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Hannah goes to the Zoo

The world was changing. Had changed already, in fact. Hannah wasn't sure exactly when it had happened, but remembered with crystal clarity the first time the changes became obvious enough for her to notice. The first time was the day she saw a woman eaten by a frog.

She was at the zoo, casually wandering around the exhibits and admiring all the different animals. Many no longer existed in the wild, some had been extinct until revived by recent scientific advancements, and a few had never existed before the present at all. It was one of these last that caught her attention on that day. It was a frog. A frog the size of a great dane.

The frog and a couple of young zookeepers were at the center of an amphitheater-like enclosure, with a modest crowd observing from the terraced seats. It was, she learned from the poster on the wall, the frog's scheduled live feeding day. Hannah joined the other zoo patrons in the audience who had gathered to watch the feeding.

The larger of the two zookeepers, a man, introduced himself and the frog, Jimmy, to the audience. He also introduced his female co-worker to the audience, but did so almost as a afterthought, as though her name was really worth mention. He then told the audience a condensed version of Jimmy's life history, starting with his creation, one of many, at a laboratory. The zookeeper then detailed his short life as a slightly larger than usual polliwog, his gradual transformation into adult amphibian, and his rapid and seemingly ceaseless growth in size. The zoo had acquired Jimmy just after his physically maturity and had been feeding him live meals of ever increasing size since then.

The zookeeper explained that at first feeder mice were enough of a meal to satisfy the frog. Jimmy grew quickly however, and soon was downing rats by the dozen. He started eating small piglets after that, and then moved on to juvenile pigs. At his current size of better than one hundred fifty pounds he was theoretically able to consume a pig nearly as large as he was. This was proving to be an increasingly dangerous proposition however, as adult pigs are extremely powerful animals. The zoo was becoming steadily more concerned that one of his next meals might cause serious injury or worse to Jimmy, which, the zookeeper explained, was the reason for the substitution of that day's scheduled pig with something considerably less likely to cause him harm.

The female zookeeper had harrumphed and rolled her eyes at her co-worker's last statement, then interjected that she thought that a pig was perfectly acceptable for Jimmy. Her colleague chuckled and replied that he was sure that she did. She then, with some assistance from her co-worker, proceeded to undress, curl her legs and arms as tightly as she could against her body, then allow Jimmy to swallow her whole.

It happened remarkably fast. One moment there was a healthy young woman standing next to a frog half again as large as she was, and a mere two or three minutes later the only thing left of her was a bulging stomach and a few pieces of still warm clothes. Jimmy's mouth had opened startlingly wide and he had stuffed nearly half of her curled up body into his mouth with one quick lunge. With surprisingly little help from the male zookeeper, the frog lifted the woman off the ground, tilted his head back, and began making short swallowing motions. Every few seconds the frog would gulp, and every few seconds a few more inches of bare female skin would disappear down his throat. After a slight difficulty with his meal's feet, which, although small and bare, stuck out at an inconvenient angle, Jimmy managed to close his mouth completely.

The remaining zookeeper smiled down at Jimmy happily, and, somewhat disconcertingly, continued to banter with his former co-worker. Her responses were understandably terse, though thoroughly muffled and only faintly audible. More disconcerting than the responses coming from a woman whose face was buried in the bottom of a stomach were the responses of the audience as the scene played out in front of them. Some in the crowd had initially expressed amazement and incredulity at the idea of a woman being eaten alive right in front of them, others had immediately been enthused by the prospect, and the rest had simply sat in interested silence and watched. None, however, had seemed particularly disturbed in the slightest by the impending fate of the woman in front of them. Indeed, the only sentiments she heard voiced after the crowd had finished taking photos of themselves with the frog, whose mouth was held open to showcase the visible hindquarters and feet of the woman in his throat, was how fascinating and entertaining the experience had been.

Hannah had been stunned. She had been flummoxed by the very idea of feeding a person, a woman, to an animal. The outrage she had expected to hear from the crowd of observers completely failed to materialize, and she had watched, transfixed and shocked, as the event transpired in front of her. As the crowd dispersed, happily chatting away about the feeding and sending the pictures they had just taken to people they knew, Hannah had remained in her seat. She was quite unable to wrap her mind around what she had just witnessed.

The zookeeper made a short call, and within a few moments another couple young zookeepers arrived with a large metal mesh cage on a rolling cart. The three of them herded the full frog into the cage with little difficulty, the animal quite calm and seemingly familiar with the routine. The short journey must have jostled the contents of the frog's stomach around, as there was a brief, muffled surprised sound from inside, then a couple of quiet questions. The first zookeeper responded that Jimmy was being taken back to the giant frog's enclosure, that she and the frog were going to have plenty of quiet time together under his basking lamp, and that he would see her again in about a week or so. This didn't seem to amuse his ex-colleague, but her irritated response to his remark only made him chuckle. The other two zookeepers, both youthful females, ignored this exchange entirely, seemingly unperturbed and unimpressed by the fact that the frog they were moving had a woman in its stomach. On his way out of the amphitheater, the first zookeeper scooped up the discarded uniform of his co-worker, a dark green polo with the logo of the zoo and a name tag on it and a pair of khaki shorts, and absently deposited them in the waste receptacle next to the exit as he passed it.

