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It was impossible for Paula to not feel at least a little nervous, this being her first visit to the mortality section of the yoga studio. She'd heard that it was a life-changing experience, a grounding in reality that gave you a true appreciation for the here and now, and lately she had begun to feel like that was something she really needed.

Immediately she took note of the drastic change in decor, where the rest of the studio was carpeted floors and tall windows, this room was cold and sterile like a hospital ward. Cushioned walls, stark lighting, and a pale woman in a long plastic lab coat. Whose expression was pleasant and welcoming, but her eyes had a crazed and predatory look to them, darting back and forth across Paula's body, drinking it all in.

"Hello, I'm Prill, I assume you're here for the Mortality experience?"

"I'm Paula, and yes, I just don't think yoga's cutting it anymore."

Prill's eyes darted up and down, and her head twitched subtly.

"Well then, you'll need to take your shoes off and sit on the floor here."

Paula obliged, prying off her footwear and sitting cross legged in the middle of the room, Prill slowly began to circle her.

"Breathe deeply and calmly. Close your eyes. Clear your thoughts."

She found it difficult to follow Prill's instructions, adrenaline flooded every inch of her body, she focused on breathing. She knew the rest would come naturally. Her breasts gently rose and fell, as her knuckles turned white from clutching her knees. Paula focused on the darkness inside her eyelids, letting her mind mirror that seeming emptiness, the only sound was the barely audible squeak of Prill's footsteps.

"Breathe Paula. Exhale, and blow away all your tension."

Suddenly Paula felt a light string fall around her neck, and she was uncontrollably getting on her feet, her eyes were glued shut, and she hadn't even noticed that Prill had stopped moving.

"Paula, why can't you breathe?"

She felt Prill's ice cold hand on her face and flinched, the string instantly tightened, like a vice around her neck, the air was forced from her lungs and she swatted desperately at her noose as it slowly begun to lift her into the air. Her eyes were open now, and Prill was staring up at her with an almost childlike look of wonder, tarnished by a vile undercurrent of lust.

"Why can't you breathe?"

Paula flailed and kicked the air, tears streaming as her face turned bright red, the string wouldn't stop, it seemed to burn her skin, slowly eating its way into her. Blood oozed out from her neck, going under her nails as she desperately clawed at her body, it seeped into her clothes, running over her breasts, between her thighs, and dripping from her toes onto the floor. She was trying so hard to scream, to cry, but all she could do was wheeze and gurgle, every movement of her lips bringing forth a new gush of blood that splashed down like a warm shower on a cold day.

Now the string had disappeared entirely inside her neck, and for a moment it seemed to have stopped, meeting some sort of resistance on its cruel journey. Paula hung there for what felt like an eternity, her face now a dark blue, as her blood soaked body spasmed helplessly, her vision faded from purple haze, to black, and Prill smiled. With a final gentle touch from Prill, the string closed with a slimy crunch, Paula's decapitated body crumpled in a heap while her head tumbled neatly into Prill's arms.

In the next room Paula stepped out of a capsule, her cloned body naked and dripping with sweat, gasping for life, a wild grin spreading across her face. She'd never felt more alive, and as Prill entered to present her with some clean clothes, her mind raced with thoughts of what she was going to tell her book club that night.

But for now... maybe just one more round?


Short and to the point. Very good.


That was good. I'd hardly call that consensual, but it was an enjoyable little story.


loved it. more please?

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