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Kate And the Family Jewels Club
by Regis

The favorite drink in the bar was called a cuntail, because nude pre-pubescent girls served it, wearing only provocative heels. They were appropriately called cuntail waitresses. There’s no way to know if the drink or the girls were named first. The name came because the very young ladies serving drinks, none yet growing breasts, were far too young to be in a place that served alcohol.

These were not your average grade 6 girls, who never wear such provocative stiletto heels, as these did, and would certainly not in public display so blatantly and aggressively their stimulating hairless little cunts to the appreciative customers.

It was the latest style in an emerging culture that continually pressed the limits of acceptability, and the latest trend, to employ naked little girls in heels to serve drinks proved to be outrageously popular. This was one of the minor changes to what were quite a number of dark activities, undertakings that were not monitored, nor prohibited by a populist and totally permissive new government.

Everyone was comfortably settled and the doors locked. The bar was open, but none of the guests bellied up, because the precocious naked children were serving them. Five nude 8-year-old girls, tall for their age, appeared to be even taller because of the provocative ballet heels they wore.

These shoes forced them to walk on pointe. Instead of clicking like regular heels, these tapped as they walked. These were extreme bizarre shoes with slender spike heels, placed in front because of the acute angle at which their feminine feet were bent in them, heels that provided little balance.

The gorgeous little ladies had either been ‘borrowed’ from their parents, abducted from a park or a birthday party, or had been recruited from a ballet school which was a professional training center, where they had been in residence since the age of 5, brought forward from the National Nursery, and had early along been separated out from the main group to be developed as erotic ballet entertainers.

They depended entirely on their tiptoe skills in walking on their severely arched feet in the skimpy 9-inch ballet heels, a skill only acquired with many hours of practice for weeks, months, years; often with extensive encouragement to their pretty bare bottoms and delicate cuntlets from their trainer’s slashing whip.

The slender young girls were clearly well practiced, as they were all able to completely straighten their knees, giving them exceptional penis-erecting posture. The five lean young waitresses were otherwise stark naked, displaying their pre-pubescent forms in the most remarkable way. They were so attractive in their amazing tiptoe performance as cocktail waitresses that even the women were coming into heat from watching them.

The beautiful pre-teen girls had all given up their virginity, a fact which was clear as soon as the guests saw that they each carried a bundle of clear plastic stirring rods in their hairless cuntlets, and pulled one out to put in the drink for each guest who requested one.

When all of the guests were served, a woman entered the room. She too attracted immediate attention. She was a raconteur, and her job was to warm them up with some filthy, shocking and absolutely true stories of activities from her personal experience.

Like the nude mini-waitresses, she wore ballet heels and nothing else, but she carried a stiff nasty looking riding crop. Unlike the young girls, she had a large vulva in full bloom, as clean as theirs, and had a full voluptuous figure with large breasts, while by contrast the flat-chested young girls had yet to enter puberty.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,” she began. “As you know, the Club is in lockdown, due to the extreme nature of this evening’s entertainment, which will commence as soon as our security people have fully vetted all of you and your guests, to ensure none of you has any direct or indirect connection with law enforcement.

“Not to suggest that law enforcement would have any interest in what transpires here. Although not legally sanctioned, and what we plan lies far outside the intent of our permissive laws, what you will witness here tonight will remain here, unless someone launches a complaint.

“That’s highly unlikely, but we do need to protect you, our valued clients. The lock down is in case someone who might still carry outdated moral standards walks in, expecting to find just a simple fuck and suck show going on. I believe all adult entertainment establishments have moved far beyond those, but who know?

“Should a total prude come upon what we plan, the authorities would of course be required by archaic laws still on the statute books, to hold an investigation, leading to more than a little embarrassment for the club’s owner, inconvenience for you, and perhaps some misunderstanding regarding your part in the proceedings.

“Just to remind you, should any of you not pass the security check, you may enjoy the performance undisturbed, but upon its completion you will be escorted onto the stage, where your clothing will be removed, and you will entertain the others by receiving a slow and erotic full-body impalement. Are there any questions?”

