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After many wars, humankind dispersed into the stars, some more peacefully than others. A few of their groups survived, some more comfortably than others. Eventually, many unlocked the deepest secrets of the universe...

Time-travel led to incomprehensible wars and invincible utopias. Entire lineages were prevented to undo mild inconveniences. Paradoxes that brought both morality and reality into question became routine. Genocides killed endless masses to assure tyrants that their own displeasure simply never occurred.

Entire dimensions could be created, first a simple, random universe like their own; Most initially spawned with just thermal, electric, or kinetic energy and simple elements. Eventually complex self-aware multiverses that were crystaline and mechanical could be conjured in nanoseconds. Interdimensional sub-space God-Machines were like pennies to a True God.

Once these Universe-Machines were capable of creating atom-by-atom replicas of themselves, Identical-Parent-Machines, they could essentially create endless numbers of realms expanding infinitely in every direction. Hells filled with Ice or Fire, Heavens brimming with Life, and Voids of Nothingness- no more than a child's plaything!

As these humans- and alienes they encountered- became immortal gods, able to create new forces, shoot infinitely hot flames, teleport anywhere, and be threatened by nothing except their own kind, they had only their desires and a new plane of science and philosophy to contend with, if they so chose.

One lovely design was randomly directed labyrinths. Every member of this godlike super-species could make as many as they wanted, but one stood out as a particular sadist who filled his with victims. Knowing full well the hatred nobler entities had for him, he needed immense protection, so he sought out servants and allies, grooming beast machines to guard his lairs. He went back in time and was the Devil's impostor.
It was too easy, you see, to simply create trillions of inhabitants to suffer. There were infinite numbers of them (many that his associates created) but he rather catch souls that were destined for better fates... which is to say any fate.

Feujis wandered through cities (he was not in active time travel). His invisible orbs floating through walls and measuring up every human within hundreds of miles, extending his senses while keeping them accurate to a divine degree. Many entire solar systems had progressed slowly, being constantly ravaged by calamities like war and famine, and had somewhat recently awakened from deep cryogenic slumber as their ships were slower and traveled further distances from Mother Earth. There were many such colonies, but this one was unprotected from the more evil of his ilk, who formed alliances to destroy any crusading heroes.

"You'll go to Hell when you die." SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP
That got his attention. Her rear was as red as any he'd seen, thrashed and hit her pillows, kicking her legs in the air and revealing everything to her smiling little brother- who held a broken toy in his hands.
"God please, I really wish I was dead." SOB " I'm already in Hell!"
He teleported by the scene with the sphere that alerted him- floating midair, invisible and silent.
Perhaps one of the most intense natural hand-spankings he had witnessed that wasn't his or some other devil's doing. He had seen thousands, maybe millions like it throughout the eons. Cavemen spanking their little girls even into adulthood in front of their tribe, all the humans in the world for all they knew, and little girls on spaceships and other closed spaces being constantly reminded of their worst spankings that their shipmates had seen. Even entire cities had memes of videos of one girl or another, a few of whom even murdered themselves, circulating endlessly, constantly reminding them that everyone they ever encountered would eventually see everything between their legs and their bright red bottoms being slapped despite their pathetic wailing and struggling.

Feujis loved the suicides, freezing their bodies within their last nanosecond of life and teleporting them to some lair where they were eternally tortured in a manner similar to their attempted suicide, making them believe they had died gone to Hell.

But this girl was not to be a suicide. He knew everything about her at first sight. Her name was Tracy. She was small, naive, and innocent.

He smirked as she thrashed and gasped, her veins popping out of her head. She was entirely nude, not even socks on her feet, when the spanking was done, and though her bright blushing face and slightly bloody bottom were both a deep red, the rest of her skin was pale like a corpse- though it shook with such life! He could sense nasuea in her belly and rumbling in her ass.

Both her uncovered webcam and her little brother's phone caught every moment of her torment, but neither with the depth of understanding that Feujis was able to recreate, having observed every particle of matter and the finest details of the room's energy-flow. He shared that moment with his favorite friend, Rovik, a former-human he elevated to godhood, who decided to travel back in time and see it for himself, though it appeared no different than the perfect 3-dimensional recording Feujis sent him.

"We need something special for her..." Feujis mused.
"Do we? There've been countless worse spankings." Rovik was content to simply skin her and throw her in boiling acid with a trillion other girls. "Or is it because she's just so cute?"
"Oh dear friend, you know me too well."

