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ily dipped a finger inside herself and rubbed gently, then extracted it
wet and shiny. She dabbed the finger at the three girls who surrounded
Samantha, wetting them down, then pushed them aside and ran her finger
sensuously up and down Samantha's tiny body. At last she released
Samantha, and placed her whole hand over top of both her and the three
other girls, making a jail of her fingers. Carefully she drew them into
her hand and lifted them before her flushed face.

"You morsels are going to make me very happy," said Lily, and blew them a
kiss. "And hey, Samantha... if you see my folks tell them I said hi."

Then with a wicked leer, Lily lowered her hand to her pubis and rubbed the
tiny, hot bodies against her labia while they screamed and fought with all
of their miniscule strength. Slowly, Lily rubbed them into her folds,
working them ever deeper inside herself. When all four had slid inside,
Lily used a finger to push them in as deeply as she could.

"Uh," grunted Lily as she felt them start to squirm. The little tingles
their struggling caused were maddening but insufficient to satisfy. Her
hand reached out and grabbed a handful of little pink bodies from the table
and shoved them rudely inside. The rest of the girls began screaming and
running in all directions to escape their fate but not one escaped. By
ones and twos and whole handfuls, Lily snatched them up and fed them into
her ravenous cleft. They filled her totally in a way Lily had never
experienced. Each tiny girl exerted her own pressure as she writhed in the
grip of Lily's vaginal muscles. Lily had to pinch herself shut with her
fingers to keep her little occupants from falling out, so stuffed full was

Two girls who had the dubious luck of being last and hence unable to fit
inside were held pushed against the Lily's outer labia by her squeezing
fingers and were quickly crushed to death, their blood mixing with Lily's
juices to make her slick and lubricated.

Unable to remain standing on her increasingly wobbly legs, Lily let herself
fall to her knees and then to her back on the kitchen floor, gasping for
breath and bearing down as tremor-like orgasms rumbled through her from end
to end, slowly gaining force, until it was a full-fledged tower-toppling
earthquake that threatened to tear Lily's heart apart with its intensity.

"Uhhhhhh!" Lily threw back her head and howled as she let the two broken
bodies in her fingers fall to the floor where her bouncing buttocks smashed
them to paste. Shoving her fingers inside herself, Lily pushed and probed,
feeling tiny bodies breaking under her thrusts.

Half the girls failed to survive Lily's climax when it came. Some had
smothered in the press, but most had simply been crushed by the walls of
wet, rippling muscle around them, Lily's thrusting fingers, or both. Of
those who lived, none escaped unscathed.

When Lily's final orgasm had run its course, she pulled herself open and
began extracting battered little bodies. Among those that still survived,
there were many broken bones and internal injuries. Few were capable of
moving, having shattered bones poking brutally through shredded flesh. The
worst injured simply laid where they landed between Lily's thighs, moaning

In the heap of dead and wounded, Lily picked out Samantha's red hair and
extracted her. One arm was bent at an unnatural angle but she looked,
other than that, relatively uninjured. At last her nerve had broken and
when Lily picked her up, Samantha begged and pleaded, and kissed the fingers
that held her. "Please Lily, I don't want to die, I'll do anything you want,
anything," she sobbed, hugging her wounded arm to her.

Lily eyed her coolly. "So long, bite-sized," she whispered.

Tilting her head back, Lily opened her mouth and lifted the tiny redhead
until she hung suspended over the canyon of her mouth.

"Lily! No! Noooo!" screamed Samantha.

Lily let go, and the little body tumbled into her waiting mouth. Lily gave
her fifteen seconds to get good and terrified -- as witnessed by the
shrieks coming from inside her -- then swallowed. The screaming faded away
and then vanished altogether. Samantha spent the last few horrible minutes
of her life surrounded by the bloody, mashed and partially chewed remains
of six of her classmates.

After fetching a whisk and a dustpan, Lily swept up the pile of dead and
wounded girls and dumped them into the sink. Bloody and mangled, covered
in Lily's juices, and now brown with adhered dirt from the dustpan, they
were an unappealing, not to mention unappetizing, lot. Lily thought for a
moment, then went to one of the cupboards.

The lucky ones were already dead. The others writhed in unimaginable
torment as Lily sprayed the whole lot with oven cleaner. Those who were not
already dead quickly followed as the foam dissolved their flesh. Within
minutes not much but the larger bones were left, and these Lily washed down
the drain.

Lily's blouse and bra, the only pieces of clothing she still wore, clung to
her sweat-soaked skin and she removed them, throwing the damp articles into
the living room. It wasn't as if her parents were going to complain, she
thought, smirking.

Padding over to the fridge, Lily opened it and stood staring at the
contents, pondering. Her little living snacks had piqued her hunger and,
after all, she hadn't really had much to eat for a couple of days. Tiny
people were fun to eat, but they weren't exactly filling. As she stood
there, it suddenly occured to her that she still had an entire school full
of little, terrified snacks in the basement. A wide, cruel grin filled her
face. The refrigerator door slammed shut, and Lily stalked down into the
basement in search of screaming morsels.

She found lots of them.

In the time she had been gone, hundreds of students and a few teachers had
vacated the school and stood staring up at the sheer, steel walls of the
receiver bed. At the first sight of her, a collective shout went up from
the little people, and the whole crowd began fighting to press their way
through the crush of people into the school. It made it easy for Lily to
simply reach out into the mob and grab a handful of people.

There were maybe twenty people clutched in her hand, and Lily examined them
briefly. She spotted a teacher she knew, and smiled. "Hi, Mr. Edmund,"
she said, waving to her astonished History teacher with her other hand.
Then she started stuffing them into her mouth and chewing, making smacking
noises as she did it. Clothing and body parts fell in a grisly rain from
her lips onto the crowd, driving it into a frenzy.

At first, she dipped her cupped hands into the mob, taking person-sized
bites from the crowds in her hands. She was barely making a dent in the
size of the mob, though, so she simply lowered her head and began snapping
mouthfuls of people up as quickly as she could swallow, not even bothering
to chew. By the time most of the remaining people had made it into the
school, Lily had eaten about three hundred people and was beginning to feel
bloated. The last few Lily held in one hand and tossed them pinwheeling
into her mouth one at a time, like popcorn. They crunched the same way,
and they were kind of salty too.

"Whew," said Lily, collapsing back into the chair by the tablet terminal,
one hand on her stomach. She was stuffed. "Whoah, cooool," she said, as
she realized that with her hand on her bare abdomen, she could feel the
collective struggles of the hundreds of people smothering in her stomach.
She dipped her head and sure enough, a kind of mass groaning and screaming
could be heard from her stomach.

By squinting at the school, Lily was barely able to make out hands and faces
pressed against the glass on the second floor, watching her. She realized
she was naked, and she frowned. The idea of her little toys peeping at her
made her both angry and highly aroused. With a full stomach, she felt she
might be up to a little more sex.

Before anyone had a chance to react, Lily was on her feet. Her hand darted
out, demolishing part of the side of the school. She felt around inside
until she had a handful of little squirming bodies, then returned to her
seat. There, she thought, that ought to keep them on their toes.

Of the five tiny people she pulled from the school, three were boys. These
she held in her right fist, loving the feel of them struggling against her
fingers, and crushed them until blood began to run from her hand, which she
lapped up like a cat. When she opened her fist, she popped all three
broken bodies into her mouth and chewed them slowly, like gory chewing gum.
The two girls she held in her left hand, and treated them to the full
display of what she did to the boys.

Lily gave the trembling girls a frightening smile. "You saw what I did to
them. Unless you want the same to happen to you, I want you to give me a

One of the girls squeaked, and though Lily couldn't make it out, she
guessed, correctly as it turned out, that she was asking what kind of show
Lily wanted.

"Kiss each other," said Lily.

The girls balked, and Lily began closing her fist. Quickly, they pushed
their lips together and stared out of the corner of their eyes at the mad

"That's not what I mean and you know it. Let's see some tongue," said Lily,
leering and leaning closer.

Reluctantly, the girls did as they were told, sobbing into each other's

"Good, that's really good," said Lily. "Now, take off your clothes and fuck
each other."

The girls broke apart, and one went into hysterics, screaming something at
Lily over and over again.

Lily frowned and leaned closer. Finally, she realized what the girl had
been shouting: "We're sisters!"

Lily giggled. "Coooool," she said, feeling incredibly
perverted. "I want to see you both naked and giving each other the works, or you're not going
to be anything at all except lunch." She licked her lips for emphasis.

Awkwardly, crying and stopping often to hug each other, the two girls
pulled off their clothes, which Lily disposed of with a puff of air. Forced
against their will, the two sisters nonetheless showed great dignity in
their act, making it as easy on each other as they could, their love
expressing itself in their tenderness. To their surprise, they realized
eventually that the titanic head that hovered over them was crying.

"No one will ever love me," whispered Lily. "No one will ever want to make
love to me. Who could love a... monster?" Lily looked over at the sisters,
still locked, thighs and faces, in a sexual embrace. "I hate you!" said
Lily, through her tears. "I hate you! I hate you!"

With one swift movement she threw the girls to the floor and brought her
heel down on top of them with a sickening crunch. Wet warmth pooled under
her foot and soaked into the carpet. Savagely, she ground her heel until
nothing remained but a discoloured spot.

Lily rose from her chair like the angel of death and stalked over to the
receiver bed. With a roar of fury, she brought her fist down on one edge
of the miniature school sending brick and steel and glass flying as though
a bomb had exploded. Dozens of bloodied and mangled bodies were thrown
everywhere. Growling, Lily pushed her hand through two walls, crushing
dozens more in the wreckage, and began slamming her hand down over and over
again on the tiny, screaming, scuttling forms, as if they were insects. Her
rage was utterly terrifying for her tiny victims to behold and many lost
control of their bowels as her blazing eyes raked across them.

More than a hundred people were killed and a quarter of the school
demolished before Lily's anger burned itself out.

Lily returned to the desk and sat with her head down in her arms, sobbing,
until she spent herself and fell asleep. Hours passed, and the sun slipped
lower on the horizon. Inside the school, the wounded were hurriedly
treated in silence, and hiding places searched for. Evening came and Lily

"Daddy?" said Lily, waking muddle-headed. She smacked her lips at the funny
taste in her mouth. "Ouch," she said, as she flexed the hand she had
bruised smashing the school. Look-outs posted on top of the school crept
back inside and passed word. Lily was awake. A terrified hush descended.

Slowly, things came back to her. The school. Lily twisted in her seat,
grunting at her stiff back. There it was, just the way she remembered it.
Well, maybe a little more... destroyed than she remembered. Lily grimaced.
She had really lost it. Wistfully she wondered who the sisters had been,
and realized that she would likely never know.

Ah well, thought Lily, she'd chalk it up to lack of sleep. At least she had
grabbed a few hours. Her stomach growled, and Lily was surprised to find
herself hungry. She hadn't thought she'd slept that long. Well, she knew
where to find supper, didn't she? A smile played across her face.

Upstairs in the bathroom, Lily relieved herself and emptied the waste
basket, which she brought down with her. For the next hour she tore the
roof off the school and pulled it apart room by room, brick by brick,
searching for the tiny little micro-meals that were once students and
teachers. Each time she found them, they went into the basket. After an
hour, the school was rubble and four hundred tiny people trembled in the
bottom of the waste basket. Lily knew she had missed a few that no doubt
had found a good hiding place in the wreckage. She wasn't worried, she
knew they had no place to go, and they would probably make a nice

Lily climbed the stairs to the kitchen, got a pair of manicure scissors, and
began to snip the clothes from her captives as if she were shelling shrimp.
If an arm or a leg got snipped along with the clothes, well, she wasn't too
concerned. Those she popped into her mouth and chewed slowly as she
worked. Many in the basket chose to strip themselves rather than risk
those terrible limb-slashing scissors.

From under the stove, Lily pulled the largest roasting pan her mother owned
and threw half her captives into it. Their little squeaks of terror were
adorable, and Lily grabbed a handful of the cutest looking girls to amuse
herself with, keeping them in a mixing bowl. Into the pan went a few
tomatoes and onions and a drizzling of oil. All those in the pan knew what
was going to happen, and their cries were pitiable. Whistling, Lily placed
the lid carefully on top and popped the pan into the oven. She set the
oven for 325 degrees. She didn't want them to cook too quickly, after all.

On top of the stove, Lily heated a huge pot of oil, the one her mother
normally used for french fries. When it began to bubble, she grabbed a
handful of naked little bodies from the waste basket and held them over
the oil. Lily thought they screamed quite loudly for such tiny people,
but it was nothing compared to the shrieks they made when she dropped them
into the pot. Not that it lasted long. Within a couple of minutes, the
kitchen smelled strongly of cooking meat. With a strainer, Lily lifted the
tiny, fetally-curled bodies from the oil and patted them dry on a paper
towel. They were golden and crisp, and Lily found them quite acceptable
with salt.

While the weakest were collapsing with heat stroke in the oven, Lily made
batch after batch of deep-fried little people. When less than a hundred
remained in the basket, all of them sobbing and waiting for the end, most
resigned but some hysterical, Lily half-filled the blender with milk. To
this she added as many tiny people as she could fit, about seventy in all.
Those at the bottom were crushed or drowned, but those at the top lived
long enough to feel the heap of groaning, screaming bodies beneath them
sinking slowly down as the whirling blades liquified the bottom-most. Lily
waved to them through the glass and smiled. The resulting thick, red,
salty-sweet milkshake Lily put in the refrigerator to cool.

Looking down into the bottom of the basket, Lily pondered what to do with
the thirty or so remaining people. "Leftovers," she giggled. Lily's eye
fell across a half-tube of epoxy and had a delightfully wicked idea.

By the time Lily's meal was ready, her plate heaped with delicately roasted
boys and girls with a side of deep-fried people and a frosty glass of
blood-red milkshake, she had completed her little home craft project.
Around her neck thirty groaning, crying people, epoxied hand to foot with
each other, made an interesting living necklace. Maybe later she'd shellac
them, thought Lily.

Lily lifted her glass and toasted the tiny girls still in the mixing bowl.
Tonight, at least, her bed would not be empty. The ideal lovers, thought
Lily: sexy, servile, and afterwards they provided their own snack.

End Part II

In the deep backwoods of Starbuck City DE, Sarina Wallace was walking
down a fall-leaf cluttered path with a scowl on her face.

"Two fucking days, how hard would it have been for her to wait two
fucking days!" Sarina thought.

Ever since her friend Lily had called her at work to come over to her
house for some unexplained urgent matter, Sarina had been lamenting how she
would miss the planned threesome at her house later this evening.

As she walked the path to Lily's house, she regretted loosing her
liscense last month due to "indecent exposure" while driving. Sarina had
thought the idea of driving stark naked around the city would be a good way
to teach the overly-christian teenage population of Starbuck the right way
to enjoy life.

With every step Sarina took, her bra-less top barely kept her D-size
tits from bouncing up and down. She enjoyed the feeling of freedom that it
gave her.

A nice cool breeze went up her short-shorts and into the crack of her
ass, sending a pleasent chill up her spine.

Oblivious to all that was around her, Sarina happened to approach St.
Cora's Catholic Church on her right. The church goers were just leaving
servies. Some of the people there knew Sarina, others had only heard of
her reputaion.

As she passed the grounds, mulling what she would do with the rest of
the day once she left Lily's, one little boy named Timmy pointed at
Sarina's low cut top and said, "Mommy, what are those?"

Shocked by what she saw, his mother responded, "O my god" and covered
Timmy's eyes, rushing him into the church.

Some of the boys and younger men in the group, secretly eyed Sarina from
a distance and wished they could spend one night with her.

Sarina had almost left the grounds, when 24 year old, virgin, snob,
Helena Mills waltzed up to Sarina and said, "Excuse me ma'am, but I must
ask you to leave the premises.

Bewildered by the audacity of Helena's unnecessary comment, Sarina spat
back, "Fuck you bitch, I walk wherever the hell I want."

