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After many wars, humankind dispersed into the stars, some more peacefully than others. A few of their groups survived, some more comfortably than others. Eventually they unlocked the deepest secrets of the universe.

Time-travel led to wars unlike any seen before. Entire lineages prevented to undo mild inconveniences. Paradoxes that brought both morality and reality into question. Genocides to assure tyrants that their mistakes simply never occurred.

Eventually entire universes could be created, first simple and random ones initially filled with thermal, electric, and kinetic energy and simple elements, but eventually complex dimensions that were crystaline or mechanical and even galaxy-sized computers in inter-dimensional sub-space.

Once humans were capable of creating super-complex universes that were atom by atom replicas of the machines that gave them birth, they could essentially create infinite numbers of universes expanding eternally in every direction, some filled with life, some with fire, and some with nothingness.

As these humans became immortal gods, able to create new forces, shooting infinitely hot flames that broke their ancient understanding of conventional physics, teleport any distance or even into any realm, and be threatened by nothing except their own kind, they had only their desires and a new plane of science and philosophy to contend with, if they so chose.


{[(Everyone is welcome to join btw. Will be adding to my deviancy.

One lovely design was randomly directed labyrinths. Every member of this godlike super-species could make as many as they wanted, but one stood out as a particular sadist who filled his with victims. Knowing full well the hatred nobler entities had for him, he needed immense protection, so he sought out servants and allies, grooming beast machines to guard his lairs. He went back in time and was the Devil's impostor.

It was too easy, you see, to simply create trillions of inhabitants to suffer. There were infinite numbers of them (many that his associates created) but he rather catch souls that were destined for better fates... which is to say any other fate.


This giant building has no windows or doors; Its only connection to the outside is an input of energy.

Inside, an ecosystem made entirely of women is sustained by machines, operated and maintained by the women. They are constantly being slaughtered, some willingly, some not, so that their bodies can be taken apart and put to use. Some parts are simply cooked and eaten, some tissues are grown on chemicals produced with the energy from outside, some are frozen.

The wombs and milk glands are usually kept alive; The former to grow new women, the latter to produce more diverse food. They are born on the cusp of adolescence, and it doesn't take long before they can be taught a profession and the ways of the world.

Although there are many women alive at any one time, the mass of flesh harvested from them is much greater. The milk glands would simply die if kept too long(they eat them first), the grown tissues can only grow so much, the chemicals produced by the machines can't be eaten; So everyone's survival depends on maintaining the bloody cycle.


Feujis wandered through cities, his invisible orbs floating through walls and measuring up every human within hundreds of miles. They were modern cities, that is to say cities of his era in which his kind didn't need time-travel. However, the entire solar system had progressed slowly, being constantly ravaged by calamities like war and famine, and had relatively recently awakened from deep cryogenic slumber as their ships were slower and traveled further distances. There were many such colonies, but this one was unprotected from the more evil of his ilk. They formed alliances to destroy any crusading heroes.

"You'll go to Hell when you die." SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP
That got his attention. Her rear was as red as any he'd seen, thrashed and hit her pillows, kicking her legs in the air and revealing everything to her smiling little brother- who held a broken toy in his hands.

Perhaps one of the most intense natural spankings he had witnessed that wasn't his or some other devil's doing. He had seen thousands, maybe millions like it throughout the eons. Cavemen spanking their little girls even into adulthood in front of their tribe, all the humans in the world for all they knew, and little girls on spaceships and other closed spaces being constantly reminded of their worst spankings that their shipmates had seen. Even entire cities had memes of videos of one girl or another, a few of whom even murdered themselves, circulating endlessly, constantly reminding them that everyone they ever encountered would eventually see everything between their legs and their bright red bottoms being slapped despite their pathetic wailing and futile struggling.

Feujis loved the suicides, freezing their bodies within their last nanosecond of life and teleporting them to some lair where they were eternally tortured in a manner similar to their attempted suicide, making them believe they had died gone to Hell.

But this girl was not to be a suicide. She was to be given a tour. He silently witnessed her, smirking as she thrashed and gasped, her veins popping out of her head. She was entirely nude, not even socks on her feet, when the spanking was done, and though her bright blushing face and slightly bloody bottom were both a deep red, the rest of her skin was pale like a corpse. He could sense that it was all very alive, however. Her body shook with such ferocity and her belly gave way to nausea.

Both her uncovered webcam and her little brother's phone caught every moment of her torment, but neither with the depth of understanding that Feujis was able to recreate over and over, having observed every particle of matter and the finest details of the flow of energy in the room. He shared that moment with his favorite friend, Movik, a former-human he elevated to godhood, who decided to travel back in time and see it for himself, though it appeared no different than the perfect 3-dimensional recording Feujis provided.

"We need something special for her..." Feujis mused.
"Do we? There've been countless worse spankings." Movik was content to simply skin her and throw her in boiling acid with a trillion other girls. "Or is it because she's just so cute?"
"Oh dear friend, you know me too well."

After her father left and her younger brother grew bored of taunting her, she was left alone to wallow in misery on her bed. And then time froze, as far she could tell. The room grew darker and then black, then brightened slightly as though reflecting red lights, but there seemed to be no source of light at all, just dim shadows and blood-red walls that were. She stood out of bed as her skin became itchy. She scratched and scratched but stopped when it became too painful, though it continued to itch so horribly that she was damned to intense pain either way.


She searched for her bedroom door and the light switch next to it but her door would not open and her light did not work. She tried to call out to her mother and father for help but her voice was hoarse and they were heavy sleepers but wouldn't have helped her anyway. They probably locked her in and disabled her electricity. She resolved to try to sleep despite the immense pain from her spanking in her still fiery hindside from her itching through the rest of her skin. Her pussy and anus felt particularly irritated, and though she knew she was DAMNED to HELL for bringing herself any relief in that area, she knew she was already there.