There was dead silence. Every week one of the regular clients would bring to the Club an unsuspecting guest who was completely innocent, a young man or woman who would be stripped naked to ride the shaft as the evening’s final act, for the amusement of the others.

It was the perfect tactic to dispose of an acquaintance or employee who either offended or knew too much for their own good. The Club arranged for an accidental death report and cremation before embarrassing questions were asked. No such questions were ever asked. An ambitious young stud or cunt simply disappeared.

“Let me tell you about my marvelous new job,” the voluptuous nude woman continued. My name is Kate, by the way, and as you can see, I’m a vivacious six-foot, buxom (to say the least) and by all feedback, gorgeous brunette, with true black hair, really, with bangs and long curls. For work I usually wear my hair like this in a ponytail, to keep it out of the way, as well as to show off my beautiful slender neck.

“My long shapely legs, my manicured feet in six inch spikes, and the two-inch extension on my working shoes, topless with clear plastic strips holding them on, make me appear to be a true Amazon of a woman. If you’re six-foot eight, I can look you straight in the eye. Otherwise you will always be looking up to me, which I prefer.

“What makes me perfect for this position is the pleasure I take in merciless, heartless, cruelly creative sexual sadism. That’s a curious confession to make, I’m sorry, but I really do enjoy harming others, even permanently disabling people. That way they’ll always remember who made them that way.”

She turned her back, peeked at the crowd over her shoulder, then reached behind herself to spread her buttocks as she leaned seductively forward. “And I’ve been told I have one of the most remarkable rectums in the business. Nobody has yet argued that, so I believe it to be true.

“The only thing I like better than causing irreparable damage to a man, or even better, a beautiful young woman, by cruelly deep branding them, removing a hand, a foot, or sometimes an entire limb, is to be permitted by my employer to kill them. In this club I can do as I wish. Gross sadism is just a little quirk of mine, and it has got me some amazing jobs!

“Its what makes me a perfect match for this new job, and I assure you I’ve been given carte blanche to do whatever I wish, and take things as far as I wish. You wouldn’t believe how far people want me to go, at least those observing, and what gross insanity they will find entertaining. Thanks for having me. I’m certain I’m going to do very well here.

“I discovered my enjoyment of hurting others just after I started grade seven. I was the toughest white girl in school, and there were about 30 Spanish-speaking Mexicans and Puerto Ricans in my new middle school. One of the Putrid Ricans was nearly as pretty as I am, and we arranged a fight to see who was best.

“We were only twelve at the time, but both of us had grown a pretty good set of tits, for our age, and were starting to develop adult bodies. What was important is that we were both tough kids, full of piss and vinegar, and wanting to win, beating the other at any cost.

“Of course she cheated, hiding a jackknife up inside herself. Her mom had found out about the fight and had showed her how to hide it in her cunt, extract it at the right moment and use it. It was small, a zip knife that opened with a flick, but her boyfriend had sharpened it really well.

“To get all the kids who came to watch in the mood, we both started topless and just wore our panties, and with lots of encouragement of the kids backing us, in no time the panties were ripped off. The Importo Rican had some class, because at least she knew to shave the peach fuzz off her pussy, so we were both as bald down there as the cunnies of little girls. We knew the guys like that, and the girls did too.

“We punched, pulled hair, wrestled and scratched for a while, and we both pissed when the going got good. And then when I got in three quick successive punches to her gut, the jackknife she’d slipped up inside her pussy started to slide out of her. I grabbed it before she could, and got it open and ready to use on her. The stupid Rico bitch panicked, screamed, and backed up against the brick wall, surrounded by the other kids, making herself real easy for me to work on.

“I worked her real good. I stabbed her in her cunt, slicing off a cuntlip, slashed her tits and face, gave her a couple of shots in her belly, and then decided to finish strong, I cut off the bitch’s pretty nose, starting from right up between her eyes! I stuffed it right into her cunt! I couldn’t believe how exciting doing that to her was.

