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Manning a secondary transcription bay was considered a dead-end post. You were only assigned something as mundane as a rarely used backup transcriptor as punishment. This was the case for Kubler and doubtless had been for all of his predecessors. Various doodles from many hands covered his thick wooden desk—as old as the entire ship—showing a hundred years of disgraced engineer boredom.

Kubler didn’t mind the ancient outdated décor or the long hours of tedium. The job was by far the easiest he had had on the ship and as a man who loved undemanding work, he would be thrilled to keep it for the rest of his life on the colony ship’s multi-generation long voyage.

Besides, there were always people who found creative uses for the powerful matter transcriptor and he wasn’t above a little risk to make some money on the side. Most of these side jobs were drug related. The transcriptor could handle complex chemical compositions easily. One handful of pills could be easily copied and reproduced as many times as needed, for a pittance of raw material use. As long as no one got too greedy or careless, for a small price to Kubler you could have a virtually unlimited supply.

Other people had more unique vices. One of his customers had an actual live chicken, one of a dozen smuggled aboard when the ship first launched, the natural offspring passed down in secret, the owners forming a secret cabal to allow the chickens to meet and breed. Actual eggs were prized black market items on the ship, the rumor was that the current captain had a boiled egg for breakfast every morning and allowed the crime to continue unpunished as a hundred year old tradition. As far as Kubler knew, only he and his client were aware that one of the chickens was actually copied, killed, cooked and eaten by its owner once a month, making him one of the few colonists to have eaten animal flesh.

And then there were the twins.

Liz and Ross cautiously entered the bay, Ross carrying their long ship-standard engineers toolbag by the handle. It was the night shift, the vast majority of colonists would be asleep. Kubler knew what they wanted, they had been here often.

“Hello kids,” he pleasantly greeted them “feel like using the bay for a bit?”

Liz smiled prettily at him. The cute sixteen year olds smile was completely innocent and kind as she handed Kubler a disc that, as per their agreement, was full of fresh pictures of her performing various sex acts with her twin brother. Her large blue eyes would be gazing out at him from the pictures, much the way she looked at him now, only with her lips wrapped around her brothers thick cock or in some equally erotic position. He considered the pictures he received in payment from the two of them as the most worthwhile of his many payments, though they were definitely the most damning were he to be investigated.

“Make sure you recompile the leftovers when you’re finished.” he reminded them, and without another word left the bay to give them some privacy for a few hours.

Ross and Liz entered the staging area of the bay and began to remove their clothes. They were each intimately acquainted with the body of the other and completely comfortable in their nudity. Both had slender but fit bodies, Ross noticed his sister's abdominal muscles showing slightly though her pale white skin that, like all of the colonists, had never felt natural sunlight. Below was a small tuft of pubic hair, blond like the rest of the hair of both of their bodies. Despite having seen her like this thousands of times over the years, the sight of her small but perky breasts and already glistening labia coupled with the thought of what he would soon be doing to them brought him quickly to a fully aroused state, his cock jutting out rigidly from his body.

Ross reached down to the floor for his pants, pulled a single die out of his pocket, and offered it to his sister.

“Do you want to roll for it?” He always made this offer to her, and he knew she would refuse it.

“No, it’s my turn after all.” He laid the die on the ground in front of them.

Fully nude, Liz climbed onto the transcript platform. Both of them were getting increasingly aroused at what they knew would be happening in a few minutes, Liz’s nipples stood up small and erect as she smoothed her short blond hair back. Ross idly noticed the gesture as a sign of understandable nervousness. Few people on the ship would allow themselves to be copied in a matter transcriptor. While arguably a safe procedure, the process and what it implied tended to bother most people on a philosophical level. The twins had passed that point long ago. They’d been using the machine in this manner since the age of fourteen, days after developing their plan.

Ross remembered excitedly whispering under the bed covers in their shared room late one night. They had started exploring each other sexually not long after hitting puberty and would often have long post-coital talks about the most intimate subjects. On one of these nights he had been holding his sisters hand, gripping one of her fingers between his and wiggling it. This reminded her of a dream she had had, which she then related to him.

“You cut me into pieces.”

“With what?”

“Some kind of big knife. I don’t understand but it was incredible. I wanted you to keep taking off more and more.” She began to play with herself as she told him about how he had removed each part of her, had taken her apart completely in her dream, and how she had come as he cut through her neck to remove her head. Ross was in turn so aroused by her story that he came as she simply grasped his erect cock. Three years later they had grown accustomed to making their plan reality.

Ross went to the controls and primed the machine for a complicated job, powering up two separate outputs. Liz sat cross legged on the input pad, savoring the cool feel of the deck on her ass.

“Are you ready?” he asked her. She just gave him one of her perfect smiles.

She was vaporized as the machine Burnt her into code and instantly retranscribed her on both of the powered output pads.

Ross stepped out from behind the console, and stood before Liz 1 and Liz 2.

He picked the die up from the ground and held it out before them. “Are you ready?”he asked again.

There were no smiles this time. The anticipation was palatable. The two Lizzes looked at each other, knowing that only one of them would leave the room. They nodded.

“Do it.”

Ross pointed at them in turn. “Odd, and even.” And then dropped the die on the ground. Both of them watched as it bounced and landed on a four.

Liz 1 let out a long breath. Liz 2 was totally still.

Both of the twins knew what was going through Dead Liz’s head, and she knew that there was no point in bargaining or begging. She was shaky as she stood up and went to the toolbox.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get that.” Ross stopped her.

“O-of course” Dead Liz responded. She had been on the other end so many times. She was shocked it finally happened, she had finally gotten rolled. She began to feel panicky as Real Liz unzipped the mouth of the toolbag. At the same time she realized she was more aroused then she ever had been before. She remembered how many times she’d done this and how often the Dead Liz had mentioned how horny she was. She could feel her pussy begin to get wetter than it even had been during the transcription.

