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Even before I got to the top of the barren, weed-spiked ridge to see it - I knew the massive electro-static pulse had done its job. I could smell it. Death. The high altitude strike plane had passed over here maybe only an hour or two ago. I knew it probably fried the group I had been sent to intercept, with a precision strike as it skimmed undetected on the edge of space. I had told the brass that I wanted the first crack at the target. It had become personal for me and I wanted to end things my way… nice and messy. But I knew I was gonna be too late.

Way too late.

Fuck it all - If only they had let me tackle them first! Now that slippery goddamn bitch is probably dead! Damn - and I SO wanted to be the one to take that uppity little fuck down too!

I thought about all that excess semen I had let build up - surging and rushing around in my pulsing, throbbing nutsack - filling my body with intense aggression. I had saved it all up… just for this very encounter and now… it was rapidly looking like a dead end.

Guess I can kiss that my dreams of payback goodbye. I’ll have to settle for raping a fucking corpse… oh well.

I knew the stink in the air wasn't just any old death smell either. Like, say… a dead moose or somethin' because there's a real unique characteristic about the way dead humans smell.

I'm not talkin' about all the chemistry jazz behind the elements I was currently processing from the scents either. Sure, my onboard cybernetic suite could isolate the esters… and it was that specific molecule mixture which includes the unmistakable whiff of good ol' propyl hexanoate that told the story.

It's that nasty compound that creates the distinctively sour and sharp smell along with a special kind of - subtle, fruity undertone… like pineapples left in the sun. It's a unique sweetness that says… human.

I made it to the crest of the ridge. On the other side, I could see the rocky ground, slope gently away towards a river that looked like a steel ribbon cutting through the green valley below. I could see the rocks and dust of the high plains slowly give way to clumps of grass that got thicker and more lush as the terrain approached the lower elevations. It would have been a pretty nice view if it hadn't been for all the dead bodies littering the slope.

They had been heading for the woods, but never made it. Strewn in a ragged arc roughly 50 to 75 yards in front of me, a whole strike team lay dead.

So these were the bozos who were helpin’ you get away from me huh? Well my employer sure as shit doesn't fuck around.

From the looks of them, they'd been dead for only a few hours. But already I could see packs of wild pigs converging on most of the corpses, spreading their entrails over the hillside. I could immediately tell they were mercs, but on closer inspection, once I drove the pigs away, I realized that they looked a lot like former Detla Force operatives. My target had chosen well. Delta Force teams are not easily surprised and are known for getting shit done. I kicked myself at missing my window to take her down.

Too late - I screwed the pooch on this big time. If only I had pushed it a little harder maybe I could have gotten to the bitch before the strike. Well - guess I ought to start the search - I’ll find her dead or alive and mess her up good either way… But… most likely dead. At least I can stomp her smug little, uh, dead face in. Take a few pictures… of me pissin’ on her, or somehin’. Yeah, I guess I could settle for that.

Now she was just another corpse… most likely adding to that special sweet and sour death smell hanging in the air around me.

The sun had just dropped behind the trees and the blue of the sky was beginning to deepen, when I switched over to thermal and did a scan of the area. My pulse jumped as I saw a little blob of heat further down the slope behind a thick clump of bushes.

A survivor? Could it… no - could it be…?

I rushed over and as I tore the bushes back - I couldn't believe my luck - I accessed my internal files just to be sure, but it was her! Yep it was my target alright - Ayane - and she was still alive.

The sneaky little fuck was totally out of it though. I was lookin’ right at her and she didn’t even try to get up and run. She was a sweet young pup alright - just barely into her 20’s. Her face was pale from shock, large eyes dartin’ around, lookin' real jittery an' crazy, as she lay there curled in a little ball. She was all helpless and as still as a baby rabbit hidin’ from a wolf. Or worse… ME.

“Oh yeah… Ayane - looks like I finally caught up to you.”

She was a tricky little fuck for sure. Almost impossible to catch, and a scrappy as hell, fighter too. Killed every one of the poor slobs I hired to help me hunt her down. But now… as I looked down at her shivering form - there she was! Stunned and almost incoherent from the huge blast that zapped her and the team she was with.

“Hey I bet you were pretty shocked when that pulse hit you… but… you are lookin’ real fine baby… real fine! Haha haha!”

In spite of her predicament, she was - as always - smokin’ hot. I mean just hot as hell. This bitch was seriously gorgeous, and a total drop dead knockout. I reached down and tugged at the crotch of my pants to try to give my swiftly swelling genitals a little more room to breathe, as they grew heavy with vast amounts of semen.

“Whoo - I always got off to your file photos! But shit, bitch - you sure as hell look way better in person!”

Ayane had on a kick ass skin-tight, black leather suit - with touches of purple and lavender in it that even with its high, sophisticated neckline - it didn't leave too damn much to the imagination. I just admired how it clung tightly to her supple, toned body.

It was easy to see that she had trained and worked hard to keep that body in peak physical condition too. This babe was superb… we’re talkin’ world class athlete here. I was practically droolin’ over how I was gonna fuck up that perfect body of hers, as I scanned her for weapons. She had nothin’ except for a bitchin’ looking sword - a katana. I also noticed a faint lotus pattern that was pressed into her leather get up - it was definitely a custom suit made by some super high-falutin’ hoochy-doochy master ninja- probably worth thousands of dollars easy.

Too bad - ‘cuz it’s gonna get torn to pieces.

Of course, the most distinctive identifying feature was the color of her short hair. It stopped several inches above her shoulders. It was practically luminous and shimmered, almost like magic in the long rays of the afternoon light. Her hair was full, soft and iridescent… makin’ it real easy to get a positive ID - even without the internal files I had on her.

How does someone get hair that color anyway?

I shook my head and smiled at my stunningly beautiful target. As she lay there on her side, I gave her a little poke in the gut with my boot to get her attention.

“Man, I gotta tell you - that purple hair of yours is SO cool soft and shiny! And Ayane…”

I ominously adjusted the huge, growing bulge in my pants.

“...I am SO lookin’ forward to makin’ a big ol’ mess in it… haha!”

I tapped into my bio-scanner and stared at her, drinking that form in as I did a quick vitals readout - she had definitely sustained serious electrical damage. But fortunately for her, it looked like she had been scouting ahead when the full force of the blast hit her posse. She just got the splash damage and even that had been nearly lethal. She was tough as fuck though, and would have dragged herself off and hidden if I hadn't arrived just now.

