around in it. To make matters worse, they’ve run out of food. They’ve burned through everything on hand that was edible, even the lab rats! They’re so desperate that they’re eating their own young!

I’m sending out the order tomorrow to euthanize all subjects and start over again. This is standard procedure for all our projects, but I’m making a special point of eliminating these monsters. They reproduce too quickly, cannot be controlled, and are small enough to hide almost anywhere. If even one manages to survive, then the infestation will begin again. Needless to say, with their insatiable hungers and reproduction rates that would put rabbits to shame, if even one of these things escaped into the wild, all hell will break loose. I can imagine hordes of these creatures running across the country side, eating everything in their path. I could very well say that it could spell doom for civilization as we know it. Let’s keep that from happening.

Date: December 3rd, 2004.

This is bad. This is bad. This is bad. This is bad.

Today, I came in for work. The people who were sent to help me euthanize the subjects did not arrive yet, so I set to work without them. I went back to the holding area and took a box of the grubs, about 100 of them, in fact.


“Belly soft, belly squishy rub please refu.”

“Punifu punifu”

“Hurry refu! Please rub refu!”

After putting up with their requests for about three minutes, I turned into the main lab and set the grub-box on one of the tables. I pulled a tool out of my pocket. I brought it especially for this occasion. It was a tuning fork.

I wanted to see what would happen. After all, even if it didn’t work, the grub’s reactions would be more entertaining than the alternative of dropping them into boiling water.

I noticed that the grubs appear to dislike loud noises. In fact, I once dropped a book near a box full of grubs one time. I suddenly heard a small cracking noise. Not like cracking glass; it was more like hearing somebody crack their knuckles. When I examined the box, all the grubs inside were dead. I later found out that they broke their own necks from the shock.

I readied my tuning fork and lightly tapped the edge of the table. The grubs turned towards the disturbance, then froze. Suddenly, their heads exploded. When I say exploded, I don’t mean a dramatic explosion with gore flying everywhere. You could say that their brains burst. Liquefied grey matter leaked out of their ears. Several of the grubs that still had some muscle control dragged themselves around on their one good leg. The others lay in a puddle of their own cerebral fluid, twitching weakly as their tiny bodies died. What had once been requests for belly rubs and simple calls had died down into incoherent blubbering.

“Re… hi…”



I did the ones that survived a favor and threw them in the trash compactor. I didn’t hear a squeak of surprise as the metal walls closed in on them. When my dirty work was done, I walked back to the main lab.

When I got inside, there were two men. I had never seen them before, and in fact did not look like the guys I called to exterminate the failed prototypes. They were rooting around the lab, opening every drawer and cabinet as if looking for something. One was anyway. The other was writing a large phallic symbol on the wall.

“Excuse me Sirs, but you’re not… allowed.”

When I spoke, they turned back to look at me. They were two foreigners. Both had two papercut out masks on their faces. One was of a Caucasian man with bearing a large toothy grin and large eyes. The other mask was the face of a black man with a red bandanna tied to his head with an odd expression on his face.

“What is the meaning of this?” I asked the two men. They did not answer. Just then I noted that the door to the holding pens was behind them, wide open. I saw green slime trails running from the holding pens to the door into the labs.

That’s when I put the pieces together. These men had broken in and released the subjects. I felt my blood run cold at the realization that security was compromised. I reached for my cell phone to call for security, but nobody answered. I didn’t even get a signal.

The two men turned and ran for the door. I was not able to catch them. Now, I have about 900 subjects that are on the loose and two perpetrators who have released them. I have already sent my employer my letter of resignation; I changed the clock on the network so it looks like I had sent it when I first got to work. As it turns out, our two perpetrators had hacked the security network, knocked out the guards, cut the phone lines, set up a cell phone jammer, and hotwired the electronic locks for the holding pen door. Needless to say, my career at this company is over, whether I quit or not.

The two men had left various scrawling on the walls and blackboards. I read them in hopes that we would be able to find who did such a terrible thing and why. They had essentially released a species that could outnumber us in a matter of months into the world. Hopefully the infestation stays in Japan.

Most of the writings were phallic symbols. Others included a really, really long cat, an entire blackboard with the words “DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU’’ written all over it, a drawing of the grinning man with a dinosaur t shirt with the words “I’ll suck your cock!” written under it, and a bust of a Disney villain with the words “NO ONE’S SLICK LIKE GASTON NO ONE’S QUICK LIKE GASTON NOBODY RAIDS YOUR LAB LIKE GASTON!” The only writing that even remotely gave me identity and motive were two writings spray painted on the holding pen wall.

“We are many.
We are strong.
We are legion.
We are Anonymous.”

I found their motives perplexing. I didn’t quite understand what they were trying to say.

“We did it for the lulz.”

About two weeks after the last entry, the first Jissouseki populations were sighted in Tokyo. The Jissouseki infestation had begun.


Pretty good until the cringey ending.


A Jessanonymous Production

General Jissouseki Health and First Aid

"Hello, my name is Edward. Are you frustrated by the fact that you raise or breed Jissouseki but they constantly die while in larval or thumb stages from simple accidents? It's easy to not know what to do when a grub or thumb you've worked hard to raise falls into its own water dish and drowns. Usually your first instinct is to throw it away or feed it to another Jissou. However, if you can catch it soon enough, there is a way to resuscitate it. Unlike humans, Jissouseki bodies do not decay as quickly when it is deprived of oxygen. When a Jissouseki suffers the inability to breathe, its body "dies" quite quickly - within seconds actually. This halting of bodily functions is in fact not death, but a sudden conservation of oxygen enacted solely by the cells of the Jissouseki's body. Unfortunately, like humans, they require CPR to be revived - so Jissou in the wild are out of luck because their siblings would rather eat them. Once oxygen-enriched blood is flowing again, the cells will revert back to normal and the Jissouseki will come back to life. However, they must be revived within 15 to 20 minutes, otherwise the cells will really die."

"Now, Jissouseki grubs and thumbs are very small and very fragile, so how does one perform CPR on something the size of a stink bug? You can't. Not without special equipment, anyway. Here I have a modified eye-dropper. As you can see there is a plastic mask addition to the tip. By inserting the tip into the mouth of the grub, this mask will cover the whole nose and mouth. The rubber bulb at the end can be affixed with ones of varying sizes - for grubs of varying size. Now, I will demonstrate the grub CPR technique."

Edward opens a nearby box, and as soon as it does, a familiar voice is heard.

"Refu? Bright, refu!"

"A mister man, refu!"

"Rub tummy please, refu!"

He reaches into the box and withdraws a normal, fatty grub. It seems pleased that it was chosen, and happily wags everything it can while in his grip. To keep from dropping it from its happydance, he places the grub in his palm and closes the box to keep the others quiet.

"Lunch time, refu? Please rub, refu!"

"No, it's not lunch time. You're going to help me, Ricky."

As Edward rubs the belly of the grub, it drools a little.

"Ricky help like last time, refu?"

"Yes, just like last time."

Edwards unveils a small cage and a jar of water. His plan is to drown the grub and then revive it for the viewing pleasure of the audience. The grub seems to be calm, as if it has been through this many times. As Edward puts the grub in the tiny cage, it asks him a question in its best interest.

"Can have two candy this time, refu?"

Edward nods.

"All-right. And for lunch, you can have some hamburger!"

The grub reacts happily, and pants even more. A little green slime drools into the tank of water below him. Edward lowers the grub towards the water. Like most creatures, there is uneasiness and fear even when you've committed to something like this, so the grub appears to be scared when the water touches its stocking. As the entire cage is submerged, the stocking of the grub darkens as it absorbs moisture. The eyes of the grub have closed and its hair is flowing in the direction of the current.

Like most Jissou, realization is slow to them. As if the synapses take the bus rather than the bullet train. Once the realization that it cannot breathe hits them, they begin to panic and thrash about. The grub pushes down on the cage bottom, and paddles with its stubby limbs along the top of the cage as if searching for oxygen. The A-shaped mouth protrudes and depresses, like the grub is swallowing water. Edward reaches down into the water to reassure the grub with his finger. He must have some attachment to it in order to do that.

He must also be pretty confident in his ability to revive it too. Within 20 seconds, the grub has turned blue and has stopped moving. Its eyes have clouded over as well. For all intents and purposes, it is officially dead. Or is it? Edward removes the cage from the water, and opens it to remove the drowned grub. He sets it on the table in front of him, on its back.

"There's one good thing about Jissouseki's simple construction. Unlike humans, they do not need to have their heads tilted backwards when performing CPR. The first thing you'll want to do is make sure the nozzle enters the airway and not the esophagus."

Edward brandishes his eyedropper. The tip is actually very thin, like a needle, and it is curved slightly.

"Slide the tip along the tongue to the back of the throat. The first bump you feel should be the opening to the lungs."

Once it is in place, the mask has completely covered the nose and mouth of the grub. Edward covers the top of the bulb and squeezes it. The chest of the grub rises. Edwards withdraws the nozzle.

"Once new air has been introduced to the blood in the lungs, it's now time to send that blood to the rest of the body. Place your finger on the chest and feel until you find the center of the Jissouseki's ribcage. Put your ear down next to it, and press on it until you hear the bones crack."

Edward does so, and applies pressure to the chest. After as much pressure as it takes to click a sticky mouse button, a series of cracking noises take place in the chest.

"Don't worry, these fractures will heal in a couple days. Now press on the chest of the grub slowly, as if you were pressing a button on a remote control. You may or may not have the need to give the grub one more dose of air, as the size and metabolism will vary."

Edward pushes on the chest of the grub, which sends the oxygen to all corners of it. Since the amount of oxygen is not used up on the first chest compression, he applies two more. As if it was clockwork, a faint mist shoots out of the mouth of the grub.


It seems the grub is now breathing on its own volition, but remains lying there, staring into space. It must be weakened from its ordeal, and only the eyes, now unclouded, are moving slowly from object to object as if trying to recall what happened.

"Don't be surprised if the grub doesn't get up and start running around. It'll take a minute or two for the cells to wake up, and a few minutes more to get some energy. In ten minutes it should be asking for belly rubs, though."

Edward picks up the grub and sets it onto a tissue atop a heating pad so that it can recover on its own terms.

"Well, I would love to go over the grub heimlich for whenever it chokes on food but - the organs around the area of pressure application are packed too tightly and you will kill the grub before it suffocates on whatever is in its airway. From Edward and Ricky, have a good night all you breeders!"

"Refu~" came from the weakened ricky on the tissue.


And now, to send off the old year and welcome the new, a fresh story from me, at long last!

Holiday Shenanigans

Thorold, Ontario, Canada
December 23, 2016

It was the day before Christmas Eve, and I had some errands to run to prepare for the holiday's festivities. I got bundled up and went outside, looking around at all the fresh snow. It looked like it was going to be a white Christmas this year (although half the snow ended up melting by Christmas morning), and that alone made me so happy. What didn't make me happy was the distance to the store.

I've moved to a new house now, way down on the opposite end of the same street, so the shopping plaza is a much longer walk away than it was before. Yukiko has grown up since then as well, now a healthy but much less adorable adult jissou standing at the typical height of around two feet. It's rather amazing how something the size of a human thumb can grow to the size of a pop can and then shoot up to the size of a large teddy bear. She's still a rare example of a good, smart jissou, having occasional lapses in judgement but otherwise the same as ever. She's had babies of her own as well, more than once, but understands that they can't stay, especially after the move--my new landlord would only allow her and one of my cats, the rest of whom now live with various family members. I haven't told her about the variety of things that happen to the babies after I take them outside, but perhaps it's better that she not find out. Maybe I'll tell you a story about that sometime.

I took in how beautiful everything looked covered in soft, pure snow and admired people's lights and decorations as I passed by. Before I knew it, I was already halfway to the plaza. Up ahead, I heard the squealing chant of a young Jissouseki and soon saw three of them standing in a small snowbank at the edge of someone's yard, a mother and two children in filthy clothing, the larger of the children holding a cardboard sign on a stick with Japanese writing. It was written in shit, naturally. As best as I could tell, the translation was something like "Good pets deserve human homes, desu!" Yeah, you're definitely good pets deserving of anything, keep telling yourselves that.

"We need home, techi! We not bugs, techi!", she rhythmically recited over and over, marching back and forth. As I approached, the other child and the mother looked up and me and did the "cute" pose.

"Hello, Mr. Man, desu!", the adult greeted me, "It's Christmastime, is it not, desu?"

I nodded and gave a sort of affirmative-sounding grunt. Her expression didn't change in spite of my obvious disinterest.

"I thought so, desu! So why not take one of my beautiful babies home with you, desu?", she cooed, patting her child on the head, "They never have home, but they will make wonderful Christmas gifts and perfect pets, desu!"

The one with the sign ceased her annoying chant for a moment and chimed in with her two cents. "That right, techi! We full of singing, dancing and poop, just for you, techi!"

What is it with jissou trying to use their ability to shit enough to fill a dump truck as a selling point?

"Our mama no can take care of us out here, techi! Is too cold, techi!", the other child explained, "So you take us home and--"

She didn't finish the sentence, cause I threw a snowball in her face. I don't know how all three of them failed to notice me making the damn snowball, but they did. She began crying and shitting herself, her sister dropping the sign and rushing over to her.

"M-Mama, Mr. Man throw snow at me, techaaaa!", she squeaked tearfully.

"You shit Mr. Man, why you do that when she only ask for home, desu?!", Mama shouted, face going red with rage.

"Because why not?", I asked back with a grin. I reached down and picked up the sign-bearing child, scaring her and making her shit herself as well. I gave her a light but firm squeeze, making her empty out even more. Tossing the child back onto the snowbank and whipping out of my pocket a pen that I keep around for such unexpected moments, I quickly modified the sign a bit while the mama squeaked empty threats and insults at me, her children now whining about how shit-bloated their panties were.

I scrawled out a "translation" above the Japanese: "Worthless pests deserve death, desu!"

"I'm sorry", I lied, handing the sign back to the child, "I can't take you home with me, but I did help you a bit--now people can actually read your sign!" They couldn't read it, I could tell, so they immediately believed me.

"Oh! Thank you, desu! Bless the good Mr. Man at Christmastime, desu~!", the mama cheered, her children cheering with her, and the three resumed the chanting together this time, forgetting their previous anger and pain. Then I took the sign-bearer's sign away and, before she could even react, drove the bottom through her skull, impaling her whole body effortlessly. The little fucktard died with a big stupid smile on her face, gurgling out part of the chant as her last words as she expired.

"W-We no...bug...? Durrshiiii..."

The other child and their mother stood and stared at her corpse, then looked up at me.

"Merry Christmas." With that and a little smile and wave goodbye, I started walking away. Then a big wad of shit flew past me, narrowly missing my head. In one immediate motion and without even changing my expression, I turned around, quickly walked back over, picked up the mother, who was preparing to throw another shitball, and violently threw her onto the road, hearing her scream as her face scraped across the pavement. She got up and began pitifully stumbling back to the sidewalk, her face bloody, mostly skinless and a bit flat, prompting me to kick her back onto the road once she got close enough. The whole time, her child screamed and cried, and after two more kicks to the gut, she seemed to just give up. She flopped down onto her back, panting and shitting, and just waited there until a van drove by and crushed her head into paste.

"MAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!", the child shrieked, "Mr. Man, you kill Mama, techa!! NOW I KILL YOU, TECHA!!" She reached into her panties and tried to throw a little shitball of her own, but it just landed on her head. I don't even get how she managed to do that.

"MY HAIR, TECHA!! My hair stink now, techa!! Clean me, techa!!", she screamed at me as I walked away. I still had to get to the store, so I left her freaking out on the snowbank. At the next intersection before the plaza, I happened upon another child jissou, this one dressed in a heavier outfit than normal, seemingly fashioned from other jissou's dresses. She had a row of frozen-solid maggots lined up in front of her.

"Mr. Man, would you like one, techi?", she asked, "All these Maggot-chans need new homes, techi! Pick your favourite, each only one candy, teCHAAAAA!!!" She interrupted herself with a horrified scream as I crushed all the maggots to pieces under my boot with one quick stomp. "WHY YOU DO THAT, TECHAAA?!"

Really, did I even need a reason? They were likely dead anyway. She ran off shitting herself, flailing around and screaming unintelligibly, leaving trails of colourful tears, as I made my way across the street and hurried to the store. Finally, about 15 minutes later, I had my stuff and was making my way back home. The way back is even more unpleasant, as the town is actually on a subtle incline and my house is now uphill. But it got more unpleasant before I even left the plaza, as I heard a soft panting and the rustling of a plastic bag. Looking behind myself, I saw an adult jissou running to catch up to me, carrying a grocery bag on her shoulder like a giant purse.

"Mr. Man! Mr. Man, please wait, desu!", she cried out. I stopped, turned and looked down at her. She seemed rather clean, possibly knowing she had to look good to sucker people into giving her things. She might've been an abandoned pet, judging by the pink ribbon clip on her left ear. I rolled my eyes as she caught up to me.

"What do you want, dumbass?", I asked tiredly.

"Mr. Man... I just...came out of...the store, desu...", she panted. She caught her breath and held her bag open, and I could see it contained a surprising amount of stuff--a banana peel, a chewed-up gum wad, a chicken wing, a strawberry, a grape, a pizza crust, a cigarette butt, a piece of what looked like chocolate muffin, an apple core, a Dorito and a water-packed boiled child jissou. "I have collected a good Christmas dinner, desu! But if you would be so kind, please give more food, Mr. Man? You don't have to, but I would like my babies to have a luxurious and delicious feast for Christmas, desu. Besides, I have 11 things--would 12 not be perfect for Christmas, desu? Christmas have 12 days, the song say so, desu!"

I had to admit, I was impressed by her careful politeness. No wonder she hadn't been killed yet and had successfully collected a few things from people who just wanted her to shut up and leave. I was even more impressed by the fact that she could count past five, let alone that she knew and understood the 12 Days of Christmas song. I decided to humor her a little, grabbing a single small orange out of my bag and holding it up, enticing her.

"Would you like a nice juicy orange? It's a Christmastime orange! They're very popular at this time of year, both here and in Japan!"

"Oh, Mr. Man, that is perfect, desu!", she squealed, handing her bag right to me. "Here, I trust you with my groceries! Put orange in and I give you present in return, desu! A special gift for giving me 12th Christmas dinner ingredient, desu!" I took the bag and put the orange in, and waited for her "present", whatever her idea of such might be.

She dropped her panties, turned around and took a big disgusting diarrhea dump on the pavement.

Why did I expect anything different?

"Here, Mr. Man! I give you my fresh poop, desu! It have many uses! Poop can be food, you can throw poop at bad things, or you can light poop on fire to stay warm tonight, desu!" She looked so fucking proud of herself, it made me sick to my stomach. Or maybe that was the shit. I noticed a car starting up nearby and knew just what to do.

"Fetch.", I said in a deadpan tone as I threw the bag of trash she called "Christmas dinner" over towards the car, right near the path of a back wheel. She became furious, as expected, and ran over to her bag with her panties around her ankles, cussing me out the whole time.

"Shit Mr. Man! You throw away Christmas dinner, desu! You shit human who not deserve my gift, desu!", she ranted. As she knelt down to pick up the bag, she slipped and ended up flat on the ground, and the car began pulling out from its parking space, which she noticed quickly.

"No, Mr. Car, I still here, deGYAAAAAAAAA!!!" She'd lifted her head out of the way in time, but her arms were crushed by the car's tire and she yanked herself away, tearing her arms off at the elbows. Not quite what I'd planned, I was expecting her to be crushed to death by it, but hey, it works. I waited for the car to leave and went over to the jissou, who was now sitting in a pile of shit and crying over the destruction of her arms.

"M-Mr. Man!", she wailed, wiggling the bleeding remnants of her arms at me, "I cannot carry my groceries anymore, desha! Please, carry them for me? My babies will have no Christmas dinner if you not help, desha! I very sorry I call you shit human, I only say that out of anger, desha! Believe me! Please believe me, deshaaa!"

Well, I figured, it's not like she can do anything like this, and she'll likely die soon anyway. Might as well do her this one favour, since at least she's mostly polite.

"Okay, fine. I'm sorry for throwing your dinner." I helped her onto her feet and out of her shitty panties and picked up the bag. "I assume your home is in the park?"

"Y-Yes, the memory park, desu."


"Right, that's what I meant, desu."

And so, despite not wanting to, I walked her to the park, checking now and then to make sure she hadn't lagged behind and/or been killed. After a short while, we got there and she directed me to her home, a large cardboard box (as expected) tucked away in the corner of the park's walls, "JISSOU HOME" scrawled in marker (not as expected, I was expecting shit) above the makeshift door.

"Okay, Mr. Man, we here, desu! Thank you so much for helping, but I can take it from here, desu!"

But as she was about to go inside, I stopped her, signalled for her to stay quiet and listened carefully. It wasn't so much what I could hear, but what I couldn't hear. And what I couldn't hear was any jissou children in the box. Those things almost never shut up, especially when they know their mother or a human is nearby, how could I not hear any? I went to check and she blocked the door.

"N-No, Mr. Man, everything is fine, desu! No need to look inside, desu!" I responded by picking her up and setting her down behind me. Much to her dismay, I opened the "roof" of the box, and saw...several torn, bloody dresses about the size of child jissou, matching shit-stained panties, torn-out jissou hair all over the floor, and blood and shit splattered on everything...

As I slowly turned after a moment of silence punctuated by the wind picking up, my face frozen in a look of utter shock and disgust, she began to explain herself before I could even say a word.

"Mr. Man... I must confess, I lied about my babies, desu. This Christmas dinner, it... It's only for me, desu. After I was abandoned by my master, things were very hard for me, desu... I have babies and then was barely able to care for them, desu... When snow came, food was scarce, and I began to starve, and so... I had to eat my children, desu. It's just the way things had to be, desu! They not mind! It was their final duty as good children to keep their mama alive, desu!"

"Tell me...", I responded in a quiet voice that quivered with anger, "Were they looking forward to Christmas?" I don't even know why, but I found myself caring about this.

"Yes, desu. They were looking forward to Christmas for months, desu. But I would not be alive today if I had not eaten them yesterday, desu. Besides, this mean I get more food and presents for Christmas, desu!"

Yesterday. She'd eaten them yesterday. December the 22nd. Three days before the Christmas they'd looked forward to so much! Instead of offering herself to keep them alive, she chose to kill and eat them, apparently in a violent manner, and have Christmas all to herself! She clearly wasn't starving that badly anyway, I could tell just by looking at her! I emptied her garbage into the box, tossed the bag away to be carried off by the wind (eliciting a gasp and a cry of "Oh no! My shopping bag, desu!" from the lying bitch) and dug around in my own, pulling out a box of candy canes. I opened it and pulled two out, unwrapping them and, as silly as it may sound in hindsight, keeping her waiting as I sucked and bit away at the ends.

"What are you even doing, Mr. Man?", she soon asked impatiently, "If you giving me those, why make me wait so long?"

I now had the ends worn down to points. Not very sharp ones, of course, but pointy enough for what I was about to do. I took away her ribbon clip, making her whimper in protest (and getting myself a nice present for Yukiko!), kicked her over, made my way around to her head as she tried to get back up, and knelt down with one candy cane in either hand. The last thing she ever saw was my enraged face upside-down over hers and two candy canes descending towards her eyes.

"DEGYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!", she shrieked as blood sprayed onto my hands from her punctured eyeballs and shit sprayed from her vaganus, "DARK!! HURT!! I NO CAN SEE, DESHA!! WHERE EVERYTHING GO, DESHA?! WHAT YOU DO, DESHAAAAAA?!?!"

I hauled her back onto her feet, watching her stumble around, armless and blind. I grinned and laughed coldly as my rage mixed with the joy of seeing her suffer, cleaning my hands of her blood in the snow.

"That's for lying to me and wasting my time. And it's also for ending the lives of your children to keep your selfish ass alive, even when you knew they were looking forward to Christmas. I'm through being nice to you, shit-goblin, and I'm determined to make you look so freakish and stupid that no one will ever treat you with undeserved kindness again!"

"BUT MR. MAN, IT'S CHRISTMAS--" I punched her in the mouth before she could finish that fucking sentence, hearing her teeth shatter like glass. I didn't even think about it, that's just my natural reaction to "But Mr. Man, it's Christmas Eve, desu!" It wasn't Christmas Eve yet anyway. Now she was armless, blind AND missing most of her teeth. Let's see you eat your "Christmas dinner" like that, bitch. And then I got a bit creative, following this up by yanking her hood down, effortlessly ripping her hair out, and forcing a dumb set of reindeer antlers onto her head that I'd originally thought of putting on my cat.

"Dance for me. And sing. Make their sacrifice worth it, shit mama."


"Do it, or your legs and tongue go next! Sing the 12 Days of Christmas song! And don't stop at 12!"

"Y-You want me to make it up as I go after 12, desu?!"

"Yes! JUST DO IT!"

"O-On the first day of Christmas, m-my master give to me
A package in a pear tree, desu!"

Okay, so maybe she didn't know it as well as I thought. But hey, it was funny watching her blindly dance around with candy canes jutting out of where her eyes should be and hearing her sing with only a few teeth left in her mouth, all while she was bald and wearing felt antlers.

"Keep going, freak! Sing as loud as you can! And don't stop until I say so!" And with that, I got up, retrieved my bag and ran for it.

"On the second day of Christmas, my master give to me
Two purple ducks
And a package in a pear tree, desu!!"

She couldn't hear me running off over her off-key scream-singing, so she just kept going and going. By the time I reached the end of the street and turned the corner, the retard was screeching about "five onion rings". I wonder how long she kept it up for, but I'd wager she kept going until she danced into the street and got her stupid ass run over, or perhaps she froze to death, maybe fell face-first into her shit and suffocated while having the candy canes driven into her brain. I wouldn't know, cause I sure as hell didn't go back to check. All that matters is that she died a long, humiliating, painful and very cold death. I never even learned her name, but I suppose it doesn't make any difference now.

As if knowing I needed my mood lightened, the wind calmed and fresh snow began gently falling. I passed by the ruined jissou family from earlier, the mama still crushed on the road and now being picked at by crows, the dead child still smiling away with the sign stuck through her, and the living one still crying with shit on her head. She didn't see me, but even if she did, I'm sure she was too deep in despair to even react by now. Before long, I was back home, where Yukiko was ready to greet me in the kitchen, drinking a can of ginger ale. I was honestly a bit surprised she could get it open with no fingers.

"Hello, Al-sama!", she chirped, "Welcome home, desu! Did you have safe trip? You were out longer than you said you'd be, desu."

"Oh yes, I'm fine, you darling gremlin", I chuckled, tossing her a newly bought ice cream sandwich to snack on, "I just had to teach a shit mama jissou a valuable lesson. She ate her babies yesterday and tried to justify it, and she tricked me and others into giving her food."

Yukiko nodded. "She lied to get food and killed her own babies right before Christmas, desu? Then she was a shit mama indeed, desu. "

"But hey, that's all behind me now. So how about we fire up some Christmas movies?"

"That sounds wonderful, desu!"

And so we did just that, enjoying the evening together and getting hyped for the following days. Christmas was practically here, to paraphrase the Grinch, and not even bad jissou could spoil the holiday fun for me in the long run.


bump to see if anyone's got any new stuff or classics to share



Oh hi guys, Al, Red, so glad to see you still around, for you all I saved this classic that deserves to be retold forever enjoy.

"1006 Name: WitchDoctor : 2009-06-08 17:17 [Del] And now, to celebrate the 1,000th post in this thread, I present you with another bit of fiction!"

Birthday Surprise!

By WitchDoctor

Ding! Ding! The young waitress, clad in a green maid's outfit and faux Jissou ears, rang the bell on the counter dividing the family friendly façade of the restaurant and the harsh, brutal reality of the kitchens. A hairy fat man of Hispanic origin walked from deep inside the kitchen to the counter. He was dressed in a green and red striped shirt. A hairnet held back his greasy curls. His hands were covered with two plastic gloves. On his chest was a name tag that simply read “Alfonso.”

“One large 'Uji-tacular Pizza. Be sure to add the birthday suprise.'” Said the young waitress to the man.

With this, the man with “Alfonso” on his name tag perked up. He walked back into the fluorescent lit linoleum dungeon that was the kitchen after confirming the order with the Jissou-clad waitress. To the stove he went. He had to make a pizza for some lucky child today!

Although he enjoyed preparing menu items like “Jissou-chan-sashimi” or the ever-popular “Popcorn Oyayubi,” Alfonso took a special joy in preparing pizza, so much so that the the unofficial title of the menu item was “Alfonso's Uji-tacular Pizza,” at least for this restaurant anyway. Unlike the other chefs, Alfonso liked making his pizzas from the freshest ingredients. It takes about 40 minutes or so to make, but according to most of the customers, it is well worth the wait.

He first had to make the dough. This was simple enough. Alfonso mixed warm water, ¼ of a packet of yeast, a teaspoon of salt, two teaspoons extra olive oil, and a table spoon of sugar into a large wooden bowl. After making a cloudy mixture, he waited for ten minutes as he took care of other orders. When the timer rang, he knew it was time to add flour. He added four cups of bread flour, one cup at a time, whisking until the powder dissolved into the cloudy, frothy yeast mixture. When the mixture became too thick for the whisk, he began kneading the mixture with his worn hands until any dry flour had been liquefied. When he had made the lumpy dough ready, he took it out of the bowl and flattened it on a pan. With a ladle, he spread an even layer of fresh tomato sauce on the dough. With a sprinkle of parsley, basil, and a tune in his heart, he sprinkled mozzarella cheese on the red lake of sauce. Now to get the meat...

Alfonso walked to a door at the back of the kitchen. The room it lead to was dingy, with none of the green and red spattered linoleum or wallpaper decorated with cartoonish caricatures of Jissouseki boasting about how good they will taste to the potential customer. The room was just a 8x6x16 (W·H·L, of course) room made from solid brick, bare except for a few cages and a table. Here was where the meat was kept. There is almost no frozen meat in this restaurant!

In the cages were several hundred Jissouseki. Unlike chicken or beef, Jissou meat does not store well without preservatives or being pre-cooked. Their meat is surprisingly tender; any more so and it would be more like meat-flavored preserves. It gets freezer burn very easily, and it begins to decompose within about a half hour of being exposed to the air if it is not prepared. Thus, for purposes of deep frying or as a topping in salads or pizza, they must be killed on site, cooked, and served.

The Jissouseki in the cages were delivered to the restaurant by a delivery truck from a special breeding facility. From the time they were maggots to the time they were about 10 months old, they had known nothing but the confines of their cozy climate controlled pens. One day, they are sleeping with mommy, their little sisters, and maybe their own children, and wake up in a moving truck. Upon arrival to the restaurant, they learned the hard way what they were doomed to become. They saw many of the Jissouseki in the pens with them be lifted out of the cage by a Mr. Man, only to be chopped up on the table in the room, and then the still twitching remains would be carried to an unknown fate in the next room. Most have realized by now that their days are numbered, and they are on death row. They don't beg for a home, they beg for mercy, pleas that fall on indifferent ears. As such, all the Jissou flinched and backed into a corner when Alfonso entered the room. They feared that they would be the next Jissou on the chopping block. A few of the Jissou (new here, no doubt) breathed a sigh of relief when Alfonso turned to the table, and not even look at them, as soon as he walked in.

On the table was a special box. Taped on the side were three D cell batteries, with wires leading from the battery terminals to the interior of the box. Planted in the center of the box was a teddy bear sized adult Jissouseki. She had arrived at the restaurant about three days earlier. One of the high school kids who works as a waiter got to work after getting off the bus when he noticed that his backpack was heavier than usual. When he got to the restaurant, he opened the bag to find an adult Jissou stowed away in his backpack, sitting on top of his Precalculus homework. After a quick health check up, Alfonso and several other chefs decided to use her. Her meat, of course, would be too tough or too gamey for the customers, but she could be useful in other ways.

The plan to use her was not without its bumps along the way. Since her arrival,this Jissou had been nothing but trouble. They were originally going to keep her in a cage, but she killed several others kept in the cage. They tried putting her into a playpen, but she managed to get out. They tried putting her on a leash tied to a pipe, but she slipped out of her collar, took a shit in the microwave oven, gave birth to a litter of pups in the women's bathroom, and planted her grubs throughout the restaurant. And this was during the busiest hours of the day! Three other cooks, Ricky, Phillip, and Mike, spent three hours finding all the grubs strewn throughout the building. If somebody had stepped on one and slipped on its liquefied remains, the restaurant owner could have been sued! The total numbers of grubs collected was 27, and there very well could have been more. They'll just have to wait until they see children trying to raid the freezer or pestering customers. That was the last straw, and they were about to kill her and throw her still twitching body in a dumpster in the back. That was until somebody came up with a solution that was beneficial to everybody.

One of the waiters, a biology major, had made several modifications to the offending Jissou. For one, he had skilfully removed her legs and pelvis, leaving the sack-like uterus dangling underneath, with the fleshy tube of her choleca resting in a small drawer below her. To keep her vulnerable organs from suffering damage or becoming infected, the kid who made the modifications secured the exposed organs in a bag filled with a sterile saline solution. The only thing sticking out of the bag was the fleshy tube leading out of the uterus. The box around her exposed lower organs is heated thanks to a specially made circuit to prevent the Jissou from succumbing to hypothermia. The remaining skin around her waist was secured to the box by the use of thumb-tacks, stretching the flaps of excess skin to form a base, and she is held in place by a crude plastic frame. He had also stripped her of her clothing and hair. Dirt and parasites tend to cling to those. Within arm's reach of her on the box was a small bowl full of Jissou food pellets and a bottle of water. She would be given all the food and water she wanted, was in a climate-controlled room, and would never cause trouble again. Everybody would be happy.

Or so you would think. You can't please everybody, you know.

“DEEEE! SHIT HUMAN CRUEL DESU! GIVE ME BACK MY LEGS DEE-SUU!” The box Jissou screamed at Alfonso, veins bulging and teeth bared. One detail caught Alfonso's eyes: both of the Jissou's eyes were red. The last time he had been in the same room as the Jissou, she had one green eye and one red eye. She had just given birth recently. She would not notice the babies as much since her hips and the orifice the babies come out of had been removed.

Alfonso opened a tiny window to the drawer below her with a gentle pull. Within the metal tray that usually stored feces were fat little Jissou maggots. They had waken up on their own, and the relative lack of fecal trails indicated that they had been concious for less than a few minutes. “Perfect timing” thought Alfonso to himself. However, he had a problem. He needed more, about twice as many grubs than were in the pan.

When the screaming Jissou mother's eyes had gone back to their natural, mismatched configuration, Alfonso added a few drops of red dye to her green left eye. The Jissou-in-the-Box tensed up and started pounding on the box with her arms. She glared at Alfonso and bared her teeth.

“STOP MAKE ME HAVE BABIES DESU!” She screamed. A creak emmited from the box below her. Through the box, Alfonso could hear the grub's muffled cooing and barking. Her face became wrinkled and the red and green blood vessels in her forehead became visible as she strained to hold her babies in.

Alfonso saw the mother's efforts to keep her babies in and responded the way anybody would have in that situation. He started playing the mother Jissou's head like a bongo drum. Each tap made a thump as it impacted on her head.


After “playing” the Jissou for about a minute, Alfonso head a *shlup* as a baby grub slid out of the mother. It was followed by another. And another. In all, about 20 maggots were born in this one litter. When the last grub came out, Alfonso gently opened the drawer, only to be greeted by that oh-so-familiar sound that I'm sure everybody's DYING to hear again.


“Refu- refu-...”

“A Mr. Man refu?”

“Refu- refu-...

“Please rub tummy refu!”

“Refu- refu-...”

“Hungry refu-.”

“Refu- refu-...”

“Bright refu-.”

“Reffu- refu-...”

“What red thing refu?”

“Refu- refu-...”

“Pink thing look yummy refu-.”

“Refu- reffu-...”

About 40 maggots lay in the drawer. The newly born grubs lay on top of the grubs that had been born just before Alfonso entered the room. However, to his delight, he saw another figure among the confused squirming maggots. It meant he did not have to find one in the cages for the “Birthday Surprise.”

“Maggot-chan, hold still rechi.”

A little Thumb-chan scurried from on top of a pile of maggots to help one of her siblings get down to the floor. She was trying to get the piles of maggots onto the drawer floor so that she could guide them around in a search for food.

Carefully, Alfonso removed the drawer from the box and replaced with a fresh one. He carried the drawer full of Jissou larvae back into the kitchen. As the door closed behind him he heard the Jissou box scream.

“GIVE BACK MY BABIES DESU! YOU HURT THEM, I KILL YOU DESU! SHIT HUMAN GIVE ME BACK...” Her cries were silenced by the door shutting behind Alfonso.

Back in the kitchen, Alfonso went about stripping the grubs of their clothes and setting them down on the incomplete pizza. They were slightly surprised that their clothes were removed, but then they settled down when they lapped up the tomato sauce that oozed out of the cheese layer beneath their stubby little feet.

“No! Give back clothes refu!”


“Red stuff yummy refu!”

“Maggot-chan happy refu-!”

When all the grubs had settled down and were enjoying the pizza they stood on, Alfonso picked up the thumb-chan. It had started crying when its little sisters started vanishing one by one. Thankfully, it relaxed when Alfonso placed it in the center of the pizza, where its little siblings frolicked and ate to their hearts' content.

With this, Alfonso held the little stubby arms of the baby Jissou, raised them as high as they would go, and said to the little child, “No matter what happens, do not put down your arms, and do not move from that spot. Okay? If you can do this, you and all your little sisters will become my favorite pets.”

“What about mama rechi?”

“Mama likes it here. This is her home. Remember, just hold your arms up as high as they will go, no matter what happens.”

With that, Alfonso placed the pizza on the conveyor belt that lead into the oven. What awaited the 41 baby Jissou were temperatures of 515° Fahrenheit for about five minutes. Alfonso went to fulfil other orders by customers.

Oya was a little Thumb-chan. She was only about five minutes old, at the most, and even in the warm belly of her mother, she knew she had one purpose during this stage of her life: take care of Maggot-chan. Her first memories were exiting the warm safe womb and plopping down onto a cold metal plate. All around her were Maggot-chan, stacked on top of one another. She tried to help one of them down to the floor when she saw his face, shrouded in the beautiful light of daylight. She knew not who he was, and yet she knew what he was. The face was that of a Mr. Man.

Deep inside, she knew that his presence meant happiness, a home, shelter, and love. She felt an overwhelming desire build up inside of her. A desire to know that Mr. Man. To try and win his affection. She felt a conflict inside her very core. She found herself torn between her duty to defend and watch after Maggot-chan and her desire to win Mr. Man's heart. She felt, somehow, she could accomplish both if she tried to win Mr. Man's affection.

However, she had bigger things to worry about. Mr. Man was picking up Maggot-chan and placing them somewhere else. She found herself powerless to watch as the number of her worm-like siblings dwindle from 40 to 30 to 20 to 10 to 5 to 2 until she was standing alone, by herself in the metal drawer she had spent her several minute life in. She began to cry, and she felt a little poop leak out into her panties. Then, Mr. Man turned back to her. She felt he heart skip a beat when she saw her siblings in a sea of food, licking at the red sauce happily. Then she felt a stab of joy when she saw Mr. Man's face again. He lifted her arms into the air and spoke in a deep, soothing voice.

“No matter what happens, do not put down your arms, and do not move from that spot. Okay? If you can do this, you and all your little sisters will become my favorite pets.”

Oya's hopes soared higher and higher. Just do one simple task and Mr. Man will take care of her and her siblings forever! Oh happy day! But what about Mama? She didn't know who her mama was, but she was inside her and knew that for her to exist, she had to have had a mama.

“What about Mama rechi?”

“Mama likes it here. This is her home. Remember, just hold your arms up as high as they will go, no matter what happens.”

Satisfied to know that her mother was happy here, she held her little arms up with pride. She closed her little eyes as she imagined the life she would live with Mr. Man. Lots of yummy edible things she hadn't learned the words for yet. Watching all 40 of the Maggot-chan get big, healthy, and strong. Becoming a mother and raising a cluster of maggots and thumb-chan of her own. Falling asleep in Mr. Man's lap as he read the evening paper. Just then, her happy daydream was interrupted by a sudden jerk and the sensation of moving.

Oya opened her eyes in shock. The soft place she was standing on was definitely moving. She heard many strange sounds emanating below the dough plate below them. When she looked further, she saw row upon row of shiny horizontal cylinders.The plate was being rolled somewhere. Just then, she felt a tug on her dress.

“Why moving refu?”

It was one of her little sisters. The grub looked up at Oya questioningly with its mismatched button-like eyes. Oya was shocked how pudgy and fat a maggot's little face is. Normally,their clothes cover up a large portion of their faces. With the little maggot being naked, she saw that her little sister has cheeks almost as big as hers! An the body, wow! Maggots have rolls of fat! The little maggot's tongue stuck out of its tiny mouth as it panted in the anticipation of a response.

She replied to the little maggot.

“Don't know rechiii...”

The grub crawled away to resume playtime with its worm-like siblings. Oya changed her focus to the other maggots. They were busy frolicking and rolling around on the yellow-ish white strips floating on the red sauce below them. Suddenly, they found themselves covered with more of the strips as a Ms Lady sprinkled it on them. A few of the maggots started nibbling on the white strips.

“Delicious refu!”

“Yummy refu!”

“Refu refu.”


“Please rub belly refu!”

“Food fall from sky refu! Maggot-chan happy refu-!”

The jubilation ground to a sudden halt when Oya felt a blast of hot air from her left side. She turned her head to look and suddenly filled her panties with greenish sludge. About 1 foot ahead of them was a large shiny grey cave. The air shimmered within. From where she was standing, Oya saw red coils on the sides and walls of the cavern. It looked very dangerous.

