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Brian Jurk had enough. Sally Bech (7 months pregnant and just a week away from turning 18), and her younger sister, 13-year-old Suzie, pushed him too far when they tattled on him to 23-y.o. Ms. Buht. She was generally sweet and in her first year of teaching, but didn't want to be seen as a pushover so gave him detention.

He had a shotgun his older friend legally gifted him. He put his smartphone in his shirt pocket and hiked a mile to Sally's house, knowing where it was because he picked his friend up from there several times, often hearing him complain about how he didn't want a kid and was worried Sally poked holes in the condoms she kept.

Her parents were at work and she was home alone. He opened the back door and crept quietly in. He heard music from the bathroom and as he got closer, her moaning in the bathtub. Her belly floated above her, her eyes were closed, and her feet rested high on the windowsill. The water covered her ears and reached her deep red lips.

He moved silently toward her, slowly raised his gun, aimed right at her pussy being palmed, and took a long but quiet breath. She moved her hand up and down, side to side, circling her womanhood as she played with her boobies and lips with her other hand. She lowered her feet into the water and arched her pussy into the air, unwittingly making a glaring target for his slug, and moved her fingers in and out, eventually inserting her thumb into her asshole and pinching herself deeply, using her pink on her clit and her other 2 fingers deeper.

} - \ ! B A M ! / - {

Her eyes went wide and she made no noise; she then felt overwhelming pain and splashed wildly, holding her pained right arm up to her face and seeing her right hand had been blown off. She quickly gasped and screamed in pain, thrashing in the water. Suddenly seeing Brian in there with there with her, she stretched her arms out, one a bloody cracked stump where her wrist used to be, and begged "NO PLEASE BRIAN I'M SO SORR-" He stomped on her chest, holding her with all his might beneath the water. Bubbles flew up from her shocked face and she tried to get him off, her left arm grasping his leg and pulling as hard as she could, then punching his knee. Her right leg was entirely useless and in immense pain, more than even her arm but not as much as her pelvis. Her right arm, just a bloody stump flailing away and pushing at his leg, was as effective, and her left leg scrambled in the air as she tried to wrap it around his, but due to her belly, it just flailed helpless above the bloody water.


Chapter 2: Suzie.

He waited for some time, maybe an hour or 2. He didn't check, it didn't matter. Her even brattier younger sister would be home in time. She wasn't as raunchy as Sally, being virginal and anti-everything-cool, but she was no less bratty. She never smoked or drank and never got detention, and even skipped a grade, something she flaunted as much as her older sister flaunted her sex.

He smiled thinking back to the spanking she got from her mom at school. Seeing her wide eyed despair was a nice change of pace from her smug bitchy smile and constant whining. She demanded everyone follow every rule and prided herself on being "right." It had been too long since her expression was terrified anguish.

She had to pee really bad. She could hardly hold it in. She would be peeing herself any moment so she was tempted to run but her tummy cramped from holding it in. She stood still and looked at her house about a hundred meters away. She sprinted for a moment and piss jutted from her. She grabbed her vagina and held it, kneeling in place, to stop the flow. She held so much more in but now it was slowly slipping from her, a small soft stream wetting her clothes.

She shuffled slowly to her front door, taking such a long time. It was locked. "Oh!" She banged on the door, "SALLY! PLEASE HELLLP!" She whimpered, "Oh I hate her.." to herself.

After several minutes of lightly wetting herself, she settled on half-crouching/half-crawling to the back door. She went in through the back, tried to open the bathroom door immediately to the right. It was locked.

"SALLY I NEED TO PEE! PLEASE OPEN IT!" It was the only bathroom in the house.

"Be quiet or die." She spun quickly and screamed shortly, before being rifled butted. He spin-kicked her ankles and brought her to the ground. She looked up at him and urinated, her tight jeans growing very dark as she cried. "Strip." She quickly obliged and was nude in 3 seconds, rapidly removing her short-sleeved shirt, unbuttoning and unzipping her pants, and taking them off in one shove with her panties- all while peeing and without getting up.

Being flat-chested, she wore no bra and was generally self-conscious of her peers quicker development. She was naked except her shoes trapping her pants and underwear at her ankles.

"Get up." He said. She complied, jumping up and sending a stream of urine wildly. "Stop peeing." She concentrated as hard as she could and managed to pause the stream. "To your room." He pushed her down the hall, tripping her over her wet jeans, landing her face into her puddle. She got back up, her piss jutting in burst as she tried to maintain control. She awkwardly shuffled onward as she spanked her, walking at her side.