“That was the end of her ever being pretty! Her family didn’t have money, so she was going to have to live with her face destroyed for all of her life. She would never marry a rich man, but would hovel as a beggar cunt forever! She couldn’t even get a job as a whore with her destroyed face, let alone her scarred tits and cunt. For me my satisfaction was that both she and I would always know it was me who had done it good to that up until then pretty filthy Hispanic bitch!

“When I was 14 and in grade nine I saw this guy sitting on the curb outside a liquor store, begging. He didn’t have any hands. That really turned me on, and I sat down beside him and was nice to him, and even rubbed my big boobies against his arm, and when there was nobody looking stroked his cock.

“He liked that, and got stiff as a rod. I reached to grasp the whole thing, and was surprised to feel he didn’t have any balls! None! There was just a seam I could feel on his scrotum, but nothing inside! He told me his story about losing big time in the sex and gambling joint downstairs under a restaurant, a secret gambling den they called, because of its specialty, The Family Jewels.

“He’d lost so much he was flat broke, so for one last gasp he wagered his personal jewels, and lost them! They took his balls off in a special show, just moments after his gambling loss, and with his nuts gone the stupid prick kept on gambling, loosing both his hands, which came off that same night in a later show! Can you imagine? I don’t know why he thought he needed his cock, with his balls gone. Its surprising he didn’t gamble away his fucking stupid head!

“He told me some rich guys gambled away their wives and daughters, and you wouldn’t believe what happened to them! He told me, and I came twice just from listening to him. I love gambling, and seeing what some reckless people will risk just for the chance at a big win!

“I saw the guy was pretty desperate, so I paid him ten bucks, and he told me the name of the Restaurant. It was one I knew, because it was very high end and owned by the Mayor! The next day after school I dipped into the box of money I’d been taking from my Dad’s wallet for years, went shopping and bought some great stuff for myself.

“I started with thigh-high black transparent stockings, a bright red garter belt, and an ultra-tight and short tube dress, powder blue, that was so short it didn’t quite cover my bum, and some amazing red high heels. That night after supper I got dressed up, noticed I’d forgotten to get special panties so didn’t wear any, slipped out my bedroom window and went down to that restaurant.

“I had a fake ID in my purse in case I needed it, but I didn’t. I lied to the restaurant’s Matre d’, telling him I had a job interview for The Family Jewels, and without hesitation he took me to the back of the dining room to the Ladies toilet, and told me inside was a door marked Staff Only. He gave me a key to it. It turned out to be the women’s entrance to what he called the Jewels Club.

“He had no concerns that although I had big tits, I was still just a minor, as if that was normal, and he wished me luck with my interview. It was my first visit to an adult club, so I was surprised when I got down there that the waitresses were all no older than I was and some quite a bit younger, and except for spike heels, leather collars around their necks and lots of stage makeup, the young girls working bets and drinks were all stark naked. Those old enough to have grown some pubic hair had even had their pussies shaved clean.

“This was a really cool place! It turned out the turnover among young workers was so high that it was common for half a dozen girls a night to come to apply, and if they met the criteria of the Club, they were usually immediately working. I figured out the turnover a bit later on.

They had ways of getting well-built young schoolgirls from the middle schools interested to apply, but had somehow never found me. That didn’t matter any more, because I found them. Maybe they’d missed me because I wasn’t in school that much! Only one of those six a night to apply was usually successful in getting hired, depending on their need.

“The continuing need for new recruits was not because of girls quitting, but due to frequent raiding techniques; other clubs hiring these lovely young ladies, already trained to accept the shocking events that went on in such Casinos, from this small one-owner single casino operation, to work in the big time multi-national D-Ring Inc. Corporation.

“The young girls who got hired had to be properly conditioned so they wouldn’t puke when really gross stuff happened. When they could take it, they’d get hired away to work in a big time operation. At that early point in my career I didn’t know squat about the big operations. I’d learn soon enough!