Out of the group, only Oya appeared scared for her life. The maggots, being true to form, were completely oblivious of the danger they were in. She tried her best to warn them. She waved her arms up and down, and started screaming at the top of her lungs.


The little maggots didn't even pause to hear their sister. They were too busy munching away on the strips of cheese to notice. One looked up and tried to silence their screaming overseer.

“Onee-chan calm down refu-. Try food refu-.”

Oya's panic increased even more when she realized that they were getting closer and closer to the cave of scorching heat. In the blasts of heat, she felt a chill run up her tiny spine. She came to realization that she would not be able to save all the Maggot-chan. She had to act fast. She would drop as many as she could to the floor and then she would escape with one grub in her arms, to make sure that at least one grub survived. She put her plan into action. She disobeyed Mr. Man's command to keep her hands up in the air, but she came to the conclusion that Mr. Man was not intending to follow through with his promise at this point. Getting a home with Mr. Man is not worth being burnt alive for.

She suddenly found, to her horror, that she could not move her legs. Mr. Man had placed her in a soft part of the pizza, and Oya's feet slowly sank into the dough without her knowledge. To make matters worse, she had sank into the dough as deep as her knees. She could not move, plain and simple. Her face went blue as she thrashed about, trying to free herself. Her panties would have exploded with poo, but she had expelled all the waste in her intestinal tract. All she could do was fart, making a *pbt* into the moist sludge filling her panties. A little bit of the excrement splattered on her back.


Her high pitched cries for help fell on deaf ears. The maggots were just now realizing that they were being hit by an incredibly hot draft.

“Hot refu.”

“Why hot refu?”

“Onee-chan need calm down refu-.”

“Onee-chan leaking refu-.”

“Too hot refu...”

Finally, the conveyor belt carried the pizza to the oven. With a sudden jerk, the pizza made the transfer from the belt to the oven. The heat was unbearable at this point. Now even the maggots were panicking. Several started complaining after their stubby little feet got burnt on the now melting cheese.

“Too hot repya!”


“Hot repya!”

“Maggot-chan not liking refu! Belly hot refu!”

Oya was even more terrified when the door on the oven slid down over the entrances, trapping them inside. The sweet kiss of daylight was replaced with the harsh reddish glow of the electric heating coils.The cheese below Oya and the maggots started melting, and even started bubbling in some places. Oya screamed as the burning hot cheese wrapped its gooey deliciousness around her thighs.Some of the maggots tried to expel waste in their terror, but the melting cheese had seared their little slits shut.




“Too hot repyaaaaaa!”

“Too hot, can't poop repya!”

About a minute after being placed in the oven, things really began to heat up. She was blinking heavily, as the water in her eyes immediately evaporated when exposed to the intensely hot air. The air around Oya was shimmering so much that the maggots around her seemed to disappear into a quivering, screaming, reddish pink blob.

“Houne hurnin lehu!”




Suddenly, a strong gush of superheated air hit Oya. She looked down in horror to see her cloths on fire. She screamed as the burning clothes left scorch-marks on her soft pale pink skin. However, there were even worse things she was going through. Along with her clothes catching fire, her auburn hair, the two locks in the back and the one tuft up front, simply melted or disintegrated into ash. It would be the same effect as a person getting too close to a fire and come out missing their eyebrows. On top of this, the waste in Oya's panties began boiling and the dried waste started burning. She screamed at that top of her lungs as her buttocks, pubis, and inner thighs were seared by roasting sewage.The tears streaming down her face evaporated before they even made it to the level of her mouth.


The maggots weren't faring much better. Their hair had been utterly destroyed in the same fashion as Oya's by the heat. In addition, they suddenly found that their little legs and bellies were trapped in the hot cheese. They could not even struggle, for the heat had seared the nerves in their legs, paralysing them.

“Hot refu!”

“Re... Ree... Reeeee...”

“Can't move, refuu...”

Suddenly, Oya felt a churning in her belly. She knew what was happening. The stress of seeing her sisters suffer, her own suffering, her clothes and hair catching fire, and the searing pain around her butt manifested itself in an emergency pregnancy.

“No! I don't want to be mama now repyeeen! No! Stay inside rechaaa! Please don't come out rechaaaaaaa!!”

The maggots within her were all too anxious to escape the heat of the mother's belly. It was getting hotter by the second and they could not take much more.They did not know that the beautiful world that they thought awaited them was more like something out of Hell. Oya screamed in pain as the partially cooked muscles of her lower abdomen contracted to force the babies out. One push, and three tiny maggots, each the size of the head of a pin, fell into the hot cheese below them.




The firstborn maggot landed in the bubbling cheese below Oya. It screamed for help in a tiny voice.


The other two grublets balanced on the first born, pushing it down deeper into the cheese. Oya knew that unless she did something, her newborn babies would die. She heard a creaking sound as she bent down slowly to pick them up. Her muscles were partially cooked, and the joints in her hips were dry from having the water boil out of the cartilage. Still, she managed to pick up two of her babies by the tail. They kicked about happily as she slowly lifted them into the air. The other child sank into the tomato sauce, its cries of pain silenced when a flow of molten cheese covered it, simultaneously suffocating it and searing its lungs at the same time.


“fun e-u!”

Oya was going to raise her babies above her head, where the air was cooler. They would have a chance to survive then. Like her previous plans, this one failed. She got them above her head, but then the muscles in her arms were cooked completely, permanently freezing them in place.

“No rechi! No! Move rechi! MOVE RECHI! It's no use repyeeen! Somebody please help me reghiiiiiiiii!”

Suddenly, a second blast of superheated air hit the thumb-chan and her two babies. The air was so hot that the grublets didn't even have time to scream before being incinerated. Their carbonized shadows were burned into their mother's scalp. The blast of air also dried Oya's eyelids out, freezing her eyes open. Her left ear drum was completely destroyed by the blast, and her right had received extreme heat damage. She couldn't even close her eyes to get away from the horror unfolding inside that oven.

Finally, six agonizing minutes later, the doors opened and the cooked pizza rolled out of the oven. Through some cruel miracle, all of the maggots were still alive, thrashing about, screaming for help from the bubbling cheese. Oya, however, was cooked completely through. Every muscle in her body had been burnt to a crisp. Her once soft, pale pink skin was now a crispy golden brown. On her head were two grub-shaped burn marks, the carbonized shadows of her two newborn pups. Below her, the charred remains of Oya's first-born lay under a layer of molten cheese. To make matters worse, Oya had more babies inside of her. One pup sealed them in, however, when the heat seared its soft flesh to Oya's cervix. Trapped, they all eventually were burnt into the walls of the pulsating organ in which they were formed, now cooked black.

Oya was amazed and disappointed to find that despite being burnt so horribly, she was still alive. She could not even feel the breeze as somebody picked up the pizza and began moving it, for all the nerves in her body had been utterly destroyed. She didn't feel anything when the Mr. Man who stuck her in the pizza oven stabbed two toothpicks through her roasted hands, each topped with a little flag that read “Happy Birthday!” She did not feel the sudden movement of the pizza being transferred to a plate. She did not feel the vibration of footsteps of the waitress as she carried the pizza to the customers' table.

Although she was too numb to feel anything other than scorching pain, she could still see and hear to an extent. She saw the face of a human family. They had gathered around the table. One of them, a little Mr. Man, looked in hungered amazement as he examined the pizza. Out of the corner of her scorched eyes, Oya could see the blurry outlines of her still-squirming siblings. She was still alive. And Maggot-chan were still alive. There was hope yet.

Oya felt a desire, still strong, to try and win over the little Mr. Man. Maybe he would take pity on her. Maybe he would take her home and nurse her back to health. Maybe he would help Maggot-chan. Oya tried to slip into a day dream of the life she would lead with the little Mr. Man, but those parts of her tiny brain had simply been too badly cooked to function.

Through her severely scorched right ear, she hear something akin to a song. Everybody at the table sang it. She could just barely make out the muffled lyrics.

“Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Ha-ppy Birthday dear Tommy,
Happy Birthday to you!”

An older man and woman cut in.

“And many more~.”

She did not know what those words meant, but she tried to imitate them as best as she could, to win them over.

“Ha-ppy bir-th-day re...”

Her world slowly faded away, and with it, the memories of her short life on Earth. Of her first few moments with her little sisters, the journey through Hell they took, and then of the simple song she heard. Finally, the memory of who she was and what her purpose was in life faded away until there was nothing but an empty shell. A hollow, burnt, empty shell. Her lifeless mismatched eyes bore silent witness to little Tommy taking a bite out of the first slice of the Uji-tacular Pizza, cutting short the lives of three Jissou grubs, in the celebration of his sixth birthday.

Ding! Ding! The young waitress, clad in a green maid's outfit and faux Jissou ears, rang the bell on the counter dividing the family friendly façade of the restaurant and the harsh, brutal reality of the kitchens.



Ah, one of my favourites! Thank you kindly!

I'll be posting the complete series of my own stories soon enough as a nice recap, once I give them some polishing.


I have a history but is in spanish, is valid?


Howdy, guys! It's me, WitchDoctor! Yes, THAT WitchDoctor. It's been a while, no?

To make a long story short, I was digging through my old hard drive, and I found some of the old stories I wrote. They... haven't aged well. The main character comes across as a sociopath researcher wannabe, and I feel that I could have done better.

To that end, I remade the first fic I ever wrote on this site and included it below. Enjoy! And... To be honest, it's nice to see you guys still here.

Jissouseki, or installation stone, are a strange humanoid species notable for their unusual goblin-like appearance, their unusual asexual reproductive strategy, and as one notable paper pointed out: “extremely agitating personalities”[Harold and Kumar, 2009]. Despite being a major food source for many impoverished parts of the world, the driving force behind an entire subindustry of the pet trade, we know next to nothing about them other than that they first appeared in Japan. They are so unlike most life on earth that there have been serious proposals suggesting that they may be of extraterrestrial origin [Rupert and Henderson, 2013].

This is where my research comes into it. Most of my research up to this point has been in studying the neurobiology of dogs, cats, and other higher mammals. That changed recently, when our department received a massive grant from the NSF specifically for studying Jissouseki. I changed my area of research at the behest of my thesis advisor, who wants his group to have one of the first publications researching this new creature. Unfortunately, most research into Jissouseki up to this point has been, for lack of better terms, unofficial and unethical. One notable instance that kindled my research was a video of a vivisection of Jissouseki in a high school biology class. While it was grainy and it’s hard to make out the sounds of what is going on, it becomes apparent that a larval Jissouseki is capable of speech the moment it is born. Not only that, but it is capable of carrying on a conversation (an admittedly broken one at that). While there have been other papers on this phenomenon [Chang, 2015][Filip et. al. 2016], my research is remarkable because I am trying to identify just how intelligent the larval Jissouseki really are. In addition, I am trying to identify if this ability is a learned ability or one that is inborn.


Acquiring larval Jissou that are fit for testing is quite a challenge. It turns out that they’re quite fragile, and in the wild, that translates to them having a lifespan that is measured in minutes. Their main predators are dogs, cats, birds, insects, humans (not for predation; killing them en masse is somewhat of a bloodsport nowadays), and other, larger Jissouseki. As if to make things more complicated, Jissouseki happen to be a social species as larvae, and leaving them isolated for long periods of time without their siblings can induce stress that could result in sudden cardiac arrest.

This is not the only limiting factor. For the purposes of my experiment, using captured feral Jissouseki is out of the question. While wild-born specimens are rather numerous (there’s a small colony of them on campus that keeps coming back no matter how many times it gets wiped out), using any number of them would compromise my research by introducing outside variables (chemical exposure, parasitic infestation, disease, mental trauma, etc.) into my experiments, which could invalidate my results.

To make matters worse, it would appear as though store-bought Jissouseki are hardly any better. They come in a wide range of prices, from fancy, trained specimens that can go for several thousand dollars, to “abuse toys”(a practice I take objection with) that can go for $4 or less. However unscientific the methods that are used to separate Jissou into these categories are, they do show that the parentage of these creatures is important, which is something supported by preliminary research. A few other researchers have identified that Jissouseki are genetic copies of their mothers [Abiteboul 2007][Kahan, Kumer, and Robinson 2009], and a more recent paper in the proceedings of the FASEB 2017 indicated that intragenerational mutation was negligible in Jissouseki[Kumer and Mallaya 2016]. This means that any Jissouseki I use in my experiments cannot come from the same mother or else my results will be called into question for having too homogenous of a testing set. Since most pet stores use a “factory farm” method to birthing Jissouseki, this means that the selection available at somewhere like Jissou Paradise may only have three mothers between them in the best case scenario. In the worst case, the breeders can be “graduates” of past batches, and there is the distinct possibility that every single Jissouseki in the store could be first cousins.

Last month, we finally had a breakthrough in terms of finding a suitable source for research material. A local breeder I had been in contact with said that he would sell a batch of Jissouseki larvae to our lab, 200 individuals in total, and insisted that his specimens had been reared in a suitable environment and were not related. After spending an additional three weeks to identify that the mothers were genetically separated by at least five generations, I could finally begin my testing. I booked the lab time a week in advance, late in the evening where nobody can disturb me or otherwise compromise the experiment.

So, there I was, in the lab, with a small green cardboard box in front of me and all kinds of cooing and mumbling sounds coming out of it. Judging from the sounds coming out of it, it seemed as though all twenty of the larvae inside had survived the trip from the breeder to our lab. They had to be six hours old at most, and they were already vocal. An interesting development, but covered in enough papers that it wasn’t worth covering again. I put on a pair of rubber gloves, pulling them taut over my hand with a satisfying snap. I anticipated the next part might get messy.

I decided to do a preliminary examination on one of the larvae. While it meant that I most likely could not be able to use this one in my experiment, I needed to do this to ensure that the rest of the test batch are indeed viable. After organizing my work area, I carefully open the box and remove one of the Jissouseki inside, laying it on a plastic dissection tray.

To those unfamiliar with what a larval Jissouseki looks like, allow me to give you a picture. At first glance, a so-called “Jissou maggot” is a fat, grub-like creature with oversized triangular ears that are constantly twitching. Closer examination reveals a tuft of hair on its forehead, two large mismatched button eyes, and a large A-shaped mouth defined by a harelip and fat cheeks that is located just below two tiny nostrils that are flush with the rest of the face. While their primary method of locomotion does not involve limbs, they have two pairs of tiny, nub-like “feet” that are located in analogous positions to the arms and legs of other life stages. This, along with the slit-like cloaca located on a fatty pad just behind the second pair of legs, makes it apparent that the larval Jissouseki is analogous to both a newborn marsupia and the caterpillar of a butterfly: an underdeveloped fetus that has to obtain enough nourishment to fuel its transformation into the next stage of its life. The creature itself wears a simple, form-fitting body stocking, which it’s born with, surprisingly.

The maggot, recognizing my presence, looked over its shoulder before flipping on its back, exposing its fat belly. With a high-pitched voice and the Jissouseki equivalent of a smile, it chirped

“Tummy soft, tummy springy~ Want rub, refu~”

Admittedly, it was rather cute. So I ended up breaking protocol and fulfilled its request. With a gloved finger, I gently stroked the grub’s fat belly. Like it said, it gave some resistance when I pushed down on it, and it was pretty soft. The maggot closed its eyes and stuck its tongue out as it panted contentedly. Greenish slime oozed out of its anal slit.

“Feel good refu~ Happy refu~”

After a couple seconds of this, I set about to preparing the rest of my work area for the examination. Once a notebook and a pencil were in front of the dissection tray, I pulled over the surgical lamp to the work area. The maggot opened its eyes to look at me, and while it was very small, there was still a noticeable look of confusion on its face.

“What doing refu~?”

“This might be a little bright, so don’t look directly at it, okay?”

I flipped the switch, and the LEDs came on, bathing the work area in light. No sooner had I done this did the maggot flinch and start screaming bloody murder.


I immediately killed the light, but the damage was already done. The maggot’s eyes were unfocused, looking around randomly with streams of red-green tears flowing from them. As the maggot rolled onto its stomach in an attempt to crawl away, I noticed that it kept running randomly into the sides of the tray, which it should have seen just fine.

A few seconds of exposure to bright light resulted in permanent blindness. Jissouseki larvae are incredibly fragile indeed. Unfortunately, putting this one back with its siblings was not an option. Cannibalism, a rare occurrence in most higher animals, is actually quite common Jissouseki. Larvae, nymphs, and even juveniles are at risk of being devoured by their own siblings if they’re born with some form of defect or if they’re critically injured. While this is beneficial in the wild (saving resources on the wounded Jissouseki to give its littermates a better chance at survival), the consumption of this maggot may have had an adverse affect on my control group.

So, I decided to acquire some tissue samples from the now blinded maggot, since it’s death was assured anyway. I reached for the scalpel I was not intending to use and cut away at its green bodystocking with a slight sawing motion. A few seconds later, and the maggot’s belly is exposed. I lowered the faceshield of my protective gear, anticipating what would happen next would get rather messy.

“What happen refu~? Why no see refu~? Why belly cold refu~?”

I gripped the maggot on both sides of its head and lower the scalpel, cutting away the flesh with a single long stroke. The blade cut into its soft flesh with ease, while the maggot thrashed about wildly. Red and green ichor mixed together and flowed from the incision in its stomach. A jet of green gelatinous waste shot from its lower orifice a good six inches into the air, splattering against the face guard and dripping onto my labcoat. All the while, the Jissouseki larva kept screaming.


After I had made the first incision, I grabbed the skin on both sides of the incision and gently pulled it back, revealing the interior of the larva’s body cavity. It arched it back painfully in response, pulling its peritoneum tight, revealing the soft, dark outlines of its internal organs. Gripping the grub on either side, I made the second incision through the membrane, releasing the maggot’s viscera. Its screams, though never increasing in volume, became more ragged and desperate. The combined action of it arching its back and screaming forced its entrails through the cut, it's green-red intestines uncoiling as they escaped the maggot’s abdomen.

The Jissouseki larva, its intestines hanging out of its stomach and lying in a pool of its own blood, collapsed back onto the tray. Its tongue hung limply out of its mouth, a mixture of blood and drool flowing from either corner of its mouth. The grub’s breathing was ragged and shallow, and the color was draining out of its eyes.

“Tired refu… Cold refu… want mama re…”

With a final, pathetic sigh, the maggot’s body went limp and it stopped moving. Collecting the brain, stomach, heart, and other tissue samples proved to be less difficult for me to kill the maggot to get them in the first place; its skeleton was still cartilaginous and had not hardened, so my scalpel cut through its skill with relative ease. Its flesh, similarly underdeveloped, had weak connective tissue, making cutting through it like slicing through wet tissue paper. By the time I was done with it, it was no longer recognizable as a Jissouseki larva, looking more like an unrecognizable mass of meat, blood, and feces.

Per lab protocol, unused material had to be disposed of in an appropriate manner, so I dropped the maggot’s body, along with the paper towel I used to wipe up the mess it left behind, into the medical waste bin. By morning, the larva, along with the other waste from the experiment, would be well on its way to the laboratory’s incinerator.

With the initial screening finding a randomly selected maggot to be in good health, I prepared for my actual experiment.


My experimental rig requires some explanation. While we were trying to secure the materials (i.e. Jissouseki larvae) for the experiment, my thesis advisor and I assembled the rig over a weekend. It was an ugly device, constructed from plexiglass, scrap electronics, and more breadboards than a hack-a-thon. My advisor, however, deemed this necessary for preliminary observations on whether or not maggots are able to pick up on environmental cues and look for unconventional solutions to the problem put before them. [Minsky et. al. 2010] showed that adult and sub-adult Jissouseki are indeed able to learn from environmental cues as well as through experience. Our experiment was a continuation of this same reasoning, applied to Jissouseki larvae.

The rig was laid out like a rectangular arena, with the maggots on one end and a chute on the other end that was connected to a box filled with Jissouseki food pellets. When I pressed a button on a controller, a food pellet was dispensed and rolled into a basin on the far side of the arena. On the wall, in plain sight of the Jissouseki larvae, was the depiction of one of the grubs touching a dark strip with a lightning bolt through it. Indeed, any maggot that tried to crawl directly to the food would touch the metal strip in the center of the arena, receiving a low-level electric shock in the process. While painful and disorienting, it would only serve to repel them away from the strip, not kill them. However, towards the back of the arena, there was a passageway that connected to a tube that ran from one end of the arena to the other. While it was not the shortest route, it had no traps in it, thus allowing the grubs to bypass the strip entirely.

The basic premise for this experiment was to test to see if
If the maggots could link symbols to ideas (the sign warning them about the electric hazard)
If the maggots couldn’t learn from the symbols, would they recognize it as a hint to start looking for other solutions to the problem.

In the first case, if the maggots could link the sign with the shock, then it would tell us that we should focus our research in that area, as it would indicate that they learn a language in a similar fashion to humans. The second case was my invention, a criticism of [Minsky et. al. 2010], in which there was no solution for the problem they presented.

One by one, I gently removed the Jissouseki maggots out of their box and into the rig. Some of them rolled over on their backs, asking for a belly rub as the first grub had then cried when they did not receive it. Others just did regular Jissouseki maggot things, like gumming each other and crawling about to explore their environment, mewling and defecating all the while. Once I had ten grubs in the arena, I moved out of sight to avoid interfering with the experiment. With the larvae in place, I was ready to begin.

I pushed the button on my controller. A buzzer sounded, capturing the larvae’s attention. A red LED mounted in a breadboard above the arena pulsed, then a green one, followed by the groaning of a stepper motor and gears. Then, a single pellet of Jissouseki food dropped unceremoniously into the arena, where it rolled about half-way to the metal strip.

The larvae, excited by the introduction of food to the test area, inched merrily towards the strip, leaving green slimy trails in their wake. They were completely oblivious as to what would happen, which should have made the lesson that followed stick.

“Looks tasty refu~”

“Food fall from box refu~”

“Scary noise refu~”

Then, the fastest grub, leaving a trail of drool and feces behind it, touched the metal strip. With a sharp electric pop, it jerked back violently with a yelp, a dazed expression crossing its face as its eyes welled up with tears.

“Maggot-chan hurtie refu…”

“Loud sound refu~”

“What happen refu~?”

Initially, I thought that the maggots’ reactions were a sign that they learned what just happened through observation.

They did not. One by one, they crawled towards the bait, only to get knocked back with a sharp electric shock. By the end of the first minute, the entire group of maggots was reduced to a crying, tearful, feces-smeared mess.

“Re peeen~ Re peeeen~”

“Maggot-chan no get food, refu~ Sad refu~”

After a minute of crying themselves out, the maggots made another attempt at the bait. Inching along a little faster than before, in fact. The outcome was predictable, with one exception. One of the maggots tried to vault over the strip, meaning that instead of just receiving one big shock, it received multiple successive pulses. Its screams became shorter and more frantic in sync with the unit’s capacitors discharging one by one.


Suddenly, its cries were suddenly cut short with a soft popping sound, accompanied by the color draining out of the grub’s eyes. The maggot’s body spasmed violently as its nerves fired off their signals coordinately. There was no doubt as to the fact that it was dead, but I wasn’t sure what killed it.

Almost immediately after sensing the death of one of their own, a crowd from the nearest maggots crawled their way over to the still-twitching corpse. Initially, I thought that they were investigating the body, an assumption immediately disproved when the nearest grub grabbed one of the stump-like legs and pulled it off in its teeth. The others dived in, tearing chunks of flesh free from the corpse and ensuring that they and everything around them was soaked in red-green blood.

“Tasty refu~ Want more refu~”

“Maggot-chan taste good refu~”

As I said earlier, cannibalism is already a well-known characteristic of Jissouseki. In addition, I was under the impression that the time that larval Jissouseki would stop eating when they are hungry, which means they could lose interest in the food pellet. Thinking quickly, I press the button on the remote to drop another food pellet into the arena.

Nothing happened. I pressed it again. Again, nothing happened. I reached for the base to see if a wire had become unhooked, somehow. A searing pain shot through my finger, and I jerked it back instinctively. The base of the controller had become too hot to handle. It was then that I noticed the smell: the putrid smell of burning feces and the acrid odor of ozone. I looked up and saw why the rig was not responding to my button presses.

The now very-dead larva had squirted a jet of its green, sludge-like feces backward, either as it died or as its fellows devoured it. That jet landed a lucky shot on the transformer for the rig, shorting it out. It was no longer receiving the five volts that powered the Arduino board that controlled the various electrical systems of the unit. Instead, the entire system was receiving the current directly from the wall. The microcontroller was scorched black from the short circuit, and I could hear the thrumming of electricity.

Not wanting to get electrocuted, I made my way towards the laboratory’s door. At that point, there was nothing I could do. In our haste to assemble the experimental rig, we had forgotten to add a breaker or fuse in the system. I just had to wait for the electronics to fail, which they eventually would. The capacitors that delivered the charge were beginning to swell, and some of the wires were glowing hot.

It then occured to me that the maggots were on their way towards the bait, right towards the metal strip. If one of them made contact with it, the grub would close the overloaded circuit and…

I could only watch as one of the larvae grabbed the tail of the one in front of it in its teeth and pulled back. I could hear the maggot’s complaints, even from where I was standing.

“Re? Why no move refu? Want food refu... Repeeen...”

With the maggot now stopped, another maggot crawled towards it. To my surprise, rather than rip into it as they had earlier, the newcomer climbed on the back of the restrained larva. Then another, then another.

Maybe they finally recognized that the strip was dangerous, and they were trying to build a bridge over it? A fascinating development for sure, one I was unable to examine up close owing to the incredible danger of the rapidly failing experimental enclosure. By the time all the maggots were in one spot, their bridge was almost complete. Then, something happened.

The top Jissouseki larva got agitated for some reason, and began advancing forward as fast as it could, trying to build speed to cross the gap.

“No touch food refu! Maggot-chan hungry re-”

What happened next occurred so fast that it was over by the time I had registered it. The larva on top of the almost completed bridge falling from its perch and landing on the strip. A bright flash of light, accompanied by the sound of arcing electricity and the smell of burning flesh mixed with feces. A thick, gooey splat of organic matter on the sides of the enclosure in time with the loud popping of the rig’s capacitors venting and exploding from the excessive voltage of the new current, filling the air with toxic fumes. The stench of burning plastic as the power supply burst into flames at the same time the room’s breaker failed, plunging the room into darkness, illuminated by dim red emergency lighting as the fire alarm screamed overhead.

The entire experimental rig had burst into flames, and in so doing had thrown the breaker, knocking out the power for not just our laboratory, but for the entire building as well. I could not stay in there for much longer, as the flames from the unit were rising higher and higher, and the stench of burning plastic was becoming unbearable. I ran my way for the door and slammed it shut behind me. Safely in the entryway, I pulled the lever on the wall to my right. The door behind me locked and sealed. An automated female voice sounded over the intercom.

“Fire detected in Laboratory 3C. All personnel evacuated. Fire suppression systems engaged.”

With that, there was a loud whoosh of gas being emitted from ports in the ceiling, blowing loose objects in the lab around and shaking the sealed glass door behind me as the pressure in the room suddenly changed. All the while, the klaxons overhead kept screaming their rhythmic electronic buzzing. And then, just as suddenly, the alarms cut off.

An eerie silence loomed over the laboratory. Looking back through the door to the lab, the entire room was filled with smoke, but I could just make out the shape of the rig. The experiment platform was completely destroyed, its walls scorched black, sagging, and half-melted into the table. A few minutes passed in silence before the breaker reset and the overhead lights flickered and finally lit up again, bathing the smoke-filled room in soft, sterile white light.

Finally, the voice on the intercom broke the quiet with a new message, accompanied with the whirring of multiple industrial fans.

“Fire extinguished. Venting atmosphere in laboratory 3C.”

I waited for the room to be properly vented, then rushed in.


My thesis advisor leaned back in his chair, howling with laughter as the maggot bridge exploded on the screen in front of him. Thankfully, we had a recording system installed to the unit during its construction, and the microSD card that recorded the experiment from the start to its fiery end had remained intact, even if the camera had not been so fortunate. Per his insistence, we were looking over the video recording to draw further conclusions from this experiment, details that we may have missed earlier.

“Doctor Kumar, I don’t see how this is funny,” I said, trying to suppress my annoyance. “That accident cost us at least three grand for the cost of the rig, not to mention the remaining larvae that were killed by the suppression system. We had been waiting weeks for that breeder to be certified, and we lost all the maggots, including the ones not in the test chamber! If my notes hadn’t survived the explosion and the suppression system, the entire experiment would have been a failure!”

“Heh heh… Watching that made getting kicked out of lab 3C almost worth it!” he said, wiping a tear from his eye. “That being said, don’t worry about funding. The point is that we were able to quantify the mental qualities of larval Jissou…”

Then, in unintentional unison, we both quoted Charles Darwin.

“... There is little to be said.”

Doctor Kumar chuckled. “Heh, you owe me a soda. Though, it does strike me as strange what that one Jissou larva did.”

“The one that dropped onto the strip?” I asked.

“Yes. It seemed as though the whole lot of them were getting rather coordinated towards the end of the test, only for the one on top to lose its patience. I wonder why that is?”

I got up to leave. “Well, we can figure it out later. In the meantime, I have a report to write. I’ll see you next week.”

As I walked towards the door of his office, he called me back over to his computer.

“Hey, ******, how many larva did you say you put in the experimental course?”

“Hm? I only added ten, as we agreed upon when we assembled it. One was killed and eaten, then they all died at the end. Why?”

Doctor Kumar stared blankly at his computer screen. “I’m asking because I only count eight maggots.”

I walked back to his computer. Sure enough, there were only eight maggots in the testing area. Before I could ask about where it went, Doctor Kumar pointed to the green trail leading away from the group. It lead directly into the alternate path we had set up, through the tunnel, and out the other side, where the missing grub was munching happily on the bait.

“How could I have missed that? How long was it doing that?”

“In all fairness,” Doctor Kumar said, “It only appeared on the other side after the transformer short circuited. By that time, you wouldn’t have seen it.”

With that, he pressed the play button on the video, picking up on the exact moment the rig exploded. One frame, the ninth maggot is sitting there, chewing on the food pellet. The next, it’s gone, leaving a carbonized shadow.

“Do you know what this means?” Doctor Kumar said.

“Um… no…” I said, playing dumb, hoping to get out of this experiment once and for all.

“We need to investigate the outlier. And by we, I mean you. This is your experiment, after all. I expect to have some result on the outlier in two weeks, all right?”

“But, Doctor Kumar--!”

“Good luck! I have faith in you,” he said as he logged out of his workstation and past me, towards the doorway of his office. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting to attend. Take care of this for me, okay?”

I stood completely dumbfounded as he walked down the hall, his footsteps getting softer and softer until I could not hear them any more. It took a few minutes for it to sink in what just happened.

So now, I’m tasked with repeating an experiment that could have killed me, with even less supplies than before, all on the off chance we get a repeat of the anomaly observed during said test. Oh, and I have to rebuild the experimental rig, as the old one is a molten heap of plastic, scorched scrap electronics, and burnt organic matter.



Not sure if anyone's still here, but...

Does anyone have the story I wrote with the remote control jet plane? I don't appear to have a copy of it in my archives. If I did, I'd post it here.



This must be telepathy herr doktor, just today I felt compeled to check the old Guro chan.

Here is what you were missing, Here is Part 1

398 Name: WitchDoctor : 2009-03-07 20:58 [Del] One-shot: Death from Above, Part 1

On a Friday evening, about a year ago, I went out into the field just outside my house. I live in the country, and there is a huge patch of land just past my house that goes on for miles. It is a large, empty space with nothing but tall grass in it. In the middle of the field is a 200 foot strip of paved concrete, part of an abandoned road. It is a perfect location for my pastime.

My hobby is designing, building, and piloting model airplanes. In fact, you could say it’s my career rather than my pasttime. There’s very little difference between what I do for my paycheck and what I do for fun. The only difference I can think of off the top of my head is that at work, I design airframes that could either be the next space shuttle or the next F/A-18 Super Hornet.

I remember my first R/C plane. I was twelve at the time. It was a simple battery-powered prop plane that I christened BlueBell. I lived in the suburbs of Houston then, and I would crash Bluebell into my neighbor’s backyards a lot, which meant I would have to go get it. I got to know the neighbors in my home town really well because of old Bluebell!

Now, about 20 years later, I have about twenty or so planes in my little airport. Most of them are just off-the-shelf, electrical prop airplanes. Two of them are model helicopters. One of them is a model glider, basically a radio-controlled rigid-winged kite. But some of them are unique, built by the fruits of my labors.

One of them is a 1/23 scale replica B-17 bomber. It’s just like the one my grandfather flew in the war. I named it Annabelle after his plane. I even went as far as to look for photographs of the plane in question to find out how she was painted. I gave the model the exact paintjob as the original plane. It turned out really well. Now all I’m missing are a few Messerschmitts, a few Spitfires, a few AA guns, and more people to operate them, and I would have my own WWII air battle.

Then, there is the pride and joy of my collection. I paid, in all, about $233,000 dollars for her, including costs to clear the airspace around my country home, a license to fly her, and just building the damned thing. I christened her Stargazer. She’s a beauty. I designed and built every part of her, from the frame to the computer that stabilizes her in flight to even the software that the computer uses. She’s a two engine model jet aircraft. I mean an actual jet aircraft, not one of those ducted fan jets you can get for a relatively low cost at a hobby store. I paid about $2,000 per engine, the best two grand I have ever spent. The best way I can find to describe her is that she looks like a compact version of an F-22 Raptor. She has a wing span of about four feet, and is about the same measurement from the tip of her nose cone to the end of her tail. Her top speed is 221 MPH, and thrust vectoring makes her a force to be reckoned with. She’s a beauty, and is simply a joy to fly, thanks to the stabilization software, the gauges that let me track fuel consumption and structural integrity, and the fact that she is an air-superiority fighter in miniature.

On the weekends, every now and then, I’d take her out of the garage, place her on the tarmac, and send her into the sky. The neighbors would gather around and “ooh” and “aah” at my beloved aircraft as I did flybys and aerobatic stunts. She sounds like the real deal during flybys. She looks like the real thing too, which is why I keep a radio nearby to listen for incoming military aircraft. The last thing I need is to have Stargazer taken out by Sidewinder missile.

The most fun I’ve had with my model planes is by attaching a small panoramic camera and about 16 gigabytes of Flash memory I mounted where the cockpit would be. I could get a wide angle of the countryside from an altitude of 300 feet with any of the other planes or get a fast-paced, white knuckle video as I pulled hard-G’s with Stargazer. Occasionally, I will upload a video of a particularly awesome flight on Youtube. The last video I posted, which shows me strafing a turkey vulture several hundred feet off the ground with the glider, garnered about 10,000 views and three 5-star ratings!

Sadly, I had been flying my planes less often since May. That’s around the time “the new neighbors” moved into our neighborhood. They aren’t really our neighbors, though. They don’t own any property in the block, or have a stable place of residence. Whenever they came to visit, it’s almost impossible to get them to leave and they have the nerve to order you around like they own the place. All they seem to be good for is taking your food, defecating on your floor just after you clean, and spawn more of their kind. They look like little dolls in green dresses and with crude green shoes. They have mismatched red-green eyes and harelips. They are bald other than two patches of long hair on the back of their heads and one patch of hair on the front. Often times, you see them without their tacky dresses or even sometimes without their hair. They have these strange ears that make them resemble some kind of goblin or troll. Only recently did I find out that they’re called Jissouseki. They’re some strange little monster from Japan.

I don’t mean to sound racist, but why did I expect them to do something like this?

The first time I saw a Jissouseki, I was on my way to work. I had just left my house and was on the way to my car when I heard a few strange noises. It was a small group of these Jissouseki raiding my neighbor’s tomato garden. The biggest one was gorging herself on her ill-gotten gain, with the smaller ones feeding small scraps of the juicy flesh and seeds to a cluster of strange grub-like creatures with faces like theirs. The little grubs kept chirping “rehu!” to get their caretaker’s attention. I didn’t look at them for very long, or else I would have been late for work. I got into my car and drove away. Little did I know that I would see more of them later…

The biggest hindrance to me that the Jissouseki have caused is the fact that they made a small cardboard shanty town next to the runway, and they crossed the runway quite often to get to the tall grass on the other side. Every day I would look out at the strip of abandoned road, I would always see at least one of the creatures dawdling about on the road, almost ensuring that I would collide with it if I tried to fly anything with more value than a glider made out of folder printer paper. If that were true, then I might as well read a book about aerodynamics in the exosphere, like I have to do at work.

That day, however, it looked clear. From the time I got home from work, at 4:00, to 4:45, I did not see a single one of the little green trolls cross the runway. After wondering which one I aircraft I would fly, I selected Stargazer. I wanted to fly her on that day. I need my jet fix every so often!

That afternoon, around 5:00, I opened up the TUFF-shed right by my house and rolled the little jet out from her small hangar in a shelf. I removed the intake covers and filled her fuel tanks with jet fuel specifically made for her.

Another thing that makes Stargazer unique is that she is made to run on green fuel. I can readily make fuel for her. No, I don’t have an oil refinery in my backyard! I make the fuel in a greenhouse-like extension I built into the shed. In there, I process and ferment sugars extracted from green algae. Neat, huh? I actually get better performance from this fuel than with the equivalent made from petroleum, it burns cleaner, and I can make it myself for free! I don’t understand why we haven’t been using more of this stuff! We could have weaned ourselves off of oil a long time ago!

Anyway, I took her out to the strip of abandoned road and do a few preps before she would fly. A rudder, aileron, and trim check came out perfectly. She needed little calibration despite being in storage for about three weeks. The final test I needed to run was an engine check. If the engines had somehow collected dust or dead bugs, her engines may fail in mid-flight. I didn’t want that happening for obvious reasons. I slowly pressed forward on the throttle controls for the engines. Gradually, her engines rumbled then roared then screamed into life. I was standing off to the left of the plane; being right behind her would mean that I would get a face full of hot exhaust fumes and would probably go deaf from the noise. Just then, the left engine coughed, spitting black smoke out the exhaust vent. I heard the engine wind down shortly afterward. I pulled back on the throttle controls, cleared the intake with an air duster can, then started the engine up again. This time, I saw the two engines’ exhaust ports glow red from the superheated gases flowing from them. When the two engines were at a steady whine, I taxied the plane into position.

Just when I was going to see my favorite plane take to the skies again, I heard small, high pitched voices and squeaks coming from just off to the side of my left shoe.

“Too loud rehu.”

“Mama, I can’t hear rechi…”

I looked over to see a collection of those creatures at my feet. The biggest one was looking up at me, almost waiting for me to cast my gaze upon her. Her two small, plump children were watching over three of the grubs. They are even uglier up close than the ones in my neighbor’s tomato garden earlier.

“Hello, Mr. Man desu.” The bigger one said, bringing her stubby arm to her dimple her cheek, obviously an attempt to look cute.

I impatiently replied, “Do you mind clearing the runway? I’m in the middle of something.” Seriously, it had been three weeks since I flew anything. I needed my fix.

I could barely hear her reply over the scream of the jet engines. “Take me home desu!”

I waved my hand dismissively. I didn’t have time to deal with those creatures. “I don’t have time to entertain you. Go away.”

She grabbed my pant leg and started trying to shake me. “TAKE US HOME DESU! WE ARE GOOD JISSOU AND WE DON’T EAT MUCH DESU!”

Irritated, I lowered the power to the Stargazer’s engines. The scream of the engines fell to a dull roar.

I fixed my gaze on the one who yelled at me, the big fat one. “What is so important that I have to interrupt my flight for you?”

She said calmly, “Take us home desu.”

I looked at the smaller ones. The more humanoid ones were imitating the larger Jissouseki’s display from earlier. The grubs were just crawling around, oblivious to the drama unfolding around them. While two of the grubs rolled over on their backs and make strange noises, one curiously crawled over to investigate my shoes.




“Dark thing funny taste rehu.”

“Mr. Man is tall techu.”

“Are my children cute desu?”

Looking away from them, I asked “Do you want an honest answer?”

“Yes, desu!”

I replied to their display with an honest answer, even if they didn’t like it. “No. You all are uglier than an old goat’s ass. Now go away, I’m trying to do something imp-.”


Tired of her theatrics, I knocked her away with a slight kick. Not enough to hurt her, just enough to separate us by another foot. That’s when I realized that Stargazer ‘s engine noise, plus the mother’s screaming, had attracted the attention of a large group of Jissouseki from the cardboard shanty.

“What that noise techi?”

“A Mr. Man is here desu!”

“Maybe he will take us home desu!”

“He won’t take someone as ugly as you desu. He will pick someone pretty like me desu.”


“Come on Maggot-chan, maybe Mr. Man give us food techi.”

“Carry rehu-.”

“What is big white thing techi?”

“Is loud rechi…”

It looked like my flight was cancelled. When you are flying a plane that can travel at about 200 MPH, you cannot afford to have any sort of distraction. In this case, it’s better to err on the side of caution, because the stakes could be a really expensive plane, a really high medical bill, or funeral expenses.

More and more of the little monsters poured in from the shanty town. While there were a few teddy bear sized adults in the group, most of them were children and the strange grub-like things. Several of them had actually climbed on top of Stargazer in an attempt to get my attention. Just for a little prank, I suddenly pressed forward on the throttle controls.

Let the casualties begin.

Behind the exhaust for the two main engines, a child and a grub were standing around, chirping for my attention. When I pressed the throttle forward suddenly, they were caught right in the middle of a plume of searing hot flames. Their hair and clothing were burnt right off their bodies by superheated gases. The two were not hurt otherwise, but embarrassed to be sure.

“Where clothes rehu-?”

“I’m naked techuu?”

Stargazer’s sudden lurch forward knocked the children and grubs that were on top of the plane off onto the ground. None were severely injured, but they were all confused by the sudden movement. One second, you’re looking at Mr. Man in the eye on top of some kind of object. The next, you’re looking at his shoe from the pavement.

