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By Kitty Cunt and Mister Moody 1 (Rape, Asphyxiation, Loli, Snuff) The loli stuff comes in part 2 which is not finished.

The day was balmy, belying the mid autumn season. He walked through the down town city center, with a calm even pace; his mind only on what he should have for lunch. He stops, and looks inside one of the cafe windows. Behind his tall and stocky reflection, he spied a small group of women, chatting as they eat lunch.

It wasn't the decent looking red head, or the petite blond that caught his eyes. Their breasts were far from adequate for his tastes. It wasn't them, but the third woman, the one tall, skinny one, he found much more interesting. Her tanless skin made even paler by her dark, black hair, which was tied back behind her head in a pony tail. Her breasts were exquisite, large and shapely, they pressed against the bounds of the small, tight shirt she was wearing.

Seeing her had made up his mind, and he entered the cafe, now with the intention of satisfying two hungers at once. As he makes his way toward the group, peices of their conversation float over to him.

“What you do expect John will want during the meeting?” his prize asked the others.

“Oh the usual, I would imagine. He wants me on his lap,” the forgetful one with small breasts repsonded, sounding a bit put out. “I heard Sabrina, got a choice task,”

The brunette grinned, “I get to wear the snack tray! What was your assignment, Kitty?”

“I'm going under the table,” Kitty began, even her name sounded delicious. “Can't say I'm looking forward to it, this is the only shirt I brought, and now it'll be covered in cum!”

“You're so lucky,” the small breasted blond mumbled, “I never get to do the fun stuff, my tits are too small.”

“Ah, Dee,” Kitty leaned over and patted her friend's hand, noticing her jealous stare, “It's not all fun and games having big boobs. Sometimes I wish I never got these implants. You know when I was flat...” but Kitty's words got trapped in her throat. Her friends were staring at something behind her, but before she could react, somone firmly groped her breasts. Fingers dug into her sentistaive flesh before gripping on the fabric of her shirt and ripping it open. Buttons flew in all directions.

“H..hey!” Kitty shouted, turning back to face her attacker. She stared as the man unbuttoned his jeans and a huge, throbing, erect cock popped out from the opening, right in front of her face. Her jaw dropped in a mix of shock and amazment. The man took full advantage and shoved his Manhood deep inside her agape orifice.

The man smiled politely to her friends, “You don't mind if I use this slut, do you?” Without waiting for a response, his hips buck foward, stuffing her face with his cock, gagging the sounds escaping from her unexpecting mouth. The sloppy, wet noises caught the attention of the other patrons, who had stopped their lunch to watch. A few even whipped out their phones to film the scene. But most mearly glanced over, and then returned to their meals, ignoring it all together.

Sabrina, who had known Kitty since childhood, simply shrugged at his request and returned to the conversation at hand. “I don't know about what Kitty was saying. I mean, I like the size of my breasts . . .but I would be lying if I said I hadn't thought about making them bigger. Then I remember, at least these ones are edible!”

The man held the girl's head over his cock, making escape impossible, almost petting her hair. “Beautiful fall day, isn't it?” he asked the other girls, slipping naturally into their conversation, as his free hand reached down, to roughly kneed the large, plastic tits. “So nice to have sun and a blue sky, this late in October.” He said clearly, forcing his huge, throbing cock deeper into the slut's throat.

Kitty found that she couldn't breath, the man had taken her so suddenly and violently that she hadn't had a chance to prepare herself before her throat was stuffed with cock. In an effort to help aliviate her situation, now that the shock had worn off, she slid off her chair, and onto her knees to better service the man. Her survival instincts demanded that she push away, to breath, but she knew panic would only make matters worse. So instead she allowed her training to kick in, and she moved one hand to fondle her free breast, while the other snaked under her skirt to finger her pantiless cunt.

“Oh yes!” Sabrina agreed, “Lovely day out!”

“A bit breezy,” Dee mumbled, “Especially in these shirts the boss forces us to wear. But he claims to like the way it makes our tits pop.”
A hearty chuckle rolled through the man, as he pumped the girl's face, rendering her to be nothing more than a hot, wet hole. “Just brisk enough to make your nipples stand out,” he said jovially, looking at the other girls' chests. “Shame though, that he's so conservative. Had I been running that office, I'd make sure covering breasts like those would be against the dress code.” As if to prove his point further, his fingers claw at the silicon filled mound in his hand, squeezing it with such force that it seemed about to pop, bruises were already forming under his finger tips.

Kitty tried to focus on sucking him off, hoping that when he's finished, perhaps she'd finally be able to get a breath of air. She was growing nervous, her lungs burning from the lack of oyxgen. Tears had started to stream down her face, destroying the hour she had spent on her makeup. She looked up desperately through mascara streaked tears for any sort of respite. Her hands had moved to his legs, starting to fear for her life.

Dee watched as the man played with her friends breasts, her eyes glued to the scene of him raping her face. She couldn't help the resentment growing as Kitty's face grew more pained and paniced, wishing a man would find her so desirable that he would commit such acts upon her person. Dee jealously unbuttons her shirt with purpose, exposing her nearly flat chest. “You know,” she reasoned, almost pleading, “You know, big tits aren't the only one ones that need abuse!”

