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A little story to match the Christmas season. Little sisters are great.

A Christmas surprise for the best big brother!

My big brother is the best brother you can have! When I was in danger, he was there. If I could not sleep, he told me good night stories. He helped me at school and taught me how to ride a bike. Since we had no parents, he has been taking care of me. For him, I have always remained his cute little sister. For me he will always be my strong brother. But I am no longer a child! I realize that he gives up many dreams for me. As long, as I am here, he will never live for himself! I know exactly what my brother wants. Even if he thinks I don’t know. This is a gift that only I can give him!

My alarm clock is already ringing at 5 o'clock. For I must be awake before my brother! My brother gets up early, I should hurry if I want to surprise him. I quickly put all the ingredients on the table I prepared yesterday. Fortunately, our oven is big enough. I've tested it several times! I also bought a fresh baking pan for this day. Now if everything is prepared, there is only one thing to do. I jump quickly into the bath and put on my shirt with the cat and the panty with the red bow, I have worn when I was very small. Luckily, they still fit, even if the shirt emphasizes my body shape. I tie my golden hair to two ponytails, the way I used to wear them. Today I will be his cute little sister again! I don’t have much time left. I take the large silver plate and place it in front of his door. I tie a red ribbon around my neck. The recipe I put in front of the plate. I myself sit on the cold plate with crossed legs and try to look cute. Now I just have to wait...

It doesn’t take long, sleepy my brother opens the door. Like any Christmas, he wants to prepare sweets for me. This time I was faster!
He wipes the sleep out of his eyes: "What's the matter, little sister? Why are you ..." Loudly he reads the recipe. "Chocolate Baked Sister ... Signed Santa Claus. What does that mean?"
I look at him with wide eyes: "Stupid Big Brother! I'm your gift!"
He looks at me with interest. "You mean I should eat you?"
I laugh playfully. "Of course, not! Before you must bake your sister. Silly brother."
I see that he thinks about it. But he shakes his head: "No! I will not eat you! For you are too precious, little sister."
I put on a pout. "You're so mean, I'm not cute enough?"
He smiles. "You're the sweetest sister that a brother can have. Nevertheless, I will not eat you!"
I contradict "If you would find me really sweet, you would eat me!" I'm pretending to cry, that always works.
Struggling with himself, he looks at me. quiet and serious, he says. "Okay, I'll play with you, but I will not really push you into the oven."
"Thank you, but if you change your mind, I'll be ready." Accomplished! I know his dark secrets. He will never be able to resist! Playful like a child I drag him into the kitchen. Giggling, I begin to pull my shirt over the head.
"What are you doing?" His face turns red because he has a very good view of my breasts and my panties.
I lean forward seductively. "You've often seen me naked, where is the problem? How will you bake me with clothes? "
He's trying to play cool. "I'm just amazed how cute my sister is."
Cautiously I take off my panties. "Brother, can you help me on the table? I'm not that big yet." He hesitates. But then he lifts me up as he always did before. "Don’t forget to preheat the oven!" He's too distracted by my naked body to questioning this command. Slowly I have him where I want to have him. Excited, he asks:
"What do I have to do now?"
I try to sound childlike: "I want to be much sweeter. Can my brother fill me with vanilla sauce?"
He Look at the pot. "I should fill you, how..." Slowly I dip my fingers into the sauce and lead them to his mouth. It seems to taste very good. Then I point to my vagina. "I'm supposed to fill her into your vagina?"
I try a sip of the sauce and lick my mouth seductively. "Yes. I haven’t much experience. I was a very brave sister." His look tells me that he doesn’t really believe me. But apparently, he is now finally in his fantasy. He puts a funnel into my vagina and fills me with vanilla sauce. Then he closes my vagina with a peach. "I feel so much sweeter, but I also want to have chocolate!" I explain in a cute tone. Quickly I butter the baking mold. As if I wanted to sleep, I lie in the baking form. "Can you cover me?” I don’t have to explain much more. Carefully he covers my whole body with chocolate. With his hands, he kneads it into my body. It tickles. He even kneads my breasts and my vagina. A beep tells us that the oven is ready.
"Okay, I'll push you in the oven for a few minutes." Finally, his hunger wins against love.
Now I try to sound serious: "Not so fast, your sister is still not properly decorated." My eyes point to colorful sprinkles. He immediately understands what to do. He covers me with the sprinkles. He seems to enjoy it. He even adds a few of his own ideas. On My breasts and belly he puts lemon slices. With cream, he paints a pattern on my body. He presses marzipan balls into the lemon slices. Slowly I myself get hungry.
Now he has a sinister smile: "Do you want to say something cute little sister?"
I smile back: "I hope that I offer enough dough for my brother." lovingly he strokes my head before he put an orange in my mouth. He places me on the open oven door. I can already feel the heat.
He smiles even darker: "Just for a few minutes, I will not eat you." Before he pushes me in and closes the door...

It takes a few minutes before my brother comes back. For a moment, I'm afraid he'll change his mind. "A few minutes more will not hurt." He says before he leaves. Slowly I begin to enjoy my own sauna. At first, I did it only for him. But now I am myself are sexually aroused. I feel like the chocolate slowly soaking my skin. Too bad the fruit makes it impossible to play with myself. Nasty brother! Again, and again my brother comes back. But always before he opens the stove he says. "Just a few more minutes. This is not a problem." Slowly I feel the vanilla sauce boiling. My strength is also diminishing. A sweet appetizing scent is in the air. Manically, my brother opens the door. "I'm sorry, almost ..." Spit dripping from his mouth. Now he must also smell my meat. " I'm sorry. I can’t resist cute little sister." With my eyes, I show him that this is my wish. He closes the door and a little later I die. I can only guess how sweet; his sister must taste ... But I didn’t want it any other way. Because that was the great gift that I wanted to give my big brother.


I love this story, thank you

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