She isn’t in control of her body yet - and can’t stand or run - hell she can’t even speak. But she’s alive… and from what my scanners tell me will even recover! IF she had a little more time to get it together… I'd have missed her. Yeah, she got real lucky. Buuut… unfortunately for her, this little cunt’s luck has just run out… she’s gonna wish that blast had killed her before I’m done with her.

While she lay there shuddering and glancing at me, I thought I saw the light of recognition finally flash in her eyes. Then I placed the toe of my boot firmly under her armpit.

"Okay, you sorry little bitch - I think you know who I am… so that means you know what’s commin’ next. Now, let's roll you over and get a look at those tits."

I shoved her onto her back and watched as she tried to focus on me. Her hot, little body was squirming slightly, and every now and then, I could see the muscles in her arms, legs and incredible torso, spasm under the black skin of her leather suit.

“Whoa! Nice - baby - reeeeal nice.”

I could tell she was working hard to gain control of her body. Ayane wasn’t stupid and knew she was in deep trouble. I watched as she called on her training - trying to manage the fear she felt and form words. Pretty impressive for the levels of electrical damage she had recently sustained.

"N-noh! Huh-hk! Lissn tuh-Mhf...uhf!"

"I gotta hand it to you Ayane, you’re a real toughie, ain't you? Well you BETTER be tough – ‘cuz it’s about to become downright savage. I’m gonna get real fucking primitive and ugly on you!”

I shoved the steel toe of my combat boot roughly against her right tit - she winced and grunted slightly and tried to talk, as I simply spoke over her.

“AhGg-UH! Brn… plz-N-nuh!”

“Shut up. I’m gonna start with those sweet, perky tits you’re so goddamn proud of! Uh huh – yeah - you heard me right. I like those nice, round boobs of yours! A lot. Not too big, and they’re the perfect shape and size.”

I placed my heel in the center of her other tit and squashed it down almost flat. I could hear the air escape from her lungs - then I let it up nice and slow as I kept on mocking her. Letting her know how fucked she was.

“Now don’t don't go worryin’ your pretty lil’ purple head over it Ayane! I’ll try not to wreck ‘em… too soon! Mmm MM! But they sure do get a person’s attention though."

I sat right down with all my force on Ayane’s rock hard abs and straddled her. She made a short, sharp moan as a rush of air escaped out of her from the impact.


To her credit, the little bitch had anticipated my move because her belly was all tensed up and she didn’t cry out half as much as I expected.

“I like that - you’re a smart little cunt! Well I don’t want this to go too quickly - and I do like a fighter.”

I adjusted slightly, to make sure I was pinning her arms down at her sides with my knees, then I leaned in close to her and grabbed both of those cute ears.

“C’m’ere sweet thang!”

I twisted them hard, and heard her suck in air sharply through her teeth as she coped with the pain. I cranked them roughly forward and cocked her purple head up towards me. Then I buried my nose into her soft, lavender hair and sniffed deep, there was a definite scent of lilacs.

“Mmmmmm, god-DAMN - that’s a fuckin’ nice touch! Hey cock sucker - Did you put that on just for me?”

She couldn’t answer, so I released her head and let it plop back on the ground. I laughed as I began to unzip and loosen up my pants. As the thick foul odor escaped from my steaming sweaty crotch, I kept up the banter - taunting her - as she stared up helplessly at me. I wanted to let her know in no uncertain terms - who had won.

“So… I guess we knew it would come to this… I mean - there you are… Ayane… right where you fuckin’ belong! Under ME and ready to service my cock and submit to whatever sick-ass, fucked up shit I decide to put you through. God, I love it how you’re supposed to be some kind of bad-ass ninja. Ha – whatta joke!”

I’m not an idiot though and had decided to play it safe. So - I reached over and pulled that lethal looking blade from the sheath strapped to her back. The handle was bound in a faded purple silk. It was obviously really ancient. The handle felt weird… kinda warm and tingly when I held it.

"Ooooh - hey - nice blade! An' it's all sparkly and magical and shit too!”

She didn’t like it when I took that sword and I was real happy to see Ayane become visibly angry. Her brow furrowed in the cutest way - seriously - it was incredible. Then she tried to say something threatening, but it just came out garbled.

“Yyyuh… drrr?! Nhh! Stuhhpp - N-Nuh!”

I could tell this sword was really special to her… and so of course - I mocked the fuck out of her with it!

“Whooo! Ha ha ha!!! Wow Ayane - I bet this thing has some real spiritual meaning and crap for you… Hey! I know - If you really want it back that badly - maybe I’ll see how far I can shove this stupid blade up your tight little cunt later? Y’know I can twist it around and loosen you the fuck up a little before I split you wide open with my huge fucking cock! Ha ha ha ha yeah! You can feel how sparkly and magical it is THEN huh?? Hahahaha!"

I watched as Ayane struggled under my weight. She was furious and as she wiggled, bucked and rubbed her hard body against my crotch - it felt AMAZING! I could feel my balls starting to grow warm and my dick getting larger. My head swam and I was beginning to feel that warm primal rush come over me.

“You fucked with me.”

I spit in her face and watched it slide across her cute little nose as it crinkled up in disgust, then down the side of her cheek to pool in her ear.

“NOW I FUCK with YOU!”

I threw the sword off to the side and took my dick out. It wasn’t even fully engorged yet, and it was still well over ten inches long and four inches thick. Ayane’s expression took on a blend of apprehension and surprise as stared at it. I slapped it down on her chest with a meaty thud, then rubbed it nice and slow and easy, right between her tits.

“Yeah - just like that Ayane… this is what I’M talkin’ about…”

The leather of her ninja get-up felt real smooth and cool. Her sexy, little boobs were just the right size too – like ripe grapefruits straining to get out from under the shiny, black material.

“C’mon Ayane - it’s time to hear you SQUEAL!”

I yelled in her face, as I grabbed her tits through the leather suit and mashed them with extreme force up against my cock as it continued to grow and swell to it's full 21 inches.

“YEEEE HAAAWWW! Now we are GETTIN’ somewhere!”

I watched in ecstasy as she grimaced, clenching her white teeth together hard.

