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Consensual Genocide Run: An Undertale Story

This work consists of five chapters.
Ch. 1 - The Ruins of Toriel
Ch. 2 - Undyne Dying
Ch. 3 - Snuffing Muffet
Ch. 4 - Breaking Alphys's Toy
Ch. 5 - Chara, the First Slut

Chapter 1 - The Ruins of Toriel

(exposition, cons, de-breasting, meat grinder, furry)

Amongst the flowers, you wake.

Around you, golden blooms stretch up towards the crack of light from whence you fell, their soft stalks forming the cushion that had spared you. The light, sweet scent of them surrounds you, and you sit up slowly, petals tumbling from your hair as you look about. The little cavern you are in has little of interest, save the patch of flowers, but a tunnel hewn into the rock leads off, promising a potential escape.

Not remembering why or how you had fallen, you spend a moment seated in that circle of life, fingers curled in the grass and stems while you try to adjust to these strange new surroundings. Eventually, you decide you won't figure out anything by just staying in one place, and stand to explore the passageway.

Promisingly, the entrance into the next cavern is shaped into an ornate archway, the dark stone carved into columns topped by a sigil you don't recognize. Inside, you find another flower, all alone in another beam of light.

Interested by this oddity, you crouch down to inspect it more closely. Stroking the petals, you realize that the florets in the center form a distinct visage, the fuzzy flesh of the inner flower bulb looking like a faintly smirking face. Just as you move to touch it, aiming to discern whether it is real or a product of head trauma, it opens its eyes, and speaks.

"Howdy! I'm FLOWEY. FLOWEY the FLOWER!" It grins amiably up at you, stalk wriggling. Nonplussed, you stare back at it, unsure how to respond to the talking flora.

Unperturbed, it continues cheerfully. "You don't know this, but you and me are a lot alike! Hee hee hee..." Suddenly, the shape of Flowey's face changes, becoming a grotesque grin with wide, hollow eyes. "We both take pleasure in hurting, and twisting people to our will... Don't ask how I know." In a blink, its turns back into the cheerful, cute little expression you first saw.

"Anyway, I have something very special for you! I've been working really hard on it... you won't believe how long it took to get them all like this. Whenever I get... the urge... I like to load this place up and have some fun!" It glances off to the side, where another hall opens up. "She'll be here soon. I don't care to get scorched again, so I'll leave you to it. Have fun, and make sure to give them all what they want, alright? Cause in this world... it's snuff, or BE snuffed."

Winking at you, a mote of Flowey's pollen sparkles in the sun, exaggerating the confidential gesture. With that, the little flower shoots suddenly downward, disappearing completely into the earth.

Before you any time to dwell on what the talking flower could have meant by this, a fireball bursts against the spot where it had just been, and you hear soft feet padding rapidly across the stone. Turning to the next passageway, where from the fire had come, you see a white, robed shape approaching, and hear a soft, matronly voice. "Oh, what a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth..."

The creature that had saved you steps out into the light, and you take in a startled breath at the sight of her. Humanoid, but covered in soft white fur in place of skin, her face is pulled out into a graceful muzzle, deep crimson eyes furrowed in concern. Long, drooping ears fall from the top of her skull, rounded at the ends, and small horns curl out from just above them. With the robe draping over her heavy curves, she looks very much like some sort of goat or cow, fused with someone's mother.

Her long lashes flutter as she turns toward you, noticing the expression on your face. "Ah, do not be afraid, my child..." You raise your eyebrows slightly, being a little older what most would consider a 'child'... but the way she says it makes it feel nothing like an insult. Introducing herself, she continues. "I am Toriel, caretaker of the Ruins. I pass through this place every day to see if anyone has fallen down."

Looking at you up and down as she speaks, she suddenly turns her head away, lifting a closed hand to her chest in an obvious sign of embarrassed shyness. "You are the first human to come down here in a... very, very long time."

Suddenly walking back towards where she had first come from, she quickly calls back, "Come! I will guide you through the catacombs. This way."

For lack of anything better to do, you follow the matronly goat person, watching her heavy rear and fluffy tail swing side to side with each step as she leads you further on. You pass briefly through an empty courtyard of chiseled columns and stairs, with roses planted all around, filling the air with their scent. It cloys, compared to the lighter scent of the golden flowers, and you are glad when you come into the next room.

Within, Toriel waits for you, hands clasped beneath the swell of her bosom. She smiles briefly, meeting your eye, and glances towards an arrangement of six flat cylindrical stones that protrude from the nearby floor. "Welcome to your new home, innocent one." Your lips twitch at the endearment, knowing that no matter what you have forgotten, 'innocent' is something you are not.

"Allow me to educate you in the operation of the Ruins." Toriel turns to the stones, and steps upon four of them in quick succession, then grabbing and pulling a lever that you hadn't noticed before she touched it. A door opens, and you ponder the reason for such a strange method of unlocking it. Seeing your thoughtful expression, Toriel smiles over her shoulder, explaining, "The Ruins are full of puzzles, ancient fusions between diversions and doorkeys. One must solve them to move room to room. Please adjust yourself to the sight of them."

Proceeding deeper into the strange place she calls the Ruins, Toriel stops you before you can even take two steps into the next room, a paw-like hand pressing protectively into your chest. "To make progress here, you will need to trigger several switches. Do not worry, I have labelled the ones you need to flip."

At first, you consider this at least mildly helpful. That is, before you see the switches themselves. There are three in total, with only one needing to be left unflipped to proceed. Patronizing amounts of bright yellow arrow point to them, with helpful, feminine handwriting scribbled beside them. Putting up with it for now, you jerk them both down and go to the door, where Toriel smiles and pats your hand like you were a child. "Splendid! I am very impressed!" Now, you wonder how stupid she must be, both to think you would have needed help, and to be impressed by such an simple task. Still, her hand on your arm feels pleasant, and it stays there as she walks with you to the next room, so you say nothing.

Now, you come across a stuffed facsimile of Toriel herself, slightly smaller, but dressed in one of her robes and with a rather impressive painting of her face. Reluctantly, she releases you, stepping away slightly and avoiding your gaze. "As a human in the Underground, monsters may make advances toward you. You will need to be prepared for this situation." She meets your eyes, and manages an encouraging smile. "However, worry not! The process is simple."

She directs you toward the dummy. "When you encounter a monster, they will want to fuck." She gestures to the stuffed version of herself, blushing and looking down. In a small voice, she adds, "While you are fucking, feel free to snuff them whenever you wish." When you do not move, she mumbles, "You may practice this on the dummy..."

This sudden turn of events has you more than a little confused, and also somewhat aroused. From what she says, sex is a rather casual thing for monsters... and apparently, killing one during a fuck would be perfectly fine. You look at the woman in a new light, wondering whether this is some strange come-on, or if she's actually trying to teach you an important social rule. Either way, you don't see much point in denying her.

Stepping close to the dummy, you consider it for a moment. Though its legs are only wooden poles, the torso and upper body are excellently stitched, resembling a slightly more compact version of Toriel's own generous curves. You reach out and stroke one stuffed breast, glancing back at her. A brand of bright red blush runs across her muzzle, and you can see her breathing heavily, hand pressed against her own breast in the very same spot. You move your hand slowly, and watch in amazement as she moves her own in a mirror of you, not even trying to conceal it.

Your cock starts to stir and stiffen in your pants as you play with this power, making her do every lewd thing imaginable to her breasts via the dummy. You consider having her strip her dress of right then and there by ripping it off the stitched skin of her copy, but decide that at this rate, you'll have her naked soon enough in any case. Better to wait for somewhere more comfortable. You almost step away from the dummy, then suddenly remember what else Toriel had said. "Feel free to snuff them, whenever you wish."

