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Contrary to what I thought, I just finished another story and I thought I could share it here until I have my site up and running (its not that easy to find a good host for something like this, especially as I want to start adding the photos I use as reference...). As always, if you read it, please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

tags: M/f, MMM+/f, non-cons, teen, first, rape, anal, throating, prostitution, bagging, snuff

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

I nervously checked the time one more time, but the time was still the same. One more minute, and the day was over. On the front of the classroom, Ms. Campbell was trying to explain how to solve for X in the equation she had copied in the blackboard, but I wasn't really paying attention

When the bell finally rang, all the students jumped out of their seats, wanting to be the first out.

“Remember that you have to finish the exercises in pages 33 and 34 by Monday, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to start preparing for the exam on Friday!” she said, raising her voice above the noise, but no one was paying her any attention

Ms. Campbell was a good teacher, but she was a bit too soft sometimes.

“Jasmine!” she said looking at me as I passed by her desk. “Can you wait for a minute, I want to talk to you.”

Suddenly feeling a bit worried, I waited while everybody else left. I looked longingly at the door as they all walked away, and then we were alone.

Ms. Campbell sat on her desk, running her hands over her skirt as she always did when she was about to give a speech. She was only 25 years old, with blond hair and a beautiful face, but looking into her brown eyes made me uncomfortable.

“Jasmine, I am a little worried about you. Is everything okay?” she asked me.

I wasn't sure if my voice would crack, so I simply nodded quickly. I turned around towards the door, but she grabbed my arm with one hand.

“I have been paying attention, Jasmine. Something is happening. Your grades are down, and you stopped participating in the class. I talked to Mr. Johnson, and he said it was the same in his class.” she said, after letting me go.

I stood still, looking at the floor. Everything she had said was true, and I knew it, but it made little difference. Just for a second, I thought about telling her, but I couldn't take that risk.

“Is something wrong back home?” she asked me, wanting for me to open up.

I raised my head, looking at her again. I felt sad, because I thought I could trust her, but I also knew she wouldn't be able to help.

“Everything is okay. Thanks for your concern Ms. Campbell. Can I go now?” I answered back, a little more coldly than what I wanted.

She breathed deeply, looking into my eyes. She seemed worried.

“Yes, you can go. Just remember that you can talk to me if you want. I can help you.” she said, jumping from her desk and giving me a hug.

Once again, I nodded silently and then I left. The hallways were already deserted, and I knew I would have to run to catch the bus, but for a moment I stopped, looking back.

What if she could really help me? I suddenly wanted to go back, to tell her everything from the beginning. Imagined her taking Lily and me away, far from everything… but it was just a fantasy. I knew how the system worked, and that no matter how much she wanted, she wouldn't be able to help.

In the end, I turned around and left the school just as the last bus was leaving. Looking up into the clear blue sky, I thought that maybe that wasn't such a problem. A walk would do me good.

Once I was back home, I locked the door and stood in the hall, listening to the TV. I could hear moans and cheesy music, a sure sign that Jacob was watching porn in the living room again. I shivered as I knew I had no choice but to pass through the living room if I wanted to get to my room, but I was too tired to go out again.

Pulling the straps of my backpack over my breasts, I walked in, trying not to make eye contact with him.

“Hello Jasmine.” he said from the couch, still watching the TV.

He was only wearing his underwear, and from the corner of my eye I could see the bulge of his cock under the tight white fabric. He also had a beer in one hand, and the remote on the other, while he watched a blonde girl blowing a black man on the TV.

“Hello daddy.” I said back to him, as I shivered in disgust.

He was only my mom’s boyfriend, but he made me call him daddy all the time, knowing that I hated it. Dropping the remote on the couch besides him, he pointed at the floor in front of him. I wanted nothing more than to run into my room, but I obediently stood in front of him, looking at the floor.

“Jasmine, I was wondering, have you ever sucked a cock?” he asked me as if he was asking for the time of the day.

Horrified, I took a step back, not knowing what to do. I started trembling in place, knowing all too well where this was going. Instead of running away, I shook my head, hoping against all odds that he was only trying to make me feel uncomfortable.

“Mmmmm, I think it's time you learned how to.” he said, taking a sip from his beer. “It's a very useful skill for every woman.”

Terrified, I looked at the door, but he smiled as if he could read my mind.

“Please… no.” I begged uselessly.

“Come on, don't be afraid. Your mom is really good at it, and I read somewhere that it is genetic. I am sure you will do great with just a little practice.” he said, placing his beer on the floor.

“If you don't want to, maybe I can ask Lily.” he said as I stood still in front of him.

That was the only thing he needed to manipulate me, and he knew it. Still trembling, I dropped the backpack behind me and I kneeled on the floor between his legs, resting my hands over my thighs.

With a smile, he lifted his ass from the couch and he took off his underwear. His cock, inches from my face, was already hard. The head was a bright red color as he stroked himself lazily with one hand.

My breathing became fast and shallow as I moved my hand towards it. I had seen it before, but despite all the times he had abused me, I had never touched it. But now I had no choice. Grabbing it, I was surprised at how hard and hot it felt in my hand.

“Come on, I am sure you know how it's done, Jasmine.” he said with a smile.

Pumping it slowly in my hand, I leaned forwards and I closed my lips around the tip. The skin was softer that what I expected, and it was fortunately clean, with only a faint taste of piss on it. Grateful for every small mercy, I tried moving it deeper into my mouth, but it was my first time and I started gagging on it as soon as it reached the back of it.

Jacob leaned back into the couch, moaning in pleasure as I recovered. I kept masturbating him in the hope that he would cum sooner, but he moved his left hand over my head, and he started guiding me, slowly at first but faster and faster as time passed. Soon I was slobbering all over his cock, until my saliva overflowed my mouth and started running down my chest. From time to time I had to stop to breathe, and I was disgusted as I saw his cock dripping with my saliva.

“Mmmmm! I love feeling your lips around my cock!” he said with his eyes still closed.

Without warning, I felt his other hand on my head. Grabbing me firmly, he started pulling deeper and deeper, until his cock was past the back of my throat and my nose was pressed firmly against his belly. I gagged almost instantly, and desperate to get away, I pushed with my hand on his tights.

Above me, he grunted in pleasure as he kept me in place. Without giving me time, he started moving my head as if he were fucking my pussy. His cock started bumping on my throat, making me gag as I struggled to breathe, but he just moaned.

A moment later my lungs started burning as I ran out of air. With every movement, he seemed to go deeper and deeper inside me while his balls slapped my lower jaw. In my desperation I dug my nails into his flesh, but it made little difference.

“Ohhhhh, shit! Get ready!” he screamed above me as he pulled me towards him one last time.

A second later I felt something warm splashing inside my mouth as he finally came. It seemed to go on forever, as jet after jet of his seed filled my mouth. It tasted like hot bleach as it oozed over my tongue, and my stomach twisted angrily inside me.

Just when I thought I was about to vomit, he released me and I fell backwards, landing on my ass as he laughed at me, taking pleasure in my humiliation.

His cum was like a burning acid on my mouth, and I twisted my head to the side, sitting it on the floor. But it was too thick, and even then I could still feel it sticking to my mouth, and the taste remained.

Out of nowhere, he slapped my face and I fell to the floor, bumping my head. When I looked up, he was standing over me, his cock still hard and dripping with cum and saliva. He looked angrily at me as I felt my cheek stinging from the slap.

“Next time you spit my cum, I will break you some teeth, is that clear?” he said, closing his hands into fists.

“You swallow, always. Got it?” he said, his voice angry and cold.

Before I realized what I was doing, I was nodding. The taste on my mouth was momentarily forgotten as I imagined what he could do to me, and I started trembling again, but he sat on the couch, still glaring at me.

A moment later he picked up his beer, and the remote, raising the volume. The moans from the girl filled the room, as I waited on the floor, not knowing what to do.

“Get out, and remember what I said.” he said without looking at me.

Not wasting another minute, I grabbed my backpack from the floor and I ran to my room, slamming the door behind me. I collapsed on the floor, my back blocking the door as I started crying hysterically. I could still feel his cum on my tongue, but I couldn't move.

My mind raced with a million possibilities, as I thought about Ms. Campbell and what she had said. What if I told her and she could really help? Lily and I could be free of him, but if he found out I shuddered to think of what he was capable of.

I hugged my knees to my chest, thinking that at least I could protect Lily, and to me that was the only important thing.

My life wasn't always like this, but I still remember the night when it all started.

I was only 5 years old and we were sitting on the floor, in Lily’s room, waiting for my dad as my mother read us a book. She wasn’t even a year old back then, and while I was still a little jealous of her, she was my sister, and I loved her.

“And then Winnie the Pooh sat on the floor, his fingers covered in honey, as he looked around the room.” my mom said to us, just when the phone started ringing.

Telling us it would only be a moment, she gave me the book and went to the kitchen to answer the call. Lily looked at her, her face twisting in sadness as she left, but I picked her up before she started crying, playing with her to distract her.

The house wasn't very big, and her voice traveled easily through the rooms. I heard her talking for a few moment, and I remember thinking that she sounded nervous.

“Nooooooooo!” she screamed suddenly, making me jump.

Lily started crying in my arms, trying to get away as I rose from the floor, suddenly afraid. I walked to the kitchen as dread grew inside me, and there I found my mom, sitting on the floor as she clutched the phone in her hands.

“No! Oh, god! Please… no! David!” she cried hysterically.

The next day I found out that a truck had crashed into my dad’s car, killing him. I cried as my mom tried to explain to me what had happened, and I remember how I begged her to bring him back, though of course she couldn't do anything.

The driver of the truck was in a rush when he lost control of the trailer. It spun, crashing into my dad as he waited for the green light, crushing him inside his own car. I later learned that he died instantly, but that was the only consolation that we got.

Suddenly my mom found herself alone, with no close relatives and two little girls. She had quit her job after I was born, as they made do with my father's work, but now that he was gone she found herself in trouble. As the insurance trial went on and on, she lost the house, and we had to move to a small apartment. She started selling stuff that we no longer needed as she looked for a job, but it wasn't easy with the two of us.

When the insurance finally paid it destroyed her. It was a joke, barely enough to cover her debts, and without no other option, she started cleaning houses for a living. When she could she took us with her, and I remember sitting in strangers houses as she worked, but not everybody was so good, and she spent a lot of money in child care.