“Nnnaaahh… Hhhfff!”

She tried to say something but stopped as I just gripped harder. My fingers punched through her leather suit and dug into her flesh. I could feel my nails cutting into her, causing her to arch her head back, away from me. Ayane wasn’t exactly liking this, and I’m sure that my cyborg powered man-claws, squeezing away on her adorable little chest mounds, were doing some serious damage.

"DNNNH! NnnAHH! N-nnuh... NNNG!!!"

I began twisting them hard as as I continued to squeeze and crush them against my relentlessly thrusting cock.

"Does it hurt bitch? Huh??! Yeah!? It does!? GOOD!"

Her head was shaking back and forth causing spit to fly out from between her grinding teeth and those perfect lips. Ayane was incoherent and her beautiful face gnashed and gasped as she dealt with the pain. I savored every second of it and growled menacingly at her as I kept shoving my massively outsized cock through her deep cleavage, banging my thick meaty dick-head into her face.

“I’ve - UHNG - stalked you - UHFF - for weeks Ayane! UHNG! -UHMMF! - and I saved all this -UHNFFFucking - cum for just this - UHNG - moment! AHH! You - UHFFFfucking punk!”

I was slamming my sticky meat into her repeatedly and it was alternately sliding over her face and striking her in the nose, cheeks, eyes and lips - coating them with my thick, clear pre-cum glaze. I could feel her shake and Ayane’s whole body tightened up as I pounded and ground away between her brutally compressed breasts.

“I’m - UHHFF - gonna shoot it right in your face, you - AAHHH - you fucking whore!” I roared, as I released my first heavy blast of semen into her gasping mouth.

Ayane swallowed, gagged and choked on it, and looked up just as the second wave shot all over her face, spattering her lips and eyelashes with my thick, chunky sperm. I watched as rivulets streamed out the corners of her pretty mouth and ran down her cheeks and chin to pool on her neck and shoulders, glistening on the black leather. It infuriated me.

“SWALLOW that shit - damn you!”

I reared back slapped the bitch in her face savagely and left a bright, red mark across Ayane’s left cheek. I had put a little more force into that blow than I wanted to and it stunned her.

“Don’t go to sleep on me Ayane! We’re just gettin’ started here!”

I really didn’t want her to miss anything, so I grabbed Ayane by the hair and roughly shook her head to bring her back into consciousness. While I was reviving her, cum was was continuing to bubble up and flow freely down the long, thick shaft of my towering cock and covered my sweaty, disgusting balls (I hadn’t showered in over a week). The result was a thick, stinky, gooey mess and it gave me a GREAT idea.

“I’ll fuckin’ TEACH you to swallow you stuck-up little cunt!”

I slid up to settle right on that delicate, pretty face and violently shoved my slimy, itchy, stench ridden, cum coated balls into her shocked and wide open mouth. As I suspected she would, I felt Ayane start to bite down - like the little bitch she was - but I quickly reached around behind me and gripped her by the throat - I clutched that treacherous little minx’s windpipe hard and felt the muscles in her neck flex against my fingers as I hissed, “Don’t you fuckin’ bite me Ayane! You are gonna suck ‘em until they are nice and squeaky clean!”

It was a pretty ballsy move on my part if you’ll pardon the pun. But it really heightened the experience for me to have my nuts in that ninja cunt’s mouth - knowing how easily she could bite them off, but I knew - or at least I was pretty damn sure - I could convince the little cock-sucker not to do it! I wanted to break this bitch down - but I had to talk really fast as I felt her jaws closing around me…

“Settle the fuck DOWN Ayane! Remember - you’re my little fuck-toy now! WHOA - you fucking crazy CUNT! Watch those goddamn teeth I said! Seriously - if you friggin’ bite me - yeah, sure - it’ll hurt like hell. I'll grant you that, but then I will tear your goddamn windpipe out! After which, I will just go to see Dr. Abel who will fix me up with an even bigger set of balls and oh, what the hell, a LARGER DICK TOO!”

She paused and I although I could still feel her fuckin’ teeth like little razor blades firmly gripping the base of my sack… threatenin’ to bite it clean off - I could also tell she was thinkin’ carefully about it… good.

“So play it smart kid and clean my nut-sack off right - if you know what’s good for ya!”

Yeah, that got through to her and to my great relief, I felt Ayane pull her sharp little teeth back as she got to work servicing me. She was a smart one and the defeated bitch knew that in her current weakened condition, fighting back was not an option. Plus, it was definitely not a good idea to make me mad. Especially when I could easily rip her fucking windpipe right out of her neck. I started to get cocky - if you’ll pardon that pun too - or don’t pardon it… seriously, I don’t give a shit. I started to bounce up and down and push hard against her face shoving my enormous set of balls deep into her throat - she was grunting and struggling for air as I continued to squeeze her windpipe and shout much needed encouragement.

“C’MON Ayane! Fucking get with it! If you want to keep your damn throat from being crushed, then I want to FEEL you WORK! Let’s GO - clean my balls you fucking cunt!”

To her credit, she was a real trooper and stepped it up. She began to really suck, like her life depended on it… it did too… Ayane sucked me like a little slut. I don’t know what they teach in ninja school - but the purple headed whore was working my sack like a real pro! Hell, I even felt her tongue occasionally slide up to touch and probe my smelly butt-hole as I groaned and squeezed a thick load into her soft, pretty hair.

One of the real pleasures of being a cyborg (other than being able to deflect bullets and rip holes in concrete walls) is enhanced sexuality. I had told Dr. Abel during my last upgrade to turn my cock into a fuckin’ weapon! And did he ever deliver! The thing is like a huge knobbly, pig-iron billy club and I can generate literally gallons of semen and store it up over only a few days. Now I had been tracking this sneaky little ninja babe for weeks and I was so loaded to the gills with stinky, smelly sperm it was everything I could do just to hold it back. My internal cybernetic suite was communicating all my internal functions and I can tell you that my enhanced testosterone levels we’re through the fuckin’ roof - I seriously wanted to fuck her to pieces! It was all I could do to hold myself in check. But I think Ayane knew this and was doing everything she could to calm and soothe me. The crafty ninja was definitely doin’ her part to stay alive. Her work on my balls was pure heaven and had a real nice mellowing effect on me, as I continued to unload my chunky jizz all over her soft, iridescent hair.

