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Cream and Juice

1 - Wednesday Morning

"Come on, Edward, I don't have all morning." said Miss Myers.

"My my, he is taking an awfully long time." observed Mrs Stevens.

"I-ahh! I'm trying, Miss Myers!" Edward panted, as he worked his hand up and down his rigid shaft.

"Well, if you don't come soon, my coffee will get cold." replied Miss Myers.

Edward was standing to the side of Miss Myers' desk, facing it, with his pants around his ankles. The bottom few buttons of his shirt were undone, and the corners were tucked up under his armpits, giving him unrestricted access to his bare crotch. He was stroking his cock vigorously, obviously trying to reach orgasm quickly.

Set on the edge of the desk, right below and slightly in front of his bobbing cock, was Miss Myers' full coffee cup. The coffee in it was an extremely dark shade of brown, apparently un-sugared and un-creamed.

"When I asked you to cream my coffee all this week, I didn't think you would have any trouble with it." Miss Myers said. "I mean, most boys your age can go from flaccid to cumming within a minute or two, especially in the morning."

"Maybe some of the girls have been keeping him a bit busy." said Mrs Stevens, with a knowing grin.

The girls had been keeping Edward busy, as a matter of fact, and one in particular. Maggie had come over to his house the previous night and kept him up until four in the morning. The little teenaged nymphomaniac had drained every last drop from him before finally allowing him to pass out.

That was why he was so slow to come this morning. He had barely recharged enough to get an erection when Miss Myers had presented her coffee cup to him half an hour before the first bell. If he didn't hurry, he would be late for his first class.

Miss Myers paused in her conversation with Mrs Stevens, and reached over to gently fondle Edward's warm, silky smooth testicles. All the pubic hair had been removed from his crotch, as it had in all of the other students of Cruftbert High.

Edward groaned as she rolled the soft orbs back and forth in her hand, occasionally giving them a small squeeze. She didn't squeeze hard enough to be painful, just enough to give Edward a little extra stimulation to help him on his way to climax.

After a few more minutes of Miss Myers' fondling, Edward stroking himself, and the odd grunt or moan failing to to produce any results, Miss Myers sighed and sat up a little straighter.

"Well Edward, if you can't manage to milk some semen out of your prostate for me, I can always just run these through the juicer." said Miss Myers, stopping her fondling and hefting Edward's testicles appraisingly. "It doesn't taste quite the same, but it's still good."

Edward inhaled quickly at the mention of the juicer, and his cock throbbed hard in his hand, swelling to its maximum size for the first time that morning.

"Of course, I'll have to find another boy to finish out the week creaming my coffee." continued Miss Myers, now isolating a single soft testicle in her fingers, and pressing her thumb into it gently, rhythmically.

"I-ahh! Miss.. Miss Myers, I.." stammered Edward, a deep flush creeping up his face.

"Oh, I love using the juicer." said Mrs Stevens. "Coffee with pulp in it is just so decadently delicious."

To emphasize her point, she parted her full lips slightly and then slowly licked them. She drew her pink tongue sensuously across her pouty bottom lip, then along her upper, wetting them slightly and making them glisten.

Edward's eyes were glued to this erotic display, and his breathing rapidly increased in pace, as did his strokes.

"Well, Edward?" asked Miss Myers, who then reached for one of the drawers on her desk. Just as she started to pull it open, Edward's gasping breaths halted, he groaned, and his hips started to buck.

"Don't spill any!" ordered Miss Myers, sternly.

Edward quickly bent his knees a bit, then leaned over the coffee cup in front of him, placing the tip of his penis on the rim.

"Ahh! Miss Myers!" he said, the sudden orgasm welling up inside of him so powerful that his eyes had crossed.

The first spurt jetted out of his cock, splashing into the coffee and almost driving some out of the cup. His second spurt, nearly as powerful, was better aimed and only caused large ripples on the surface. The force of his orgasm quickly depleted, though. By the fifth time his cream came out, only a tiny dribble managed to drip into the coffee.

Breathing heavily, he stood back up, still gently stroking his now very sensitive penis. Miss Myers leaned over towards him slightly, then drew her finger up the underside of his cock head to the very tip, collecting the small drop still clinging to his slit. She then brought her finger to her mouth and licked the milky drop off.

"Hmm, watery and thin. Not up to your usual standards, Edward. I'll expect better tomorrow morning. Now off to class with you, or you'll be late." said Miss Myers. She then returned to her chat with Mrs Stevens as Edward fumbled with his clothes, getting dressed. Edward then left the classroom, shutting the door quietly behind him.