“Because they were minors, the girls that went to D-Ring Inc. simply disappeared, as they were always quietly shipped off to their other operations somewhere else around the world, told it was because they were ready to make big money, and so we never saw them again. Ever.

“The Mayor’s buddy and a shareholder in the Club was the Police Chief, and he always found a way for the girls to discretely ‘disappear’ without any ties to The Family Jewels Club. That was critical, because the last thing needed was an investigation into the disappearance of hot young cunts. But that’s another story.

“Nobody ever knew they had worked here, or that it even existed, except for the hardened gamblers. I felt quite lucky to get into the Club, just to discover visiting girls with high expectations and no clue as to what was going on, like me, were the norm.

“The club was nearly full when I got there that first time, with both male and female gamblers standing around the tables, fully involved in what they were doing. A tough looking guy in a striped suit, which was a bit too small for his muscular build, came over and asked if he could help me. I said sure, I wanted a job.

“He looked me over, with particular interest in my ass and boobs, took me to the back to a small office and told me to wait. He ran his hand across the hem of my tube dress crossing my bum, and slipped his fingers over my pussy. He wasn’t making a move, but just confirming what he could see through the thin material of the tube dress, that I had no panties on, and that my cunt was totally hairless.

“There was a wall of 8 X 10 glossy photos of naked girls, some as young as 10 and none older than me, wearing spike heeled shoes and collars, all of them looking amazingly sexy. They carried a tray of drinks, working as cocktail waitresses. Most of those 12 and older had tits, but none of them had any pussy hair.

There was one shot of a 13-year-old with big tits sitting on a stool with one leg up, shaving herself. She looked so sexy I reached between my legs and started to masturbate. I’d never got off on pictures of girls before, that was just what guys did, jacking off as they absorbed the sexy images.

“In a couple of minutes a woman came, told me I was too tall to be a waitress, and asked how tough I was. I told her tough enough, and she liked that. She wanted to see my pussy, and I lifted the tube dress, spread my knees and showed it to her. I think she was impressed that I had come to an interview without wearing any panties, and had been stroking myself to swell and moisturize my cuntlips before my interview.

“I knew enough that for a job in an adult Club how my cunt looked was important. She handed me a hammer, and said she wanted to see me grip it in my quim. That was a big surprise. At 14 I’d had my share of cocks in me. She was assuming I was no virgin, and thank God she was right.

“I worked the handle into me further than she thought I could, and let go, gripping it with my cock-squeezing shaft. I felt the weight of the hammer’s steel head, but gripped it firmly by squeezing my vagina as if I was grasping some stud’s big penis in my womb. She clenched the head of the hammer in her fist and gave it a jerk as if trying to get it out, and I held on firmly with my womb.

“She said she was quite surprised the cunt on a 14-year-old could have that kind of grip. She said I was hired, and could start work that very night. She told me to leave the hammer stuck in my pussy, because I would need it before too long. I was to start work by going out on the floor between the tables and mixing with the gamblers.

She then told me if any of them did what she’d just done, to let them because it was their right as customers. That’s what girls were for. I was being hired as a working girl, and my job was to please the customers, who were always right. If I could make them feel special, superior, and in charge of me, I was doing my job right.

“She said she liked my tube dress and I should leave it on, but should pull the top down so that it lifted and squeezed together my big tits. She said pulling it far enough that exposed my nipples would improve my cleavage instead of covering too much of my gorgeous big boobs.

“Girl’s nipples were to be seen, not hidden. Young female employees working the floor who weren’t naked had to have their tits exposed, she told me, and that particularly applied to big tits like mine. It was a standard in the Club, and the guests all expected it. Exposed young girls were a big draw, and the Family Jewels drew regular big crowds.

“When I had them out she adjusted the top so that my tits looked really spectacular, lifted and pressed hard together. The tube dress was so short she left it like it was at the bottom, with my bum partly uncovered and my pussy only partly covered but with the lips and the head of the hammer in full view. That made my great legs look extra long.

