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The Chair:

the 16 year old busty blond didn't think this was fair! Francine just turned 16 just yesterday, she shouldn't be in this room with that thing! It's not fair that she was chosen! Maybe in a month after she got to do the things she would get to do as a 16 year old, but not before she could enjoy it!

Still, once the door closed behind her, the only way it was going to open was when she was dead. Her naked body shivered as she walked to the metal chair in the middle of the room. If she had to die, she wished it wasn't this way! but it was the death that was chosen for her.

On it, there were two vibrators, one for her pussy, the other for her ass. There was also a small table for lube should she need it.

She poured it onto the toys, her body shivering. "I never even got to have sex with anyone."

She tried to sit down, and winced. Oh they were so big! Her ass and pussy stretched painfully as she slowly sat down. She whimpered as the toys violated her holes as she sat down on it. She clenched around them, trying to relax, but unable to.

"I can't do this!" She cried out. She tried to stand up, but the chair was quicker.

clamps slid from the chair, around her waist and her legs, keeping her from standing up. She pulled and struggled, giving a choked sob as she realized that there was truly no escape now!

She whimpered, and realized that she will die either way. Either by the chair, or by dying of thirst or starving. She saw recordings of girls dying slowly on this chair, and it wasn't pleasant.

Francine reached up and found the mental plate and straps for her head. She pressed the plate on her head, and used the straps to tuck it under her chin. She had to make sure it was tight enough so it didn't slip off. It locked in place, and only those in charge can get it off of her.

"Oh god." Francine looked at the armrests. She was suppose to press her arms down on them, and then they would lock into place. It was the last step before the chair would kill her.

"I don't want to do this." She whined. She tried to pull at the restraints on her, but they were firm and unmoving. There was no escaping her faith.

"Please." She sobbed. She was shaking so hard, and she felt herself piss all over the chair. "Please don't make me do this!"

But she had only two choices: Die Quickly or Die Slowly. Neither appealed to her.

She whined, and put her arms onto the armrests. the clamps for them wrapped around her arms, and kept them secure.

She tried struggling a little, but that was just to assure herself that there was no way out of this.

"I don't want to-" She sobbed.

But she gasped as the vibrators started up. She moaned, and clenched around them as the pleasure started to rise up down there. It was unfamiliar to her, she never touched herself, always hoping she could wait until a man did it. Or a woman, she wasn't able to experiment growing up.

She didn't know how to steel herself against it. She wiggled in the seat, wanting more, and wanting it to stop at the same time. She started to breathe heavily as the pleasure rose inside of her. Sweat ran down her body as she started to reach something. Something she wanted, something she needed!

She gasped and moaned, and tried to move her hips. So close!



As she started to experience her first orgasm, the first shock hit her. As pleasure over took her body, pain from the plate on her head mixed with it, making her orgasm so powerful, she screamed loudly. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as the vibrations turned up, shock and lust assaulting her electrified body.

the shocking stopped, and she rolled her head back as far as she could. drool was coming out of her mouth, and her body twitched. Still alive, still feeling those vibes. Her mind was completely unclear, and she smelled something burning.

But the toys...oh those vibrations! they were sending her close to the edge again! So close! almost...

And another shock wracked her body, stronger than the last, made her cum so hard! the chair was wet with piss and her jucies!

She was just babbling at this point, pain and pleasure filled her, her cooking mind barely grasping anymore. Smoke was rising from her body as she jerked.

It just took one more orgasm.

Once more over the edge, and the vibes were at max. As she was shocked, as her mind cooked, her body experienced one orgasm after another. Her insides cooking, her mind frying as the vibrations made that body cum as much as it could.

After a good half hour, when she was cooked inside and out, the machines finally stopped.

Francine was gone, her body only jerking on the chair because of the bolts running through her body were still spilling out. The vibrations soon turned off, no longer needing to work since the person on them was dead.

After her body stopped Jerking, two men in white jumpers came in, and got her out of that chair. they put her body onto a tray and rolled her away. Two women came in afterwards, and with mops and cleaners, cleaned that entire area, and put up fans to get rid of the smell.

Soon, the room was spotless, and waiting for the next woman to come in.


Cool, sexy and short story.

Thanks for the ride!


Poor girl haha!


I liked this


Too many exclamations

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