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((I'll be posting a story soon hope you enjoy :D ))


Death to Imperials: Day 1

Tython. A large uninhabited jungle world full of ancient Jedi ruins not touched since the Old Republic but recently renovated by Rebellion Era Imperials as a Listening Post. Currently an Imperial Dropship flew from a nearby Star Destroyer "We have just broke atmo."
crackled the pilots voice over the speakers "Finally!"
exclaimed a nearby Trooper causing many loud agreements from nearby soldiers, though the Soldier KN-119071 (or KN for short) remained silent looking downward at the rifle in her hands /A nice quiet post.../ she thought to herself. There were two kinds of Troopers assigned to this post; The ones that got lucky on the selection, and the ones who wanted action and failed to have it. KN was one of the 'lucky' ones, but most would call her a coward if they knew how pleased she was to be here /Claim my pay for a year and leave this place./ she thought feeling the ship rumble "Coming in for a landing."
crackled the pilots voice over the speakers again.

All of the Troopers stood in two lines with ten men to a line, KN was at the back of the left row hoping to remain just another anonymous lackey for the Empire "Form up!"
barked a refined Imperial voice outside the ship causing them to move down the ramp and form into two rows before the voice, however this forced KN to the front of the pack giving her a good look at the planet. It was hard to make out much of the area due to the darkness but she could make out many dark trees around the landing pad, there was a single metal path leading towards what she assumed to be the bunker "Good..."
spoke the voice again, KN looked to the voice seeing a bronze-skinned male officer, he had either no hair or little hair but it was hard to tell due to the officer cap fitted atop his head "Welcome to Outpost Quake. I am Commander Zaurak Gedik"
he paused looking at his troops before continuing "But you will refer to me as Sir."
/clearly pleased with his power./ Thought KN as Zaurak paced back and forth watching each of them almost as if he expected an answer or awaiting someone to make a mistake "I understand you are freshly trained, no real action...."
he spoke trailing off as the Dropship loudly took off turning slowly as it ascended to the skies, KN felt suddenly nervous as it left "But understand this; I will not tolerate failure!"
the soldiers remained still probably wishing they could beat the shit out of this uppity asshole "You all have a job...You will find your schedule in your rooms. Every three days we have a training exercise to keep you all useful."
some of the men nodded to this "Now get out of my sight."
he growled slightly before turning on his heel and walking down the path towards the bunker partially hidden within the trees.

The soldiers waited for him to leave before all relaxing and walking forth out of order, KN quickly walked down the path towards the bunker slowing at the door which hissed open revealing a well lit hall, She shielded her eyes for a second before lowering her hand and walked forward, on the left she saw a door every fifteen feet each bearing a number at the top of the door aside from the first door marked Generator Room, The second door was marked 1-2 and the third 3-4 continuing in that order up to the eleventh door marked 19-20, on the right were just several blaster-proof windows currently displaying darkness with a few trees close to the windows. At this point it was clear to her that this 'bunker' was just a very long hall housing all the Troops rooms /I guess this will do.../ she thought to herself walking to the end of the hall to the door marked Command which she entered with a hiss from the door, The room she entered was small and dark having about ten consoles before what looked akin to a stage where the Commander stood back turned to her looking upon a large red screen filled with graphs and data, In the back to the left of the stage-like area was an unmarked door she assumed was probably the Commanders Quarters "What is it soldier?"
spoke the Commander who remained still not turning "I...I do not know where my room is."
she spoke trying to sound less quiet and antisocial, He turned and looked to her "A woman? Seems the Empire will let anyone join nowadays."
she clenched her teeth at this "Operating Number?"
he inquired taking a Datapad and turning it on with a soft whir "KN-119072...1..71"
she spoke quickly correcting herself "I see."
clicking about on his pad "Bunk Nine."
he said after a few seconds, She thanked him but he merely put away his Datapad and turned back to the red screen leaving her to leave the room with her answer.