"Oh, I do love the look on their faces when you mention the juicer." said Mrs Stevens, with an amused smile.

"Yes, usually I just have to talk about it to get results. For a moment there, I thought I might have to use it. Poor boy must not be getting any rest." replied Miss Myers.

2 - Thursday Morning

Edward was in trouble, and he knew it. He had told Maggie that he needed the night off, and she reluctantly agreed. Apparently she hadn't taken him seriously, though, and had snuck into his bedroom at about one o'clock that night. She had also brought a friend.

He had tried to get out of it, but Maggie had been, well.. VERY insistent. They hadn't quite raped him, but it did take Maggie's friend holding him down by kneeling on his chest, with her cunt over his mouth, while Maggie was busy down on his crotch, to get him to relent. He had finally gotten to sleep at about six in the morning, and then been waked up barely an hour later by his surprised and amused mother.

He was now standing, blearily, next to Miss Myers' desk, completely naked and furiously stroking his half hard cock. Miss Myers was alone this particular morning, and it was already well past the first bell.

"Well, Edward, it certainly is a good thing I've got first period off today." said Miss Myers, with a small, sardonic smile.

"I'm trying, Miss Myers." said Edward, a little plaintively.

Miss Myers reached down and felt her coffee cup, then frowned.

"Dear me, it's gone cold. Edward, I'm going to go heat this up, and if you're not close by then I'll have to use the juicer."

Miss Myers picked up her cup of cold coffee, then went through the door behind her desk into her office.

Edward could hear her pushing buttons on a microwave. He blew out of his mouth hard, emptying his lungs, then sucked in a deep breath of fresh air, and bore down hard on his cock. He rubbed at it like he had never rubbed before, mindless of chafing and the heat building up in his hands from the friction. He used his imagination too, conjuring up scenes of limitless debauchery and eroticism in his mind, but nothing seemed to be working.

About a minute and a half later, Miss Myers emerged from the office, carrying the now steaming cup of coffee.

"Oh, Edward." she sighed. "Still not hard? Well, that's it then."

She reached for the same drawer as the previous day, drew it open, and took out a strange device not much bigger than her coffee cup. Edward, his heart in his throat, peered at it apprehensively while still pumping at his organ. It looked suspiciously like a scaled down version of an orange juicer, similar to the one his mother used for making fresh juice.

It had a clear plastic cap, which Miss Myers removed and placed to the side. Situated in the middle of a circular trough was a small black cone with convex ridges bulging out from it. Miss Myers flipped a tiny switch on the side, and the cone started rotating, whirring along at about a single revolution a second. It must have been battery powered, because it had no cord or plug. Miss Myers then turned the switch back off.

Edward's stomach did a little flip, and he gulped.

"Please, Miss Myers, give me a few more minutes."

"Well, you're already late for your first class, so I guess a couple more minutes won't hurt. Just two though, I'm watching the clock." she said, pointing to the clock at the other end of the classroom.

Edward wasted no breath with a reply. He redoubled his already strenuous efforts, trying to beat the clock. His hand looked like a blur as it worked up and down his cock. He reached up with his left hand and began pinching his nipples, trying for any sensation that would get him closer to orgasm.

Time is a funny thing. If you don't need it, it can stretch on interminably. Edward, however, needed it very badly, and it seemed to fly away from him with each stroke. Much to quickly, the second hand revolved once, then twice, coming back around to its starting position and dooming Edward.

"Well, I'm sorry, Edward, but that really is it." said Miss Myers, apologetically.

Edward slowed his strokes, then gradually came to a stop. His hand had cramped into a curled claw, and he took a moment to stretch it before speaking.

"Can't.. Can't I come back at break and do it? I know I'd be able to by then." he asked, the desperation plain on his face.

"No, Edward. I drink my coffee in the mornings, and it's way past the time I usually have it. The cravings are already getting to me." she replied, holding out one of her hands. It was shaking a little.

"Do I have to?" Edward asked.

"No, of course you don't HAVE to." Miss Myers replied, a little exasperated. "But you said you would cream my coffee every morning this week. I can't handle black coffee. It just doesn't set quite right in my tummy if it isn't creamed."

"Miss Myers.." said Edward, weakly.

"Edward, please cream my coffee as you agreed to do."

Edward glanced down at his now completely flaccid cock, and at the bit of scrotum he could see around it. Then he sighed.

