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Christening the Lab

It was to be a great day, I knew it. My torture lab was fully completed and begging to be used. A true work of greatness; a wall-full of tools, a restraint system for multiple victims, and some other cleverly engineered agents of torture. It was completely 21st century, down to the "science lab" smell.

And of course, some victims for celebration. I had wasted no time making a Tinder account and cleaning up nicely, so as to attract only the most beautiful of women. A "test" date with each proved they had great personalities, too. And now I had them all to myself!

"Good morning ladies!" I said gleefully as I entered the lab, turning on the main lights.

They didn't look happy as they looked up, just realizing they hadn't been alone. Their bad feelings had just been confirmed as they looked around at the horror that was my lab, not to mention being bound and nude.

"I must say, it's an honor being here with you. I'm not self-conscious, but wow! You fine ladies really found me worth the time of day!"

"What the hell IS this?? What the fuck do you want?!" One of them shouted.

"Oh, you didn't look around?" I teased. "Well obviously I wanted you three, and I think the rest of the room speaks for itself"

"What the FUCK?!" Another one shouted. "I thought you were a nice guy! And now THIS??"

"Well Emma, I mostly am a nice guy, just not today" I smiled. "Today, we get to find out how not-nice I can be!"

"This is really fucked up," the third chimed in, "how could you fucking do this? We don't deserve any of this shit!"

"Absolutely not. And honestly it's a shame to see you go like this, you each have such great potential and now no one, not even I, will get to see it. But it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make to christen my achievement"

"Achievement?? No, fuck you! You'll never get away with this shit, SOMEONE will rescue us from this hell-hole!" Emma shouted.

"Yeah; the Grim Reaper" I chuckled, "But that's a ways off. Until then, let's see: Cleared SIM cards? Check. Made sure no one knew who you were with? Check. Wiped you ladies from all existence? Well, still working on that one. But as far as history is concerned, you ladies just up and vanished. Even deactivated your Tinder accounts, as much of a shame as that was" I added.

Their dismay became much greater as they realized all practical expectation of leaving alive had gone.

"But please, don't let that stop you from begging" I teased, gently rubbing one of their fine, soft nipples. "You guys are so cute when heartbroken"

"Don't fucking touch me!" The girl wrenched away as she barked at me.

"But Cindy, that's all you wanted me to do yesterday. Today we get to be just as intimate, just not in quite the same way" I giggled. "And besides, don't you wanna enjoy playtime while it lasts? Once the talk ends, it ends hard. You'll see what I mean"

"Oh my godd" the third one whimpered, the fear overtaking her voice. "Ohhhh my godddd noooo-o-o-" Tears started running down her face.

"Just relax!" I assured her, "I don't mean for you to be uncomfortable, just yet. Okay, maybe a little"

"You fucking slop, you're a piece of shit! You're going to hell!" Emma yelled, the fear being repressed but still quite present.

"And you're going to heaven, dear" I replied gently, "You just need to make a short stop through hell first. Well, we'll see how short it is anyways"

She looked to the floor. She knew she was a goner.

"Well with that out of the way, who would like- well, who's willing to go first? I already have some tortures in mind, but I haven't put them in order yet"

"What's it fucking matter" the third said to the floor. "We're all going to die gruesome deaths down here"

"I'm glad you asked, Jessica. You all have an idea of what torture is like, but notice I set you up so you can all see each-other pretty well. Once this gets started you'll get a true idea of what it's like. Especially the last one of you. The value of anticipation is huge, that's why I brought three of you for my first run. Oh, did I mention that? I've never done this before, you ladies are my test group. A great lab requires great victims and you ladies are it! I mean, seriously!"

"Just get it fucking done already" Cindy said dryly, still looking down.