"You don't have the right to flaunt yourself infront of people like
that, have you no honor?" Replied Helena

"At least I know what getting eaten out feels like." Sarina replied

"What?" Asked the confused Helena. "Listen, I save myself for my future
man, I can't understand why someone would go with a man before marriage."

Sarina smirked then replied, "Really? Then you should try women
instead, I think you are the perfect type."

Deeply insulted by Sarina's comment, Helena replied, "Get away from here
you whore!"

Sarina flipped Helena off, and infront of everyone in the Church
grounds, took off her top and threw it to the side of the road. She
laughed out loud as men, women, and children covered their eyes and ran
back inside.

After jiggling her tits infront of the few remaining onlookers. (and
timmy, who had forced his mothers hands away from his eyes), Sarina left
the grounds and continued towards Lilys.

After she had walked a few hundred feet, Sarina muttered, "I'll pay all
of you back".

Feeling a familiar twitch in her pussy, Sarina mentally violated Helena
by picturing herself, and two other guys, raping Helena and using her as a
human toilet. "Take that bitch!" Sarina commented in her vision as she
dumped a load of shit into Helena's mouth.

Wishing that fate had made it that virgins were the outcasts of society
and punished for their lack of sexual experience, Sarina slowed down her
. pace and began to cry.

There was a huge bill being debated in congress to cull undesirable humans from the population, but it hadnt passed yet.

"If I could only make virgins suffer for what they do, if only people
like me were normal..." Sarina scolded herself for bubbling like a baby,
but still felt very saddened by her current position.

Sometime later, Sarina walked up the wooden steps to Lily's house, and heard
.loud moaning inside.

Right as she walked into the door, she shrieked at what she saw.
Bodies, twenty bodies all running around the livingroom floor in terror.
What was the most puzzling was, that they were all the size of barbie
dolls, some the size of crickets. (One inch tall).

Lily was sitting in the middle of the room, chewing on something red
in her mouth, and pumping what appeared from a distance to be a dildo into
her pussy.

When Sarina walked closer, she saw what looked like long blonde curly
hair being sucked into Lily's mouth and swallowed. The sex toy was
revealed to be a little woman, completely nude, and screaming in terror.

Lily turned when she saw Sarina walk into the room, and picked up a
nearby red-headed woman off of the ground. "You wanna try her?" Lily
replied as she picked up a black woman off of the floor and bit off it's
tiny shrieking head.

Sarina fainted. In the process of doing so, she fell on top of two of
the little women, and crushed them to death beneath her tits.

Lily chuckled and said to three of the shrunken women who were hiding
behind the atomic dispenser, "I didn't just shrink you all for myself."

She then gathered the remaining little toys from around the house, and
placed them all into a little box. Walking into the kitchen, she smelled
that dinner was almost done. Licking her lips, she opened the 6-foot by
6-foot oven door and basted the female virgin long pig with barbecue sauce.
When it hit the skin, it simmered nicely.

Lily thought it almost hard to believe that the full-size woman
roasting inside was once someone who had made fun of her and Sarina in
school for being bisexual. She relished the idea of shitting out the jelly
that once used to be the bitches brains, and in turn, essence.

The golden pendant that hung around its neck she had decided to keep on
the roast, and it had made a nice imprint on the skin that it had melted

After rubbing extra sauce over the tits and ass of the roast, Lily
closed the oven door and went back into the living room where Sarina was
slumped on the ground.

Lily considered various ways to wake her back up, but took the most
obvious. She pulled off Sarina's shorts, revealing that she had no panties
on underneath. After sniffing Sarina's still-wet pussy, Lily thrust her
tongue deep into Sarina's hole.

Thoroughly enjoying the experience, Lily sucked hard on Sarina's clit,
and placed two fingers up Sarina's ass. That was enough to get Sarina to
wake up.

"Uggh, what in the hell....?" Sarina mumbled as she opened her eyelids
and saw Lily lapping at her pussy. Confused for a moment, Sarina briefly
wondered how she got here, then she noticed the blood stains on the carpet
not far from where she lay.

"Now I remember." She mumbled.

"Remember what?" Lily asked, removing her tongue from Sarina's pussy.

"I..., you know what, fuck it, I don't know why you want to get back
with me, but frankly I don't care, suck my pussy now!" Sarina ordered.

Lily was happy to oblige. In about two minutes, Sarina wrapped her
legs around Lily's head and squeezed her head into her pussy as she had a
very good orgasm.

Lily drank the squirt of juice that entered her mouth, then got back
onto her feet and offered Sarina a hand.

Sarina gratefully took Lily's hand and slapped Lily's naked tight

"Was everything I thought I saw when I came in here a dream?" Sarina
asked as she walked towards the heavenly smelling kitchen.

"Damn right, wait till you see what is in the oven." Lily replied by
opening up the oven and showing Sarina the cooking body of Roberta Yates,
who had exposed Sarina's sexual habits to the entire college class by
photo-copying Sarina's entire Diary last semester.

Sarina had been kicked out of College, and lost her scholarship. No
college in the small city would have her, and Sarina would be damned if she
went to a college that took her away from her friends in her home town.

Sarina literally drooled at the sight of baking flesh. The usual
pale-white Roberta was now a nice tan-brown with crispy skin. The eyes
which had so often looked down on Sarina for not believing in the same
things that Roberta did were now globs of jelly.

"May I?" Sarina asked, picking up a nearby steak knife and a fork.

"Sure, though leave what you dont eat in the oven to finish cooking."
Lily replied.

Sarina took the knife and fork, and cut off Roberta's right tit, sliding
it onto a glass plate.

Before she dug in, Sarina said to Lily, "Listen, I know you might be
in a lot of trouble with all this, but let me tell you, I need to know your
secret before you get carted off to prison."

Lily laughed heartily and replied, "There actually is a secret, see,
the economy has caused too many mouths to feed and not enough food to
distrubute. With the current redistribution of wealth, some people who
don't want to see others with food on their tables have pissed the
government off."

'Wait, the government?" Sarina asked shocked. Since when did you get
involved with them?"

"Since forever girl!" Lily replied. My father helped create the
Atomizer, and both of us were given the under-the-table legal authority to
have a "license to kill" so to speak, and not be charged with murder."

Sarina's eyes bulged, but a very happy smile formed on her lips.

"Anyway, Lily resumed, Sheriff Peters is in on it as well. The entire
town and it's residents are legally my property, even though none of them
know it. I can murder, rape, consume and piss on as many of them as I
want, without being charged with murder.
If there are any witnesses, the
Sheriff takes care of them."

"Was that what happened to old Miss Abagail?" Sarina asked.

"Yep, she grew too curious, and reported her granddaughter missing.
Though I would have liked to tell her how good the six year old tasted, I
had her eliminated."

Sarina's stomach growled, and she winced. After giving the tit-roast
one last look over, Sarina cut off the nipple and put it into her mouth.

"Omigod!" Sarina mumbled in estacy as she chewed the succulent morsel.

"I knew that you'd like it." Lily giggled.

Sarina then tossed the fork and knife aside, (despite the roast still
being quite hot) and sank her teeth into the juicy meat. At the same time,
she felt her pussy becoming very wet.

Lily noticed Sarina's labia were puffing up, so she stuck two of her
fingers into Sarina's pussy, and pumped them in and out as Sarina ate her

"What did she say before she died?" Sarina moaned through a mouth full
of food.

"Oh gods, save me! gods Nooooo!" Lily said, emulating Roberta's last

Sarina became very aroused by the picture of the terror on Roberta's
face, and orgasmed right there, spraying the startled Lily with her
juices again.

"My, aren't you the sadist." Lily laughed as Sarina finished the last
bite of her tit-roast.

Sarina belched, then said, "Even the sound of belching makes me horny,
knowing that was caused by a human digesting in my stomach."

"You think that's awesome?" Try when you finally shit them out, it
really can be arousing knowing that someone like Roberta, who believed in
going to heaven when she died, instead is having her essence shit out of
your ass. I didn't even touch myself, and I orgasmed on the toilet seat."
Lily replied as she stood up again and kissed Sarina deeply.

Sarina replied by breaking the kiss, and sucking on Lily's right

"Floor or Bed?" Lily asked.

"On the counter, I want to see the bitch roast as we go down on each
other." Sarina replied.

Lily leaned close and whispered, "Let me tell you another secret,
every bit of flesh you grab on me, from my ass to my tits, all the tissue
and internal organs in my body, has been nourished and is made up of
hundreds of virgin women who screamed before they died at my hands."

Sarina couldn't bear it any longer, so she leaped up onto the counter,
her ass contouring to the cold surface, and prepared to get into a 69
position with Lily.

"Wait a second" Lily replied, before running to another room.

When she returned, Lily had a little blond woman, who screamed,
"Please, I'll pay anything, just let me go!"

Sarina felt like cheering, as Lily tried to keep the struggling thing
in her hands.

"This should make her scream!" Lily exclaimed as she shoved the woman
head-first into Sarina, then mounted Sarina on the counter.

"Scream and cream!" Sarina laughed as Lily bucked back and fouth on
the other half of the hapless victim. Their moaning filled the entire
house, all the way down to the bowl where the other shrunken women were
cowering in terror.

Sarina fixated her eyes on the roast, and imagined it's dying throes as
it was put into the oven alive. All the while, Lily fixiated her eyes on
Sarina's bouncing tits, and massaged them with her hands.

Occasionally, the smaller screams of the victim echoed out of Sarina's
pussy, causing them both to get hornier and pick up the pace. About
half-way though, there was a snapping sound, and the toy between them
became a bloody mess. Still, that didn't stop the two from riding it till
they both orgasmed simultaneously.

Sarina then licked the blood and juices from Lily's pussy, then drug
out the limp lower half with her teeth and ran her tongue over it's ass.
She then began to chew the morsel.

Lily did the same, only she played with it's tits for a couple of
seconds, before tossing it into the air and swallowing it's upper half

"What do you want to do now sweetie?" Lily asked.

"First, show me how to use the atomizer, second, I want to go to
church." Sarina said with an evil grin on her face.

"What do you have planned?" Lily replied.

"Let's just say someone I know needs to die shoved up my ass." Sarina
said, recollecting Helena from the episode earlier in the day.

"That is fine by me, but wait until the roast finishes cooking, we'll
eat some more of that, then do the rest."

"I love you" Sarina said while rubbing her crotch.

"I love you too Sarina" Lily replied.

"Not you, it!" Sarina said, pointing to her clit.

The two then laughed in unison, then prepared to enjoy their tasty

After their succulent meal, Lily and Sarina piled into Lily's dodge
truck and left around 8:45 PM. As the truck was pulling out of the
driveway, Sarina heard Lily's dogs barking in her back yard.

"Do you ever feed those things?" Sarina asked.

"Of course, as a matter of a fact, some of tonight's catch will be fed
to them, whole and normal size tonight." Lily replied.

"Do they ever fuck 'em before the eat 'em?" Sarina asked as she listened
to the sounds of her churning stomach as the truck sped down the dark road.

"Actually, Rex and Sampson will rape them while they eat them, it can be
rather hilarious sometimes." Lily replied.

Burrp, Sarina burped while patting her stomach. "I have a feeling that
once we get back from the church I will have to take a massive shit once I
get back to your place. Sarina commented on the uneasiness of her stomach.

"Just wait till we get back, I have an Idea." Lily said.

"What Idea is that?" Sarina replied.

Lily clicked her tongue and said, "Just wait." We'll be at the church
within two minutes, so grab the atomizer out of the backseat."

Sarina took out the three by three foot atomizer out of the back, and
sat it in her lap.

"Be careful you don't press any of those buttons Sarina, or else both of
us will be in deep shit if another car comes down this road before I turn
us back.

"No problemo!" Sarina said uneasily as she sat it down in the floorboard
infront of her seat.

As the truck pulled up into the catholic parking lot, Sarina saw that
it's members were leaving the evening service, and piling into their

'Where is she?" Lily asked.

"Hold on a sec, I see her exiting the building" Sarina replied as she
was about to open the truck door and shrink Helena right then and there.

"Wait Sarina, wait until she is with a smaller group, even the Sheriff
can't contain that big of an exposure." Lily cautioned.

Sarah sighed and watched Helena's every movement, within three minutes,
Helena had left the main crowd with a group of three other late-teens,
early twenties adult women.

Now. Lily replied, as she pulled the truck closer to the group, which
was heading into the dimly lit wooded area behind the church building.

Sarina grabbed the Atomizer and left the truck, her heart racing.
Sarina hadn't felt this anxious since she was a much younger girl.

Hearing noise behind them, the group turned around and gasped at Sarina
and Lily. Helena was the first one to open her mouth.

"Well, if it isn't the two whores of Babylon, what do you two want. I
thought I told you to stay away from here with your filth."

"Yeah, you need to change your ways!" remarked a 17 year old brunette.

Lily clenched her fists and said, "I don't like people who mess with
myself or my friends, especially those who are dumb enough to still be
virgins by the time they are 17, much less you Helena, you're twenty one,
you should have been laid long ago. What's the matter, you got leprosy or

"Shut your evil mouth!" remarked a 19 year old geeky blond.

"It's time to say your prayers bitches!" Sarina said furiously. She
then depressed a small blue button on the Atomizer, which sent out an
electric shockwave that enveloped the four virgins.

Helena shrieked, the 17 year old fainted, the geek shouted out, "what's
going on!?", and the twenty year old black-haired Spanish immigrant, who
had been silent this entire time, yelled, "no toca jo!"

Sarina, who was Spanish herself, replied in Spanish, "Sucks for you, I
plan to go down on you cuntface."

Lily briefly looked around to see if anyone from the church had
noticed, thankfully, no one had as of yet.

In a matter of ten seconds, four doll-sized women scattered from where
they had been standing and back towards the church.

Sarina wasted no time in gathering them all up and placing them into a
small wooden box that she had tied to her waist. After sealing up the
opening, both she and Lily ran back to the truck, hoping that no one else
saw them.

Thankfully, they made it back to the truck unmolested, and Lily drove
off back towards her home. It wasn't until they were over half way there
that she began to breath normally, and gave Sarina a shit-eating grin.

"You ready for this?" Lily asked.

"What exactly are we going to do with them?" Sarina replied.

"I'll show you when we get there." Lily replied.

Back at the house, Lily opened the box and it's four occupants fell
into a deep mixing bowl, from which there was no viable means of escape.

Helena pissed herself when she saw the huge hand of Lily lift her out
of the bowl, then begin to strip her of her clothing.

"Don't do this to me!" Helena begged.

"You should have thought of that before you harassed other people."
Lily replied.

"Fuck you shit-eater!" Helena cursed loudly.

Helena's curse actually shocked Lily, she didn't know that Helena was
capable of such normal language. Nevertheless, she decided to seal
Helena's fate.

"Sarina, Helena called me a shit-eater, don't you think it is only fair
that we
punish her for it?" Lily asked with a very blushed face.

"Damn right, but first, I need to go shit..." Sarina said, running
towards Lily's bathroom.

"Wait!" Come here!" Liltih replied.

Sarina reluctantly returned and asked, "What, please hurry!"

"Hold Helena, let me get my camera, and then I want you to..." Lily
leaned close to Sarina and whispered so that Helena couldn't hear, "Shove
Helena up your ass, it is time we gave her a little lession in evolution
called survival of the fittest."

Sarina's eyes lit up, and she readily nodded. Lily ran into the other
room, grabbed her camera, turned it on, removed the cap, then motioned for
Sarina to start.

Sarina casually removed her shorts and tossed them aside. Helena began
to freak out. "Wait, what are you doing!?" Helena asked, her voice

Sensing something bad was about to happen, Helena began to pray, "Our
holy matron, which art in heaven, ha--" Sarina then interrupted her by
saying, "How about you be the shit eater Helena?" Sarina's pussy was nearly
flooding with her juices as the thought about what she was about to do.

