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Outdoor Cinema

Chapter One

It was a lovely afternoon. The sun was low over the horizon, but the temperature and weather were still encouraging to dress lightly.

Jack was walking down the street that ran alongside the city park. He was 25 years old and he was dressed in a plain black t-shirt and denim jeans. His body was average, but his face was considered to be attractive by most women. He was tired after work and was looking for a way to relax, without any particular idea how to do this, yet.

Over a low hedge he could see a few families resting on the grass, children playing with dogs and one teenage couple sitting on a bench. His attention was drawn to something else, though - a gathering of people, around 50 of them, sitting on folding chairs in front of a relatively large screen.

"Open air cinema." He thought. "That's exactly what I need today."

He took a course for the nearest park entrance. No one was waiting for him at home so he decided he could waste a few hours on watching some random (probably mediocre) movie. He walked through the park entrance and by the passionately making out teenage couple. He couldn't help but notice that the boy's hand was under the gir's skirt, but Jack was unphased - it wasn't an unusual sight in this city.

Jack approached the chairs and felt disapointed when he noticed that all the seats were taken. But when he moved even closer he saw a cute blonde girl, about 13 years old, sitting next to a pretty woman that was at most 15 years older than the girl. The girl was wearing a short, tight, fuzzy sweater that was showing her belly buton and red gym shorts. Her wavy hair reached down to her waist. Jack noticed she probably wasn't wearing any underwear, which was common among girls her age. The woman (that Jack assumed was the girl's mother) was wearing a semi-translucent white summer dress, with a visible pink bra and matching panties underneath. Her hair was straighter and shorter then the girl's, only reaching her shoulders.

He walked close to them and asked quietly:

"Sorry is this seat taken?" He pointed his finger to the girl.
"No, it's just my daugther."
"Then you don't mind if I sit here?"
"Not at all, please go ahead. Should I take my daughter or will you handle her yourself?"
"I'll be fine, thank you."
"I'm Jessica by the way."
"Jack, pleased to meet you."

Jessica stopped paying attention to Jack and resumed watching the movie. Jack smiled at the little girl and she immediately smiled back. Her smile reminded him of his own daughter, which died two years earlier.

"Hi, I'm Jack."
"Rose, but I prefer Rosie. Nice to meet you." She stopped paying attention to the movie, visibly interested in the strange man standing next to her.
"Likewise. What are you watching?"
"Gone With The Wind. Thay play classic movies here every Thursday afternoon."
"I didn't know that."

Jack looked at her for a few seconds admiring her slim, young body.

"Could you get up for a second? I want to sit here if you don't mind?"
"No, no, go ahead!" She sprung up from her seat and took a step towards Jack. He immediatelly took her place on the chair and patted his knees to encourage the girl to sit on them. She hesitated for a second, then enthusiastically sat in his lap, her back towards him. Jacks put his right hand around her waist anp put the left one on the knee of her mother. Jessica looked at him briefly, smiled and returned to watching the movie.

"How old are you?" Jack whispered into Rosie's ear. She turned her head towards him so she could whisper as well and not disturb other people.
"I'm twelve." Rosie looked proud. "But I'll be thirteen in two weeks!"
"And you're not afraid of going back home in the dark?"
"No, mommy said that this part of the city is safe. Besides, what if something happens to me? Nobody's going to care. Girls my age die all the time."

Jack moved is right hand up and started massaging Rosie's tiny breasts throught the sweater. Rosie's face blushed and she gasped silently in surprise, but made no attempt to stop him.

"And you're not afraid to die?"
"I guess not. Our teacher said that dying is rather pleasant. She was clinically dead for a few minutes during a hanging presentation in biology class, so she know's what she's talking about."
"That's interesting. And your teacher sounds like a fun person."
"She is. One time she brought a small vibrator and let all girls have turns with it to show us what an orgasm is. She even showed us how to use it on herself. And the first person to come got extra credit! It wasn't me, thought."
"Huh. So I guess you're not a virgin then?" Rosie blushed again.
"I... I am." She stuttered. "I have two older sisters and my daddy only makes love to them. He says I'm too young."
"Well, you're old enough for me. And also really beautiful. Would you like to learn something?"
"Here?!" Rosie was startled, but curious.
"Why not? It's not like anyone's gonna care. We just have to keep it down so we don't bother anybody. It is a cinema after all. Just kneel down before me, we'll start slow."

Rosie hesitantly complied. She got up from his lap and kneeled down facing Jack. In the meantime Jack undid his fly and took out his cock, which was growing in anticipation. The fact that Rosie looked like his dead daughter only aroused him more. Rosie's eyes grew wide when she saw Jack's erect member.

"It's so big." She whispered.
"Actually it's pretty average." Jack smiled, amused by her innocence. "Just put it in your mouth and try not ot touch it with your teeth."

"May I?" Rosie looked at her mother questioningly. Jessica just nodded and returned to the movie. The little girl moved her lips closed to Jack's penis and kissed it lightly. She was suprised to see that it twitched a little bit, but she saw her brother's cock many times, so she knew it was normal - she just didn't see this up close before. She gathered her courage and wrapped her lips around the head of Jack's erect penis. Jack smiled at her beautiful eyes looking up to him.

"Don't be afraid. Move your head along the shaft. Up and down, just like that." Jack put his hand on the back of her hed and pushed it gently towards him.

Rosie complied again and slid his cock deeper inside her mouth, then pulled it out a bit. Her tongue instinctively moved around the shaft every time she moved away. She continued moving up and down, just like she was instructed, going a bit deeper with every move. After a short while she felt a gagging sensation, so she immediately pulled the penis completely out of her mouth and started coughing.

"Shhhhhhhh!" Someone from the audience hushed them.
"Sorry." Replied Jack. He turned his head back towards Rosie. "I see that you haven't done that either. But you'll have to be quiter." He whispered to Rose.
"No, I havent. And I'm sorry, I'll try to keep it down."
"Want to try again?"

Rosie wrapped her mouth aroung Jack's member again, this time with a strong intent to take it all in, despite the discomfort. She started blowing him once more, taking it deeper and deeper until she felt she was about to gag again.

"Let me help you with that." Jack put his hand on her head again, but this time he pushed her all the way onto his cock disregarding the gagging noises coming from her throat. She tried to keep calm, but after a short while she started to suffocate on his cock. She tried to scream, but the cock in her throat blocked all air flow, only a muffled moan emerged from her. She then tried to push Jack away, but he was much stronger and she didn't move at all.

Jack looked at the trashing teen and smiled. His right hand was holding her head tightly, while his left hand moved from her mother's knee up over her thigh and towards her pubic mound. Jessica looked at her daughter, then at Jack's hand under her dress and smiled. Jack couldn't believe his luck. What he thought was going to be a boring afternoon turned into a sexy time with a hot, little girl and her willing mother. He slid his left hand under Jessica's panties and started massaging her slit. Her pussy was already wet, it was obvious that the sight of a stranger molesing her little daughter turned her on. She moaned silently and continued to watch the movie with a grin on her face.

Meanwhile Rosie was getting more violent and trashing around, trying to free herself from Jack's grip.

"Shhhhhhh! We're trying to watch a movie!" Someone in the audience was clearly annoyed with the noises.

Jack let go of Rosie's head just when she thought she was going to pass out. She breathed heavily while her saliva dripped to the ground.

"I told you to be quiet."
"I'm... sorry. But... it really... hurts." Rosie replied between breaths.
"Well, I thought you're a big girl."
"I am!" Rosie replied immediatelly a bit too loudly.
"We'll see about that. Take off your sweater." Rosie immediately grabbed the base of her sweater and pulled it over her blonde head, eager to please Jack. Rose gave the sweater to her mother, who absentmindedly put it in her bag that was laying next to her. Her loins were moving with the rhythm of Jack's fingers playing with her womanhood.

Jack laid his eyes on a pair of tiny, barely budding breasts with even tinier pink nipples. He liked what he saw. "It's a shame they wont have the time to develop any further when I'm done with you..." He thought, but he had to admit, that peach-sized boobs were his favourite size anyway.

"Now the shorts." He ordered.

The girls took a deep breath and slid the cotton shorts down to her knees in one swift motion. Her public mound was completely bald, so her undeveloped shapely lips were in plain sight. Jack noticed a bit of moisture between the girl's labia, she must have been enjoying this after all.

"You're beatiful." Rosie blushed at his words again. Jack undid his trousers and took them off completely. He put them right next to the chair and said: "Wrap your legs around me."

Rosie stood up and the shorts fell freely to the ground. She put one leg around Jack's waist and after sitting on his legs put the other one around. Jack's dick was now lightly grinding against Rosie's aroused pussy.

Jack took his hand out of Jessica's underwear. The woman let out a disappointed moan, but she was used to men leaving her hanging, so she just focused on the movie again. Jack then grabbed Rosie's ass with both hands, cupping her small and soft buttocks. He lifted her up and aligned her tiny pussy entrance with the point of his penis.

"This may hurt a bit, big girl." He lowered her onto his penis, but even though her juices provided enough lubrication she was way too tight for him to fit in. He slid his hands up to her loins, clasped them tightly on her and forcufully inmpaled her completely on his cock. Her pussy was too small and inexperienced to fit him in, so the seam at the bottom of the pussy entrance gave way and tore apart exposing a small bit of her flesh.

"Ooowwww! Fuck! That hurts." Rosie screamed from pain as she felt her hymen and pussy rip. A stream of blood ran down from her slit.

"Shut up you two!" This time someone from the audience flat out screamed at them. "If you can't watch a movie in silence than go somewhere else."

"And don't swear, young lady." Jessica hissed at her daughter.

Rosie started crying silently from pain and embarrassment.

"I'm... I'm sorry... It just hurt so much." She hugged Jack and whispered in his ear.
"Don't worry, just be quiet and I'll make the pain go away." Jack said reassuringly.
"How?" Jack felt Rosie's tears drip down onto his neck.
"You'll see. Just be quiet."

He put his hands back on her butt and started fucking her by moving her slowly up and down. Rosie was moaning from pain, but only quietly. Jack noticed that her mother was now looking at them and masturbating. He started moving the girl up and down faster and faster, her moans were getting louder again. He was getting annoyed by them like the people around them, but the pleasure of a broken, immature pussy around his cock overcame his annoyance. Her pussy was so tight and soft, the blood giving the best lubrication he could hope for. He kissed the girl's neck and she closed her eyes and let out the first moan of pleasure. She was in constant pain, but dedicated to satisfy the man. She started moving her hips back and forth to help him penetrate her bloody vagina.

Jack felt an orgasm slowly building inside him, so he reached his right hand to the pocket of his trousers and took out a folding knife, easily opening it with one smooth motion. He started thrusting even into Rosie faster. She didn't notice the knife with her eyes closed.

"I'm gonna cum." He whispered. "Move back a little, let me look at you, sweetie."

Rosie did and he took another look at her beautiful, almost nonexistent titties.

"Fuck, you're hot." He moaned. "Now I'll show you what I do to big girls." As he finished the sentence he quickly raised the knife and dragged the blade through her neck.

At fist Rosie didn't feel much besides the shock, but when her blood started pouring out of her and into her stomach and lungs she felt the worst pain of her life, even worse that her pussy ripping apart just a few minutes earlier. She looked at her mother while gasping for air, but only a stertorous cacophony came out.

Her mother looked at her almost as shocked as her daughter, but she was still furiously rubbing her clit with wer thumb, while the rest of her fingers were pumping in and out of her vagina. She saw her little girl's life flowing away with her blood and she couldn't help herself - she bent over and kissed her daughter passionately on the lips.

Jack felt Rosie's pussy tighten immediately after cutting her throat. He watched her blood pour out of the wound onto her breasts and his shirt. Just when he thought the sight couldn't get any hotter Jessica started kissing her daughter. He pounded the little girl's pussy as strong as he could and he couldn't hold back any more. After a few seconds he released a huge spurt of cum into her bloody cervix.

Jessica came at the same moment, her body shaking, her moans muffled by her daughter's lips and wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her body. Her dress was ruined by blood, but she didn't care. To her surprise she suddenly realised that her daughter was having an orgasm, too!

Rosie couldn't believe it either. She was dying and she knew that she should be terrified, but she felt the greatest pain and pleasure at the same time. Her body was shaking, Jack's penis was nailing her farther and farther trying to shoot his seed as deep as possible. She tried to moan but couldn't. She looked into her mother's eyes.

