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Hermione goes for seconds on Girlmeat
Tags: Harry Potter (Series), F/Self, F/F, M/F, F/M/F, Exhib, Bondage, Consensual, D/s, Deep Frying, Snuff, Cannibalism, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter

Hermione clutched the galleons tight in her hand as she climbed the stairs to the Gryffindor Girls' dorms. Her heart raced in her chest as she thought about what she was about to do. Ginny wasn't just an acquaintance like Luna, Ginny was her friend. She was her only female friend. And Hermione was going to feed her to Harry. Hermione knew Ginny wanted it but she was still second guessing herself. What if she was wrong? What if Luna was wrong about the redhead? The strange thing was, despite her qualms Hermione didn't think she cared. Even if Ginny didn't want to be dinner, Hermione intended to buy her anyway.

The memory of Luna's unique taste on her tongue tempted her, but the chance to end another girl's life, to know that she died to bring her pleasure? That was the real temptation. If everything went well, maybe she and Harry could sample even more of the catalogue. Of course, that meant not only getting Harry to accept Ginny as meat, but also to enjoy himself enough to want to repeat the experience; just like Luna had done for Hermione...

Hermione shook the idea from her head. Now wasn't the time to remember past conquests. If she focused too much on Luna she'd end up playing with herself all night as she hid behind the curtains on her bed from her dormmates while thinking about the blonde. No, she had a job to do now.

A few more steps landed her at Ginny's dorm room, five galleon coins in hand. Hermione opened the door. Ginny was lounging on her bed, still fully dressed, with several of her dormmates in varying states of preparing for bed around her scuttling to and fro.

"Hey Ginny, can I talk to you in private?"

Ginny looked up from the copy of teen witch magazine in her hands, smiling lasciviously when she caught sight of Hermione.

"Sure thing, Hermione," she agreed. "Why? You have some... excess energy you want me to help you burn off after tonight's dinner?" the redhead teased.

"Just... come with me, okay?" Hermione blushed as she asked her friend to follow her.

"Of course," Ginny happily agreed as she languidly slid off her bed and joined Hermione in the doorway.

Hermione led the redhead to an out of the way reading nook she liked to use to study. It was rarely used and no one ever came by to bother her when she was reading in it, which made it the closest thing to truly private she could find in the Gryffindor dorms.

"So, was dinner really what I thought it was tonight?" Ginny asked, eagerly.

"Luna asked me to share with you," Hermione admitted, struggling not to give in to her embarrassment.

"And the rest of Gryffindor?" Ginny asked with an eyebrow arched.

"I... may have gotten carried away," Hermione admitted, a slight blush tinging her face. She certainly hadn't been planning to share Luna with anyone before her split-second decision to end the blonde's life like that.

"So? How did it feel, snuffing her?" Ginny asked, eager to hear all about it. Unfortunately for her, that wasn't why Hermione had asked the redhead to follow her.

"First, let me ask you a question," Hermione replied. "Luna told me that it was your catalogue I found last night in the common room. Why?"

Now it was Ginny's turn to to be embarrassed. "I was sort of hoping Harry would find it," the redhead admitted.

"So you just left it there?" Hermione inquired tryong to keep her tone non-judgemental.

Ginny just blushed. Realizing now that what she had thought was a sure-fire plan to get Harry to buy her may not have been as flawless as she had assumed.

"Do you even want to be snuffed?" Hermione asked, curious to know the answer, even though it wouldn't have any effect on her plans for her red-headed friend.

"Maybe?" Ginny asked. "I'm not sure..." she trailed off.

"But if it's by Harry?" Hermione prompted, trying to understand her friend's intentions.

"Then definitely," Ginny stated authoritatively. "I want him to eat me."

"Harry was really impressed by tonight's dinner you know," Hermione stated. "He even gave me the five galleons I asked for when I told him I knew where to get more."

"Really!?" Ginny almost squeaked, barely able to contain her excitement.

"Really," Hermione assured her. "Of course, Harry's expecting another phenomenal meal, and I can't feed Harry anything less than Luna was..." Hermione trailed off, building a picture in Ginny's mind. After all, this wasn't just about what Harry wanted, Hermione wasn't doing this out of the kindness of her heart. Cooking Luna had been such an incredibly erotic thrill and Hermione had only offered to help Harry cook another girl (not that he knew that was what he had requested) to get another taste of that experience. "Do you mind if I check your meat?" Hermione asked, wanting to see just how open to Hermione's requests Ginny really was.

"Right here? In the common room?" Ginny asked, shocked. They were in a secluded corner, true, but their fellow Gryffindors were seated in the same room all around them.

"Are you embarrassed?" Hermione asked, keeping her voice merely curious. "What does meat have to be embarrassed about?"

Ginny blushed. "You're right," the redhead agreed, not sure she actually believed the sentiment, but knowing that she needed to follow Hermione's instructions if she wanted Harry to have her. Nervously, Ginny steeled herself before lifting the hem of her robe with one hand and guiding Hermione's fingers beneath her panties with the other, hoping that her body blocked the view of anyone looking their way.

"You're wet," Hermione declared as her fingers probed the outside of Ginny's moist sex. The redhead's panties were damp and clung to her flushed lower lips. "Was it eating Luna that did this to you? Or..."Hermione trailed off curiously.

"B-both," Ginny replied, her breath hitching as Hermione drove a finger into her virgin slit. "Will you be eating me too?" The redhead asked, looking around nervously to make sure no one else noticed what Hermione was doing to her.

"Definitely..." Hermione replied, savoring the was Ginny's sex pulsed against her finger as she slowly drove it in and out of her friend. "I wouldn't want to miss out," Hermione explained, "and Harry needs someone to ease him into this. He'll never agree to it without me helping. You know that, right?"

Ginny flushed with embarrassment, the foreign feeling of Hermione's finger inside of her sending a rush of unexpected and somewhat unwanted pleasure through her veins. "I'd just hoped..."

"You could seduce him? Like Luna did me?" Hermione ask, arching an eyebrow.

"Yeah," Ginny admitted. "It wouldn't work, would it?" She asked, slightly depressed at the thought.

"Not without me helping," Hermione agreed, crooking her finger to pull Ginny closer by pressing her finger tip against the redhead's sensitive inner walls.

"W-Will you?" Ginny asked, struggling to deal with the new sensations Hermione had introduced her to. She'd masturbated before of course, but she'd never put anything inside. She'd been saving herself for Harry.

"To get a piece of you?" Hermione asked. "Definitely." The brunette bookworm withdrew her finger with a wet 'plop' that rang loudly in Ginny's ears. She stared straight ahead, certain that the sound had attracted attention, but unwilling to reveal herself by looking around. Hermione's finger was dripping wet with Ginny's juices. The older girl was absolutely heedless of any onlookers as she licked her finger dry. "Mmmmm..." she moaned quietly. "You already taste like you'll be worth cooking," Hermione informed her friend, sending a shiver of fear up her spine. "Of course, if you want this to work, you will have to follow a few rules..."

"Anything," Ginny desperately agreed.

Hermione smiled. "That is just what I wanted to hear."

Hermione paused, looking Ginny in the eye to gauge her sincerity. "We won't be eating you immediately. We all just had dinner, and there are some preparations you'll need to take first. This will only work if you do everything I tell you to, otherwise instead of both Harry and I eating you, it'll just be me. Do you understand?"

"I do," Ginny agreed.

"First, I want you to stop eating. That piece of leg you took earlier? That's your last meal. From now until we eat you you're not to take a single bite of food. You can drink water. That's it."

Ginny nodded. It seemed harsh, but it made sense if Hermione didn't want to clean her out before cooking her. It was easier to get her to do it herself.

"Next, don't tell Harry about this. Don't even hint at it. This will only work if I guide him to it carefully. Okay?"

"Yes, Hermione," Ginny acceded. It made sense, especially since her last attempt at getting Harry to buy her had only resulted in Hermione buying Luna.

"Finally, give me your knickers."

"Now?" Ginny asked, her eyes widened in surprise.

"Yes. Right now," Hermione's tone would brook no argument. "From this moment until the moment Harry and I snuff you you are not to wear any sort of underwear. No bra either, but you can take that off back in you dorm room."

Ginny stared at Hermione, she was absolutely serious and the thought was making her more than a little wet.

"Hurry up," Hermione chided. "Meat doesn't need knickers."

Ginny's sex gushed a little at Hermione's words. There didn't seem to be any other option besides obedience, not if she wanted to give herself to Harry. Surreptitiously, Ginny lifted the front of her robe and revealed her panties to Hermione.

They were red, sporty almost like a pair of boy's briefs, and little golden snitches flitted to and fro across the fabric. They were also incredibly eye catching. Between the Gryffindor red and the gold, Hermione could tell why Ginny was nervous about being seen.

"Take them off, or I'll do it for you." Hermione ordered.

A chill sped down Ginny's spine as she realized Hermione was serious.

Quickly, but not so fast as to be immediately obvious to anyone looking in their direction, Ginny pushed her panties off her hips and let them fall down her legs to the floor as she flashed Hermione in the process

Hermione was still staring at her expectantly as she dropped her robe.

Taking the hint, Ginny bent down and picked up the crimson knickers, handing them to Hermione.

"Good," was the only praise she got for her compliance. "Now go upstairs and get rid of that bra, and shave. You don't want Harry to discover a hair in his food when he eats you, do you?"

Ginny turned to go, her cheeks flushing crimson with embarrassment.

"Oh, and one more thing," Hermione interrupted, causing Ginny to turn around once more, keenly aware of what she wasn't wearing beneath her robe. "Here you go," Hermione stated, handing over five shining gold galleons. "Don't spend them all in one place," she teased.

"By the way, there's one last rule. Feel free to play with yourself, in fact, I encourage it. But under absolutely no circumstances are you allowed to cum. Not until we start to cook you. If you're constantly aroused you'll taste much better, and you're sure to hold Harry's attention."

With that, Hermione sent Ginny on her way with a firm grope of her ass to get her started.

The next two and a half days passed in a blur for Ginny. She was constantly turned on. Between Hermione's suggestion to masturbate as much as she wanted and Hermione's prohibition against underwear Ginny was slowly being driven insane. Her pussy was constantly flushed and dripping, her nipples always erect. Hermione occasionally pulling her aside to 'check her meat' certainly wasn't helping.

Ginny had no idea when her end would come or what it would be, and the distracted and appreciative looks she was getting from boys and even some girls had doubled, driving her to constant distraction. Her schoolwork was definitely suffering, though Ginny assumed Hermione wouldn't be keeping her around long enough for that to become a real issue.

Yesterday was a Hogsmeade visit, and Ginny had almost been driven to madness by the way every last breeze seemed to caress her flushed and unprotected cunt. She barely managed to pull herself together long enough to get a surprise for Harry with two of the galleons Hermione had bought her with. A surprise she'd put through its paces by herself, both in the secluded parts of the village and throughout various parts of the castle. She'd barely had enough sense of mind left to send the remaining three galleons home to her mom with a note explaining that she wouldn't ever be coming home because Harry and Hermione had bought her for dinner. Her mother wouldn't hold it against them, especially since she'd almost been purchased when she went to Hogwarts so many years ago.

The fact that she hadn't been able to eat anything since the section of Luna she'd had Thursday night wasn't helping Ginny's mental state at all. The blonde girl's taste lingered like a phantom on her lips, reminding her of what she'd soon become.

So it came as an unexpected relief when Hermione pulled her aside just before breakfast and told her to meet her outside the room of requirement after lunch.

"Don't worry," Hermione reassured the redhead. "I'll make sure Harry skips it. After all, we have special plans for dinner."

The rest of the day was spent in an almost panicked state of arousal. These were the last few hours she had left to live. The last few hours before Harry ate her. Ginny practically bolted up to the owlry. After all, she had a gift to send and she couldn't put it off till tomorrow.

Ginny didn't say any goodbyes. Her Brother would be a bother, Luna wasn't around anymore, she wasn't all that close with any of her classmates, and there'd be time for more... intimate goodbyes with Harry and Hermione at dinner.

Ginny's heart leaped. She was going to be dinner. Absently she wondered what Hermione had planned for her as she finished sending her gift. With any luck it would arrive at breakfast tomorrow.

There wasn't much to pack. Her schoolthings were all in her trunk, and Hermione had already confiscated all her intimates. Which left her nothing to do for the next couple hours save to play with herself and contemplate her fate.

Ginny considered breaking Hermione's rule and letting herself cum many times over the next couple hours, but the brunette's warning kept resounding in her mind. If she came, Harry might not eat her. In the end she heeded her friend's advice. Her sex was well lubricated, but still ready for more. Ginny left to meet her fate.


Hermione was nervous. These past few days had been fun, especially seeing the way that Ginny was slowly getting more and more worked up by the restrictions she'd given her, but now it was actually time to go through with it. She'd already started by making Harry study through lunch with her in the library in order to increase his appetite. She'd promised to make it up to him with a special dinner, and now, despite knowing just how eager Ginny was to be eaten, Hermione was worrying that the slightly younger redhead wouldn't show.

"Hermione!" Ginny shouted down the hall, rushing toward her friend and possible executioner.

"Ginny," Hermione replied, trying to hide how relieved she was to see the other girl. "What are you wearing?"

"My school robes?" Ginny asked, confused and struck by a sudden sinking feeling at Hermione's question.

"You're wearing clothes?" Hermione asked just to confirm.

"Yes," Ginny agreed.

"Meat doesn't need clothes, Ginny. Get rid of them."

"Here!?" Ginny asked, nervously looking up and down the corridor to make sure there were no other students around.

"Yes here. Now strip," Hermione ordered.

Hastily, Ginny complied, doffing her robe as well as the rest of her uniform, leaving it lying in a heap at her feet, and her naked and shivering in the drafty Hogwarts hallway.

Hermione looked her friend over, assessing the girlmeat she'd bought just a few days ago with a hungry, leering gaze.

Ginny was thin, but lithe and athletic instead of willowy like Luna. Her perky breasts were the size of large oranges, or maybe grapefruits, slightly more than a handful each and topped with a pair of what Hermione knew from the last couple pf days to be incredibly sensitive nipples; both if which stood firmly at attention.

Ginny's sex had been shaved completely bare, and then smoothed over with magic to leave no traces of hair behind. Hermione sort of missed the completely untamed burning bush Ginny had started this journey with, but there was no way that she was going to shave the redhead herself, even with magic, and while Hermione could separate and protect the hair on the girl's head by simply not touching her face, Hermione definitely planned on sharing Ginny's girlsteak with Harry.

"Wonderful," Hermione remarked, staring at Ginny's moist and incredibly juicy-looking camel-toe. "You almost look good enough to eat raw."

Ginny shivered at that. She certainly wasn't looking forward to the pain of being cooked, but being eaten raw was even worse...

"Have you decided how you're going to cook me?" Ginny asked, firm in her intent to follow through, but still nervous about the details.

"Yes," Hermione replied smiling. "But I think I'll keep it a surprise."

Hermione bent down and began tearing long strips of cloth from Ginny's skirt. Ginny wanted to protest, to tell Hermione to knock it off because she needed that and the bookworm was quickly making the skirt indecently short, but then it hit Ginny that she didn't need it. That she was meat now, and she probably wouldn't be wearing any more clothes ever again.

"Stand still," Hermione instructed, approaching with several long strips of what used to be Ginny's skirt.

Ginny followed instructions, and as a reward, Hermione used one of the long cloth strips to blindfold her and another to tie her wrists together, just tight enough to not cut off her blood-flow.

Hermione released her, blind, naked, and helpless, and began to pace back and forth in front of the secret entrance to the Room of Requirement. Once, twice, three times and the portrait of Barnabas the Barmy swung open, revealing a room that Ginny couldn't see.

"This way," Hermione ordered, leading the blindfolded redhead gently by the wrist through the open portal. Ginny had no idea where she was going, but she could hear Hermione opening a doorway when they stopped.

“Exactly as I imagined it,” Hermione confirmed to herself. “Alright, hands above your head.”

Ginny complied, and Hermione manhandled her into position. She could feel something made out of metal against her bound wrists as Hermione secured them to something. Hermione tugged, and Ginny was instantly hauled off her feet into the air. She kicked, once, twice, and then she felt Hermione grab her ankles and tie them together as well.

“This should be perfect...” Hermione mused. “I'm going to get Harry now. He can't know you're in here. This is absolutely crucial, do you understand Ginny? The last few days have primed him to think about sex, and about how sexy you are. He's also Hungry from skipping lunch, but none of that will be enough if I can't introduce him to the concept of eating you gently. If he knows you're here before I'm ready to reveal you, it will ruin everything. You'll still be eaten, but I'll be dining alone tonight instead of having you as dinner for two. Do you understand?”

Ginny nodded, unwilling to make a sound.

“Good. We also need you even more excited, but we can't have you cumming...” Ginny couldn't see the wand movements through her blindfold, but she recognized that incantation! That was a numbing spell!

Almost instantly, Ginny's cunt began to tingle as the spell set in, keeping the redhead locked in a perpetual state of arousal even as the spell's main effects kept her from ever reaching relief.

“If you're good, I might take that off before you're completely cooked,” Hermione teased. “Now remember, not a word, just stay still and be quiet.”

Ginny nodded, the numbing charm already working it's magic on her as Hermione shut the door and walked away.


“So, you just want to show me this thing you found and then we'll get dinner?”

“Exactly,” Hermione replied to Harry's question. “I found it earlier in the common room under one of the armchairs.”

“Okay then,” Harry agreed, “As long as there's food at the end of this. I studied all through lunch because of you and not to sound like Ron, but I'm really hungry.”

“Don't worry, I'll make sure we both get dinner, after all, I was there studying too, remember?”

Harry nodded, watching as Hermione paced back and forth in front of the portrait of Barnabas the Barmy, the door to the Room of Requirement.

The room beyond the painting was strange, there was a large glass case on display, vertical, maybe a bit taller than he was. In front of it was the most comfy looking couch he'd ever seen, and in front of that a small table with a single magazine laying atop it.

“Is that what you found in the common room?” Harry asked, eyeing the glass tank, along with the strange glass tube protruding to some sort of holding tank full of a thick golden looking liquid next to it.

“What?” Hermione asked, confused for a second. “Oh! No! Not at all. There's no way that would fit under one of those chairs. What I found is on the table.”

Harry strode over, curious to see what his friend had found that was so interesting, Hermione following hopefully behind.

“What! What is this?” Harry asked, shocked as he noticed the nude girl strutting across the cover. “The Hogwarts Meatgirl Catalogue?” Harry read, disconcerted. “Is this... some sort of nudie mag?”

Hermione stayed quiet, letting Harry explore the magazine on his own for now, content to watch and step in if needed.

“Is that Angelina!?” Harry asked, flipping to a random page and seeing the mocha-skinned beauty bound in netting on a tray in front of an oven, her dripping pussy clearly visible to the camera. “Is she... she looks like a ham about to be roasted!” Harry yelped. “Is this real?” Harry asked. “No, wait. Who else is in here?” He asked interrupting his own question.

“Why don't you take a look for yourself?” Hermione urged.

Harry was too distracted to question Hermione's odd response. The taboo allure of the pages in front of him held him.

“Daphne, Hannah, Cho!?” Harry cried out, staring at a picture of his Asian crush, oiled up, and reclining in a giant wok. “This can't be real, can it?” Harry asked incredulously. “Are you in here too Hermione?”

Hermione's eyes widened at the thought. “No! No, I'm definitely not in there,” Hermione hurriedly replied. “I was just as surprised as you when I found it.” Not to mention the fact that she had absolutely no interest in being on the meat side of the transactions in the catalogue. What would her spread even look like anyway? Her naked in the library on one of the tables surrounded by cookbooks?

“This can't be real...” Harry muttered to himself, his eyes repeatedly straying towards the lascivious pictures on the page. “Why would anyone do this?”

"There are interviews next to the pictures," Hermione pointed out.

Harry blinked, just noticing them for the first time. "I want to follow the family tradition, to feel the water boiling around me, turning me into a delicious Abbot stew just like it did to my mom and my grandma," Harry read incredulously. "This can't be real, girls don't sell themselves as meat in the wizarding world, I'd have noticed, right?"

Hermione looked at Harry. It didn't sound like he was actually asking the question. More like he was reassuring himself. Taking advantage of his distraction, she shrugged off her robe and placed it off to the side where it wouldn't interfere.

When she turned back, Harry was still staring at the catalogue, the growing bulge within his pants bearing testament to his true opinion about the magazine.

"You know, when I first found this, the curiosity over whether it was real or not almost drove me insane," Hermione stated.

"Did you find out?" Harry asked, desperately.

"Are you sure you want to know?" Hermione asked. "I can see your reaction to the catalogue," Hermione added giving a long lingering glance at Harry's pants. The boy-who-lived blushed at her frank appraisal of his state. "Tell me honestly, Harry. If you found out that the catalogue was all just some bizarre wizarding world version of a girly mag, that none of the girls in it were actually for sale, would you be relieved, or disappointed."

Harry started to object, but something in Hermione's voice stopped him. She wanted the truth, not just what he thought she wanted to hear. "I'm... not sure," Harry admitted.

"Well, why don't you take another look at the catalogue and we can figure it out together?" Hermione suggested. "I may not be in there, but there are other girls you know."

"There are?" Harry asked, surprised.

"There are," Hermione assured him, leaning over into Harry's personal space and flipping the page.

Alicia Spinnet stared back at them. The brown-skinned girl was just as arousing as Hermione remembered her to be; rubbing her sopping wet pussy up and down the length of her half transfigured broomstick-spit, her thick, meaty lips clearly visible as they poked out from behind the shaft. One hand was on the metallic broom, the other on one of her generously bared breasts, her fingers pinching and rolling one of her thick puffy nipples.

"Oh... wow..." Harry muttered, the strength of his erection growing at the sight.

Hermione reached down, sliding her hand beneath the waistband of Harry's pants and grabbing his throbbing member. She didn't do anything with it, just held it, engulfing the warm rod in the soft embrace of her fingers.

"H-Hermione!" Harry exclaimed in shock.

"My name is Alicia Spinnet of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team," Hermione read, ignoring Harry's shocked objections. "And I'm selling myself to raise money to buy new brooms for the team."

Hermione could feel Harry throbbing beneath her touch, and she wasn't about to give up the chase now.

"With my athletic body, I'll make the perfect spit-roast. I'll even transfigure my own spit for you to do me with. If you want, you can even cook me below the bleachers at the pitch. I promise to put on quite the show. After all those years riding a broomstick, I'm looking forward to riding a spit," Hermione finished.

"She's only 20 galleons you know, you could easily afford her." She felt Harry's dick jerk in her hand. "And it certainly feels like you're interested," Hermione continued, giving his cock a light squeeze.

"I-" Harry hesitated.

"Still not sure?" Hermione asked. "Maybe you'd like someone younger?"

Hermione took the catalogue and flipped to a page she knew extremely well.

"Luna!?" Harry cried out in shock, as he stared at the blonde's lewd display. "Is she..?"

"Fucking herself with a carrot as big as her arm?" Hermione finished for him. "I think she is. She certainly looks enthusiastic about it," Hermione smiled fondly.

"I haven't seen her in days," Harry realized. "Do you think she was..?"

"Sold? Cooked? It's possible," Hermione grinned. "Does that thought turn you on?" Hermione asked. "It certainly feels like it does," she added giving his cock a quick rub.

"Maybe..." Harry admitted.

"Lets play a game then," Hermione whispered seductively. "Aside from me, since I'm not in it, and Luna, who may have been sold already, which girl do you most want to see in the catalogue. Which girl would you definitely buy if you knew she was for sale?"

Harry scrunched his face in thought. His mind immediately went to Hermione, but she had already told him she wasn't for sale, then Cho, but their last romantic encounter hadn't exactly turned out well. "Ginny," he admitted, turning to look Hermione in the face as he answered.

Hermione controlled her expression, making sure not to react at all, even when she noticed the excited yelp coming from the closet at Harry's declaration. She'd have to punish the redhead for that, she almost gave the game away. "Ginny? Ron's little sister?" Hermione confirmed. "How naughty..." Languidly she flipped through the catalogue until she found the right page. "That Ginny?" Hermione asked.

Ginny was right on the page, exactly as Hermione had last seen her, sitting completely naked, legs spread, on the top of a cutting board in the Hogwarts' kitchen. Her body was completely unchanged, the faint dusting of freckles on her breasts, her visibly pink virginal snatch complete with the flaming red bush that Hermione had ordered the real Ginny to shave off completely. It was definitely Ginny, and Hermione could feel Harry realizing that as well.

“Hi, I'm Ginny Weasley, and I'm selling myself to make some money to send back to my family to help out with expenses. I don't actually have a favorite way I think I should be cooked, so feel free to use me in whatever dish you think I'd taste best in. I've been saving myself for Harry Potter, so I'll probably still be a virgin when you buy me. Some people say that virgin girls taste better though!” Hermione read aloud. “She's just five galleons. Do you want her?”

“Five galleons?” Harry perked up. “You asked me for five galleons a few nights ago when I asked you what we had for dinner. You said you could get more of it...”

Harry's eyes widened as he put the clues together. “Did you buy Ginny!?”

“I don't know,” Hermione teased. “Did you want me to?”

“Oh, Merlin...” Harry muttered. “Yes...”

“Really?” Hermione asked. “You want to eat the naked little redhead in this catalogue?”

“Yes...” Harry agreed.

“You want to see her cooked, to see her snuffed, naked and squirming the whole time?”


“Do you want to help?” Hermione asked, “Help cook me her? Help me snuff her?” Hermione could feel Harry's cock bucking in her hand. “You heard the interview... she wants you to do it. She's even been saving herself for you...”

“Yes! Dear god, Hermione! Yes!” Harry shouted.

“Well then, it's a good thing the catalogue is real then,” Hermione replied, letting go of Harry's cock as she walked over to the small, almost unnoticeable closet set into one of the walls of the room. She opened it with a flourish, revealing the naked, squirming, blindfolded form of Ginny Weasley, hanging by her wrists from a hook inside. “May I present to you, our dinner.”



Yep. This is already off to one hell of a start.


Part 5

Ginny bucked as the slightly cooler air of the room hit her exposed skin. It had been hard staying silent in the closet while Hermione seduced Harry, completely unsure about what was going on beyond what she could hear from their voices. One thing was clear though, Hermione was right, Harry wouldn't have bought her without her help, and she definitely managed to talk him into it.

Ginny had browsed through the catalogue a couple times before deciding to hide it in the common room for Harry to find. With the exception of Luna, she hadn't found the other girls' spreads all that sexy, but something in Hermione's voice made them come alive in her mind, turning her on even more with just her voice and Ginny's imagination.

In the end, Ginny hadn't been able to keep her silence, letting out a victorious yelp when Harry named her as the girl he most wanted to see in the catalogue (well, besides Luna and Hermione, anyway). She'd almost ruined everything, but Hermione had kept control and steered Harry exactly where the redhead had wanted him. Now he was staring at her, naked, and more than a little afraid as she hung blindfolded from the hook above her.