Hannah remained in her seat for a few moments, going over the events that she had just watched. A queer feeling was fluttering around in her abdomen, occasionally jumping up into her chest and making her heart lurch strangely. What she had just witnessed was so far outside of what her experience of the world had lead her to expect of it that it was difficult to think. She was sure of one thing however. She wanted, desperately, to know what was happening with Jimmy and his apparent meal right now. She got up and followed after Jimmy and his keepers.

She caught up to them just as they were entering an unobtrusive door in the zoo's reptile and amphibian house. The door was marked "Employees Only" in dark lettering. Just as she neared her quarry, the door clicked closed behind them. She stared at it for a few moments, frustrated, then glanced around the dimly lit area she was in. All around her were displays; terrariums, small and large and larger still, full of lizards and salamanders and snakes and caiman. Her eyes were drawn to one of the largest such enclosures which featured several informational posters and a centered placard with a large frog emblazoned on it. It was Jimmy's terrarium.

Hannah glanced at the posters briefly, one catching her eye. It was several colorful anatomical drawings of a frog's insides, from different angles and of different parts of the body. The one showing the frog's digestive system was most interesting, as it seemed to show that a frog's body was mostly made up of mouth and stomach. She was distracted from the poster by movement at the rear of Jimmy's terrarium. A concealed door opened up, and the three zookeepers wheeled in the cage containing Jimmy. They soon had the cage's door open and the giant frog slowly eased himself out of it onto the spongy, mossy floor of his habitat. Hannah thought she heard, faintly through the glass of the terrarium, a muffled question come from Jimmy's stomach as the two female zookeepers pushed the emptied cage back out through the door. Whatever the question was, the male zookeeper seemed uninterested in answering it. He simply looked around the habitat, as if checking that everything was in order and where it was supposed to be, then turned around and followed his colleagues out the door. One more short question emerged from the frog before the door closed after him, but this too was ignored.

Jimmy sat motionless for a few moments, then gingerly made his way to the side of the habitat that contained a moisture mister set up over some gently sloped flattened stones. The mist that precipitated onto them fed into a small pool, the tiny trickle of water gently dripping down the rock surface. The frog's slow, careful movements reminded her of someone at a family holiday meal who had eaten far more than they usually allowed themselves, and was trying to make it to a couch or recliner without anything coming back up. Jimmy spent about five minutes under the mister, water beading on his skin with his mouth slightly open, breathing slowly and occasionally gulping. Seemingly satisfied with his skin's moisture content, he then shuffled over to the opposite side of the habitat, which had a lamp positioned over a large, flat, lichen and moss covered boulder. He paused several times to gulp as he went. The lamp clicked on automatically as he eased himself on to the rocky surface, and he seemed to exhale with something akin to relief as he settled down on it.

Once Jimmy had stopped moving around, the reason for his occasional gulps became apparent to Hannah. There was movement, sometimes sporadic, sometimes sustained, within the belly of the giant amphibian. Every time the bulge in his stomach started to quiver and shift, Jimmy would close his eyes and give a gulp or two. These gulps would calm his stomach for a few moments, then the movements would start again. Hannah thought that she could hear intermittent, faint sounds from inside the frog. The muffling effects of the frog's flesh, along with the thick pane of glass between the frog and her, meant that the meaning of these sounds were a mystery.

Hannah stared at the frog in his habitat for several minutes undisturbed, watching with a sensation of mild unreality as a frog the weight of a great dane, well, nearly two great danes now, struggled to quiet the squirming movements of the woman he had swallowed scarcely twenty minutes before. Hannah's reverie was interrupted, however, when a trio of other zoo patrons walked up to the terrarium to gawk in awe at the giant frog. What looked like a mother and her two daughters pressed up against the glass as close as they could without actually touching it, peering intently at the recumbent amphibian.

The family chattered happily, obviously enjoying their day at the zoo. The younger daughter asked her mother if the giant frog really was real, to which her mother assured her that yes, it was indeed. The older of the two daughters observed that the frog was quite fat. Her mother contemplated the gulping amphibian for a moment then mused that perhaps it had eaten recently. Both daughters found this intriguing, and the younger wondered aloud just what a frog as large as that would eat.

Hannah thought that they wouldn't believe her if she told them what that frog had in fact eaten. Or, on second thought, considering the reaction of the rest of the audience to the act, perhaps they would. Would they be shocked, even appalled at the truth? Or, would they be as blase about it as the people who had watched it happen had been? Would the fact that giant frogs apparently filled their bellies with women simply be an interesting trivia item, something, perhaps, to trot out in their next casual conversation with the neighbor next door. Oh, did you happen to know? Human females are the preferred comestibles of over-sized amphibians. Oh, how fascinating, I had always wondered just what they ate.