“I’ve never been so fucking horny.” She told them. She realized she was a Dead Liz that told them that. Others didn’t but she did. She began at this point to think of herself as a ‘Dead Liz’. She began to wonder at the previous actions taken by the many Dead Lizzes the twins had had their way with before. They were all still her, she was still her! What made up the differences that caused some to be manic with excitement and others to close themselves up until it was over? She had never really considered these questions until she was in that position and she wondered if this was a thing that all of the copies wondered, or just a few? Or maybe even just her? The others had all just been a toy she realized.

“I’m the dead one this time, you guys are going to kill me.” She spoke aloud, trying to sum up the thoughts rushing through her head before she was killed by her own brother and herself.

“I’m glad you made a talkative one this time.” Ross told Real Liz as he pulled the bottle of pills out of the bottom of the toolbag. He looked at her now and winked. “You always have interesting things to say.”

She felt a twinge of annoyance at the way her brother ignored her in favor of the her that would go on to leave the room with him. “Yeah, I like talkative Dead Rosses too.”She said, hoping to subtly remind him that next time it could be him in this position. Real Liz smiled at her. Was it possible that her other self would see what she did?

“I like them too.” Real Liz agreed, as though they hadn’t been a single person five minutes before. She tiptoed on the cold floor over to Dead Liz and ran her fingers through her accumulating pubes. “I didn’t realize I needed to shave so bad! You’re lucky, Dead Liz, you won’t ever need to shave again.”

Upon hearing herself called Dead Liz, the term they reserved for the copies they made and murdered, she realized that this position was unique to her. She wouldn't be able to make her original understand her point of view, Real Liz would only find out once she received an unlucky roll and became a Dead Liz herself.

“I guess not” she agreed as Ross unfolded and laid down one of their absorbent drop cloths. “You guys are going to fuck me and not just kill me right? I mean I know we didn’t discuss it but we have the time. Well, you guys have the time.” Ross smiled at her and her heart jumped a little. She’d always loved her brothers kind smile. She was glad to see it again, to get some of his attention before she died.

“Of course we’re going to fuck you. Aren’t we Liz?”

“Definitely! You want some pills?”

“Yeah, I really do.” Real Liz shook a dozen of the pills into her own mouth and embraced Dead Liz, kissing half of them into her, both of them swallowing. The kiss was aggressive, Dead Liz had kissed herself plenty of times and was familiar with the weirdness of it. Ross as usual declined to take any. It was rare for even a dead Ross to take the painkillers. He playfully pushed both Lizzes to the ground and began to suck Dead Liz’s nipples as Real Liz continued to explore her own mouth. He playfully bit at her nipples before working his way down her torso, nipping and sucking hard enough to leave bruises that would never have the time to fade.

She broke the kiss with Real Liz. “I want to taste you.” She told her. Real Liz smiled as she stood up, changed position, and lowered her pussy over Dead Liz’s face, playfully applying pressure and pulling away slightly as her copy gripped her small, but well shaped ass to taste herself directly. Dead Liz hungrily licked at her copies wet cunt, her face getting coated with her own familiar secretions before moving her head back to get at the tight ring of her asshole, nuzzling it with her nose before trying to push her tongue into it. She briefly thought back to anticipating this moment while she had showered earlier, playing with herself while imagining tasting the subtle flavor of her own freshly cleaned ass.

Ross had finally finished his trail of increasingly rough bruises down her body, and ended by sucking hard on her engorged clit, surprising her and causing her to moan into her copies asshole. She braced herself, knowing what would happen as his sucking increased hard, the shock of pain bringing her to a sudden hard orgasm as blood vessels popped in her clit, turning it into a clump of bruised flesh.

He sat back to admire his work, idly stroking his violently erect cock as Real Liz lowered herself completely over Dead Lizzes face to feel her whimpered post-orgasmic panting directly with her pussy.

“Are the pills kicking in yet?” Ross asked, playfully pinching Dead Liz's nipples “I can’t wait to take you apart.”

"Not quite yet." Real Liz answered him, having taken the same dose. She pumped her hips back and forth, smearing her asshole and cunt on Dead Lizzes face. "I want to watch you fuck her."

He obliged her, positioning the head of his swollen cock at the entrance of her wet cunt and pushing himself all the way into her with a single thrust. She gasped as pain shot from her battered clit and was conflated with the amazing and familiar feeling of her brother's cock filling her up. She realized this was likely the last fuck she'd would ever experience in her life and greedily moved her hips with his thrusts, hoping she get to experience at least one more orgasm before they butchered her. Real Liz massaged her breasts as she continued to grind her sloppy cunt onto her face, the smell of her arousal growing overpowering. Ross reached over and put his fingers in both Dead LIzzes mouth and Real Lizzes pussy, feeling her eating out her duplicate. The feeling of his cock inside her began to overpower the pain and she felt herself begin to come again. At nearly the same time, Real Liz climaxed hard against her brother's hand and sat back, resting her weight full on Dead Lizzes face, temporarily suffocating her with her cunt.

She stood up as the orgasm subsided, not wanting to end Dead Liz prematurely. A long strand of her pussy secretions stretched up with her, connecting the two of them still, and the sight drove Ross to his first climax, emptying himself within her in a ejaculation that seemed to stretch out forever.

"Ooh, I think those pills are kicking in." Real Liz proclaimed as she fell back to her knees on top of Dead Liz, presenting her with a view of her identical, but unbruised pussy as she took her brothers slackening cock in her mouth to clean it. Dead Liz hadn't even known that he had pulled out of her and realized she too was naturally feeling the effect of the drugs. Her heart rate sharply jumped as she realized that their fun would begin in earnest and she was about to finally learn what it felt like to have her body taken apart, to be reduced to chunks of dead flesh.

She remembered back to when she was a young girl and accidentally saw a feed of a pretty young female engineer, rent asunder at the waist by a blast door malfunction. From that moment young Liz couldn't stop wondering what that would feel like, to have part of you suddenly become something else.