“Ahh – yeah, there you go! Mmm just like that… Oh - Ayane, you ARE good… I’m cummin’ all over that sweet, purple hair of yours… yeah you just keep on lickin’ and suckin’ em… there’s a good bitch, yeah… okay - now just relax and let ‘em slide into your throat.”

There was a lot of fluid still pouring out of my thick cock and it soaked and matted Ayane’s silky hair… I kept squeezing out load after load and smiled as I watched that beautiful hair turn into a sticky, gooey, purple mess.

“Yeah – you little fuck – you goddamn slut. Coverin’ you good… uhhhfff! Markin’ my Uhng - territory... take it… Oh yeah... Messin’ you up real good now… mmm.”

I continued to calm down and before the next rush of testosterone hit me, I just took some time to enjoy the feeling of the little dick-wipe sucking and struggling with a throat-full of my balls while I sat on her face and rubbed my cock through her hair. I could feel her throat constricting nicely around my nuts as she fought for breath. I just savored the moment.

So, this is what victory feels like.

I thought to myself as I slowly swirled my stinky, dick around in her now sticky, clumpy hair. I totally relaxed and let the remaining cum dribble out. I felt her start to shake and convulse under me… so I loosened my grip on her throat slightly to allow more air.

“Mmm, yeah – don’t pass out - stay with me Ayane… and don’t fight it – that’s right… just use the tongue and breathe around my nutsack – yeah, keep it up like a good little sack-licker. Y’know, it’s this kind of enthusiasm that’ll keep you alive longer. At this rate, I think we’ll be able to drag this thing out for a good long time.”

I noticed from my internal files and all the briefings that Ayane had this nifty little ribbon, head band thingy she always wore. I could see it now and one of the ends was tickling my thigh as I sat on her face having my balls cleaned.

“That a girl - keep breathin’ lickin and suckin’ while I decide what to do to you next…”

I reached down and played with one of the ends of the indigo head band. It was tied to look like a little butterfly or something.

Awww, that’s real cute.

I was rubbing it between my thumb and finger, then I suddenly jerked it off of her head as I slid back down to sit on her tits. My balls made a slight popping sound as they snapped out of her pretty little mouth in a spray of spittle. I checked em out - they were clean as a whistle. I laughed and used the ribbon to dry them off, then I wiped the sweat from my bung-hole with it as I watched her frantically suck air into her lungs.

“Okay rest time’s over - I want dig into those tits again!”

Before she even knew what hit her, I tore open the top of her fancy-ass suit. Ayane gasped in shock as I peeled and ripped it right back down to her waist like a banana. Now I could get directly at her incredible body. And those abs were just too fucking perfect. Nicely toned and defined but not chiseled - like I said - perfect. I could feel my cyborg body generating another huge load of cum and my cock was getting as hard as an iron bar just looking at them. I had ripped her suit all the way down to below her navel and I could see a tantalizing hint of neatly trimmed purple hair that was peeping up just above the torn waistline her ravaged ninja suit.

Yum… I’ll be investigating that shit REAL soon! I thought to myself as I reached out for her again.

I noticed her chest was pretty beat up.

Wow - guess I went a little harder on those babies than I thought… HA!

I looked at the deep red and blue marks where my fingers had dug mercilessly into her boobs. Saw the little cuts left by my fingernails and on her left tit, there was actually a partial tear! It was right at the base. Looked like I had ripped it a little when I was twisting them – not a lot - but enough to be real fucking painful. I pointed at her chest and laughed as she looked back at me with her wide ruby eyes.

“HA HA HA… Guess I got a little carried away - I worked you over pretty good there. But they’re still lookin’ real nice - Ayane… REAL nice…”

She was lyin’ still... still as a stone, right under me. I was sitting directly on her upper thighs my cock had left a slimy trail of semen that had leaked out and made a thick, sloppy line from her hair, across her face, down her neck, over her tits and those amazing abs to pool right there in her cute little belly button. I finished by squeezing a huge blob of precum on the small purple hairs of her pussy that were visible above the torn waistline of her leathers.

“Goddamn my cum looks good on you Ayane!”

I was very aware that my excitedly, throbbing nuts were separated from her cunt by only the thin skin of what remained of her black leather suit. And it was driving me crazy… but I didn’t want to move too fast. Her pussy would wait… I noticed she was starting to gain some movement in her arms. She was recovering really fucking fast - she had an amazing body, and combined with her strong will - she was undeniably powerful as hell. Really impressive.

I don’t need this bitch recovering and getting any ideas - time to immobilize her before I go any further.

I grabbed Ayane by her matted, cum soaked hair and pulled her into a sitting position shoving her sweet face into my bare chest.

“Cunt – I’m gonna restrain you now.”

I pulled out a pair of handcuffs and reached over and jerked her arms behind her back and snapped one around each wrist.


I could hear her groan with pain, because I made damn sure that they were really, really fucking tight. I didn’t want this little cock-tease to pull any of that crazy, ninja bull-shit. Then I shoved her back hard, sending her flat on her back. The sudden jolt stunned her for a moment, but she recovered fast.

“Goddamn Ayane - you’re a tough little slut – alright.”

I took another look at her chest as she squirmed under me struggling with her hands cuffed behind her. She was getting really nervous now as I continued to leer at her bruised and bleeding chest.

“Boy, those tits sure look sore Ayane…”

Then the bitch found her voice… it was small, shaky… I loved it.

“P… please. I surrender - I’m h-hurt – Bryan I… beg you – d-don’t.”

That made my whole friggin’ day!

“Ohhh that is such a SWEET fucking sound! The proud, warrior Ayane is beaten to a pulp and begging… BEGGING me for mercy! Yeah, bitch - you got THAT right - you’re hurt and covered in cum. MY cum – I marked you like a dog marks its fuckin’ territory!”

I lay forward on her feeling her mauled tits press onto my bare chest as I ground my cock against her pubic bone. It was driving me crazy and I was getting hard as granite as I rubbed and forced my massive dick against the leather between us. I could just feel the tickle of her pussy hairs above the torn leather of her suit, tease my shaft. I kissed and licked the red mark I made on her face. It had already started to purple and bruise around the edges.