Time took its toll, and she grew bitter and depressed. I started taking care of Lily when she wasn't around, and when I was old enough she started leaving me with her all day long. No matter how hard she tried, she could barely manage to get to the end of the month, and slowly that destroyed her.

As the years passed and things got even worse, she started drinking. Not much at first, but it wasn't long before she became an alcoholic. After work she would come back, looking sullen and angry. She would make us something to eat if I hadn't already, and then she would go out again, hopping between bars and coming back drunk.

Then the man started appearing. I would wake up early in the morning, only to find a stranger sleeping with her. I was terrified at first, and I would always lock Lily and I inside our room, waiting for them to go away. When I talked with her she told me everything was fine, and that I should not mess with her life.

None of the men she slept with lasted long, though. After a couple of weeks they would all stop coming, and she would tell me they were assholes, thought when I pressed her on it she told me it wasn't my problem.

She grew distant and distrustful, and when I turned 15 years old, Jacob appeared in our life. By then she was working on a liquor store, and he was a regular customer there. The pay wasn't very good, but she was able to steal enough for her to drink herself senseless and that seemed to be all that she cared about.

Jacob was the worst of them, but also the only one that stayed. Months passed and I counted every day, hoping that he would disappear like the rest, but instead my mom started coming home with bruises in her arms and her neck. I was terrified, but like before, she told me to leave her alone.

Then one day she told me we had to move, and we found ourselves living in his apartment. My mom said it would be for the best, as it was bigger and closer to her work, but I knew that nothing good would come out of it.

At first he behaved perfectly with us, but it wasn't long before he started calling me his little girl as he leered at me. When his friends came over to play poker, I had to stay in my room, no matter what happened, as some of them were even worse than him.

It was around then that I knew I had to do something, and then my mom wouldn't be of any help. When I told her what he did, she just brushed it off, calling me a liar, until I finally stopped talking to her.

The nights were the worst, as I sometimes heard them fucking while I tried to sleep. Luckily Lily was a deep sleeper, but it destroyed me to hear him calling my mother a slut as he fucked her on the next room.

Sometimes I would lay on my bed all night long, clutching the only pictures I had of my dad. My favorite was taken just a few weeks before the accident, on a day at the beach. My mom and my dad were hugging each other, smiling as they looked into the camera, while I carried Lily in my arms. I remember thinking that she was so small and fragile back then, that I was scared of holding her, but I promised myself that I would never let anything happen to her.

I remember how my dad used to play with us, and how full of life my mom was before all this, instead of the scarred and bitter woman she was now. I missed them so much…

But despite everything, I didn't want to give up. I started looking for a job, not sure of how I would do it as I was still 16 years old, but I got lucky. I found a company that hired me part time to clean bathrooms in a mall, no questions asked.

The work itself was awful, as I spent my afternoons after school cleaning toilets, only to clean them again an hour later. It was tiring and humiliating, and it wasn't long before I knew why my mom had been so tired every day after work.

The pay itself was very bad, below minimum wage, but since I shouldn't be allowed to work on the first place, I couldn’t say a word. Still, to me it was more than enough, and I saved every dollar I made as I dreamed of taking Lily away from that life before it was too late.

Still, I knew it would take a long time before I could escape with her, and I couldn't rush it. Despite everything, we had a roof over our heads and food every day, and I didn't want to risk ending up on the street with her. I would never forgive myself if something were to happen to her.

So I took my time, saving up slowly as I waited for the right time. There was no real reason to rush. We were safe, or so I thought...

It was late in the night when my nightmare started. I was tired from school and from work, and I knew that tomorrow would be just as hard, so I took a shower and went back to my room, hoping to stay awake long enough for Lily to come back from one of her friends house.

There was a knock on the door, and before I could even turn around the door opened and my mom came in. I could smell the alcohol in her breath from the other side of the room, but when I saw Jacob entering my room I was paralyzed.

I was only wearing a towel, wrapped around my body, and I cursed myself for not locking the door before, but now it was too late.

“Mom? What is going on?” I asked her, hating how frightened I sounded.

She ignored me as Jacob took a swig of the bottle he had in his hand. He smiled at me for a few moments while I trembled in my bed, terrified of what he might do.

“Hey Jasmine. We were talking with your mom, and turns out she forgot to get me a birthday present, can you believe it?” he said taking another swig of the bottle.

From the corner of my eyes I could see my phone on my night stand. I could tell he was pretty drunk, and I naively thought I had a chance to call the police before anything happened.

Moving my hand slowly, I tried to pick it up as I shielded it with my body.

“But then Sara thought of the perfect present for me. Just what I have wanted for a long time.” he took a few steps towards me as he talked, giving my mom the bottle.

“Noooo! Mom!” I whispered as I realized what he meant.

I looked at my mom, and I saw her drinking from the bottle behind him. She was smiling, completely oblivious to what was happening.

I started trembling in fear as he got closer and closer. I tried to grab the phone but I was paralyzed, and before I could react, he was standing next to me, while I sat on the bed.

“Jasmine.” he said, taking off his belt.

I was finally able to react as I heard him saying my name, but he was too close. Before I could get away the grabbed one of my arms, twisting it behind me as he pushed me into the bed.

“Mom! Help me! Please!” I screamed uselessly as I struggled under his weight.

A moment later he had both my arms behind my back and he wrapped his belt around then, tying then together. I panicked as I felt the leather tightening around my skin, and I started kicking wildly. My foot struck my bedside lamp, shattering it and sending shards of porcelain all over the floor.

Once he had tied the belt, he flipped me around until I was laying on my back and then he sat on top of me, pinning me with his weight. I felt his hands over my body just before he unwrapped the towel from my body, leaving me naked beneath him.

I shivered as his eyes ran over my body, making me feel disgusted and afraid.

“Please! Just let me go, I won't say a word! Please!” I begged to him as he fondled my breasts until they started to hurt.

“Jasmine. Are you a virgin?” he asked me as he started kissing my neck.

His lips felt like fire on my skin and I felt his breath, reeking of alcohol, on my neck as I trembled in fear.

“Don’t worry, I will be gentle.” he said, rising up and smiling. He took off his shirt and then he slid of me, taking his pants off. His cock was already hard and it looked impossibly large to me. I shuddered thinking what was about to happen, but I couldn't move.

“Mom! What are you doing! Help me! Please” I screamed again, hoping to make her react, but it was pointless.

She looked at me, her eyes unfocused and I knew she was already drunk.

Then I saw him again, standing next to me as he stroked his cock. Smiling, he climbed on to the bed again, grabbing my ankles and placing then on his shoulders. I felt his hand, running over my naked pussy and terror overwhelmed me.

“Please! Don't do it! Please!” I said, my voice barely a whisper.

Despite my pleading, he spat in his hand, and then he smeared his saliva over my pussy, moving his fingers between my lips. I shuddered as I felt him touching me, but I was unable to move.

Then without another word he grabbed his cock in one hand and he rubbed it between my lips. I closed my eyes, hoping that it was all a nightmare, and that I would wake up in my bed, alone, but it was useless.

As he moved slowly inside me I tensed my body, preparing myself for the pain I knew was about to come, and then I felt the head of his cock inside me. I gasped in shock, more in surprise than in pain as I realized that it was real, and that he was raping me.

“No! No! Noooo!” I screamed as he moved deeper into me.

By then he was breathing deeply and he had his eyes closed.

“Yeahhhh! You have a really tight cunt!” he said as the pain inside me rose and rose.

Then suddenly I felt something inside me give, and a sharp pain spread through my body. I couldn't even breath from the intensity as I felt something warm dribbling between my legs.

“I guess you are a woman now, Jasmine.” he said, caressing my cheek with one hand.

I was paralyzed as I finally felt his hips resting against my ass and I knew he was fully inside me. I felt full and bloated, and my pussy was screaming in agony as he started moving. I shook my head from side to side, trying to clear my eyes as the world was blurry from my tears, but I couldn't stop crying.

Once he was fully inside me, he started fucking me. I felt a fire burning inside me and I knew that I wasn't wet enough, but he didn't care. Unable to move, I tensed my body, trembling under his assault as I waited for it to be over.

To one side I could see my mom, now sitting on the floor as she finished the bottle, and I wondered how she could let someone rape her daughter in front of her.

I don't know how long it lasted, but he took his time, moving slowly inside me, savoring the moment as he took my virginity away. I tried to stay still, as struggling only made it hurt more, but he still found ways to torture me. He started fondling my breast and pinching my nipples, until I they too were in agony.

Then, without warning, I felt him pull out from my pussy, leaving me with a sensation of emptiness. I felt sore and dirty as he watched me, his cock in his hand again, now covered in my blood.

I felt like screaming, but I was too tired even for that.

“I love how tight you are, Jasmine.” he said tenderly to me.

Then he grabbed my ankles in one hand and he turned me around until I was facing down. He stood to one side, his hands caressing my back as I tried to pull the belt loose, but I only managed to cut myself on the tough leather.

“But… I think I deserve something a little more special for my birthday, don't you think?” he said, as his hands moved over my ass, and I froze in terror once more.

With one hand holding me against the bed, the other moved between my legs, playing with my pussy before he moved his thumb over my asshole. I cried out in surprise and I started thrashing under him with all my force.

I got lucky, and one kick caught him on his chin, knocking him away. I wasted no time, rolling away from him and landing on the floor with my knees flexed. I took off running as fast as I could move, but I was still too slow. He grabbed my ankle after only two steps, dragging me down to the floor and with my hands behind my body I couldn't break my fall. I smashed my head on the hard floor, and I was left moaning from the pain.

“Stupid bitch! You are going to pay for that!” he said, screaming furiously.

Grabbing my hair, he pulled my head back and then he slammed it again against the floor, leaving me stunned and with a headache. A muffled scream escaped my lips as he pressed me against the floor, and behind me he sat on top of my legs.

Pulling from the belt, he forced my arms up. The pain was terrible and I couldn't stop screaming. Worst of all, I couldn't move, as every time I did the pain became even greater. He took that opportunity to continue his work, and I felt his thumb over my asshole again.

“Noooo! Please, not that! You are going to hurt me!” I begged hysterically under him

But he wasn't paying me any attention, and soon I felt his warm saliva sliding between my butt as he spat on me again. Using his cock, he smeared his saliva on my asshole, and without wasting more time I felt the head of his cock pressing against me.

