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A few months ago our city got hit by a hurricane. After seeing what it had done in the Caribbean a few days before, most people decided to flee further inland, boarding up houses and shop, in the hopes that they would still be there when they returned.

When the storm finally hit, it wasn't as strong as predicted, but it still managed to create a lot of damage, especially to the only mall we had, a huge beast located a few miles to the north of my house. The people that built it hoped that the town would expand into it with time, but after a recession and the closing of the biggest factory in town, the population declined and the mall ended up being too big and too far away. Most shops closed, never to open again, and by the time the hurricane came only a handful were still open.

That's why, after the building was damaged, they just abandoned everything inside, promising they would tear it down. It wasn't easy to get in, as the windows were still boarded up, and once inside the place was really dangerous, but that never stopped teenagers looking for something thrilling.

And that is why I was inside it, walking along the lower level with my friends and my little sister in tow. I hadn't wanted her to come with us, as she was only 14 years old and a real baby, but my mom insisted and I knew it was useless to fight her.

After threatening to leave her in there if she said anything stupid in front of my friends, we all went in, laughing nervously as we looked around. We were all very nervous, and despite our false bravado, when we got to the other end and one of us suggested we turned around, we all agreed.

We turned back and went towards the front door, where someone had pulled apart one of the boards, leaving just enough space for us to crawl inside.

When we were outside, laughing happily now that we were outside and under the sun again, I noticed that Emily wasn't with us. Desperate, I ducked inside again, but I couldn't see her, and I told them we had to go back for her.

“No way!” said Stacy. “Your sister is sooo annoying, it serves her right to get lost. I bet she is just too scared to move!”

The other girls started laughing, either because they thought the same or simply because Stacey was the most popular of us, and no one wanted to cross her.

“Guys, she is my sister! I can’t just leaver there in there!” I said, terrified that I would have to go in there alone.

“Forget about her, let’s go!” Laura said, and as one they simply turned around, walking towards Stacey's car, and leaving me alone.

I looked back, towards the broken boards and the darkness within, and I felt my legs trembling. I could have called my mom then, but that would have meant I had to explain to her how I had lost her in the first place, and I couldn't face that.

Instead I breathed deeply and went back inside.

After years of neglect, the mall had not been in the best shape, even before the storm. Now the winds and the heavy rain had destroyed most of the skylights, raining broken glass all over the place. You could hear the wind howling above you, as little piece of broken glass twinkled high above you her. There was no power, obviously, but the sun shining through the open roof was enough to illuminate all except the deepest stores.

I looked around, desperate to find her quickly, but I couldn't see her and I was too afraid to say her name out loud. Instead I started walking to the other end, sure I would find her cowering in fear at some point.

Most of the shops that had been open before the hurricane had been on the lower floor, and now I could see the abandoned mannequins thrown around the place, like stiff dead bodies lying everywhere.

The floor under the skylights was wet from the last rain, giving the air a mildewy smell. With every step I took the floor crunched under my canvas shoes and I could see the floor covered in rat droppings.

From time to time I would whisper her name, afraid it would echo, but no one answered, and soon I got to the end, though she wasn't there. Looking up towards the escalators, I felt terrified. Had she gone up?

Trembling, I moved up the dirty steps, trying to see above me, but I knew I would have to go up. Promising myself I would kill her when I found her, I climbed slowly, testing each step before I moved onto it. Every time one creaked under my weight, I closed my eyes, afraid I would fall, but I managed to get to the top without any problems.

There was a little more light up there, but I still couldn't see her, and I cursed her as I started walking towards the other side. There were fewer open stores up here, so I had almost forgotten about the mannequins when I saw a head on the floor. I screamed loudly before I realized it was made of cardboard, but by then the noise was echoing on the empty mall.

I told myself that at least Emily would be able to listen to that, but after waiting for a minute I gave up. Gathering my courage I kept moving but like before she wasn't there. The only other option was for her to be on the third level, were the four court had been, so I slowly made my way up once more.

The place was full of pigeons, cooing away from the broken skylights. Every inch of the floor was covered in shit, and the stench was horrible. Knowing that there was no way that she would have managed to cross that, I turned back and ran desperately for the entrance, stopping just before I left when I saw her pink backpack, laying on the floor.