“Why move rehu-?”

“Too loud rehu-.”

“B-b-big thing just moved rechi… Scary rechi…”

“Ow! That hurt techi!”

I evened out the throttle to prevent the plane from rocketing forward too quickly. If you take off too fast, it doesn’t look as cool. I had an audience to impress. Part of showmanship with model airplanes is handling the model like you would the real thing.

Stargazer is capable of taking off in less than 20 feet, but it looks a lot more graceful when you use about 100-180 feet. Aside from conserving precious fuel, it adds to the suspense of an observer. It makes you lean forward in your seat and start rooting for the small aircraft. It looks built to take to the skies, and it makes observers hope, sometimes even pray, that it will fulfill its purpose. “Will it fly? Come on, fly. Come on… Come on… YES!” And then, to make their jaws go slack, let her loose and show that your jet’s actually a nimble acrobat in the sky. Give them their own private air show. Feel free to do all sorts of tricks, like somersaults, barrel rolls, loop-de-loops, and flybys. If you really have skill, send your plane into a tailspin, a stall, or a nosedive, and recover to rocket into the air mere feet, or sometimes mere inches, from inevitable collision with the ground. If it helps, imagine that you are locked in a dogfight with an invisible opponent. Leave the observers in amazement. When you bring your plane back onto the ground, make the entry and landing as smooth as possible. Don’t just land the plane; anybody can land a plane. It takes real skill to gently guide her in, and touch her down so that she slowly and carefully rolls to a stop. That will earn you a huge round of applause when you bring her in for landing!

Anyway, back to what happened.

Stargazer’s sudden jerk forward made the Jissouseki back away from the now threatening aircraft, clearing the runway and silencing the crowd. I guess I would be able to fly my plane after all. I taxied the plane into position again, as the sudden jerk forward sent her slightly off center of the runway. I slowly increased the throttle, and she slowly moved forward. The Jissouseki became transfixed on the amazing flying machine. Gradually, bit by bit, she increased her speed until, finally at around 150 feet, take off! Once she was about 15 feet off the ground, I let her loose. She took off like a shot, leaving in a puff of flame.

While some of the Jissouseki began begging for attention as soon as Stargazer was out of sight, others remained in awe of the little jet as it darted into the distance. They saw the small white plane turn into a dark shape in the sky, and gradually turn back to white as I turned it around.

“Give punipuni rehu-.”

“Take me home desu. My children and I don’t eat much desu.”


“… Uwaa…”

“It like a bird techi…”

“It’s coming back desu…”

To impress the ones in my inhuman audience and to shut the others up, I didn’t bring her right back to me. Instead, I flew her until she was parallel to me, the distance between us about 100 feet, then brought her back for a flyby.

When you’re doing a flyby, try not to do it too close to the observer. You want to impress them, not intimidate them. Try to keep the plane about 50 or so feet way at all times, or about 100 if you have a jet. This is because you need to be careful in case of Murphy’s Law suddenly taking affect. A model jet at full throttle with erratic or non-responsive controls is basically an unpredictable missile. You don’t want to get anybody in the way of that thing unless you enjoy talking to lawyers.

Stargazer screamed past at breakneck speed. A few were not ready for the loud roar of an air breathing jet engine and fainted. Several of the grubs froze, then lay still. They lay in a puddle of their own filth, their eyes dull and lifeless. I literally scared them to the point that their tiny hearts stopped beating. Knowing I couldn’t do anything to save them, I kept my focus on Stargazer. The decision boiled down to a choice between a world with a few less of those grub-like things or a wrecked model jet. Guess which one I chose.

What made me slightly sick were the slurping and crunching sounds that I heard not long after the flyby. I soon learned the nature of the noises from one of the children’s outbursts.

“Mama, why did you eat Maggot-chan techi!”

“Maggot-chan was weak baby, so I eat desu! Only the strong survive desu!”

In that moment, I learned what those things were. The grubs were the babies of these doll-like things, like a larval form. That could only mean…

I turned back to the crowd, and nearly lost my lunch. One of the mothers and at least three of the children held a partially eaten baby in their hands, with green and red smears around their mouths.

They’re cannibals. They’re filthy, they’re brutish, and they’re cannibals?! I felt any compassion I had for the little monsters evaporate. I wanted to show them my contempt, but I had a job to do. No matter how amazing Stargazer is, it cannot fly itself. I fought my feelings of nausea and anger and concentrated on flying the jet. I would not attempt another fly-by though.

After 15 minutes of stunt flying, I put Stargazer in a holding pattern while I cleared the runway for landing. I stepped back and most of the Jissouseki that had congregated around me followed. There were a few stragglers, such as a larva whose sister had left it behind in the rush to follow Mr. Man.

“Onee-chan, wait for me rehu! Leave me not rehu!”

After clearing the runway, I brought the jet in for a landing attempt. I pushed back on the throttle and gently, ever so gently, brought my plane to a safe and gentle landing. She bounced once, thanks to the wings still generating lift when she touched down. Aside from that, she landed successfully, slowly and gracefully rolling to a stop.

Thankfully, nobody died of fright when they saw the plane up close. In fact, a few appeared inspired by its design, as if they too wanted to take to the air after Stargazer’s example. To be free to fly with the birds; what a dream that would be for a groundbound creature. After my plane had slowly rolled to a halt, I cut the power to its jets. With the winding down of the powerful engines, the efforts to get my attention came back with a vengeance.

“Please take home techi!”

“I be good pet to Mr.Man rechi!”

“Please take Maggot-chan techi! He likes bellyrubs and candy techi! Please take care of him techi!”

“I and my babies will make good pets desu!”



“Stomach punipuni rub rehu-.”

They would not relent. If I tried to walk away, they would follow me. I had to something to draw their attention away from me, my house, and my planes. After racking my brain for a solution, I finally got an idea. They wanted to be pets, right? Well, I don’t have room for pets. I could tell from my brief observations that they probably were not all that smart.

Finally, after about five minutes of putting up with their cries for attention, I answered the small crowd.

“Do you all want to be my pets?”

The pleas for my recognition changed to a unanimous cheer.

“Yes desu! We’ll be good pets desu!”

“I want to be Master’s pet desu!”

“A cool house techi! I want to live in Mr. Man’s nice comfortable house techi!”

“Please give punipuni rehu.”

I silenced the crowd with a wave of my hands.

“I don’t want or have room for pets. However, I am a man who takes chances, so I’m willing to make a bet with all of you. If you cannot meet my demands, then none of you will be my pets.”

One nervous child piped up. “And if we do meet your demands, techi?”

I replied, “Then I will let all of you and your children live in my house for life.”

The group broke out into mass rejoicing again.

“Yay! We get to live in a nice house techi!”

“I get all the candy I want desu!”

“Mr. Man, please give punipuni rehu.”

I called for silence yet again. Now to give out what I wanted them to do.

“I want all of you to design, build, fly, and safely land an airplane that looks like this,” I said as I took a piece of chalk and drew the outline of a regular prop monoplane on the concrete. I gave them a brief explanation of pitch, roll, yaw, drag, thrust, lift, and even drew the outline of a cross-section of a plane’s wing.

“Again, I stress that it must be able to take off, fly, and land safely. I will not help you other than provide you with fuel; you must build it from anything you find in the area around your homes. Whoever designs, builds, flies, and successfully lands the winning vessel will become my favorite pet! You have until the end of the weekend to finish this plane, starting… now!”

With that, the group dispersed, diving into the tall grass to begin their grand scavenger hunt for parts. It was like the rush when the Ansari X Prize was announced; the whole area around me was largely deserted. With only three grubs left still begging for “punipuni” (whatever that means), I was able to pack up my jet and walked back to the TUFF-Shed, reinserted the intake covers of my plane, and put her back in her specially made locker. I built the locker for it as a further precaution to make sure that dust and insects would not enter into the engine while the jet was in storage. After making sure nobody had followed me into my “hangar,” I quietly closed and locked the shed. It’s safe to store stuff out here because it seems to stay at a consistent 75° Fahrenheit, which is not too hot or not too cold for storing fuel and planes made from non-durable materials, such as cardboard or Styrofoam. In addition, cats, dogs, birds, rats, and other animals would not be able to get inside.

Before I went back inside my house, I turned around to see if anybody followed me to the door. Only two Jissouseki were tailing me, a child holding one of the larva. I could not let them inside, from what I’ve heard so far.

“Mr. Man, please let us be your pets techi. I and Maggot-chan won’t eat much techi.”

“Is what you’re holding an airplane?”

“What airplane rehu-? Tasty rehu?”

“No, but please help us Mr. Ma-”

“Then you have no business asking me. Come back when you make a plane.” I replied as I slammed the door in their faces. I watched from a nearby window as the child walked away from the porch not holding the grub. I thought for a second that she left it at the doorstep, but when I checked it was not there. I gave the child the benefit of the doubt for the moment. I thought the grub had just rolled off the porch, out of sight.

I spent the rest of evening and most of Saturday inside, reading a book on aerodynamics in the exosphere. Go figure. I hoped that if I spent the time inside, maybe the Jissouseki outside would forget I even lived there.


And here, part 2

399 Name: WitchDoctor : 2009-03-07 21:01 [Del]
When I went out on Sunday afternoon to take out the trash, a teddy bear sized Jissouseki was waiting for me. There went that plan.

“We’re done desu!”

“With what?”

“With your conditions, desu! We’re ready for you desu!”

I left the trashbags at the door while I ran back to get my camera and a fire extinguisher. I didn’t know what could happen, so I had to be on the safe side. When I came back, three Jissouseki had taken the liberty of crossing the threshold. They didn’t try to follow me into another room, as they were too busy looking around in amazement.

“Mr. Man lives like this desu.”

“This house is most luxurious desu.”

“It’s nice and cool in here desu. My children will be happy here desu.”

“There’s Mr. Man right now desu!”

“Hello Mr. Man desu!”

“Get out.”



“But Mr. Man, I’m pregnant desu. My babies will not survive out-“

“YOU HAVE NOT EARNED THE RIGHT TO BE IN HERE, SO GET OUT!” I screamed as I sent her flying out the door with a kick. The others looked on in fear. I saw a greenish stain growing in the panties of one of the little monsters.

“If you poop on my carpet, I swear that you WILL regret it.”
That sent the rest of them outside.

After shooing the Jissouseki into my yard, I stepped outside and shut the door behind me to keep them from sneaking back inside. I went out to the runway and set my fire extinguisher down within arm’s reach. Sure enough, there was the large group of Jissouseki waiting for me near three crudely built airframes. They were all naked for some reason. I was greeted with spectacular enthusiasm by the crowd.

“Mr. Man is here techi!”

“I ready to show him my airplane techu!”

“Your plane will never fly techi!”

For the impossibility of the task I laid out, there were quite a few participants. Maybe next time, I should tell them to build a helicopter or a VTOL aircraft. However, what worried me was that the number of spectators had increased since yesterday. Apparently, word gets around fast in Jissouseki Shanty Town. This little settlement had the most uncouth types of individuals.

Several individuals in the crowd were a teddy bear sized males. I guessed they were males because… they had all the relevant parts. And they were as large, if not larger, than they were. One would shudder every time it stroked its phallus. Another was furiously masturbating. Yet another one of the males was attacking a female around the same size, plunging his phallus deep inside her with every thrust. His tongue was hanging out, drooling in pleasure. He had a pile of foul green slime right behind him. I can’t say that his partner was enjoying it. She had tears streaming down her face like rivers.



Well, onto the airframes they built.

The first, and in my opinion at the time the least likely to work, was a fairly simple design. It was made up several large sticks tied together in a triangle with pieces of green cloth stretched over it. They used a small toy car for the landing gear. The cloth looked like pieces of the green dresses they wear. In fact, all three airframes had green cloth stretched over them. I guess that explained the missing clothing. On board this plane were two occupants: an obese adult Jissouseki and one of her smaller children. She laid face down, spread eagle on the plane with the child at the front with a sickly purple piece of hard candy. Both were naked. I guess they did make that green cloth from their own clothing. I realized that the adult had what appeared to be a cork in its anus. The cork was attached to a string the child was holding.

I started recording and gave the first frame the go ahead for launch, though I had my doubts about it flying. First off, I could not see any type of flight control surfaces, or any way it could generate lift. Even if it did, I saw no way that it would be able to generate thrust.

The fat Jissouseki on the back of the airframe opened its mouth and the child picked up the candy.

“Ready techi?”

“Ready desu!”

The child popped the candy into the adult’s mouth. The adult was obviously happy about this. “Delicious desu!” She said as she swallowed the candy. A few seconds later, she turned blue in the face. I saw her belly swell up and her stomach begin to churn violently. The adult strapped to the back of the airframe told the smaller Jissou “I’m ready desu!” What would follow would be the most disgusting display I have ever seen.
The child pulled hard on the string. The adult had a case of explosive diarrhea. Green slime shot out the orifice between its legs with a surprising amount of force. The child nearly fell off from the sheer force. I did not expect this airframe to work. When it rocketed down the runway and appeared to take off, I almost gave up hope on my bet. For a second, I thought I would have to wait on these little monsters hand and foot for the rest of my life.

I need to stop worrying when it comes to these guys.

Although they had a power source, they did not have a method of control. Without that, their airframe was essentially a rocket with sticks tied to it. In addition, even if they were generating lift, it was not properly distributed, which would mean that if it flew, it would be unstable.

A few seconds after taking off, the adult shifted its weight to increase the craft’s pitch. The end result was the craft suddenly going end over end, spraying a jet of green slime everywhere. Amongst the sounds of defecation, I heard an anguished cry of “TECHAAAAAAAAAAAAA-!” and saw a small green object hit the runway hard. The adult just kept going. Within about 30 seconds, the airframe landed on the pavement, falling apart on impact. I walked over to check the status of the crew. I found the child spattered on the pavement, with some of the grubs happily licking up its partially liquefied brains. The adult was not in any better condition. The once fat Jissouseki was now a shriveled mummified corpse, held in place to the now destroyed airframe with pieces of twine. The car that served as the landing gear slowly rolled away.

I turned to see the next frame take off when I heard voices from the crowd.

“Hooray desu! Master is going to feed us desu!”

“I want candy desu!”

“I want Maggot-chan techi.”


They thought they had won the bet. Time to tell them the truth.

“You’re not my pets.”

“De?! But you said if it flew, we would be your pets desu!”

“I said land safely. If the frame is utterly destroyed and the crew members are dead, that is not a safe landing. And second, that wasn’t really flying. It was rocketing around. There were no control surfaces and no way for it to generate lift. I need to see a lift-producing airframe before I will accept it. Until then, the bet’s still on.”

That explanation was met with great displeasure from the crowd.

“Mr. Man lied desu!”

“Mr. Man lost the bet desu! Now feed me candy desu!”

“We are your pets techi!”

“What ‘lift’ rechi?”

“Pink thing delicious rehu.”

I called for them to show me the next airframe. This one really did surprise me, in more ways than one.

The second airframe looked like a crude monoplane that looked like a Bowie Fly Baby made from parts found in a scrap yard. A single Jissouseki child sat in an opening of the fuselage, where the pilot’s seat would be. I bent down to look at the wings. It was the basic shape of the outline I drew with the chalk. Again, there was a green patchwork covering the aircraft from prop to tail. I was quite impressed with the design. It had an engine and a crude mechanical control system using fishing line for the cables and cork slices for pulleys. It had a propeller taken from an old model engine. This still counts; it’s in the local environment. Sometimes, somebody tries to imitate what I do with a model plane and might crash it, often times from pilot error. Maybe they leave the plane out in the field in anger or because they could not find it in the tall grass. I’ve seen the neighborhood kids do this sometimes. There was a high probability that the aircraft’s wings were also salvaged from one of these wrecks, judging from the way the fishing line cables hooked up to control surfaces that the Jissouseki would not be able to produce themselves.

What troubled me the most was the engine. I was made up a small contained turbine with eight of the grubs attached to the side. The grubs weren’t doing their usual “rehu;” they had a small piece of surgical tubing stuck down their throats and one tube coming out their anus. The tube at the end connected to a port on the turbine’s exterior, and then the tube lead back into the grubs’ mouth. I guess it was a similar design to the first frame, except using grubs in a circulating system instead of a single jet of waste. It was obvious that the grubs did not like this at all; they struggled as if the tubes hurt them and were crying red and green tears from their tiny mismatched eyes.

Their choice for engine design told me a lot about these trolls. They viewed everybody else as an object, not even attempting to see if the other has feelings. They would use their own children or siblings to their own advantage. The best description for these little gremlins is that they are notoriously parasitic. Any feelings of compassion I had towards these creatures disappeared after I saw the grub engine.

The pilot of this crude airframe readied herself and gripped the control wheel. “Start it up, Maggot-chan rechi!” With that command, the grubs strained, and the propeller started spinning faster and faster. Eventually, the propeller was generating enough thrust to get the plane to move forward. It slowly increased speed and traveled down the runway. Finally, it began generating lift. At about 190 feet, it generated enough lift to finally take off from the ground. The crowd burst into cheers of excitement. If I didn’t know that they were using babies to power the engine, I would have too.

“Hooray desu! We win bet desu!”

“Mr. Man owes us candy techi!”

“Rub Maggot-chan, Mr. Man!”

“Punihu punihu”

I interrupted their enthusiasm with the terms of the bet. “She still has to land it without destroying the airframe, or else I’m not accepting it.”

“DE-?! Mr. Man is cruel desu! We won desu!”

“I said at the beginning what the conditions were. You knew these beforehand. Don’t say I violated any rules when I stated all of them to you before the trial.”

That shut them up, for the most part.

I realized what took it so long to take off. The cloth the builders of the craft wrapped around the frame was catching the air passing by the frame, creating drag. The grubs had to work harder to keep the engine running with enough force to lift the aircraft off the ground. I didn’t know how much longer they would last.

I didn’t have to wait long.

Within about a minute, at an altitude of 20 feet or so, the plane’s engine failed. I guess the grubs were either too tired to push anymore or they simply died. Since the pilot was trying to turn around for a landing, I could hear the pilot’s frustrated screams at the engine.

“Stupid ugly useless Maggot-chan rechi! I punish you when we land rechi! Push rechi!”

With the engines not starting up and no sign of activity from the maggots, the child’s scolding turned to pleading.

“Maggot-chan, I’m sorry rechi! I’ll give you belly rubs when we land if you just push rechi! Push please rechii~n!”

No reply. The propeller had just stopped turning, in fact. The grubs were going to have a lot of work to do if they were to restart the engine, if they were even still alive.

At this point, the Jissouseki child started panicking. From what I could tell, it was trying to keep the plane aloft by any means necessary. It was doing what one would do with a glider: using the controls to keep the plane aloft as long as possible. During its panic, it tried to keep its altitude from falling by holding back on the controls. This is a bad idea. It managed to pull back too much on the controls, which raised the nose of the plane until it exceeded critical angle of attack, which caused the plane to stall. The pilot responded by pulling back on the controls even more. This is not what you do to fight a stall, as it only makes the problem worse. It only got worse. The plane suddenly spun out of control, nose diving towards the runway.

As the plane blew right past me on route to the runway, I heard the pilot scream “RECHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” I could sympathize somewhat with the little monster. Any pilot can tell you that if your engine dies, you’re caught in a spin, and you’re careening towards the ground, all you can really do is brace for impact and pray that you have enough left of you to walk away.
The plane showed that even if the wings and engine were made from a wrecked model plane, the main body’s construction was still shoddy at best. With a normal model plane, all the crash would have done was maybe damage one of the wings, which is largely replaceable. With the reconstructed plane, the wings were sheared off on impact. The tail fell apart and the engine was torn loose from the main body of the plane. The propeller caught the concrete and ripped the engine away from the frame. The plane, without an engine, wings, or landing gear to hold it back, began rolling over and over, striking the ground with the pilot’s head every rotation. The frame work soon fell apart, twisting the plane into an incoherent twisted pile of metal and cloth. Finally, after rolling for about five seconds, the twisted wreckage of the plane skidded to a stop.

I walked over to the various pieces of debris strewn about by the wrecked plane. With the last one, it was fairly obvious to anyone with a brain cell what caused the crash. This plane, however, had potential. I found the engine lying about six feet from the rest of the wreckage, slowly leaking a puddle of dark green slime. The grubs that were powering it were either crushed on impact or were torn from their holdings, all except for one. I removed the tubes in its mouth and rectum and held it up to my face. Its tiny eyes were dull and lifeless, and its body was limp. I’m not a medical examiner, so I won’t comment on what I think killed it. When I was done looking at the deceased grub, I put him down next to the destroyed engine and walked over to the twisted frame.

The frame was poorly constructed. The frame, except for a rigid spine and landing gear mounts, was made up of the green cloth, paper clips, and folded sheets of aluminum foil. This was okay in flight, but it proved to be a death trap during a crash. When it started rolling, the semi-rigid frame collapsed, crushing the pilot inside an ever enclosing cage. I found that her little body had been cut in half by the collapsing framework, her top half and bottom half held together only by the strips of twisted aluminum foil. She was barely alive, but she would not have lasted much more than a minute. In addition, her head had been crushed from multiple impacts on the concrete. Her little red eye hung out of its crushed socket. To be quite frank, the only thing left of her head that was still in any reasonable condition was her tongue, which hung out of her mouth. I couldn’t tell what did her in first: fear, a broken neck, her head injuries, or the fact that she was torn in half.

The crowd was in shock. Their second hope of getting a home with Mr. Man was now a twisted wreck strewn across the runway. Several of the adults and many of the children soiled themselves, judging from the foul smell. One of the adults was extremely upset. I guessed that her children were the ones that designed and built the plane, and they all died in the crash.

I called for the next airframe after I removed the wreck from the runway. Five children and two adults pushed a large biplane onto the runway. It was actually as large, if not larger, than Stargazer. It looked like a model Curtiss JN-4. In fact, it was a model JN-4! The only thing that they really did was stretch that green patchwork cloth over it to hide its true identity from me! Inside the plane were two children, suited up for flight.

“Ready for flight techi!”

“We are ready to fly techi!”

I replied, “Okay, start it up then.”

The child in the front position looked around desperately for a way to turn the motor on. After three minutes of pressing the sticker that represented the dashboard, she said, “It should be on techi.”

I crossed my arms in defiant victory. “Well, that’s too bad. I guess I win the bet.”

“Wait techi!” the child in the second seat said. “We are out of fuel techi! Please refill techi!”

I crouched down and investigated the area around the front of the plane until I could feel the engine. If I knew what engine they used, I could pick the necessary fuel for the engine. As it turned out, the powerplant of the plane was a glow engine. That was the easy part. The hard part was locating the filler neck for the gas tank. After rooting about underneath the entire plane, I sheepishly asked, “Where do I put the fuel?”

One of the children got out of her seat and pointed to a small circle located on top of aircraft, near the tail. “The last Mr. Man we saw put fuel here techi.”

Something struck me as odd about that comment. The last Mr. Man they saw? Did somebody help them out before? How long have they had this plane? I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt for that moment.

I went to the shed, got the appropriate fuel canister, and came back outside. I gave the plane a full tank of fuel for the flight. When I was filling the tank, a small amount of petroleum fuel spilt into the cloth covering, near the engine. Damn gasoline containers. I proceeded as if the spill had never happened and finished refueling. When I secured the filler neck, the engine suddenly roared into life. I lifted the little pilot back into her seat and got back for my own safety. Seriously, getting hit by a model airplane prop hurts like hell. There was something suspicious about this plane. The engine started before the pilot had taken her seat. There went the benefit of the doubt I gave them earlier.

The plane slowly taxied into position. “Here we fly techi!” I heard one of the pilots of the plane shout over the roar of the engine. Several of the Jissouseki in the crowd inhaled the exhaust and started having an allergic reaction to it, as I could see mucus running down from their nostrils. After waving good luck to the other Jissouseki, the pilots took their positions as the craft sped down the runway. As expected, the plane took off easily, much to the delight of the observing audience.

“It flies beautifully desu!”

“We’re going to be Mr. Man’s pets desu!”

“I want lots of candy techi!”

“My babies will be happy Mr. Man’s spacious cool house desu!”


I had heard that phrase used way, way too much in the past two days, and I was getting quite tired of it. I looked down upon the five or so grubs at my feet. Every single one of the grubs had rolled over onto his back, wriggling their tails around, as if asking for something.

“I don’t know what you want, so quit asking.”

I returned my eyes to plane. It had started banking hard left about 20 feet off the ground. I guess they were going to turn around and go in for a landing attempt. As I tracked it, I noticed a metal rod sticking into the air from the shanty town. It looked suspiciously like a radio antenna for the controller of an R/C vehicle. I had to investigate. I was wondering if somebody else was controlling their craft.

“Excuse me, but I’ll be right back.”

“Where Master going rechu?”

I walked into the shanty town, trying not to step on anybody who got in my way. The entire town was made from makeshift materials, such as cardboard and the like. There had been so much activity in the area lately that the once grassy ground had been reduced to streets made of dirt. There were a lot of other Jissouseki in the shanty town, all children and grubs. They were surprised to see me, walking through town like a giant. I tried my best to avoid stepping on anybody, and they tried their best to stay out of my way.

“Uwaa rechu…”

“Mr. Man is tall rechii…”

“Rehu rehu.”

“Maggot-chan, up here.”

“This new punipuni rehu.”

Finally, after walking into the center of the town, I found her. A Jissouseki stood in the center of the town with the remote controls set on a rock to provide a stable work area. The Jissouseki herself was an odd one. She had a collar on her with ID tags. She was somebody’s pet already.

I pieced together the likely chain of events in my mind. When I issued the challenge, the first thing this Jissouseki did was to take her children home and ask her master if he/she would buy her a model plane that could seat her children. The owner complied, and she and her children went to the town the next day to collect clothing to hide the fact that they were cheating. If they had built a working R/C plane from the wreckage a downed plane, I would have let it slide. Hell, I would have accepted it if they found a working one in the field, forgotten by its owner. I would like the acquisition of the new plane. What they did, however, was to take advantage of my good faith and betray their current master for some reason. The fact that they took advantage of both me and their master’s good will is just asinine.

I walked over to the Jissouseki at the controller. She didn’t even notice me behind her. The sun was more in the west, and I and the Jissou were facing north. In other words, I didn’t cast a shadow on her. After realizing that she was too busy flying the plane to take notice of me, I looked at the plane. The Jissouseki in front of me was just then trying to bring the plane for a landing. It was about two feet off the ground. It looked like she would be able to do a perfect landing on her first attempt.

I fixed that little problem.

I kneeled down and tore the controller away from her. She tried to grab a hold of it, but I had it long out of her reach before she could.

“I’ll be taking that, thank you.”

“DEEEEE?! GIVE IT BACK DESU!” She said as she grabbed my leg, as if to try and stop me from walking away.
The plane was just about to touch down when I pushed forward on the throttle controls, which made the plane bounce off the runway and back into the air.

“DE?! Bring it in for randing already desu!”

“Come back down techi!”

Both of the Jissouseki in the plane screamed “Mama, help us techaaaaaaaaaaa!”

I walked back to where I was standing before I had uncovered the deception, knocking aside anything that got in the way. I can’t count the number of children and grubs that lost their lives from having their cardboard home kicked over by a rampaging human.

When I made it back to the runway, I turned to face the plane with controller in hand. I began scaring the crap out of the Jissouseki in the plane by pulling aerobatic tricks with the plane, such as flips, rolls, and the like.

“Stop, stop desu! My babies are up there desu!” the cheater screamed.

I didn’t even turn my head to reply with “Does it look like I care?”

“Why do you do this dejaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?”

I addressed the multitude nonchalantly.

“Attention everybody! The bet is off! None of you will become my pets, not now, not ever.”

That made me a crowd favorite.


“Mr. Man is a liar techi!”

“Mr. Man afraid he lose bet desu!”

“We won, now let us in your house desu!”

“Why call off bet rechuuun…”

“Mr. Man is mean desu!

The mother who cheated spoke up in defense of her innocence. “We didn’t cheat desu! We built a plane and flew it desu! You just don’t want us to win desu!”

“Oh, cut the bullshit. I can see right through your lies. The fact that I’m holding the controller in my hand is proof that your children did not build the plane. In fact, I think you took advantage of your master in order to get it. Why would I want such a despicable creature as you?”

I then addressed the others. While pointing at the cheating mother, I said “Hey everybody, the reason the bet was called off was because this one cheated! How does that make you feel?”

These guys are so predictable.

The Jissouseki horde turned on the cheater, pouncing on her all at once. She reached her hand out to me for help, but it soon disappeared into the crowd. I saw little bits and pieces of what they were doing to her through the crowd, but I could hear her screams and pleas for mercy loud and clear. The horde ripped her hair out of her head and defecated all over her. Several of the others around the cheater held her down while one of the phallus-endowed individuals penetrated her and began thrusting into her with wild abandon.



“You make my babies suffer desu! You die now desu!”

“Jissou-sama’s insides feel good desu!”

“I’m sorry Mr. Man dezu! Please help me dezu-u-u-u-u-u!”

The Jissouseki were too busy dealing with the cheater to realize that I had turned the plane around and was flying it towards them. Since they were all gathered in one spot, I could have many casualties in one sweep. Some of the children and two adults were observant enough to spot the dark object on the horizon that was getting bigger and bigger, and fled in fear for their lives. Most of the grubs started crawling away because of the noise.


“It’s coming techaaa!”

“Too loud rehu-.”

As the drone of the engine quickly closed in on the group, more of the Jissouseki took notice of the plane rapidly approaching them. Many of them fled for their lives. The adult male looked up to see what was making the noise.


The last thing it ever saw was a close up of the biplane’s propeller. The prop was actually rather strong for its size, as it was made out of durable plastic. When it hit him in the head, he might as well have been hit with a weed whacker. The blades reduced his fat head to putrid little chunks of brain matter and other miscellaneous tissues.

Will it blend? Oh hell yes.

He ejaculated at the same time his head was thrown through a flying food processor. It was a huge load too, judging from the fact that I saw the cheater’s belly expand with each contraction. But that was not all that the decapitated male did. He defecated with enough force to send him rocketing into the air, knocking everybody in the area out of the way. The cheater impaled on his phallus was lifted into the air as well, and thus they began an aerobatic ballet with flips, rolls, and twirls. At one point, they almost hit the plane as it flew away.


As the two began spiraling out of control, they hit the runway several times. The cheater’s screams were suddenly cut short by the sound of her spinal column shattering on impact. She suddenly went from a screaming passenger to a ragdoll flopping around as her rapist’s corpse spun in the air like a top. Finally, after about twenty seconds, the cheater’s dead body hit the pavement with a splat as her rapist’s penis snapped off. The rapist hit the ground as well, but he crumbled into dust on impact. The other Jissouseki looked at the two corpses with shock. Several of the brutes that got in the way of the plane’s landing gear were staggering around in confusion of suddenly having a small tiretrack appear on their heads.

In the excitement surrounding the first pass of the plane, male Jissouseki child, picked up one of the grubs in front of him and thrust it onto his raging, twitching hard-on. He gripped the little guy and thrust into the little thing like it was a living Fleshlight. The grub did not like this at all. I could see the fleshy lobes that acted like legs wiggling in an attempt to get away from its molester. Red and green tears streamed down from its eyes.


“Maggot-chan… Maggot-chaaaaaaaaaan!


The child’s thrusting sped up. The child liked this a lot, as it was breathing heavily and sweating. Suddenly, he stopped and penetrated the grub deeply. I could hear the empty space inside the grub’s body being filled with ejaculate.


After watching that depraved scene, I addressed the crowd.

“That’s the real reason I called off the bet. I don’t want any of you little monsters. In the two days I have known you all, I have seen time after time again what you do to each other. You eat your own children, you defecate everywhere, you beat each other up over the smallest things, you have no ability to just forgive one another, and you fuck so much you make rabbits look frigid! Why would I want to put up with any of you when you show such utter disregard for each other’s lives? Oh, and such utter lack of gratitude! I have not once received a “thank you for giving us this chance” out of any one of you little brutes!” I said this as I was maneuvering the plane back into position for another pass.

Of course, the moment I said that, they all started thanking me, from the adults who gave me full thanks to the smallest children who recited my words ad verbatim.

“Thank you Mr. Man for giving us this chance to live in your house desu!”

“Thank you Mr. Man techi!”

“Thank you for giving us this chance rechi.”

That was it. I had enough of their behavior. Showing utter lack of respect towards me but then try to make me appear irrationally angry whenever I point out the fact that even a rabid dog is better behaved that they were. I felt my blood pressure rise and my face go red. I felt hot all over, as if I was burning with anger.

“Bullshit! Get the fuck out of my sight, you worthless pieces of trash! I never want to see you ever again!”

This caused very predictable pleading from the crowd.

“Mr. Man is mean techi!”

“Please don’t send us away desu! We are very poor desu!”

“Why are you doing this to us techuuuunn…?”

“Am sad rechu~n.”

This time, I didn’t need to tell them to shut up or give them a good reason why they should. I had something far more effective that could do both for me.

The plane came in low enough to hit the group again. This time, there were three Jissouseki that had their heads split open like melons. One adult had her back filleted by the spinning motor, a wound that attracted other hungry Jissouseki. One really unfortunate child was running towards me to grovel at my feet when I struck it with the plane’s wing. The child did not die, but it was caught in the wing and lifted into the air. As the plane got farther away, I heard her faint cries of “RE-CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiii!” in chorus with the cries of the other two.

After the plane sailed into the distance, the group realized that no amount of begging was going to save them. Aside from the grubs, a few of the smaller children, and the critically wounded, they all ran for their lives. It was the fear of death from above that scared them away. I pursued them on foot up to the shanty town. I scared them off, for the moment at least. I heard signs of a commotion in the shanty town. I guess they were taking out their frustrations on their children.

“Now it’s time to get that plane on the ground,” I said to myself. It would have made a nice addition to my small fleet.


I looked down at my feet and there was one of the grubs who had not fled in fear. Like the others I had seen, it was on its back, wagging its tiny tail from side to side. Its tiny legs were folded back to give full access to its belly.

“No,” I said as ground it into the pavement with my foot.

“RE-“ Squish.

As I maneuvered the plane into position for landing, I saw black smoke pouring from its engine. Okay, it might need some repair. I’ve been a little rough with it today, with all the passes and stuff. But then I noticed that more smoke started pouring out the vehicle with each passing second.

“I’ll take care of it when I land,” I thought.

When it was aligned to the runway, I lowered altitude in preparation to land. That’s when I got to see the situation up close. The blacks smoke was pouring out of the engine compartment. While the Jissouseki clinging for dear life on the right wing and the one in the second seat were screaming, the Jissouseki in the pilot’s seat was not. She was slumped forward in her chair, her forehead pressed into the dashboard, hands still clutching the decorative controls. The one in the second seat was not doing so well either. In between every scream, it would cough hard enough to dry heave.


“Onee-chan okay recha?!”

All I had to do was land the plane, shut off the engine, kick the three losers out of the plane, then I could go in my shed and repair the plane to working order. I was about to land it when I realized that I did not have a brake system on this plane. I would have to slow my speed before I could do anything else. I brought the plane back up to an altitude of 3 feet and fired up the engine to make a second pass.

I never got the chance.

As I made the plane turn and made its way back to the other end of the runway, the controls suddenly locked. The plane’s condition was really serious at this point. Flames leaped out of the engine. The cloth skin on the front of the plane was either on fire or had been burned to ash. The second child was not screaming, slumped forward in its seat like the false pilot. I could see where the wooden framework in the front of the plane was on fire.

At first, it kept going with the last command I gave it: angled upward. It was almost directly above the shanty town when it angled upward and stalled. As the controls had locked up, there was absolutely nothing I could do. It fell out of the air and crash-landed right into the shanty town. I heard the child on the wing scream "RECHAAAAAAAAAA!" as the plane fell. I grabbed the fire extinguisher and ran over to investigate the crash site.

It was not pretty at all. Although the plane had fallen out of the sky, the engine was still running, and thus the propeller was still spinning. The plane rolled forward into an adult Jissouseki, disemboweling and slicing the fallen troll to ribbons with its propeller blades. I could see the carnage from ten feet away because of the shower of the blood and guts being flung into the air by the prop. When I got closer, I got a better idea of the damage the plane’s sudden appearance had caused. Several houses in the middle of the shanty town had collapsed under the weight of the plane, crushing the children and grubs inside. All that was left of them was an ever growing puddle of dark green slime and blood leaking out from underneath wet cardboard. The Jissouseki that clung for life on the wing was sent to the ground by the rebound of the wings, reducing her to what could best be described as an organic crater. Already, Jissouseki from across the little community walked towards the smorgasbord left behind by the fallen plane, oblivious to the danger the wreck posed to them.

“ Looks delicious desu!”

“Hurry desu! Get my clothes before they burn desu!”

“Maggot-chan… Maggot-chaaan recheeeeeeeen…”

I was not so unobservant. I could tell from the flames and the hissing noised coming from the wreck meant that the fuel line was on fire, and soon the gas tank might ignite. If that were to happen, it could explode like an incendiary grenade. The gas tank of the plane must have been about 32 fluid ounces (about the size of a can of Monster energy drink). During flight, the plane could have burned most of it, leaving only about 12 fluid ounces of gasoline left in the tank. This was more than enough to make a sizable explosion. Not as much as a full tank would have, but still enough to cause a brush fire. There was little I could do until the tank exploded, unless I wanted to be badly burned by the explosion up close. I backed off and I waited.

Finally, it happened.


The gas tank exploded in a fireball that engulfed the plane and two houses next to it. It actually blew the plane in half and knocked over cardboard houses from the shockwave alone. There went any plan to get the plane in working order after landing; I don’t think you can repair a pile of ashes. The Jissouseki passengers of the plane were either ripped apart or vaporized; I didn’t see any sign of them.

The immediate damage to the Jissouseki around the plane was severe enough. Two Jissouseki got caught in the fireball, which barbequed them where they stood. One adult had a hole drilled through her when the nose of the plane landed her with the propeller still spinning. Several children were splashed in the face with burning gasoline, which melted their faces right off. About a dozen grubs turned inside out by the heat; think popcorn Jissouseki. At least one Jissouseki family had blood and gore dribbling out of their mouths because the shockwave liquefied their insides.



”Rehu~!” “Tettere~!” ”Rehu~!” “Tettere~!” “Tettere~!”

“Tettere~!” “Tettere~!” ”Rehu~!” “Tettere~!”

”Rehu~!” “Tettere~!” ”Rehu~!” “Tettere~!” “Tettere~!”

“Tettere~!” ”Rehu~!” “Tettere~!” ”Rehu~!” “Tettere~!”

”Rehu~!” “Tettere~!” ”Rehu~!” “Tettere~!” ”Rehu~!”






It was already pandemonium as it was; Jissouseki adults were popping grubs and children into their mouths like candy. The surviving phallus endowed individuals began masturbating furiously as those around them burned alive. Many of the survivors of the blast were leaving behind trails of dark green slime as they ran away from the growing flames. At least 3 adults and seven children were pumping out litters of the grub creatures from between their stubby legs.

The shockwave and the immediate heat blast was not the biggest threat to the survivors; it was the fiery debris and fuel raining down afterward. They learned that first hand, as globs of still-burning gasoline and ignited wood fell upon them. Several children ran away with their hair burning. A grub or two cried out for help when a glob of burning gasoline fell on top of them, cooking them alive. Quite a few of the cardboard houses burned to the ground with their occupants still inside, with children and grubs screaming for their mothers as they were barbequed alive. One adult was killed by a piece of incendiary wooden shrapnel that penetrated his brain, cooking his cerebral cortex sunny side up. The gasoline set fire to the trails of feces some Jissouseki left behind as they fled, sometimes creating walls of flames, other times it actually followed the source until the inferno roasted their backsides to ashes. Most individuals, however, died from overheating caused by the flames around them. The fire would get to those bodies eventually, merely increasing the temperature.











Some tried to get away from the fire, but eventually most if not all of the community succumbed to the flames. When the last survivor had stopped screaming and the last body had stopped twitching, I went it and systematically extinguished the fire with blasts of CO2.

For the next hour or so, I had to extinguish the fire several times owing to re-ignition by burning gasoline soaked into the soil. When the remains of the shanty town stopped smoldering, I investigated the charred remains of the town to see if anybody survived the heat.

The scene was total devastation. I picked up a charred piece of cardboard and find a Jissouseki child melted into the earth. In one of the more intact houses, there was a whole room filled with the remains of grubs and their humanoid caretakers twisted in their final moments of living agony. Several adults had been burned to the point that there was nothing left of them but a frail, charred skeleton. I found one child that thought it could escape the flames by hiding under bodies, but it got cooked alive anyway.

The plane was not recoverable. The gas tank had exploded, the electronics were incinerated, and the frame was reduced to a pile of ashes. I couldn’t even determine what caused the fire because the only thing left largely intact is the partially destroyed engine.

I waited for the remains to cool, and then I got a garbage sack from the shed to put the destroyed plane’s remains inside. After locking up the shed, I completed my earlier chore of taking out the trash. After that, I checked the shed for potential invaders, locked it up, and went back inside my home to retire for the evening. By the next morning, wild animals cleaned up the cooked remains of the town, judging from the fact that there were no charred bodies, or any babies that were not caught in the explosion, anywhere to be found when I checked in the morning before work.

Fast forward to today. Out of curiosity, I visited the site of the crash. Not even one year has passed and nature is recovering. Although I found a few worn, charred pieces of cardboard, most of the buildings are no longer in existence. Occasionally, I found a material possession of one of the many victims or a melted piece of plastic. The scorched grass has largely been replaced. Aside from a few high traffic roads, the infrastructure of the town has been reclaimed by nature. The only place that has not recovered is the actual site of the plane crash. There is a spot where burning gasoline soaked into the ground, baking the nutrients right out of the soil. Thus, nothing grows there. Every now and then, I’ll find a charred piece of cloth. Other than that, there is almost no evidence of them even being here.