In a snap decision, you go for the throat of the mannequin, grabbing it suddenly with both hands and squeezing brutally, staring intently at Toriel while you strangle her lookalike. She gasps, letting out a shuddering breath, and slowly raises her own hands to her neck. You watch her squeeze, and see the round tips of her breasts poke out as her nipples stiffen beneath the robe, her arousal increasing as she runs out of air. Her voice is strained and shallow as she moans, face turning blue before she finally lets her hands fall, slumping heavily against the wall. By that time, you'd already ripped the head off of the dummy, and she stares at the cottony gore with glazed eyes. "Ah... very good. You are very good."

Staggering into the next room, she slowly regains her breath, seeming to grow more content and relaxed by the second. Brushing scraps of cotton off your clothes, you follow her once again, hoping you find somewhere more private soon.

Trailing behind her through a short corridor, you soon encounter a concerning amount of spikes protruding from a bridge across a water filled room. Before you can begin to puzzle out how to progress, Toriel thrusts out a hand to you, murmuring, "Hold onto me for a moment, child... I will hurry us across this trap."

This time, her guidance is far from patronizing. Leading you in a seemingly random pattern that keeps you from any real spikes, your proximity to fatal impalement almost kills the mood... but you entertain yourself with thoughts of shoving her to her death, instead.

By the time you reach the other side, your heart is pounding in your chest. As such, it comes as a relief when Toriel turns and says, "That's enough puzzles for now... I must attend to some business, and you must stay alone for a while." She clutches your hand tightly in both of hers, seeming regretful, and steps a little closer. "Please remain here," she pleads. "I will come back to you soon, and then..."

She trails off, panting softly, and you realize the middle of her robe is stained around her thighs. Apparently you were not the only one getting excited so close to the spikes. "It will only be a moment," she insists, backing away. Her hips sway obscenely as she trots quickly out of sight, going down a long corridor and around a corner.

Not enjoying being left out in the cold, however briefly, you ignore her request and begin to trace her path at once. To your surprise, you completely lose track of her path after the first turn, delayed by puzzle after puzzle until your frustration is at a boiling point.

After drowning an obstinate rock in a shallow pool, you use it as a stepping stone to circumvent the another set of spikes in your path, and shove past all else in your way to try and catch Toriel. At this point, you're almost enjoying the hunt, fruitless though it may so far be. Striding down hallways, you turn back at dead end after dead end, finally finding the exit after nearly half an hour of searching.

The courtyard you come into is dominated by a black-trunked tree, fallen red leaves strewn about its base. A brick wall, unlike those you had seen in the Ruins, is set with a doorway that leads into what seems to be a home. Heading towards it, you meet Toriel at the front steps, nearly knocking her down as she shuffles out to find you. Immediately she blushes, but does not step away, standing almost pressed against you and trembling with exhaustion after some unknown labor.

"Oh dear, that took longer than I thought it would... I should not have left you alone for so long, my child." Reaching out, she takes your hands, rubbing her thumbs along your strong fingers while looking sheepishly down at them. "It was bad of me to try and surprise you like this... Please, spare me a little longer, and I will show you."

Smiling nervously, Toriel takes you into the privacy of her home. The air inside smells of spices you can't quite recall the names of, but their scent nonetheless complements the light, bright decor. Releasing your hands, Toriel immediately removes all distractions from your mind, slowly shrugging out of her formless robe in front of you. The garment pools on the ground, and she gently kicks it away as she turns, blushing deeper than ever and shaking with excitement.

"Surprise," she murmurs, smiling despite her shyness. "I've decided to give you a very special gift, human... myself. I thought that I might welcome you into the Underground, and show you what a good time you can have here." A tremble runs through her, and with her body exposed, you see the fresh trickle of juices run down her thigh as she struggles to contain herself. "O-of course, I know you would have taken me either way, but I hope that you enjoy me as a willing sacrifice."

Then, she takes a hesitant step towards the right, heading into a hallway with two doors further on. "The stairs lead to the rest of the Underground, once you are done with me," she breathes, unable to look away from you now that she has resigned herself. From the way that she smiles, the expression on your face must tell her volumes. "But, I am not your only gift. Come..." Backing away as you approach, she opens the first door on your left, and slips inside.

In the room, you find her draped across a massive meat grinder, her shaking fingers caressing the steel as adrenaline fills her body. "It was very difficult to find one of these... and harder to bring it here. I have been alone a very long time, human, and alive even longer... I've dreamt of this day for millennia, when a human who could snuff me would finally come. I am not worthy of it, but I hope you will grant me this final request..."

Taking a knife from a rack bolted to the grinder's side, she presses herself into you, pushing the blade into your hand as she kisses you deeply. "Grind me up," she whispers against your lips, begging. Her heavy breasts squish against your chest, the nipples hot and hard even through your shirt. She pants between each word, squirming against you. "And cook me. In the kitchen I have left a recipe, and some ingredients. Use them, and then... eat me. Take me with you on your journey, out of the Ruins, and fill up on my flesh whenever you crave it." She shudders as she finishes her plea, relaxing against you. After a moment of simply standing and feeling her rapid heartbeat, you wrap your arm around her in a gentle embrace.

You can feel the animal fear still inside her, in the way she flinches from your touch, but she presses back into you in a heartbeat, still wanting this more than she fears it.

Letting the knife touch against her thigh, you guide her fingers down, letting her fumble with the clasp of your pants for a moment before making your first cut. She lets out a scream, but doesn't stop, taking deep breaths as her pupils dilate from pain. "It's... hot..." she murmurs, unbuttoning you with newfound steadiness. Glancing down, her lips part in surprise, and she gasps, "Oh, my child, it's so big..." She begins to kneel, parting her lips to take you into her mouth.

Before she can waste your time fawning over your cock, you lift your hand to her throat, gripping and shoving her back against the meat grinder. She grunts as she slams into it, eyes watering as she spreads her legs for you, even as she struggles to breathe from being held up by the neck.

Sliding into her is every bit as sweet as you thought it would be. Soaked couldn't begin to describe it, the almost painful heat of her insides draws you in inexorably, slamming as deep as you can without any preamble. Every inch plunges inside with ease, but it feels no less heavenly for that. Squeezing tighter, you fuck her up against the cold side of the meat grinder, letting her strain and twitch from your thrusts, until her entire body shudders in wracking orgasm. Her cunt clenches around you, gripping in a wave along your shaft, and you find yourself held inside her, unable to move.

Before she finishes cumming, you release her throat and grab one heavy breast, jerking it up hard by the nipple. The supple flesh pulls taut, rounded, but still giving way to gravity. With one swipe of your knife, you cut it free, and toss it into the mouth of the grinder as Toriel shrieks, convulsing in agony but still climaxing. You lean closer, to whisper some fatalistic sweet nothing in her ear as she comes down from the mixed high, but instead find yourself surprised as she grabs your head in both hands, kissing you deeply.

Unable to do much but reciprocate, you rub your thumb against the raw edge of the circular wound on her chest, tasting her mouth. You can feel the exposed muscles trembling, weeping blood down her side. Every time you press into it, Toriel lets out another moan against your lips, the same low, happy noise she makes with every thrust of your cock. The sound reminds you of mooing, and you realize just how cowlike the woman truly is. Heavy, stupid, white-furred, and with udders that would have put any dairy cow to shame... had you not mutilated them. Seeing her like this, eyes rolling in pain and ecstasy, she seems barely more than an animal, needing to be put to slaughter.

For some reason, the thought makes your blood boil with passion. Gripping her bleeding chest, you pull the larger woman against yourself, lifting her briefly and turning to slam her down onto the metal shelf that angles down into the meat grinder's maw. The electric machine is still switched off, Toriel's severed breast resting against the square blades, a trail of blood behind it.

Pulling yourself from her with a wet sound, you leave the pathetic cow to her own devices for a moment, turning to the breaker and flipping it up. With a crackle of power, the heavy machine hums, and you hear the sound of rending flesh as Toriel's severed breast is ground to bits by the accelerating blades.