The first time she experienced orgasm—a skinny nine year old holding perfectly still as pressurized water beat down on her upturned cunt from the bathtub faucet—she pictured herself sheared in half like that pretty engineer had been. As she sprinted through puberty her masturbatory fantasies grew more wild, more elaborate and depraved. She recalled building up the nerve to share her dreams with her brother, who often featured in them, and the joy she felt when he accepted and even reciprocated her feelings and found a way to make her dreams into reality. She knew now that this experience was to be the ultimate culmination of her desires, every dream and fantasy of being taken apart had been practice and she had, on some level, known that this had to be her fate all along. She sat up and tried to convey this to Real Liz, but couldn't get the words out, either fear or the drug had quelled her voice. Real Liz shushed her and laid her back down gently while Ross emptied their toolbag.

"I understand." She told her simply, and that was enough. She ceased to think of herself as a person as she lied there, the numbing effect of the drug sweeping her body up in a wave of pleasure, as though a warm comforter were being placed over her. She watched as Ross took the tool known to them as a cleaver out of the bag.

Every engineering department on a colony ship had the cobbled together tool. An hour spent following the convoluted protocol in place for detaching one of the thousands of six-inch-thick heavy-duty cables that made up the ship's wiring was all it took for a frustrated engineer to find a scrap of plating, attach it to a handle, and sharpen it into a thick blade capable of simply severing a ruined cable in a single solid blow. Liz remembered watching as a fourteen year old Ross quietly slid one off of a maintenance cart left in a corridor and carried it back to their shared room, unseen.

What had her attention now were the alligator clamps. He approached her with them and looked into her eyes. She found herself suddenly paralyzed by fear. The fact that this was actually happening to her this time hit her hard again. Without breaking his gaze, he spread her legs apart. She remembered the first time he had done that to her, the first time they had made each other feel good. Real Liz knelt off to the side, playing with herself in anticipation but for the moment her brother was only looking at her.

"Are you ready?" He asked her one last time.

"Ready." she agreed, and gave him a huge smile.

She cried out as he fastened the clamp onto her swollen clit. Real Liz took two more and clamped them to her nipples, the serrated edges of the clamps biting into the flesh of her breasts and drawing blood. Even in her drugged state, she wasn't prepared for the amount of pain that seeped though, and she knew that it was the smallest fraction of what was coming.

Ross pinched her clit, pulled it out, and used a boxcutter to roughly slice it off of her. She felt the blade separate the flesh and felt the tiny organ tear away from her body. Memories flashed through her mind—of her initial discovery of the small nub, of the amazing way she felt rubbing it against her pillow, of her first orgasm in the bathtub from the water, her knees shaking so hard, shocked at the sounds her small voice made—the air rushed out of her now from the sheer pain, producing wholly different sounds.

The sounds of herself in the throes of orgasm were not entirely memory, Real Lizzes face was a perfect mirror of her own in both form and expression as the sight of herself being mutilated caused her to climax onto her own hand, the full pleasure gained from her unharmed clitoris forever denied to the copy of herself before her. She crawled over to Dead Liz and put her mouth against the fresh wound, eagerly sucking the blood off that managed to seep out through the clamp. Hungrily she lapped at the spot, while tightening the clamp to staunch any blood flow and gnawing lightly at the folds of her cunt, dripping wet despite of or because of the pain. Ross took the severed organ into his mouth, chewed it up, and swallowed it like he did the removed clit of every Dead Liz they made. His cock leaked precum freely and he longed to force his way past his sister's mouth and sate himself in the dead girl's ruined cunt.

Instead he took the first of the thick industrial cable ties and put it over her left wrist, tightening it as far as it would go. Dead Liz felt her hand grow the rest of the way numb as the circulation was stopped near completely with the ersatz tourniquet.

Anticipation built within her for something completely new as her brother removed a battered piece of wood and the cable cleaver from the toolbag. She tried to identify the emotion with her drug addled brain as he lay her wrist on the block and raised the blade high, but something primal and orgasm like was swelling to a crescendo within her, and as he brought the blade down it peaked. Her hand split away from her arm, trailing an arc of blood as her mind broke completely and all pain and fear was replaced with a new high, a second wind that brought her into a state where she could observe the things happening to her with a feeling of profound joy and wonder.

She smiled wide as Real Liz retrieved the hand that had once been her primary way of interacting with her world and was now a hunk of meat. Real Liz stood before her, her cunt trailing strings of her own arousal, and put Dead Lizzes former index finger into her mouth. With a bit of effort, she bit down and separated the digit from the hand. She offered it to Ross who followed suit with the middle finger and when it was offered to her, she dutifully bit off her own former ring finger, chewing it into pieces in her mouth before spitting it out. Only Ross swallowed the bony digit before tossing the hand aside and fastening a new cable tie around her upper arm.

He paused to raise her shortened arm and she almost laughed as his nose tickled her armpit. Gently he kissed it, "I've always loved this part of you." he said. She remembered all the times he'd given into his fascination with that part of her body, smelling it, licking it, even fucking it. She remembered the trails of cum rolling down her side after he'd exhausted himself there. A hard chop severed her humerus and her arm was now truncated, ending at his favorite part. Real Liz played with the isolated elbow joint, folding and unfolding it a few times as Ross tightened another strap onto both her right wrist and upper arm. As he prepared to remove them too, she tossed the useless limb aside and began again to suck on her copies ruined cunt. As Dead Liz had her last remaining fingers chopped off, Real Liz pushed two of hers deep into the other's cunt, stimulating the internal remnant of her clit. Dead Liz found herself building up to another orgasm and cried out happily as she managed to actually come again as her brother removed her other arm entirely.

