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Alice could feel her heart thump erratically in her chest, as she ran barefoot across the dimly lit grass field. Her long blonde hair flowed behind her along with bits of tattered clothing. She could feel the cold fall air brush across her exposed petite body, soothing her scrapes and bruises. Another howl pierced the night air.
Alice felt as though her heart would burst from her chest. She quickly glanced over her shoulder, scanning the field for any signs of pursuer. The full moon cast a dim and eerie light across the grove. She could hear rustles of movement in the trees around her. It was as if shadows itself were out to get her.
More howls reverberated across the night sky. She knew she was surrounded. She stopped in the middle of the field, looking frantically around her. “Go away!” She screamed. She could feel her pulse around her ears. Thump… Thump… “Leave me alone”!
She shuddered as she felt the goose bumps pass across her naked body, her nipples hardened in the cold night air. That was when she heard it, a growl just a few feet behind her. She turned just in time to catch the sight of the beast as it plowed into her right side. A sharp burning sensation erupted in her left breast, as she felt the creatures claw tear into her flesh.
She screamed as she felt blood pool around her chest. The beast tore into her shoulder and began dragging her across the grass. She nearly passed out from the pain as twigs, rock, and other debris scraped across her bare back.
With a loud roar the beast tossed her into the air. She felt her breath escape her body as she landed on her back with a loud thump. “Please someone help me!” She cried.
She lifted her head off the grass and stared at the large beast in front of her. She felt a shiver glide down her spine, as the beast looked at her with a different kind of hunger; a more primal one. “No!” she cried, as she instinctually shoved her hands between her legs.
The beast rushed forward battering her arms out of the way. She whimpered as it began to sniff her most private area. She could feel the werewolf’s cold nose through her lingerie, as it pressed its muzzle against her outer lips. She began to struggle, when more creatures appeared pinning her down. The first one, which appeared to also be the alpha, pulled off silk red panties.
She felt even more exposed than ever before. The beast pressed it’s nuzzle back against her now bare vagina. She let out a whimper of fear and pleasure; as she felt the beasts tongue enter her. “Not like this” Was all she could think to herself.
She began to moan as she felt its rough tongue rub against her most sensitive area. Her eyes began to roll into the back of her head as she gave into the sensation. The beast extended out its tongue feeling the length of her insides. She stared as it buried its face underneath her soft patch of pubic hair.
Its thick tongue and warm breath filled up her insides. The beast licks began to hasten, and she let out moans as she began to reach climax. Then it happened… It started with a slight growl. She felt its teeth scrape against her labia before closings its jaws around her outer lips.
She let out a piercing scream as the area between her legs was reduced to a fountain of blood. She looked down at the beast as it continued to tear into her. It was as if time had slowed down, each bite became an endless as the creature ripped off bits and pieces of her now mangled vagina.
Alice continued to scream and struggle in pain, as the pack gathered around for an all-out feeding frenzy. Her entire body felt like it was on fire as the creatures began feasting on her body. She felt jaws clamp down on her once succulent breasts; tearing them free from her chest. She screamed in agony, all she wanted was to die; yet she couldn’t.
She eventually gave up on struggling, consumed by pain as the wolf’s devoured het. She felt the alpha burry its entire face into her womb. The beast ripped its head out from inside with a sickening crunch, her innards wrapped around its maw. Her vision began to blur and everything turned black…


Oh. My. God. This was amazing!

I love this so much! Please please please more!


Resurrecting fics that fell off due to spammers.


Loving this! More please!

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