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A young girl awakes slowly, only to realize she's chained naked to a wall. In I walk slowly, I begin to feel her slender body and small mounds. She lets out a whimper and begs that today not be her last. I as executioner begin to bring out my tools, her death will be long from now and as excruciating as possible. I put my long slender knife tip just between her two small breast and give it a small jab. She begins to sob as it sets in that she will not leave here alive. I slowly work the knife from breast bone to the tip of her little slit. I begin to cauterize the wound. I slowly stick my hand into her warm gut and begin the disembowelment. She screams at the foreign pain in her guts. I slowly untangle her bowels in a trough on the floor pulling slowly to make sure she sees every foot. After a third of her intestines are out she begins to shit down her leg. At first just little spirits but the more I pull the more that shoots out. She is sobbing uncontrollably and begs to be killed. I finish removing the bowel and cut out her rectum and stomach and cauterize them as well. I slowly slide my penis into her narrow slit only to realize she is a virgin. She cries for her father as I cum in her deep. When I pull out I begin my work again. I slowly cut out her liver and kidneys. And show them to her. She is in total shock and only whimpers. I reach down and start removing her woman hood and she pisses one last time. With all her organs laying in the trough I slowly reach up and squeeze her heart till it stops to beat


You should repost this formatted in a readable way.

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