"Not done; started" I corrected her. "And gladly. I've been waiting all too long for this moment"

"So Emma, I'm thinking you're number 1, Jessica, you're number 2, and poor Cindy you're number 3" I prepped, "Emma, you're getting the hatchet and maybe some others, Jessica, you're getting the sledgehammer and spikes. Cindy, I'll start you with that machine over there and see what I can add. It's powerful but don't think it'll snuff you too quick"

I walked over to the rack and grabbed the tools. I set them down in front of their respective victims so they could each see their agent of distress; I was sure to clang them around a bit so the girls could tell how heavy they were.

All three victims were shaking at this point, especially Emma, knowing she was first.

“Be afraid, darling, be very afraid* I gently directed at her, “the word pain doesn't begin to describe what you're about to go through”

I thought to myself “How did I luck out this hard? I'm going to slay these three beautiful women at my own pace, and in my own creation nonetheless”

“So you may have noticed I only bound your hands, and loosely so; that's to give you the idea that you can avoid my strikes, when we all know you can't” I smiled. “Shall we get this moving?

I picked up the hatchet, then quickly stomped hard on Emma's toes, holding them in place. Her abrupt scream was music, and she threw her head back in pain. The other two jolted and let out a quick shriek, partly from fear, partly from being startled. I twisted my foot back and forth, feeling Emma's toes crush under my weight. Her screams became louder and more tortured, while the others began shivering in fear. Excellent, they were terrified already!

“How does that fucking feel?” I asked through gritted teeth, still crushing.

Without warning, I swung the hatchet down and hacked off the tip of her foot, right next to the crushed toes. Her screams worsened yet and she started writhing full force, including her now-freed piece of foot; blood trickling out and spilling all around. I stepped back and admired for a moment, being sure to catch a glance at the look of terror on the other two’s faces. We were just getting started.

I made a quick decision to grab a pad of spikes, setting it down by her foot. She wouldn't stop convulsing so I had to grab her forcefully to stabilize her. She was already so warm and sweaty, I wanted to fuck her just like that. But there were better activities to be done, and limited time. I got a solid hold of her leg, and forced her half-foot down onto the spikes hard. *squelch* I heard, as the sharp spikes forced through her flesh and even jammed into her bone. Her writhes became more powerful, escaping my grip; her destroyed foot picking the spike pad up along with it.

“Wow, the adrenaline!” I thought, “I didn't know she could be so strong!” My heart was pumping.

I waited a few seconds, gazing intimately, then readied the hatchet. She was still whimpering and shaking hard, though her screams had subsided. I leapt forward, snatching her arm and slamming it to the wall. After quickly releasing the wrist clamp, I forced the blade through her dainty fingers and slid it down the wall, thick blood oozing out of her stumps.

She screamed yet again, trying to pull away, but I wouldn't let her do that again; I held fast, hacking and slicing repeatedly, midway up her bruised wrist. As soon as I did enough damage I dropped the hatchet and started twisting at her mangled forearm. The crunching sound was immaculate. I snapped it sideways and nearly folded it over on itself.

I released her again, kicking the hatchet out of her reach. The remaining chain rattled hard and I could see how badly she was trying to escape it, damaging her wrist in the process. It was time to fix that.

By this point Emma was essentially hanging by her remaining wrist restraint, her knees dragging around on the floor, not supporting her weight.

I decided it was time to free her from her remaining restraint, given at this point she was too helpless to resist anymore. She was losing blood, shaking uncontrollably and her vocalizations were panicked and stuttery. In short, she was a blubbering mess.

“You're doing great, Emma, but you're nowhere near finished yet” I said menacingly, “You've still got most of your body intact”

I gave her a hard kick right in the chest. She swung around a bit, a look of agony clearly on her face, and her blubbering became louder.

As I released her remaining wrist from its chain, she clattered to the floor; the spike pad clanging around and digging deeper into her foot. I picked up the tool of her demise again, ready to do some cutting.