It was the same backpack she used every day for school, and I knew there was no chance it was from someone else. Terrified, I walked closer, and then I saw her footprints, walking towards a big door propped open with a trashcan.

Inside the door there was only darkness, and I felt my stomach turning inside me as I watched inside. I felt like staring at a huge mouth, ready to swallow me, but her prints went inside, and didn't come back.

“Emily?” I asked weakly, but there was no answer.

Taking my cell phone out of my pocket, I turned on the flashlight, pointing it inside. The weak light barely manage to illuminate past the door, and I saw a wide hallway stretching away into the darkness.

I don't know how long I stood outside the door, paralyzed, thinking I should ran away, but I knew I couldn't. Despite everything she was my sister. Instead, I walked inside, clutching my cell phone in front of me.

The hallway stretched for a few yards and then I found a stair, leading down. Her footprints were clearly visible in the dusty floor, going down and into the darkness. I looked behind me, at the light past the door, and then back at the stairs, until I finally went down.

Once at the bottom everything was darkness. To one side I saw a few machines gathering dust, and a pile of trash bags. The light from my cell phone did not reach to the other side, but by the sound, I thought it was a very big place.

I looked down, hoping to find her footprints again, but someone else had walked here before, and all the prints were mixed together. It never occurred to me to wonder if that person was still there, but maybe it should have.

Not knowing where to go, I turned in a circle, hoping to find anything, but around me all I could see was darkness.

Then I heard a sound behind me and I jumped, my heart beating furiously inside me. I waited in silence, hoping to hear it again, but everything was silent. Had it been a moan? I felt tears threatening to come out as I thought about running, but I couldn't leave her. I thought of her alone, of me telling my mom I couldn't find her…

Then as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw a very faint light, just from where the sound had come. Trembling in fear, I went towards it, stepping carefully so as not to make any noise. The closer I got, the brighter the light became and soon I turned off my flashlight, afraid someone would see it.

Ahead of me there was a door, half open, and on the other side a light was shining dimly. I tiptoed slowly towards it, leaning against the cold metal as I peaked at the other side.

Inside I could see a big room with two huge boilers, covered in rust, a maze of pipes coming out of them, and in the middle, tied to a concrete column and under the only light in the room, was Emily.

She was naked except for her white cotton panties, and someone had tied her arms behind her back, running a wooden pole under her armpits. Her knees were folded behind her, and her whole weight rested on them. A leather belt was tied over her eyes, and whoever had tied her had also shoved a metal ring inside her mouth, locking it in place with a leather strap around her head. It left her mouth open, and I could see drool running down her chin.

I stood paralyzed, watching my sister as she squirmed and moaned. Grabbing my phone, I dialed 911 but I had no signal down there, and I was too scared to move.

Then I noticed two cables, coming out from her crotch and going into a pink plastic box on the floor. When she wasn't moaning, I could her a slow and steady vibration coming from her.

From where I stood I could hear her moans echoing in the big space, and then she gasped. She started pulling from the ropes, her muscles popping under her skin and then she came, grinding her hips as pleasure waves washed over her body.

A moment later, she moaned once more, and she relaxed, slumping on the ropes. I stared at her, shocked at what I had seen while I felt my body responding. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't stop myself. Then I saw a man appearing from the shadows.

He was wearing black pants and a black tshirt, a little too big for his size, and a black balaclava that left only his eyes and his mouth exposed. Moving confidently, he walked towards her.

Once in front of her, he crouched down, though even like that he was still taller than her.

“Did you just came again, Emily?” he asked her as he caressed her head.

Her face turned red in humiliation as she nodded weakly, her head hanging down. Her nipples her hard and shiny, covered in her saliva as it kept dripping from her chin.

From the door I gasped, feeling as a wet patch formed in my panties. Ashamed, I ran my finger lightly over my clit, feeling as my body tingled under my own touch.

“I think it's my turn.” he said, getting up.

Kicking his shoes off, he pulled his pants down, and I saw his cock, standing straight in front of him. It looked impossibly big next to her, and I trembled as I imagined what he would do to my sister.