"Trade me." Ross said, "I have to fuck her now." Real Liz graciously moved aside and busied herself with slicing off Dead LIzzes swollen nipples while her brother roughly spread her legs completely and again impaled her with his swollen cock. Any pain she felt now just comfortably drifted into the background as Dead Liz enjoyed her last fuck. Real Liz began to kiss her all over her face, Dead Liz guessed her intention easily enough before she focused on her eye, licking the surface all over before positioning her mouth over the socket and sucking hard. The sensation of the orbital muscles suddenly giving way felt completely bizarre as her eye was delivered into her doubles waiting mouth.

The feeling of total helplessness—being unable to fend off someone in the process of destroying your most sensitive organ—crashed down on her and she felt something like a long final climax begin as she had the nerve bitten off and witnessed the eye displayed to her on Real Lizzes tongue, viewed with her remaining eye. Ross was thrusting into her harder than he ever had during their years of casual intercourse, she felt her vagina tear all the way into her asshole and realized he had inserted a finger alongside his cock and literally pulled her apart.

Things were happening so fast, she felt as though time was beginning to distort. She was aware that she was climaxing when Real Liz sunk the boxcutter through her abdominal muscles and ripped open her stomach along the path laid by her brother's earlier bites, splitting her bellybutton apart. Her intestines were roughly pulled from her body by both twins with Ross still inside her. The gore was set aside and she realized that her death was imminent. She tried to tell her brother and herself that she loved them, but the words wouldn't come out properly. Liz understood her anyway.

"We love you too." she said warmly as she brought the cleaver down repeatedly on the remaining shreds of tissue that made up her waist, severing her spine and completely detaching her lower half. She lost all sensation below the cut and saw Ross tear it away from her completely as he finally came, pumping himself violently into her displaced flesh. She smiled her last smile as her brother took her bottom half and placed its lifeless knees to either side of her head, giving her a final view of his cum pouring out of her destroyed cunt as Liz brought the blade down on her neck.

The twins continued to fuck in the pile of gore that was Dead Liz until they both lay together side by side, hands clasped, fully satisfied. For a while Ross dozed while Liz held up the blue eye taken from her dead copy and stared deep into it, imagining what it would feel like when her turn came to be torn apart.

Eventually Ross woke and they lifted themselves out of the pile of gore to clean up their mess. Liz began to collect the pieces of her duplicate and load them onto the recompile stage as Ross unwound the hose and washed off the floor, their absorbent pads being only slightly helpful in containing the spilled blood. After washing themselves, the twins used the machine to recycle the remains back into raw matter storage, a deficit of several kilograms they washed down the drain would go completely unnoticed by anyone but Kubler.

"Oh!" Liz realized. "When we were just now fucking we should have taken some pics to pay Kubler with next time."

"Oh no!" Ross responded in mock annoyance. "You mean I have to fuck you again later just so we can take some pics?" He slapped her on the ass, surprising her as she pulled her shirt over her head.

"Don't piss me off!" she jokingly warned as she eyed his cock disappearing behind the folds of his underwear. "It's your turn next time, remember?"

"Maybe. I think I might make you roll me for it." He hefted the bag and they walked out of the bay arm in arm.

First thing of this type I've really ever written. Any feedback would of course be appreciated. <3
If anyone wants, I'll post additional chapters.


I like this


This is fucking perfect. Would love to see more.


Great story, love the idea for it.


Fantastic, I loved. A bit more description of the gory fucking would have been good, but I loved it and will save it.


Even better if they're not the only ones on the ship who're into this.

Maybe at their eighteenth birthday party they discover it's one of those things everybody does, and they wind up providing a feast for the whole crew.


...I have an OC who's undergone a similar change in mindset regarding mortality in light of unlimited free cloning, but it never occurred to me to sexualise it! :D


This is awesome! I played with this concept in my mind a few times, but I never got to actually write it.

One improcement ( for the sex game, the story itself is flawless as it is)

One of these cyber jacks, and a program hacked together to sync the brains to some degree, so dead liz and real liz both share thought , sensation and emotions directly, as well as record the experience for later simsense playback.
(Using shadowrun terminology here, but you know what's meant ;) )


I'm thrilled to see some people liked it! New part coming imminently.
Additional tags: gay selfcest (sorry if that's gross, it's probably just this one)

Planning on something with this capability, to some degree.

They're not.

I have at least one other coming soon. Sorry this one took so long.



"Oh here! This one is my favorite!" Liz pointed to a thumbnail out of the dozen visible on Kubler's console screen in the transcription bay. He dutifully selected it to see a high-res image of her pussy being penetrated by the cock of her twin brother, Ross. Her smiling face was clearly visible in the background, a mirror of the face she made as she bent over the transcriptor tech's ancient desk to peer at his monitor. Kubler couldn't imagine why this particular pic would be her favorite out of the hundred or so the twins offered him as payment for their illicit transcription use, but he readily agreed with her all the same.

"Ah yes, the composition is quite good! You should definitely look into taking your photography skills to a professional level."

"Really? You think so?" Her mouth made an inquisitive moue that reminded him of the 'innocent' face she adopted in several of her photos, usually while being covered in her sibling's ejaculate. Ross, lost in thought in the office's only other chair, broke his reverie to give Kubler a knowing smirk at his obvious flattery. He was well aware that the only photographic composition that mattered to the portly low-level tech was that the frame of the picture contained attractive blond sixteen-year-old twins fucking each other. The man was simple to please, Ross was shocked that in the years they'd used the bay for their purposes he'd never once tried to raise their payment, he never even asked for a video of the two, much less any actual sexual favors.

Not that he was complaining. The three of them had a very comfortable arrangement, and the twins had been able to practice their highly unusual habits unobstructed for the last two years. He doubted his sister realized it—she wouldn't be the type to fastidiously keep track of something the way he often did—but the session they were about to partake in would be their one-hundredth in the two year span. Ninety-nine times they had copied one of themselves with the transcription equipment, with the express purpose of ending the new life the machine created from raw material. He felt in no way bored of it—in fact he fully intended to continue the practice somehow for as long as possible—but as his sister flirted with their perverted benefactor, he thought of some way he might surprise his sister on this particular anniversary.