Starting by her shoulder and working my way down her arm, I began cutting up her delicate skin, all the while pinning her fingers down hard. She still had the force to try and pull away, breaking her own fingers in the process, but I held fast. I pinned her elbow down hard with my right foot, then started stomping on her broken fingers with my left. More glorious crushing could be heard, and I kept stomping until they began to break open, exposing the bones.

I chopped off first the fingertips, then the next row of knuckles, then the last. I gently rested the blade on her palm, looked her in the eye, then stomped on it, forcing it right through her hand. She screamed in terror and agony, proving she still had some fresh nerves to destroy. Very confidence-inspiring.

I went to work on her elbow, stomping and hacking until it was decently weakened. I then pinned it down and, with both hands, began twisting, bending and pulling her forearm until it was ready to rip off, her convulsions returning.

A final yank and it tore off, spurting blood out of the mangled wound. It was time to go to work on those beautiful legs.

I left her face-up while I went to work on her intact foot, so she could see the terror that was being wrought and so I could see her response. I slammed the dull hatchet-head into her foot, again and again until I could see its interior. I was sure to pin her, anticipating more primal convulsions.

I flipped the hatchet and began hacking away around her heel, each time exposing fresh bone, and splattering some blood in the process. It was hard to maintain control while seeing her blood spill out of every limb.

I went and changed boots, into a pair with dull metal grip-patterns on the bottoms, like rounded spikes. They clanked as I walked back to Emma's slightly-pale wreck of a body.

Without warning I started stomping on her hip, up and down until the exposed hip bone started to break. I kept going until I could hear it crush and the wound started bleeding. Her own bone fragments were cutting up her skin and flesh.

I grabbed the hatchet and started splitting her leg open the long way. I nearly cut it in half, all the way up from her mangled stump of a foot to her crushed hip. Then I started jumping on the halves until they were nearly crushed flat.

It was almost time to go for Emma, her body becoming thoroughly mangled and bloody, she was barely even able to breathe. It was time for one last torture before I destroyed her.

I grabbed another spike pad, a longer one this time, and lay it the long way next to Emma's intact leg. I positioned her shaky leg on top of it and pressed it down just enough that it couldn't move off. I then started jumping up and down on it, each time forcing the spikes deeper into her leg; all the while hearing the familiar *squelch crunch squelch*. As the metal became bound to her flesh I stepped off, the bottom side of the spike pad scraping around on the floor with her shaky, writhing leg.

I took the hatchet and rested it on Emma's intact hip, just above the spike pad. Borrowing the sledgehammer, I started tapping on the hatchet, gradually driving it through Emma's hip, hearing the slow cracking and tearing. Once it was through, it was time to kill her.

“Time to die, Emma. It's been great” I smiled.

I wasn't sure if she could comprehend words anymore, probably not. Regardless, it was time for a final thrashing. I dislodged the hatchet from Emma’s hip, picking her up slightly as it forced its way out.

Starting at her sides I hacked away at full force. She bled profusely from the fresh wounds, an amazing amount of blood left. I slammed and slammed the hatchet, cutting her wide open in so many places around her torso that she no longer had structural support to resist in any way.

She had stopped breathing, her lungs and muscle thoroughly destroyed. She had seconds to live. I quickly slashed her throat and began jumping up and down on her destroyed torso, each impact sending a jet of blood up from her throat, and oozing it out of her other wounds. She was almost drained, starting to finally lose consciousness. I took the hatchet and slammed it right in her face, splitting it wide open. Her weak shaking and writhing ceased abruptly; it was over for Emma.

I kept chopping away though, eviscerating her destroyed head until it was dangling in pieces, then moving back to her chest. I kept thrashing the corpse until it was barely recognizable, spreading over a greater and greater area as it weakened to nearly a pulp.

The whole area was slippery with blood and gore, so I set aside the hatchet and started squishing and sliding the viscera around with my feet, spreading it out even more. It looked like a lake of dark mush by the time I was done; the mush that used to be Emma.

