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Applicant for Death: The case of Kotori

Camera shows a young naked girl with short hair sitting on a massive chair with her legs spread and strapped to the chair's legs. A belt around her chest just under her underdeveloped breast fixes her tight against the back of chair. Her wrists are cuffed and loosely chained to the ring on the front side of chair. If she wanted, she could reach her groin, but not much higher. The girl smiles to the camera.

-My name is Kotori. I am about to die.

A kind mature female voice is heard near the camera.

-Kotori-chan, you want the blood vessels on your neck circumvented and your head cut off with a knife. That's quite a unique way to die. Would you tell us why you requested such a complicated death?
-Yes... Some time ago I have discovered guro art. Somehow, it made me very aroused. I gave into impulse and masturbated to it. Before I realized it - I was already masturbating only to death fantasies. My favourite way of killing was beheading. I thought a lot about what it should feel like - to suddenly lose connection to your body and die. But in reality people die very fast if you cut their head off, right? That's such a waste! They get no time to feel their one time and the last experience in their life. I saw videos of people having their heads cut off with a knife. And they still seem to bleed out even before their spine is severed. I want to live all the way though my head being cut off. So I thought of a way to delay my death. Keeping blood still running through my major neck vessels and feeding my brain even when my head is already separated is all I could think of.
-Very clever of you, Kotori-chan. But I must tell you to not expect too much. While your brain will still receive oxygen, your neck bleeding will quickly drop your blood pressure, which can make you faint. And as soon as I cut your wind pipe - blood will flow inside and disable your lungs. Your brain will soon die from the lack of oxygen. I'll have to work fast and cut around your spine and wind pipe first, then cut your windpipe and immediately break and sever your spine. That moment the pain will be so strong that you might faint and not wake up any more. Do you still want to go through with it?
-Yes, sensei. I thought about all those things before contacting you. If there's a chance for me to have this unique experience - I want to take it. And if something goes wrong - I'll still enjoy the thrill of being killed very much.
-Glad to know, Kotori-chan.

A naked adult woman with long wavy hair comes into camera focus behind the girl.

-Before you is a mirror where you can see your head cut off.

The girl looks past camera.

-I'll start circumventing your blood vessels now. I need you to cope with the pain and keep your neck and head still. If I fail - you risk to bleed out before I even start cutting your neck.
-Yes, sensei.

The girl gulps and takes a deep breath. The woman takes a tube with two thick needles on its end and jabs it at the girl's neck. The girl gasps and tenses, but quickly relaxes her neck again.

-That was to let you know how it feels and how to deal with it. Now comes the real thing.

The woman pulls the needle from the girl's neck and repositions it, quickly sliding it under the girl's skin near the top of her neck. Without pause she slides the other end needle in at the bottom. The tube quickly fills with blood. The girl watches in awe in the mirror as one by one the blood vessels on her neck are circumvented with tubes, her blood now running outside of her body. Her hands move to her pussy and rub over it. She pants lightly while trying to remain still. Her breast is heaving visibly.

-And done. Now you're safe from bleeding out too fast. Good work keeping still, Kotori-chan. Now I am going to kill you. If you want to cum - you better be fast. If I sever your spine - you won't feel your orgasm. But if I wait too long - you'll bleed out.

The girl opens her eyes wider and gasps at the word "kill" and instantly slides her fingers inside her pussy. Her face blushes brightly. The woman takes an army knife, grabs the girl's hair and with quick short motions starts cutting the girl's neck muscles from the back. The girl's face distorts in pain. She lets out a long moan, and her fingers dance faster in her pussy. She opens her eyes again, panting heavily, her expression changing to the one of the wild excitement even though tears start flowing from her eyes. Blood oozes slowly from the cut on her neck.

-I'm... being killed... Sensei... is cutting... my neck...

The girl's whole body tenses hard, more blood coating her neck, then convulses, a fountain of clear liquid gushing from her pussy over her hands. She starts panting heavily again.

-You came even before I got to your windpipe. Congratulations, Kotori-chan. We're almost done, I'm going to sever your head completely now.

Still cutting while talking, the woman quickly gets around the girl's windpipe, then starts cutting through it, bending the girl's head back. The girl's neck opens, exposing her throat and spine. With a hard short twist the woman crushes the girl's spine and then cuts through her spinal cord and lifts the head, making it face the mirror.

The girl's face is distorted in pain and horror. It twitches for few moments then gradually composes. Her lips move frantically, but no sound comes. Blood now flows freely from the both ends of her neck.

