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Today was a good day.

Earlier in the day I was informed by my commander that the ransom payments still haven’t arrived, and it was my privilege and honor to send an unmistakable message to the world by executing our first hostage. Collectively, we decided that the little French girl cowering in the corner should be the first one to go, she’s young and sexy, it will get plenty of media coverage.

The girl’s a natural beauty with a pretty face adorned with very little make up. Her long blonde hair tied was pulled back in a long ponytail, sporting a professional look with a pristine white shirt and a pair of light colored skinny jeans. Sophie is her name, according to the lanyard around her neck, and apparently she’s a trainee journalist at a local news agency. Poor girl must’ve just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and caught up with the wrong crowd, and now she’s going to be murdered on air for the whole world to see, how’s that for some quality journalism?

As I made my way towards her with a knife in hand, the frightened girl dropped on her knees and pleaded desperately in French. Although I had absolutely no idea what she’s saying, I could taste her fear and desperation, which transcended all language barriers and was invigorating as always.

With her hands tightly cuffed behind her back and legs bound together at the ankles, she attempted to wriggle away from me like a broken marionette, but to no avail. Screams of pain escaped her red glossy lips as I grabbed her ponytail with a vice like clench, and forcefully dragged the writhing woman to the gym’s changing room, or as we call it - the slaughterhouse.

Her eyes widened, and a ghastly expression that could only be described as pure horror slowly formed on her face as I slammed her on the floor of a shower cubicle. To be frank, her reaction was completely justified. The cracks between the tiles were covered with the dried viscera from a previous interrogation victim, a vivid and metallic scent of dried blood wafted in the air. If you looked closer you would know that out the source of the scent - a smelly pile of small intestines that got stuck on the grate in shower drain.

Not a pretty sight indeed.

“Hello my little angel.” I smiled, flourishing my knife in front of her face menacingly “Do you want to know what I’m about to do to you?”. Tears rolled down her face as I caressed her tender face with the dull side of the blade, she desperately pleaded for me not to rape her, if she knew what I had in store for her she’ll be begging me to ravage her like a sex starved nymph. I could feel her warm mascara infused tears and the trembling of her body with the back of my hand, she looked so defenseless and innocent, a lesser person would have spared her in a heartbeat.

The next part has to be my personal favourite when executing female prisoners, especially the young and innocent ones. It's the part where they would be stripped completely bare, I’d let them know that she would be stripped of her dignity and killed like an animal, and that pictures of her nude body would then be uploaded to the internet for the whole world to see. They usually react the same way, first they stare at me in disbelief, before breaking down into uncontrollable sobs of despair, they were music to my ears.

As expected, her quiet sobbing became increasingly more audible as I sliced open the front of her shirt, sending the buttons flying and exposing her delicate brassiere. The bra straps were no match for the sharpness of the blade, leaving the poor girl’s petite bosoms completely exposed, at the center of her delightfully small and perky breasts were two light pink areolas that are just the right size. I turned my attention to her tear stained face, it was flushed with humiliation, a little red, and terrified. She closed her eyes tightly and bit her lips, mentally preparing for what's to come. With her wrists firmly handcuffed together, she was unable to defend herself in any meaningful way, I unzipped her jeans and slid them off her slender legs effortlessly. She kicked and wailed as I grabbed the waistband of her panties slipped them off her body, who would have guessed that an innocent looking girl like her would be wearing a pair of black lacy panties? Appearance can be deceiving after all.

Now it's time to send our little naked damsel to the next world. I took a deep breath and placed the tip of the knife on her unblemished body, between the petite mounds on her chest. By now she’s completely broken down, her body was quivering uncontrollably and a small stream of warm urine slowly seeped out of the crevice between her thighs. “P-please, don’t kill me...” For the first time, she looked at me in the eyes and pleaded in broken English “I won’t tell anyone… my family is very rich… ” Placing a finger on her lips mid-sentence signalling her to be quiet, I leaned over to the side of her head and whispered...

“Of course you are not going to tell anyone.” With a firm grip and a strong pull, I drove the blade from between her breasts all the way down to her womanhood, brutally slicing open her flat stomach in one swift motion “You know what they say, dead people don’t tell tales.” She gasped, her beautiful blue eyes eyes opened wide and took on a expression of excruciating pain, a loud shrill scream escaping her throat, followed by a series of hoarse, gurgling screams as her internal organs slowly seeped out the large opening on her body .
Glob of intestines crawled out of her open cavity like fat worms, followed by a large, reddish-brown organ slowly protruding out above where her belly button used to be. Her slender body twitched erratically, squirting blood and spilling viscera all over the tiled floor, accompanied by her delicious dying screams. I was almost certain that she was crying out for her daddy to save her at one point, too bad daddy won’t be able to save his precious little angel now. Donning a pair of latex gloves, I reached inside her open cavity with both hands, savouring every moment of the warmness inside this young girl’s body before plucking out the her internal organs in her lower abdomen with gloved hands, one at a time.

Her convolutions finally subsided after a kidney, her empty bladder, and both of her ovaries were in a metal plate beside me. She went limp just as I tightly squeezed her liver while it is still inside her body, squirting blood and bile all over in interior of her chest cavity. The poor girl's’ eyes rolled back into her head, only the the whites were seen. Her once beautiful face now contorted with fear, even in death she was unable to accept the deprived method of her execution.

The next morning, a mysterious package was found at doorsteps of the local news agency. Inside they found a bloodstained trainee journalist lanyard card, a grotesque video recording of her final moments, a transparent vacuum packed bag wrapped around two small, oval-shaped ovaries.


Name: Sophie
Age: 23
Occupation: Journalist
Cause of Death: Disembowelment



Also, taking requests, suggestions and criticisms! ^^

Who should be the next victim?
- A young housewife
- An army recruiter
- A lawyer
- Your suggestion here!


Army recruiter.


Ditto on the recruiter, military personnel sound hot to slaughter.

Also a small piece of feedback: FUCK yeah, this is right up my alley. Okay I have some real feedback though- you've done an excellent job proofreading your work and it shows, as well as loveable vocabulary. I'd love to see a lengthier story next time (basically you nailed this, but it was so short!) To be fair, my first upload was similar length.

I'd very much like to see more of this kind of stuff around, don't go away :)


Bravo! Excellent writing.


>...a transparent vacuum packed bag wrapped around two small, oval-shaped ovaries.

wtf man, that's just plain sick and cruel.


Agreed on the Army Recruiter - think you could do a garroting or hanging this time, though?


Well then, the army recruiter is next on the block.

>think you could do a garroting or hanging this time, though?

I can definitely do hanging, how much should our little sweetheart suffer before she gets the noose?


MAXIMUM suffering please. As long as there's a flicker of life it should be brutally stomped out of her :) pretty please?


Before she gets the noose? Drive a long (and red hot) nail into her heel (to make a sort of high heel), she needs to walk on those and just before she gets the noose, yank them off, she will be forced to stand on her tiptoes to avoid the pain.


A young housewife


This ticked so many boxes for me, and it was very well written. Thank you!

My vote would be a write-in for a college, or even high school, cheerleader. And I much prefer gutting to strangulation, or multiple stab or gun shot wounds to the torso. Lots of suffering, and no head wounds.


Sweet. Great ideas. Love the descriptions.


Great story, loved it, but:
The guy has got be naked, and very horny after cutting her, so bit of delightful necro would be welcome


Next victim has to be pregnant housewife. Hopefully our beloved killer is assisted by his extremely perverted and cruel 13yo daughter




HELLO indeed! Loved it. Maybe the 13-y-old might also be strung up and done by the killer.

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