"Welcome to your new home!" Sarina exclaimed as she used her free hand
to part her ass-cheeks, exposing her little brown anus.

"Noooo, in the name of Mary, you can't do this to me!" Sarina slowly
moved Helena's head closer and closer to it's target, enjoying the
screaming/frantic praying that Helena was blurting out.

"Mary, why aren't you here for me, why won't you save me?" She
questioned with all her heart, but nothing responded. Sarina then closed
her eyes, and shoved Helena deep into her ass, face first.

Amanda started snapping pictures as Helena was pushed further and
further in, Sarina paused to flip off the camera, then to stick her tongue

Inside Sarina's ass, Helena's entire body was covered in shit, from her
formerly blond hair, to her perky milky-white tits.

I wonder if god will save her now? Sarina laughed as she slapped her
ass for the camera.

Approximatly minutes later, Sarina was furiously pumping her fingers in
and out of herself, at that moment, Helena died trying to scream through a
shit-filled mouth, instead of going to some sort of heaven, her
consciousness faided into nothingness. Sarina immediately had a sudden,
life-changing orgasm.

The orgasm literally caused her to fall to her knees, and swim in a
world of pure pleasure.

"Evolution one, god zero." Lily remarked.

"Can I go shit now? I have a dead shit-eating virgin in my ass that
needs to be flushed down into the sewage." Sarina replied.

Go ahead, I'll get one of the others ready for the dogs, you'll enjoy it
even more.

Sarina ran towards the bathroom, and a loud plop was heard as she
expelled Helena's dead body, and the remains of her supper. As Lily
predicted, the thought of her shitting out humans got Sarina hornier than
ever, she even peered into the bowl, and watched as every piece fell into

Sarina couldn't imagine a better time to be alive....

In the kitchen, Lily injected the nerdy teenager with a sedative, and
waited until she as asleep. After stripping her of her clothes, Lily
placed the teens entire body in her mouth, and ran her tongue over every
square inch, making sure to run the tip of her tongue over the teens tight

Lily then spit her out, and brought in the atomizer.

"What if they don't eat her alive?" I'd hate to miss such a great show.
Sarina worried.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure she is fully conscious, and scared, before
I release the hounds."

Sarina nodded, and watched as Lily used the atomizer to regrow the
virgin to full height.

"Help me carry her out to the boneyard." Lily commented.

"Boneyard?" Sarina asked puzzled.

"It is the large fenced-in area behind my house, I never let you back
there when you were younger remember?" Lily reminded Sarina.


Oh... Sarina replied.

In just a short while, the limp body had been placed in the middle of
the field. All around Sarina and Lily, were the scattered skeletal
remains of hundreds of women. Most of the bones had been chewed on, though
there were a few carcasses where maggots were still picking at some of the
remaining flesh.

In a nearby pen, three Rottweilers were fighting over a severed tit,
each one ended up tearing off a piece, and taking it back to it's little

Lily took a large syringe out of her pocket, then said, "Now, let me
inject her with the stimulant, and haul ass before she wakes up." Lily
carelessly injected the stimulant into the teens thigh. Once she was
finished, both her and Sarina ran out of the enclosure, locked the gate,
and stood up on a rampart overlooking the mini "arena'

"You definantly keep good care of your dogs, just look at those
kennels!" Sarina exclaimed in awe.

"Yep, I believe in giving all animals a fair chance at life, I can't
bear the thought of an animal dying or being hurt." Lily said

"Same here, I once worked at an animal rescue mission." Sarina

While the two were conversing, the all-you-can-eat human buffet in the
middle of the field's eyes fluttered open, and it's first instinct was to
run it's hands over it's naked body. Once it realized it wasn't clothed,
and was sitting in the middle of a massive bone yard, it stood up and

Lily noticed that it had a very nice ass, that wobbled every time the
teen moved, she hoped that would be devoured while the teen was still

Sarina was busy eying the teens tits, when it noticed both her and

"Hey guys, let me out of here!" It pleaded.

"Sorry!" Lily shouted back, as she pulled a lever to her right, which
unlocked all the dog-cages.

Immediatly, the dogs stopped what they were doing, and made a mad dash
for their supper.

Sarina noticed a cute brown dog outrace all the others, she hoped it
would get the first bite. Sure enough, it was the first to nip at the
prey's legs, unfortunantly for the poor animals, the bitch didn't want to
be supper.

The teen ran with all of the energy in it's body towards the outer gate.
The anxiety caused sweat to pour off of it's body, little beads of sweat
dripped off of it's nipples, and streamed down it's lucious ass.

Much to the utter amazement of both Sarina and Lily, the teen made a
nearly impossible leap up into the air, and caught ahold of the gate rail
bars some twelve feet above the ground.

"What the fuck!?" Lily exclaimed. Soon, the teen used it's agile body
to climb over the gate, and fall out the other side into Lily's main

"Motherfucking bitch!" Lily cursed as she pulled lever two, which
released another set of hounds on both sides of the teenager.

Forced with no other alternative, the teen ran toward Lily's backdoor.
Finding out to her horror that it was locked, she got on all fours and
tried to squeeze through the doggy-door, but got stuck when her ass lodged
in the door.

It desperatly tried to claw it's way through, but couldn't grab onto
anything to pull itself further in.

By now, a large doberman by the name of Max, raced forward and sunk it's
teeth into the teen's delicious thigh, and tore off a chunk of red meat.

An ear-piercing shreik echoed through the woods as the other dogs
pounced on the teens lower half and began to feast.

Finally, the little brown dog ran up to the teen, and tore off a rather
large chunk of the prey's ass, causing blood to squirt all over it's coat.

Sarina and Lily watched with tears in their eyes, as it dragged the
ass-flesh over to a limping dalmation which had been relegated to the back
of the pack. The little dog sat the meat down on the ground, and the two
shared what Sarina could only discribe as a heart-warming romantic dinner.

Back at the doggy door, one of the rotwilers sunk it's teeth into the
teen's pussy, and tore off a rather nice-sized chunk. It thuroughly
enjoyed the taste of human flesh, and enjoyed this treat alot more than
what it had previously had.

Shortly before it died, the teen's upper half was dragged out of the
house by three dogs who were pulling on it's intestine. Immediatly
afterward, the last thing it saw was a dog humping it's face, and the last
thing it felt was two golden retrievers ripping it's tits to shreads.

Sarina and Lily watched the dogs completly devour the carcass. As the
two walked back toward the house, Sarina saw a poodle drag away a
half-eaten brain towards it's kennel.

"I cannot wait until tomorrow Lily." Sarina said blissfully.

"You have only begun to experiance pleasure my dear." Lily replied as
both women grabbed each others asses and entered the now unlocked back door
to the house.


Around 11:00 that night, Sarina cuddled up into bed next to Lily. She
heard the rumbling of Lily's stomach as Lily digested her meal more
slowly than Sarina. Lily soon fell asleep, and dreamed about the tiny
skeletons snaking their way through her stomach, acid dissolving what
little flesh remained, and the remains being gradually turned into brown
shit as they neared her rectum.

Sarina, who was still awake, heard Lily fart loudly, releasing a very
potent smell. Sarina chuckled at the thought that the gas was from the
digestion of a human digesting a human.

Around one in the morning, Sarina grew tired of not being able to sleep,
and made her way into the kitchen. Instinctively, she opened up the
refrigerator to look for something to eat.

Sarina's eyes darted over Roberta's severed head, a slice of ass-meat, A
rack of ribs from Roberta's rib-cage, and a thigh. She peeled off a piece
of meat from the ass, and popped it into her mouth. "Ohh, that is sooo
good!" she moaned. Sarina then took a nearby
knife and cut out the anus,
when she popped that piece into her mouth, it tasted much different from
the rest of the ass. It was tougher, and very elastic, more like chewing
gum. Lily's sauce had eliminated any taste of shit that may have been on
the anus. Sarina made a mental note to ask Lily how she made the sauce.

Sarina walked into the den and looked inside the bowl containing the
shrunken women. Looking around almost as if she was going to do something
guilty, Sarina plunged her hand into the bowl and grabbed a black-haired
caucasian girl by her hair. The little thing screamed loudly, waking up
the others and causing them to cower in fear.

Grabbing its clothes with her fingers, Sarina mercilessly stripped the
snack, causing it three broken bones in it's arms and legs.

"Ouch! My head! let me go, let me go!" begged the snack. Sarina paid
it no attention, and started preparing her late-night meal.

Heading back into the kitchen, Sarina turned on the counter-top stove
and grabbed a nearby clean cast-iron pan. Taking half a stick of butter,
Sarina threw it into the skillet, followed by some onions, bell peppers,
suger snap peas, and water chestnuts. Once the onions had started to
become transparent, Sarina threw the snack into the skillet.

As soon as it hit the hot food below, it screamed "Aaaaaaaaah! OW The
paaaiiiiin! Somebody help me please!"

As Sarina watched it struggle to escape, she turned the heat onto high,
and grabbed a nearby bottle of General Tso's Sauce. Before Sarina put the
sauce into the pan. she noticed that she was fingering herself
unconsciously. As a matter of a fact, Sarina was very turned on by the
prey's struggles and pleas.

Sarina started panting as she poured the entire bottle onto the snack,
covering it in the sauce. This caused the snack to shit itself. Turned
off by the pile of shit inside the pan, Sarina spooned out the shit and
pushed the woman down into the sauce with a spatulla, drowning her in it.
Its skin was already turning a bright pink, and the screaming had turned
into an inhuman wailing, unlike anything Sarina had ever heard before.

Amused by this, Sarina repeatedly dunked the morsel into the now boiling
liquid again and again. The snacks' tits bounced this way and that in
reaction to the boiling water. For a brief moment, Sarina wondered about
the snacks past, it's first birthday, the first time it drove a car, it's
friendships, it's worries, all of that, and now relegated to nothing more
than a snack for another woman.

This made Sarina horny again. The meal looked Sarina right in the eyes
and begged to be released, Sarina responded by flipping it off and smiling.

Right before it died though, Sarina slammed the sharp end of the
spatulla down on the snack's legs, severing them from the main body. She
then slammed it down on the meal's tits, causing both of them to sever from
the body and float across the pan to the other side. Already, the liquid
had turned to a reddish-brown color, as it finally died and lay there
without moving.

After chopping up the treat into smaller pieces, Sarina boiled some rice
and fifteen minutes later poured the stir-fry over the rice. After
grabbing a nearby pair of chopsticks, Sarina used them to dig out the
woman's head. The face was frozen in terror, Sarina said to the lifeless
head, "Thanks for coming over for dinner, I don't know what I'd do without
you!" She then popped the head into her mouth, and bit down, crunching on
the delicious food.

After she had eaten most of her meal, Sarina took the remains of her
supper outside and let the dogs eat it off of the plate.

Back inside, she cleaned up the kitchen, then returned to bed. The
chemical reaction in her stomach as she digested the bitch caused Sarina to
become very sleepy, and finally fall asleep.

The next morning, Lily woke early, and went into the den. When she
noticed that one of the treats was missing, she became worried that it had
escaped, shortly after looking in three of the nearby rooms, Lily saw the
note on the counter left by Sarina that explained the missing treat.

Feeling very relieved, Lily went back to the den and grabbed two
snacks. She then took them to the living room.

Among the usual babble that prey spout off as they fear for their lives,
Lily heard one of the snacks say to the other, "I love you sis."

"What did you say?" Lily asked, her curiosity heightened.

"We're sisters, and we are going to stick by each other, no matter what
happens" yelled one of the two defiantly.

"How close are you two?" Lily asked.

"We are inseparable." Remarked the other.

"Really, then you won't mind this at all then." Lily commented as she
stripped the two. Despite the humiliation, the two sisters were much
braver than anyone else that Lily had ever toyed with or eaten. And that
amused her.

Twisting the two around like they were toys, Lily shoved the face of
one of the sisters into the others ass then said, "Now, we are going to
play a little game. If you pass it, one of you gets to leave, if you fail,
I'll eat both of you."

The sister who's face was buried in the other's ass, shook her head
violently, but the other one just listened to Lily, hoping that the game
would be easy.

"I want you" Lily said, pointing to the one who was listening. To
shit into your sisters mouth, but to do so would condemn her to death. If
you refuse, I'll eat you, but spare your sister. Lily then scotch-taped
the ass-face sister's mouth open, and shoved her back against the others

Lily waited for either one to do something. Surprisingly, it only
took three seconds for the first sister to start shitting into the others
mouth. "Gabriella, how could you!?" Your my sister! Don't let me die!"
mumbled the ass-face sister through her shit-filled mouth. She then began
to inadvertently swallow the shit in order to keep from choking to death."

Eventually, Lily separated the two, and forced Gabriella to watch what
Lily was about to do to the sister that she had betrayed in exchange for
her own life. In a glorious mixture of screaming and wailing, Lily
tossed it in head first and swallowed it whole. She relished the feel of
it sliding down her throat. Gabriella saw the nude outline of her sister
struggling as it descended Lily's esophagus.

Inside Liltih, the unnamed snack fell into the noxious churning pit of
acid that would convert it to a source of nutrition for Lily. The acid
got into it's eyes, burning them horribly, and dissolving them at the same
time. Slowly, it's skin began to feel as if it were on fire, and the
little slivers of flesh on her tits were the first to dissolve, followed by
the flesh on it's legs and head.

In the outside world, Lily took a nearby shrunken stethoscope and
placed the listening end on her stomach, and the other end on Gabriella's
ears. Gabriella wept as she heard her sisters screaming, and the churning
of Lily's stomach as she was digested alive. Lily forced her to listen
to it for a full five minutes...

Back inside Lily, the prey was now a screaming mass of muscle, with
pieces of bone showing in certain portions of it's body. With a sickening
snap, the last of the fat of what used to be it's tits, fell into the acid
and sent out a cloud of steam as it sizzled. Hell would be a sweet release
for the prey, but unfortunately for the prey, there was no afterlife. The
prey spent it's last two hours watching itself be dissolved before it
finally perished. Later that afternoon, it passed through Lily's small
intestine, large intestine, then finally to the Colen, where it exited
Lily's body that night and was flushed down the toilet.

Gabriella, who had reverted to a catatonic state after listening to her
sister be digested alive due to her selfish actions, was no longer useful
to Lily, who liked prey screaming and begging for mercy. With a strong
throw, Lily tossed it outside towards the dog kennels, where it landed on
the ground and was bit in half by two dobermans then devoured.

Lily had just risen from the floor when she saw Sarina walk in and
grab a coffee cup.

"Morning sleepy head, I was wondering when you were going to wake up."
Lily replied.

"Ugh, I didn't want to get up, I was too busy having the best dreams
about what we all did yesterday."

"You think that's something, now I will show you how to properly enjoy
raw meat." Lily replied as she started making some coffee for Sarina.

"How about breakfast?" Sarina asked.

"Breakfast ,dinner, it is all the same to me, wait until we get the meat
set up on the shackles." Lily replied.

"Shackles?" Sarina asked.

" See those?" Lily asked, pointing to several hooks that hung from the
ceiling, and two hooks on opposite sides of the kitchen over a red-stained
bucket." We will hang her from those while we eat her.

"Alive?" Sarina said, starting to feel wet at the prospect of such a

"Yep, trust me, you may like it better than a roast, they tend to scream
louder." Lily said, noting that every word she said about the upcoming
meal, the more aroused Sarina became.

After the two had their coffee, Sarina set out syrup, whipped cream,
chocolate, and several other items on a nearby table.

Lily went back into the den, picked up a nearby needle, held down a
rather sexy, voluptuous, red-head and injected her with a potent sleep
inducer. She had just finished when one of the women in the bowl asked
her, "Why, why do you murder us like this?" We have done nothing wrong!"

Lily recognized her as one of the girls who had been shrunken with
Helena the other day. She replied, "You did everything wrong, you wasted
your entire lives with chasity, hell, I am doing nature a favor,
you denied
your bodies everything, and in turn abused them far worse than if you had
simply given into your natural desires."