Looking back at her, you see her with her legs bent to keep her from sliding down further, one hand between her legs with the other lifting the knife to her remaining breast. Her head had been tilted back, watching her own flesh destroyed by the merciless machine mere inches from her face. The slightest slip would be her death, you knew, and her legs were trembling quite a bit.

"Hee... hee hee..." She giggles, lifting her head to look at you as you step up against her, grinding your shaft against her pussy. "I feel... lopsided." Her eyes are hazy, and you realize that she must have lost a lot of blood by now. Her side is soaked in red, and her hand moves sluggishly as she shoves her remaining breast up, pressing the blade into her soft flesh.

With a cry of agony, she saws through the skin and fat, and her second breast falls away, tumbling down the slope into the grinder and disappearing in a spray of blood. Her newly flat chest heaves, and you hold onto her thighs, not wanting to turn her body into ground chuck... yet. Not until you've had your fun. "That's... better..." She mumbles, tilting her head to look at you. The knife slips from her weak fingers, falling into the blades to be destroyed with a metallic shriek.

Not noticing or perhaps not caring, a faint smile plays across Toriel's lips, and she reaches down to touch your hand. "You are so strong, my child." Closing her eyes, she shudders in pleasure as you enter her once again. You thrust with slow care at first, making a game of it, seeing how hard you can fuck without pushing her head into the grinder. She gasps when one of her horns is caught in the blades, breaking off and jerking her head so that one floppy ear soon follows. Whimpering, she opens her eyes again, rocking her hips slowly against your own in encouragement. "Oh my sweet one... do not torment me by sparing me now. Prove yourself..."

Reaching down to your wrists, she holds on to you, her grip barely strong enough to keep her from sliding. She lifts her legs, spreading them wide to give you freedom to pound her as hard as you want. "Prove to me," she whispers, "that you are strong enough to snuff those who love you."

Her willingness, rather than her pleas, or even the clenching heat of her womanhood, are what push you over the edge. Fingertips tearing skin and fur, you ram yourself deeply inside, costing Toriel her other ear as you cum. Feeling your warmth flood her, Toriel smiles, letting go of you with one hand to touch her stomach, just above where the tip of your cock is buried inside her. If you hadn't been holding on so tight, she would have been ground up then, slipping down into oblivion. Still, she manages to look up at you, one last time.

Meeting her eyes, you recall how she had looked just a short while ago, whole and curvaceously attractive. Now, earless, breastless, exhausted by blood loss, she looked pathetic, especially with that proud, insipid smile upon her lips. Knowing you have no further use for her, she closes her eyes, and says her farewell.

"Be good, won't you?"

Letting her go, you watch as her head touches the blades. She dies at once, her skull cracked and crushed, body jerking as it twists in the grinder's irresistible spin. It eats her from top to bottom, shredding through her neck and shoulders as easily as it had her breasts, though you hear bones snapping constantly as it tears through ribs. Her arms, freed from their attachment to her torso, are briefly spared from further destruction. You almost think you'll have to reach down to push them in, but they finally slide down as her thick thighs are chopped up, the blades of the grinder thoroughly coated in red meat by that point.

You let the machine spin for a bit afterwards, to make sure everything that once was Toriel is now nothing but chopped up goat burger. Then... you leave.

Disregarding her final request had always been your intention from the moment you heard it. The stupid cow had clearly not thought things through. Why would you want to eat anything made with meat that had bits of bone and feces and random organs in it? It would taste disgusting.

Besides, cannibalism is fucked up.

In the hall, you pause before the stairs to take Toriel's discareded robe from the ground, doing your best to wipe your cock and clothes clean of all the blood as you explore the house. You find a small reading room, the comfortable armchair therein having been fitted with a well-sized vibrator in the middle of the seat. Glancing at the bookshelves next to it, you catch only one title before you enter the kitchen. "72 Uses For Your Own Meat."

Shaking your head in amusement at the dead woman's obsession, you look around the kitchen, raking your eyes across the clean countertops. You see the recipe, set beside an empty pie crust and a collection of ingredients, but ignore it.

Where are the knives.

After much searching, you finally locate one. The long, sharp chef's knife was tucked away at the back of a drawer, perhaps so as not to tempt Toriel with the sight of it. Tilting the blade, you smile at your own reflection, and wipe a drop of blood from your cheek. Turning the oven on full blast, you toss everything flammable you can find into it, and walk out of the room as it begins to preheat. Just in case.

As pass back through the reading room, you spot something you had not seen before, placed intentionally behind a corner of the room so that it could be seen coming from the kitchen, but not heading towards it. It was an envelope, bearing a little heart, and Toriel's name.

Opening it, you pull out a photo of your late lover, teasingly lifting her dress to expose her sopping pussy, one hand wrapped around her throat, her face contorted in the perfect expression of masochistic sluttiness. Despite recently having had the best fuck you can remember, seeing Toriel's body whole and perfect makes you want to ruin her all over again. Turning the photo over, you read a note written upon the back.

"I hope you enjoyed me, since I'm sure I loved every second! If you did, maybe this photo can be something else to remember me by. I hope I taste very good ]; )"

Unable to help yourself, you smile fondly at the photo. Tucking it away into your inventory, you descend the only stairway in the house, and leave the Ruins behind.


Chapter 2 - Undyne Dying

(cons, lesbian, incest, gutting, choking)

Toriel, it had turned out, was not the only one eager to meet their end at your hands. Everywhere you went, you encountered monsters, every one of them female, and every one of them wanting to feel your knife and cock inside them.

At first, you had slaughtered them as fast as you could. The sheer variety had been enough to entertain you, finding out the best way to kill each one like an erotic puzzle, with reward for solving one always sweet.

For example, one variety of little snow women called 'Ice Caps' had been happy to simply hug and rub themselves against your cock until their bodies melted to nothing, then taking a fatal facial to finish their still-living head. Each of the frosty sluts had opened wide for your seed, shuddering in satisfaction when it finally filled their mouth and began to melt their skull.

You had also encountered a number of dogs, or rather, 'bitches', as they liked to be called. Obedient to a fault, the tail-wagging women had each been fun to play with, though unimaginative when it came to what to do if given any freedom. Still, their needy whining and obsessive affection had been a great pleasure, as had their long tongues. With them you had enjoyed a variety of little games, such as telling them to chew off their forepaws, then scolding and punishing them when they could no longer 'shake' on command.

All told, in your first two days spent in the Underground, you had fucked, filled, and snuffed 16 monsters, not including Toriel. It had been the best two days of your life.

It had taken your arrival at Snowdin Town to make you decide to slow down. The many residents, each wanting to be the first to be your plaything, simply could not be dealt with quickly. Besides that, you had been beginning to come up against your own physical limits, and wanted to savor some of your time here. So, you had begun to limit yourself, slowly working your way through the entire population.

As could be expected, making some of the women wait for days after your arrival, all while teasing them with the sight of their neighbors' mutilated corpses, made each a better fuck than the last. Their own anticipation, built up to a fever-pitch lust, increased the pleasure for both of you, and so you tried to save the best for last.

Your penultimate partners had been the owner of the inn you'd been staying at... and her little girl. From they way they touched each other, it was quite clear that their bond had been deep long before you took control of their lives. Lovingly providing detailed instruction in how to please you, the mother had remained smiling and proud even as her daughter drew her final breath. After, she'd just as happily yielded her own life to you, joking as she died that you didn't owe her anything for the room.

Almost alone after that, you had finally gone to the first, and most beautiful, woman you'd met in Snowdin Town. Abusing the thick-set bunny shopkeeper consumed nearly as much time as you had spent on snuffing every monster in the Forest, but she was worth every second. On the first day, you had only teased her, covering her in bruises and superficial cuts, denying both her and yourself both the pleasure of your cock against any part of her. Then, on the second day, you had slowly destroyed her obscene body, one piece at a time. Her brazen lust for pain and cum had held out to the end, and as a reward, you had chosen to fulfill her final wish, beheading her with your cock buried deep inside her throat.