-Congratulations, Kotori-chan! Your head is now severed. And you're still alive to feel it. Have you got any final words? I'll read your lips and repeat it.

The girl's expression changes to beaming joy. Her lips start moving, and the woman watches her in the mirror and talks for her.

-It is awesome. I don't feel my body, and my neck really hurts. I can not breathe. I've become just a head. And I'm dying. Thank you for killing me, sensei.

The girl's lips stop moving and form a smile.

-You're welcome, Kotori-chan. I'm happy that you had your wish come true. It was a very unique experience. Good night, Kotori-chan.

The woman pulls off the tubes connecting the girl's head to her body and holds her head before the mirror until her eyes glaze over and her face loses colour. She then puts the head back on the girl's dead body and faces the camera.

-This DVD is not for sale to the general public. Even if you order it, we'll just send you some generic porn disc instead. We'll check up on you. We sell only to people who can keep quiet and pay enough. However, depending on the results of our investigation, we may give it to other people free of charge. Yes, to people like you. Having just watched this DVD I'm sure you understand that the performers in our videos have a very strong desire to die. They don't do it to escape the pain of an illness or debt. Apply for death. Just have fun dying as someone special. We are looking for talent like that. We can give you the kind of death you long for. As for hot to contact us... you already know even if I don't say it. I'm waiting for your call.


Great story.

So you can write more by use other boy character?


I'm planning to write at least two more stories. One with a boy and another with a boy and a girl.


Understand this.

So after you finish this two more stories.
Can i request you or not?


Well, you can request. But I don't promise you anything.


I want you write about meat grinder sex snuff.


Sorry, but I'd say that's too unrealistic for the setting.


Oh too bad :/


Would you be willing to do alternate versions of Anime or Video Game Girls? Same name, appearance, and personality as their original selves, but no special abilities the originals might have had, just ordinary women?


Oh, I love Juan Gotoh's guro manga, too bad they don't make it anymore. But it's nice to see something inspired by them, and I'm certainly looking forwards to more parts!


You're completely missing the point of this thread.


>> 8122

Why do you say that? I'm just wondering if you could fit characters from anime or video games into the format, just without any of the special abilities they had in their source material.


This was good! I love Juan Gotoh's work and wish he'd make more guro stuff. It was quite refreshing to see this old idea given new life. Thank you!


The way I heard it, 1) Juan Gotoh is a pseudonym for a female artist (hot) and 2) she stopped drawing because guro became too mysogynistic (not hot).


Where did you hear that? This is the first I've ever heard of Gotoh being a female artist, which I agree is a pretty hot idea.

As for guro being too mysogynistic, I saw on Gotoh's website some years back a small post about not doing guro anymore because he got a letter about a real crime inspired by his comics. I don't know how people found more specific details, but around the web people say the crime was a hoax but it still scared Juan in to stopping. Where did the mysogynistic thing come from? Did Juan say something about it at some point?


Wait, what? This is misogynistic? The internet is misogynistic, need an example? Go to pretty much anywhere on 4chan. Probably don't go to 9chan...ever. I fall victim to this as well. I include guys getting killed in my stories as a matter of practicality; but I definitely prefer when it is a pretty girl getting snuffed. That's just the way it is and I am. Also Juan Gotoh is awesome, and if they are female, definitely hot.


Is there still a chance we'll see more of this?


I'm terribly sorry I haven't been writing more >_<
Still planning to write two more stories in this circle.
Just hard to find a moment when I have time, strength and mood for it.


Great fic!
Juan Gotoh was a great influence on my guro tastes and I'm always happy to see good Gotoh-inspired works.


Man same here Juan Gotoh, Tsepesi and Ahdualism were my first guro artists. Reading your story i remembered that perfect feeling i had when i first read Juan Gotoh guro comics! Ty m8!


i meant manga instead of comics there ;)


LOL!! Love you username. :-D

Fuck yes! For me, the Juan, Tsepesi, and Uziga were the first artists that I learned the names of and fell in love with their work. Juan in particular. Guillotine Masturbation is still my favorite comic to this day. There's something about the atmosphere he presents and the clean art style that doesn't try to hide any details. I really wish Juan would make more guro stories. This tribute captured that atmosphere succinctly and I loved how the clear simple writing paralleled the visual style.


Do write more please


Nice story. I like consensual guro But i had some problems understanding all that medical engineering going on there from the first pass ;) so had to read it again.

Oh, just now notices that this is 2 years old thread.

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