The woman said something else, but Lily tired of it's complaing and
left with the red-head's limp body.

Back in the kitchen, Sarina activated the atomizer, and returned the
red-head to it's normal size.

"Help me with this." Lily asked as she removed the prey's shirt,
uncovering a rather unnaturaly large bra.

Sarina readily complied and unbuttoned its jeans, revealing it's white
panties. Slowly, Sarina pulled it's panties off, revealing a very hairy
pussy. She noticed that the pubic hairs were blond instead of red,
indicating that the woman had dyed her hair.

Sarina parted the hair leading to the pussy, and played with the labia.
All the while, Lily had removed the bra, which revealed a scrumptous set
of c-size tits with perky pink nipples.

Rather aroused by them, Lily leaned forward and began to suck on the
tits, running her tongue over every square inch of the woman's chest. The
taste had a hint of lilac perfume, mixed with a lot of sodium from when she
woman was sweating in terror.

"Grab the shackles from the living room closet and attach them to the
hooks please. Lily asked Sarina as she stepped up and grabbed a nearby
car charger.

Once the two had set up the shackles, they had little difficulty in
attaching the red-head to the shackles, spreading her limbs in a "eagle"
position, with her toes hanging just a foot from the ground.

Let's decorate her! Lily suggested.

Sarina grabbed the items off of the table, and set them on the floor
next to the prey. Sarina took a bottle of syrup and splashed it on the
breakfast's tits, followed by adding some to the crack of the ass and the

Lily sprayed whipping cream on it's pussy, stomach, arms and legs.

Sarina grabbed a bag of chocolate chips and maraschino cherrys, and made
a smiley face by placing a cherry on each of the prey's nipples, and using
the chocolate chips to make the face. Lily then put cinnamon and sugar
on it's feet, and coffee-flavored coca on it's ass.

Lily cut up a banana and decorated it's stomach and back with the

"Honey, are we having breakfast or dessert?" Sarina asked as she looked
at the final picture.

"I don't give a damn, she looks very appetizing." Lily replied.

Sarina agreed and picked up a needle which would wake up the prey almost
as soon as it was injected.

"You excited?" Lily said, as she removed every article of clothing she
had on.

"You damn right I am!" Sarina said, showing Lily her swollen labia.

As Sarina injected the prey with the needle, Lily used her fingers to
write in the whipping cream on the prey's stomach, "Breakfast Bitch."

In an instant, the prey's eyes opened wide, and it asked in a very
terrified voice, "What are you doing to me?" It winced at the force exerted
on it's limbs, and said, "Get me down from here now!"

"Dig in Sarina!" Lily said, folding her arms and literally beaming as
she saw Sarina walk towards the prey's tits and lick her lips.

"What in the name of AAAAGGGHH!" It never finished it's sentence because
Sarina bit down on it's left tit hard, causing blood to splatter all over
Sarina's face, and run down the prey's body.

The taste caused Sarina to loose almost all of her self-control, and she
began to chew and tear at the tit like a wild animal, lost in a world of
taste pleasure, and very high sexual appitite. "Oh god, Stooooop!" The
prey wailed.

Lily wasted no time in jumping in, she immediately bit into
breakfast's belly and ripped a hole. Wasting no time, Lily pulled out
the prey's ovaries and popped them into her waiting mouth. The ovaries
tasted very salty, but had a jelly-like quality to them. Lily then
pulled out it's liver and took a huge bite out of it.

The prey's screams became very inhuman, and Sarina nearly became deaf,
though the more the prey screamed, the more horny she became. It got to
the point where Sarina ripped out a piece of its flesh and stuffed it deep
into her own pussy, causing Sarina to double over in pleasure.

Lily grabbed a nearby meat cutter, and began to saw into the prey's
legs, severing them from it's body. Lily used her free hand to finger
herself as she finished cutting them from the body, letting them fall to
the floor with a loud "plop"

Lily wasted no time however, after puking into a nearby trash can, she
went to the other side of the prey and bit into it's very tender ass-flesh,
not even bothering to chew that much, she gulped the meat down almost as
soon as she tore it off of the ass. The prey's blood dripped off of
Lily's crimson-stained tits and onto the floor below.

Soon however, it was apparent the prey had suffered too much blood loss,
and was dying. Not wanting to let it die without loosing it's virginity,
Sarina ran outside and took one of the dogs from it's kennel. After
helping the dog back inside, it started instantly on tearing into the
prey's legs.

"No Rex, fuck her, fuck her!" Lily ordered.

Rex happily complied. The last thing the prey saw before slipping into
the terrifying abyss of death, was Rex thrusting his dick deep inside her
pussy, tearing open her hymen and fucking her like the bitch she was.

Sarina shoved her entire fist up it's ass, causing the breakfast one
final agony, then the screaming abruptly stopped.

Lily wasn't finished though, she shoved her head deep inside the
prey's interior, and bit into anything she could find.

After the two had eaten their fill, they watched the dog cum into the
corpse's pussy, then tear it off.

Lily looked down at her own body with amazement, not a single inch of
it wasn't covered in blood, giving her a crimson sheen all over. Sarina
looked the same way. "Well, I'm bushed. How about I get myself cleaned up
and back in here so I can save the rest of it for a party I have planned
later this week."

Sarina pulled back her very sticky hair into a bun, causing blood to
gush out from between the hair follicles. "Nope" Sarina then turned to
Lily and kissed her passionatly.

Lily was surprised even by Sarina's show of lust, as she had never
been covered with this much blood when she had fucked someone.
Nevertheless, she wrapped her arms around Sarina, and the two blood-covered
companions spent the next hour fucking the living daylights out of each

Sitting in a corner away from the girls, the dog gulped down the last of
the prey's pussy, and sat its head down on the ground. It's very good
hearing was focused on the churning inside it's stomach as it digested the
human female.

Lily stood over a bloody table containing the carved up remains of
Jessica Cor. Carefully separating the skin from the corpse, she set it
aside to be turned into leather for clothing, most likely a pair of panties
or a bra as a gift for Sarina.

The more that she thought about it though, the more she realized that
Sarina wouldn't wear anything but a g-string or a thong at best, so Lily
changed her mind and decided to make it more her own size.

Lily carefully removed the black hair and set it aside to sew into
mittens and scarves.

Once she had removed the stomach, Lily set it aside to be made into a
purse to carry some of the shrunken prey that she planned to catch

As Lily worked tirelessly, she soon had an epiphany. "What if I could
turn this into a business?" after all, all the excess meat from the
unshrunken prey usually gets thrown to the dogs, I could sell cuts of meat
and clothing at the same time... The SV's (Shrunken Virgins) I could kill
then sell as dolls.

Lily felt a sense of excitement as her mind rolled over all the
possibilities for financial success. In order to keep everything a secret,
she would have to get a permit from the government, and relocate herself to
a larger city. "New York perhaps?"

Quickly, she grabbed her cellphone and called Sarina, who was out
shopping in the mall...

Ring, Riiiiiing. Sarina's phone ringed five times before she answered

"Hello, this is Sarina."

{Sarina, I just had the most awesome Idea to turn virgins into a
commodity!} Lily screamed.

"Shhhh!" Sarina warned as she noticed that a couple of heads inside
Ambercrombie turned her way. Sarina walked to the other side of the store
where there were no people then said, "That sounds wonderful, tell me what
is on your mind?"

After Lily gave Sarina her story, Sarina readily agreed, but then
said, "I don't know if anyone will buy my house..."

{Don't worry, I'll have some of my other friends buy your house, I know
two of them wanted to live closer to Starbuck.}

"Alright, once I get through buying some more shirts, I'll stop by your
place and help you pack."

{I'll bring the snacks.} Lily giggled.

"You know what the creepy thing is, I haven't had a desire to eat beef,
veal, poultry or pork since you started me on all this." Sarina admitted.

{You'll get used to the awkward feeling soon, anyway, before we arrive
at New York City, I want to stop by some of the sites like the grand canyon
and stuff.}

"The grand canyon is waaay out of our way." Sarina pointed out.

{Eh, yeah, but it will be fun! We can stop at several cities along the
way and grab a few virgins at the local virgin hotspots.}

"Sounds like a date" Sarina said. "I'll see you in an hour or two.

{Bye!} Lily finished before she hung up the phone.

Back inside the house, Lily went straight to the den and grabbed four
of the women inside the bowl. Taking two of them, Lily put one in the
front of her panties and the other in the crack of her ass.

Lily pushed aside her short blond hair and took a deep breath as she
the third deep inside her pussy. It's objections were muffled as
it was pushed in all the way to Lily's cervix. Grunting, Lily said,
"Yes, O yeees!" As it's struggling made her hotter and hotter.

The fifth Lily held up to her face. "Aaaagh! Get away from me
monster!" It yelled as Lily ran her tongue over its head.

Teasing it a bit, Lily put its entire body inside her mouth, rolling
it around and around. Deciding not to strip it of it's clothes, Lily
sucked on the entire virgin for almost a minuite before deciding to spit it
out. Right before that happened however, the virgin inside bit into
Lily's tonsils, causing her extreme pain.

"OW!" Lily complained at the intense pain. "Fucking Virgin Bitch!"
Lily cursed as she spat it down onto the ground below.

Too pissed to even use it as a sex toy, Lily slammed her foot down on
it, crushing it beneath her feet. It's bloody remains were crushed beneath

Wiping her foot on the hardwood floor, Lily started packing her
clothes and moved the atomizer into her truck. She noticed that the woman
inside her vagina was begging to struggle less, a typical sign of a lack of
oxygen. Holding her breath, Lily squeezed her thighs together, and
groaned outloud as she used her vaginal walls to crush the toy within.
Soon Lily heard some faint cracking noises, followd by a red stain on the
front of her pants.

About two and a half hours later, Sarina returned to the house in a
taxi, and finished helping Lily prepare. In only a half-hour, the two
piled into the truck, ready to start their adventure.

"You got the snacks?" Sarina asked.

"Uhmm" Lily replied by rubbing her ass into the seat, then farting.
"That one is yours." Lily said.

"Eww, gross." Sarina laughed, followed by her saying, "Really, that
might taste... interesting. Rub your ass into the seat a few more times.
Sarina said as she listened to the faint screaming that intensified every
time Lily rubbed her ass into the seat.

Ohh, her head just went into my anus. Lily laughed.

"Keep it there until I want to eat her." Sarina said while rubbing her
own clit through the soft fabric of her pants.

"Anything for you babe." Lily said as she removed the truck from park
and left the house.


After nine straight hours of driving, Lily's ass was beginning to get
sore. Both of the women had stopped at rest areas three times already, and
Sarina had driven for three hours. The woman underneath Lily's ass had
been eaten and digested some time ago by Sarina at the last rest area.

It wasn't too long until the a sign advertising West Virginia appeared
to the right of the road, signaling that the women had reached their goal
for the day.

"Find a good place to stop Lily, my stomach hurts." Sarina said wincing
as her stomach rumbled uncomfortably. Despite her best efforts as keeping
her ass cheeks clenched together, Sarina rolled down the window and farted

"Eww Sarina, did you just shit yourself?" Lily asked as she noticed a
sign for a rest area with a Ramada Inn.

"Didn't feel like it, though I think I may have had food poisoning."
Sarina half giggled as she remembered that one of the snacks she had eaten
had a violent cough before she had dismembered it alive and eaten it.

"Eh, that happens occasionally. I once consumed a non-virgin and ended
up getting a meth addiction." Lily admitted.

"Why in the hell did you eat someone who didn't deserve to die?" Sarina
asked horrified.

"I swore she was a virgin before I ate her, she even went to some
religious congregation." I felt horrible once I learned the woman wasn't a
virgin. She didn't waste her life. Lily said with her words laced with

"Don't worry Lily, everyone makes mistakes, that is what separates us
from those no-good scripture-thumping virgins." Sarina said while trying to
comfort Lily.

"What time is it Sarina?" Lily asked suddenly as her eyes gazed along
the side of the road.

"About ten o'clock, I think most of these hotels will still be open at
this hour." Sarina said.

"That isn't what I meant, since today is a sunday, I think we can catch
our supper for tomorrow from one of the local churches.

"I don't even see any around here." Sarina said as her eyes darted back
and fourth across the exit as the vehicle left the exit ramp and entered
the Ramadan Inn parking lot.

"I'll go get the keys to our room, you stay out in the truck." Lily
said as she exited the vehicle.

"Yeah, leave me in the truck after I've been sitting in it for hours..."
Sarina griped as she turned on the raido to find a good local rap station.

Inside the hotel lobby, Lily went up to the receptionist desk and
approached an Inidian-woman in her mid-thirties.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The woman said in a thick Indian accent.

"I'd like a room for two please, smoking."

"That will be eighty-dollars and fifty cents." replied the woman.

"Eighty dollars, for two people?" Lily exclaimed.

"Cheapest price in town." the woman replied.

Lily was about to walk away when she threw her hands up in the air and
thought to herself, "I can't drive a single mile more, and Sarina is too
lazy to drive properly."

Upon walking back to the receptionist desk, Lily asked the lady a
question burning in the back of her mind.

"Are their any local churches or temples here, I'm interested in
studying world religion." Lily lied.

"Certinantly, a bhuddist monistary is three miles down Rockvis road, and
a Ba'hai center is two miles down Gree rd."

"They don't push anything on you, do they?" Lily asked.

"Just that you dress modistly, come in with a smile, and keep all sexual
contact for marriage." Said the woman, seemingly wanting Lily to attend
her monistary.

"Thanks, I'm sorry that It is soo late though, do they have services
later in the week?" Lily asked.

"Why there is a service going on now at the Ba'hai place, you can't miss

"Thanks." Lily asked as she recieved the keys to the room and went
back out to the truck.

As Lily approached the truck, she noticed that Sarina was panting
heavily, and the part of her arms that were visible seemed to be moving
very fast.

After Lily climbed back in, she saw Sarina thrusting a hapless 19 year
old sex toy in and out of her pussy, while rubbing her clit at the same

"You just couldn't wait, could you?" Lily asked as she dipped one
finger into Sarina's pussy, rubbed it around inside, then took it out and
licked it.

"Sorry, I just didn't know if I'd feel like it once my ass hit the sack
tonight." Sarina apologised through rapid breathing.

The sucking noise that the toy made as it was thrust in and out of
Sarina filled the vehicles interor, making Lily extreamly horny.
Nevertheless, she was determined to do one more thing tonight.

"After I check out the room, I'm taking you to a congregation."

Sarina stopped thrusting the violently-objecting toy for a moment and
asked Lily, "Will our dinner be easy to catch?"

"Oh yes, trust me on that." Lily said as she drove towards their room.

Inside the hotel office, Mya Dessa, the woman who had helped Lily
earlier, closed her office door and locked it. Once she sat down in a
chair overlooking ten seperate security monitors, she activated the spycam
feed outside the Hotel and the feed in Lily and Sarina's room.

Perfectly hidden inside the rooms' fire alarms (which she made sure to
remove every month before inspection), Mya was able to spy on all of the
guests who stayed at her hotel. Even her husband Aji wasn't aware of what
his wife did, or of the cameras.

Mya parted the thick robes that covered the entrance to her womanhood,
and played with her clit in anticipation.

In the top right, a married man was shown fucking his wife doggy-style
on their bed, completly unaware of Mya's spying.

Soon, Lily and Sarina would be spyed by Mya, and give her a show
unlike anything the voyeur had seen before, nor would soon forget.

After checking out their room and finding it satisfactory, the two women
left the Hotel and arrived outside the Ba'Hai center.

Sarina was the first to spot a Ba'Hai female of 25 years walking into
the buidling, dressed in her ordinate and bukly clothing, the woman moved
with the grace of one untouched by man or sorrow. Something Lily
immediatly decided to take from her.

Though, the two hoped to catch atleast one more before they went back to
the hotel.

