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This story goes along with "Hannah goes to the Zoo". It is sort of a sequel, but stands on its own. The events in this story take place more or less concurrently with the events in Hannah's story. I had written the two with the intention of Hannah's story being read first, but it probably makes little difference in the end.

Here is a link to "Hannah goes to the Zoo", for your convenience.


1 - The Meeting

Trina, Rebbecca, and Ted were all in a meeting with the head managers of the zoo. The live feedings that took place in the reptile and amphibian department were usually very popular with the public, and drew in additional visitors on the days they were scheduled. The problem was that the large animals the public liked to watch eat required equally large prey to feed on. During the yesterday's feeding, Jimmy, the zoo's media darling and very expensive giant frog, had very nearly been seriously injured by the pig he was supposed to eat. So, management had called the people who worked in the reptile and amphibian department, all three of them, in to this meeting to try and brainstorm up some solutions.

Ted was the supervisor of the reptile and amphibian department. Both Susan and Rebbecca worked under him. The other people at the meeting were Angela, who was the zoo's head manager, Robert, the zoo's accountant, Felicity, the zoo's PR and advertising manager, and Namela, the zoo's HR manager. Robert had suggested, with an accountant's eye towards economy, that simply feeding several smaller feeder animals to the large predators, instead of one larger feeder animal, might solve the problem. Felicity had rebutted that most of the people who went to watch the live feedings, in any department of the zoo, did so because they wanted to witness the struggle of predator versus prey. Large predators mowing down smaller feeder animals like popcorn would, she insisted, hardly hold the public's interest for very long. Ted chimed in, agreeing with and supporting Felicity's sentiments. The meeting then ground to a halt, as no one else seemed to have any ideas about how to solve the problem.

After a few minutes of scratching of heads and staring at hands, Angela inquired as to whether or not there wasn't some animal they could acquire that was large enough to entice an audience but not dangerous enough to threaten the zoo's captive predators. Felicity responded, a bit dejectedly, that generally anything sizable enough to be interesting would be dangerous enough to be able to defend itself.

It was Rebbecca who came up with the idea.

"Umm. This might be weird, but what about us?" she asked, a little timidly.

"What do you mean?" responded Angela, who frowned mildly in puzzlement.

"Er. Us." Rebbecca said again, making a small back and forth gesture between herself and Trina. "Me and Trin.. Er, Trina and I. We could do it."

"You mean.. Feed yourselves to the animals?" Angela asked, incredulously. "I.. I don't know about that. Hmm."

Angela looked briefly around the table at the others attending the meeting, clearly perplexed, then put the question to the group.

"What do you think?"

If the suggestion had been made in an earlier decade, perhaps even as little as a year or two prior, the response she received would probably have been much different. The world was changing, however. Had changed already. Changed enough, apparently, that Ted only looked thoughtfully at Rebbecca for a moment, drummed his fingers on the table once, then stated, "That could work."

"It would certainly help draw in visitors." said Felicity, tapping one finger on her chin and looking introspective.

"It would help cut down on feed costs, too." added Robert, ever mindful of his balance sheets.

Once the idea had been put forth, and tentative approval gained from several members of the meeting, everyone there seemed to relax. With no opposition to the proposal, the discussion quickly devolved into the pure logistics of accomplishing it.

"More employees will need to be shifted to the reptile and amphibian department, then." stated Namela, the HR manager. "Especially if the feedings continue at their current pace. We'll need to start hiring more aggressively too. How often exactly do the feedings take place, anyway?"

"Samson we feed every three to four weeks," replied Ted. "Jimmy is a bit more active, he'll eat once a week. Goliath and David are both tough enough that I don't think we'll need to switch them over from their usual fare just yet. Saltwater crocs don't take any guff from anything, and Komodo Dragons are just mean. They'll be fine."

"So, five or six girls a month?" Namela inquired, "I should be able to come up with that without any problems."

"That's all fine." said Angela, a bit impatiently, "But we don't even know if it's going to work yet. It'll need to be tested at least once before we try it out on the public. Also, while Rebbecca is obviously okay with the idea, we still haven't heard Trina's opinion on the matter."

All eyes at the table turned questioningly to Trina, who glanced over at Rebbecca, then back around the table at everyone.

"Er.. Well..." Trina hedged, rubbing the back of her neck with one of her hands and looking thoughtfully down at the table.

"I don't see why not." she finished, looking back up and shrugging.

"Well, very well then." said Angela. "We need to test it though. When is the next scheduled feeding?"

"It's been about three weeks since Samson has had a good meal." replied Ted. "We could try it out on him tomorrow, if you like."

Ted glanced at the two young women he was in charge of questioningly.

"Which one of you wants to do the test run?" he asked.

Trina and Rebbecca looked at each other for a moment, then Rebbecca spoke up.

"It was my idea. I'll try it first." she answered, biting her lip and looking down at her hands, which were fidgeting restlessly on the table.

"That's settled then. Thank you, everyone, this was a good meeting. I'm glad we've got that solved. Ted, let me know how it goes tomorrow, won't you?" Angela stated, accepting Rebbecca's proposal and ending the meeting, dismissing everyone.

2 - The Test

The next day at the zoo, Ted informed Trina and Rebbecca that they would be trying out Rebbecca's idea after the zoo closed in the evening. Ted said that he had considered having Rebbecca come in a little early to try and get it done before opening, but had decided against it. If something went wrong after Samson had swallowed Rebbecca, and he decided that he didn't want to keep her down after all, Ted didn't want the snake vomiting up a nude girl in his habitat during the middle of viewing hours.

The day passed like any other, with the girls attending to their work like normal. Talking with zoo patrons, cleaning cages and terrariums, emptying garbage cans, sweeping up, and feeding their wards. A few minutes after viewing hours closed, Ted ran into Trina, who was busily wiping fingerprints off terrarium glass. The prints were mostly child sized. Mostly. He sent her to find Rebbecca while he got Samson roused and ready for his feeding.

Trina found Rebbecca in one of the walkways behind the terrariums. She had a cage full of small feeder mice under one arm, and was depositing one in each terrarium as she passed it. The little rodents writhed madly as she dropped them in, trying desperately to escape.

"Hey, it's time. Ted says we're doing it in Samson's terrarium. He wants to keep it as stress free as possible for him." Trina said.

"Okay, I'm almost done here. I'll finish up and be right there." Rebbecca replied, absently.

A few minutes later Ted, Trina, and Rebbecca were standing outside the entrance to Samson's habitat. Ted cheerfully informed them that the enormous snake was up and about, active and a bit ornery due to hunger.

"Well, he isn't going to eat you with your clothes on. Go ahead and take them off and get in there. We don't want this to take all night." Ted told Rebbecca. "Trina and I will watch from the front. There are view ports back here, but we'll be able to see what's going on much better out there. I hope this works."

Rebbecca nodded in silent acknowledgement, then began disrobing. Her hands and fingers shook only slightly.

Ted and Trina walked around to the viewing area, arriving at and sitting down on the benches just as a nude Rebbecca opened the semi-concealed door into Samson's habitat, eyes downcast. She took a deep breath, gave herself a little nod, then walked over to where the large snake had been casting about with his head and tongue, actively searching for something to eat. Rebbecca went to her knees beside him, putting her fidgeting hands in her lap, and meekly waited.