At first it wasn't painful, and I only felt the pressure increasing as he tried to open me up, but soon he overpowered my sphincter and the head slid inside me. I was in agony again, as he forced his way inside my virgin asshole, and the sensation was horrible.

I tried moving away from him, but I had to drag myself over the carpet, burning my breasts on it until I had to stop. Just like before, he slowly worked his way inside me, moaning in pleasure as he raped me, but this time the pain was much stronger and I tensed my body, trying not to scream.

Then he was inside me, his hips resting on my ass as he shoved his cock fully inside me. As he stood still the pain eased for a moment, but he started moving a few seconds later, fucking my ass dry.

“Aaaaarghhh!” I screamed in agony as he fucked me, fearing that he would tear me open.

A moment later he grabbed my hair again, pulling from it and using it to hold me down. I felt his sweat against my skin and I had trouble breathing as his weight crushed me. He was fucking me savagely, as if he were punishing me with his cock.

“Get ready, I am going to cum, bitch!” he screamed into my ears.

I tensed my body, unable to believe he was going to cum inside me, but a moment later I felt the first jet of semen splashing inside my rectum. More followed a moment later, and he grunted in pleasure as he filled my asshole with his seed.

I stood still as he finally stopped moving. My body trembled from the pain under his weight and I was exhausted. Then he let go of my hair, and slowly he pulled out, leaving my asshole gaping open from the abuse. I gasped in pain as he got up, and I felt a sharp pain coming from my asshole.

He kneeled on the floor in front of me, and I looked away, unable to see him as he caressed my back again. I couldn't stop crying as shivers ran down my body wherever he touched me.

“Now, you are not going to say a word about this. Not to anyone, is that clear, Jasmine? Otherwise I might just do the same to your little sister.” he said, his hand closing on the back of my neck.

I imagined my sister, naked and bound under his body while he raped her, and I was terrified. The thought of her being abused by him filled me with dread, and I nodded slowly, without looking at him.

“Say it. I want to hear you say it.” he said.

“I won't say a word. I swear…” I whispered, feeling tired and afraid.

Apparently satisfied, I felt him undoing his belt and I was free again. He got up, and after picking his clothing from the floor, he told me to get cleaned up. Without another word he left, taking my mom by one hand. The empty bottle lay discarded on the floor, and she swayed from side to side as he followed her out.

I felt ashamed and disgusted. My skin tingled all over as I felt his sweat drying on me as his cum dribbled from my asshole. Trying to stop the pain, I folded my knees under my chest as I laid my face on the floor. Then I took one trembling hand to my ass and I gingerly felt around my asshole. It hurt terribly every time I touched it, but besides his cum dribbling out of it, there was no blood. Then I ran my fingers over my pussy, and they came out red with blood.

“Oh, god! No!” I said to myself.

I remembered my phone, laying on the floor next to the broken lamp, and I was just about to call the police when I remembered his threat. I knew then, that I wouldn't do it. I couldn't risk him hurting Lily, no matter what he did to me.

I slowly dragged myself towards my bed, climbing onto it with the last of my strength. My head was killing me from the blows, and my arms were covered in bruises from where he had tied me, but despite the pain, the worst was the humiliation of knowing that he had used me for his pleasure, and once he was done, he had thrown me away.

I slowly crawled under the sheets, covering my body as I cried in shame. I must have fallen asleep at some point, because I woke up when Lily returned.

She was a bit short for a 12 years old girl, at 4 foot and 3 inches, but her body was slowly turning into one of a woman, with wide hips and small budding breast. Her hair was light brown, just like mine, and her eyes were a deep reddish brown.

“Hey, Jasmine. Are you okay?. Your eyes are look red and puffy...” she said to me, her voice filled with concern.

I grabbed the sheets, pulling them tight against my body when she tried to pull them off, afraid she would see the bruises. I could feel his cum still burning inside my asshole, and I couldn't stop myself from trembling.

“I am okay, don't worry.” I said to her, smiling as best as I could.

She looked at me, and I knew she wanted to press me, but fortunately she went to her own bed and after undressing she went to sleep.

“Good night. I love you.” she said from her bed.

I felt a knot forming inside my throat as I thought about her. Holding back my tears, I promised myself that I would protect her, no matter what.

“I love you too, Lily.” I said to her, wiping away the tears from my eyes. “Good night.”

It was a long time before I managed to sleep again, and my dreams were full of shadows that came out of the dark, running after me until they dragged me down into the darkness with them.

That night was the first time he raped me, but it wouldn't be the last. With every rape he became more confident that I wouldn't say a word, and his abuse became more and more violent. He only had to threaten Lily and I would do as he said, no matter how humiliating or disgusting it was.

I can't say I got used to it, no one can. But it became part of my life, just like work or going to school. After a few months of constant abuse, I became fearful and introvert. I stopped talking to my friends and I concentrated on my job, hoping to escape as soon as I could.

Every night, after he raped me, I would count what little money I had saved, telling myself that it still wasn't enough. I told myself that I just had to hold on for a little longer. Just another month, and then we could escape together.

But in the end, it was all for nothing.

That night I came back from work a little later than usual. I was tired and cranky, as two of my coworkers had missed work and I had been forced to cover their areas. Distracted as I was, it wasn't until I had locked the front door in the entrance hall that I noticed the noise.

I could hear moans of pleasure coming from the living room, and what might even be someone gagging on something. I felt disgusted, as I imagined Jacob sitting on the couch watching porn and masturbating, as Lily was probably already back.

But I thought something wasn't quite right, and I walked slowly towards the living room door, holding my breath.

The door was open, and through it I saw my mom, sitting on the couch’s armrest. She was only wearing her underwear, an old lacy set that she had had for a long time. Trembling, I moved a little close to the door, and then I saw him.

It was one of Jacob’s friends, though I didn't know his name. He was completely bald and a little shorter than me, thought he was all muscle. I remember all the times he had called a me “a pretty little slut” as they played poker and I shivered. But worst of all was seeing him in his underwear, sitting on the couch next to my mom as he ran his hands over her legs.

I gasped in shock, horrified by what I was seeing. He was laughing as he moved his hands along my mother's ass, oblivious to my presence. I thought of Lily, and what seeing this might do to her, and I couldn't stop myself. I barged into the room, ready to take her away, but I stopped cold as soon as I saw him.

Jacob was sitting on the couch, were he always was. He was naked, holding a beer in one hand, and in front of him, kneeling on the floor and sucking his cock, was Lily.

I stopped in the middle of the room, unable to move, or even to talk as I watched her sucking him. She had her hands handcuffed behind her back with a pair of pink handcuffs and her head was bobbing up and down between his legs as he held her neck in one hand.

Jacob looked at me a moment later in fake surprise. He was smiling and licking his lips.

“Jasmine! How was your day, sweetie?” he asked me cheerily, acting as if nothing was happening.

As I stood speechless in the room, I saw him pushing her head deeper until she started gagging. She pulled from the handcuffs, but they were closed tightly and I could see red mark on her skin where they were cutting her.

I don't know how long I stood there, watching the scene without saying anything, but at some point it became too much for me to stay standing. I collapsed onto my knees, hanging my head in shame. Of course his promise had been a lie! How could I have been so stupid as to thrust him?

I started crying as I imagined him raping Lily, time and time again, while I left her alone with him. Only then I noticed that she was also acting strange too and I tried to remember for how long she had been distant and quiet, but I couldn’t. I coldly wondered if he had started raping her before me, and I shuddered at the thought.

In front of me Jacob was smiling as he pointed his beer at me.

“Hey man, do you want to ride her? She is a pretty sweet fuck!” he said talking to the bald man.

I looked up in shock, unable to believe what I was hearing. My heart was beating furiously inside my chest, just like it had the first time he had raped me. I looked at my mom, but she was no help.

“Are you sure she won't mind?” he said, licking his lips as he stood up from the couch.

As he started walking towards me I panicked. I stood up and turned around, desperately trying to get to the door as I searched for my keys, but he was much faster than me. He tackled me before I could take the first step, and I fell to the floor, banging my head against the wooden floor.

A white flash of light filled my head while I tried to get up, but my arms and legs felt slow and heavy. He fell on top of me a moment later, pinning me to the floor as I felt his hand unzipping my pants. He tried to pull them off me, but they were too tight and with me laying down it wasn't easy.

He grew angry as I fought with him, trashing my arms and legs as I tried desperately to get him off my back.

“Help! Please! Somebody help me!” I screamed in panic, hoping one of the neighbors would listen.

“Stay still, you stupid bitch!” he screamed into my face as he flipped me over, until I was laying on my back.

Out of nowhere, he slapped my face once, and then again, rocking my head to one side and leaving my face on fire. Without wasting more time, he finally managed to slid my pants down to my knees and then he did the same with my panties.

“Noooo! Let me go! Please!” I screamed uselessly, but his only response was another slap on my face.

Stunned, he flipped me over again, and grabbing the back of my head he pressed me against the floor as he climbed on top of me. I felt his hands between my legs, sliding between my pussy lips as he held me down. I was far too dry, and he struggled to slide his fingers inside me.

“Noooo!” I screamed as I felt him inside me.

“Ohhh, you have a tight little cunt!” he said laughing into my ear.

The he pulled out, making me gasp in shock, but a moment later I felt him moving behind me and he moaned in pleasure as something bigger and hotter pressed against my pussy.

“Get ready for my cock, bitch!” he screamed, but when he slid it inside me it felt soft and he had trouble pushing it in.

My struggles didn't make it any easier for him, and I thought I might be able to get him off me if I got lucky. He seemed unable to push his cock inside me, and for a moment he stood still, pressing my face against the floor.

I tried looking behind me, to see Lily and Jacob, but I couldn't run my head, no matter how hard I tried.

“Stay still, you cunt! I can't concentrate!” he screamed nervously. Behind him I could hear Jacob laughing softly.

He pulled from my hair in anger, lifting my head from the floor and then he slammed it down. My forehead hit the floor solidly, bouncing and leaving me stunned. I tasted something metallic in my mouth and a moment later it started to hurt. I feared I had bitten my tongue off, but he gave me no time to recover.

Getting up again, he rolled me over one more time, until I was facing up and then he sat on my chest, crushing me with his weight. In the blink of an eye, he grabbed with my wrists in one hand and the pushed them against the floor, high above my head, until I couldn't move anymore.

“What's the matter man?” Jacob said, mocking him.