Without a seconds delay, Lily jumped out of the truck and fired the
Atomizer at the woman, shrinking her to one inch tall. Taking the woman
completly off guard, Lily placed the toy into her pocket, and then
entered the buidling, hiding the bulky atomizer inside Lily's
human-skin-leather jacket.

Inside, the warm and exotic smells of incense filled the women's
nostrils, and nearly caused Sarina to forget why she was there at the

All around the two, were dozens of Ba'Hai, young and old, men and women.
Lily saw a nearby women's bathroom, and motioned for Sarina to descreetly
keep watch outside of the bathroom door.

As Lily entered, she saw two women enter the restroom stalls, only one
of them was good enough for Lily to count as prey.

A woman, barely 18 years of age, with a volumptous figure hidden
underneath her garments, entered the stall to use the restroom.

Lily's heart skipped a beat when the first ba'hai women left the
stall, causing Lily to turn her head away for a moment. Once the woman
had left. Lily sneaked into the adjacent stall, and fired the atomizer
at the legs next to the toilet beside her.

Instantly the prey screamed, but thankfully the scream became less
noisier the more
the prey shrunk. Soon enough, Lily kicked open the
stall door, and saw the prey clinging for dear life on a floating piece of
it's shit inside the toilet.

Reaching in, Lily threw it into the same place the other prey had been
put, before leaving the stall and stopping to wash her own hands.

As soon as Lily had left the stall, Sarina approached her and said,
"Did you do it?"

"Caught her with her pants down." Lily giggled as the two left for the

Once inside, they returned to the hotel, and Mya's gazing eye.

Sarina was the first to re-enter the room, and threw herself upon the
bed that she claimed as her own, which was naturally the one closest to the
air conditioner.

"You know, for a hispanic, you like the cold alot." Lily remarked as
she removed her shoes.

"Shove that sterieotypical bullshit up your ass." Sarina said
half-jokingly as she removed her shirt. revealing her stiff nipples, and
sat up in bed.

Overhead, Mya's spycam recorded everything that was going on. Already,
Mya was using her vibrator, which she had hidden underneath the carpet so
her husband wouldn't find out, to stimulate herself.

A secret lesbian, Mya's eyes were fixiated on Sarina's olive tits.

Mya nearly dropped the dildo to the floor when she saw what Lily
removed from her pockets. Thinking she was seeing things, Mya leaned
closer to the monitor, and wished that she could hear what they were

In the palm of Lily's hand, Mya swore she saw what appeared to be two
little humans, at this range Lily couldn't tell if they were male or
female, but she soon found out.

Lily injected both prey with a needle that temporarily numbed their
entire bodies, and then used the atomizer to restore both women to full
size. Mya put her hand over her mouth when she saw that the 18 year old
was none other than her own daughter.

Strangely enough however, Mya's other hand subconciously drifted back to
her pussy, and rubbed her clit.

Lily and Sarina tied up both of the women and stripped the two
completly bare, revealing skin underneath that hadn't seen the sun since
the day the women were born.

Mya tried to advert her gaze, and leave to assist her daughter, but
found herself glued to the chair. Secretly, Mya hated her daughter, she
had converted from Bhuddism to Ba'Hai some years ago, and the two hadn't
spoken since.

Mya's finger darted into her own pussy as she watched Lily completly
strip and begin to rape the 25 year old by ramming her pussy onto the
woman's face.

Mya then noticed Sarina put a pair of panties into her daughters mouth
then use the atomizer to re-shrink her daughter to the size of a barbie

What happened next caused Mya to thrust her entire hand into herself.
Sarina thrust her daughter into her pussy and used her as a fuck toy. By
now, it was obvious the prey's feeling had returned to it's body, and it
was horrified at its new usage as a sex toy.

"Fuck her, rape the bitch, scream you little fuck!" Mya moaned as she
spoke to Sarina and her daughter, not that any of them could hear her.

Soon it became apparent that the women wern't just interested in sexual
pleasure. Lily had stuffed it's mouth with a huge chunk of what appeared
to be raw meat out of a freezer, effectivly muffling the prey's useless
screams, and taken what looked like a car battery charger and clipped one
end to one of the fully-grown prey's tits, while covering the said tit in
desel fuel. The other end, Lily attached to a wire she had exposed by
removing the electrical sockets casing.

Mya laughed as the prey's entire body shook as the painful electricity
rocked it's body, the electrical arcs that shot out from it's nipples
ignited the desel, causing the prey's tit to catch fire. Thankfully Lily
had dragged the prey to the tiled bathroom in order to avoid setting the
hotel on fire.

Lily then took a nearby skewer and a bag of marshmellows. After
flipping the prey off, Lily roasted marshmellows over the flaming tit
until the treats were golden brown.

As the fire began to spread, Mya saw Lilia remove the one end of the
charger from the wall, then squat over the prey's torso and piss on the
flame, causing it to die out. The piss seeped into the now burnt raw
flesh, causing the prey even more pain.

As Mya's eyes observed what Lily did next, she said, "Oh my gods..."

Lily used a rather rusted looking knife and cut off the charred tit,
then took a bite out of the meat, chewed it for a few seconds, then
swollowed it until she had eaten the entire piece of meat. Mya licked her
lips as she imagined the sweet, if salty, taste of human meat.

Back in the main bedroom, Sarina was shoving Mya's daughter in and out
of her ass, to which Mya nearly doubled over laughing.

Spitting out the panties from it's mouth, the prey screamed in terror as
if were a child again, "Mommy, help meeee! Oh god!" As Sarina bit off it's
legs. While Mya couldn't hear anything, she was imagining those same words
in her mind, and it was making her horny enough to fall out of her chair,
and simply sit on the floor in a daze of estacy, while not letting her gaze
leave the monitor.

Sarina then consumed the rest of what used to be Mya's daughter piece by
piece, the breasts, the ass meat, then the torso, and head. Once she had
finished, Sarina grabbed a nearby powersaw that Lily had in a wooden box,
then walked towards the bathroom.

Inside, Sarina used the powersaw to cut off the very top of the older
prey's skull, revealing it's brain underneath. As soon as this was done,
they prey began to babble incoherantly through it's gag, which Lily
promptly removed.

What are you planning? Lily asked as Sarina leaned her ass over the
exposed brain.

"Just watch." Sarina replied as she began to shit onto the prey's brain.
A sickening pop was heard as the first piece of shit landed on the brain,
sinking in just a little bit.

Once Sarina was finished, she wiped off her ass on the prey's hair, then
replaced the top portion of the skull and glued it back on.

"Take that shithead!" Sarina laughed.

"Haha,haha,haha!" Lily gasped for air as she laughed harder than she
ever had in her life.

The two cannibals then started dismembering the body, which soon caused
the death of the prey in question. They sawed the prey into various little
pieces, which they then began to eat piece by piece. Sarina ate the heart,
while Lily ate the tongue and right ass cheek.

The rest the two put into bags to freeze out in the freezer in Lily's

Once they had cleaned up the mess, the two women put their beds together
and slept nude thoughout the night, their stomachs, overly full from the
sheer amount of food that they ate, were grotesquely large.

"Remind me to go on an indian diet for the next couple of weeks." Sarina
said as she wiggled a finger up Lilth's ass.

"Not tonight babe." Lily said as she removed the finger. I want to
get some sleep, tomorrow, I promice." Lily then dozed off.

Sarina stayed awake for a few more minuites, then turned on the
airconditioner to where it cooled the room as much as possible, then fell
asleep herself.

Back in the hotel office, Mya had her ass up in the air as she
stimulated herself facing down on the floor. After reaching an
earth-shattering orgasm, Mya's body fell limp onto the floor. Almost an
hour later, Mya cleaned herself up, turned off the monitors, then returned
to her husbands bedroom.

"What took you so long Mya?" Aji asked.

"Nothing, just let me sleep." Mya protested.

"We havent' made love in a long time." he objected.

"Tomorrow, tomorrow." Mya said as her eye-lids began to droop.

"That is what you always say." Aji sighed. "We still havent' talked
about what to do with your daughter."

"She's been taken care of, we don't have to worry about her anymore."
Mya said unusually happy.

"What do you mean?" Aji asked.

"Let's just say she won't be reborn into a very pretty state, or smell
that good for that matter." Mya chuckled as she finally fell asleep.


While inside, Lily and Sarina took their time messaging each others
bodies, Lily using her fingers to squeeze Sarina's tits, Sarina pumping
her fingers in and out of Lily's pussy, Lily briefly eating out
Sarina's anus after washing it out with soap, only to find a rather
disgusting shit-covered, long dead, shrunken prey fall out of it and into
her hand. "Sarina, you forgot one!" Lily laughed as she showed it to

"Oh shit, I did!" Sarina giggled. Toss it into the toilet will you?
Sarina asked.

"Sure" Lily then stepped out of the shower, tossed it into the bowl,
urinated on it, then flushed it down, watching as it's body was thrown to
and fro in the yellow mixture then sucked into the sewage system.

Sarina suprised Lily by sneaking up behind her and thrusting two
fingers up Lilys' ass. Causing Lily to yelp. "Don't do that!"

"I was only checking to see if you had any left in you." Sarina joked.

"Very funny, let's see how good you check my pussy then bitch!" Lily
replied coyly as she playfully threw Sarina onto the bear-skin rug on the
ground and wrapped her legs around Sarina's head. Sarina responded by
digging her tongue deep into Lily, then sucking on Lily's clit. Lily
then began to grind her pussy against Sarina's face, with Sarina placing
her arms on Lily's tits to keep some of the immense pressure off of her

Soon, Lily's juices squirted into Sarina's mouth as she had a very
delightful orgasm, which Sarina drank deeply.

In only three minutes, the pair toweled off, and lay in the same bed,
with Lily's ass nesled nicely next to Sarina's pussy.

The two then slept soundly, well into the next day...

--- Colorado Lodge, Day 2.

Lily awoke to Sarina's middle finger sliding into her pussy, then
circling around Lily's pussy walls, before leaving as Sarina put her
finger to her own mouth and sucked it dry.

"Morning sleepyhead." Sarina said as she turned Liltih to face her and
smothered Lily in between her tits.

"Morning to you two, the view is lovely!" Lily replied yawning and as
she began to lick Sarina's right tit.

"You in the mood to replace the toilet we have in our room and go get
some fresh virgin meat?" Sarina asked.

"Sure, though I might want my order extra religious with a side of
degradation and torture." Lily replied as she playfully swatted Sarina's
tits and sat up on the bed.

As Lily walked over to the other side of the room to get her clothes
out of her suitcase, Sarina's eyes were transfixed on Lily's ass, how it
perfectly shook back and fourth with Lily's every step.

Lily then put on her heavier winter clothes, and even put on the
human-skin pair of panties and bra that Sarina had made for her a week ago.

"I like how you positioned it's face to where it's facing my ass."
Lily remarked as she noticed the facial outline.

"Yeah, it makes the panties extra special I think." Sarina remarked as
she jumped up and began dressing herself.

After the two were ready, Sarina grabbed her purse with a tazer tucked
away inside, while Liltih donned a backpack with the atomizer inside.

"This fucking thing weighs a ton Sarina, why don't we shrink it and save
me the trouble of hauling it around on my back when I can haul it in my
pocket?" Lily remarked.

"It doesn't work that way, something about the ratio of compressed air
molecules and sub-atomic particles that is disrupted if the actual
shrinking machine is shrunk. Besides, we don't have another atomizer with
us." Sarina pointed out.

Lily shook her head at all of the science techo-babble that Sarina was
spewing ,and grudgingly headed out the door.

Downstairs in the main lobby, Sarina noticed several tours of the
mountain-side were being offered, several to a mormon group, one to a large
family, and two others were general-individuals looking for a nice guided
hike up the closest mountain.

"Since the skiing guides aren't
here at the moment, why don't we go with
the mormon group?" Sarina asked out of earshot of anyone but her and
Lily. Surely one of them will be good for use as a toilet?"

"No, too many people will be together, lets go with the general interest
group, I -(TM)m sure we'll see one of them with a religious symbol of some

"Fine, Sarina sighed, she almost agreed to go when she had an Idea."

"Lily, why don't you go with the mormon group with the atomizer,
shrink the entire group, kill the men and wives, while I go with the normal
public over there, I'll take one of them to be the toilet, while the group
you have will be snacks for us, sans the sexiest one, which I want to eat
whole... and alive."

"Very well." Lily resigned as she headed towards the mormon group.
Sarina joined her prespective group, and then headed on her way.

-- Mormon Group, 1:23 PM. Day 1.

"Now remember, everyone stay together, keep the tikes by your side, and
with every step, glorify gabriel!" The guide said to the group.

"Yes sir!" The group replied in tandem.

"I can't wait to see the view from the top mommy!" Remarked a three year
old girl to her buxom mother.

"You'' love it Leslie!" her mother replied.

"Fucking best looking one out of the group isn't a virgin." Lily
cursed silently.

After making sure everyone was there, the guide said, "Well, are we all
gathered?" "Good", Lets go!"

As the group set off, Lily's eyes were peeled like a hawk, though
since the entire group would be shrunk, Lily didn't have to worry as much
as who was a virgin, than Sarina did.

Almost one hour later, the lodge had finally disappeared behind a ridge,
and the group was ripe for picking.

Lily sat her backpack down on the ground, and in the process, sprained
her ankle as she slipped on a piece of ice.

"Fuck!" Lily exclaimed aloud, causing everyone's heads to turn in the

"I'm sorry, Lily lied, I tried to get something out of my pack, and I

"Here, let me help you, remarked a 21 year old brunette, with crystal
green eyes, long curled hair, red lips, and a noticeable curvaceous ass.

"Thanks, Lily said as the woman helped Lily up and helped her get
the atomizer out of the bag."

"That's cool!" Exclaimed one of the teen boys in the group. "What does
it do?"

"This!" Lily said with a mischievous smile on her lips as she
depressed the primary initiation button on the atomizer. In an instant,
the entire group (minus Lily of course) shrunk to three inches tall,
everyone in the group started screaming in terror as Lily tore the men
from the group and tossed them down the hill, all except for a married man,
Lily had noticed him talking to his wife earlier, and decided to have a
little fun.

After grabbing his wife and stripping the mans pants off, Lily
viciously shoved the entire woman's head up her husbands ass, causing his
entire anal cavity to rupture, sending gory pieces of flesh raining down on
the terrified women below.

After separating out the underage girls, Lily waved them over their
mothers faces, laughing at the screaming and begging the mothers were
crying out for their children, and the calls of ,"Mommy!" The girls were
crying out. In one move, Lily had eliminated at least all of the
"mothers" on the trip, and tossed the entire lot, Mothers and girls, off of
the mountainside and into the abyss below.

With those that were remaining, Lily "knew" which ones were virgins or
not, sort of like a second instinct for her, and tossed those who had been
lucky enough to experience sexual pleasure off the mountainside as well,
while saying at the same time, "I'm sorry, I know you aren't virgins, but I
can't just let you live after you've seen all of this."

With the remaining snacks, 13 in all, rounded up, Lily tossed them
into her bag and returned to the lodge, alone.

- General Tour Group, Day 1. 2:23 PM.

Sarina spent most of her time admiring the wonderful view alongside her,
unfortunately, that didn't include the women in her group. After wasting
valuable time looking at the sights, Sarina spent the next forty minutes
talking to women one by one, looking for the right target.

Soon enough, Sarina spotted a woman with an obvious silver rosary around
her neck, and approached her. From what Sarina could tell, the woman was a
black-haired prey of seemingly Persian descent, about 19 years old, brown
eyes, with a set of DD tits, a nice wide ass, and in very good shape.

"I've never seen a more blessed sight in my life." The woman remarked to
Sarina as Sarina edged near to her.

"It is quite lovely, isn't it?" Sarina replied, her heart beating fast
in her chest at the thought of degrading the bitch.

"It almost makes me wish I still had Sam to share it with me."

"Sam?" Sarina asked.

"Sam was my old boyfriend, but we broke up because he didn't like me for
my beliefs."