Now, I can fly my planes without interruption. I get some really good shots these days. I think I'll have enough aerial shots to post in a movie in about a month. Hope to see you at "Cool Aerial Videos: Part 17!"


P.S. Out of generosity, I uploaded the footage from the camera that day up to Youtube! I thought the footage was awesome and pretty damn funny as well. Watch it here:


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Wow, thanks mate! I've been looking for some of my old work for years now, and that happened to be one of my favorites. Right behind Uji-Tacular Pizza, that is.

I'll dig through my archives to see what else I was able to save. It's a shame that all of the good stories were lost when Gurochan bought the farm a few years ago. To be honest, I thought that alone would be the end of it.

And yet, here we are.


I can only respond with this, it's the best way to express how I feel.


Can you do me a big favour and find the one with the guy who finds, assists and kills a jissou family while shovelling snow? The one where he gives them soup and later splits one in half with the shovel, I remember those parts best.


While I have a pretty extensive image archive, my text archives, unfortunately, are rather sparse. I have all the posts relating to Civ J, Thirteen (which I never finished), and that's about it.

In retrospect, if I knew Gurochan was going to die, I would have saved the entire archive. I wasn't really involved in the second iteration of the Jissouseki /lit/ thread. So if that story was in that iteration, I'm sorry, I wouldn't have it. REd <i>might</i> have it, but I can't be sure.


Oh my i Miss the old stories, someone have one with domestic jissous?



>someone have one with domestic jissous?

I remember one long series by the writer that would become knows as Jessanonimous because of the main jissouseki character in that saga. One of the best not-so-violent jissou tales



Yeah, Jessanonymous. Anyone get an archive of that before Gurochan went *poof*?

Also, does anyone have the story about the Jissouseki exterminator? I remember the last chapter where they cleared out a warehouse infested with Jissouseki with what was essentially an industrial meat grinder or a woodchipper. That was a good read.


> Yeah, Jessanonymous. Anyone get an archive of that before Gurochan went *poof*?

I have an april 2009 backup of Gurochan /lit/, 645 posts of jissouseki love.
Too big for pastebin, it would need to be cut in smaller parts.
Interested ?


Hell yeah!



I found a text document of 2552 kb, that seems to be complete first jissouseki thread 1397 posts. Of course I cant post all that here, do you guys want it? How can I share the .txt with you.



Jissoucutioner's 'The Exterminator'

It was great, I love the part in which he help a farmer to clean a jissouseki infested field.



It would be nice. After a bit of research, seems to work well with no registration. There is a 30 days limit though.


Bad family.

-Jovencita ¿tiene forma de dormir estos adefesios?-dijo tajante el guardia del aeropuerto, tardé en procesar unos segundos su japonés y reaccione- ¡Oh! ¡Si claro disculpe! Y rocie un pequeña cantidad de cloroformo sobre la caja donde adentro había 6 Jissous.

10 horas después.

Cinco se levantó mareada.

-¿Qué sucedió? desuuu -sujeto su cabeza- ¿Estoy en casa del señor humano?-a su alrededor nada diferente a su casa de cartón en el parque sólo que ahora está limpia sin caca en la paredes incluso había una cama de su tamaño y para sus pequeños nuevos Jissous, lindas cobijas rosas y platos para comida deliciosa y caliente ¡era un milagro! Eran mascotas. Pero todo estaba obscuro.

-¿Desu?- Había recordado al el señor humano luego a la señorita humana hablando, después tuvo mucho sueño. Afuera de la caja estaban sus bebés Maggot-chan estaba abrazado de Thumb-chan aun dormidos en el suelo la más grande de sus hijas frotaba su ojo impar y bostezaba.
-¿Ma-Mamá?¿Qué pasa techiii~? ¿Porque está todo negro? -preguntó con miedo su hija más grande abrazandose a la cintura de su madre.
- No se ~- había pequeños hoyos en la jaula de vidrio donde entraba un poco de luz caminaron en la oscuridad abrazados.

-¡Mamá mira, techi!- un plato lleno de croquetas y un dulce había aparecido entre las sombras la adolescente corrió sólo para chocar y rebotar a pies de su madre sin manchar sus bragas con mierda pero confundida- lloro lágrimas bicolor, la pared aun es transparente al igual que la tienda sólo que obscuro y al otro lado había más cosas, la madre veía con su boca triangular bien abierta con la saliva saliendole, más allá de la comida había una casa Jissou más bonita, con ventanas ¡Las ventanas tenían ropa también!, una botella llena de agua no en el piso sino en la pared con chupón, un pileta para bañarse, un cojín y una resbaladilla. ¿Porque no podía tomarlas? Las bragas de la madre empezaban a oler y golpeó la pared transparente con fuerza ¡Quería entrar a la casa bonita!--¿Qué haces mamá? Me asustas techi -pregunto la adolescente mamá no era así antes de que el señor humano las comprará.
-¡Vamos, jissou-chan desu! Tenemos que romper llegar a ahí , DESU!DESU!- pegó la madre con sus muñones-
-Muy ruidoso desuuuu~- Una Jissou casi tan grande como la adolescente salió de la casa pero era diferente, era bonita más porque tenía un lindo vestido rosa con olanes y una pequeña bolsa en forma de maggot-chan ambos jissous se quedaron callados- ¡Ah! ¡Hola! - dijo alegre moviendo su muñon hacia sus congéneres sólo a la más pequeña se le iluminaron los ojos por conocer alguien de su tamaño y tan bonita -Soy Marie, desu -dijo con una reverencia y sentándose en su cojín esperando a que los otros jissous dijeran algo, la adolescente se acercó y tocó la superficie del vidrio - ¿Donde estamos techaa?-
- Señor hombre nos lanzará al río desu- Una voz grave y poco femenina se escuchó en otra esquina, apenas visible un Jissou adulto en otra pecera con cama, plato con agua estaba posición fetal rodeada de su propia mierda y sucia de la boca y sus muños - Señor hombre le gusta, lo hace siempre- dijo el traumatizado gremiblin girando dejando expuesta un parche liso de pelo arrancado de su frente.
Las pequeñas se pusieron azules tan sólo de pensar morir ahogadas aunque la madre fue menos coherente y prefirió burlarse con un Depupupu~- de la desgracia de la otra. Era fea y asquerosa.

Marie respiro y éxhalo levantándose de su cojín elegantemente mirando al jissou calvo -Tu mientes, deberías sentirte mal, yo te ignoro - subió por unas escaleras y se sentó en la burbuja de plástico hasta arriba de la resbaladilla sin. deslizarse así le enseñó el señor maestro -aunque extrañamente cuando despertó recuerda haber sido en el piso frío nunca había dormido en el suelo, lo odiaba, la madre la vio con envidia mientras que su hija miraba con un tristeza a Marie cantando en su burbuja transparente.

El jissou raro , sólo se acostó en el suelo a llorar sobre sus propias heces a lado de su cama pero se negaba a usarla.

Yo por mi parte estoy sentada en mi vuelo de regresó a mi país desde Japón con 6 criaturas exóticas y regalos para la familia.

Al llegar apesta terriblemente a mierda o tal vez estén unos muertos nunca se sabe, con un viaje tan largo pero oye tampoco te aseguró que todo esto sea legal.

Cinco entró a la casa enojada e ignoro al Jissou pulgar que había despertado frotando el vientre de Maggot-chan que aun no despertaba. Era tan pequeños que el circulo donde estaban entraba la suficiente luz para dejarlos ver alrededor. Y podía oler a mamá cerca.

-Maggot-chan es tan lindo rechuuun~-cantaba.

El otro Jissou tenía cosas que ella tenía antes y ahora tenía está casa de mierda, camas feas y los mismos vestidos que sus hijas ¡Ella era un lindo Jissou! Patéo el suelo un largo rato hasta que su mente había una idea.

Su más grande jissou tenía que tener que quedar embarazada.

So a link to download the old stories? I have a big gallery too


Yes please!


Mala familia. parte 2.

Estaba nerviosa en mi país sólo existían pocos Jissous registrados legalmente, yo tenía la ligera sospecha de que Watanabe mi contacto y criador Jissou que apenas había conocido me había estafado.

No había tenido contacto con estas bestias hasta la hora de mi vuelo, y sólo sabía poco de ellas antes de ir con mi familia tenía que pasar a mi departamento. En una arrugada hojs de papel con un español y ortografía muy mala, leí las cortas instrucciones.

Contenedor con Familia:

Madre: 18cm. Muy maternal nació hace 7 meses. Educación promedio. Limpia.
Hija mayor: 15 cm. Un poco distraida. 1 mes de edad (creo)
Pulgar: 5cm, regordete. MUY frágil. 1 semana.
Maggot: 3 cm. 1 semana.

Contenedor con Premium:
ID Marie. Educacion completa. 13 cm.

Contenedor con "Niño": 20 cm. Robusto.Resistente a los golpes.

Debía darles un nombre. Ok. Todos estaban esterilizados por lo tanto no podían tener bebés excepto la "Premium" debe referirse a la que tenía más juguetes en su caja, lo demás eran garabatos ilegibles.


Me habían estafado.

Corrí tan rápido como pude fuera del aeropuerto, la gente alrededor mío se quejaban del olor nauseabundo de mi equipaje, apenas llegue a mi departamento y puse en el patio que también servía como cuarto de lavado y estaba la cama mi perro, aun tenía que ir por él a casa de mi abuela, pero primero el principal problema.

Abrí la maleta, el olor aumento y apenas abrí las tapas de las tres cajas al mismo tiempo fui atacada por una serie de gritos y chillidos agudos.

- ¡Rechiii! Muy brillante - dijo el pulgar más pequeño en una esquina tapándose con su muñon, había estado llorando y temblando aun arrullando a Maggot-chan que estaba con la lengua afuera y con un color gris en los ojos. Tenemos uno muerto.

-¡¡No señor humano no me haga daño se lo ruego!!- lloraba otro en la tercera jaula con llorosos y lamentables DEEE~ su voz era horrible y grave, mientras protegía su cabeza, todo su alrededor estaba manchado en mierda, calvo ¡y sólo quería tomarlo de su estúpida y deforme cabeza y azotarla contra el suelo! suprimi mi instinto asesino (torture y comí unos cuantos de estos en mis dos semanas en Japón) Luego observé a la jissou clase alta que sólo me reverencio desde su burbuja de hámster ondeando su muñon desde su propio contenedor.

¿Pero donde estaban la madre y la adolescente? Había un rastro de mierda verde que iba a la casa de la familia Jissou, levanté la casa de plástico delgado y ahí estaba el origen de todo maldito olor e infierno entre una mezcla de sus propias heces verdes, líquido amniótico, sangre y pedazos de carne que no podía identificar estaba la adolescente, tirada, muy delgada y casi echa un cadáver temblaba y lloraba nada.

No había líquido en su cuerpo.

-De..Deee - su pequeña voz de niña tocio- No más bebés mamá por-porfavor- estaba desnuda no al borde de lamuerte pero si agonizando- Deeergh~

-Onee-saan- corrió la más pequeña al ver el estado en que estaba su hermana mayor llevando a maggot-chan, sus pequeñas lágrimas caían en su muerto rostro.Tenía rota una parte de su ropa . En la oreja. Y si. Era gorda y redonda pero linda.

Ok. ¿Donde estaba la pequeña bastarda? Detrás de las camas en la otra esquina pude ver movimiento, las camas apiladas horizontalmente en uja esquina, inmediatamente las quite y estaba la madre tratando de amamantar a un gusano y un pulgar, había otro gusano en el suelo.
TODOS lloraban con sus voces chillonas, la madre se levantó con una combinación de sorpresa y espanto.

-¡Ho-Hola señorita desu! - estos monstruos verdes sólo saben hablar japonés y aprenden lo más básico de cualquier lenguaje. Hizo su expresión "linda"- ¿ No le gustas mis lindos hijos?- levantó a la pequeña pulgar, lloraba y temblaba mirándome con su rostro azul, sus bragas llenas de mierda de su ano-vagina que aun no escurrian, tenía un moño azul lleno de mierda en su cabeza, la tome entre mis manos y a la otra que estaba con el cadáver de su hermana mayor, ambas eran lindas, una con un listón azul que era obvio de la original, la otra obviamente estaba recién nacida las puse con un snack de mi perro lo suficiente blando en una caja de zapatos.

-Rechi~?-ambas se miraron con curiosidad. Las deje conocerse.

Y en cuanto a los gusanos que sólo gritaban - Repipi~ no comida, Repeen~ gusano hambriento~ Ree...reeee~ triste reee~- lloraban golpeando sus colas , los puse en un canasto de ropa junto con el cadáver de su fría hermana larva. No creo que le tomen importancia mientras exploran el nuevo lugar donde estaban.

Quite a la Jissou de buena calidad y al calvo cobarde a una esquina del patio, habían visto un poco de la masacre y están asustados y temblando. A ambos les lance un poco de los snacks de mi perro.

Saque la caja de la maleta con las últimas Jissou , el olor se había impregnado en la maleta, maldita sea. Tenía que hacer una llamada a larga distancia. Puse el celular entre mi hombro y mi oreja.

El adefesio de la madre golpeaba el vidrio tratando de llamar mi atención- Señora humana deje explicar desuuu~ ¿Dónde están mis bebés?- daba brincos sin parar , tome la bastarda tan fuerte que sus bragas explotaron con mierda salpicando lasparedes de plástico, la solté cayendo en su propia inmundicia, con un "DEGYAA" , extrañamente sus ropas parecían más ajustadas, quite a la moribunda adolescente quien sonreía a la nada imaginando quien sabe que y la puse en una toalla sobre la lavadora.- Hu-huele bien desuu...suave...-

Lance la caja con la madre adentro hacia el fregadero, y abrí el grifo y empezó a caer un poco de agua en el contenedor, me asomé y la jissou comenzó a llorar sosteniendo uno de sus muñones-¡¡DEGYAAAAA!! ¡Ayúdame señorita! ¡Lo siento! gritaba incluso más que el calvo jissou , su brazo estaba atrapado entre su casa y la pared, al parecer estaba roto y los restos de no se que alrededor, además de las camas toda la suciedad cayó en direccion a ella. Inspeccioné.

Recogí un vestido de color verde y adentro los despedazados restos de una jissou-pulgar que no pudo nacer bien, más maggot-chans desnudos, moribundos unos muy pequeños, fetos apenas, todos de diferentes tamaños, sospeche que había pasado aquí.

Rayos, unos aun se arrastraban buscando vivir sin saber que pasaba era como ver pequeñas gomas de mascar rosas semi-parlantes.

El agua comenzaba a llenar el contenedor apenas un centímetro, cualquier pulgar estaría feliz porque su casa se estaba volviendo una gran piscina y sería divertido, pero no, la madre jissou sospechaba algo, tocio mierda y comenzó a caminar con el brazo desprendido, sangrando el impacto no la dejaba caminar bien, había lastimado más su cuerpo, obvio arroje la jaula con ira.
Al otro lado en el teléfono celular alguien contestó.

-¡¡¡Watanabe!!!- grite necesitaba ahora de este supuesto "Criador Experto Certificado Jissou" respuestas -¡Necesito respuestas ahora!- grite y me acerqué a la madre - ¡¡Y tu también si no quieres que de mate de la forma más dolorosa, idiota y pendeja jissou de mierda!!

**Pffft** se escuchó y cagó más la idiota.

5 horas antes de aterrizar.


Well this must be the first jissouseki fic that I have ever read in Spanish, although it seems that it was translated, dare I say from english. Anon friend where did you find it? It is yours?

Pues este ha de ser el primer cuento de jissouseki en español que e leído en la vida, aunque parece que fue traducido, me parece que del ingles. Anon amigo donde lo encontraste? es tuyo?


Thank you Katasu!!

REd, Al, WitchDoctor, and everyone else please save and share this file.

And please if some one saved the 2nd thread please share it.>>11277


>>11288 Hurry, it expires November 2017


Yeah. It's mine , first time in this thread, but I don't want too much ortographic mistakes soo I wrote it in mother language. Sometimes traduce japanese.



Thank you very much!


Mala familia. Part 3.

Lindo jissou, ¿que quieres hoy para comer?~ - la voz de señor hombre sonaba en en el aparato brillante de la señorita.
-Dechuu~ - ladeo su cabeza y sus ojos se iluminaron y con felicidad que casi parecía haberla echo olvidar toda la mierda encima de ella y sus extremidades rotas- ¡Un filete señor! Jugoso y...¡No terminé , no se vaya señorita! Orororon-
-No es ella -dijo Watanabe- Bueno, no de mi tienda.Ni siquiera sabía que eran los filetes.

-Perfecto -dije con ironía y abrí el grifo hasta que el chorro llenaba lo bastante para que la madre falsa entrara en pánico.

5 horas antes del aterrizaje.

Cinco busco entre su ropa interior ahí tenía una flor.
-Jissou-chan~ - llamó y no hubo respuesta ¿Jissou-chan? ¿Desu?- Salió de su horrible casa y vio a la mayor jugando aunque separadas por la pared de plástico con la jissou de vestido bonitobonito, ella hacia bailar su pequeño oso mientras que la adolescente la veía riendo y aplaudiendo.

-Seamos amigas- dijo la hermosa jissou y la otra sintió mucha felicidad en su corazón.

-¡Claro desu!- el amor que ahora sentía era diferente al que sentía por mamá, pulgar o maggot-chan, tenía una amiga con cosas bonitas ¡tal vez algún día podría subir a la resbaladilla!, sintió un tirón en su hombro- ¿De?¿Qué sucede mamá? ¡Mira mamá,tengo una amiga!- grito con felicidad.
La madre ni siquiera escucho y la arrastró a la casa, Marie se despedía de ella, llevando su oso y abranzadolo, quería algo así.
-Mira pequeña Jissou- saco la flor medio seca y se la dio- ¡Tenemos que hacer que señor hombre nos tome como sus mascotas favoritas desu!- la hermana mayor aun no entendía pero le gustaba ver la flor entre sus muñones pero estaba dispuesta a ayudar para hacer orgullosa a mamá.
-¡Claro mamá desu!-golpeó su propio pecho con decisión mientras que su madre le bajaba las bragas- ¿¡Mamá que haces?!-Trato de subirse su bragas blancas- ¡¡No quiero hacer caca!!-forcejeo cubriendo con el pudor que el maestro le había enseñado y ahora su madre ahora acercaba la hermosa flor a sus partes privadas.
-Rechu~ ¿Que sucede?- se asomó el pulgar, había explorado y no encontraba a nadie más dejó maggot-chan dormir más, se asustó y sus piernas temblaron, su hermana mayor estaba tirada en el suelo ¿Mamá quería quitarle sus ropas a onee-chan? ¡Eso sólo lo hacían los callejeros! De repente el estómago de su hermana se hincho.
- ¿Deee?- la menor froto su estómago entre lágrimas y con un poco de líquido verde en el suelo- ¿Mamá que me pasa ?-subió sus bragas y se levantó saliendo de la casa tan rápido como pudo, aun Marie estaba ahí jugando en la esquina- puedo caminar dechaaa~ - se sostenía y¿No podía hacer caca? se dejó caer a un lado de la hermosa jissou quien golpeaba preocupada por su amiga, su estómago se movía y seguía creciendo aun con pedazos de flor dentro de ella, tenía sus dos ojos verdes vio su reflejo en el contenedor- ¡No! ¡No quiero tener bebés!- la sombra de su madre le daba miedo, el pulgar observaba detrás del contenedor de agua llorando y agarrando a su gusano.

Marie corrió a su casa a buscar algo para ayudar a su amiga, el jissou calvo veía sin emoción la escena sin vida en sus ojos pero si con saliva escurriendo en su triangular boca.

-Lo siento jissou-chan- mamá le daba mucho miedo en la oscuridad, la tomo de su lindo pelo y la arrastró de vuelta a casa - Señor hombre verá hermosos bebés ¡y nos escogerá, no a jissou mierda! Desu -señaló a Marie, que salía con una espada juguete, saltó nunca había visto tanta violencia, la envidia había transformado a la madre.

-E-Esa es una mala palabra mamá- dijo el pulgar temblando a lo que la más grande, la pateo haciéndola caer al agua-REGRYAA...cough..cough...- tocia y salpicaba- ¡¡Ayudargh!! ¡Hermana! Maggot...-

- ¡Noooo jissou-chan! ¡¡MI PELO!!¡¡DUELE!! - sus bragas ahora expulsaban tanta mierda, dura del miedo, ¡tenía que limpiarse le daba pena frente su amiga! ¿Porque mamá le hacia esto?, ellos eran solo unas bebés bonitas, desesperada por ayudar a su hermanita, forcejeo con su madre y aunque un parche de su hermoso pelo fue arrancado pudo tirar el contenedor de agua salvando a la pequeña, aunque mojandola entre su mierda que empezaba a salir del miedo de ahogarse, su madre la lanzó de nuevo a la casa - No les hagas daño son unos beb...ouch mi barriga duele desu~- lloro impotente iba a ser mamá pero ella no podía.

-REEchii..chii..- tocio el pulgar mojado pero había una sombra- Mamá ¿PORQUE? Rechaaa~ - dijo con pequeña y tierna voz, le daba mucho miedo la obscuridad y con la poca luz atrás su mamá daba miedo, se quitó las bragas y ofreció su ano-vagina pero sólo sintió un dolor en su oreja- Nooooo mi listón reee~- la mamá tomo todas las croquetas para comer y regresó a la casa no sin antes darle una patada Maggot-chan quien tenía unos segundos de despertar.

-Refuuu~ sueño bueno, punipu...¡ahh!- su cuerpo azotó en la esquina.

-¡Maggot-chaaan!- grito histérica la pulgar y corrió a rescatarlo.

La hija mayor vio a su madre entrar e instintivamente protegió su panza - Duele, mamá mucho d-deee ~ yo no puedo tener bebés , no recuerdas...?

-Escucha jissou-chan, tenemos que hacer que señor hombre nos escoja- su actitud había cambiado a una madre "comprensiva" e "inteligente" incluso limpio la frente sudorosa de su hija con un pedazo de bragas limpias- Por eso tendremos una familia grande con muchos bebés bonitos.

- ¿Mis hermanas no son bonitas?- lloro lágrimas bicolor al recordarlas.

-No, desu - estaban tardando mucho en nacer tenía que acelerar el parto antes de que llegara el humano tal vez tenía que empujarla- ¡Pero tu sí! Desu~Y tendremos una casa bonita como esa incluso más grande y podrán jugar los pequeños jissous y tendrás un bolso bonito- tendió un listón azul extrañamente familiar- ¡Este será para tú primer bebé desu!- la chica vio su estómago e imagino todo lo que su madre decía ¡tal vez si podía tenerlos! , su estómago rugia como si tuviera hambre ¡Pero eran bebés creciendo! ¡Sus bebés! En unas semanas tendría unos hermosos jissous tenía mucho amor en su corazón ahora.

-Dechuuun~- levantó su vestido y vio el movimiento de muchas bolas sobre su piel aun sentía mucho dolor - ¿Enserio mamá?- otra contraccion la miro con lágrimas en su rostro- Dame tu listón quiero que mis bebés me vean bonita ~- su madre dio un paso atrás y enseñó los dientes. ¡NO! JISSOU-CHAN le grito, el corazón de la niña dolió y más aún al ver que ahora le había quitado la capucha de su vestido- ¡De! ¡¿Mamá que haces?!-
-Tu ropa se llenara de caca desu~- tenía que verse más bonita que la jissou clase alta, podía tomarlas ahora y después el señor hombre les daría a todos, eran muy pobres en esta caja pequeña, la niña forcejeo cuando fue su vestido arrancado y una contracción muy fuerte la golpeó, cayó sobre su estómago y empezó a patalear violentamente estaba dando a luz.

-¡¡DEGYAA!! - ¡aún no era tiempo! la niña saco con tanta fuerza a sus hijos, caca y líquido que salpicó toda la casa- ¡¡Noooo, nazcan!!- nunca escuchó el Tettere~ sólo sonidos ahogados, y su madre caminando sobre la suciedad, se sentía muy cansada no podía dormir ahora y se giró para ver el horror, a sus bebés luchar dentro de sus bolsas otros estaban azules o desnudos, otros sólo eran miembros sin forma, alcanzó uno, lamio instintivamente la bolsa y al terminar sólo vio la ropa pequeña y una mezcla de órganos verdes y rojos, se arrodilló con el cadáver en sus manos, tomo otro y lo lamio, sólo eran un par de ojos, tomo otro, un maggot-chan pequeño desnudo, con los ojos cerrados sin pelo, pero un muy pequeño "re..." le dio esperanzas y lo dejó- M-Mamaa~ ayúdame, mis bebés dee~- tomo otra bolsa sólo para ser otro pulgar licuado, su mamá tomo un pequeño bulto una bolsa y veía adentro al pequeño bebé ahogandose en su bolsa, en su mente pequeña pensaba que su mamá iba a salvarlo.

-¡¡Jissou de mierda dechaaa!!- azotó al gusano desnudo el cuál reventó fuera de su bolsa materna para morir del susto, estaba ya azul de muerte, del impacto- ¡Todos feos y desnudos!
-¡No mates a mis bebés! Orororo- la madre recién parida se arrastró hasta su madre quien los pisaba con los dientes afilados, y roja y furiosa ¡No eran feos! Sólo señor hombre tenía que cuidar bien a sus pequeños, criarlos, en su estrés y desesperación le rogó a su madre que parara de pisarlos y gritarle feos que mordió su pierna, la madre reaccionó y pateo su rostro de la ahora de desnuda miserable llena de suciedad hermana mayor- ¡PARA! ¡Lo siento, no me pegues!- la mamá tomo un pequeño feto-gusano y lo reventó en el rostro de su hija manchandola con la sangre de uno de sus hijos, su ojo se puso rojo y su estómago llenarse otra vez- ¿Desu?- otra vez estaba quedando embarazada-¡¡NOOO!!- cayó de espaldas soltando patadas.
- ¡Tendrás más bebés! Desu!- Salió de la casa de plástico.
-¡¡No me dejes sola!!- grito aguantando a sus bebés para que no salieran, nunca había sentido tanto dolor- DeegYAA!!-


Al salir de la sala de parto-casa vio como el shit-jissou con casa bonita hablaba con el calvo y feo a través de las paredes - Depupu~ se burló y dio una vuelta guiñando el ojo - Vamos a ser las mascotas favoritas~- canto y se desnudo poniéndose la ropa de su hija - el pulgar estaba cagado de miedo literalmente, oía a su hermana gritar y chillar como nunca , su ropa mojada, temblaba de frío y mamá daba miedo, estaba escondido debajo del recipiente que antes habría sido su tumba cuando estaba llena de agua, le daba "belly rubs" a su hermanita favorita fría y dormida otra vez, su ojo colgaba y ella lo volvía a meter en el cráneo de su hermanita, no entendía que sucedía, afuera escuchaba a mamá decirle palabrotas a los otros jissou que no conocía. Era una bonita jissou ¿Porque?

En mi departamento.

- Entonces la malvada jissou lazo el caramelo jissou-chan ¡la inocente lo comió!- decía la madre alrededor de mi mano estaba apunto de hundirla en el contenedor lleno de agua - ¡y mi pobre hija comenzó a tener bebés! Ororon- fingió llorar.
-¿Tu le crees?-
-Obvio no - respondió Watanabe y hundía a la pobre bastarda, ya sabíamos que era callejera mando los vídeos de seguridad de su tienda. Había matado a la madre original tomo su ropa y la reemplazó.
-¿Cómo pudiste estafarme?-saque a la jissou que comenzaba morderme debajo el agua- ¡Calmate!- la arroje y ella trató de salvarse nadando a la orilla con su único brazo, el agua había lavado toda la suciedad pero ella seguía cagando-¿ Como saber que no ocasionaran más problemas?
-¡Lo siento!- dijo Watanabe - pero no podía conseguir jissous tan especiales como TU querías en tan poco tiempo ¡son asexuados! -Asentí tenía razón, estas bestias ni siquiera eran mis mascotas, eran para mis primos mi tío me mando dinero, querían una familia y un niño, cambiaron de parecer cuando les mande una foto de un Jissou "macho" el gran pene debió asustarlos obviamente - Aún así tienes el Kit-jissou, aun puedes salvar a la adolescente como te explique.

-Ok, yo me haré cargo- tenía que limpiar todo esto y después presentarme con mi familia, observé a la jissou callejera tal vez podría darme el lujo de otra mascota.


Gracias por el archivo!!


Well, I can't read Spanish, but thanks for posting original content!

Thanks again! I haven't read those in years, and I'm just glad someone saved everything.

Well, between the new content and archive, I feel like adding something to it. Let me know if you want me to continue this.


Flying Jissou Circus~!


So, my hobby for the last twenty-five years had been building and flying model airplanes. In fact, just outside my home in the countryside of Texas, there’s a 200 foot stretch of abandoned road that cuts through my property that I’ve repurposed as a runway for my fixed wing aircraft. However, once again, I found myself not flying my planes.

The first reason I’ve stopped is that things have changed at work. When I first moved down to Texas, our company was a smaller firm that occasionally did work on satellite communications, mostly for companies in South America and India. A year ago, Boeing called up our company to help design the embedded guidance system of a then-recently announced competitor to the Space X’s Falcon 9 series of rockets. As of now, we are reaching the final stages of prototyping the guidance computer of the eXperimental Recoverable Deep Space Launch System (RDSLS-X), which meant that I was promoted. I’m now one of the senior engineers, which means that I’m required for more hours at work than at home.

The second is due to the recent retirement of my best planes, Stargazer. Yep, that’s right, after almost seven years, I was forced to retire the plane that I’m almost famous for in the remote control plane scene. I say “forced” because of that know-nothing hipster who “wanted to get a good shot of it in the air” steered his drone right into the path of my plane before I had time to react, and of course, they collided. One moment, everything is fine; the next Stargazer’s short a wing and on fire while the drone tumbles to the ground as a mangled heap of broken plastic. And then I’m the asshole because I start yelling at the kid! Nevermind that Stargazer probably cost more than the refitted supply closet that scraggly bearded punk calls an apartment.

Anyway, that’s not the key reason for my retirement of Stargazer. Remember that part in my last post where I said “no matter how amazing Stargazer is, it can’t fly itself?” Well, sometime in 2013, I was thinking about that when I was introduced to the Raspberry Pi by an old college buddy who wouldn’t shut up about it. The accident that destroyed Stargazer was an excuse for me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. As of this month, I’m putting the finishing touches on Stargazer II, a more advanced version of Stargazer that really can fly itself. I’m debugging some of the software I developed for monitoring and regulating fuel use during flight. As such, I’m spending my weekends doing ground tests and simulating certain scenarios before I debut my new plane at a local R/C plane show. And this time, my plane won’t collide with any pesky quadcopters piloted by dipshits who couldn’t figure out an R/C car they could get at a drugstore!

The third reason is them. You know who. Jissouseki. Years ago, I had my first encounter with the little shit-goblins when I was trying to fly the first generation Stargazer. I found an … interesting… method of dealing with them and the cardboard shanty town they set up near my runway. Years later, and any trace of the Jissou City is gone, reclaimed by nature along with any evidence of the model plane crash that wiped it off the face of the Earth. It has been years since I’ve seen one outside the cities. Apparently, rural Texas is too inhospitable a climate for the little bastards. However, following some wet, cool summers and mild winters, I’ve been hearing of feral populations taking up residence in rural developments like the one I live in, usually piggy-backing on the city-slickers who are moving out here in increasing numbers.

The first time I’ve seen them this year was back in April, when I was out pulling weeds on my property. As I was finishing up, I saw a few Jissou whelps and a maggot come crawling out of the grass near my front porch. One of the whelps saw me, and raised her stubby hand to her cheek as she looked at me with her mismatched button eyes.

“Am I not cute techu~n? Take me home with you techi!” Her attention-getting display alerted the other two to my presence. The smaller whelp picked up the larval Jissou and ran over to me, presenting the baby as if it were some kind of treasure.

“Take Maggot-chan techi! We not eat much and be cute for Mr. Man techi~”

The maggot, just then recognizing me as Mr. Man, lazily wagged its tail and panted happily as greenish slime tricked from its slit. It said something that its sisters taught it as its tongue lolled about in its mouth.

“Maggot-chan good Jissou refu~”

“Maggot-chan is a good Jissou techi~”

Despite my initial apprehension, I took the whelp up on its offer, gently taking the grub from her arms and standing back up. The maggot appeared elated at this new situation, closing its eyes and drooling happily while saying “punipuni” in a soft voice that betrayed its lack of intelligence. I looked back at the whelp with a false smile.

“She’s adorable… Hey, before I take you guys inside, let me ask you a question.”


Still locking eyes with the whelp that had handed me her little sister, I spoke in my most friendly voice. “Do you love your Maggot-chan?”

The whelp twitched her ears happily as she smiled and responded with a sing-song voice “Techun~ Techa-chan loves Maggot-chan thiiiiiiiiiiiis much techi!” She extended her tiny arms out as far out as she could, as if attempting to show me that it was more than she could ever hold.

“Well, all right then,” I said, winding my arm back and throwing the maggot straight up into the air. “... If you love her, you’ll catch her.” The whelp’s attempt at a smile faded, the color drained from her face, and her eyes widened with the realization of what I had just done. All it was able to muster was a confused “Te…?”

The whelps’ sisters screamed “TECHAAAAAA!” in a high, shrill voice as they saw their smallest sibling fly high into the air. In the few seconds it took for the maggot to reach its apex of its ascent and begin accelerating towards the ground, the Jissouseki on the ground panicked, tripping over each other as they tried to position themselves underneath their airborne sibling in order to catch it.

“M-Maggot-chan, don’t worry techi! Techa-chan got you techi!”

“Quickly techi~ We need to-- ”

“Tetere--”*splat* The maggot’s cheers at returning to earth were suddenly cut short when it hit the pavement face-first right in front of her panicking siblings, splattering its blood and internal organs onto the concrete. What remained of its once fat little body deflated like a shit-filled balloon, leaving the grub’s mismatched eyes and blood-soaked tuft of hair, which lay in a puddle of Jissou gore, as the only recognizable parts of the maggot to survive the fall.

“TECHAAAAAAAAA!” The whelps screamed in unison, their voices marked by fear and grief-stricken horror. The Jissou that presented me with the maggot was the one most affected by its sudden demise, as she just stared in shock at the maggot’s remains, tears welling up in her eyes.The other two looked at me with eyes full of hatred, veins bulging from their foreheads as they bared their teeth and screamed curses at me.


“Shit human cruel techi! Maggot-chan didn’t do anything to you techi!”

“Maggot-chan not even three days old yet techaaa! Shit human pay for this techaa!”

I ignored them as I walked back to my house, bag full of weeds in hand. The largest one tried to follow me, I guess in a futile attempt to avenge her dead sister. As I unlocked my door, I felt the pit-pat of tiny hands on my leg. Apparently, she thought that her punches could actually do something to me. I put a stop to her little outburst by picking the Jissou up by her hair and lifting her of the ground, and I felt the strangely satisfying sensation of her hair roots strain and become taut as I lifted her off her feet.

“Teee?! It hurts techa! Put me down techa!” She reached for her hair, but her arms were too short to manage it. She just flailed around helplessly as I dangled her in the air, all while her sister tearfully pleaded with me to show mercy.

“P-please set onee-chan down gently techi... Please no hurt onee-chan t-techaaaa…”

“What’s that? You want me to put her down? Well, since you asked me so nicely~,” I said as I flung the Jissou into the weed bag. Now, these weeds that I had been uprooting were a species of thistle of which I could not identify because I’m not a botanist, along with some thorny grass and nettle. What I did know is that they were spiny and that I needed gloves to remove them if I didn’t want to be picking splinters out of my hands for the rest of the night. The Jissou whelp had no such protection. It yelped when it landed inside the bag, a surprised yip that morphed into an anguished scream of “Te-ghiiiiiii!” as I spun the bag around like an old fashioned salad spinner. Her other sister screamed in horror, the smaller whelp transitioned from stunned, horrified silence to heart-felt bawling as she kneeled next to the remains of the crushed maggot, crying into her paws.



When the cries from the bag stopped, I reached into the bag and pulled out the Jissou by her hair. Her body was covered in deep scratches, puncture wounds, and rapidly developing rashes. Her left eye had swollen shut, her partially deflated right eye was leaking a mixture of blood, tears, and green ocular fluid, and her breathing had become ragged and shallow. As expected, she had soiled herself, filling her panties with thick green slime that mixed with the blood leaking from her wounds. With a flick of my wrist, I sent the child Jissou to the concrete, to the dismay of her remaining sisters. Her pained moaning became a harsh, shrill shriek of agony that was suddenly cut short with the sound of her tiny bones breaking as she landed on the concrete. The smallest whelp seemed oblivious to the carnage happening right in front of her, ignoring her the plight of her fallen elder sister as she scooped up the juicy remains of the maggot in her arms and weeped into them bitterly, hugging them tightly and staining her white bib red and green with blood, feces, and few fluids I didn’t recognize.

The other sister ran over to the shattered body of her eldest sister with tears streaming down her face. It was clear that she wanted to ask something like “Are you alright?”, but after looking down at her sister’s shattered legs, which had been bent all the wrong way by her fall, and her grievous injuries elsewhere on her tiny body, the answer to that question was self-evident. The fallen Jissou did not respond to its sister’s attempts to comfort it, chest heaving as it screamed in agony.

“Owie! Owie owie owie owie! My legs hurtieeee techaaaaa-aa-aa! Mama! Mamaa-aaa-aaa-aaa!”

And with that, I left them: with one Jissou whelp broken and dying on the pavement, another too caught up in trying to comfort her fallen sister in her final moments, and the other too grief-stricken over her crushed sibling to respond with anything other than despondent sobbing. Needless to say, they didn’t follow me as I went inside. What’s wrong guys?, I almost said out loud. Are you afraid of what I’ll do to you when you’re inside? Instead, I marked my departure by slamming the door in their faces.

Anyway, later that night, as I prepared dinner, I had a spark of inspiration. In its final moments, from the beginning of its fall to the moment right before it splattered on the ground, the Jissou maggot probably thought it was flying. Now, the question became what would happen if one of the maggots actually could fly. A strange thought, I know. But then I started asking myself more questions. How much does a Jissou maggot weigh? Like, twenty grams, tops? Surely it wouldn’t be that difficult to find a small remote control aircraft that could lift that much. Hell, I had a small airforce’s worth of model planes just sitting in storage, surely one of them ought to be up to the task. All I’d need to do is find a Jissou maggot to find out what could lift one, and after what I had just done to one little Jissou family, I was not likely to find many more that would be willing to entertain my desire to take one of their youngest, most vulnerable children.


It turned out that I would get what I needed soon enough. It was Sunday morning, and any sign of the events of the previous night were almost gone. The Jissouseki whelps were long gone, a trail of dried blood and feces trailing from where the fallen Jissou lay off into the grass. The maggot’s landing was marked with greenish crust that had all but dried out, and any evidence that either had died there would be blown away by the wind or washed away with the rain.

Inside, I was going about my morning routine when I heard a slight tapping at my front door. As I have a working doorbell, I found this strange, but between my sighting of the Jissouseki yesterday and the knock being far too weak to be human, I was able to put the two together. The Jissouseki were back in the neighborhood, and one of them had just left me a “present.”

After a few minutes (I didn’t want the mother thinking I was overly anxious to take her and her shit-spawn), I opened the front door to find what I had expected. Just over the threshold was a blackened banana peel and a dried-out orange rind. Nibbling contentedly on the rotten fruit skins was a single larval Jissouseki, wagging its tail happily as it tore away tiny chunks of putrid plant matter with its still developing teeth.

“Mnnumnumnum… yummy refu~ Happy refu~”

I knew that Jissouseki were known to abandon their babies on random door steps, often for different reasons. Some are basically trying to bait the occupant into accepting their baby, who will grow and later let the mother and the rest of her family inside. Others were genuinely doing this to give their grubs the chance of a better life. The reasons why this mother abandoned her baby at my door were irrelevant. What mattered was that I had what I needed for my little project, without having to fight one of the whelps for it.

I gently picked up the maggot, which was happily mashing up what it had scraped from the banana peel with its palate. It expressed surprise at being disturbed, desperately wiggling its legs and wagging its tongue about as it tried to get back to its meal. It started crying as I walked back inside and closed the door behind me.

“Re? Where food go refu? Maggot-chan want peel refu-eeeeeeeeen”

Time to go to work.


The Hubsan X4 H107 is a remote control microdrone that currently dominates its area of the market, owing to its ease of flight and low cost. In addition, this drone can carry small objects, though obviously the manufacturer doesn’t want you to do this. Though, if you do fuck it up, crash kits are relatively inexpensive and most repairs can be done by the end user. Since a maggot weighed just a little more than the heaviest battery this drone can use, it was possible to get it in the air carrying the grub, with some modifications, of course.

So, for the next hour, I was at my desk, creating a small harness for the grub and attaching it to the quadcopter. As I worked, the maggot crawled around on my desk, leaving a dark green fecal trail as it explored its new environment, its previous temper tantrum about having its half-rotted food taken away a distant memory. A few times, it inched its way up to the drone to gum its rubber feet, then lose interest and crawl away. As I was putting the finishing touches on the drone, the maggot finally recognized my presence. It crawled in front of me and rolled over to expose its rotund underside, wiggling its leg stumps and tail excitedly as it made an all too familiar request.

“Mr. Man, give belly rub refu~ Maggot-chan’s tummy be soft and squishy for you refu~”

I made no reply. What had started as a request became more desperate.

“Maggot-chan want belly rub refu~ Please rub belly refu~”

Again no reply. The maggot stopped wiggling and just stared at me, tears welling in its tiny eyes. I did not respond in kind, which only made it cry harder.