"God please, I really wish I was dead." SOB " I'm already in Hell!"


She grew itchier and itchier, she started twitching just as violently as during the spanking she just received minutes ago. She hadn't stopped shaking and didn't become any less nauseous. Shadows darted through her peripheral vision and sharp pain shot through her upper lip and she shot up in bed. At least thousands of tiny shadows darted around her sheets and she started coughing violently. She coughed up some roaches and bedbugs a second later and kicked her bedsheets off, revealing a thick blanket of ants and other bugs. Leaping out of bed, she screamed for her parents.

"MOM DAD! PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR! OH GOD I'M SO SORRY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I'M IN DANGER PLEASE MOMMY DA- DADDY PL- PLEASE PLEASE! WAHAAAAAA" she peed herself in fear and dropped to her knees, reaching under the door as far as her thin arms could go. Her sobs went quiet and her eyes wide as she gulped and something enveloped her arms.

"Wha.." Her face froze but neither her head nor body stopped shaking. Snakes were slithering from under the door. She looked to her feet and her ankles were tied by wormsand milipedes. She jolted her eyes all around the room, frantically looking for an end to her misery, then jutting her head upwards, cramming the back of her neck as she looked at the corner of the ceiling above her.

It was her. She saw herself, but somehow in an even worse condition. Blood tears dripping from her eyes, worms out of her ears, ants from her skin, and spiders from her hair. Her ass was just as red but her belly stole the red from her now very pale face.

Her demon-doppelganger crawled down the wall squatted over her, so she could see her own face and anus, and as a single large tarantula accompanied by a chain of needles lowered from her vagina, her anus gaped wide and countless ants and endless shit fell upon her. Her doppelganger's mouth opened and many long but thin whips with fire at the ends emerged and started flogging her legs and back.

She could feel her arms being bitten as the door opened and rivers of snakes slithered over the infinitely-long hallway that was a shadowy mockery of her home. She saw her doppleganger leave and disappear into the darkness of the hall.


The bugs and snakes scurried away but chains remained. She crawled like an inchworm but the door closed quickly, catching her neck and shoulders. Partially open, the space between door and wall brightened until it shone like nothing she had seen before.

"hahahahahaa" A sultry woman's voice laughed, "Look at her red rump and baby tits. She'll never be a full woman!"
"OW!" The tormented teen felt a piercing pain in her left bottom cheek, deepening her fresh spanking, "PLEASE WHO ARE YOU WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?! GOD SAVE ME, PLEASE!" Pain tore through her feet.
"We are the ones who witnessed your suffering before your world will." SLAP
"OwW! Please...wahah" She could see only her arms stretched out in front of her, and the door extending from her neck. The hall curved to the right and ramped upward. "What? NO!" Something was shoved into her anus. "Ow! Ah! Ple- AH! AHH! AH! AHHOW! PLEASE-STOP-THIS I OWWWAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Her screams were shrill.

The door opened slowly and she scrambled as quickly ass she could, but the chains at her ankles floated into the air and she was dragged back into her room upside down, screaming in terrified agony.


Her room was bright now, as bright as noon sunlight and powerful flashlights shining everywhere. The walls had been replaced with thick fog from which she was struck with whips and pitchforks. She could see silhouettes of chest-heavy women with horns on their heads and wings from their backs pointing and laughing at her.

Even amidst her impossible pain, she felt an even deeper humiliation than she had during her half-public spanking. Shaking and crying naked upside down in midair, her bottom quivering especially erratically all around, she pleaded for mercy and promised to be a good little angelic girl and never ever negligently break her brother's toys ever again.

She was lifted higher until her torso was in the ceiling, and then felt every nerve in her body explode in pain. Gravity reversed itself and and ceiling solidified. She could see all her friends and family walk into the room, their forms shadowy indistinct.

She scrambled out of the hole she was in, finding it muddy and being whipped by her former loved ones, slipping back in and finding decaying flesh claws covered in maggots grasping her wrists and ankles so her acquaintances could whip her easier. A long thin spike slowly raised from below her belly and made her bottom a more scrumptious target, raised above the rest of her.

"Her vagina is weird." Her best friend pointed at her gaping wide pussy. "Most vaginas aren't like that." It was a deep memory the Movik was fond of. He probed her mind and her anus, having taken the form of a snake.

Everything dimmed and the room went black. She jolted up towards the door and couldn't find it. There was nothing in her room. She ran around aimless, naked and humiliated, tortured and crying. Her whole body shook in the dark, beaten and nude. She could feel the eyes of every living creature in history gazing upon her, laughing at her misery, and judging her.


My creativity keeps going and demands I continue typing but the rest of me just cannot keep up... Thanks Hunter-Seeker for joining in, this girl will be made to see rows of cows and force-fed milk and human buttmeat for an eternity when her admittance comes.

Before that ticket is handed to his gatekeeper, I'm going to put her through quite some ordeals. A series of her witnessing herself being tortured in the future, with each wall a different scene, then her being dragged down the hall several different kinds of ways in turn. Being made to hold a railing covered in bugs with blades and flamed keeping her tummy back and her butt sticking out to be spanked as she's seen from behind and in front through windows, dragged upside down by her teachers, crawling inchworm-style covered in chains through fire, and a new room separating each transition, not to mention the torments getting her from the walls at the side along the way!

Eventually, the plan if for her to see her past self witnessing her. Hope I can keep this up without too much caffeine.


Brilliant! I love stories with pain and submission but without blood and guts.
I also like it when the girlthing isn't too focused on and treated as the protagonist (I don't like feeling like the victim)


Why thank you, I'm every post so far except yours and Hunter, and intend to rewrite this on other sites. But you can't edit a blank page as they say;)





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