Hannah's rather erratic train of thought was interrupted when, a mere fraction of a second after the last of the trio had turned away from the giant frog's terrarium, five saliva covered toes and half of the foot they were attached to slipped out from between Jimmy's lips. Jimmy had been gulping continuously for nearly a minute, and his stomach was all a tremble with writhing, squirmy movement. The toes, looking quite small and vulnerable sticking out from between his large, batrachian lips, flexed and curled repeatedly, sometimes pointing or spreading wide, occasionally simply relaxed and trembling. Jimmy, discovering that the meal he thought safely tucked away might actually still be in contest, redoubled his efforts to regain control. He gulped mightily for several moments, shifted his position on his rock slightly, moving back an forth a bit, then extended his long, flexible tongue from his mouth and ran it over and around his lips. It looked kind of like a prestidigitator's trick; the toes were there, the tongue ran over them, the toes vanished. Jimmy retracted his prehensile tongue and gave a final, mighty gulp. The excitement in his stomach appeared to quieten, if not completely, then at least to manageable levels.

Hannah let out a breath that she hadn't realized that she was holding, her shoulders sagged, the tension of the last half hour suddenly leaving her a bit quivery and needing to sit down. Fortunately, there were benches in the center of the room, formed in a square for convenient viewing of any of the exhibits. She sank down on the one facing the giant frog's habitat. The odd, fluttery sensation was still tickling her insides, and once she sat down it became much harder to ignore. So, she just sat on the bench with her eyes closed, breathing deeply, and tried to sort her thoughts.

The first thought that she managed to pry out of the jumble was a question. Jimmy had swallowed the former zookeeper, well, about half an hour ago. How was she still alive and moving? Surely she should have suffocated by now, seeing as how being on the inside of a stomach could hardly be conducive to deep breathing such as Hannah herself was currently doing. Hannah opened her eyes and looked at Jimmy. His mouth was slightly open, and she could see his chest slowly moving in and out, his breathing slow and steady, interrupted only by the odd gulp. Well, the woman inside him obviously was getting air, somehow. That was unquestionable. Hannah could still see intermittent movement inside of the frog, so the woman was alive and kicking, so to speak. Perhaps it was because the giant frog had been unable to completely swallow his moderately over-sized meal. Her feet and, to be perfectly blunt, ass, had been firmly inside the frog's throat when everyone in the audience but Hannah had been taking pictures and posing next to Jimmy. Maybe enough air was circulating around and between the frog's food's legs that she was able to get just enough air to put up a bit of a post consumption struggle. A bit pointless at this stage, really, but Hannah supposed that one couldn't blame her.

Hannah's second question was why. Why had the woman allowed herself to be eaten. Not just allowed, she had been, more or less, an active participant. Her attitude had been decidedly odd too. She had seemed irritated to be the food part of the feeding presentation, but only mildly so. Looking back, her attitude had been more reminiscent of the put upon employee, tasked to do something far outside her original job description. The fact that what was outside her job description was inside of an overly large frog just happened to be incidental. Hannah suspected that whatever the woman's reasons, she might never know or comprehend them.

Come to think of it, a significant part of the woman's irritation had also seemed to stem from her male co-worker's utterly droll humor and banter. His attitude was a bit strange too. Hannah couldn't recall getting the feeling of any malice in his words or demeanor, no meanness of intent. He simply seemed to be having fun showing his audience how his amphibian ward ate, while also ribbing his female colleague, who, also incidentally, happened to be what his amphibian ward ate. The attitude of the audience, too. Barring some initial incredulity, they had simply seemed interested in seeing an economy sized amphibian eat something. That what the frog ate was someone, not something, only seemed to make the presentation more exciting for them.

Hannah's whole line of thinking led her up to a point, one which she wasn't sure she was ready to face. Alas, however, here it was, already facing her whether she was ready or not. Put simply: humans eat animals, not the other way around. In the world she had been born into, raised in, and in which she had become an adult, it was pretty clear that humans were the ones in control and that animals did not get to eat people, primarily because humans were simply more important than animals. Animals that did have a tendency to eat the occasional human usually found themselves extinct or close too it in fairly short order. Humans generally treated any competition for the role of top of the food chain to swift and brutal retaliation, usually in the form of poking holes in said competition from as far away as possible with little pieces of fast moving metal. Indeed, many humans chose to be cremated after death, just to make it perfectly clear to the universe that nothing would ever, ever get to eat them.

So here she was, trying to put together two puzzle pieces that seemed to have come from different sets. Humans hated the thought of even possibly being eaten by anything else, and today she and a couple dozen other people had watched a woman more or less willingly slide down another animal's throat, and apparently it was No Big Deal. She had one last straw to grasp at, one last word which might resolve her apparently insoluble quandary. That word was hoax. Perhaps it was all a sham, a ruse. Some candid camera conniver might be at this very moment be preparing to jump out at her from behind a conveniently placed potted plant, screaming gotcha.

She looked around. There were no conveniently placed potted plants. There was only the bench she was sitting on, three others identical to it, and terrarium upon terrarium of the ophidian and amphibian. Oh, and a dozen or so zoo patrons looking at various animal exhibits. Two such were taking pictures of each other with the giant (woman eating) frog at this very moment. Oddly, they were currently engaged in the time honored photographic trick of using forced perspective to make it look like the person in the photo was holding a small version of a very large thing in the palm of their hand. Exactly what the point of doing so with a giant frog was puzzling, for the whole point of the frog was that it was giant.