"Yes, Miss Myers." he replied, a little sadly.

3 - Juice

"Good, now sit up here on my desk." said Miss Myers, motioning to the side of the desk closest to her chair.

Edward moved over to the place she had indicated, then sat back on to the desk, letting his legs dangle over the edge. His loose scrotum flopped down on the hard surface of the desk, with his shrunken penis laying over the top of it, looking a little forlorn and pathetic.

"Skooch back a little, Edward. There, that's enough." ordered Miss Myers. "Now, stay right there. I'll be back in a moment."

Miss Myers went back into her office, rummaged around for a few seconds, then returned holding a clean white cloth, some gauze, a prepackaged syringe and a shiny new scalpel, still in its protective packaging.

Edward's eyes were fixed on the scalpel as Miss Myers set her equipment down on the desk next to him. Even through the plastic packaging, it gleamed in the classroom lights. It seemed to Edward that the sharp reflections shining off it pierced him to the core, and he felt the relaxed testicles inside his smooth sack start retreating in response.

Miss Myers pulled open the drawer that had held the juicer, peered inside, then seemed to consider something.

"Well, Edward, should I use gloves, or not? Wearing the gloves is a bit more hygienic, but the touch of skin on bare flesh lends a more personal and less clinical atmosphere to this sort of thing."

"Umm.." replied Edward, unsure.

"I assure you, my hands are clean. I washed them right before you came in this morning." she said, holding up her smooth hands and wiggling her long, slim fingers.

"No gloves, I guess." replied Edward.

"Well then, lift up your legs for me, please." ordered Miss Myers.

Edward leaned back and lifted his thighs from the desk. Miss Myers slid the white cloth lengthwise against his bottom, and tucked the corners under where his thighs would lay.

"Alright, back down now." she said, and Edward let his legs fall gently back to the desk, trapping the cloth. It made a nice clean, white surface for his testicles and penis to lay upon between his spread legs. Miss Myers then picked up the syringe and stripped the plastic covering from it.

"Okay, Edward, this will sting for just a second." she said, holding the syringe vertically and flicking it with one polished nail, making sure it was empty of air bubbles.

She pushed the needle of the syringe into Edward's upper thigh, then slowly depressed the small plunger. Edward could feel a hot, tingly sensation where the fluid was being injected into his leg. The sensation slowly began to spread as Miss Myers pulled the syringe out and discarded it.

"There, that should make this a little more pleasant for both of us." said Miss Myers. She then turned her attention to Edward's still retreating scrotum.

"Oh dear, we can't have that now, can we?" she asked, rhetorically, and sat down in her chair. Being seated placed her right between Edward's legs, with her head was on a level with his chest. She then reached out towards Edward's crotch.

Moving his still flaccid penis aside with one hand, she took his now small and wrinkled sack in her other. Her hand was warm and smooth, and she gently manipulated the contents of his scrotum. She rolled, squeezed, and slightly tugged at his frightened testicles, trying to encourage them to descend back down to where she would have easier access to them.

She wasn't having much success.

"My, you certainly are being difficult today, Edward." she said, gently ribbing him.

"S.. Sorry, Miss Myers." Edward stammered.

"Well, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Lean back again." she said, and bent forward until her face was nearly in his groin.

"Ahh! Miss Myers, I thought we weren't allowed to.." said Edward, a little breathily.

"There are certain allowances made for culinary purposes." she replied, her warm breath tickling at his flaccid member. She then enveloped his recaltricent scrotum with her mouth, holding his penis up out of the way with one of her hands.

Her mouth was soft, warm, and oh so very talented. She gently sucked on his sack, licking and probing at his hiding testicles with her tongue. They apparently decided that the outside world wasn't so scary after all, because they quickly started to relax. This slack allowed her to suck them completely into her mouth.

Once they were loose enough, she started to roll them back and forth across her tongue, occasionally trapping one between her incisors and giving it a gentle nibble. As they further relaxed, she could pull them farther and farther back into her mouth. As soon as they were able to touch the entrance to her throat, she slowly pulled her head back while maintaining suction, causing his testicles to first stretch, then gently slide out of her mouth.

"There, that should do it." she said, with a satisfied smile. Her ministrations had caused Edward's penis to come fully erect for the first time that morning, and Edward was breathing shallowly, panting.

"Now, the triple X should have had time to work, so lets begin." she said, reaching over to the packaged scalpel and picking it up.