“What do you think of that ladies?” I bragged to the remaining two, “That crushed lake of shit used to be Emma. Remember her? Now she doesn't exist anymore; just this mushed up, mangled pile of guts”

They didn't care to respond. They were traumatized, unable to look away from the heap, tears dripping from their weeping faces. They were shaky and broken, just as I'd hoped. I wondered how much more broken Cindy could possibly get after I reduced Jessica to a tortured heap-of-a-corpse. It was time to find out.

“Well Jessica, time for you to get smashed up bit by bit” I said, holding back my excitement. “Let's get to it”

I dragged over the sledgehammer, a bit of Emma's blood trailing behind it. Jessica started crying louder and her shakiness became more than visible. Her terror was beginning to set in.

“Time to scream” I said menacingly, raising the hammer.

I slammed it down very close to her foot. She screamed and flinched, trying to pull away.

“Yeah, you're ripe for slaughter all right” I teased. “Did you see that Cindy?”

This time for real. I abruptly slammed the hammer down, with less anticipation so Jessica didn't have time to flinch. *CRUNCH* it was loud, and sent her berserk in shrieks and convulsions.

“Ahh, fresh screams again, a new victim to destroy” I thought to myself.

Even Cindy flinched again, just like she had when I got started on Emma, though she didn't scream this time.

I got started on Jessica's other foot too, crushing it at the heel, again releasing a delicious *crunch* and a fresh scream of agony. I wanted her to try and walk on them so I released her restraints. Jessica clattered to the floor like a ragdoll, before trying to frantically crawl away, still screaming.

“You poor panicked girl” I sympathized, following closely behind her. “Let's see how long you can keep going”

I pinned down her back with my foot, then her arm with the other. Another swing and I completely destroyed her hand, her screams again freshening. I released her again and watched her try and crawl with only one good hand, it was intriguing. She kept crawling on the destroyed one, her cries always louder as she tried to use it.

“Okay, how about with none” I teased, annihilating her remaining hand with a heavy swing.

She was more sprawled out now, yet tried to move away on four crushed extremities.

“Wow Jessica” I was legitimately impressed.

I pinned her down yet again, and stomped on a hand, twisting a bit as I did so. The hammer came down on her wrist several times, smashing it open and making it bleed. Same to her other wrist. Her screams still hadn't subdued at all, she was in just as much fresh pain as when we started. I flipped her over with a kick, and went back to her heels. I wanted to see how much it would take to disable her from crawling.

*crunch, scrunch, squish* the form of her heel-areas reduced to soft mush and tiny bone fragments, as I worked hard on them with the rough side of the sledgehammer; all the while trying not to miss her convulsing form too much.

“Try it again” I teased, rolling her back over and stepping back.

She feebly inched forward a bit, taking forever to do so, then eventually gave up; trails of blood lay behind her destroyed wrists and heels.

I took a moment to go over to Cindy and see how she was doing. She was frozen with fresh fear, not moving her gaze and barely paying attention to me. Jessica meanwhile, was a little more lucid, the adrenaline keeping her so. She was resting the side of her head on the floor, appearing to be trying to find some form of rest if not relief.

It was time to start breaking limbs, Jessica wouldn't be mobile anytime soon anyways. I'd found her limit to trying to get away, now she was just a crying, shaking mess.

I grabbed her by a crushed stump, her now-weak cries of pain returning, and dragged her to a replaceable section of floor and wall. It was time for some spikes; I grabbed a pile of them and set them down by Jessica.

“Time to hang you up” I said menacingly, her fear never dwindling.

I grabbed her by a wrist and yanked her up against the wall, forcing her weight onto her destroyed feet. It was tricky pinning her in place while preparing to drive a spike through her but I managed, and the adjustable height of the panel made it possible.

I jammed a spike through her wrist at the lowest undamaged point, twisting it around as I did. Seeing her fresh pain was amazing. I hammered the spike in place, and got another for her other wrist.