She shook her head in a vain attempt to clear it of distractions, and returned to her ruminations. The frog was real. That much she was sure of. Animatronics might be passable at a distance, but up close they were obvious. Besides, the giant animal's movements had been too sure, too smooth to be some sort of robotic puppetry. Also, that tongue. No machine ever made could have mimicked the fluid grace that frog's tongue displayed when it licked up the stray bit of girl that had fallen outside its owner's mouth. Also, the woman was real. That much was also obvious. Her motives might be an enigma, but her reality was unquestionable. She existed. She was swallowed. She now existed, however temporarily, within the also very real frog.

That left one alternative, one more potential explanation: the swap. The old switcheroo. The frog, it's meal, the cage, and the other zookeepers had been out of her sight for several minutes after the feeding. Also, when she had caught up to them, they had gone behind a closed door, shutting them off from view yet again. Was it possible that the frog and the woman had been switched out, perhaps with another frog with a fake woman inside of it? The more she thought about it though, the more unlikely it seemed. Just how many giant frogs were there around? She had never seen one before today, nor even read about where one might be found. Oh, sure, there was the occasional article about advancements in genetics, a news story about gigantism and dwarfism being artificially induced in laboratory conditions, or even an online poll about what animals would make the cutest slash coolest dwarf animal and giant animal respectively. Incidentally, the most popular choice for giant animal was the common house cat, which was fairly ironic considering that there already exist perfectly serviceable giant cats already, namely lions and tigers and jaguars, oh my. The usual pick for cutest dwarf animal was the tiger, which was similarly ironic for equally obvious reasons. So no, probably no same sized frogs with identical markings, which she was just now noticing were fairly distinctive. That did leave, however, the possibility that Jimmy had been taken out of his traveling cage, induced to regurgitate the real woman he had actually swallowed, convinced to down some sort of fool Hannah machine with an animatronic foot that would pop out with perfect timing, and then been coaxed back into his cage. Of course, all of this would have to take place within the two to three minute span of time that they were first out of Hannah's sight, or the less than sixty second window of the second such time. It seemed a stretch. A really, really unlikely stretch. There was also the issue of the toes and foot that had slipped out of the frog's mouth. They too had moved with fluidity, with too much naturalness to be fake.

One final possibility then occurred to her. One last thread of sanity. No trickery had occurred. No switch had taken place. The woman had been swallowed. She was in the stomach, but she was alive, and after Hannah left, they would simply pull her out. She was struggling so much and causing poor Jimmy such grief because she was confused as to why it was taking so long to extract her from the giant frog when, from her point of view, the gag must be long over. She didn't realize that Hannah had been out here watching the frog for, oh my, nearly an hour now, and was wondering what the delay was all about. Of course, now that Hannah thought about it, she spotted a small problem with this hypothesis too. Which was the way the swallowed woman's co-worker had treated her after her consumption. If the the whole thing was a sham, wouldn't a conscientious co-conspirator at least take the time to whisper a quick reassurance to someone trapped face first in an animal's stomach. The male zookeeper would have seen that Hannah was still observing them as they returned Jimmy to his terrarium, and he would have told the woman in the frog to hold on for just a little while longer until Hannah left. Just a quick three or four second whisper would have taken care of it. However, he had not responded at all to her final questions. He had ignored her completely. Hannah could think of only one explanation for that: he knew that within a few minutes she would likely never need another question answered ever again. It wasn't cruelty, it's just that there was not much point in talking to food that has already been swallowed.

Hannah shivered all over. She couldn't think of any explanation for what she had seen today other than the obvious. The zoo hadn't wanted to risk one of their exhibits with injury during a live feeding with a pig, so they had substituted a human being, a woman, in the pig's stead. It really was that simple. Hannah stared at the giant frog. People had been coming and going through the reptile house on a steady basis for the last hour or so, oblivious to what was inside of one of the animals they were all admiring. Right now, however she seemed to have the place mostly to herself. She had been gazing absently at Jimmy the whole time she had been cogitating, but hadn't really been paying much attention to him. Now she focused her whole attention on him for the first time in over half an hour. He was still sitting on his rock, under his lamp, making the occasional gulping swallow. His stomach was still quivering with small internal movements, though much reduced from what they had been when Jimmy had first returned to his habitat. The frog's gulps were smaller, much less aggressive, and less frequent than they had been at the start too. It looked like both he and his meal were settling down and getting ready to attend to the real business at hand: digestion.

As she thought it, the word digestion rang in Hannah's befuddled mind like a bell, focusing her thoughts with clarity for the first time on just what the woman inside of Jimmy must be feeling and experiencing. She considered what it must have been like to undress and fold oneself up into a ball in front of a giant, hungry animal, knowing that doing so had plucked her from the person category and dropped her squarely into the food category. About what it had been like to be pulled down Jimmy's throat while curled up as tightly as possible, completely cognizant of what awaited her. She thought about the tightness and the squeezing that the woman must have felt, of being pushed face first into the bottom of Jimmy's stomach, then being told to curl her toes in so Jimmy could force her in even deeper still. Of course, it wasn't just face first, was it? It was also breast first. The woman's breasts had been resting atop her knees when she was swallowed, so both her face and her breasts would be mashed as far down into the bottom of the frog's stomach as was possible. She then would have had to listen as dozens of people casually chatted about just how much fun it had been to see her get eaten. Listen to them as they took their photos with Jimmy, with her feet, hindquarters, and genitals clearly visible inside of Jimmy's open mouth for all to see. After that, her simple questions about what was happening and where she was going were answered with casual, careless sarcasm, and she would have to be satisfied with that because those were the last answers she would ever receive.