“I like how you feel Ayane… How you taste! Your hot, rockin’ little body - the one you’ve worked so goddamn hard to train and perfect - is going to get SO fuckin’ wrecked… and Ayane… I’m the crew that’s gonna wreck it.”

I felt her soft breath on my cheek, as she whispered shakily into my ear - her voice real timid.

“Please - there’s no need to do this - Bryan - just stop now… I am begging you… you got me… you beat me. I- I will do anything you want… Anything - you don’t have to… to… B-Bryan?! Ahhh no - Ah! Uhh! Nnnh!”

The bitch froze and moaned as I kissed, licked, nibbled and bit my way down to her tits, leaving little red bite marks and tiny wounds along her once flawless neck and shoulders.

“Okay… first big test for you Ayane. I wonder… Are you ready? Let me see… hmmm”

Her boobs had been hammered mercilessly by me and were really bruised and bleeding from where my nails had dug in deep. But what can I say?? They were still fucking amazing – perfect… something simply had to be done about that.

“B-Bryan… please. Wh-whatever it is you’re thinking – I want you to know th-that you do not h-hhaaIIIIEEEEEEE!”

And that was how I got the very first squeal out of my little piggie - by sinking my teeth deep into her left tit. God it tasted great! I could feel her erect nipple with my tongue as the flood of iron-rich blood gushed into my mouth. I bore down on her plump little boob all the way and bit the tip of Ayane’s tit right the fuck off!

After her short sharp scream, she immediately went silent. Probably some kind of ninja self-control bullshit thing. Who the fuck cares – she just looked so goddamn hot resisting the agony. I laughed at her as she fought to control herself and writhed under me.

“I just bit yer fuckin’ tit clean off Ayane! Squirm in agony for me while I chomp it all up! Ain’t payback a bitch… BITCH?!”

I just watched her shocked face staring at me as I chewed my trophy up into an unrecognizable delicious, meaty pulp. Then I lay back down on top of her again and kissed her. As I did, I gripped her fucking jaw like a vice forcing the supple little cunt’s mouth wide open. Then I locked onto her and jammed my tongue down her throat as I let the masticated remains of her tit fall and dribble from my mouth into hers. I could feel her buck and choke with horror as she struggled with the chunk of hamburger in her throat that was once her pert, sexy little nipple. I sat back up and before she could cough it up, roughly forced her mouth closed and pinched her nose solidly shut.

“Eat it like the little piggie you are! EAT IT - or I’ll fuckin’ bite the other one off!”

I watched her throat convulse as she swallowed her chewed up nipple all the way down.

“Good! Now you’re getting’ with the fucking program Ayane!”

I could feel her body vibrating hard under me. I could tell she was now terrified, but still keepin’ it together - stayin’ quiet. I looked at her tit - it was bubbling over with thick red blood where the nipple had once been and was streaming down her otherwise still perfect, quivering boob and across her chest. I pulled out my knife… it was a big one and real special. I noticed Ayane was staring at it and the horror on her face was easy to read.

“This knife is pretty amazing and will help with all that bleeding…”

I flipped a small black switch under the handguard at the top of the handle and immediately I felt the knife start to heat up. Ayane twisted again… she didn’t know that every movement she made rubbed my crotch in the best possible ways and excited the hell out of me and made me want her even more. She was gettin’ real wiggly too as she watched the knife continue to heat up until it was red… then yellow… then white. She tried to sound brave, but real fear was in her voice when she spoke.

“Bryan! Listen to me! You have won! O-okay? You have mocked, humiliated and disfigured me… Isn’t that enough? I… I know you will not allow me to live. I accept that, but… Bryan - p-please - as one warrior to another - grant me a swift death.”

The knife had reached 900 degrees - it said so on the little thermometer in the handle. I smiled back at my brave little ninja captive.

“One warrior to another?? Ha! You're no warrior! Your just a hot little piece of ass playin’ dress up! Now let me get to work on that boob…”

“Bryan - please - I don’t want to suffer! What can I do to make you stoOOAAAAIIEEEEEE!”

My little piggie made her second big squeal when I shoved that knife right into the wound in her fucking tit!


I shoved the white hot blade in deep! I was careful to stop when I hit her rib - I didn’t want to kill her yet.

“Who’s the tough warrior now? HUH? You’re no warrior! You’re just a cute little piece of fuck-meat!”

She was playin’ it tough and somehow stopped screaming. She was sort of alternately growling and whimpering through her gritted teeth. I saw that as a challenge and started twisting the knife.

“Come on ‘tough warrior’ let’s see if you can take THIS!”

The sizzling sound was loud as my white hot, razor sharp knife seared its way deep into her pretty little boob. The smell was fucking amazing - like a really great steak on the grill. I was impressed at Ayane's stoic reaction. The ninja bitch was steely as hell and although her sexy body was shuddering, didn’t give me the satisfaction of her squeals. But as a consolation, she was now bucking and convulsing under me. I could feel myself getting rock hard again as she made little, rhythmic jerks with her body accompanied by animal grunting sounds. Sounded real fucking primal and I liked it. So, I kept twisting the knife in her tit cooking the meat from the inside, as I watched her eyes roll way back into her head. It was clear my boy toy had temporarily found a way to escape what must have been extreme fucking agony.

After several minutes I removed the knife and examined my work. Amazingly, her tit was still plump, perky and perfectly cooked. A mouthwatering smell was wafting up out of the smoking hole. Ayane was slowly coming around - trying to sit up.

“Welcome back Ayane - let’s finish unwrapping my little gift now…”

I grabbed what remained of her ninja suit at the waist and ripped it completely off of her. I tore the leggings away like they were tissue and put my foot on her chest pinning her to the ground as I jerked her boots off. When I was finished, my little oyster was completely out of its shell - vulnerable and naked. Her pussy looked like a little purple peach - and her arms, and legs were statuesque. She had a magnificent body and I was liking what I was seeing.

“Shit Ayane - you are one FINE piece of ass!”

She tried to rise, and actually got up to her feet before I was able get over to her. She snapped an expert kick right at my face and I dodged but it still caught me full in the chest, and actually hurt!

“OooffFFUCK! You little shit - I’m gonna-”

I had underestimated Ayane badly. This cum-dump still had some serious moves even with her hands cuffed behind her. She gave me a head fake and then pulled a lightning fast back flip to get a little distance between us. Blew my mind how quick she could move! Then she tried to execute an amazing leap that would have taken her way up to the canopy of the trees above us - and she would have made it too! If she hadn’t been so fucked over. I was able to just barely and I mean JUST barely grab her ankle and slam her back down to the ground.