Emily started pulling from the ropes. Even with her eyes covered, she knew something was going to happen, but they were stronger than her. She whimpered pathetically as I watched.

Pumping his cock with one hand, he moved in front of her, waving it in front of her face.

“Breathe deeply, Emily. While you can.” he said to her, and I felt my knees turning to rubber.

Then without another word, her took a step forward and I saw him pushing his cock inside my sisters pussy. Big as it was, it barely passed through the metal ring in her mouth. Once the head was inside, he stopped and I saw her tongue, licking it.

I pressed my finger deep inside me, pushing my panties between my lips. They were soaking wet by then, and my other hand went to my breasts, pulling and pinching my nipples.

In front of me, my sister kept licking his cock in between moans, until he was wet. Then he grabbed the wooden pole behind her back, and using it as a lever, he pushed himself inside her mouth.

Emily gagged almost instantly, as I saw her throat bulging as it stretched to accommodate him. Her face turned red as she struggled to breathe, but he stood still, pressing his stomach to her face.

Before she could suffocate, he pulled back, and she gasped for air, crying with joy as she breathed once more. Then he moved forwards again, fucking her throat as he would her pussy. She struggled under him, but tied as she was she had no chance against him, and he knew it. He took his time, and I could hear him moaning in pleasure as he raped her mouth.

Then I lost all pretense of control, and pulled my panties aside, pushing three fingers inside me. Pulling my shirt down, I grabbed on nipple and then I pressed my fingernails in it, just like I did when my boyfriend fucked me. Lost in my own pleasure, I had to bite my lips to stop myself from moaning out loud.

The man became rougher and rougher with her, pushing deeper and faster as time went on. She started gagging as he buried himself deeply into her, but he didn't care about that. He would only pull out from time to time, giving her time to breathe, but it never seemed to be enough for Emily, and soon her face was a deep red.

Then he pushed once more and it became too much for her. Her body tensed against the ropes and I heard her gagging, a wet and nasty sound, just before her cheeks bulged out. He pulled out slowly, and she started puking, vomit shooting out of her mouth and onto the floor. What was left dribbled down her face and onto her breasts.

I could smell the stench from where I was, and it drove me crazy. My thumb moved in circles around my clit as I watched with lust, horrified as I imagined myself in her place.

She was a mess, covered in vomit and sweat, coughing a slimy mixture from her mouth as she struggled to breath. Then he grabbed her hair once more, and despite her protests he resumed his work, fucking her mouth until a moment later I heard him screaming.

His body spasmed, and I saw him clenching his ass as he came inside Emily's throat. Despite having cummed, he stood still, his cock still inside her as she struggled. Her hand formed fists as she suffocated, and then he finally pulled back.

An explosion of vomit and saliva followed his cock as it left her mouth, before she collapsed on the ropes, gasping for air as she sobbed loudly.

The man stood calmly in front of her, oblivious to the mess she had made on his cock. He was pumping it in one hand as he caught his own breath.

I finally stopped, taking my hand from my pussy as juices streamed down my thighs. My breathing was fast and swallow, and with horror I realized what I had done. I could smell myself in the air, a musky aroma of piss and salt, when I saw him looking back, towards me.

“Megan, come here.” he said and my heart stopped inside me.

He knew I was there! He knew my name! Then more than ever I wanted to run for help, but instead I waited in silence, as he looked at me.

“Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you.” he said calmly.

Before I realized it, I had crossed the door, and I was walking towards them. The closer I got the stronger the stench of sex and vomit became, until the aroma became overwhelming. I stopped a few yards away from him, terrified, but he told me to come closer and I obeyed him again.

When I was standing next to him, he grabbed my right hand, taking it to his face. He sniffed my fingers, looking into my eyes, and then he smiled behind the mask.

“Did you enjoy the show?” he asked me.

I looked away as I felt my face burning in shame. I couldn't talk, so I shook my head, but he just laughed.

“I don't like when people lie, Megan. Its poor manners.” he said, dropping my hand.

Next to us, Emily was whimpering softly. From up close I could see the ropes digging into her flesh were she had pulled on them. She was trembling slightly while her chest moved slowly with each deep breath.