Samson had immediately started tracking her movements when she entered his terrarium, and had reared back a bit as she approached him. After she knelt down though, he moved his head towards her, flicking his forked tongue out at her several times, just barely touching the skin of her thighs above her knees. Rebbecca went rigid at the contact, then broke out in full body gooseflesh as her nipples went quickly erect. Samson sampled her skin a few more times, then seemed to dismiss her entirely. The snake went back to casting about with his head and tongue in the short grass around him.

"He knows your smell, and you probably still look too much like a keeper." said Ted, a little loudly, so the sounds would carry through the thick glass. "Try moving around on all fours, or laying down, or something."

"O..Okay." Rebbecca responded, a noticeable quiver in her voice.

She bent down on all fours, crawled her way slowly to the great snake, then simply laid herself down atop him, along his length. Her act startled him. His keepers usually didn't have this much contact with him, and he reared back and away, both rolling her off of him and sliding himself out from underneath her. Rebbecca rolled passively on to the grass, then simply lay there on her back, still except for the heaving of her chest from her erratic breathing and the trembling of her hands.

As she lay there, motionless, Samson turned back towards her and really seemed to take notice of, and interest in, her for the first time. He eased his head back towards her, tongue flickering rhythmically. His tongue brushed her face, tasting, then tapped gently along her skin as Samson moved his head slowly down her body. Rebbecca let out a small gasp as the serpent's tongue briefly flickered against one nipple. She let out a small moan, then spoke quietly, in a breathy whisper that Ted and Trina could hear, but just barely.

"Oh, I've thought about this ever since I started working here. Samson.." she said, the snake's name trailing out into a little moan as his tongue reached her toes and tickled them.

Seeming to come to a conclusion, the snake started coiling and shifting his body over Rebbecca's, pinning the nude girl to the ground underneath several hundred pounds of ropy muscle. He didn't bother to loop any of his coils, save one, beneath the passive girl. He did force one coil under her head and beneath her shoulders, raising her head and upper body slightly off the ground.

Samson brought his head, which was about the same width as hers, though longer, to the crown of her hair, flicked his tongue against it a few more times, then began to work his jaws back and forth. He did that for several moments, opening and closing his mouth at the same time, loosening the joints and tendons in his skull in preparation for the task ahead of him.

He began by taking in her head. He didn't strike at her, nor work around it slowly and piecemeal, he simply unhinged his jaws, opened up wide, and pushed his mouth over and around her head smoothly and all at once. As her face entered the snake's maw, Rebbecca's body gave an involuntary start, bucking sharply underneath the weight of him. Samson took no note of it. His nose came to rest between the valley of her breasts, and the teeth of his lower jaws prickled lightly against her skin about a third of the way down her spine.

He stayed that way for several moments, clearly in no hurry, then began task of chewing his way over her shoulders. He pushed his head sideways against her torso, wrapping his jaws as far around one half of her as he could, then sank his short, sharp, needle-like curved teeth into her skin, anchoring that jaw in place. He then repeated the maneuver in the opposite direction, gaining little forward ground, but significantly widening his jaws and his purchase over the top of her torso. He had to repeat those movements barely once more before the hinges of his jaws popped over and around her shoulders, leaving her breasts, pushed out and splayed along the sides of Samson's snout, as the only part of her upper torso outside of his mouth. They proved to be no more of an obstacle than Rebbecca's shoulders had. Samson would push with his neck, swallow with his throat, and then dig his teeth into her flesh to secure his gains. He did this steadily and rhythmically, every second or two, gaining an inch of skin at a time. Trickles of blood seeped from the small wounds his teeth inflicted, but not in any significant amounts.

Within a minute or so, Samson worked his way down Rebbecca's torso to the bottom of her rib cage. Her breasts and nipples rested against his upper palate, curved lines of perforations in the shape of Samson's upper jaws marring their skin every inch or so. Her nipples had not escaped this treatment, pierced several times each by tiny daggers of enameled bone, and the tender, sensitive nubs ground against the bony, ridged upper palate as the snake worked his way down her torso.

Once past the rib cage, Samson made much more rapid progress. His coils shifted, flowing down the girl's body, revealing her hips and upper thighs. It also revealed the frantic motions of Rebbecca's lower arms, as she desperately worked her hands and fingers into her cleft and over her clitoris. Ted snorted at the sight.

"Well, at least someone is enjoying this feeding. Besides Samson, I mean." he said, chuckling.

Trina rolled her eyes. Ted's sense of humor could be really grating sometimes, and this was one of those times.

Rebbecca's hands and fingers rapidly lost maneuvering room. Samson's relentless advance down Rebbecca's torso slowed to a halt as his jaws encountered the flare of her hips and buttocks. His nose rested right over Rebbecca's mound, her hands, fingers and cleft now barely visible in the shadow of his upper jaw. The snake paused for a few moments, seeming to gather itself, then pushed on, resuming his conquest of Rebbecca's flesh.

Samson could not twist his head from side to side now, as he had done at Rebbecca's shoulders. His throat was simply too full of trembling girl now for that to be possible. He had to do it the slow way, a half an inch at a time, using the same motions that he had conquered her breasts with; pushing, swallowing, then clamping down with his teeth. He made his way gradually up the curves of her hips and around the swell of her bottom with this technique, causing the girl's sex and fingers, still frantically pleasuring herself, to disappear into his mouth. The tipping point came when the widest part of Rebbecca's hips and the greatest swell of her bottom finally passed through the straining hinges of Samson's jaws and into his throat proper. This moment also coincided with a great series of spasms and jerks that traveled up and down Rebbecca's body. Her legs kicked lightly, once, then twice, then settled back down in to trembling quivers that went on and on as Samson resumed gaining ground at a much more rapid pace.

"That looked like a big one." commented Trina.

Ted issued a noncommittal grunt.

Rebbecca's hips, which had slowed the pace of the feeding as Samson mounted them, now acted to speed the final act of the event. Samson's throat muscles used the swell of his meal's hips to pull the rest of her legs into him with an almost seamless, fluid grace. If the first half of the feeding had resembled someone trying to stuff something slightly too big into a container slightly too small, the second half looked like the complete opposite. Rebbecca's legs disappeared down Samson's throat as smoothly as water flowed down a drain. After three more long swallows Samson was at her knees, her calves still shivering and intermittently flexing. At six swallows, her ankles began their journey through his mouth to his throat. The seventh took in nearly all her feet, with just her toes left hanging delicately outside of Samson's mouth. Toes that trembled and twitched, curled up one last time, and then were gone.

Trina glanced at the clock on the wall. From Samson's first taste of Rebbecca's head, to the last wriggle of tiny toes disappearing into his mouth, less than six minutes had passed. It was the easiest and quickest feeding of Samson that Trina had ever seen. The whole process usually took much longer, was far more violent, and was much less pleasant to watch. It was almost as if Rebbecca had been made to fit through Samson's mouth, the perfect peg for his serpentine hole. Ted must have agreed, because he stood up with a happy grin on his face and with a small whistle of approval issuing from his lips.

"That went pretty well, didn't it?" he said. "I don't think Samson is going to have any trouble keeping her down. I'm going to go let Angela know the good news."

"Feel free to go home whenever you like." Ted said over his shoulder, as he walked out of the reptile house.