"What, was he trying to have sex with you or something?" Sarina

"Yes!" "Could you believe that?" "I'm not that kind of woman, I've never
had sex in my life, and I intend to stay that way until marriage." The
woman replied stoutly.

"Good choice of words, keeps one such as yourself from falling over the
edge." Sairna said trying to keep her laughter and excitement hidden.

"Hey um, could you snap a photo of those mountains over there for me?
My fingers seem to be numb." Sarina asked the woman as she tried to reach
for her digital camera.

"Oh you poor thing, sure I'll take it for you, here... my... that's a
nice purse you have!" The woman said as she felt the leather on Sarina's
purse. "Where did you buy this?"

"I had it custom-made from a dealer in my hometown." Sarina replied.

"I love the softness and the texture..."

"Yeah, but hey, the group seems to be getting ahead of us, do you want
to catch up, I don't mind missing the photo because of my fingers."

"Oh, we'll only be out of sight for a couple of minutes, here, let me
get the camera. My name is Beverly by the way." The woman said as she
offered Sarina her hand.

"My name is Sarina... now, remember, Sarina said as the woman took the
camera and positioned it towards the mountains, I'd like both of those
jagged peaks to the south-west.

"Is this good?" The woman said as she turned her back to Sarina so
Sarina could look over her shoulder.

"Yes, perfect!" Sarina suddenly exclaimed as she activated the Tazer she
had hidden in her purse and jabbed the prey in it's neck, causing it to
briefly shriek, then fall to the ground in a heap.

Sarina, worried that someone else might have heard the scream, quickly
dragged the prey back down the mountain and towards her truck, which had
been parked a little way from the lodge closer to the nearest mountain.
After placing the body into a large roller suitcase, Sarina drove the truck
back towards the lodge and then lifted the suitcase out of the bed and
carted it inside and up the elevator, to her bedroom.

Lily was waiting inside, with a transparent gerbil cage filled with
the screaming prey she had acquired only an hour earlier.

Sarina whistled then said,"Nice catch, now help me set up the
toilet, then Well I'll have lunch. "

"Sounds good" Lily said, then followed Sarina into the

Inside, Lily helped Sarina take out the toilet and lay it onto the
floor, ripping out some of it's head hair as it got stuck in the zipper on
the suitcase.

By now, Lily had already installed the shackles, and reworked the
plumbing. Sarina then stripped off the toilet's sweater, top, and rather
bulky bra underneath, revealing a set of very pale tits with perky pink
nipples, Lily removed the lower clothing, which as with the tops, were
unnecessarily large, even for winter wear. Underneath it all, was hidden a
hairy pussy and a luscious ass, which Lily started shaving off at that
moment, causing the toilet some very nasty cuts to it's pussy, and
intentionally cutting partially into it's clit.

Sarina then shackled it down, and forced it's mouth open with a small
2x2 inch tube, that barely extruded from the prey's mouth and made it
impossible to close. After gluing it's nose closed so it would have to eat
or drink whatever they put into its mouth, Sarina briefly ate out it's
pussy, breaking it's hymn and causing blood to trickle out onto the floor.

Immediately afterward, Lily shoved a large pipe into it's pussy,
followed by one in it's ass stretching it almost to the breaking point, and
then connected them to the porcelain toilet next to the new one.

After purposefully leaving on the rosary for decoration, Sarina poured
water onto the toilet, which caused it to wake up, screaming and kicking.
Luckily for Sarina and Lilia there was no one sleeping in the nearby rooms
as Sarina had bought them all out. "god what have you done to me?" It
screamed. "Let me go please!" It began to weep and beg for it's life,
which was music to it's captors ears.

"I'll let you do the honors." Sairna said to Lily.

Lily giggled, and then pulled down her panties and panties, revealing
a very swollen labia. At this moment, the toilet began to utter prayers to
Mary and closed it's eyes, Sarina fixed this by taping them open, but it
continued to prey anyway, faster and faster, and more desperately.

Lily then turned around and spread her ass cheeks, purposefully
opening and closing her anus, which caused a sudden silence to fill the
room. Lily then positioned her ass above the opening that held the
toilet's mouth open, then began to grunt.

"Goood nooooooooooooooooooo!"

The toilet shrieked as she saw Lily's shit slowly ooze out of her ass.
Sarina stood nearby, furiously pumping her fingers in and out of herself,
the entire show.

Then, Lily sat down on the toilet's face, and the first log of shit
plopped into it's mouth, cutting off it's prayer mid-scream. With no
oxygen going to it's lungs, the toilet was forced to swallow Lily's shit
piece by piece. Lily began rubbing her own nipples as she dumped a huge
load into her toilet, which by now had partially filled it's stomach.

Once she was finished, Lily wiped her ass on it's hair, and then
stepped aside as Sarina squatted over it, and sent a stream of hot piss
into it's mouth, which she enjoyed listening to the toilet swallow it all,
and the splattering noise it made.

"Ahhhhh" The toilet managed to yell after it finished it's duty. Sarina
and Lily then connected both of the tubes leading out of the toilets ass
and pussy back into the hole that led to it's mouth, so the toilet would
never go hungry or thirsty again.

"The next time I shit into it, we'll find out if it's esophagus can
handle bones." Sarina told Lily as she went to grab a snack from the
other room and closed the door to the bathroom.

Back in the room, Lily took out a busty blonde, and then used the
atomizer to bring it back to normal size, Sarina then tazered it, and tied
it up to a wooden table nearby.

After a few minuites had passed, Lily sank her teeth into the meat's
right tit, and tore off a piece, including it's nipple and began chewing.
As expected, the meat awoke instantly, thrashing to and fro on the table.

"Please stop the pain, I'm begging you!" It pleaded.

Sarina and Lily ignored it's pleas and sank their teeth into the
succulent flesh, enjoying both the taste and the screams. Sarina bit off
it's nose and chewed it, it reminded her of raw beef-jerky.

Lily ate the meat off of it's fingers, before sinking her teeth into
it's virgin pussy, causing it's screams to revert to animalistic howls.

In a sudden spark of genius, Sarina thrust her entire arm up what
remained of it's pussy, breaking through it's cervix. "How does it feel to
have something inside of you?" "Feels great huh?" Sarina mocked it's terror
as she ripped out it's ovaries and ate them infront of it's terrified eyes.

Lily ripped out it's bladder then ruptured it over the animals face,
before force-feeding it to the meat.

Sarina ripped out it's tongue with a pair of pliers, and thrust it up
her pussy, sending orgasmic shockwaves rocking through her body, strong
enough to cause her to fall to the floor.

Lily then carefully cut open the area surrounding its heart, and
gingerly (in order to make the pain last as long as possible), extracted it
without severing any of the connections, and then showed it to the
still-conscious but no longer screaming prey. Something about seeing it's
own beating heart proved to be too much, and it died literally of horror
and pain, before it died of blood loss.

After Lily had eaten most of it's right thigh and purged herself into
the toilet in the other room, She turned to its internal organs, firstly
it's intestines, which Lily extracted all 50 feet of and wrapped around
her neck, eating it piece by piece.

Taking a nearby saw, Sarina cut off it's left tit, and then thrust it up
the prey's ass, causing it to tear apart in the process. As the day turned
into night, the two stopped for the day, and saved the ass meat along with
the bones on the other thigh, head, and ribs to enjoy later.

After they had chopped up the meat into pieces and placed it inside a
refrigerator, Lily returned to the restroom in time to see the toilet
swallowing something, since all of the tubes were solid, Lily tried her
best to guess whether or not the toilet was eating it's own shit, or
drinking its' piss. Whatever the case was, It was struggling violently and
trying it to stop itself from being what it had already become, nothing but
a toilet.

Sarina pushed Lily out of the way, and once the toilet had finished
it's meal, Sarina undid the tubing attached to the head and showed it her
anus, causing the toilet to whimper.

You think that's bad. Lily exclaimed as Sarina shit into the toilet,
"I think I have a horrible case of diherreah coming from supper, so I think
it will be a busy night tonight for you." Lily said to the toilet, which
responded with a look of utter horror on it's face.


ewark DE, Outer City Limits

Careening around the sharp bend, a rusting 1997 Dodge Pickup Truck nearly ran off the road before it's driver corrected for the drift and managed to keep it from running off of the Road.

Inside of the cab, 25 year old Sarina Wallice shakily brushed aside her sweat-soaked hair from her face and floored the vehicles gas pedal. Nerviously Sarina checked the rear view mirror to see if she had lost the Five Swat Vans that had been chasing her ever since she had left Starbuck DE, unfortunatly fate was not in her favor today, as the first of the lead vehicles rounded the bend and it's driver opened fire at her tires with a pistol.

"Oh shit shit shit shit...!" Sarina thought panicing as she realized that she couldn't outrun them forever. Wither they had a tracer on the truck or not, Sarina realized that this was quickly becoming the most decisive hour of her life. It all started like a normal day, she left her house to visit her long time lover Lily, who (unbeknownst to all but he local and corrupt law enforcement) was also her partner in a long spree of "questionable meals and disposal of said meals". (The term Cannibal seemingly archaic, coniseur of fine cuzine was Sarina's preferred title.)

Several hours ago, As the morning sun had just began to peek over the mountains behind Lilys mansion, Sarina had pulled her Jeep Grand Cherokee up the path leading to the reclusivee manor, when she noticed a lot of blue and red flashing lights at the top of the hill. Much to Sarina's dismay, i tured out to be Federal Agents, nott local police. Who were in the midst of a Raid on Lily's property, As to why Sarina could only guess. Prehaps one of them had discovered the files in the local law enforcment office that detailed Lily's "company" Ecto's Furnature Shrinkers as being a frpnt for Lily to remove the counties "undesireables" (the people that the officials couldn't bribe or intimidate, usually goody-two shoes teenagers or religious types. )

Lily had many uses for the shrink ray, her main ones being shrinking unlucky virgin women who crossed her path in order to shove them in places that they'd normally never ever consider being.

Whatever the cause, Sarina heard the sounds of gunfire from afar off. After parking safely far enough away, Sarina had crept up the hill into a hidden entrance in the mountainside where Lily's backup security station was located/ It hadn't beeen used since one of Lily and Sarina's "Dog Treats" successfully escaped the boneyard and nearlu made it off of the property before being decapitated by a razor sharp wire after accidentialy setting off a carefully hidden dead mans switch in the foliage close to the main road. On the live feed, Sarina saw Lily lying face downward, nude and reaching for a nearby device thatt was just barely poking out from underneath the living room couch. Sarina recognized it as the Atomizer. Crying out in pain Lily managed to just barely grab the end of it with her fingers (despite being blinded by the copious amounts of blood flowing from a hole in the side of her head and into her eyes) Before being shot dead by seven bullets fired by three seperate rifles. Sarina cried outt in horror as the only woman she ever loved was brutally murdered in front of her eyes. As it tured out though, Lily had the last laugh, as just before she died the button that she had depressed on the atomizer was it's self destruct. In an instant, everything in a half mile radius was vaporized. The shockwave from the blast sen Sarina flying against the ground and nearly caused the entire security station to collapse down on top of her/

Sarina had just managed to make it out in the nick of time when she recalled that Lily had the Prototype for the second generation atomizer in Lilys own Truck."I'm not about to let those government bastards have that, that's all I have left of my babes legacy!"In a rush, Sarina crossed alongside the hill to where Lily's Dodge was parked, (Thankfully having escaped the blast radius by only seven feet) and started the pickup using Lilys spare key hidden under the dash. Not long after she had left though, Sarina realized that she was being followed by several government vehicles and cursed herself for not taking the atomizer and putting it in her own Jeep.

Sarina's D-Cup Tits strained against her seat belt as Sarina leaned to the side to try to get her cell phone out of the glove compartment, It was in these three spare seconds in which Sarina took her eyes off of the road, that a deer ran infront of the pickup, causing the pickup to hit it and send the deer flying through the windshield. Sarina screamed as glass shards filled the cabin and she lost total control of the truck. The now twitching deers head was seemingly glaring at her from her lap as the truck flew off of the road and down a hill.

At the bottom of the hill, A Minivan carrying a Mexican family of five, was crusing around a dirt road, it's occupants enjoying the scenery and discussing the long days vacation, when the remnants of Sarina's truck crashed through the treeline just fifty feet infront of the minivan. The minivan'a rired screeched to a halt and everyone inside ran to check on the passenger of the wreck.

Laying at a horrid 130 degree angle, Sarina lay dying in a clearing on the other side of the road. A million thoughts rushed through her head, including that there was no afterlife. As darkness started to tear at the sides of her vision, a beautiful, and seductive latine feminine face peered over her and at the device that Sarina clutched in the side of her hand. Sarina notived the stare and used her left hand (as her right hand and arm were partially seperated from her body at the shoulder and hung uselessly at her side) to pull the woman close and whisper into her hear. "Please, give this to my cousin Serana, she lives in Oaktown Maine, at 5555 Cuntiliz Lane, and is the only one I trust with it, don't tell anyone about it or your entire familys lives will be at stake, Go, tell them that you saw nothing and that you should leave before anyone asks you about the crash if you value your life....." Sarina gasped twice as a red bubble showly escaped her lips, and died.

After making sure that the Latina was truely dead, the teen got up to leave before an idea passed through her head. (afterall the dead tell no tales, and she wasn't about to risk this with another living woman) the teen (who was known by the name Melina) bit her lip as she ran her hands down the back of Sarina's blood soaked pants and grabbed a large bit of the corpses ass cheeks. Slowly moving her head down, Melina pressed her lips against Sarina's and tounged the blood filled mouth. For thirty seconds Melina made out with the still warm lips and fondled the dead meats ass before breaking the kiss and making her way back to the minivan with the Atomizer safely tucked into her shirt. Upon returning to the minivan, Melina vehemontly requested to her family that they leave before anyone else arrived. As the minivan sped off, Melina looked f orlornly out the window, sad to leave her first femme lover behind her. As her mind drifted, Melina decided to honor the woman's final request, and made plans to discreetly send the odd looking weapon to the address given to her.

Two and-a-half weeks later.
Oaktown Maine, Oaktown High School
9:45 AM, Hall Lockers.

Serana, you got another package from your parents in your locker. Informed Suzy Royz, Serana's best friend , and occasional fuck buddy,throughout highschool. Serana sighed as she guessed that it was yet another set of clothing "To replace that slut shit tha you wear to school" As her mother was fond of saying. "Oh, what, another box of condoms, or maybe another dildo?" Mocked Allice Ross, the school student body chaplin and stuck up bitch. Serana simply smiled in responce and said while licking her upper lip, "I'd happy use both on you and fuck you with the vibe in the ass until you cried." As she finished Serana made a move to slap Allice on the ass but was disappointed as Allice swiftly moved aside and left the area fuming.

Suzy gave a knowing smile to Serana as they both watched Allices swaying hips recede from their view. Serana then opened her locker and found a two foot wide by four inch long package in her locker by a Melina Hernandez, curious Serana beiefly considered opening it in the hallway but then reconsidered after realizing that it might be an alias used by her coke and weed dealer. Pondering its contents, Serana put the package inside of her bag and made her way to the school ladies locker room.

Being a progressive highschool, Oaktown High had all of the amenities for its students, including public and private showers. As the private showers were still under construction, the public grnder seperate showers were the go-to place for both lesbian couples and closet lesbians who wanted to get a great eyeful of all of the pussy, tits and ass they could want. After last weeks "population control and registration act, any citizen or student whos morals or actions defied the secular state, immediately lost their protected status as a citizen under the US constitution and were "culled" from the US populace by the Government forbidding any and all criminal charges against any who disposed of said individuals."

As Serana entered the shower room, she heard muffled screaming coming from the other side of the room, turning around a bend, Serana saw 18 year old Black Haired Blue Eyed Baptist-Christian Senior Jessica Person with a delicious look of terror on her face as she was being held down by 17 year old Sophmore Lizzy Gerkins and 19 Year old April Cross, both of her assailants were nude, Lizzy havving that volumptous body with small pink nipples that all the guys at the school hungered for, and April having a very round and plump ass atached to a rather skinny frame, both teens were very beautiful and considered the schools top two students.