Finally, it had been time to move on. After more than a week in Snowdin, the thrill of exploration brought an excited jaunt to your step, and as a bonus, it seemed to be getting warmer as you headed further right - that is, east.

Your elation was such that, at first, you did not even notice your were being followed.

There were two pursuers, you soon realized, each distinct enough from the other that even the fleeting glimpses that you caught were enough to tell them apart. One was short, armless, and weak, and did not worry you in the slightest. Often tripping or squeaking in surprise as she hid whenever you turned suddenly, making you grin with amusement.

The other, however, was quite different. Strangely garbed in what you thought to be a gimp's outfit, she was the first monster to ever give you cause for alarm. Tall, strong, and always posturing arrogantly, you had twice now seen her watching you from a distance, staring so intensely you felt as if she were trying to peer into your very soul.

Perhaps if Waterfall had not been so devoid of other monsters, having a pair of stalkers would not have been of so much interest to you. As it was, you came across only a few shy mermaids, and they had done little but gasp musically while you fucked them, asphyxiating merely from coming out of water to be with you. They were something to do, and provided a brief distraction from the eyes on your back, but you still felt ill at ease.

It was not until you had nearly left the rushing waters behind you that one of the monsters summoned the courage to face you at last.

Heading towards a corridor from which hot, dry air gusted, you could faintly see the sullen red glow of some molten landscape bleeding around a corner. Between it and yourself, there is a chasm, dark and deeper than you could see into. Across it was a single bridge of wooden planks, precariously supported by free standing beams of wood that seemed to be driven into the very stone of the chasm floor, deep below.

Stepping onto this death trap, you had been relieved to find it relatively sturdy beneath your feet, though it was a bit creaky. Eager to reach the other side, you walked as fast as you dared, grateful for the short distance the bridge spanned. Then, only been a few steps away from the solid stone, you had felt and heard the weight of another, crossing the bridge behind you.

Hairs raising on the back of your neck, you turned to find yourself facing a yellow-skinned, sallow-eyed teenager. Her dinosaur-like snout and crest of horns, along with the reptilian flatness of her chest, did little to incite your lust at first glance... but her complete nudity made up for it somewhat. In addition, you notice from the scars on her armless torso that she is no stranger to mutilation, a new treat that you had not yet encountered. For the most part, it was the thought of being snuffed by a human that had made the monsters so willing... this one apparently was masochistic long before you came around. Or perhaps, just unfortunate.

Either way, it made her that much more pathetic, standing there naked and shivering in the cool, damp air. "Y-yo!" She calls out to you, taking a few hesitant steps forward, then approaching at a steady trot. A few feet in front of you, she stops, blushing and briefly glancing away before finding the courage to face you up close and personal. "Yo," she repeats, in a tone of forced casualness. "My mistress told me to stay away from you... but... she also said you were hurting a lot of people?" Biting her lip, the monster girl looks to you for confirmation, rubbing her thighs together a little bit as she shuffles uncertainly. "T-that's true, right?"

Gripping your knife more tightly, you slowly nod, searching the girl's face for a clue to her intent.

Suddenly, the girl turns away, her back hunched and trembling as she murmurs. "Oh, oh man..."

Observing her reaction, you step slowly closer, trying to avoid making noise on the creaky bridge. Her mention of a mistress still had you on edge, this being the first time you'd heard of any monster opposed to what you'd been doing. Oblivious, the armless teenager continues to mutter softly to herself, crossing her knees as her slit begins to drip. "Man, my h-heart's pounding right out of my chest... What would mistress do, if she knew I was here?"

This thought seems to embolden the girl, and she turns back to you, eyes widening as she sees you so close. She takes a brief half-step back, then bites her lip again and steps forward once more, almost pressing against you. "Y-you'd better k-kill me, r-right here... Cause if you w-wanna fu-fuck me otherwise... you're gonna have to get through my mistress first, a... and... and..."

As you wrap your fingers around her bare hips, the monster girl trails off into stuttering, her green eyes half-closing when your lips press firmly against her own. Her shyness was sweet, and the way her face tilted up towards yours made your heart twinge with something almost like love... but more than that, the thought of snuffing someone so pathetic made your blood run hot with desire. The frantic thrilling of her heart against your chest grows even faster as the tip of your knife traces up across the soft scales of her stomach. With your other hand, you tease between her legs, tasting her weak moans as you stroke her sensitive slit. "Please... Do it,.."

You push the knife in first, slicing her across the belly, angling the cut so that once you reach her other side, all her innards fall out of her, dangling heavy and hot against your forearm. Her breath comes in shallow pants, and she leans more heavily against you, making it easy to then push your fingers deeply into her pussy. Her mewling moan against your shoulder is all the noise she makes, but the way she clenches around you tells you all you need to know. Curling both fingers, you roughly rub against her g-spot, driving her to her knees with an orgasm after mere moments.

Blood bubbles from her parted lips as she gazes rapturously up at you, trembling and jerking in ecstasy while her guts brush against her thighs. Taking her head in your hands, you shove your cock into her willing mouth, burying it in her throat and racing to cum before she dies, bruising her face with the urgency of your thrusts.

Despite your brutal pace, you feel her body slacken before you can reach your final climax, and you shove her corpse away, disappointed. The girl had been too weak even to live long enough to taste your cum... Though, you supposed it made sense that only a monster as pathetic as her could be another monster's slave.

Resigning yourself to a brief period of blue balls, you make to zip yourself back up, halfway done when you suddenly realize that despite the death of your partner, you are not alone. In your distraction, you had failed to notice the sound of her approach across the bridge, and now stood across from what could only be the mistress of the newly deceased monster girl.

Her form is wrapped entirely in latex, save for her breasts, grinning face, and tight, shaved pussy. What skin you could see was a deep blue, faintly scaly-looking in texture, and where a human would have a nose, she had only a smooth patch of skin, along with two fin-like features projecting from the sides of her head in place of ears. Despite these oddities, she was not unattractive. Her body, lean and athletic, enticed you with every shift of her weight. Her face was finely featured, exotic in some way, with strong features and a sharp toothed grin. She even wore some makeup, orange eyeshadow brushed onto her lids, standing out sharply against the complementary color of her skin.

At the moment, though, the only thing about her that interested you was the glowing blue spear clasped in her strong hands, angled towards you. The prospect of a fight was something else new to you, but you meet it eagerly, shifting into a low stance and gripping your knife readily.

"This isn't just about domination anymore, is it?"

Her voice, pleasantly deep, suited her strong, thin form. The nature of the question startled you, though. For a moment, you felt like she might have the same sort of knowledge the flower creature had possessed, aware of how oddly everyone else around her was acting... but you could not yet be sure.

When you don't react, she continues, meeting your intense gaze with one eye, the other missing beneath an eyepatch. "You'll snuff them all, won't you? Monsters... Humans... Everyone... Each of their lives, ended in an instant." The point of her spear quivers, but she stills it quickly, tightening her grip upon the shaft. "My neighbors, my slave, you've made it your mission to steal each and every one of them from me."

Puzzled, you glance down at the yellow corpse. Did she really care so much about such pathetic creatures as this? It seemed unlikely...

Stepping suddenly forward, she thrusts her spear threateningly in your direction, raising her voice as her mouth curls in an arrogant smirk. "Human... for the sake of all I take pleasure in... I, UNDYNE, will strike you down!"

Rushing toward her, you immediately go for the attack, trying to get in a cut while she still is focused on her dramatic monologue. With amazing speed, she leaps back, the tip of your knife slicing only latex as she laughs, starting to make another cocky remark.

Before she can even wipe the sneer off her face, you continue to bull forward, slamming your shoulder into Undyne's stomach and driving the breath out of her lungs. If she hadn't been so distracted by her amusement, she might have had the presence of mind to skip further backwards, dodging your headlong rush. Instead, she collapses backward onto the bridge, eyes bulging as she heaves for air. Rolling around on the ground in pain, she almost throws herself right into the chasm, and you quickly drag her back onto solid ground. Whatever this woman's deal is, you're nowhere near finished with her yet.