After her father left and her younger brother grew bored of taunting her, she was left alone to wallow in misery on her bed. Someone slipped her panties under her door. She walked over, tears still streaming down her face as she unwillingly moaned in agony. She knew the cameras her parents placed everywhere recorded in higih detail her every pose. She was reminded of it as she stepped into her cotton panties and contemplated it with disgrace as she gingerly pulled them up her sensitive leg and over her inflamed ass. She still swang reflexively every few moments and walked like the carpet was made of thorns, pain radiating throughout her lower body. She arched her back and swayed her arms around her ass, not meaning to do anything but regain control over own body. She fought herself all the way to her bed, where she flopped face-down and lightly traced her fingers over her curvy bottom.

And then time froze, as far she could tell. The room grew darker and then black, then brightened slightly as though reflecting red lights, but there seemed to be no source of light at all, just dim shadows on blood-red walls. She stood out of bed as her skin became itchy. She scratched and scratched but stopped when it became too painful, though it continued to itch so horribly that she was damned to intense pain either way.

She searched for her bedroom door and the light switch next to it but her door would not open and her light did not work. She tried to call out to her mother and father for comfort but her voice was hoarse and they were heavy sleepers. They wouldn't have helped her anyway. They probably locked her in and disabled her electricity. She resolved to try to sleep, despite the immense pain from her spanking in her still fiery hindside and the the intense itch through the rest of her skin. Her pussy and anus felt particularly irritated, and though she knew she was DAMNED to HELL for bringing herself any relief in that area, she pleasured herself regardless.

She grew itchier and itchier, she started twitching just as violently as during the spanking she just received minutes ago. She hadn't stopped shaking and didn't become any less nauseous. Was it karma for touching herself? It was only to relieve an insufferable itch! Pleasure was just... a plus. A sinful plus.

She prayed for forgiveness. Could God just take her now? She wanted to live a long, happy life, but every moment promised her that death was the only reasonable alternative.

Shadows darted through her peripheral vision and sharp pain shot through her upper lip and she shot up in bed. At least thousands of tiny shadows darted around her sheets and she started coughing violently. She coughed up some roaches and bedbugs a second later and kicked her bedsheets off, revealing a thick blanket of ants and other bugs. Leaping out of bed, she screamed for her parents.
Everything dimmed and the room went black. She jolted up towards the door and couldn't find it. She ran around aimless, naked and humiliated, tortured and crying. Her whole body shook in the dark, beaten and nude. She could feel the eyes of every living creature in history gazing upon her, laughing at her misery, and judging her.

Eventually she slammed into itto her door and panicked.
"MOM DAD! PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR! OH MY GOD!" She she flicked her head around frantically, "I'M SO SORRY OH GAWHD! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I'M IN DANGER PLEASE MOMMY DA- DADDY PL- PLEASE PLEASE!" She shot her eyes downward towards more vermin crawling over her feet and up her legs, feeling as though it was one erratic disgusting sensation, "WAHAAAAAA" she peed herself in fear and dropped to her knees, reaching under the door as far as her thin arms could go. Her sobs went quiet and her eyes wide as she gulped and something enveloped her arms. She could feel her panties being lowered and torn off, pressing against her hip and outer thigh.

"Whuh.." Her face froze but neither her head nor body stopped shaking. Snakes were slithering from under the door. She looked to her feet and her ankles were tied by worms and milipedes. Creepy-crawlies marched over her back and under her belly. She jolted her eyes all around the room, frantically looking for an end to her misery, then jutting her head upwards, cramming the back of her neck as she looked at the corner of the ceiling above her.

It was her. She saw herself, but somehow in an even worse condition. Blood tears dripping from her empty eyesockets, 3-pronged worms of various colors- purple, green, yellow, slithered from her ears, maggots poked out of her skin, and spiders fell from her hair. Her ass was just as red but her belly stole the red from her now very pale face, except for deep scars residing where her eyebrows should be, and mimicing their shape.

Her demon-doppelganger crawled ass-first down the wall with it's back in the corner, squatted over her and, breaking its own ribs as it did so, scrunched its head between its thighs, her chin pushing her pubes and her tits dangling. After a single large tarantula accompanied by a chain of needles lowered from her twin's vagina and wrapped around her neck, the chain of needles grew to her shoulders and pierced them, winding along her bones.

Tracy could feel only pain and her vision momentarily blurred to impairment. As soon as her eyes regained compsure, she wished they hadn't. The anus directly above her face gaped wide and countless ants and endless shit fell upon her, running through her hair and on her eyes. The ants crawled through her wounds, following the spider's needle-plant.

Her doppelganger's mouth opened next, and a long bleeding tongue emerged and started wrapping her legs and back, entering her anus, then unraveling in an instant and taking skin with it. It scooped the diarrhea from her eyes so she could see clearer, then caressed her face.