“Everyone would know what I was there for, she told me. The only person not sure about what I was supposed to do was me. She let me know I’d learn soon enough was expected of me, and how to perform. I was puzzled by that, but there was lots to see to keep me preoccupied.

“Some of the gamblers wanted to touch, hug and even kiss me, and I let them, even when they grabbed the head of the hammer and pumped it as if it was screwing me. I was embarrassed at first, but got used to it. I was hired and would be paid for their entertainment, not mine.

“I would get my personal kicks when I watched the more serious discipline to losing gamblers when the Club claimed their loss. I was getting hot just thinking about what I might see happen. I was hoping to watch some hunk of a guy lose his gonads! I’d never witnessed the castration of a buy before, and couldn’t wait.

“Just then there was quite a bit of excitement at one of the tables, and one of the guys, a middle-aged businessman, gave a forlorn scream. He had been cleaned out of his cash, and had put a gold token with the letters FJ prominent on both sides. It had immediately attracted a crowd. I quickly learned that FJ stood for Family Jewels. He had bet and lost! I also soon found out this happened three of four times a night.

“There was only one more serious loss a gambler could experience, symbolized by a coin marked PFJ. It meant total emasculation, as the penis as well as his testicles was to be taken off! The other thing I learned was why Family was an appropriate part of the name for this Club.

“It was because there were so many youngsters fully involved as employees, working fully nude. Those in public got to wear heels; they all wore collars. Although many of them in the kitchen were employees, went home after work and were brought back by their parents, the Club liked to give clients the impression it was prospering with white slavery.

“The appearance of slavery and the extreme chances the male gamblers took didn’t bother me at all, because I was more into the cruelty than the naughtiness of the events. It was the permanent damage to people that really turned me on. Even thought I was only 14 at the time, I figured that out when I was performing in my role at my first major event.

“The woman who had given me the hammer and hired me came and took me to the stage at one side of the Casino. In the center was a foot-high block of wood. When I climbed onto the stage I immediately noticed that the top of the block was blood-stained.

It was, as I suspected, a real chopping block, designed for the castration of the big losers! This Club was for real, and the handless beggar outside the liquor store who had told me about it as I masturbated him, had probably lost his nuts and his hands on this very block!

“The woman told me to spread my feet on either side of the block, and to lie on my back, then raise my hips as high as I could, lifting my feet on tip-toes, which was particularly erotic in my new spike heels. I really drew admiring stares in this position.

“Also, in this unusual position my tube dress rode up onto my hips, completely revealing my wide-spread groin and my gorgeous hammer-stuffed cunt. It also positioned the heavy steel head of the big hammer I gripped in my fuck chute directly over the block.

“I was being a very naughty teenager, and was about to get much more naughty. I was going to be a part of a guy’s castration, by hammering his nuts to a pulp, right inside his scrotum! What I though was particularly cool was that a teenage girl’s cunt would be directly involved, figuring prominently in the guy’s castration. Mine!

“Here comes the family part, although not in the traditional sense. Half a dozen seven and eight-year-old girls climbed up onto the stage, wearing nothing but their collars and perfectly fitting little high-heeled shoes. In these their little legs looked amazing, and gave them all outstanding posture!

“Their bare little split pubic mounds had been rubbed up to make them stand out with prominence, to the delight of the gamblers. They began to sing in unison, and to dance, kicking high, spreading their knees, thrusting their slender little hips or bending in deep bows, presenting their pretty little vulvas and puckered rectums to the gamblers.

“The man who had lost his major gamble was brought up on stage by a pair of muscular handlers, his pants and undershorts were removed, and he was positioned on his back on the stage floor with his hips raised so that his testicles rested on the block, directly under the destructive hammer in the firm and merciless grip of my cunt.

“The woman also came on stage, now carrying a stiff woven-leather riding crop, and she began slapping it sharply upward between the little girls’ legs, punishing their puffy cuntlets. The children performed admirably, as their singing turned to squeals and sharp screams upon contact of the brutalizing leather.