“She really wants you to eat her you know,” Hermione stated. “She practically begged me for it, didn't you Ginny?”

“Yes, Hermione,” Ginny agreed. “I hope you enjoy me, Harry!”

“I will,” Harry reassured her hungrily, shedding his nervousness now that he'd accepted what was happening.

“Ginny's a virgin you know,” Hermione remarked, reaching down and caressing the puffy lower lips of the redhead's sex. Ginny's whole body jerked in response to the unexpected touch, sending her swinging back and forth from the hook above her. “And she's going to stay a virgin,” Hermione declared. “After all, you heard her interview, 'Virgin girls taste better.'”

Ginny's heart pounded in her chest at Hermione's declaration. She'd be snuffed as a virgin!? She didn't know if what she said was true! It was just something she'd thrown in to help make her more interesting to buy than Luna, who had already told her her plan for the catalogue. Something to give her an innocent, girl next door sort of image that she'd hoped would appeal to Harry. It hadn't even worked to make her more enticing, since Hermione had bought Luna before her! But Ginny couldn't argue, not now... Hermione was in control, and Ginny had been reminded several times over the past few days that if she wanted Harry to eat her, she wasn't allowed to argue.

“Don't worry Harry. After Thursday, I know just how excited cooking a girl like Ginny can make you.” She paused to let her words sink in. “I'll take care of any, problems, you have that happen to arise.”

Ginny couldn't see Hermione, but after hearing a phrase dripping that much with innuendo, she was absolutely certain where Hermione's gaze was focused. This whole situation was making her intolerably horny, if not for the numbing spell that Hermione had cast on her sex, Ginny was certain she would have cum already just from the sheer excitement alone. Of course, with the numbing spell still in effect it was like her pussy was constantly buzzing; Ginny was trapped teetering perpetually on the edge of an orgasm and unable to reach it.

“You know you can examine the meat if you want to, Harry. You don't just need to sit and watch,” Hermione explained.

“Really?” Harry asked.

Ginny nodded in what she hoped was his direction, she couldn't exactly see him with the strip Hermione had torn from her skirt blindfolding her.

“See? Even the meat says it's okay,” Hermione urged. “Not that her opinion really matters,” Hermione added as a sort of academic aside. “Not since you've already purchased her.”

Ginny could hear footsteps approaching, but it still came as a sudden shock when she felt a hand touching one of her breasts. Harry's hand, at least, that's what she thought. It certainly wasn't Hermione's hand, she was well acquainted with the brunette's touch after the last few days and her fingers didn't have any of the rough calluses that this hand had.

“She's so soft...” Harry marveled as he squeezed her breast sending shivers down her spine.

“Since she's meat, the proper word for her is tender,” Hermione teased, pedantically. “Is there anywhere else you'd like to check on her? Her arms?” Ginny felt the soft ghost of a touch running down her elbow. “Her legs?” The traceries of fingers on her thigh. “Or maybe... you're more interested in this?”

Ginny yelped as Hermione struck without warning, pinching hard on her clit. Her breath hitched and her heart raced, but the feeling was muted by the intense tingling her sex felt at Hermione's touch, the numbing spell at work, robbing her of what could possibly have been an incredibly intense orgasm.

“Feel free to explore,” Hermione offered, spreading the petals of Ginny's sex. “It'll be on your plate soon enough after all, you might as well know what you'll be eating. Just be careful, you don't want to break her maidenhead.”

Ginny shuddered in pleasure as she felt Harry's fingers caress her sex. With her eyes covered, every motion was a surprise, every touch, unexpected. She'd never felt so aroused in her life.

“She's so wet...” Harry marveled.

“She should be,” Hermione stated proudly. “I bought her a few minutes after you gave me the galleons. She's been playing with herself almost constantly since then, but I've forbidden her from cumming, and she's obeyed, haven't you Ginny?”

“Yes, Hermione,” Ginny panted.

“I locked her in that closet right after lunch, I even cast a numbing spell on her... filet, so that she couldn't cum from us playing with her and told her to be quiet so that she didn't give away the game.”

Hermione paused. “Of course, she wasn't completely quiet, was she?”

Ginny shivered, Hermione didn't quite sound upset, but there was no way to tell for certain without actually looking at her face. “No, Hermione,” Ginny replied.

“Meat that can't follow directions should be punished, don't you think Harry? I think I'll leave the numbing spell in place for now. I wouldn't want Ginny ruining our dinner. If she's good I'll take it off later...”

Ginny jerked as she felt a callused finger slip inside her sopping twat.

“She's responsive,” Harry marveled, completely inexperienced with girls before this point.

“Yes, she's very sensitive,” Hermione agreed. “You know, I blindfolded her outside the room, so Ginny hasn't seen what's been set up in here. That means she doesn't know how we'll be cooking her, though, of course she's had ample time to imagine what we might do. Do you think we should show her? Or would you rather have her tell you what she's come up with, first?”

Ginny squirmed at Hermione's question. It was true. Trapped alone, unable to see, hanging from her wrists, she'd had nothing she could do but fantasize, each new idea sexier, and scarier, than the last.

“I think I'd like to hear what Ginny thinks you have planned for her,” Harry decided, his finger still lingering inside her.

“Well, Ginny?” Hermione asked, her voice firm, yet playful.

Ginny's face flushed crimson, Harry wanted to know what she thought! No, more than that, Harry wanted to know her fantasies, her sexual fantasies about being eaten by him! She quivered in place, her sopping wet sex struggling to clench around his probing digit as she swung from the ceiling.

“I... first I thought Hermione might spit-roast me, like she did Luna,” Ginny offered.

“You ate Luna?” Harry asked surprised.

“You did too,” Hermione replied. “What did you think that delicious little dinner on Thursday was?” Hermione paused. “She was the last thing Ginny ate, you know.”

Harry grunted in amazement.

“You can continue, Ginny,” Hermione urged.

“First I thought you might roast me, like Luna, but after thinking about it, I think Hermione wants to try something new.”

“You're not wrong,” Hermione agreed.

“So, I was thinking about the other girls in the catalogue, and I think you'll probably boil me, like Hannah Abbot and her stew. I think you'd enjoy that, watching me soak in a giant cauldron, playing with myself, adding to the broth each time I came, the water slowly cooking me until I faded away and my body fell apart into a Ginny-flavoured stew,” her whole body quivering in excitement.

“That is a good guess,” Hermione admitted, “but it's wrong. I don't suppose you have any other theories you want to share with Harry?”

Ginny's eyes widened beneath her blindfold. That was the least painful guess she had, which meant that whatever Hermione had planned for her would probably be more painful. Maybe... “Then maybe you're planning to roast me in an oven, like in Angelina's spread? I thought you might... leaving me hanging here, blindfolded while you talked about the girls in that catalogue was... It would make sense if you wanted to tie me up and roast me while I was completely bound and unable to move. Being helpless like that; it's frightening, but it's also sort of hot.”

“You were closer with the boiling, Ginny,” Hermione replied, the smirk on her face carrying clearly through her voice. “Want to try again?”

“As hot as this is Hermione, I don't think she's going to get it,” Harry interrupted. “Honestly, I'm not sure what that thing is for either, and I'm looking at it.”

“I guess I can tell you both then,” Hermione replied, a little disappointed.

The finger withdrew from her sex and suddenly, Ginny felt Hermione in front of her, close enough to feel the brunette's breath playing against her face as she untied the blindfold.

“There we go,” Hermione smiled, and after a few seconds of blinking to get used to the sudden light, Ginny could see again.

“I have no idea what that is, Hermione,” Ginny admitted as she stared at the glass tanks.

“Really?” Hermione asked, disappointed. “It's a deep fryer, Ginny. We're going to deep fry you.”

Ginny's eyes widened in fear at Hermione's admission. Deep frying? Her mother did a bit of that on the stove at home sometimes. She'd been hit by the spattering oil. It was incredibly painful. “Are... are you sure!?” she asked, nervously.

“Definitely,” Hermione replied. “You want to taste your best for Harry and I, don't you?” Hermione asked, looking at Ginny with disappointment written clearly on her face.

“Yes, but-”

“And you did say you'd do anything I told you to, didn't you?” Hermione interrupted sternly, unwilling to let Ginny muster any arguments against her plan.

“I did, but-”

“Well, this is what I'm asking you to do,” Hermione explained, sounding incredibly logical despite Ginny's dissatisfaction with her method of coking. “You love fried food, Ginny. I've seen you at the dinner table when they serve it. You know how delicious food is when they fry it. Don't you want to be delicious, Ginny?”

“Yes, Hermione,” Ginny admitted, seeing the reasoning behind her friend's choice.

“And don't you want to put on a show for harry that He'll remember?” Hermione asked, sending Ginny's imagination through a cavalcade of images from the catalogue. “Sitting in a cauldron won't do that...”

Ginny winced, conceding the point.

Hermione turned to the other person in the room. “What do you think, Harry? You've already tasted roasted girl, wouldn't Ginny be absolutely scrumptious deep-fried?” Hermione asked, as she rubbed Harry's shoulders.

“It would be nice...” Harry admitted. “But if Ginny doesn't want to do it, we shouldn't force her.”

Harry's admission was like a knife through Ginny's heart. How could she deny him what he wanted, especially after he'd risked his life to save her from the Basilisk in their second year.

“Fine,” Hermione gave in. “Let's get you down from that hook and go outside to reset the room for a different way to cook you,” Hermione was clearly disappointed, but willing to let Ginny off from deep frying if she really didn't want to.

“Wait,” Ginny interrupted. “Do you really want to see me deep-fried, Harry?” Ginny asked, uncertain she wanted to know the answer.

“Definitely,” Harry replied. “But, only if you're okay with it.”

Ginny's heart lurched as she stared at the pair of glass tanks, one empty, one full of oil. She knew exactly what she was in for. The pain would be absolutely excruciating, but... If this was what Harry wanted, she couldn't disappoint him. “I'll do it,” she conceded. “Deep-fried Ginny is back on the menu.”

“That's great!” Hermione effused, delighted. “Lets get you into the tank!"

Ginny wasn't quite sure what she felt as Hermione levitated her off the hook, leaving her hands and feet bound together.

"You know, if you really want to put on a show for Harry, Luna taught me a hex that can keep you alive until we finish eating you." Hermione offered. "You could make sure Harry and I actually enjoy you, but it requires a willing target."

Ginny's eyes widened at Hermione's suggestion. She knew the spell Hermione had in mind, having read the same instructions in Luna's interview that Hermione did. She also knew about the side effects, like extreme sensitivity, and death, as soon as the caster decided to release the spell. The death part wasn't really an issue since she wouldn't be surviving past dinner, but with the spell on her any pain she felt would be worse, and she'd be kept alive, unable to pass away through all of it. Did she trust Hermione to put the spell on her?

"I'll do it if Harry casts it," Ginny declared.

"Are you sure? Harry's never cast this spell before. He could mess it up."

Ginny looked at Harry, at his beautiful face and caring eyes. "I trust him."

"If you say so," Hermione agreed slightly incredulously as she put Ginny down on the table and told her to untie her bonds while she taught Harry the spell in question.


Looking good, now the question is, how much does Harry want to make her suffer?


Harry's sort of innocently insensitive in canon. he doesn't realize he's upset his date at the Yule Ball, he doesn't sort out Cho's real feelings in 5th year, He doesn't realize Ginny's trying to make him jealous later on.

So, when Ginny says she's okay with it, Harry's going to take her at her word and let Hermione do whatever she wants to her so long as Ginny doesn't object to it.

But if you're talking about the spell and how long Harry will keep her alive for? Well, you'll see. The actual cooking period for deep frying isn't that long, but I have some plans in mind which will make Harry's intentions on that path sort of irrelevant.


Do you typically finish stories beforehand and release chapters bit by bit or do you post chapters are you've written them?
If it's the latter, how the nine hells do you write so fast??


A 1000 edited words per hour is not too difficult if you have the time and focus


Brilliant hope you bring out the next part soon


Brilliant hope you bring out the next part soon


Hope you're doing okay, TVB. Figured you'd have an update by now, and hoping you're just having a case of writer's block!

Nothing bad on the speed of your writing, by the way. It's excellent writing, so keep up the awesome work!


Frostmourne hungers for more hp cann smut! Hurry! :D


I try and write them before hand and then release them. but Usually I end up releasing them as I write them. Thus the delays.

I work 50+ hours a week on a slow week. Time is not on my side.

I'd like that too, I'm sort of stalled right now and am Hoping to break through that soon.

Writer's block and lack of time to work through it. Yes.

I'm not a WoW fan, but it's good to be appreciated?


How goes the progress towards the next chapter(s)?


Definitely looking forward to the next installment.


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Small update to show progress is still ongoing.

It took several minutes for Hermione to teach the spell to Harry, several incredibly distracted minutes where Hermione would catch him eyeing Ginny's naked body as she twisted and turned on the table, struggling to untie the knots Hermione had used to restrain her. Ginny's breasts bounced, her gyrations showed off her pussy in short flashes, and all together it didn't make for the most conducive learning environment for a young virile man, but Hermione did as best she could to teach him anyway.

"I'm ready," Ginny declared as she stood up from the table having finally freed herself.

"Well then," Harry said with a smile, "Here it goes."

Harry had just barely gotten the incantation and spell movements down when Ginny made her declaration. So it didn't come as a great surprise to Hermione when Harry messed up the spell, adding an extra hooking motion at the end. That didn't stop Hermione from wincing when it happened anyway.

Still, Ginny seemed fine, and there were no other noticeable effects from the incantation, so maybe it was okay? The worst that probably happened is the spell failed and they'd need her to recast it. They'd know the results once they started cooking her.

“Was that it?” Ginny asked, feeling something from the spell but unsure how to describe it. She felt... lighter, in some indefinable way completely unrelated to her weight.

“It should be,” Hermione admitted. “It's not like Harry can drop it and recast it now without killing you, so I guess we'll just have to go ahead and hope.”

Ginny grimaced, maybe she should have let Hermione cast the spell after all. Not knowing if it worked or not, it was torture. At least with Hermione she'd know it was done right.

Harry frowned, “Did I do it wrong? I don't want to mess up your show, Ginny,” he replied, his words sending a warm feeling through the redhead's still numbed cunt as she basked in his interest.

“Don't worry Harry, I'll do my best to give you a show you'll remember forever,” Ginny quickly offered, surprising herself at how bold she was being now that there was nothing holding her back. She was a dead girl now, just meat. The moment Harry dropped the spell she'd die, so she couldn't back out now even if she wanted to. That meant that the only thing left for her to do was to give Harry an experience he'd never forget, and a meat that could match it. Idly, she reached down for her own still-numbed pussy, wondering if this was how Luna had felt when Hermione had taken her down to the kitchen to snuff her...

Her cunt tingled like a leg she'd accidentally sat on wrong as Hermione's spell prevented her from getting any relief.

Hermione grinned at the sight of her desperately aroused friend rubbing one out to Harry's eager delight. She was failing, and Hermione wasn't sure if it would be more fun to let go of the spell and let her cum, or to keep the spell on and prevent her from cumming entirely until she died... It was an option she hadn't expected to have since she would have had to drop the spell in order to cast the spell she'd cast on Luna last time. With Harry taking that over, there was nothing stopping the frizzy haired bookworm from keeping Ginny from her reward except her own ideas of fair play, ideas that Hermione wasn't sure if it'd be hotter to discard or not...

“Now what?” Harry asked.


Hope Harry keeps Ginny's head alive. Ginny would love to keep him happy even after he eats the rest of her.


Glad to see this is alive and kicking can't wait to read more


Now what?” Harry asked.

“Now?” Hermione echoed. “Well, since all the prep work's done, and we can't exactly eat her raw, it's time for for your dinner to start cooking.”

Ginny shivered at Hermione's matter of fact description, knowing the frizzy-haired witch meant her. A fave of heat burst from her pussy despite the tingling numbness that Hermione had trapped it in. This was it, this was her moment to give her all for Harry, to cook for him, writhing as she fryed for his pleasure. The thought scared her, but this was Harry, the Boy-Who-Lived! The boy who had saved her life from tom when he had possessed her. She loved him; at least... this was what she thought love felt like... at the very least she owed him her life, and if this is how he wanted her to spend it; frying in a tank as he watched her turn into his dinner, then Ginny was going to give it to him, even if it was more than a little terrifying.

Waving her wand, Hermione pronounced a spell “Wingardium Leviosa!” It was a spell that had brought Harry, Ron and her together as friends, and now it would bring her, Harry, and Ron's sister even closer. Ginny's body lifted off the ground, her feet kicking feebly beneath her as Hermione levitated her into the empty glass tube and transfigured the top into a watertight glass collar, sealing Ginny in.

“You know Harry, before you came into the room, I cast a spell on Ginny to keep her prime filet fresh,” Hermione admitted, indicating with her wand exactly which part on Ginny's body constituted her 'Prime filet.' “That spell is what's kept your dinner from cumming her brains out playing with herself. Personally, I'd like to leave it on her and keep her from ever cumming again, but if you want, I can end it for you.”

Ginny's heart hitched, leaping into her throat. Would Hermione really do that to her? Keep her from her last reward for doing this for Harry? Deprive her of her final climax? She looked into the brunette's eyes. She would. She wanted to, Ginny could tell. The lightly freckled redhead turned her attention to her hero, Harry. Surely he would let her cum one last time? But... if he wanted her not to... Ginny shook her head to banish the thought, she wouldn't influence this decision one way or another. It was his.

Harry looked at Ginny, about to order Hermione to undo the spell when he saw his best friend's sister shake her head. Did she not want him to have it lifted? Harry couldn't understand why. He'd have thought she'd want one last cum before she finished frying. But... if that was what Ginny wanted, he wasn't exactly opposed to it.

"No need," Harry replied, playing a part. "She doesn't seem to need it."

Hermione grinned wickedly at Harry's decision. She hadn't thought it likely, but since this was Harry's money and Ginny was doing all of this for him, it felt right that he make the choice. Hermione wasn't disappointed at all with this outcome.

Ginny on the other hand, felt like the floor had been yanked out from under her. First frying and now this? She'd never imagined that Harry would do something like this to her. Of course, that didn't mean she was going to back out; quite apart from the fact that with the spell he had cast in her Harry could end her life at any time, a fact that Ginny remained almost tantrically aware of, she still wanted to do this, still wanted to give herself to her crush, her saviour. The numbing charm that Hermione had cast on her wasn't foolproof, she'd used it before as a prank, if she tried hard enough, Ginny knew that she could still cum from this.
"Feel free to continue playing with yourself though," Hermione advised. "You promised Harry dinner and a show after all."
Ginny didn't need to be told twice, her fingers dipped eagerly into her numbed cunt, rubbing and fucking, her body shifting as she danced for her friends, trapped in place by her neck.
With a flick of her wand, Hermione cast a cooking charm on the oil. It would start boiling soon, and once it did, that would send it through the tube connecting the tanks, spraying Ginny with hot oil before pooling at her feet to deep fry her. Hermione's free hand mirrored Ginny's own, dipping down to her sweltering cunt and casting off her panties, leaving her exposed snatch readily accessible beneath her robes.
Ginny's eyes widened as she watched Hermione play with herself, the nerdy brunette's chest heaving with exertion as she thoroughly enjoyed the show Ginny was putting on. Harry's cock, freed earlier by Hermione was in his hand, enjoying his own tender mercies after the half-finished hand-job Hermione had given it earlier. It was erotic, but Ginny needed more if she wanted to break through the pervasive tingling of Hermione's charm.
"Harry, can I, ungh, have... one last request?" Ginny asked. The heat leaking in from the other tank had already coated her entire body in sweat, not that her own erotic exertions had helped much in that area, ad she could see her friends' eyes glued to her glistening body as they waited for their meal to start cooking.
"I don't see why, ah! not..." Harry admitted, playing with himself.
"Fuck her. I want to see you fuck Hermione. I want to watch you screw her brains out while you fry me! I want to watch you cum inside her as I go!" Ginny demanded, her slick fingers slippung easily in and out of her untested virgin cunt.
Harry looked at Hermione. His frizzy-haired friend was playing with herself frantically, rubbing her cunt and pinching her own clit as she moaned like the actresses he'd glimpsed d through the crack in his cupboard whenever his Uncle Vernon would come down to watch the TV alone in the middle of the night.
Hermione was enthralled by the idea. She might not love Harry, and certainly didn't want him enough to let him cook her, like Ginny clearly did, but she wasn't averse to using him to scratch an itch, even if she would have preferred playing with Ginny a little more instead.
"I don't mind," Hermione admitted, pulling off her Hogwarts robe completely, leaving her in nothing but her trainers and socks, "and I'd hate to deny our meal her last request."
Unwilling to give up her view of Ginny frying, Hermione got on her knees in front of Harry and lay her body across the low table in front of him, lifting her young ass into the air as her diamomd hard nipples pressed against the lacquered wood. She reached back with one hand, her eyes never leaving Ginny or her tube even as she spread her sex invitingly for her best friend's use.


Unwilling to give up her view of Ginny frying, Hermione got on her knees in front of Harry and lay her body across the low table in front of him, lifting her young ass into the air as her diamond hard nipples pressed against the lacquered wood. She reached back with one hand, her eyes never leaving Ginny or her tube even as she spread her sex invitingly for her best friend's use.

Harry stared, caught between the show that Ginny was putting on for him and Hermione's positively dripping slit. He reached down and touched it, stroking the soft petals of her sex before driving his fingers into her pussy without any warning.

"Oooouh!" Hermione moaned, bucking back against Harry's probing digits even as she stared at the redhead finger fucking herself in front if her. Distantly, she imagined that Harry's fingers were hers, that Ginny was playing with her cunt instead of her own and she marvelled in the illusion as she watched Ron's sister's final show.

Hermione was soft and damp, her pussy warm and welcoming, and Harry needed no further invitation to indulge. His fingers came free with a wet squelching sound, soaking wet with Hermione's own arousal. Unsure of what to do with them, Harry wiped them dry on his friend's frizzy brown hair; Hermione didn't object, allowing Harry his fun as a sort of thanks for giving her the gold to buy their friend. The scarred boy grabbed his still erect cock with the same hand and carefully guided it into Hermione's beckoning cunt, groaning in satisfaction as Hermione stopped spreading herself open, allowing her sex to envelop him completely.

With her eyes still glued to the redhead in front of her, Hermione began to rock back and forth on the Boy-Who-Lived's turgid rod, enjoying the sound and feel of her friend's balls as the slapped against her body. The oil was rising now, and any second it would start to splatter into Ginny's chamber from the tube it began in.

Harry grabbed hold of Hermione's hips with both hands, impatiently slamming his cock into the depths of her cunt as he took control of the rhythm of their coupling. The inexperienced virgin took to fucking with abandon, gleefully using his friend for his own pleasure while she stared rapt at the show in front of her, rolling one if her nipples between her finger and reaching beneath her body towards her pussy to play with herself even more.

Ginny was frantically finger-fucking herself, playing with her own tits with her free hand. She could hear the bubbling hiss of the boiling oil as it rose, and she knew that once it hit her fun would end and the real show would begin. She was close! So close! She could feel it! If it wasn't for this spell she'd be done already! But the tingling numbness of Hermione's charm had knocked her prize out of her reach.

Hermione shivered in anticipation as Harry neared his climax. His thrusts were getting shorter, more erratic, and she could see that the oil was just about to boil over into Ginny's tank. Ginny yelped as the first bits of oil hit her, sizzling against her skin and adding an almost random set of angry red spots and streaks to the redhead's already haphazard collection of freckles. The yoinger girl's shout sent her crush over the edge as well and Hermione could feel Harry's warm cum coating the walls of her sex in powerful spurting jets. She didn't care, watching raptly as the oil began to splatter across Ginny's pale young tits instead. She wasn't about to miss a single second of the spectacle in front of her.

Harry pulled out, a few final shots of cum landing on Hermione's back and in her long brown hair. He could feel himself already starting to get hard again as he watched his white cum oozing from between his friend's legs. This was incredible! Absolutely incredible. And it was all Ginny's fault. He needed to thank her.

Harry walked towards his redheaded soon-to-be-meal, his cock swinging between his legs where it emerged from his open fly. Ginny's eyes widened as she watched him approach, her gaze alternating between his smiling face and his dripping cock. She held in the pain, straining not to react as the boiling oil splattered across her once pristine skin. This was for Harry. This was important.

"Thank you," Harry spoke, leaning in to seize the redhead's lips with his own in a brief, almost chaste kiss. Ginny wanted to lean in, to pursue his lips as he withdrew, but she couldn't. She was trapped. The collar Hermione had transfigured keeping her in place and preventing her from deepening their first, and almost certainly last, kiss the way she wanted to.

“Of you take a few of her hairs I can give you a surprise,” Hermione commented, sultrily.

You didn't need to tell Harry twice, not after Hermione's track record with surprises so far. Ginny barely realized what was happening before Harry had finished tugging several long red strands of hair from her trapped head and turned around to return to Hermione.


Thankyou for continuing this. So hot.


Thankyou for continuing this. So hot.


Hermione was a sight, bent over, Harry's cum dripping lightly from her sex as she rummaged through her bag in search of something.

“Aha!” Hermione declared pulling out a vial filled with what look liked a dark thick bubbling mud. “Glad I thought to bring it with me,” Hermione declared, mostly to herself.

“What is it?” Harry asked as Ginny writhed delectably behind him.

“Remember that Polyjuice we brewed back in second year? I managed to save some of it.” Hermione stated with a grin.

“You mean-?” Harry asked hopefully.

“That you'll get to have Ginny and eat her too?” Hermione joked wryly. “That's exactly what I mean.”

Ginny's eyes widened almost comically as she realized what was happening. Hermione had trapped her as a virgin, as meat, but she wasn't about to deprive Harry of the joy of fucking her. To carry around a vial of Polyjuice like that, she must have planned it in advance.

“This way, you won't spoil our meal by fucking it first. Besides, if eating Luna taught me anything it was that virgin girls taste absolutely incredible, right Ginny?” Hermione asked with a wry grin.

Ginny grimaced, she wanted to argue, she wanted to be the one to fuck her crush, to experience it herself, not just watch him enjoying her body as Hermione took all the pleasure! But... She was already starting to cook, and she could hardly ask to stop it now. Not when Harry already had a Ginny he could enjoy fucking, a Ginny he could fuck while he watched her fry like he wanted to! Whatever her motives, Hermione had made the right choice doing this. It was about Harry's pleasure not hers. This was her gift to him, even if Hermione was shamelessly taking advantage of it.

“If, Ung!” Ginny grimaced, toughing through the pain as the oil spatters started to come more frequently. Her whole body was covered in welts now, and the oil was starting to pool in puddles around the edges of the tank. “If Luna's any indication... that's right, Hermione,” Ginny agreed.

Hermione's grin was absolutely radiant as the spunky redhead submitted to her plans. She sashayed over to Harry and pulled the hairs from his fingers, taking one to use and placing the remainder on the table for later. She wasn't sure what she planned to do with them, but the hairs used for polyjuice had to be taken from a living subject so whatever she wanted to do with them she'd need keep these safe. Uncapping the vial, Hermione added the hair and all three of the room's occupants watched as it turned a deep red with golden bubbles; Gryffindor colors.

