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Hi Gurochan!

This is my first ever work in English. Please tell me if you enjoyed it and how I can improve on it! Most of the stories here will be somewhat short, and they'll revolve around the untimely demise of doe-eyed damsels. ^^

All stories and characters are purely fictional, and should not be emulated in real life~



It was six in the morning, the orange hued rays brought warmth to a new beautiful day as the sun was just starting to rise. Amanda was just finishing off her breakfast, ready to kick off another day at work.

She had just graduated from university with a degree in Psychology, and was fortunate enough to have found a job as an assistant guidance counselor for the local high school. With fair face framed by perfectly groomed golden blonde hair and the body of a dancer, it should come as no surprise to anyone that she’s extremely popular among the boys and the male staff.

She arrived at her office at exactly half past seven. The school is empty as usual at around this time, only the songs of the dawn chorus mingled with the faint humming of the groundskeeper’s lawnmower in the distance could be heard when she opened the windows. The young woman hummed to herself as she pulled up a chair and began reviewing her tasks for the day, completely oblivious of the masked serial murderer lurking beneath the desk.

Her sapphire blue eyes widened in fear as she eventually caught a glimpse of him while standing up. Every cell in her body was telling her to run, but her body was frozen in fear like a deer caught in the headlights. He effortlessly pinned her slender body on the carpeted floor while covering her mouth with a gloved hand, and brandished a butcher’s knife in his other hand...


A school boy discovered Amanda’s lifeless body later that morning. Her stark naked corpse was cleanly sliced in half right below the waistline, with the upper half of her body suspended on a playground swing set. The look of unspeakable agony in her wide open eyes and teeth mark covered breasts told a story of cold blooded torture, rape and murder.

The innards of her body spewed out like a macabre curtain made out of flesh and viscera, bloody globs of small intestines draped over what appears to be her intact uterus and ovaries, while her liver and kidneys were jutting out of her body like ripen fruits ready to be harvested. The poor girl’s internal organs were also subjected to the whims of her murderer, he purposefully emptied her bladder by squeezing on it until it is nothing more than a tiny scrunched up ball of membranes, and forcefully jammed multiple pencils up the cervical opening of her uterus, painfully stretching her cervix wide gaping open, causing blood and semen to cascade slowly out of her violated womb along the pencil shafts.

Amanda’s body was left exposed to the world to see until the police came and cordoned off the area, the lower part of her her body was never found. However, a keen-eyed investigator found her undergarments stuffed among her innards, a large letter ‘A’ was inscribed on the sheen material of her lacy bra with a red permanent marker.

The police believe that they are dealing with a serial killer with cruel and unusual methodologies.

Victim: 'A'
Name: Amanda
Age: 23
Profession: Assistant Guidance Counselor
Cause of Death: Dismemberment
Unusualness Rating: B
Cruelty Rating: A



Flawless grammar. I'd never have known English was not your first language.

I am keen to the young innocent unwilling victims, and I like the blood and guts, but I just wish we got a description of what the victim went through, rather than a description of the aftermath.


The rating system is unneccessary.


That was fun!


I like the rating system


Thank you for the compliment! I will try to be more descriptive in the next story~

I guess so, but please let me have a little bit of fun with it.


Bump in hope of an update

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