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In the Pokedex are already very important info. But they have forgotten a very important detail so far! This will probably have the most tags of all my storys^ ^

Tags: (bug vore, cannibalism, corpse eater ,Dragon, Gore, Parasite, Plant vore, Pokemon, Pokemon pred, Pokemon Vore ,Pokemon/Human, roast, Sex, Snake, Snake Vore, Soft Vore, Transformation, voluntary )

Since these are Pokedex entries is doesen't explain the details ... (Maybe I write short stories to some pokemon on request)

Pokedex hunting tactics: “The hunt begins” (001 to 025)

001: Bulbasaur. Type: vore/plant

Bulbasaur normally hunt new trainer. His toxic is not strong, so it can't put a girl to sleep. Also, it's easy to escape his grab. So, it's wait for his girl trainer to get into a fight! If the victim fall over, he fast can caught her into his bulb. Once into his Bulb, there is no Escape! The cute meat is digested and help him evolving to a cute flower!

O02: Ivysaur. Type: vore/plant

After digested one Girl, Bulbasaur evolve into Ivysaur. His toxic becomes strong enough to weaken a human girl. Now he can easily grab his victim and use his toxic to put them into his Bud. Ivysaur need longer to digest a girl like Bulbasaur. So, most time his victim are alive for 2 to 3 days!

003: Venusaur. Type: vore/ plant

Venusaur finally needs no girls to evolve further. Still Venusaur like to eat girls. He uses his vines to bound his victim on his flower. With his toxic he makes the girls believe they are happy. Slowly the flower suck up all nutrias the girl has. Venusaur often can be seen, carrying cute girls. Please be so gentle and not free them!

004: Charmander. Type: roast/ volunteer

Charmander is way too weak to hunt a girl on his own, but he is very very cute. Many girls can't resist the cute and big eyes of a hungry Charmander. So, they strip and sacrifice them self, for the Charmander. With his fire on his tail, he can slowly roast a girl to perfection. It feels not bad to be roasted by this cute guy.

005: Charmeleon . Type: roast

Charmeleon lost the cuteness of Charmander so he needs to hunt on his own.
If a girl go down a hot path, there is a chance a Charmeleon jump out of his hide. With his Claws he cut down the clothes of the victim. If the girl is strong she still can try to fight back, else the Charmeleon hold her tight while roasting her with his tail. Still not feels to bad, to be roasted by this guy... But sometimes he eats small parts of a girl before roasting her!

006: Charlizard. Type: roast/Dragon

Charlizard is one of the best hunter to find. How the cute Charmander becomes something like this? This dragon often drop from big heights and caught a girl before she even can react. After this, he throw her up far into the sky and roast her while she is falling back down. He swallows his victim, before the good cooked meat can crush onto the ground. Charlizard is an expert in girl roasting, meat cooked by him always smell Devine!

007: Squirtle. Type: soap/ volunteer

This turtle has a very unique way to hunt his girls! He fill a pot with his bubble stream and build a spa around it. He needs very naive girls to still his hunger. He gives his victims a massage and show them his hot bath. Many girl become his meat without even knowing it.

008: Wartortle . Type: soap / volunteer

He still use a spa. But now he has the power to hold his victims into place. So even if the girl knows he plans to cook her, she has no chance of escaping. Still many girls don't see his real plan. So, he often have time to season them, for a perfect meal!

009: Blastoise. Typ : soap

Blastoise have no need for a spa! With his water guns he easily stun a girl before putting them into his pot. Most times he hunt at beaches and only choice the cutest and best girls he can find. Blastoise soap is a delicatessen in many regions!

010: Caterpie. Type: vore/bug

This cute Caterpillar want to become a butterfly. For this he need girl meat. he can wait years, before he find the right girl... If he found her, he tie her with his silk thread. His thread is tight as iron, so no girl can't escape it. But it's a big honor to be the one girl the Caterpie search! tied up, he swallow the girl whole but not start digesting her. Because he evolve to Metapot!

011: Metapot. Type: vore/transformation.

After evolving, the Metapot starts digesting the girl. For this he nearly need a full weak. After this weak he needs another weak to rebuild the mess of the girl for his cute last evolve.