Jack shot the last wave of his semen into the dying girl and laid back on the chair, looking at two girls he just met sharing their last kiss together.

They all realised they had just shared the greatest orgasm of their lives so far, although for little Rosie it was also her last.

Rosie was enjoying her mother's comforting kiss as warmth started leaving her body. Her vision faded and other senses grew weaker. She mouthed "I love you." to both her mother and Jack and her eyes rolled under her eyelids. She was dead.

Jessica broke the kiss when Rosie's body started twitching. "I love you too, sweetie." She whispered into her dead daughter's ear.

The credits rolled as all three of them laid tired in a common hug, Jessica resting on Jack's torso and hugging Rosie.

Shortest epilogue ever

"Do you mind if I take her body to my place?" Jack asked.
"No, I don't need it anyway."
"Thank you. I'm not done having fun with her, yet."
"You think you have room for one more?"
"Sure, the more the merrier. Do you have a husband?"
"Then just let him know you won't be getting home for dinner. Ever."


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Chapter two

"It went straight to voicemail." Jessica put her phone back into her purse. "I'll have to remember to call my husband later." Jessica look down on herself.
"Damn it, I've got blood all over my new dress." She got up from the chair clearly upset that her beautiful white sundress was ruined. "I can't walk around the city like that."

"Then take it off, it's pretty warm today." Jack stood up as well, holding dead Rosie with one hand and gently lifted her up from his now flaccid penis. Cum dripped down her leg from her destroyed sex. Jack kissed her bloody lips and threw her carelessly on the ground so he could put his trousers back on. The cute body fell with a loud thud and a bit of blood was forced out of the neck wound.

"I guess you're right." Jessica briefly looked at her daughter's corpse and proceeded to strip from her dress. "The bra is dirty as well. But it was definitely worth it." She smiled to herself at the memory of recent events and removed the bra, revealing a pretty pair of shapely B-cup breasts. She was now standing in the middle of the park in only her plain pink panties and flat sandals. Her body was young and athletic and a few of the people leaving the cinema looked at her briefly, but no one paid closer attention.

Jack finished putting his trousers on and looked down on his own blood-stained t-shirt. After some thought he decideed to leafve it on, shrugged his shoulders and picked up the petite girl's body. He put it over his shoulder and started walking towards the closest park exit.

"Come on Jessica, it's getting dark. And throw the dress in the trash can, you won't be needing it any more."

On the way home Jack learned that Jessica was twenty-five years old like himself, and that she had Rosie at age thirteen. She also had two beautiful twing girls at age 12, so they were a year older than Rosie. They lived not far away from the park with her husband. They also raised two girls, aged seven and eight, that her husband made with his sister, who died two years after the younger one's birth - she chocked to death during autoerotic asphyxiation.

They arrived at Jack's house about fifteen minutes later. It was a nice looking two story house with a garage and a backyard with a small swimming pool. First floor contained a medium sized living room, a kitchen, guest bedroom and a bathroom.

"Wanna take a bath first?" Jack asked when they entered the house.
"Sure, I'm covered in blood. And so are you two." Jessica laughed.

Jack led her to the bathroom. Inside was a sink, toilet and a square-shaped two person bathtub. Jack put Rosie's body into the tub and proceeded to undress himself. Jessica quickly followed suit and removed her shoes and panties. Her smoothly shaved pubic mound was now in clear view.

"Wash your daughter." Jack ordered.

Jessica gladly complied. She turned the tap on and started regulating water temperature. When she found the water to be at acceptable temperature she took a bar of soap and started soaping up her daughter's dead body and a soft scent of vanilla filled the room. Starting with Rosie's belly, she made small circles and Jack watched as a thin layer of foam formed on the girl's corpse. Jessica moved up to the chest and started rubbing Rosie's budding breasts. She used her other hand to massage Rosie's soapy skin and started getting turned on by her daughter's cold, smooth body. Jack noticed a few drops of moisture forming between the woman's pussy lips when she started washing the wound on Rosie's neck. Jessica thoruoghly lathered up the inside of the cut as well as the surrounding skin, then took the soap into her right hand and rubbed the girl's neck with her left one while soaping up her pussy with the other.

Jack couldn't stand to just watch anymore, a sight of a young mother giving a last bath to her dead daughter was really turning him on, so he walked up behing Jessica, lined up his erect dick with her pussy and thrust forward. Jessica gasped in suprise but did nothing to stop him, just continuead rubbing Rosie's body. He fucked her from behind watching her wash the blood of the innocent girl. When the girl was fresh and clean he took his penis out of Jessica's slit and sat in the tub next to Rosie. Jessica looked disappointed, but knew better than to complain.

Jack put a plug into the bottom of the tub and waited for the hot water to fill it. In the meantime he started exploring Rosie's carcass with his hands. He took her tiny nipples between his fingers and squeezed them hard. Had the girl been alive, she would surely cry out in pain, but there was no reaction now. He then took one of her nipples into his mouth and bit hard. When he let go off the nipple it remained deformed with a visible imprint of his teeth. He loved playing with dead girls' bodies and Rosie's was no exception. He moved his right hand to her glistening pussy and traced the outside of her destroyed opening. The rip made earlier by his penis reached almost to her butthole and left the girl's cunny forever agape. Jessica sat on the toilet and started masturbating while watching a man she just met molest her little angel's corpse. Jack put two of his fingers inside Rosie's vagina and thrust in and out a few times. Then he traced his fingers down to her virgin sphincter, but only caressed it from the outside.

Jack noticed that the water reached almost to the top of the tub, covering Rosie up to her niples, so he turned off the tap. He looked into Rosie's eyes that were staring far into the distance and kissed her deeply on the lips. After a few seconds he broke the kiss, moved her head back a bit to expose her neck and gently licked the cut in her throat, enjoying the mettalic taste of blood and flesh.

"Come here for a second."

Jessica stopeed rubbing her wet pussy and came over to the tub. Jack put his hands under Rosie's back and butt and lifted her above the water, then reached out to Jessica. Rosie's head and limbs hung downwards, completely limp.

"Put her down on the toilet and come in the tub."
"With pleasure." Jessica took the girl and laid her down, kissed her forehead, then slowly walked into the tub, testing the water temperature with her toes first. Jack immediately started lathering her up with soap, paying closest attention to her breasts and crotch. After she was clean she took the soap and started to clean Jack's body in return. While she did that jack started rubbing her sex again and soon enough she was moaning with pleasure. When he was also clean he put his hands on Jessica's head and guided her to his still erect cock. She took a deep breath before putting her head underwater and only opened her mouth to take his penis inside her throat. She started sucking him off and it was clear that she was an expert at this. Jack was breathing deeply and started moaning within seconds.

After a short time Jessica felt the need to breathe and tried to lift her head up to take some air, but Jack held her head down the same way he held her daughter earlier in the park. Jessica started to suffocate, but tried not to react. When she felt that Jack won't let her head go she resumed moving her head up and down his shaft, trying her best not to take water in through her nose. Jack noticed her dedication, but still felt her throat involuntarily spasming when trying to get some air in. He guided her head to move faster and faster and after a while he felt an orgasm building inside him. Jessica was now at the threshold of her ability to hold breath and her instincts started kicking in. She waved her hands trying to free herself, but just like with Rosie earlier Jessica was no match for Jack's strength. He kept moving her head along his cock and just when she lost her consciousness he shot his cum deep into her throat. A few waves of cum flowed down her esophagus and he raised her head above the water.

Jessica was still alive, but her body was twitching due to lack of oxygen. Jacked watched her spasms and listened to the gurgling sounds of her trying to breathe through the cum with a smile on his face.

Jack got out of the tub when she stopped moving. He pulled the plug out of the tub and dragged the senseless woman out to the floor. The cum in her throat didn't concern him, after all he wouldn't miss her even if she chocked on it.

He wiped all three of them dry and moved the girls to the living room. He put Jessica's unconscious body on a oversized wooden coffe table, then sat Rosie's corpse on the couch. The girl watched her mother with her empty eyes and her head tilted slightly to the side. Jack thought she looked even cuter dead than alive.

Jessica woke up and immediately started coughing. A few drops of semen flew out of her mouth and landed on her petite body. Her head hurt and she couldn't remember where she was at first, until she saw her dead daughter watching her with an absent smile on her face.

"I thought I was dead." She looked at Jack.
"Not yet." He replied with a smile. "We're gonna have some more fun first."

Jessica smiled back.

"And what do you have in mind, exactly?"
"You'll see. Let me just go to the kitchen real quick."

As Jack went out of the room, Jessica got up from the table and moved to her daughter. She hugged her tiny body, grabbed her ass with one hand and put the other one around her waist, then carried Rosie with her to the table. She sat on the table and spread her legs, then put Rosie on the table in front of herself, such that her cute butt pointed upwards. She then dragged her a bit towards her, so the girl's face was now directly in front of her pussy. Jessica lowered her dead daughters mouth to her pussy, started rubbing Rosie's lips on her labia and a few moans escaped her lips. Jessica couldn't believe how good it felt to be "licked out" by a corpse - had she known that she would have killed one of her daughters a long time ago, she decided.

Jack returned to the room carrying a wooden knife block filled with various kitchen knives and a bottle of lube.

"I see you couldn't wait for me."
"I'm sorry, but she just looked so cute I couldn't help myself." Jessica said through her moans.

Jack put the knives and lube down on the ground next to the table and admired the view. Jessica was sitting on the coffe table with her legs spread wide, one hand on her daughter's head and the other behind her back for support. Her head was tilted backwards and her mouth moaning with pleasure. Rosie hed her face buried between her mother's pussy lips, her torso was lying flat on the table, her hands laying limp to her sides and her legs dangling towards the floor, which made her little butt stick out into the air at the edge of the table.

Jack saw the opportunity and walked up behing Rosie, then knelt down. His cock was hard again, the sight of incest combined with necrophilia was enough to get him going again. He spread her buttcheeks, put the tip of his penis against Rosie's tiny, immature asshole, poured some lube into her crack, then thrust forward.

Rosie's opening was tight and resistant at first, but with enough force he managed to fit his cock inside her with one quick thrust. He fucked her from behind, her limp body slid back and forth on the table and grinded agaist's Jessica's pussy even harder. The woman was now getting crazy from the pleasure loudly moaning and screaming out occasionally.

"Get up." Jack ordered after a few minutes, then took his penis out of the little girl's ass, flipped her onto her back and after raising her legs he plunged back inside her rectum. Without taking her off his cock he laid his back flat on the table and started moving Rosie's body up and down with his hands on her hips. Her torso fell onto him and her face was now grinding against his chest.

Jessica put her feet on either side of Jack's head and crouched directly over his face. Jack started licking her wet cunt while still fucking Rosie's ass. Jessica resumed her moans and started moving her hips with the rhythm of Jack pounding her daughter. She reached down and pulled rosie up by her shoulders to an almost upwards position, then started making out with her. She parted her daughter's lips and played with her tongue inside her mouth.

The sight combined with the feeling of a young, virgin ass around his cock soon brought Jack to another orgasm. He came deep inside Rosie's ass and simultaneously bit Jessica's clit really hard. Rosie's mother screamed in shock and pain as she felt her most sensitive organ being tortured by Jack's teeth. She tried not to break the kiss with her daughter, but the pain was too strong - her mouth remained open in a loud scream.

Jack pumped his seed inside the girl while clamping his jaws on Jessica's clitoris stronger and stronger, until he felt the skin give way and the Woman's severed love button remained inside his mouth. Jessica screamed even louder when she felt what happened and a spur of blood shot out from her aroused organ onto Jack's face and chest. He chewed on it lightly for a few seconds and enjoyed the bloody taste of Jessica's flesh. She started trembling while an orgasm hit her body, all of her muscles contracting and expanding repeatedly with every wave of immense pleasure.

Jack let go of Rosie's hips and sat up with girl's ass still impaled on his dick. He turned around so he was facing Jessica with little Rosie between them and pulled Jessica's face towards his. He kissed her passionately on the lips and while their tongues swirled in a sensual dance he pushed her clit inside her mouth. Jessica felt her clit in her mouth and broke the kiss, then started chewing on it herself. The taste of her own body was even better than she expected and she moaned when she swallowed it.