Without a second of delay, Hermione quaffed the mixture, and told Harry to look away while it took effect.

Ginny on the other hand, couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight. She watched as Hermione's hair straightened and reddened, as her skin paled and sprouted freckles, as she shrank and her body twisted, turning into a perfect replica of the doomed girl in the tank.

“Well Harry?” The newly made redhead asked, one hand resting on her cocked hip. “Like what you see?”

“Very much...” Harry trailed off, his newly risen cock fully supporting his claim.

“Like it enough to give 'me' a good hard fucking as you watch me fry?” Hermione asked running her fingers up and down her newly acquired body.

“Definitely!” Harry agreed enthusiastically.

“Well then,” Hermione began, walking over to the short table in front of the couch so that she could lie on it, face up with her head hanging off one edge so that she could watch the show and her legs off the other to brace herself. She motioned to Harry to come closer and spread her legs and lower lips, welcoming him in.

Harry slid his cock easily into Hermione, no, Ginny's already cum-filled cunt, his eyes torn between the redhead he was fucking, and the one starting to fry for his dinner.


“Unnnnnggh!” The Boy-Who-Lived groaned as Ginny's cunt enveloped him like a vice. Knowing that it was his friend Hermione inside the gorgeous younger redhead he was fucking did absolutely nothing to tamp down on the lust he was feeling right now as he watched Ginny writhe in the tank as she rode his rod at the same time. Ginny's sex squeezed and pulsed around him, milking his cock for all it was worked as Hermione ground her hips against his own. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the former brunette pick up her wand, but Harry didn't care. He was thoroughly enjoying the unique sensation of fucking the same girl he was about to eat. It was almost like having a pair of twins!

Twins! Hadn't he seen the Patils in that catalogue that Hermione had shown him?

“Enjoying the ride, Harry?” Hermione teased, bringing his mind back to the task at hand.

“Absolutely!” the boy replied, “You were great Hermione, but fucking Ginny like this?” Harry paused, lamming his dick into Ginny's snatch for emphasis and enjoying the feeling of being buried all the way to the root in his best friend's sister. “She's even better.”

Hermione grinned wryly. “Ron's way with words seems to be rubbing off on you, Harry. I'll try not to be too jealous of our dinner.”

Ginny's body felt like it was on fire, she'd been splashed almost everywhere with sizzling oil, her shin was more red than white now, but despite her pain she kept her eyes riveted to the site of Harry as he fuck her; fucked Hermione in her body. She hardly knew whether to laugh or cry when she heard Harry's declaration, his praise for her cunt, her virgin cunt that Hermione had borrowed just to please him, robbing her completely of the chance!

“You know, we really should get her frying for real now, shouldn't we Harry? All this fucking must be working up your appetite, right?” Hermione asked, and Ginny was surprised to hear a hint of impatience in the older girl's voice. Was Hermione that eager to eat her that she'd rush Harry while they were fucking? Ginny wasn't sure.

“Definitely!” Harry agreed as he plowed her already cum-filled cunt. “I'm ready to watch her fry.”

Hermione lifted her wand. “Wingardium Leviosa!” she declared, managing to speak in a calm clear voice despite the heavy pounding she was experiencing from her best friend's cock.

There was a hidden plate at the bottom of the tank full of oil, just as Hermione had envisioned it, made of clear glass and only the barest bit smaller than the diameter of the tank itself. Hermione's spell latched onto and lifted it, along with all the oil on top of it.

“aaAAAAAGGgGH!” Ginny shrieked as the oil pored over her body in a thick bubbling river, frying her as she thrashed, helplessly in her swiftly filling tank. Her young breasts were hissing, coated completely in a shiny layer of sizzling grease, her nipples already flash-fried by the flow.


Wow I'm absolutely loving this


I love this story too! It´s hot way hot!

Just what would happen if Madam Pomfrey sees them carrying Ginny's still living head out? Stopping them and offering to "help" Ginny? Ginny would still be Harry's property bound by the magic of the catalouge. Being able to be cooked again or well used in other interesting ways!

But that is just my idea. lol I´m sure you have it all planned out already, and I can´t wait to read that!


Glad you Like it!

I do have plans, sorry. Also the catalogue isn't magic. I mean, It has wizarding pictures in it and all, but beyond that it's not magical. It's just normal teenage adventurousness, peer pressure and a normal contract to buy and/or sell property. Technically I suppose the girls could refuse to sell (though they won't). Hermione could report it to the teachers and they might be punished or the teachers might enforce the contract or it could escalate to court (It won't do any of that because girls go in knowing they could be bought, and it's the risk of that that makes it so alluring, but it could).

Anyway. Here's some more!

Harry watched, rapt as Ginny thrashed in the ever-deepening pool at her already-frying feet, splashing waves of boiling oil against the glass walls of the tank in her body's desperate attempt to get free. Ginny knew he wanted this, she was resigned to it, eager, even to please him; but no one had told her body that.

Ginny squealed in pain has her nerves lit on fire. This was the worst, most painful thing she'd ever experienced, but... Harry was watching her, staring at her while he fucked her doppelganger, enjoying her as she cooked. Somehow that made even this worth it to her. The oil had reached her knees now, and she could feel them frying as she squirmed, helplessly in the tank Hermione had trapped her in. The oil was still falling on her helpless tits, flowing down across her body, down her legs and she could feel her body cooking for Harry, just as it had been bought to do. The barest hint of frying meat was escaping from her collar, and in her pained confusion it took a second for Ginny to realize what that heavenly smell was. It was her, she was meat; she was Harry's dinner...

Hermione's eyes widened as she watched Ginny reach up with her hands to touch the greasy surface of her already golden brown tits. The older girl paused in her lifting of the plate, allowing the waterfall of oil to stop so that Ginny's hands wouldn't fry completely before she could discover what Hermione already expected.

Crispy. Her tits were crispy, Ginny realized as she toughed out the sensation of hissing grease burning her finger as she touched her tits. She could feel her once soft breasts crinkling as she pressed them, like the outside of a chicken that had been fried. Her nipples were stiff and fragile, like they could be torn off by the slightest touch. Her hands jerked away, unwilling to believe the truth, that her breasts had already been completely destroyed, that they were nothing but fried meat now, gorgeous and delicious, but worse than useless to a still-living girl. Of course, now that Ginny's hands were clear, Hermione had plans to fix that problem for her. With a flick of Ginny's double's wrist, the waterfall of oil resumed.

As Hermione's copy of Ginny's cunt enclosed his shaft, Harry watched enthralled. The pool of oil was rising above Ginny's knees now, turning her legs into fried drumsticks. Harry couldn't believe this was happening to him, fucking his friend as a beautiful redhead sacrificed everything for him? It was beyond anything he'd ever imagined, and it was all thanks to Hermione. He increased his tempo in excitement, the sound of his balls smacking against Hermione's sweaty body drowned beneath the hissing bubbling of Ginny frying. Harry marveled as Hermione expertly controlled the oil level with her wand, filling it steadily even as he fucked her transformed cunt for all he was worth. She really was incredible! He could barely think from excitement and she was... He'd have to thank her for this- Harry groaned joyfully as his currently redheaded friend squeezed down on his shaft- later.

Ginny was panicking, the oil's inexorable rise had put it less than a finger's width away from the base of her soft virgin pussy. The most sensitive part of her body and in a few seconds it would be dunked and fryed! Ginny was shivering. He whole body felt like it was on fire already, and she couldn't imagine the pain she'd be feeling when the oil hit her clit, not to mention the rest of her. But... this was what harry wanted. This was why she'd been bought for him; to give him this show, to fry for his pleasure... Despite the pain, Ginny knew what she needed to do.

Hermione gasped, her copy of Ginny's cunt clenching hard on Harry's cock as she watched its original owner reach down, fingers half dunked into the hissing oil to pull open her pussy to welcome the destructive wave. This was better than she could ever have imagined, and Hermione flicked her wand up immediately in response, sending the plate she was controlling rising up and increasing the flow of oil through the tube to the point where within a second or two it had filled Ginny's sex completely. Hermione could see the Agony in the young redhead's eyes, the trembling in her fingers as they struggled to hold her most precious place open even as her fingers fried in place along with it. Ginny's head was thrown back in exquisite agony, tears streaming from her face as she ceased to be a woman, transforming completely into food. Her food. Eagerly, Hermione licked her lips. She could almost taste the redhead already.

Ginny was in ecstasy, The numbing spell that Hermione had placed on her cunt had never been removed, and so instead of the merciless pain that the redhead had been expecting, The oil brought a tingling, like the worst case of pins and needles she'd ever experienced. It hurt, oh Merlin! It hurt so much! But it hurt differently than the rest of her body; more intensely, maybe. And more than that, compared to the rest of her? It felt good. Good enough to push her over the edge into the orgasm that had been building ever since Hermione bought her, the climax she'd fed day after day by playing with herself and never coming to relief. Her whole body quaked, her head rocked back and tears streamed down her face. It was beautiful, it was everything Ginny had ever imagined, and it wouldn't end. It went on and on and on, trapping her in pleasure as she cooked. The oil level rose, taking her hips, her belly, even reaching her breasts. Ginny barely noticed, her body writhing less and less as it slowly cooked solid. She was panting, moaning, unable to seek release from her own prison of pleasure, trapped in her body as the ecstasy drove her mad. She could hear herself cooking, hear the wet smacking of flesh that rang out every time Harry fucked the stolen copy of her cunt, and the tingling was so pervasive that Ginny could easily imagine it was her he was fucking, her he was driving into this oblivious haze of rapture.

Ginny looked almost like Harry felt, her head thrown back, her hair scattered across the surface of her tank, crying out in pleasure. It was incredible! Harry could feel her sex around his cock, the soft curve of her ass against his abs, he could feel her hips and legs beneath his fingers. He squeezed tighter, wanting to destroy her, enjoying as he watched her cum even as Hermione continued to fry her alive. He knew, in some distant corner of his mind that the girl below him wasn't really Ginny, that it was Hermione, stealing her body to give him this experience, but he didn't care. His brain couldn't process it. To him, the girl below him was the same girl frying euphorically in front of his eyes, and the Boy-Who-Lived sped up wanting to fuck her into submission.

Ginny was almost done now, Hermione realized as she raised the oil to engulf the redhead's tits, watching rapt as her nipples sunk beneath the bubbling golden brew. She wasn't reacting anymore, trapped in her own head. Hermione wondered if she had broken her. It wasn't an unpleasant thought. She'd payed for her after all, Ginny was her toy. What did it matter if she broke her own toys? The redheads didn't need a working mind for Hermione to enjoy eating her. Harry had sped up, pounding harder and harder into her stolen copy of Ginny's virgin cunt. It was nice, but it wasn't enough by itself, without the sight of Ginny, writhing and swaying as she fried, Hermione wouldn't be anywhere close to cumming... With it? Well, she could still do with a little push.

Hermione flicked her wand one final time, filling Ginny's side of the tube completely before locking the glass plate in place with a whispered spell and turning her attention to more interesting things. With her wand-hand newly freed, Hermione grabbed one of her own breasts, missing it on the first attempt due to her borrowed body's smaller bust-line, but grabbing a soft handful on the second. The former brunette pinched her nipple, rolling it between her fingers, enjoying the sensation of an entirely new set of tits, a set of tits she'd be eating soon off of their original owner. There was something strangely erotic about that thought, like she had conquered Ginny's body completely, using it as she wished and throwing away her broken mind. Hermione's borrowed cunt clenched at the thought. She was close now, very close. She just needed a little bit more...


Lol of course I guessed that you had something else planned. And this new add is very hot! I love how painful it must be for her to be slowly fried!


It all happened at once. Unable to keep control, Harry came like a fire hose, coating every nook and cranny of Hermione's borrowed sex. That was enough to send Hermione over the edge into her own wild orgasm. Hermione's eyes rolled back, and her mouth opened up in a savage cry of pleasure as she ground back against Harry's still spurting cock as if trying to force it into her womb.

“Is that... is that really me?” Hermione opened her eyes wide as she heard Ginny's voice, clear as a bell and without any hint of either pain or pleasure in it. Ginny's body was still in the tank, her face locked in pained ecstasy, but that wasn't where the voice was coming from. Floating off to the side was Ginny, or at least her ghost; completely naked, her ectoplasmic body a thoroughly deep-fried replica of the one in the tank, her cunt permanently gaping.

“You're a ghost?” Hermione asked, her mind still a bit flustered from her climax.

“Ah- sorry,” Harry panted. “I must have lost control of the spell keeping you alive.”

Ginny grinned, poking her head through the glass wall of the tank to look up from between her legs. “I don't mind,” she replied. “It's much nicer this way, less painful.”

“Your body should be just about finished cooking,” Hermione remarked, freeing herself from her impalement on Harry's still spurting rod. She felt the slimy streams of Harry's cum landing on her back, mussing her no-linger frizzy hair, and resting in pools on her ass and at the base of her spine. She rolled off the table feeling Harry's milky white seed oozing down her back and inner thighs as it slipped out of her borrowed cunt. She was well and thoroughly fucked and she'd certainly managed to work up an appetite in the process.

Once she finished stretching her arms out and doing incredibly things to Ginny's modest bust line in the Process, Hermione turned her attention back to the low coffee table she'd been bent over so thoroughly.
With a wave of her wand, Hermione transfigured it into something more suitable for eating at, and the couch and its attendant cushions next to it becoming a pair of chairs and place settings. “Are you planning to watch us eat you?”

“Of course!” Ginny replied reaching for her fried and gaping ectoplasmic cunt and wincing in pain as she realized it was just as painful to touch now as it would have been in real life. “I gave up everything so we could make Harry this meal. I'm not going to miss him enjoying it! Enjoying me? I remember I smelled delicious...” Ginny added sniffing as if trying to catch a hint of the alluring scent of her own deep fried body.

Hermione smiled as she vanished the still-boiling oil in the tank and transfigured the tank itself into a beautiful serving platter, floating both it, and Ginny's deep-fried form over to the table. This was what she had waited for, the chance to dine on yet another girl on her closest female friend in fact! Her borrowed body was absolutely dripping with cum, She could feel it rolling down her back and butt and thighs, and decided against vanishing it. She could always do so later, and right now it added to the allure.

The aroma wafting from Ginny's body was absolutely sumptuous, she smelled even more delicious than Luna had! The Redhead's flesh was a glistening golden brown all the way to her neck, her head completely untouched by the oil used to cook her thanks to the top Hermione had transfigured for her tank. It was strange, seeing a mirror of her own body laying on the table like that, knowing that the delicious meal that had been laid out had once been her. It was even stranger seeing another copy of her body moving around and staring at the meal that she'd become, licking her lips. Her ghostly cunt ached with longing, but the slightest touch sent spasms of pain throughout what passed for her body now. She was fried, thoroughly fried. Even as a ghost Hermione had left her mark on her. In every way she was a mirror of the body on the table. An exact mirror of her own body at the moment that she died.

Hermione reached out and grabbed a fork and knife from the place setting she'd created. She couldn't wait any longer, she had to have a taste of the delicious spread in front of her, and Hermione knew exactly where to start.

Harry leaned in, watching silently as his friend began to carve out the edge of Ginny's deep-fried cunt, just where it met her upper thigh.

“Ah!” the two living residents of the room looked at the third. “That... It hurts...” Ginny explained. “But... I think I like it.”

Hermione looked between her friend and the redhead's former body with a thoughtful frown, was Ginny really feeling what her body did? There really was only one way to find out wasn't there? Hermione speared one of Ginny's deep-fried cunt lips with a fork, splitting her attention between the beautiful piece of meat on the table and its spectral replica as she did it.

Ginny winced, panting without breath as Hermione drove the fork in deep, stabbing through nerves and muscle alike. It felt amazing! Especially since everything else felt like a pale sensation of what she'd experienced when she was alive. Somehow, the numbing spell still effected her flesh, and that meant that with every stab and slice of the knife a tingling rush of pleasure hit the ghostly girl straight in her own spectral sex.

“Mmmmmmm....” She moaned as Hermione continued cutting away at the remnants of her womanhood. It was sublime, seeing the expression on Harry's face as he watched Ginny's still living doppelganger destroy her body. He was excited, inching forward, sitting on the edge of his seat as he thrummed with anticipation. He was also rock hard. Ginny floated down, sinking into the floor so that Harry's dick was at eye level.

Harry shivered, almost cumming as he felt a deathly cold caress on his cock. Ginny had twined her hands together into one massive two handed fist and was running them up and down, and through, his fully erect shaft, watching from inches away as she gave him a ghostly handjob.

"Aaah!" He whimpered. The cold embrace of Ginny's intertwined fingers was a shock to his system, but not an unpleasant one, and the sight off Ginny half embedded in the floor with her face almost touching his dick was extremely inspiring. Even Hermione seemed to have paused her work in carving up their meal in order to watch!

He was close; even though she'd never done this before, Ginny could tell. Harry's cock was twitching through her fingers, unsupported by her ghostly digits. He was moaning heavily, trying to keep his hips from thrusting off the chair and into her ghostly body. Any moment now Harry would cum and she'd open her mouth and catch it, just like that girl she'd seen in one of her older brother Charlie's dirty magazines. She'd loved that picture, and she was sure Harry would love it too. Any moment now...

It was too much. Harry couldn't restrain himself! With an ear-shattering groan of pleasure, Harry thrust his hips, cumming at Ginny's caress. The spectral redhead opened her mouth to catch his seed, maybe even to drink it, but the long streams of jizz phased right through her as if she didn't exist.

Ginny frowned as she looked down at where Harry's cum was making a mess on the floor instead of gathering in her mouth and being splattered across her deep-fried tits.

"That should have worked! What- Oh..." Ginny trailed off, realizing what went wrong. "I'm a ghost now, aren't I?"

"Yeah, you really are," Hermione snickered, finding the whole thing more than a little bit funny. "Harry you're a mess. Let me finish carving this and I'll clean you up okay?"

Harry nodded, more than a little amused himself at Ginny's mistake. He guessed none of them had really taken in what Ginny's transition to ghost-hood really meant for her. Idly, he wondered if she could change her clothes; none of the other Hogwarts ghosts ever did, but maybe they just didn't feel a need to? As hot as Ginny's naked deep-fried form was, and with the way it reminded Harry of the meal he was about to eat and the incredible first time he'd had with Hermione, how could it not be? It wasn't exactly appropriate attire for school, especially with the way her cunt had been fried in place gaping open from where she had pulled her flushed lower lips apart to meet the hot oil. Harry blushed as he looked at the real thing, half-carved by Hermione and still splayed open obscenely on the table in front of him. The angle was wrong to see the ghostly copy in Ginny's new body, but if it looked half as explicit as the one he was about to taste? There was no way that would be acceptable.


Love this story. I cbeck too offen to see if it has updated.


>>10194 - In that case:


Completely unaffected by her best friend's thoughts, Hermione turned her attention back to the deep-fried girl in front of her. The bookworm had left her knife stabbed into the junction between the redhead's cunt and her upper thigh, and it took a bit of wiggling (accompanied by erotic moaning from her nearby ghost) to get it moving again so that Hermione could finish carving.

Hermione grinned a bit as she took in Ginny's enthusiastic reaction to having her pussy carved like a Christmas goose; to being ruined for their dinner. She carved moved the knife carefully as she cut around her friend's cunt. She'd only get one chance at this, so she wanted to make it perfect. Harry stared as she rounded the bottom of Ginny's sex slowly slicing the tantalizing cut of meat free. Ginny had floated halfway through the table and was now watching Hermione work from just above her, her head and shoulders peeking out from her own former belly, her fingers completely hidden by the table as they painfully massaged her own fried copy of her gaping slit. Ginny had fantasized about this moment for the past three days, ever since Hermione had recruited her. Her every waking moment and even her dreams had been filled with the thought of surrendering herself to Harry, of letting him destroy and consume her. Hermione hadn't really been part of those fantasies, but Ginny couldn't deny just how incredibly hot it was watching the polyjuiced girl carve her body apart, still covered with Harry's slowly drying cum as she impersonated her; especially since she looked so delicious, and the currently redheaded Hermione looked so incredibly fuckable, moreso than Ginny had ever managed on her own. What she wouldn't do right now for a taste of her own deep-fried flesh...

It was hard for Hermione to keep her hand steady as she carved out Ginny's cunt. Every part of her wanted to tremble in anticipation, but she wasn't about to mess this up after all the effort she'd put in to getting to this point, even if a part of her couldn't help but point out that the pussy she currently possessed was an exact replica of the one she was cutting free. No; Hermione was going to do this right, and that meant doing it carefully. Gently she curved the knife around the top of Ginny's sex, slicing into her friend's fully shaved and thoroughly fried mound before connecting the cut to the gap between Ginny's sex and her upper left thigh where Hermione had started. The bookworm breathed a heavy sigh of relief, setting down her knife and picking up the plate in front of Harry and a fork to use to pull Ginny's gaping and now completely severed slit free of her still-steaming body and onto Harry's plate.

Harry gasped in wonder at the sight of his best friend's sister's deep-fried pussy spread open on his plate. The cut was clean, the skin crispy, and the meat a greasy but delicious-looking dark brown. Ginny's clit poked out from beneath its deep fried hood and the meat surrounding it was opened in a round ring as if tempting him to forgo utensils and simply sink his teeth into it like an animal.

“Here you go,” Hermione smiled widely, “your dinner, delivered as promised.”

“Aren't you going to have any?” Harry asked.

“You paid for it. It seems right that you should have it,” Hermione replied.

Harry was tempted, extremely tempted to agree, but he could see how much Hermione wanted this; her eyes glimmered with desire. “We'll split it,” Harry decided. “Even if I bought it, you did all the work, so we'll split it, fifty/fifty, okay?”


Nice one


Nice one


Nice one


Nice one


TVB, if this isn't finished it must be completed, an ending implying additional content?
Harry turns the tables on Hermione maybe?


Your comment inspired me to finish off that ending. here you go:


"Okay," Hermione wasn't about to refuse that offer. "Do you want to carve it in two? Or should I?" The polyjuiced girl asked.

"You've done a good job so far," Harry stated.

Ginny bucked her hips as Hermione slowly cut through the bottom of her cunt, slicing it in half and pulling it apart. It felt incredible! Painful, yes, but oh so erotic too. She couldn't stop herself from moaning, loudly gasping for air she no longer needed as she came with an ectoplasmic fervor as Hermione destroyed her cunt.

Ginny's wanton display didn't escape Hermione's notice; the fingers of the transformed redhead's free hand slipped into her borrowed cunt, still slippery from the seed Harry had left inside her. Ginny was cumming, anyone could see that, and Hermione couldn't help but wonder whether the deep-fried redhead would still be able to cum once she and Harry had finished eating her.

Shaking herself free from her reverie, Hermione returned to slicing Ginny's choicest cut of meat in two for Harry and her to share. She watched the redhead out of the corner of her eye, the rest of her attention focused firmly on the filet in front of her as she chopped the top of Ginny's cunt in half bisecting the ghost's deep-fried clit and sending her spirit into the throws of yet another orgasm. A part of her was glad Ginny was cumming like this. She didn't regret denying the other girl release in life, it had kept her aroused, constantly on the edge in a way that Hermione had relished. But now? With Ginny dead there was no reason to continue to withhold satisfaction from her.

Ginny watched, quivering in ecstasy as Hermione separated the two halves of her pussy, spearing each with a fork and offering one to the love of her life, the reason she agreed to all of this. She trembled as she felt them bite into her, their teeth slicing apart the meat of her privates. She could feel the vibrations echoing in her ectoplasmic body as they groaned in satisfaction around the delicious fried flesh that used to be her pussy.

It was incredible.

Ginny came and came and came again and again as Harry and hermione systematically destroyed her, carving her meat from her bones, eating her arms, her legs, her pussy, her breasts, until the only part of her body left untouched was her head, still completely pristine, shielded as it was from the sizzling oil that had cooked the rest of her body.

As Hermione separated her head from the rest of her bones, Ginny was left a shivering, satisfied mess; hovering in the air, her legs spread to show her ghostly deep-fried cunt to the entire room. She gasped as Hermione twisted her head free, casting spell after spell upon it to preserve it as a souvenir of their last meal together. Ginny could feel herself drawn to the head. It was once hers, and though she couldn't use it any longer, Ginny knew that as long as it existed, so would she; a ghost bound to her last remains.

She smiled happily. Even though it wasn't how she'd dreamed of all those years ago, maybe she could be with Harry after all? She hoped he liked the surprise she'd prepared for him.


Breakfast the next day was awkward. Hermione had locked Ginny's head in her trunk, trapping her in the Gryffindor Girls' dorm, and both Harry and Hermione had just begun to realize that her absence would probably be noticed. Ron hadn't said a word yet, focused as he was on his food, but he was bound to notice eventually, right?

Harry and Hermione's worried musings were interrupted by the noise of over a hundred owls swooping down to deliver the day's mail.

“Hedwig?” Harry wondered as his pet Snowy Owl descended with a package in hand.

“Cor, what'cha got there?” Ron wondered as she looked at the box.

“I don't know,” Harry replied. “I didn't order anything, and it's not my birthday... So why would anyone send me anything?”

“Dunno,” Ron agreed. “Open it and find out?”

“I guess I have to,” Harry nodded. Using his butter knife, Harry cut through the spellotape keeping the box shut and opened up the package.

“Blimey! Is that?” Ron stuttered.

“Ginny!” Harry exclaimed, shocked as he looked at the contents of the box. Inside was a small wizarding camera. Strange, but not something to be surprised at. No, What was shocking about this package was the set of pictures next to it. It was a set of wizarding portraits with a single subject, scattered through a number of settings both in the secluded parts of the village and throughout various parts of the castle. There was only one common thread between the pictures; Ginny. Ginny was in every shot in various states of dress. Harry swallowed as he watched the girl he'd eaten the night before grinding her sopping wet slit against his Firebolt as she floated naked on the Quidditch pitch. Ron was stating at a picture of Ginny with her skirt hiked up rubbing her bare slit as she touched herself in Harry's bed. Hermione blushed almost crimson as she watched the redhead stripping slowly between the shelves of the library.

“Look! There's a note!” Ron shouted as soon as he could tear his eyes away from the images of his sister's debauchery.

“Dear Harry,
If you're reading this, I hope you had a nice dinner last night. I bought this camera with the money Hermione gave me to secure the main ingredient. I wanted to give you something to remember me by. You can keep the camera, I won't be needing it any more anyway.

“What does she mean 'something to remember me by?' Ginny what did you, Huh, where's Ginny?” Ron wondered as he looked around for his sister.

“She's gone,” Hermione explained. “I bought her from a catalog for Harry's dinner yesterday.” Hermione admitted sheepishly.

“Really?” Ron asked, surprised.

“Yeah,” Harry agreed. “Sorry for not telling you Ron, but honestly I didn't know it had happened until Hermione sprang it on me last night.”