Hannah shuddered, biting her lip. The emotions that were racing through her mind and up and down her body gave her goosebumps. The woman had been one of Jimmy's keepers, she would have witnessed what had happened to Jimmy's previous meals. She would have known his nature, and would have known exactly what was inevitably going to happen to her inside of his stomach. She'd have known that any large movement on her part would result in Jimmy gulping her down harder and harder still, and that each gulp would be accompanied by a stomach contraction, squeezing and kneading her, pushing saliva and digestive juices into every crease, crevice and orifice. Also, while she could seem to get air, it would never really be enough, and she would spend most of her time in a state of semi asphyxiation, her mind fogged, unable to prevent the instinctual, animalistic, and futile squirming of her body. Perhaps the pooling of stomach fluids around her face and breasts had inspired one last-ditch, herculean, and ultimately doomed effort to free herself. Though she had managed to get one set of toes on one foot out into the open air, the final feel of cool air on her flesh had been taken away with seemingly contemptuous ease by the tongue that Jimmy hadn't even been needed to use to swallow her in the first place. Her foot and toes returned to their rightful place in the giant frog's throat, she had probably given up on all attempts at escape and merely concentrated on immediate survival. Hannah thought that the woman's only movements now were probably the effort it took to raise her mouth as far as she could out of the slowly accumulating gastric juices, so she could take as large a breath as possible before the frog's next swallow and stomach contraction pushed her face back down into the digestive fluids.

Hannah watched the motions that Jimmy's body was going through. His stomach would quiver, barely, and he would make a small gulp. The movement in his stomach would stop for a moment, then after several seconds, it would repeat. Quiver, gulp, pause, quiver, gulp, pause. Each quiver almost surely a desperate gasp for stale air, each gulp an automatic response by the frog's body telling his meal to cease squirming and begin digesting. The fluttery sensation in Hannah's body spiked, and she suddenly felt like she absolutely had to stand up and move around. She didn't want to leave the vicinity of the Jimmy's habitat, but she needed to look at something else for at least a few minutes.

Hannah decided to just walk around the reptile house. Her legs were still feeling quivery, so the best she could manage was a slow, somewhat shaky walk along the exhibits, occasionally putting a hand out to the nearby wall to steady herself. Her eyes skittered over the smaller terrariums, not finding much of interest in their similarly small occupants. She was making a point of not looking back at the large terrarium behind her with Jimmy in it, even if it still occupied most of her thoughts. Those thoughts were turning now to the bath of enzymes and acid that the woman in Jimmy's stomach must be constantly soaking in. That her face and breasts were at the bottom of that stomach, and had been exposed to the effects of those corrosive fluids the longest, was not lost on Hannah. Her own face and chest flamed with a subtle flush of heat at the thought of it. She imagined what sensations the woman must be feeling on the thin skin around her eyes, eyelids no doubt screwed shut in a vain attempt to keep the fluid from her vulnerable optic orbs. On how her nose and lips must feel, the slick feeling of the stomach acid on bare skin giving way to an unsettling tingling, then to slowly mounting pain as the uppermost, relatively tougher layers of skin started to dissolve away, exposing tender and far more sensitive flesh beneath. Hannah thought of the woman's breasts, marinating in acidic broth, mashed and kneaded by every contraction of the stomach walls, of her sensitive nipples first tingling and then stinging, not so much burning as being slowly chemically flayed, molecule by molecule, skin layer by skin layer.

Hannah mind came back into focus briefly, and she realized that she was standing in front of another extra large sized terrarium. This one, she realized after a brief glance around, was home to a rather large snake. A truly ridiculously sized snake, to be perfectly accurate. A snake that, according to the little placard in front of the viewing window, weighed quite a bit more than even Jimmy did. A snake that, upon a moment's closer inspection, turned out to be sporting a sizable stomach bulge of its own. Hannah glanced back at Jimmy, then returned to staring at the snake. Surely not, she thought, her eyes narrowing, surely not here too. The bulge did look suspiciously longer and narrower than one a pig or goat might make. Did this snake have a person, a woman, inside of it too? Hannah realized that she would probably never know for sure. The digestion process was obviously further along here than inside of Jimmy. How long had whatever, or whoever, was inside of the snake been there? A few days, at least, perhaps even as long as a week. Not a trace of movement could she see, and her gooseflesh returned when her mind showed her an image of a supine, skinless woman, eye sockets empty and organs exposed, slowly disintegrating inside the snake. Hannah shook her head, trying to clear the image from her mind. She could barely handle the fact of one woman trapped inside of a stomach, she didn't need to add the speculation of a possible second to her already overwrought mind. She shot a last glance at the relaxed snake, bathing in the heat of its own lamp, then walked back over to the bench in front of Jimmy's habitat. She made an effort not to look into the other two extra large terrariums on the short walk back. She very much did not want to know whether the saltwater crocodile or the large Komodo dragon she saw out of the corner of her eye in each habitat also had suspicious bulges.