Edward's breath caught in his chest as he watched Miss Myers push the sharp end of the blade through the plastic, then strip the rest of the packaging away in one quick flick of her wrist. She then bent towards Edward's crotch again.

"Be a dear and hold this for me." She said, pushing Edward's hard cock up and out of the way. Edward took it in his right hand, holding it back against his stomach. He began pumping it slightly as Miss Myers took his now loose scrotum in her left hand.

"Okay, Edward, here we go. This will hurt a bit, so try not to jump and cause me to cut something we don't need cut." she said, bringing the scalpel in her right hand down to the skin of his sack.

The tip of the scalpel dimpled his soft skin, drawing just a tiny bit of blood. Miss Myers was holding the scalpel right along the center line of his scrotum, seemingly intending to make one long incision down the middle of his sack.

"Breath in." she said, and Edward did, though it hitched in his chest a little.

"Breath out." she ordered, and started slicing before Edward could comply.

She first pushed the scalpel in about a quarter of an inch, then began pulling it downwards, slowly bisecting the skin she held pinched between the fingers of her left hand. To Edward, it felt both chillingly cold and flaming hot, a line of pain slowly descending along his flesh. It hurt, but not nearly as bad as he had expected. The hand around his hard shaft began to move a bit quicker, threatening to shift his sack in Miss Myers' hand.

"Take it easy there, Edward, I'm almost done with the cut." Miss Myers said, frowning in concentration. Her now steady hands continued their work for a moment more, then she let out a sigh of relief and sat back up in her chair.

Edward glanced down at his scrotum, which looked little different then before. The only real change was a small red line running down it, slightly oozing a bit of crimson blood.

"Now, lets get your guys out into the fresh air, where we can see them." said Miss Myers.

She cupped his testicles in her hands, slowly maneuvering and pushing them around in his sack, until first one, then the other, popped gooily out of the cut she had made. They lay on the towel between Edward's legs, the clean whiteness of the cloth contrasting with the ruddy reddish purple of the exposed, glistening gonads.

"A few more small cuts, and we'll be ready for the juicer." said Miss Myers, sounding cheery.

She carefully picked up one of Edward's testicles, the left one, and rotated it with her fingers until the end opposite the connective cord was pointing up. Edward gasped at her touch, the feel of her warm skin against his naked orb sent an electric bolt of pleasure/pain shooting from his testicle to his gut, then back out to his now throbbing erection.

Miss Myers brought the scalpel to bear against the slippery ball of flesh in her grasp, and made a quick double cut, forming an 'X' shaped wound on the upper surface.

"Your testicles are covered in a fairly tough membrane, Edward." she said, sounding a little like she was lecturing a class.

"It's nothing the juicer can't handle, but cutting it before hand makes the process a bit easier on you." she said, quickly repeating the cuts on his other orb.

The cuts on his testicles hurt quite a bit more than the cut along his scrotum had, and the pain made his fist clench tightly around his cock. His glans flared a bright purpley red at the extra pressure. He was panting heavily now, the excess stimulation was combining with his over wrought emotions, causing his face and upper torso to flush and his skin to break out in goose bumps.

"Now we're ready." said Miss Myers, a certain amount of anticipation and eagerness giving her voice a throatiness it didn't usually have.

She set down the scalpel and reached for the juicer, setting it in between Edward's legs and directly in front of his exposed, slightly bleeding testicles. She again flipped the switch, and the ridged cone in the center spun to life. The quiet whirring sound it made seemed much louder in the momentary silence then it had when Miss Myers had turned it on earlier.

"Alright, Edward, brace yourself, please. I would be very disappointed if you started squirming and knocked something over." said Miss Myers, as she carefully picked up his left testicle and pulled it towards the juicer. The cord stretched out behind it, and to Edward it felt like it tugged at the very core of his being.

"Mmmi.. Miss Myers! I-ahh! I.. I.." he stuttered, between his heavy panting and moaning.

"Shh-shh-shhh, Edward. It will be over in a moment." shushed Miss Myers, as she oriented the testicle longways along her fingers, cord up, cuts facing down towards the juicer. Once she had it positioned properly, she brought her hands down slowly, letting the orb come to rest gently on the rotating cone, its end slightly poking into the gonad through the cuts.

"Aaaahhh! Ah! Ah!" moaned Edward. The ridges on the cone were rubbing on the edges of the cuts Miss Myers had made, producing pain/pleasure sensations he would never have believed possible. The hand on his cock started pumping faster, sliding up and down the shaft and causing his overworked prostate to clench in anticipation.