The second spike was just fun as the first, torturing her some more as I drove it through. Once it was secured I started raising the panel, her bloody punctures straining to hold her weight. After jamming a second set through her forearms I decided to play with her for a bit, resting some weight on her until I thought her wounds might tear.

“How about a spike in your most sensitive area?’ I mused, grabbing another spike and rubbing it gently around her pussy.

Despite being in agony already she was clearly very afraid of that idea, how perfect. Without warning I jammed it into her delicate folds, immediately making her pussy bleed and releasing a new, different kind of scream, perhaps of humiliation.

I jammed it in and out, varying the angle so as to destroy her whole vagina. Finally I left it in and grabbed the hammer. I drove it up deeper and deeper until the tip was out of sight, and then hammered her pussy from the front, mangling the bloodied exterior.

I shoved the shaft of the hammer into her, ramming it deeper and deeper, listening intimately to the *squelch* of her pussy being completely destroyed. By the time I pulled it back out, it was nothing but a giant stab wound, blood dripping down the hammer.

I grabbed a spiked club and jammed it deep into Jessica's knee, hammering it even deeper. Using the leverage of the club I twisted back and forth, her tendons and skin tearing, and her bones cracking underneath. Eventually I twisted it so far that her mangled piece of leg tore off, releasing a fresh spurt of blood.

On her other leg I just started smashing with the hammer from the heel upward, crushing it until it barely hung together. Jessica was getting close to death.

The time came to release her mangled body from the wall, I took the hammer to Jessica's forearm until it snapped off, leaving a mangled wrist behind. As she dropped down, the two spikes in her remaining forearm didn't twist with the rest, popping it open and bone jutting out.

I yanked her down, ripping her arm wide open and splitting her bones away from one another. One more yank and she was free, minus a decent chunk of bleeding arm that stayed behind.

“Time for you to go away Jessica” I said down to her, picking up the hammer.

I sent it straight down through her jaw, crushing it into her own mouth. I went to work on her chest, smashing it up until it was a landscape of mangled dents, a few strikes piercing through. I moved down to her hips, first crushing them with the hammer and then flattening them by jumping on them a few times.

She was hanging on by a thread, but not for long. I picked up her crushed form and threw it at a wall, hearing some snaps as it stopped hard and clattered to the floor, some blood splatting against the wall. I dragged her back out, ready to finally snuff her.

I stabbed spikes deep through her eyes, turned her head to the side and stomped on it, hearing her skull crack. I jumped up and down on it several times, hearing a *crunch crunch crunch* as her head flattened, her shakiness stopped and her brains oozed out onto the floor.

*Squelch* I twisted my feet, spilling more brain matter into the blood pool on the floor. She was still draining, the puddle growing. I admired for a few moments then walked over to Cindy, the last prisoner.

“Just you and me now Cindy, how are you doing?” She looked so broken and helpless I decided to release her restraints and see what she'd do.

She dropped abruptly to the floor, making no effort to resist gravity. She was genuinely surprised. She sat up and put her head down to her palms, a truly damaged woman after what she'd witnessed.

“Now think- what would honestly be worse at this point, me torturing you in my lab with that crusher over there, or me releasing you to live a broken, irreparable life? I've decided to let you choose for yourself”

Cindy started crying like never before, her life was genuinely over no matter what she chose. A beautiful situation if you ask me.

“Do you need time to think about it?” I asked gently. “Or maybe you couldn't even handle time alone after all that. These are decisions I leave to you”

She wasn't responding but I was confident my words were torture, making her try to think after all that trauma. Could she still beg for release, or would she wish for painful death instead? Surely if she was released she'd kill herself anyways.

“You need to respond dear, your fate hinges on what you say here. I'm not going to do anything until you do”

Still no response. I started washing the loose tools and putting them away. Even as I finished she was still sitting there, hunched over, head in hands, sobbing softly.

