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After many wars, humankind dispersed into the stars, some more peacefully than others. A few of their groups survived, some more comfortably than others. Eventually, many unlocked the deepest secrets of the universe...

Time-travel led to incomprehensible wars and invincible utopias. Entire lineages were prevented to undo mild inconveniences. Paradoxes that brought both morality and reality into question became routine. Genocides killed endless masses to assure tyrants that their own displeasure simply never occurred.

Entire dimensions could be created, first a simple, random universe like their own; Most initially spawned with just thermal, electric, or kinetic energy and simple elements. Eventually complex self-aware multiverses that were crystaline and mechanical could be conjured in nanoseconds. Interdimensional sub-space God-Machines were like pennies to a True God.

Once these Universe-Machines were capable of creating atom-by-atom replicas of themselves, Identical-Parent-Machines, they could essentially create endless numbers of realms expanding infinitely in every direction. Hells filled with Ice or Fire, Heavens brimming with Life, and Voids of Nothingness- no more than a child's plaything!

As these humans- and aliens they encountered- became immortal gods, able to create new forces, shoot infinitely hot flames, teleport anywhere, and be threatened by nothing except their own kind, they had only their desires and a new plane of science and philosophy to contend with, if they so chose.

The Landing

Several large moons came into view, though no living creature knew it. The colossal ships slowed into orbit, measuring dozens of miles tall, hundreds wide, and thousands long. Their cargo was millions of humans with endless tons of colonization tools.

Fluid drained from the waking denizens' stasis-chambers, flowing through pipes and misting into the atmosphere. Having sustained the vessels' inhabitants, it now fertilized the soil and moistened the air. Seeds were strategically launched in massive numbers, followed by glass jars with extremophile worms

Ten-thousand shuttles descended from each intergalactic ship. Though they magnitudes smaller, each was larger than most buildings from where these colonists originated; a half-mile wide and a hundred meters tall. They were also shaped differently, being circular and flat.

Their powerful jets greatly slowed their still-rapid descent, stabbing the ground deeply on impact. The first wave of colonists were shifted upwards and slammed down into their seats, caught by harnesses, but it would've been much worse if there weren't springs to soften the blow.

As they secured the area, the shuttled they landed with rocketed back towards the sky, leaving trails of invisible but smelly gasses instead of smoke. The shuttle pilots ferried other colonists with various specialties from orbit to frontier.


The BioServant Factories

Androids were plentiful at first, but expensive to create. Factories that grew humans in artificial wombs were more expensive initially, but the massive numbers of humans that could be grown for plentiful materials quickly made up for the cost.

Pregnancy was a nightmare of the past. A year would pass, each fluid-filled chamber being cleaned for a season, and thousands more infants were assigned to capable trios who were allotted child-rearing resources. There was never more than 1 synth for every 15 trio of volunteers grown in a year, since it took ~15 years to raise them. No trio could have more than a single juvenile at any one time; If they had kids of their own, they were barred from raising synthetic humans, who were taught all necessary skills and trained to understand their place as tools.

The millions of colonists, once allies of desperation, were now free to move away from each other. Several cities were erected, from which separate settlements evolved. Not all believed in the rights of synthetic humans, and a dark remote place in particular was renown for harrowing stories of synths being raised in pain over their growing period, just to be slaughtered for sport in arenas when they reached adulthood- if not sooner!


"PLEASE!" I'M NOT A SYNTH!" Sophy thought it absurd to torture anyone, regardless of how they were born, but if not being a synth gave her rights, she'd scream about her dad fucked her mom from noon to midnight and back again. And that's what she did.

"SHUT UP RUNT!" A pale grizzled man slapped her, leaving a bright red-purple bruise covering her cheek and under her outer tear-duct.

"Why won't anyone listen to me?" She was a small soft girl, only 16, with flowing blonde hair and blue eyes. She was hanging from the ceiling by her chained hands, barbs digging into her wrists, and touched the floor with only her toes. Her back and ribs strained under the unwilling stretch.

"You know how they make a synth?" The other man in the room, slightly taller and tan, firmly rubbed her rump, chilling her skin and sending goosebumps up her back as he traced a finger through the crevice of her round ass, lingering over her puckered anus that reflexively cowered in anticipation. "It isn't birth. It's like making a tool, because that's what it is." He spanked her; it instantly hit her with jarring memories of humiliation and sizzling pain being reignited over and over by her domineering parents who literally sold her to the circus.

"They just slam oxygen and shit together like it's a normal human body part." Really, a synth was just as human on every physical level, there was simply no way to tell the difference. Synths came from artificial eggs being bombarded with sperm-cells, but they were the same as cells people produced biologically, except in machines tying simple elements together. "But it's not, it's like sculpting rocks to make nails. Speaking of which..." The tall slender man pulled a palm-sized wooden box from his pocket and opened it, taking some 2-inch nails and placing a few in the crevice, sideways into her her ass, and some thinner ones into her puckered anus. The slightly shorter but much bulkier man kept inserting much longer needles in each buttock.