Miss Myers then pushed down on the testicle, forcing it into the spinning cone. The orb slowly gave way to the spinning ridges, oozing a pinkish, chunky fluid down the cone and into the trough below. She bore down on the testicle, pushing it hard into the juicer. She rotated her hands clockwise, then counter clockwise, tilting her hands back and forth while doing so, trying to squeeze as much fluid out of the rapidly shrinking gonad as possible.

Edward's gut clenched, and his left hand gripped the edge of the desk so hard that his fingers and entire hand turned pale white. His fist squeezed his flaring cock tight and pumped hard. Just as Miss Myers gave one final push and twist, his cock erupted in the orgasm he had been unable to achieve earlier. The ejaculation was powerful, shooting semen five feet straight up before it splashed back down on his rapidly rising and falling chest and trembling stomach.

"Miss Myyyyerrr.. Ghaahhhh!" he groaned, loudly.

Miss Myers lifted the remains of his left testicle from the juicer, then looked up at Edward with an exasperated little smile.

"Really, Edward! Why couldn't you have done that a few minutes ago? You could have saved yourself all this trouble."

"Ahhh! Ahh.." was Edward's only reply.

"Hmm, may as well not waste this." she said, and started scraping the splatters of semen into the clear lid of the juicer, trying to salvage as much as possible.

Edward's breathing slowly returned to a more normal rate, and his hand let go of his now shrinking cock. He peered past Miss Myers and looked at the pulped remnants of his left testicle. It looked like the outer shell remained mostly intact, with some red and pink stringy stuff trailing out from inside it. Pain radiated out from it still, though not as bad as during the juicing.

Miss Myers finished her efforts on his chest and stomach, then joined him in looking down at his ruined orb.

"The stringy stuff is connective tissue. The juicer leaves most of it behind, which is good, because it's kind of tough and chewy." said Miss Myers. "Well, lets do the other one. The sooner we finish the sooner I can have my coffee and send you off to the nurse."

"The other one? Bu.. But what about that?" Edward asked, surprised, pointing to the little bit of milky semen Miss Myers had managed to collect in the juicer's lid.

"Oh, that isn't nearly enough." she casually replied. "Well, I suppose that I could get by on both that," she pointed to the cum in the lid, "and the juice from your left ball, but why leave a job half finished? We've got everything ready, so we may as well just press on." She smiled at him.

"But, it could heal.." managed Edward, a little weakly.

"Oh, Edward dear. Suppose I stuffed this one back in and let the nurse sew you up?" she said, tapping his remaining testicle, the right one, with the tip of her fingernail. "It would take weeks or months to heal and there would be a good chance of infection. It would be quite painful as well. Now if we continued, you'll be up and about in no time, and fully healed within a week or two."

"And besides, it'll make for a really outstanding cup of coffee." she finished, and licked her lips.

"Oh. Alright, I guess." he agreed, a little overwhelmed.

"Good. We'll have you done in a jiffy."

Miss Myers picked up his remaining testicle, oriented it properly, then repeated the procedure, pressing it down on to the juicer's cone firmly.

"Buh.. buh.. gah!" gasped Edward. His hips squirmed a little, as he wasn't having an orgasm to take his mind off the pain this time around.

"Nearly there, Edward. Hold still, please." instructed Miss Myers, as she ground his orb into the juicer. She could feel the ridges of the cone on her fingers through what was left of Edward's right testicle. Once the pink juice running down the cone ceased, she lifted the nearly empty shell from the juicer and dropped it next to its similarly ruined companion.

"There, finished. That wasn't so bad, was it?" asked Miss Myers, smiling at him as she set the juicer to one side, along with its lid.

"Now, lets get you cleaned up and on your way." she said, as she once again picked up her scalpel.

"This will hurt a bit." she warned, and sliced through the cords of both testicles with a single swipe.

It did hurt, nearly as bad as the juicing had, but Edward endured it with only a slight shudder running down his body.

"What'll you do with those?" he asked, pointing at the sad remains of his testicles.

"Oh, they're not much good for eating, now. All the good stuff is in the juicer. I'll give them to my fish." replied Miss Myers. She pointed to a sizable tank on one side of the classroom. Large ornamental fish from the orient swam serenely through the tank's waters. "My koi are usually vegetarians, but they're omnivores in the wild, so I don't think they'll mind a meaty treat."