Trina sat for another minute or two, watching the lump that had been Rebbecca glide slowly toward Samson's stomach. Trina glanced at the clock again. It had now been over eight minutes since Samson had started swallowing Rebbecca, cutting off her access to fresh air, so she must surely be gone by now. Likely that last burst of motion, the one that had accompanied what Trina thought must have been one spectacular orgasm, had probably marked the end of Rebbecca's consciousness. She might still be alive in the technical sense, her heart perhaps still fluttering slightly and completely in vain, but that was it. The final twitching and flexing displayed by Rebbecca's legs and feet as they were swallowed had looked like the sort of involuntary, reflexive muscle contractions that signaled terminal asphyxiation.

Trina got up and approached the glass separating Samson's habitat from the rest of the world. She looked closely at the long bulge inside of the snake's body. There seemed to be the occasional small twitch or spasm coming from the lump, but nothing more. Sighing to herself, Trina turned and made her way back to the walkways behind the terrariums and approached the door to Samson's enclosure. Rebbecca's clothes were folded in a neat stack on top of her small shoes, as though waiting for their owner to walk back through the door she had left through and put them back on. Trina put her own hand on the door, intending to push it open and inspect Samson and the remains of Rebbecca up close, but paused without opening it. Snakes sometimes reacted to danger and stress after eating by regurgitating whatever they had just consumed. It didn't seem likely that Samson would do that just because of her, but then again, it was a possibility. Trina didn't want to take the chance of that happening, rendering the whole feeding experiment invalid, just to sate her mild curiosity. So instead, she bent and picked up the clothes Rebbecca had left on the ground next to the door.

The clothes were still slightly warm. Trina looked down at them, unsure of what exactly to do with them. Although she and Rebbecca had been of similar height, they hadn't shared similar body types, and Trina doubted if any of the clothes in her hands would fit particularly well. She settled on simply carrying them under one arm as she made her way back to front of Samson's terrarium.

Trina looked at Rebbecca one last time, who seemed like she had finally come to rest in Samson's stomach, then turned and walked out of the reptile house. Trina noticed a garbage receptacle just outside the exit, along the outer wall, as she left. She looked at it for a moment, then down at the clothes under her arm, then shrugged and dropped them in. She went home.

3 - Rebbecca's Replacement

Ted introduced Trina to her new co-worker the next morning. Her name was Alicia. She had been one of the child wranglers over at the petting park section of the zoo, making sure none of the little menaces had managed to hurt themselves or one of the animals while their parents weren't looking. She had been transferred over to the reptile and amphibian department just that morning, right after Ted and the other managers who had been in the brainstorm meeting had shared a quick, pre-viewing hours conference.

"Show her the ropes, Trina, if you would. She'll be taking over care of Samson, and most of the other vacancies in the work schedule. Try and get her up to speed before Sunday, okay?" said Ted, casually dumping in her lap most of the training the supervisor of their department, Ted himself, was supposed to be doing. "Robert the accountant wanted to talk to me again. Apparently he thinks that the switch in feeder animals for our live feedings of Jimmy and Samson is going to save the zoo nearly a thousand dollars a month. He wants to talk to me and some of the other department managers about possibly expanding it to cover all of the live feedings in the zoo. He seemed pretty excited about it, which I think is the first time I've ever seen him excited about anything. I'll probably be back after lunch."

Ted left, and Trina sighed, resignedly. She told Alicia to follow her, then set about training her in all the tasks left vacant by Rebbecca's sudden departure. Things went fine, although a bit slower than she had hoped. It seemed that the skill set needed to corral and care for practically feral human children didn't really transfer over well to the care and feeding of captive reptiles and amphibians. Still, the girl was a quick learner, and the things they had to accomplish really were not so terribly difficult anyway.

They took their lunch together in the viewing room, wandering from exhibit to exhibit, Trina telling Alicia all the names and little factoids they were expected to know about their scaly or slimy wards. They had just passed in front of Samson's habitat when Alicia interrupted with a question.

"What's the story with the live feeding thing that Ted was talking about earlier?" Alicia asked.

Oh, of course. No one had actually bothered to tell the girl the reason she had been transferred to a new department before they had done it. Naturally, Ted hadn't bothered to inform Alicia either, leaving that task to Trina.

"You don't know? I would have thought they'd have told you when they transferred you." Trina replied, with a frustrated sigh.

"Well, they didn't, and we don't get many 'live feedings' over at the petting park. The hungriest, most dangerous animal we had over there was a three legged, ill tempered billy goat." said Alicia.

"They're public exhibitions of our largest predators eating feeder animals. They're pretty popular, attendance usually bumps up a bit on days we have them." answered Trina.

"Oh, I see. I guess that does sound kind of interesting to watch." said Alicia. "What was all that about saving money by switching feeder animals?"

"We usually feed Samson, Jimmy, Goliath, and David pigs or goats on live feeding days. Jimmy and Samson, however, have grown large enough now that the animals that are actually big enough to make an interesting meal for one of them, and for the audience, is also big enough to potentially hurt them during the attempt." replied Trina.

"Makes sense, I suppose." said Alicia. "What animal are they thinking about switching to?"

"Apparently it's safer for the animals and cheaper for the zoo if we're the ones who do it." said Trina.

"Do.. what, exactly?" asked Alicia, clearly not getting what Trina was implying.

"Feed the predator." answered Trina, simply.

Alicia frowned for a moment more, still not understanding, before her eyes widened and her eyebrows shot up.

"What, you mean feed ourselves to them?" she asked, a little incredulously.

"Yep." said Trina.

"Who's dumb idea was that?" asked Alica, obviously annoyed by the thought.

Trina just gestured toward Samson inside his habitat.

"Hers." Trina replied shortly.

"It was the snake's idea? Wait, I thought it was a he." Alicia asked, now more confused than annoyed.

"No, no." answered Trina, shaking her head. "It was the girl inside of the snake, Rebbecca, who came up with the idea. Management wanted us to do a test run first, before we tried it in front of an audience. Since she was the one who thought the idea up, it seemed fair that she be the one to go first and test it out. She did it last night while Ted and I watched."

"That's a girl in there?" Alicia asked skeptically, peering closer at Samson. "No way. You're kidding me."

"Yep. Why do you think you got transferred here this morning? We needed her replacement, and I guess you're it." replied Trina, a little sardonically.

Alicia frowned at this reasoning, but couldn't seem to find fault with it.

"Did.. did it hurt her, when it happened?" she asked, with note of curious apprehension in her voice.

"Rebbecca seemed to enjoy it quite a lot, actually. I'm sure it hurt at least a bit, but she didn't seem to mind it." said Trina.

"So then, are you going to.. too?" asked Alicia, who couldn't quite seem to get the words "Feed yourself to an animal" to come out of her mouth.

"I guess so. Ted said that I should get you trained up by Sunday. I think he's gonna give me to Jimmy during Sunday's live feeding." answered Trina, waving her hand vaguely in the giant frog's direction.

"Well, it just seems a bit above and beyond, you know? Outside the job description for sure." said Alicia, with a slightly nervous chuckle.

"Not really outside the job description, I don't think. We're responsible for the care and feeding of the animals in our department. It's probably down in the work contract somewhere. I'm sure it isn't exactly within the spirit of the original wording, but probably falls well within the letter of it." said Trina.

"I see." said Alicia, clearly pondering. "Uh, wait. What about me? Am I going to have to.. to one of these other guys?"

Alicia gestured to the occupants of the two other large terrariums in the reptile house's main viewing room. She was clearly unnerved by the amount of tooth and claw on display in both habitats, although which she found more intimidating, the saltwater crocodile's size or the evil glint in the Komodo dragon's narrowed eyes, was unclear.