“Mr. Man no give belly rub refueeeen… Maggot-chan sad refueeeeeen…”

A tragedy forgotten as soon as I looked at it. No sooner had our eyes met did the maggot’s tears dry and it resume its pleas for a belly rub.

“Maggot-chan here refu! Give punipuni refu~”

WIthout a word, I flipped the drone over and picked up the maggot. It was initially confused at my sudden response. Holding it still with my finger, I tightened the straps on the little harness around the little grub, attaching it to the quadcopter. I ensured that the straps were firm, but not too tight; the maggot needed to be able to breathe, while at the same time it needed to be secured to the drone in such a way that it could not suddenly shift its weight in any direction. As I made my adjustments to the straps, the maggot cooed “This strange punipuni refu~”

“It’s not a belly rub. Why would I give something like you a belly rub? Just so you could shit all over my desk? Not happening. Also,” I continued, my voice becoming a poor imitation of the maggot’s, “Your refu make u sound stoopid, repuuuuuuu”

The maggot started trembling as tears welled up in its eyes again. I never thought I would get such a kick out of hurting the feelings of such a tiny, defenseless creature. But that was before I knew what Jissouseki were.

“Re-ee-eee… Mr. Man is meanie refueeeeen… Hurt Maggot-chan’s feeling refueeeen…”

“Aw… I’m sorry, Maggot-chan. I’ll make it up to you.”

“You mean belly rub refu?”

“Even better than a belly rub! Do you want it?”

“Better than belly rub refu? Better than go poop refu? Maggot-chan want refu!”

“All right then, let’s get started!”

Time for a test flight~


EDIT: Deleted the first time I posted this because of a mistake.


Definitely continue this! I loved the original thread and the resurrection of it so many years later is great. <3


Seconded, we need this guy's story to continue!

Also, RIP Stargazer ;~;

Also also, is it weird that I kinda picture this guy looking a bit like Quicksilver in the X-Men movies? I don't know why, that's just what came to mind and stuck when reading the first story.


Thanks, I like your stories, by the way and the drone idea.
Omg I still remember, I'm so glad I found my favourite stories , Bella and Beatrice, Jessa mindbreak, Stella massacre bathtub, Matilda betrayed ( this one have continuation?) The puppet jissou <3, the starving jissou in the jar, Infestation, Resa torture, a lot of experiments, thanks. Miss this violence.

Limpié y me empecé a reescribir el capítulo 1, 2 y 3 de mi historia, y no parezca que lo escribí sucio en mis ratos libres en el celular :v , igual los invito a leer aunque sea en otro idioma o traductor google.

Mala familia. Parte 1/3

-Jovencita ¿tiene forma de dormir estos adefesios?-dijo tajante el guardia del aeropuerto, tardé en procesar unos segundos su japonés y reaccione- ¡Oh! ¡Si claro disculpe! Y rocie una pequeña cantidad de cloroformo sobre la caja donde adentro había 6 Jissous.

10 horas después.

Cinco se levantó mareada.
-¿Qué sucedió? desuuu~ -sujeto su cabeza- ¿Estoy en casa del señor hombre ?-a su alrededor nada diferente a su casa de cartón en el callejón, sólo que ahora está limpia, sin caca en las paredes incluso había una cama de su tamaño y para sus pequeños nuevos jissous, lindas cobijas rosas y platos para comida ¡deliciosa y caliente! un plato de agua y una caja para hacer sus necesidades y no apestaba ¡era un milagro! Era una mascota. Pero todo estaba obscuro a su alrededor-¿Desu?- Había recordado al él señor hombre, luego a la señorita mujer hablando, sintió una brisa húmeda después de respirar tuvo mucho sueño. Afuera de la caja estaban sus bebés Maggot-chan estaba abrazado de Thumb-chan aun dormidos en el suelo, la más grande de sus hijas frotaba su ojo impar y bostezaba.

-¿Ma-Mamá?¿Qué pasa techiii~? ¿Porque está todo negro? -preguntó con miedo su hija más grande abrazandose a la cintura de su madre.

- No se desu~- poca luz se filtraba por hoyos en el contenedor de plastico donde entraba un poco de luz caminaron en la oscuridad abrazados.

-¡Mamá mira, techi!- un plato lleno de croquetas y un dulce había aparecido entre las sombras, la adolescente corrió sólo para chocar y rebotar a pies de su madre sin manchar sus bragas con mierda, pero confundida gotas bicolor salían de la orilla de sus ojos, la pared aun es invisible al igual que la tienda en la que habia pasado toda su vida, sólo que obscuro y al otro lado había más cosas, la madre veía con su boca triangular muy abierta con la saliva saliendole, más allá de la comida había una Casa Jissou más bonita, con ventanas ¡Las ventanas tenían ropa también!, una botella llena de agua no en el piso sino en la pared con chupón, una pileta para bañarse con estampado de maggot-chans, un cojín y una resbaladilla. ¿Porque ella tenía no tenía una igual de bonita ? Las bragas de la madre empezaban a oler y golpeó la pared transparente con fuerza.

¡Quería entrar a la casa bonita! -

-¿Qué haces mamá? Me asustas techiii~ -pregunto la adolescente, mamá no era así una noche antes de que el señor humano las comprará- ¿D-Dónde estamos techii~? Dónde está señor hombre? Teee..-

-¡Vamos, jissou-chan desu! Tenemos que romper para llegar ahí -golpeó con sus muñones- DESU! DESU!- la mayor la imitó con tímidas patadas que no hacían casi ruido - ¡Tu no ser ayuda, desu! - la niña volvió a temblar -Hija debil ¡desu!-

-Mamá estas roja, ¿te sientes mal? teeee- ella nunca había echo más que cuidar a sus hermanas. No sabía hacer otro trabajo.

-Muy ruidoso techuu~- Una jissou casi tan grande como la adolescente salió de la casa pero era diferente, prendiendo la pequeña lámpara de pila AAA dentro de su casa, era bonita más porque tenía un lindo vestido rosa con olanes, pelo negro y una pequeña bolsa en forma de maggot-chan ambos jissous se quedaron callados- ¡Ah! ¡Hola techi! - dijo alegre moviendo su muñon hacia sus congéneres sólo a la más pequeña se le iluminaron los ojos por conocer alguien de su tamaño y tan bonita -Soy Marie, techu~ -dijo con una reverencia y sentándose en su cojín esperando a que los otros jissous dijeran algo, la adolescente se acercó y tocó la superficie del plastico, Marie hizo lo mismo.

-¿Donde estamos techii?- la hija mayor preguntó queriendo interactuar con la niña obviamente más linda que ella, vio sus propios vestidos eran los únicos que había tenido en su corta vida. Ya no le gustaban mucho y se sintió muy triste, aun más comparado cuando maggot-chan lloraba toda la noche cuando estaba estreñido o cuando mamá castigaba a thumb-chan con no ver el "hoyo mágico".

- Señor hombre nos lanzará al río desu- Una voz grave y poco femenina se escuchó en otra esquina, apenas visible un Jissou adulto en otro acuario con cama, plato con agua, se negaba a usarlos, estaba de espalda en posición fetal rodeada de su propia mierda y sucia de la boca al igual que sus muñones -señor hombre le gusta, lo hace siempre, o aplasta a tus pequeñas bebés muchas muchas muchas veces desu - su voz se quebró un poco, el traumatizado gremblin, giro su abeza dejando expuesta una cabeza sin pelo con un parche liso sin pelo arrancado de su frente. Estaba calva.

Las pequeñas se pusieron azules tan sólo de pensar morir ahogadas y de la fea apariencia del otro jissou aunque la madre fue menos coherente y prefirió burlarse con un "Depupupu~ " de la desgracia de la otra. Era fea y asquerosa.

Marie respiro y éxhalo levantándose de su cojín elegantemente mirando al jissou calvo -Tu mientes, deberías sentirte mal, yo te ignoro ¡techi!- subió por unas escaleras y se sentó en la burbuja de plástico hasta arriba de la resbaladilla sin deslizarse, así le enseñó el señor maestro y jissou sensei aunque extrañamente cuando despertó recuerda haber sido en el piso frío de su hogar pequeño, nunca había dormido en el suelo, lo odiaba, la madre la vio con envidia mientras que su hija miraba con un tristeza a Marie cantando en su burbuja transparente.

El jissou calvo sólo se acostó en el suelo a llorar sobre sus propias heces a lado de su cama, se negaba a usarla.

Yo por mi parte estoy sentada en mi vuelo de regresó a mi país desde Japón con 6 criaturas exóticas y regalos para la familia.

Al llegar apestaría terriblemente a mierda o tal vez estén unos muertos nunca se sabe con un viaje tan largo, pero oye tampoco te aseguró que todo esto sea legal, en el vuelo regreso a casa iba leyendo The Handbook of Raising Jissouseki para hacerme una idea de que decirles a mis primos.

Cinco entró a la casa enojada e ignoro a su jissou tamaño pulgar que había despertado estaba frotando el vientre de Maggot-chan que aun no despertaba. Eran tan pequeños que el circulo donde estaban entraba la suficiente luz para dejarlos ver alrededor y calentarlos, podía oler a mamá y onee-chan cerca.

-Maggot-chan es tan lindo rechuuun~-cantaba.
El otro jissou tenía cosas que ella nunca y ahora tenía está casa de mierda, camas feas y los mismos vestidos que sus hijas ¡Ella era un lindo jissou! Patéo el suelo y las camas un largo rato hasta que su mente tenía había una idea.

Su más grande jissou tenía que tener que quedar embarazada.

Estaba nerviosa, en mi país sólo existían pocos Jissous registrados legalmente, yo tenía la ligera sospecha de que Watanabe mi contacto y "criador jissou" que apenas había conocido me había estafado.

No había tenido contacto con estas bestias hasta la hora de mi vuelo, y sólo sabía poco de ellas antes de ir con mi familia tenía que pasar a mi departamento. En una arrugada hoja de papel con un español y ortografía muy mala, leí las cortas instrucciones.

Contenedor con Familia:
Madre: 18cm. Muy maternal nació hace 7 meses. Educación promedio. Limpia. Listón rosa.
Hija mayor: 15 cm. Un poco distraida. 3 meses de edad (creo)
Pulgar: 5cm, regordete. MUY frágil. 1 semana. Listón azul.
Maggot: 3 cm. 1 semana.
Contenedor con Jissou clase alta:
ID Marie. Educacion completa. 13 cm.
Contenedor con "Niño":
20 cm. Robusto.Resistente a los golpes.

Debía darles un nombre. Ok. Todos estaban esterilizados por lo tanto no podían tener bebés excepto la "Clase alta" debe referirse a la que tenía más juguetes en su caja, lo demás eran garabatos ilegibles.

Me habían estafado.

Corrí tan rápido como pude fuera del aeropuerto, la gente alrededor mío se quejaban del olor nauseabundo de mi equipaje, apenas llegue a mi departamento y puse la maleta en el suelo del cuarto de lavado, que daba al patio trasero y donde estaba la cama mi perro, aun tenía que ir por él a casa de mi abuela, pero primero el principal problema.

Abrí la maleta, el olor aumento y apenas abrí las tapas de las tres cajas al mismo tiempo fui atacada por una serie de gritos y chillidos agudos.

- ¡Rechiii! Muy brillante - dijo el pulgar más pequeño en una esquina tapándose con su muñon, había estado llorando y temblando aun arrullando a Maggot-chan que estaba con la lengua afuera y con un color gris en los ojos. Tenemos uno muerto - Señora mujer a-ayuda mami mala techiieen~- lloro desconsolada.

-¡¡No señora mujer, no me haga daño se lo ruego!!- lloraba otro en la tercera jaula con llorosos y lamentables DEEE~ su voz era horrible y grave, mientras protegía su cabeza, todo su alrededor estaba manchado en mierda, calvo ¡y sólo quería tomarlo de su estúpida y deforme cabeza y azotarla contra el suelo! suprimi mi instinto asesino (torture y comí unos cuantos de estos en mis dos semanas en Japón) Luego observé a la jissou clase alta que sólo me reverencio desde su burbuja de hámster ondeando su muñon desde su propio contenedor.

¿Pero donde estaban la madre y la adolescente? Había un rastro de mierda verde que iba a la casa de la familia jissou, levanté la casa de plástico delgado y ahí estaba el origen de todo maldito olor e infierno, entre una mezcla de sus propias heces verdes, líquido amniótico, sangre y pedazos de carne que no podía identificar estaba la adolescente, tirada muy delgada y casi echa un cadáver temblaba y lloraba nada.

No había líquido en su cuerpo.

-Te....teeeee- su pequeña voz de niña tocio- ..chihh no más bebés mamá por-porfavor- estaba desnuda no al borde de la muerte pero si agonizando- Te lo ruego teecgh~

-Onee-chaan tepyaa~ - corrió la más pequeña al ver el estado en que estaba su hermana mayor, cargaba a maggot-chan, sus pequeñas lágrimas caían en su muerto rostro.Tenía rota una parte de su ropa verde, en la oreja. Y si. Era gorda y redonda pero relativamente linda, dentro su pequeña mente sólo había dolor y confusión ¿su familia era mala?

Ok. ¿Donde estaba la pequeña bastarda madre? Detrás de las camas en la otra esquina pude ver movimiento, las camas apiladas horizontalmente en una esquina la que supone debe ser el fondo con toilet, inmediatamente las quite de un manotazo y ahi estaba la madre tratando de amamantar a un gusano y un pulgar pero se resistian a chupar los pezones verde y rojo de los cuales no salía leche, había otro gusano en el suelo azotando su cola contra el suelo, TODOS lloraban incluyendo la madre con sus voces chillonas y pequeñas, la madre se levantó con una combinación de sorpresa y espanto cuando me vio y salió del shock.

-¡Ho-Hola señora mujer desu! - la pequeña perra actuaba como si el infierno a su alrededor no existiera estos monstruos verdes sólo saben hablar japonés y aprenden lo más básico de cualquier lenguaje; lo habia leído en un artículo científico de hace casi 10 años en internet misteriosamente casi todo lo relacionado al experimento desapareció, la madre hizo su expresión "linda"- ¿ No le gustan mis lindos hijos desu?- debajo ella cobijas humedas de heces y liquido ámniotico, levantó a la pequeña pulgar, lloraba y temblaba mirándome con su rostro azul, sus bragas llenas de mierda de su ano-vagina que aun no escurrian, tenía un moño azul lleno de mierda en su cabeza, la tome entre mis manos temblaba de miedo al no saber que pasaba, cargue a la otra que estaba con el cadáver de su hermana mayor y a los gusanos, los thumbs-chans ambas eran lindas, una con un listón azul que era obvio de la original, las puse juntas con un snack de mi perro lo suficiente blando en una caja de zapatos.

-Rechi~?-ambas se miraron con curiosidad. Las deje conocerse. - ¡Ese es mi liston reeen!

Y en cuanto a los gusanos que sólo gritaban.

- Repipi~ no comida maggot triste-

-Repeen~ gusano hambre~ -

-Ree...reeee~ triste reee~- lloraban golpeando sus colas , los puse en un canasto de ropa junto con el cadáver de su fría familiar larva. No creo que le tomen importancia mientras exploran el nuevo lugar donde estaban.

Quite a la jissou de buena calidad, al calvo cobarde y los lleve a las esquinas opuestas del porche que daba al jardín, habían visto un poco de la masacre y están asustados.

-Señorita por favor salve a mi amiga~- oí decir a Marie yo sólo asentí y eso pareció calmarla.

Saque la caja de la maleta con las últimas Jissou , el olor se había impregnado en la maleta, maldita sea. Tenía que hacer una llamada a larga distancia. Puse el celular entre mi hombro y mi oreja.

El adefesio de la madre golpeaba el vidrio tratando de llamar mi atención- Señora humana deje explicar desuuu~ ¿Dónde están mis bebés?- daba brincos sin parar , tomé a la bastarda tan fuerte de su estómago que sus bragas explotaron con mierda salpicando las paredes de plástico , la solté cayendo en su propia inmundicia, con un "DECHA" extrañamente sus ropas parecían más ajustadas, quite a la moribunda adolescente quien sonreía a la nada imaginando quien sabe que, la puse en una toalla sobre la lavadora - Hu-huele bien Te-techuu...suave...- tal vez debería torcer su cuello, liberarla de su sufrimiento...naahh.

Lance la caja con la madre adentro hacia el fregadero con toda mi ira contenida y abrí el grifo, empezó a caer un poco de agua en el contenedor, me asomé y la jissou comenzó a llorar sosteniendo uno de sus muñones-¡¡ORORORO!! ¡Ayúdame señora mujer! ¡Lo siento! gritaba incluso más que el calvo jissou , su brazo estaba atrapado entre su casa y la pared, al parecer estaba roto y los restos de no se que alrededor, además de las camas toda la suciedad cayó en direccion a ella aprisionandola.

Recogí un vestido de color verde muy pequeño y adentro los despedazados restos de una jissou-pulgar que no pudo nacer bien, más maggot-chans desnudos, moribundos unos muy pequeños, fetos apenas, todos de diferentes tamaños, sospeche que había pasado aquí.

Rayos, unos aun se arrastraban buscando vivir sin saber que pasaba era como ver pequeñas gomas de mascar rosas semi-parlantes.

El agua comenzaba a llenar el contenedor apenas un centímetro, cualquier pulgar estaría feliz porque su casa se estaba volviendo una gran piscina y sería divertido, pero no, la madre jissou sospechaba algo, tocio mierda y comenzó a caminar con el brazo desprendido, empujando la basura que habían sido las camas y contenedores, sangrando caminó, el impacto no la dejaba caminar bien, había lastimado más su cuerpo, obvio arroje la jaula con enojo.

Al otro lado en el teléfono celular alguien contestó.

-¡¡Watanabe!! grite necesitaba ahora de este supuesto "Criador Experto Certificado Jissou" respuestas -¡Necesito respuestas ahora!- grite y me acerqué a la madre - ¡¡Y tu también si no quieres que de mate de la forma más dolorosa, idiota y pendeja jissou de mierda!!- aumente el chorro del grifo y ahora el contedor se llenaba levantando la basura en su suelo- Te ahogaras pequeña perra-

**Pffft** se escuchó y cagó más la idiota.

Después de un rato de hablar con Watanabe me acerqué de nuevo a la "madre".

-Lindo jissou, ¿que quieres hoy para comer?~ - la voz de señor hombre sonaba en en el aparato brillante de la señorita -Sólo dime como te llamas~

-¡Cinco! Dechuu~ - ladeo su cabeza y sus ojos se iluminaron y con felicidad que casi parecía haberla echo olvidar toda la mierda encima de ella y sus extremidades rotas o lastimadas- ¡Un filete señor! Jugoso y...¡No terminé , no se vaya señora mujer! Orororon- se aferraba a una de las camas tratando de flotar- ¡No saber nadar deschaa!-

-No es ella -dijo Watanabe- Bueno, no de mi tienda. La mía se hacia llamar Mika.

-Perfecto -dije con ironía y abrí el grifo hasta que el chorro llenaba lo bastante para que la madre falsa entrara en pánico.

5 horas antes de aterrizar.

Cinco busco entre su ropa interior ahí tenía una flor.
-Jissou-chan~ - llamó y no hubo respuesta ¿Jissou-chan? ¿Desu?- Salió de su horrible casa y vio a la mayor jugando aunque separadas por la pared de plástico a la jissou de vestido bonito, ella hacia bailar su pequeño oso mientras que la adolescente la veía riendo y aplaudiendo.

-Seamos amigas- dijo la hermosa jissou y la otra sintió mucha felicidad en su corazón.

-¡Claro techii~ -el amor que ahora sentía era diferente al que sentía por mamá, pulgar o maggot-chan, tenía una amiga con cosas bonitas ¡tal vez algún día podría subir a la resbaladilla! sintió un tirón en su hombro- ¿Te?¿Qué sucede mamá? ¡Mira tengo una amiga techii!- grito con felicidad.

La madre ni siquiera escucho y la arrastró a la casa, Marie se despedía de ella, llevando su oso y abranzadolo, ella quería algo así.

-¿Qué pasa mami techi?-

-Mira pequeña Jissou- saco la flor medio seca y se la dio- ¡Tenemos que hacer que señor hombre nos tome como sus mascotas favoritas desu!- la hermana mayor aun no entendía pero le gustaba ver la flor entre sus muñones pero estaba dispuesta a ayudar para hacer orgullosa a mamá.

-¡Claro mamá techii!-golpeó su propio pecho con decisión mientras que su madre le bajaba las bragas- ¿¡Mamá que haces?!-Trato de subirse su bragas blancas- ¡¡No quiero hacer popo!! Teee -forcejeo cubriendo con el pudor que el maestro le había enseñado y ahora su madre ahora acercaba la hermosa flor a sus partes privadas.

-Rechu~ ¿Que sucede?- se asomó el pulgar, había explorado y no encontraba a nadie más dejó a maggot-chan dormir más, se asustó y sus piernas temblaron, su hermana mayor estaba tirada en el suelo ¿Mamá quería quitarle sus ropas a onee-chan? ¡Eso sólo lo hacían los callejeros! De repente el estómago de su hermana se hincho.

- ¿Teeeee?- la menor froto su estómago entre lágrimas y con un poco de líquido verde en el suelo, había tenido un accidente y no hizo caca dentro de la caja - ¿Mamá que me pasa ?-subió sus bragas y se levantó saliendo de la casa tan rápido como pudo, aun Marie estaba ahí jugando en la esquina- N-No puedo caminar techaaa~ayudame amiga techii - se sostenía ¿No podía hacer caca? se dejó caer a un lado de la hermosa jissou quien golpeaba la pared invisible preocupada por su amiga, su estómago se movía y seguía creciendo aun con pedazos de flor dentro de ella, tenía sus dos ojos verdes vio su reflejo en el contenedor- ¡No! ¡No quiero tener bebés techiii! - la sombra de su madre le daba miedo, el pulgar observaba detrás del contenedor de agua llorando y agarrando a su gusano.

Marie corrió a su casa a buscar algo para ayudar a su amiga, el jissou calvo veía sin emoción la escena sin vida en sus ojos pero si con saliva escurriendo en su triangular boca.

-Lo siento jissou-chan- mamá la tomo de su lindo pelo y la arrastró de vuelta a casa, primero suave - Señor hombre verá hermosos bebés ¡y nos escogerá, no a jissou mierda! desu -señaló a Marie, que salía con una espada de juguete y un casco tipo bombero, Marie saltó nunca había visto tanta violencia y había escuchado una palabra prohibida, la madre al ver sus accesorios se volvió loca de envidia, comenzó a tirar fuerte del pelo de la adolescente.

-E-Esa es una mala palabra mamá rechi - se atrevió en su natural estupidez decir el pulgar con obesidad temblando a lo que la más grande, la pateo haciéndola caer al agua - REGRYAA...cough..cough...- tocia y salpicaba- ¡¡Ayudargh!! ¡Hermana! Maggot...RE-Resuun!!!-

- ¡Noooo hermanita! ¡¡MI PELO!!¡¡DUELE!! TECHAA - sus bragas ahora expulsaban tanta mierda dura, del miedo, ¡tenía que limpiarse le daba pena frente su amiga! ¿Porque mamá le hacia esto?, ellos eran solo unas bebés bonitas, desesperada por ayudar a su hermanita, forcejeo con su madre y aunque un parche de su hermoso pelo fue arrancado dejándola con un rastro de sangre, pudo tirar el contenedor de agua salvando a la pequeña, aunque mojandola entre su mierda que empezaba a salir del miedo de ahogarse, su madre la lanzó de nuevo a la casa - ¡¡No les hagas daño son unos beb-!!...ouchiee mi barriga duele Teechiiu~- lloro impotente iba a ser mamá pero ella no podía.

-Rechii..chii..- tocio el pulgar mojado pero había una sombra- Mamá ¿PORQUE? Rechaaa - dijo con pequeña y tierna voz, le daba mucho miedo la obscuridad y con la poca luz atrás su mamá daba miedo, se quitó las bragas y ofreció su ano-vagina como hacían las señoritas en la "caja mágica"- Rechuun~- pero sólo sintió un dolor en su oreja- ¡RECHUWA! Nooooo mi listón reee~- la mamá regresó a la casa no sin antes darle una patada maggot-chan quien tenía unos segundos de despertar. Estúpido maggot no sirve.

-Refuuu~ sueño bueno, punipu...¡ahh!- su cuerpo azotó en la esquina.

-¡Maggot-chaaan!- grito histérica la pulgar y corrió a rescatarlo.

La hija mayor vio a su madre entrar e instintivamente protegió su panza - Duele, mucho T-Teee ~ yo no puedo tener bebés mami , no recuerdas...?- uno de sus mechones había sido arrancado y un poco de sangre manchaba su espalda no se imagino que esas pocas gotas serían el principio de su agonía, aun su corazón no asimilaba que su madre se volviera mala y quisiera lastimarla, casi eran del mismo tamaño pero mamá era fuerte y la amaba.

-Escucha jissou-chan, tenemos que hacer que señor hombre nos escoja desu -su actitud había cambiado a una madre "comprensiva" e "inteligente", incluso limpio la frente sudorosa de su hija con un pedazo de bragas semi-limpias a pesar de que estaban a unos cuantos pasos al menos las sabanas, la niña estaba tirada en la esquina de la casa, llena de dolor- Por eso tendremos una familia grande con muchos bebés bonitos desu~

- ¿Mis hermanas no son bonitas? Techeen?- lloro lágrimas bicolor al recordarlas. Las amaba, siempre las cargaba y abrazaba en las noches para ver a través del "hoyo magico" antes de dormir.

-No, desu ¡Pero tu si!- estaban tardando mucho en nacer tenía que acelerar el parto antes de que llegara el humano tal vez tenía que empujarla vio su mano-muñon - Decir que onee-chan olía a mierda cuando dormias desu~ - la adolescente era escéptica aún así no podía evitar llorar mas- No llorar, tendremos casa bonita, grande , podrán jugar pequeños jissous y mamá tener un bolso bonito desu~- tendió un listón azul extrañamente familiar- ¡Este será para tú primer bebé desu!- la chica vio su estómago e imagino todo lo que su madre decía ¡tal vez si podía tenerlos! , su estómago rugia como si tuviera hambre ¡Pero eran bebés creciendo! ¡Sus bebés! En unos dias tendría unos hermosos jissous tenía mucho amor en su corazón ahora.

-Techuuun~ Seré mamá - ¡jissou-chan era ahora una niña grande! Pensó en sus posibles nombres , levantó su vestido y vio el movimiento de muchas bolas sobre su piel, aun sentía mucho dolor - ¿E-Enserio mamá?- otra contraccion pasó, la miro con lágrimas en su rostro tanto de dolor como de felicidad- Dame tu listón quiero que mis bebés me vean bonita techi~- su madre dio un paso atrás y enseñó los dientes protegiendo el listón "¡NO! JISSOU-CHAN" le gritó, el corazón de la niña dolió ella nunca tuvo un lindo listón y dolió más aún al ver que ahora le había quitado la capucha de su vestido- ¡De! ¡¿Mamá que haces?!-

-Tu ropa se llenara de caca desu~- tenía que verse más bonita que la jissou de pelo negro, podía tomarlas ahora y después el señor hombre les daría a todos, eran muy pobres en esta caja pequeña, la niña forcejeo cuando fue su vestido arrancado y una contracción muy fuerte la golpeó, cayó sobre su estómago y empezó a patalear violentamente estaba dando a luz.

-¡¡TEGYAA!! - ¡aún no era tiempo! la niña saco con tanta fuerza a sus hijos, caca y líquido que salpicó toda la casa y sus accesorios - ¡¡NOO NAZCAN techaa!!- nunca escuchó el" Tettere~" sólo sonidos ahogados, y su madre caminando sobre la suciedad, se sentía muy cansada no podía dormir ahora, sus bebés la necesitababan, se giró para ver el horror, sus bebés luchando dentro de sus bolsas, unos estaban azules o desnudos, otros sólo eran miembros sin forma, alcanzó uno y lamio instintivamente la bolsa , al terminar sólo vio la ropa pequeña y una mezcla de órganos verdes y rojos, se arrodilló con el cadáver en sus manos, ella agarro otro y lo lamio, sólo eran un par de ojos, agarro otro, un maggot-chan pequeño desnudo, con los ojos cerrados sin pelo, pero un muy pequeño "re..." le dio esperanzas y lo dejó en el suelo arrastrándose no sin antes ponerle el listón demasiado grande para su cuerpo a su primer bebé -M-Mamaa ayúdame, mis bebés t-tee~- imploro cansada, agarro otra bolsa entre sus muñones, sólo para ser otro pulgar licuado, vio a su mamá recoger un pequeño bulto.

La mamá sólo veía adentro al pequeño bebé ahogandose en su bolsa, en su mente pequeña del gusano creyó que ella era su mamá e iba a salvarlo y después frotar su vientre -¡Jissou de mierda deshaaa!- azotó al gusano desnudo el cuál reventó fuera de su bolsa materna sólo para morir del susto- ¡Todos feos y desnudos!-

La nueva madre se quedó pálida -¡No mates a mis bebés! Orororon- la madre recién parida se arrastró hasta su madre quien los pisaba con los dientes afilados, roja y furiosa ¡No eran feos! Sólo señor hombre tenía que cuidar bien a sus pequeños, criarlos, llevarlos a una casa bonita, en su estrés y desesperación le rogó a su madre que parara de pisarlos y gritarle feos que mordió su pierna, la madre reaccionó y pateo su rostro de la ahora desnuda, miserable y llena de suciedad hermana mayor- ¡PARA! ¡Lo siento, no me pegues! Teeee - la mamá tomo al pequeño feto-gusano al primero que vio "vivo" y lo reventó en el rostro de su hija manchandola con la sangre de uno de sus hijos, su ojo se puso rojo y su estómago llenarse otra vez- ¡MI BEBÉ !¿Te?- otra vez estaba quedando embarazada-¡¡NOOO!!- cayó de espaldas soltando patadas.

- ¡Tendrás más bebés! Desu!- Salió de la casa.

-¡¡No me dejes sola!!- grito aguantando a sus bebés para que no salieran, nunca había sentido tanto dolor- T-TeeegYAA!!-


Al salir de la sala de parto-casa vio como el shit-jissou con casa bonita hablaba con el calvo y feo a través de las paredes - Depupu~ se burló y dio una vuelta guiñando el ojo - Vamos a ser las mascotas favoritas desu~- cantó y se desnudo poniéndose la ropa de su hija - el pulgar estaba cagado de miedo literalmente, oía a su hermana gritar y chillar como nunca , su ropa mojada, temblaba de frío y mamá daba miedo, estaba escondido debajo del recipiente que antes habría sido su tumba, cuando estaba llena de agua, le daba "belly rubs" a su hermanita favorita fría y dormida otra vez, su ojo colgaba y ella lo volvía a meter en el cráneo de su hermanita, no entendía que sucedía, afuera escuchaba a mamá decirle palabrotas a los otros jissou que no conocía. Era una bonita jissou ¿Porque?

De vuelta en mi departamento.

- Entonces la malvada jissou rosa lazo el caramelo desu~ jissou-chan ¡la inocente lo comió!- decía la madre alrededor de mi mano estaba apunto de hundirla en el contenedor lleno de agua, ella culpaba a Marie - ¡y mi pobre hija comenzó a tener bebés! Ororon- fingió llorar- Nos llevarás a mi y a mis bebés a su casa señora mujer? Desu~-

-¿Tu le crees?-

-Obvio no - respondió Watanabe y hundí a la bastarda mentirosa, nosotros ya sabíamos que era callejera, Watanabe mando los vídeos de seguridad de su tienda.

Había matado a la madre original tomo su ropa y la reemplazó.

-¿Cómo pudiste estafarme?-saque a la jissou que comenzaba morderme debajo del agua- ¡Calmate!- la arroje con un splash y ella trató de salvarse nadando a la orilla con su único brazo, el agua había lavado toda la suciedad pero ella seguía cagando una combinación de diarrea navideña ughh -¿ Como saber que no ocasionaran más problemas?-

-¡Lo siento!- dijo Watanabe - pero no podía conseguir jissous tan especiales como TU querías en tan poco tiempo ¡son asexuados! Y difíciles de predecir desde que ahora son un producto comercial nada más -Asentí tenía razón, estas bestias ni siquiera eran mis mascotas, eran para mis primos mi tío me mando dinero, pero mi familiar era un poco idiota para saber el valor del Yen que me mando dinero de más que no podía reembolsar porque lo había gastado como turista que yo era, querían una familia educada y un niño, cambiaron de parecer cuando les mande una foto de un Jissou "macho" y para que los usaban el gran pene debió asustarlos obviamente - Aún así tienes el Kit-jissou, aun puedes salvar a la adolescente como te explique tienes todo lo necesario-

-Ok, yo me haré cargo- tenía que limpiar todo esto y después presentarme con mi familia, observé a la jissou callejera tal vez podría darme el lujo de otra mascota.

El kit-jissou tenía las suficientes cosas como para compensar la estafa accidental de Watanabe, pero no para aliviar el daño psicológico de la Jissou adolescente tampoco quería a la madre traicionera, pero antes de deshacerme de ella quería divertirme, si ella era un embustero entonces puede que no esté esterilizada.

Saque un caja de plástico de unos chocolates viejos, y lo llene con una solución especial con nutrientes simples , tomé a la adolescente y la coloque con la toalla, recargue su cabeza con cuidado, era tres veces más delgada desde la última vez que le vi rociandole cloroformo, sus 15 centímetros pesaban nada en mi mano ¿Qué sabía yo acerca de los jissousekis? Nada. Sólo lo básico antes de tener la suerte de ir a Japón a escribir un artículo temporalmente, no soy un científico sólo una buena periodista y lo demás es otra historia.

Investigue algunas cosas en Internet pero todo era publicidad, mucha información obsoleta o prohibida, productos para tu jissou, recetas...

Los pulgares habían disfrutado el pequeño trozo de filete para perro, la gorda original aún seguía masticando un pedazo como para darse cuenta de mi presencia, comía con desesperacion, haciendo ruidos como cerdo y la otra recién nacida, observo mi rostro- Rechi!- tenía rasguños en su rostro con lagrimas, probablemente la otra reconoció su hermoso listón y se lo había quitado a la fuerza, ambas sucias de una u otra forma, mi garganta carraspeo -¡Chuwaaa!- grito con trozos de grasa en sus mejillas y se protegió detrás de la otra quien temblaba pero me veía con determinación, aparentaba no tener miedo pero el diminuto idiota estaba a un grito de cagarse o morir. Curioso. Acerqué mi mano, la gorda grito a todo pulmón, es algo que los jissou saben hacer muy bien, la otra cerraba sus ojos.

-Pobres, pequeñas -dije con la voz más tierna que podía ambas reaccionaron igual y me vieron con sus ojos bicolor y sonreí, perfecto - Jissou mala ya no les hará daño yo las cuidaré...- ambas juntaron sus muñones llenas de esperanza esperando esa palabra que sus pequeñas mentes registraban como su máxima felicidad, estaba en su ADN como otras cosas como: guantes = peligro - como mis mascotas.

-¡Hurra! Seré la mascota de la señora mujer y tendré muchos dulces rechi~- saltó la original y dando vueltas, la otra se acercó a mi tímidamente -Puede mi hermana favorita venir con nosotros techuaa~?- el pulgar recién nacido pregunto, la otra en su felicidad parece haberse olvidado de su gusano ¡Oh cierto los maggot-chans! - ¡Claro! Pero primero un rico baño caliente, ropa y dulces sólo esperen- ellas gritaron de excitación, incluso se abrazaron, que hipócritas, corrí al canasto y como yo temía el original ahora sólo se había vuelto el almuerzo de los dos gusanos vivos, habían absorbido con sus lenguas el cerebro de su congenere, luego masticaron su cráneo débil, llenaron sus estómagos con una mitad de gusano.

-Pancita llena reboooh~-

-Feliz refuuu~ - baba verde salía de sus orificios de satisfacción - Maggot-chan, rico! -

-Ese no era un maggot era un dulce~ amm con su forma - hable con voz suave y aun así gritaron de sorpresa para luego tirarse de espaldas y empezó.

- Vientre suave y esponjoso frotar, refuuu~- movían sus cuerpos llenos y sus pequeñas piernas cualquier, cosa que moviera o emitiera sonido pedian que los frotaran.

- ¡ Dulce rico! Refu! ¡Mas por favor~-

- Vientre suave y esponjoso, ¡frotar ya refu!- insistió más fuerte uno, su ano escupió más sustancia verde que salpicaba, protegi mi blusa y los tome, estas mierdas manchaban era una combinación entre aceite con cenizas de cigarro, cera, etc. En conclusión difícil de lavar, el olor variaba al igual que su forma y densidad, pero no dejaba de ser asqueroso. Cómo los jissous mismos.

-Tengo algo mejor que frotar sus pancitas pequeños ~- ellos salivan como pequeños perros con sus pequeñas voces excitados ¡Existia algo mejor que frotar barriga! Fui al baño ya preparado, los gusanos un centímetro más pequeños que el original muerto en una mano y en la otra la caja con los pulgares, con una parte del kit, un shampoo especial, ropas de diferentes colores, una jaula con una sola cama echa de bolas de algodón para los 4 y un reproductor MP3 con "Música especial para jissou. pista12" ¿Qué?, según el instructivo anexo esa era la pista para la situación y calmar sus pequeñas y difícil de admitir, complejas mentes, les quite sus ropas naturales siendo tan falsamente tierna que no protestaron, luego estaban en el lavamanos todos juntos en un charco de agua tibia y una superficie suave (otra de mis toallas, no quiero un drama porque una larva se fue por el hoyo del drenaje) luego la reunion familiar.

-Maggot-chaaan!- los pulgares corrieron entre lágrimas a abrazar a sus hermanas pequeñas quienes al fin obtuvieron su frotada en el vientre, era el cielo que ellos esperaban al nacer, cada vez que la señorita tomaba entre sus manos, sonidos lindos parecían recuperar sus ouchies, sus cuerpos eran frotados con gelatina que olía muy rico, ellas la miraban mientras sus pancitas, brazos y lindo cabello eran frotados, ahora me veían como un divino protector - Maestra techuuu~ - dijo el nuevo thumb-chan, el último por lavar - Te amo techun~ - froto su mejilla en mi dedo, odio que de buenas a primeras me digan eso, más estas sucias cosas, tenía tentación de ver como reaccionaban si a esté le volaba la cabeza o asfixiaba dentro de mi puño quebrando todos sus huesos , se relajó en mi mano - Muchaas cosaaas techii~ -sólo mi baño era muy fascinante para ella, potenciales cosas para jugar tal vez.

- Nunca te dejaré sola, otra vez rechii~- decía el pulgar, si tan sólo supiera que su hermana larva original ya era mitad cadáver digerido y mitad basura, lo único que quedaba de su cuerpo eran las heces procesadas que expulsaba su reemplazo, frotaba su barriga con tanto entusiasmo a su hermanita que parecía que le estaba dando un orgasmo al bebé , salpicaba mierda con tanta fuerza, que dí un paso atras, la pequeña en mi mano vio que caía mierda en su hermanita, antes limpia pero no se atrevía a decir nada.

- Señora mujer ¿puede bajarme techii?~- apenas la baje acudió a su hermana maggot a quitarle la mezcla de caca y agua de su boca, que buena hermana, lastima que no pueda decir lo mismo de su prima pero ahora hermana pulgar, una perra desobligada.

- Reecorgh~ ¡No gusta caca! Refuu.-

Coloque la nueva jaula a un costado del lavamanos -El baño a terminado vamos a ponerles unas lindas ropas nuevas y...- *prrrrt* estas cosas aman la ropa demasiado, apenas se las mostré volvieron a ensuciar de emoción el agua con su cagada verde ,incluso la obesa que era "domesticada" ¡mala idea hijos de perra!, estreche mi mirada estaban encabronandome en exceso, abrí la llave de agua fría al máximo, en un chorro las moje ahora sin cariño.
Sus chirridos de felicidad y saltos, fueron interrumpidos abruptamente por gotas frías.

-¡Repyooo! fría! No gusta!-

- ¡Hermana ayuda! Reglubglub-

Gritaron las larvas mientras giraban en su propio eje por la fuerza del agua, tragaban agua confundidas, las niñas las tomaron lejos del chorro mirándome pero el agua estaba helada y apenas podían hablar sin castañear sus dientes.

- No hagan mas mierda - dije entre dientes. Apague el maldito MP3 era estúpido de todas formas.

-¡S-S-Señora mujer detenga el agua! T-T-Teee - el nivel y temperatura del agua cambio y los gusanos comenzaban a tragar agua, la gorda hizo lo que mejor hacia: gritar chillonamente, los jissous cuando están sufriendo por el dolor su voz se vuelve gutural, rota y grave, ella daba unos chillidos tan agudos y exageradamente desesperados.

-¡Les dije aguanten hacer caca!- me puse al nivel de los desgraciados tan rápido que titubearon mientras cargaban a sus maggot-chans lejos del chorro de agua y de la que se formaba alrededor de ellos, las paredes lejos de la toalla las hacia resbalar - Tienes que decir "POR FAVOR"- dije en mi idioma, mi rostro se veia intimidante y sus corazones se aceleraban apretaban sus estómagos para no cagar - Les di un lindo hogar ¿y ustedes no pueden decir "Por favor" o gracias? Tal vez no merezcan estó, debería tirarlo - señale la pequeña jaula para mascotas ellas realmente no corrían mucho riesgo la toalla sólo detenia un poco el flujo del agua, pero esas palabras habían llenado de pánico sus cuerpos aun más perderían ese paraiso - Así que "¿Porfavor"?-

- P-Porque señora mujer? ¿No nos amas nunca ? Teeee- su mente era tan estúpida que sólo pensó en eso.