She picked up the pulped remnants of Edwards testicles, stood up, and walked over to the tank. Lifting the lid, she dropped them in carelessly. They made a plopping sound, then began slowly sinking. Several of the koi immediately headed for the surface to investigate. The largest one swam up to one of the shredded orbs, nosed it curiously for a moment, then sucked the entire thing down whole.

Two of the smaller ones raced for the other testicle, and chased each other around, each trying to tug it out of the others' mouth. They were not quite large enough to swallow it whole, and their mouths lacked the strong jaws and teeth needed to rip the tough membrane apart. The piscine argument was settled when the first large fish butted in and stole it from both of them. The second ruined orb followed the first, sucked whole through the large koi's mouth and down its throat.

"Ha, that one must have liked how you taste, Edward." observed Miss Myers, with an amused chuckle. She then walked back over to the desk and sat down.

"I'll patch you up, then you can go on down to the Nurse's office and have her sew you up." she said.

The cords that once held Edward's testes were bleeding slightly, so Miss Myers packed Edward's whole scrotum area with copious amounts of gauze, then secured it in place with medical tape.

"That should hold you for now. Can you stand up?" she asked.

Edward scooted his bottom forward on the desk, and immediately groaned.

"Oh, it hurts, Miss Myers." he said, his voice a little quavery.

"Yes, that's to be expected. Here, let me help you." she said, sympathetically.

Working together, they managed to get him up off the desk and on to his feet.

"Alright, now try walking. Small steps." Miss Myers ordered.

Edward took a tiny step, his face pale, and winced. He then took another, and winced again.

"Well, stand there for a few moments, see how you feel. I'll grab your clothes." said Miss Myers, walking over to where Edward had earlier disrobed.

She waited on him for a few moments, then said, "Lets get you dressed. Just lift your right leg a little."

She dressed him as he stood on wobbly legs. She took extra care to be gentle when buttoning his pants and zipping up his fly. He managed to walk across the room to the door with no assistance, so Miss Myers figured that he could get to the nurse's office without any problems. She waved goodbye to him as he tottered off down the hall.

"Thank you, Edward. I'll see you in class later today." she called out, then closed the door and returned to her desk.

It took just a moment to clean up after herself, throwing away the scalpel, cloth, and packaging from the gauze and tools she used. She then sat back down and felt her cup of coffee. Still plenty warm, but not too hot to drink.


She picked up the lid to the juicer and turned it over, emptying Edward's congealing semen into her coffee. The gooey strands floated around in the dark brown liquid for a few moments before dissolving. Then she picked up the juicer itself, being careful not to tilt it or spill any of its precious liquid contents.

She slowly tipped the juicer to the side, over the cup of coffee, and the pulpy pink fluid poured out of a wedge to one side that served as a small spout. The coffee accepted the pink fluid without much change, and it wasn't until Miss Myers stirred it slowly with a spoon that the dark brown liquid began to lighten a bit. Miss Myers then scraped along the inside of the juicer's trough with her spoon, making sure she didn't miss any of the residual fluid coating it or the chunks stuck to the sides. She then stirred the small amount she had collected into the coffee.

Setting the spoon aside, she raised the cup to her nose, and inhaled deeply. Her enjoyment was obvious, and she let out a small, breathy sigh. She then brought the rim of the cup to her lips, and took a sip.

She let the fluid roll back and forth across her tongue, enjoying the bitterness and the slightly musky, meaty flavor that the pink juice from Edward's testicles had imbued in it. She isolated a bit of pulp on her tongue, and pressed it against the roof of her mouth, delighting in the burst of flavor that washed through her mouth from it. She swallowed, then uttered a long moan of utter relaxation and contentment, before taking another sip.

"Mmmmm.. Ah, now that's good coffee."



Author's note:

Wrote and posted this on the original Gurochan several years ago.


Great stuff! The casual disregard of one's worth, using the person like a disposable object, is THE thing I like. And your stories really have it! I wish there was more.


Holy shit, I was literally looking all over the Internet for this story last week.

I remember when you posted it before that you said the entire school were essentially disposable to the staff?

If you have anything else you should definitely post it.


WOW !!!!!


Too bad she left his cock...



>>Too bad she left his cock...

Yep. And much more worse she left him alive.


I'm glad you guys enjoyed the story. Check back sometime in the next few days, and I should have another posted for you.


Have you been delayed or have I just missed the story? The people are waiting for you!



Ha ha I tried to write a short story and it is turning into a book. It is almost done though, I swear! Give me a few more days to finish it up, then check back.

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