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A story for Kamilla// with herself and Stella. Unfortunately the last special for this year!

Stella’s gift for Kamilla

I no longer try to make friends with Humans. It is always way to sad, to see them age… But I was so lonely in the last 80 years. Then I met Kamilla. While I have closed the way to another dimension, she fallen through accidentally. Unfortunately, I couldn’t send her home. Naturally, I could leave her alone, in this world completely alien to her. I wanted to help her to get around in my world. That was the plan ... But she fascinated me! She comes from a town called Paris. Her pink hair, were considered rather strange in her World, But I find it very beautiful. She is creative and open-hearted. She may be somewhat naive, but she is curious and very friendly. She manages to make me laugh. Before I knew, I could no longer separate myself from her. We didn’t just get closer to each other as friends. She also showed me some new things that I haven’t felt for a long time. In the end, I fell in love with her, although I would have to know better…

It is now almost 9 months since Kamilla stranded in my world. It’s a hard winter... In the cold season, I normally don’t like to travel. But I have a surprise for Kamilla! In their world, today they would celebrate a festival called Christmas. I haven’t understood everything, but apparently, you give your special ones, very special gifts. She thinks I don’t know. Well, her thoughts are easy to read! It seems that the idea of being in a cannibalistic situation aroused her. A strange fetish, but I can do it without problems! I never would hurt Kamilla, but I can offer her something that will fulfill her imagination.
"What we want in this cave? She asks me curious but also exhausted. Even with my magic, I couldn’t shorten the trip. We had walked for several hours… I hope it will work the way I planned it! Relieved I see that they still live here. The whole cave fills with small furry balls. The Cho Cho! These cute creatures I have visited many times on my journeys. Cho Cho’s have a ball-shaped body. They have short arms and legs but they are stronger as they look. They wear Red-brown, white or black fur, in all sorts of sweet patterns. They look at Kamilla with their button eyes. Cho Cho’s are friendly and harmless creatures, but they have a strange habit, which I would like to use for my present.
"Chi cha hie chae hae chi?" Ask the oldest.
"With pleasure, for that we are here!" I answer and fill her eyes with shining.
"Oh, they're cute." Kamilla is enthusiastically. I knew she'd like them!
“Cer Cer!?” the oldest ask? The Younger Cho Cho’s looks very hungry.
“Just give us one moment please.” I say… They are very impatient today! They are already preparing their ingredients. Well, in this time of the year, it is hard for them to get good food, I can understand them. I interrupt Kamilla while she plays with a few Cho Cho children. "Merry Christmas!" I say proudly. Her cheerfulness feels good. Kamilla has rarely negative thoughts, yet another reason why I like this young human woman.
She takes me in her arms. "I thought you didn’t celebrate the feast? This really is a sweet surprise! "
I smile at her excitedly. I'm so curious about her reaction! “This isn’t your present! Your present is way more special!”
“It isn’t?” hi hi, she really doesn’t have any idea, what I am planning.
I play with her a little further. “What is your greatest desire?” It's fascinating to see how her mind evades the right answer. Well, I should tell her: "It has something to do with cannibalism! I don’t eat meat as you know, but the Cho Cho’s can still give you an erotic evening. The best! There is no real risk that you will be harmed! That was very important for me.” Now I completely confused her. I must be a bit more precise! "The Cho Cho like the taste of Animals (especially of cute Humans).
Surprisingly they also don’t eat meat! However, they still love the spice of girls like us. It's like a trade exchange. They massage us and give us a relaxing bath and we season their soup. It is a win win situation. I've tried their soup before. They cook great, even though it's a bit odd to eat soup that has been seasoned with yourself." Now Kamilla understands what I plan and her fantasy goes crazy. A better situation I couldn’t have created for her fetish!
"How did you know?" She asks me with fire in her eyes.
Laughing I explain. "You know I can read thoughts, your head is an open book for me." Before she can pronounce her thoughts. "Of course, I also enter the pot!" I try to sound brave. I’m a bit nervous. In all my years, I haven’t really collected much experience with fetish. Even bondage I've never tried! ... Don’t blame me! We Sar are just a bit more innocent as you humans. I always found it exciting enough to cuddle. From alone I never got such ideas. But if Kamilla liked it, then I will try it too! I have already bathed in Cho Cho soup, I just never thought, that it could be erotic…
Kamilla need no further explanations. She has already stripped off her winter clothes and is standing in front of me only wearing her tight shirt. She is so beautiful! I need to slow her down. So, I can give the Cho Cho a sign! The Cho Cho help me immediately to remove my clothes. I only wear wool underwear underneath. That's why it was particularly cold for me ... It has the effect on Kamilla I wish. Our hosts also pull off the rest of our clothes and hang them over a leash. We have already explored the bodies of us together. It's not new for me to see Kamilla Naked, but I'm still thrilled. Now comes the part I don’t like. Carefully, I remove my wrong left eye. The sight doesn’t bother Kamilla, but I myself don’t like the sight…
"What now?" Ask Kamilla completely in her element. The Cho Cho take over for me. They press us on a flat stone. It is very cold! I look forward to the warm bath! Kamilla enjoys it. The cold doesn’t bother her. She finds it far too hot. Her thoughts excite even me a bit. The Cho Cho begin with their massage. They rub themselves into oil and roll over our bodies. That always tickles! But it feels so relaxing. Their fur feels so cuddly. They have just the right weight. Like massage balls. "That feels so good, thanks Stella." Whispered Kamilla to me. The Cho Cho are particularly effective today. This may be due to the fact that I have explained to them that they should not restrain themselves! That is why they are playing with her breasts and in other private areas. They also start working between my legs. It is a very strange feeling. But it really doesn’t feel bad. Even though I'm very ticklish there. I can’t stop laughing. “Enough. Enough.” I shout.
Kamilla also starts laughing. Her sadistic site shows up. “Don’t stop to tickle her! Its way to funny.” The Cho Cho obey. The cheaters have finished their preparation long before.
“Hi hi hi, please stop!” They stop… stop listening to me! This is unfair!
Finally, Kamilla have seen enough. “Okay, stop!” She orders and the Cho Cho obey. “Stella what we should do next?” she asks.
I need a moment to catch breath. “phew… Well, now we have to enter the pot.” Friendly but determining, they push us to the already warm pot. They never have use a Pot as big like this before. For me they only have need a small pot in the past. How should I… “Hey!” Kamilla lift me up. She seems to have no difficulty doing this.
Seductively, she says. "The little girl needs a bath, although she doesn’t offer much meat." Carefully she puts me in the pleasant warm water.
“You only a little bit bigger then me! You know I don’t like it, if someone belittle me…”
Kamilla enter the pot. “I not belittle you… But its way more fun to play with you, if you get a little bit angry.” She starts playing with my breast.
Well, she is not the only person who likes playing. I use a little bit magic to massage her skin. “Desimer!”
“That feels really good. I love it when you do that.” She grins groaning. How the situation can get better? A nice hot bath with my hot Kamilla! I can understand why Kamilla like this fetish and the Cho Cho only have starting. Carrots and potatoes also enter the pot. They sprinkle salt and pepper over our heads. “Wow! They really preparing us, like a cannibal would do!” I never see Kamilla this happy before.
I think it’s time for a little bit Roleplaying. “Maybe they really want to eat us! I mean, who can resist a cute girl like you?”
Kamilla pinch my cheek. “I think it’s more like they can’t resist you. my cute little goddess.”
I pinch her back. “No way! I am sure you taste way better than me!”
Kamilla laugh. “thanks, but its obvious that’s your delicate flesh is way better!” The Cho Cho, finish to put in ingredients.
The water has reach his maximal level of heat. It’s the perfect heat to start cooking us without damage our bodies. At least if we not stay long. “Now you belittle yourself! My flesh is maybe more delicate but you have better breast meat and I think your…” Kamilla dive down... Then I feel her tongue at my cunt! “Hey! Stop!” I am kidding. This feels so good, I hope she doesn’t stop to fast. Her Mind tell me, its taste good. Sadly, Kamilla can’t hold her breath for long.
She comes back up. “It’s taste great! You must…” I stop her from speaking:
“I Know!” I grin.
Kamilla cuddle my breast. “it’s your turn! Please taste me too!”
“Okay…” I never have use my tongue… But I want to make her happy, so I will try it! Redundantly I dive down. It’s not difficult to find the target. Okay, use her like this? Wow, its taste great. I think the soup flatters her. Sad I must breath too, even if I can use magic. There is not enough oxygen in the soup to give me much more time. Well even my magic has limits. I dive back up. “Now, I am sure you taste well better!” we both laugh.

