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The second Advent Special is complete! Dodge often uses a quiet cook. I tried to orient myself to his stories. I hope you like it:)

A Julia gift for Dodge!

I have been expecting many guests… But Santa Claus?! I may not be the tidiest person, but even for me this situation is very embarrassing. I wear a much too long red sweater and a yellow skirt, which is wrongly tied. I wear a white and a red sock and my hair is disheveled. I haven’t even mopped the sleep from my eyes. People who visit me know me and know my quirks. However, before Santa Claus I would have liked to show a better Julia!
„You don’t need to be nervous. You look great!" He tries to give me courage.
I wonder why he visited me of all people? Hesitantly I dare to ask. "Mr. Santa Claus. Why are you here? Have I done something evil? "
He laughs heartily, "No, you were brave! That's why I need your help. Sit down on my lap! That might shock you… Do you have cookies in your house? "
I get the self-baked biscuits out of my can and sit down on his lap. I've always wanted to know how it feels to sit on his lap. With strangers, I normally feel uncertain. But Santa is not a real stranger!
He clears his throat.: "I'll be honest with you, I want you to be a gift to an elderly gentleman."
This is indeed very surprising! "I'm supposed to be a present!? Should I have sex with him!?" To have sex with a stranger is exciting ... But I believe that is too much for me! He certainly wouldn’t have fun.
"Calm down.” Santa say with a soothing voice. " the man is a very kind cannibal. Unfortunately, he didn’t find a meat girl for this Christmas. You shouldn’t just have sex with him. I want you to be his meat girl! You always dreamed of it. Haven’t you?"
I really wanted to be a meat girl. But it all comes so suddenly ...
" completely to subdue ...To do everything what he wants. At the end of the day, to be the great highlight of the feast. " He whispered to me while I frantically go through the option.
If I hesitate now, I never dare. "I ... I. I'll do it!"
As soon as I've said that. A few elves come out to undress me and pack me in gift paper. They only leave my head free. This goes faster than you can say “Merry Christmas”. They put me in a colorful gift box, before I even know what happening.
"Wait!" I cry. "What if he doesn’t like me, what if I don’t taste good?"
Santa smiles at me. "Don’t underestimate yourself. You're a beautiful veal. No cannibals would be dissatisfied with you! " With this words, they lock the gift box. I feel like my box lands in his sack. There are still a mere 7 hours until Christmas morning. This will feel like a half eternity.

I am awake by the noise of firm steps. Am I finally under the Christmas tree? It was very uncomfortable but now my fantasy goes crazy! I'm already curious about his reaction! At the same time, I feel incredibly nervous. I don’t want to disappoint him… Apparently, he just discovered the present. He has a beautiful voice. Serious and dominant.
Then the light hits me. "Congrat… Christ... mas." I already fail the first sentence ... He really is an elderly man. But he looks good! His age hasn’t hurt his body. He looks experienced and strong.
"What my name is?" Such a first simple question I didn’t expect. I need to think a long time. "Julia ..." He shakes his head. I am improving. "Julia, your personal gift from Santa."
He is not really convinced that it was the real Santa Claus. I try to talk clearly. It doesn’t really work. "Yes, I…I am inde ed a, a gift fro om the real San ta Claus! This is the… the first time… for me... However… there is always only one time! "He laughs. Apparently, he likes my shyness.
He begins to remove the gift paper. From nervousness, I begin to tremble. He asks me if I want him to be a bit slower. "No! treat me like any other girl." It's cute that he wants to touch me gently. But I want to be treated like his property! Even if it is new to me…