He looked at me with pure hate in his eyes, seething with rage as I tried to free my wrists, but I was getting tired and he was much stronger that I. With his free hand he started masturbating next to my face. I could see his cock now, and it looked soft and small.

Desperate to get hard, he rubbed it on my face, smearing what little juices I had on my lips and my cheeks. It was humiliating and I was disgusted as I smelled myself on his cock, but even that wasn't enough to get him hard.

When he tried to open my mouth, I bit his fingers in defense, but that was a mistake.

“Stupid bitch!” he screamed, even angrier than before.

Then both his hands moved quickly to my neck, clamping around it as he started squeezing. I felt the pressure crushing my throat and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't breathe anymore. I panicked and it wasn't long before my lungs started burning inside my chest.

“I will teach you a lesson, you cunt!” he said as he strangled me with his hands.

My face felt on fire and my vision started to close around me. Desperate to breathe, I grabbed his wrists, trying to pull them off my neck, but he only squeezed harder. It wasn't long before I could hear my heart beating inside my head.

Then he lifted me from the floor, only to slam me back down again. I hit my head once more, and a sharp bolt of pain made me gasp. Spit flew from my lips as I fought to breath, landing on his face, but he didn't even notice.

“Hey man, she is getting a little blue. Ease off!” Jacob said lazily from the couch.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see my mom, sitting on the floor next to the couch. She looked scared, but she made no move to help us.

My vision closed even more, until the only thing I could see was his face hovering above me. My mouth was open, and I felt my tongue bloated inside it as he kept squeezing my neck. Every muscle in my body screamed in agony from the lack of air, but I managed to raise my hand to his face.

I dragged my fingernails over his face, cutting him and leaving four red lines over his cheek, but he just squeezed a little harder.

Just as I lost consciousness, I thought of Lily, and how I had failed her. Then I knew no more.


The sound of a chain dragging on the floor woke up. I felt weak and disoriented as I shivered on the floor, and my whole body was screaming in pain. Worst of all was my head, which was pounding inside my skull with every heartbeat.

I tried to roll onto one side, but when I moved my hands to support myself I found that I was handcuffed with my hands in front of my body.

“Jasmine? Is that you?” Lily whispered from somewhere next to me, sounding afraid.

With great effort I got my hands under my body and I pushed myself up until I could seat on the floor. The handcuffs seemed to be attached to something solid with a chain, so I was stuck in place.

Sitting made me a little dizzy, but after a few seconds it got better.

“Lily…” I said. My voice sounded dry and raspy, and talking made my throat hurt even more.

“Jasmine! I thought you were dead! Oh, god! I am sorry!” she said as she started crying.

I heard the chain dragging again and when she talked again, she sounded a bit closer.

“Please, forgive me! I tried to tell you, but Jacob threatened you… I am sorry!” she said in between sobs.

I didn't know what to say. I had failed her from the beginning, and now we were both here. I tried not to cry, but it was hard. I was overwhelmed with grief as I heard her crying. I wanted to go to her, to wrap my arms around her and to comfort her, but I couldn't.

“Shhhh, it's not your fault. Everything will be fine...” I said to her, but my words sounded hollow and stupid.

“Are you hurt?” I asked her after a moment of silence while I pulled from my chain again, hoping that I would be able to get it loose. But despite my best effort, I only managed to hurt my wrists on the handcuffs.

A few minutes passed like that. Lily cried and I tried to calm myself, knowing what desperation wouldn’t help, but it wasn't easy. I didn't know where we were, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't think of anything that might help. Still, Lily seemed to calm down a little.

“I am cold…” she whispered.

I could imagine her, sitting naked on the floor as she shivered, her skin covered in bruises just like mine probably was. It broke my heart to know I couldn't do anything to help her.

“I know… I am cold too.” I answered back.

All of a sudden, a light came on above us, blinding me for a few seconds. Next to me I could hear Lily gasping in surprise. When I managed to open my eyes I quickly looked around the room, but the only way in was through a small wooden door on the opposite side. The walls were full of cracks and stains, and what little paint there was left was falling off.

Off to one side I could see Lily, naked as I was. She was sitting on the floor, her back to one wall as she hugged her knees to her chest. She was cuffed just like me, and a short length of chain connected our handcuffs to the wall. But despite my worst fears, the only thing I could see on her was a swollen lip.

Then I heard footsteps outside the door, and I moved back, pressing my back against the cold wall. The door opened slowly, and behind it I saw the same man that had choked me.

He was smiling, and without a word he came in and then he closed the door behind him, walking to the center of the room as he leered at me.

“Did you miss me, bitch?” he asked me, his voice full of contempt.

I started trembling as I remembered his hands around my neck as I choked. Without waiting for an answer, he stopped and he started undressing himself. He took his shirt and his shoes, and then his pants, dropping them next to the door. I could see the outline of his cock under his underwear, and I could tell he was already hard.

“Please… just let Lily go. I will do anything you want!” I said to him, my voice quivering. “She won't say a thing! I promise!”

Looking towards Lily, he leered and then he looked back at me, his smile even wider than before.

“Ohhh, I will see how you behave first…” he said, slipping of his underwear.

Once he was naked, he crouched in front of me, pumping his cock in one hand. It was bigger than Jacob’s and covered in blue veins, rising above the surface. I couldn't take my eyes from it, and when he noticed me, he laughed softly.

“I was a little nervous last time, but don't worry. I took a little something today.” he said.

Stretching his arm, he caressed my leg with his free hand. I felt my skin crawling under his hand, but I was unable to move.

“Do you like it?” he asked me.

I couldn't believe that he was really asking me if I liked his cock, just before he raped me. He looked expectantly into my eyes, but his smile faltered as I remained quiet.

“I asked you if you liked it, you cunt!” He screamed in my face, making me jump.

“Yes!” I screamed without thinking. Next to us I could hear Lily, sobbing hysterically.

Faster than I could react, he grabbed my ankle, pulling from it until I fell on my back. He dragged me away from the wall as I trashed around, hoping to free myself, but soon my arms were pulled tightly above my head and I was defenseless. In one quick movement, he rolled me over, until I was facing down and then he climbed on top of me.

“Please! Don’t hurt me!” I begged him, feeling weak.

He just laughed as he sat on my legs just below my ass. I heard him spitting and then he rubbed his hands on my pussy, smearing his warm saliva between my legs while he shoved a finger inside me. I gasped more in shock than in pain and a moment later I felt him rubbing his cock on my pussy, pressing firmly.

“Noooooooo!” I screamed desperately, pulling from the chain.

At that time I could only feel his cock, moving slowly inside me. It felt much bigger than Jacob’s, and despite his saliva, I was still far to dry for it. He slowed down a little, and I heard him grunting in effort as he struggled to move inside me.

As he moved deeper and deeper, I writhed in agony, screaming until my tortured throat felt on fire and my voice was no more than a dry hoarse. Still, it didn't seem to be a problem for him. He kept pushing as I tried to resist the pain, until finally he stopped and I felt his hips resting on my ass.

“So tight…” he whispered in my ears just before he started pulling out.

I could hear him breathing heavily behind me as he started fucking my pussy. He moved slowly at first, fighting me, but as I loosened up he got faster and faster until he was pounding me into the floor.

“Don't hurt her… please…” Lily begged him but her voice was just a whisper.

I could see her to one side, curled up into a ball and as far away from us as she could get. Despite the pain I tried to stay still, hoping that I would be enough for him. I knew I wouldn't be able to stand seeing him with her.

I don't know how long he lasted, but it felt like an eternity to me, until finally he told me to get ready. His body tensed above me and he came, filling me with his seed. I felt my whole body crawling with revulsion as jet after jet of his cum splashed inside me, but I stood still.

With a loud moan of pleasure, he pulled out, and I felt a big glob of cum sliding between my legs. Once he was out, he laid his cock on my ass, rubbing his cum all over it.

“Did you like it, bitch?” he asked me.

Ashamed with myself, I nodded while I cried, making him laugh. I knew what he wanted, and I was terrified he would get mad again. The room was silent again, with only his breathing and Lily’s sobbing filling the air.

I stood still, hoping that he would leave us alone after that, but a moment later he started moving behind me and I felt his hands running over my back.

“It's a shame to waste a hard on, don't you think? Especially when you still have a hole I want to try!” he said, and I tensed almost immediately.

The thought of him fucking my asshole filled me with dread and I started trashing again, trying desperately to get him off me as I pulled from the chain. It was connected to the wall with one heavy padlock, and no matter how hard I tried, I only managed to cut my wrists on the cold metal.

“Noooo! Please! You are going to hurt me! Please! Don't do it!” I screamed in panic as he spat on my ass.

I felt his warm saliva sliding between my asscheeks just before he rubbed his cock over my asshole.

“Noooo! Noooo! Noooo!” I screamed over and over again as I pulled from the chain until my wrists were bleeding.

Behind me he kept pushing, grunting in effort as I tried resisting him. I knew that fighting it would only make it hurt more, that if I relaxed it would be easier, but I was terrified and such thoughts were beyond me. A moment later I felt the head of his cock entering my asshole and I wailed in agony.

The pain was unbearable, and soon breathing became almost impossible as I fought the pain. Then all of a sudden all pressure disappeared and I felt him slamming his hips against my ass. I waited for a single second, not understanding what had happened, until I registered the pain, even greater than before, from my ruptured sphincter.

“Uggghhh!” he moaned in pleasure from above me, oblivious to my agony.

With no resistance, he started fucking my asshole like he had my pussy a minute ago, pounding my hips into the hard floor. I stared straight ahead, unable to think from the pain. I felt him grabbing my hair before he started pulling back, forcing my head up and putting pressure on my neck.

Suddenly I couldn't breathe anymore and I started choking as every part of my body seemed in agony. My breasts were dragging over the rough concrete floor, and I could feel the dirt and grime on it as he pressed me down. My wrists were bleeding badly and my lower body was just a mass of incredible pain.

And then I just peed myself. I don't know how it happened, but suddenly I realized I was peeing and I couldn't stop myself. I felt warm urine pooling under my stomach and between my legs, adding to the humiliation I already felt. It wasn't long before he noticed.

“Ohhh, you are such a dirty slut!” he said mocking me.

Having just cummed inside me, he took his time, stretching my torture for as long as he could. From time to time he would slow down, releasing the pressure in my neck and I breathed deeply, but it was never enough. He took his time, trying not to cum again, but before long it became too much and I felt him picking up his pace.