"Stand on your bed." She climbed on her bed and wet it with her soaking jeans and another squirt. "Step out of your shoes." She untied them and stepped out of her clothes, being completely nude.

He looked up at her spread legs and vagina, then down at the soaked shoes and pants between her feet.

"Turn around and put your hands on the wall. Bend your ass down for me to spank it. If you pee, I will shoot your fucking cunt." She cried and did as he said. On the first slap she jumped up and pissed, some getting on his leather jacket. He liked it.


"Shut up. Pick your panties up and put them in your mouth. Stand with your hands on your head and your legs spread. Just hold in your piss. If you pee, I will torment you." Brian smiled to himself, knowing how much fun he was going to have with her. Her parents didn't get back until midnight and that left several hours of this lovely Sunday to play with her.


Oh hell yes, I can't wait for the rest


Suzie kept squirming. She tried to hold in her pee as best she could, her but bounced as he spanked her. He only did it sporadically but it hurt a lot. He loved looking at her soaking cunt and dripping thighs. She squirm just from the pressure her bladder was in, but every spank brought her new waves of pressure.

"Just stand in place and don't move. Stop squirming." He grabbed her neck and shoved the gun into her back, making her arch and giving her an intense discomfort, making her twitch her back and urinating in bursts. "Come with me to the kitchen, drink some water." He spanked her again, "Walk slow or I'll shoot." Her vagina was sore and red, her bottom was pink and twitchy. "Grab 2 gallons of water, fill it to the top." His phone was still recording.

She was made to drink it all, then what was left of the milk in her fridge, and all of the orange juice, apple juice, and lemonade. "Please!" She begged, "I cannot drink anymore! I can't!" But she did. 3 gallons of liquid swirled through her tummy.

"Get on the table." She sat facing him, "Lay flat on your back." He spread her legs apart, fingered her and had another brilliant idea.
"Fetch the garden hose. If anyone sees you, tell them nothing or I'll kill you and your parents." She sprinted outside and contemplated running away but feared he would shoot her. An old lady was gardening next door, "First your older sister and now you." Suzie ignored her and bent down to pick up a hose, but instantly started peeing, sending a jet of yellow stream behind her. She looked up at the old lady, "Such a disappointment, you weird family you." The old lady murmured and continued watering her garden. "Your parents will hear about this tomorrow.

Suzie ran back inside, a stream of urine following her.
"Lay flat on the bed, face down." She complied and he pulled her back, spreading her legs over the corner of her bed. He put pillows beneath her so her butt was raised in the air and inserted the hose. It was long enough to reach the bathroom tub. She begged and pleaded and thrashed about but he held her down by the back of her waist. Her arms pounded helplessly on her bed and her feet flailed in the air. He spanked her and spanked as she peed and her rectum was filled with tub water.

Somehow, her bladder was still full. He flipped her upside down and her pussy jutted forward like her sister before her. He held her ankles in the air and removed the hose, yanking it from her ass, causing her another yelp. He aimed the hose at her face and pussy then shoved it in her mouth and spanked her. "Hold it in, keep drinking." He stopped spanking her but continued very harshly every time she removed it to gasp for air, inhaling desperately and urinating all over her face and tummy.

He shoved it into her cunt and slapped her thighs, making her jerk side to side on her bed. Her urine was a constant stream, endless and forceful. He pulled her upright and held her arms together behind her back, shoved the pillows off her bed, and splayed her legs on either side of the corner she sat on, the garden hose stuck in her tight vagina.

With a thick grin, he started slapping her belly over and over. It was far more painful than the spanking he gave her, and eventually more than the one her mom gave her in front of all her schoolmates.
"You know I did this to your sister." Brian laughed, "It made such a fun splashing noise."
"Please ow oh sto- ahow what did you do ah to ah-" Her peed sprayed everywhere.
"Go see for yourself." He raised her and walked her to the bathroom, keeping a firm grip on her arms and slapping her belly and ass, both sore, red, and wet.
"AHahahahaha! Oh her tumy swayed side to side and brought her such torment. MMMM!" He licked his lips. "Here's the last thing she saw..." He reached into the bloody tub and grabbed a blurry small figure, then shoved it in Suzie's face, just like he had to Sally in her final moments.


YOU MONSTER!" Suzie had zero influence on her bladder which already trailed behind her like an infinitely long tail of yellow humiliation, but now her ass gave way to the enema she had earlier. The enema that used the bathwater her sister was rotting in.