"Fuck, that was good." Jessica said coming down from her orgasm and even though the pain was still present and blood was still flowing from her severed clit the pleasure from this act was much stronger. They sat for a while sharing a hug, Rosie squeezed between the two adults.

"Wanna spice it up?" Jack broke the silence first.
"Even more? Always." Jessica giggled.

Jack pushed her away lightly, then lifted Rosie up and threw her on the floor. "We won't be needing you for now." Rosie's body landed on it's back and a pool of cum started forming near her gaping asshole.

He reached around the table and took a long carving knife out of the knife block.

"What are you gonna do with it?" Jessica asked seductively, her eyes fixated on the blade.

Jack didn't respond, but started tracing the tip of the blade all over Jessica's torso. After a few seconds he turned it around and slid the sharp edge lightly along her throat - just strong enought to let a few drips of blood out, but not deep enough to actually hurt her. Jessica inhaled deeply and shivered in anticipation. Jack smiled and grabbed her left nipple and pulled it towards him, then put the knife at it's base and cut. Jessica gasped when she felt him cut her nipple off and started rubbing herself again, sending new shivers through her body when she touched the place where her clit used to emerge from within her.

Jack moved the knife to the base of her right breast and made a shallow cut.

"You won't be needing those anymore, cunt." He said and started slicing through her flesh. Blod flowed down her body and onto the table, while Jessica furiously masturbated. She reached the other hand to under her wounded breast and lubricated two fingers with fresh blood, then brought them up to her ass and slid them inside.

Jack finished cutting her shapely breast off and threw it onto Rosie's body. The breast landed on Rosie's belly with a wet flap. Jack looked at Jessica's assymetric chest that was covered in blood and admired her beautiful, naked flesh.

"What should I do next?" He looked at the aroused woman.
"Cut the other one, that felt soo good..." Jessica was exploring her newfound love of pain with pleasure and anticipation.

Jack gladly complied, started cutting her other breast and shortly afterwards Rosie's body was hit with another piece of dead meat carved from her Mother. Blood was escaping Jessica's body fast and she was starting to look a bit pale.

"You don't have much time." Jack concluded. "So let's make it interesting." He pushed her gently, so she was now laying on her back, both her hands still working on her pussy and ass.

"Use this." Jack grabbed the hand that was pistoning in and out of her pussy and gave her the knife. She immediately took the hint and slowly slid the knife inside her. Blood gushed out of her new wound, but she paid no attention to such details. She started moving the knife inside her faster and faster, the feeling of slicing her own flesh turned out to be extremely erotic. She moved the knife deeper and deeper with each thrust, ustil she was slicing through her entire reproductive system, from her vagina, through her cervix and into her unterus. She moaned with pleasure when Jack tilted her head back so it was dangling from the table and started fucking her throat. He was thrusting hard, blocking the air from entering her lungs again, but she was too busy destroying her insides to react.

Jack reached to the knife block again and took out a wide chef's knife. He grabbed Jessica's left arm, which she was still using to finger her asshole and twisted it towards him. She moaned from the pain when he forced her arm to twist farther than it should. He put the blade just below her shoulder and started cutting. Her moaning grew in strenght and her skin became even paler from the blood loss. Jack knew she wouldn't last much longer so he started working faste and after less than thirty seconds her arm was only attached to the rest of her by the bone. Still throatfucking the dying woman he used both his hands to twist the arm until the bone separated at the joint and Jessica's arm came off completely. Jack threw the piece of meat on the floor and withdrew his cock from Jessica's throat.

Jessica inhaled deeply and continued sliding the knife in and out with her remaining arm.

"I'm gonna show you what Rosie felt before her death."
"Do it!"

Jessica couldnt hold it anymore and another powerful orgasm hit her when Jack sliced into her throat. He made the cut much deeper than the one on Rosie's neck and immediately after taking the knife out he thrust his cock back inside Jessica's throat. He watched his penis appear in the gap as he fucked her esophagus.

Jessica tried to scream, the pain and pleasure overwhelming her senses, but the blood flowing into her lungs and a cock in her throat made the scream impossible. She arched her body enjoying the last orgasm of her life when Jack started stabbing her debreasted chest repeatedly. More blood poured into her lungs and out of her mouth.

Jack watched Jessica bleed out and drown in her own blood as he came again. His cum mixed with the blood and he saw some of it pouring out of one of the fresh wounds in her chest. Jessica felt his cock pulsing as cum pumped inside her. Her body was sore from the pain, but she enjoyed every moment of it.

Just when Jack's last drops of cum shot out of his cock her vision started to fade and everything suddenly got a lot colder. The last feeling she experienced was the pain in her whole body and then everything went black.

Jack took his cock out of Jessica for the last time and looked at her blood-covered corpse. He smiled to himself.

"Thank you."

Jack looked at the mess in the - blood and flesh covered the area around the coffe table.

"Fuck that, I'll clean it up tommorow." He thought to himself.

He took Rosie's body, threw it over his shoulder and went upstairs to take a quick shower. He cleaned both of them from the blood, dried himself and Rosie with a towel and went to his bedroom. He laid The girl next to him on the bed and went to sleep hugging her corpse.

It was a good night.


Jack woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. He turned off the alarm and looked over at Rosie's dead body.

"Good morning sunshine." He smiled to himself and got up from the bed. He picked Rosie's corpse up and carried her downstairs where he threw her next to her mother's mutilated corpse. He then went on to take a quick shower and make himself a quick breakfast before heading to work.

When he was almost done with his breakfast a sudden realisation hit him.

"Shit, Jessica forgot to call her husband." He quickly finished eating and walked to the living room to look for Jessica's purse. He found it laying next to the couch, so he walked over to it and started going through the contents. After a short search he found her phone and looked into her most recent calls.

"Last call was made to Mark. That must be him." Jack dialed the number and waited for the signal.

"Hi, this is Mark. I'm probably busy so leave a meassage. Beeep"

"Hi, this is Jack. You're probably wondering what happened to Rosie and Jessica, but don't worry, they were with me. I'll drop their bodies off at your house before work. Since you're unavailable this seems like the polite thing to do."

Jack grabbed a small bag and gathered severed pieces of Jessica's body,put the bag over his shoulder, then grabbed both corpses by their feet and dragged them carelessly to his car. He threw both of them into the trunk with the bag and slammed it shut.

After a few minutes Jack arrived at the house Jessica has described to him on the way from the park. There was a car parked on the driveway, so Jack hoped the owner was still home. He parked the car on the side of the road and took the corpses and bag out of the trunk.

After dragging them to the door he pushed the doorbell. Short while later the door opened and a tall, muscular man looked at him.

"Good morning. My name's Jack, I left you a voicemail earlier. I brought your girls home."
"Sorry, I worked really late last night, I turned my phone off. I'm Mark. Oh, it's them!" Mark noticed the bodies on the ground. "I see you had some fun."
"Yeah, you can say that." Jack laughed softly. "I figured you might want them back, so I brought them here."
"Thanks, most people wouldn't even bother with a phonecall."
"Oh, I almost forgot." Jack unzipped the bag and handed Jessica's phone, arm and breast to Mark. "Here's the rest of her."
"Thanks again,but I'll probably end up throwing them in the trash anyway."
"That's your call. But I have to go to work now. Bye and thanks for the fun."
"No problem, see you around."

Jack started walking towards his car and Mark dragged the girls inside.

"Hey, Jack!"
"Yeah?" He looked at Mark.
"If you ever feel like having some more fun, I've got a few more girls. I probably won't have time to take care of them without Jess anyway."
"I'll think about that." Jack smiled.
"You know where I live."

Jack got into the car and drove off.


# Chapter Three, Part One

Jack slowly walked down the street by the mall. He was looking forward to getting home, grabbing a beer and mindlessly watching TV all evening.

People passed by him in both directions, but he didn't pay any attention to them. His thoughts were focused on a particular little girl and her mother, both of whom he met just a few days earlier. He smiled as he remembered the blood flowing from Rosie's neck and the moans coming from her mother when she penetrated herself with a knife.

"Hey, mister!"

Jack stopped in place confused by the sudden shout. He looked around and saw a little girl, probably no older than ten years old, approaching him.

She was walking towards Jack from the mall entrance, wearing a temptingly short yellow dress and white sneakers with yellow shoelaces. Her blonde, curly hair hanged freely down to her waist and her skin was pale white, despite the sunny weather. Jack pointed to himself and mouthed:


"Yes you!"

She seemed to be a little annoyed. Jack also noticed that two adults, a man and a woman, were walking a few feet behind her.

"Are you busy? I need a babysitter." She asked quickly.

"No, but... What? A babysitter? Sure, why not?" Jack was intrigued by the situation and he had to admit he would happily spend some quality time with the blue-eyed tween girl.

The girl turned her head towards the couple, who Jack assumed to be her parents.

"See? I told you he'd agree. Now I don't have to go shopping with you and I won't be alone. It's a win-win!"

The couple stopped by Jack and the girl. Jack noted that they looked mildly annoyed by the girl's behavior.

"Honey, you can't just walk up to anyone on the street and ask them to babysit you, it's rude." Said the blond-haired woman. She turned her head towards Jack and continued:

"I'm very sorry about our daughter, she doesn't want to go shopping with us, but we have no one to leave her with. But you're probably busy, so we'll just go and stop bothering you, won't we Maggie?"

"No, shopping is boring!" Said the girl in protest. "Besides, he already agreed, didn't you?"

"Well... Uh... Yeah, I did. I don't have anything better to do anyway." Jack replied unsure what to do.

"See he's bus... What? You will?" The mother looked at him surprised.

"Yes, like I said I'm free and bored today. Besides, your daughter seems like a nice kid. I'd love to spend some time with her."

"Ha! Nice kid. You'd be surprised." Said Maggie's father.

"I can be nice if I want to!" The girl defended herself. "So can I not go to the mall now?"

"If he really agrees... I don't see why not?" The father looked at Jack, then back at Maggie. "I'll call you once we're done, ok?"

"If it's really okay with you, of course." Quickly added the mother.

"Sure, have fun shopping." Jack wasn't quite sure what just happened, but he was glad it turned out the way it did. Maybe this evening wouldn't be so dull after all.

"Okay, see you later, baby." Said the father and the couple started walking towards the mall.


"So where are we going." Maggie grinned.
"I haven't decided, yet. Any ideas?" Jack smiled too.

"Let's go to a bar!"

"I don't think so. How old are you?"

"I'm ten and a half!" Maggie proudly raised her head.

"Sorry, sweetie. They won't let you in."

Her body seemed to immediately deflate from disappointment.

"Don't tell me you're boring like my dad."

"I don't think I'm boring."

"Prove it!" Energy returned into Maggie's body once again.


"I don't know. Do something my father wouldn't."

"Like what?"

"Like fuck me."

"What?" Jack was caught off guard by the girl's request.

"Fuck me. He won't do it, he's too old fashioned. Most of my friends already had sex with my parents, but not me. So maybe you'll do it?"

"Sounds tempting to be honest. But aren't you a little young to be so interested in sex?"

"Come on, I'm not eight. I know what sex is, I've masturbated a million times. And I sure know I want to do it with a grown man."

"Have you done it with before?"

"Just with guys my age. But their cocks are so small I think I technically still count as a virgin."

"Aren't you a little devil? You haven't even asked my name, but you're sure you want to fuck me." Jack laughed.

Rosie blushed, clearly embarrassed. Her cheeks took a pinkish color, which Jack found to be very cute.

"I'm sorry! My name's Maggie, what's yours?"

"My name's Jack, pleased to make your acquaintance."

"Likewise. So will you fuck me now?"

"You don't give up, do you?"


"What if I turn out to be one of the guys who like torturing killing little girls?"

Maggie hesitated for a moment.

"Even better. I don't think I can stand almost eight years before I can legally move out from my parents. But are you one of them?"

"You'll have to wait and see. Now let's find a more comfortable place, shall we?"

"Oh! Let's go to the playground! There's one in the park nearby. There are these plastic beds we could lay on. And swings. You could fuck me on one, they're at about your hips' height."

"Wow, you're really dedicated to this. Well, I probably shouldn't stop you, then. Lead the way!"

They both started walking towards the park, Maggie jumping from joy every few steps and singing silently:

"Jack is gonna fuck me, Jack is gonna fuck me..."