She arrived at her room which was quite small /I'm certain prisoners get cells better than this.../ thought taking in the environment. To her left was a bunk bed the bottom marked 9 and the top marked 10, to the right in the corner was a small shower with no curtain and to the left of the shower was a surprisingly clean toilet. To the right of the shower stood two lockers the one closest to the shower marked 9 and the second 10 "Going in or what?"
spoke a sudden male voice behind her causing her to jump and swivel seeing another soldier who was a few inches taller than her "Jumpy?"
he said chuckling before shouldering past her and heading straight to his locker "I'm JL-672012."
said the man as he popped open the locker before removing his helmet giving her a good look at him. He was pretty average; Short black hair, brown eyes, toned Caucasian skin and a five 'o'clock shadow. She took so long looking at his features "Got a voice there?"
he spoke setting his helmet inside the locker and looking to her "Yeah...I'm KN-119072..."
she replied stepping further into the room as the door hissed shut, he didn't reply to her as he removed his chest piece showing the tight black underlay perfectly forming out his muscles, he placed the piece of gear into the locker as well starting to speak again "Come on then. Can't sleep in full armor now can you?" he said smirking, She nodded removing her helmet revealing her pale skin, very short brown hair and deep blue eyes. She looked young because she was the age of eighteen but could easily pass for fifteen or sixteen, He looked at her removing his gauntlets "Everyone calls me Comp, Think I'll call you Jump."
she remained silent at her new name and walked past him to her locker before opening it. The inside of the locker was mostly empty aside from a rack for her blaster and a small screen outlaying her job for tomorrow "Ouch Door Guard."
said Comp looking in her locker reading the screen "That's a boring one...I got scouting."
he continued flashing a small grin to her /May be boring but still less risk dickhead./ She thought removing her Chest Piece soon noticing the fact that the tight underlay formed her chest in a near sexual manner including her toned belly /I swear training gear wasn't this tight../ She placed the piece inside her locker not noticing at all that he was checking her breasts out biting his lip slightly before looking away "So...what is your specialization?"
he asked her beginning to remove his greaves, She started undoing her gauntlets "Basic Training, Nothing special."
she stated carelessly seeing this job as another paycheck "I took Heavy Weapon training!"
he replied near shouting in excitement proudly gesturing to the large T21 Blaster rifle he had placed in his locker, an impressive piece compared to her basic standard issue E-11 blaster carbine "It sure is big.."
she said in a very detached manner placing her gauntlets into the locker and going to work on her greaves taking a quick peek at her crotch, thankfully it was not too tight unless she bent down anyway "Of course it's big, wouldn't be a heavy weapon otherwise."
he paused shooting a look between her legs almost saddened by the fact that it wasn't tight enough "Well I'm knocking off then..."
he continued slowly tossing his greaves into his locker before closing it loudly and leaping up onto his bunk. Meanwhile she placed her greaves into her locker before looking to the shower /And let him get his jollies off?/ thinking better of the prospect of showering she quietly closed her locker before sliding into her own bunk letting out a soft sigh /Long day tomorrow.../ She thought to herself as she drifted off...

Day 2

KN awakened suddenly from the cold, she looked about for a blanket to no avail as she stood slowly looking about for some kind of cover /Fuck maybe I should have slept in my gear!/ She cursed in her own mind standing and quickly moving to her locker shivering even more feeling the cold hard metal under her feet /Anything.../ She opened the locker seeing no blanket or anything that could warm her /Commander will give me one!/ She started to move away before noticing it was over an hour before they were supposed to be awake /Fuck!/ she slammed the locker looking over to Comp who hadn't seemed to be affected by her sudden noise as she looked away and moved to her bed sitting feeling fully awake now. After a few minutes passed she stood back up looking to Comp and then to the toilet slowly approaching it sliding her thumbs into the mesh pants, She took one more look to Comp before sliding her mesh pants to her knees and sitting on the toilet looking down /This is prison.../ in a second or two a small trickle of urine escaped her folds making a distinct liquid on liquid sound, She closed her eyes enjoying this moment while meanwhile Comp opened one eye looking down at her trying to get a good look with no luck, after she finished she spread her legs giving him a good look at her gash as she took a piece of toilet paper and cleansing. She had just the smallest amount of pubic hair right above it /Why am I here?/ She thought to herself as She stood sliding her mesh pants back into place causing him to snap his eye back shut. She wandered back to her bed and sat awaiting the alarm.