"I think the longest you managed to just stay still was a good ten minutes." He underestimated her- it was closer to twenty- he realized later when he watched the video. "That whole time you only had to stand still and I didn't do a thing to you. Let's see if we can make that happen again, it was so fun seeing you squirm, trying to hold your pee in your cute little cunt." He pushed his shotgun right above her pussy and she bent forward, shoving her ass back, shitting water into her sister's face. The gun was still er pelvis gyrated around trying to get away from it. Water poured from her eyes, ass, and girlhood. Her red rump quivered.

"Wow, you're peeing for longer than you held it in." He was technically wrong a second time, he would see later. She didn't technically keep peeing continuously for more than 15 minutes without her bladder pausing for at least a moment.

All the same, 9PM rolled around and he had at least one more villain to punish. He didn't want to risk Suzie's mommy and daddy coming home sooner than expected and told the humiliated girl, "Well, it's been fun, but I need to go. Stand in the tub. That's right. Face the window, one leg by her head, the other at her feet. If you move or disobey, I will shoot your cunt. Parents need to find you like this." Her pussy and anus would not relent. It kept splashing her sister's belly and the tub overflowed.

He took hammer and nails from his pockets and nailed her palms to her ass, then tied her neck to her ankles with long rope, so her face was above the water but in her own vile stream of piss and enema release. He nailed her feet to the sides of the tub.

He stepped back and admired his work. Her hands were wrapped around her legs and nailed to her bare ass, her legs were spread and her head was between them, and everything was showing and red. She was still shooting her vileness everywhere and crying loudly.

"Oh, we need to shut you up, huh?" He placed something in her mouth and tied it to the trigger of his gun, which he rigged under the sink to fire upwards at an angle. "Open your mouth, and this buckshot will tear through your cunt and asshole."

He carved "pull the cord if you want to free her" on the bathroom door and stole her phone, texting all her friends to meet her and wait for her in front of her house. They kept texting back that they were all waiting and yelling for her, so he texted them to go in through the back.

He got a text back minutes later asking "Who are you?"
He texted back "Justice" and uploaded the video to social media. He unholstered his Desert Eagle, unwieldy though it was, as he entered the rather large house of Ms. Buht.


Brian waited in Ms. Buht's house, thinking back on his day.

Suzie had needed to pee so desperately and was so eager to let it all out, standing in place and not letting any come out, save for constant dripping, before a stream let loose. Then all the spankings and belly slappings she had, and how it made her jut bursts of urine again and again. Her cute thin thighs being slapped made just as pleasing a sounds and it all felt wonderful on his palms. How she urinated as he rubbed her pussy, and endured the rest of his tormenting. But there was something so perfect about the 15 minutes in between her being slapped around and repositioned, where she was simply standing naked and shivering, trying to hold her bladder under control, her bare bottom glowing pink and her cunt puffy from anticipating not pleasure but anguish.

But oh, her older sister! What a bitch! And her lovely shocked face, that last thing in front of it while she still lived being her unwitting abortion, held upside down by an ankle.

He had to have something special in store for the older lady. She was young and how, especially for a teacher. Ms. Buht probably wasn't a virgin like Suzie, but wasn't raunchy by any means. She was shy and modest. Even mousier than the schoolmates he had just obliterated.

She came in to her bedroom, alone. He spied on her from her closet. She got naked. She fingered herself.

"Oh Brian..." What? She knew he was here? "Such a badboy! Ooh, I love it when you eat me there... mmm, yes I'm a virgin, I dated 3 guys, but they all pushed things." He recalled hearing her argue with a guy in a coffee shop about how he was taking things too fast.

"I want you to eat my cherry! And my pussy, too. Mhm!" She giggled, and reached into her dresser with her other hand and took out a class photo. She was as crazy as he was! "Oh, if only you weren't so cute, you wouldn't be in detention all the time! God I want to slap your beautiful face!" Oh that did it.

"Strip! Uh. Stand up!" He was flustered. She was shocked. His arms were stretched out and he aimed at her torso. "Walk to the shower. Turn it on cold. Ice cold." She did as he said, not saying a word, worried both about her death and her reputation.

She was actually much shorter than him, by at least 8 inches but probably more without his shoes, and he stood almost a foot above her wearing his heavy-duty boots while she was barefoot.

"Aowh! It's cold!" "No shit! That's the whole point!" She had just stepped in and was already whining, and even shivering only a moment later. He grabbed her toothbrush and inserted it up her back hole, scrubbing the inside of her rectum and the poop around her anus.