I wanted to ask her what it felt to be used like that, to cum as you were raped, but I knew she couldn't answer.

“It's time, I think.” he said next to me, looking at the both of us. “Do you want to see how I take your sister’s virginity?”

I looked at him, terrified as I realized I wanted to say yes. A shiver ran down my back as I imagined him on top of my sister, and my stomach cramped painfully. But I couldn't say it out loud. I remained quiet, looking into his dark eyes, until he smiled again.

“Take that off. All of it.” he said, pointing at my dress.

Then he walked behind Emily and he started undoing the ropes, freeing her from the column, but keeping her arms tied behind her back. He carefully lowered her onto the floor, before undoing the ropes along her legs.

I watched him as he untied her, gripping my dress tightly. Finally my lust won over my fear, and I slipped it off over my head, taking my bra and my shoes off. I hooked my fingers over the elastic on my soaking wet panties, but I couldn't take them off. They were the last barrier between him and me, as flimsy as they were.

Naked as I was, the air felt cold and humid, and it wasn't long before I was shivering. My nipples got hard, and I started rubbing my hand on my arms, trying to stay warm.

When he was done, Emily was laying on the floor, resting on her knees and her face, leaving her ass high in the air. It didn't look very comfortable, and I saw her pulling from the rope that held her arms, though she never tried to get up.

Then he kneeled behind her, motioning for me to get closer, and he pulled her panties down. Like me, her pussy was soaking wet with her juices and she moaned loudly as he peeled them off.

The two vibrators were still moving inside her, but he grabbed the cables, and one by one he pulled them out. The one in her pussy came out easily, a pink ball slightly smaller than a regular egg, but the one in her ass was a little harder. He pulled firmly and I watched mesmerized as her asshole stretched as it passed through it, until it popped free.

Dropping the wet vibrators on the floor, he stood up again.

“Blow me.” he ordered me, and I started trembling.

I remembered how he had used my sister's mouth a moment ago, and I was terrified he would do the same to me, but I had no choice. I dropped onto my knees, and then grabbed his cock, still wet with Emily’s saliva.

When I took him into my mouth I could taster her vomit on him, and I gagged a little, but I knew better than to stop. Despite my fears, he simply relaxed, his hands resting as his sides as I tried to swallow as much of his cock as I could.

It wasn't my first time giving a blowjob, but he was much bigger than my boyfriend, and despite my efforts I couldn't get more than half of it inside me before I started gagging. Still, he didn't seem to mind. He kept his eyes closed as he moaned softly above me.

“Get it nice and wet, Megan. It will make it easier on Emily.” he said.

I nodded without taking him out, and then I took his balls in one hand, playing with them as I sucked. When his cock was soaking wet with my saliva, he pulled out, telling me it was enough. I released him, waiting on my knees for him to tell me what to do.

“Lay on the floor, between your sister’s legs.” he told me, pointing at the floor.

I hesitated for just a moment, still tasting him in my mouth, before I laid down, moving forwards until my face was under her hips and her legs around me. He moved over me, placing his knees at my sides as he pumped his wet cock in one hand, and then without a word he pressed it against her pussy. She tried to get away from him, but I grabbed her legs, pinning her in place.

His cock slowly disappeared inside Emily’s pussy, and I watched mesmerized from below. She started moaning as her virgin pussy stretched wider than ever before. Soon her moans turned to screams and I had to told her tightly.

“Hold her!” he told me, grunting with effort.

Emily started trembling from the pain and for a moment I thought that he was too big for her. His cock seemed to go on forever inside her small body, until finally he grunted once and his hips bumped against her ass.

“Ahhhhh” he moaned inside her, and I bit my lips.

I remember my first time with Thomas. In his inexperience he had been too rough, forcing his cock inside me as I squirmed in pain. By the time he started fucking me the pain had lessened just a little, but I still managed to cum at the end.

After that orgasm I was left only with the pain and I started crying, he got scared, telling me how sorry he was, and promising he would never do anything like that again. The next time we fucked he was completely different, but soon I discovered that I needed that pain to cum. Now every time we slept was the same. He would fuck me for a while until he came and I would fake my own orgasm, and then I would wait for him to sleep.

