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Let's go on an adventure /lit/!

I am still learning English, so please tell me if you enjoyed it and how I can improve on my writing! ^^



You are an ordinary 16 year old high school girl, long hair, athletic build, and a face that'll make most boys turn their heads.

You wake up in a cold and damp room, the pungent stench of rotten flesh wafted in the air. You are still in your school uniform, white blouse tucked neatly into a teal pleated skirt. At least no one did anything rude to you while you were unconscious.

Your heart is pounding but you froze like a deer at caught in the headlights, dazed and disoriented. You have no recollection of how you got here.

_Where are you? Why are you here?_

All you hear is the muffled pattering of torrential rain in the distance, and faint slithering sounds coming from a bucket on the corner of the room.

Your bladder is bursting, you really need to pee!

What do you do? Feel free to provide some justification for your action. :)

[1] Leave the room via the door, gotta find a bathroom fast!
[2] Check out the bucket, what's making that slithering noise?
[3] Try to find what's giving off that foul smell.
[4] Relieve yourself here, no one's looking!


2 seems like the most urgent one...








[2] Check out the bucket, what's making that slithering noise?

You lean over the rusty iron bucket and peek inside it... As you lean closer to get a better look, a black slimy tentacle lashes out at you with breakneck speed.

It wraps itself tightly around your neck in the blink of an eye, you can feel it digging into your throat like a hangman's noose.

You attempt to scream for help, but to no avail, the tentacle's grip continues to tighten around your tender neck.


The unmistakable sound of your bones breaking as your neck snaps like a dry twig under its sheer strength. You feel a warm flow running down between your thighs, then everything goes dark as your lifeless body slumps on the ground.





[1] Leave the room via the door, gotta find a bathroom fast!

You leave this creepy room through the unlocked front door, and find yourself in an oddly familiar corridor. It is the corridor of your school, but something's different here...

The air is stale and stagnant, a single flickering light bathed the entire corridor in a fluctuating incandescent glow. Although this place appears to be completely deserted, you simply can't shake off the feeling that something is watching you.

Where to next?

[1] The girl's restroom at the end of the corridor, still needs to pee!
[2] The boy's restroom, it is closer to you, surely no one would mind?
[3] Stairs leading up to the second floor.
[4] Go through the door that leads to the outside.

{All non-game related text will be in brackets, feel free to add any comments or suggestions. ^^ - Aki }




2. What are the odds if someone being in there and injuring the poor girls pussy?




Let's say 3.
Funnier if she wets herself on the floor.




You decided to relieve yourself in the boy's restroom, surely no one would mind?

The stretch of urine invade your nostrils as you open the door.

This rest room reeks of filth, veins of putrid slime covers the cracked floor, shallow insect larvae infested puddles of brown water lies beneath a burst pipe by the urinals, emanating a constant faint buzzing sound from that corner of the room.

There are three toilet cubicles to the left of you. The one on the far left have its doors wide open, exposing the cistern and empty toilet within.

The cubicle in the middle appears to be occupied. You hear faint, rhythmic thumping coming from behind the locked door, accompanied by the muffled screams and pleads of a young girl and the guttural grunts of a middle aged man.

The door to the cubicle on the right is closed but not locked, you can see a pair of nylon clad legs in heels under the stall door.

"What's a female teacher doing in the boy's restroom?"

Something weird is going on here, and you have a really bad feeling about this...

Where to next?

[1] Relieve yourself using the left-most cubicle, after all you came here to pee.

[2] Peek under the stall door of the middle cubicle, see what's happening. Maybe you are morbidly curious, or maybe deep down inside you are a peeping tom.

[3] Check out the cubicle on the right, why is there a female staff in the boy's restroom?

[4] This is getting too weird and dangerous, leave the boy's restroom immediately and make your way to the girl's.

[5] No one's looking, pee on the floor, get it over and done with and move on.


Sorry I already wrote the continuation for this one! Maybe next time? ^^


Okay then we take number five (5)


5. Better not make any sound


Where's the fun if we don't get a few dead ends? Let's go for number 3




2 or 3,


Definitely 3. We're curious!




>Check out the cubicle on the right, why is there a female staff in the boy's restroom?

The Price of Curiosity

You carefully push the stall door open a bit more and peek into the crack.

Dim light shines in through the fogged window, illuminating a macabre scene that should only belong in a horror film, or a gothic tale, but never in real life.

You stood there, eyes wide open, heart pounding, legs quivering, you can feel the warm fluid of your pee seeping down your inner thighs as profound terror takes over your body.

A naked blonde woman is 'sitting' on the toilet, with her back propped against the cistern, legs splayed open and her inner thighs stained with blood and semen.

You instantly recognises her as your homeroom Teacher Ms. McKinnon, an extremely popular among the students despite being a recent graduate from teacher's college.

Her powder blue eyes have been gouged out of their sockets and are nowhere to be seen, leaving behind two gaping holes gazing into the distance, streaks of milky semen and pink brain fragments cascades down her flushed cheeks like tears of agony and regret.

Someone must have a massive grudge against her to do something like this...

You feel something cold and metallic being pressed against the back of your neck, followed by multiple sharp electrical jolt of pain ripping through your body. Your world spins, and your body collapse like a bag of rocks, twitching and spasming on the piss covered floor.

Two hooded men towering over you, one holding a taser in hand, the other a bloodstained tablespoon.

"Second one tonight, and what a tender little thing she is. I can't wait to fuck her brains out." One mutters as he forcefully pries open your eyelids with his rough calloused fingers "Just look at those beguiling eyes, they'll make a good addition to our collection."

You feel the coldness of the spoon invading the space between your left eyeball and the warm flesh around it. As your eyeball goes sailing in the air, you see a man unzipping himself, and placing his engorged manhood in front of your ruined eye socket with your remaining good eye.

"He he he I've always wanted to skull fuck a schoolgirl..."



>Pee on the ground

Relief at Last

You squat on the cleanest part of the toilet, after all you remember what you learned about the dangers of UTI. Skirts up, panties down, time to do the business you are here for!

A steady stream of golden urine arcs out of the crevice at the root of your thighs, creating a warm little puddle between your legs.

You are about halfway through unloading your bladder when you felt something cold and metallic pressed against the back of your neck, followed by sharp electrical jolts ripping through your body. You collapse in your own urine puddle, twitching and spasming on the piss covered floor.

Two hooded men towering over you, one holding a taser in hand, the other a bloodstained tablespoon.

"Looks like we got another one." One mutters as he forcefully inserts two fingers into your exposed womanhood, still wet with pee, and painfully stretching it wide open "How long do you think this one will last?"

"Around minute? The last one went limp at around 50 seconds, this one looks a bit sturdier."

He pins you on the ground effortlessly, pulling the lips of your womanhood wide apart with one hand, he thrusts the taser deep inside your canal with the other, sending a gush of blood and tiny bits of your once intact hymen seeping out between your legs.

He flicks the switch on, and starts a timer.




I'll do option 2 very soon~ Does anyone have anything they want to see in particular? Also, C&Cs are welcome. ^^



Not sure if it fits, but some feminine, motherly figure to lure her in then fuck her with a dick so big it breaks her would be fun

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