“Nah. 'snot your fault,” Ron reassured them. “Seems like Ginny enjoyed herself, and if it wasn't you, some other bloke'd probably have ordered her, right?”

Hermione nodded. “Yeah, she wasn't particularly expensive.”

“Then that settles it,” Ron agreed. “Least this way it seems like she enjoyed it.” Ron paused wondering for a second. “That what happened to Luna? You two eat her too?”

“You did too actually,” Hermione admitted. “I bought her and decided to share her once I finished with her. Remember that dinner you enjoyed so much last week?”

“That's what that was?” Ron replied, amazed. “Cor, she was delicious! I can't blame you for wanting more if that's what Ginny tasted like!”

“So, are we okay?” Harry asked.

“Yeah,” Ron agreed. “Was her decision to list herself. Knew what she was getting into, right? Seems like she enjoyed herself anyway. Just, if that's what girlmeat tastes like? Make sure you save me some next time you have some, okay?”

“Next time?” Harry wondered.

“Well, there are a few other girls in the catalogue...” Hermione admitted. “I could show you it, if you'd like?”

“Sure,” Ron and Harry spoke up at the exact same time.

“Just, lets finish breakfast first,” Ron suggested. “And put away those pictures. I don't mind you seein' 'em, but it's not right to spread em around like this, okay?”

“Sure thing,” Harry smiled as he put Ginny's surprise back in the box. He was glad Ron wasn't upset, but Hermione's revelation that there were other girls for sale? Harry certainly had the money... maybe it was time to go on a shopping spree?


Hope to see this continued plenty more girls in the catalogue


Nice ending, glad just a few short words could drive it to completion. I appreciate the open ended ending, not that i'm expecting more content, but will spur a few more months of checking gurochan, etc for HP content


I have loved both this and the first one. I always enjoy your stories but these have been my favorites so far and I would love to see more if you ever continue it, and if not then I'll continue to read your other stories. Thank you for finishing this for us.


Hmmm... More Girls in the Catalogue. More HP Content. And to see this story continued?

I suppose I can satisfy those requests easily enough:


Hermione and Harry go for Thirds

"Is that it?" Ron asked, with a hint of awe in his voice.

"Yes," Hermione admitted. "This is the copy of the catalogue I found." Hermione paused for a second before continuing. "Actually I found it right here, just under the cushion of this chair."

"Really?" Harry asked, intrigued. "Who put it there?"

"Ginny actually," Hermione revealed. "She left it out hoping you would find it and buy her. She admitted it to me when I asked her about it after I cooked Luna."

"So, you just found it here and decided to buy a girl?" Ron asked.

"Well, I wasn't sure if it was real," Hermione explained. "And.. I didn't want to ask Ginny about it because well... but, Luna wasn't even asking for Money to buy her. She just wanted some of her stuff back."

"Her stuff back?" Ron asked incredulously. "She really was looney! What would she do with it after you cooked her?"

"Actually, It was actually kind of clever of her," Hermione defended. "Luna wanted to be bought and cooked, but she didn't want someone to buy her just because she was free on a lark."

"But isn't that what you did?" Harry asked, curious.

"Well, yes, but that's not the point. The reason she asked for her stuff back was because she wanted the girl that took it from her to be able to easily buy her."

"Her bullies?" Harry asked incredulously.

"That is what she said. She told me she wanted to be treated like meat and cooked by a pretty girl. Placing her price so that her bullies would easily be able to pay it made that almost certain to happen."

"But you ended up getting her instead," Ron noticed. "So what happened?"

"You know, I'm not sure? They had all of her stuff. And then they stole her copy of the catalogue, so they had to know she was for sale..."

They stole her catalogue?" Harry asked.

"So, each girl who signs up gets a copy of the catalogue. If none of the girls give their copy away, no one gets bought. Luna told me hers was stolen just before she was going to put it on the table in the great hall during dinner."

"So they took it to prevent themselves from being bought?" Ron asked.

"Or maybe from being bought by the wrong person? After all, at the very least Ginny wanted to be bought, that's how I ended up with this copy. Maybe there are some other girls in the catalogue that want something like that? Slipping their catalogues to their boy and girlfriends?"

"Maybe?" Harry agreed.

"Lets just see what's inside," Ron urged a bit impatiently.

"Sure," Hermione agreed, opening up the magazine for her best friends to see.

"Woah! Is that-" "Luna!?"

Ron called out with Harry cutting him off as he joined in in shock. The picture in front of them was indeed Luna Lovegood, lying nearly naked on a Ravenclaw four-poster bed, with her wand propped carelessly behind her ear. Those same ears were adorned with an oversized pair of silver star-shaped earrings that glittered as she moved. The only other item adorning Luna's body was a star spangled chain belt which was draped around her hips, drawing attention to the flush of Luna's lower lips as she slid a carrot as big as her own forearm in and out of her dripping pussy like an oversized orange dildo. Luna looked amazingly innocent as she arched her back with each new thrust, her mouth shapping sexy noises that the camera couldn't catch.

"Blimey! No wonder you cooked her!" Ron exclaimed, "That's..."

"Amazing?" Hermione asked. "She definitely was. She asked to be spit-roasted, kept alive with the spell I showed you," Hermione nodded at Harry. "She died cumming as I ate her pussy." Hermione miled fondly in remembrance. "I kept her head actually," the brown-haired bookworm admitted sheepishly, "It's locked in that same expression."

"Like Ginny's?" Harry asked, thinking about the head he had hidden in his trunk which was anchoring Ginny's ghost to this world.

"Yeah," Hermione admitted, "but just her head, nothing else."

The conversation passed completely over Ron's head as he stared at the photographic remnant of Luna, fiercely masturbating on the page in front of them. "Who else is in here?" Ron asked.

"Ginny, for one," Hermione admitted.

"Ugh. Let's skip that page," Ron replied. Hermione could see that Harry clearly did not share Ron's reservations about seeing Ginny naked, but the inadvertently famous wizard seemed fine with waiting to see that page again.

"There's Padma and Parvati, Angelina, Alicia, Susan Bones, Lavender..." Hermione trailed off.

"Merlin! Is every girl in Hogwarts in there?" Ron marvelled.

"I'm not in it!" Hermione objected.

"Yeah," Ron agreed. "But you didn't know about it. Would you have been in it had you known?"

Hermione paused. Would she? She didn't have any interest in being snuffed or eaten, but she did sort of wonder what she'd taste like, compared to Luna and Ginny. And... getting a copy of a book with such a limited printing was tempting, even if it was just a magazine... but... "No. I have absolutely no interest in being bought and cooked. I'm happy to be on the other side of this equation. I'm sure that there are plenty of other girls that agree."

"Lets just see who is in here," Harry urged, eager to avoid an argument between his two best friends.

Hermione flipped through the pages, back to the beginning of the catalogue. She carefully watched Harry's face as she turned from entry to entry, judging his interest. Harry was going to be bankrolling their little cannibalistic endeavor, so it only made sense to Hermoine to help make sure it would be enjoyable for him. She noted the spark of interest in his eyes as they passed over Padma and Parvati's sensual fire dance, and the way he frowned slightly as they passed by Daphne Greengrass' high-priced beheading tableau.

“Is that Angelina!?” Harry called out as they passed by the bound form of Angelina Johnson, the golden snitch still fluttering in her mouth as she crouched on her hands and knees in a baking tray on the door of a large oven. Harry's eyes honed in on Angelina's flushed, dark, lower lips and the hint of pink that occasionally flashed when the sexy chaser squirmed in the tight netting she'd been bound in.

“Merlin! It is!” Ron exclaimed.

“Oh, man! She looks so sexy tied up like that... She's dripping wet!” Harry marveled, and Hermione mentally added Angelina's name to the list of girls she'd suggest Harry get for the two of them to share.

“Harry! You can't buy her! She's on the Quidditch team! You already snuffed one Chaser! We can replace Ginny, but two chasers? This late in the season? There's no way! You can't eat Angelina. Or Alicia if she's in here! She's not in here is she Hermione?”

Hermione smirked. “See for yourself,” she instructed, turning the page.

There was Alicia, naked on the page in front of them, still crouched behind her half-transfigured broomstick the same as the first time Hermione had seen her. The edges of Alicia's thick pussy lips poking out from around the shaft of the metallic, pointed, broom as Alicia ground her sex up, and down against it leaving a wet trace against the pole.

“She wants to be spitted with her own broom,” Hermione explained. “She wants to have it shoved all the way through her, the point piercing her body. In through her pussy and out through her mouth, just like I did with Luna. All so that she can rotate, naked over a cooking fire, floating on her broom.”

“Merlin...” Harry uttered. “The next practice is going to be so awkward... isn't it?”

“Not if you buy her now,” Hermione pointed out.

“No way!” Ron interjected. “Hermione just hates Quidditch! Don't listen to her! At least wait till the end of the season. They won't be on the team next year no matter what, so you can buy them then if you want to... just... be strong!”

“If you're sure?” Hermione asked, mentally adding Alicia Spinnet to her list when Harry nodded extremely reluctantly. “Then let's flip ahead a bit.”

Hermione paged past Luna's entry, the already well-worn edges of the pages telling her exactly where it was. She hadn't really looked through the rest of the catalogue. She'd seen a few new girls with Harry while convincing him to agree to eat Ginny with her, but she hadn't had time to really look into their entries.

The next girl in line was Susan Bones. Hermione's eyes widened as she remembered Hannah Abbot's professed reason for selling herself, to get her friend Susan Bones a necklace for her birthday. Hermione had realized by now that the stated reasons the girls had listed for putting themselves up were pretextual, but how would Susan enjoy a necklace if she was cooked?

The picture seemed, oddly tame. Susan was sleeping, fully clothed, in bed. It was, if anything, a picture of innocence. Not particularly sexy at all. Then, before the trio's eyes, the picture shifted. Susan was naked, blindfolded, and bound to a bar over a fire pit on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Her red hair cascading across her back, her freckles clearly visible on the swell of her ass. What was that? Weren't Wizarding photos supposed to be limited to one place? Had someone spliced two different photos together? Of course, Hermione's curiosity about the photo technique was overshadowed by Ron's curiosity about the article.

“My friend Hannah told me she was listing herself in this catalogue because she needed money for something. If whatever she wants is important enough to her that she's willing to be sold as meat to get it, I feel like as her friend I have to help her get it. That's why I'm putting myself up for sale.” Ron began as he read Susan's entry aloud. Hermione wondered whether this was an actual Gift of the Magi sort of scenario, or if both girls were just perverts looking for an excuse to be show off their bodies and turned on by the thought that they could get bought and snuffed because of it.

“Ever since I was a little girl I've been fascinated by kidnappings,” Ron continued. “Really? I never knew that about Susan. It's always the quiet ones innit?” He added, interjecting his own opinion into Susan's entry.

“Just finish reading the bit,” Harry admonished, eager to hear the rest.

“Right. I want to be kidnapped. I want to die without knowing who is killing me, or and how you're going to do it.” Ron paused. “You can pay my friend Hannah Abbot. She'll make sure that the doors to our dorm are unlocked so that you can surprise me and do whatever you want to me. Just don't let me know who you are."

“Wow,” Harry muttered. Hermione could empathize. Still, at least she had a good idea as to why Susanactually put herself up for sale.

“That sounds fun though, doesn't it?” Ron asked. “We're always being heroes, maybe you two should play the villains for a night?”

Hermione wasn't sure. It sounded like a lot of work, especially for the first girl Harry would pick out himself to snuff. Maybe later on, when they had a bit more practice? “Lets see what else is in here first before we make any decisions, okay?” Hermione offered as she turned the page.

The girl on the next page, Megan Jones, was painfully shy. Hermione recognized her as someone in their year, a Hufflepuff, but if her name hadn't been scrawled across the top of her entry page, Hermione would not have been able to recall it. That shyness seemed to carry over into her entry, because just like Susan Bones, she was fully dressed in her school robes; complete, Hermione noted, with the Hufflepuff crest. Megan was looking at them off the page and seemed to squeak and collapse in on herself, hiding. But, after a few seconds, Megan seemed to gather up her courage and opened her bulky robes to reveal an incredible amount of uncovered cleavage.

Megan's breasts were enormous, torpedo-shaped they dangled down unsupported. Hermione estimated that each one had to be the size of a large watermelon.

“Are those real?” Harry wondered.

“They can't be. Has to be an engorgement charm. Right, Hermione?” Ron asked. “Breast just don't grow that big, do they?”

“They do sometimes,” Hermione replied, speed reading through Megan's entry. “And I think these are real. Megan's interview says: 'I don't really need the money for anything, I'm just listing myself to get help with a problem. My breasts are just too big. Everyone keeps staring at them... they draw too much attention and... It makes me uncomfortable. I want someone to cut them off and cook them so that I can go back to not being noticed. They should be enough for at least four meals all by themselves. I set my price at 2 galleons because I just want to sell my breasts. I know that if you buy me, you'll be buying all of me. I'd appreciate if you let me go after roasting them, but... I'll understand if you want to snuff me anyway.”

“Wow,” Harry uttered, unsure what to think as he stared at Megan Jones' amazing tits.

“Two Galleons... Maybe if I ask Fred and George they'll lend me some?” Ron wondered. “It might be worth having to test their concoctions just to get to play with those. I wonder if she'd be grateful enough to let me fuck her?”

“Probably,” Hermione replied. “I mean, you'd own her, right?” Hermione continued, wondering how long that sort of relationship lasted if you decided not to kill the girl after all. Slavery was illegal in Britain, right? At what point did Megan Jones stop being Meat and become a person again?

“Who else is there?” Harry asked, interrupting Hermione's chain of thought.

“Well, next up is... Su Li?”

Su Li was laying naked on a cutting board in the kitchen. She was surrounded by knives stabbied into the board around her, with a pit of large bladed cutting knives hiding the nipples of her almost flat chest, and a large thick knife hiding the slit of her sex from view. Ron was trying to move his head to get a better angle, hoping that Su Li would shift and reveal something scandalous, but only the slow rise and fall of Su Li's chest revealed that the picture was anything besides a carefully crafted muggle image.

“What's with the knives?” Ron wondered, and harry stepped in to read the small blurb explaining Su Li's entry.

“I need 20 Galleons for a gift for my cousin's wedding next summer, That's why I'm putting myself up for sale.” Su Li's interview explained. “If you do end up buying me, I do have one request; ever since I was a little girl, I've loved knives. They're so sharp and clean. I really don't want to be cooked but I always wondered what it would be like to be slowly cut apart. There's a Japanese dish called 'Sashimi' where a fish is sliced up and served raw. I think I'd make some great sashimi, and I know I'd be smiling all the way until the end."

“That seems, messy,” Ron opined.

“Not with the right spells,” Hermione countered, “But yes, that sounds even more involved than Susan Bones' plan. Do you want to see the next entry?” Hermione asked.

“Yeah,” Harry replied.

“The next girl is... Tracey Davis,” Hermione revealed as she turned the page.

“She's a Slytherin, right?” Ron asked.

“Yes, I think so,” Hermione agreed.

“Feel free to eat her, mate,” Ron encouraged Harry. “She won't ruin our Quidditch chances.”

Tracey Davis was draped over a hand-cranked antique sausage grinder. Her robes were falling open, revealing her belly-baring halter-top beneath them. Tracey's belly button and was on full display, and the hip hugging set of jeans she was wearing certainly didn't hurt the sight of her. In her free hand, Tracey was holding a wickedly sharp-looking knife.

“My mom's been hinting that she plans to cook me over the Christmas break. So I figure if I sell myself now, then at least I'll get to have some fun before I'm cooked. I've always wondered what it would feel like to be disemboweled. I'm setting my price at 30 Galleons, but I'll go free to anyone who plans to cut me open and make me into Tracey Sausage. I don't care what you do with the rest of me after that. I'd probably make a nice stew. Everything tastes good in a stew.”

“Is she serious?” Ron asked.

“Probably?” Hermione replied. “But you probably shouldn't buy her Harry, no one should see how the Sausage gets made.”

“Was that a joke?” Ron marveled. “Hermione Just made a Joke!”

“I joke!” Hermione replied indignantly. “Just because you don't have a good sense of humor doesn't mean that-”

“Lets just turn to the next page, okay?” Harry asked, not willing to let his friends fight. Maybe later, but not right then when they were looking through the catalogue.

“Right, right.” Hermione agreed, remembering her plan to get Harry to buy another girl for the two of them to play with. “Next up is...”

“Cho Chang,” Harry replied, immediately recognizing the girl on the page in front of him.

Cho was oiled up, naked, and shiny, reclining in what seemed like a giant pan, but on a second's reflection, Harry and Hermione realized was in fact a giant wok; her hands roamed all over her oil covered body as they watched.

“Cho Chang,” Hermione began. “All my life I've been told to excel, to break free of tradition and restrictions, to forge my own path and not submit to anyone, but I don't want to excel, I want to surrender.”

“I don't actually need the money,” Hermione continued, reading Cho's confession, “But 20 galleons seems like a good price to make sure whoever intends to buy me is serious about wanting to buy me, and not just because they want to cook some girl meat.”

“I want to be ordered around, treated like meat, forced to embarrass myself, and forced to submit as you cook me. I want to be bound, tied up, and abused. I want whoever buys me to take away my freedom, to force me me to be the perfectly compliant traditional Chinese beauty I've always wanted to be, and then to snuff me. I don't care how you do it, I don't even care if you're a boy or a girl. As long as you want to oppress and abuse me, I'll be happy.”

“I want her,” Harry declared.

“Are you sure?” Hermione asked. “There are still some other girls in the back of this.”

“We can always buy them later,” Harry offered, “But this is Cho.”

“You still have a crush on her don't you?” Ron teased.

“Yeah, but... I mean... You can do that, right Hermione? You can give her what she wants? You did it to Ginny, right?” Harry asked.

“I can,” Hermione agreed. “But, don't you want to?”

“I'm not a big fan of that sort of thing, but I want Cho. If you can give her what she wants, she's yours. As long as I get to...”

“To eat her?” Hermione asked. “Or to fuck her?” the brunette asked, her red highlights shining in the dim light of the common room.

“Both,” Harry admitted, blushing. “Can you do it?”

Hermione nodded. “I'd be happy to break her in for you. I can buy her today if you have the money for her ready.”

“I do, let me go get it,” Harry agreed, rushing up to his dorm to grab the gold that Hermione would need.

Hermione smiled. She suspected Harry would go for Cho next, and she certainly didn't mind not having to share the Chinese bombshell as much as she'd assumed. Still, having Cho virtually to herself? That was a completely unexpected treat. As Harry handed her a bag full of galleons, Hermione began to make plans.


Cho Chang was nervous. Luna Lovegood had vanished from the Ravenclaw dorms almost a week ago, and no one had said a thing. If she'd been hurt, or attacked, or had an accident, Cho was certain that Flitwick would have told them. She wasn't in the hospital wing either. That only left one possibility that Cho could think of. Luna had been bought. The catalogue was a dirty little secret tradition at Hogwarts. Cho had learned about it from Penelope Clearwater before she graduated. The staff overlooked it, intentionally. When a girl was purchased from the magazine, the professors ignored it and pretended the girl just never exisited at all.

It was really the only explanation that fit the facts. Luna been snuffed and eaten, and Cho had a sneaking suspicion as to who had done it.

Hermione Granger had been asking around about Luna's things. Cho hadn't given it any thought at the time, Hermione was a nice girl, it was probably just because she wanted d Luna to have her stuff back. It wasn't until last night, when she decided to read through her copy of the Hogwarts Meatgirl Catalogue that Cho had noticed Luna's asking price; her stuff, the same stuff Hermione had been asking about just before Luna disappeared.

It hadn't escaped Cho's notice that Ginny Weasley hadn't come down for breakfast either.

Hopefully itbwas a coincidence, because if Hermione Granger was buying girls out if the catalogue then Hermione's best friend probably knew about it too, and Harry Potter certainly had a reason to want her, and the money to afford her asking price.

Cho's heart raced in her chest. Most of the girls at Hogwarts were in this year's issue of the catalogue, she'd thought that airing her dirty little submissive fantasies like that was safe. Sure, there was an element of risk, but what girl would give her copy away when it meant that she might get eaten? The catalogues were safe from theft by boys in the girls' dorms, and with most of the girls in school already inside it seemed like a negligibke risk. Any girl listed in the catalogue who decided to start eating other girls would be purchased in self-defence once the patern was established; but Hermione wasn't in the catalogue. She'd checked.

It wasn't that Cho had lied in her entry, but it was supposed to just be a fantasy, there wasn't supposed to be any chance that she might actually be purchased...

Still, despite her fear, Cho had never been more aroused than she was right now. She was constantly turned on. The thought that she might be bought at any moment was at the forefront of her mind. It was hard to concentrate on her classwork, and although her pulse was pounding a mile a minute it was such a rush every time that Hermione passed her in the hallway without saying a word.

This time was different. Hermione looked like she was walking with a purpose. The brunette's hair had changed, formerly frizzy it was now straight with a slight wave to it, and shot through with faint red highlights that glimmered in the dim light of the torchlit hallway. But what really drove the change home was Hermione's face. The bookworm was looking right at her, and she was smiling.


Idea: Harry buys all the girls from the other Quidditch teams to ensure Gryffindor's acquisition of the House Cup. And buys the Gryffindor girls when someone cottons on to what he's doing to keep someone else from doing the same thing.


Been a fan of this story since the start but the latest chapter was the best yet, having each of the girls explain their preferences complete with a magical, moving photo was really hot. Can't wait for more!


I second this, but I think it has some other great advantages other than good smut. If the TVB does ever abandon this line of stores, there are now half a dozen new stories/chapters that could be written, where the seed has been planted for what should happen/why, and anyone who picks up where it was left off has a consistent starting point, writing styles and tastes may vary, but it will all be within a consistent universe


Stop reading my notes.
Of course, Harry would never resort to offing members of an opposing team just to win. He never once thought of cheating in canon. That said, you're not 100% accurate, but I do have an idea for Harry to buy the Gryffindor Quidditch Girls after the season is over for a celebratory party.

I actually did some of the catalogue entries in the Luna story. Some of them are taken from that (Angelina's and Alicia's are actually cut down a bit in this story compared to in the Luna story). In factn the idea of the meat girl entties being their own little vingettes was what prompted this whole storyline in the first place. The catalogue was the main reason I asked AoiHikari to write the idea back in... September or October of last year? And why I decided to write my own version of the story later.

I wanted to get back to that core concept here. I have a few more ideas for catalogue entries that I'm saving for the next story in this line (probably the Lavender polyjuiced to look like Hermione one). They include Lavender Brown and Katie Bell, and maybe Romilda Vane and Astoria Greengrass. The next story might be the last one I write (in this universe), or I may end up doing a quidditch girl or two. Eventually I'm going to run out of well known Hogwarts girls for catalogue entries, so that sort of puts an enpoint on the series' effective life.

With that said, I'm already 14 pages into this story and there's a lot left to write. I plan to have two girls bought in this one (though Cho will be the focus character and I'm not sure how much screen time the second girl will get, if any).

Anyone should feel free to run with my ideas. I only did this story because I felt inspired to write my own take on the idea after reading AoiHikari's version of the concept (which can be found here: ). Aoi's version (which was written as part of a trade with men though I don't actually remember what my end was) made me want to write a version starring Luna (instead of Ginny like in his). And using Hermione as the Viewpoint character.

So even if the story someone else writes isn't canonical to my version, that's fine. I'll probably enjoy reading it and hopefully others will too. Who knows? It might cause me to write even more on this series than I plan to.


mmmmmmm how about no. you gotta protect them better than that if you want to keep prying eyes away... :D


alright shitfucker its been a couple days wheres my chink getting snuffed?


*chink slut


Wow, this gets better with every chapter! I can't wait to see Hermione starting work on Cho. I'm almost even more excited to see a future chapter where they buy a girl and polyjuice her into Hermione's double.
I'd like to try contributing an idea too. How about one of the adult characters finds a way to list herself in the catalogue. Maybe Tonks cant help living up to the nympho part of her first name. Or perhaps Narcissa has a reason to want to leave her family, but not put them through a divorce (and had a secret snuff fetish she couldn't act on until she'd been bred and mostly finished raising an heir to continue her bloodline).


Oh, another idea could be Rita Skeeter trying to write an exposé on the catalogue, but she has to go undercover as a student, maybe with polyjuice or maybe temporary age regression magic for something new.
Obviously she'd have to list herself for sale so she could get her hands on a copy. She could flippantly put down something random for her listing blurb, but then be surprised when she finds that it was a subconscious fantasy she had been repressing. Maybe she'd end up succumbing to the temptations of it all after getting hit with the hormones that come from temporarily being a teen again. I think there could be some interesting dynamics if she reverted back to her true form before or during her cooking.
Another possibility is making it more dubcon and our protagonists end up agreeing to finish snuffing her to protect the catalogue from too much attention.


Fine ideas, but I am limiting this to girls in Hogwarts for a few of reasons. First, because the premise works better that way as a sort of youthful indiscretion/endeavor. Second, I want to preserve the school atmosphere and the feeling of these being students that they know. Third, because I don't want to have this go on forever and the School aged girls are a limited resource.

The next bit should be out in a day or two.


Cho was squirming as Hermione approached and Hermione didn't know why. Sure their relationship had never been the greatest, especially since Cho had been bizarrely jealous of her friendship with Harry when the Asian girl was dating him, but that wasn't enough to peovoke this sort of reaction. Still, Cho didn't actually need to feel at ease for their coming transaction, so Hermione put her curiousity aside for later as she approached the slightly older girl.

"Cho," Hermione called out. "Can I speak with you? In private?"

Cho's eyes widened almost comicly as she visibly swallowed. She was clearly nervous. Hermione wondered why. It would make sense for Cho to be nervous once she knew why Hermione was approaching her, but not before that, right?

"Sure, Hermione," the raven-haired girl agreed hesitantly. "Do you want to slip into that classroom over there?" Cho asked, indicating an unused classroom nearby.

"That sounds like a good idea," Hermione agreed. "Lead the way."

Anxiousness suffused Cho's stride as she made her way to the abandoned classroom with Hermione close behind her. 

For Cho, the sound of the classroom door shutting behind Hermione echoed with a sort of finality. This was it, she was going to be meat.

Cho had shared her deepest, darkest fantasies in her entry, secure in her belief that they'd never have a chance of coming true, but now?

Cho felt like her stomach could leap out if her throat at any moment. She felt like she was at the top of a roller coaster about to hit a dive. And yet... 

Cho's cunt was dripping wet. Her plain white panties were completely soaked to the point where they'd probably turned translucent. The high-scoring Asian student had never been more aroused in her life than she was right in this moment.

"Why..." Cho swallowed dryly, trying to get her nerves under control. "What did you want to talk about?"

"I want to buy something from you," Hermione began, "but I need to see it first to find out if it's worth spending twenty galleons on."

Cho's heart plummeted. "You mean you want to buy..."