Jack was a few feet behind her, admiring her prepubescent body. The dandelion-colored dress perfectly outlined her shape. She had no breasts or ass to really talk about, but that was just what Jack loved. Her body was thin, not on the athletic side, more of a child's lightness. Her arms were so thin Jack was afraid they might shatter just from the movement. Her legs seemed longer than they were in reality, beautifully accentuated by the skimpy attire. Jack noticed a subtle panty line showing that she wore a plain thong underneath, but he didn't notice any signs of a bra - not that she needed one.

After a short walk they arrived at the playground. It was a relatively big fenced area with two sandpits, a few swings and slides, a jungle gym, seesaw and the plastic beds mentioned by Maggie earlier.

There were around a dozen children playing there, all of them much younger than Maggie, the oldest being maybe seven years old. There were also their mothers sitting at the benches nearby, most of which were either talking to each other or playing with their phones.

"Well, well, well. It does actually seem like a nice place to..." Jack stopped abruptly as he looked at Maggie, who was almost done taking her dress off. He stood there with his mouth agape, looking at the girl standing beside him in just a plain black thong and sneakers. Her golden hair was spread chaotically around her, mostly on her back, but some of them were brushing her erect nipples and reaching down to her navel. Her chest was flat as a board and Jack couldn't see even a trace of hair outside of her head.

"Wow, you're really eager to do this."

"Come on, we're wasting time." She grabbed him by the hand and led him towards one of the beds.

Her skin was smooth and warm, her moves very sensual for a child her age and Jack couldn't help himself, but get aroused; his cock stiffened uncomfortably in his pants.

She laid down on the bed, legs spread and slightly bent and her head raised a little. She was looking at Jack impatiently. He noticed a patch of wetness forming on the black fabric of her panties.

"Take your clothes off."

Jack did exactly as ordered, leaving his clothes in arm's reach from the bed. His member stood up proudly, ready to defile the willing child's body.

A few of the mothers turned their heads towards them, but quickly lost interest and returned to their phones and conversations.

"Now take off my panties."

Jack bent over and reached for Maggie's underwear.

"Not like that, use your mouth." She ordered with a strict voice. "I saw them do this on the internet."

Jack complied. He got on his knees and moved his head towards her crotch. He inhaled deeply and enjoyed the sweet smell of preteen pussy. She definitely wasn't his fist, but she damn sure war the most willing so far. Jack decided to go with the flow and see what she has planned.

"Having fun there?" She asked, smirking.

Jack grabbed the edge of her panties with his teeth and started pulling down. When they were around her knees Maggie got impatient and slid her legs completely out of them, then spread her legs as far as she could. Jack was now presented with the full view of the child's pussy. It was almost perfectly smooth, her labia had yet to develop. A thin path of juices dripped down into her ass crack.

Maggie reached her hands around her hips, grabbed the skin around her vagina and stretched her tight hole to give Jack the best view possible.

"Wow, you definitely are a virgin." Jack threw her panties away and looked at Maggie's now clearly visible hymen.

"See, I told you!"

Jack lowered his mouth and licker her tiny snatch.

"Ha, that tickles." Maggie giggled, but kept her pussy wide open.

Jack started licking her pussy. Slowly at first, then gradually built up the speed. He felt Maggie's pussy twitch every time he brushed her little clit.

Maggie was moaning audibly with her eyes closed.

Jack moved his hands towards her chest and grabbed her tiny nipples, then started playing with them. Just lie with her pussy he started softly, then started twisting them slightly.

Maggie was squirming with pleasure and after a few minutes started to breathe heavily. Jack picked up the tempo and started licking her furiously.

It wasn't long until the girl arched her back and screamed out with pleasure as an orgasm hit her entire body. This was exactly what Jack was waiting for. When Maggie was screaming, flexing and twitching he squeezed her nipples as hard as he could and bit down on her clitoris. A new note appeared in her screams of pleasure, a note of pain and her eyes widened. She tried to free herself, to no avail. Her movement only increased the pain, but to her surprise after a few seconds a new wave of even more intense pleasure rushed through her body.

"Fuck yes! Harder, do it harder! I'm cummunghh..."

Her words turned unintelligible as the pleasure took control of her brain.

Jack tasted her sweet girly juices that were flowing from her pussy, when she lost control of her bladder and a stream of golden urine created a beautiful arch just above her, landing on her belly and titties.

He couldn't help himself any more at this point. He put his hands under her ass and lifted her off the bed, then carried her quickly to one of the swings, her urine still flowing the entire way there, and sat her on the seat quite harshly. Maggie preemptively grabbed the ropes with her hands to keep balance.

Just when her orgasm was wearing off, when her pussy was more sensitive than ever, he grabbed her by the waist, lined up his cock with her tiny opening and thrust forward.

"Oww, it hurts!" She yelled as loud as she could. A few of the mothers turned their heads again, but paid no attention when they saw that she simply lost her virginity.

A stream of blood from her torn hymen mixed with her juices. Maggie's pussy was very tight and Jack had trouble moving deeper despite only burying the tip of his member inside her.

"I know, it always hurts the first time, but bear with me. It's about to get much worse."

Maggie just nodded and bit her lower lip. She closed her eyes in preparation for what was about to come.

"Just relax, baby." Jack pushed forward again, this time even stronger and felt the walls of her vagina part, pushed outwards by his cock.

Maggie bit her lip harder, the pain was hard for her to withhold.

When Jack slid about halfway into her he stopped for a second and moved backwards, then thrust again just when he was about to pull out of Maggie's pussy. He was surprised how flexible it was despite her age.

He started slowly but steadily pumping in and out, deeper and deeper with every thrust. The little girl even started to moan silently, while he was fucking her.

"Is this what you wanted?"

"Ye... Yes..." She moaned between his thrusts. "It's amazing..."

Maggie's eyes were still closed and she seemed to enjoy every moment of their lovemaking.

Jack enjoyed the wetness of her preteen pussy, the smell of her arousal, the sight of her golden hair, the soft touch of her skin.

"You're perfect." He concluded loudly. Maggie blushed again and started moving her hips with Jack's rhythm.

Jack fucked her for a few minutes, when he noticed that she started shivering again and a loud moan escaped her mouth.


She started spasming again, cumming again. It was truly a sight to behold; a little prepubescent girl enjoying every inch of Jack's grown cock, appreciating it more than any grown woman could.

After about thirty seconds she calmed down and opened her eyes.

"Thank you Jack, that was amazing."

"You're welcome. So I suspect you don't find me boring anymore?"

"The opposite!" She exclaimed.

"Good, because I'm going to do more things your father wouldn't."

"Like what?"

Jack smiled.

"Like that."

He grabbed his still erect member with one hand and quickly guided it towards her asshole. The blood from her pussy mixed with her juices on his cock served as lube when he pushed himself inside her ass.

"Fuck! Ow! Ow! That hurts even more!"

Jack was surprised her butthole didn't tear, instead it just stretched out to accommodate his cock. Sure, it was painful for the girl, but despite Jack's best efforts he didn't actually hurt her.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"I... No.. Keep going."

Jack was astonished. It appeared that he got himself a real preteen painslut. And he didn't even have to try.

He pushed deeper inside, sliding with ease after he pushed past her sphincter. Her asshole was clenching tight around his shaft when he started pumping again.

"Fuck... That hurts... Keep... Going... Faster... Please..." Maggie begged silently.

Jack gladly obliged. He started fucking her small butt as fast as he could, watching her face expressing both pain and pleasure. He felt her rectum move around inside her with each thrust and he noticed he could actually see her belly bump out slightly when he pushed inside her completely. He felt his own orgasm coming so he squeezed her waist harder with his left hand, while he moved his right hand to her neck and wrapped it around. His hand fit almost all of the way around.

"You got what you wanted, now i get what I want." He watched as Maggie's eyes widened when he squeezed her neck, collapsing her respiratory tract and cutting the blood flow.

Her ass tightened, her hands let go of the ropes and she almost fell down from the swing, only Jack's iron grip held her in place. He pumped his cock in and out of her while she tried to move his hand away from her neck with her arms, but she didn't manage to even grasp his hand before she started losing consciousness.

Jack came hard when he saw her eyes rolling back inside her head. His hot cum filled her rectum and he felt all her muscles tighten then relax as her mind drifted away. Stream after stream of semen shot deep within her, Jack pumped deep inside her a few times, before going limp and letting her body relax.

She slid down from his cock and landed on the ground below the swing with a loud thud. Jack looked at her body, pleased with what he saw.

"I hope you wake up, sweetie. We're not done yet."


Maggie woke up with a slight headache. Her vision was a bit blurry annd she had trouble standing up at first, but the symptoms were quickly fading away.

Cum and blood were still dripping from beetween her legs and she had a few small bruises from the fall, but she seemed to be mostly unharmed. She wiped some of the fluids leaking out of her with her hand and licked them off.

"Mmm, tasty." She thought to herself.

She saw Jack standing near the plastic bed they had fun on earlier. He was looking for something in the pile of his clothes, so she came up to him from behind.

"Whatcha looking for?"

Jack turned around and smiled at her.

"Hey there. Nothing much, just some tools. Already awake, I see?"

"Yeah, how long was I out for?"

"Just a couple of minutes, I hadn't even managed to get dressed, yet. How are you feeling?"

"A bit nauseous, but I'm mostly fine. By the way, that was awesome! I for real thought I was dying!"

"Glad you enjoyed that. So, are you ready for round two?"

"Of course I am! What do we do now? And what are you going to do with this?" Maggie looked ad he pocket knife which Jack finally found in his clothes pile.

"Me? Nothing."


"So you wanted to do something fun, didn't you?"

"Yeah... But what am I gonna do with a knife?"

Maggie was a little scared that Jack might want her to hurt herself. She was okay with the thought of Jack hurting her, but to do it herself? No way. Way too painful.

"See this girl?" Jack pointed to a little blonde playing with a bucket in a sandpit. She looked about six years old, her hair wasn't very long and she had a childish physique hidden under a blue tank top and a white skirt.

"Yeah, I see her. She's cute."

"Yes she is. And you're going to cut her head off."

"What?! Me? How? Her?" Maggie blurted out in confusion.

"You'll walk up to her mother, tell her I sent you, ask for her permission, then bring the girl here. We'll have some fun and you'll cut her head off."

"Woah. Can I really do that?"

"Well, I told you to, so why not. Are you nervous?"

"No! Well, kinda. I've never done this before. I can't wait to try, though!"

"What are you waiting for, then?"

Maggie's face lit up with a smile, she turned around and ran toward's the girls mother.


Lauren was in her early twenties. She was sitting on a park bench and reading a book, while her six years old daughter was playing in the sandpit.

She was wearing a white t-shirt with a black bra underneath and black leggings that only reached mid-thigh. She had blond hair that reached to her breasts, which were a nicely shaped b-cups.

"Excuse me."

The woman stopped reading her book and looked up at the naked girl with blood and cum still dripping from her genitals.


"Hi, I'm Maggie."

"Nice to meet you Maggie, I'm Lauren. Did you need something from me?"

"Are you her mother?" Maggie pointed at the adorable blonde girl in the sandpit.

"Yes, why?"

"Jack, I mean this man near the swings, told me to ask you whether we can play with your daughter a bit."

"Oh, sure honey. You don't have to ask my permission for that."

"But..." Maggie suddenly got shy.

"But what? Speak up honey."

"But... We're going to cut her head off."

The woman paused for a second, thinking intensely and decided to go with it.

"Sure, go ahead. I'll just hang around here to make sure she doesn't survive all crippled, or something. And maybe I'll finish the book by the time you're done." She laughed softly.

"Really?! You don't mind?"

"No, of course not. Why would I?"

"I don't know, it's just that I've never done this before."

"Don't worry, you'll be fine. Your friend, Jack, right? He seems experienced. I'm sure he'll help you."

"Thank you, miss Lauren, you're the best!"

Maggie's face lit up with a smile again, she turned around and ran toward's Lauren's daughter.


"Hi, I'm Maggie."

"Hello." The girl was digging a hole in the sand using a small plastic shovel, but the sand kept falling back down into the pit. She was sitting on her knees with legs spread apart so her skirt rode up and exposed her white cotton panties with a pink butterfly pattern.

"Nice hole you have there."

"Mhmm." She seemed to be completely immersed in what she was doing, and maybe was a bit shy.

"Are you almost done?"


"What's your name?"