"I don't think so. Ted mentioned he was probably going to keep Goliath and David over there on their normal feed for now. Jimmy eats once a week, but Samson only needs food every month or so. You'll probably go to Jimmy the Sunday after I do, then he'll get whoever replaces me on the Sunday after that. Beyond that, I don't have any idea. Oh, and David is a female dragon. Don't mind her name, Ted thought it was funny." said Trina.

"Oh. Well, that's a relief. I guess." said Alicia. "I'm not quite sure about this whole getting eaten thing, but I am pretty sure that I don't want to be chewed up while it's happening."

"You won't have to worry about that. Jimmy hardly has any teeth at all. I've seen them. They're so small and harmless that they're almost cute. You won't even notice them." said Trina, reassuringly.

"I guess that's alright then. Any idea when we will get your replacement? I don't think I like the idea of having to train someone on my own after less than a week on the job." Alicia asked.

"No idea. It's probably up to someone in HR. Ted might know." replied Trina. "Speaking of training, I think that it is time we got back to it. I'm about to show you the joys of shoveling reptile poop."

"Yeesch, I can hardly wait." said Alicia, making a face. "Well, at least I've got some experience at shoveling poop already. Little 'accidents' happened all the time in the petting park."

"Accidents? Wait, animal or human 'accidents'?" asked Trina, the expression on her face somewhere between disgust and amusement.

"Ugh, don't ask." replied Alicia, sticking her tongue out and shaking her head.

4 - Trina's Replacement

The rest of the week moved by fairly quickly. Ted was absent most of the time. He had somehow managed to grab most of the credit for the solution to the live feeding problem. It seemed that since the person who had actually come up with the idea had been a part of his department and since she happened to be conveniently out of the picture, most everyone had just assumed that it had been Ted's idea in first place. Ted had grabbed this opportunity by the horns, and was busy most of the week trying to use it to worm his way higher up into the management structure of the zoo. Trina mostly ignored this, and concentrated on her work and on training Alicia. Trina would, however, occasionally pause in whatever she was doing and glance speculatively over at Jimmy in his terrarium. The giant frog was usually sitting on top of his rock, basking in the heat of his lamp. She would, equally occasionally, sometimes take a quick look at Samson too, just to see how he and his last meal were getting along. She didn't dwell much on it too much though, the routine of her workday keeping her busy enough to remain undistracted.

By the time Sunday morning had rolled around, the bulge in Samson's stomach had started to thin. Not by a huge amount, but it was definitely noticeable. Sunday morning was also the day she met her replacement.

"Girls, meet Jasmin. Jasmin, meet Alicia and Trina. Jasmin is a new hire, not a transfer, so she's starting fresh. Trina, try and show her as much as you can before lunch time. Got it? Okay, gotta run. There's a big meeting going on over at the main office." Ted said, obviously in a hurry to be somewhere else.

The girls just stood, looking at each other blankly, as Ted rushed off to his meeting after blurting out his minimal introductions and instructions. After a few moments, Trina sighed, then looked at the new girl and quirked up an eyebrow.

"Jasmin, right?" Trina asked.

"Er, yes." said Jasmin, nodding.

"Well, I suppose we had better get to it. Follow me, we've got a lot to cover. Alicia, you know what to do." said Trina, and led her new co-worker into the walkways behind the exhibits, to try and show her as much about the care and feeding of her wards as she could in less than four hours.

Jasmin picked up as much as she could, as quickly as she could from Trina. It wouldn't be enough, but Alicia could fill in Jasmin on most of the rest of what she would need to know later. Trina hoped that, between the two of them, they might manage not to kill half the animals in the reptile and amphibian house in the next few days through unintentional neglect.

During their break, Trina brought up the subject of Jasmin's hiring.

"Did they tell you everything you would need to do while working here?" Trina asked. "Alicia was transferred over from the petting park earlier this week, and HR forgot to tell her what she would be doing in her new position or even why she got moved."

"Yeah. They said that I needed to take care of and feed the reptiles and amphibians as best I could, clean up after people, and basically do whatever else my supervisor thought needed doing." said Jasmin.

"Did they also mention the live feeding days?" Trina inquired, wondering whether she was going to have to be the one to drop that particular surprise on another unsuspecting co-worker. Her fears were unfounded, however.

"Yes. They said that they were trying something new with the big animals, feeding them girls instead of goats or whatever. That was why they were hiring so many of us at once. They thought that the turnover rate was gonna be pretty high, so they figured they'd have lots of openings for us real quickly."

Trina wasn't sure what you would call feeding a significant percentage of your employees to your captive animals each month in management speak, but she was pretty sure that it wasn't turnover. Was it turnover if your employees never actually quit? Heck, if they never actually left the zoo? She looked back at Jasmin quizzically.

"So you knew you would be fed to an animal some day and you still applied for the job?" Trina asked.

"Well, I needed a job. My boyfriend said that he was going to kick me out if I didn't find one." Jasmin replied, a little defensively. "Besides, it probably won't be for weeks and weeks."

"At least two, I think, unless Ted changes his mind about Goliath and David." said Trina.

"See, that's loads of time. I'll worry about it then." said Jasmin, shrugging her shoulders and dismissing the subject.

Trina supposed the she couldn't cast stones. Jasmin might have only a couple of weeks left, but Trina herself had far less time left than that. Heck, she'd been one of the first people to agree to it, back when the idea was still just hypothetical. Even Alicia, who hadn't been very enthused with the idea when she first joined the reptile and amphibian department, had quickly grown accustomed to and then even blase about the prospect.


5 - The Live Feeding

The last hour or so after her break seemed to fly by, and soon enough it was lunch. Trina took hers in the viewing room. She sat in front of Jimmy and watched him while she ate. Ted found her just a little before two o'clock.

"Show time in half an hour. You ready?" Ted asked her, then continued on without waiting for an answer.

"We're going to do it in the amphitheater." he said. "We can fit more people in there than anywhere else, and, frankly, I don't think Jimmy is much of a flight risk."

The amphitheater was a large enclosure with tiered seating and a broad raised dais in the center. Though it had a roof of sorts, it was still basically an open, outdoor structure. It wasn't normally used in live feeding demonstrations. Those were usually done in the animal's own habitat, like with Samson and Rebbecca, or in a larger, secure room elsewhere in the zoo designed specifically for the purpose. Still, Ted was probably right. Jimmy never seemed to do anything quickly if he could help it. Oh, Trina had seen him move fast on occasion, usually during a live feeding, but hardly even then. He usually seemed content to let his food come to him. He'd flick his tongue out in a motion almost too quick to see, then he would have it. Jimmy was all about minimal effort.

"I'll have Alicia and what's-her-name load Jimmy up in the cage and bring him along in a few minutes. You should probably help them with that, I don't think either of them has had much experience with him. They'll unload him on the dais, then stash the cage outside the amphitheater. Once Jimmy's done with the feeding, I'll give them a call so they can come back and load him up so they can bring him back here." Ted said.

Ted's manner made it clear that he wasn't really saying all this for her benefit, he was merely going over the plan for the live feeding out loud to himself, making sure he hadn't forgotten anything.

The next few minutes passed by in a blur motion and talk, none of it directed at her. Then, suddenly, it was two-thirty and she and Ted were standing on the dais in the amphitheater, in front of an audience of at least several dozen people. Jimmy sat next to them, seemingly content to just blink slowly and look at nothing in particular.