Defeated and ashamed, I would go to the bathroom, and sitting on the toilet I would masturbate until I came, pinching my clit with my fingernails or forcing my hand inside my pussy until it hurt.

Seeing him raping my sister, just above my face, turned me on like nothing else. I moved one hand to my pussy and started rubbing it over my wet panties. I had always fantasized about being raped, wondering what it would feel like to be used by someone, and now I got to watch him using my sister.

As Emily’s cries of pain became louder and louder I imagined myself in her place, his cock raping my pussy as I cried. Under my back I felt the dust and dirt that covered everything, mixing with my sweat. I pushed hard like before, pushing my panties between my lips as I pinched my own clit.

“Would you like to be used like this, Megan?” he asked me with a laugh.

“Yessss!” I cried, horrified as I watched him pushing harder and harder inside her.

Emily kept crying in pain, but above me I could see her hips, grinding against him every time he pushed inside her. Unable to hold any longer, I pulled my panties aside and pushed three fingers inside my pussy, imagining that it was his cock.

“Have you been fucked in the ass, Megan?” he asked me without stopping.

I shook my head, knowing what was to come. Above me Emily tensed as he pulled out of her pussy. Her juices dripped over my face, and I opened my mouth, catching them on my tongue.

Knowing what he was going to do, I grabbed her with both hands, and a moment later he pressed his cock against her virgin asshole. He started pushing, and like before she started thrashing, but her asshole was much tighter than her pussy. Her screams of pain were deafening, and struggled to hold her down.

Her body tensed from the pain, and I heard him grunting in effort as she tried to force him out of her asshole, but it was a losing battle. She started trembling, and after so much she was exhausted. With a moan of pain, her asshole gave up and he pushed himself inside her rectum.

She started screaming in agony, thrashing her body above me. Without pulling out, he slapped her ass and then he moved forwards, giving himself room to stretch one leg forwards. Pulling from her hair, he twisted her head to one side, and then he stepped on her neck, pushing her against the filthy concrete.

Once she was pinned down, he pulled out, and started fucking her. I saw his cock turning red as she started bleeding, and a terrible stench of shit filled the air. I released her once more, and started masturbating again, seeing his cook above me as he pounded her against the floor.

“Ohhhhh! Yes!” I moaned before I realized what I was doing.

He started laughing, moving deeper and deeper inside her. I heard his hips slamming against her ass with a wet sound, and then he buried himself inside her once more and he stood still.

“Aarghhhh!” he screamed into the air as he came for the second time, filling her bowels with his seed.

A moment later he pulled out, and a glob of cum fell on my face. The stench was horrible, but it was nothing compared to what he did next.

Grabbing her hips, he pushed her to one side and she fell on her back, rolling on the floor as she cried. Taking his cock in one hand, he sat on my chest and smiled behind the mask.

“Noooo! Please!” I begged uselessly as he pulled from my hair, forcing his filthy cock inside my mouth.

The disgusting mixture made me gag almost instantly. The inside of her ass mixed with his cum and the metallic taste of her blood coated my tongue, while he forced himself deeper and deeper.

“Bite me, and I will break your teeth in.” he said calmly as I struggled under him.

Knowing that it was no idle threat, I stopped struggling and then started sucking him. I gagged a few times, but I managed not to puke despite the foul taste. A moment later, he released me, and I rolled to the side, spitting on the floor as I tried to get the taste out of my mouth.

When I looked up again, we were alone, though I could hear him moving in the darkness.

Emily was lying on the floor next to me, her asshole gapping one from the abuse and a red hand printed next to it. I crawled to her, rolling her over until I could see her face. She had been crying and her face was a mask of saliva, tears and dirt, mixed into a disgusting mud.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, feeling stupid the minute I said the words.

How could she be okay, after being raped? There was a difference between a fantasy, and reality, and I had just realized that. But despite everything she nodded and I watched her, amazed.

“Ooou ooouddd.” she said through the gag.