The alarm beeped loudly waking Comp who grumbled in an annoyed manner looking about the room before down at KN (Who was geared up already) before jumping down and walking to his locker "Mornin' Jump..."
he muttered gearing up, She ignored him standing and exiting her room immediately looking down at two ration packs marked with numbers. Holstering her blaster on her back she picked up the ration of her number and headed right, towards the door soon stopping at 5-6 hearing raised voices on the other side "Fuck you!"
said one voice and the second voice retorted with something unintelligible, before he could investigate further she heard a familiar refined voice "Move along Soldier this is not your business."
she turned to see the Commander "Yes Sir!"
she responded walking away and leaving the bunker. Outside it was unlike last night, hot, humid and foggy. The air felt heavy and she already knew how much she would hate this shift /Great first day.../ She thought before deciding to see what was in her ration pack seeing as she was starving, however it was a disappointing bottle of water and three ration bars /Gourmet.../ She removed her helmet and set it on the ground near her then taking a bar and unwrapped it taking a large bite of the bland 'food' item before setting the box down and taking in the lit environment. The light really didn't change much of the environment, aside from the mostly empty landing pad there was a large clearing circling the pad for a few feet stopping at the dense amount of trees with a few fallen ones laying about. The door behind her hissed open and she turned to see Comp exiting the bunker with a few other soldiers "Hey Jump!"
he said nodding at her and she nodded back taking another bite of that ration bar, He had nothing else to say it appeared as he and the other soldiers walked away...

Month 1

A month had passed since everyone arrived. However today instead of the usual walk to the door her and everyone's comms crackled with the Commanders voice "All troops report to Command immediately!"
He sounded very commanding today she noted as everyone walked helmet-less and weaponless to the Command room. Rules had become very lax, no more scouting, training, carrying arms, or even wearing helmets.

"Okay soldiers listen up!"
rang the commanders voice throughout the room and all eyes were upon him /Are we actually going to train?/ she thought before he went on "I've just received word of Rebels on the way..."
most of the men looked about shuffling about nervously due to a lack of training KN was starting to feel worried "I understand that we have forgone training due to the nature of this post..."
The Commander continued looking down and pacing it was quite clear he too was nervous of this coming encounter, Why would they attack? there was nothing strategic about this bunker or this planet. Tython was long since abandoned and little to no inhabitants on it "This bunker is important in the war as a listening post...I do not know how they found us but we will prevail..."
No longer interested in the details many soldiers ran off likely to suit up or otherwise while KN and the others listened some more "Should they breach our bunker we must destroy anything we've learned, We are expendable..."
He looked down for a moment inhaling deeply before continuing "For the Emperor."
and with a wave of his hand the soldiers scattered out and KN as well who immediately ran back to her room snatching her helmet from her locker, she put it on with shaky hands panting in fear before gulping and grabbing her E-11 blaster carbine which was quite dusty from a lack of use. She checked the charge as Comp withdrew his massive T21 heavy blaster "Finally we get to kill some Rebel scum!"
he said cheerfully inspecting his weapon before looking to KN expecting something. She nodded at his word nervously and quickly walked out of the room turning right and down the hall slowly constantly looking at her rifle when she heard a loud zap and bang, She quickly swiveled yelping as she fell back firing two shots at the sound "Sorry!"
exclaimed a Trooper in that direction who had accidentally fired his weapon into the wall, but mostly everyone stared at KN for reacting so badly who slowly rose and quickly looked about as her comm began to buzz "What the..?"
She said slowly tapping the side of her helmet "Commander?"
no answer from the comm and she looked about hoping it was just a random interference when suddenly a loud pop came from the comm causing her ear to ring as she shook her head "All Tr-- go t-- th-- fr-- door-- repeat all Troopers to the f--"
The Commanders voice crackled over the comm as she pieced together what he said and began to run down the hall in a full sprint soon joined by fellow soldiers as they ran for the front of the bunker, she was overtaken quickly by faster Troops as they approached the door. When they reached the door it slid open with a small hiss as every Trooper pointed their guns out the door "There's no one here.."
spoke a nearby soldier as KN tried desperately to see past all of them with no luck
"Oh shit run!"
yelled a soldier closer to the door as she heard a familiar rapid beeping sound: Thermal Detonators, She turned and started to run away BOOM! went the detonators flinging her down the hall along with several soldiers, many of the survivors started to rise firing at the open door as she laid on the ground her head pounding and ears ringing. Her hearing started to return hearing the hiss and click of several rifles as they overheated "For the Rebellion!"
shouted a young male voice as multiple Rebel Commandos poured into the building firing a massive volley of hot laser at the Troopers, KN leapt up forgoing her rifle as she ran several feet and turned left into a door the sounds of her allies dying filled the hall as she tripped and slid at the turn. Risking a glance at the conflict she saw a small amount of Rebels and even a smaller amount of soldiers standing, She stood quickly as a stray bolt hit her leg causing her to cry out in pain but still move as she quickly limped into the door entering a dark generator room.