“Still nothing? Okay, I'll be back. Let me know when you've decided” I turned and walked slowly towards the door, wondering if I could afford to leave her alone in my lab, but ultimately deciding so. In that mental state what could she really do?

I turned the handle on the door and started opening it.

“W-wait... please” she finally begged, in the weakest voice I'd ever heard. “Please come back... don't… don't leave me alone”

Progress. She was so desperate not to be alone she'd even beg for a menace like me to stay with her. How precious.

“All right” I closed the door gently, walked back and sat in front of her. “What'll it be, love?”

“I…. I…..” she struggled to speak. “I can't…”

“Can't what darling?”

“I can't live like this” she started crying again. “I'd… rather be a mangled corpse”

“Like those?” I pointed to the piles of flesh that were once Jessica and Emma.

She took her head out of her palms and looked.

“Yeah, l-like those” fresh tears rolling down her face, she rested her head in her palms again, sobbing.

“Very well” I said calmly. “Good choice if you ask me, though it's still going to hurt a lot”

“Please, I beg, just make it quick” she sobbed.

“I'll leave that up to you Cindy. Remember, the machine I chose for your death is self-powered” I prepped. “Come over here; this is your decision, I won't be dragging you. Take your time”

“What is time anymore” she prepared to stand. “You've already taken everything from me”

“Yes I have, dear, and I'm eternally grateful for that. But that's all said and done”

She slowly stood up, ready to die. More than ready. She turned to the horror that was my machine, slowly trudging towards it.

“This is your way out” I beckoned, “this is where the grim reaper rescues you, as I promised. Get in”

The machine was a powerful rolling-pin- style crusher, with enough grip to pull the victim in as they were smashed, dumping the remains onto the floor. Cindy stepped in.

“Here you go love, here's the button. You have to hold it in”

“What? Y-You're making me do it? I.. I can't do that” she sobbed.

“Well Cindy, the other victims didn't get any mercy, why should you?” I knew she wouldn't be ready for that twist.

“N-No, please, I can't” she begged.

“You can and you will. It's your only way out now. Besides, there are no better alternatives for you anyways”

I handed her the control, enough slack on the cord that it would follow her hand down most of the way. She took it with a trembling hand.

“This is…. This is so wrong... Why, just why?” She begged, hoping for any alternative death, even if equally painful.

“It's just the way it happened. The sooner you start it the sooner it'll be over” I assured her.

She wanted to press the button and get it over with, but her primal instincts held her back. She tried pressing it for a moment but the kick of the motor scared her before it got anywhere. She flinched hard and started crying again, begging to be freed.

“You said it yourself, doll, there's nothing left to live for. Why not end it here? Hope is dead, so should you be.”

Her crying face shifted to depressed, whimpering anger. She slammed her thumb down on the button and the motor came to life again, the roller sucking her toes into it and crushing them hard with a loud *CRUNCH*.

She screamed hard and the control flew out of her convulsing hand, as she tried to yank her smashed toes out, unsuccessfully. As she quieted slightly, I assured her the beginning was the hard part, handing the control back. She gripped it as hard as possible and slammed the button.

As her feet crunched and cracked, she tried her hardest to hold the button, her whole body convulsing as her screams freshened. It kept rolling, getting to her heels, and the sound got louder. *scrunch crack smash* her heels burst, blood squirting around and rolling onto the crusher.

On the other side her crushed flesh fell apart on the floor, piling up as blood dripped from the roller.

Her hand gave way, releasing the control again as it convulsed open and closed uncontrollably. I gave her a moment to scream and writhe, then handed it back again. She looked at me with terror and agony on her face, and pressed it down again.

*whirrrrrrr* the machine sucked in her legs and smashed them with ease, slowly but surely; red pulp with white fragments oozing out the other side. She froze when it got to her hips, still trying to press the button but unable to control her thumb anymore; adrenaline barely keeping her from fainting.