"Look, lets keep this simple. Just strip off and curl up into as small a ball as you can in front of him when I give the say so, okay? He's not nearly as large at Samson, but his mouth is pretty big. I don't think he'll have any trouble with you." Ted whispered into Trina's ear.

A moment later, Ted began addressing the audience. He welcomed them to the live feeding event, then introduced himself and Jimmy the giant frog. He mentioned Trina's name too, but only after she nudged him with her elbow. He then went into his spiel about how the zoo had acquired Jimmy, what they fed him as he grew, and just how remarkably fast he had grown. Trina mostly tuned this out, she had heard it many times before.

Ted continued on, talking about how at his current weight of over one hundred fifty pounds, feeder pigs large enough to fill him up were also dangerous enough to hurt him.

"And so, today we've decided at the last minute to swap out Jimmy's usual fare of a live hog with something much more safe, not to mention a little more appetizing." Ted concluded.

"I think a pig would be just fine, Ted." interjected Trina, with a hint of annoyance. Ted chuckled.

"Ha, I bet you do Trina." he replied, grinning for the audience.

Ted looked at her pointedly, then turned back to the audience. Trina sighed, then began taking her clothes off. She had never been nude in public before and it was a little embarrassing, especially as she happened to be the only one to be so. She kept her eyes mostly down and tried not to look at the crowd.

"Now, I bet you're all wondering why Trina is here and why she's undressing. Did I mention that frogs are voracious eaters? They'll eat just about anything they can fit in their mouths." Ted explained. "A normal bullfrog might eat prey as large as a small bird or rodent, but considering Jimmy's size, he could swallow something as large as fully grown woman."

Trina finished undressing, dropping her panties carelessly on top of the small pile of her clothes. The audience seemed to fade out of significance to her. Most of Trina's attention was now focused on Jimmy, who still sat calmly waiting. She drew in a breath to steady herself. This was it.

"A woman more of less the size of Trina here, who has been kind enough to join Jimmy for lunch today." Ted finished.

Trina could hear gasps of amazement and incredulity at this, and also quite a few expressions of excited enthusiasm, as the audience finally realized just what Ted meant. Trina's mouth went on autopilot as her heart sped up and her breathing quickened. She absently replied to Ted's dumb humor with automatic snark, but her mind was wholly on Jimmy now.

As she knelt down in front of the giant frog, Ted still rambling on for the audience's benefit, Trina thought that now would be a good time to have some second thoughts. The only thing her mind seemed to be able to focus on, however, was just how large Jimmy's mouth looked from this angle and distance.

"I'm not going to fit in there, Ted." she said, with skepticism and perhaps a little hope tingeing her voice. Ted didn't seem to really hear her.

Trina drew her folded arms alongside her body as tightly as possible, then leaned forward as far as she could towards Jimmy without losing her balance.

"Perfect. Looks like it will be a pretty close fit." Ted said.

"Well, it will have to do. I can't curl up any tighter." Trina replied.

Jimmy had sat still throughout the whole presentation so far, seemingly uninterested in anything around him. His eyes had focused on Trina, however, when she had moved in front of him after undressing. As soon as she had knelt down in front of him, he seemed to perk up, eyeing her curiously. It became obvious to Trina that the giant amphibian's attention was now solely on her. She definitely felt like she was being sized up by the frog now that she had reduced their apparent difference in height.

"Now just hold still, or he'll spook." instructed Ted.

"Oh, wouldn't that be a sha.. mmph!" Trina tried to reply, before being interrupted by Jimmy. The giant frog had suddenly surged forward, wide mouth gaping, and engulfed her to halfway down her spine. Trina's body jerked abruptly in reaction, instinctively trying to unfold and straighten out in response to the pressure around her torso and legs from Jimmy's jaws, but the frog's mouth held her firmly.

Jimmy had managed to fit almost half of the curled up form that was Trina into his mouth in but a single moment, and didn't seem to want to waste any time trying to get the rest of her in as well. With a little assistance from Ted, which Jimmy hardly seemed to need, he lifted her off the ground and into the air. Jimmy angled his head back, causing Trina's world to tilt around her and lining her up, head and folded knees first, with his throat. He immediately started making quick, jerking swallowing motions with his entire body.

Trina could feel herself sliding down into the large amphibian's throat with each swallow, passing face first from the back of his mouth into his throat. Jimmy's lips slid down, or up, considering how her body was angled, her torso and folded legs a few inches at a time. Though she instinctively tried to squirm and wriggle around as she felt this happening, the frog's grasp on her was very strong. The most movement she could achieve was to wiggle her feet back and forth futilely.

Trina could hear Ted talking to the audience, commenting on Jimmy's performance and her helplessness, but she was far to busy paying attention to her predicament to spare any thought on trying to reply or even on understanding exactly what he was saying. She did manage to say one thing on her way down into Jimmy, though, mostly because much of the air in her lungs was forced out of her as her chest passed into the frog's throat.

"Mrpphh ughh tight tighht!"

Trina heard Ted encouraging Jimmy enthusiastically as the frog managed to slid her far enough in for his upper lip to start curling over her buttocks. She felt the top of her feet, toes flexing and curling, bump up against Jimmy's lower lip. Her upper body and knees had passed completely through Jimmy's throat, and her face and breasts were mashed up against the slimy, mucus coated bottom of his stomach. She felt the frog gulping around her body, trying to press more of her into his stomach, but her rapid downwards motion had all but ceased. Then, she heard Ted trying to talk to her.

"Trina? Trina, can you hear me?" he said, loudly enough that she could, even through the flesh that encased her.

Trina squirmed her head around, searching for an angle that would free her face and mouth enough so she could try to respond. Her arms were curled up beside her legs, and she found that if she angled her head down towards her chest and forced her hands and forearms in front of her face, she could gain a few inches of free space. After sucking in a shallow breath, the best she could do lodged inside of the tight muscles of Jimmy's stomach and throat, she was able to respond.

"Barely.." she managed

"Good. Try to tuck in your toes so Jimmy can close his mouth." Ted instructed her.

"Umm, I'll try." Trina replied.

It seemed a bit odd that she had to make an effort to ease her own swallowing, but she straightened out her feet to be in line with her legs and tried to point them as far inwards as she could. As soon as she did, she felt herself slide another several inches into Jimmy.

"It's just hard.. to move around.. in here.. you know. His stomach is just.. about stretched.. to bursting." Trina said.

Gasping out a few words at a time was the only way she could talk, given that she hardly had any room to inhale at all.

"That's all right, Trina. He's already swallowed you. Only your toes are left to go now." Ted replied.

The only other thing Trina could do with her feet and toes was to cross them together, doing her best to tuck them in towards her rump.

"How's this? That's.. the best.. I can do." she said.

"It will have to do. Okay, Jimmy, the rest is up to you." replied Ted.

Ted continued speaking, but suddenly Trina was far too distracted to listen to what he was saying. It seemed like every part of Jimmy surrounding her suddenly contracted, crushing her forearms and hands against her face and breasts, mashing her legs, arms, and body even closer together, and her head down hard against the bottom stomach wall. Then, suddenly everything relaxed, and she felt her whole body slip down into Jimmy completely. Her feet and butt were now in the back of Jimmy's mouth, almost to his throat.

She was swallowed.

Trina heard Ted exclaim at Jimmy's accomplishment.

"Oh, there we go. Jimmy must not have liked the thought of someone else getting at his meal." Ted said, amusement clear in his voice.

