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The little elf was trembling.

The orcs had them herded into the village square like cattle. Elves. Elven women, to be precise; the men and boys were elsewhere, likely being butchered for meat. Their dozens of wives and daughters looked on helplessly, awaiting whatever brutality the savages had planned.

But only one little elf was chosen. Much to the lamentation of this little girl, a long-lived elf young by even human standards, her village had refused to pay the toll. The toll the orcs demanded. The toll they realized, as their magic bounced uselessly off of steel-thick orc skin some minutes previous, that they really should have paid.

She was beautiful. She had only recently entered into puberty, and she possessed all the graces of lust and youth at once. Her skin was creamy pale, her chest puffy and soft. Her face was that of a goddess, even through the tear-filled, horrified expression she currently wore. Her naked body was like living art.

Her older sister looked on from the crowd as they lowered the rope around her neck. It was a simple contraption; just a rope and a support beam to throw it over. One of the monsters would pull on the rope, and the little elf would be raised by her fragile neck. A classic execution.

"At least it'll be quick." The older sister thought to herself, eyes welling up with frustration. "She may not even realize what's happening until..."

One of the orcs was addressing the crowd. Apparently, if she could understand his roaring speech, this was a special execution. This little girl was to be made an example of.

They weren't hanging her yet. They were making some type of preparation. A huge orc loomed over her with a dagger, but not to butcher her; his movements were oddly precise. Delicate.

The little girl grit her teeth and bore the pain. She was certainly tough.

He was cutting the skin layer, but no deeper than that. A ring was cut around the neck, and just after, the incision was connected from the sides of the neck to the tops of the shoulders.

Three orcs then took the stage. One grasped the end of the rope, and as the other two took their positions to the front and back of the little elf, digging their hard fingers into the incision the knife-weilding orc had made, her older sister realized with horror the terrible fate her sibling would endure.

She was thrashing from their fingers being dug under her skin, but she had not made a sound. The orc before her, much to the little girl's surprise, began to speak.

"We told you, take everything off!" He growled, scoldingly.

"I..." The little girl squeaked through her pain. "I took all of my clothes off... Please..."

The orc chuckled dumbly, knowing his simple, evil punchline had been perfectly set in place.


They acted at once. It took only a moment. The rope-holding orc pulled down with inhuman strength, jerking her little body into the air while his accomplices ripped downward, peeling her skin away. One quick jerk skinned her to the waist; an immediate second, and she was truly, truly naked.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" She screamed. Shrieked. She pierced the air with terrible, unimaginable cries of absolute suffering as her skin lay crumpled on the stage beneath her.

"She isn't dying!" A desperate woman shouted from the crowd. "Why... Why won't she just die?! Oh god, why?!"

She was thrashing, strangling; going insane from the pain. This was a better show than the orcs could ever have imagined. Her little neck didn't snap; she hadn't even gone into shock. It was a perfect skinning.

The older sister fell to her knees. She could hardly breathe.

"AND NOW!" Shouted one of the savages, retaking the stage. "EXAMPLE NUMBER TWO!"


Author's note: Thank you very much for reading! If you wish this to continue, let me know and I may do a part 2!

PS, tell me who you'd like to see the orcs toy with in part 2. The older sister? The little girl's loli best friend? The ultimately kind, soft spoken, busty village doctor? Elf women are so hot, I swear.


This is great. You should do the best friend next


Destroy the lolis pussy~


This is a good one! Definitely go with the loli every time :)


Suffocate the sister by sewing her head into a sack made from the skin of her sister


Fantastic! Let's see part two! The sister!


I need Part 2




Definitely the busty village "doctor". Elves and huge tits go so well together, especially those done by Masao (name search on gelbooru for reference).
Better if she could outproduce a dairy cow.

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