As Kubler left with the disk of images—no doubt to hurry to the nearest private place and take care of the noticeable bulge in his pants—Ross decided on a idea he thought may be interesting.

"Do you want to roll for it?" He asked her as they stripped down in the empty bay. "Not that I'd try to get out of taking my turn."

"Oh no!" She spoke with mock graciousness while pulling her panties off, exposing her freshly-shaven pussy. "I couldn't dream of denying you your fair turn at being tonight's plaything." She curtsied at him and gestured to the waiting transcription pad. Casually he strolled over to it, his hardening cock swinging back and forth.

"Do you need me to set up the machine for you?" He sat cross-legged on the input pad, feeling his balls settle against the cool metal plate beneath him. "I don't want my component atoms to get smeared all over the room or something." Her face threw him the same knowing smirk he had given Kubler five minutes before.

"I do think I know what I'm doing dear brother. Do you know how many times we've played this little game?"

"This makes one-hundred." He informed her, as the machine completed its start up calibrations. "You've personally worked it forty-three times and I've done it the other fifty-seven."

"Wait, really? One-hundred exactly?" She pressed the last button of the sequence before he could respond and the machine read the composition and position of every particle in his atomic structure as it vaporized them, simultaneously encoding them and constructing two identical copies, one on each powered output pad.

"I guess we mostly did me at first." she continued, idly running a finger between her moistened pussy lips. "Maybe you should take a few turns in a row so we can make it an even..." She stopped as she realized both Rosses were off the pad, one coming towards her at the console and the other heading for their toolbag.

"What are you two doing?" She held up the die they used to select which copy would survive their violent sexual episodes. "You guys didn't roll—Hey!"

Ross 1 roughly slapped the die out of her hand, sending it skipping across the room as he forcefully hauled her out from behind the console by her arm. He was easily larger and more powerful than his sister and he had her on her back as Ross 2 approached the struggling pair with a handful of the industrial cable ties they often used for tourniquets.

"What the fuck are you doing? Have you fucking lost it?" They ignored her as together they fastened her arms and legs tightly to the anchor points that were periodically embedded in the deck throughout the entire ship in the case of gravity failure. When they finished, they stood over her to examine their work, their identical erections thrusting out from their bodies at the sight of their sister laying spread eagle before them, completely helpless.

"What is this Ross?" The expression on her face was rapidly changing from extreme annoyance to fearful concern. Neither Ross answered as their moved in concert, one taking up a position at either end of her body.

"We've kind of gotten bored with you, Liz" The Ross at her feet admitted as he began to kneel between her wide-spread legs. He stroked his cock gently with one hand and she gasped as he roughly used his other to spread her pussy lips wide open. He pushed his thumb into her and the Ross at her head spoke.

"We decided that this hundredth time would get to be your turn. Your last turn." He knelt at her head, his cock lightly brushing over her face."

"Ross, you can't be serious. You'll spend the rest of your life in the brig. Why did you need two of you? Why—Oh!" Feet Ross roughly pushed his thumb into her ass, startling her. He began to rub his fingers against her pussy and clit.

"It's what you've always wanted Liz, we both know it." Head Ross wrapped a hand around her slender neck and moved his cock against her mouth, pushing gently. "This has all been practice. It's been just a game. I'm going to destroy you for real now. There's no backup copy this time. The two of us are going to fuck you and then we'll kill you for real." Before she could answer she took him into her mouth and he was surprised to feel her eagerly begin to suck on him. She moaned around his cock as Feet Ross pushed himself into her cunt, which was wet with anticipation.

Head Ross looked down into his sister's eyes and saw no more fear, just the love and acceptance he always felt from her. For a brief second he felt bad about the ruse. If he had actually planned on killing her, he realized she would go along with it.

He hadn't had any intention of actually killing his sister permanently. While he had long ago come to grips with the results of their macabre sex games, the initial murders of Liz had bothered him deeply on a level he hadn't been prepared for, although he had managed to keep these misgivings from her. As far as she was aware, he had always been just as enamored with the process of killing themselves as she was. He knew deep down, that this entire spectacle was primarily for her, because of his love for her. He would be just as content if one day, she decided to completely forgo the whole affair.

The one thing he would never do—not even if she wanted it—was take her life for good. He had merely intended to spook her a bit with the attack, knowing his sister's love of a good practical joke. Her complete submission to him was something he hadn't been really prepared for. The least he could do for her was give her a good, rough fucking before letting her free to pick one of them to be sacrificed. For all he knew, he would be the unlucky one and this would be his chance to have some preemptive revenge.

He gripped her throat and felt his own cock as he pushed deep into her and held it, felt her small frame spasm as she tried to catch her breath and then suddenly, felt her convulse as she arched her back in a powerful orgasm. Witnessing this pushed him over the edge and he groaned as he came, shooting a load directly down her throat, completely caught unaware when, in the midst of his orgasm, he was kicked hard in the face by the other Ross.

Liz had never come so hard in her life and wondered if all of her duplicate victims had experienced this feeling when realizing they would be murdered. Images of what her brother had promised to do to her rushed through her head as the two boys poured their cum into either end of her helpless body. She only realized she had briefly blacked out from either the oxygen deprivation or the intense orgasm when she woke to see the two Rosses trading blows in front of her.

In awe she watched as her two brother duplicates viciously fought in front of her, their cocks already erect again and still glistening with her bodily fluids. One of them was bleeding freely from somewhere on his head and the blood painted their sinewy bodies as they grappled.

She felt another climax building off of the falling wave of the one she had just had, and the torture of being tied down and helpless just heightened the experience. She felt her entire body ache with desire and frustration, which paradoxically only acted to increase her arousal. Every time one of the Rosses landed a blow on the other, she felt her heartbeat jump and pulse through her cunt, until finally, as one of them roughly forced a thumb into an eye, she came without being touched, a stream of liquid shooting out of her.