"Hey. I have.. a name, you know." Trina gasped, after forcing her forearms and hands away from her face again.

"Hey Trina, remember how you were just swallowed whole by a giant amphibian? You're a frog's lunch now." retorted Ted, with a slight chuckle.

"Well, Jimmy. That should keep your belly full for awhile. Why don't we let our guests come up for a few quick pictures, then you can get back to your basking lamp, Okay?" said Ted.

Trina heard Ted invite the audience up to the dais so they could take pictures of Jimmy with her stuffed into the frog's stomach. Ted even pried Jimmy's mouth open so people could pose next the giant frog, Ted kneeling on one side grinning cheerily, the audience member on the other, with Jimmy's gaping mouth hanging wide in the center. The giant frog's lips and jaws framed her buttocks, sex, and feet, the only visible portions of her left, at the entrance to Jimmy's throat. Every time Ted opened Jimmy's mouth back up, Trina could feel cool air caressing her exposed skin. Ted even had her gasp out "Cheese!" a few times, to general amusement.

The small space between her folded legs was allowing just enough of an open passage that she was able to hear the conversations going on around her quite well. It was also allowing just enough air flow in and out of Jimmy's stomach that she was able to breath, however shallowly.

It was strange how people were talking about the event they had just witnessed. It was much the same chatter as she remembered from previous live feedings, but with a more heightened, excited edge. People actually seemed more impressed that Jimmy had swallowed something as large as she was, and less so about the fact that what he had swallowed was a human girl. People just accepted it. It surprised her, then she found herself surprised that she was surprised about it. After all, she had readily accepted the idea and agreed to it mere moments after Rebbecca had proposed it. Though, now that she thought about it, it wasn't so much that she had agreed to it, but that she simply hadn't had a reason to disagree.

The more she thought about it, the more curious it began to seem. The people around her, though now wandering away, still chattering animatedly, had reacted to the live feeding basically as if she had been just one more pig. Fodder for Jimmy, and nothing more. Nothing. They thought of her as nothing. Ted thought of her as nothing. Nothing but one more pig, in a long line of pigs and rats and mice long since gone, as she would soon be too.

The curiousness of how she had just been treated, the strange realization of what she had become began flowing through her body. Her skin flushed, blood flowed more freely to her extremities, heightening the sensations she was feeling of the constricting walls all around her. Her increased blood flow also reached other parts of her body. Her breasts started feeling more sensitive, her nipples grew erect, and her nether regions grew inflamed. She was aroused. Her entire situation, from how tight the walls of the stomach around her were, to the audience's reaction, to Ted's and the zoo's management's and even her co-worker's casual indifference to her fate, and her own unthinking indifference as that fate had approached, all conspired to make her fantastically, breathtakingly aroused.

Trina thought of how Rebbecca had reacted to Samson's consumption of her, and understood. Rebbecca had known all this when she had suggested the idea in the brainstorming meeting nearly a week ago, had known what it meant and what it would lead to. She had, by her own admission, after all, been thinking of it ever since she had started working here in the reptile and amphibian department. Rebbecca had simply been ahead of the curve. The idea would have been proposed and accepted, sooner or later, by someone else even if Rebbecca had stayed silent.

Why? Because it was the obvious solution for the obvious reason. That reason was why no one at the table had protested the proposal, even though not so long ago in the past they would most definitely have done so. The reason that everyone knew, deep down, even if they didn't ever think about it. Just like how Trina herself hadn't consciously thought about it until this very moment, even after she had watched Rebbecca make her way into Samson's stomach and it became clear that Trina herself would follow Rebbecca's example into Jimmy's. The reason why the zoo was willing to spend its female employees to feed its animals, and the reason why the audience had looked on in excited fascination while she had fed herself to a giant frog.

That reason was simple. Women were people, they were intelligent and creative and passionate and beautiful, they were mothers and daughters and nieces and aunts, and they were equal in every way that matters to men. But, they were also one more thing, a thing that could and did eclipse all the others.

Women were food.

The realization hit Trina like a bolt from above, running completely through her and thrilling her to her core. She was food. The world was changing, had already changed, and that fact was the result. Here she was, food, in her proper place, doing exactly what she was supposed to be doing. She was in a stomach, about to begin digesting.

Trina suddenly needed to touch herself, absolutely had to feel the pleasure of her own body while encased the in flesh of another. Her face, hands, forearms and breasts were all smashed together down in the bottom of the stomach that encased her. It took a few moments effort, but she managed to maneuver her hands enough in her limited available space that she was able to caress her nipples.

The touch of her fingertips to the tips of her breasts sent a jolt of pure pleasure that pulsed directly from her nipples inward into the rest of her body. It lit a fire in her chest that slowly moved down her abdomen, as if her heart had started melting and the drops of molten heat were coursing downwards through her innards. The heat pooled in her sex, throbbing, driving her need to further heights.

She stroked and rolled and gently pinched her nipples for several more seconds, then attempted to move one hand down towards her cleft, urgently needing the release that only a few moments worth of effort would bring. She was stymied by the very fact that was so arousing her. She was tightly enclosed within Jimmy's stomach. Packed in with hardly room to spare for even breathing. There was literally no room for her to pivot her shoulders or arms enough to slide one of her hands down. She had no way to get to herself.

Her sudden realization of the predicament that she was in was interrupted by jostling movement from all around her. Jimmy was moving, and her whole world shook, trembled and moved with him. She squeaked with surprise. It would have been embarrassing if she wasn't so distracted.

"Ted? What's.. going on.. out there? Are we.. moving somewhere?" she asked aloud, panting to gain as much air as she could.

"Trina? I'm surprised you're still awake. We're taking Jimmy back to his enclosure. You and he are going to be spending some quiet quality time together under his heat lamp." replied Ted. "I guess I'll see you again in about a week or so."

"That's not funny!" Trina said, trying for an exasperated tone but actually just sounding wheezy. Even if she was where she was supposed to be, and doing what she was meant to do, it didn't actually make Ted's humor any less horrible. He just chuckled.

Trina felt the jostling movement stop, then she felt a dull clang that she thought must be the cage door shutting. The intermittent rumbling sound that started after that must mean that the cage was being moved back to Jimmy's terrarium, she thought.

"So, she's still awake in there?" someone said. It sounded like Alicia.

"Sounds like it. Is that unusual?" replied Jasmin.

"Well, from what Trina said, the girl who went into Samson didn't even make it to the end of him swallowing her. I figured it would be the same with Jimmy." said Alicia.

"Oh. I wonder how long she'll last." Jasmin said, in a tone of idle speculation.

"She's not going anywhere, so it doesn't matter much." stated Ted, bluntly.

"Does not feeding Jimmy and Samson pigs really save the zoo money? Trina mentioned something about that." asked Alicia.

"Um.. Robert the accountant said that it saves the zoo almost two hundred dollars each time we substitute a girl for one of the pigs we had been using. He was pretty happy about it, and wants us to expand it to cover as much of the zoo's food supply as we can. Even the stuff that isn't live feed, if possible." said Ted.

"Oh. Well, that's good, I guess." said Alicia.

"Here we are. Jasmin, get the door, please." said Ted.

Trina felt the cage come to a stop. Everything was motionless for several seconds, then Jimmy started moving out of the cage and on to the floor of his habitat. Each time he moved, every shuffling step he took, the inside of his stomach contracted and quivered, squeezing and crushing Trina into its walls.