Sophy only winced and whimpered at first, pleading "Please stop thiss..." as she cried, but started shaking, making her breasts bounce and her butt quake as she yipped. The needles in her rump shook with her, enlarging the swaying motion of her hind.


"Sid, how much before she pukes?" The pale grizzled man ask, turning to the tall tan man.

"Abouoot.." Sid's voice trailed on for a moment as he poured milk into a bucket, and Sophy squirmed at splattering noise echoed around her, "this much!" He cheerfully swung the jug he was carrying upright and set it down. He had already poured a smoothie of fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, and hotdogs, but Sohpy didn't know what it was. He unzipped and pulled out his massive cock, pissing in the cauldron.

"You sure that's enough for her?"

"Well, Kork, feel free. Did you need to go to the bathroom?"

"No, I just pissed on that one broken kid." What broken kid? Sophy wondered. "But I do think she could use more protein."

"Always generous." Sid laughed and slapped Sophy's tits as Kork opened a closet with bug-filled glass boxes on shelves.

"OH GOD NO!" Immediately realizing what was happening, Sophy resumed squirming, more erratically than before, causing the needles in her rear to inflict more pain that enhanced her squirms, culminating in a vicious cycle.

"I know, I'm too sweet." Kork grinned as he picked a glass box with roaches and walked to the cauldron. Sophy shook her head wildly back and forth as Kork opened a lid and shook the roached in the already-disgusting mixture.

"Please, please! Don't do this to me! Ohh noOHHOhh!!" She pleaded for mercy, but Sid dropped a hose into the slushing roach-infested liquid and slammed down a shield-like lid with buttons and a hole for the hose to poke through.

Sophy started screaming again, "NOOO! oH Whhhhyyyyyy! Please I didn't do anything! I'll do wha-" SLOP Kork shoved the hoes in her mouth and flipped a switch.


Vile mush instantly shoved through the transparent tunnel into Sophy's mouth. She could feel the bugs panicked squirming in her mouth and did the same, dangling from her hands and kicking her legs everywhere in the air, swinging back and forth.

The thick liquid expanded vastly in her mouth, no longer constricted by the hose, and sent roaches flying into her nasal passages. The constant heavy stream of puke-like "sustenance" shot down her digestive track and out of her nose, bringing roaches with it. Giant blobs of snot with vermin nestling them drooped from her nostrils and landed all over her frantically kicking body but especially her breasts and legs. She peed herself in distress!

Every part of her girlhood and asshole was on display, the needles swinging around and shimmering in the focused lights. Roaches and mucus flew in every direction, landing on the brown leather clothes and boots her owners wore. She didn't even notice them come up behind her to pour ants and centipedes.

Sophy was covered in vermin and her own mucus. That her bile showed everywhere on her was a morbid realization of existential mortification, and she tried to scream but couldn't for the hot sludge streamed down her throat and her stomach crunched back and forth as her hips twisted side to side and her legs spread wildly, kicking in every direction, her heel hitting her ass and smacking needles, then kneeing her own face as her face sprang about, contorting into inhuman positions, nearly twisting out of place.

She nearled choked but after just seconds, the hose was yanked from her, spewing fountains of roaches and mucus into her eyes and nose. It ran down her hair, and roaches weaved back and forth between strands on her scalp. She vomited in bursts as Kork circled her, drenching her entire body. Then he slowly pushed the hose back in her mouth as she pleaded..

Another cauldron was place under her and she could stand up straight. In fact, she had to, because her legs were tied to each other and dumbbells were tied to her knees and ankles. The hose was yanked out and Sophy vomited in a long stream as Kork held her face down to get it in the pot where she stood, though much of it splattered off her breasts and belly.

"What a disgusting thing." Sid placed a tray of burning coal and firewood under the cauldron Sophy was in, which had a 4-inch-high opening between itself and the ground. When she was done vomiting, she could feel the metal getting warmer, and at the same time was gagged. Her entire digestive tract rumbled. Just before her feet started burning, she had bouts of diarrhea slamming down her legs, an avalanche of liquid poop surfing through the air and splattering her.

She just stood there, looking down and crying as poop flew out of her and ran down her legs with her armies of vermin running over her and metal cooking her tender feet that slammed on the scurrying bugs and vomit, essentially spanking them on steel.

"Kork, think she has shat enough." Sid put the hose to Sophy's bottoms and slowly pushed it up her anus, which roaches and centipedes had now declared home, and moved it back and forth slowly, eventually prolapsing her anus before turning it on. She peed again, whimpering in her gag.

"This will be your face paint, clown." A gloved hand- she couldn't tell who's as her eyes were drenched- smeared designs on her face with the poop from her legs.


if people could recreate everything, why so much sick shit at all? I mean, if there is some Universe machine, why are there synth humans with retarded caste system?

you just made up some fiction that was shit the moment you imagined.


>>if people could recreate everything, why so much sick shit at all? I mean, if there is some Universe machine, why are there synth humans with retarded caste system?

Not every one has the same technology or is equally aware of each other.


>>you just made up some fiction that was shit the moment you imagined.

Did it get in the way of your pinky-extended masturbation?

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