She was still in the throes of the orgasm when the victorious Ross—one eye bruised but still intact—fell on top of her and buried his engorged cock inside her to the hilt. Almost instantly they both came, her climaxes overlapping as he collapsed onto her exhausted. For several minutes they laid there panting, until the other Ross began to attempt to get to his feet.

She felt the cool air on her cunt as he pulled out of her and stalked over to the other Ross, slamming his head against the decking, stunning him with a single hard blow and strapping him down to the floor like she was.

Finally he returned to his bound sister, stopping by the toolbag to retrieve their boxcutter, and cut away the ties that held her down. She instantly scrambled up and got to her knees in front of him. She held out her hand for the boxcutter and he handed it to her, having no idea what she planned to do with it. Awkwardly, she handed it back to him.

"Brother," She said in total seriousness, all of her earlier mocking gone from her voice, "if you want to kill me, to really kill me, I'd be happy to let you." She gripped his hips and lifted her neck to peer up at him. "You can do anything you like to me, whenever you want. All this..." she gestured to the transcription pad, the bound up body of his double, the tools laying on the floor. "all this is just a way to make it easier. If it's not real enough for you, please, do it for real." She smiled her big innocent smile up at him.

Ross dropped to his knees and took her face in his hands, before kissing her, pulling her into him until he got his fill of the taste of her. As he pulled away, she pushed him to his back and began to kiss him all over his body, lapping off the blood that covered him, gently kissing the bruise where his double had kicked him in the head. She ended her ministrations by taking his penis into her mouth and coaxing it back to its fully aroused state. As he grew in her, feeling her quick little tongue dance around his stiffening cock, he laughed.

"You just can't get enough, can you?" She pulled away, strings of saliva stretching between them as she admired her work.

"Well, I could go again," she admitted, "But I was really thinking about him." She jerked a thumb towards the inert form of his double a few feet away.

The Dead Ross awoke suddenly as his sister spread her cunt lips and forced a stream of urine onto his unconscious face. It didn't take him more than a few seconds of confusion and struggling to ascertain his situation. He looked up into the smiling faces of his sister and himself, and laughed when he saw his victorious duplicate was sporting both a fresh black eye and an engorged erection.

"I guess I lost, huh?"

"I guess you did!" Liz agreed as she placed her foot squarely on his scrotum, pushing down lightly and causing him to yell briefly before he caught himself.

"No chance of some painkillers, I guess?"

"Painkillers are for those that play fair." Real Ross informed him, as he knelt down between the Dead Rosses legs. He poked a finger as his bound doubles cock, quickly stiffening from the painful stimulus. "I don't really go in for that stuff anyway."

"Well not usually of course," he agreed, "I was just worried you two might go hard on me."

"Oh we'll make it HARD on you all right!" Liz proclaimed, smiling as big as was physically possible for her to do. Immediately both Rosses groaned.

"Don't start with the puns Liz, for fucks sake!"

"Please, kill me right now! It's too much—Fuck!" At this Real Ross dug a toe into the side of his subdued double."

"Fuck you, you practically gave it to her."

"You're a real asshole, you know that?" Liz addressed them both as she squatted and lowered her asshole onto the face of Dead Ross. "You know what I want," she flicked the head of his upright cock in front of her. "Make me enjoy your last meal. And you!" She pointed at Real Ross. "Fuck this sack of meat, I want to watch."

"Here, help me out first." He stepped forward and she obligingly took his cock into her mouth, liberally coating it in saliva. As he pulled away, trailing strings of her spit, she pushed the all the cum that her pussy had gathered from both of them over the course of the night out onto the Dead Rosses face, causing him to redouble his efforts in eating her out. As the Real Ross pushed his cock through the tight ring of his own mirrored asshole, the duplicate moaned into her, and she ground her hips against him, quickly reaching a climax while watching his cock and balls bounce around while his asshole was stretched out wide.

Dead Ross had resigned himself to his fate when his double had ruined his eye, exactly what he had been hoping to accomplish with his first brutal attack. A black eye could be explained away easily but a ruined one would be much more trouble, and when only one of them could survive it was reasonable for it to be the whole one. He had abused and murdered plenty of his own duplicates and was horrified to finally be on the receiving end, but realistically he had to expect it would happen someday. The plan of attacking himself was something he had often considered—after all, he reasoned, better to be doomed from losing a fight than from losing a dice roll—and he waited until he thought he had the best chance. As he was fucked brutally by himself, he realized his mistake was waiting until after he came inside his sister to attack. He tried to remember which of them had selected which end of her to fuck first, if he had picked her mouth would he have won? Had his double taken that into account? Was it luck or had he been outmaneuvered by himself? He tried not to think about it and enjoy the comforting taste of his sister's amazing cunt—still delicious despite being tainted with his own cum—and the curious sensation of his ass being spread open wide by his identical cock. He was shocked by how pleasurable it was! He had never really shared his sister's predilections for humiliation and subjugation, especially not to the amazing length she took it, but now that he was actually on the receiving end of his own abuse he found that he could see the appeal in it. He often wondered how the copies of himself he maimed and mistreated managed to maintain an erection through the pain and violence but now—while being assfucked and sporting a grievous head injury and being entirely at his attacker's mercy—his cock was almost painfully hard and his whole body felt electric, like as if in having surrendered completely, some powerful energy that was normally expended on resistance was able to flow freely through him and lead to an ultimate, final climax. He felt that he would come, right now, explosively, with just the lightest touch of his cock, and wondered if his sister knew that as well by the way she completely avoided touching it, his legs jerking helplessly against their bonds in frustration as she lifted her hands over her head.