“I am going to cum!” he screamed behind me, just before he pulled from my hair again.

I felt him spasming above me as he came for the second time, filling my rectum with his cum. It felt just as disgusting as before, but this time he collapsed on top of me, pressing me against the ground as he recovered.

I felt his cock moving slowly out of me, until it popped free and all that was left was a sharp pain that seemed to pierce my whole body. Slowly, another glob of cum slid between my legs, sliding over my sore pussy and making me shiver in disgust.

While he recovered, he started caressing my back, almost lovingly. Wherever he touched me my skin erupted in goose bumps, but he didn't seem to notice, and his breathing was deep and slow, as if he were about to fall asleep.

Then he got up without a word, rolling me over and sitting on my hips. My arms were still stretched above me, and I had to lift my head to look at him. He was playing with his cock as he smiled.

“Look at the mess you made.” he said pointing at his cock.

It was covered in a mix of cum, blood and shit, and even from where I was I could already smell the stench coming off from it. It made me gag just from looking at it, but the worst was his smile.

Without a word he moved closer to my face, grabbing my hair and pulling from it until I screamed from the pain. Then he simply shoved his cock into my open mouth, smearing the disgusting mix on my tongue.

“Clean it, bitch!” he screamed as he shoved it deeper into my mouth.

I started gagging as soon as I felt the taste on my tongue, fighting to get his cock out of my mouth but he was too heavy. Leaning forwards, he pushed deeper and deeper until it was into my throat and I couldn't hold it anymore. I started vomiting, and puke shot from my mouth, burning me from the inside.

Desperate to breathe, I did the only thing I could, and I bit down hard, closing my jaw over his cock.

He started wailing in agony almost instantly and in fright, I opened my mouth. He collapsed to one side, clutching his cock as blood flowed between his fingers. I could taste it in my mouth and dripping down my cheeks.

I vomited once more, rolling to one side as the burning liquid splashed on my face, and then I realized what I had done. With the taste of his blood and my own vomit on my mouth, I sat on the floor and then I moved backwards, against the wall as I saw him rolling in the floor, clutching his cock. Blood kept coming from it without stop, and I was suddenly very afraid.

A moment later Jacob barged into the room, looking wildly around. When he saw his friend on the floor, covered in blood he looked at me with anger.

“What the fuck did you do to him?” he screamed as he grabbed his hands, pulling them off to take a look.

“Oh, shit!” he said, as his face turned white.

I was terrified as he picked him up with some effort before he dragged him out of the room. The man was crying like a baby, as he clutched his crotch, and Jacob was swearing under his breath.

After they were gone I looked around the room. The door was open, but we were still chained to the wall, unable to move. I tried wiping my face with the back of my hands, trying to get the vomit and the blood off, but it proved useless. The room smelled of shit and vomit now, and I tried moving away from the mess on the floor, at least until the chain stopped me.

Lily seemed in shock, as she looked blankly at the wall with her mouth open. I started sobbing, fearing the moment when Jacob would return, and before I realized it, he was back. His shirt was stained with blood, and he looked angrier than ever before. He looked briefly at Lily, but then he walked straight towards me, stopping just a few feet in front.

“I am sorry! It was just an accident!” I said to him in between sobs. “I didn't mean to! I swear!”

He looked at me for a long time without saying anything, while my heart froze inside my chest.

“You have to believe me, please! I am sorry!” I pleaded one more time.

He crouched in front of me, looking to his side for a moment, at the pool of dried blood on the floor. His face was a mask of hate and he seemed to be trembling with it.

“You are not sorry Jasmine. But you will when I am done with you, believe me…” he said, his voice calm and cold.

As he rose again, I saw movement by the door, and two other men came inside. They seemed familiar, but I couldn't remember from where. As they walked towards me, they looked at me with lust in their faces. One of them kneeled in front of me, caressing my face with one hand, just before he punched me on the nose.

The blow rocked my head back, and I hit the wall hard, bouncing from it. I was stunned, and they took the opportunity. They unchained me from the wall and then they pulled me up as they dragged me to the center of the room as I swayed dizzily on my feet.

I heard a chain rattling above me as they pulled my arms up, and a moment later the they pulled me up from the floor until I was hanging in the air. I kicked uselessly around, trying to reach the ground, but it was too far away. Once I was secure, they took a step back, leering at me as I swung from side to side.

My nose was throbbing with pain as I tried to clear my head, but the position made it very hard. My own weight pulled from my arms until my back was killing me and it took a lot of effort just to breath. Soon I started getting easy as my body swung from side to side.

When I managed to look up there were more men in the room, more than I could count. But they were not paying me any attention. Instead they were all facing Lily, as she cowered in fear against the wall. She was trying to cover herself with her arms, and her breathing was fast in swallow. Her eyes looked at them, wide with panic.

“Noooo! Please! Leave her alone!” I screamed weakly.

But they didn't care what I said, and the two closest to them picked her up from the floor, undoing the chain that held her to the wall. They moved her closer to me, and then they raped her in front of my eyes.

One of them laid on the floor, and they lowered her body on top of him. While he fucked her pussy, another did the same behind her, fucking her ass as I watched, howling desperately. Her body shook between them, looking small and fragile.

Lily was wailing in agony as they used her body, and her screams filled the small room.

“Please… stop! Take me instead, please…” I begged, knowing they weren't listening.

Jacob appeared next to me, and he started caressing my back while he held me in place so that I could see them. A moment later the one fucking her ass came inside her, moaning loudly in pleasure as he filled her ass with cum. When he pulled out, another took his place without giving her a single moment of rest. A third, unable to wait any longer stood in front of her, and after pulling her hair, he shoved his cock inside her mouth, silencing her screams.

She started gagging almost instantly, and I saw her face turning a deep shade of red as she ran out of air.

“Noooo! Why are you doing this?” I asked Jacob.

He looked at me for a second, turning my body around so I was facing him.

“This…” he said, pointing at them. “is to teach you a lesson. And also because I can.” he said.

Without warning he punched me in the stomach, driving me back and knocking all the air from my lungs. I folded my knees up, trying to protect myself from a second punch that never came as I gasped desperately for air, but it wasn't easy, and before I could recover he took a trash bag from his back pocket, and he slipped it over my head.

In one swift movement, he tied it around my neck, and then left me there. The next time I breathed in, the bag shrunk, sticking to my face until it was tight against my skin. It wasn't enough to satisfy my lungs, and the next time there was even less air. In three or four breaths I was desperate for air, and my lungs were burning.

The bag became hot and humid with condensation, and it slipped out of my mouth every time I tried to rip it with my teeth. My body started trembling from exhaustion as the air inside the bag became more rare with every breath, but when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, someone poked a tiny hole on the plastic, just over my mouth.

Sweet air rushed inside the bag with every breath, just enough to stop me from suffocating, but I was unable to recover my breath as the rape of my sister continued around me.

Lily begged for me to save her when they left her mouth free, but I couldn't do a thing for her, and I simply hung from the chain, powerless to help her as I tried to breathe. The men in the room were laughing as they took turns with her, and after a while her pleas became weaker and weaker.

Out of nowhere I heard her puking, and a second later they cheered wildly, calling someone's name. But the sounds of the two men fucking her didn't stop, and with the taste of my own vomit in my mouth, I grew even more desperate.

“Please…” she begged them, her voice hoarse and weak.

The only response she got was a slap that left her whimpering, and then I heard her gagging again as one of the men continued raping her throat.

The room filled with the sound of her rape as their cocks ravaged her pussy and her asshole, and a wet gurgling sound that she made as they shoved their cocks in her throat.

Still, they kept raping her, and I heard their moans of pleasure for a long time as they came inside her. After some time the men seemed to leave, until the last two stopped and left. Unable to see, I imagined her on the floor, the cum of all the men mixing inside her pussy and her asshole, and I shuddered, powerless to help her.

Out of nowhere, a hand closed lightly around my neck, holding me in place. The inside of the bag was full of sweat and condensation and the heat making me sick.

“Please… stop… I can't take it anymore.” I begged with the little air I had.

The only response I got was someone spitting on my chest. I felt his saliva sliding down my breasts as the men left the room, thought the hand remained on my neck. After a moment, it released me, moving down my back and sending shivers through my spine.

“Remember this the next time you want to do something stupid like that.” Jacob said next to me. “Maybe next time we won't be so nice…”

I heard he chain dragging on the floor, and then a loud click. Then he simply left, closing the door behind him. A moment later someone turned off the light and we were plunged into total darkness again.

I struggled to hear anything, fearing that one of them was still in the room, but after a while I gathered enough courage.

“Lily?” I whispered, hoping to hear her voice, but she remained quiet.

I was about to call her again when I heard a whimper, barely more than a whisper, in front of me. I started sobbing in joy, knowing that at least she was still alive. I leaned my head back, trying to undo the bag from my neck, but I was still too weak.

“I am sorry Lily… this is all my fault…” I said with the last of my strength, just before I fell unconscious once more.

When I woke up I was disoriented and weak. My chest felt on fire and my face was bloated to the point that I could barely see with my eyes fully opened. But the only thing in my mind was finding Lily.

I tried to roll to one side as I searched for her when I felt a hand on my shoulder, pushing me softly against the floor.

“Jasmine, listen to me.” a feminine voice said above me. “You have to stay still, okay, let me work.”

Moving my head to one side, I focused the tiny slit of vision I had on her face, and for a moment I thought I was dreaming.

Above me, I could see Ms. Campbell, my math teacher. I closed my eyes for a second, wincing from the pain, but when I opened them again she was still there. The same blond hair, the same brown eyes, and the same mouth.

Had she come to save me? For a moment I was delirious with hope, but when she spoke again I noticed that her voice was different.

“I am Dr. Susan. I am here to take care of you, but you have to stay still while I work, okay?” she asked me slowly.

The more I saw her, the more differences I found, like a mole on her right cheek, or the shape of her neck. Still, she was almost a double, and dazed as I was I had trouble remembering that she wasn't her.

“Lily… help...” I croaked, raising my hand to grab hers.

“She is okay, but you have to concentrate on yourself first. Stay still.” she insisted, shaking her hand free.

Too tired to insist, I laid on the floor as she checked me over, moving me from side to side, or flexing my arms or my legs. Every time she touched me pain flared in my body, as if every inch of me was bruised, and I started crying again as I saw Lily’s rape in my head again.

