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So, I will be writing this off and on.

Once one girl is dead, another girl will be brought in for the slaughter. There is always extra ways to get into the story (such as google pics of the girls themselves, I can't post them on here, but you can email if you're curious to see the pics I use to base these girls on at

and here... we... go...

Stephanie and her minion waited patiently in the dungeon for their first victim to enter. Stephanie was in her mid to late 20's. She was short and petite, with short black hair and deep brown eyes. She was in a leather corset, fishnet stalkings and black thigh high boots.

Her minion was the complete visual opposite of her, which was only to be expected considering he was a demon. He was easily over 8 feet tall and weighed at least 500 pounds of solid muscle. He grinned at Stephanie, showing his long white fang like teeth, as a glitter in his black void eyes seemed to shine. His body was sleek yet greasy body, except for the sharp, dark, bristly hair that covered his naked nether region which boasted an impressive 9 inch unhardened cock.

"Patience minion... Patience... Our first girl will be coming soon" Stephanie said stroking her minions arm while awaiting their first victim. It wasn't more than a minute when the door opened and 19 yearold Lacy was pushed in with her hands handcuffed behind her back.

Lacy had long dark brown hair and hazel green eyes. As she stood up it was clear that she was a little bit taller than Stephanie, and was wearing a light blue pushup bra and matching thong. The bra itself made her 36ddd tits look amazingly massive, which both Stephanie and Minion took notice of immediately. But it was when she spoke that their interest peaked. "Please! I don't know why I'm here! Please help me!" She sobbed as looked up at the 2 deviants.

They smiled down at her, and looked at each other. "She has braces!" Stephanie said with a girlish enthusiasm, as if having braces was something special, but Lacy did not understand. Minion looked down at Stephanie and smiled back.

Stephanie made her way to Lacy, grabbed her by her hair and pulled it as hard as she could causing Lacy to scream in a pathetic voice. "Listen hear you little cunt, if you want to make this easy, you lay down on your stomach and wait for my instructions!"

Lacy looked up at Stephanie as fresh tears fell down her face. "Please mistress... I don't know why I am here. I just want to go home".

Stephanie looked at her minion impatiently and sighed. He nodded in response and walked calmly towards Stephanie and Lacy while Stephanie let go of the shivering girls hair and with one of his gigantic balled up fists punched Lacy in the stomach, causing her to fall to the ground, gasping for air.

"That's better, now lets get down to business!" Stephanie said as she walked to a dark corner of the room while minion kept watch over the retching Lacy.

Stephanie returned with a brick and placed it directly in front of Lacy's face, looked up at the sobbing girl and smiled. "Pretend this brick is a cock... Any cock, cause I'm sure you have sucked your fair share of hard dicks before right? Pretend its a cock and wrap your mouth around it. And since I know you probably also are terrible at giving head, dig your teeth into this brick, because I'm sure that's what a little 'brace face' like you does when she's giving out blowjobs"

Lacy looked up with a confused and teary look in her eyes. Stephanie rolled her eyes angrily and snapped her fingers in the middle of the air, signaling minion and within seconds he was there, forcing Lacy flat on the ground, pushing her mouth towards the edge of the brick.

"NOOOO!!!" Lacy screamed in fear and pain as he placed her mouth over top of the brick and forced it down with one of his massive hand and held it there, letting her body shake underneath him.

"Thank you Minion", Stephanie said as she hopped and skipped over to them. She looked down at Lacy and smiled. "Ok Lacy, time to say goodnight sweetheart!"

Minion could feel Lacy's muscles tighten as he held her down. Her eyes were wide and her entire body shook with fear as Stephanie raised her right leg high into the air and brought it down with horrifically violent force onto the back of her head.


The impact was fast and terrible. Stephanie could feel Lacy's entire face break under the weight of her black thigh high. Blood began to ooze from every facial orifice onto the floor. Lacy's body trembled with shock as Stephanie scraped off her boot against the wall.

Minion looked down and smiled as he let go of the flopping girls head. Her mouth was now reminiscent of a Glasgow smile, completely ripped from cheek to ear on both sides and the top row of her teeth and braces had sliced open her lip so badly that there wasn't any flesh connecting her upper mouth to her nose. Just a gory hole of bloody gum flesh.

He grabbed Lacy by her hair and pulled her up as blood gushed from her broken face and presented it to Stephanie. Stephanie sniffed. "Hm... Pretty decently damaged, but...", she frowned, "those tits are still in tact... It'd be a shame to let her die without focusing some pain of those monsters first."

Stephanie walked around Minion and Lacy inspecting the situation with deep thought. Lacy's eyes could barely follow. Both eyes were bruised, half open and dripping with tears. She tried to speak, but only pieces of flesh and broken teeth came out and fell to the floor in a blood splatter.

"Ok", Stephanie said to Minion in a definitive voice, "Minion, i've made up my mind, I want you to use some of those wall restraints and chain her to the wall until we get Samm in here. I want to see how much of those teeth can fall into her bra before we get to her."
Minion nodded and pulled Lacy by the hair to the wall and began to chain her up against the wall.

Stephanie looked up into a corner of the room and whistled. "I'm ready! Bring in Samm and my tools ok?"


I know, I never write as often as I use to.

But, I'll hopefully have updates once a week. I'll try at least.


(slow, but steady)

Minion finished chaining Lacy to the wall, placed one of his massive fingers on her chin and lifted her head. The lower half of her face was completely unrecognizable and covered in bubbling blood. Her tongue wagged up and down like a dog in the summer heat, with no more oral restraints, it was open to flopping violently.

Her eyes were dazed, but had the hint of someone "coming to". Minion smiled at her half empty eyes and let her head drop down to close to her chest.

A door opened in the dungeon and in walked a masked man dragging a body by the arms. Stephanie smiled as he brought her next victim in, Samm. 18 yearold Samm had long brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Samm's arms and legs were bound and a white cloth was placed in her mouth as a gag as she sqirmed and screamed while being brought into the dungeon room.

"Hello Samm! How are you sweetheart?" Stephanie said as the man dropped Samm to the ground and made his way to the door. "Oh, sir!" Stephanie said in a sweet voice. The masked man turned to face her. "Did you bring in my tools?"

The masked man turned toward the door, walked halfway out and grabbed a gigantic box which he brought into the room and placed next to Samm, who was still kicking and screaming through her gag.

"You're a sweetheart". Stephanie looked down at Samm and smiled. "Dont you have the prettiest mouth? I mean, from the pictures I've seen of you, you have a gorgeous smile? Just like Lacy over there?"

Samm looked over at Lacy. Her eyes bulged in horror and quickly shot back to Stephanie as she began shaking her head "no" in horror.

Stephanie laughed, "oh don't worry, your not going to be curbstomped like that little skank chained over there, i'm thinking something more intiment. Minion? Honey, how would you like to mouth fuck our little Samm over here?"


Good stuff, man. I always like finding stuff you write. Hope you continue this one.

Is there anywhere I can see all your stories in one place?

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