She could feel her arms being bitten as she was dragged back, her arms coming back into view from the door, which opened, revealing rivers of snakes slithering over the infinitely-long hallway that was a shadowy mockery of her home. Bats the size of men flapped their wings through the shit-stenched air.

The bugs and snakes scurried away, revealing chains on her now-visible wrists and ankles. She crawled like an inchworm in circles, squirming under the constant flogging of her Hell-Mirror's whip-like tongue. The demon grabbed into her ribs and twister her around, flogging her belly and pussy, then wrapped it's tongue around her ankles and held her upside down in the air.
Her breasts were stung by red hornets; they buzzed like demon-pokadots on her soft milky boobs, stinging for an instant before flying away. The fiend dragged the poor girl by her ankles into the labrinth and shut the door on her neck, leaving just enough space for her to breath and no more.

"hahahahahaa" A sultry woman's voice laughed, "Look at her red rump and baby tits. She'll never be a full woman!" Tracy's breasts were perfectly shaped and she wasn't flat-chested, but she may as well have been for how she compared herself to classmates, who were all chest-heavy compared to her.

"OW!" The tormented teen felt a piercing pain in her left bottom cheek, deepening her fresh spanking, "PLEASE WHO ARE YOU WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?! GOD SAVE ME, PLEASE!" Pain tore through her feet.
"We are the ones who witnessed your suffering before your world will." SLAP
"OwW! Please...wahah" She could see only her arms stretched out in front of her and the carpet of her bedroom. "What? NO!" Something was shoved into her anus. "Ow! Ah! Ple- AH! AHH! AH! AHHOW! PLEASE-sohaaaa- STOP-ahAH- THIS I OWWWAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Her screams were shrill.

The door opened slowly and she scrambled as quickly as she could, screaming in terrified agony. Squirming like an earthworm that had been cut open or set aflame, she rapidly swung herself and shook, not even noticing that all the vermin had left, instead focused only on her pain in her pitch-black room.

She thrashed for an hour but it seemed like an eternity, and only once she had no energy left to struggle against her pain, she suffered in stillness. Then she saw a corner of her carpet combust.

The fire crawled towards her, and she crawled backwards likea retarded inchworm away from it. It moved quickly, gaining inches for every moment she fumbled backwards, pushing her arms into the ground and bending her knees before straightening them and bending her arms to do the same. Eventually she had her ass against the corner by her door again.

The flames got closer and closer, even licking her skin. Immediately she felt herself lifted into the air upside down. She glanced up, expecting to her fiendish lookalike, but instead saw the chain at her ankles had grown alive and expanded in size. It dug into the center of the cieling, covering poor pathetic Tracy in smoke and centering her in the core of the furnace's heat.

She was lowered just above the flames which caught her long hair and sometimes touched her shoulders, causing her to swing back and fore, her vocal chords to let loose damned screams, and her stung swollen breasts to bounce about. The walls turned to thick smoke from which she was struck with whips and pitchforks. She could see silhouettes of chest-heavy women with horns on their heads and wings from their backs pointing and laughing at her.

Even amidst her impossible pain, she felt an even deeper humiliation than she had during her half-public spanking. Shaking and crying naked upside down in midair, her bottom quivered especially erratically all around and she pleaded for mercy, whimpering promises to be an angelic little girl and never ever negligently break her brother's toys ever again.

She was lifted higher until her feet touched the ceiling, which felt slimy. She looked up through the billowing black smoke, and the hardly-visible cieling clearly moved around like an octopus trapped in a reslient but flexible gooey bubble. Drops of ooze fell to her snatch, she yanked her chained hands over to cover, but it was too late. The first drops hit her thighs and took form, moving under palms and fingers that pressed tightly into herself and entering her system.

She then felt every nerve in her body explode in pain. Goo oozed from her asshole, which strained outward, occassionally prolapsing a bit. Feujis licked his lips and squinted, Rovik was wided and joked "Green lava Volcano AGAIN! AHA!" and slapped Feujis on the top of his shoulder! "Would you like some Freudian Pyschological shit, Mr Whips nD'Beetles! Let me show you original."

Tracy couldn't hear that of course, but even if they weren't essentially ghosts to her city, her attention was so focused on pain soaring throughout her body, the green slime slushing croch-first through her digestive and reproductive tracts, the heat from below her, the humiliation she felt, the green sludge on her feet, the smoke in her eyes, in that order.