"You?" Hermione asked. "Yes. I've tried British cuisine, twice. Now I think it's time to broaden my horizons and sample some Chinese food."

"Chinese food..." Cho shivered. "You mean me."

"Only if you're good enough to eat. I jave the twenty galleons to buy you right here," Hermione explained, jingling the coin purse Harry gave her for emphasis, "but first? I want to see what I'm buying."

"You want me to strip," Cho realized, blushing.

"It's the same with a tart like you as it is at the grocery store, Cho. As the customer I need to see what I'm getting before I buy it. You put yourself up for sale, now strip."

Cho's pulse was pounding. She could feel herself becoming more and more aroused as Hermione began to degrade and dehumanize her. When she'd put herself up for sale it had been a lark. There was a risk, sure, but she never thought she might actually be ordered. And now Hermione, the same girl she was so jealous of when she was dating Harry, was ordering her to strip for her, to prove she was worth buying, worth the price that Hermione was about to pay for her. Cho felt like she was burning up, between the blood rushing to her face and the way her already sopping sex was heating up Cho was worried she might end up cooked without Hermione even having to buy her. Her heart was thumping wildly in her chest, but there was no escape. If Hermione wanted to buy her, she could, and once she did, with the School staff tacitly agreeing to the existence of the catalogue, Cho knew there was nothing she could do to stop Hermione from snugging her. Dear Merlin! Why was she so turned on by that fact!?

"Of course Hermione," Cho nodded, shrugging off her Ravenclaw robes and undressing until the only thing left on her body was her shoes and socks, everything else was piled and folded neatly on the desk at the head of the room with her wand placed carefully on top of it.

Cho tried to steady her nerves as Hermione circled her, pacing as she stared at the Asian girl's naked body.

"Not very meaty are you?" Hermione asked, reaching out to play with one of Cho's swollen nipples. "Barely any breast meat at all."

Hermione pulled her hand away, leaving Cho clearly yearning for her touch. "So? Why should I buy you?" Hermione asked. "You're not the only Chinese food for sale you know, I could buy Su Li instead. Or, I suppose there's nothing more British than enjoying Indian food. I could always buy the Patils for the same twenty galleons it would cost to buy you. Why should I cook you when I could have twins instead?"

Cho's eyes widened. What was going on? Hermione wanted her to convince her? But... Cho didn't want to be eaten! It felt surreal. What was Hermione doing? "I- Please, don't want to be eaten," Cho pleaded.

"You put yourself up for sale didn't you? You knew you might be bought. It's not your job to pick or choose who will buy you. A whore might have the luxury of picking clients Cho, but you're not even a whore. You're just meat," Hermione insisted. "Now tell me what kind of meat you are. What's so special about you that you're worth twenty Galleons when I could buy a pair of sexy Indian twins for the same price. It's certainly not your breasts," Hermione argued, poking her fingers into Cho's soft, but lacking, mounds.

Cho flinched. It wasn't that Hermione was hurting her, she wasn't. Non the reason for the slender girl's reaction was something else, the growing arousal she felt at Hermione's touch, and the excitement that flared with Hermione's every word as she degraded the Asian soon-to-be meatgirl.

*Thwack!* Cho jumped as Hermione swatted her behind, the brunette's hand lingering behind to squeeze. "Your rump is way too small to feed anyone, so It can't be that either, can it?" Hermione deduced.

Cho's stomach was roiling as Hermione berated her. It was true that she'd priced her life at twenty galleons to be prohibitively expensive, but at least part of her was certain that she was worth far more than that. 

Hermione clearly disagreed.

All her life Cho had been told to excel, to be the best. How had it come to this? She wasn't even fit to be a meatgirl, was she? Bit by bit Hermione was tearing into her, showing her just how worthless she was, just how much she'd overestimated her own value.

"Maybe you're a well-practiced slut. Is that it? You said in your spread that you didn't mind who bought you. You'd take boys or girls just as easily. You must be extremely good at giving head to be worth twenty galleons, aren't you?" Hermione surmised, slowly kneading Cho's ass as she spoke.

Cho shook her head, tears starting to pool in the corners of her eyes.

"What's that? Speak up!" Hermione demanded.

"I'm not!" Cho replied. "I'm not!"

Hermione glared at her, frowning. "All that money and you can't even give decent head? Maybe it's your pussy then?" Hermione guessed, gliding her fingers down the curve of Cho's ass to her absolutely soaked cunt.

Cho gasped as, without any warning, Hermione slipped two fingers into the Asian tart's sopping wet snatch.

"Hmmm... maybe you do have one redeeming quality after all. This is worth at least five galleons..." Hermione explained. "Now we just have to find those other fifteen galleons you cost."

Cho trembled as Hermione finger fucked her, not caring at all what Cho thought about the violation. She shuddered as Hermione withdrew her fingers, drying them off in the long tresses of the naked girl's own hair. Cho felt debased, worthless, and vulnerable, but she was also more turned on than she could remember being in her entire life.

"Your legs are nice enough that I'm willing to tack on another galleon for them, but the rest of you isn't worth more than a couple of sickles. Hmmm... are you obedient? That has to be it right? You're incredibly obedient. You're the perfect obedient little oriental stereotype of a woman, aren't you? I'm not sure I'd prize obedience that highly, but I'm sure there are some that might. Is that why you're worth twenty galleons?" Hermione asked, cuttingly.

"I'm not..." Cho whimpered.

"I'm sorry," Hermione replied. "I couldn't hear you just now. What was that?"

"I'm not!" Cho shouted.

"Not what? Obedient?" Hermione wondered teasingly.

"I'm not worth twenty galleons..." Cho admitted, unsure if she was just saying that to make sure Hermione wouldn't buy her or if she was actually telling the truth.

"Well then I suppose you're going to offer me a discount to buy your overpriced meat then?" Hermione asked playfully.

"No," Cho replied. This was all so surreal. It couldn't be happening could it? Maybe Hermione would buy her and maybe she wouldn't, but Cho wasn't about to make herself more tempting by lowering her price, even if she wasn't worth what she was asking for.

"No?" Hermione asked, intrigued.

"If you don't want me, don't buy me," Cho explained. "Just... leave me alone," she pleaded.

Hermione gently rubbed Cho's shoulders, consoling her. "You know, if it were up to me I wouldn't buy you," Hermione admitted, sending Cho's hopes soaring. "Unfortunately for you, this isn't my money."

Cho's stomach dropped like a rock.

"These twenty galleons are Harry's," Hermione declared. "You know, Harry was surprised to see you listed in the catalogue? I was just surprised at you price," the brunette chided, hammering home her story about Cho's worthlessness. "He wanted a taste of you as soon as he saw your spread. The sight of you, all oiled up in that wok like that? Well, Harry decided he wanted you right then and there," Hermione explained.

"So you're buying me anyway?" Cho asked. She felt like she was floating, disconnected from reality.

"Even though you're overpriced and certainly not worth it," Hermione agreed. "Here you go," she said, handing over the bag of galleons Cho had asked for in her catalogue entry. "And now, you're officially meat."

"What now?" Cho wondered, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Right now? We're going to show Harry just what he's purchased." Hermione paused, walking over to the door and summoning her patronus, a silver otter, to bring a message to her partner in crime. "After that? Well, I don't want Harry being cheated, so I guess I'll have to  get the full value out of you through other means..."

Cho's breath hitched. "And... how are you going to do that?" She asked uncertainly.

"You said it yourself in your entry didn't you?" Hermione explained, pulling out the catalogue from the picket of her robe and opening it to Cho's spread. "'I want to be ordered around, treated like meat, forced to embarrass myself, and forced to submit as you cook me. I want to be bound, tied up, and abused. I want whoever buys me to take away my freedom, to force me me to be the perfectly compliant traditional Chinese beauty I've always wanted to be, and then to snuff me.' That sounds a like a plan doesn't it? A girl like that might be worth around... maybe fifteen galleons I'd say. The rest we can make up in entertainment."

"Entertainment?" Cho wondered, but it was too late. With a loud crash the door slammed open and Harry stood, shadowed in the door frame. Cho's first instinct was to cover up, but Hermione grabbed her wrists and kept them down by her waist to keep her exposed for Harry to see.


Another great set up chapter! Can't wait to see what debasements are in store for Cho. As you might have guessed from my suggestions, I'm a sucker for surrender-despite-reluctance scenarios.
Speaking of which, thanks for the compliment on my brainstorming! It's cool to not go in those directions. I was mostly just trying to make an interesting thread bump.


Okay, here's the next bit.


"Entertainment?" Cho wondered, but it was too late. With a loud crash the door slammed open and Harry stood, shadowed in the door frame. Cho's first instinct was to cover up, but Hermione grabbed her wrists and kept them down by her waist to keep her exposed for Harry to see.

"Is that-?"

"Cho?" Hermione asked completing Harry's question for him. "In the flesh."

Cho tried to calm her breathing. She was Naked in front of Harry Potter. Her old boyfriend, her second crush. They'd never gotten this close when they were dating, and now he could see her... all of her!

"She's incredible..." Harry marveled, his eyes drinking her in with an intensity Cho had never seen from him when they were dating.

"You overpaid," Hermione retorted.

"It's just money," Harry waved off Hermione's concern.

"I suppose that's true. It's not like Cho needed it either."

"You'll make sure she gets what she does want, right?" Harry confirmed.

Cho could feel her arousal building as the pair of them talked over her like she wasn't theren like her presence didn't matter any more than the desk at the head of the room, or than any other piece of furniture. They were right to, she was meat now, but still...

"Of course," Hermione agreed. "I know just how to treat a submissive little slut like her. In fact... Get on your knees, meat.”

Cho was following Hermione's instructions before she even realized what was happening.

“From now on you'll follow my rules,” Hermione explained. “First, I'll be taking your panties. You won't be wearing anything that might restrict our access to that pretty little pussy of yours until we finish eating you.”

Cho swallowed, hard. No more panties? She'd be vulnerable to every passing hand, her privates exposed by the slightest breeze to every wandering eye... And it would only stop when-

“Second, we own you now, so you'll make yourself available to us if we ask. If Harry wants to fuck you in the middle of your History of Magic class? You let him. If I tell you to eat me out in the middle of dinner, you will. Do you understand?”

Numbly, Cho nodded.

Hermione narrowed her eyes. “I asked if you understood.”

“Yes,” Cho choked out. “I understand.”

“Good,” Hermione smiled. “That's what I want to hear. Now, let's test that shall we? Harry, did Cho ever give you a blowjob when you dated her?”

“Definitely not,” Harry replied. “I'd have remembered that.”

“Well, she's going to now,” Hermione smiled, and Cho's eyes went wide in shock. “Feel free to fuck the face of this little meat slut as hard as you want, you did just buy her, after all...”

“Are you sure?” Harry asked, glancing at Cho to make sure it was okay.

“I'm sure,” Hermione replied. “You heard Cho's interview in the catalogue, she wants to be treated like a submissive little snuff slut. So that's what you have to do.”

Cho didn't say a word. She couldn't. Everything was moving so fast! It felt like she was in a strange and terrible dream. Before she knew it Harry was standing in front of her unzipping his pants.

Was she really going to do this? She'd never given a blowjob in her life. It was filthy, something she wasn't supposed to be doing as the good girl she was supposed to be. But... she wasn't that girl any more, was she? Hermione was right, she'd sold her self as meat, that's what she was now. No one would care if she gave her owner a blowjob, would they? And if they did, what did it matter? She'd probably be snuffed and eaten before the week was out.

Her decision made, when Harry fished out his turgid cock, Cho took hold of it with both hands and brought the tip to her mouth.

It tasted... salty, like sweat. It smelled like it too, the heavy musk of Harry's maleness assailing her nose as she slowly swallowed his member.


Harry groaned as he felt Cho's lips envelop him. The humid warmth of Cho's mouth was amazing as she began to suck on his cock like the enthusiastic amateur she was. This was a dream. How often had he fantasized about this very moment, looking down to to see Cho looking back at him with bedroom eyes and her lips wrapped tight around his manhood? It was everything He'd dreamed of and more.

This wasn't Harry's first blowjob. He'd gotten one from Hermione when she showed him just what sort of meat he'd given her the money to buy, and another from Ginny's ghost after they finished frying her, but this was different. Hermione's blowjob had been good, but it had felt like Hermione had read about the proper technique in a textbook and decided to apply it step by step, which come to think of it was probably exactly what had happened... Cho's attempt on the other hand was frantic and eager. It was sloppy and amateurish, but it felt better, in every way, than Hermione's had. Cho needed his cock, Harry was absolutely convinced of it. Hermione's blowjob wasn't bad, in fact Harry had quite enjoyed it, but it wasn't anywhere near a match for Cho's.


Cho gagged as Harry came in hot spurts in her mouth. She'd known it was coming, but the reality of it still managed to surprise her.

Harry's warm seed splattered against her togue sliding down the back of her throat. It tasted bitter and basic, but she swallowed it as best she could. Harry owned her now, the better she pleased him, the longer he might keep her alive. Merlin! Harry owned her now! He had actually bought her! And... and Hermione!

Cho's heart raced in her chest as she struggled to come to terms with her new position in life. Naked, kneeling on the floor in front of her new masters... What was she going to do now!?

"Well," Hermione spoke up expectantly. "What do you say when someone gives you a gift, meat?"

It took Cho a second to realize who Hermione was talking to, to realize who she meant... She meant her! She wanted to- what did she say?

"Oh!" Cho replied as Harry's cock popped free from the warm embrace of her mouth as she finished sucking it clean. She blushed; Hermione's chidings combining with her sense of shame at what she'd just done to paint her cheeks a flush rose. "Thank you." Cho replied as politely as she could, but with the taste of Harry's cum lingering on her tongue and the embarassment of what she'd just done only served to deepen her mortification.

"Very good, meat," Hermione congratulated her, rewarding her with a condescending pat on the head. Cho froze as the reality of what was happening caught up to her once more, but Hermione didn't mind. The once bushy-haired girl bent down to pick up Cho's still moist plain white panties from the pile of her clothes.

"White? That's a bit disappointing, isn't it, Harry?" Hermione asked rhetorically, continuing before Harry could reply. "You won't be needing these anymore, meat. Meat makes itself available to its owners. You won't wear anything at all beneath that skirt of yours, understood?"

Cho nodded.

"If I thought, you could get away without wearing anything at all until we decide to eat you, I'd be taking your school robes as well," Hermione stated matter-of-factly. "What do you think, Harry? Are you satisfied with your purchase?"

"So far, yeah," Harry replied. "But you can't really be sure if your ingredients are good until you start cooking."

"I suppose that is true," Hermione agreed. "You know, I could test that for you..." Hermione offered, trailing off.

"How?" Harry asked, more curious than anything. They couldn't taste Cho until they cooked her, and once theybstarted cooking her it wouldn't exactly be a test, would it?

"Watching this little meat girl suck you off got me thinking, she doesn't exactly need her reproductive tract anymore, does she? She's girlmeat now, not a girlfriend. So, what do you think about letting her cook them for breakfast tomorrow. I'll wake up early and meet her in the kitchen so that she can stir-fry her womb and ovaries for us. I can heal her up after she's done frying them and have the house elves keep it warm for us and send our breakfast up to us in the main hall once it's time for breakfast. That way we can get a taste of your new purchase while it's fresh, and you won't even have to wake up early for it."

Cho trembled as she realized just how serious Hermione was about eating her. They would be well within their rights to make her do it too. She was meat and they owned her now, utterly and completely. Merlin! Cho wasn't sure if she was trembling in fear... or anticipation.

Harry's eyes widened. "Can we really do that to her?" He asked, and Cho's heart lept in response. Hope mixed with terror and disappointment in her breast, clouding her mind and making her mute. Was Harry really okay with this?

"I don't see why not? She's meat now, we're allowed to cook her. Nothing I read says that it has to be all at once," Hermione explained. "So, does Chinese stir-fry sound like a good choice for breakfast tomorrow?" Hermione asked, her voice hopeful.

Harry frowned, uncertainly. Something rubbed him the wrong way about it, but Hermione was right... Cho did sell herself as meat, and Ginny and Luna had been so delicious... and it wasn't like he'd be able to find out what his tasted like without actually eating her... He looked at Cho. She seemed conflicted, but she wasn't actually saying anything against the idea.

"Okay, sure," Harry agreed. "I'll probably sleep until breakfast usually starts, but stir-fried Cho sounds pretty good to me," Harry admitted.

Cho struggled to keep her jaw from falling open. Harry agreed? She... despite all the evidence, despite the disappearances, part of her assumed he wasn't serious, that he might just be buying her as a sex slave; but no, they really intended to cook her! Cho could feel her privates heating up against her will at the thought. Her mind flitted from possibility to posibility as she pondered how they planned to do her in. Was this the first step in a pattern? Taking her apart piece by piece each meal until eventually there was nothing left to sustain her? Cho shivered at the thought as she imagined her own body, helpless, stripped of all her limbs, bared and ready for all of for Harry and Hermione's depraved fantasies. She swallowed dryly.

"Thanks, Harry!" Hermione beamed. "I promise this will be worth it." Slowly, she turned to Cho. "I expect you to be in the kitchen two hours before breakfast, understand?"

The naked Asian coed nodded swiftly. She understood.

"Ah! Look at the time! We're almost late for History class!" Hermione realized. "You're free to go, meat. Make sure to find a nice recipe in the library tonight; I want you tasting your best tomorrow. Harry and I will figure out how to cook the rest of you soon enough... Also! Don't forget what I said before! You're ours now, and we expect you to make yourself available when we want to use you."

With that, Hermione grabbed Harry by the wrist and dragged him out of the classroom, barely giving him any time to fix his fly before they left. The door shut behind them, echoing gravely in the nearly empty room. In the barely lit classroom, Cho Chang knelt on the floor, naked, slowly coming to terms with her new lot in life.


To Be Continued.


Such a tease! :)

Great installment, and almost to the action!


Ooh, having Cho piecemeal is a great way to CHANGe things up.
I kind of prefer it that way to a one-and-done if I had to choose. I also hope there's at least a little of her getting to be treated as a traditional Chinese beauty like she wanted. I've always had a bit of a thing for the embracing of a stereotype for pleasure even if its backward or embarassing. I guess it's like a submission/debasement thing.


"Traditional Chinese beauty."

Hmm, could achieve the tiny feet traditionally obtained through footbinding by cutting off most of her feet instead.


Why not just use magic/potion?

Some of us freaks aren't into feet.


Hmmm... I'll see what I can do. I got a bit distracted by a set of stories I commissioned. But I should get back to my own stuff (which means this).

I've been thinking of Peking Cho. Like Peking duck, only instead of duck, Cho.

As for traditional Chinese Beauty... I think I'm going to lean in more for the "Submissive perfect Oriental Girl" stereotype, but there is some overlap.

As for one and Done... Cho will get two separate cooking scenes. First the womb. then a second one after a few sex scenes.

Footbinding's always sort of wierded me out. Sorry.

No potions or spells. No feet. This will all be done through Dominance and submission by Hermione and Cho respectively.
The only Spell used will be the one Luna taught Hermione. Well... maybe some others too... but not to make Cho more beautiful.


a superb new set of entries since last i looked. fucking hell i love a good asian slavegirl and semi-willing canibalism where the snuffette is comeing to terms with her soon to be death, but more resigned than resistant.

super hot. cant wait to see more


Cho was nervous. Hermione wasn't here yet. The Asian girl had spent all night thinking about what was about to happen to her, and she still wasn't sire how to handle it. She'd woken up with her sheets damp between her legs from arousal, but her heart was anxiously racing like a Seeker after the Snitch. Was she really going to do this? Did she have a choice?

Harry wouldn't force her, she was almost certain of that, but... would Hermione? And... if they didn't... should they?

Hermione was right, no one had forced Cho to list herself in that catalogue. She'd thought it was fun at the time, that there was hardly any risk, but she'd been deluding herself even then. The risk was real, she knew that. The risk was what sent her stomach tumbling into knots, it was what had made the idea so hot in the first place. Risk that she'd be bought, risk that her secret would get out. She'd known that, and she'd done it anyway. She'd gambled and she'd lost. Was it right to try and deprive her new owners of their winnings? Cho didn't know.

She thought back to Hermione's declaration; maybe was just a stupid little slut who deserved to be punished, just like Hermione said. Maybe she was just a disobedient meat girl who needed to be cooked?

Cho wasn't sure, but part of her wanted to find out.

The morning air was brisk, even in the kitchens. She'd obeyed Hermione's orders as best she could, part of her hoping that this would be it, that Hermione would take her womb from her and leave her be having had her fill of Cho.

Part of her hoped she didn't.

Her skirt was short, and as Cho walked through the halls she'd been petrified that an errant breeze would lift it to show off her lack of panties to a another student, or even a teacher, passing by. It hadn't happened. Oh, there had been plenty of breezes, each one sending a sharp and fearful shock through Cho's entire being, but in the early morning, hours before breakfast, there'd been no one around to see. Cho wasn't quite sure why that had left her disappointed, but she was sure her mounting dread was a result of the knowledge that the halls would only grow more crowded as the day wore on, but Hermione's ban on panties would still be in effect.

Cho had left her robe behind. She'd felt... sexy, and she'd wanted to show it off for her new mistress. She'd even unbuttoned he blouse and tied it in place instead, cupping her tits with it like a makeshift bra and baring her belly to the world. The feel of the morning breeze on her stomach gave her chills. Hermione had wanted what lay beneath last night. This morning, she was going to get it. Cho shivered, but this time it had nothing to do with the cold.

Maybe Hermione was right. Maybe she was just a useless disobedient slut. Why else would she be having thoughts like these? Fantasizing about the taste of Harry's cock as she waited for her mistress to arrive so that she could cook herself for her? Well, part of herself anyway... Merlin! Why was she so hot!?

Minutes passed, then an hour. The House elves began to bustle around her, preparing a morning repast for the rest of the castle. Breakfast hadn't started yet, wouldn't for a while, but Cho was still nervous. 'Was it all a dream?' She wondered? Did she imagine being bought? Obeying Hermione's orders? No. It couldn't have been. She remembered the coins on her bedside table. She'd been bought. It was real.

It certainly felt like a dream though...

Cho was getting antsy. Where was Hermione? Did she mishear her? Was she in the wrong place?

Just as Cho was screwing up her courage to head to the Gryffindor Common room to find her mistress, the entry to the kitchen opened.

Hermione stood, silhouetted in the entrance, her smooth, brown hair flashing with hints of red in the early morning light. She looked calm, and disciplined, but the smile on her face evoked a child with a new toy that they wanted to play with, and not an exceptionally careful child either. Cho swallowed heavily. Hermione looked like she was going to break her.

"Good morning, meat," Cho felt her privates flutter in anticipation at her mistress' greeting. "I hope you didn't wait too long. I was wrapped up in a nice book and didn't want to leave before I finished it."

A book? It wasn't surprising, but... wasn't she more important than a book? Cho wasn't sure. Against her will, Cho's imagination ran wild, painting a portrait of Hermione, trading her away for a first edition copy of 'Hogwarts, a History'. She could believe it. At 20 galleons, she certainly cost less than some first editions... And, Hermione didn't seem to value her as anything other than a novelty, a source of pleasure and fresh ingredients, Cho realized. No, she wasn't more important than a book, not to Hermione.

Her sex practically lit on fire at the thought.

She blushed as Hermione looked her over, sizing her up from head to toe. Her eyes felt heavy, assessing her for the purpose Hermione had in mind. Cho was certain that the brunette was judging how she planned to snuff her.

"Lift your skirt," Hermione commanded matter-of-factly.

Cho swallowed and obeyed. She was completely smooth, having cast a spell for the purpose the night before. Hermione hadn't asked her to, she just did it. She'd, she'd wanted to look good for this. Her lower lips met in a slight camel-toe, her inner labia poking cutely out from between them.

Cho held her skirt up, baring her privates to her new mistress for what felt like an eternity before Hermione made any move to end her scrutiny. 'She wanted to make her squirm,' Cho realized. 'Or maybe, she just wanted to see if she'd obey?' Cho wasn't sure.

The Asian girl thought of what Hermione had said to her the night before, 'the perfect obedient little oriental stereotype of a woman,' she'd called her. Cho had disagreed. She wasn't, it was true... but, she wanted to be. Part of her, at least. Part of her wanted to be the perfect little submissive Asian that boys had always assumed she was, she wanted to be the sort of girl who would cheerfully serve her mistress her own womb if told to. That's why she was here, it's why she stayed when Hermione was late. Harry and Hermione had bought her, so they could cook her if they wanted to and no one would stop them, no one on the faculty anyway. But, she didn't have to help them like this. She didn't have to obey...

Cho wanted to. Part of her wanted to submit like this, tho serve Hermione, to let her use her, to let her eat her! Merlin! What was wrong with her!?

"Good," Hermione spoke, breaking the silence. "You look ready." Hermione paused. "Good job preparing yourself. No one wants hair in their food," she added with a lustful look at Cho's bared cunt. "Keep it that way."

Cho's breath was speeding up unconsciously. This was... She'd thought about it, but it wasn't something she'd really prepared for.

Hermione looked straight at her, as if she were a particularly slow chimpanzee. "Well, what are you waiting for? Drop the skirt and grab a knife."

Cho shivered. This was real wasn't it? Hermione expected her to go through with this. As sexily as she could manage, Cho shimmied out of her skirt, letting it drop to the floor at her feet and leaving her naked from the tops of her knee-high socks to just below the bow she'd tied in her blouse beneath her breasts. She blushed. She felt... exposed, like this. Vulnerable. And for good reason! Why was she going along with this? Cho couldn't explain it, even to herself, but something about the commanding way Hermione ordered her about sent butterflies fluttering in her stomach. She grabbed a knife and followed Hermione deeper into the kitchen.

"Did you find a good recipe last night like I ordered you to?" Hermione asked as they walked. Curiosity weighed heavily in her voice, as if she truly only wanted to know if Cho had followed her instructions or not.

Cho blushed, remembering last night's excursion, paging through recipe books in the library looking for the perfect recipe to cook... herself. Fantasizing about it, imagining every last detail of the instructions in the book being done to her, by her! It hadn't been long before her fingers had sought her uncovered snatch to begin exploring. She remembered the heart-pounding fear that someone might find her, masturbating to old recipes; the terror that they might ask her why and that she would tell them. She remembered the swelling anxiety in her chest when she realized that she'd found the perfect recipe, the way her stomach dropped when she realized she'd be using it today... She remembered the way her heart leapt into her throat when she heard Madam Pince behind her telling her that it was time to go, her fingers had still been sticky from the aftermath of her ministrations, her skirt was unkempt and showing far too much leg, but hopefully not, Cho begged to anyone what might listen, the fact that she had foregone panties at her mistress' request.

The terror of the librarian walking in on her like that had stayed with her all the way to her dorm, engraving the recipe on her minds eye in the terrifying aftermath of the event.

“I... I did,” Cho replied, Hermione wouldn't care about her adventure, she convinced herself, she just wanted to know if her breakfast would be on time.