She had gotten a taste of freedom and was fighting like hell to keep it, but I had her now and she wasn’t gonna pull that shit again.

“We’re gonna put a STOP to your little freedom run right, fuckin’ NOW.”

I gave her ankle a quick twist and heard the satisfying shatter of bones and cartilage as she squeezed her eyes closed and went stiff with the pain. She was breathing in little strained rapid gasps - probably more ninja training shit - when I pulled my dick back out.

“You think THAT hurts? Get ready for this…”

I roughly spread her legs apart and began rubbing my huge heavy dick against her fuzzy, purple cunt. She was still stiff and her whole body was rigid with pain when I shoved the thick, meaty head of my cock into her tight little pussy. I was surprised.

“Mmmm - you haven’t been fucked much have you? I can barely squeeze the tip of my dick into you…”

I looked down and all the muscles in her legs were tense - her abs were quivering in anticipation of what I was about to do. I had a 21 inch long, five inch wide weapon with heavy ridges on either side, ready to rip deep into her lithe, flexible body. She knew that it was not going to end well. I looked back up and Ayane locked eyes with me. She tried to reason - god I love when they do that!

“Brad - I know... Y-you can do whatever you want. It is true. I cannot stop you. I know that now. You ARE the better warrior - I accept that… Oh please Brad, do not do this thing… I - I know you were once… human - you don’t…Ahn!”

I shoved three inches of my cock into her. I felt the tip of my dick push against something… flexible.

“Uhhngh - STOP please BRYAN! Y-you don’t have to lose your humani- AAHH!”

I smiled and licked her delicious smelling fully roasted tit - then slid seven more inches of meat into her - I felt my dick-head first stretch, then break right through her fucking hymen! BITCH WAS A VIRGIN!

“Whoa Ayane! WOW - I… heh heh, I didn’t know you are… sorry - WERE a virgin. Awwww! How sweet! Old Bryan Fury stretched out your tender little fuck hole, popped your cherry and took your virginity! HAHAHA you really are fresh fucking MEAT!”

I watched as she arched her neck and turned her beautiful face to look up at the sky and then slowly, she closed her eyes. There were tears - it was too much and I could feel my pre-cum pouring out into her little pink cunt with the excitement.

My fat, meaty cock head thudded solidly against her womb… But there was still eleven more inches to go. I could feel Ayane’s blood seeping out of her quivering cunt, dripping down my cock and tickling my balls.

I was licking and sniffing her cooked tit - it was real nice.

“ All this fuckin’ is startin’ to make me real hungry Ayane…”

She shuddered and gasped as I brutally rammed the rest of my thick, ribbed shaft as far as it would go rupturing her insides. I could feel shit stretching and snappin’ in there as her body tried to accommodate the massive rock hard object that was invading it. I began thrusting savagely in and out of her tight cock-holster. Ripping and tearing up the insides of her body - precum and semen were filling her up squirting out of her cunt with equal amounts of blood and piss as I pushed and violently forced my way deeper. Then ripping my thick, serrated shaft out almost all the way, I slammed back down on her again and again shoving all 21 inches up into her taut, convulsing body. I must have done some real damage too because as I glanced down I could see with every thrust, blood and semen were oozing up through that cute little belly button of hers! It was fucking amazing. I squeezed her un-cooked breast hard and my fingers sank into it as her body quivered and trembled under my assault. Ayane’s groaning and moaning was so fuckin’ sexy and just too much. As I relentlessly fucked her jerking, bucking body, the smell from her one nicely cooked tit was way too tempting. I looked at Ayane and grinned… her huge tear filled, ruby eyes flashed with the horror of what she knew I was about to do.

“Brad - no please it’s not too late to STOOOAAAIIIIIII!”

Yeah - that’s when I took a huge friggin’ bite out of her medium rare boob and got my little piggie’s third squeal!

I came deep inside her again and again. I had vast amounts of sperm to release and could feel my cum rushing into her straining body. Her muscles flexed and clenched, constricting around my cock tightly as I filled her up. I was out of control as Ayane's superbly trained, athletic body tried to squeeze and force me out. But all it did was excite me more causing thick sperm, blood and piss to spurt out of her cunt and belly button as I gulped down that first mouthful and took another huge bite out of her gorgeous tit. I sprayed bits of chewed up meat in her anguished face as I complimented her.

HOT DAMN AYANE - you taste fucking AWESOME!

Ayane stifled a scream of shock and horror through her gritted teeth. I must have also done some nasty internal damage too, because I was seeing a thin trickle of blood streamin’ from the corners of her pretty mouth. I could tell it was taking all her training to maintain what little composure she had left as I kept sadistically hammering away at her insides. It felt like I was pushin’ up against and stretching her diaphragm. With every thrust I could hear a blast of air come rushin' up outta her throat and hissing through her teeth.

“How's this for your first time?! Everything you hoped for??”

Her eyes were squeezed shut - she was tryin’ hard to block everything out. So I picked up the pace and started bangin’ her deep - like a trip hammer. I also kept mocking the bitch to keep her with me.

“I can feel your insides turnin’ to mush 'master ninja!’ I’d like to see you try your backflippin’ bullshit now! Hahaha! Your incredible body’s getting trashed!”

Then I went back down on her tit. I tore into that thing like a starving hobo, rippin’ huge delicious chunk after chunk right off of Ayane's chest as I fucked her. That little purple peach, pussy of hers was stretched to capacity, but her amazing cunt muscles continued to grip my destructive cock nice and tight. The constant squeezing caused me to blast load after load into Ayane's pulverized body cavity. I felt her diaphragm finally rupture as my cock broke through it.

“Ooh! Ayane feel that? You're finished bitch! Looks like I'm gonna use you all up right here!”

There was a pause, then a shudder went through her whole body and at last, I got what I wanted out of the mystical, bullshit ninja cunt. I heard the really loud and satisfying sound of Ayane finally losing her control. She screamed. The once and so-called proud, noble kunochi released a ragged, animal shriek from way deep down inside.To celebrate, I tore another massive bite from her demolished tit. It was succulent and juicy. The taste of payback is sweet!