Jimmy had not moved from his position under his heat lamp during her absence. He still breathed in and out slowly and steadily, and still gave a modest gulp every time the contents of his stomach dared resist the inevitable. Hannah didn't sit down on the bench so much as simply go into a controlled collapse on to it. She slumped down, her posture horrible, but couldn't muster the wherewithal to do much about it. She did check her watch, however, and discovered that over an hour and a half had passed since the ex-zookeeper and possibly soon to be ex-woman had been devoured by her own charge. Hannah was quietly amazed at the amount of time that had passed, for while it seemed a dreadfully short period of time to be measuring a woman's life by, it had also seemed to Hannah that she had been here watching that same woman's struggle to survive for days, weeks even.

Hannah closed her eyes, took a steadying breath, then gripped the bench in her hands and managed to pull herself into a mostly upright position. She re-opened her eyes, set them on Jimmy, and set to watching him intently. She had to know, she had to know what was going to happen to the woman inside Jimmy. She had to know how this, this thing that she had been caught up in ended. So, she watched. She watched for hours. Though the movements beneath the large amphibian's skin continued to grow more feeble, they did not cease. The frog continued to gulp at each wriggle, at each squirm, but the motion was hardly visible, a mere formality now. Hannah assumed that giant frog knew that his meal was now completely within his power and control. The strong writhing and bucking of the immediate aftermath of his feeding was a distant memory. The creature in his belly now had barely the strength to keep breathing, with nothing to spare to mount another escape attempt.

At the two and a quarter hour mark a bit of excitement happened. Jimmy had apparently decided that he needed a little refresher at his mister. He slid down off his rock and made his way across his habitat. He still moved slowly, but with much more confidence. His gait had lost the cautious gingerness that had marked his earlier movements. As he reached his goal, the contents of his stomach seemed to momentarily reinvigorate. There was a sudden burst of quivering, then a few moments of excited squirming, before Jimmy quickly reimposed order on the situation with several large, powerful gulps. His efforts seemed to still his stomach completely, and for a few long moments Hannah thought that the end of the ordeal had arrived at last. It wasn't over quite yet, however, as after more than a minute the faint quivering beneath Jimmy's skin resumed, more feeble than ever. Jimmy, seemingly having decided that his skin had all the moisture it needed, made his slow way back over to his rock and his lamp, entirely uneventfully.

At about the three hour mark a zoo employee came walking into the reptile house, pushing a broad dry mop back and forth across the floor. The employee smiled when she noticed Hannah, then informed her that the zoo would be closing in fifteen minutes. The employee was one of the women who had been pushing the mesh cage that had transported Jimmy back to his terrarium. Hannah longed to ask her about the woman in the frog, about the feeding, about everything, but couldn't quite manage to work herself up to it. The problem was one of context. She had no idea how to open a conversation about the subject. It wasn't something that had ever come up in any conversation before in her life, and her mind simply wasn't up to the task of quick social improvisation at the moment. By the time she had formulated even the most basic of conversation starters, the zoo employee had swept out of the room and was gone.

Fifteen minutes until closing. Less now, actually. She couldn't leave. She had to know. For while the movements in Jimmy's abdomen were feeble, they were still there. They hadn't actually shown any sign of diminishing since the excitement at the mister forty-five minutes before. At five minutes to closing, Hannah was starting to panic. She couldn't leave, not after all this time. Not without some crumb of information at least.

Perhaps some force in the universe was listening to Hannah at that moment, and chose to give her that crumb. More likely, perhaps, was that Jimmy was simply tired after a long afternoon of fighting to keep his dinner down. He yawned. Widely and gloriously.

Hannah was able to see nearly everything in the enormous frog's mouth and throat. His meal's feet, hindquarters, and genitals were still clearly visible at the entrance to his throat. They were perhaps a bit deeper down than the last time she had seen them, hours ago in the feeding amphitheater. They glistened with saliva and mucus and other fluids, but seemed no worse for wear despite the hours they had spent inside the entrance to a digestive tract. They also moved of their own accord. Each foot shifted position slightly, toes curling, as the occupant of Jimmy's stomach took the opportunity provided by the slack the gargantuan yawn provided to adjust herself inside her captor. No escape attempt was made, no last second bid for freedom attempted. She simply forced her folded up legs as wide apart as she possibly could, buttocks flexing with effort. After half a moment had passed, Hannah saw her achieve her apparent goal. The ex-zookeeper managed to slide one of her slightly reddened hands, with an audible grunt of effort, out of the depths of the stomach and up into the slight gap between her legs. The last thing Hannah saw as Jimmy's mouth hinged shut again was several of the fingers on that gastric juice slicked hand slip into her cleft, while the thumb began rubbing quick circles around her clitoris. A very audible, very relieved voice slipped out from between Jimmy's mostly closed jaws, groaning only one emphatic word: "Finally."

Hannah fled the reptile and amphibian house, confusion whirling around and around in her mind. She paused briefly at the entrance to the zoo to find out what time the zoo opened the next morning. She learned that, unfortunately, the zoo was going to be closed all the next day, Monday. Not for any special reason. There was no scheduled holiday, that day of the week just happened to be their normal off day. She also learned that the soonest they opened was nine in the morning the day after that, which meant that she wouldn't be able to stop by before she had to be at work on Tuesday. They were open until six in the afternoon however, which meant that she should be able to make it after she got off work.

