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The next special I have already devoted to Kamilla! But you can still choose the opponents. [​IMG] every choice is one enemy from my book^^.

Maybe become a little short, I hope you like it anyway!

Third advent special: A coupon for Agatha.

A few days ago, Agatha received a letter with a coupon. The sender merely said. "From a fan." It is a coupon for a butcher shop. This is perhaps the strangest gift that Agatha has ever received. Especially since you can only use the coupon at the 24th December. Who gives food to Christmas, that you have to prepare yourself? Agatha became curious. In internet, she found out that the butcher’s name is Jaimie and that he has a legendary reputation. Supposedly, pigs like to die through his knife. This is of course an exaggeration, but it sounds hot. Perhaps Agatha can watch the master at work, she hadn’t planned anything for the first Christmas day anyway. Fresh meat couldn’t hurt!

So, she appeared at his shop in the evening, as it was demanded on the voucher. She's dressed in one of her tighter evening gowns. Agatha hadn’t had a butcher for a long time, maybe she could get some more intimate information out of him. She loves to seduce men. But this is only a test! She hopes for a man who can turn the game around. But the most men disappoint her…
The master butcher has already expected her! He looks very young for a master. But his eyes are serious, and his strong arms show, that he has already killed many animals. He has a beard and short hair. He wears a green smock under which his muscles are visible. He looks at her very oddly. He seems interested, but it doesn’t seem as if he is interested in her as a woman. Agatha tries to break the silence. "I'm here for the voucher."
His face shows no emotion: "So it has come?" He says quietly and calmly.
It? It's getting strange. "I have a …”
He interrupts her. "That is unimportant, come in!" Wow. So, she’s never been treated! She likes him. To Agatha's astonishment he leads her into the processing area. What is he doing? He looks at her closely. "We're starting. undress yourself!"
This makes Agatha a bit angry! "Slowly, just because I'm a fetish model."
Again, he shows no emotion: "take off your clothes!"
His behavior confused Agatha. "I've been thinking about seducing you, but that's going too far!"
"take off your clothes!" he repeats calmly.
"Do you listen to me?" That no one has dared. He has courage, that she must leave him!
"take off your clothes!" Apparently, he doesn’t listen to her.
"Now! I will go." She threatens him.
"take off your clothes!" He seems a bit bored, but no further reaction.
He doesn’t stop her, she goes towards the door. He merely repeats his order. She is already halfway out of the room when she changes her mind. This kind of treatment pleases her! For him she isn’t even worth the effort to follow. Seductively, she takes off her dress. He shows no reaction! This is new! He is not even impressed when she drops her silk underwear. "He really has no interest in me," Agatha thinks. The thought excites her.
“lay down!” he orders. Without complaining she obeys.
Without realizing it, she has been subjected. Suddenly she doubts, if she allowed to speak. Carefully she asks. "What's your plan?"
"I prepare my Christmas dinner!" He says indifferently.
A light goes on in Agatha's head. He wants to prepare her? In real! "What if I fight back?"
He scratches his head. "You are free to go! Some women don’t understand their role."
Agatha doesn’t want to go. She belongs to him. He waits a moment for her to relax. Without announcing, he starts tying her to the table! Now there is no way to escape. But Agatha has been waiting for someone like him. She hadn’t been so excited a long time. He ties her up, without interest in her feelings. The ropes are painfully tight and she can’t move! He puts a piece of wood in her mouth. Pain cries could be annoying. This is important, right? Agatha becomes wet. He doesn’t even take the time to explain what happens. Why explain a pig, what happens, after all? Agatha sees the sharp knife, she gets nervous. So far, she hasn’t gone in her imagination. But even if she could still defend herself, she wouldn’t. As a woman, she must obey the master! She does not feel any pain when the knife penetrates. It is more like tattooing. It stings, but it isn’t unpleasant. The sting goes from her breasts the way down to her womb. It really happens! She feels his hands in her inner. It feels like you're on a roller coaster. She feels how her innards are removed. With each piece, she feels lighter and freer. The best thing: She can’t do anything about it! Suddenly it feels warm when he washes her inside with warm water… He disappears for a short moment and comes back with a cleaver. On the first arm Agatha feels burning pain. It went so fast ... It only took one blow to detach him. If Agatha could, she would laugh. She's crazy! On the other hand, all women who refuse would be even more crazy! When he detaches her other arm, she feels only a little pain. You get used to it quickly. It is generally blurred. She only perceives slightly as her legs follow... He divides her limbs into small pieces and puts them in Tupper cans. He'll prepare it later… Agatha feels weaker, she wonders how long she'll be alive. It becomes warm in her inside again. This time it is the stuffing. It's all so fast. Hardly she is filled, he has already sewn her… This time, her exterior becomes warm. he oils her body ... She would like to thank him. But she can’t spit out the wood. Now she can’t do much in general ... She can only wait for her death! Suddenly he lifts her up! The part of her body that has remained, doesn’t weight much anymore. In her corner of the eye she can see an iron plate with a vertical spit… The penetration of the spit doesn’t feel so erotic as thought, not that she can complain. Since there is only food in her inner, it is just cold and fat… Since there is no longer any resistance, he quickly finds the way to her neck and through her mouth. She is not even allowed to have last words… Shortly Agatha loses consciousness ... She is awakened by a sweet scent. She is in his oven ... Agatha doesn’t mind that she dies, but she would have liked to try her meat... He approaches the oven… She sees him smile for the first time, before she dies ...

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