I started crying as I caressed her hair, feeling her warm body pressed against mine. It was then when I became really scared. I wanted to take the leather strap over her eyes off, to look into them, but I was too afraid of him.

Then he returned from the darkness, dragging a heavy looking metal chair, made out of square tubes. Were the seat would go, this chair had nothing but a narrow plate, and the back was open. He dragged it towards us, the steel making and awful screeching noise as it dragged over the floor.

Once it was next to us, he stopped and looked at me in silence, as I looked at the chair.

On the back there was a big wheel made of steel, and on the other side, where the person would sit, a steel shackle. I gasped, realizing that I had seen one of those on a movie, and I looked at him with terror.

“Noooooo!” I cried.

“You knew, deep down, that this would end this way. Don't lie to yourself.” he said, his voice calm as he rested against the chair.

“Please, just let us go!” I begged sobbing, as I hugged her.

“You know it's too late for that, Megan.” he said, getting up and walking towards us.

I watched with horror as he picked her up, as easily as I would empty box. Emily was oblivious to what was happening, and I was glad for that small mercy as he sat her on the chair. Grabbing some rope from the floor, the tied her ankles to the legs of the chairs, and then grabbed her arms and tied them to the back, securing her in place.

Emily winced as the cold metal touched her, but besides that she remained still as he tied her.

Finally, he grabbed the steel shackle, and then he closed it around her neck. She gasped in surprise, sitting straight.

“Aaaatsss aapeeeiin?” she asked through the gag, but I couldn't tell her.

Once she was secure, he walked behind her, and grabbing the wheel he started turning it. The gears clicked, locking the system in place as it pulled tighter and tighter, and I knew that would keep the pressure in her neck if he released the wheel.

Slowly, the shackle pulled her back until her back was pressed against the chair. Emily panicked as the pressure increased, and I could see the steel digging into her neck.

“Please! Noooo!” I begged weakly from the floor.

Looking at me, he turned the wheel again until it clicked once more and then he took a step back. Without a word, he picked up the dildos from the floor, and filthy as they were he pushed them inside her pussy and her asshole. A moment later I heard the vibration again, and Emily started grinding her hips, almost as a reflex.

His work done, he took a step to one side and then looked at me. Emily’s breathing was fast and swallow, her chest rising and falling quickly as she struggled to breathe.

“She is in agony, you know?” he said to me, looking into my eyes as I cried.

“Please, you can let us go, I promise we won't say a thing!” I pleaded.

He slowly shook his head as Emily coughed once.

“If you leave her like that, she will suffocate, but it will take a long time. It will be painful. But… there is another option. You can help her, Megan, you can take the pain away.”

“Please, I can’t. She is my sister!” I screamed, my voice shrill.

He looked at me, disappointed, and then he turned the wheel once more, until it clicked.

“Uggghhh!” Emily screamed as the shackle tightened even more.

Her body tensed, pulling from the ropes, but they held firmly. Walking towards me, he extended his hand and I took it. He pulled me up, and then grabbing my shoulders he guided me behind the chair, placing my hands on the wheel.

The steel was cold in my hands, and I started trembling as I heard Emily’s breathing became even faster.

“I can’t… please, don't make me do it.” I begged, sobbing hysterically.

On the chair Emily was grinding her hips against the tube under her while the vibrators kept moving inside her. I thought I heard her moaning, but I wasn't sure.

“She is in agony, Megan, only you can help her. You know what you have to do.” he said, and then he took a step backwards, away from me.

I stood still, my hands on the wheel. I was terrified as I heard Emily breathing. A dry raspy sound came out of her with every breath she took, and her body trembled from the effort. Then I felt something warm between my toes, and I saw her peeing on the floor. A small puddle of piss formed under her, mixing with the dirt and running slowly towards me.

Closing my eyes, I gripped the wheel tightly and then turned it just a little. It clicked loudly, the sound echoing around us as I realized what I had just done.

“Oh, god!” I said when Emily gasped for air.

The man stood silently to one side, watching me with his cock hard again. Grabbing the wheel, I turned it again, until it clicked. The shackle tightened again, crushing her throat a little more, and Emily’s breathing became even harder.