That evening, Hannah lay restlessly in bed. After returning home from her day at the zoo she had not been able to eat, couldn't manage to concentrate on any of the mindless entertainment on her television, and could barely sit still without fidgeting. The images she had seen that day were burned into her mind's eye, and they flashed through her thoughts, one after the other, relentlessly. She had gone for a run, hoping to burn off the excess energy that seemed to be coursing through her body, but somehow only managed to key herself up even more. Her body had reveled in the exercise, though, enjoying the freedom of movement and cool air moving across her skin. Her mind, however, had remained fixed on the woman still in the reptile house at the zoo. The woman who was bound and imprisoned within a space actively trying to be even smaller than she was. At that very moment the woman would be struggling twitch an arm or a hand, to so much as breath, while Hannah could stretch and bend and flex as much as she liked, with complete freedom, and while Hannah could breath as deeply and freely as she liked, completely unencumbered.

Hannah had emerged from her post run-shower of cool water with her body practically vibrating. Her skin felt alive, shivers and gooseflesh running up and down it continuously. Her muscles trembled and quivered, not with exhaustion, but with excited tension. She knew that there was only one way to relieve the tension she was experiencing. The thought of doing so, however, of giving herself in to pleasure while across town, deep within the zoo and another creature, a woman was literally digesting alive was.. was impossible to resist. She found herself running her hands up and down her belly and sides, even as she remembered the other woman's flesh slowly disappearing between the frog's lips. As she kneaded her breasts and rolled her nipples gently between her fingers, her mind imagined the other woman's breasts and nipples gradually dissolving and digesting in a bath of acidic fluid. Hannah came, fingers dancing across her clitoris, with the final view of the zookeeper turned sustenance she had seen blazing in her mind: the woman straining to attain not freedom, not escape, but release. The image that accompanied the orgasm that blew Hannah's consciousness out like a candle flame that night was of the woman, deep in the stomach of another creature, swallowed alive and already well on the way to digestion, squirming desperately for the center of her own pleasure.

Hannah somehow made it through the next day. Her mind dwelled on the giant frog and his last meal at almost every moment. She had driven by the zoo on her way home, just to check, but it was closed. The day after that was worse. There was some sort of corporate hullabaloo going on, and she and everyone else wound up working late. She thought of trying to slip out at lunch, to go the zoo and steal a quick look, it seemed that lunch had been cancelled as well. After work she drove as rapidly as she could to the zoo, but only managed to arrive in time to see it close for the day. She sat in her car, disappointed, and yet also strangely relieved. The woman would have spent over two days inside of Jimmy at this point. She couldn't possibly still be alive, could she? Hannah wondered just what she expected that she might see now. The frog's stomach still bulging and occasionally quivering, or merely an inert, slowly diminishing lump. Her drive home was slow and reflective.

Hannah finally managed to return to the zoo Wednesday afternoon. She arrived just after five, paid the entrance fee, then walked slowly towards the reptile and amphibian house. Her insides coiled and writhed, filled with equal parts of both nervous excitement and anxious dread. Three days. It had been more than three whole days. She stood outside the reptile house for few moments, taking deep, steadying breaths and working her nerves up, then entered.

Jimmy was waiting for her right where he had been the last time she saw him, on his rock, under his lamp. He was smaller. No, not smaller, exactly, just not packed to bursting the way he had been last time she saw him. Immediately after he had swallowed his female zookeeper, it had been painfully obvious that a significant part of her remained outside of his stomach, distending his throat. That was no longer the case. While his stomach still retained much of its previous size, it appeared that his mouth and throat were now free of female flesh. Hannah's mind presented her with an image of the flesh on the woman's head and upper body slowly melting and compressing, gradually allowing her legs and lower body to slide down the throat and finish their journey into Jimmy's stomach. Head, face, shoulders, and breasts all gone into the slurry of gastric digestive fluids. Hannah shivered. Was that what had happened? If she looked inside of Jimmy right now, would she see the dissolving lower body of the woman squashed amongst the churned and digested remains of the upper?

Hannah sat back down on the bench facing Jimmy's habitat. She wasn't sure what was real. The woman she had seen swallowed by Jimmy had still been alive inside him when she had left the zoo on Sunday. Had the zookeeper been removed from the giant frog after Hannah left, or was it really her remains that were making Jimmy's stomach bulge out like that? Hannah's eyes drifted away from Jimmy for a moment, and she saw a notice on the wall, alongside the giant frog's name plaque, that had not been there before. It read simply: Live feedings every Sunday at 2:30 PM. Hannah got up and went over to it, touching it, as if confirming that it was real. A voice spoke up behind Hannah, addressing her.

"The live feedings are fun, and pretty exciting. You should definitely check one out, if you have the opportunity."

It was the same female zookeeper that had told Hannah the zoo was closing on Sunday, and who had helped push Jimmy's transport cage after his feeding. Hannah noticed this time that her name tag read Alicia. Hannah had been unable to respond to her on Sunday, but she managed to now.

"He.. ahh.. He gets fed every week?" Hannah asked.