A few minutes later, she was done, and she moved her head over mine so I could see her.

“It's okay, just take it easy. You have a broken rib, and a few bruises and cuts, but nothing serious. You have to take it easy for a while, and you will get better.” she said, patting my hand in sympathy.

“I am going to talk to Jacob about this, and I will be back in a minute.”

After that she took her bag with her and she left me on the floor. I was still chained, but this time the chain was long enough that I didn't have to have my arms above my head all the time.

She returned a little later, and she gave me a few pills from the pain, promising that she would be back in two days to check my progress, and the they wouldn't disturb me until then. She caressed my hair, almost lovingly, and then she rose from the floor.

“Please… you have to help me…” I begged.

She stopped by the door, looking back at me, and for a moment she looked sad and afraid, but without another word she left.

Later that day one of the men that had raped Lily came in, carrying a bowl of soup and a glass of water. He left them next to me without a word and then he left. With great effort I managed to sit against the wall for long enough to eat, but my ribs were hurting too much and I had to lie down.

The next few days were a blur. I ate and slept on the floor, unable to do much. Dr. Susan came back as she promised, telling me that I was getting better though at time it didn't feel like that at all. My vision opened up slowly, and I could breathe from my nose again, but I was still too weak.

She gave me more pills, and told me to take it easy once more. When I asked her for help, or about Lily, she simply ignored me, saying that everything was going to be okay while I laid on the floor, naked and chained to the wall.

The nights were the worst for me. I had nightmares all the time, and soon I grew afraid to sleep, fearing what I might see. Even then, it was nothing compared to what I felt when Jacob came into the room once more.

I was laying on the floor, ready to fall asleep when the door opened. I expected to see the same man bringing me food, but when I opened my eyes I saw him, standing by the door and looking into my eyes.

Adrenaline shot through my body, and I woke un instantly. Desperate to get away from him, I crawled back against the wall, while he waited patiently.

“Hello Jasmine, how are you feeling?” he asked me.

I looked at him with terror, unable to believe how he could be like that after all that he had done. I felt tears running down my face and a moment later I was sobbing, remembering all that had happened.

A moment later I saw him walking towards me, and he stopped a few feet in front of me, crouching on the floor, where he waited quietly.

“Please… I want to see Lily. I have to see her…” I begged him.

He breathed deeply once, looking somehow disappointed, and then he sat on the floor, folding his knees in front of him and taking out a white handkerchief. He offered it to me, and I sat for a full minute looking at it, unable to move, until he took it away again.

“Lily is safe, she is with your mom. And she will remain like that, for as long as you behave.” he said, his voice firm.

I wanted to ask him more, but I knew he would tell me anything, so instead I sat there, trying not to cry any more.

“Please… I won't say a thing. I just want to see Lily…” I begged again.

“You won't, not now at least. Your mom will take care of your sister while you start working. The money you make will go to them, and in time you will be free to go.”

I waited for him to say more, as I didn't understand what he meant, but after that he just got up and turned around to leave. Stopping at the door, he looked back at me.

“Remember this, and know that it can be much worse the next time.” he said, making me shiver. “Just do as you're told, and Lily will be fine.”

With that he left, without looking back and I started crying again.

“Como te gusta el sexo, ehhh, putita?” he asked me as he fucked me.

In response I simply moaned in fake pleasure, thought in reality I was just uncomfortably hot. He was fat and hairy, with dark skin and a small bald spot on his head, and he was sweating profusely on top of me, to the point in which his sweat was dripping from my body.

I was lying on my back, my legs pointing up as he fucked my pussy, faster and faster as he got closer to his orgasm. In between moans I tried to move myself into a more comfortable position, as his weight made it hard to breath, but it was useless.

A moment later he came, screaming loudly as he shot his cum inside my unprotected pussy. Once he was done, he got up with a big smile on his face, taking his shirt from the floor and zipping his pants again.

“Que rica concha que tienes!” he said, struggling to contain his belly behind his shirt. “La próxima vez pregunto por ti directo, preciosa!”

He then kneeled next to me, trying to kiss me in the mouth, but I pulled to the side, disgusted by his breath, and he kissed my cheek instead. He smelled of cheap cigarettes and alcohol.

Apparently satisfied with that, he opened the door, and left me alone, at least for now. I quickly rolled to the side, grabbing the towel I had next to my mattress, and I wiped his cum from my pussy. The towel, crisp with dried cum, was far from clean, but I hated the feeling of their cum spilling out of my pussy.

With the cleanest rag I had, I wiped my chest and my neck from his sweat, shuddering in disgust, and then I threw them on the floor next to a couple of used condoms. Most customers didn't bother with one, but a few, the ones that were afraid, did. Sore and tired, I laid back again, waiting the next customer.

As the minutes passed, I tried to remember the faces of all the man from today, but they were all blurred together. Most of the days we had at least ten clients, but it could be as many as thirty in a busy night.

Luckily, the next one to come in was Miguel, the bouncer. He opened the door wide, motioning for me to follow him, and I swiftly got up, glad that my shift was finally over.

I followed him along a long corridor filled with doors, hearing the moans of the other girls coming from behind them, until we got to the end, where they had a small bathroom for us to clean ourselves.

Inside there was a small blond girl, no more than 14 years old, with one hand handcuffed to the wall. It had been a long time since they stopped chaining me like that, but I still had the scars around my wrists from that first night in the basement.

Stopping me with one hand, he released her for only a second before he closed the handcuffs again behind her back. Then he took her away, leaving me alone inside the bathroom. Another time I might have thought about escaping, but now I just wanted to take a shower.

I opened the hot water, waiting for a few second for it to get really hot and then I stepped under the water, savoring the sensation for as long as I could. The showers were more for the customers than for us, as they would complain if we were to filthy, but it was the only pleasure I still had.

The day after Jacob left me in that basement, a woman came to pick me up. I never knew her name, but she came and she unchained me from the wall. After giving me a coat and an old skirt, she led me out into a waiting car. I remember hoping that someone would see me, but the street was empty, and we just drove away until we arrived here.

I quickly discovered what he had meant, as they led me into a little room, with only a bare mattress on it. They chained me up just like before, and then the men started coming in, one after the other, to rape me.

At first I was stupid enough to believe that one of them would help me. I begged them for help, telling them how they had kidnapped me and how they still had my sister, but most didn't care. They undressed, held me down and fucked me until they came.

They knew they were raping me, that it was against my will, but it made no difference. A few looked uncomfortable or even afraid when I asked them for help, as if I had just ruined their fantasy. Maybe in their heads I was just ravenous for their cocks, chained and still bruised from the blows Jacob had given me.

It wasn't long before I stopped doing it, knowing that none of them would ever help me. After that I endured in silence, letting them do with my body whatever they wanted. Every day, men would come in, and with barely a word they fucked my pussy or my ass, and even a few asked me for blowjobs, which was probably the worst. At least when they fucked me I could just lay down. With a blowjobs, I was forced to do the work myself, as if I had a choice, and to me that was the worst humiliation.

Like he said, I remembered his words, and I thought about Lily all the time. That was my chain now, and they knew they didn't need anything else.

Turning off the water, I stood still for a moment, feeling as the water slid down my body as tears formed in my eyes. I didn't want Miguel to see me crying, as I was too proud for that, so I wiped my face with the back of my hand and breathed deeply. Once I was calm again, I grabbed the towel and then the room started moving around me.

All of a sudden I felt light headed and weak. I tried to grab the wall but I somehow missed and then I was falling. I was unconscious before I hit the floor.

When I woke up Dr. Susan was there again. I had seen her a few time since that first day, when I felt ill or when one of them gave me a beating before Miguel could stop him.

Every time I saw her I hated her a little more. How could she do nothing, knowing what happened inside here? Almost every night I could hear one of the other girls crying or screaming for help after the abuse, and she was part of it.

She was measuring my blood pleasure while she listened to my heart. She was also smiling sweetly, but I knew it was just an act.

“Hey Jasmine. You gave us a scare back then. How are you feeling now?” she asked me a moment later, as she pointed a flashlight into my eyes.

“I am fine…” I lied to her.

Nodding with that fake smile, she started asking me questions. Had I been dizzy recently? Was I eating well? When was the last time I had my period?

The last one stopped me dead cold. I couldn't remember. I tried so hard, but the last time was way before all this started… maybe three months ago. I was suddenly dizzy again, and the room felt cold around me.

“Mmmmm…” she said.

She opened her bag, taking a small plastic cup.

“Can you pee in here, please?” she asked me, giving it to me.

I didn't expect any privacy, so I just crouched on the floor next to my mattress and I filled the cup, splashing my fingers with pee in the process. After putting on some blue gloves, she took it from me and she grabbed a little stick which she dipped in it.

I started trembling, as I knew all too well what that was. After a minute, she set the cup on the floor, and left the room, telling me she would be back in a few minutes.

Sitting on the floor with my eyes glued to the cup, I waited in silence. Around me I could hear moans and screams, but they were just background noise. My mind was racing with possibilities, and I slowly filled with dread.

Then she returned, kneeling next to the cup. Behind her I could see the Madam in charge of us. She was an old woman, with white hair and an angular face. She was very stern woman, who expected things to be done her way, and she smoked almost constantly. On the bad days you could smell her before you saw her coming.

She laid against the door frame, looking at me with disgust.

Taking the stick from the cup, she shook it off and then she looked at it. I waited in silence, my heart beating inside my chest and a moment later she turned towards the Madam, showing her the stick.

After taking a look, she looked angrily at me, before shaking her head from side to side.

Dr. Susan then showed me the stick. There was a little window on it, with two pale blue lines running across it.

“You are pregnant, Jasmine. That’s why you fainted.” she said, putting the stick back in the cup.

It couldn't be true, I said to myself. But then I remembered the hundreds of men that had come inside me without protection, one after the other. I closed my eyes as tears fell down my face and I started sobbing. Of course I was pregnant, and worst of all, I knew Jacob was the father.

I was in a daze, unable to move as I watched that little stick. Without realizing it, I laid my hands on my stomach. Now I saw the symptoms that I had for months, like waking up with nausea, or the constant hunger. I looked at my belly, wondering if it was really bigger, or if it was just my imagination.

I cried, remembering as he raped me. How he had come inside me many times, calling me a slut or a whore. I felt disgusted as I remember how I had willingly sucked his cock, thinking that I was protecting Lily, when it had all been a lie.