“This harsh treatment caused their exposed immature pussies to swell to new prominence, opening to reveal the short hood of their little clits and the spreading inner lips that were stung with each blow of the merciless crop. Then the slashing stiff whip moved to their little buttocks, raising fresh upstanding welts on their smooth buttock meat.

“The little dancing girls were relieved to know they were now required to leave the stage, having provided the entertainment with the public punishment to their genitalia they were required to endure. I found out it was in the fine print of the contract their Mommies had signed to begin their little girls’ trek on the road to stardom. Now the brief show was moving to its shocking climax.

“One of the nude young waitresses, a girl with small beginning breasts who I guessed to be no older than 12 or 13, knelt over the man and took his penis into her mouth. She began sucking and pumping her head like a well trained and experienced professional cocksucker, engulfing his sex meat causing the limp organ to rise and stiffen to full erection.

“She worked it rapidly, bobbing her head while grasping the base of the penis with her small fist and pumping it at a desperate rate. She was good! The lash of the woman’s riding crop slashing through her spread crotch encouraged her to increase her tempo, punishing both her open vagina and the slightly open ring of her rectum with stinging blows. The audience loved this intimate engagement.

“Suddenly the girl raised her head from the man’s erection and back away when she felt him begin to ejaculate. His ample production of sperm splashed onto his navy jacket, and up as far as his face. Now it was my turn to be startled when the woman’s whip lashed down across my breasts, painfully crushing both of my nipples as it struck.

“I took the signal, and began to drop my hips repeatedly, quickly learning how to control the hammer to punish the losing gambler, cracking his lust-hardened nuts for the entertainment of the others, driving the heavy steel head down onto the screaming and still ejaculating man’s tortured testicles.

“My work was proving to be very effective. I raised and lowered my hips rapidly, driving the steel head of the hammer gripped in my cunt down with bruising blows on the man’s helpless gonads. His rubbery nuts bounced with each blow and scream, but had no escape, held in place by his scrotum. He was held in position by the two burly male handlers, unable to move an inch in either direction.

“I was pounding the shit out of the man’s rubbery balls, flattening and mashing them to a mangled pulp within his scrotum. I would never have guessed when I had decided to seek work at that Club that I would be performing such an obscene act, particularly on my first night, nor that I would be enjoying the abject cruelty so thoroughly. This was the most exciting job I could imagine, but as I proved my worth, other jobs I was already earning would be even better.

“The woman lashed my cunt a stinging blow with her riding crop, and said I could stop now. I got to my knees, but before I could get up she handed me a pair of sturdy clippers, the type used for cutting a whole chicken to pieces. “You get the honor of removing his Family Jewels”, she said.

“Without hesitation I grasped the flesh sack and put the blades of the clippers over it. I squeezed the handles together with all my might, and the clippers proved to be perfect for the job, as the man’s nut sack came off in my hand. I had never in my life felt so powerful as I looked at the large whimpering man who, thanks to me, had ejaculated for the last time.

“I worked at that Club for nearly a year, happily removing external gonads from some of the most powerful men in the State. Most people had no idea they were such losers! I discovered that not all serious gamblers were men. Although the gamblers mainly came to witness men being emasculated, I also got to spay by giving a hysterectomy to five unlucky women who had bet their gonads.

“Three of the gorgeous young women were guests of wealthy men, and for their lack of luck they had to take a large triple hook driven in through their cervix, and then I had to jerk the hook out of them by a stout string tied to their internally anchored hook.

“I don’t know if any of them recovered from the trauma I gave them, but I knew for certain their uterus was no longer a useful sex organ, but simply a useless lump at the rear of their fuck chute, and the pouting puckered opening of their cervix would now more resemble the petals of a torn flower.

“The other two of the five were the wives of gamblers, and although technically it was the men who had lost, the husbands had wagered the internal reproductive system of their spouse, providing a delightful form of entertainment for the other gamblers. Their husbands had bet their wives’ gonads, and got to choose the form of extraction that would be used.