Finally, I can move again. He is the first man to see me completely naked. It is embarrassing but also incredibly exciting. I try to remember the pictures from the Internet. Normally a meat girl shows her body in this situation.
Stuttering I try to recite my text. "Lo ok at my ru ump roast." I hesitantly present my butt. I feel his firm grip and twitch together. But his praising words give me courage.
"I don’t have much breast… but… but they will surely taste you!" I raise my small breasts and show them. Again, I get praise.
I feel brave enough to show my vagina. "I'm sure my filet will be a highlight!" He testes me with his fingers. This unusual feeling is enough to get me wet. He is the first person to touch me there.
“My vagina is too untrained? what do you mean...” Have I disappointed him, after all?
"We just need more tenderizing? Oh… you mean sex…" My stuttering is out of control. This will be the most difficult part for me.
He reminds me that I wanted to be treated like his property. "Yeah… you. You… are right… if I I, really want to be a a good meat girl ..."
"If I do a go od job, the Spit better fit? ... Oh you want to spit roast me?" So I'll die through the last lover… This is really a lot.
Fortunately, he knows exactly what I need. He orders me to lie down on the table and he doesn’t allow me to refuse. Without his leadership, I would have got panic. But now I know I don’t have to decide. He is the master. I'm just his meat girl. My job is to obey! He decides for me. I lie down on the table and open my legs. The penetration comes faster than expected. In the first moment, I'm afraid. But then I feel sexually aroused. I'm not an expert ... But I think he is very good! The experience with many meat girls, has teaches him how to make a meat girl happy. I have the first time an orgasm because of a man. It also seems to be fun to him ... Or my vagina needs just a little more workout. In any case, he takes me several times. At first I only enjoy being treated as his property. But after a short while, I also try to do my part to make it better for him. He takes my inexperienced movements with a smile.
"Oh you enjoy it more if I stay calm? Okay ..." apparently, he likes it when I surrender myself to him completely. So, I lie down and enjoy. Like the kind of meat girl, I want to be. I get 4 more orgasm before he's done. Nevertheless, I want to give him something back! I must go crazy, but if I don’t try it today… "Can an I give you yo a blow…job? I would also like to help!"
He agrees. "It gives me more spice if I do? Then we have to do it "I answer self-confidently!
"It makes you happy that I open up? I'm just glad to serve you master! " I kneel on the floor and take his aroused manhood into my mouth. It's almost like an instinct. For a moment, my shyness is forgotten. This self-assurance makes me even more humid. He comes into my mouth several times. I can’t get enough of it. Until he pushes me away.
Oh, I'm supposed to wash myself? Otherwise we will not be ready in time… Too bad. I would have liked to continue ...

Impatiently he watches me in the shower. He gives precise instructions on what needs to be clean. "Don’t worry, I don’t rinse my mouth and vagina, as you have ordered." I myself become quite impatient. My great moment is approaching!

So, that I don’t get dirty, he carries me into his kitchen. His strong arms are so comfortable. I almost feel like in my father's arms.
"I can try to oil myself? You know exactly what I want!" The closer the spit comes, the more self-assured I become! He leads my hand and shows me what I should do. It feels so good. The oil, his warm hands. I'm getting wet again. Grinning, he leads my hand to my vagina and shows me how to react to it. Together we give me another orgasm.
"From now on, I just have to relax and be meat? as you wish!" All the new erotic experiences were very stressful. He starts to massage me. His hands relieve my stress. This will be the last massage of my life. That is so exciting! Although it is only used to apply spices, it feels as if I were in a spa. Once again, he proves to me that he is a good cook.
When he is finished, he gives me a brief opportunity to see the spit. A meat girl should know her last boyfriend ... "Is the spit not a little thick?"
"It's just the right size for a Veal? Well, you're the expert."
He gives me a last orgasm and oil the spit. Then he gets ready ...
He asks me if I am also ready. "Please give me one Moment!" For a short time, I'm unsure. I breathe deeply in and out. "Okay I'm ready!" Without hesitation, he penetrates. I feel the sharp cold steel and immediately get another orgasm. It happens! He is already deeper than any other object ever before.
“Oh! Please don’t stop! "I groan. I feel like the Spit inflicts the first damage. But the pain is not big enough to destroy the moment. For this moment, I was born! "Please don’t stop!" Master misses all vital organs. That means I will learn how the fire feels. This is so hot! I can feel the spit penetrating my throat. For my master, I am only flesh, no reason to give me last words. Yes! I am meat! My last lover thrusts through my mouth. He has really gone completely through me. If I hadn’t had so much orgasm, that would be the next. Can a day be even more erotic? My heart is beating fast. There is no better feeling…
My master pushes a smaller spit in my butt. It's all so far away. All I notice is the spit in my vagina. I don’t even know how he tied me up and brought me outside… Then I suddenly hang over the fire. It is so hot! My world is starting to rotate. I feel the loving movements of a brush. It smells like butter. Everything is perfect. I'm exactly where I want to be ...

Dodge Christmas party became a full success. The beautiful golden brown Julia was served with bread dumplings and fresh vegetables. Julia was one of the best gifts that Dodge has ever received. He has the feeling that it was also the best gift for Julia. Santa Claus took her shyness and fulfilled her dream.

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