"I'm Maggie. Do you want to play with me?"

"What do you want to play?" Lisa seemed curious, but she didn't stop digging even for a moment.

"It's a surpsrise. Do you like surprises?"

"Yes! I love them."

"Then come with me."

Lisa stood up and looked at Maggie, then grabbed her hand.

"Where are we going? And why are you naked?"

"We're going to that nice man, his name is Jack. And I can't tell you why I'm naked, that would ruin the surprise. Did you see what we were doing earlier?"

"No, I was digging." She seemed very proud of herself, which made Maggie giggle.


They walked up to Jack who was waitng for them with a knife in one hand and a piece of rope in the other.

"And who have we here?" He asked.

"This is Lisa." Maggie replied. "She wants to play with us."

Jack crouched before lisa, his cock standing up towards the little girl.

"Do you like surprises, lisa?"

"Mhmm." She seemed a little embarassed.

"Stand still, then."

Jack put the rope and knife away, reached for Maggie's dress and raised it to Lisa's face level to cover her eyes. She seemed somewhat scared, but she looked at her mother sitting in the distance and saw her giving her the thumbs up, so she raised her head proudly and stood still. Jack tied the dress over her eyes and then used the rope to tie the girl's hands at the wrists and elbows behind her back to prevent any movement.

"Are you okay? Isn't it too tight? And can you see anything?" He asked with a caring voice.

"No, it's okay." Lisa replied quietly. "When will I get the surprise?"

"Soon enough, sweetheart. Don't move now."

Jack picked the knife back up and used it to cut off the straps of Lisa's top, then slid it down to her ankles along with her dress and panties in one swift motion.

"What are you doing mister Jack?" Lisa shivered when she felt the air on her skin.

"Don't worry, it's all part of the surprise." Maggie replied, then watched with anticipation, wondering what will Jack do next.

Jack stood up and walked beind Lisa, grabbed her wrists and gently made her walk up to and bend over the plastic bed nearby.

Lisa's chest and face were now laying on the plastic bed and her bare ass was sticking up into the air. Jack kneeled behind the girl and lined up his cock with her pussy.

"Here comes the first surprise."

He thrust immediately with no warning using all of his strength. The dry skin of the child's pussy gave in and although the friction was painful for both of them at first soon enough Lisa felt the majority of pain when the skin between her genitals and her asshole tore and she started bleeding providing lubrication for Jack and tornment for the girl. She was obviously too young to accommodate a grown-up cock.

"Noooo! Stop! I don't like it! It hurts!" Intense pain could be clearly heard in her voice.

"I thought you liked surprises?" Jack laughed and started pumping in and out of her destroying get undeveloped sex more and more.

"Mommy!" She screamed.

"Mommy's here, honey. Don't worry. And play nice!" Lisa started bawling when she saw that her mother would be of no help.

Maggie looked at Lisa's mother and noticed that she was no longer reading. She was now sitting with her hand down her panties, masturbating while watching a stranger rape her bound daughter.

Maggie turned her head back to Jack and moved her face closer to the action to watch Jack's member disappear into the child.

"That's so cool!" She exclaimed louder than usual to be heard over Lisa's screams. "Won't she bleed out, though?"

"No, it's just torn skin. It would take a long time to heal, though." Jack explained between thrusts.

"Assuming she had some time left in the first place, right?" Maggie grinned mischievously.

"I like your attitude more and more." Jack smiled, still violating the preschooler's pussy.

Lisa tried to use the moment of distraction when they were talking and wiggle out from under Jack, but Maggie quickly took notice and harshly sat spread-eagle on her back, facing towards Jack. Lisa lost her breath from Maggie's weight pushing down on her chest and collapsed back onto the bed.

"You're not going anywhere, Lis. We have more surprises for you, don't we, Jack?"

"Yes we do." Jack raised the tempo and began fucking Lisa even harder. The wound between her legs grew with each move and the blood was flowing all over her thighs.

Maggie laid her left hand on Lisa's head, using it for support, and began stroking her own clit with the other one.

"My head huuurts!" Lisa cried in vain.

Jack felt an orgasm slowly build up in him again, so he looked at Maggie.

"Do it now."

Maggie looked scared for a split second, but she quickly regained her usual attitude. She got up from Lisa's back, grabbed the knife and sat on the bed again, this time with her legs on each side of the girl's head, with her pussy directly in front of Lisa's face. If the girl's eyes weren't covered with the fabric of Maggie's dress she would have a beautiful view of a cum-dripping immature vagina.

"Heads up!" Exclaimed Maggie as she lifted the child's head by her chin.

"Can I see her eyes?" She asked looking at Jack.

"Sure... Just... Do it... Fast..." He could hardly contain himself anymore.

Maggie reclaimed her dress from Lisa's eyes and threw it aside. She saw that Lisa was scared. Very scared, but Maggie for that it only turned her on more. Then she winked at Lisa's mother, who was now openly masturbating with her leggings around her ankles and her legs spread wide. The woman responded with an honest smile then watched as Maggie sank the knife into her daughter's throat.

Lisa screamed when she saw what's coming, but her scream immediately turned into a gurgle when the knife reached her esophagus, then into muffled coughs when the blood reached her lungs.

She was dying. She knew that despite her age and she knew that she couldn't do anything about it. She tried to escape from the knife, but to no avail. Her vision was already blurry when Maggie reached her spine.

Jack couldn't holt it any longer. He shot a huge load of cum into Lisa's cunt when he saw Maggie cut into her flesh. Lisa was tight to begin with, but when she saw her oncoming death and felt her flesh being cut all her muscles tightened.

Maggie tried to cut through Lisa's spine for a short while, but it turned out to be too hard for a small knife, so she put the knife away, then grabbed the head with her hands and twisted as hard as she could. To her surprise the spine gave up quite easily, and the girls head was now resting in her arms completely separated from her body, turned a hundred and eighty degrees from its usual position. Blood was gushing from the arteries in the child's neck stump completely covering Lisa's head and Maggie's lower half.

Lisa felt Jack's cum shoot into her tiny womb right before Maggie twisted her head, then for the shortest moment she felt a horrible pain in her entire body, but after that came a wave of calmness and pleasure. She could barely see anything, but she noticed she was now looking at the sky and that made her feel happiness. She felt like when her mom washed her cunny some evenings in the bath. Her last conscious thought before her vision went black was "This is actually kinda fun."

With that on her mind and a smile on her severed head her short life was ended by a pair of strangers on a playground.



Jack's penis slowly went limp after he pulled it out of Lisa's mutilated pussy. Her body twitched a few times not knowing what to do without the orders from her head, but very quickly it list all of it's life forces and went completely limp.

Lisa's head died even sooner with her eyes wide open and a smile on her lips.

The air was filled with mixed scents of cum, sweat and blood.

Maggie found all this very erotic, after all she didn't have any chance to release her lust since she woke up.

Lisa's mother on the other hand seemed to be exhausted from the orgasm that hit her right when Maggie cut her daughter's head off. Her hands were still resting on her vagina, but they were motionless and her mind seemed to be somewhere else, reminiscing her child's sexy demise.

Maggie put Lisa's head down onto the back of her body, such that her empty eyes looked like they were watching something far beyond the dead girl's butt.

Blood was still leaking from Lisa's neck stump, albeit very slowly since her heart wasn't pumping anymore - only the gravity forced the remaining fluids out of the higher parts of her corpse.

"She looks even cuter now, doesn't she?" Jack looked at the dead body with a smile.

"Yes, she does." Maggie smiled as well, threw her head back, which made her golden curls hang freely behind her, then she started feeling herself up with her eyes half closed, smearing the fresh blood all over herself in the process.

"Someone seems to be horny." Jack laughed shortly.

"You have no idea. I didn't even know anything could be so hot. I mean I saw some stuff on the Internet, but this? Wow."

"I'd gladly fuck you again, but I'm afraid I need some time to recharge."

"I'll need to think about something else then." Maggie was now slowly rubbing her clitoris with one hand, while she stroked Lisa's blood stained hair with the other.

"I could always eat you out, if you want me to." Jack was genuinely keen to help the prepubescent beauty get off, he had to admit to himself that he had grown really fond of her in this short time he knew her.

"No thanks, I'm afraid you'd take the eating part a bit too literally based on what I've seen today." She said in a snarky voice.

"Well, I'm not really hungry, but I'll admit I wouldn't mind that at all."

"I have a better idea. If... If you'll agree." The mischievous girl suddenly started acting shy.

"What is it?"

"Well, I killed Lisa for you... So you could... You know... Feel good."

"Yes, you did. And I'm very grateful for that." Jack walked up to Maggie and kissed her deeply on the lips. She let out a silent moan and a soft blush appeared on her face. "So what's your idea?" He sat beside her and started playing with her long hair.

"Could you... I want to experience what you did. I want to feel a dying body lose its strength just to satisfy me. It just seems so hot! Would you kill miss Lauren for me? I... I mean Lisa's mom. "

"Hmm. I've never killed for the pleasure of anyone else but me, but it seems only fair after what you've done for me so far. Sure, I'll do it if she's up for it."



Maggie stopped playing with herself and before Jack even noticed she was sitting on him with her face towards him and her tiny snatch touching his flaccid member, then she started kissing him all over his face.

"Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!" She chanted between kisses.

Jack couldn't help but laugh at her enthusiasm. After a while of stroking her back he grabbed her butt with one hand, his fingers resting inside the crack between her lower cheeks, put the other hand on her upper back and lifted her while he stood up. His middle finger slipped inside her blood covered asshole in the process, to which Maggie reacted by throwing her arms behind his back for support and shifting her hips in a way which made his finger sink deeper into her ass.

"You're the best. And you're not boring at all." She laid her head on his shoulder and whispered into his ear, then kissed him gently on the cheek.

Jack haven't felt happier in a long time.



Previously, in the Outdoor cinema series:

Jack meets a cute girl (Maggie) near the mall. The girl asks Jack to babysit her. Jack agrees.

Jack fucks maggie on the swing and chockes her unconscious.

Maggie cuts random child's (Lisa's) head off while Jack fucks her from behind, after asking Lisa's mother (Lauren) for permission.

Maggie asks Jack to kill Lauren for her. Jack agrees.


"Hi, I'm Jack."

Lauren opened her eyes and looked at the strange man carrying Maggie by her butt.

"I know, you just killed my daughter."

Her hands moved from her pussy, brushed her small breasts, then she stood up, pulled her leggings and thong back up, then smiled to Jack.

"My name's Lauren, pleasure to meet you. And how are you, Maggie?" She slapped her softly on the buttcheek.

"It was so fun!" Maggie turned her head around, so she could see Lauren.

"In fact she had so much fun killing Lisa, that she has a request for you. Or rather us." Jack pecked Maggie's lips softly with his own and smiled.

"Oh, really? And what is it?"

"Well, I was wondering if we could... Play with you too?" Maggie suddenly seemed shy again and blushed adorably.

"And what do you mean by that? You wanna cut my head off as well?" She smiled.

"Well... Not necesarilly. I just... I just asked Jack if he would kill you for me."

"Sure, you can do that. I have one question, though. Why me? There's plenty of sexy little girls and their mothers around here."

She gestured her hand all arond the playground to emphasize her point. There was in fact about ten young children, mostly girls, and a few mother looking after them.

"Well... I just think that you're very pretty. You have a perfect body, beautiful legs and when I saw you playing with yourself when I cut Lisa's head off... It was just so sexy it was almost unbearable. I would love to have sex with you when you die." Maggie blushed even more.

"Thanks, haha. I appreciate that." Lauren seemed happy with the answer. "Come on, then. I can't wait to be killed after a compliment like that!" She cupped Maggie's buttcheek with her hand and squeezed a few times.

Maggie's face lightened up and the three of them, Maggie still being carried by Jack with his finger up her bum, walked towards the plastic beds.


"Wow, she looks so peaceful." Lauren couldn't stop looking at her daughter.

"Yeah, she's adorable. I think she enjoyed it in the end." Maggie picked up the head and looked Lisa in the eyes, then kissed her bloodied lips. Her parted lips were soft, but oddly cold. "Tastes very metallic. But it's not bad."

Laura untied her dead daughter's arms, flipped her onto her back and watched her motionless body. She put two fingers into her gaping pussy, gathered some cum and blood, then brought the fingers to her mnouth and tasted the fluids.