He saw she had a glass by her toothpaste. He quickly handed it to her and instructed "hold it still and drink when it overflows." She did as commanded. She was afraid.

After several minutes, she begged, "please I can't drink anymore."
"5 more cups." She did as commanded but after the 4th cried, "Please! I'm going to puke!"

"Spank yourself. Harder. NO! HARD! GIVE! YOURSELF! A SPANKING!" He fired above her head and she ducked, then immediately started spanking herself rapidly and forcefully.

"Brush your teeth with your other hand." He yanked her toothbrush from her ass and shoved it under her tongue. She made a hilarious sight, slapping her bare bottom so hard and quick while brushing her teeth and shivering from the cold, instinctively arching away from herself and swaying her ass side to side to avoid her own strikes.

"Use this." He grabbed a wooden hairbrush and handed it to her. What a wonderful video he had.

"Please it hurts and it's so cold!" Ms. Buht pleaded.
"Well I'll fix one of those things." Brian turned the water to maximum heat and plugged the drain. She dropped her hairbrush and clutched her toothbrush, unwittingly dancing in the burning water that showered her body and pooled around her splashing feet.
"PICK IT UP AND KEEP SPANKING YOURSELF, BITCH!" He fired in the water and it ricocheted around the bathroom and into the hall. She was amazed that he didn't even flinch and picked up her hairbrush, continuing where she left off.

Suddenly he turned off the shower, so she paused.
"I didn't say stop!" She kept spanking herself and brushing.

"Lay on your back." She did as commanded, and he instantly grabbed her ankles and held them above her. The burning water burned her back but her ass felt even worse and the taste of her own shit was thick in her mouth.

"I! DIDN'T! SAY! STOOPP!" He grabbed the hairbrush from her and paddled her surprisingly fat bottom. She was otherwise a petite girl, not overly wide and more on the thin side, but her ass really stuck out, big and curvy. It was almost a perfect semicircle. Now it was bouncing back and forth as he smacked her hairbrush into it and she begged for mercy, eventually cracking and begging for death.


The water overflowed the shower and pilled on the bathroom floor, more as she splashed around, her shoulders scalding in the water that didn't drain.

"Drink more water."
"YES SIR! THANK YOU SIR!" She scooped out the water left and drank it, again and again until he stopped her.
"You want to fuck me." She already did want him but didn't any part of what happened so far. She still thought he was hot but really just wanted the ordeal over with. She didn't actually think she might fuck him. She never even had a vaginal orgasm, just clitoral from light fingering.

He held her pretty face between his legs and she blew him. Her scared eyes were so pretty.

He picked her up by her shoulder and held her down to her bed and fucked her for an hour in the ass, then yanked her down and came on her face.

Finally, he held knees far apart and stood over her, squatting up and down slowly until she came. It was her first True Orgasm, like nothing she felt, and for just a moment, the pain was dulled. But then it flooded back to her when he smacked her ass and she peed over herself, so he shot her n the pussy!


Oh my~ I wish we could have seen her reactions


Thanks, I've also got Creating Heavens and Hells and The War, the former seems to much to undertake for a while and The War is also rather heavy in plot and particularities. I have high hopes for them and wish to edit them, then post them elsewhere.

I've got 3 more on my plate:

A couple of femdom stories, one centering on just one boy, tortured by many girls, then just one lady torturing many toys of all ages. Both will have vast amounts of pain, humiliation, and unusual contraptions!

I'm also doing one of a girl being tortured for over 13 years. Culminating in globally viewed execution and scientific achievement, she'll be in eternal pain.


(but continuing the story now, there's one more girl.)

Brian peed on the young lady squirming and screaming before him. He heard sirens in the distance and knew his time was up. She thrashed on the ground pressing her hands into her flesh at the sides of the gaping hole where her pussy used to be.

He ran down the stairs and out the back door, hopped over her fence, having gained a lot of practice running from cops and usually succeeding (only to be caught at school the next day, his parents never paid him any attention but never hit him either, simply provided sustenance like he was a stray cat).

He stopped at the other side, Little Leah Lucy stared at him, his blood and urine soaked leather jacket, jeans, and boots an even more intimidating sight than usual. She was 14, almost 15, and in all of Suzie's classes.

"Bring me inside. Is anyone else here? Don't lie to me!"
"My little brother! My parents are at church, they'll be back in an hour!"

The screaming attracted neighbors into their backyards but their attention was very focused on the 2nd floor of Ms/ Buht's house and Brian was well-concealed by palm trees in Lucy's backyard and the high wooden fence.