Trina had an idea, one that might solve her little problem. She just needed someone on the outside of Jimmy to help her for a moment. If Ted or Alicia or Jasmin could just help Trina put one of her arms between her legs, she'd be able to spend the rest of her time in Jimmy in bliss. This was probably her last chance to ask.

"Ted? Could you.. help me.. for a second?" Trina wheezed, as loudly as she could.

Trina heard the cage door clang shut, then the rumble of the cage being pushed back out the door to Jimmy's enclosure.

"Ted?" she asked again, a little plaintively.

Trina heard the door to Jimmy's terrarium shut. Oh, please don't let them have left yet, she thought.



They had left.

6 - Indigestion

"Well, shi.." she began, but her curse was cut short by more movements around her as Jimmy started moving around in his enclosure.

The jostling, squeezing motions lasted for a few moments, Trina unable to do anything but endure the contractions as best she could. She sighed with relief when Jimmy stopped moving and settled down again. Trina thought that he must have either shuffled his way over to his heat lamp, or perhaps decided to sit under his moisture mister for a while.

Now that the giant frog had ceased his movements, and Trina had nothing else to distract her from her arousal at her plight, the need to relieve herself of it flooded back into her with force. She once again set about fondling and caressing her breasts as much as she could. Each touch, roll, and gentle pinch sending thrills shooting up and down her torso and limbs. Every time one of those thrills passed through her hips and sex, her need became more and more urgent.

She had to try to do something about it. If she hadn't been crammed into such a small space that she couldn't even move her hands more than a few inches, her whole body would have been vibrating and quivering with arousal. As it was, the only thing about her that shook was her quick breathing. She decided to try and shift herself around as much as she could in Jimmy's stomach, to try and gain even the fraction of an inch of extra room that might make moving her hand and arm between her legs possible.

Trina had barely even begun to shift herself when she felt Jimmy's whole body tense up for a second, then give a great swallowing gulp. His gulp traveled down his throat, a ring of constriction rolling over her folded up body, squashing her slightly flexed limbs and torso together and thrusting her face, breasts, and forearms back down against the bottom of his stomach. The muscular contraction didn't stop at the throat, however, it continued on along the walls of the muscular sack of his stomach. The great contraction forced every part of her body together, crushing most of the air out of her lungs in the process.

The gulp had one more effect, one that managed to distract Trina completely from all the discomforts of the rest. The swallow brought the top of Jimmy's tongue into brief, fleeting contact with her cleft. The smooth, sticky surface rubbed lightly along her lower lips, and tugged ever so gently at the hood covering her clitoris.

The brief touch on her poor deprived pussy had been electric. If she had been able to, she would have arched her back in quivering ecstasy, thrusting her whole body up at the hips and her legs as far apart as possible. Since she couldn't, however, her body merely went into a brief spasm, every muscle along her back, buttocks, and legs flexing in unison. The great moaning inhalation that would have accompanied her arched body was instead reduced to a few shallow, panting gasps once the stomach surrounding her had relaxed enough for her to breath again.

The surge of pleasure had left her body twitching, or attempting to, at the cusp of orgasm. The single touch on her womanhood had not been enough to push her over the edge, however, and she once again strained to reach herself, arousal making her desperate. Her efforts resulted in another large gulp by her captor, once again crushing her down into the stomach and again making her cleft brush up against the giant frog's tongue.

Trina was in trouble, and she knew it. At least, she was aware of it during those brief moments of lucidity between gulps. Her body was squirming in reaction to the touch of Jimmy's tongue to her aching sex during each gulping swallow. That squirming reaction was in turn resulting in yet another gulp, which resulted in yet more aroused wiggling. Trina was caught in a loop of agonized ecstasy, and she realized that if she didn't do something, anything, about it, she would spend the rest of the short time remaining to her trapped and on the verge of orgasm, and yet completely unable to achieve it.

Jimmy had not been motionless during this time. The giant frog had been moving, waddling slowly and ponderously across his habitat, although Trina had been far to distracted to take much note of it. The gentle heat of his basking lamp did register with her, though. The lamp's heat was meant to aid and hasten the giant frog's digestion after his live feeding events, the knowledge of which only added to the frustrated arousal Trina was feeling. If only she could orgasm, then she could relax and let the inevitable play out without constant squirming interruptions by her body's frantic movements.

Trina attempted to control her body's reactions, trying desperately to dampen the instinctive responses it was experiencing to the intermittent, brief stimulations her cleft was receiving. She was not very successful, her own body's keyed-up arousal frustrated her every effort. It did not help that every gulp pushed her face and breasts up against her hands, the fingers of which she couldn't seem to stop from dancing across her own nipples and lips, her erogenous zones afire with lustful need.

Sensing that she would never regain control over her traitorous body while trapped as she was, she decided to try to fight fire with fire, instead. She began squirming and wriggling and writhing for all she was worth, desperately trying to buck and flex and kick herself enough free space, during the increasingly small gaps between gulps, to adjust her hand and arm to where she so very much wanted them to be. Riding her frenzied reactions and amplifying them further was using up precious energy, however, and she soon realized that, denied the freedom to breath as deeply as she needed to, the amount of time she could sustain her efforts was limited. Very limited.

Trina was achieving results, however. During one particularly vigorous squirm, brought about in reaction to the longest, most maddening touch of sticky froggy tongue to her cleft yet, she felt one of her feet pop out of Jimmy's throat and mouth. Half of her foot hung just outside of his giant lips. Her toes sensed cool air, flexing and wriggling in delighted response. That her foot had managed to slide slightly from within its place in Jimmy's throat meant that there was, briefly, a small amount of extra room inside of the giant frog.

Trina felt the small amount of slack open up and knew that this might be the chance she had been striving so desperately for. She focused every bit of her remaining energy and determination, which wasn't much, on her right arm, and tried to force it between the nearly non-existent gap that had just opened up between her upper thigh and her rib cage.

Trina's breasts, which she had always been so happy with, chose that moment to betray her. It took a precious half of a moment for her right hand to force its way around and under her right breast. The fraction of a second it took for her to do this was just enough of a delay to prevent her from sliding her hand and forearm far enough between her leg and chest to make rotating the rest of her arm into position possible. The space available to Trina shrunk back down to its original size, frustrating her efforts mere inches from success. Had her chest been slightly less well endowed, she might have achieved her goal. Alas, Jimmy's tongue, which had been the source of her agonized and aroused frustration for the past several minutes, was now the very thing which denied her relief. The talented tongue flicked out and licked up the trembling toes and half foot that had managed to make their brief escape, then returned them to their proper place in the giant frog's throat.

The gulp that ended Trina's valiant but ultimately doomed attempts to touch herself was by some measure the strongest and most powerful she had felt thus far, exceeding even the vigor of his initial swallowing of her. The mighty contraction of the muscles of Jimmy's throat and stomach not only smashed Trina down further into the stomach than she had been before, and not only totally crushed the air from her lungs, it also completely undid the progress she had made with her arm, forcing it out from between her leg and chest and returning it to its original position. It also brought the tongue that seemed to take such delights in tormenting her into its fullest contact yet with her quivering cleft. Contact that, even as she was crushed and half asphyxiated, sent shivers of delight running through her, while still being brief enough to deny her the orgasmic apex she so desperately desired.