012: Butterfree. Type: non hunter.

Finally the Caterpie becomes a beautiful female butterfly and it's only need one human girl. The Butterfree look a little bit like the girl she have used to get her form. Many people believe a small shard of the girl remain in Butterfree! Butterfree herself don't consume girls but she birth new Caterpie...

013: Weedle. Type: bug

Weedle has no will of his own. He hunts only for Beedrills! Mostly, they drop on their victims. Her horn is not enough for a lethal hit, but it is enough to paralyze the girls. With a loud scream, they call the swarm. So, the swarm of Beedrills can share the prey. Successful Weedle may evolve into Kakuna.

014: Kakuna. Type: vore/transformation

Beedrills don’t really eat their prey, but gain nectar. Living, the girl is divided into small sweet components. This nectar is used to nourish the Kakuna. If a Kakuna collected enough material from several girls, it evolves further.

015: Beedrill. Type: bug/ Parasitic reproduction

Beedrills don’t just need to collect nectar for kakuna! They also need to create new weedle! Beedrill queens, flying across the fields looking for childbearing girls. If they find an interesting girl, they pounce on it. With the sting, they can introduce the Weedle larvae into their victims. The young Weedle then have healthy food immediately!

016: Pidgey. Type: gore.

Pidgeys hunt in a swarm! Each of their three forms has a personal task. The normal Pidgey, along with 100 other Pidgey, attack one girl. With their beaks, they cut the girl into small pieces and share the prey with the swarm. A very unpopular way to be eaten…

017: Pidgeotto. Type: non-hunter.

The soldiers of the swarm. They defend the swarm from other Pokemon, so no one can take away their sweet prey. With food, they are supplied by the normal pidgeys. Only strong pidgey will become Pidgeotto.

018: Pidgeot. Type: non-hunter.

The boss of the swarm! Only the strongest becomes a pidgeot! He rules the swarm like a king! Only he can reproduce. He gets the best parts of the prey and carries souvenirs, from pretty girls.

019: Rattata. Type: non-hunter/ corpses eater.

Rattata have no chance to get the sweet booty. However, they can be found practically everywhere. They mostly wait for other Pokemon to kill girls for them and collect the prey. At least what is left to them.

020: Raticate. Type: non-hunter/ corpses eater.

They are strong enough to hunt girls. But they prefer to let other Pokemon do the work. They wait for the other Pokemon to kill the girls and then steal everything!

021: Spearow. Type: gore.

They have a similar Tactic like Pidgeys. They are stronger but worse organized. Their victims often escape and lose only a few parts of their flesh. Girls with only one eye, were often victims of spearow attacks. Mostly they are in the fight with Pidgeys. Because the two races live in the area.

022: Fearow. Type: gore.

Fearows are loners! However, they don’t need help in the hunt. they are quick and cunning. With their pointed beaks, they can simply pierce girls. They inadvertently miss vital organs. That's why they stab a dozen times before their prey is dead. Before, however, they carry their living and impaled prey to their nest.

023: Ekans. Type: vore/ Snake.

If you hear it crack, they are mostly not far. They announce their fear. They are very afraid of beautiful girls. As a defense reflex, they wrap the girls and choke them unconscious. They swallow their prey completely. The girls usually wake up inside. However, they can only wait to be digested very slowly…

024: Arbok. Type: vore/ Snake.

Developed a Ekan fun to eat, it is evolving. It now has a hypnotic beam with which it can capture girls. Once hypnotized, the victims dig themselves into the Abok. It really just has to keep his mouth open.

025: Pikachu. Type: pure evil/ cannibalism

It looks cute. But it's a trap! This mouse is one of the most successful hunters of the Pokemon world. With its cuteness, it gets a place in the bed of his victims. With its extreme electric charge, it can paralyze any victim. It has fun torturing his victims with electricity or even rape them! It steals its preparation methods from Humans. Oven, Spit, Grill and pot. It uses everything! It sets a special emphasis on the perfect seasoning. His sacrifices must be cooked alive, and they should have a great deal of pain. One of the most famous Pikachu has eaten the companion of his trainers Ash, without him even noticed something…

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