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Part One: Lian the Chubby Asian

Lian. asian, chubby, depressed, obsessed with knives, parents are too demanding death looks like an escape

Lian sighed sadly as she hung up the phone. The chubby young virgin had been on the phone with the suicide help line. She now had the strength she needed, and an idea to help her.

'This would be the last time I ever do this... The hotline was right, this this kind of hot...'

She thought to herself as she started up her computer, her large collection of knives beside her. She quickly logged into a cam site and stripped, activating the camera on her bed. She smiled at it.

"Hi~ My name is Lian, and I have a special treat for you all~"

She practically moaned the line as she spread her legs. Her hairless teen pussy was already soaked from the thought of this.

'All of these people watching.... Do they know what they're watching?'

She thought to herself, getting even hornier. It was time. She let a hand glide between her legs and began rubbing her clit, which was a bit large compared to most girls. While rubbing her clit with one hand, she picked up one of her blades and teased her little slit carefully.

'Oh gods... The blade is cold... One slip and...'

She moaned loudly, slicing her own clit off as she began to squirt. The moan quickly mixed with the scream of pain and pleasure. She closed her legs as blood and cum sprayed, rolling onto her side so the camera could still see her cunt.

Ahhh~ Oh gods it hurts~

She shrieks, but regains herself enough to slide the sharp, jagged blade into her virgin slit. The blade shredded her vaginal walls, making her shriek again as it went in. Slowly she drove it to the hilt, then twisted. This completely destroyed her inner pussy before she removed the blade, panting.

"L-like what you see~? Did you enjoy watching this virgin kill her cunt~? The.. The show isn't over yet..."

She whimpered her lines as she showed the camera her badly bleeding, gravely wounded cunt. She retrieved a second blade from the stash next to her. With a sharper, smooth edge. For a clean cut. She smiled at the camera.

Being chubby had it's advantages. She actually had breasts. D cups, to be exact. She took the sharpened knife and slid it into the crease below her left tit with her right hand, holding the mound with the left. She took a deep breath, and sliced the globe off quickly, screaming in agony as she pissed herself this time.

She panted quietly, showing the breast to the camera before laying it aside and switching hands with the blade and repeating the process with her remaining breast. She showed them both to the camera, then lay one on each of her fluffy pink pillows. She looked at them sadly, then moved on.

"Now for the finally~ I've heard a lot of people like Asians having anal~"

She lay back on the bed, showing off her tight asshole, having never been used before. She stuck a finger in and moaned, slowly working a second in. After playing for a moment, she took her fingers out and drove the dagger up her virgin ass. She screamed and arched her back, spraying a final orgasm before collapsing, losing consciousness from blood loss.....

Three hours later her parents came home from the grocery store to find her bled out on the bed, a large dagger up her ass and her laptop showing the feed of her corpse from the camera they had bought her.....


I love knives :)

I'll be checking back on this one...


Good job.


hi , teen blood and suicides


A promising start. Keep up the good work.


I would love to watch this...

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