"I love it. Why didn't I try this earlier?."

She then picked up her daughter's body and hugged her, looking at the stump where her head used to be. Cum started leaking down the girl's legs from the destroyed hole that once was formed by her pussy and asshole.

"That's a good way to go." She concluded. "You did very well, Maggie."

"Thanks. I'm sure Jack will kill you nicely as well."

"I'll do my best." He smiled. "What do you say we get you out of these clothes then, Lauren?"

"Oh, sorry, that's silly of me, I'm the only one wearing anything." She threw her daughter's body down on the ground. The corpse landed with an audible thud in an unnatural position - with her legs spread and one arm tucked under her back. A spurt of blood also shot out of her neck and her destroyed genitals were exposed to their viewing pleasure.

"Oopsie." Lauren giggled. "Maggie, do you want to help me undress?"

"Sure thing!" Maggie almost shouted with her usual enthusiasm. "Don't move."

She grabbed the knife again and ran up to Lauren. Maggie's face was at Lauren's breast height, which gave the girl a good view of the black lace bra that was showing through the woman's semi-transparent white t-shirt.

Maggie grabbed the bottom edge of the t-shirt and started cutting straight up towards her breasts. She was rather careless, so the point of the knife stung Lauren's skin a few times in the process, but left no visible marks.

"Ow!" Lauren excaimed. "That stings."

"Sorry, I'll try to be more careful." Maggie grinned and then pushed forward. The knife sunk about half an inch into the woman's belly and a few drops of blood formed a thin line down to her leggings. "Oopsie."

Lauren gasped at first, but then smiled and pushed her belly forward onto the knife, which sunk an inch further.

"Be careful, or you might kill me too early." She kissed the top of Maggie's head, while the knife was still inside her.

"Sorry." Maggie said in a cute, even seductive voice and withdrew the knife which made some more blood to come out of the wound. She then started cutting again and in a few seconds the shirt was only held on lauren's body by the sleeves. The black bra was almost transparent and Maggie now had a good view of Lauren's tiny nipples.

"Now the bra." Maggie put the tip of the blade under the center of the bra, between the shapely B-cups and cut it in one swift motion. The breasts were now exposed for all to see. Her nipples were stiff and pointy. Maggie kissed one of the breasts, then bit the nipple lightly.

"Ow, you're not going to bite it off, are you?" Lauren bit her lip and looked down onto her chest.

"No, don't worry. At least not yet."

Maggie then cut away the straps, removed the bra completely and threw it onto Lisa's body.

Jack was standing besides them and watched the little girl playfully remove the woman's clothes. Maggie seemed completely absorbed by what she was doing. Her poise and the very erotic view made Jack's penis to slowly get hard again, which surprised him after he already experienced multiple orgasms that evening.

Maggie thought what to do with the rest of the t-shirt, then she grabbed the edge and pulled as hard as she could. It tore off of Lauren's shoulders with a loud rippping sound accompanied by the woman's surprised scream.

"Ow, that hurt."

"I know, that's the point, isn't it?" Maggie grinned.

Lauren laughed at her reaction.

"Maybe you should tie my hands, then? I might instinctively defend myself and I wouldn't want to hurt you."

"That's a good idea. Jack, could you please tie miss Lauren up for me?"

"Sure thing!." Jack picked up the rope and walked up behind Lauren, who put her hands behind her back to make it easier for him to bind her.

"And you can just call me Lauren, by the way. Or however you like to call me, for that matter." She looked Maggie in the eyes. "After all, we're about to become very intimate, so there's really no point in formalities."

"I'll try. It just seems a bit weird... Lauren."

Jack finished his task and the woman's arms were now tightly bound behind her back.

"Can you try to free yourself?"

Lauren complied with the request, but she found herself barely able to move her arms up and down, there was no chance of her arms getting free.

"It's all good. Shall we continue, then?" She looked back at Maggie.

"Sure thing." Maggie threw the knife onto the ground, crouched before Lauren, grabbed the edges of her leggings and pulled them down. The woman kicked her shoes off her feet and stepped out of the pants, now only dressed in a tiny red thong. Lisa grabbed the front of the thong and pulled towards her. Another ripping sound could be heard and the string between Lauren's buttocks tore and the thong came right off, exposing her beautiful pussy, which was still wet from her masturbation session earlier. Maggie gave her a kiss on her lower lips, then licked her entire snatch from bottom to top. Lauren spread her legs to give her better access and moaned when she continued licking.

"I could get used to that." Lauren was getting really horny again.

Maggie licked her clit one more time and stood up. She put her hands on Lauren's hips and guided her towards the plastic bed.

"Kneel down." She commanded.

Lauren complied and kneeled before the bed, while Maggie sat on the edge and spread her legs.

"Now lick your daughter's blood off of me."

She didn't have to say that twice. Lauren enthusiastically started licking Maggie's pussy, while blood was still slowly leaking from her own tummy. She licked Maggie's slit slowly from bottom to top and from top to bottom first, then started circling her tongue closer and closer to the center. She put her tongue inside for a short moment, then moved it higher towards the clit and started slowly licking.

Maggie closed her eyes and grabbed Lauren's hair with her hand, so they didn't interfere with what she was doing. The young woman was very skilled, it obviously wasn't her first time eating pussy. Maggie ejoyed the sensation tremendously, which she expressed with loud moans and a rocking movement of her hips.

In the meantime Jack walked up behind Lauren and took a close look at her Pussy. Her inner lips were slightly sticking outside and her juices were slowly flowing down from her aroused opening.

Jack put two of his fingers inside her pussy, to which Lauren reacted with a moan, never stopping licking Maggie's pussy. He moved his fingers back and forth, lubricating them with her juices in the process, then added a third one. When he felt that her pussy could handle them easily he added another finger and started moving his hand deeper inside her. Soon enough his entire hand with his thumb hidden between the other fingers was disappearing into Lauren's vagina.

Lauren felt Jack's hand reach her cervix and she shivered when she felt him tickling it softly. She picked up the tempo of licking Maggie's pussy and moaned again.

Maggie was in heaven. Lauren's tongue massaging her tiny pussy was sending shivers through her entire body. She pulled on the woman's hair and she let out a quiet moan, Maggie wasn't sure whether it was a moan of pain, pleasure, or both. She pulled stronger and Lauren's tongue stiffened for a split second and the woman definitely moaned in pain this time, but she didn't stop licking Maggie's clit.

Maggie glanced at Lauren and saw her looking looking back at her with smiling eyes. On a whim Maggie let go of her hair and placed one of her thumbs on Lauren's left eye, with the rest of her hand resting on the side of her head. The woman instinctively closed her eyes when she saw Maggie's thumb getting too close.

"Get ready for the fun part." Maggie giggled. She would never think something like this could turn her on this much, but cutting Lisa's head off awakened something inside her. Now Lisa's mother was there only for her pleasure and she intended to make the most of it.

Lauren was terrified. She knew she was going to die, but she didn't expect that. She tried to focus on Jack's fist pumping in and out of her pussy and on giving pleasure to the little girl in front of her, but she couldn't keep focused much longer, when she felt Maggie's thumb putting pressure on her eyeball.

She screamed out in pain when she felt her eye being pushed deeper and deeper into her skull, then she screamed again when Maggie dug her fingernail through her eyelid, tearing it apart. Then she screamed even louder when it pierced her cornea.

The pain was unbearable, but she fought it and made herself return to her task. She stopped screaming and resumed licking Maggie's pussy, only moaning loudly when the girl's thumb entered through the cut made by her sharp fingernail.

Maggie was surprised how hard it was to dig her finger into Lauren's eye. She expected it to be soft and squishy, when in fact it was quite hard and strong, she had to use her fingernail to cut through to the inside. There was also surprisingly little blood, only some greyish goo squished its way around her finger.

"That's so awesome!" She exclaimed enthusiastically with her thumb inside Lauren's eye.

Lauren was surprised as well, by the fact that this started to turn her on. The pain was slowly fading away and the pleasure from vaginal stimulation started taking over again. Then she felt Maggie pull.

She tugged the eye back, like little finger puppet. The eye popped from its socket and hung only on the nerve. Maggie wiggled her finger out of the eyeball and watched her work with interest, while enjoying the tongue caressing her sex.

Lauren opened her right eye, which was now surrounded by mascara ruined by her tears. She looked at Maggie with a mix of pain and ecstasy.

"Want me to tear it out?" Maggie said in a daring voice.

Before Lauren could respond Maggie grabbed her left eye and pulled.

"Noo!" Lauren screamed in pain when the nerve separated from her head and blood started flowing from the now completely empty eye socket.

She wanted to touch the eye, but the rope on her arms prevented her from reaching to her face.

"Keep licking." Maggie ordered with an overexaggerated strictness in her voice, which made Lauren smile again.

"Yes ma'am!" She responded jokingly and complied with the order despite the tears and blood on her face.

Jack was amazed. He would never have guessed that Maggie was such a little devil. He wanted to say something, but decided that it was her moment and she should enjoy it however she wanted, so he focused on giving Lauren some of the last moments of pleasure in her life instead.

Lauren watched Maggie from between her legs. She saw her raise her destroyed eyeball closer to her face and after a short pause as she put it in her mouth.

"Eww. It tastes gross!" Maggie took the eye out of her mouth and threw it away. The eyeball bounced from Lisa's dead body and landed in the grass.

"Hey, I was using that." Lauren was quickly regaining her humor.

"Keep licking or I'll take the other one too."

Maggie grinned and rocked her hips against Lauren's blood covered face, then reached and caressed the outside of her empty eye socket. She put her index finger inside and felt the soft bloodied walls. She reached deeper and touched where the optic nerve used to connect to Lauren's brain.

The signal sent from the end of the severed nerve overwhelmed the woman's brain and Jack felt the walls of her vagina contact repeatedly around his hand, then saw her squirt all over his arm. Lauren's whole body shook violently with a powerful orgasm. She moaned very loudly and her jaw clenched shut, pinching Maggie's pussy in the process.

Maggie felt she was getting close to an orgasm as well, but she didn't want it to happen yet, she wanted to come against Lauren's dying body, so she moved her hips away from the woman's face.

Lauren shook with pleasure for a few moments then sent an exhausted, yet thankful smile towards Maggie and passed out.

Jack removed his hand from her pussy, walked to Maggie, sat beside her, reached his arm around her waist and they sat there for a while hugging each other and watching Lauren just laying there peacefully.

"Do you think she'll be okay?" Maggie asked, still breathing heavily with excited voice.

"Yeah, she's just out for a few moments. Her chest is still moving."

"That's good."

"So what do you want to do next?"

Maggie grinned again.



## Maggie at the park - final

Lauren woke up confused. Her head hurt and she was exhausted, but she also felt unusually relaxed.

The world seemed different, since she had no depth perception anymore; everything looked flat and less appealing.

She felt a metallic taste in her mouth, which she decided had to be her blood flowing down from her empty eye socket.

Her wrists hurt from the rope, but they were still tightly restrained, Jack wasn't an amateur in that regard.

Lauren looked around and saw Maggie sitting next to Jack with his arm around her. Their faces were close to each other and they looked like they just ended a lover's kiss.

Laura smiled at the view.

"Aren't you two adorable." She said with a cheerful voice.

Maggie blushed and moved away from Jack's face.

"Hi, miss... Hi Lauren. Glad to see you awake. We were almost getting worried."

"Really? How long were I out?"

"Just a couple of minutes." Jack stood up and stretched a bit. "Ready for the rest?"

"I don't really have a choice now, do I?" Lauren giggled.

"No, you don't." Maggie seemed excited she got to say that. "You promised me your life, so no backsies."

"Rules are rules."

All three of them shared a soft laugh.

"So what's on the menu?" Lauren was curious what would she have to endure before they killed her.

"We've got a fine choice of asphyxiation with different flavours. From classic hands around neck, through choking with my pussy to scenarios involving your daughter's body. If you want to choose, that is. If not, we can make it a surprise."

"Well, I'm not sure, can I think about it and order later?"

"Not really, we're closing pretty soon."

"Then I will have today's special. Surprise me."

"The chef will be delighted." Maggie couldn't stay in character and hold the laughter in any longer and they both started giggling again.

"So what do I do now?" Lauren was keen to proceed after how hot and pleasurable it was so far, even considering that she never experienced pain this strong before.

"Lie on your back."