“They made it clear they had little interest in their wives surviving the procedure. One man didn’t want his wife’s uterus taken out through her vagina because she had just told him she was pregnant, and he thought it might be considered a birth if she was aborted through her cunt, so her wanted her belly cut open and have it jerked out through the fresh opening in her belly-flesh.

“The other man thought it would be amusing to have a small explosive in a burning cigar pushed in through his young wife’s cervix. He understood the uterus would unlikely be blown out through her cunt, but had no concern about that, saying internal destruction of her female plumbing would suffice, and would be particularly rewarding for him if she would not survive the radical procedure.

“All he needed was to demolish her whole reproductive system, and a small ‘ball busting’ bomb planted deep inside her, thrust painfully through her insanely stretched cervix, would properly take care of it. Permanently. He called her his “fuckin’ little gold digger”, and wanted her to experience an excruciatingly painful and protracted death. This was an amazing place! I loved my job!

“When I turned 15, I was at the peak of my physical beauty, and told my parents they had no control over me. They went ballistic, told me I was grounded indefinitely, and I moved out and got my own apartment. They had no idea where I worked, thinking I had a steady job at a Burger King. When I moved I got my own phone and everything, and didn’t tell my Mom and Dad where I lived or my phone number.

“As far as I was concerned, they were history. I had made a special secret closet in the basement behind storage shelves at their house, and had to sneak my hot clothes and shoes into and out of the house. Now with my own place I was able to have all the hot clothes, shoes and wigs I wanted without any Hassle. I was a free woman, could have guys in for all-night fuck parties, and life was amazing.

“I was hired away from The Family Jewels Club by one of its wealthiest customers, who liked my enthusiasm in working with women, so to speak. He was not interested in gambling, and didn’t care much about nut-crushing or other forms of painful castration, or even penis torture and erection amputation.

What he wanted was to find an attractive young woman like me who could be either persuaded or coerced into torturing, and perhaps killing, other women. For me his offer was a no-brainer. I thought with his offer, I had died and gone straight to heaven.

“I love helping women not only discover but also exceed their pain threshold, and to begin as well as to extend their long and excruciating departure to Hell! I actually got to work on bound naked beautiful bitches with lots of excited people watching and cheering me on while I did what he needed done to them, and soon got to do whatever I wanted to them as well. It was a fucking amazing job.

“I got to perform some very destructive work on some very beautiful women, and the audiences went wild as I slowly and creatively butchered them alive before killing them! I’d love to tell you more, but I just got the signal that tonight’s show is about to begin, so I’ll step aside. As soon as the young serving girls have refreshed your drinks, they will withdraw and the curtain will go up. Enjoy the show!!”




Thanks, PolKan. I've much more like it, but don't want to over-post here, so just put up the occasional story when I see they are unlike other posts at the time.

If you're interested in longer, more developed stories, or other short subjects like this, please PM me on


Anybody interested in reading about the show that follows? It's in process.




Of course!


Please add the follow-up story


Bla bla bla bla blaaaa/joker



Absolutely !


See, I said feedback was important. For example, I find Jokers' demented rant humorous. A little bit, anyway. Well, maybe not.


you just spend a long time describing long tortures in a dissonant retarded way, and make bad jokes like cuntail, and use preteen characters.


I prefer older bodies and more emotionally mature villains, not idiots who talk and talk without action and describe their deeds in a morally disparaging tone.

Own it. Own the villainy.


I'll bet there's lots of Joker fans out there. Can you find any of his creative work?


Do not bother yourself with Joker, just a bored retard. I loved the story, and I'm in love with Kate, very sexy story, thanks for it!


Kate is an unusual woman, as she views her work as 'normal' and sees nothing disreputable about it. I love that kind of personality and attitude.


I personally thought that story was very good. I enjoy preteen and teen characters and killings. I particularly loved the part about men betting their wives family jewels and not caring if they survived.

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