After a few moments, Undyne regains the ability to speak, though only in hoarse, broken gasps. "Damn... it..." Curled around her stomach, she had been laying on the ground facing away from you, but now slowly propped herself upon an elbow. You hold your knife at the ready, anticipating a further fight, though she had lost her spear when she'd been hit.

Twenty seconds later, the pounding of your heart roaring in your ears, you find yourself staring down at your Undyne's grinning face, the blue dominatrix panting and pinned beneath you. Squeezing her unresisting forearms, you mentally replay the clash of limbs that had just taken place. After she had leapt at you out of nowhere, knocking away your knife, you'd been certain you would die... despite the fact that, for all her muscles, Undyne wasn't even half as strong as you were.

There had been a chaos of blows, mostly yourself instinctively swinging at her, with a few counters from her end. Eventually she had slipped through your attacks, taking heavy hits in the process, and grappled you, getting you into a hold that left her with complete freedom to throw you into the chasm below. Instead, she had done something that had completely surprised you, though now that you thought about it, such things should have ceased to shock you days ago.

From her dominant position atop you, SHE had been the one to fling herself to the ground where she now lay, pushing YOU up on top. Once there, you had automatically pinned her, and now she was still, smirking in a self-satisfied way while a bruise darkened upon her cheekbone. Sensing now that the danger had passed, you take a slow, deep breath, and relax your iron grip on her wrists.

Flexing her fingers, Undyne sighs appreciatively, stroking her many bruises. "You defeated me so easily, human..." Writhing against you, she practically purrs, taking your hands and guiding them up her body. "I've been waiting so long to meet a monster stronger than myself... but you're even better than that. You're stronger than any monster could ever hope to be..." The latex had been torn in places, you now saw, a bloody scrape on her chest nearly covering one nipple. The light seepage of blood through the torn skin was warm and wet on your finger, the dark blue tips of her breasts pointed and erect as you brush against them. Letting you play with her chest for a while, her lips slowly part in pleasure to reveal her sharp teeth, hips rocking between your legs.

It had been a while since you'd felt anything close to fear, and the residual shock of it had distracted you somewhat from your typical routine, making you absentminded. Undyne was the one to move things along, once her chest had been thoroughly fondled. Sitting up just slightly, her yellow-irised eyes look up at you, full of unreadable desire. "You'll have to do better than THAT," she teases, slipping her small, strong hands into yours.

Closing her eyes, she moves closer, circling your hands around her throat. You can feel her heartbeat through her jugular, just slightly slower than your own, her arrogant confidence keeping her calm. "Just like this," she breathes. "Hold me just like this... and squeeze." Opening her eyes suddenly, she shoots you a wicked grin. "Let me take care of the rest."

Swallowing your inexplicable nervousness, you slowly begin to tighten your grip, feeling the familiar determination rekindle inside you. Though you're hardly cutting off her airflow, Undyne's eyelids flicker in arousal, and she lets out a faintly strained moan. Dexterous hands suddenly grab your crotch, one cupping your package, hefting and squeezing while the other yanks at your zipper. "Give me that big human cock!" she growls, lifting her hips and wrapping her lithe legs around your waist. "I want it to be the last thing I feel... That, and this." Nuzzling your wrist to indicate your choking hands, her expression hardens, becoming briefly terrifying. "You BETTER give me what I want, got it?"

Nodding, you feel a smirk forming on your face, mirroring Undyne's own. Now that you understand each other, you feel much more relaxed, stiffening easily against her fingers. Squeezing harder, you watch as the strong woman begins to struggle for breath, even as she tries to line your cock up with her slick, exposed pussy. "B-big..." she squeaks.

Feeling yourself push in slightly, you suddenly redouble the force of your grip, crushing Undyne's throat in your hands and slamming deep into her with her cock. Tears spring from her eyes, a wild grin taking over her face, and she begins to ride you with all the strength she has left. From the ground, her reckless thrusts tear her skin against the stone, every lifting of her hips threatening to pop your engorged cock from between her legs. If she were not gripping you with every muscle available to her both inside and out, you feel she might fling herself away as fast as she had flung herself at you to begin with.

To help keep her in place, you lean press her down into the stone, adding your weight to the forces against her trachea. Crushed so completely beneath you, Undyne fails over and over to take the slightest breath of air, even with her entire chest heaving so lusciously. Face turning a deeper blue, then slowly purple, her eyes bulge out, mouth gaping open as she shudders beneath you.

Despite her mixed signals at the start, Undyne's end could not have been more perfect. Already excited by the death of her slave, it had not taken you overly long to reach your climax... but she had still had to hold onto life for a few precious moments more, just to share that pleasure with you. At the first pulse of hot seed into her quaking pussy, she had finally released that iron determination, surrendering entirely to the pleasure of death. With a flood of feminine juices around your cock, her body finally slackens, her legs unlocking from around you and head tilting back into the stone, a peaceful smile upon her lips.

Finishing your load into her still-warm corpse, you kneel there for a while longer, slowly catching your breath while softening inside her. Uncurling your fingers is an effort, half sunken into her flesh and stiff from being clenched for so long, but you manage.

Out of respect, you toss Undyne's slave into the chasm first, so it might soften her fall and preserve some of her beauty from the jagged rocks below. Watching the blue and yellow shapes disappear into the darkness below, you finally allow yourself a sigh of relief, the tension that had been with you for the better part of the day finally dissipating. You had insulted the strongest monster of the Underground by snuffing her slave, bested her in combat, seduced her after a fashion, and finally fucked and killed her. No matter what else lay before you, you felt, perhaps, you could rest easy.


Chapter 3 - Snuffing Muffet

(cons, internal damage, de-limbing, crushing, implied impregnation)

As you step into the darkness, you hesitate, breathing in the musty air and listening. The deep silence in the room betrays its size, and the lack of dust in evidence makes you wonder what lurks within, stirring the warm air as it moves within the shadows. The uncertainty is what gives you pause, having no way of knowing what you might be getting yourself into. However, there is no other way forward. Gripping your knife, you leave the red light of Hotland behind, and walk inside.

Blind at first, you can only feel the cobwebs, tickling against your face as you continue further. Thick strands, larger than any spider's web above the ground, tangle your feet, and you start to avoid the patches where they lay as your eyes adjust enough to see them.

Maneuvering past the third of these traps, you hear a sound from above, where it is still too dimly lit for you to see. A strange giggling, echoing off the distant walls, high pitched and utterly delighted. "Ahuhuhuhu..."

Lifting your knife slightly, you advance more cautiously. The voice returns, coming from some distance away, but without clear direction. "Did you hear what they said?" it asks, teasing. You recognize it as female, and relax a little. Female monsters had given you little trouble, so far...

"They said a human wearing a blood-stained shirt will come through," she continues excitedly, her voice growing louder, closer as she talks. You step around another massive spiderweb, and start to realize exactly what sort of creature you must be hearing.

Her next words come in a breathy purr from the darkness just below the walkway, all but confirming your suspicions. "I heard they hate spiders..." You look down at the noise, and see that the path ahead is covered entirely with tremendous, carefully crafted webs. Slowly, you step through them, looking around for your unseen companion while trying not to break any.

"I heard that they love to STOMP on them~"

The way she moans the words sends a tingle of anticipation up your spine, and you brush past another sheet of webbing, glimpsing or perhaps imagining a shape moving in the darkness before you, half-hidden by hanging strands. Your heart is pounding again, your determination to kill this monster growing by the second, fueled by your lust and adrenaline.

Surely aware of this, she continues to drive you crazy, filling your head with dark ideas. "I heard..." You can hear the loud panting of her breath, as if she can barely contain her arousal. It's a bit overdone, and you know it's for your benefit... but it still makes you hard. "I heard that they like to tear their legs off!" She finishes the sentence in a rush, and you feel the strand of web currently in your hand twitch and vibrate, as if moved by her own needful trembling.