“You can do it Cindy, just give it a minute”

Wow, was I really reassuring my torture victim? I didn't feel sorry for the poor bitch, but at the same time I was rooting for her courage. Courage to self-torture, anyway.

Her breathing was so labored and sporadic, she was truly pushed to the limit of pain and exhaustion. Her screaming resumed when she regained enough control to press the button again, her hips eviscerating right in front of her. It was the best show off my life.

The crushing became deeper as it passed her hips, the form of intestines and other organ bits squeezing off the roller. She let go and fainted for at least a minute before jolting back to life, still in her living nightmare.

“Final push, Cindy” I encouraged.

She didn't seem to hear me, but she still vaguely understood that the button was her release, taking it in her hand and pressing it weakly, starting the machine yet again. When it got to her waist her ribcage exploded, bone jutting out and organs becoming visible, loosening their hold as the skin tore around them. She dropped the control, unable to do anything further with it anymore. Her muscles were simply out of her control. Her brain was overloaded with pain, her eyes flickering around and her expression a goner.

“Good job. Now to torture you myself since you can't do it anymore”

I grabbed her arm and twisted it backwards above her head, snapping it at the shoulder and elbow; same with her other arm. Her body shook hard, a fresh source of pain now opened up. I grabbed the hammer and drove a spike through her chest, fastening it to the machine.

I then started the crusher and inched her down, the stationary spike ripping through her unwilling flesh and tearing a gaping hole upwards, her ribs folding up above it.

She was almost gone. I wrenched the spike out with a crowbar, her mangled chest crushing under the leverage. I hacked off her arms with the hatchet and threw them onto the roller, blood spurting out of the stumps. A chop to the chest, then I slit her throat.

She was seconds from death, so I turned the roller back on. As it pulled in her mangled torso, blood shot out of her throat like mad; she was nothing more than a bag of blood. Her twitching stopped when it got to her shoulders, her ordeal finally over.

The machine kept crushing her loudly. When her head got to the roller it exploded hard, spraying blood and brain everywhere. I kept the machine running until everything was through the blood-drenched roller.

I took a moment to examine the remains. It was a thick crimson pile with an expanding puddle of blood around it. I couldn't believe that pile was a screaming Cindy mere minutes before, it was so surreal.

My work of pleasure was done, so I decided to play with the remains for a while.

I squeezed Cindy's crushed flesh in my fists, soaking them with blood and feeling the shards of bone, before digging through the wet pile some more. Glorious. I dug into Jessica's mangled torso with my hands, feeling the softened organs shift around, pulling a few out and stomping them flat. Immaculate. I took some pieces of Emma and whipped them at the wall, bits of blood splattering around. Beautiful.

Cleaning up these messes would be a rare pleasure.

The end.


Thanks much for reading! I appreciate every set of eyes that passes over this story, I worked hard on it.

If you liked it or otherwise have feedback, please tell me! I'd love to hear from you guys. If this gets a decent response I'd be happy to write more!


Thanks for the story! It was new and interesting. It's a bit mechanical though. I'd enjoy to hear more of the ladies and how they feel during the fun. Please write more!


First time in a while I've been genuinely shocked and disturbed while fapping. Nice work!


That's gotta be the best compliment I've received so far, haha! Thanks guys, I expect to be uploading more in the near future (said every writer EVER) because these stories are a form of indulgence for myself as well. Glad to see I have at least a few readers :)


Love it! Really like how the girls were first mutilated before being disposed of!


As much as this was in line with my fetishes, I just couldn't get off to this. It's supremely well written and fun to read but...

Normally I get myself wet by putting myself into the place of the victim and imagining thee torment being done to me instead of them but I think this one was too well done. The torture was too much for even me to enjoy; please write more like it. This was an absolute treat to read.


Nice ty!


Thanks for bumps guys, I'm glad to see people appreciate this story!

No guarantee I'll be writing more but I'll be staying active on the forum!

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