-¡Porafor! ¡Refeee!- repitieron las larvas agitando sus lenguas hacia mi preocupadas por la conmoción retorciendo su cuerpo de izquierda a derecha.

-¡Wow! Que suerte tienen -cambie la temperatura y presión del grifo- Tenemos ganadores ~- dije con real falsedad- desde ahora por no aguantarse hacer caca ustedes deben bañarse solas y ayudar a su hermanitas, recuerden que yo fui quien los protegió de mala jissou- entre lágrimas estaban haciendo lo que les ordene calentando sus miembros con el agua nuevamente tibia, todo en silencio, los puse en al barra después que volvieron a bañarse- Estos son sus nuevos dueños- mostré la única foto de mis primos a las bestias, una tocó con su muñon la pantalla de mi celular sonrió al ver a los "pequeños señores hombre"- NO tocar- el pulgar dio un pasó atrás cerró sus piernas reprimiendo sacar sus heces ¡Al fin un poco de progreso! Era necesario si era demasiado suave con ellas, se volverían remilgosas, egoístas y sucias - Antes de ir con ellos dormiran aquí -señale la pequeña casa- dormiran y despertaran con jissou onee-chan y jissou sensei quien los guiarán con ellos- el aire comenzaba a secar sus cuerpos no planeaba perder más toallas limpias - Ahí tienen sus nuevas ropas bonitas, una pelota y un poco de comida...- antes de que terminará los pulgares corrieron en frenesí por la vista de ropa caliente dejaban atrás a las larvas que con su motricidad lenta se quedaban atras- ¡Aún no he terminado!- azote mi brazo cortando su camino al pequeño paraíso, el maggot de Aka chubby chorreo popo líquida casi a un centímetro de alto, cerré mi puño y el pulgar le fruncio el ceño mirándola con enojo "estupida hermana rechaa~!" supuse que pensó- Limpias el agujero de maggot-chan antes de vestirte -acerqué un cuadro de papel higiénico- limpiaran siempre que maggot-chan haga popo ¿entendido?- la gorda asintió de mala gana, ambas comenzaban a temblar, querían ropa caliente su cuerpo abrazando a sus hermanas bebés no transmitía mucho calor pero señora mujer no les permitía el paso - Perfecto, no quieren ouchies de señora mujer ¿Verdad? - ellas negaron- Habrá dulces si hacen bien lo que les dije~ - sus lágrimas eran contenidas en felicidad por la promesa de su debilidad, les di acceso y con paso cauteloso pero rapido cargando a maggot-chan hicieron lo que les dije, los gusanos fueron los primeros en entrar a su calcetines, luego las niñas entraron llenas de felicidad a sus nuevos vestidos y las acerqué al espejo de pared, ellas modelaban y giraban con un " Yo bonita techuu~" o "Gracias señora techii~" - Vamos ahora todos a dormir - saque una caja de colaciones y las agite llamando su atención, obedientes pero ya salivando se acomodaron en su cama les di 4 mitades de dulce el cuál devoraban, los recién nacidos bufan en felicidad de su primer dulce.

- Mmph~ Dulce bueno Befuu~--

*chomp* Mmm rico rechii! Dar más-

Aún tenía que ocuparme de los otros dos jissou en mi cuarto de lavado - Señora mujer tiene que ir algunas cosas, compórtense como buenas niñas no tardare, hagan popo en este plato - Puse un poco de papel higiénico a un lado ellas asistieron, los gusanos me veían felices con sus minúsculos ojos entrecerrados y les di rápidos "belly rubs" ahora me aman lo se, después cerré su nueva jaula, me quede en el marco de la puerta fuera de su vista, espiandolas por cualquier comportamiento irregular, estaba a punto de irme cuando vi a la jissou con sobrepeso cargar a maggot-chan detrás de la casa, mi primer pensamiento fue canibalismo pero no, la larva aun tenía parte de su dulce en la boca, con el reflejo del espejo pude espiar sin que se dieran cuenta y vi como la hermana mayor le quitaba su dulce a su hermanita quien con sus débiles mandíbulas se negaba a dejarlo, con un tirón arrancó su comida deliciosa.

-Repyo? Nooo~ maggot dulce repyaaa - lágrimas gruesas salieron e hizo puchero - regresar refuuu - el pulgar de listón azul se apresuró a cortar del dulce una parte más pequeña, desproporcionada, la pequeña mente de la larva lo aceptó y se volvió calmar aunque con menos dulce del que le correspondía , ella ya había terminado el suyo apenas se lo había dado antes ¡ Y ahora fue a robarle a escondidas! pequeños avariciosos- Yummy~ refu-

- ¡Te veo, suelta el dulce!- todas saltaron, gire hacia mi la jaula para encarar a la aprovechada jissou, estaba petrificada al ser atrapada, la otra se asomó - No debes quitarle a tus hermanas lo que no es tuyo.

- S-Señora mujer r-regreso- trató de disimular - Jissou-chan no sabe que habla techii- inclinó su cabeza queriendo hacer una impresión linda pero no eso nunca funciona.

-¿ Que pasar techi? -dijo la otra ante la conmoción con el gusano en sus brazos feliz emitiendo pequeños gritos sólo por vivir - ¿Porque hermana temblando?- esta jissou era extrañamente más bondadosa, eso es malo porque son los primeros en morir en las calles a manos de otros jissous, pero por ahora era la que mejor se comportaba.

-¡ Yo no hacer nada! Tee...Teeee - limpiaba sus lágrimas y mocos con sus muñones- ¡Señora mujer mentirosa! Chieeeeen-

-Oh nada sólo voy a enseñarle a tu hermanita una pequeña leccion por mentirme - le di una sonrisa y metí mi mano para tomar a la idiota rompe huevos, me asegure que todos pudieran tener una buena vista- Los jissou que roben comida de sus hermanas - levanté el vestido nuevo de la gorda - y que ensucian sus panties...-

- ¿Cómo señora verme ? teee...teee - me interrumpió, oh no, no hagas eso que tu vida pende de un hilo y mi puño pensé, vi mi jabón líquido de los Avengers- ¿¡COMO TECHI!?-

-¡Porque tengo malditos poderes, así pude verte pendeja! Con mis poderes...- pensé un momento en japonés - ¡magicos! ~ - recordé que estas cosas amaban las magic girls y las idols aunque me sentí estúpida al decirlo pero funcionó para calmar sus constantes ataques de nervios- ¡Así que no pueden mentir porque lo sabré!- quite la toalla y acerqué a la pulgar asustada al agujero del lavamanos como vi que su cuerpo redondo ajustaba sin que corriera peligro de caer por el drenaje metí su cabeza como un tapón dejando sus piernas-muñones al aire al igual que sus bragas con rastro verde, sus hermanas con rostros azules no podían oír sus gritos pero yo si y no pude evitar sonreir.

- ¡ Apesta, techiaaaa!- soltaba patadas y su cabeza dolía en esa posición sus brazos solo alcanzaban a tocar la superficie babosa del caño - ¡Negro, ayuda techiii!- sus hermanas veían impotentes y espantadas. Yo disfrutaba aunque no se compara a torturar realmente a estos goblins hasta la médula. Hacerlos sufrir.

- ¿Tu le robaste a maggot-chan su dulce? Si lo admites y dices las palabras mágicas te sacaré del hoyo mágico del castigo -

-¡NOOO! Maggot-chan darme techaaaa- gritaba por ayuda a sus hermanas, este no era el hoyo mágico al que estaba acostumbrada sólo se escuchaba un eco cavernoso, otra cosa para odiar jissous: pensar que los humanos son ingenuos-¡¡P-Por favor!! Techaaa- nada paso tal vez la señorita se había ido - PorfavorPorfavorPorfavor Teeeeee - desesperanzada suspiro para luego sentir como yo tiraba de su vestido y la ponía a un lado de sus hermanas di unas palmadas suaves en su cabeza y le vi con falso cariño- ¿Te-Techii?-

- ¿Ves? - todas parecían ahora entender el significado del castigo- Ahora di " Lo siento maggot-chan por robar tu dulce y....-

- L-Lo siento maggot-chan p-por robar dulce...techii- repitió entrecortada aun le costaba aceptar su error estaba más preocupada por las manchas en su vestido, comenzó a caminar de regreso a la jaula a lavarse y no hacer enojar más a la señora mujer.

- ¡AUN no he terminado!- se congeló donde estaba, el subir y bajar mi voz de un tono rudo a uno suave los desconcertaba, continúe -... y fui jissou de mierda no tendré dulce hoy en la cena" ¡DILO!- las últimas palabras helaron a todos, negarles dulce era como amenazar sus vidas si comparamos sus reacciones, sus angustiados ojos mostraban que no quería hacerlo.

- y fui jissou de mi-mierd- volteo a verme con esperanzas de no obligarla a hacerlo pero fue en vano a veces el silencio y una mirada fría podían provocar el mismo miedo- mierda y no du-dulce para cena - se dejó caer humillada frente a sus hermanas muy triste hipo y lloro- Chiiieeeen-

-Perfecto- estreche mis manos satisfecha, llene un recipiente con agua y puse la barra de jabón a un lado- Lava toda la caca de tu ropa y después entraras a jugar con tus hermanas- abrí la jaula los gusanos habían perdido interés y jugaban con la pelota de plástico empujando con su rostros infantiles.

Camine al cuarto de lavado satisfecha escuchando a la resignada jissou gordo a lo lejos ; las cosas se habían calmado aquí, pude ver a las jissous inconscientes, la adolescente parecía haber recuperado un poco de peso se curó hundida en solución de nutrientes de leche materna jissou "uggh que asco" y la impostora reposaba en el piso del acuario, el cansancio de mantenerse a flote y el dolor la desmayo pero viva, yo había tirado el agua, aun tenía planes con ella, tome una tabla perforada para circuitos, la puse sobre el mismo y antes de que me diera cuenta había despertado, antes de que comenzará a gritar y pedir ayuda tape su maldita boca triangular con mi palma y con unos pedazos de alambre de cobre la asegure de sus 3 miembros sanos, sólo su cuello quedó libre, tiré sus patines sucias a la basura poniendo un balde debajo suyo para que no encunciara, retorcia su cuerpo infructuosamente y sus gritos eran ahogados en cinta adhesiva ahora, la moví a la cubierta de mi lavadora al puro estilo mesa de disección, la coloque a un lado de la adolescente para que pudiera verla bien.

-¡ Tu hiciste esto y te haré pagar por joder mi maleta, mi tiempo y dinero!- coloqué todo lo que pudiera permitirme lastimar a la bolsa de mierda que era su existencia, entre ellas colorante rojo, pegamento, gas pimienta, un taladro y clavos, apenas vio el encendedor y tijeras derramó toda la carga en el balde y se movió más frenéticamente entre pedos - ¿Oh reconoces estos? Eso rectifica que eres una callejera sucia y fea que sólo merece dolor...-conecte el taladro he hizo un ruido que la alteró más - ¿Que hiciste con Mika-chan y a su hija? si vuelves a mentir juro que haré tantos hoyos en tu cuerpo que...-

Ding-Dong Ding-Dong Ding-Dong

¿Ese es el timbre de la casa? ¡Joder! ¿Porque ahora? Limpié mis manos del olor, mi visita era impensable y extraña que el -Señor Ono, hola - el criador de mi Shiba inu al que aun continuaba pagándole, era un pura raza valía la pena - ¿A que debo su visita?-

- Señorita Rojas-San- me dijo y si, era de descendencia japonesa- lamento que no recibí su pago electrónico y necesito el dinero, lamento molestar es tarde.

- ¡Lo lamento!- Lo hice pasar para no ser descortes- ¿Se le ofrece un poco de de té? Permítame ir por mi chequera- mientras más rápido se vaya mejor y regresar a mis asuntos.

- ¡¡¡YO MATARTEEE DECHAAAAA!!!- ambos nos quedamos congelados en la sala de estar.

- Jajaja deben ser los gatos del vecino siempre se meten ¡deme un segundo! - nerviosa corrí de vuelta al cuarto de lavabo el Sr Ono tal vez piensa que tengo a una niña humana cautiva la escena era la siguiente: la adolescente se había levantado de su coma y ahora lloraba en la tina desnuda aún débil, confundida de no saber saber que pasaba y la madre gritaba hacia ella - ¿Qué diablos haces? -dije entre dientes volví a amordazar a la madre ahora dando tres vueltas de la cinta en su estúpida cabeza quería que le apretara hasta dolerle, luego solté varias satisfactorias bofetadas en su rostro una seguida de la otra , con sus mejillas rojas que debían quemarle como el infierno me alegro, sus gritos eran callados por la cinta transparente incluso un hilo de sangre salió de su nariz y boca tal vez rompí unos cuantos dientes oops, la perra pujaba con gritos guturales silenciados, nuevamente muda tome con delicadeza el contenedor con la menor - ¿Estás bien pequeña jissou-chan?-

- Sniff Señora mujer techiii -sollozó débilmente dentro de la piscina de leche - ¿Qué pasa, estoy en su casa? - trató de levantarse- Mama me hizo daño ahora decirme cosas feas techii- esta jissou era muy infantil para su tamaño e ingenua , tenía un sólo mechones de pelo aún estaba demasiado débil y triste como para levantarse, su barriga dolía junto con sus partes íntimas -¿Porque? Techii -

Puse mi rostro de "Lamento tu pérdida aunque no lo conocí así que no me importa" - Ella no es tu madre ¿Que te hizo?- hice una trenza en su único mechón de pelo en la nuca para ganarme su confianza y apaciguar sus emociones ella ronroneo un poco, sujete con una pinza de ropa su peinado -Listo~ ahora cuéntame.

- Ella hacerme tener bebés~ tegyaa una y otra vez - volteo a ver a la jissou inmovilizado mientras acariciaba su peinado- Pedí que parara, no escuchaba ¿Qué hiciste con mi mami techiii ?- el recuerdo de sus hijos aplastados la hizo llorar más.

- La mató, debemos hacerle pagar por lo que hizo- desconsolada por saber el destino de su madre me vio con curiosidad - A ella y a tus bebés ¡Le daremos una paliza! Tendrá bebés y les haremos lo mismo ¿Qué te parece jissou-chan?- dije con malicia y emoción.

- Si, señora mujer ¡techi!¡ Hágalo! - wow la sed de venganza incluso la dejó pararse sobre sus muñones- ¡Yo pisar bebés de mamá mierda techii!-

- ¿Qué sucede aquí?-

- Señor Ono-San ¡no es lo que parece!- el anciano sigiloso se acercó a los humanoides ¿Y si era un miembro de PETA? el ama los perros, rayos ¿Como explicar esto?

-¿Son estos jissous?- dijo con su acento oriental pero no parecía perturbado incluso parecía emocionado- ¡Hace tanto que no veía uno! ¿Ya son legales?- negué con la cabeza - Jesús la última vez que vi algo de ellos era una un masaje antiestrés metiéndote a una tina con miles de gusanos ¿Podrías creerlo? - era la primera vez que lo escuchaba hablar tanto era reservado propio de su cultura eso creo - Pero disculpe la pregunta ¿Qué pasó Rojas-San?-

- Ammm eran regalos y está jissou intentó matarlos al saber que serían mascotas al parecer- jugué a ser ingenua tal vez no le gustan los abusadores de jissou- y pensé que podía hacerla confesar pero me mordió y todo se descontrolo, solo quiero ver si queda embarazada, la kojissou está esterilizada y tal vez tenga que reemplazar a la madre-

- Mmm entiendo tu punto - se quedó pensativo unos momentos, dejó de acariciar la cabeza de las más pequeña que era feliz por unos instantes ajena a la plática, dio unos pasos hacia la inmovilizada ex-madre e inserto su dedo índice dentro ella, por unos momentos pensé que tal vez el señor Ono era en realidad el verdadero pervertido, pero más bien parecía que buscaba algo -Podemos hacerla parir un jissou grande- mis ojos se abrieron.

- ¿Enserio? ¿Un parto de uno sólo?

-¿ Porque mala mama feliz techii?- la jissou adulto volvió a despertar, bufaba sonrojada en placer, que asco sentí náuseas, tal vez dentro de su mente este señor hombre quería hacerle cariños, sudaba y gemia ¡Ughhhh! - ¡Ella gusta, castigarla techaa!- grito indignada la adolescente, tal vez yo debería protegerme ahora del señor Ono, de repente la jissou al borde del clímax ahora estaba en shock y soltó un grito ahogado pero ahora de dolor, burbujas de sangre se filtraban en la cinta adhesiva, el señor Ono había echo algo ¿ Su cristal tal vez?

-¡Listo! Con eso debe bastar - pasó a lavarse las manos como un médico después de una cirugía - rompí las suficientes membranas para que crezca un jissou mediano , con mi uña lo rompí como ¿Como lo llaman? ¡chorizo! - dijo con su acento.

- ¿Usted la embarazo?-

- ¿Qué? Rayos ¡No! Estas cosas no merecen placer menos un orgasmo sólo hice un espacio extra- que incómodo hablar estas cosas con un hombre de mediana edad que apenas conoces pero saber que el detestaba a los jissous aliviaba mi alma de abusador - Toma el colorante verde y deja que se forme lo suficiente unas cuantas horas después obligala a dar a luz - el elegantemente se dirigió a la salida antes de que se fuera me hizo una oferta.

Momentos después.

Toda la deuda que tenía que pagar de mi Shiba estaban perdonada sólo si entregaba a la madre después de dar a luz ¡acepte sin pensarlo dos veces!
Suture el brazo herido de la impostora y saque a la jissou de su baño curativo - Señora mujer, no castiga mala jissou techii ~- ignore su sádica impaciencia yo mandaba mensajes de texto a Watanabe mientras esperaba que la madre gestara y mi comida china - ¿Qué sucede ? darle ouchies techi!! -basto con una mancha de mierda en su ojo rojo para que su estómago creciera mientras que la recuperada menor al verme pasar gritaba y jodia mi paciencia - Hambre, techiii~- corte el vestido para dejar crecer a la cria en la madre desmayada por tercera ocasión, con pegamento puse el moño en su oreja como un morboso recuerdo de su vida pasada- ¡Cargamé techii!-

-¿Podrías callarte? - le dije impaciente de su voz y le arroje en el rostro ropa nueva - ¡Felicidades! Te salvaste de la muerte - dije sarcasticamente - Ahora callate y deja de hablar como idiota- se vistió y durante casi media hora estuvo bailando y adorando su nuevo vestido dando brincos delicados se acercó a mi tratando de parecer inocente.

- Señora mujer, comida ahora por favor , hambrienta techuun~-

-No me importa- corte la cinta de la boca de la madre y restos de dientes cayeron- Hahaha te di unas buenas cachetadas- tomé en mi dedo un poco de su sangre y deje una gota caer en el ojo verde -Hora del show-

- ¡P-Pero soy tu mascota techii!- grito a todo pulmón, enfurecida la mire, dio un paso atrás el acto de mártir parecía funcionar- ¿Porque señora mujer no me obedece techi?- lágrimas se asomaban en sus ojos.

- ¡Mal! No tengo que obedecerte, yo ya tengo una mascota además- me acerqué a unos centímetros hacia ella -Yo salve tu miserable vida tal vez necesites una lección como tus hermanas-

- ¿Her-Hermanas bien t-techi?- de repente mi figura era imponente frente a ella- No lastimara a una jissou bonita como yo verdad? teeee~- antes de que la tomara en mi palma ocurrió.


Acerqué conmigo a la sádica y exigente jissou para que pudiera ver, la bandeja sólo contenía aproximadamente 10 pequeños gusanos de 2cm aproximadamenteantes, antes de que comenzarán a comerse entre ellos y pedir frote de barrigas, cogí unos dulces y los triture en mi mano pedazos pequeños.

- Comida llueve refuuu-
- Yummy~ Refu~-
- Huelo a mami refuu~-

Dejando que cada larva recolectara su pedazo de felicidad cambie la bandeja y deje el lote de gusanos en un lugar seguro después me encargaría de ellos ¿Qué pasó con la adolescente?

-¡¡MU-MUY GRANDE DEGYAAAaaAAa!!- casi me quedo sorda del grito, un nuevo dolor la despertó, como un parto normal un jissou salía lentamente y no era agradable a la vista -DECHA Fuu FUU FUUU!!! - pujaba la madre venas de su frente sobresalían.

- Ughh tu querías verla sufrir - acerqué a la adolescente quien al principio daba pasos cautelosos a su abusadora, al ver que no podía liberarse, la joven comenzó a patear la con ganas la comida china arribó - Yo checare a tus hermanas disfrútalo, nadan de golpes en el vientre - ¿Que tanto daño podía hacerle? pague mi cena y fui de vuelta al baño todos los jissou ahí estaban dormidos y abrazados agotados de jugar tal vez, rápido tome la cama en que dormían y fui hacia donde estaba Marie la jissou clase alta.

-Tepupu~ mamá falsa desnuda y FEA - Se burló la adolescente después de usar a la madre como saco de box, la adulta estaba más concentrada en dar a luz, su cuerpo de un puerco humanoide expulsaba un bebé sólo unos cuantos centímetros más pequeño que su propio cuerpo, los líquidos de su cuerpo eran drenados por el embarazo no deseado, su piel se secaba y adelgazaba - ¿Porque mataste a mama? Era bonita, buena conmigo y mis hermanitas...-

- IIIhhh!!! TU MAMA MENTIRME DEsu!- era su primer embarazo - TU MIERDA COMO ELLA DESHAA blerghhh!!- el bebé jissou empujó sus pulmones y estómago en un último intentó de salir de su útero haciéndola vomitar *splat* entre heces salió el enorme jissou, su vientre quedó flacido y colgante de tanto estirarse ahora sólo quería dormir pero otro dolor estaba ahí pero ahora en su nuca- ¡ESTUPIDA JISSOU DESHA!

- ¡Mami era buena techii! Grrr - tiró del cabello de la madre inmovilizada que sólo azotaba su cabeza contra la tabla de circuitos, primero las coletas y después el mechón de su frente, al verla calva y enojada se burló a unos centímetros de su rostro - Tepupu~ - la sádica adolescente disfrutaba, busco alrededor y ahí estaba un palo brillante lo colocó entre sus muñones- ¡Yo pisar ahora tus bebés techa!- la punta del palo frío y picudo se hundió en la carne suave.


En el porche.

- Hola señora mujer techi- corrió más cerca de mi - Mi nombre es...-

- Se como te llamas gracias, pero ahora quiero que me ayudes- dije poco impresionada de su educada formación - ¿Aún recuerdas lo que aprendiste en la academia?-
- ¡Si techi! - emocionada de cumplir su primer deber como mascota hizo su mejor impresión - ¿Qué necesita señora ? Marie sabe leer, contar hasta 30, dibujar, limpiar...-

- ¡Perfecto!- sin ganas de escuchar su currículum deposite la caja con 4 jissous ella se acercó a la orilla de la misma donde sobre una cama de algodón dormían con pequeños ronquidos - Sabes cuidar bebés ¿no es asi? -

- ¡Si señora techi!- ella en orden entró a su hogar, saco toallas desechables, una vajilla de plástico, una mesa e incluso unos cuantos juguetes e hizo espacio a su alrededor - Estoy lista, ¿lo hice bien techun~ ?- frote su pulcro cabello en realidad era de muy buena calidad sus facciones eran bonitas y delicadas incluso su voz era linda. Los jissou clase alta son perfectos para torturar por su delicadeza, vergüenza y poca exposición a la violencia.

- Eso aun no se, esperemos a que estos bebés despierten ¡Creo en ti! - deje un trozo de pollo agridulce aun caliente para que pudiera alimentarlos después, yo sonreí - Si Marie hace buen trabajo cuidandolos tendrá doble dulce de postre~- ella asintió con sus ojos brillantes y expresivos - Ok, no tomara mucho tiempo guarda un poco de comida para tu amiga voy a traerla de vuelta - Marie no podía creer que volvería a verla estaba muy feliz.

En cuanto al jissou calvo al otro lado del porche bueno, estaba tan roto por dentro que parecía sudar tristeza y resignación, no hablaba o se movía mucho - Rayos que miserable- le arroje un pedazo de brócoli, este rebotó en su cabeza y el tardo en reaccionar al verlo. - ¡Vaya que eres una cascara vacía!- comencé a reír y regresé a mi asunto con cierto regocijo.

- Comida desu~ -

De vuelta al cuarto de lavado escuche una conmoción - Te..te - sonaba una voz exhausta tomando aire -TEEEE! TU FEA JISSOU! TOMA ESTO TECHA!!!- vi como la joven tomando impulso apuñalando con un clavo la carne suave de la madre recién parida, el proceso parecía haberse repetido varias veces desde que me fui, incluso la madre estaba calva pero no gritaba como puerco en matadero, estaba en shock, no me conviene que este muerta para el señor Ono, con un isótopo puse solución de leche materna en las heridas parecía haber perdido sangre - ¡No ayudarla, techi! GRRRR- la joven protestó su rostro manchado en sangre, creo que ahora está realmente estéril, no quería distraerme así que la ignore, ella no lo tomó muy bien y hundió el clavo ahora en el estómago sangre bicolor salpica mi blusa.

- ¡Hey para eso ya!- la tome de su oreja y la regrese al acuario de plástico barato del que había venido, ella protestó y golpeó las paredes lejos de mi vista , después de suturar la herida de la madre la metí en una caja vieja de la que no pudiera escapar y decidí dormirla hasta el día siguiente con un poco de cloroformo ¡Rayos! Ojalá el señor Ono no le moleste, la madre estaba como queso cheddar, la estabilice y revise en la bandeja y ahí estaba ¡Mi salvación! Una niña de unos 10 centímetros un éxito al parecer, ahí sentada apenas levantó la mirada me saludó con un - Señora mujer techuu~ - Fue feliz de verme parpadeo - Donde esta mama?- y sonrió levantándose lento, me puse unos guantes, la puse entre mis manos, salí para darle una rápida ducha , con mi voz dulce hice que se quitará la ropa, inspeccione con cuidado su rostro húmedo de líquidos y mierda aunque no parecía molestarle para un recién nacido su ingenuo cerebro procesa el mundo lleno de amor y color rosa - ¿Le parezco linda techu~? ¿ Dónde están mis ropas techii?- estaban en mi bolsillo.

Cambio de planes - Si pequeña lo eres, tu nombre es Usagi- este nombre era conocido en la familia jissou original Watanabe dijo qué ellas podían ver la televisión desde un hoyo en la pared que el nunca notó, Usagi salto y ronroneo muy feliz no parecía ruidosa, y era estable psicológicamente no como la madre-sadica-andolescente, hasta el momento no se había cagado o asutado, su boca estaba bien formada y su sonrisa era encantadora algo raro del cachorro de un jissou callejero, su madre antes de volverse calva y un saco blando horrible no era tan desagradable a la vista en un principio, pero cuando un jissou da a luz con tanto estrés a su alrededor por lo general los bebés morían dentro del vientre, aplastados entre los mismos órganos de su madre en un frenesí nauseabundo o con deformaciones, está se salvó de ser menos fea aunque la más bonita hasta el momento era Marie, puse una gota de crema para manos para entretenerla- Frota esto en tu cuerpo voy a ir por otra ropa bonita ¿ok? - la deje sentada en la barra de baño.

- Cosa blanca oler bien techiii- ronroneo mientras aplicaba obediente ante la promesa de ropa su voz me gustaba - ¡Claro señorita techuun~ !- su mente ahora estaba concentrada en hacerme feliz.

- ¿Porque señorita dejarme aquí? ¡Te! - azotó su pie me daba la espalda haciendo un berrinche -¿Mataste mala jissou ? DAME maggot-chans techi- había manchas de caca recientes alrededor de la jaula, bueno su ADN replicó para ser un "hijo de puta sadico mal agradecido" - Yo pisarlos ¡Huelo comida, darme Te! - Se giró para verme no muy feliz , yo estaba iracunda no se si son las feromonas en el airé pero estaba haciendo un esfuerzo titánico por no aplastarla - ¡Mentirme techi!- sonreí de lado y me incline hacia ella, vamos a divertirnos.Me dio un tic en el ojo.

- ¡Oh no! Mira tu vestido está sucio, voy a lavarlo por ti- la niña dudo y dio un paso atrás ella sabe que podía ser peligrosa, pero su mente pequeña no pudo seguir más la lógica de que era ahora su mascota y no corría peligro.

- ¡Bueno, pero darme otra ropa te!- comenzó a desnudarse ya ni siquiera se refería a mi como "Señora mujer"

- Oh lo siento pero sólo tengo este viejo vestido tuyo, incluso recupere tus zapatos...- saque de mi bolsillo la ropa vieja de Usagi con su verde estándar -¿Lo quieres? - con mi voz venenosa iba ver que tan educada seguía siendo lo pensó un momento y negó con la cabeza.

- ¡No feas techii! lavar ropas bonitas, yo esperar pero RAPIDO techii hace frio!-

- Claro disculpa , te parece un masaje después? - ella asintió firme, viéndome como si valiera nada, pequeña idiota pensé con malicia, claro que le daria un masaje - Usagi~ mira tus nuevas ropas- después de dejarla ser feliz frente al espejo mientras yo terminaba mi cena, la coloque en mi mano y fuimos hacia el cuarto de lavado.

- ¿ A donde vamos señora mujer techii? - preguntó inocente podía olfatear otro jissous alrededor tal vez era su familia , y de repente frente a ella había un jissou pero desnudo, el primero que conocía, con pelo trenzado, ambas me vieron confundidas.

- Cambie de parecer - comencé a acariciar el cabello de Usagi con mi dedo - Tomaré a esta jissou como mi mascota - la desnuda se pasmo por la noticia - Usagi es más linda~ - furiosa estaba y a punto de explotar, no sólo le habían arrebatado sus ropas incluso su rival se llamaba igual que su idol-jissou favorito que aparecía en la caja magica- Y cuidara mejor a tus bebés-

- Mis bebés e-estar vivos te?- eso relajó su un poco su corazón yo asentí, enseñe mis 3 dedos los jissou entienden el simbolo y luego le di un beso a Usagi en su muñon está se sonrojo pensando que había ganado mi corazón y yo tenía que lavar mis labios - ¡¡Entregame a mis bebés techaa!! ¡Ella no cuidarlos, son MÍOS!- su instinto maternal y mi afecto hacia la jissou que tenía su vestido, fue la mecha final de su furia no sabía que era peor, mi traición o que otro jissou cuidara de sus hijos sobrevivientes, azotó su cuerpo contra la pared transparente infructuoso tratando de atacar a mi nueva mascota-¡¡Mujer mierda techaaa!!- mostró sus dientes y gruño.

- ¡Ayuda señorita techi!- corrió la otra y la acomode entre mi pecho - ¿Qué sucede techii? - Se sujeto de la orilla de mi blusa ahora la adolescente golpeaba todo costado de la pecera corriendo de un lado a otro sin control enfurecida por no encontrar salida o poder escalar.

- Nada, esta mala jissou mató a sus bebés, ven vayamos a tu hogar, con tu nueva familia- recalque las últimas palabras que cayeron como agujas en el corazón de la madre joven quien se arrodilló a llorar en gritos similares a los de su otra hermana sobreviviente sólo que estos si sonaban a auténtico sfrimiento y dolor-"Orororon mis bebés" música para mis oídos.

Moví la jaula de Marie a mi habitación en mi buró a un lado de la ventana para ventilar el imposible olor, todos despiertos reforzaron la idea de mi "magia" puse en medio del acuario a Usagi - Les presento Usagi onee-chan~ - los pulgares se acercaron con sus gusanos curiosos era una reunión nivel teletubbie tomando en cuenta la ropa multicolor y la plática mongolica e idiota- ¿Te han dado problemas Marie? - ella negó - Buena niña, nalgadas si es necesario - acaricie rápido su cabeza, y le entregue los dos dulces que había prometido y fue en dirección al nuevo integrante de la familia.

- Estoy feliz de conocerte techii-
- ¿Te? -
-¿ Amigas techii?- ella entregó uno de sus dulces de recompensa.
- Si, techi! Amigas!-
- Hermana oler bien refuu~ punipuni-

Estaba en mi cocina preparando el último espectáculo antes de ir a dormir, un tupperware de color rojo semi-transparente angosto pero alto , un par de toallas desechables limpias y el lote de gusanos. Agarre al la jissou de su única coleta - Hora de tomar tu masaje- entre gruñidos e insultos la metí en el tupper, comencé a grabar con mi celuar - Di Hola jissou-chan- la pequeña imbécil obedecio confundida - Esto sucede cuando no obedecen e insultan a señora mujer - hable a la cámara y deje caer los diez gusanos del primer nacimiento de la madre asesina - Un amigo me dio está idea disfrutenlo~-

-Porque caer refuuu~-
-Hermana estar aqui refii~-
- Punipuni ¿re? Ouchiee -
- Regyoooo - exhalo el gusano que quedó hasta el fondo el peso de sus hermanas aplastaba sus pulmones.
- Maggot-chan sentir maaal repeeeen-
- Vientre doler rehiiiiii-
- Owie mamá ayuda repi~

La joven madre observó consternada los gusanos que le llegaban hasta la mitad de su cuerpo, agitandose confundidos y hora empezaban a quedar enfermos encorvados en dolor abrazando sus propias colas, fue cuando se dio cuenta del color de sus ojos, todos reflejaban el color del contenedor y sus cuerpos minúsculos estaban siendo obligados a dar a luz, las barrigas infantiles se expandieron entre lágrimas y gritos inocentes, movían los pequeños muñones, presionando el cuerpo de la jissou entre ellos, confundidos pedían ayuda, la niña trató de saltar pero era imposible el contenedor era cada vez más pequeño agitó sus muñones.

- ¡¡Ayuda techiii! - puse la tapa y seguí grabando - ¡¡Nooo por favor seré buena teee!!
-Refurefurefurefu arghhh REFUUUUU!!!- se escuchó un crack al romperse la espina y luego explotar.
- ¿Te? TEGYAAAA!!-


Todos explotaron como 10 pequeñas granadas, uno tras otro dejando sus cuerpos estallar y salpicar con sus órganos y heces, seguí grabando como las paredes no dejaban ver mucho por la suciedad quite la tapa, y de milagro la niña estaba viva, temblando adentro de un licuado de bebés traumatizado viendo a la nada enseñando sus dientes muy apretados del dolor, acomode mi celular para no parar de grabar tome el recipiente y lo gire rápido para que todo el contenido terminará de cubrirla, entre la montaña restos y maggot-chans se arrastró lentamente.

- Ouchiee teeeeeen- débiles chirridos soltaba arrastrándose al ver sus heridas me percaté que parecía una víctima con quemaduras de tercer grado - Auu au au - de su cuello para abajo estaba enrojecida cualquier contacto parecía arderle - S-Señorita salveme techii- siseó y puse un poco de sal deden mesa en su espalda -¡CHUWARGHHH!- se retóricia en genuino dolor e impacto emocional un poco de espuma salía de su boca.

-¿Salvarte otra vez?- acerqué la cámara a sus heridas - Olvidalo - tratando de huir de la malvada señora mujer entre el dolor de ser mas herida camino de una forma bastante graciosa, rígida como galleta de muñeco de jengibre - ¡Hahaha mirate! Oh dios te ves taaan estúpida - ella siguió huyendo pero parecía que mis palabras la habían herido otra vez, sorbia sus mocos y gimoteaba, toda flexibilización de su cuerpo era doloroso y necesitaba ungüento, pero era casi ya media noche y creo que prefiero dormir, limpie la barra de la cocina, deje caer al jissou con horribles quemaduras a otro contenedor de mayonesa vacio, ella tuvo una convulsión y se dejó caer en un sueño profundo, puse su vacía y fría prisión en el pasillo enfrente de mi habitación.

Después de tomar un largo baño me dispuse a irme a mi cama pero un gemido llamó mi atención, tirada en su estómago la miserable jissou desde donde estaba tenía una vista plena del pequeño hogar de su amiga Marie sobre mi buró jugando con todos los niños de su familia su hermana e hijos, con chirridos de alegría, comiendo y deslizándose en la resbaladilla.

- ¿Sabes?- sus miembros temblaron con mi voz estaba muy mal herida para hacer movimiento - Las noches aquí son frías - me arrodille a un lado de ella y saque el vestido verde anterior - ¿Quieres esto?- ella aceptó con un casi audible "Por favor techi" estiró su mano lenta y dolorosamente, acerqué el vestido para luego alejarlo de regresó hacia mi.- ¡Oh! Espera! Acabo de recordar que era muy feo para ti~ y no te gustaba - como si de papel se tratara lo destroce entre mis dedos dejando caer jirones sobre ella, los pequeños hilajes caían en su piel delicada y ella derramó lagrimas - Buenas noches~ - fui hasta mi cama y puse un pequeño calentador entre mi cama y el buró- ¿Cómo están pequeñas?-

- Cálido techuaa~- Marie se acercó más a la fuente cerrando sus ojos ante el placentero calor y los demás la imitaron, los gusanos se acomodaron en su regazo boca arriba dejando que el calor diera a sus vientres -¡Gracias señorita te!-
- Maggot-chan barriga sentirse bien ahhh refuu~- Marie recolecto las excreciones que escurrian por su orificio.
- Rechii es cierto- hasta "chubby-chan" disfrutaba junto con el otro pulgar, en regazo de Usagi daba masajes en su cabeza, el cuadro era digno de una postal navideña.

Me gire ya acostada en mi cama para ver a la joven madre abandonada y si, estaba sufriendo ante la vista, veía sus labios agregados temblar y sus lágrimas caer al suelo en la misma posición en la que la había dejado.

Fue una buena noche.

Al día siguiente el señor Ono se presento, traía a Himawari la madre de mi perro entre mimos y cariño mios la lleve al patio trasero no sin antes poner en medio al jissou calvo y retrasado, era divertido ver el terror que le tenía al perro mientras lo acechaba y rodeaba, tuve que contarle todo lo sucedido anoche, estábamos en la sala de estar con la jaula de Marie frente a nosotros, aun con visitas le estaba dando su merecido a la pulgar más joven acostada en su regazo recibiendo nalgadas.

- Te he dicho que no muerdas los juguetes de la señora mujer techii- con cada pronunciación ella descargaba su muñon clase alta en su pequeño trasero.
- Techiien- lloraba la otra -lo siento, esperaré comida está vez tee-teee-

- Me alegra que el baño antiestrés te haya inspirado- dijo entre risas mientras veía el vídeo, al momento de las detonaciones casi derrama su té al final del triste vídeo que era un enfoque del rostro traumatizado y una exhalación triste, lo demás eran fotografías que había enviado a Watanabe, la piel quemada de la joven madre, las cicatrices de la ex-madre, ahora su atención se centraba en la adolescente del megaparto- ¿Dices que incluso pudo dar a luz un lote de 10 gusanos? - yo asentí y el seguía reflexivo- Mmm tal vez era su primera vez - saco de su mochila una máquina pequeña ¿Cómo describirlo? Era una versión miniatura y mejorada de lo que yo intente hacer con alambres y una tabla, el espacio donde se colocaba al jissou con sus restricciones, la resbaladilla donde se deslizaban los bebés y un mecanismo que se activaba al sentir la descarga y soltaba al parecer agua tibia, era similar al de las fábricas en Japón sólo faltaba el gotero y el tubo de alimentación -¿Le molesta si puedo hacer unas pruebas?

Cinco despertó en un lugar obscuro desnuda y lo último que recordaba era un dolor punzante en su estómago y el parto , apenas ella.recordó a sus hijos, su instinto la hizo levantarse sólo para chocar y azotar su cabeza de vuelta al suelo, se retorcio en el lugar estrecho ¡Tenía que huir la señora mujer que sabía la verdad! Una repentina luz la cego y grito con sus dientes rotos.

- Mire está despierta- con guantes y bata ambos pusimos manos a la obra, otra vez silenciada pero ahora con una mordaza ajustable, la jissou estaba asegurada lista para darnos otro espectáculo.

Otra vez el señor Ono introdujo sus dedos ahora con guantes para cerrar las membranas que le habían permitido dar a luz niños grandes, parecía saber lo que hacia ¿Qué lo había llevado a dejar Japón? Era mi turno y acerqué el gotero, se resistió en un principio tratando de mantenerlo cerrado su ojo para el inminente embarazo, sus ojos reflejaban odio y desesperación afortunadamente las perforaciones que había provocado la furiosa joven jissou en su piel no se estaban desgarrando, cuando su vientre se sobreinflo su útero y vientre habían sido estirados tanto anoche que ahora su cuerpo producía más bebés de los que podía resistir, cuando no pudo más, dejó salir un lote enorme de bolsas con bebés el mecanismo con agua se activó.


En unísono todos soltaron un gemido de pura satisfacción y placer al tocar el agua caliente incluso cerraron sus ojitos, yo sentí unos escalofríos por un momento y piel de gallina, me sentí relajada como después de haber fumado marihuana , el señor Ono incluso suspiro, puso una lámina polarizada sobre la bandeja para que no notarán nuestra presencia.

- ¿Sintió usted algo al momento que nacieron?-
-Bueno si, ¿que fue eso?-

- Una especie de feromonas que producen relajación - observo a los recién nacidos eran aproximadamente 40 maggot-chans y 4 thumb-chans del tamaño de un Clipper cristo, la madre estaba totalmente desnutrida y cansada pero viva su pecho subía y bajaba por el trabajo a veces inhalaba aire para sacar tristes sollozos - Es la antítesis de feromona que sueltan al estar en sufrimiento...-

- ¿La que te provoca querer torturarlos?-

- Algo similar, pero el resultado en ambos casos será el mismo en el humano: relajación, incluso pudo verlos más lindos ¿No es así? -

-Bueno tiene razón ¿Lo siento?-

- Ehehehe no Rojas-san , al contrario siéntase afortunada estas feromonas son caras solo se dan en el nacimiento, hubiera pagado aproximadamente $500 - ¿también habrán limpiado mi cutis? Ojalá pense, nos acercanos a ver a los recién nacidos ,ninguno de ellos a cometido canibalismo aun, al contrario los pulgares parecían ponerse de acuerdo en algo - incluso su piel es más rica lejos del estrés- en un movimiento veloz el señor Ono saco un gusano todos parecían confundidos por un momento de luz y volvió a oscurecer- Toma esto diviertete- me entrego una larva pequeña como clip, aun no sabía que rayos buscaba el señor Ono, se mantenía misterioso con perfil bajo y reservado ¿Desde cuándo sabía tanto?