Glimpsing her smooth, freshly shaven armpits—his favorite part of her well studied anatomy—spread open in front of him, Real Ross grabbed his sister's wrist and pulled her close, the sudden dragging of her clit and cunt over the contours of the tied down doubles body brought her quickly to an already close orgasm and as he brought her armpit to his mouth and tasted the built up fear and lust flavored sweat that had seeped out of her over the course of the night, he too came, pouring his cum into the ass of their victim. Temporarily sated, they rolled off of him and let him soak in his own bound frustration as they nuzzled each other in post-orgasmic bliss.

Dead Ross lay silent, remembering the events nearly two years ago, that let up to him stepping onto the transcript platform himself. They had been doing it already for a few months, ten times he had seen his sister get duplicated and helped her to destroy whichever became the duplicate.

It was their second time using the cable cleaver that he had managed to steal from an engineering tool cart. Liz had been absolutely enthralled with it, the previous Dead Liz—their ninth victim—had her arms sliced into discs as Liz enthusiastically brought the blade down again and again, a few centimeters deeper each time. She also discovered the point at which the blade had trouble slicing through her relatively larger thigh bones.

"Right here." She drew a line on her own naked leg with blood just a little way above the knee. "This doesn't mean my thighs are fat, does it?" She asked him as her duplicate bled out behind her, screaming. He assured her that her thighs were perfectly slim, and talked to Kubler about obtaining painkillers afterwards. The screams that the Dead Lizzes made had begun to bother him.

The tenth Dead Liz, unused to the painkillers dosage, was the first one they tied down.

"I really just think we need a mirror!" she insisted as Ross used his shirt to tie her to one of the anchor points "There's one in the showers! Do you know how many of us there would be then? A lot!"

"No!" insisted Real Liz, equally unprepared for the effects of the drug. "That mirror is way too small! I think I know where a bigger one is..."

"NO!" Ross shouted. "None of us can leave this room right now! You don't have a fucking hand!"

"Oh!" Dead Liz peered at the tourniquet on her stump. "That would raise questions wouldn't it?"

"Oh!" Real Liz stood suddenly with a flash of insight. "We don't need a mirror! Just fuck her eyes out!"

"Yeah! Fuck my eyes out!"

"Right into her fucking brain!"

With a wince of pain from his own destroyed eye, Dead Ross vividly recalled gouging the eyes out of the delirious duplicate. Reaching her brain via orbital socket of course proved not to be possible. However, once she had conceived of the fucking of her double's brain, it had to be accomplished.

"Pull!" Liz closed one eye to stop her double vision and managed to cleanly cleave several centimeters of scalp and skull off of her blind double on the first try as Ross reluctantly pulled on her hair, feeling the piece come away exposing the vital grey matter that made up the soul of his sister.

"It worked!" Dead Liz whispered, the pain at this point overreaching the powerful effect of the drugs. With horror Ross realized that Liz's plan had worked and he has obligated to carry it though. He plunged his erection into her skull and pushed deep enough to feel the sphenoid bone push painfully back against it. The Dead Liz let out the most wretched sound that he had ever heard before her voice dyed away into a repeating whimper.

He didn't know if it was his imagination or not, but to him it sounded as though she repeated:

"I love you brother."

Over and over again as the remaining Liz brought herself to an incredible wailing orgasm behind him.

"Cable ties!" She panted out after taking several minutes to catch her breath post climax.

"What?" Ross was still staring at the ruined corpse of the sister he had murdered as she told him she loved him.

"We need something to tie me down with next time, you're going to have to go back shirtless now."

The next time, he didn't let her do it.

Over and over she asked him if he was sure he wanted to participate in this fashion. He showed her how to use the machine, he gave her the die and instructed her in how to choose between them. He couldn't watch his beloved sister get mutilated again, not without taking a turn himself. He mounted the platform and let it perform its horrible destruction and recreation on his body. As his sister prepared to choose which would die, he felt he was at peace. If he was picked, it would only be what he deserved for the crimes he'd done so far.

Even still, the relief when she rolled the other Ross was the strongest emotion he had felt up to that point in his life. He wondered what was going through his duplicate's mind as he accepted his fate and let the two of them have their way with him.

An hour later and he lay with her in satisfied repose. He felt something rub against his face and looked to see his sister playfully poking him with the remains of his own severed cock.

"Are you sure you don't want a bite? It tastes like I always imagined!"

"I think I'll just eat a few parts of you on your next turn." He reached a hand down between her legs, idly rubbing a few times at her blood-covered clit.

"Oh! I bet I taste even better!" She flung the cock over into a pile of not yet cleaned up waste. "I can't wait!"

Dead Ross lay there and reflected on the two years that had come before, concluding that he certainly deserved what he was getting and deciding that he was lucky to have made it this far before being unlucky enough to end up as the victim. How disappointing though, that he was slated to die, unable to ever again experiment with this position! His newfound role of victim, while demeaning, caused him some degree of arousal. He never expected the level of pleasure that he would reach from the various indignities he had just suffered, being rendered defenseless, being humiliated, even being fucked in the ass was a fascinating and not altogether unpleasurable experience! He briefly thought about telling his victorious double and wondered why none of the doubles he had slaughtered had ever confided as much to him.

He watched as the two twins that would make it out alive this time stirred from their rest as their arousal slowly grew again within them, the stiffening of Real Ross's cock mirrored by Liz slowly extending the blade, click by click, of their well-used boxcutter. His introspection was halted as his dear sister rose up before him, brandishing the tool they'd used on each other a hundred times already before now. How much of themselves had they cut away with that knife? How many cocks and clits, noses and fingers and other easily removable body parts had they removed? He thought desperately of something to say to his magnificent sister as she brought down the knife but words escaped him and his only sound was a hard groan as she brought the point down into the slit of his urethra and he braced himself for what he knew was about to happen.