“Good,” Hermione stated. “Are you able to follow it by yourself? or... do you need my help?” Hermione asked, and Cho couldn't quite tease out the emotion underpinning her words. Hope? Irritation? She wasn't sure.

Cho was sure about one thing however, “I can do it myself,” she replied.

She'd fantasized about this moment all night. She'd even thought up changes and additions to make the recipe more entertaining for her mistress. That's what she had told Cho was her most valuable quality yesterday, entertainment, and a twisted, lustful part of the Chinese student wanted to make sure that her mistress got her money's worth out of her.

Cho lifted the knife as she stepped up to the sink. Was she really going to do this? No one was forcing her to go through with it. 'Yet,' Cho's traitorous brain responded, causing her pussy to clench in anticipation. She was about to ruin her future, and end her family line with her... just to serve a pair of underclassmen a delicious breakfast? Was it worth it? But... they'd bought her hadn't they? No one had forced her to pose for the catalog, she'd put herself up for sale and they'd bought her. They'd paid and everything. Was it right to deprive them of their prize?

“Well?” Hermione asked, prompting Cho to act.

“You're going to heal me after this, right?” Cho asked, as she searched for a decision. They'd bought her, and she knew they planned to snuff her, but... Cho wasn't sure she was ready to die just yet.

“Of course I will,” Hermione smiled lustfully. “I have plans for the rest of you, and I have no intention of wasting food...”

Hermione's response sent a shiver down Cho's spine, and a flood of arousal straight to her slutty young cunt.

It was what she'd needed to hear, if not how she wanted to hear it. She was food, Hermione had reminded her, but she wasn't going to die today.

The taller girl closed her eyes, wincing as she drew the wickedly sharp knife across her pubic mound, not too hard, she didn't want to destroy her mistress' breakfast after all, but with enough pressure to slice through her skin and expose what lay beneath to the world.

Absently, Cho heard Hermione whisper a spell to stop the bleeding as she herself reached for the faucet and adjusted the water until it was hot, just barely on the edge of scalding.

“You're doing fine,” Hermione encouraged her toy, stroking her hair as she watched Cho reach inside the cut and pull out her own womb, still attached to her body.

Cho flinched as the almost scalding water hit her reproductive tract. Her womb had never experienced anything like the heavy surge of water that hit it as Cho rubbed it clean with her fingers. The temperature was excruciating, tearing tears from Cho's eyes every second that it touched her no longer innermost treasure, but Cho persevered. This was necessary. She tried to focus on Hermione's fingers as they trailed through her straight black tresses, tried to focus on her words of praise, telling her how good a meatgirl she was, but Cho couldn't quite shut out the pain. Finally, once the sensation became too unbearable, Cho pulled away, freeing her ovaries and womb from the torment of the flowing water.

“I'm proud of you, meat,” Hermione declared, squeezing Cho's shoulder to reassure her, and despite knowing Hermione's motives for the praise, the Asian girl found herself feeling better.

Cho stood there for a few seconds, panting, Hermione's hand roaming up and down her body, cupping her shoulders, tracing her arm, fondling her breast... Cho could feel herself responding, primally, to her owner's touches. She even missed it when Hermione altered the chair next to the wok she'd set up earlier in preparation, to be taller, putting the incision that Cho had carved in her pubic mound just above the edges of the specialized pan.

“Are you ready for the next bit?” Hermione asked? And though Cho couldn't see the brunette's face, she thought she heard compassion in her voice.

“Yes...” Cho paused, “Mistress.”

“Good,” Hermione practically grinned. “I'm glad to hear that.”

Cho walked, unsteadily towards the chair her mistress had transfigured for her, still holding her exposed reproductive system in one hand. She winced as every movement caused her to tug, ever so slightly, on her treasure, practically yanking her privates from the inside out. It was uncomfortable, no, more than that, it ached, painfully, but Cho soldiered on, climbing into the chair and staring at the wok in front of her.

She could feel the head radiating from it, bathing the underside if her breasts in its warmth. It was sizzling, the oil inside popping from the heat. Cho felt like she was on the edge of a precipice. She could only imagine the sort of pain awaiting her if she wents through with this, if she dropped her womb into the sizzling wok below.

Cho felt trapped; caught between a tlrock and a hard place. Behind her was her mistress, the younger girl who now owned her, the girl at whose demand she'd carved her self open to pull out her womb; but in front of her? In front of her was the wok, oil splattering around the bottom as it sputtered before her waiting for her to drop in her still-connected womb. Cho feared them both. The wok for what it woukd do to her and Hermione... she feared Hermione for what her mistress could make her do.

Hermione watched as Cho stood paralyzed with trepedation.

"Well?" She asked her Asian meat-slave. "You need to start frying now if you want Harry and I to have that tasty-looking womb if yours for breakfast."

Without thinking, Cho dropped her womb into the wok.

"AAAAAAuuuHhhhGggRrRRrHhH!!!" The noise that escaped Cho's throat as her wom hit the boiling oil bore no relation whatsoever to speech. It was a primal cry of fear and pain as she started to cook, the oil coating her in places that weren't meant to be touched. It felt like the heat was raping her, forcing itself into the deepest reaxhes of her womb as it sizzled painfully in the wok. Cho's womb was the whole of her being, the pain her only companion until-

Hermione stepped forward, grabbing Cho's shaking shoulders and gently kneading them, massaging the older girl asshe whispeeed encouragement into her ear.

"That's it," Hermione urged. "I'm proud of you, Meat. I know just how hard it must have been to accept your purpose like this," Hermione consoled the tense girl frying her womb for her. "I'm proud of you. This is what you were made for, meat. You're going to be so delicious. All your friends are going to watch us eating you, and they're going to be so jealous meat..."

Cho knew what Hermione was doingn she was conditioning her, rewarding her for obedience to make it more likely she'd obey in the future. Cho noticed how she didn't use her name, how she called her 'Meat', but... it really was nice, the way her mistress was massaging her shoulders. Her voice was so soothing and Cho could concentrate on it and try and forget about the pain (not that shecould ever forget about the painn but ahe could try). If she just concentrated on what Hermione was saying she could distract herself, and it was just so nice that Cho wanted to believe it. The part of her that signed up for the catalog, knowing she could be chosen, that part of her already believed, and now the rest of her wanted to believe too. There was a reason for her suffering, a purpose! She was meat. That's why she needed to cook, that's what meat did.

And the more that Cho started to accept that fact, the more bearable the pain grew, until Cho realized that she was getting wet from the words Hermione was whispering in her ear, and that cooking like this for Hermione... it was turning her on.

Hermione watched wide-eyed over Cho's shoulder as the older girl fryed her womb for her. It was amazing, just how submissive these wanton little snuff-sluts were! Hermione had hardly needed to encourage Cho and for all her pleading that she didn't want to cook yesterday, here she was slicing herself open so that she could stirfry her innermost privates for Hermione, and Harry, to enjoy. Hermione hadn't even needed to spank the taller meatgirl to get her to comply, she'd just told her to fry for her and now, here she was, doing it! It was the hottest thing Hermione had ever seen.

Cho couldn't help but notice as Hetmione's hand fell from her shoulder and traced a path down the small of her back and over the ample curve of her rump to nestle its way between her thighs. Feebly, not wanting to disturb her frying womb, Cho bucked at Hermine's fingers, trying to slip them inside her from where they carefully traced the outlines of her mons.

"Ah, ah, ah," Hermione chided. "Only good little dishes get rewarded, and you still have a lot to do before you finish cooking our breakfast, don't you, Meat?"

She did, Cho realized, desperately craving the distraction that her mistress' fingers could provide her from the pain, the release she could attain from the feelings welling up inside her! But, Hermione was right. Just because her womb was frying didn't mean she was done cooking it; and it would be a shame to waste it when she knew her meat could be every bit as delicious as her mistress had promised her.


Thankyou thankyou thankyou. This was amazing. More please


thanks for the update

not to be too super critical, but it really seems like you tried to drag out this 'chapter' way too much to make it longer than what was really there.

IMO, but fuck me, i'm not making the pr0ns


I'm still writing, so more will come soon enough. Probably by the end of next week.

Hah! That's the exact opposite of what I've been trying to do. This chapter's been a bitch to write so I've been trying to cut it down and skim over it so that I can get to something more fun to write without as much physical detail. I have not been... entirely successful.

When I sit down to write and I'm in the right frame of mind, the story basically writes itself on a subconscious level. It used to be a lot harder, but I've been writing for over 15 years and now basically everything I'm thinking spills out onto the page pretty quickly.


Good stuff! An exquisite blend of submission and resignation.
A little detail I liked was how she had gone around with her belly exposed along with her pantiless state and was turned on by the feeling of vulnerability.


Love this premise really looking forward to it conclusion and hopefully the Patil twins


I'm sorry you have not been successfully in addressing your writer's block/getting the lead out
I guess my problem/critique was of the variety, "cho didn't know" "cho wasn't sure" is kind of a repeated refrain, over and over, and that those paragraphs statements multiple times didn't actually add anything to the 'chapter' more than filler,


I thought the pacing was good. Works out for me at least!


I loved the pacing, the paranoia when she was in the halls and the slow decent into mostly willing meat was amazing.


I also love the pacing. This one is about Cho thinking she was having innocent fun and now accepting she screwed up and the game is real.


Thank you all for your kind words. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the pacing that I ended up with. I just haven't had a lot of time to write recently.

My plans going forward for this story are basically to have Cho get to see the dish she made eaten in the great hall, followed by a couple of vingette scenes of public exhibitionism and Hermione reinforcing her ownership.

Also a side plot in the background with Ron and Megan Jones.



Paging TVB Paging TVB


I'm alive. I was sick over vacation, and having (mostly) recovered, my eye has turned to a new story that is basically flying onto the page. It's a 3rd Amy Pond Snuff-O-Gram iteration and it's currently about 20 pages long?

With my Mass Effect series finished, the only major stories I have left on my slate are Chibi Usa's Greatest Gift, the Amy Pond one I'm working on currently, and this. So I'll get back to this eventually.


And Here's the lastest bit:


She did, Cho realized, desperately craving the distraction that her mistress' fingers could provide her from the pain, the release she could attain from the feelings welling up inside her! But, Hermione was right. Just because her womb was frying didn't mean she was done cooking it; and it would be a shame to waste it when she knew her meat could be every bit as delicious as her mistress had promised her.

Bending down with a small gasp, Cho picked up a spatula and slit it beneath her sizzling womb, flipping it over with an agonizing twist. It was easier this time, Cho marveled as the pain hit her hard enough that, if not for her mistress holding her up by cupping her drooling cunt, the Asian meat-slut would have collapsed to her knees, ruining her owners' meal. Her womb was already half fried, ruined completely except as a piece of meat, she was no longer ruining her future as she cooked her womb. No, now she was pleasing her mistress.

And Hermione was definitely pleased, she thought to herself as the bookworm slid her thumb just inside the edge of her slit, sliding it back and forth with just the tip of the thumb inside the entrance to Cho's eager sex. Cho gasped, unsure just how much was from the pain and how much was from the shock of how her mistress was using her.

“That's a good start,” Hermione praised, “But I think you can do better. Where are the vegetables? And do you expect us to cut the meat ourselves?”

Cho's face went as white as a porcelain doll's as she processed her mistress' latest suggestion, but she couldn't bring herself to refuse her. Carefully, her eyes drifted to the vegetables she'd assembled; Broccoli, mostly, but also thinly sliced carrots, onions, garlic, and chili peppers. She'd chosen them last night, knowing that Hermione planned to enjoy her suffering. Part of her wanted to give her a show. She'd touched herself to the thought, in the dead of night in her room when the rest of her dorm-mates slept, thinking about how pleased Hermione would be watching her write in pain for her. Thinking of how the younger girl might reward her for her initiative... and her submission. She was right, Hermione was pleased with her, and she was rewarding her, but now, in the light of day, the pain that the ingredients would inflict on her as she used them to spice her already half-fried womb seemed all the more daunting than before...

“Go ahead, Meat,” Hermione urged. “You know what you have to do, don't you?”

Cho nodded, whimpering.

The Asian beauty gathered the garlic, the onions and the chilies together and began to slice them on the cutting board she'd prepared. It was hard, even the slightest movement sent pain shooting down the doorway to her womb and into her teased and tortured cunt, but somehow, Cho managed it, dicing her way through the entire swath she'd laid out. Tenderly, she lifted the board and scraped them into the wok, dumping them atop her half-fried womb.

“Nnnnng!!!” Cho winced as the juice from the onions, garlic and chilies all settled into her half-cooked flesh. It was excruciating! She felt like she was on fire! But for her obedience, Hermione slipped the rest of her thumb into Cho's sex, gently rubbing her breakfast's clit with one of the other fingers she had to spare.

Soon enough Cho's grunt of pain changed into a soft, pained moan of pleasure.

“The broccoli too, Harry needs his veggies, you know,” Hermione urged, and Cho complied, wincing as each new floret hit the soft, ruined surface of her womb.

Cho winced and gasped as Hermione's thumb rubbed against the front of her cunt from within. She couldn't believe she was doing this, couldn't believe she was actually cooking herself, but... she couldn't stop herself either.

Her hands shaking, Cho picked up the knife, her fingers trembling as she did her best to grasp it firmly. This was it. Cho knew she was already meat, if her purchase last night hadn't convinced her, the sight and smell of her own womb frying in front of her would have.

"You're just the perfect little meat-slave, aren't you?" Hermione asked, teasing the entrance to Cho's slit with another finger, ready to plunge it into the depths of her sex at any moment. "You know what you need to do now, don't you?"

Cho nodded, tears of pain streaming down her cheeks as she braced herself for what came next. She'd thought long and hard about how to take this step, furiously fingering herself, pinching her nipples as she stifled her own moaning beneath the covers of her bed, surrounded by her dorm-mates; girls who would never understand the depths of debasement and submission that Cho lusted after.

If Cho simply severed the base of her womb from her cervix, it would make the task before her much easier. Her half-fried womb and ovaries would slip easily into the sizzling wok, freeing her from the pain they forced on her and making it much easier to chop into the thin bits of stir-fry that Cho no understood had always been their destiny to become.

Cho snuck a brief glance at her mistress. Hermione's wavy dual-colored hair was in disarray, her cheeks flushed and her chest heaving with arousal as she stroked the lips of Cho's now nearly useless cunt. Hermione was enjoying this, enjoying watching her suffer... Cho felt her sex flood with arousal at the confirmation of her thoughts. She could probably get away with cutting her womb free and preparing it that way, but Cho wanted to please her mistress, and it was perfectly clear to the Asian meat girl what her mistress would prefer.

With her knife firmly in her grip, Cho picked up a pair of tines in her free hand and stabbed them into one of her sizzling ovaries. The pain was incredible! Her vision flashed white and she almost fell off the seat that Hermione had created for her, but Cho fought through the pain; her lips quivering both above and below her waist as she let out an agonized moan. Her fingers trembling she began to carve up her ovaries, one after the other. The tiny thumbtip sized beans had fried to the point where they didn't ooze when cut, the heat destroying any faint hope of reproduction Cho may have had as she sliced her treasures thin before setting down the tines and picking up the spatula to stir the wok once more as the recipe she'd memorized demanded.

Hermione smiled, slipping just the faintest tips of her fingers into Cho's eager, hungry snatch as a reward for her initiative.

"You look beautiful," Hermione complimented her toy. "You're going to be so delicious you little snuff slut," she continued, "It really was selfish of you to keep such a beautiful looking meal all to yourself."

Cho swallowed, barely controlling her urge to buck against her mistress' probing digits lest the younger girl withdraw them. She wasn't done yet. Her mistress wouldn't let her cum until she finished cooking her breakfast, and Cho wasn't done yet.

Picking up the tines once more Cho began to carve her womb apart in what she'd hoped would be quick, clean slices. Cho winced. Her hand trembled as she carved, rendering her womb into ragged strips of half-fried meat.

She panted in agony, carving apart her uterus as Hermione's probing fingers sent a surge of pleasure through her from the opposite end of her sex. Cho wasn't sure how much more of this she could endure.

It felt like an eternity as she carved, though in truth it couldn't have lasted more than a minute or two before she ran the edge if the knife against the back of her cervix, cutting the stir-fried strips of tender Ravenclaw womb free of her body before Hermione sealed up the wound with her wand.

"Very good!" Hermione praised her toy in the same way a girl might praise a particularly cute puppy. "I think you deserve a reward."

With a flick of her wand, Hermione set the wok to stir itself automatically and turned her full attention to the panting, sweaty, mess of an obedient snuff-slut in the chair in front of the stove.

The rest of the morning was a blur. Cho rode wave after wave of unadulterated pleasure as her mistress rewarded her for her compliance; licking and sucking and fingering the Asian girl in ways she'd never felt before, pinching and twisting her nipples and clit in an eager abandon which was as much about asserting Hermione's dominance over her toy as it was rewarding Cho.

After minutes, or maybe hours? Cho couldn't tell, Hermione rose from between Cho's legs and licked her lips, wiping her sopping wet fingers dry on Cho's long and lustrous hair.

"I think that's enough of a reward for you, Dinner," Hermione announced. "It's only a couple of minutes till breakfast is served ans I for one don't want to miss it," the younger girl declared. "I expect to see you there."

Cho was exhausted, but passion flooded below her hips at Hermione's matter-of-fact declaration. She didn't even have time to respond before Hermione had departed, leaving her laying, disheveled and alone in the almost empty kitchen, smelling freshly fucked and with no time to tidy up before the school's morning repast. Hurriedly, Cho buttoned up her blouse and fixed her skirt as best she could before practically dashing towards the great hall. She didn't want to disappoint her mistress, after all.


Harry wasn't sure what to feel as her st down next to Hermione in the Great Hall. It was time for breakfast, and Last night Hermione had said some incredibly suggestive things about where she planned to obtain the ingredients for theirs. Harry's mouth watered as he remembered the last time he'd tasted this particular kind of meat. His dick hardened as he recalled the taste of Ginny on his tongue as he railed Hermione's cunt from behind, the feel of his best friend's snatch as it squeezed around him in a shape-shifted replica of their meal's. It was Harry's first time, and despite his best efforts, Harry had found that his memory of that carnal pleasure was inextricably linked to that same delectable taste of frying girlmeat. Not that Harry really minded all that much, as long as the girls were doing this willingly there wasn't anything wrong with it, right?

The table was nearly empty. Many of the Gryffindors, including Ron, were only just waking up when he left the tower. It seemed like those numbers were more or less the same across all other houses. Turning to Hermione, Harry had to confirm his thoughts.

"So, what's for breakfast?" Harry asked in what he hoped was a casual tone of voice.

"I mentioned it last night,” Hermione smiled. “Did you forget already?” the wavy haired girl asked teasingly.

“I... No,” Harry replied. “I just, I guess I'm still getting used to this?” the famous boy admitted to his friend. “Even though I know she signed up for it, it still seems kind of mean.”

“Cho certainly seemed to enjoy it,” Hermione offered, motioning toward the doors to the Great Hall.

Harry's eyes followed her gesture almost automatically. There, framed in the grand entryway stood Cho Chang, clearly freshly fucked. Her long lustrous hair was disheveled, her clothing was askew, her blouse almost see-through from the amount of sweat that had soaked into it, and a suspicious trail of shiny liquid had dripped down her inner thighs. Cho looked about the hall and when her eyes finally lit on Harry and Hermione they widened, her cheeks coloring a rosy tinge and her mouth curving into a shy embarrassed smile.

“I know it's a bit strange,” Hermione admitted, “But these girls really do want to be abused and eaten.” Hermione reassured her friend. “She doesn't look at all upset at having to help prepare breakfast, does she?” Hermione asked.

“She does look like she enjoyed herself,” Harry admitted, quietly, wondering just what Hermione had done to the girl to bring that sort of expression to his crush's face.

“No one forced her to sign up,” Hermione agreed, her hand reaching below the table.

Harry jumped as he felt Hermione's fingers undo his fly and fish out his already erect cock. “And, Cho isn't the only one enjoying this, is she?” Hermione continued, her voice taking on a teasing lilt as Harry froze from the contact.

This was! They were in the great hall! All their friends were here, everyone they knew! How could Hermione just-?

“Stay calm, as long as you don't do anything to reveal us, no one will notice anything,” Hermione reassured him, but it was clear that wasn't true at all, at least one person had noticed, Cho Chang was staring at them with a quiet blushing intensity that belied her knowledge of just what Hermione's hand was doing to him under the table.

“Just stay calm,” Hermione continued, “and...”

The food suddenly appeared in front of them, as if by magic. While everyone else at the table had mere empty plates and stuffed platters of various pancakes and scrambled eggs and breakfast meats to choose from, what appeared in front of Harry and Hermione was notably different, large Asian style bowls, thankfully coupled with English utensils, overflowing with delicious smelling freshly cooked meat!

“Enjoy your breakfast,” Hermione finished, her left hand slowly moving up and down on Harry's turgid cock as she lifted a fork with her right and began to dig in.

The glistening bowl of what Harry knew was Cho Chang's stir-fried womb was filled with an incredible looking array of meat and vegetables; the smell emanating from it was heavy with Garlic and spice. Honestly, this meal looked even more appetizing than Ginny had!

Harry barely noticed as Ron slipped into the seat next to him and began to fill up his plate. Harry's mouth was watering from the thought of what he was about to consume, he looked up quickly at Cho, for approval as much as anything, and she answered with a deep blush and a quick nod. She was fine with him consuming her.

With that out of the way, Harry began to eat; the first bite was sublime! It was like an explosion of flavor in his mouth! The garlic and spices coating the thin strips of Cho's womb in just the right amount to bring out the best of her natural flavor, the way her taste soaked into the broccoli and carrots and onions... Harry closed his eyes and groaned in culinary enjoyment, even as pleasure mounted in his lap as Hermione secretly jacked him off while they ate.

This was... it was incredible! Harry dug in with a gusto usually associated with Ron more than him. He couldn't get enough of it! If this was what Cho's womb tasted like.... then he couldn't wait to share Cho's pussy with Hermione!

Harry could feel Hermione's hand as it pulled up and down on his cock, his pre-cum letting it slide across his member with ease. The warmth of it, the feeling of Hermione's dainty fingers grasping his shaft instead of his own more calloused set? It was amazing! Hermione wasn't particularly skilled, but that didn't really matter to Harry, the carnal pleasures of food and sex were inextricably linked by Harry's first encounter with both when Hermione deep-fried Ginny, and now? In the Great Hall? Hermione was only reinforcing that connection.

Harry had tried masturbation on his own before, but now, when he fantasized in bed at night, he saw the catalog in his mind's eye, girls cooking and Hermione servicing him, sucking his cock, her warm cunt enveloping his manhood... There was nothing else quite as sexy to him now.

Bite by bite, Cho disappeared down his gullet until there were only a few pieces left. He could feel an explosion building in his balls. He looked over at Hermione, the bookworm seemed engrossed in her own meal, if he didn't know better, he's assume she wasn't paying attention to anything else at all. But the hand on his cock told a vastly different story. He was going to cum, soon. He was going to shoot his load all over the great hall, all over... Harry looked at the girl sitting across from him, Angelina Johnson! She was on the team with him! And... in the catalogue! Harry's mind flashed back to the sight of Angelina's body bound in tight netting on a baking tray, the snitch fluttering in her mouth, her cunt open and inviting... Unngh! It was too much for Harry to withstand! With a strained grimace, Harry's cock spurted, spewing his seed across the stone floors of the Great Hall beneath the Gryffindor table, and though her couldn't see it, catching the edges of Angelina's robes as well.

Hermione withdrew her hand from his lap, retrieving a napkin and cleaning both her hand and his crotch as best she could before nimbly zipping him back up and returning to his bowl as if the whole event had never happened.

“Enjoying your meal Harry?” Hermione asked, and though her tone was level and her voice firm, Harry knew she was teasing him. He didn't mind, but something in Hermione's words had attracted Ron's attention.

“Cor! Is that...” Harry's best male friend asked, looking at the remains of the Stirfry in front of Harry and flicking his eyes towards Cho across the way.

Hermione nodded. And that was enough of a confirmation for Ron.

“Can I get a taste?” Ron asked.

Harry didn't really want to share his bounty, but... Ron was his best friend. Harry nodded. “Sure. You can have a taste.”

The smile that bloomed across Ron's face was incredible. Harry almost missed it as his form blurred into Harry's bowl and stabbed a piece of stir-fry for himself.

“Blimey mate! That's incredible!” Ron marveled. “I wish I could have something like this for myself...”

Hermione's expression shifted to her thinking face. “You know, you probably could... There were two items for sale which you could afford,” Hermione remembered, her eyes darting to Tracy Davis and Megan Jones. Harry and Ron's own eyes followed hers, surveying the slender Slytherin and the ample-chested Hufflepuff.

“Weren't you the one telling us we didn't want to see how the sausage gets made?” Ron asked, his eyes on Tracy Davis.

Hermione nodded. “That's true, but I could lend you the pair of Galleons needed to get Megan,” Hermione's voice was low, because she didn't want to be overheard, but Harry could see Angelina's eyes widen at Hermione's admission, and flick almost lustfully towards the pairs of bowls in front of Harry and his... was Hermione his Lover? He was certainly fucking her, but somehow the term didn't seem quite right.

“I know you don't like borrowing money, but I'll spot you the galleons now, and you can either work for the twins to pay me back like you mentioned before, or, when you're done with her, you can give the rest of her to me as payment,” Hermione offered.

Ron's brow furrowed, his dislike of debt warring with his desire to have what Harry had; but Hermione's offer was fair, and if Ron couldn't pay her back in Galleons, he could easily do it the other way... the redhead came to a decision.

“Deal!” he said, and Angelina's eyes widened almost impossibly as Ron extended his hand for Hermione to shake.

Once their deal was sealed, Hermione fished two galleons out of her school bag, and handed them to Harry's other best friend. “You should talk to her when she leaves the great hall, you don't want to wait, or you might miss her, but buying her here might start a scene, okay?”

Ron nodded. Hermione was pretty smart, and it never hurt to follow her advice.

Harry lifted his fork and speared his last piece of stir-fried womb, searching out Cho with his eyes and giving her a big smile as he brought the tender morsel to his lips to show her just how much he was enjoying her. After all, Harry had cooked countless times at home, and even though his relatives were terrible, it always felt nice when he knew the meal he made was appreciated. He just hoped Hermione was right and Cho felt the same way. From her almost incandescent blush as he chewed heartily on the last piece of Cho's womb, Harry was beginning to suspect she was.


A wonderful continuation, as always! I'm not sure how much I like Ron joining in, though.



Ron isn't joining in. He's a sort of side plotline you won't see much of but which supports the main story.


beautifull and delicious. i cant wait to read more of everything you make... especialy this sereis..... and i do love that you are thinking of weaving b-plots and contineing storylines...

perhaps the lovely miss Angelina is more willing and hot to roast, now that she knows there are active buyers?