She could see all her friends and family walk into the room, their forms indistinct shadows. The fire died down except on the walls, leaving steel in it's place. What was left of her burnt hair dangled tauntingly above her mutated demon-fish. It looked like an occtopus-fish-snake from Hell, and that's what it was. It flopped around in a hole roughly as deep as Tracy was tall and about as wide as she could make a snow-angel in.

The gooey cieling lowered her like melting bubblegum under a bus, eventually lowering her enough to be whipped by the grinning denizens of her new home. They smiled with bright eyes that shined from their shadowy displacement. Her fish bit at her with its dozen mouths, eliciting laughter as it latched a hold. Digging in to Tracy's face and ladyparts with it's sharp teeth, it slowly pulled itself up and wrapped around her, and salivating all over the bites and lashes.


As they lashed her, it damaged her former pet but did not harm it. Instead, it was like a hydra of Greek mythology on amphetimines. Every slash into her wound that so much as grazed it, brought increasingly smaller fish-squids forth. It could be broken down into sea-demons the size of ants, though many remained much larger- even a few larger than her. Most of them dropped to the hole below and kept growing in size, though other crawled beneath her skin. She could hardly move her hands, but saw smaller ones slither in her wounds and felt some crawl into her ear canals and nasal passages. They made their ways down into her mouth and laid eggs at her bones.

Eventually the goo dropped.
Tracy jumped to her feet and immediately slipped facedown into searing steel and fish-demons, all drenched it goo. Her feet splattered sludge and slipped on fish that entangled her as she scrambled out of the hole she was in, while the goo stuck them to her and resisted her movement like a net. Trying to pull herself up, she could just barely see the ground they stood on, from which they whiped her as she kissed their feet and hopped among biting serpents that pooled up to her knees, a couple raising their heads to bite her shoulders and tits as she was lashed and, 2 hanging from her nipples, chewing them with razor teeth as the rest of her milky white breasts were torn by thin shreds of wire.

Extrenuously stretching her arm over the ledge and begging for help but being whipped by her former loved ones, she couldn't concentrate on placing her feet on the wall in front of her but tried regardless, though the goo was too slipery and footing to sharp. After stabbing her clumsily slapping feet, she lost her grip and fell on her ass, piercing it with the hot spikes of a broken steel floor. Her eyes immediately shift from squinting to blindness to nearly popping out of her head.

She jumped up and tried again, demons crawling up her legs with her face and tummy pressed against a wall, clutching on her mom's high-heel. Her family whipping her vulnerable back and shaking butt, making her stomp rapidly in spikes covered in caustic goo.

Suddenly shifted her arms behind her and lost her grip as she ket jumping and trying, only tearing herself up more in the preocess. She gave up on escape for a moment to defend her body but only twirled and danced as he threw an arm in front of an ass, then the other arm in front of that one, always in vain.

"Yes, that's it, dance my little brat. Dance for us to make up for your inexcusable existence, you disgusting worthless baby." Her mom teased her as she smacked her whip downward over Tracy's back, eliciting a scream and digging into her holes before slashing through fat cheeks. The whip was yanked upward a took a line of skin off Tracy from the crevice of her ass, over her left bottom cheek, and up back past her shoulder spilled endless squids with her blood.

She jumped from pose to pose, grabbing on the ledge but then grabing at her ass or back to deflect a strike from her friends' whips. Every time she was hurt, more demonic fish flowed around her. When she had fallen from the cieling, there were only a few, plus many more dancing with ants in her body. Now her knees were essentially wading in them, and her ass moved in smooth rotations but shook wildly as it did so. Her former pet bit at her legs, a few often jumping up to bite her hips and breasts or even face. She could hardly move, and was powerless over her body instinctively shaking its wild ass just over the fishswarms nestling her thighs and poking her under bun. Her entire body, but especially her bare bottom, breasts, and flat but soft belly shook and rumbled like an Earthquake.

Several times, she jumped up from the fish at the perfect angle and was then simply kicked back in. Other times, a serpinte would yank her back in.