We play for 2 more hours…
Our Bodies are reddened. This was the best game I ever play but it’s time to end it. I think it’s dangerous to stay longer. The Soup already smells divine. “Kamilla I think we have to leave now!” I order.
Kamilla look at me tired. “Ohhhhh, can we not stay a little bit longer?”
“Only if you want to cook for real.” I explain exhausted.
“This doesn’t sound too bad. “She answers seductively. “just kidding! I help you out.” She try to lift me up but the Cho Cho want to say something:
“Che chi er Chä chi che?” „Are we allowed to fully cook you? “I translate. Wow, they never try to truly cook a girl!
“het che chä chiii che!” “We couldn’t eat properly for a long time." They look at us with sad Eyes. Pure cute cho cho… I think I can’t resist them. Kamilla stop lifting me up.
“I never plan to too it for real…” I put my finger on her mouth.
“I agree! That felt so good. Why not finish it?" Gratefully, Kamilla kisses me. Her kiss has more passion as usual. We have a lot of time after all.
Kamilla laughs boldly. "I always wanted to try that out." She puts an apple in my mouth, so deep that I can no longer spit him out. She herself puts one in her mouth too. Before I can defend myself, she takes me into her arms. We cuddle for the next few hours…

Is there a nicer place to die than in her arms? It is so beautiful that I don’t even notice how our life ends ... Too bad, I would like to have tried the soup. For once, I would have even eaten meat!


A bit hard to read, but cute and fun.

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