The next week passed in a whirlwind of debauchery for Cho. It was everything she'd ever dreamed of! Hermione had enforced her 'no panties' rule with periodic public check-ins, pulling her into an empty classroom as she walked between her classes to finger fuck her, or to bend her over a desk and let Harry have his way from her from behind. Cho was sure that at least Angelina had noticed the way that she periodically ended up late to class with Harry's jizz beginning to trail down her thighs.

Merlin! The way Hermione used and abused her, leaving her behind without a thought for her convenience was.... it was electrifying!

Of course, Cho felt Hermione's presence even when the younger girl wasn't around. Despite knowing that there'd be no way she'd be making it to the end of the season alive, Cho hadn't been able to bring herself to quit the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. She'd begged Hermione to allow her to wear her panties during practices, but the bookworm had just smiled and refused.

Without Hermione's permission, the Asian girl had been forced to practice bareback. Cho's heart had raced as she mounted her broom, the hickory shaft slipping between her thighs and pressing against the petals of her sex.

Cho couldn't believe she was doing this. 'I should put on knickers,' she thought to herself, 'I'm going to be flying! This isn't like walking to and from class! My skirt isn't going to cover anything!' But despite the soundness of her reasoning, Cho made no move to stop. She'd asked her mistress for permission, and while Hermione hadn't forbidden her from practicing, she hadn't given the oriental girl permission to cover up either. Cho didn't know if Hermione wanted her to flash her entire house, but the younger girl certainly didn't seem to mind her doing so...

The the crisp breeze caressed Cho's treasure as she got ready to kick off. Her teammates were already in the air and her housemates were already in the stands. She'd be concealed from the former if she rode low, but that would just give those in the stands an eyeful. There was no way to avoid exposing herself, at least some of them would catch on to what she was doing...

Cho kicked off as hard as she could and jetted into the air.

She did terribly that practice. Every time she spotted the snitch the feel of her own broom sliding between her legs, damp with her own arousal, would distract her. She couldn't focus! Cho's eyes sought the crowd below almost as often as the snitch. She was desperate to find out if someone had spotted her... lack of discretion.

The feel of her broom rubbing against her lower lips wasn't enough to get her off, but it was more than enough to put her off her game.

Cho had no idea if anyone had spotted her knickerless cunt while they were practicing, Padma Patil was certainly giving her strange looks when she landed, but she didn't know if that was due to her attire, or her ineptitude at practice. What Cho was certain of was that her housemates had seen the paper airplane that flew her way once practice had finished, not to mention the way she blushed completely crimson once she read it.

It was a note, from Harry. Hermione had told him about her new practice uniform, and he'd watched her entire embarrassing display.

He wanted her to meet him beneath the stands. It was phrased politely, but Cho knew it was an order. Harry was her master just as much as Hermione was her mistress, and he wanted to use his new toy.

What could she do? Cho obeyed. She forwent her shower and made her way beneath the stands to meet her owner.

Harry stood there waiting for her. He ordered her to unzip him, twirling his fingers through her long black hair as she took to her knees and opened his fly. Harry's cock was hard, and Cho felt her her heart flutter at the thought that Harry's arousal was due to watching her. She carefully took her master's turgid member into her mouth and eagerly began to suck. Cho has had an in-depth crash course in blowjobs since harry had bought her, and no one had ever accused the Asian Ravenclaw of being a slow learner. She quickly took his entire length into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the base of his shaft as Harry began to face fuck her.

Cho's degradation went on and on. Harry fucked her in every single position that the meatslut could imagine, stretching and taking her in ways she'd never dreamed of. As soon as Harry shot a load, his youthful stamina ensured that his cock was hard and ready for the next round. He stripped Cho of her clothes and fucked her until the sun finished setting, coated her from head to toe in his own jizz, and leaving her a naked, panting and exhausted, cum-covered mess beneath the stands; her clothes a crumpled torn mess haphazardly strewn about.

Harry left, and Cho gathered up her clothes to make herself as presentable as she could before stealing her way back into the castle and the safety of her dorms.

Cho didn't encounter anyone on the journey back, but the knowing looks of her dormmates the next morning assured her that no matter that no one saw her, they all knew exactly what she'd been doing that night.

Of course, that brought her to tonight; two nights after the Quidditch incident. Cho hadn't thought anything could top the way that harry had used and discarded her out on the pitch, but somehow, Hermione had proven her wrong.

Despite Hermione's prohibition about cumming without her say-so, Cho wasn't able to stop herself after what Hermione had done to her in the library earlier that day.

Cho had been studying with her friends in a secluded nook in the corner of the library. Cho knew she didn't need to study, it wasn't like she was going to be taking finals if Harry and Hermione had their way with her, but Cho hadn't been able to come up with a credible excuse to skip out on the session, so she'd been pulled along to the library anyway. Cho didn't mind that much, even though the material was useless to her, it was still a chance to hang out with her friends. At least, it was, until Hermione wandered past.

“Cho? Is that you?” Hermione had called out. “Can I talk to you for a second? There's something I want to ask you.”

Cho knew an order when she heard one, even when it was couched as a question like Hermione had done. Cho grabbed her bag and made her excuses. “I'll just be a second,” she told her friends, knowing that that would probably be a lie. Her obligations met, Cho hustled, quietly, into the stacks after her younger mistress.

“Strip.” Hermione ordered. It was a demand that booked no disagreement.

The command was clear, and Cho was obeying before she really realized what her mistress was asking of her. What else could she do? She pulled off her tie, and shrugged off her robes. Her skirt slid down her legs as she shimmied out of it. Her blouse joined them in a discarded pile on the floor, revealing her body for the entire world to see. Cho's shoes and socks and wand all joined the pile swiftly thereafter. She was in a secluded part of the stacks, but it wasn't completely walled off; at any second someone could walk by and notice her standing there naked. But, this was what Hermione had asked for, and so Cho had no choice but to comply. A shiver traveled down her spine faster than the quickest brook as Cho heard footsteps approach, and her heart raced as a boy she didn't recognized walked past without noticing her.

“Put your wand on your clothes,” Hermione instructed. “I don't want you casting a notice me not spell out of embarrassment,” the curvy young girl explained.

Cho complied, making sure to give Hermione an amazing view of her pert young cunt and her hanging tits as she bent over to place her wand down.

“I'm feeling very tense, Dinner,” Hermione explained. “And I want you to relax me.”

The order was open ended, but her mistress' intent was clear as she lifted her skirt and pushed down her panties. Hermione wanted Cho to service her.

Cho stared at the bare expanse of her mistress' pussy. It was smooth, without a single hair in sight, just like her own now that Hermione had informed her of her fate. For a second, Cho wondered if it was bare because Hermione thought she might be eaten, but she shook the thought out of her head, she'd read her copy of the girlmeat catalogue cover to cover and Hermione definitely wasn't in it.

The younger bookworm had clearly been anticipating this even for a while, because her folds were already glistening with arousal. Cho leaned in and got to work, her tongue swirling and probing her mistress' sex as Hermione's inner thighs pressed against her cheeks. Cho's heart spiked with each mewling moan and eager pant that escaped her mistress' lips. If someone walked by, if they saw her worshiping between her mistress' thighs... the fear only made her more attentive. Hermione's pussy grew as her sight narrowed, her focus completely devoted to her task. She needed to finish this quickly; he sooner that Hermione got off, the smaller the chance of discovery.

Seconds ticked by, her mistress holding onto the bookshelves tos upport herself, muffling her cries through her clenched lips, but never enough to remove the chance of discovery. She bucked against Cho's face, coaxing her teasing tongue further inside her muff, her fingers twining through the raven black hair at the base of Cho's skull to keep her in place until she finished her assigned task.

Cho's fingers massaged Hermione's thighs, kneaded Hermione's firm butt as Cho tried every trick she knew, and a few she'd come up with right there on the spot to get the brown-eyed bookworm to cum.

If someone had discovered them, Cho couldn't tell. Her face was firmly trapped bewteen Hermione's thighs, her lips pressed against the petals of her sex.

Time stretched endlessly, Cho was lost in the fragile moment, eagerly lapping at her mistress' lower lips until, with a sudden start, Hermione came, drenching Cho's face with her arousal.

“That was wonderful, Dinner,” her mistress complimented. “You really do have a talent for eating girls out, don't you? It's a shame you won't get to develop it.” Hermione paused to look her over. Cho's face glistened with the gift of Hermione's arousal, her blouse was disheveled, her skirt askew. Cho, in short, looked freshly fucked.

Cho's pulse raced. Was her mistress planning to reward her for her diligence? Would she allowed to cum? Merlin! What if someone saw her.

“Do you remember how to find the room of requirement?” Hermione asked.

Cho blinked, but nodded. Of course she did, especially after the events of their fifth year together.

“Good. Meet me there tomorrow morning, I've finally decided on a recipe and it's going to take most of the day to get you ready for it.”

Cho blinked. What did-?

“You should be happy, little snuff slut,” Hermione encouraged her. “Tomorrow you'll finally get to cook for me and Harry.”

Cho's eyes widened. Was this really-?

“Now get back to your dorm. And leave your clothes. You're meat now, and meat doesn't wear clothes does it?” Hermione explained.

Cho reached down towards the pile.

“Your wand too. You're not a witch anymore Dinner, you're just a meatgirl. Meatgirls don't need wands.” Hermione smiled kindly, but with an underlying hint of lewdness. “Go on,” She encouraged, “And no touching yourself once you get back. You're going to need all your energy for tomorrow.”

With that, Hermione bent down and picked up Cho's clothes, stuffing them in her schoolbag and leaving the spayed Asian slave standing there; naked but for her socks and shoes, and with an instruction that would result in her almost certainly being seen.

Cho had made it most of the way to the dorm without detection, when she ran into Padma Patil.

“Cho!?” the slender Indian girl proclaimed as her eyes beheld Cho's unclad body. “You're naked!”

Cho's face flushed crimson. She was so incredibly turned on by the peril her mistress had put her into that she'd forgot to look around the corner before darting out of the hall. Her chest was heaving, her nipples were hard enough to hang ornaments from, her cunt was dripping steadily with Cho's intense arousal, and all of this was on full display for Padma Patil's attentive eye.

“I-” Cho wasn't sure what to say.

“Are you an exhibitionist? Is that what this was about? Is that why you were playing Quidditch without your knickers?” Padma asked, her tone eager as she circled around Cho's body to take in her perfectly pert little ass.

“I- No! I mean, I am, but that isn't it's not what this is about...” Cho babbled, her heart racing from being caught.

“Then did someone steal your clothes? People used to do that all the time to Luna...” Padma inquired.

“No,” Cho replied, even though that was certainly technically true. “I, I've been ordered.” Cho admitted. Padma was in the catalogue too of course. Cho had seen her spread, dancing with her sister amidst magical fire, they'd both put themselves up for just 20 galleons, the same price as Cho herself. It had seemed like an expensive sum, but it hadn't prevented Cho from being purchased, and now, with a pair of twins going for the same price, Cho felt certain that the Patils would be bought by her mistress sooner or later.

Padma's eyes widened in shock, and Cho took the opportunity to dash away. She needed to get to bed. Hermione had told her not to touch herself, but there was no way that Cho would be able to comply.


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Hermione was waiting for her in the Room of Requirement when she walked in. Cho could feel her mistress' gaze resting upon her, sizing her up, measuring every inch of her naked body for the meal she was about to become. It was an altogether different feeling from her first brush with becoming meat earlier in the week. She wasn't going to survive this one, she didn't even know what Hermione had planned for her!

Cho was more aroused than she'd ever thought possible before her mistress bought her. Hermione had kept her promise. Standing here, her mistress' eyes measuring lingering on every inch of her Asian frame from her slightly puffy pussy to her turgid nipples, her gaze brushing over the place she'd been sliced open to retrieve her womb for Hermione and Harry's breakfast, the shining trails of arousal leaking down her inner thighs... Cho couldn't even imagine turning back from this. This was her destiny. She was meat now. And her mistress was clearly ready to guide her through that transformation from girl... into dinner.

Before Cho could say a word to break the almost pregnant silence between the two of them, Hermione raised her wand and muttered a spell, the energy soaring from her want to hit Cho right in the middle of her breast.

She could feel the difference immediately, just from the way that the musty air of the Room of Requirement brushed against her skin. Everything was... more now. It all felt stronger. She was more sensitive. Cho ached to ask her mistress what came next, but Hermione had trained her well. Once she had told her mistress that she wanted to be a doll; the perfectly dutiful and submissive Asian girl that everyone wanted her to be but that no one she knew really was. Hermione had delivered on that dream, and Cho knew better than to speak without her Mistress' bidding. She was a toy now, meat for tonight's dinner with Harry; and neither of those things were meant to speak.

“Very good, Dinner,” Hermione smiled as she strolled over to reward Cho for her diligence with a little shock on her clit from her own wand. Hermione had kept it obviously, though after last night Cho hadn't been certain that she would.

“Nngh!” Cho struggled to hold her moan of pleasure in. Her mistress still hadn't given her leave to speak after all.

“Very good indeed,” Hermione agreed as she ran her fingers down the sumptuous curves to Cho's sides before resting her fingers against the supple side of Cho's behind. “You really have been such a wonderful purchase, Dinner. You're not the first girl I've snuffed, but none of the other girls really needed to be snuffed like you do. You'll never be happy just submitting, will you? A naughty little slut like you?” Hermione asked.

She didn't give Cho a chance to answer. “No, you need to be snuffed, Dinner. I can see it dripping between your thighs, feel it beneath your skin. You want this. Even Luna didn't want it as much as you do,” Hermione accused her.

Cho wanted to defend herself, but she couldn't. Her Mistress hadn't given her leave to speak, and even if she had... Hermione was right. Letting Hermione snuff her, it was the ultimate submission wasn't it? She'd spent all last night thinking about it; what Hermione would do to her; what Cho would let her do... She'd cum harder than she'd ever cum before in her life. She'd cum hard enough to actually knock herself out just from the force of it! And she wasn't just thinking of the way Hermione would tuch her... No, She was fantasizing about being snuffed, of feeling the heat of the oven on her skin, of being disemboweled and beheaded, of having a giant spit forced through her body.... Dozens of fantasies flashed through her head last night all tied together by a single common thread; she hadn't survived a single one.

“You've realized it too, haven't you Dinner? What you really are?”

This time the question was actually a question, an invitation to speak, addressed to her directly.

“Yes Mistress,” Cho nodded. “I'm a dirty little Asian snuffslut, a meatgirl, just like you predicted.”

Hermione smiled, enjoying her candid response. “That's great!” She beamed. “Lets get you started then, there's a long time left till you'll finish cooking for dinner.”

Cho couldn't object, this was after all what she had put herself up for sale for, what she really needed, deep down. She watched as Hermione walked over to the large couch the room had produced and bent down to pick up a pair of modified stocks. Her Mistress wasn't wearing any knickers beneath the skirt of her Hogwarts uniform; she could see her puffy young slit almost as aroused as Cho's own by what was about to happen. Cho couldn't help but stare at the sight until Hermione straightened up and wrested her attention to the contraption in her hands.

It looked like a pair of stocks; two pieces of thick wood bound together by a pair of locks with room for her neck and wrists in between them. There were a set of metal rings threaded through all four corners, and at the top of the locks was a small addition a set of wooden channels meat to accommodate what Cho realized now was a hand operated guillotine. There was a peg that locked the blade in place so that it wouldn't move, and without that, the blade would freely slide into whatever young girl's neck was placed in the stocks, leaving her hands untouched. Cho was staring at the instrument of her own doom.

Hermione pulled the blade free and set it aside, opening the stocks in blatant invitation. Cho knew what her mistress wanted, and she complied, walking forward, the barest trembling in her fingers left to show the fear the device was inflicting in her. Hermione locked her in place, the housing for the blade in front of her, her wrists at neck level and unable to move on their own. She smiled, as her mistress petted her head, her slender fingers running through Cho's raven-black hair to show her approval.

No words were exchanged, none were needed; each of them knew what the other desired of her and each was willing to provide it. For Cho, Hermione provided discipline and demand, while Cho freely offered her submission and her meat. Neither side was unhappy with their side of the bargain.

Cho shuddered as her mistress locked her into place, sealing her fate. The stocks were large enough that Cho's view of her own body was completely obscured by them, her tender breasts, the swelling curves of her hips, her bared and barren cunt, while Cho could probably see the last if she sat down, or contorted into a weird angle, as it was the aged and well worn wood hid them all from her.

Hermione gestured with Cho's wand and four long chains dropped from the ceiling. Another swish and an extended flick and Cho could see them melding into the rings at the corners of her new prison.

Cho didn't ask questions. She was an obedient snuffslut, just like Hermione had wanted when she bought her, but Cho couldn't help but wonder just what her Mistress' plans for her were.

Hermione slid the guillotine blade back into its housing, locking it in place mere centimeters from Cho's throat. Cho swallowed heavily and felt the touch of the blade caressing her, gently, almost like a lover.

Hermione shook her head. “None of that!” she chided, healing the cut with a wave of Cho's own wand. “I want you to keep still, Dinner. I don't want you accidentally bleeding out and cheating me of my prize.”

Cho didn't nod, for fear of touching the blade once more, but her submission to her mistress' will was clear in her eyes.

Hermione smiled and with a swish and a thrust of her wand, Cho was lifted up off her feet by the stocks as the chains retracted into the ceiling; leaving her resting a head above Hermione, with her body exposed at the perfect level for whatever her mistress desired to do to it.

Cho suppressed a shudder as her mistress hooked what felt like a finger into her still dripping cunt. With her sight obscured by the stocks, she'd had no warning of the younger girl's intent, and the surprise only made the sensation of Hermione's finger probing her that much more intense.

“You really do want this, don't you Dinner?” she asked, pumping her finger in and out of Cho's slit without any trouble. “You're wetter than I've ever seen you.”

“Yes,” Cho replied, her words soft so as not to risk the blade before her mistress demanded it, “Mistress.”

“Perfect,” Hermione smiled, enjoying her soon-to-be-meal's submission. “I want you to focus on this moment, Dinner, I want you to think about what's happening, about what's going to happen to you while you marinate for Harry and me... That's why I got you a present.”

Cho shivered at the mischief in her mistress' voice as she announced her gift. This gift was clearly meant more for Hermione's enjoyment than her own. Whatever it was that Hermione had walked out of her view to get, it was almost certainly meant to make her submit even further. Cho breathed in slowly, careful not to cut her throat on the blade in front of her, as she wondered what her mistress had in store for her.

“I think you'll enjoy this just as much as I will, you little snuffslut,” Without any warning, Hermione was right behind her, whispering seductively into her ear as she wrapped a strip of cloth around Cho's face, cutting off her sight. “It's a blindfold, so that you can focus on the important things about tonight, like being delicious, instead of what's going on around you. I'm going to cut you off from everything except for the sensation of the sauce against your skin,” Hermione explained as she tied the blindfold in place.

“Muffalatio!” her mistress cried out, and suddenly Cho's world shrank to just her body and what she could feel. Her eyes cut off, her ears filled with white noise, her nose only able to smell the delicious and familiar smelling sauce that Hermione had just mentioned but which she couldn't quite identify... Cho couldn't even move for fear of bleeding out, her feet were off the floor, her ands locked in place beside her neck. She was helpless in every way possible. With no more self-determination than a piece of art hung on the wall... or a piece of meat hung out for display.

Cho struggled not to tremble as she felt her mistress' warm hand begin to slather sauce across he body, sliding down her arms, cupping her breasts, pinching and twirling her nipples. They traced around her neck, down her sides, thoroughly coating her pert quidditch-playing butt and slipping around her thighs and down her legs, slowly teasing her until every place on Cho's body was coated in sauce save for the junction between Cho's thighs.

Hermione was talking, telling her something, but Cho couldn't hear it through her spell. She was helpless as she dangled in the room, unable to tell what was going on. Was Harry there? Watching her? Had Hermione invited the Ravenclaw Quidditch team to watch their seeker's debasement? Cho didn't know. She couldn't know! And the possibility was making her wet like almost nothing else...

Cho almost cut herself on the blade before her when she felt her mistress' fingers teasing her sensitive folds, coating them in tangy, tingling sauce. She was close, so close to cumming...

With a shuddering breath Cho came, desperately trying to control herself as Hermione's fingers coated her clit with the sauce that the both knew would be the last thing she ever wore. Her eyes were shuttered, but she could feel her mistress' fingers as they dived inside her treasure, spreading the sauce all across the inside of her sopping, aching, cumming, cunt.

It tingled, and Cho wanted to ignore it, but there was nothing else to focus on! Nothing to watch, nothing to listen to; just the tangy aching probing of Hermione's fingers inside her slowly spreading her sauce to every nook and cranny of Cho's super-sensitive snatch, each quick caress prolonging Cho's already almost torturous climax!

She was being marinated, basted, really. The sauce was tingling on her skin, in her privates, tenderizing her as it worked its way into her flesh, changing her flavor for her mistress' meal later that night.

The sensations were building on each other, rising higher and higher until what was once a mere tingling felt like intense pins and needles all across her body, and heaped upon her poor clit.

Hermione hadn't muffled her, hadn't robbed her of her speech with a spell, but it didn't matter, the sauce had reduced her to a mewling, groaning, panting mess, unable to even concentrate hard enough to utter a single intelligible word.


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"Is that... that's really her," Harry stared at the tempting sight that greeted him as he entered the Room of Requirement. Cho was bound, completely naked save fora blindfold in an artful wooden set of stocks with a guillotine blade set in front of them. Cho's breasts dangled as freely as her legs as she moaned and gasped hanging from the ceiling, her neck and wrists locked into the stocks. She was covered in sauce, and the thin pale scar that Cho had picked up serving them her own womb for breakfast was brought into stark relief by it.

Hermione laughed. "Harry, you had her stir-fried womb for breakfast! Cho's fate was never really in doubt."

Harry nodded, Hermione's gentle admonishment not enough to tear his eyes away from the glory in front of him. "I know, but even after Ginny it still feels weird. Eating girls, I mean. I'm still not expecting them to be okay with it."

"Well, Cho is more than okay with it, she practically begged me to eat her," Hermione repliedas if correcting a misstated fact on his home work, only the exaggerated sway of the brunette's hips giving away just how pleased that notion made her.

Harry didn't know where to look. Cho was breath-taking clad in nothing but marinade and the instrument of her own demise, but Hermione... even fully clothed in herschool blouse and skirt, Hermione pulled at his attention. The memory of her warm sex caressing his cock, the feeling of cumming inside her, he couldn't get Hermione ouTV of his mind. She was his first, and sure he'd fucked Cho since, and even Ginny indirectly, both through Hermione's use of Polyjuice, and through Ginny's ghost at times, but something about that first time, as he and Hermione watched Ginny fry together, was special. There was a magic to it that Harry hadn't experienced with Cho when he fucked her on the pitch. Hermione had rebuffed his attempts to relive that moment with him so far, directing him to use his new Chinese fucktoy, but she was clearly in the mood now, and Harry wasn't about to let this opportunity pass him by.

Gently, Harry reached forward to envelop his best friend in an embrace, pulling her close. Hermione didn't resist. She wasn't overly affectionate, and she certainly didn't 'melt in his arms' like he had read in a novel once, but Harry got the sense that she didn't mind his affections, even as her eyes were locked on the squirming, mewling form of Cho instead of him. But that was okay, Cho was certainly exciting Harry to greater heights of Ardor himself!

Harry pressed his cock between the swell of Hermione's rump, only thin layers of fabric seperating both of them from satisfaction.

Hermione realized what Harry wanted. She'd thought more than a little about Harry since their last encounter watching Ron's sister being snuffed and, despite knowing that he was attractive, despite him being her best friend, Hermione just wasn't attracted to him. To any men, really. She didn't want him the way she'd wanted Luna or Ginny, her heart didn't race at the sight of his cock the way it did for Cho's lovely tits.

Hermione wanted women, and guven the evidence nestled against her behind, Harry was most decidedly not a woman.

Still, Hermione was snuffing Harry's fucktoy, and the sight of Cho squirming in front of her was mking her more than wet with arousal... It wouldn't be amiss to reward him for sharing this with her, and if a dark corner of her mind murmured about Pavlovian conditioning making Harry more likely to buy girls in the future of she rewarded him for it, well, that really was more of an afterthought wasn't it?

Harry gasped as Hermione reached back to squeeze his cock through his slacks before unbuttoning his pants to get at it more directly.

Of course, Harry wasn't exactly idle either. His hands fumbled with the buttons of Hermione's blouse, removing them and loosening her tie enough to expose the racy black lace bra that Hermione had, unknown to Harry, taken from their soon to be meal and hit with a resizing charm to make it fit.

Hermione fished Harry's rod out from his boxers and through his fly. Even if she wasn't really into him there was something deliciously erotic about fucking Cho's crush mere meters away from where she hung, blindfolded and practically deaf from Hermione's spellwork.

Harry loved the feel of Hermione's cool fingers around his cock, but it was taking too long to get whag he needed. Harry reaxhed down beneath his best friend's skirt and instead of taking off her matching black lace panties, gently shoved them to the side to make room for his turgid arousal.

Hermione knew excatly what Harry wanted, and since this was more for his benefit than hers, and since the sight of Cho's well-sauced body was making her more than wet enough to accomodate him, Hermione had no need to prolong their foreplay.

She gasped as Harry sank his cock into her damp snatch. She'd never get used to this feeling, this... fullness. She coukd feel Harry's hands, slipping underneath her bra, rough and calloused from quidditch and gardening, as they began to fondle her breasts, caressing them tenderly, pinching and rolling her nipples between his fingers. They weren't at all like Cho's hands, the slender Asian fingers that Hermione had set to service her, but staring at Cho as she wriggled gently in Hermione's invention, the brunette could imagine they were.

Harry was in heaven as Hermione's cunt squeezed around his cock, her hips pumping back and forth upon his rod. Je'd missed this. There was something special about fucking Hermione. Knowing it was his best friend who he was buried to the hilt inside? There was nothing like it. Even Cho's abject submission and base surrender to his whims didn't quite match it. Hermione was special, and if it took cooking another girl to get her in the mood for this? Well, Harry didn't mind paying that price, for as long as she'd hve him. It was an experience they could share together.


Harry was the very picture of youthful exhuberance, but Hermione wasn't about to do a job half way. Even though she wasn't into Harry the way he was into her, he was still her friend, and Hermione wanted him to be happy. So, ever since they'd bought the Asian snuff slut dangling in front of them, Hermione had been reading. Books, Magazines, how to please your wizard, Hermione had read them all. She'd even gone up into Harry's dorm to talk to Ginny's ghost, and while the redhead still thought she'd be better for Harry than Hermione, she'd given Hermione plenty of advice with the aim of keeping Harry happy.

Hermione now put all of that advice, that knowledge into use. She rocked her hips in the perfect rhythm, squeezing her slit in time with the motion, she squirmed and moaned as she rode him, she let her fingers trace up and down his arms. Every trick Hermione had picked up she put into practice, all with the aim of giving Harry the best fuck he'd ever have. It was working.

