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Aaron woke up in a strange room all by himself. The last thing he could remember was swerving to avoid a dog crossing the road and crashing into a tree. Looking around the room, he then saw the most beautiful young girl. She must have been around 10 years old, with pale freckled skin, firey red hair, and just the beginning of budding breasts under her flowery sun dress. This beautiful lolita turned around and smiled with the an adorable smile.

"I'm glad your awake. My name is Anabelle, and welcome to heaven."

Aaron had so many questions. Was he really dead? Who was this Anabelle?

"Don't worry Aaron, it is perfectly normal to freak out a little. You died in a recent car crash trying to save a dog, and as a result you have made it to heaven. Here you get to have all of your deepest desires and fantasies fullfilled. Everyday you will wake up in a new dream world where you can do anything you would like, absolutely anything. Today, I am all yours. You can do anything and everything you would want with me. You are my absolute master."

Aaron, excited about the prospects of everything he had just heard, decided to try it out, and see exactly how far he could go.

"Take your panties off, and lean over, I want to inspect your pussy"

You could tell Anabelle was nervous, she had never been with anyone before, but she wanted to do anything to please her new master. She pulled her underware down and leaned over, touching her hands to her toes, and displaying her pussy for Aaron to see and do whatever wanted to up her sun dress.

Aaron couldn't believe his eyes. Here was this gorgeous young girl, who didn't even have any hair on her slit yet, exposing it for him to do whatever he wanted. As he reached his index finger up to slide along the edges of the outer labia, Anabelle shivered in delight. Aaron worked his fingers up and down her slit until it was dripping wet. Slowly, he slid one finger in and out until she was begging for something more.

Aaron promptly stopped playing with her and commanded, "Go to the kitchen and grab me a knife, it is time to really have fun with you.".

As Anabelle ran off to the kitchen, Aaron couldn't believe his luck. This truely was his deepest darkest dream. When the beautiful red head returned, Aaron told her to start fucking him, and no matter what, don't stop. She climbed up on top of him, her dress flowing around her as she slowly lowered her virgin sex onto his cock. It hurt so much, as it didn't fit, but she would do anything for him. Then, just as she started to get in a rhythm fucking him, Aaron cut the straps of the dress off, and plunged the kitchen knife into Anabelle's left budding breast, all but severering it completely off. She looked down in disbelief as her once beautiful breast was just hanging on by a thin piece of skin. Then, all at once, the pain came. It was so intense her pussy would have closed up all the way if it wasn't for Aaron's giant cock embedded deeply inside it.

Anabelle screamed so loudly, but did not stop fucking Aaron with her tight pussy. Aaron, in absolute bliss, could barely hold himself from cumming for another minute. He decided to end with a big show, so just when he was about to cum, he sliced the knife right accross Anabelle's little neck, causing her to shake in a mind blowing orgasm as her blood spirted all over Aaaron.

Exhausted from his morning of fun, Aaron decided to explore this new world, seeing what other fun he could have.

To be continued


I'd like to see more. Maybe a cunt mutilation too?


For some reason this reminds me of that old "The Far Side" comic where the guy is in heaven but he keeps stubbing his toe, with a caption under it reading something like "It takes the average person 15 minutes to figure out they are in Hell."

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