El gusano entre mis manos cerraba sus ojos ante la nueva luz confundido y la fuerza que lo había jalado.

- Donde yo refuu?-

Lo puse en la barra de la cocina, comenzó a caminar a su alrededor dejando su limo verde y mientras el gusano se adaptaba a la luz tomé pegamento y un frasco de salsa roja, olfateo cerca mi frutero y camino hacia el, yo lo tiré de la cola antes de llegar a su propisito.

- Señor hombre refu~- se giró y movió sus muñones saco su lengua feliz como en el momento de su nacimiento ya estaba frotando su vientre y acerqué un pedazo muy pequeño de manzana que comió feliz- !Delicioso refuuu~! - seguí dándole pequeños pedazos hasta que lo considere bastante lleno - Pancita llena reboooh - abrió sus ojos y volvió a pujar -Refu? - movió su cuerpo confundido y vio su rendija seca ¿Porque popo no salir? Pujo más duro y su cabecita dolió, sacudió su cuerpo e hizo un último inteno pero algo agudo reventó en su vientre - No sale caca reereeeree- se enrollo en sí mismo mientras lloraba.

-Dejame ayudarte nene - puse una gota de salsa -pero tendrás que pujar ¡Ahora!- quite la costra de pegamento que había puesto mientras lo alimentaba con la manzana, tiré y no sólo había rasgado su ropa y su piel incluso un pedazo de su intestino colgó fuera de ella y pendía en mi dedo, la mierda fue expulsada con fuerza de la parte rota de sus organos, el grito que soltó el gusano fue impresionante "REFURIIIRGH! " Algo así cuando salió proyectado contra la pared destruyendo su cráneo salpicando sesos, sangre y heces, lo picante de la salsa roja que provocó un rápido embarazo derretia lo que era su cabeza, los intestinos pequeños se habían quedado sujetados a mi dedo y el cuerpo expulsado sólo pudo despedirse de ellos dejando el órgano delgado y largo que contenía sus heces mientras era convertido en proyectil - Oops- espectáculo cortó pero bueno, intercambié miradas con Ono y comenzamos a reír la madre que por primera vez había podido ver a uno de sus hijos sólo fue para verlo morir de forma terrible y nosotros nos reíamos en su cara y sobre el cadáver del bebé - ¡Oh mire su rostro! Quitemosle la mordaza - nos veía a nosotros y los restos, sucesivamente.

- ¡¿Qué te hacen mis bebés?! Orororo~- con sus pocas energías comenzó a entrar en sentimiento viendo el cuerpo destruido, bueno al menos no esta chillando como puerco la noche anterior casi me quedo sin tímpano, pero sus dientes destrozados y su dificultad de hablar me tranquiliza.

- Si no hubieras provocado una masacre en mi maleta esto no estaría pasando- sonreí tome el intestino del bebé-cohete y se lo puse como bufanda estaba azul y pálida de tan mal acto - Mira combina con tu listón robado-

- ¡MUJER MIERDA! ¡¡YO MATARTE!! DESH... - cortamos su grito con la mordaza nuevamente, el órgano de su hijo aún estaba caliente en sus hombros y cuello.

Me acerqué a ver nuevamente la bandeja de infantes ajenos a lo que pasaba afuera, no imaginaban que una de sus hermanitas había desaparecido y asesinada a sangre fría, los pulgares parecían de poco en poco tomar el control posicionandose frente sus hermanas larvas, su comportamiento por lo general errático dando vueltas de aqui para allá, mordiendose las colas y buscando a mamá para comida , ahora eran pasivas tal vez no en total silencio pero escuchando con atención.- ¿Es normal que estén tan organizadas? - el señor Ono no respondió y retiró la lámina polarizada una serie de chillidos de confusión y luego de alegría a los que se recuperaraban de la ceguera momentánea - ¿Qué vamos a hacer con tantos niños?-

- Creo que Himawari puede encargarse de ellos - después de limpiar fuimos al porche posicione la cámara de vídeo frente al perro y su plato de comida, aún no tenía indicación de comer estaba bien entrenada, por lo tanto tenía una bonita toma de Himawari el Shiba y su plato de comida viva , el señor Ono trajo té y galletas, nos sentamos a unos cuantos metros para que la risas no fueran más fuertes que las voces de las jissou.

- Grende cosa mullida refuu~- Himawari olfateo e inspeccionó de cerca.

Un pulgar curioso se acercó y de la húmeda nariz del perro salió su respiración caliente, y los niños despues de un rato al ver que no hacia daño todos tuvieron sus reacciones, un pulgar incluso se abrazó de la nariz del perro.

- Te? No Hacernos daño?-
- Cosa café yummy refu~-
- Rápido hermanas llevemos esta comida a las demas techi-
- Quiero tocar suave cosa refu~-
-¡Frotar refu!-
- Me gusta mucho cosa mullida techuu-
-Lindo refuuu~-

-¿Seguro que no le hacen daño? No sabemos de dónde viene la madre - pusimos a los 4 pulgares y a 10 larvas en un plato con croquetas, pusimos a la madre sobre la ventana para que pudiera ver, el señor Ono pensó que sería divertido volver a grabar.

- Eran su snack nocturno cuando la sacaba a pasear en mi país - ansioso por dar comienzo - ¡Himawari!- el perro volvió a su postura firme en su nariz había uno de ellos montado en su nariz confundido - ¡Come!-

- ¿Qué sucede teCHYAAA!!!!- Himawari abrió su hocico enseñando sus colmillos, luego sus fauces se precipitaron sobre las presas vivas destrozando entre mordidas y sacudiendo su contenido de un lado a otro en el contenedor como buen depredador para que inmovilizar y matar, entre la agitación la confusión y el dolor los niños gritaban descontroladamente no imaginaban que su amigo la cosa suave, esponjosa y linda fuera una pesadilla, se detuvo a masticar y el pulgar cayó en los restos de su familia azul por el horror.

- ¡ YO MATARTE Y COMERTE! - gruño salvajemente Himawari obvio hizo caso omiso y siguió masticando los restos de sus hermanas algunas dentro del plato seguían vivas pero lastimadas de muerte, otras vomitando, cagando de dolor o arrastrándose.

- O-Onee-chan mis piernas teee..e...-
- ¡Rehiiiiiii ayudaaa!!!-
- Maggot-chan, tiene sueño re...fuuuu-

Himawari segura de que su comida estaba controlada regresó a su plato y masticaba los restos, con calma ¡ Su hocico manchado en sangre era muy adorable!

- ¿Esta segura Rojas -San? - el acuerdo era entregarle a la madre que causó este caos desde un principio, pero estaba dispuesta a darle a la adolescente sádica y 20 gusanos.

- ¡Claro! No planeó tener una de esas cosas como mascota, y los 9 gusanos restantes serán el reemplazó de los que están al cuidado de Marie- respondí - mis primos no saben cuidarse ni así mismos, así que soy consciente de que los gusanos serán los primeros muertos.

El señor Ono asintió y yo fui a dejar el acuario de lujo de Marie a la ventana, tome el frasco con la madre adolescente con quemaduras similares a las de un ataque con aceite, ahora podía pararse a pesar del dolor en un espacio estaban sus heces y en otro limpio estaba ella sentada abrazando sus muñones para guardar calor, me vio a los ojos con esperanza de redención - Siento mucho lo de ayer fui mala déjame llevarte con tu familia - saque un pequeño tubo de pegamento seca rápido - Abre tu boquita esto te curara como la última vez- su cerebro idiota volvió a creer en mi y abrió la boca esperando que tuviera buen sabor - Aquí va~- ella apenas sintió la gota cerró la boca para tragar pero su boca ahora estaba sellada desde adentro, ella entró en pánico pujando sólo sonidos rotos, la punta de lengua quedó atrapada afuera -Oh y eso es mío- tome la pinza de ropa de la trenza que había peinado yo antes con "amor" y tiré arrancando su cabello, ella intentó gritar tan fuerte que una parte de su labios se desprendió - ¡Hagámoslo!- posicione el frasco frente al acuario de lujo, sus 6 residentes se acercaron con Marie hasta adelante viendo al desnudo y extrañó jissou.

- ¿Quién es ella Señora Mujer techii?

-¿Porque su piel amarilla y roja techi?- preguntó Marie.

- Ella es la mala jissou de ayer - todo saltaron de impresión solo la pobre bastarda enfurecida volteo a verme siendo traicionada otra vez pero su boca dolía cada vez que quería hablar.

-¿Ella matar a mami también refu?- preguntó uno de sus hijos.

- Si, Usagi casi fue atacada por ella!- ella asintió y fue suficiente para todos Marie fue la primera en acercarse con su hermana aun con su listón azul, la adolescente vio a su amiga y hermana totalmente muda, pero sentía en su corazón que ella la reconocería, arrancará el vestido de la impostora, obligaría a la señorita a curar sus heridas y podría jugar con sus hijos , moría de hambre también.

- ¡¡Jissou horrible y asqueroso techii!- Marie le grito era la primera vez qué la veía genuinamente enojada- Mataste a mi amiga y a sus hermanas - se abrazó de Usagi aún con el vestido que desde un principio era de ella ahora cubrir sus partes íntimas parecía habérsele olvidado - Marie nunca perdonarte yo odiarte techa- y se giró abrazando con fuerza a la hija de la asesina de su madre.

-¡Yo odiarte también techa! - dijo su hermana y se bajando sus bragas para enseñar su trasero para luego soltar un pedo fuerte y largo en la cara de su onee-chan original pero para ella era el jissou que mató a su familia pequeña.

Con sus heridas aún a flor de piel que la mantenían quieta en una sola posicion observando y escuchando cagó con sus sentimientos muy heridos.
Luego sus hijos.

- ¡Mala jissou techa! - dijo el pulgar - ¡También odiarte te!-
- ¡Maggot-chan también refu!-
- ¡Jissou mierda Tefu!- el no sabía que pasaba pero parecía divertido insultar al jissou feo y desnudo.
-¡Lenguaje, techii!-
- ¡Castigue señora mujer techi!- propuso su propia hermana.

- Claro que voy a hacerlo, ningún jissou asi merece ser feliz- Todos vitorearon mi respuesta brincaban e insultaban, en la cabeza de la joven todo era agonía, a ella ya no le importaba el dolor que le causaban su paladar y lengua con tal abrir su boca y hablar ¡explicarles la trampa de la señora mujer! , tome el frasco y susurre en el - Despidete de ellos para siempre perra - y me dirigí a la salida, su boca reventó libre.

- ¡¡¡SOY YOOO!!! - su boca llena de sangre y restos de sus labios rotos grito golpeando su prision- ¡CREANME BEBES SOY YO TECHAAA!- sus súplicas eran menos audibles mientras nos alejabamos de mi cuarto dejó caer.- ¡¡NOO!! YO NO HACER NADA !! ¡¡SEÑORA MIENTE ORORORO!!- ¿no pudo sólo haberse cubierto las orejas? Que pandeja.

Saque el clip de ropa y lo puse en un muñon fracturandolo disfruté con una sonrisa como luchaba ante la presión y el dolor.

- Todo listo- en la cajuela estaban la madre impostora, aún en su asiento de tortura, la caja con sus pocos hijos sobrevivientes y Himawari en el asiento trasero, aún no sabía para que el señor Ono los necesitaba, le.entregue a la última aún golpeando y lamiendo sus heridas, el olor era fuerte así que puse su tapa- No sabría como agradecerle-

- No es molestia fue divertido - la jissou en el frasco veía en un punto específico me gire y ahí estaba Marie asomada acuario en la ventana, estrecho sus ojos y sonrió -Tepupu~- y esa fue su despedida.

- ¿Sabe? Himawari tendrá una nueva camada nueva pronto-

¡ Bien maldita sea! Tendré un nuevo cachorro ¡soy tan feliz! la pérdida de mi maleta no fue en balde ni que estos goblins hayan querido matarse entre ellos , o lo que sea que haya pasado, no me importa, tendre un nuevo perro.

Pase a mi jardín trasero recogí la bandeja con los restos del almuerzo Himawari , a lo lejos una thumb-chan casi azul por la pérdida de sangre se arrastraba casi abajo de los arbustos parece ser un logro después de llegar sin piernas.

- Casi ahí techii..casi ahí... *SPLAT* - No puedo permitir una plaga en mi país véase como termina Japón o Australia.

Preparé a los jissou que tuvieron la fortuna de vivir y que serían mascotas, de camino a casa de mi abuela recordé mi primer exterminio jissou fue una familia, la segunda fue un lote de casi 100 jissou clase alta, fue un espectáculo increíble y que tuve suerte de torturar.

Final de 1/3


Mala familia parte 2/3

Casi besaba a mi jefe apenas me enteré que había sido selccionada para hacer un reportaje psicosocial en Japón.

Los primeros días los dediqué al trabajo, los últimos a comprar, conocer el país, recorrer lo que pudiera y a tener citas, había hecho "Match" o coincidencia en Tinder con un tal Watanabe hasta el momento sólo había salido con chicas y aún no tenía una cita con un hombre japonés que tuviera un pene bonito, o no fuera virgen hicimos una cita, era dueño de una tienda de mascotas y mi tío me había mandado una transferencia para comprarle a sus hijos las más exóticas mascotas de Japón mataría dos pájaros de un tiro , fui a comprar un vestido para la ocasión, apenas salí de la tienda comercial lo vi.

-Refu~ - el gusano agitaba su cola y cuerpo de un lado a otro en la jardinera de un parque con una pequeña sonrisa - Refu refu~-

-Awwww que lindo - lo tome en mi mano era la primera vez qué veía un jissou, el gusano carcajeo en una voz tan pequeñita que no pude evitar llevarlo conmigo de regreso a la habitación que rentaba temporalmente- Eres tan pequeño y lindo- frotaba su vientre como me pedía, las manchas de caca no me molestaban siempre y cuando no fuera en mi ropa.

Subimos al segundo piso, coloque al gusano con un poco de comida en un plato desechable y fui a bañarme, Watanabe llegaría en un rato.

-¿ Estas feliz?- le pregunté a mi inquilino ya con mi vestido nuevo puesto- Dime que me veo linda-
- Ñom Maggot-chan feliz!- saco su pequeña lengua como perro - Señora linda refu~


Un chico puntual, que agradable, abrí la puerta y no había nadie, luego baje la mirada algo tiraba de mi vestido para llamar mi atención casi pegados a mis tobillos un jissou del tamaño de un oso de peluche y 5 niñas del tamaño de una cerveza de lata.

- Hola señora mujer desu - ella trató de dar un paso más adelante , como si quisiera entrar yo no le permití y aleje su muñon lejos de mi vestido, "puedo ayudarte?" Pensé, intercambiamos miradas un rato hasta que su cabeza dedujo que no le daría paso así como así, hizo de lado su cabeza en un gesto para aparentar lindura, todos ellos apestaban como vagabundo, sus ropas oscurecidas en mugre, con sus cabellos enrredados y rostros pegajosos- ¿No son mis niños lindos desu~?- me habían advertido de los jissou callejeros - Somos pobres y tenemos hambre desuuu~- había leído bien la guía de turistas - Nos puede dejar pasar ahora? Desu~

-Ewww no, son asquerosos todos y cada uno de ustedes, a ti incluso te falta un trozo dede oreja- señale a una niña que parecía ser el chivo expiatorio de la familia, las más pequeña sin pelo y sin la capucha de su vestido - Vayan a morir a algún parque - todos saltaron con mis "crueles" palabras y sus ojos se humedecieron - Ahora si no les molesta...

- ¡Señora mujer tomar a maggot-chan desu! - Al parecer esto fue desde un principio una trampa todos se abalanzaron hacia mis piernas desnudas pero no les deje entrar que parecían desesperados por hacerlo - ¡No soy fea desu! ¡Danos comida desu!- empuje mi cuerpo hacia ellos y cayeron de espaldas cerré mi puerta y fui por el gusano causante.

- Punipuni...¿Re?- quite sus ropas - Regresar ropa refuu! - puse la punta de un palillo chino y empuje en su vagina-ano - ¿Reee? Repyoo vientre no sentir bien - penetre más profundo oía a su familia golpear mi puerta su lengua agitandose violentamente - RehiIIRGH - su aguda pequeña voz grito, el palillo salió por su boca, lágrimas salian de su cuerpecito empalado, movía sus piernitas sin resultado.
- Tomen ahí está su maggot-chan- ellos se arrodillaron a ver al más pequeño de su familia, apenas comenzaron a entristecerse y lamentar el destino de su hernana bebé sentí un escalofrío al escuchar sus pequeñas voces incrédulas, el cuerpo estaba quieto ¿murió de un infarto? y luego se agitó de vuelta a la vida.

- H-Hermagnah Ayu-yurgda rehiii- agonizaba el bebé.

- ¿¡Qué hacerte mi pobre bebé?! Orororon- todos rodeaban el cadaver, excepto una jissou que corrió a escabullirse entre mis tobillos, fui detrás ella y de una patada la regrese con su madre al exterior todos tomaron su pose amenazante excepto el chivo expiatorio- ¡¡Mis hijos sólo querer comida y un hogar desu!! ¡Mujer cruel!

- ¡¿Que les hace pensar que los dejaré pasar?! Busquen a otro retardados hijos de perra yo ...-*splat* un pedazo de mierda cayó en mi vestido, indiscriminadamente lo lanzaron y apuntaron bien.

-GRRR TECHAA- gruñia el culpable como perro con rabia - ¡Lastimar hermana favorita techa!- todos comenzaron a buscar en sus bragas, para más bolas de mierda y pujaban más de sus intestinos "hambrientos" si las dejaba seguir esto sería un desastre asqueroso- ¡ TE MATAR..- no pudo concluir cuando ya había pateado mi pie hacia ella para que su cuerpo chocara contra la herrería del barandal, su cuerpo quedó atascado entre dos metales, deforme por la posición que le obligó la fuerza de mi patada, todos veían azules a mi primera víctima, su mandíbula rota con sangre y miembros torcidos - tegy...teegyol- solté más patadas directo al rostro de la niña aprisionada haciendo retumbar su cuerpo en contra del metal, su cuerpo fracturado al fin cedió y cayó a su muerte si no es que ya lo estaba.

-¡¡Noooo!!! hermana tepyaaa-
- ¿¡Qué hacerle a usted techaa!?-
-¡¡Señorita mala mala techii!!-

- ¿Qué dicen? ¿Quieren ir con su hermanita? ¡Claro!- agarre a los bastardos restantes de sus capuchas y comencé estrellarlas una por una contra el pavimento calle abajo, era tan divertido ver como sus miembros estallaban en sangre y heces, la más pequeña en vano intentó aferrarse a mi dedo índice, hasta que cedió, la madre soltaba patadas y gritaba trató de tirar de mi vestido nuevamente y la aleje de una patada, ella hizo una pirueta y se bajo las bragas.

-¡Señorita desu! - de piernas abiertas estaba la madre ofreciendo sus genitales anormales, hice una expresión de genuino asco "desgraciados extraños" tome la brocheta que era el gusano aun llorando por el empalamiento, me sonrió esperanzado - Puedo hacerla sentir bienrgh...Desu? DESHA!-

- Si tantas ganas tienes de poder -introduje a su hija-brocheta, tratando de que el gusano tuviera una buena vista del interior del que vino y ella en vez de gritar de placer lo hizo de horror maggot-chan reventaba su interior- ¡Ve a pedírselo a tus hijas!- tome a la cerda madre de los mechones de su nuca y la arroje por el barandal para impactar en restos de su familia.

Éxhale todo el aire contenido en mis pulmones había ocasionado una masacre sólo al ver mi vestido sucio, los rumores eran ciertos acerca de estas bestias, me asomé para ver mi obra, cadáveres en distintas direcciones del pavimento y hombre parado inspeccionadolos intercambiamos miradas.

- ¿Rojas- San?-
- Oh mi dios- baje velozmente a su encuentro tal vez pensaba que era una loca.- ¿Te he manchado?-
- ¿Esta es la forma en la que los occidentales saludan? ¿Dejando caer cuerpos?-
-Lo siento mucho - oculte la mancha de mierda.
- Descuida estoy bien con esto- la punta de su pie jugaba con un cráneo de la familia- ¿Nos vamos? - pude cambiarme rápido y recorrimos la ciudad en su moto, después de cenar fuimos a unos suburbios con casas generosamente grandes con locales de café, ropa, accesorios etc. en sus techos o primeros pisos, al parecer Watanabe vivía en uno de ellos.

- ¿Donde estamos?- habíamos comprado unas cervezas en el camino, mucha comida para llevar y unos cuantos snacks extra.

- En la tienda de mascotas- se quito su casco y saco las llaves de susu negocio - Después de ver lo que hiciste con esas ratas de calle pensé que en vez de una película cliché podíamos hacer algo que tal vez te guste sólo sigueme la corriente ya lo verás- Era ya de noche.

- ¿ Y haremos que cosa...?-

Me miro petulante, me agrada saber que no todos los hombres se comportan en exceso tímidos en Japón algunos son simplemente demasiado serios - Se que te haces una idea tomando en cuenta tu perfil tan poco rosa en Tinder y no cualquier gaijin ( extranjero de forma despectiva) lo hace, querías hacerlo-

-Pfff ok ok admito que me gusto matarlos - Qué bien se siente decirlo sin culpa- y lo volvería a hacer ¿Entonces continuamos, cabron?

Caminamos por el pasillo, pude escuchar el sonido de los animales y jissous al otro lado dormitando y subimos por unas escaleras, Watanabe abrió la puerta de una habitación parecia ser la de un niño y prendió la luz, adentro un pequeño salón de clases con diminutos pupitres, pizarrón, una librería y una sala de juego.

- ¿Qué significa esto desu~?- preguntó un jissou adulto con gafas, parecía viejo tenía su pelo gris y unas cuantas arrugas al parecer había dejado de crecer para tener el tamaño de un niño de 4 años y se había hecho de envejecer sin problemas - Tanto tiempo sin verlo Señor Watanabe - volteo a ver su reloj-¿ Porque despertarme tan noche desu~? ¿Mis alumnos portarse mal desu?-

- Jissou sensei que bueno verla -el exclamó tomando sus muñones entre sus manos- bueno los extrañe tanto en mi ausencia que quise venir a ver una película con todas tus chicas-

- Pero es muy tarde señor hombre, los jissous deben descansar desu ~- Watanabe se arrodilló a su altura -
- Vengo de un lugar muy lejano y mi novia también, donde allá es de día- el jissou me miro y luego a Watanabe- Encontré un trabajo en J-candies y vengo por parte de señor Kurouzu - Watanabe giró los ojos, pero la anciana pareció cambiar de opinión apenas escuchó el nombre incluso parecía impresionada.

¿Oh mi...enserio Desu~? Bueno está bien desu~- saltó de la cama adaptada a su tamaño y comenzó a vestirse antes de que el jissou hiciera su camino Watanabe la regresó a su cama ¿Que sucede desu ~? Debo recibir al señor Kurouzo en ausencia del maestro desu~-

-El maestro me dejó a cargo, merece unas vacaciones sensei yo y mi novia podemos hacernos cargo ¿Qué no confía en mi? - ambos nos pusimos unos delantales con el logo de J-candies - Gracias por su arduo trabajo educando a las jissous , descanse insisto-

- De acuerdo desu~ - se recosto de nuevo antes de que Watanabe saliera de la habitación vio una jissou de pelo negro en una cama a un lado de varios juguetes dormido.

- ¿Hey quien es ella?
- ¿De? Marie-chan, el maestro la educa para ser una idol y salir en la tele también desu~ hoy tuvo su clase intimidad desu~- Watanabe hizo una cara de disgusto.

- ¿Hay otro maestro?-
- Si, mi hermano-
- ¿Debo seguir pretendiendo que aquí pasa algo sospechoso o debo darte una paliza e huir?- Watanabe solo estrecho una sonrisa.
-No corres peligro conmigo, pero puedo prometerte que vas divertirte- arqueé mi ceja- Ok este es el plan tu decides si quedarte o no pero te lo aseguro esto sólo pueden pagarlo los más adinerados- dijo sin más.


En el camino Watanabe cargaba con una mochila, tomo unos materiales de la tienda de mascotas y nos dirigimos a una habitación, froto sus manos con anticipación y prendió las luces - ¡A levantarse y brillar solecitos!- cerramos la puerta detrás nuestro me entregó mis primeros guantes.

- 1,2,3, ¡ahora techii!-

-¡Hola señor hombre!- Aullaron miles de voces infantiles al unísono saludandonos al notar nuestra , después todos soltaron sus "refus, desus y techis", había aproximadamente más de una centena de mascotas bien domesticadas y entrenadas en el lugar, con rasgos delicados y lindos, algunos con cabello de color diferente, todos acumulados en las orillas de sus jaulas para vernos mejor, algunos parecían reconocer el logo en nuestros delantales di un pequeño vistazo mientras Watanabe conectaba el proyector a su laptop y bajaba el fondo en la pared contraria. Todos veremos una película a fin de cuentas yay.

El lugar era sofisticado con instalaciones de drenaje, gas y ventilación todo acondiconado a los acuarios y a un terrario partícularmente largo con vegetación y una serie de casas como un pequeño pueblo autosustentable, un rincón con un piano y columpio, en las paredes había pegados hojas de papel con dibujos hechos con crayola, un jardín de niños en miniatura, jissous de todo tipo salían de sus casas, bebés adultos y adolescentes, familias pequeñas algunos solos, muchos vestían su traje jissou con una variación de color, otros usaban uniformes o disfraces, había una familia con pijama afelpada, unos vestidos con uniformes de béisbol y un dúo con vestidos terciopelo.

Sus hogares contaban al menos con un toilet, fotografías de momentos felices en sus habitaciones, agua y una alacena propia con comida, todos parecían vivir cómodamente, estaban destinados a aprender a controlar su naturaleza innata para ser mascotas exoticas de primer nivel, ninguno parecía haber experimentado estrés o dolor en su vida más allá de los castigos de sus maestros. Acogedor hasta hoy.

- Hola pequeños Jissous ¿Saben quienes somos?- puso una manta en el suelo y colocó los dulces y comida chatarra, suspiros de alegría y rostros sonrojados aumentaban había algo en su voz de Watanabe que sonaba malicioso pero se derretida como mantequilla en los oídos de los jissousekis ¡Venimos por parte del señor Kurouzu de J-candies! Han sido seleccionadas para ver un vídeo exclusivo y un encuentro con sus Jissou-idols preferidas -todos vitorearon con entusiasmo, muchos se abrazaba contentos y comenzamos a colocarlos en la manta olían a jabón perfumado -Pueden comer todo lo que gusten- daba palmadas en sus cabezas y acariciaba sus flecos - ¡Habrá sorpresas!- no podían estar más felices.
Todos se dirigían a nosotros con buenos modales la antítesis de sus familiares callejeros , los más pequeños eran los más intrépidos al caminar hacia nosotros, curiosos los pulgares como costumbre de siempre cargando a las larvas, suaves voces preguntaban sobre las sorpresas, se dejaban cargar y mimar sin importar que fuera hora de dormir siempre y cuando hubiera comida deliciosa de por medio los habíamos convencido facil, dejaban a los mas pequeños hasta adelante para ver mejor.

- Ohhh jojo acerca esos- me dijo Watanabe señalando a una familia de 7 la madre mas grande vestida en un camisón sencillo y blanco, los dos pulgares y dos adolescentes disfrazados de monjas y los gusanos uno de monaguillo y otro de angel, parecian personajes de pastoral, enseño sus dientes con diversión - Hay algunos que son educados para creer en algunas religiones -y si los bastarditos tenían cadenas con crucifijos- Saben rezar antes de dormir- hice una mueca de asco.

En un acuario había gusanos del tamaño de una papa - ¿Como pueden mantenerlos así sin hacer metamorfosis?- cargue uno en mi palma se sentía curioso y sedoso, pero pesado - ¡Están muy gordos!

-Maggot-chan no gordo, yo lindo rehu~- respondió con orgullo la larva jadeando hacia mi.

- Es una mutación genética algunos nacen con ese defecto, cortando el capullo en el momento exacto o inyectando químicos-
-Ohhh- me limite a responder dejando a los obesos maggot-chan reunirse en la manta con sus hermanas mayores.

- ¡¡Dulces rehu!!-
- Todo es gracias a Polly-chan techii~-
- Ven maggot-chan siéntate con nosotros rechu-
- Estoy muy feliz por ella techun~-
- Los dulces lucen deliciosos rechi~-
- Compartan y repartan jissou-chan desu~-
- Gracias Polly onee-chan rehu!-

- Quién es la tal Polly - pregunté hablaban de ella como si fuera un semi-dios.

- Exacto pequeñita démosle un aplauso a Polly-chan que sin ella no estaríamos aquí festejando con comida deliciosa nuestra orgullosa ganadora de la competencia Idol nacional -la levantó ante todas en su palma con su pulcro vestido amarillo a cuadros, zapatos lustrados rojos y accesorios.

Todos aplaudieron a la jissou del tamaño de un refresco de 800 ml con aspecto campirano quien se inclinaba modesta y hacia reverencias a sus congéneres, era alabada como parecia costumbre, había salido de la casa más grande y mejor diseñada dentro del terrario, incluso tenía un pequeño camino de piedras en su entrada era de un cabello pelirrojo y parecía tener pecas.

-¡Muchas gracias señor hombre y señora mujer y a toda mi familia y amigas techi! -lágrimas salían de los bordes de sus ojos - puse una pequeña corona de plástico en su cabeza y la chica se sentía soñada - Me siento tan honrada gracias techii~-

- ¡Hoy es una noche muy especial porque no sólo veremos una película especialmente para ustedes si no que todos serán mascotas al amanecer!- guiño su ojo - ¡Todos son familia del señor Kurouzu!- llenamos sus mentes de promesas e ilusión.

Colocamos a Polly en una silla a un lado del proyector como reina de belleza parecía conmovida de tantas atenciones.

Apagamos al luz y nos colocamos en nuestras sillas detrás de la multitud de niños que veían expectantes la pantalla, repartían en partes proporcionales entre ellos de su comida chatarra y maullaban felices en un ambiente cálido y familiar, masticando se ponían cómodas entre ellas acercándose en el regazo o brazos de sus madres y abrazandose entre amigas por ahora sacamos la caja feliz cubierta con una manta y nuestras demás herramientas a nuestros pies.

¿Qué es eso Señor y Señora techun~?- preguntó Polly.

- ¡Tu sorpresa pequeña final pequeña! Pero tienes que esperar- le dije, está asintió y se abrazó así misma podía verla removerse en su silla con un aura de felicidad.

- ¿Lista?- le pregunte a mi cita era cuestión de darle play al video tome mi mano entre la suya.

- Después de esto ¿que?- el alzó sus hombros "seremos creativos " respondió y yo asen- Ojalá valga la pena- di play y en la pantalla resono una introducción y música torpe.

"J- Candies company presentan....una colaboración con Bixxen Films " un curioso logotipo digno de una productora porno casi vulgar porque obvio eran unos senos en el logo, se alineó con el colorido y "lindo" de la otra compañía el mismo que teníamos en nuestro pechk, de repente todo negro y sólo apareció el título "Vol 1" letras sobrias y de aspecto gotico.

- ¡Hola todos los lindos jissou del mundo desu~! - todos en la habitación reconocieron la voz, chirraron y como un gran concierto lleno de enfermos fans las jissou se tomaban de sus muñones y gritaban como fangirls daban pequeños saltos - Es Usagi- chaaaaaan desuuuu~- miles de estrellas y colores pastel al puro estilo sailor moon rodearon al jissou rubio en el comercial -No olviden en comprar nuestras croquetas ahora con 40% menos grasa desu~- bailo en una pose linda y varios enfoques de su rostro feliz comiendo - ¡Y son deliciosas De!-

- ¡Usagi-chan es tan linda mamá techi!-
- Lindo cabello refuuu~-
- Yummy cierto rechi!-
-Ella es mi favorita techii~
- Claro que algún día serás como ella hija mía desu~-

Un poco asqueada no sólo por lo bizarro, si no por lo felices que en realidad eran estos retrasados mentales que me rodeaban, enbobados con comerciales de solo pocos segundos del jissou con privilegio de haber nacido rubio, con efectos especiales y de computadora de baja calidad.

-Señor hombre algún día me dará caballo techii~-

-Ughhh- Dime que esos 3 minutos no están llenos de estas pendejadas - lloré en el hombro de Watanabe, este se limito a acercarme un cenicero adentro un pulgar de unos 4 centímetros rodeado de unos gusanos tan pequeños como clips, eran los más pequeños que había visto hasta ahora, todos están vestidos de negro con un cinturón con armas pequeñas.

-¿Qué se supone que eres?- lamian de un dulce de colación.

- ¡Soy un ninja rehuu!-

- ¿En que momento los tomaste?- se encogió de hombros y prendimos un cigarrillo cada uno.

-¡Es Mama Yume y sus quintillizas rechii!- más gritos extaciados, inhale el dulce humo.

Una jissou adulta y un poco pasada de peso bailaba en el centro de la pantalla moviendo sus caderas y haciendo expresiones poderosas mientras una copia múltiplicada de sus niñas bailaba y brincaba en un círculo digno de una mala alucinación con acido con Thumb-chans girando sin parar en la pantalla , nuestro público se balanceo al rtimo de la música, sus tontas mentes aún reaccionaban ante los efectos de computadora.

Un grupo en particular de pulgares excitados se organizó y comenzó cantar y bailar la misma canción que el comercial que prácticamente decía " Feliz , feliz todos los días feliz, feliz comiendo dulces J J J techiiiii~ " al finalizar siempre aparecía la madre y sus famosas quititllizas en un futon exhaustas de tanta felicidad.

-Estas bestias parecen tener la misma reacción social que tenemos nosotros a los famosos - expresé , era cierto pero sus ídolos eran tan divertidos como ver a un adulto usar pañales comportarse como un bebé, ósea nada cómodos de ver.

- Las buenas jissou siguen un dieta balanceada desuuu~-decía mama Yume.

Dejamos caer la ceniza de nuestros cigarrillos en el cenicero, el grupo tocio ante la bola humeante que cayó en el centro y comenzaron a toser.

- ¡Achi! ¡Achi! Señora mujer techii!- la minúscula niña sacudió el humo del tabaco lejos, su pequeña voz apenas se oía- ¿Qué es esto negro techi? -

- Achu! Oler mal rehuuu~
- Achu! Achu! Mi nariz arde refiii-
-No poder respirar!-

- Achi! P-Por aquí techi- movió a sus hermanas como ovejas, aunque no había mucho a donde moverse en el cenicero redondo más copos de ceniza cayeron encima de ellos algunos aún calientes- ¡Detengase techi! - no había quien la tomara en cuenta por ahora.

Otro comercial.

"Maggot-chan estaba comiendo en la mesa muy feliz hasta que que *plop* "el maggot-chan cayó de la mesa dijo el gusano narrador.

Música digna de un capítulo Winnie poo pensé, hasta los efectos me recordaban a un comercial de pañales, pero su objetivo era verse dulce y enternecedor.

"Mami! Mami! Refuu"
"¿Qué sucede mi maggot-chan?"- la mujer lo toma en su mano.
" Tengo un ouchie refuu" - lloro, un chichon grande sobresalía de su frente nada grotesco o real.
Nuestro público suspiro en tristeza.
"Descuida maggot-chan tengo una idea" - música feliz.
" ¿Qué es esto frotas en mi cuerpecito Mami refu~?"

"Es crema Uzi-Resistant" - una secuencia de larvas cayendo de mesas, siendo pisadas, asplastadas por sus juguetes, ahogadas o en accidentes que obvio los haría una masa de sangre y heces aparecieron en pantalla pero de una forma tan pasiva y falsa que eran irreales -Para el cuidado de pequeños bebés como tu- cantó la actriz
"Umm y huele bien refu~" -

-Hola soy Wesley el gusano-
- Y yo el Dr ****- el sujeto no parecía contento con la larva en su mano.
- Para recordarles que Uzi-Resistant está avalu...ava...ava-
- Avalado por la protección de derechos animales y PETA.
- Eso! señor hombre gracias refu-
- De nada-
-Lo amo refuu~
- Donen en los teléfonos en pantalla- Oh sí, el tipo en el comercial podía verse a leguas que era infeliz y que quería aplastar al pequeño idiota en su palma.

Al final de cada comercial siempre salía el señor Kurouzu un abuelo rostro alegre e inofensivo cargando a Usagi y dando las gracias a sus consumidores, de repente la música se corto al mitad del comercial de panties de Usagi-chan , ahora había movimiento como si alguien grabará con la cámara de un celular, un grupo de niños humanos caminaba por el bosque hacia una caja de cartón -¡ Miren encontré una!- nuestro público se quedó callado al ver algo que no estaban acostumbradas en sus horas de tv abierta.


-¿¡Qué sucedió con las ropas de Usagi-chan techiin?!
- Pobre bebé debe tener frío desu~-
- Hijos mios cubran sus ojos desu~- dijo la madre religiosa.

-H-Holaaa pequeños lindos jissou del mundo- estaba arrodillada en una plataforma con una soga atada a su cuello su cuerpo desnudo temblaba- soy Usagi-chan mascota de J- candies y...¡POR FAVOR NO ME HAGAN ESTO DESUU!!!- todos nuestros televidentes saltaron ante el espanto, una sombra, me imagino el nuevo equipo de grabación levantó un objeto - ¡¡¡NOOOO SE LO RUEGO NO ME PEGUE DESU!!!-

-¡DILO!- alguien grito en la grabación y se corto el vídeo la música se distorsiona como lo haría una película de suspenso de tercera, pero parecía tener efecto, Ok punto a favor para la productora porno algunos adultos y niños preocupados se agruparon a nuestros pies confundidos.

- ¿Qué sucede señor y señora desu?-
- ¡Los niños están empezado a asustarse desu~!-

- E-Es Mama Yume rechi!- dijo un pulgar todos se giraron de vuelta a la pantalla.
Mamá Yume apareció en pantalla calva e igual desnuda, solo con un babero con un estampado de jissou y un enorme banquete enfrente suyo, los alimentos tenían una forma peculiar, ella salibaba y lloraba- ¿Qué sucede Yume -chan? Dijiste que tenías hambre- en un plato bien cocidas y crujientes dos de sus hijas aun humeantes de su preparación. En otro plato una cocida con relleno de verduras y de postre helado con trozos de fruta y trozos de las dos hijas restantes sus cabezas estaban empaladas con crema y chocolate.

- ¿PORQUE HACERNOS ESTO DESHAAA? - su rostro adulto y grotesco gimoteo a la cámara grabando su patético rostro, sus dientes podridos y cafés como eran en realidad y sin efectos, otro corte de imagen.

Watanabe me señaló a la familia cristiana que estaba arrodillada rezando, no pude evitar soltar un pequeña carcajada.

Había consternación en nuestro público, conteniamos nuestras risas mi cigarro se terminó y lo apague en el cenicero.

- ¡¡Rehuuu!!- se me olvidaron nuestros pequeños ninjas en el cenicero la punta caliente de mi cigarrillo se apagó dolorosamente en la espalda de uno, saco su lengua gritando, se agitó en dolor mientras el calor abrazador derretia su piel y cartilagos dejando un hoyo y luego murió.

Su hermana mayor reaccionó fuera del efecto de la nicotina que la tenía tumbada en la pared del cenicero, se tambaleo entre los hilos de humo a arrodillarse ante su hermana herida, los demas estaban tan intoxicados en tabaco que sólo descansaban en sus vientres disfrutando los efectos relajantes del tabaco incluso ronroneaban y sonreían.

-¿¿ M-Maggot-chan que sucede techii??- con su muñon tembloroso acaricio la carne quemada.
- Hermana verse chistosa refuuu~-
- Sentirse como punipuni rehuuu~- expulsaban baba verde de sus anos sin contenerse.

- Jajaja es cierto- mi cita exhalo humo en su rostro, la pulgar empuño su katana de cartón a la defensiva subiendo su mascara - Me muero de miedo - dijo con sarcasmo y apagó su cigarrillo en la cabeza del cadáver ya no quedaba nada reconocible del carbonizado cuerpo, entre lágrimas la pulgar golpeaba con la katana la mano de Watanabe.

- Re? CALIENTEEEE!!!- un desafortunado gusano estaba muy cerca de la colilla que su rostro comenzó a derretirse.

- Shhh no podemos ver la película - susurre ignorandolos .

Ahora había un enfoque a un bosque parecían cámaras de vigilancia, desde varios angulos se veían los jissou salvajes con bolsas de plástico, recogiendo bayas , guarderías repletos de maggot-chans sucios desnudos o llorando , algunos de nuestros espectadores sentían lastima por la condición de sus congéneres más pobres, al verlos con sus ropas rotas y sucias. Cuerpos siendo arrastrados por la corriente de los ríos, larvas abandonadas bajo la lluvia " Mama! Mamá! rehu rehu!" y animales salvajes acechando o conteniendo entre sus garras a los pobres jissou, desde gatos domésticos hasta aves de rapiña.

