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Background Infos Stesspela:

Breed: Sar.
Sex: female
Age (This story): ??? between 100 to 10000 Years I guess.
Height: 1.34 meters
Eyes: Emerald green
Hair: snow white.
Blood type: 0+
Meat: always tender. (even if she is stressed)
Breast: B
Special features: missing left eye. Last survivor of her folk and heiress of divine magic. She can transform atoms and manipulate natural laws. She is a Vegetarian and pacifist. She has panic fear of darkness! She Don’t age.

PS: She hate it when she is treated like a child!

Stesspela and the winter cannibals!

I can’t stand the cold! It was a stupid idea to travel alone through the northern expanses. But I couldn’t ignore the call for help of the little bear! I had to show him the way home. Now I have strayed myself… This is so embarrassing! I can determine the exact composition of the snow. I can say it is exact -11.62 degrees cold. But I can’t determine the way home! So much to the wisdom of the Sar. Humans who are not even nearly as old as me would never get lost this silly! I'm freezing…

Great! That too! I feel malicious emotions of bandits, they've already seen me. They think they have found easy prey. A little girl all alone in the wilderness. I'm accustomed to people who wanted to rape or kill me. People find me either super sweet or are afraid of me. It is always unpleasant to read these thoughts. But these people drive it to the top! They want to cook and eat me! How do people get such ideas? It isn’t bad enough that they eat poor animals? In moments like these, I wish I could turn off the mind reading!
"Little girl, did you get lost? We'll help you go home." Says their leader.
I am completely packed in a thick jacket, a warm cap and long boots. There is not much to see from my femininity. Still they behavior bothers me! I'm not a little girl…:
"Just leave me alone, I know what you're up to! You have no chance! I want to hurt no one! " They just laugh. They don’t expect a big counter-attack from me. I have no choice. I must defend myself! I hope I don’t hurt them. I don’t really want to use “Fogbreaker” against humans. It is sharp enough to divide them without problems… Quickly I run away. A few first bandits want to pounce on me.
“Endera!” There are enough hydrogen atoms in the air that I can harden as a protective shield. However, it is not enough to shake them off. After a few minutes, they pushed me against a mountain wall. I can’t run any further. A bandit slips between my shield. With Fogbreaker I cut his sword. "Stay away!" With my thoughts, I push the bandit a few meters away from me. They circle me, I can’t escape without hurting them!
The leader says, "The sweet girl has a lot of bite. Now give up!"
I must do something! "Stay away, or I'll kill you, Igna!" I form a circle of fire around me. “Next time I hit you!”
The bandit laughs: "We actually found the main gain! A cute Sar! It is probably decades ago, somebody from the northern lands could eat one. I've heard that you should be an absolute delicacy.” He approaches.
“Endera!” I lock him out. "Stay away, this is my last warning!"
"Well, you are already in our trap." He laughs.
Suddenly there is a loud bang. The whole snow of the mountain crashes on me. Before the snow can hit me, I melt it with igna. Then I feel a hit on the head and lose consciousness.

When I wake up, everything is dark. Why is everything so dark? Where is the light? My missing eye itch. I can’t scratch it because my hands were tied. My legs also seem to be tied up. Someone carrying me. But why do I see nothing? It's terrible...
"Please, where am I, please put the darkness away, please!" I try to trample with all my strength.
The man who carries me giggles: "Reassure yourself, we just blindfolded your eyes. It's not really dark."
"I don’t care, please make it bright again!" My breathing becomes frantic.
"Hey boss. I think we should not remove the bandage. She really seems to have panic." He says with malice.
They put me down on something hard. There are monsters everywhere. I want to see something! From panik I shake wildly.
I feel a warm breathing. "How cute, she is afraid of darkness." I feel like they remove my cap. "Your hair is really so beautiful as they say." He kisses me on the forehead. Without a break, he starts to take off my jacket. I must defend myself. I must use magic! But I can’t concentrate. Everywhere is darkness. It hurts. Mama... I felt like they cut my sweater. Someone reaches for my breasts. "Round and perfect shaped, your Sar seem to have a perfect body as it says in legend. For a moment, I thought you were just a child. Children's meat doesn’t really taste good. Well bad for you. If you were a child, we would have really helped you. What pervert kills a child? " They take off my boots and my winter skirt. It doesn’t bother me that they see me naked. But please let me see something! I can’t move anymore. I can only cry. It takes only a piece of fabric to make a little helpless girl out of a more than 100 year old Sar. Embarrassing! It's only darkness. It is only darkness. Please body! They take off my underwear. It's freezing. "Oh, she doesn’t seem to be a virgin, I wonder how old she really is?"
In my panic, I beg them. "Please, please, I'll do everything you want, please stop the darkness and cold." Of course, it has no effect…
"Don’t worry, it'll soon be warm." Say distant voices. If only I could use my magic. But I am not even able to form the words. I can only despair.
Someone pushes something warm into my vagina. It feels like vegetables ... But it also reminds me of my childhood. When they killed my family. When I waited in the dark basement. I have waited and still they hurt me. They killed my mother ... Something solid is stuffed in my vagina. Also, some think solid cold is put into my butt. Normally I would have to recognize the atoms. But my senses are completely disorganized. Warm wet hands spread over my body. They rub me completely with a liquid.
I believe it is the leader who says. "I've never felt so tender meat.” He caresses my head. "You almost made it." I feel like my bonds are dissolved. The worst they don’t remove... They kneel me on something very cold. They lay my chin on my hands and bind me again. I feel so weak. I fear even if I see something, I couldn’t resist. hey scatter something on my back. small round discs are placed on me. I feel a brush. With all my imagination, I try to imagine that it is my mother's hands. It doesn’t work. I can’t reject the reality. They stroke over my breasts. They stroke over my vagina and my feet. They prepare their roast ...
Somebody whispers into my ear: "Do you have a last wish?"
I've already given up fighting. More than to tremble, I am no longer capable: “Please remove the fabric. I will not fight back. I want to see before I die. Please!” I feel like the fabric is removed. My breathing calms down. But as expected, I am still too weak to defend myself. I'm just glad the darkness is gone.
The leader approaches with an apple. "You promised to behave. So, open your mouth!" My senses are still messed up. I even find it hard to open my mouth. It hurts as he pushes the apple tight between my teeth. But I feel so relieved. They push me into a hot oven. It burns, but everything is better, now that I see. It is difficult for me, but I can numb my pain sensation. I should try to flee. But I know that it has no more sense. At least it's warm.

It takes exactly 14 minutes 54 seconds and 30 milliseconds before they get me out for the first time. I didn’t know that a brush feels so good. They are very carefully touching everything from me. Normally, this would bother me. But it has no meaning anymore. Again, it goes into the Oven. This time it takes 15 minutes and 7 seconds ... They spice me with further spices. And they use the brush again. I feel a little tired… It was about 15 minutes I think, this time. I can’t say for sure. I feel generally not much anymore. But its smell divine. Is that my body?
I don’t have much energy, but I still want to know ...
Now as far as my analysis still works, I seem to have really the perfect body for a roast. I will probably taste very tasty. After all, what I still perceive…
My flesh is tender, I have no unnecessary fat. It is exactly where it should be. For example, on my butt. My breasts are perfectly shaped. My vagina is small but tender.


ups last sentence was lost:

My ribs ... everything seems perfect. For a final time, I read their minds. They will probably put my head above the fireplace ......

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