“I am sorry, Emily!” I said to her, as she desperately pulled from the ropes.

Closing my eyes, I turned the wheel again, making it click twice in a row, expecting her to collapse at any minute, but she was still breathing. Her hands formed fists and her breathing became slow and shallow as she struggled to draw air into her tortured lungs.

Her breathing was deafeningly loud to me, and I wiped the tears from my eyes before turning the wheel once more. Something cracked on her neck, though I didn't know what. Her hips started moving faster and faster, and I knew that despite the agony she was about to cum.

From the side I could see the shackle, digging grotesquely into her flesh, and then I moved the wheel for the last time. The click echoed in the room and Emily's body spasmed once, lifting her ass from the tube under her as she made a deep and guttural sound.

I started caressing her hair again, knowing that she couldn't breathe anymore. The only sound she made was a weak whimper as she struggled and then I felt her cumming. Her body convulsed on the chair, jumping around as I held her down, and the she was still.

Finally, her body relaxed and her head fell to one side. She was dead, and I had killed her.

I fell to the floor, crying hysterically as I realized what I had done. Emily was dead, because of me. I could have saved her. I could have called the cops, or our mom, but I hadn't, and she was dead.

Next to me, he started untying her. First her arms and legs, and finally the shackle from her neck. Once she was free, he pushed her body to one side and she fell to the floor, hitting her head on the hard concrete.

I crawled to her body, rolling her around and hugging her. No longer afraid at what he could do, I took the leather strap from her eyes and the ring from her mouth. Her eyes started back at me, glassy and lifeless, as I caressed her hair while I sobbed.

My mind filled with images of her, as a baby, in her first day of school, as we played together. All gone, I thought as I sat on the dirt, cradling her body. The stench in the room was overwhelming, a mixture of shit and vomit I knew came from her but I didn't care.

Her body looked so small and frail, and I couldn't stand to look at her neck. The shackle had crushed her throat completely, leaving a red band marked where the steel had been. I started trembling as I thought about our mom. What would I tell her, I thought back then, not knowing I would never see her again.

He appeared behind me, his eyes hard and cold as he stared down at me.

“Please, let me go.” I pleaded weakly, knowing it would make no difference.

Smiling softly, he grabbed the rope he had used on Emily, and then he told me to follow him. I looked at Emily’s body in my arms, and after kissing her cheek one last time, I laid her gently on the floor.

He took me to the same column were she had been tied, then he told me to kneel on the floor before tying my arms behind me. I was too tired to fight him, so I sat in silence, sobbing softly while he worked.

After checking his knots, he got up, and rummaged through Emily's clothes until he found her phone, and after picking mine from the floor, the tossed them into the boiler behind me. They made a sound of breaking glass as they disappeared inside the firebox.

The he disappeared again, leaving me alone with her. I felt a knot on my stomach as I watched towards the dark, listening to the sounds he was making, but it was too dark to see anything.

The idea of dying filled me with dread as I waited for him to return, and I coldly wondered how long I had left. When he returned a minute later he stopped in front of me, his cock inches from my face. Kneeling as I was, he towered over me, and I had to look up to see his face, but a moment later the crouched in front of me.

Without a word he pulled of his balaclava, and I looked away in reflex.

“Noooo, please, I didn't see you face, I swear!” I said stupidly.

“Megan. Look at me. You know it won't make a difference now.” he said laughing next to me.

Defeated, I looked at him. His face was thin and pale, with big brown eyes and a sweet smile. He was looking at me almost with pity, and I felt my face turning red. After a long silence, I looked away.

“I don't want to die...” I said, looking at the floor.

“No one does, Megan. But everybody has to go. And it's your turn.” he said to me.

I held my breath for a minute. There had been a small glimmer of hope inside of me, telling me that maybe I would still live. But now it was gone, and everything that had happened fell on me, crushing me. Behind him I could see Emily’s body, and I shivered, as I imagined my face in hers.

“You are not a virgin anymore, are you?” he asked me after a moment.

I shook my head with sadness as I thought of Thomas.

“That’s a shame.” he said, sounding disappointed.