Lauren did as Maggie ordered, but pretty soon she found her new position to be pretty uncomfortable with her arms lying awkwardly under her torso.

"I don't think I can hold this position for too long, my arms are digging into my back."

"I think I can do something about that. You two proceed with what you were about to do." Jack ordered.

Maggie gladly complied and soon enough she was crouching over Lauren's face and paying with her breasts.

Lauren immediately started licking the little girl's pussy vigorously. Maggie moaned and started moving her hips to the rhythm of Lauren's tongue, while still playing with the woman's tits.

In the meantime Jack picked up the knife again and cut Lauren's abandoned leggings into two long thin strips. He walked over to the plastic bed and used one of the strips to tie a makeshift tourniquet around one of her arms, just below her shoulder.

Lauren noticed what he was doing, since it was quite painful when he tightened the fabric so strong that it cut most of her bloodflow to her arm, but she didn't stop eating Maggie's pussy. She tried to focus on her sweet sex juices when Jack tied her other arm off as well.

"What are you doing?" Maggie asked through her moans.

"I'm tying her arms to restrict blood flow."


"We don't want her to bleed out when I cut her arms off, do we?"

"Ohh, you're going to cut her arms off while she's still alive?" Maggie's eyes lit up with excitement.


"That's so cool! How are you going to cut through her bones with that small knife, though?"

Maggie was too occupied with Jack's plan to notice that her pussy was preventing Lauren from breathing. The woman didn't complain, she tried to pleasure Maggie as long as she could without taking a breath.

"Wait and see."

Jack took the knife in his hand and kneeled by the girls' side. He put the knife against Lauren's right arm.

"Meg, you're suffocating her. Don't you want her to feel what I'm about to do?"

Maggie jumped up startled, a sucking sounds could be heard followed by Lauren's lungs filling with air with a long and loud breath.

"Sorry, I didn't notice! Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." The woman was breathing heavily. "I didn't want to ruin your fun."

"Nonsense." Replied Maggie. "If you're gonna die I want you to be conscious enough to really feel it."

"Speaking of feeling it, are you two ready?" Jack asked and smiled.

"As ready as I'll ever be."

Lauren seemed complacent, maybe even somewhat eager to have her arms cut off.

"Yeah, go ahead Jack!" Maggie turned around and moved down to put her head between Lauren's legs. Jack decided that he loved the sight of her little bum sticking up into the air. "I'll try to make it easier for you, Lauren."

She touched the woman's clit with her tongue and sent shivers through her body.

At the same time Jack lowered the knife to Lauren's arm, just below the tied leggings and started cutting. Lauren let out a loud moan and pushed her hips towards Maggie's face, while trying not to move her arm.

Blood appeared under the blade, albeit in much lower quantity than it would have without the tourniquet.

The pain Lauren felt got more intense with each move of the knife, just as her moaning. Maggie really got to work with her tongue and Lauren was wiggling under the restraints to get as much pressure out of it as she could.

Cut after cut, the woman quickly lost all feeling in her arm. All except for the pain she felt even in the separated parts as her confused brain struggled with the loss of sensations from her limb.

Not long afterwards Jack was done cutting the flesh and he looked at the exposed bone with a smile.

"Now for the fun part..."

He stepped onto the plastic bed and put his foot on Lauren's shoulder to prevent it from moving, then grabbed her elbow.


He looked into her eyes and felt like she was silently begging him to do it.

He pulled as hard as he could.

Maggie winced at the sound of cracking bone and almost bit her lover's clitoris. She felt that if she did bite it the woman might not even notice it in the sea of pain brought upon her by Jack, though.

Lauren screamed out in pain and the people around them looked at her, startled by the noise. A little girl playing near the swings ran to her mother to ask what the strange people were doing, but was quickly reassured they were just playing, so she returned to her routine, only glancing at the bizarre show every once in a while.

Maggie felt Lauren's pussy spasm repeatedly, pushing more and more of her juices out with her orgasm.

Lauren shook for a few moments, she couldn't comprehend how something that painful and grotesque could be do sexually stimulating. She felt horrible and wonderful at the same time. Her mutilated body was sending mixed signals, but she enjoyed all of them - even the negative ones.

When she came down from the euphoria she pulled her now severed arm from under her using the other one. She grabbed the motionless hand and Jack untied her, since the knot wasn't doing anything useful anymore. Lauren thought that her arm was surprisingly heavy when it wasn't attached to her.

"You were right Jack, this is much more comfortable."

"How did it feel?!" Maggie was really curious.

"Not that bad, actually. Combined with your tongue it was an experience I could definitely recommend. It was like the pain was so strong it started to feel good."

"Wow, I almost want my arm cut off now." Maggie bit her lip. "But it looks weird just dangling around when you hold it."

"Yeah, it feels... Dead. Like it's not mine."

Lauren raised the arm, moving her elbow to her face and licked it.

"And they said it couldn't be done." She laughed.

"Hey, I've got an idea." Maggie grinned again. "Can I take it?"

"Sure, it's yours if you want it." Lauren gave it to her.

"You can cut the other one now, Jack." She commanded.

"As you wish, princess."

"Hey, don't call me a princess!" Maggie pretended to be offended. "Have you ever heard of a princess that did this?"

She shoved Lauren's arm hand-first into the woman's vagina in one motion, almost up to the elbow. She might have broken a finger or two in the process, but it's not like they were ever going to be used again.

"Owww!" Lauren screamed out again.

"I certainly haven't." Jack smiled and kissed Maggie's head.

Lauren was breathing heavily, while Maggie stretched her pussy using her own arm and Jack got to work on her other one. This time it was a bit less painful, probably because of the blood loss, but she enjoyed the feeling of Jack's knife cutting through her muscles nonetheless.

After less than a minute the flesh was cut all around her bone and Jack stepped on her shoulder again. Maggie saw what was coming and decided to use the moment to her advantage.

Jack pulled again and another cracking sound broke the silence along with Lauren's painful howl, then was quickly followed by another scream as Maggie pushed Lauren's limb as deep inside her pussy as she could. She wasn't very strong, but she was sure she felt something break inside. She concluded that she must have punctured a wall in Lauren's uterus. Whatever it was, blood was now dripping from the woman's stumps as well as her pussy.

Lauren couldn't catch a breath, everything from her between her legs up hurt - her missing eye, her amputated arms, a hole in her belly, her stretched pussy and her torn insides. Despite all that she was smiling. The moment her amputated arm pushed through her flesh and destroyed her uterus she came again. Endless pleasure raced all over her body and created the most bizarre and wonderful experience she ever felt.

Jack watched Lauren tremble from pleasure while Maggie pumped woman's arm deeper and deeper inside her body.

"Hey Meg, I don't want to ruin your fun, but if you still want her to die while she's pleasuring you, then there's not much time left. I tied off her arms but it only buys us some time, she's gonna bleed out soon anyway."

Maggie looked at him sadly, Jack thought she looked like a child who was just told to put down her toys.

"Okay. But I'm still not sure how I want her to go."

"Then better think fast." Said Lauren quietly. "All those orgasms are making me tired pretty fast."

"Then stop talking and get back to work." Maggie smiled, jumped back up onto the table and lowered her pussy onto Lauren's mouth.

Lauren started licking Maggie's clitoris again and soon they had a steady rhythm going, although Maggie had to help her by moving her hips back and forth, as the woman was getting visibly weaker.

Jack decided not to interfere, so he only sat nearby, watching them and slowly stroking his cock.

After a while Maggie felt she was getting closer and closer to cumming. Just as she felt first signs of an orgasm she relaxed her legs and put all of her body weight on Lauren's face while grabbing the back of her head with her hands. Her pussy completely covered Lauren's mouth and nose. She was effectively choking her and she knew it.

Lauren panicked. At first she didn't know what was happening, then she felt pain, because even though Maggie was pretty light it still hurt to have all of her weight on one's face. Then she felt the urge to breathe.

She tried pushing Maggie off with her arms only to remember she wouldn't be able to use them ever again. Then she wanted to kick her, but didn't have enough strength to raise her legs. Her lungs started burning from lack of fresh air. Despite everything she felt and said earlier she was scared and unsure. She didn't want to die and even though she realised she was already dead either way her body wanted her to fight.

She looked like a fish out of water. All her body was able to do was flop around without accomplishing anything. Maggie found this to be incredibly erotic and the most powerful orgasm of her short life quickly took over her mind and flesh. She involuntarily pulled on Lauren's hair, ripping some of it out in the process, while the woman suffocated under her sex.

Lauren's vision was getting blurry, the pain in her lungs got more and more intense while she watched the little girl cum all over her face. In her last conscious moments she felt a weak orgasm herself, the last one of her life. At this moment she made peace with her death again and let herself disappear into the pleasure she was giving to Maggie.

"Thank you, princess." She thought as her mind left her body.

Maggie noticed that Lauren lost consciousness when her body started spasming, but she didn't let go, she grabbed her head even stronger not to let even a tiny bit of air into her lungs. She was dying for her and it was all that mattered. Maggie's own orgasm lasted longer than she ever imagined it could. It was every bit as good as she hoped and then some. When she finally calmed down Lauren wasn't moving anymore, not even a twitch.

The woman looked into the distance with her remaining eye, looking but not seeing. Her limp body was peacefully motionless.

Maggie slid down and laid next to Lauren's dead body, hugging it. She absentmindedly played with her nipples while panting from exhaustion with a wide smile on her face.

She massaged one of her breasts and just enjoyed the feeling of her rapidly cooling skin. She put her ear between the breasts to make sure there was no heartbeat, then looked down at the arm sticking out of her bloody vagina.

She glanced at Lauren's headless daughter, then her eyes meet Jack's. He sat nearby with a raging hard-on and a lewd smile.

"Did you like it?" He asked.

"Like you have to ask." She laughed. "I guess that makes me a pervert."

"No, it makes you the most amazing girl I've ever met."

Jack walked over and laid down behind Maggie with his cock touching her butt and put his arm around her.

"I don't want this moment to end." Maggie closed her eyes and snuggled to Jack. She also made sure that the tip of his cock was between her legs and that her head was on the dead woman's breast.

"Me neither." Jack kissed her neck. "But you've probably got to go soon, it's getting pretty late."

"Let's just cuddle some more, then we'll throw the bodies in the trash and decide what to do next."

"I've got a few ideas." Jack pushed hips and his penis slightly forward.

"We think so much alike..." Maggie said with a dreamy voice.


Well, there you have it.

Let me know what you think about the last charter, cause I'm not really happy with it. It was very hard for me to finish it. Maybe because I'm lazy, maybe because I got bored with this storyline, maybe because I wasn't horny enough when I wrote it.

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I enjoyed it but I think some more short stories with some brutality would be great. Love to see a pregnant girl have a bad day.


Honestly my favorite story. Seriously. Love the universe, the characters, and the creativity.

I'd love to see more of Jack's escapades in this world like he did with Rosie and her mom. Loved the group stuff in the last chapter and the creativity behind the scene.


Anyone got the link to Fellheimer's story on newfapchan?



On the subject of your most recent update:
I enjoyed it, but not quite as much as the previous ones. It's hard to put my finger on exactly what it is that I didn't like though. In general I find the lack of a definite perspective/changing perspective to be a bit distracting and/or confusing at times.

On the subject of future updates:
I quite enjoy this world, and Jack makes a great person to view it through. However, I'd rather see you write what has your interest than something that you feel forced to write. Please do keep writing though. Whatever you decide to write about I intend to read it.


I would love to see some more in universe writing, specifically focusing on how casual the whole thing is, and random people joining in on the killing and fucking.


This is honestly my favorite stories. I want to see more being done to the mothers with their dead daughters


You definitely should write more of this universe ! I love every part of these stories. Especially the parts with little girls being used.

This is definitely one of my very favorite threads on this site !


PSA: there's a new story in the Short(er) stories thread and a new chapter with Jack and Rosie is coming soon (I hope).


I'm so happy you're posting again! Looking forward to the next chapter hopefully in a few days :)


Here the first part of the new chapter. I'm still not satisfied with it, but I got tired of rewriting it from scratch again and again, so here you go.

Hope you enjoy.

You can also suggest what you did/didn't like and what would you like to read in the next part.


Jack's phone rang and an unknown number appeared on his screen.

"Who on Earth is calling me Sunday morning?" Jack mumbled to himself before putting a book he was reading down and answering the phone.