-Objetivo asegurado-

Pausa. Los niños humanos abrían la caja con una familia de callejeros adentro sus rostros sucios veian con terror a la cámara, la navaja brillaba en la mano del menor. Pausa. Un grupo de gusanos desnudos en un contenedor, exhalaban aire frío. Pausa. El exterior de una fábrica con el logo de J-candies. Pausa. Una mujer cortaba cebolla - Ahora agregamos nuestros carbohidratos a fuego lento... - me hacían familiares ¡Oh son vídeos amateur! bastante comunes hasta en Youtube, la gente ha sido muy creativa en torturar en estos años a estos goblins, es tanta la popularidad y la cantidad de "likes"que generan que los japoneses no tardaron en monopolizar el asunto y explotarlo en un marketing millonario.

- ¿Porque jissou-chan vivir en la calle? resuun~-
-Maggot-chan triste por ella refeee -
- ¡N-No entiendo que sucede desu!-
- ¡¡Ellas no limpian su caca techii!-

Watanabe y yo cubrimos nuestras risas en los hombros del otro empezábamos a ver los primeros efectos del plan aún faltaba lo peor. Ahora sentian lastima y empatía pero con una extraña mezcla de terror en sus espaldas.

El hombre de las donaciones apareció ahora con bata blanca y en un laboratorio verdadero, y con entusiasmo en sus ojos pinchaba con una aguja el cuerpecito rechoncho de Wesley el gusano.

- ¿¡Pensaste que iba a querer cuidar de ti pedazo de basura?!-

- Soy Wesley el gusano refu! Soy Wesley el gusano soy..... ReHUUUU!!!!- sus pequeños miembros eran estirados en direcciones opuestas y ¡Crack! un miembro se disloco pero la piel del gusano no se rasgo,- ¡REHIIII DUELE, NOOOO ¿¿PORQUE?? YO TE AMO ¡ TE AMO !REHU! ¡REHU! REEEEE- este saco su lengua del dolor y sus ojos vparecían votarse de sus cuencas.

-Aumenten el nivel de tensión- una máquina pito y el vídeo se corto nuevamente con la imagen del vientre de Wesley desgarradose lentamente.

-Vaya que es resistente esa loción- dije entre risas - Aunque suene como uno de esos estúpidos comerciales.

- Jaja en realidad esa basura es usada para aliviar estrés sin estar gastando en muchas de estas cosas para matar-

-¿M-Matar desu~?- madres se giraban hacia nosotros en sospecha algunas no eran tan estúpidas como para no sentir el peligro y ese peligro obvio apuntaba hacia nosotros y a veces podían escuchar voces pequeñas pero dolorosas venir de donde estaban Señor y Señora.

- Mira- saco un tubo de Uzi-Resistant pero que decía EXTRA FUERTE y el globo de diálogo del gusano en el empaque decía "Para uso rudo" y dejó caer en nuestro cenicero un chorro.

- Refuuu?- un gusano intoxicado con ojos rojos y llorosos, se giró en su vientre para recibir la loción cálida- Se siente bien refuuu~- sus hermanas larvas se unieron a ella adormecidas, incluso la que tenía un severo daño en su rostro ante la corta exposición al calor, como villano de DC, sólo la hermana mayor huía de nosotros de su prisión-cenicero, con los pulmones llenos de suave tabaco las larvas lentamente dejaron de moverse al endurecerse el pegamento transparente.

La pulgar regresó y con movimientos circulares en el cuerpo de sus hermanas como si esto quitará el espeso líquido como cuando las bañaba, el diota se coloco en el centro del infierno líquido, al principio era consistente como la miel, luego se volvió más espeso y duro su cabeza azotó hacia el líquido cuando trató de tirar de una hermana, ella se sacudió en su desesperación de liberarse pero su cabello terminó enredandose y cada vez lo tiraba ardía horrible en su cuero cabelludo. - ¡Ayudaaaaa techuaaaa!- nos gimoteo.

- ¿Porque no mover refuuu?- era divertido verlas asi de drogadas ahora estaban en unos capullos duros con su hermana atrapada en una posición dolorosa su espalda debía doler.

- ¡Muy bien Usagi-chan ahora aplastalas!- regresamos nuestra atención a los vídeos, la admirable mascota con un abrigo rosa pastel brincaba sobre pequeños cuerpos de niños recién nacidos en un baño público, no parecía disfrutarlo se estremeció con cada *splosh* o bomba de sangre que manchaban sus calcetines.

- SE LO RUEGO SEÑOR HOMBRE PARE A JISSOU MALO DESHAAA - una madre desafortunada desnuda y calva imploraba la salvación de sus bebés.- ¿¡PORQUE SOLO VER DESHAA?!-

- Ven Usagi es ahora que te encargues de una de tus fans~-


- Wohaaaaa mira te encontramos un novio Usagi- los camarógrafos tomaron a un pene-jissou adulto de la calle en pésimas condiciones moscas se acercaban a su boca con dientes podridos, desnudo con cicatrices viejas y nuevas, manchas de sangre, costras de excremento y mugre jadeaba con un obvio daño cerebral pero su erección parecía mantenerse fuerte- Sip, un buen partido por un buen trabajo ¡Sexy posición jissou! - ordenó el sujeto y entre lágrimas Usagi se puso en 4 bajando sus bragas.

Polly a este grado se había desmayado en la mesa, su corazón lleno de nobleza y amor se desvaneció al ver a sulos ejemplo a seguir ser una sucia.


- Sujetala fuerte Kevin- regresamos con nuestros niños humanos preferidos parecían ya haberse servido su dosis antiestrés , el amigo de "Kevin" tomaba la pierna del jissou quien flotaba de cabeza.

- No puedo hacerlo al mismo tiempo que sujeto la camara idiota -Kevin tomaba la otra pierna- Ok tiramos a la cuenta de tres -

- ¡BAJAME SEÑOR PEQUEÑO DEGRRR! - gritaba la jissou de cabeza - ¡VOY A COMERTE Y A TI...SUELTAME DE...-

- ¡Tres !- la madre agarro su vientre espuma salía de su boca luego se partió, su cuerpo cedió ante la fuerza de los menores su grito fue magnífico, el desprendimiento limpio con una buena vista de sus organos , los chicos sonrieron ante la camara con su pedazo de jissou, luego grabaron la caja donde sus hijos no perdieron detalle de la muerte de su madre, que tanto se habia esforzado en mantenerlos vivos darles esa pequeña casa, comida y belly rubs, ahora sólo les quedaba su sangre salpicada en sus rostros aun caliente - Oh mira sus malditas caras - eran como 15 infantes ahora huérfanos, esa toma salvó sus traseros por la mala calidad de su vídeo. - Owww creo que jissou-chan quiere llorar~- se burló de los traumados menores el amigo de Kevin.

Kevin saltó hacia ellos en el momento exacto en que se cortaba de nuevo el vídeo.

- Vamos Kevin- anime al niño desconocido.


Regresamos a la cocina-....después de haberlos curado con sólo pure de manzana les quitamos las ropas y cortamos sus cabellos - dijo la chef una tras otra de las niñas caían en el tazón con harina desmayadas en trauma - maten y tiren a las jissou que reaccionaron y no olviden ponerle sal a la cacerola.

Nuestros pobres idiotas consentidos estaban petrificados en sus lugares algunos no despegaban sus ojos de la pantalla como para actuar, sus mentes asimilaban la verdadera violencia por primera vez en sus vidas, algunos nos veían consternados y confundidos, las secuencias de muerte, hambre y tortura de sus congéneres más famosas y de las pobres con pequeños bebés que cuidar, tenían en conjunto un efecto hipnótico.


>>11525 Continuación

Mamá Yume apareció de nuevo, ella sorbia entusiasmada los intestinos rosas medio cocidos de una de las quitillizas-pulgar como si fuera delicioso ramen, saboreaba y tragaba, nuestro público experimento sus primeras escenas de canibalismo jo jo - Rayos mamá Yume sólo te que dejamos sin comida por dos días y ¡Ahora te comes a tus hijas! - se burló el camarógrafo, la madre se abalanzó a la cámara como bestía furiosa.

La secuencia de imágenes y de fragmentos de cada una de las torturas aplicadas a las idol jissou pasaban cada vez más rápido y la música era más aguda y desesperada, deformada en unas estrofas que helaban los nervios de las mascotas se abrazaban entre sí cubriendo sus rostros en los pechos de los mayores, trataban de cubrir sus oídos y ojos en pánico total.


La banda mecanica de selección de jissou, de comida a mascotas, era llamada así esa cosa donde ponen a las madres a dar a luz sin parar como jornada diaria mientras seleccionaban automáticamente los de calidad de los defectuosos - Miren sus hermanos retrasados más hermosos- un trabajador con cubre bocas mostraba jissous con malformaciones asquerosas y horribles, al final de cada saco vacío que se volvia la madre veíamos el famoso procesador de croquetas trozando el cuerpo semi-vivo y a los deformes en procesador procesador volviendose pasta líquida, hasta el final de su empacado y distribucion muchos jissou inspeccionaron con miedo los dulces que tenían en su regazos algunos se pusieron azules.

- Les dije que conocerian a sus ídolos- comentó lo suficientemente fuerte Watanabe como para que el público escuchara vi como algunos gusanos expulsaban caca como metrallas sin control del en la manta sus hermanas tapaban sus orificios pero estaban muy consternados para buscar papel higiénico.

- ¡Para maggot-chan!-
-¡Repiiii repipipi! - sus ojos giraban con daño cerebral.

Una madre con accesorio de flor en su oreja oculto a sus bebés con los mismos prendedores pero de diferentes colores bajo su falda quienes temblaban abrazando las piernas de su madre aún podían escuchar pero al menos no ver.

-Ahora cortamos a todos los gusanos semicongelados -*chop* *chop* *chop*

Los gusanos tamaño papa , vomitaron vi como expulsaban su almuerzo y sangre, sus ojos grises, su cuerpo se agitaban vomitando y cagando del trauma casi inmediato, sus cerebros y corazones explotaron en corto circuito dentro de ellos del terror sus anos se botaban con un pedazo de intestino . Otros gusanos de las demas familia les siguieron.

Regresamos a las cámaras vigilancia estilo militar.

- ¡¡¡Fuego!!!- como una sinfonía de balas y explosiones vimos los "sectores" de cada cámara vigilancia ser aniquilados de forma sistemática pero con mucha diversión visual muchos ángulos de múltiples masacres.Subí el volumen.


Kevin ponía una gota de colorante rojo a una de las pequeñas niñas, se retorcia en su palma mientras se inflaba sacaba su lengua y lágrimas, su cuerpo no aguantaría, mientras que atrás en el fondo su amigo daba apuñaladas a los demás pequeños de la familia.


Cuerpos flotando en una cacerola llena de vegetales y camarones.


Usagi entraba a un ring desnuda muy malherido, cabello sucio y demacrada llena de, hematomas, cicatrices, y chichones, muchos espectadores bien vestido alrededor, ella rogaba piedad y ayuda o que al menos no soltaran al cachorrito ¡Un maldito perro pitbull! este precipitó contra ella dando mordidas al azar azotaba su cuerpo y lo agitaba de un lado a otro.


La decadencia de un hogar jissou que recurrió al canibalismo apenas el bebé salía del ano-vagina el bebé era recibido por una orda de hermanas más grandes mordiendo y despedazando su nuevo cuerpo, como zombies.


Jissou clase alta comiendo heces de su toilet costoso.


-Come on mister Kurouzu!- una muchedumbre de soldados americanos rodeaban al dueño de la compañía, el Capitán Sanders y dios de sus vidas de estas bestias, el modelo perfecto de dueño y maestro el viejo bonachón usaba uniforme y en las manos una especie de lanzallamas super moderno de esos que lanzan líquido caliente - ¡Try this baby!- ¿recuerdan a la pobre Usagi?

- ¡Muere pequeña mierda!- el anciano grito como vikingo apuntando al cuerpo maltratado de la mascota de su compañía, sus ojos iluminados con las llamas pero con ese brillo que solo los abusadores reconocemos, el perro pitbull había dejado su presa medio viva después de que su piel sese volviese amarga y su excremento demasiado asqueroso incluso para el perro.

-Debió vivir muy bien para recibir semejante muerte - dije sin rodeos Polly se reincorporó confundida en los últimos minutos.

Otro corte y al parecer el final, ahora salía confeti, el elgante señor Kurouzu estrechandose las manos con un tipo rubio, con bermudas y sandalias (Si, efectivamente tenía pinta de productor porno) ante un público firmaban un acuerdo y partían un grotesco pastel en forma de jissouseki.¡El nacimiento de una gran idea!

La madre que ocultaba a sus hijos debajo de sus vestidos cagó de una forma tan repulsiva encima de sus pequeños que estos erán arrastrándos en una corriente de diarrea y pestilencia, los pulgares estaban cubiertos en excrementos verdes, dejaban un rastro mientras caminaban lejos del mal olor y quitaban la suciedad de sus cabellos.


-¡¡¡BRAVOOO!!!- Watanabe se levantó en éxtasis aplaudiendo yo lo imite con menos entusiasmo pero valió la pena prendí las luces con una sonrisa en el rostro y sobre la manta vimos a los primeros muertos.

- Ohhh que les pasó a los pequeñitos ¿Se durmieron?- levanté de la cola una larva, lengua colgando bien muerto y frío , los jissou dieron pasos atrás lejos de mi- ¿Se perderán las sorpresas?- actuando tristeza y como si nada hubiera pasado hice un puchero todos nos miraban buscando respuestas confundidas y asustadas.
Los que habían visto los tortuosos 3 minutos de video de tortura psicológica se abrazaban entre sí, su anatomía no les permitía cubrir sus ojos u orejas sus muñones eran muy cortos, algunos eran bultos temblando bajo la manta.

- Hermana levantate que te sucede techyuaaa~ - Los adolescentes y pulgares más grandes agitaban los cuerpos en confusión de un su mayoría larvas tal vez no sabían como era la muerte.

- ¡¡Maggot-chan rechuaa!!! - muchas madres lloraban desconsolada a los pies de sus niñas algunas se alejaban del vómito y de las heces, pero algunas sabían lo que sucedía a sus fríos hijos, sólo querían evitarle más dolor a sus bebés con la noticias.

La madre religiosa se adelantó entre muchedumbre con su familia en sus manos -¡¿Qué es esto dios mio?! es horrible, ¿Porque desu?- se arrodilló como buen mártir con el cuerpo de sus dos hijas thumb-chans y los gusanos con adorables trajes sacros, muchos conocían vagamente el significado de la muerte, sus mentes inocentes e intocables no lo aceptaban.

- Mmmmm ya veo Ok es hora de jugar simón dice - como si nada ignore las súplicas y gemidos de dolor en búsqueda de respuestas, mire a la madre en una pila de sus heces - ¡Qué asquerosa eres!- señale a la madre ella estaba congelada -¿¡Cómo puedes hacerle eso a tus hijos?!- sus orejas se sonrojaron y trató de cubrirse -¡Hueles horrible!- todos la observaron bien y se alejaron.

- ¿¡Cuál es tu nombre?!- grito Watanabe.
- M-Mikuru- chan d-desu~-dijo con un hilo de voz.

Movió su cabeza en confusión todos estaban demasiado sensibles para asimilar el vídeo todavia todos la miraban acusadores, sus niñas se abrazaban con el rostro pegajoso en vano habían tratado de quitarse la mierda bien contenida.

- ¡Mamá ensuciarme techii!-
- ¿Porque mamá teee..-
-Mi hermoso vestido techaaa-
-Mamá bañame techii- gimoteo y lloro - ¡Bañame TECHAA!

- ¡Jissou-chan no me hables asi soy tu mama desu!- regaño la humillada madre y giro a verme llena de rabia creciente las venas de su frente se hincharon.- ¡ES SU CULPA DESU!- grito la avergonzada madre hacia mi - ¡TU HACERME VER COSAS DESHA!

- Una buena jissou no hace fuera del contenedor ¡Tu eres una callejera! Ninguna buena niña le grita a una maestra la regañe- Ok ahora continuemos Simón dice...todas las jissou sucias y dormidas se quedan en la manta como castigo - continúe con el grotesco juego las que pudieron contener sus estómagos salieron de prisa de la manta.

- Mami tengo miedo techii - una desafortunada adolescente tembló su madre la tomaba de las manos - fue un pequeño accidente teee teee~-
- No gustarme este castigo rechii-
- Donde esta el maestro repyeeen~-
- ¡Pero no podemos ahora jugar desu! - las madres eran las que más dolor de cabeza daban - ¡Los niños necesitan ayuda desu!
- ¡Silencio! Mi turno Simón dice...regañar a sus hijas y hermanas con palabras prohibidas - Watanabe dijo todas se quedaron atónitas. - nada de tocarlas tampoco.
- ¿De? ¡No podemos hacer eso desu!-
- No quiero jugar rechuaaa-
- No maggot-chan no puedes salir techii-
- Yo oler mal refeee, ¡déjame rehu!-
- ¿Siguen desobedeciendonos? ¡Bien! Nos han obligado a tomar medidas mas drásticas - los mas pequeños no podían entender la palabra pero sonaba terrible- Simón dice...comer su caca ¡YA!- se quedaron perplejas.
- ¡No eso es sucio rechi!-
- ¡Popo no comida refu!-
Yo negué con la cabeza- tal vez tenías razon Watanabe tal vez ellas no merecen el perdón de el señor Kurouzu-
Mikuru se arrastró cargando sus bragas blancas con mierda- ¡ESTO NO ES JUSTO! MENTIR SOLO SOMOS UNA INDEFENSA FAMIL...- se acercó enfadada hasta use vio una de sus hijas empezó a lamerse las manos con su mierda- ¡NO HACER ESO JISSUO-CHAN!

- ¡Pero quiero bañarme mamá!- sus hermanas y otros la imitaron con caras contraidas en asco otro se arqueaban conteniendo el vómito pero seguían consumiendo las excreción en la que su mamá las baño.

- Muy bien escuchen apestosas y asquerosas niñas idotas cara de culo- todos se estremecieron en la habitación pero por ahora sabían que era parte del castigo unas se veían enojadas - El señor Kurouzu perdonará sus vidas si hacen lo que les decimos hijas de puta-

- ¡Mikuru y sus hijas son f-feas desu!
- ¡Ya no ser amigas rechi!-
- ¡Hermana mierda refu!-
-¡Nunca gustarme techu!~-
-Mikuru comer mierda depupu~

Mikuru saco los dientes hacia nosotros y a su "familia" la mierda era mucha ¿Donde almacenaban tanto? era como si hubiera saltado sobre una montaña de estiércol que le impedía moverse - ¡¡MALDITA MUJER DESHAAA!! ella intentó caminar rápido, ya moviendo sus brazos para golpearme era patético pero sus bragas ex-pulcras se rompieron del peso haciéndola caer de espaldas *SPLAT* su cuerpo se desplomó contra un grupo de gusanos y dos de sus hijas.

- Oh dios mio...¡ahora has matado a tus hijos! - la tome de su enorme cabeza para que todas vieran el desastre sanguinario y verde, ella luchó contra las lágrimas y se arrodilló en los restos - ¡Lo sabía eres mala!- todas insultaron enérgicas a la ahora asesina madre.

- ¡Mis pequeñas hijas tepyaai! - grito la madre joven de las larvas.
- ¡¡Detener esto por favor techii!-
-¿Qué dices Polly-chan? ¿Estas segura? Esta bien- me dirigí a todas las restantes bestias - Polly-chan dice "Simón dice...matar a todas las jissou sucias!"
- Te? YO NO DECIR ESO TECHIII!!- Pero era demasiado tarde Watanabe cogio la manta donde estaban todas las jissou castigadas y muertas, encerradolas en una especie de costal y lo estrello contra la pared.
Cada golpe eran gritos fuertes al principio hasta volverse más apagados con cada golpe.
-Listo, Polly-chan como tu ordenaste- cantó Watanabe limpiando su frente , hacia el jissou pelirrojo que veía impotente desde su lugar en la mesa, abajo sus amigas y tías jissou aun aturdidas se acercaron a la manta, escurria sangre y líquido acuoso verde.
-¿ O-Onee-chan? Teee.. -
- ¿ Mikuru re-resun?
-¡Hija mía háblame desu!- levantaron una orilla de la manta-costal y vieron el horror de miembros impactados algunos aún se retorcian con sus cuerpos desformados en una masa de órganos, materia gris , vómitos y demás, los accesorios de la familia dede Mikuru se veían por ahí, todos gritaron a todo pulmón y huyeron a ocultarse.

-¡¡Corran jissou-chans corran desu!!!!
- ¡El señor y la señora se volvieron locos deshaaaa!-
- No salgas maggot-chan hombre y mujer malos techi- susurraban en su escondites aparentemente ocultos de los humanos que habían prometido hogares y vidas mejores estos les traicionaron.La desesperación las hizo correr en todas direcciones unas eran demasiado grandes para por ser esconderse detrás de los muebles.

- Vamos a tirarlas a la calle embarazadas muajaja-

- ¡No nos dejen refuuu!- las larvas gritaban a sus hermanas su locomoción lenta no podía alejarlos rápido de los monstruos que nos habiamos convertido - ¡Cargarme! miedo refeee- se giraban con ese mismo miedo al vernos, muchos detenidos en shock abrazando sus propias colas - ¡Llevame refu! - lloraba a cada jissou que pasaba - ¡Hermana refeee! -se arrastró hacia una niña con lágrimas de esperanza ell recogía a las larvas del mismo color que su vestido - Ayuda...-

- ¡Tu no eres mío techaagrr- le gruño al bebé.
-Re? Miedo rehuuuu - se alejó.

Al parecer el estrés y los ruidos fuertes habian sacado la verdadera naturaleza de los jissou nada de amor y tolerancia, en este creciente infierno lo mejor era salvar a sus preferidos.

-Mira esa tiene los ojos verdes- le susurro a mi compañero era una adolescente disfrazada con uno de esos uniformes escolares japoneses, sería en algún momento nuestro objetivo, estaba escondida detrás del piano, dejamos a todos ocultarse igual no tenían a donde ir con la puerta cerrada, pero era hora de la "cajita feliz" era tiempo de dejar que sus mentes se prepararán para algo peor. Algunas pude contenerlas para amarrarlas con cadenas de perro y sujetarlas a las patas de la mesa del terrario.

- ¡Sueltenme por favor techuwaa!- todas se empujaban en circulos y se erredaban con sus propias ataduras corriendo en círculos, pateando, enredando los listones , collares y empujandose una incluso comenzaba a asfixiarse del enredo.

-¿Se que recibiste nuestra carta de aceptación para sera una idol del señor Kurouzu ¿No es así? damela para firmarla he irnos ahora- dijo como si nada pasara Watanabe, yo por lo mientras avente el cenicero con la plasta seca de ninjas jissou al centro de habitación ahora vacía pero sabía que los jissou estaban atentos de nuestros movimientos en sus escondites.

-¡¡TECHAAA!!!- grito la niña siendo lanzada con su cuerpo inmovilizado e imposibilitado en su oportunidad de protegerse se destrozó junto con el cenicero milagrosamente estaban vivos pero todos vomitaban ¡Oh espera unos cuántos murieron de un derrame cerebral o infarto! Ahora todos podían reconocer a sus amigas miniatura ninja ¡eran las favoritas de todos!

- ¡S-Si señor hombre!- dijo Polly tembló arrugando su carta con el logo de la empresa contra su pecho - ¡Pero ya no lo quiero techi! - se contenía con tal de salvar su pellejo.

-¿Oh? Pero no sería injusto para tus demás amigas que no ganaron ¿No es así Molly y Milly? - Las susodichas se asomaron de su escondite , eran las niñas de vestido terciopelo fueron 2do y 3er lugar para ganar el supuesto "idol nacional" que obvio era una mentira el negó con su cabeza decepcionado y fingió pensar -Qué egoísta - tomo a las adolescentes - ¿Tienen algo que decirle chicas?- las colocó sobre la mesa.

- ¡¡L-Lo siento señor pero no quiero ser un idol jissou techii!!- parecía al borde del pánico era obvio después de ver semejante masacre.

- Dime Polly- chan ¿Si te dijera que hay una prueba para que no te suceda lo mismo que Usagi-chan?- pusimos la caja feliz sobre la mesa - ¿Lo aceptas?-

-Todo es tu culpa depupu- gruño Milly golpeando con su elegante bolsa de mano.

- ¡¡Tu nunca caerme bien deshaaa!! -comenzó a patear Molly a Polly que estaba acurrucada en posición fetal.

- No pegarme más por favor lo siento tegyaaaa~- un tirón en su cabello la obligó enderezarse - ¡Yo no hacer nada techaaa!- sus rivales vaya quefa se estaban descargando.

- ¿Qué dices Polly-chan? Todo esto es tu culpa.- dije
-Solo debes de ser cachonda con Pene-Jissou- dijo Watanabe.

- ¿T-Te? - revelamos la "cajita feliz" un pene jissou casi igual de grotesco como el que violó a Usagi, ella gimoteo y limpiar sus lágrimas.

- Deberás tomar todo de el- Watanabe dijo sin más -Es tu regalo sorpresa.

- ¡No puedo!- aun trataba de huir de los golpes y mordidas de Milly y Molly muertas de coraje acumulado y envidia , rompían su ropa como escena sangrienta de la Cenicienta.

- ¡Posición sexy jissou!- ordenó a todo pulmón Watanabe- ¡Si es que quieres salvar a tus amigas! - abrió la caja donde estaba el lleno de hormonas e intento de macho de una especie, y lo tomo de sus sucios flecos de la nuca para que no terminará sucumbiendo a sus instintos y terminando con la diversión bastante rápido.

- ¡No me obliguen techiiiiaaan! - la presión de todos en la habitación sobre ella se acumuló en su cuerpo inocente lentamente sin alternativa, Milly y Molly en una esquina sedientas de sangre y los ojos de su familia abajo contaban con ella - Tengo que conservar mi inocencia a mi maestro - hizo un último intento derrotada después de un rato se desvistio roja de vergüenza, Polly se colocaba en su posición de "sexy jissou" ofreciendo su entrada limpia entrada, algo raro es después de ver mucha violencia alrededor, el jissou callejero con miembro descomunal jadeo.

- JIssou-samaaaaa- jadeo con excitación poco contenida, se agitaba para liberarse y penetrarla rápido.

- E-Es enorme se-señor - resignada dijo polly repitiendo las palabras favoritas del señor hombre que le había enseñado jissou-sensei ¡Oh pobre estúpida! - Sea g-gentil conmigo te-te-techuun~- la niña dudaba al ver la erección imposible de penetrar su útero sin lastimar, pero ella no dejaba su posición no quería el mismo destino que su ídolo Usagi ¡ella podía! soltamos al macho que empujó su miembro, primero rompió su vagina-ano, partiendo los labios, luego los cartílagos de su cadera, ¡ella era la mejor! lágrimas orgullosas y felices se asomaban en la orilla de sus ojos -P-Polly-chan es una...buena...niña te...chiiii- fueron sus últimas palabras mientras la cabeza del miembro salia por su boca, sus miembros quedaron flacidos y sus ojos se apagaron sabiendo la verdad de su destino muy tarde ¿ Eso era su cristal saliendo de su oreja? Lo tome entre mis dedos, según si mantenía la intocable gema aún seguían en un sufrimiento terrible, era como su complejo sistema nervioso o alma.

- Jissou-sama es tan apretadaaaa dezuZUU!!!- la mandíbula se rompió y dio paso a su miembro al ahora canal vacío que se había vuelto Polly, en un vaivén machaco sus órganos hasta convertirla en un pedazo de juguete sexual semivivo.

Increíblemente Milly y Molly bajaron sus bragas ante el enorme y retrasado jissou, su sentido de competencia y hedonismo extremo se mezcló con su estupidece natural.

- ¡Y-Yo puedo hacerlo mejor que la estúpida Polly! Vamos señorghh ¡¡AHHHH!!- no pudo decir mas cuando su cuerpo se empalo junto con el de su antigua competencia, la sobreviviente de vestido terciopelo café trató de huir pero cayó estrepitosamente contra el suelo seguido del falo-jissou que ahora la seguía sediento de sexo la aplasto, sus ojos se botaron de sus cuentas y quedó como estampilla el enfermo sexual se reincorporó olfateo el aire y dio unas lamidas del cadaver Molly.

- Jissou-sama ven aquí deZUUU- las jissou que no pudieron entrar a los espacios pequeños de la sala fueron las primeras víctimas de la violación masiva , penetradas hasta la muerte y sus hermanas escondidas en primera fila sólo viendo , un maggot tamaño papa sobreviviente cayó en sus lujuriosas manos-Vientre suave y esponjoso frotar¿Re? ¡REHU! ¡REHUUUU! - lloro un infierno y grito arduamente hasta que sus pulmones quemaron cuando su pequeña entrada se estiró hasta romper su vientre, empujó su estomago, pulmones y luego exploto semen que expulso su cabeza como cohete contra la pared con dibujos el orgullo de sus creadores ahora salpicados en semen, sangre y cerebro.

-¡¡Señorita veame desu!!-

- ¿Otra vez tu? - la jissou religiosa salió de su escondite tenía una voluntad ciega y ridícula de lo que era compasion - Hay que admitir que tienes bolas o eres muy pendeja- tenían una repulsion particular por los religiosos. Ningún animal cree en algo ¿Oh si?

- Tenga piedad por estos niños - sus hijas sobrantes disfrazadas de monja temblaban no muy convencidas de mi piedad o estar cerca de mi había rastros verdes en sus ropas, había un trío más uniformados, un policía , vaquero y un hada, que creían en esta versión china de Teresa de Calcuta - Ellos son criaturas de dios no debería maltratar hermosas criaturas como nosotras desu~- aparentaba calma convencida del poder de sus palabras, gire mis ojos al oír tal idiotez - Comete un pecado horrible desuuun- tomo su rostro muchas se asomaron a ver el intento de misa - ¡Va ir al infierno desu! -levanté mi mano callandola ya tenia suficiente de su mierda.

-Tienes toda la razón ¡Soy un monstruo! -me arrodille ante las niñas acerqué mi mano ellas, crispados pero se relajaron bajo mi toque cuando acaricie sus flecos con cuidado y palmee sus cabezas, ellas volvieron a sonreírme - ¿Podrás perdonarme? -

Magda tomo su bonito y brillante collar con forma extraña -¡Si desu! la perdono- dijo, si existía magia en su lindo collar como había dicho su maestro podía con el poder de su bondad hacer que señora mujer hacer lo que ella quisiera -Dechuuuu~- se sonrojo feliz.


Mi dedo índice y mi pulgar aplastaron la cabeza de la niña - DIOS- NO- EXISTE -PERRA- IDIOTA- con cada palabra repetí mi aplastamiento de los demás cráneos.


- Te!te!Te!...teerurghIr..-
- Acrgh...mamaaa...techaagh-
- Puputepupu..Tee-

De sus orejas escurria materia gris y sangre multicolor, una se balanceo en sus pies grotescamente bailando por el daño cerebral, y con balbuceos intentando hablar con los ojos desorbitados y lengua de fuera había una sonrisa congelada en su rostro, el policía se convulsiona en el suelo, el hada y el vaquero cayeron de espaldas temblando como vibrador y otra sólo dio su último estática como zombie respiro con ojos grises llenos de traición y tristeza hacia su madre desplomandose en su espalda y dando una explosiva descarga de caca en sus hábitos.

- ¡PO-PORQUE ESTA CRUELDAD DESHAAAAA!- la madre mártir azul agónizo pensó que esto era un buen plan.

- ¡Porque no existe ningún dios, al menos no para ustedes!- solté una patada en su rostro que su crucifijo en su cuello se clavo en su boca abierta penetrando dolorosamente en su paladar su cuerpo azotó contra la pared cerca de la madre con embarazo de emergencia está sostenía su barriga con dolor , un grupo apilado en pirámide de niños y gusanos intentaban alcanzar la perilla de la puerta mientras estábamos distraidos - ¡Watanabe!- comenzaron desbloquear el seguro.

- ¡No tan rápido! - en un arranque violento el japonés dejo caer el mueble de dos metros donde se encontraban los acuarios y hogares de las mascotas, muchos que corrían a ayudar a escapar fueron aplastados en proceso.

- ¡Rápido onee-chan debemos buscar ayuda techaaa! -
- ¡Hermana regresa yo débil refiii!

¡CRASH! El impacto del mueble retumba en todo el suelo que hace caer a los entrepidos escapistas sobre los escombros de sus casas, incluso los que estaban debajo del mueble huyeron de su escondite - ¡¡CHUWAA!! -Las tuberías explotaron y el vidrio de los contenedores, unos cayeron en el filo atravesados, sus cuerpos azotaban en los restos de sus pertenencias había menos sobrevivientes.

- ¡¡Mi hermosa casa!! ORORORON-
- ¡No me pise señorita replbluaarrrgh...-

Muchos se acercaron a los escombros buscando sus pertenencias , como las pequeñas mierdas superficiales que eran, sacamos un bidón y regamos líquido sobre el siniestro.

- ¡Puagh sabe mal refu!- escupian la mezcla con fuerte sabor.
- Cough cough queemaa rechaaa-
- ¡Arde techii!- los rasguños en el frenesi de salvar sus vidas quemaban - ¿Qué esto techaaa?-

- Gasolina- el japonés lanzó una cerilla y las llamas se extendieron en sus preciadas pertenencias, juguetes, camas y vestidos, cosas que ellas amaron toda la vida y después el fuego llegó a sus vestidos.

- ¡¡¡KYAAAAA ME QUEMO RECHYAAAAA!!! -como pequeñas bolas de fuego las niñas corrieron en busca de agua o a su madre por al menos alguien que las ayudarán pero todos se alejaban ldel peligro pero no había donde correr los niños abandonados morían de miedo o eran violados hasta la muerte - ¡¡MAMAAAAA!!

Watanabe destruyó el columpio frente a un grupo espantado casi hasta la muerte en una esquina de su antes zona de juego, donde habían sido felices tantas veces, apretados viendo su juguete preferido, el que los hacia volar - Nosotros somos sus creadores ¡Sus dioses! -los desgraciados trataban de cubrir más sus cuerpos o esconderse más adentro del bul
to de cuerpos, cagaban sin control con pucheros y lágrimas veían sus pertenencias quemarse y a su familia morir unos quedaron en medio de la hoguera , miraban hacia todos lados sin escapatoria, unos gusanos nos veían enojados pero igual cagados y llorando, otros trataban de perforar la pared con juguetesde plastico, histeria por todos lados, el varón improviso unos crucifijos con los cuerpos aplastados por mis dedos momentos antes y los colocó frente a la madre moribunda pero aún viva por mi patada su cruzcuerpo mágica le impedía hablar- Tenemos derecho en matarlos, comerlos y ser felices con eso - ella veía horrorizada - Es la verdad, no valen nada y el paraíso no existe ni existira para ustedes.

¿Alguna vez han visto como mueren cuando explota su cristal? Es un buen maldito show, abrace a mi pareja por la cintura, que extraña y divertida cita.

- No, no, no, nonono NOOOOOOOOOO - gritaron, en vano se cubrieron con sus muñones y las larvas entre sus cuerpos pero nada evitó morir con nuestras patadas embarrandolas contra la pared.

La adolescente cerca nuestro entró en trabajo de parto aun detrás del piano, la muy tonta pensaba que no la veíamos, como su primer embarazo a la desafortunada el dolor la inmovilizo.


La joven madre se estremeció ante el sonido y se puso azul cuando el piano fue lanzado lejos ahí estaba el descomunal miembro casi tan grande como su dueño y ella abierta de piernas, los salvajemente abiertos cuerpos de Polly, Molly y Milly y otros decoraban su pene , ¡aun sus niñas estaban adentro! pujo más fuerte ante el horror tenía esperanzas de que sus niñas aún no nacidas huyeran, palidecio cuando el macho acercó su miembro a sus partes íntimas su primera bebé salía.

-Tettere~ Eh!? IIIAAAAA!!! -

-¡JISSOU-SAMAAAA!- la bebé regresó al canal materno con un miembro empujando su cuerpo salvajemente ,su tierno rostro y en contra sus hermanas que esperaban su turno para nacer, la madre con traje de colegiala grito gruturalmente, las embestidas destruyeron dentro su vientre con sus bebés volviéndolos una masa muerta sin forma , el eyaculo y ella vómito los restos de sus niños, aún vivía , sus ojos eran grises y traumatizados tocia mientras se ahogaba.

Un espectáculo bellamente cruel, sin ideas y menos víctimas me limite a tomarlos y crujir sus cuerpos y dejarlos caer aún vivos, los pisaba para ver que forma tomaban bajo mi zapato, o gritaba en sus cabezas hasta que explotaran, vi a Watanabe un poco más extasiado que yo, pero la habitación se comenzaba a llenar de humo teniamos que pausar nuestra diversión y apagar las llamas ¿ Dónde estaba el extintor? O podríamos abrir las ventanas - ¿¡Qué haces?!- lanzó la manta en el fuego avivando la hoguera pero ahora cada vez el lugar se volvía una camara de gas había humo negro - ¡Tenemos que salir!- jissous trepaban en mi.
pierna buscando salvación.

-¡Descuida los bomberos están por llegar! - Me respondió su voz con un poco locura y yo solo me limite a cargarlo fuera de la habitación, los niños sobrevivientes y los que estaban en llamas nos siguieron detrás sólo para que azotara las puertas en sus narices dejándolos en el infierno.

- ¡¡SALVENME TEGYAAA!!- los pocos sobrevivientes golpeaban la puerta o empujaban a los más pequeños por debajo de ella pero sólo conseguían aplastarlos contra su voluntad volviéndose pasta verde y las ventanas eran demasiado altas -Yo no poder entrar hermana..Reehuiiigh!!!- el agua del terrario era su única salvación pero también era demasiada alta y el señor cruel y malvado rompió su pequeña escalera, muchos saltaban alrededor pero era como llegar a la parte más alta de una casa de un salto, trataban de escalar pero sus inutiles muñones las hacían resbalar o lanzaban a los pequeños - ¡maggot-chan eres nuestra esperanza techi! -que sólo se estrellaban o caían en el agua sólo para ahogarlos, -Refuuuuhhhh!!!- volaban con la lengua afuera, lagrimas y dejando su caca salir *splash* Reglubglub- se agitaban llenando sus pulmones con agua y los más afortunados gusanos que aterrizaban en tierra firme o vegetacion sólo corrían a esconderse dentro de las casas.

- ¡Debemos salvar a los demás animales!-
- Descuida dejaré la puerta de la tienda abierta-
- ¿¡Te has vuelto loco?!- lo sacudi- ¿Qué acaso no es tu tienda?- el negó con la cabeza yo me quedé petrificada.
-Mi hermano merece esto- me tomo de la mano fuera del lugar - Tenemos que irnos rápido antes que la alarma suene- corrimos yo con un nudo lleno de miedo al no saber las consecuencias de nuestros crimenes, pero no tenia otra opción montamos la moto y dejamos el local incendiarse.

Con los cadáveres y algunas cosas aun sin quemarse un grupo pudo abrir la puerta corrieron escaleras arriba para buscar a Jissou-sensei o al Señor maestro.


- Entonces tu hermano se robo a tu prometida, que tú papa no aprobaba y ahora están en su luna de miel - el asintió - Ya veo ¿Seguro que no estamos en problemas? - Me importaban poco sus problemas amorosos yo temia ser encarcelada en un país extranjero por su estúpida venganza.
-Mi hermano y yo nos amamos- dijo sincero - te lo aseguró lo entenderá suena extraño pero siente culpa de haberse enamorado de mi novia estará estúpidamente furioso conmigo al principio - dio un sorbo a su cerveza parecía relajado, ahora estábamos en su afuera de su verdadera casa que también servía de tienda de mascotas habíamos fumado marihuana el prefería usar a los callejeros que gastar en tonterías como un minirefrigerador de 50 dólares por un ánimal que apenas sobrevivirá 1 año ¡dios bendito pude fumar hierba en un país extranjero! - Cuando éramos niños encontramos múltiples frascos enterrados en nuestro antiguo jardín en Kyoto cada uno era un tesoro, el antiguo dueño era obvio un abusador, había toda clase de estos animales, muertos, vivos, momias, etc. De ahí nuestra afición.

- ¿Maestro? ¡Maestrooo! Desuu- alguien interrumpió nuestra plática tomo al adefesio que se acercó a nosotros desde el parque, puso sus manos en su boca triangular evitando tocar sus labios con la bestia asquerosa y expulsó el humo del cannabis, la pusimos en medio de nosotros y esperamos su reacción.

- ¿Qué hacemos con ella?-


Entre la bruma del alcohol, la droga y otro lote de jisousekis torturados en el parque finalizamos una cita divertida, nos besamos y chocamos contra las paredes del tienda, el hombre empujaba mi cuerpo contra el sillón pero yo no queria - ¡Espera, espera podemos escoger ahora las mascotas de tu tío- el dijo.

- Olvida eso, vayamos a tu habitación - dije ansiosa pasamos por una puerta detrás del mostrador el casi me tira fuera de su habitación apenas prendí la luz - Ohhh- miles de figuras de un solo personaje de un anime que no conocía abarrotaban como plaga su cuarto.

- ¿La conoces? - primera vez que lo veía, avergonzado yo negué no me gustaba mucho el anime y sonreí sin malicia cada quien tenía sus gustos o colecciones compulsivas creo.
- ¿Eso es bueno? - le pregunte
-Perfecto - caímos en la cama.
- Son unos malditos extraños ustedes los japoneses-
- Calla, ustedes también son unos malditos raros-

Detrás de un hoyo mágico en la pared los veían una familia en particular de 4 integrantes.


Ha pasado tiempo desde que le entregue sus regalos desde Japón a mis primos veamos como siguen. El señor Ono me hizo una invitación a susu hogar tenía algo.importante que decirme al parecer.

Final 2/3



I had problems at the beginning with the translation but it's good material.


When will this story continue? It's been far too long!

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