"NO DAD WHY! PL-EEE-HEEEEZZZ!" She pleaded, her face swollen.
"This is why!" Her father grabbed her shoulder and yanked her out and spanked her. She arched her back, trying not to fall back in, her breasts jiggling. "You can't even be a good daughter!" He handed her a book from his pocket. "Open it! NO, HOLD IT OUT LIKE THIS!" He grabbed Tracy's arms and held them out straight, and controlled her hands with his own. It was a picture book. He kept spanking her as he pointed out what each one was. "This is the punishment after you got all D's and F's! Not even a single C!" Sure enough, it was a vivid nude photo of her having just been spanked several years ago, in middle school, bent over with her head upside down and between her legs. Her ass and vagina showed. With her thumbs at the bottom corners of it, she held her report card up just below her piss-and-tear-soaked hair. "Turn the page again! NOW!" He commanded with another smack to her bottom, making her dance in place.
"You see that?" He spanked her again, she kicked up in the air, shaking her knees wildly, jutting her pussy out over the snapping fish. "You pooped yourself. At a sleep over!" He spanked her several times, holding her neck and slapping her tits with his other hand. "IN HIGHSCHOOL!" He landed a few very heavy sways on her already stung, bitten, stabbed, and spanked hind. The next photo was of her bare butt facing the camera, with her pajamashirt on but nothing else. Her chest faced the other way but her head looked sideways to the photographer- her mother as she recalled- and crying in fearful anticipation, while her friends looked at her from all angles. She remembered her little brother and his friend were there but not in the photo. Her pajamapants were lowered to her ankles and she wore no underwear- it was easier to spank her that way- and on the opposite page was a photo of her being paddled as her friends held her in place; 2 holding her ankles apart, the 3rd pressing Tracy's back down on bed, and her 4th friend that had stayed there that night shoving her face into her dirty PJ's. Only one of the 2 girls holding her ankles was still her friend. There was a final photo on the next page, where her pants had been removed completely and her bare ass was very red, but she otherwise had the same pose and a similar expression.

Those were all real photos.
"THIS IS WHY!" He grabbed his duaghter's ribs and flipped her around, then shoved her neck between her legs and kicked her ankles apart, making her plat her hands forward and raise her ass in the air for everyone around the circle to see her bloodied cunt and asshole, front and center. Her cheek were spread and her prolapsed anus was on display.
"OOHHHHHhhhh PLEASE I'm going to fall in..." Tracy's voice lost power every time she spoke.
"Good!" Her father slapped her ass right over the crevice, smacking her anus and causing her to jump forward away from the squid-pit. Everyone took turns swinging her around with one arm and spanking her rump and whipping her tits until she came full circle for the fourth time and was held in the air, flailing her limbs and pleading to not be dropped back into the pit.
She drowned and could only struggle against the serpents pushing her down and constricting her as they bit. Eventually, she gasped for air, only her head out at one side, her ass out the other. The serpents had formed a mound, blocking any sight of her body aside from what she was about to be fucked in.

Serpents went in and nested for hours as her ass and and face were bitten and whipped. Eventually her ass was close to her brother to reach. He slowly pulled her out by her anus and pussy, and her former friends spanked her as he she was held mid-air again.
"With this thing!" Her father put her back in her proper position and slapped her prolapsed anus again, but holding her in place this time, "You are only a disgrace!" He slapped it 3 more times, "N O T ! A ! D A U G H T E R !" then squeezed it with one hand, pinching, and spanked Tracy endlessly as her mother shoved Tracy's head just under her groin, rubbing her own clit with the last hair on the back of her daughter's head and getting off her suffering. When he tired of her noises, her father simply yanked her by her imploded rectum into the stewing pool.

Decaying flesh claws sprang from dirt where steel had broken apart, and entire corpses crawled out. They dived into the pool and held her wrists and ankles and carried her out, helped by other zombies.

The squids had become a pool of tiny monsters she couldn't see individually. They tore hear nearly molecule from molecule, but in fact insured that she would be in pain for an eternity. They reformed her, but remained inside of her, along with the needle-chain planted in her. And though the wounds would heal, the pain was never going to go away, so that all the wounds healed never took away from her suffering nor would they prevent more. Only allow them to cause her even greater heights of agony and disgrace.

Her anus was as good as new. It was raised high above the rest of her, her classmates holding her waist in the air and tying her feet and elbows to the ground. A long thin spike slowly raised from below her belly and made her bottom a more scrumptious target, forcing her to straighten her knees. If she lowered herself in anyway, she would be sliced by the possessed spear.

"Her vagina is weird." Her best friend pointed at her gaping wide pussy. "Most vaginas aren't like that." It was a deep memory that Rovik was fond of. He probed her mind and her anus, having taken the form of a snake.

"Is it weird girl?" Her father asked. Tracy looked up, crying, red-faced, nude, her eyes squinting, bare tits rear and pussy displayed to her father, her mother, her brother, he best friend, her best friend's much more popular friends who bullied her, her friend who every guy she crushed on liked, but she couldn't see anyone! Only the blurs through her tears. They were certainly the same people. They danced around 2 small candles were lit under her breasts whipped her entire body, especially her back, belly, thighs and and every part of her ass and girlhood. causing her to falter and slice her belly on the giant shard and burn her tits on the flames.


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