Harry was panting, desperate with arousal as Hermione fucked him with an almost nymphomaniacal thoroghness. Maybe it was good that Hermione would only do this on special occassions, because Harry wasn't sure he'd survive this treatment if it happened every day. He was at his limit, and with a pleased groan, Harry came inside her, filling Hermione's cunt with his seed.

Hermione slipped off him, covering her still-leaking cunt with Cho's black lace panties.

"Did you? Was it good for you?" Harry asked, and Hermione wasn't sure how to respond. She couldn't lie, that would just give Harry a false sense of what sex was, she hadn't cum, and there was very little that Harry could do to change that, but... Telling the truth would just make Harry sad...

"I'll get mine later," Hermione admitted after a moment as she eyed Cho's sauce-drenched cunt. "This was all for you."

Harry nodded, a bit disappointed, but still satiated enough that he wasn't upset. If Hermione was okay with it, there really was no reason for him to object after all, was there?

Hemione gave Harry a brief kiss on the cheek to reassure him. The sex honestly wasn't bad, it just wasn't her thing. With that in mind Hermione turned to her next task; preparing dinner.


Cho was treated to the sight of a freshly fucked mistress as Hermione removed her blindfold. The younger girl's hair was tousled, her shirt was open, baring her breasts beneath a bra that Cho clearly recognized as her own. Hermione's skirt was rumpled, and Harry's cum was leaking down her thigh. She looked in every aspect the very image of a girl thoroughly satiated by her boyfriend's cock. Well, every aspect but her expression. Hermione's eyes were sharp, and willed with an almost sadistic pleasure at what they both knew was about to happen to the useless fucktoy before her. She looked alive and energetic, not relaxed and lazing in an afterglow of pleasure. For Hermione, the highlight of the night was yet to come, and they both knew that Cho would not survive it.

With a wave of her wand, Hermione cancelled her previous spell, allowing the noise of the room to intrude on Cho once more.

"Do you want to know how you'll be served?" Hermione asked her, and Cho's heart skipped a beat.

"Yes Mistress!" she eagerly replied.

"I've decided to make Peking Cho," Hermione admitted. "Don't worry, I cast a spell upon you earlier to make sure you survive until I'm finished with you. You're going to give Harry one last blowjob before it's time to throw you out with the leftovers."

Cho shuddered in a heady mix of fear and arousal as her mistress calmly declared her fate.

"I've found a curse that should cook you perfectly, the countercurse is fairly simple, any witch could cast it, but it would probably be beyond a useless meatslut like you, even if you did want to escape your fate, isn't that right, Dinner?"

Cho wanted to nod, but the blade in front of her neck prevented it. Hermione had taken her wand and locked her wrists. She couldn't cast a counterspell even if she wanted to. And she didn't, want to that is. This was what Hermione had bought her for. This was what her mistress wanted. She owned Cho now, so this was what would happen. Her only options now were to resist... or submit. And Cho knew which one she had chosen.

"Yes, Mistress," Cho agreed. Her fate was sealed.

To Be Continued...


Peking duck includes 15-20 days of force feeding 4 times a day. I guess Peking Cho is a little different. :P


Not sure how I feel about chubbing her up, and TVB doesn't seem to have that the kind of setup in mind

Maybe he's going with... they sometimes separate the skin from the muscle underneath so when it is cooked the skin is extremely crispy, since our lovely lady victims are alive for the majority of their cooking and slicing table side is tradition, I imagine that could be a delightful little torture scene played out

But that leaves the guillotine kind of as an after though, and so much verbiage would not have been expended on it if it wasn't an integral part of the setup, i'm speculating here, and I hope I don't ruin the surprise if i'm right, but I think that harry/hermione will have a trophy or toy (turn her head into a quaffle) that's maybe living or maybe not when cho's scene is over


Hermione was absolutely dripping wet, and not just from Harry's cum which was still leaking from between her lower lips. The sight of Cho meekly submitting to her own execution sent a sort of lustful electricity surging through her, stiffening her nipples and moistening her creampied cunt. Hermione wanted to behead her slave right then, but she had plans for Cho that needed her whole for at least a few minutes more.

Stepping up to Cho with her wand in hand, Hermione eyed the Asian beauty's long black hair. It would be perfect. Hermione didn't need all of it; after all, a bald trophy wouldn't really do justice to how lovely Cho looked in life, but she did need a few hairs for what she had planned.

Hermione gathered Cho's silky locks in a pony tail, and with a swish of her wand, she cut off the end, removing a fingertip's length from the end. Then, before the hair could fall, another swish conjured a little pouch to hold it in and gathered it all inside. With that done, there was no longer any reason to keep Cho alive. Polyjuice ingredients had to be gathered from a living subject, but once they were it didn't exactly matter to the potion if the subject stayed that way. And with the amount of hair that Hermione had just gathered, she and Harry wouldn't be running out of ingredients for a very long time...

Hermione turned to Cho. "You may be wondering why I just cut your hair, Dinner. Well don't worry, we aren't going to keep you alive for much longer," Hermione began explaining. "Despite your complete lack of skill, Harry enjoyed fucking your useless oriental cunt. So I suggested what if you could give her talented little cunt to a girl with real skill at using it?" Hermione paused. "That's what your hair is for. Polyjuice. That's all you'll ever be, Dinner. Just a flavor on a menu for Harry to choose from. Whether it's sex," Hermione drew the word out as she reached down to stroke Cho's supremely sensitive lower lips, "or something much more satisfying."

The hungry expression in both Hermione's eyes and in her tone left no question in the minds of either other person in the room just what Hermione meant by "more satisfying."

"Now that we have everything we need from you..." Hermione practically purred as she leaned closer to her prey, her fingers gripping the back of the blade she'd balanced in the locks in front of Cho's throat. "I don't see any reason why you need to remain in one piece."

With that, Hermione slid the blade effortlessly through Cho's neck, beheading her.

Cho's body dropped in its prison, now suspended solely by its wrists, her cleanly cut neck having slipped free from its bonds. Cho's head blinked, still alive by the grace of Hermione's earlier spell, and still suspended atop the stocks, balanced on the blade that ended her prior existence.

"How does it feel? Being meat?" Hermione asked. "Your life is mine to command, you'll die as soon as I stop wanting to keep you alive. You won't even last the night. Your life is over, Dinner. You're just a sex toy and a meal right now, and soon you won't even be that."

Cho's eyes filled with an equal measure of fear and wonder. She was dead. She was dumbstruck by the realization. Her body was just too stupid to catch on yet. Tears fell down her eyes. "Thank you mistress. For giving me this opportunity to serve you while I cook."

Hermione smiled happily, enjoying Cho's abject submission even in the face of death.

"As much as I enjoyed your not completely untalented tongue this past week, you won't be serving me tonight. Now that you no longer need to breathe, you'll be the perfect portable cocksleeve for Harry until we finish eating you."

Cho's eyes opened wide as Hermione gathered her hair in a ponytail and used it as a handle to carry her head over to Harry, over by the couch where he had sat down.

Harry looked up, sort of at a loss at what Hermione wanted to do with Cho's remains, but before he could voice his questions, Cho spoke up, her voice soft and almost trembling.
“Master... can I... can I suck your cock for you?” Cho asked, her eyes glistening with an almost innocent desire. As far as Harry could tell, bringing him pleasure was Cho's only wish, as if Hermione's training and beheading had reduced her to a much simpler creature than the once complex girl he had dated.

What could Harry say? As a last request it wasn't something he'd mind granting, nor was it particularly difficult to do.

“Of course you can,” Harry replied, grasping Cho by the cheeks as Hermione handed her over and sauntered back over to Cho's hanging body to put the finishing touches on their dinner.

Harry looked deeply into Cho's eyes. There was something he wanted to say, something he was sure Hermione probably felt as well, but almost certainly hadn't mentioned. “Thank you,” Harry explained as he saw Cho's eyes light up with confusion at his words. “Thank you for this, for listing yourself in the catalogue, for playing along with Hermione's games, for submitting yourself like this. For... for letting Hermione snuff you. Thank you for all of it Cho, I really appreciate it.”

Cho gazed into the warmth of Harry's smile. It was so kind, so genuine, that Cho didn't know what to say to it. She blushed, though by all logic she probably shouldn't have been able to, and decided to respond in kind. “Thank you Harry. For buying me, I mean. I was- I was just a sad, confused girl before. Before you bought me, I mean. I didn't- I couldn't- I was a mess. You and Hermione showed my my real purpose. I've never been as happy as I have been since I accepted my place at your feet,” Cho paused, “And... and on your table,” She looked up, tears rimming her eyes. “So, thank you. For all of this.”

Harry brought the head into a hug, hiding her tears from view, her voice muffled in his shirt as Hermione cast two spells, one right after another, at Cho's hanging meat. He could hear Cho cry out, though from agony or ecstacy Harry couldn't tell, and when he pulled her head back so that he could see, Cho's face was flushed and she was breathing heavily, despite having nowhere for the breath to go.

“Please master,” Cho repeated, “Can I suck your cock?”

Harry nodded wordlessly, and brought her still-living head down over his turgid member.


Hermione smiled as she finished up her spells, one loosening Chos' skin so it would become crispy like the Peking duck she'd based the recipe on, and another to cook the Asian beauty's body as it hung, helplessly in front of them. Looking over, Harry seemed to be enjoying himself immensely as he maneuvered Cho's head up and down his dick, deep-throating the girl now that she had no need for air anymore. She was glad.

It was clear that Harry enjoyed fucking her, but Hermione just wasn't that into men. Before learning of how incredible her girl-snuffing fetish made her feel Hermione might have been able to just 'lie back and think of England' as her mother had advised her in their talk over the summer, but now? She'd never be satisfied doing that. She wanted Harry to be happy, but she couldn't give him everything he wanted. Hermione wondered if Harry realized that. He was always more perceptive than people gave him credit for.

The curse she'd chosen to cook Peking Cho was especially quick acting, She'd be done in around five to ten minutes, maybe fifteen on the outside, which should be long enough for Harry to get his rocks off before it was time to eat.

Though she drew no real appreciation from the sight of Harry's cock, seeing Cho degraded like this was keeping her more than a little aroused. She could tell from the way Cho's eyes moved and the expression on her face that Cho could feel every single sensation that her body was undergoing right now, pseudo-flensing and cooking both. Idly Hermione wondered how it felt. Cho seemed to be enjoying it, and while Ginny wasn't as much of a fan, Luna had cum several times on the spit. Hermione wasn't about to get snuffed herself, but she was curious, in an academic sort of way. Just what drove these girls to let themselves be snuffed like this?

She stared at the almost rhythmic sight of Cho being pulled up and down on her friend's cock. Or was Harry her boyfriend now? Hermione hoped not. She should get him something to satisfy him soon, a sex toy maybe? And make clear that they weren't exclusive and she didn't expect him to be. It would be sad if Harry wasted his Hogwarts years pining away for her, after all.

Soon, all too soon, when Hermione turned to glance at Cho's hanging body she realized she was done. Quickly muttering the counterspell to the cooking curse, Hermione hit the body with a charm to keep it floating and undid the locks.

Carefully, Hermione floated their dinner to the table in front of the couch and retrieved the sliced cucumbers, scallions, sweet bean paste, and thin, almost crepe-like spring pancakes from where she'd hidden them after the house elves had finished cooking them for her earlier in the day.

“Are you ready to eat?” Hermione asked warmly, even though Harry was clearly not quite there yet.

His eyes were screwed in concentration, and Cho's head was at the top of his cock, her tongue working furiously to bring her master off one last time before she was devoured. Slowly he pushed her down his shaft, his cock sinking deeper and deeper into Cho's throat until Hermione could almost see the tip of it through the base of Cho's neck.

“Almost... Nnnngh!” Harry's whole body trembled as the orgasm ran through him, semen flying out of Cho's neck to hit in strings on the edge of the table, one string in particular landing on the top-most pancake in the pile. Harry's cum dripped slowly out of the base of Cho's neck, oozing from her guillotine wound in much the same way that Harry's prior cumshot was oozing from Hermione's own cunt.

“Ah! Sorry!” Harry called out as he stared at the defiled pancake, horrified.

“Don't worry about it,” Hermione stated, picking up the pancake to reveal the wealth of untouched pancakes beneath it. “Semen is perfectly safe to eat, it's mostly water, sugar, and various enzymes and proteins,” she explained, using her wand to cut a few slices from Cho's steaming breasts and thighs and placing them on the semen-stained piece of food. “at most it would add a bit of flavor to the meal, a bit of salt maybe,” she continued as she added the cucumbers and scallions, drizzling the sweet bean paste over the top of one of Cho's crispy, golden brown nipples before folding the pancake around the combination and taking a bite.

“Mmmm! She really is delicious!” Hermione gushed, gently pulling Cho's head off of Harry's cock and pl;acing it on the table before grabbing a pancake and using it to wipe the excess fluids off of Harry's still somewhat erect cock. “You really should enjoy her while she's hot.”

Harry nodded and, having seen Hermione demonstrate the proper way to prepare their meal, prepared a pancake of his own; a clean one, free of semen. He carefully carved off one of Cho's lower lips, missing the shiver of delight that crossed the fucktoy's face as he sliced her labia free, and then combining it with the other ingredients, drizzled it with the bean paste and bit in.

“Oh, wow! This is even better than Ginny was!” Harry agreed. “You're absolutely incredible, Cho!”

Cho's semen-stained cheeks blushed, her eyes gazing downwards as she accepted the praise shyly. “Thank you master, but Mistress Hermione did all of the work.”

Hermione had been busy during asll og this, taking a slice from Cho's calf and preparing the morsel in the now semen-stained piece she'd used to clean Harry off. And now the piece was ready to eat.

“Now now, Dinner. I couldn't have made such a wonderful meal without the incredible quality of the main ingredients. Here, have a bite and you'll see just why you needed to be snuffed for this amazing meal.” Hermione Slowly fed Cho her own calf, one bite at a time until it was all gone, surreptitiously vanishing it once Cho was finished swallowing. “Well? What do you think?” Hermione asked eagerly once Cho finished eating.

Cho was in a daze. Simply put, the meal that Hermione had put together was the most delectable thing she'd ever tasted. If not for the Spell that Hermione had on her to keep her alive, Cho was sure she might have died from the sheer pleasure of consuming it. She was incredible! As meat, she'd surpassed anything she could have dreamed of! She was a masterpiece! She'd always harbored doubts about her fate, even though her mistress had insisted she be snuffed, that she belonged on a table, part of Cho had thought that more about Hermione's own wishes than anything objectively observable. But now? Now there was no doubt in her mind. She was food. She was food all along and just didn't know it. This meal was exactly what she was meant to be, and Hermione, her Mistress, was the kindest person in the world for allowing her to share in it.


Harry was in heaven! Cho tasted absolutely incredible! Ever since Hermione had revealed just what the delicious meat she'd shared with them really was, he'd always had doubts about actually obtaining it. Snuffing girls, even if they were delicious... was it really okay? But those doubts always fell away completely when the taste of girlmeat hit his tongue once more. Cho was incredible! Harry would miss her once she was gone of course, but that yearning will always be joined to the memory of the past few days and the taste of her cunt upon his tongue. Harry's memories of 'Cho the Girl' were inextricably tied to those of 'Cho the Sex Slave' now, not to mention 'Cho the Meal.' He couldn't miss just one anymore. The feel of her cunt around his cock was tied to the crispy feeling of her nipple as he pit into his slice of breast. Their date at Hogsmeade was now tangled up in their encounter beneath the quidditch stands. Cho's tears and her happy submission were two sides of the same delicious coin.

Despite just reaching release, Harry's cock was almost painfully hard right now. The sight of Hermione eating his cum without a care in the world, and then feeding Cho more of the same as her own last meal was something he never thought he'd be into, but strangely enough her was. He needed relief, and conveniently enough, relief was right at hand.

Although Cho was easily within arms' reach, she wasn't what Harry wanted right now. He wanted Hermione, while she was still in the mood to appease him, and although Hermione would be there tomorrow and Cho would most decidedly not, Harry didn't mind giving up that opportunity in order to have his best friend ride his cock one more time tonight. Of course, although it didn't figure into Harry's thoughts, the fact that if he wanted to eat he needed both hands free, was another convenient point in Hermione's favor.

Harry reached over, to grasp his best friend's smooth and supple ass in order to lift her onto his lap. Hermione looked over, and seeing the issue between his legs, have him an exhasperated, yet fond smile, and complied, sliding over onto his lap, taking Harry's cock in hand, and carefully, positioning it at the still dripping entrance to her sex before sliding down the length of the shaft until her bared butt was nestled comfortably in the Boy-Who-Lived's lap.

Harry groaned in pleasure as he sunk into Hermione's tender folds. This really was heaven, he realized. Then Hermione began to slowly move up an down on his shaft, tortuously slowly as she leaned forward to prepare another piece of Cho for them to share, and Harry was forced to revise his estimation. This was hell, an insanely pleasurable, torturous hell, but... he wouldn't trade it for the world.


It took over two hours for Harry and Hermione to make a dent in their Peking Cho dinner. Cho, ever the submissive, could clearly feel every single bite they took, but she never raised the issue, absent a few quiet groans of pleasure as Harry and Hermione devoured her privates. Hermione, absolutely stuffed from her meal begged off to head to bed, letting Harry leave alone with Cho's head. Hermione couldn't go to sleep of course, if she did her grasp on the spell on Cho would slip and Cho would die before Harry got to have any fun with her, but that didn't mean she had to stay up doing nothing. It might be nice to get some reading in, after all.

After a short shower to get cleaned up and rinse the semen from her still dripping cunt, Hermione tossed the soiled panties she's put on as she left the room of requirement in the laundry bin and settled into bed, pulling her copy of the Girlmeat catalogue from her schoolbag to plan her next meal.


Breakfast the next day was leftovers from the prior night for Harry, Hermione and Ron. Simmering slices of Cho bacon joined eggs and porridge on Harry and Hermione's plates. Similar fatty slices of meat were draped across Ron's plate, but looking at her own plate Hermione could tell they didn't come from Cho. it was only once Megan Jones, her once bountiful tits completely removed, joined Ron at the Gryiffindor table that Hermione realized just what the meat on Ron's plate was.

"You did it?" Hermione asked quietly, tossing up a charm to ensure that their conversation wasn't heard.

Ron nodded, savoring another piece of Megan's breast bacon before answering. “Yeah. I bought her.” He grinned, still enjoying his memories from last night. Megan's tits were incredible, both to play with, and to eat, and taking her virginity (and his own) afterwards was just the icing atop a very enjoyable cake.

“And you?” he asked. “I don't see Cho around.”

“Yes you do,” Hermione corrected, holding up a piece of perfectly marbled bacon with her fork. “Did you want a piece? She's delicious.”

Ron eagerly accepted, but Megan begged off, more than a little nervous about meeting Ron's friends, especially Hermione who it seemed had more than a small taste for fresh girlmeat.

“Mmmm! That's delicious! She's even better than Megan!” he announced before realizing that the girl in question was right next to him. “Oh! Uh, sorry Megan, I mean...”

“It's fine Ron,” Megan assured him. “I didn't do it to taste good. I just wanted people to stop staring at me.”

“Well, what are you going to do now?” Harry asked, uncertain how things would go now for Megan since every girl he'd bought ended up snuffed at the end.

“I... I guess that's up to Ron, isn't it?” Megan realized. “I mean, he still owns me.”

Ron blinked. “Well, you were really just a warm up for Tracey,” he admitted. “I'm... what do you want me to do?” he asked.

Megan looked down shyly, a bit disappointed by Ron's admission for some reason she couldn't quite put a finger on. “Well, whatever you want,” Megan replied. “I could... I guess I could think up things for you to do? But... please don't make me?” She asked hopefully.

Hermione, who'd been looking intently at Megan the whole time saw an opportunity.

“I do have an idea, if you're interested,” Hermione suggested. “I could buy her off of you. ”

Ron's eyes widened. “How much?” he asked, his voice trembling a bit with temptation.

Hermione searched her school bag and pulled out three shiny golden coins. “I have three galleons?” she offered. She had more, before snuffing her Hermione had gotten Cho to give her all her worldly possessions, which included the twenty galleons that Harry and Hermione had paid for her, but Ron had only paid two galleons to get Megan in the first place, so she was already over paying with her offer.

The same fact was running through Ron's mind as well, he had had to borrow two galleons from Hermione to buy Megan, and now he'd get three back? Even if he had to pay Hermione back the two, that was still an extra Galleon he didn't have before! Still, it was best to play it cool right? He should play it cool.

“I could do that,” Ron agreed, “What do you want her for?”

Hermione looked over at Harry, he was almost done eating, just poking at the last few bits of toast on his plate. “Ah, Harry, do you mind going ahead to Transfiguration without us? I wanna talk to Ron and Megan before she splits up for her classes.”

Harry nodded and headed out. Hermione was lying of course, there was no reason for him to leave if that was what she wanted, but Harry trusted her, and if Hermione wanted him gone for some reason, Harry trusted that reason was a good one.

Once Harry was far enough away that the anti-eavesdropping charm that Hermione had put up would prevent him from hearing what was discussed, Hermione turned back to her redheaded friend to explain he plan.

“I want to get something for Harry, a surprise,” Hermione admitted.

“And you want Megan for that?” Ron asked, more than a little curious about what his brilliant bookworm of a friend had in mind.

“I do,” Hermione agreed. “you know how, if you die while under the effects of Polyjuice potion the potion never wears off?”

Ron blinked. He did not in fact remember that, but Hermione was probably right if she said it was the case, and asking her how she knew would probably just result in a thirty inch essay with another five inches of sources in the notes at the end.

“Sure,” Ron agreed.

“Well, Last night when we were cooking Cho, I was thinking it might be nice if I got Harry a sex toy. You know, to show my appreciation...” Hermione trailed off.

“And you need a girl who can drink polyjuice so that you can make this gift?” Ron clarified.

“That's correct,” Hermione agreed.

“And this girl, you'll be killing her to make it?” Ron asked, wanting to make sure he understood completely before he sold his breakfast off to his friend.

“If you are willing to sell her to me? Then yes,” Hermione confirmed.

Ron turned to Megan. “Are you okay with that?” he asked. “Being the raw materials for Harry's new sex toy, I mean?”

Megan blushed. She... she wasn't actually sure. She'd signed up for the catalogue on a whim, knowing it was extremely unlikely for anyone to buy her, and even if they did, that there was always a chance that she'd come out alive at the end of it. She'd never actually thought it through in any depth. Last night? Having Ron slice off and roast her massive tits; watching him eat them right in front of her? It was... It was a means to an end. Megan wanted to disappear. She didn't like interacting with people, wondering what they thought of her, she didn't like being stared at. Megan wished she was someone else, that she didn't have to deal with... being Megan. She wished that things were simpler. And... wasn't that what Hermione was offering? To Erase Megan Jones completely and replace her with a sex toy. A sex toy with another girl's face, another girl's hips and chest. It was... It was sorely tempting. Too tempting. Megan couldn't make this decision on her own.

“I... if you want to sell me... I... It's up to you,” Megan offered, leaving her fate in the hands of Ronald Weasley, the man who'd bought and debreasted her last night.

Ron blinked, not expecting Megan to be okay with it. Maybe this was a test? Fred and George had warned him about those. Sometimes a girl would let you decide for them, only to get angryy at you when you didn't pick the option they wanted. But, Ron couldn't see how. After all, if Megan didn't want to be sold, she wouldn't be around to complain about it later once Hermione was done with her. Of course... if he left her alive she'd definitely be around to be upset. Put that way, there really was only one right answer wasn't there?

“Those three Galleons you're offering,are they on top of the two Galleons I borrowed from you to get Megan? Or is it really only one Galleon after I pay you back?” Ron asked, firm in his decision and now just negotiating price.

“It's on top of the Galleons you owed me. You get to keep all three,” Hermione agreed. That wasn't originally the deal, but it didn't really make sense to squabble with friends over money when you didn't need to, and even at five galleons, Megan was a bit of a steal.

“Then... Megan's yours,” Ron decided with a nod.

Hermione smiled and handed over the coins she owed. “Thanks Ron, I think Harry will really like what I have planned for him!”

Megan's stomach dropped. She'd given Ron the choice, but she never expected him to sell her! Not after the night they'd shared together! Still, she'd given him the choice because she couldn't decide for herself. Megan had no cause to complain about the decision he reached on his own under the circumstances, did she?

“Alright,” Hermione turned to Megan as Ron hurried off to the Gryffindor dorms to lock his newfound wealth away before he could lose it. “I won't have time to deal with you today. So feel free to go to class, say good bye to your friends, send any stuff you want to home, and have whatever fun you need to. Tomorrow, I want you to meet me outside the portrait of the fat lady after class. Bring any stuff you'd be leaving in the Hufflepuff dorms, I don't want to make the house elves clean up after you. I should have the polyjuice prepared by then, so once you take it I can snuff you and then get to work on the surprise I have planned.”

Megan didn't know what to think. By tomorrow night she'd be dead. Transformed into... actually...

“What are you going to turn me into, Hermione?” Megan asked. It only felt right that she know what she'd be dying to become.

“A pillow,” Hermione replied, her mind clearly more on what she'd need to do to get everything ready than on the still-living girl in front of her. She shook her head, refocusing on Megan. “A sex pillow actually. You're going to become a Ginny weasley sex pillow. An exact replica of Ron's sister down to the very last freckle, then once you die, I'm going to replace your insides, all your bones and muscles and such? I'm going to replace all of it with a soft firm, body temperature gel so that you'll be the perfect combination of sex toy and bed warmer. You know, with a bit of work I might even be able to let Ginny's ghost possess you! Hmm... You know what, you can live until the end of the week. I want to do some more research before we start. Meet me outside the Fat Lady on Friday after classes. This present might take all weekend to get right...” Hermione trailed off, heading back to class.

Megan blinked, not sure what to do with the unexpected reprieve. Well, if Hermione had no plans for her until Friday night, then there'd be no real problem if she spent the rest of the week having fun with Ron. Her first time wasn't perfect, but it was certainly enjoyable, and it would be much easier to get a second round with Ron than it would to explain the whole situation to someone new. Maybe, with enough practice, she'd get good enough before the week's end to make the redhead have second thoughts about deciding to sell her?



I'm desperately hoping that this is not truly the end of this series. I love all of your stories but this is by far my favorite and I hope to see more in the future, I really like how the world keeps getting added to and evolving. Thanks for all your work in writing this!


I do have further plans for the series, but I want to finish some other stories first. this has been dragging a bit for me. So, it might not be the end? or it might be. it depends on if I end up ceeling like writing a sequel.


A break's fine TVB, you're too good to us in getting our HP fix. HP guro and/or vore are so rare especially when there's so much promise, so any little bit is appreciated. That being said, don't abandon us/this either.
I'm glad this last bit didn't wait until the next/latest site outage and we'd be stuck in suspense for another month.


Hah. I actually post to multiple sites just to avoid that very issue. Hentai-Foundry and Eka's Portal have pretty good records of staying alive when Gurochan is down. They're also a lot easier to search. If this site is down (or unsecured) I post new stuff there anyway and just wait for Gurochan to be up again.

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