Inside my mind there was no option but to have her. I didn't know how, but I knew she would be a girl, and no matter how she had been conceived, she was my baby, and I would love her anyways. But the thought of bringing a girl into this world filled me with dread.

Then I noticed them talking angrily by the door. At that moment they both stopped, before I could listen to what they were saying. Looking angrily at the Madam, Dr. Susan disappeared, leaving me alone with her

Without talking to me, she took out a cigarette and she started smoking, blowing the smoke in my direction..

A minute later, Dr. Susan returned, holding a small box. She kneeled next to me, smiling as she took out a syringe and a little vial, which she used to load the syringe.

“Jasmine. I am going to give you something for the nausea, and then we are going to run some test, okay?” she said, holding out her hand.

I didn't trust her, but I knew I didn't have a choice, so I extended my arm as I trembled. She tapped the inside of my arm and then she injected me the full syringe. It stung a little, but I remained quiet. After giving me a little ball of cotton and telling me to press it for a few minutes, she got up and left me.

“I will be back in a few hours, just lay down and relax.” she said hesitating from the door.

Trembling in anticipation, I laid on the mattress, thinking of the baby growing inside me. I wanted to sleep, but I was too nervous, and I couldn't stop thinking about her. Would they let me keep her once she was born? How would she look?

Then my stomach started to cramp and I felt hot and feverish. At first I thought it was just nerves, but it grew worse and worse. Before long my body was covered in sweat and I started shivering. I tried to sit again, thinking it would help, but the effort made me pee myself. I took a hand between my legs, feeling embarrassed, but when I pulled it out it was red with blood.

I stared at my hand for a full minute, unable to believe what I was seeing, and then I started wailing for help.

Dr. Susan appeared a moment later. She looked at me for a moment, her face white with shock, and then she disappeared again. When she returned she had her bag with her. She dropped on her knees next to me as she rummaged inside it.

“Please! It hurts! You have to do something!” I screamed holding my belly with both hands.

The cramps were getting stronger with every passing minute, and I was delirious by the pain.

Grabbing my legs, she pulled them apart and she looked at my pussy as I screamed into the room. I felt like I was dying as the room started to spin around me, but I could still hear the Madam behind her, sounding nervous.

“It must be an adverse reaction. She is burning up with fever!” Dr. Susan said to her, her voice full of fear.

“What did you give me? What is happening?” I asked her weakly, as I tried to stop the room from spinning.

She released my legs, looking into my eyes and I thought that she looked somehow ashamed of herself. A moment later this looked away, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

I saw mouth open, as if she was about to say something, but she remained silent, and then I knew.

“Noooo! What did you do! You have to stop it!” I screamed, somehow finding my strength back.

I sat up quickly, lunging towards her with both hands aiming at her neck, but she moved out of the way before I reached her and instead I fell to the floor, bumping my head and screaming as a powerful cramp ran down my body.

“Please… don't… I beg you…” I said with the last of my strength.

A moment later I started dry heaving as a sour taste invaded my mouth, and then I was vomiting. Dr. Susan jumped away from me, screaming in disgust as I emptied my stomach on the floor. I felt warm blood trickling down my legs, and the room filled with a metallic smell. Then the pain got even worst.

I don't remember what happened after that. I just have fragments or words I heard, all accompanied by pain unlike anything I had felt before. At some point I must have lost consciousness, because when I woke up I was laying on the mattress, covered in a thin bed sheet.

The room smelled of sweat and blood, making me dizzy, but I managed not to vomit again.

“Hey… you are awake again.” Dr. Susan said from one side.

She was sitting on the floor, with her pink scrubs full of brown stains which I realized where my blood. She checked me up again, taking my blood pressure and my heartbeat. She placed a thermometer under my arm, telling me that most of the fever was gone, but that I should still feel weak until tomorrow at least.

“The baby…” I managed to say before I choked on the words.

Dr. Susan looked into my eyes, her face full of sadness. For a moment I thought I saw tears welling up in her eyes, but she blinked and they were gone. She didn't say a word, but she shook her head from side to side, and I burst out crying again.

A moment later the Madam appeared again, leaning on the door with her arms crossed under her breasts.

“So, what happened?” she asked her, her face sour.

Dr. Susan got up quickly, turning towards her with fear in her face. She stammered a few words in apologies, before she managed to answer her.

“I gave her Misoprostol, which is generally safe, but she must be allergic to it . The worst is over though, and I don't expect any more complications.” she finally managed.

“Good. Is it gone? When can she return to work?” she asked her coldly.

Dr. Susan looked to the side, hesitating for a moment before she found her voice again.

“It's done. And you must give her a few days at least. She is still weak.” she managed to say, but her voice broke towards the end.

Nodding, the Madam turned around with a satisfied look and then we were alone again. I was still sobbing on the floor, laying on one side while I clutched my belly. Dr. Susan laid a hand on my shoulder, but I shook it off. I didn't want her to touch me again.

After a moment of silence, I heard her picking up her things and getting up. She walked out without a word, and it was the last time I saw her.

Up until then I still had a hope of getting out, off finding Lily again, but I couldn't keep lying to myself any more. I was never going to get out, no matter how much I managed to resist. I thought that at least Lily was safe, but it was little comfort for me.

The next day the bleeding stopped and the fever disappeared, just as she had said. I was still weak, but they left me alone as I recovered. I thought about giving her a name, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. It would have only made it worse for me.

Then on the third I was woken up by the door opening. A man came in, smiling to himself as he saw me naked on the floor. He pulled his pants down and took his cock in one hand, pumping it as I watched him in shock.

A moment later, feeling disgusted with myself, I laid on my back, spreading my legs to him and he started fucking me. I started crying when he started moaning and calling me his “pretty little whore”. After cumming inside me, he dressed again and then another one took his place.

After the abortion, they kept me there for another three months, until one day they took me away. Without warning, Miguel came after my shift was over and gave me a ratty old dress. Once I was dressed, the first time in many months, he slipped a pillowcase over my head and he handcuffed my hands behind my back.

He led me outside, and thought I couldn't see anything I knew it was night time. An engine was running and they loaded me up in some kind of cargo van, only to drive me away. There were a few other girls inside with me, but we were not allowed to talk so I never knew their names.

We traveled for many hours while the van hot hotter and hotter, until we finally stopped and they unloaded us. When they took the pillowcase from my head I had to squint my eyes, as it was the middle of the day and the sun was blindingly bright. Around us I could see endless fields of some crop I didn't know, and at the end of the road we just came from, a big metal barn.

One by one they took us inside, lining us up against a wall, were a tall blonde woman with a sour looking face watched us. Once we were all there, she examined each one of us, as if we were cows, ready for the slaughter house.

“Welcome to The Ranch.” she said, sweeping one hand at the curtains hanging all around us.

“You know how this works, so I will be brief. You are expected to work 10 to 12 hours shifts, depending on the season, and you have the rest of the day free. Don't do anything stupid and you will be fine, otherwise you will be made an example off. Under no circumstance you are allowed to get out of your room without permission, so if you have to go to the toilet, call one of the men and they will take you there. Any questions?” she asked.

She looked at each one of us in the eyes as she waited in silence, but no one said a thing, and after that we were led past a curtain and into our rooms.

The whole place had no real walls, just curtains hung along the place to make a long hallway with rooms all along its length, one for each of us. There was no privacy, and from my place, at the other end of the warehouse, I could hear every one of the girls when they worked.

Like before, we were given a mattress on the floor, and nothing else, though this one was even more worn and filthy than the one I had before. That very same day, my first shift started.

The men before were usually construction workers who came here smelling of dirt and cement, but this one's worked on the fields, hopping from one place to the other as the harvest season came and went. They brought them to us by bus, driven by their handlers so that they could spend their meager salaries on us.

Most of them treated us like cattle, taking their pleasure without caring how much pain we were in, and with so many of them during the season they worked us raw. As one man fucked me, I could hear another waiting outside. The men would laugh and cheer each other on as we moaned in pain, calling us whores or sluts.

Vaginal sex was 10 bucks for 10 minutes, anal was 20 and oral was 15. One by one, they would come inside my room, guided by one of our handlers, and they would fuck us until they came, or until their time was up.

It was humiliating, ad at the end of each day I was too exhausted to do anything more than to cry.

But the worst were the ones in charge of handling the pesticides and the fertilizers. They always came last, so as not to stink us for the rest. They had no protective equipment while they worked, as it was cheaper to replace them when they got to sick, so they were constantly exposed to dangerous chemicals.

You could smell them before you saw them, a sharp and acid stench that seemed to burn your from the inside with every breath. A few of them, even had open wounds and blisters were they had spilled something on their skins. Those made my skin crawl, and often times I couldn't breathe from the stench, thought they didn't seem to notice it anymore.

Our life there was a living nightmare, and every night I heard some of the girls crying at the end of the day, when the lights were out. From time to time one would kill herself when things became too much, either by wrapping a towel around her neck until she passed out and died, or in one case, by slitting her wrists with a piece of wire someone left laying around.

But by that time I couldn't cry anymore. I felt impotent, and I knew that I would never see Lily again. It was only time before I died, either by some horrible STD, or during another abortion, but it didn't seem to matter to anyone, and I had just given up hope. I could hardly remember my life before all this, though I still had nightmares from time to time, with vivid images of girls I had know before, all laying dead around me.

After a few months of that, I got sick again. One day I went to the toilet to pee and I almost passed out from the pain. I started screaming as urine passed through my urethra, until I was left shaking like a leaf. Even sex, something to which I had grown accustomed, became an agony. When it became obvious that I couldn't work like that, they reluctantly called someone to look at me.

The man that came in looked at me with open disgust, donning a pair of gloves before he even looked at me, but once he started checking me up he worked quickly and methodically. In the end he told me I had an urinary infection, and with some antibiotics it would go away soon.

I was given the day off, along with some pain killers, and they left me alone as the rest of the girls kept working around me. The next day I was still in pain, and the idea of having sex made me weak to the knees, but they deemed me well enough to do other things.

“Can you clean?” the Madam asked me from the curtain.

I looked at her in silence as I remembered my time at the shopping mall, and how miserable I thought I was back then. Looking sadly at the floor, I nodded, and she told me to follow her.