"Breaking in the newcomer I see?" Serana joked as she stepped up behind her two oldest friends "Yep, this bitch just came here from some catholic private school and made a big fuss about having to strip to shower infront of other women in study hall earlier." Liz laughed. "Shes also a virgin from what I hear isn't that right?" April said smugly as she struggled to keep her hand over Jessica's mouth. "Is that so?" Serana chuckled then added," I might have to break her of that" "Nah I called dibs, shes mine, besides I have to get a new...Liz looked at April and smiled, "assistant" after my last one choked to death. "April laughed as Liz surveyed her capive and said, "You are now my property, the principals dont like people like you tattling on people like me, infact.. Pee*pole like you are no longer protected under the constitution after that last terrorist attack in San Francisco. "Yeah" April Added, Government says they wont prosecute anyone getting rid of religious nut jobs such as yourself, and neither, atleast according to principal heindrich, will the staff here.

Serana sat down on the cold concrete floor and spread her legs, this was about to be a very promising morning. "Now that we have an audiance..." Liz said smiling as she saw Serana place her hand down the front of her own pants. Liz's smile spread into a devillish grin as she nodded to april, who quickly let go of Jessicas head for a split second, before quickly jabbing Jessica in the back of her spine, severing the tendons and leaving Jessica forever parilized from the waist down on the floor.

"my property won't be needing these anymore" Liz said as she and April began to strip Jessica. "Please I haven't done anything, God why did you do this to me?" Jessica said pleading with tears streaming down her red face. Serana was getting extremly turned on by Jessica's facial expressions, Jessica was already a very attractive woman, from a very cute face with deep blue set eyes and golden blonde hair, to what were (after Liz sucessfully got them off after yanking at the fabric a few times) a pair of fine C-cup tits with slightly brown nipples and a nice firm ass that looked as if the skin hadn't seen sunlight in a long time. The pussy however was unshaven, typical of a religious cunt, but easily correctable.

Now slut, your a virgin and will always remain one, your fault for not fucking when you had the chance, your names no longer Jessica, it's Jess the Human Toilet! Jessica's eyes went wide and her puples flared. She started screaming, "What? No oh my God no!" I'm a human being what's wrong with---" The toilet was cut off as Liz spat on her and said, "Now its time that you learn what I mean when I said "Pee*pole" Liz looked extremly turned on and slowly squatted over Jessica's face as April held the toilets moutth open and inserted two screws into the far sides so it couldn't close the toilet bowl that it used to call a mouth. "Your a heartle--" It's protesting screaming was cut off and replaced by gurgling and choking as Liz sighed and sent a golden stream of warm piss straight from her pussy into the new toilet bowl. It quickly overflowed onto the floor, so Liz mashed her pussy onto the bowl so that none of the liquid escaped.

Faced with choking to death on piss, the toilet flushed the piss down it's throat with a series of very audible gulps. After Liz was finished, she rose from the toilet. Sputtering and coughing, the toilet said, "You Bitch!" "I am not a toilet and I am not your property!" Liz laughed heartidly and replied, "Cunt, your a toilet, you drink what I drink the day prior, and you Eat... (At this moment Serana quickened the pace at which she was fingering herself) What... I....EAT! Liz then turned around and spread her ass for the toilet to see. The toilet lost it at this moment, sending out animal like shrieks and cries for help. "I've been holding this in all morning, and damn I have to SHIT!Liz then (slowly enough for April and Serana to savor the toilets terrified shrieks) Liz started lowering her ass towards the toilet bowl extending and rectracting her anus for the toilet to see. "Somebody help me please!, Jesu--" The toilet was cut off again as Liz fell back hard until her anus was sealed tight against the toilet bowls lips and groaned as a large load of shit burst from her anus into the waiting bowl and onto it's tongue.

The toilets eyes widened to the point that Serana though they would tear from their sockets and the toilets head buckled back and fourth as Liz fought against the toilets attempt to keep the shit from entering its throat but to no avail. Liz grunted hard as she struggled to force her colon muscles to send the shit down the flesh pipe and intto it's stomach. Come on Liz you can do it feed that Bitch! April cheered. Liz nodded and squeezed her eyes shut as she put all of her effort into force feeding it, and finally succeeded. Serana saw Liz's stomach muscles extend and retract as the shit finally started to go down, causing Serana to let out a cheer. April lay her head next to the action and saw (what appeared to be a large bulge followed by smaller individual bulges of matter decend its throat as it flushed Liz's shit.

Liz opened her eyes as she continued and finally finished half a minute latter, sending off a couple of very loud farts into the bowl. Liz had barely gotten up when April jumped off of the floor and said, "Fucking awesome, Now it's my turn!" Liz turned around and started to speak when April whispered something into her ear. Liz replied loudly, "But I'll have to get another one....?" April nodded and said, "Yes but it's fucking hilarious!" Liz laughed then said to Serana, "Hey go get me a sharpie from my bag over on the counter." Serana complied and brought back the sharpie. Liz then grabbed it and did a series of drawings followed by writing on both of April's jucy ass cheeks.

The toilet finished swallowing the last of the shit from it's mouth and then looked around the room in a daze. It soon resumed screaming, this time it definantly didn't sound human. Before Serana could get a look at the writing April squatted over the toilet bowl and said, "Lunch time!" then sealed her anus on the bowls lips. The bowls cheeks bloated outwards as April let out a very big fart, then came a very loud series of squishing and splashing noises as April sent a torrent of Dihareea into the bowl, the toilet tried to keep up with the dihareea but couldn't eat it fast enough, Jessicas eyes rolled into the back of her head and started siezing up. Soon shit was coming out of the toilets nostrils. April was rubbing her own clit as she kept shitting on and on. The toilet's stomach was expanding at a very rapid rate. After a very brief pause followed by another loud fart, April sent another torrent of shit down the toilet's pipe. The toilet suddently siezed up in the middle of being fed and emptied all of its bowels. April and Serana both orgasmed once they realized what had happened. April just sat there for a minute as her orgasm pulsed throughout her body. April then climbed off of the toilet, looked down and saw her ass cheeks imprinted on the now broken camode. Serana looked up and smiled then high fived both April and Liz. "Great job ladies but I must check something out... Serana satisfied her curiosity by taking a glance at April's ass cheeks before laughing hysterically. On both cheeks Liz had drawn crosses, then across both cheeeks she had written "Gateway to Heaven" And had drawn an arrow from the writing to Aprils Anus.

About five minutes later, while April and Kim were busy taking turns sucking on various parts of the meats flesh, Serana realizes that she can't get her eyes off of Jessica's ass, but it wasn't just the shapely buttox that drew her gaze, but the growls from within her stomach. A very primal hunger gripped her stomach, sure she hadn't eaten in almost a day, but hell, Jessica's ass (well the 135 IB pound of meat's ass) looked tantalizingly appetizing.

Afer biting her lip, Serana cleared her throat and said, "Hey guys, umm. I kinda want to try something even more... umm.. out there?" April stopped sucking on Jessica's left nipple and said, "What?"

Well since people like her aren't considered human... umm. Could we technically... eat her?

After exchanging excited glances at each other, Liz's lips curled into a sadistic smile and she replied, "Holy fuck, that's the most badass idea i've ever heard." April giggled and replied, "I mean I am not big on eating meat but.. hell count me in!"

Haha like you'd eat someone! Liz said jokingly. "I'll fucking prove it!" April retorted. Sure enough, After cleaning off the toilet-meats face with a damp cloth from the sink to remove all traces of shit, April lowered both of her hands to Jessica's face and a loud squelch sound was heard a she gouged out Jessica's right and left eyeballs. Cool! Serana exclaimed as April held both of the orbs in her hands. April then licked one of the eyeballs and popped it into her mouth, it had a rather salty taste to it and a soft texture, she then smiled at both of her friends and then started to chew. "Hows the taste?" Liz asked. "A bit salty, but once you start chewing it tastes a bit between mushrooms and sushi. She said between chomps. April offered the other eyeball to Liz, who (Being the comedic type) decided to suck the eye in and rotate it using her tongue. Liz then closed her mouth around it and parted her lips very slightly in an O shape, so that the blue eye looked like it was a natural part of Liz's lips. Serana snickered and then grabbed both juicy globes of Jessica's ass cheeks, becoming very turned on by the muscle flesh as she squeezed, then bit down hard into the flesh in the right cheek. A surge of blood and meat filled her sences, and Serena's pussy started to drip because of how wet it was becoming. Serena then bit down even harder and managed to tear out a three inch in diameter chunk of flesh before she started to chew.

Liz, not to be outdone, bit into Jessica's left tit and began to feast. "Oh my gaed" Serana said through a full mouth as she savored the first mouthful before swallowing. "It's as if this bitch's ass was born to be my food." Serana then took another even larger bite. "By law every part of her is our property now" April replied before biting off Jessica's nose.

Outside in the Hallway, Conservative Math Teacher Kim Harrington was walking down the halls of the school for the final time. She was pacing the hall so fast that her reddish-brown frizzy hair trailed behind her in the air. As she passed by various students, she noticed that she would recieve the occasional up and down glance as students would appraise her body, wither as something to fuck or as food she didn't know. Many among her peers considered her very cute, a semi chubby girl, her body was the type that put all the extra love in all the right places. With a nice big ass, Cuppable tits, and A beautiful face framed with glasses, she was the object of desire for several of the boys and lesbians in the school.

She had made up her mind last week right before the "vote" was about to be passed that she would get the hell out of dodge before she became a victim of the new law or had to sit by while students inflicted every kind of horror imaginable upon each other. Not that she had much choice anyway, an upcoming Nationwide Mandatory Staff meeting was to take place in every school and college in two days, in which Teachers who didn't agree with the new laws were to be "culled", atleast according to online rumors. To add insult to injury, another mandatory PTA meeting between surviving teachers and parents was to occur the following week in which whatever remained of their students following the purge would be presented to them along with a warning for them to not engage in any unapproved government activity. How this was to happen Kim didn't know, but she was sickened by a rumor that she had heard from the Head Principal that some of the unlucky students at a test high school in New York had been cannabalized by some of the other teens and all that the poor parents were left with was a collected pile of shit from whoever thought their child or friend made a better meal than friend or student. One grieving parent posted a status showing her 19 year olds photograph next to a still steaming pile of shit, soon after though the accoutn that the picture was posted on was siezed by the government and another uploaded picture soon followed with an adjacent pile of shit and a photo of the mother, with two naked teenage girls smiling holding a sign that said, "Human, It's what's for dinner!" One of the girls had turned around and was smiling as the camera captured a huge turd exit her ass and fall into the plate that held the rest of the shit that used to be the parent.

Kim shook all of this from her mind as she headed straight for the ladies room, "Fuck it, I'll retire today." As she was walking to the bathroom stalls, she noticed that the adjacent shower room was filled with what sounded like people eating, curious, she turned aside and opened the door between the two areas and walked into the shock of her life.

To be honest, anyone would be startled to see what had happened before she even arrived, much less what met her gaze. As she opened the door Serana looked up at her with blood dripping down her chin still chewing ass-flesh between her molars, April was in the middle of tearing out Jessica's tongue and Liz was digging through Jessica's open chest for her heart.

Kims first reaction was unsuprising, she fell backwards in shock against the tile and reached into her purse for a taser. "Get the fuck back you cannibals!" Kim shrieked as Serana got up and wiped the blood from her chin. "What's wrong Mrs. Harrington?" April asked before letting out a loud belch.

Serana motioned for Liz to grab her bag from the side of the shower room, and Liz quickly retrieved it while Serana tried to calm down Mrs. Kim. "We are just enforcing the new laws and having a quick lunch, would you like to join us?" Serana then took a couple steps forward. "I said get bac.... Why in the fuck does it smell like shit in here...." Kims eyes then went wide as April turned around and showed her her ass then pointed to the half eaten toilet. "I tried using the bathroom earlier but it stopped up, I decided I might as well get a good meal out of it."

None of you have any humanity, what in the fuck is wrong with all of you! With this fucked up country! Kim then rased the taser to stun Serana, but stopped cold when Liz (who had been opening the package that Serana had in her purse) Removed a long silver gun-type object from the packaging.

"what's this, your family send you a gun?" Liz asked innocently. Serana's jaw dropped and then a huge smile formed on her lips. "Oh fuck, that's The Atomizer, holy hell, fucking YES!" Serana jumped up and down in joy as both April and Liz looked on puzzled and Kim started to slowly back herself up to the Shower Room door.

"Don't you dare go anywhere!" Serana said in very threatening tone. "I know for a fact that you intended to use that on me, I think that its' time that I showed you why you should never fuck with people like me.
Kim's horrified expression was amplified when Liz pressed a button on the side of the Atomizer and the gun gave a responding whir. "This is really cool, what does it do Serana?" Liz inquired. "Let me show you." Serana said as she quickly took the gun from Liz and pointed it at Kim. "No, please don't hurt me!" Kim pleaded as she threw the taser to the wet tiled floor then whisked around to grab the doorhandle. " "Grab her" Serana ordered. Both girls grabbed Kim by both arms and drug her backwards kicking and screaming. "This bitch is strong, whatever your going to do do it now Serana." April grunted as she was elbowed in the stomach by Kim.

Serana pointed the Atomizer right at Kim and fired.

As the now five inch tall teacher tried to run away screaming, Serana ran past the shocked April and Liz and scooped the toy up into her hand.

"Thought you could get away easily eh?” Serana taunted. “What do you think April, think we can use her as a sex toy?” April took her hand from over her mouth and replied, “What in the... Thats fucking amazing but how did you do that...” Liz simply lay her back against the shower room wall and replied, “Yeah, I'd say so, but honestly that woman's treated everyone like crap lately, I think she'd make a much better butt plug.”

Serana smirked then looked down at Kim and said, “So many choices makes it hard to decide your fate.” April smacked herself on the ass and then suggested, “Why don't we use her as a double anal dildo, It's been a fantasy of mine for quite awhile.” At this suggestion the toy in Serana's hands began shrieking protest after protest, but to no avail. Serana promptly used her fingers to violently strip kim of all of her garments. “Liz, come here and kiss me you foxy bitch” Serana asked. Liz happily complied and rushed over to Serana's side. Serana then took the screaming toy and placed it head first chest down into her mouth, while leaving half of the toy waist down outside of her mouth. Liz got the idea and licked at it's little feet, watching them recoil in fear at the touch. Not wanting to stop there, Liz sucked the entire other side of the toy into her mouth and started sucking and running her tongue over the toys ass cheeks. April stood aside and subconciously kept on rubbing her own clit as she watched the two make out, it was almost romantic in its own way.

Finally, after about a minute, the two girls broke the kiss and Serana held the toy in the palm of her hand. “April bend over for me will ya? I got it nice and wet for you.” Serana requested. April nodded and spread her ass cheeks apart as far as she could. The toys green eyes showed an almost primal fear of what was about to happen. April then flexed her anal muscles a few times to add emphasis to what was about to occur. Slowly and gently (to not hurt april) Serana slid the screaming toy head first into April's ass, after making sure that the toy was nice and snug, “Uggghhhh Oh my God that feels amazing!” April exclaimed. “Her screaming is making my entire colin vibrate, it feels incredibly sexy. Serana tweaked a dial on the atomizer to expand the toys length to twelve inches long and two and a half in diameter.

Liz held up the other half and used her fingers to hold the two kicking legs togther, before inserting them into Serana's own waiting anus. “Ohhhhh” Serana moaned as she backed her ass up until she was standing ass cheek to ass cheek with April. (For the record, Aprils Ass was tanned and had a nice olive complexion, Serana's was slightly lighter in color and freckled, but not as large or as toned as April's wider hips.) Liz got out her smartphone and started to record. “Go ahead girls!!” Liz said excitedly.