Once inside the generator room she limped to the darkest corner and began to treat her wound with some gauze seeing as she had no Bacta this would have to this time She had renounced her loyalty to the Empire deciding she had to leave this bunker and the Empire, She heard the hiss of the door and remained still holding her breath her heart pounding in fear "I'm telling you I saw someone run this way.."
said what looked to be another Rebel, She could not make out his features due to the dark but he sounded young "You're crazy, That was a massacre...No survivors..."
spoke another voice but this one was gruff and deep almost the exact opposite of the other man, the two dark figures walked her way and she remained still hoping they wouldn't see her, As they got closer she felt twitchy thinking of running for it but held still as she clenched her teeth hard. They stopped very close to her "Guess you're right..."
muttered the young man before turning and leading his ally out of the room, she let out a loud sigh of relief as they left, She soon rose limping to the door they entered from and peered out it horror soon gripping her as she saw the body of all her allies strewn about the floor. There were no Rebels at the door to her relief as she half limped to the door carefully avoiding the fallen, She exited the bunker looking out to the trees spotting decent cover to hide deep within the trees and started to limp for it.

She reached the trees and took cover behind a log looking to the bunker she stay crouched hearing a twig snap behind her but she ignored it watching the bunker carefully when suddenly a pair of hands were seen over her visor "Ahh--!" she tried to scream before the Rebel behind her twisted her head right snapping her neck with a satisfying pop, she let out a pathetic choked moan as she twitched and spasmed in his arms her life ending quickly she started to go limp in his arms as her pussy contracted and loosening repeatedly expelling urine down her legs making a small puddle on the ground between her legs, he pushed her forth onto the log bending her over it her arms dangled over the side twitching and her ass jerked up and down repeatedly. Soon she moved no more letting out a low death rattle "Not even a weapon?"
the Rebel said mockingly as he lifted the plate over her ass to look at her soaked posterior, the material the Troops wore under their armor was tight so it easily shaped her juicy ass and you could spot a slight camel toe over her slit "A lucky day..."
Said the Rebel chuckling as he slid out his cock and pressed it between her clothed ass cheeks before taking her mesh pants and yanking it down harshly gazing upon her wet gleaming folds "Perfect..."
he muttered pressing his cock into her still warm wet lips before sliding into her soon stopped by her hymen "Virgin..."
he chuckled darkly taking her arms into each hand and pulling down hard breaking her hymen robbing her of the virginity she never got to give as the wet moist smacking sound as he slid deep inside the dead girl groaning, He pulled back and thrust in again his balls slapping against her making a very lewd sound. He started to hump and fuck her in a rhythm filling the area with the wet slapping sounds as her lifeless body shook about from his savage rape "Fuck..."
he groaned loudly his cock throbbing inside her cunt before slamming into her with one final thrust as his seed poured from the tip of his cock, he dug his fingers into her sexy ass as her newly loosened cunny engulfed his cum. He slowly slid his cock from her depths panting slightly, a small strand of cum mingled with urine stretched from the tip of his cock to the lips of her dead pussy soon breaking and falling to the ground, soon his cum leaked from her abused hole running down her legs. Another Imperial down...

((If anyone enjoyed this I would like to make another, if you would like me to just say what faction you want the victim to be from in the star wars universe :) ))


((think you can do a girl getting lasered in the cunt, then debreasted with a lightsaber?))>>8046


death by rancour!!!


I'll see what i can do, era?


Thank you ~


Wait, were you asking me what era? Hmmm... Clone wars maybe?


Alrighty then, I'll get to work


I love it. Especially the end. There's never enough necro themed stories


I um.... Not sure how you'll feel, but could you add a castration/penectomy of a young character? Male or futa


I um.... Not sure how you'll feel, but could you add a castration/penectomy of a young character? Male or futa


Good but I personally like the necro scene more expanded. Let rebel at least undress her and take off her helmet, drag her away, pose her, etc


Agree. Great story but the necro part could use some more description. Would love to read more from you!


I second this I do like your detail to the death though but the necro could use some work.

Look forward to anymore necro and maybe another fallen imperial, do you do yuri necro?


So if we been away if you haven't guessed lol...I plan one writing a new story with the upcoming release of Star Wars Battlefront 2 maybe sooner. If anyone has ideas/requests feel free to say something. I will attempt to be more detailed with the necro scenes as well.


The tablet I'm on likes to autocorrect properly spelled words...I'll be writing via computer naturally.


Waiting eagerly!!


Looking forward to another magnificent story, Guilty!


Something with a good decapitation or skull-fuck would be my suggestion. Whatever it is you choose, looking forward to another story. This one was good.


love me some necro piss in the snow



Are you still working in mine?

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