Finding yourself with an impassable patch of web blocking your path, you lower your knife, deciding not to cut your way out. Not yet. Turning around, you find the way you'd come covered with fresh webbing, strands all around you twitching with the movement of the monster. You wait then for her to come, knowing it will not be long.

Even as you think this, you feel six pairs of hands stroke your shoulders, and a warm, small body press up against your back. Sharp fangs nip your ear as Muffet whispers, "I heard... that they're awfully big..." She moves her body slowly against yours, climbing around your torso easily. "And awfully strong..." Three different hands squeeze your muscles, touching your bicep, shoulder, and chest.

Unable to be surprised by such advances anymore, you respond to her touches without hesitation. In the darkness, you can see most of her face, slender and five-eyed, thin, soft lips with two fangs poking out. The rest of her you touch, exploring her body, finding things familiar and new. The structure of her back, with its six shoulders, fascinates your fingers for a time, and she arches her spine while giggling in pleasure. "Ahuhuhu..."

Another hand - you've lost track of where each is at this point - strokes down your chest, slipping into your pants with practiced ease. Her tiny fingers wrap around your shaft, trailing up and down over and over as she rubs it lovingly. Still clinging to you, she moves her hips lower, another hand undoing your zipper even as you feel the sweet heat of her slit coming to rest against your glans. In the dark, you cannot see, but between her size and how little of you slides into her you can tell she must be very, very tight. "You think your cock is too big for my pussy, don't you, deary?" she asks, nipping at your mouth with her fangs. Ignoring the remark, you kiss her, and for moment all of her hands clutch you tight while she submits to your needs.

She laughs again when you finally break away, her thighs slick where they wrap around your shaft, which is nearly as thick as they are. "Ahuhuhu... I disagree with that notion." Lifting herself slightly, you feel a disproportionate strength in all six of her slender arms as she tenses them, smiling at you. "I think your cock... is exactly what my body needs!"

With that, she shoves herself down sharply, and screams as your cock splits her apart. Her blood and juices mix, purple and clear, as she cums almost instantly from the sharp sensation. Dripping, clenching warmth surrounds your shaft, and you grip her doll-like body in your hands, knowing that she's yours to use.

At once, you turn and press her against the net of webs, your hands encircling her waist as all her hands grip you for dear life. You can feel her entire abdomen bulge as you displace her insides with every thrust, almost punching through completely. Her head presses back into the webs, gasps and cries of pain and pleasure spilling out of her throat, tinged with her happy giggles. You can feel her heart through her flesh, pulsing rapidly, as if it senses how little time it has left to beat.

Interrupting your use of her body as an onahole, Muffet stirs, her hands crawling up your forearms like miniature versions of herself. "Why so gentle? You should be proud..." Her pussy clenches in a wave along your length, her control of the muscles feeling amazing despite the heavy tearing. "Proud that you're going to make me into a beautiful corpse~ Ahuhuhu~" She giggles, trailing off in a mouthful of blood that spills out across her chest. The purple soaks her shirt, making her barely visible breasts stand out, the nipples puffy and hard against the fabric.

Remembering her teasing earlier, you slow your pace, settling into a leisurely pumping that doesn't require you to hold the little spider nearly as tightly. Your newly freed hands lift to her own three pairs, touching the clever little fingers, feeling how they shake with weakness and excitement. You grip her middle wrists, and she looks at you, lips parting slightly as she clenches around your cock in anticipation.

Pulling both with a sharp tug, you rip the fragile arms from their sockets, sending Muffet into spasms. Tears pour down her cheeks, and her remaining hands flail and grab you in random places, using any purchase they can find to drive her body up and down faster and faster along your throbbing shaft. By now, you feel very close, ready to end your little toy and leave to find the next one. She would die soon in any case, but you intended to snuff her with all the viciousness she'd earned.

Feeling your knife point against her chest, and your cock swelling and stretching her further, Muffet weakly protests. "Cum for me first... Let me feel you pour it deep inside..."

At that moment, the web tears against the strain of your weight and jostling, and you fall together to the floor. The knife spins away into the shadows, and you press the spider girl into the cold floor. Barely noticing, you plunge yourself deeply inside her, groaning as you unload. Your determination burns hot as rope after rope of seed fills Muffet's broken pussy, leaking out onto her bruised and trembling thighs, coating her small butt. She sighs happily, looking up at you as purple blood pools around her. "Thank you, dearie." She shudders, and laughs one last time. "Ahuhu... I bet you don't know anything about spider reproduction... Oh well." Her five eyes blink slowly, seductively. "It's been fun, human. Now..."

She wriggles, biting her lip and watching as you stand up, her fangs poking into her soft, bloody skin. "Squish me..." she breathes, shivering as your foot presses into her heaving chest. Your sole covers her torso almost completely, and she hugs it with the last of her strength, placing it more perfectly against her body. "Squish me, human, and watch me die." Her breath is rapid as you ready yourself, a mischievous smile on her lips.

You lower your weight onto your heel first, crushing her battered pussy and fragile pelvis. She screams, and juices squirt from the squished ruin, her five eyes rolling up as her mouth gapes with masochistic pleasure. Then, you flatten your foot, and she squeaks weakly as the air is forced from her lungs, her head collapsing backward as you pop her heart. As you lift your foot, her arms spasm, fluttering over her shattered body and feeling how broken she's become. In her final moments, she looks at you one last time, and smiles as the light leaves her eyes.

Scraping your shoe off against the edge of the walkway, you take a moment to piss off the edge into the dark, sighing in satisfaction. Once you zip back up and retrieve your knife from where it had fallen, you feel ready to continue your quest, more determined than ever to find and fuck every monster to death.

Before you can find the exit, you are distracted by a faint scuttling noise from behind you. Confused, you look back at Muffet's corpse, knowing there's no chance she could have survived. The sight of vague movement only fans the flames of your curiosity, and you briefly backtrack to look at what had become of her.

To your surprise, Muffet's body crawls with little spiders. At first, looking down in the darkness, they seem almost like the spiders you know from above. When you kneel to inspect them more closely, you see that they actually resemble pudgy, minuscule versions of your deceased fucktoy, and let out a grunt of mild surprise. For a minute longer, you watch them crawl over their mother's flesh, seeming to emerge from every fold of her clothing, scuttling outward into the darkness.

Dismissing the oddity with no further thought, you brush a few of the spiders from your pants, and turn away to continue your quest.


More to come over the weekend. Feedback is appreciated.


The use of second person perspective makes me quite happy with my own imagination, I don't need to feel like someone else. Too bad you didn't elaborate on the populace of Snowdin nor the mermaids. Chances wasted :( The scattered description could use some more foreshadow... I thought Muffet was as big as DotA Broodmother before I got confused with how six pair of hands could fit on a shoulder.

Overall, great!


Nce story.
and you have this own blog?


Love it. Would love to hear more about the showkeeper bunny of Snowdin.


Muffet is awesome. A species who's reproduction contains snuff is always fun.

I think for Squids, Octopee and Cuttlefish (and their anthro-equivalents) this would also be normal. AFAIK both male and female die during or shortly after sex or spawning.

Might be time to make a story involving these. Also includes kinky tentacles ;)


More to come, please?


Loved the creativity in all three! Definitely hoping to see more, especially given the titles of the next chapters!


this must live!



I wish there was more...


Fucking amazing read, would really like to see those last chapters :) this is one of my faves on the entire site


Thread restored, enjoy.


Where are chapters 4 and 5?


Still waiting for OP to deliver on those.


Chapter 4 - Breaking Alphys's Toy has been removed from the storyline as neither of the characters it involved appealed to me. This will be the final story of this series. Merry Christmas.