"Hi. Is this Jack?"

"Yes. How can I help you?"

"This is Ashleigh, Maggie's mother. We met at the mall. I got your number from her..."

"Oh, hi, what's going on?"

"Well this is a bit embarrassing, but I don't know what Eddie else to do. My husband and I have to leave town for the day because of... an emergency, but we have no one to leave Maggie with on such short notice, so I thought maybe you..."

"Sure, I'll look after her." Jack interrupted.


"Yes, I'd love to spend some time with her. We were planning on going for a date soon anyway. We had a great time together the other day."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, you're a lifesaver. Can we drop her at your place?"

"Sure, just tell me when."

"Is five minutes from now OK?"

"Sure." Jack laughed softly. "Here's my address..."


The doorbell rang not ten minutes later and Jack opened the door to see a car already driving away and a cute prepubescent girl in a white top standing in front of him.

As soon as Maggie saw Jack she jumped onto him, wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his torso and kissed him passionately on the mouth. Jack returned the kiss with equal enthusiasm and placed one arm on her back under her blond hair and the other on her little butt which was covered only by a short red skirt.

They kissed in a quiet embrace for a good minute before Maggie pulled her head back, took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes.

"I missed you." She said blushing.

"I missed you too you crazy girl."

"I'm not crazy!"

"Yes, you are. And I love it."

They both laughed and Jack carried her inside the house. He put her down onto his couch, (the same one on which Rosie's corpse sat not long before) sat down next to her and they just hugged each other for some time, simply enjoying each other's company and warmth.

"Wanna hear a secret?" Suddenly after a few minutes Maggie broke the silence clearly excited about something.

"Sure. What are you up to this time?"

"I'm not wearing any panties."

To confirm her words she spread her legs and exposed her bald pussy to Jack's eyes. A mischievous smile appeared on her face and she unbuttoned his jeans before he had a chance to react.

In a matter of seconds his trousers were on the floor and Maggie knelt over him with her legs on each side of his body and her vagina touching the tip of his already hard cock.

Jack didn't wait for an invitation. He just grabbed her hips and pushed her down onto his member. Maggie was already wet and slid down onto him relatively easily despite some discomfort from her tightness. She winced from pain for a second but smile returned to her face when Jack's full length was inside her.

"Hey, not so rough, I'm only only ten, you know?" She said with a not so subtle note of sarcasm in her voice.

"I though you were ten and a half?" Jack smiled and lifted her almost entirely off of his penis then immediately slammed her down back onto him.

He wasn't gentle, but she didn't complain. In fact she moved her hips to match his furious pace as he moved in and out of her.

They made love quickly and furiously, their common desire expressed in a fiery display of passion. It wasn't long before Maggie felt a fire building between her legs and they both came at the same time. Jack shot a huge load inside her as she was shaking with pleasure.

When Maggie managed to control herself after her orgasm induced spasms she put her head down on Jack's chest and closed her eyes. They just laid there silently again, Jack's softening cock still inside her, and breathed heavily both exhausted from this explosion of lust.

"So what do you want to do now?" Jack asked trying to control his breath.

"I was thinking ice cream."

"You just earned a lifetime supply of ice cream if there's more where that came from."

"You've got yourself a deal, mister."

They both laughed together.

"I love you, you little pervert." Jack kissed the top of Maggie's head.

"I love you too, pervertsitter."


Fifteen minutes later they were walking down a park alley holding hands. Soon they approached a little ice cream stand that was set up next to a playground.

"What can I get you?" A teen girl asked when they approached.

"I'll have vanilla and chocolate in a cone. And you?" Jack looked at Maggie.

"I'll have double chocolate, strawberry and lemon. You can just dump it directly down my throat, but a cone is fine too."

The teen smiled and immediately got to work, preparing their order.

A few seconds later Jack felt an unexpected tug on his sleeve. He looked to his side and saw a little girl, maybe seven years old, wearing a colorful dress with cartoon characters printed all over the fabric. But Jack's eyes were immediately drawn to the girls hair, which despite being rather short had a beautiful red color that shined like an ember in the morning sun.

"Can I have some ice cream too?"

Jack was surprised by the sudden question an didn't know how to respond at first so he just said the first thing that came to his head.

"Can't you ask your mom?"

"She forgot her purse." She replied with disappointment on her face.

"Where is she?"

The girl pointed towards a stunning redhead girl sunbathing on the grass. She looked eighteen at most and was wearing only a skimpy white bikini bottom, which left most of her petite body exposed to Jack and Maggie's eyes. They both admired her tiny but perky breasts and a sea of the same shade of red as on the little girl's head flowing around the woman's pretty face.

Maggie was just as surprised by the situation as Jack was but a devilish idea popped into her head the second she saw the girl's mother.

"You can have whatever ice cream you want if you promise to do what I tell you for the rest of the day."

Jack was intrigued, so he didn't say anything.

"Okay." The girl's face lit up with joy. "Can I have strawberry with caramel on top?"


The three of then sat on a bench just a few feet away from the girl's mom and enjoyed their ice cream along with some small talk.

They learned the girls name was Anna and that she was indeed seven years old. She was an only child and her mother was only ten years older than her.

They talked about the weather, the school and the summer holiday and all the usual topics until they finished eating.

"Did you like the ice cream?" Maggie asked.

"Yes, thank you."

"Now it's time for your part of the deal. Jack, do you have that knife on you?" Jack nodded and took a folding knife out of his pocket. "Okay Anna. I want you to go to your mother and cut her throat."

"Okay." Anna agreed enthusiastically without hesitation, grabbed the knife and ran towards her mother.

Jack looked at Maggie with a surprised smile. Maggie just grinned in return and looked back at the girl. They watched her struggle with the knife for a few seconds before she gave up and looked at her mother.

"Mom!" After seeing no reaction Anna shook her mother's shoulder to wake he up. The seventeen year old girl woke up and looked at her daughter.

"What's the matter sweetie?" She asked with a sleepy voice.

"They asked me to cut your throat, but I can't open the knife."

"What? Who asked you that?" She looked at her daughter with a puzzled expression.

"They did." Anna pointed towards Jack and Maggie. "They bought me ice cream"

"Well, in that case..." Anna's mom took the knife and gave it back to her after opening it to reveal the sharp blade. "Just be careful and don't cut yourself."

"Okay. Heads up!"

Anna's mother moved her head back a bit to reveal her neck and closed her eyes, seemingly trying to get back to sleep.

Anna wasted no time and dragged the blade across her mom's throat making a shallow cut on her skin.

"Ow!" The teen jerked her head in pain. Only a few drops of blood trickled out from her neck. "Not like that, you have to cut deeper, honey."

"Okay mom." Anna pressed the knife against the shallow wound and started cutting back and forth this time, sinking the knife deeper and deeper with each move. Her mother's eyes widened in shock and a gurgle came from her throat when she tried to say something. After a few seconds Anna stopped moving the knife, satisfied with her work as blood poured from the cut and looked at Maggie.

"Is that okay?"

"Perfect." Maggie moaned, her hand already rubbing her tiny clit while rubbing Jack's penis through the fabric with the other. Her skirt was on the ground next to the bench and everyone around had a perfect view of her cum-dripping undeveloped pussy.

Anna's mom only seemed to fully grasp the gravity of the situation when blood started filling her lungs and her arms instinctively reached up to stop the bleeding, but she quickly realized that she was far past the point of no return as both of her arteries were sloppily cut by her daughter.

Her lungs burned and she couldn't breathe, but she felt another fire building between her legs. She decided to make the most of the last minutes of her consciousness and took the knife out of Anna's hand and threw it aside, then pulled her daughter's head towards herself with her other hand and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Anna was surprised but didn't protest. She kissed her mother back, it wasn't the first time time they played with each other, so she sat on her mother's belly and started playing with her nipples like she was taught.

Anna's mom quickly slid her panties down with one hand to reveal a clean shaven pussy and started rubbing herself as fast as she could without any foreplay, knowing she didn't have much time left. Her other hand wandered under her daughter's panties and she tried to pull them down as well, but Anna's legs were spread too wide, so in order to save time she just ripped them off. Anna only flinched when the fabric dug into her skin, but continued the kissing and fondling not wanting to disappoint her mother.

The teen girl brought the hand up to her neck and lubricated her middle finger with the blood and immediately moved it back to her daughters butthole and pushed inside. Anna moaned when she felt a familiar pleasure and moved her hips with the rhythm of her mom's hand.

At this point Jack couldn't contain his arousal, so he quickly took his jeans off and guided Maggie's ass over his hips, then pushed her butt down onto his cock using only some spit as a lubricant. Maggie bit her lips when he entered her ass, but was way too horny to complain about a little pain, so she started moving up and down his shaft instead. They fucked while watching the dying woman try to pleasure herself for the last time.

Anna's mom wasted no time, either. She rubbed her clitoris as hard as she could, but strength was leaving her body by the second. She always loved her daughter's ass, so she kept fingering her to add to her own arousal in a desperate attempt to come one more time.

Finally just as her vision narrowed and started fading she felt an immense pleasure when an orgasm rippled through her body. All of her muscles tensed, blood shot out of her lips and onto Anna's face and her finger involuntarily curled inside her daughter's ass which caused her fingernail to dig painfully into the little girl's insides.

Jack came inside Maggie's ass when he saw Anna's mom start shaking as her brain died in the middle of a powerful orgasm. He kept shooting loads of cum deep inside Maggie's colon watching the teenager's body go limp under her own daughter.

Anna broke the kiss and looked at her mother with a puzzled expression on her blood stained face, like she was wondering why she stopped fingering her ass all of the sudden. She watched the remainder of the blood slowly drip out of the gashing neck wound, then she looked at her unmoving eyes, which were seemingly staring far beyond her.

"Not yet, mommy. I'm not done yet." She poked her mother's face with her finger and disappointment could be seen on Anna's face when she saw no reaction. "I didn't come yet, mom." She said with a voice that was both filled with sadness and desire.

"I believe we can help you with that."

Anna looked to the side and saw Maggie crouching next to her with fresh cum leaking out of her ass and a trail of slowly drying cum flowing down her leg from her pussy. "We know a few good tricks." Maggie giggled, grabbed Anna's mother by the wrist and moved her dead finger in and out of Anna's ass. "And you can help me come as well. What do you say?"

"Okay." Anna smiled. "What do I do now?"


Finally a new chapter!


FYI I don't really like the new chapter after rereading it, so I might end up deleting it and rewriting it yet again after all.



I hope all the girls, include the ice cream seller, will not survive this day


More of your writing is always welcome. Even if this part might end up scrapped, it's still nice to see the story is not forgotten.


I've decided not to delete the chapter after all and just accept is as a weak point of this series. I like the content of it, I just dislike *how* I wrote it.

I'll just try to make the next part better.

So I'm waiting for suggestions what to do with little Anna. :)

Your suggestion is already noted and I'll most likely kill her too.



It was never forgotten, I'm just constantly either too busy or too tired to write. I'm sure you know this pain all too well.


i like the idea of a good hard beating and skull fucking for Anna, as for the ice cream girl i think a gutting would be nice. also always down for some brain play.


I don't know if you would like adding it in your story, but some sort of gutting of Anna or someone else would be interesting.


Seconding the gutting suggestion; maybe another older teen gets gutted and Maggie tries to burrow into her body cavity or something weird.


I kinda want Anna to happily going on a murder spree, before eagerly killing herself, but not before making Jack and Maggie promise to have lots and lots of babies together.

Maybe the murder spree becomes a death orgy? Or perhaps to make things interesting, whether someone lives or dies is decided by a coin flip.


Let ice cream girl use Anna's brain to make ice creams and sell it to other girls. She may take small bit for start, and even let Anna taste her own frozen brain with milk.


Really looking forward to the continuation of this awesome story.




Is this story still being written. I sure hope so, it's awesome


It is, I'm just busy and lazy at the same time so it may take a while.


>Let ice cream girl use Anna's brain to make ice creams and sell it to other girls.

> She may take small bit for start, and >even let Anna taste her

> own frozen brain with milk.

Interesting idea. Anna and Maggie at a birthday party... Anna would be volunteered or choosen...a farewell kiss and lick from the birthday girl... the caterer would strap Anna into a special chair...and the guest kids could see the procedure.


Where are you Rosie?
More chapters please!



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