"Oh, yes. He's a hungry one. Apparently, if he goes much longer than a week without something to fill his belly he starts to get aggressive." replied Alicia.

The zookeeper's answer had rattled Hannah a bit as the implications sank in, and her mouth went on small conversation autopilot.

"Do you work here? I mean, here with Jimmy and the others in the reptile house?" she asked.

"Yes, I started here last week. Samson over there is my main responsibility." Alicia replied, waving vaguely in the direction of the terrarium of the large snake that had contained the suspicious bulge Hannah had noticed on Sunday. "I also take care of about half of the smaller ones. Oh, and Jimmy too now, I guess."

Her answers had made Hannah's mind race. The young zookeeper had started caring for Samson a week ago, probably around the same time as the enormous snake had swallowed whatever was making his stomach bulge. Then she had mentioned Jimmy as an afterthought, as though he were a very recent addition to her responsibilities. Perhaps within the past couple of days even, as if whoever had been caring for him prior to that was suddenly unable to continue to do so. Hannah's gaze was dragged back to Jimmy's stomach, which she now felt with almost complete surety did contain whatever was left of his last keeper, his last meal.

Then Hannah glanced back over to the Live Feedings every Sunday at 2:30 PM notice. The other zookeeper at the feeding she had witnessed, the male, had said that his co-worker was substituting for Jimmy's usual, a pig, because pigs large enough to fill Jimmy's belly now were too dangerous for him to eat. Did that mean that every weekly feeding was now going to include a woman, not a pig or any other animal, as Jimmy's junior dining partner? If so, feedings happening once a week meant that over fifty women a year might willingly undress, fold themselves up, then be swallowed by an improbably large frog in front of an excited audience. Fifty-two women a year would find themselves right where Jimmy's last caretaker had ended up, buried alive face down in Jimmy's stomach. Their futile squirming would make his tummy quiver and shake, while hundreds of zoo patrons would walk by outside his terrarium, happy just to be able to see and admire such a giant frog, most completely unaware of his dietary habits and of what was inside him.

Hannah drew a shuddering breath. She turned around, back towards the zookeeper Alicia, intending to just baldly ask if the zoo was going to feed Jimmy exclusively on human women, but Alicia had vanished. Hannah glanced around, then looked down at her watch. She realized that several minutes had passed while she had stood in thought, staring at Jimmy, since Alicia had answered her second question. Hannah realized that the zookeeper had probably assumed that the conversation between them was over, and had simply left to go attend to something else.

Hannah considered searching for her. Hannah considered finding another zookeeper to ask. She even considered walking right into the zoo's main offices and simply demanding an explanation. Then she glanced back at Jimmy, then over to Live Feedings sign, and felt her resolve crumble. It wasn't that she didn't want to know, it was that she finally realized that if she did know, if she found out the truth, she probably would not know how to cope with the knowledge. What would she do with it? How would she fit the the fact that at the zoo, female employees seemed to have roughly the same status and value as a pig, a feeder fish, or a bale of hay, merely something to be consumed, into the rest of her life?

The answer to the last question was that she couldn't. She wanted to know the truth, but maybe knowing would only leave her with more questions. Larger questions that she did not want. So, let it be uncertain, she thought, as she walked away from the reptile and amphibian house. She decided not to think about it anymore, ever. She especially wouldn't think about it next Sunday, around two-thirty PM, she told herself.

She walked out of the zoo a few minutes before it closed, and she did not return.

Author's note:

This was inspired by the old PD comic "A Tight Fit". It was one of those ideas that started banging around in my head so hard that I just had to write it out. I wrote it mostly for my own enjoyment, but I hope you guys like it too. I'm currently working on another piece that describes the same events from another point of view, which I'll post soon.

I love criticism. I'm a criticism masochist. Tell me what you think.


Oh man, please write more! I'd love to find out about Samson's feeding habits!


excellent. What really feels nice is that the lack of concrete answers and "as if it was a dream" concept. The narrative, though not my personal fetish, is perfectly written.


Definitely have some major skills for writing. The whole long term, reiterating scene, thing is hard to keep interesting for even short ficts and this ones got some length to it and yah kept it from becoming redundant or boring even using such a simple concept as "girl in frog viewed by other girl."

Always liked that old comic, so was great seeing some more of the concept played out : ). Any chance there's more talking from inside the creature in that sequel? Loved the internal hints but always got a kick out of the girl talking from inside with someone outside.



*cocks gun*

go back to writing cooking fiction!



Same guy who wrote "Cock Vore" about 5 years ago?


Yeah this was great, got any more fics out there?


I'm very glad that people enjoyed this. Thank you for the comments. The sequel is posted, please check it out if you like.


If you read Zookeepers, you will find yourself very much in luck.

Thank you. A little uncertainty was exactly what I was hoping to leave the audience with.

Jim, I'm a longtime fan of your work. I think that you'll find plenty of internal stuff to entertain you in the sequel, including talking.

Yes, I wrote "Cock Vore". I'm actually planning on writing a second part to it soon, then re-posting it. I had left the ending kinda vague and dangling, and I'd like to fix that.

A few more, but the couple I've written before were usually about consensual, casual penectomy and castrations. I'm planning on re-posting them here soon.


Please write a sequel to cock vore



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