“NOW we're gettin’ PRIMITIVE Ayane! Just like I promised ya!” I shouted around mouthfuls of her once gorgeous boob, “come on! Let it all out baby!”

As she continued to scream out her excruciating agony - I just kept munching and eating away at her breast until there was nothing left but a chewed up red patch on her chest. Now, there was just one perfect tit left… Bouncing and jiggling fetchingly as she arched and convulsed in pain below me.

I sat up, leaving my huge destructive rod in her. Feeling her body tense and struggle around it was out of this world fantastic. I watched her thrash and wiggle under me as she continued to scream herself hoarse. Pure music. Total victory…

I must have just watched her writing on my meatpole for a few minutes. She had lost her voice and was making this cool rasping rattling sound deep in her throat. It was then that I realized…

“Ayane… babe… I gotta piss.”

I don't know if she heard me or not, but when I relaxed and just let my bladder go, her ruby eyes shot wide open. I blasted her insides like a fire hose and flooded her body in hot piss. Ayane started choking and coughing, and I noticed a trickle of pee streaming from her nostrils. I laughed as her cheeks suddenly puffed out. She was swallowin’ and gulpin’ like crazy tryin' to hold it back but finally it sprayed out of her precious little mouth and into the air like a friggin fountain. It cascaded back down on her face and hair covering her, marking her as mine.

“Damn it's good to be the winner. Now lets see what we can break next...”

I pulled my knife back out and let it get really hot. Then I leaned over and grabbed her by her gasping face. Twisted by pain, she was absolutely stunning.

“I need to take a little something from you… sorta as a memento to remember the day I beat you, used you, then broke you down and made you my whore.”

All she had left was a pathetic whimper as i shoved her face sideways against the ground. I looked at her little ear. So sweet and precious. I grabbed it and pulled hard stretching it as far as I could without ripping it off.

“Hold still while I take my trophy.”

I put the glowing blade at the base of her ear and sliced it off with a quick clean flick of my wrist. The white hot knife seared and cauterized as it cut. I didn't want her to lose too much blood.

I put her ear in my back pocket as i listened to her whimpering break into hoarse screams again as her cunt clamped down crazy hard on my dick making it grow back to its full size and become rock solid again.

“Okay cock-sleeve… let's find out just how toned those rocking little abs really are.”

I slid my dick out half way leaving a good ten inches still inside her. I was impressed at the amount of damage I had done. There was craploads of blood, mixed with cum and bits of weird pink meat and shit… maybe it was what was left of her uterus… or maybe chunks of her diaphragm… both? Who the fuck cared at that point? It felt great.

I lined up the big fat tip of my hard rod directly under those beautiful abs. Ayane's breathing was rough and irregular as she fought to stay alive. She was alert enough to know what I was doing though. I could see her prepping herself and stiffening her core to prevent me from doing further damage.

“Yeah… that's it baby… I want you to try and fight this.”

I gripped my bitch by the waist and held her flat on her back as i slowly leaned away from her causing my cock to press against her stomach muscles from the inside. Ayane only had enough breath for a few desperate words.

“Stop! Bryan - n- no! Rrrrhhhhgggh!”

She was growlin’ and fighting me with everything she had and her abs were like steel. She was no joke in the ol’ physical fitness department! But I was not gonna give up that easy. I watched Ayane gnashing her teeth an mumblin’ away. She was callin’ on God's and all kinds of mystical crap under her breath as her awesome bod fought and strained to keep my dick from breaking out. She was keeping her mind and body really focused with whatever that little whispered chant was. I'll admit, even with a massive, lethal cock like mine, I was startin’ to wonder if I would crack her open!

“Urrrfff whew! I'm gonna bust you open Ayane!”

The bulge was getting really large… it was a challenge, I'll admit, but I was determined to break her. She was gonna lose this!

“I'm gonna change things up a little…”

In a desperate attempt to rip her open, I placed both of my feet on her chest to get maximum leverage. I heard the hiss of air as Ayane responded to the pain of the spiked soles of my boots compressing and punching into her soft, bruised tit as well as the open wound where her other tit used to be.

“Okay! NOW we'll see how long you can hold out on me!”

Then I leaned back hard with all the force my cybernetic frame could muster. Ayane's determined growls and snarls turned into frightened grunts and squeals as the iron muscles in her belly suddenly ruptured and tore. Cum spurted up into the air as the head of my dick punched through her incredible wall of muscle, bustin’ right out of her sexy belly button in a triumphant spray of blood and cum! Ayane’s head and shoulders flopped back to the ground in defeat, as she gasped and moaned in pain and exhaustion.

“YEAH baby!!! Will you look at that!!! I WON - I broke you bitch! And NOW… I finish the job!”

She gave me a sad, broken and defeated look as I hesitated just before the final big push. She was still beautiful even with her hair all clotted with my semen and the big bruise on her cheek. Blood ran down her chin as she gurgled pathetically.

“It… huh… it's too much. Oh, Gods… Bryan please enouUUUGGHHHAAAAIIEE!”

I heaved with everything I had and my brutal cock exploded out of her body in a huge spray of intestines and gore. I ripped her wide fucking open from her navel right down to her purple cunt. Even as she lay there oozing her insides out into the weeds, she was still alive. Fuckin’ amazing… I shoved my fist into her cunt - it was a ragged, gaping gash… leaking cum piss and blood everywhere. The conceited little ninja bitch was now a total mess. I reached in up to my elbow, and pulled some of her intestines out through her ruined pussy. Ayane kicked her hot, sexy little legs and shook spasmodically as she reacted to me jerking on her insides.

“Hahaha!!! So much for that tight, virgin pussy of yours Ayane! But, you sure got a lot of guts bitch! I'll say that much for you. Too bad they're scattered all over the fuckin’ place! Haha haha!”

I realized I was gonna need something more from my broken fuck-toy. A little something to get me past the retinal scanners… and prove to my employers that my target was neutralized. I straddled Ayane’s mauled chest and twisted the nipple on her remaining tit, causing it to squirt blood. It got her attention and she rolled her dying face towards me. I grabbed the sides of her head firmly in my hands.

“Hold still Ayane… this is gonna hurt you.”