"If the cops ask you anything," He flashed his gun, "you saw someone run down the street towards the mall." The mall was almost a mile away. There were countless neighborhoods in the vicinity. The cops would be looking for days.

"What's with the screaming?" A squeaky voice called from down the hall. Brian recalled seeing her beat her brother on multiple occasions.
"Shut up brat! Mind your own!" She sounded urgent, there was a knock on the door.
"Compose yourself." She gulped and wiped a stressful tear from her eye, batting her long eyelashes.

Lucy walked to her front door.
"This is the police! We need to ask questions now! Open up or we're busting in here!" She complied.
"Did you see anyone suspicious?"
"A man running towards the mall." She pointed to her right.
"Are you sure he was going to the mall?"
"He ran that way."
"Nothing else?"
"No! Why was there screaming?" It had already subsided.
"Watch the news, keep your eyes peeled. If you see anything, please let us know."

The cop left. He brought her down to her basement and saw there were 2 rooms, one was a bathroom and the other had cook-out equipment, including kerosene.

"Step in the shower. Strip." Her clothes lay on top of the drain. He turned on the cold water and she jumped around. He admired her pert breasts, just the right size, much bigger than her friend Suzie's but smaller than Sally's and perkier than Ms. Buht's fine boobs, which took a solid 2nd place. He loved fondling all their chests, but this pair of pert tits took the cake.

"Please I'm so cold..." She looked up at him.
"Dance and I'll warm it up!" She did her best. She had flirted with boys before and was mellower than Suzie about rules, but also never had sex, smoked or drank. This won her friends and she started dancing at an early age.

"Please this is so cold!" She was great at first, swaying smoothly back and forth, gyrating her hips, unwillingly making a show of her parts.
"Dance and spank yourself!" He commanded and she obeyed, jogging in place and slapping her bottoms.

He turned the cold water off and the hot water on and she jumped more wildly than Ms. Buht, but the water was much hotter. It literally steamed. She no longer danced smoothly or shivered but jumped sporadically, jutting her assole up and out, her pussy popped open, she froze for a second, then jumped again to a different position, taking various poses.

"Fold your clothes. First your panties. Then your shirt. Now your pants. Hold them above your head. Sock too. Yes, your bra." She held the several pieces of soaked clothing above her head as she swayed in the fiery heat. He turned off the shower for a moment to slap her belly for several minutes, then spanked her for twice as long.

He put his hands on her waist and flipped her around, then spread her legs apart and turned the burning water back on. He pulled her feet back to the edge of the shower and pushed her face forward. Her left ear smacked the tiled wall away from him, her ass was held just in front and under his groin, and hot water burned her back. Her feet and face were also scorched, but her back was searing.
Already under 5 feet, the squirming girl's face was only a couple of feet from the floor, and her ass was almost a foot lower than it was before.

He removed the 3 gallons of kerosene and 4 bags of coals from the other room. It also had an icebox.
"Keep. Dancing." He spanked her once, "MAINTAIN! POSITION!" He held her face against the opposite wall and moved her feet back to their corners of the shower. There was a small ceramic shelf for soap that she could rest her chin on as she anxiously looked back at him with her peripheral vision. "KEEP DANCING!" He slapped her ass. She could only sway her ass around and bend her knees some, since her position was very limiting. She held her soaking clothes above herself, and he turned the water to cold again, and put ice on her back.

An hour was almost up, but her phone pinged and he read her text.
"Leah, we're leaving church now, but we've been invited to Jame's Cabin and it's convenient to just go with them now. Can you babysit your brother tonight?" "Sure thing mom" Brian texted.


Oh my~ I'm living this. Any chance you could make the boy cum and slice his dickbof as he does~?


I wasn't planning on it. Maybe I'll have him shove it up a final victim before he gets her and himself killed so she'll always have him in her<3


Brian removed half the ice from the ice-cooler in the other room, constantly bringing Leah near hypothermia then burning her with scalding water. He even yanked her out of the shower and dragged her by her ankles to throw her into the ice cooler.

She begged and pleaded for him to not kill her.
"Be a good girl." He left her in there for several minutes before opening it again.
"YES SIR OH THANK YOU SIR!" the crying little girl with pert tits expressed her desperate gratitude as he yanked her from the ice cooler and threw her to the ground. She had been burned, spanked, and iced, her belly smacked as she was forced to dance in silly poses with her weak arms holding her soaked clothes above her head. How could she withstand what came next?

He filled a small pot with kerosene and made her sit in it and rub some on her tits with her own hands, then tied her hands to the metal railing by the stairs.