Then he rose again, leaving me against the column. He ignored me for a while, picking up our clothing and throwing it inside the boiler with our cell phones. For a moment I had an image of Emily and me inside the boiler, the fire burning our bodies into ash, and I had to look away. Once it was done, he stood in front of me, his hands on his hips and his cock pointing towards my face.

“Are you going to rape me like you did with her?” I finally asked him, afraid of what he might answer.

He looked at me in silence for a minute, as I heard water dripping in the distance. Strangely, he seemed to be unsure of what to do. Then he breathed deeply and he shook his head.

“No, Megan. I am sorry. I just can't do it. It wouldn't be the same if you are not a virgin.” he said sounding almost sad.

I was strangely disappointed when he said it. I knew I should have been terrified of being raped, but after seeing Emily, I was kind of envious that she had experienced that, while I wouldn't. I remembered her body, shuddering as she came just before she died. Despite the pain she hadn't looked afraid, and I wondered if it would be the same for me.

Crouching on the floor, he caressed my hair, telling me how pretty we both were. Then he grabbed a plastic bag filled with rope from behind me, and he untied me from the column, while keeping my arms tied together. Carefully, he laid me on the floor, facing down, as he tied me up into a hogtie, passing a rope through my crotch and pulling tight.

Then he tied my feet to my shoulders and he started pulling hard, forcing my back into a C until I was grunting from the effort. Every muscle in my body screamed in agony as I struggled, but the ropes were too strong.

A moment later he picked up the steel ring I had taken from Emily's mouth and he shoved it inside me, forcing it open before he locked it behind my head. The ring tasted of rust and dirt, and biting on the bare metal made my teeth hurt.

After that, he pulled from the ropes a little more, putting even more pressure in my back and then he kneeled in front of me. I could feel dirt and gravel under my breasts as I rested my whole weight on them, and the cold concrete under me, sucking the warmth of my body.

“Are you ready?” he asked me.

I started crying again, terrified. He had the plastic bag in his hands, the clear material crinkling noisily as he played with it. I shook my head, unable to face what I knew was coming.

Then he smiled and in one quick movement, he pulled the bag over my head, tying it tightly around my neck. I panicked instantly, trying to breathe deeply, but the bag was small enough that I couldn't draw a full breath before the air ran out and the plastic pressed against my face.

Trying to get away, I pulled from the ropes, not caring when they started to cut my skin, but it was impossible. I looked into his eyes, hoping to find some mercy, but he looked away and then he got up and left.

With every breath, I consumed more and more oxygen from the air inside the bag. It soon grew uncomfortably hot and humid inside, and my breathing became fast and shallow as I tried to satisfy my burning lungs, but it was never enough.

The gag stopped me from biting the bag, and tied as I was I had no way to get to it. Every breath became harder and shorter, and I knew I wouldn't last for much longer. Then I saw Emily, lying just a few feet away, and I desperately wanted to be with her.

I tried rocking my body towards her, ignoring the pain as I dragged my breasts on the concrete. Nothing mattered, except getting to her, but my movements were slow and my body felt heavy and numb.

Exhausted, I stopped for a moment, trying to catch my breath inside the bag, but it was useless. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it. Crying, I closed my eyes for a moment as they started to burn and I looked at her with envy, thinking that at least she managed to cum before dying, while I wouldn't.

I cried hard, thinking about all the things we would miss. Our mom, my friends, the life I always dreamed of. He had taken everything from us, and it wasn't fair!

“I aaaa soooy, eiiiily!” I mumbled through the gag.

My vision closed slowly until I could only see her, surrounded by darkness. My head felt heavy and hot as the plastic pressed against my face one more time, and then I felt something warm between my legs. It took me a moment to realize that I had peed myself, as warm urine trickled down my thighs. Humiliated, I shook my head and I tried to breathe once more, but I didn't have the strength to do it.

I laid my face on the cold floor, closing my eyes, and a moment later I felt my heart stopping inside me. Slowly, the sounds around me faded away, and I knew no more.


Bravo! Well done, again!




Absolutely amazing as usual!


Thanks! Glad to see that people like it. I hope to have a new story finished soon.


Very good


Hey, it's nice to be see that people liked this one!




Good story

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