He managed to not scream as she began to push down, the blade slicing through the bottom of his shaft, subincizing it completely. Blood sprayed onto her but she was careful not to puncture the two larger cavernosa and the organ stayed more or less erect as his urethra was splayed open. His arms and legs began to jerk uncontrollably as the blade reached his scrotum, slicing it apart, both testicles squeezing through the incision as she continued to drag the blade down before thrusting it deep into his perineum, impaling his prostate. This finally caused him to release a high pitched scream, increasing in pitch as she twisted the blade, accidently breaking it off inside him.

"Oh shit!" She whispered, turning around to show Real Ross, who now stood at her shoulder. "I broke our boxcutter!"

"Honestly I'm surprised it lasted this long. It's had two years of use." He stroked his cock idly as he admired his sister's handiwork. "You kind of got carried away with that. I was going to fuck his ass a bit more but I really don't want to risk hitting that thing somehow. What kind of angle did it go in at?"

"Here, I'll get you off." She offered, turning her head to the side to take his cock into her mouth while she extended the remnant of the blade as far as it would go, giving her just enough to work with. Dead Ross watched as she turned her eyes back down to him and used the truncated blade to sever his exposed testicles, carelessly tossing the treasured organs aside rather than consuming them like she may have if her mouth hadn't been full. She took the cock out of her mouth long enough to change positions, turning around to straddle Dead Ross and lowering herself onto his destroyed cock—still moderately erect despite the underside being split apart—giving him a view of her ass rhythmically rising and falling, her back turned to him as she continued to suck off Real Ross.

The sight of Real Ross gripping her hair and coming into his sister's mouth finally caused him to come, his damaged prostate violently expelling any fluid left in it, ejaculate and blood spraying out from between the two of them at the base of his split urethra. At this signal she reached down underneath herself and carefully, almost tenderly used the remaining nub of blade to sever his cock fully at the base, leaving the organ inside her. Quickly she used her legs to push back, gliding her body over the top of him until her cunt was positioned over his face, leaving a bright red stripe up his torso, and he felt his shrinking, castrated organ pushed into his mouth.

Before he could really decide what to do with it, he felt an incredible pain in his left arm, one that dwarfed all the torture and abuse he'd suffered so far. His vision was still obscured by his sister, who was grinding her cunt and ass hard onto his face, but as his left foot exploded in another burst of pain he realized that he didn't have any time left.

Liz brought herself to orgasm twice while watching her brother sever the hands and feet from his double, effectively freeing him from his bonds and causing a wide pool to form from the blood that pumped quickly from the fresh stumps. She pulled away from the double's face finally, only after she failed to feel any movement for several minutes.

She peered into his mouth and was pleased to see no sign of the severed penis she'd deposited in it. She leaned down to whisper in the dead body's ear:

"I hope you liked it!"

Satisfied, she leaned back and took in the signs of the carnage around her, playfully tapping her feet in the deep puddle of gore. Ross held the wide blade of the cable cleaver against his bruised eye, the cool metal easing the pain to some small degree.

"You're probably going to have to go have that looked at by Doctor Etna."

"Yeah," he agreed "It'll raise some questions I guess." He watched his sister closely for any hint of lingering resentment or anger but she continued to idly play with the blood. "That went a bit differently from normal. Sorry about that."

"Oh don't apologize." She rolled her eyes at him. "Watching the two of you beat the shit out of each other was pretty exiting really. Maybe we should do it again sometime, have a battle to the death!" She punched at the air a few times, droplets of blood flying off of her fists. "Oh! Maybe we should copy both of us! Have a four way bout! Why haven't we done that yet? This gives me a lot of ideas!" She eagerly got off of the corpse and raised her arms high above her head, dancing from one foot to the next while spinning about. "Wash me?" She sung to her brother.

Ross sighed at her childish antics and fetched the hose from the wall, smiling as she shrieked when the icy cold water hit her.

"I don't know Liz, that might be difficult logistically, four of us at once?"

She lowered her arm to give him a thumbs up.

"I'm sure you can think of something! After all, this whole thing was your plan from the start, you're brilliant!" She pranced over to him through the stream of water to give him a wet kiss.

Ross, not for the first time, wondered how much of this was really his plan, and to what degree he was a tool for his sister to get whatever she desired. As usual, he concluded that he didn't care whatever the case. His sister being happy was more than enough for him. He returned her kiss before she broke away to drag the ruined corpse onto the recompile stage.

"I'm sure I can." He agreed.


Though I'm a bit confused as to when did Liz realize she won't be dying today? One moment she says to her brother "you can kill me", next the two of them are killing Dead Ross and never mention it again.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to the apparently planned third part with a foursome!


This story is awesome, can't wait for the next part.


love it


First story was really good except that it coud have more focus on gore, but second was a bit hard to follow because of numerous characters and actions and also this story twist when they cant decides who will kill who.

For a sequel I woud like more torture than fighting because fighting is too fast to follow.

Do you have any more chapters written already?


I have a couple more partially done. (As well as several pages that I hammered out without getting to the sex/gore, which I won't bother to post)

School has been getting in the way of any recreational writing, but I'll work on them and finish them up in the next couple of days since people seem to be interested. Both of the imminently upcoming stories feature Liz and Ross, one in the same setting they've been in (the last in that particular setting) and another with a slightly different setting.

After that there will be more characters from the ship introduced and a slightly larger plot/more sci-fi mutilation weirdness.

I'm glad you like it <3

I guess what I meant to get across here is that Ross would never permanently kill his beloved sister (at least not at this point) and that they know each other well enough that his not doing so made this point for him. Is could have been clearer though.




I still hope to see more of this story. It is easily among my favorites. Everything is just so perfect about it I don't even know where to start. The characters being twins, the way they love each other, the way they have fun doing all the guro stuff... and the way death is both final and not at the same time. The way the cloning machine makes two copies while destroying the original, leaving no place to pointless arguments over which of clones is original, is a very nice detail. Please, write more.




Bump to save from spammers.

Also, is there any hope to see this continued?

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