Serana nodded and got down on all fours then began thrusting her hips along with April back and fourth on their new toy. Liz nearly creamed herself at the sight of their ass muscles rippling and the clapping noises that they made each time their cheeks met. Oh oh oh oh oh my god, Serana kept on moaning in estacy as she fucked her lover with their living sex toy. April kept on throatily moaning “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck my ass!” Despite no clitoral stimulation, Serana kept on remembering that their toy had a family and was suffering horribly being banged between two women's anus', and that made her hornier and hornier, by now both her and aprils pussy were dripping wet and the cold tile beneath them had a large puddle forming from their intercourse. April felt as if she had to shit again but it was blocked by the toy in her ass, who by now was most likely drowning in diarrhea. Liz stepped forward and put her hands on both of their Asses, grabbing and massaging the hot flesh.

As April and Serana neared Orgasm, they both arched up their asses together and brought their cheeks flush against the other before simultaniously reaching an earth shattering orgasm. They stayed suspended against one another almost as if they were one person, then collapsed onto the cold floor overcome with pleasure from their fucking. Liz helped pull out the toy from April's anus, but as soon as she did April let out a very loud fart and shit alittle on the ground. From the large amount of fecal matter on the top half of the teacher, Liz guessed that April had shit on the toy while it was in her ass. Sure enough, the toy. While still alive, was coughing up lungfulls of diarrhea and had butt corn in it's hair. Liz moved to remove the other half of the toy from Serana's ass but Serana stopped her with a wave of her hand. “Leave it in, help me push the cunt further up until only it's head is sticking out.” Liz nodded and helped her friend. April meanwhile ran over to the toilet and sat down where she had torn out its heart and then filled it with a torrent of Diarrhea.

Soon after, the girls got the shower room cleaned up, (It took awhile for the three of them to chop up the remains of the toilet using an axe found in a nearby janitorial closet) and Serana helped clean up Aprils messy backside using the toilets severed tongue as toilet paper. “What do we do with the pieces?” Liz asked. April put her hands on her hips and took a couple of seconds to ponder their options, then suggested.“Give it to the school cafeteria, they are bringing a luncheon to the girls church on thursday, if we tell them why she deserved it they will make hamburgers out of the meat and serve it to them without telling them where she is.”

Great idea. Serana added. And with that, the three of them made plans to meet again at Serana's house later in the afternoon. Serana then slid her thong on over the protesting head sticking out of her ass, and then put on the rest of her school uniform before safely tucking her atomizer into her backpack and leaving with the rest of them from the showers, as if it never happened.


“Hold her dammit!” Gabriella complained to her sister Lupita as she squirted another torrent of dihareea into her toilets mouth. Holding their victim between Gabriellas twin globe ass cheeks proved tougher than they thought, as Sally Richardson, a b\local baptist girl with big full lips, red hair that cascaded to her waist and a nice set of DD's who had tried to escape town with her family when the new laws were enacted, was caught by the military and shipped back to her school to be used by her classmates in whatever way that they sought fit.

A local round of applause filled the classroom as Lupita sucessfulloy held their strugling and screaming prize as the toilet nearly choked to death on the latest stream of shit. The entire biology class, some 58 girls at their all girls school, had been filling out paperwork when their teacher, Linda Fergeson, had brought in Sally on a table bound on all fours by restraints. “Class, this is Mrs. Sally, she was selected to be turned iover to the school for use by you when her terrorist affiliations were discovered, unfortunatly she decided to try and run from the law, it is now my great joy to present her to all of you as your assignment for today. “ a stunned classroom paused for ten seconds in silence, then burst out in applause as the shock had worn off and the students had realized what was about to happen. “I want to eat hr tit!” eexclaimed Melissa Goreham, who had once grown very jealous of Sallys tits after Salley had cheated oon her brother with another guy two years back. There was no sex involved of course, Salley was a virgin through and through, but she was not exactly pure either, a serial dater who left potential mates when they preposed sex, she was also known to be a real bitch who would never stop talking about God this or god that, to put it simply, she was trash.

“Aww, atleast let me carve a chunk ouyt of her ass with my knife, I want to hang it on my wall!” complained Lori , a woman who had never gotten nearly enough attention from guys or girls due to her non existant ass and tits.

“Settle down all of you complained the teacher. You will all get your chance. But for now we must all be reminded that this is the price for failiing to uphold the law or using your natural feminine privates for their intended use. To put it simply class, you dont use em, you lose them. Now if all of you want to form a line...”

it hadn't taken long for the first girl in line to viciously rip off Sallys clothing and begin rubbing her pussy against the toys mouth. The girl had been so enthusiastic that the the teacher and three other students had to pry her off of the toy before she caused it to suffocate between her legs. The second girl in line had been much more rough, she created a fist out of her hand and shoved it very rouchly uip Sallys vagina, all the way to her cervix, causing a hugge bloody mess. Much to the entire classes delight Sallys screams reached a fever pitch and were so arousing that several girls in line began to finger themselves as they watched those lucious lips shriek in agony

The seventh girl in line was aroused by it to the point that instead of going to the bathroom and leaving the class, she shoved her cunt lips against the screaming lips and pissed full force into the toys mouth, just to hear the screams turn into gurgling noises. “well done!” clapped the teacher.” That was a splended punishment for the toy... or should I say toilet?” The remark caused a chrous of snickers and giggiling by th\ose assembled. It was Gabriella and Lupita who shone though, both of them were lovers and well known to be sadists, and had long held a grudge against Sally because of the time that Sally had forced their mother to bring them to a church. In the end, feeding the toilet their shit just felt right...

The table where their entertainment was shackled had become covered in various body fluids, but was cleaned off every few turns by the teacher in order to not turn off some of the weaker stomached students and to ensure that arousal stayed heightened. After hearing a ear shattering fart fill the room as Gabriellaas bowels flooded the toilet with its waste, the whole room burst out laughing. “You two have earned the right to finish her” The teacher exclaimed. “Im not going to finish her teacher, im going to sow her onto my ass and keep her as a portable toilet, I want to become a centaur, ive always wanted that since I was a little kid and now ill have that chance. “Gabriella reasoned. “You have my permission, mbut make sure that you clean up after yourselves, she will be hell to keep clean. “we will mam Lupita affirmed as she kept on applying pressure to the girls head to keep her against Gabriellas ass.

Let me help you set up your toilet offered Marissa. “Thank you! “ Gabriella said . “Marissa then took a bottl of epoxy from the shelf and quickly mixed its contents in a bowl before dabbing a cotton swab in it and bringing the mixture over to gabriella and lupita. With the combined efforts of the teacher and three other students (and the muffled protests of the toilet) they successfully put the mixture around Sally's lips, another application around Gabriella's anus, and made sure that Sally's lips remained opened in an O shape byu using two screws and a drillOnce done, they then pressed the toilets face against Gabriellas Ass as hard as they could, ensuring a solid lock between her lips and the ass surface area surrounding Gabriellas Anus.

Ohh, I always wanted to fuck a centaur, can I fuck your pet?” Begged Lucy. “of course!” Gabriella said glowing, while admiring her new body extension as it crawled around on all foursbehind her. “Youll need to remove its arms though.” remarked Tina, who picked up a nearby hacksaw. “Go ahead asnd remove them, gabriella affirmed. “Righty then, two arm steaks for anyone whos hungry!> Tina said as she began to saw through the unnecessary second set of arms that the classes favorite centaur had.

from behind gabriella, Tina put on a strapon that she had been keeping hidden in her school bag and then went over to the counter and poured bleach and tobasco sauce all along the shaft, ensuring that it was covered.

The centaurs second head tried to twist around to see the assailant, its eyes wide with fear, but was unable too due to Gabriellas anus. And could only scream in muffled fear aand agony as her arms were sawed off and Tina positioned herself behind gabriella. “Thrust!” Lupida said while rubbing her clit with two fingers. “Silence filled the room as tina ran the tip of her finger over the centaurs second ass, and drew out the apprehension and fear that the extension was feeling. Making sure that it was true and terrified, Tina drew her mouth close to the extensions head and said, Im going to pour the rest of the bleach into your vagina when im done, and Im going to carve my name into your ass with my teeth.” No one could quire make out what the extensions response was, but by the much higher pitch iit must have disagreed with Tinas statement. Tina then grabbed the centaur by both hips and thrust herself into it, causing Gabriella's bowels to vibrate in a very powerful way, cauysing her to orgasm from the effect of the muffled screams. “OH GOD FUCK YES FUCING YES! FUCK THE BITCH< FUCK ME FUCK MY NEW PUSSSYYY!

Everyone gathered around horny as fuck as they watched the centaurs ass cheeks ripple in reponce to gabriellas thrusts, each smack against the bare flesh filled the silent room, accompanid only by the moans and smacks of fingers going in and out of may horny pussys. "This is sex at its primal class Exclaimed the teacher, beautiful unfiltred and raw, our classmate Gabriella has permenantly modifed her body and created a new type of human, and we are experiancing its first fucking, this is a historic day for all of us!" Several faces drew close to the centaur to get off at thvarious thins. Some girls preferred the way the extensions face was crying, others the rythemithic mbounding of the extensions tits , others the muffled screams vibrating through gabriellas entire bowels. But most of all, all of them loved Sally getting her due and being turned into the first human centaur-toilet. All of them stoodi n awe as the sounds of sex filled the classroom and caused all of them to orgasm repeatedly. Gabriella smirked as she realized that her teacher was approaching her. Sure enough, the teacher leaned forward and passionately kissed Gabriella, which gabriella promptly returned. Reaching around and digging her hands into the extensions eyeballs, the eacher removed her clotrhes and pulled Gabriella forward (with tina approaching from behind to keep up She then wrapped her leg around Gabriellas and began to scissor with her student.

Lupitas thrusting behind the centaur helped Gabriella grind her puussy against her teachers, and together the three of them made quite the sight . To top things off, as Gabriella approached orgasm, she let loose her bowels once more,. Filling her extension with her shit. April turned from the beautiful sight at the clasasroom door and continued down the hallway.


Kira shrieked as Lauren carefully peeded the skin off oof her entire body, starting with her lower extreminites and working her way of to Kiras face. The oozing mass of meat that was revealed to the class was very much alive, but every muscle, blood vessel and sinew was exposed. Now to wash it off. Lauren said smiling as she squatted over the subject. A roaring round of applause filled the room as Lauren pissed on the exposed body, causing their entertainemnt to howel out in opain , its screams no longer sounded human, instead a sharp pitched piercing cry filled the classroom, as Laurens beaurifuyl pussy splashed piss all over the meat., AGHHHHHH HELP ME! SOMEOEBODY PLEASE HELP ME< it screamed and sobbed. HELLLLPP MEEEEEE! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH . Oneof the class comedians, Shania, turned around and gave the specimin a good look at her backside, then promptly mooned the meat. “Eat my shit and die bitch, youll be swimming in my Piss in a few minutes!” More laughter filled the room.

On the table a scant few feet away, Briana muffled around the pipe in her mouth as Stacy hooked uthe tube to her ass and shit into the machine that would feed Briana the entire classes shit once activated. Stacy had been Brianas best friend, until Stacy found out that Briana was Methodist, then Stacy had reported briana to the authorities and was rewarded by being the first one to feed the traiter her shit. As Briana's eyes gazed upon Stacy's puckering anus, she wished that she had never gone to church or believed in a god, after all, no god would allow this, but her revelation that she was abouyt to go into a shit filled oblivious and snuff out of existence, never to exist again, started Brianana to panic, as Stacies first log protruded out of her anus, Briana repented of evr being a christian, too far and too late. As the first log hit the machine and the machine counter displayed that the machine was only at .05 percent full, Briana shook in terror.

One by one, the rest of the class gathered in line behind Lauren, eager to take there turn, right now the tank that the meat was in was only partially specked with piss, but 35 filled bodies lader and there was a meere three centimeters of air left in the tub, before the specimen drowned .

One by one the class took turns filling up the feed ma hine for brianna with shit, what amazed some of the classmates was the sheer variety of shit that the class produced, some of it was thick logs, some of \it thin, some of it watery, some of it filled with butt corn and their food leftovers, some of it hard, some soft, and all different shades , from brown to yellow. Once the machine reached 89.4 precent full, the teacher put a stethoscope up to Brianna's stomach and piped the audio through a jack into the classes intercom. “and now class, to finish the thing, and to cause the machine to reach 90%, we have called in the toilets own sister, Michelle to do the honors. “Briana's eyes widened as she saw Michelle walk from the back of the class and up to her. Her own ssiter... had betrayed her?” It became the obvious answer. Her sister had dated the same guy as Briana and they had been rivals, and never seen eye to eye, but they had grown up together... surely.... Hi sis!” Michelle said beaming with a huge grin on her face. Before Briana could even muffle a reply. Michelle turned around, sat hr bare ass infront of Briana's face with the initials carved in ink clearly visible Michelle and Brice, together forever. Michelle then grunted as she forced out a huuge turd, over twelve inches long and three inches wide. Asit cracked and slid itself out of her ass, brianas eyes streamed tears. A final thud sealed Brianas fate, as the machine lights turned green and it began to work. “Everyone start fingering yourselves!” Commanded the teacher (not that she had too, many already were). Soon enough, the entire class saw Briana begin to retch and shake her head back and fourth violently as the machine rapidly force fed shit directly into her throat. It only took ten seconds for them to see her stomach rapidly expand. The plugs in the specimens ass nostrils and pussy ensured that there was no place for the shit to escape. Within thirty seconds Briana looked 9 months pregnant, they heard the sounds of bones popping and mushy sounds of muscle tendons brtaking, soon a muffled pop was heard and the specimens screams reached there pitch, its stomach had burst and shit was filling its insides, soon the specimens tits began to expalnd along with its arms and legs, the machine was actually channeling shit into its bloodstream! The specimens heyes rolled back into its head as its brain began to have violent seizures and shit filled the blood vesses in its brain. A scant minute later, its head began to expand and turn purple. Thirty seconds after that, the convulsing was so rapiud that its eyes popped out of there sockets, which the teacher rapidly picked up and tossed to Rachel, who promptly shoved one in her mouth and started chewing, and the other into her own anus as a toy. A protective glass panel was sat down between the specimin and the class to guard the class from the approaching mess. Sure enough, a rip was heard, and the entire specimen exploded from the enside out, literally shattering into millions of pieces on the other side of the wall. It was truly a great day to be alive for them Thought april.

Meanwhile, The teacher squatted over the piss specimen and filled up the last of that container, before forcefully shoving the specimens head down into the piss, causing it to swallow literal gallons of piss trying to breathe, the meat then shit itself as it finally succumbed and drowned.

“Can I take it home and feed uit to my dogs?” Hillary asked. “Yes you may!” The teacher repied to the cheers of the class.


Scene 5

Oh my God! Penny started to panic as the cheers of the gym students deafened the barking od the dogs. She ore nothing but a simple semi transparent gown that hung loosely about her shoulders, she slightest move and it would fall from her body, all around her, the cheers of the students as the announcer counted down the time until the dogs were to be released towards their meal started to change, to something that sent her further into panic. “Eat her Eat her Eat her Eat her Eat her!””SHIT THE BITCH OUT!” cheered her former cheerleader captain Lana to her favorite dog, Sam/

The blaring of the loudspeaker joined the chant. Women and girls, welcome to tonight's entertainment! Before you stands a convicted christian, 100% guaranteed virgin, who has always dressed modestly her entire life! Now, in a few moments , watch as the gown falls from her shoulders and her bouncing bubble ass gets ripped to shreds by our school mascot dogs! Hear her screams and let them pass through you and to orgasm! Let her cries for help send youy over the edge, for tonight, she becomes Dog Shit! Meat for the dogs!” The stadium erupted in applause and cheers and the crioes of EAT HER grew only louder and faster.

To be Continued?? DId yall enjoy this and any suggestions for more/other chapters?

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