“Oh?” replied the man, amused by the girl's need and jealousy, “And how would you have me abuse tits so small?”

Dee blushed but recovered quickly. “Anyway you'd like!” she said desperately, picking up her steak knife and brough it up to rest against one of her nipples.

Kitty felt dumbfounded. She was on her knees choking on a cock so huge her cheeks puffed out, and her friend was flirting with her rapist. She understood her place in soceity, that she was nothing more than a conscious meat sack for use by the supioer sex; but she had expected more from the friends she had know since she was little. It was as if she were already dead!

Her eyes twitched to the table, catching sight of Dee with her hand up her skirt, pumping her fingers into her little pink cunt. Kitty blinked a couple times, trying to remove the black spots that appeared in front of her eyes. She realized she was fading fast, and the man didnt' seem anywhere near finishing. The instinct to bite down on his cock grew stronger and stronger as her will to live felt more and more threatened. What she had learned, however, kept running through her mind, “His cock is worth more than my life, his cock is worth more than my life . . .”

The man kept pumping in and out of her mouth hole, ignoreing the small crowd that gatherd to watch the excitment. He knew no one would intevene, that this was his right. He knew that all the videos being filmed would be but minor blips on social media, that within moments new videos would take its place, videos of smiliar scenes happening everywhere, across the country. A small family caught his eye, a mother and some almost-grown children. He turned slightly to give them a better view from the window.

The mother was using this as an educational moment. She was explaining to her children what was happening, teaching her son that this was what he was inheriting. This was also his right, when he was a grown man. To her daughter, she taught that this was her place. To give what her betters wanted, to masterbate and enjoy the rape that was graced upon her.

Sabrina, meanwhile, not wanting to be the only one left out, also unbuttoned her shirt. She removed it, throwing it aside without care before squeezing and twisting her breasts eagerly before the man. Dee turned her jealous glare toward her.

“Always have to show me up, don't you Sabrina?!” She said in a demanding tone, staring at the larger, beautiful round breasts. “I have a hard enough time getting guys to even look without you showing skin every chance you get!”

"Oh relax! I just want to join in the fun is all!" Sabrina leaned closer to the man, hoping for some attention.

“Now, now, ladies,” the man said calmly, “You both have beautiful breasts! No need to have anyone hide them!”

Suddenly a waitress wearing a mini skirt and an open cupped bra, showing she too had massive breasts, appeared beside their table holding a tray laden with food. She blinked taking in the scene, then a large smile appeared on her face. “Oh! I see your party has gotten bigger! Would you like to place an order sir?” The waitress gently placed the women's food in front of them. Fried Girl Tenders for Sabrina, and in front of Dee, a Tit Meat Sandwich.

The man, looked at the waitress, obviously distracted by his throbbing cock pulsating deep inside Kitty's blocked windpipe. “Oh, um.. yes.” he said with a grunt, shoving his cock so deep, her nose pressed against his groin. “This meat on my cock should be ready for the kitchen soon. I trust you have properly equiped facilities to make a burger from her, yes?” His voice held no malice, just curisousity, as he had never before fequancted the establishment.

"Of course Sir! I'll have the kitchen prepare the grinder!"

"Oh and please make sure to remove the implants!"

"Of course Sir!" The waitress responded again and headed off to the kitchen.

Kitty's vision was now nearly completely gone, although she was still conscious, all she could see where the black specks dancing before her eyes. The man's order rang inside her oxygen deprived mind, and she grew cold with the realization hit her. She was finished, done. She restarted her chant in her head, “His cock is more important than my life . . .”

Sabrina, started to eagerly devourer her meal, while Dee still stared at the man and Kitty with jealousy and resentment.

Kitty was starting to fade, her heart rate was slow and erratic. Her arms hung usuelessly at her sides. She still had the strength to bite down had she wanted to, and as much as she didn't want to die, she knew she wouldn't bite. Even though she'd much rather service all her co-workers under the table, she knew she had to die. She had to die because he wanted her to, and that was a good enough reason. So she regrouped her thoughts and changed her focus to servicing him as best she could until her demise was placed on her.

After a moment of staring at Kitty and fidgeting with the fries that came with her burger Dee couldn't take it anymore. "I bet I could service you better than she ever could!” she declared, picking up a rather large pickle that had accompanied her sandwich and sensually pushed it deep into her mouth, running her tongue around it's girth.

“Is that so?” asked the man. “Well, you may just get a chance. Such a shame, but I think this one will expire before I finish. Disappointing really.”

Kitty heard these words, and the felt the crushing disappointment. As she realized that she had failed at her purpose, all the fight left her. Her vision finally grew dark, her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Her heart stopped beating. She died.

“Damn, that was fucking hot!” Sabrina, who had been Kitty's best friend, exclaimed. Dee looked at the man as if she was in love. Kitty's corpse fell to the ground.


Are you that girl with the tumblr blog?


The very same ;)




>writes pedo loli snuff

GTFO, he is likely an overweight white european male.


no, thats her co-writer... and I'm american actualy.


Resurrecting fics that fell off due to spammers.


Big fan of your blog.


Love the story, which blog are you referring to?


I assume referring to her Tumblr: Kittykunt Dot tumblr Dot com/

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