Chapter 5 - Chara, the First Slut

(mutilation, suffocation, revival, impregnation, dialogue, story)

Things had been quiet for a long while in the Underground. You hadn't seen a SOUL ever since you had destroyed that exhibitionist robot woman live on camera, unless you counted when you'd helped her awkward inventor commit recreational seppuku. You hadn't really been interested in the latter, as she wasn't particularly attractive nor was her preferred method of death condusive to a final snuff fuck, but she'd insisted, having fallen in love with the idea after watching too much Japanese hentai. You'd left her body slumped over its own innards, her scaly head in a square-toothed grin of pleasure before it. Her appeal was so low that you had felt vaguely disgusted with yourself for even deigning to be a part of her suicide. If there had been any other sign of life left in this strange world, you wouldn't have even bothered.

Following hints of an exit, you had come to this city in search of a way out, or at least of someone else to snuff. Glimpses of your old friend FLOWEY amongst the colorless buildings gave you the idea you were on the right track, though you didn't stop to chat.

Now, you had found something interesting. It was a copy of the home of Toriel, the first woman you had ended in this underground place. Exploring it had given you fond memories and a raging hard-on, as well as a shiny new knife to replace your old one, which was dull and blood-spattered by now. You ached to use the new weapon on some willing slut, but it seemed that there were none left. The city was empty, the house equally pale and abandoned. Still, the knife comforted you, somehow seeming to carry in it that beautiful feeling you got whenever you snuffed.

Following your trek east, you had come to a grand hall, lit in golden tones. Curiously, a human-looking skeleton had laid in the middle of it, wrapped in a blue hoodie and running shorts. After all the whitewashed blankness, the colorfulness of its clothes made it seem almost alive, like it was going to jump up and challenge you. It did no such thing, its skull merely grinning up at you as you pass, remaining inert and lifeless upon the ground.

At the end of the grand hall had been more grey passageways, with staircases leading downward to mysterious rooms. One had been full of coffins stamped with colorful hearts, all of them slightly too small to hold fully grown adults. You'd begun to inspect this when the knife in your hand had done something strange, almost seeming to vibrate when you approached the closest coffin. This had a red heart upon it, and as you looked down, you saw the heart was of a transparent crystal, showing the corpse within. It was perfectly preserved, and obviously female. You could see a hint of developing breasts towards the bottom part of the heart, the braless bust covered only in a striped shirt. However, most of the view was of her face. She was about your age, with rosy red cheeks and a very finely made face, the shape of her lips and nose and jawline all delicately inviting a touch or kiss. Had she been alive and before you, you might've fallen in love. You might've even SPARED her.

* ( It's as comfortable as it looks. )

You suddenly freeze as those words pass through your mind. You had not thought them. They had been spoken in someone else's voice, a girl from the sound of it, young but with a touch of womanly deepness in her tone, a sort of seductive purr underscoring the sarcastic tone of her indirect complaint. What alarmed you was not so much that you head heard this voice, but the sudden realization that you had heard it before, and not been aware of it. What had made it different this time was how you had been looking down upon the corpse, giving your mind the opportunity to confuse the voice as coming from this alive-looking girl behind the crystal.

At your display, you feel sudden fond amusement, similarly coming from an outside source. Now you located it, tracing it to the faintly thrumming knife in your hand. Glancing down at the weapon, you feel new emotions, directed at you from inside the steel. Urging. Eagerness. Lust.

You didn't understand what was happening, not completely, but you suddenly knew why it was happening, knew what you had to do. Somewhere was someone else to be snuffed, and the knife was trying to lead you to them.

Leaving the room, you backtrack to where you had seen another door. Stepping through, you find a new and more colorful room, filled with familiar flowers and patches of sunlight from far above. The flowers were all of the same variety that had saved your life when you'd first fallen down here, sweet-smelling with yellow petals. The knife kept pressing feelings into your head, as insistent as a lover's touches. It wanted you to keep going. You felt the desire you felt every time you had snuffed, every time you had seen a willing monster eager to give up her life for your pleasure and hers. It was a familiar feeling, just like the voice.

You step into the flowers, avoiding the bones of some bull-like creature scattered among the stems. There was a throne in a clear patch near the back wall, resting upon the tiled floor that was only visible in that one spot. Everywhere else it was overwhelmed by yellow petals, covered in dirt and garden. One of the flowers suddenly wriggles its stalk, lifting up a familiar face to you. It was FLOWEY.

"See? That was a lot of fun!" He smiles nervously up at you, almost seeming to ask the words in earnest, pleading with you for them to be true. "It was all a game, see? I was waiting for you to get them all, but now, there's no one left!"

At this, the knife seemed to cry out in negation, in need. It told you, in its way, that he was lying... but of course he was. He himself was part of the truth that denied his words. He continued on, frantic to persuade you before you realized this, oblivious to the fact that you already had. "Now I can reset it all, or go back and make it normal again! Now you can befriend or kill them and think back to how they acted here, and know that whatever you do some part of them enjoys it! I can help you there, I'm uh, an ally, in those worlds. I promise!"

Forcing a smile, FLOWEY's face seems to change, becoming muzzled and asinine. He looked like a child version of Toriel, looking up at you, pleading. "I can help... There's nothing left here... Let's go back..."

As you remained impassive, he suddenly broke, crying dewey tears across his floret face. His voice was quavery as he begged, a simple, honest request. "Please don't kill me."

It was the first time you had heard those words ever since you came to the Underground.

The knife slashed vertically across his face, cutting it in two. Over and over you hacked as his face became more gruesome, taking no pleasure in this killing, this murder. The knife was doing it more than you, the voice you had heard screaming in triumph in your mind. They were one and the same, excited and eager as they chopped the flower into pieces, knowing they had accomplished their goal already but so ready for what came next that they could not seem to stop.

All went black.

FLOWEY was gone.

The room was gone.

The Underground was gone.

Everything but yourself was gone.

Then, the girl from the coffin was before you.

She was about ten feet away, facing you with an ecstatic smile upon her lips, still wearing the green and pink striped shirt you had seen upon her corpse, as well as a simple pair of brown pants and plain brown shoes. Unlike before, her clothing was torn all across her body, hanging mostly in ragged strips off her frame. Beneath, her body was ruined, gouged and mutilated everywhere. The way it was destroyed aroused memories, sharp and sudden. Her missing breasts brought to mind the way you had snuffed Toriel. Her crushed throat and hanging intestines were identical to the fatal wounds you had left on Undyne and her armless slave. The split apart hole between her legs, and the massive footprint on her torso, made you think hot thoughts of Muffet. There were also scars on her limbs that were not from anything you had done, scars that spoke of many self-cuttings, but not for any reason of emotional distress. They had all been for pleasure. Even the deepest ones, traveling fatally up along her wrists and across her throat.

From all her wounds, blood and cum dripped in equal measure, and somehow you knew all the cum was yours. You also knew what you had done had ended everything, except for you two. She had been with you a long time, since the very beginning of your journey, and before that she had lived and died in the Underground hundreds of years ago. She'd been the one who first awakened the snuff-lust in the women of the Underground, and who had cleared the path of any useless males you might meet. She had made this world for you, not FLOWEY. He had only been the one who showed it to you. When she was done, she had killed herself with the knife you now held, leaving her SOUL at the entrance of the Underground to await someone brutal enough to snuff everyone she had put before him. Someone who could finally give her what she wanted so badly.

All this you knew at once, knowledge shared between you and her. She was eager for what came next, eager enough to end worlds. She had died an infinite number of times by her own hand, come back an equal number, and now lusted with the desire of a demon for someone else to snuff her... someone who could fill her needs properly. FLOWEY, whatever had had been before, had been unable, as had those in the other coffins in the room you had found. She did not have the patience for exposition now, did not want you puzzling at things when you should be tending to her. She did, however, have some time for introductions.

She spoke to you now, her voice the same as before, but more substantial. It did not sound shy in the slightest. "Greetings. I am Chara."