They gave me and old yellow dress, stained and worn paper thin in some places, and told me to clean the bathrooms and then the rooms once the day was over. With the few things they gave me, I cleaned the bathrooms as best I could, gagging at the stench of piss and shit. Once the shift was over I started with the rooms, entering them one by one to pick up any condom that might be there, and to sweep the floors.

The girls would lay there, looking fearfully at me. I sometimes wondered what they thought about me. They didn't knew I was just one of them, so maybe they thought I was like the Madam, just ignoring their suffering. I wanted to say something, but I never did.

Some were chained to the floor, but others weren’t, and I knew that those were the ones they drugged to control them. Most of the time they would just lay still, looking blankly at the ceiling while I worked, and I felt pity for them. If you fought back to much, they would drug you until they broke you and you became a junkie. The girls would become numb to the world when they were drugged, and when not they would do anything for another dose.

I thought about all the times I had wanted to fight back to them, but in the end I never had the courage, and that was the only reason I had been spared that.

And then I finally found her, though I first I didn't recognize her. She was laying on the mattress, naked and full of bruises, with her arm draped over her face. Without looking at me, she opened her legs when I came in, thinking I was another men coming to rape her. I looked away, unable to see her, as I cleaned away the condoms and the dirt.

When I looked at her again I saw her arms were full of needle mark, and next to her there were a couple of syringes that had obviously been used more than once, though they had told me to leave those there.

The girl paid me no attention as I worked quickly, wanting to get away, and it was obvious she was pretty high, but just before I left, she rolled to one side, and I stopped.

I looked at her brown hair, greasy and full of dirt, and at her small and thin body. She must have been no more than 12 or 13 years old, and I started crying as I saw her. She was too young, and it destroyed me to think about what they had done to her.

She was so thin that I could see her ribs and she was covered in dark blue and green bruises. I could imagine her fighting back when they took her, kicking and screaming as they raped her, and then they beat her up, drugging her until she became addicted.

I hugged myself, shivering despite the hot and still air, until I heard her gasping. Dropping to my knees, I kneeled next to her and I took out my bottle water, thinking that maybe she was thirsty.

Rolling her onto one side, I propped her head on my knees and I swept her hair from her face. Stunned, I dropped the bottle to the floor, and watched her in silence, as my mouth hung open.

“Lily?” I asked weakly a minute later, my voice cracking with fear.

She managed to open her eyes, and I saw they were a reddish brown, just like Lily’s. She looked at me for a moment, her face twisting in concentration for a few seconds, and then it was gone. She looked blankly at me, unable to recognize me.

“Lily?” I screamed again, my voice shrill with panic.

I started trembling as I hugged her tightly against my chest. My breathing became fast and swallow as I repeated her name, unable to admit that it was really her.

“No. No. No… please, it can't be, please!” I begged into the air, wiping my eyes and hoping that I would see another girl instead.

But it was Lily. Under the dirt and the bruises, that wasted face was hers. Something broke inside me as I gently laid her on the floor. I started sobbing hysterically, rocking my body forwards and back.

I thought about all the times I said to myself that she was safe, that no matter what happened to me, at least she would be spared from it. All the rapes and the pain, the impotence and the humiliation I had felt all this time… But it had been a lie, and I felt so stupid for believing in him.

“Lily? Please, wake up!” I begged her as I shook her body, wailing in agony.

Her head rocked from side to side, but her eyes remained unfocused. There was nothing behind them. The life she had before all this was gone, killed by the rapes and the drugs, until there was nothing more than an empty shell behind.

I heard someone screaming behind me, but it was irrelevant and I paid it no attention. I kissed her lips, begging her to wake up once more, but she stood still on the floor. I heard someone screaming behind me again, and I realized that they were calling me.

The Madam was standing behind me, looking angrily at me, while one of the bouncers stood behind her.

“What is wrong with you?” she asked me, her voice full of hate.

I looked at her for a full minute, not knowing what to say. How could someone be so cruel, I thought then, but after all I had seen, it shouldn't have been a surprise.

“She is my sister…” I said weakly as I looked back at Lily’s lifeless eyes.

She looked at me, at first with surprise, and then with indifference.

“So? Leave her alone and get to work.” she said.

Rage suddenly bubbled inside me, rising quickly until I couldn't contain it anymore. My vision turned to red, and without any warning, I jumped at her, digging my nails into her face. She screamed in agony as I saw her bleeding, but it wasn't enough. I started kicking and punching as she tried to defend herself, but I was stronger than her.

Someone grabbed my neck from behind me, choking me, but I rocked my head back until I hit something solid and then I was free again. I kept on hitting her until she fell to the floor, and then I got on top of her, and I started pummeling her face with my fist.

Then out of nowhere something hard hit the side of my head and I fell to the floor, clutching my jaw. Another blow followed it before I could react, and then another. Blows rained on my body one after the other, so fast that I couldn't even open my eyes, and then they stopped.

I was left on the floor, unable to move from the pain as I tried to recover my breath. Blood dribbled from my mouth and I had trouble moving my jaw.

“Lily…” I moaned weakly just before another blow drove me unconscious.

When I woke up I was lying on the floor with my face lying in a pool of saliva.. My whole body was screaming in pain, and I had trouble staying awake until someone shoved something awful under my nose. The stench alone woke me up, and I groggily opened my eyes.

I was laying on the floor, naked and with my hands tightly handcuffed behind my back, and around me what seemed like all the girls were sitting on the floor. They had pulled all the curtain up, leaving the whole place open, and I was on the middle.

The girls were looking at me with fear in their eyes, and when I looked to one side I saw the Madam, her face bruised and scratched, and one of the bouncers. He had a broken nose, and his eyes were dark and partially closed.

I swallowed nervously as I scanned the girls, looking for Lily, but I couldn’t see her from the floor.

Without a word, the bouncer walked up to me and the grabbed a chain that hung from the ceiling, hooking it to my handcuffs. He had to lift my arms up behind my back, forcing my head against the floor, and once it was done I felt the chain pulling me up.

My shoulders screamed in agony as they were forced up, and I had no option but to stumble clumsily onto my feet, until the chain stopped a moment later.

“Please… it hurts!” I begged uselessly, but he paid me no attention. He was holding the other end of the chain, holding it high enough that I had my hands just a bit higher than my head. It was painful, and it made it hard to breathe, but if I stood on my toes I could still endure it.

Then the chain started moving again, pulling me higher until I couldn't relieve the pressure anymore. I screamed wildly into the air as my own weight put a tremendous pressure in my shoulders, and a moment later I was in the air, hanging with my arms behind my back.

“Aarghhhh!” I screamed wildly, unable to breathe.

Through tears of pain I saw the girls around me gasping in shock as I hung, and then it became too much and my arms popped from their sockets. I fell a couple of feet down, until I was hanging from my arms again. Shocked, I stood still, unable to even breathe.

Then the pain rushed into my mind and the agony drove everything else away. I screamed and wailed from the pain until my throat was raw, and then I kept screaming. When the only thing I could make was a dry hoarse sound, I was finally able to open my eyes.

The Madam was standing next to me with a smirk on her face. She crossed her arms under her breasts, and then she turned around, looking at the other girls.

“Look at her, you whores!” she screamed wildly, grabbing my hair and pulling me closer to her.

The movement sent a spike of pain through my back as I struggled to breathe.

“This… cunt… dared to attack me!” she screamed, her voice tight and angry. “This won't be tolerated, so you better learn from this!”

By then I was delirious from the pain. I looked wildly at the girls around me, until I finally found her. Lily was thrashing on the floor, obviously in pain, but I couldn't see why. I blinked away some tears and then I looked at the Madam, who was now staring at me.

“Please… I am sorry… just let Lily go, please. I beg you!” I asked her with the last of my breath, but she ignored me.

Without warning, someone slipped a black plastic bag over my head, tying it tightly around my neck just like Jacob had done. I desperately tried to breathe, but there was not enough air inside it. The bag shrunk down, pressing tightly against my face and my mouth, and I panicked.

The air inside got rare in just a couple of breaths, and the heat became unbearable. The plastic stuck to my skin as I desperately tried to bite it, but it just slipped out of my mouth. Desperate, I started thrashing around despite the pain in my arms, searching for something to stand on, but the floor was too far away, and I knew it.

My lungs soon started to burn, and with every breath the air inside the bag became more unsatisfying. Worst of all, I was quickly getting dizzy from the pain and the movement, and I feared I would vomit inside the bag.

“Please… Lily!” I cried with the last of my air, but nobody helped me.

I felt my body trembling in exhaustion, and then I was peeing myself. Warm urine trickled down my legs and onto the floor. I heard a few of the girls crying, but their voices seemed muffled and far away.

Soon I could only hear the plastic bag crinkling every time I moved and my own heart, beating inside my head, but that too faded away. I knew it was over then, and I just wanted for the pain to be over. I closed my eyes, and I asked Lily to forgive me.

A moment later, I felt my body spasm one last time, and I was gone.


Just as a side note, the drug used here is real and the symptoms are similar thought I exaggerated them a little for the story.

Misoprostol is a common abortion drug, that can be taken orally or via an injection, alone or in combination with other drugs. It is generally safe to use, and the abortion is quick and painless. The symptoms after taking the drug are heavy bleeding for a couple of hours and sometimes cramping.

In more extreme cases, or in the event of an overdose, the bleeding can be much heavier than normal, and it can last for up to six hours. It can also cause nausea, vomit, diarrhea and fever for up to two days.


Oh man I have to say this is a little too dark even for me. :) Nonetheless excellent story as always. I am hyped for the site!
Are you going to do a more... SC/C stories in the future again (like the very first story I saw you post here about a girl watching her older friend get spitted and then getting strangled herself) or are you set on sticking to non-cons, prostitution stories?


Thanks man, glad you liked it! This one was a bit darker than usual, but I wanted to use that idea for a while. I am already working on the next one, and it will be purely consensual (I think). The girls really want to get snuffed and the guys are more than happy to help them... For now the setting is on a coffee shop, Starbucks style, were you can ask for a latte and a blowjob from the barista... its going slow but I like the idea so far!


Thank you for sharing this story, Eficient. Looking forward for more :p


Holy shit Eficient, at first I thought "he, it can't be all that bad, I am accustomed to reading fucked up things". Then I readed this.

It was an emotional rollercoaster, and the characters really dug inside my brain.
Poor Jasmine, she only wanted to protect Lily, and I hate Jacob.


Thanks! I know this is not a story for everyone, but I really wanted to write it and I like how it turned out

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