Oh! She could dance then! Her fire ass was swinging all over the place and she screamed loudly, but the basement muffled it well and her younger brother took no interest if he could hear her through his blasting headphones. She put her hands on her ass and that lit them on fire! He took a stick from the stockpile of fire wood and kept poking her ass until it caught fire too and he could poke her breasts, setting them aflame as well. She was such a sight! Filled with painful thermal and kinetic energy, the flames eventually died down but she kept dancing in pain.

He tied her the other way and ripped some dots on her belly and she knew what was next, begging "NOOOooohhhhhoooo ohhh gawhd nooo!!" But he lit anyway, and she danced freshly. He let her stand there in disgrace and nerve-wracking pain for half an hour before cutting the rope.

He gripped her arms behind her back with his right arm below her back and held her legs over her bruised tummy with his left, holding her ankles in hand, and carried her back to the bathroom, partly charred and folded in half.

"Clog the drain with your clothes. Fill it with your panties!" She obeyed and he shoved her socks and crumpled bra in her mouth. He poured all the coals, multiple big previously-unopened bags-wroth, all over the bottom of the shower and poured all the kerosene over it, except that he saved some to run over her legs and run some over her wrists and elbows, and especially over her already burned ass.

"Fine. I have an idea. After I'm done fucking you, your only chance of survival will be holding still for long enough to not die." How long would that be? When someone discovered her!

He grabbed her by the neck and slapped her burned butt, boobs and belly, threw her to the ground, and fucked her in every hole. Her body swayed as he wanted it to. Her ass in the air back and forth when her tight butthole enveloped his hairy cock, and when she was flipped over, her back got rug burns from being rubbed back and forth on coarse carpet. He pulled her face up and shoved it around his penis and rammed himself down her throat rapidly.

After he came for the third time, he punched out all her teeth, grabbing pliers and yanking them out entirely, the her eyes and made her give him head again.

"Lick it!" He slapped her, "Lick it like I WANT you to!" He then put the tip of his cock inside her eyesockets and jizzed inside her skull, then fucked her ass again until he came for a fifth time, aiming in the other eye.

He held his gun in her ass and moved it back and forth, fucking her with it until she prolapsed. He pinched her prolapsed anus and dragged her to the shower, putting her in the position he grew accustomed to seeing her in, with her face smashed against the tiled wall, low near the floor and her chin resting on a small shelf for soap, her feet pulled bag and spread to opposing corners, and her ass jutting up backwards- even better with a prolapsed butthole, the center of the show. He smacked her imploded anus a few times and inserted some coals after pouring kerosene in, and did the same to her eyes, mouth, and pussy.

Her pain was unimaginable. Her hands were tied together above her back.

She was handed 2 glass bottles, one to hold in each hand. Brian loved seeing her wonder what they were. She could see smoke. He filled 1 with kindling and dropped in a couple of matches. The other was sealed and filled with explosive material.

He tied both bottles to the doorknob, rigging it to yank them from he her hands on the off chance that she didn't drop them before someone opened it.

It would only take 1 bottle to light her on fire.

He watched the news in his house. Miraculously, they did't know it was him.

"A teacher and 3 of her students was viciously murdered today, all attacked sexually and in incredibly graphic methods, even for such a gruesome crime. They were tortured and incinerated. One young girl was pregnant and found drowned. Her unborn baby pulled from her, and younger sister in the same room, rigged to a trap." A news anchor clearly had difficulty in keeping herself professional.

"We got texts from her phone but it wasn't her. We were tricked into killing her."

"Another woman, their teacher, was questioned but could only scream and quickly bled to death on her way to the hospital." The anchorwoman was visibly crying, "And uh. Um. Another young girl was burned to death in a similar... trap. Her younger brother opened the door and is being treated for burns. His exact condition is not known."

"I'm getting word that their deaths have all been uploaded to various social-media and file-sharing sites. It's even more graphic than previously expected." The anchorwoman looked at something behind the camera. "Oh." She was beside herself.


"It's Brian Jurk." She looked back into the camera. "He is shown humiliating, degrading, torturing them... even cutting his own... um. Cutting himself and smearing blood..."

Brian stroked his scarred cock and grinned on his memory of wiping it on Leah's prolapsed anus before making it guzzle kerosene. He went back to his favorite sites and looked at the videos and images he uploaded of her scrunched below herself with her legs wide and all her parts on display.

"That's what I call high-quality." His friend Jack lit up.



You want more?

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