After a few moments, Trina managed to force her forearms back in front of her face and gained enough space to take a few tiny, very badly needed sips of air. She was completely spent now, and utterly defeated. Her failure to accomplish her goal would have made her weep, had she the spare time and energy to devote to it. As it was, she simply breathed, the small gasps she was able inhale did little to undo the anaerobic oxygen debt she had created within herself during her vain struggle. Perhaps most galling of all was how her sex still burned for the touch of her own fingers, despite the abuses the rest of her body had just endured.

Trina shuddered, as much as she could, and received another gulping contraction as a result, tongue tantalizing her briefly. Her fingers went back to gently caressing the few parts of her that they could reach, seemingly automatically, nipples and lips delighting in the contact of slimy, mucus covered flesh against flesh.

Trina spent the next several hours in this state. She could breath, barely, and her only activities were to fuel her own arousal by stimulating her breasts and to squirm gently in reaction to the occasional gulp by her captor. She had assumed that digestive fluids would soon fill her small cavity, ending her torment. Instead of the watery liquids she expected, however, there was a gradual increase of thick, slippery slime that began to coat every inch of her that had slipped within Jimmy's stomach. She thought, perhaps, that maybe the giant frog's body knew that its meal still lay partially inside the throat, and sought to avoid damaging itself by producing thicker digestive slime instead of digestive fluid that might splash on to the unprotected flesh of the esophagus. Whatever the reason, it meant that Trina was able to retain enough free space around her face and between her legs that she was in not danger of suffocation.

The slime was digestive in nature though, and Trina began to feel tingling and eventually stinging on her exposed skin. The sensations didn't worry her too much though, as it was only proper that, as food in its rightful place, she begin digesting. She had not anticipated on being conscious, or even alive, when it started happening, however. Since she could do nothing about her situation anyway, she took what enjoyment she could in scooping up the jelly-like goo and coating her breasts and nipples with it, rubbing it into her reddening flesh, delighting in the perversity of aiding in her own digestion. Every hour that passed increased the stinging sensations, the minor pain of it only feeding her unquenchable arousal.

Several hours after her initial consumption, Trina felt Jimmy tense up in a way she had not felt him do for hours. The giant frog moved out from under his heat lamp and began to shuffle slowly across his habitat. Trina could feel Jimmy's stomach loosening and contracting around her as he moved, and during one of the small moments of relative looseness, she once again attempted to wriggle her arm between her legs. She hadn't the willpower nor energy to make much more than a few futile squirming motions before Jimmy clamped down hard on her, swallowing her back into her place at the bottom of his stomach with easy force. Trina had not expected success, but the need radiating from her still very aroused sex had compelled her to attempt it anyway. She slumped down into the slime surrounding her, accepting her defeat, and merely concentrated on breathing.

Just a few minutes after Jimmy returned to his heat lamp, however, the opportunity Trina thought would never come occurred. For a few brief moments every part of Jimmy ceased its motions, the giant frog becoming almost preternaturally still. The stillness ended with a great loosening of everything surrounding Trina. The walls of the stomach and throat around her simply slackened, and she felt a burst of cool, clean air flow across her bottom, feet, and cleft.

Jimmy was yawning. His mouth gaped open hugely and his whole body relaxed. To Trina, it felt like so much slack had opened up around her that she might simply be able to push herself up and out of the frog's body completely, escaping her situation entirely. She didn't even consider the notion, however. She was where she belonged already, and this was her chance, her very last chance, to put her hand and arm where they too belonged. She flexed her back, legs, and buttocks, putting every ounce of strength she had left into the effort, and gained space between her chest and folded legs. She gained more than enough, several glorious inches, to accomplish her task. Her arm slid across her chest and down her stomach, trailing digestive slime, and her hand came to rest on the part of her that had been driving her nearly mad for the past several hours.

"Finally." Trina sighed, her last word echoing out of the frog she was encased in, loud enough for anyone nearby to hear.

The touch of Trina's fingers upon her sex was probably the single most intense feeling she had ever experienced in her life. She slid slime slicked fingers into herself with a shiver of happy anticipation and relief. Her thumb found her clitoris, rubbing around it in eager circles, smearing thick digestive goo over it. Trina could feel the effects of the slime on her most tender, sensitive parts almost immediately, tingling sensations that only added to her long simmering lust.

Trina could feel Jimmy's throat and stomach tighten back up as the giant amphibian slowly hinged his mouth shut again, cutting her feet and hindquarters off from the feel of cool air and away from the world once more. She didn't care. All was right in her world now. The last thing she realized, before the orgasm that had been building within her for hours finally drove all thought from her mind, was about how now that her arm was filling up the passage between her two legs and her body, she would no longer be able to get fresh air down to the now much reduced space around her face. This fact, too, she didn't care about. The only thing that mattered was the swell of pleasure building within her hips and flowing throughout her entire body.

Trina's final orgasm crashed into her with enough force and intensity that it literally felt like parts of her mind were burning up and blowing out, like fuses forced to carry far too much current melting under the onslaught. The tide of sensation and pleasure snuffed out her consciousness completely. Trina's last moments were filled with such ecstasy, such a sense of purpose and rightness, that she briefly felt that Heaven itself might be something of disappointment afterwards. She ended, exactly where she was supposed to be, doing exactly what she was supposed to be doing, coming gloriously.



Author's note:

This one was also inspired by PD's "A Tight Fit". Once I started writing it, I realized that Rebbecca might have stolen the show, but Trina managed to come back with an outstanding performance of her own. Which is better, I'll leave for you to decide.

This was originally supposed to be just a few pages long, to show what the events of "Hannah goes to the Zoo" looked like from another perspective. It quickly got away from me, however, and wound up being nearly half as long again as Hannah's story was. I'm happy with it though, and I hope you guys and gals will like it too. I've got another adventure in mind for Hannah, which I hope to post soon.


This story is amazing and so is Hannah's. I haven't enjoyed something like this in so long. Love it!


Relevant to our interests... (Frog vore, feet sticking out).


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Bump for great Justice


Here's a fragment I wrote as part of a comment on another writer's story. It isn't part of a whole story I'm writing, just a bit of dialog I wrote as an example of what I'd love to see that writer do with the Zookeepers sequel they are creating. I thought it was a little something fans of this story might also like to read.


"What... What is it like, inside of Jimmy?" Hannah asked, hesitantly, as if she were afraid of the answer.

"I was a bit.. worried at.. first." Alicia murmured, her eyes drowsy and half lidded.

"But the longer.. I'm in here.. the more right.. it seems." she continued, her words faint and wheezy, due to the tight constriction of the giant frog's throat around her chest. "God, after the.. first half hour.. in here, I just.. couldn't stop.. masturbating."

"R-really?" Hannah asked, her mouth dropping open in surprise. "Are.. are you still, um, doing it?"

"No." Alicia answered, a bit of sadness creeping into her voice. "I can't feel.. my p-pussy anymore, or.. my fingers. I think.. I think they're m-melting.."

Hannah gasped at his, her imagination quickly showing her a vision of the girl's womanhood, slick with digestive fluid, slowly dissolving and melting away into the bottom of the giant frog's stomach.

Hannah felt her hands drift down towards her own suddenly quite damp cleft, beneath her short volunteer's shift, at the tide of images suddenly racing through her mind's eye. She pressed her legs together and moaned softly, her eyes locked on Alicia's face, the only part of the girl not within Jimmy's stomach, deep inside the frog's open mouth. She simply couldn't help it.

"God." she thought. "If only they hadn't decided to feed me to David."


The writer is innertrack, writing Hannah Returns to the Zoo, which you can find here:



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