One of her hands slid to her many wounds, touching the massive hole between her legs. She seemed to flicker, suddenly becoming whole for a moment, then the change became permanent. Her clothes remained ragged, but her body was now virginal and unmarked. She rubs a single pale finger across her newly restored clit, coating the digit with the juices already dripping from her pussy.. "Thank you," she says simply, almost ignoring how she was playing with herself. "Your lust awakened me from death... With your guidance, I was able to realize the purpose of my existence. Together, we destroyed slut after slut, and each time I felt my SOUL grow stronger, taking in their lust, their lifeforce. Now, we have reached the absolute. There is nothing left for us here but each other..."

Approaching you, Chara continued to grin, seeming completely pleased with everything in existence. At the moment, that was only you. "Let us stay together in this formless world, and take out our desires with each other for all eternity."

Chara's body was very close to yours now, pressing against you. You could feel her heart beating next to yours through the soft, small mounds of her breasts. That perfect face was so near, and the knife was in your hand, her newly flawless skin begging to be cut.

Again you knew something from her, a thought coming instantly into your mind. You could snuff her forever, and restore the world to this moment each time. This was what she wanted. To die in timeline after timeline at your hand, to be used for your pleasure in every possible universe. To make you her absolute God of Hypersnuff, and herself your eternal, willing sacrifice.

You knew that you still had a choice. You could turn away, go back to whatever you had been, wherever you had come from. End this lovely game of willing death and dark desires. The choices almost seemed to hover before you, hanging in the darkness to either side of this most willing of painsluts, this perfect specimen of beauty and single-minded lust. SNUFF, or DO NOT.

There was no hesitation in your hand.

The knife pressed forward into Chara's belly with all the slow ease of two long-time lovers coming together, and she let out a shuddering moan that was pure pleasure, a smile lighting her face the instant she felt the tip prick her skin. Her mouth came against yours, kissing you with the taste of blood on her lips. Her old tool of self-harm and suicide, your new toy, the knife seemed almost a part of you as you buried it deep inside her stomach, making a new hole in her where the perfect cup of her navel had once been.

Leaving it sheathed there, you press her backward, pushing her down onto a bed that appeared from the nothingness that had once been the world. It was your own bed, taken from some memory, and the sheets quickly stained with blood as Chara writhed upon it, her slender legs wrapping around you as she reached to your cock with steady hands. She had died before, and showed none of the weakness others had as they approached that final end. This version of her would die forever, she knew, but she was all the happier for it. You and her taking pleasure in her death was her only final wish.

Your excitement burns hotter than ever before as Chara's hands take hold of your shaft, handling it with an inexpert, loving touch. She strokes it, learning its shape with her fingers, making you twitch with the pleasure of her exploration. You cut her off with a thrust forward, her hands going to your hips and pulling you in deeper as you push into her depths. She is flawless, tight and hot inside like nothing else, gasping in joy as she felt you break her hymen and crush against the entrance to her womb. The knife handle bobs above her bleeding stomach as she shakes with the force of your thrust, and one of her hands releases you to grab it, yanking it upward while she groans. It tears up to her sternum, and her breathing suddenly becomes ragged, bliss spreading across her face as she cums. The walls of her pussy clamp down hard, convulsing with her pleasure.

Taking the knife from her flesh, you lift her hips with a hand against her ass, pushing your cock up so that her womb bulges out through the new opening in her belly. She trembles with ecstasy, staring with wide eyes at her own internal genitalia, enjoying the sight of them as much as you do. Then, with a sudden flick of the knife, you cut off her clit along with much of her pubis. Her eyes roll up in her head as her orgasm compounds on itself, and her legs squeeze you, hands clawing at her belly and pulling it open, ripping out her organs as she opens her mouth in a soundless cry. She was already dying, and you weren't even halfway to orgasm.

In a burst of inspiration, you bury your arm inside her, reaching through the increasingly terrible wound in her midsection. Her little breasts heave as you break her, her mind gone almost completely. She was smiling with bloodstained teeth, heaving forward and kissing you everywhere she could reach as she felt your fingers seek out her heart. You fucked her as hard as you could, caressing the throbbing engine of her life. It stuttered at your touch, not meant to be handled even gently. You felt it miss a beat, and then buried yourself into her hard, squeezing it in your fist. Chara's eyes went wide, and she hugs you, letting out the softest of moans into your ear. Already her legs are going slack around your hips, the light in her eyes dulling. "Again," she whispers. Then, used up, she dies.

You reset.

Chara's body was still close to yours, but living, moving, pressing against you. You could feel her heart beating next to yours through the soft, small mounds of her breasts. Her perfect face is so near, and the knife is in your hand, her newly flawless skin begging to be cut.

You kick her in the stomach, driving her to the ground and using her to cushion your own fall as you kneel, driving the air out of her with a knee in the gut. Her eyes are wide with shock and breathlessness, but the same expression of bliss as before overcomes her as you plunge the knife horizontally into her pussy, destroying its tightness, ruining her hymen and womb in a single thrust. Her hips are still convulsing, the shock of pain making her reach for her clit to drive herself over the edge when you grab her head. How she plays with herself and how many times she cums are of no concern to you now. Taking her perfect face in both hands, you meet her gaze as she looks up at you, already opening her mouth to accept your bloody, throbbing cock. She knows you've killed her before just by that alone, and when you plunge your shaft inside her, her eyes close as she savors the flavor of her own death.

Facefucking her brutally, you break her nose and jaw as you surpass the limits of her body, tearing and stretching her throat in your wild plunges. It takes less than ten thrusts to bring yourself off after the display of her previous death, and as you cum, she swallows with all she can, eyelids fluttering happily at being used so completely. Your throbbing cock fills her throat enough to make it bulge, far too much for her to breath past, and you could easily choke her with it if you wished. Instead, you snap her neck with a simple twist of your hands, her eyes widening then going glassy as her mind fades away.

You reset.

Chara's body is close to yours, but now she is eye to eye with you, standing close and pressing against you. You could feel her heart beating next to yours through the soft, small mounds of her breasts. Her perfect face is so near, and the knife is in your hand, her newly flawless skin begging to be cut.

You push her to her knees and shove your cock into her fresh mouth, the half-hard flesh filling up her throat completely. She can taste the cum and blood both now, but she cleans it with slow, circling strokes of her tongue, eyes gazing worshipfully up at you. She can only guess how many times you've killed her now. This might be the second, or it might be the millionth. For her, it is always the first, and the last. You caress her cheek lovingly while she suffocates on your cock, still cleaning it even as her chest spasms, her fingers frantically abusing her pussy and clit to try and get one last orgasm before she asphyxiates.

She dies, and you reset.

In the timeless infinity to come, you use the capabilities of the formless void to your advantage, learning more and more how to bend them to your will. Sometimes you just slit her throat instantly after resetting, only watching her die, taking care of just one more timeline no more or less intimately than she deserves. Other times, you lavish attention on her. You give her all the love you had felt potential for when you had first seen her in her coffin, spending years and even decades with her in worlds made out of the nothingness that surrounds you both. You see her grow to maturity, see her bear your children. Always the both of you know it is just a game, that at any moment you will grow bored of it and kill her and any little ones you might have spawned. She lives in anticipation of that moment, but it does not diminish her happiness in playing the game.

In this way you pass the eternity, in your own bloody heaven, ever falling deeper in love with Chara as you snuff her times beyond counting, taking more and more time with each one, growing more inventive with each death. Sometimes you almost forget where you are and how you came to it, the falseness of the world nearly lost as you play the game. Then something will remind you. A little cut. A touch of Chara's hand. The cry of your child. Then the happy memories return, and you recall all the times you've done what you're about to do, just before you reach out to snuff your beloved once again.



What a magnificent story. The Muffet and Chara chapters in particular is some of the best snuff erotica I've ever read. To have such godlike power and devote herself entirely to the heights of masochistic suicide...

Do you store your stories on any site in particular besides gurochan?


Well that was cool


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