I opened my mouth and placed a seal over her eye socket and started to suck. As I did I licked and tongued her eyeball. That beautiful signature ruby eyeball exclusive only to this ninja cunt who was in the process of bleeding to death from her ravaged, ruined body.

I could taste the tears and could feel those delicate fluttering eyelashes tickling my tongue as I sucked harder. She started to moan and squeal. I could hear her legs kicking and jerking beneath me as I growled and worked my teeth behind it. Then it suddenly gave, and I sucked it right out of its socket and into my mouth. I grinned and enjoyed the exhausted sound of Ayane's screams as I bit through the optic nerve. Her one good eye was wide and staring at me in shock as I spit her other eye into the palm of my hand.

“Thanks meat-hole. I need this for positive ID and to infiltrate your stupid ass ninja compound.”

I had one last big load to blow… then it hit me - dat ASS! I had to move fast while she was still alive. She squealed weakly as I grabbed her shoulders and rolled her face down. She moaned and God - was it ever sexy - as I grabbed her hips and pulled her incredible ass up against my nut-sack. I ground against that work of art for a few seconds until I was fully erect. Then I wasted no time and positioned my cock head against her adorable and impossibly tiny, pink asshole. It was gonna be like driving a Cadillac through the eye of a needle… but I like a challenge.

“Say good bye to your cute little butt hole Ayane.”

I don't usually say this, but I might have overdone the butt-fuck thing just a bit. I pounded my log all the way into her with one insanely savage push. Ayane let out a scream that was loud as fuck and seemed to come from the center of her being… it was all she had left and her body was buckin’ and thrashin’ real hard. My cock had done an enormous amount of damage and exploded out through the small of her flawless back in a shower of spinal fluid and shattered vertebrae. I fucked that bitch like there was no tomorrow… like a goddamn steam drill. I was merciless, I gripped her by the back of her neck so fucking hard I could hear the bones cracking. I grabbed her hair still stiff from my cum and jerked the cunt’s head back, arching her body towards me. I reached around as I fucked her, and found her remaining tit. I squeezed that thing until I felt her hot blood spurting through my fingers. Then as I came and ejaculated the remaining few pints of semen left in me all over her insides, and out through the hole in her back covering her neck and shoulders, I ripped the remaining tit off of her chest in a spray of blood. I tore my dick out of her blown-open anus and shoved her mangled breast right up her ass.

I wanted to finish things right, so I jerked Ayane to her knees by the hair and roughly cranked her head around to face me. Then I slowly stuffed my flaccid, blood and cum soaked cock into her mouth and felt it slide down her throat. I held it there for a few seconds… then gave my dying bitch what would be her final command.

“Clean it.”

What can I say… ninjas know how to follow orders. Ayane’s tongue somehow started moving on my command and I let the remaining few cups worth of my cum pour down the little slut’s spasming throat. Bitch was good right to the end. And no shit - when I finally let that stuck up cunt slide off my dick to collapse in a fucked up heap at my feet the ol’ meat pole was nice and clean.

I put her eyeball in a baggy to use later and turned to walk away when I heard her splutter. I shit you not - She was STILL alive!

I walked over and flipped her on her back with my boot. She sure as shit didn't look the way she had when I found her. Her boobs had been ripped off, well technically I had chewed one off, and her once tight, athletic body was split open from the cunt to her navel. Her guts had been pulled all over the place and were steaming in the cool evening air. Her perfectly sculpted legs were still flawless. Only her foot looked odd as it jutted out at a weird angle from the ankle I had shattered. I looked down at the pathetic little wretch, but when I spoke, there was an undeniable hint of real admiration in my voice. The kid was plucky...

“you still kickin' punk?”

Ayane looked up at me and I could see panic in her eye… the pain was too much. However, she was in luck… I was finally finished, blown my entire load… i was spent and feelin' kinda merciful.

“I'd say you earned a break kid… you want I should snuff ya now? You know - warrior to warrior an’ all?”

She nodded in the affirmative and tried to speak… if I had a heart, she woulda touched it in that moment.

“Hh-yes. Ohhh hkk plss… k-kill mmm uh.”

I really had to take a dump… I'd been eatin’ nothin’ but meatball subs for the entire week I was trailing this little punk, and it was finally makin’ its presence known… in a big meatball subby kind of way. I dropped my pants and squatted down over Ayane's gorgeous face.

“This'll do ya in…”

I chuckled to myself as I gripped her jaw and forced her mouth open. I heard her gag and protest as her jaw broke. Then I spread my butt cheeks real wide and settled down on her pretty but broken face. My bung hole was firmly planted in the center of her mouth and I could feel her tongue poking and pushing against my flexing anus as though she was trying to block what was about to come next.

“Lights out sugar!”

I yelled as I released an enormous amount of shit directly into her mouth. I heard Ayane's muffled screams turn into a thick gurgling as I emptied my bowels into her delicate mouth. I could hear her gulping away like mad, trying to get the shit to go down her throat, but I had been really bound up for quite some time and there was way more than she could cope with. I could hear her heaving and spluttering as piles of my shit surged into her windpipe, forcing its way into her oxygen starved lungs.

After a few minutes, Ayane's spasms ceased and I had squeezed the last of my loose, runny shit into her overflowing mouth. I lifted up a little, still squatting over her face and reached behind her head… there was a mass of hair that was still relatively untouched. I gripped it firmly and ripped it from her scalp with a satisfying tearing sound. It turned out to be really fucking absorbent too as I wiped my ass sparkling clean with it.

I stood and pulled out my dick one more time.

“Here's to you, 'warrior’ bitch!”

I took careful aim and peed directly into her eye socket, letting it fill up and overflow. Then I moved the stream down her face and pissed on the shit that was filling her mouth. I watched it splatter and mingle sending shit infused rivulets of urine streaming down the sides of her face, chin and neck.

I shook off then squeezed the last drops onto her cute little nose. Even in death, it was crinkled up in disgust. Gotta love that.

I picked up the bitch’s sword… it felt all tingly and magical and shoved it back in its sheath.

Guess I'll take this too. Might be worth a few bucks.

And with that I left my target for the wild pigs to finish. They must have been hungry 'cuz the moved in on her real fast.

Mission SO accomplished.


Resurrecting fics that fell off due to spammers.


This is really brutal, I like it.
Shitting part is the most brutal, it turn me off at that point but amazing story anyway. 10/10

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