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The Man and his Miraculous Mutilation Machine

A strange man appeared in the town square one day, and with him he brought a mysterious device. Raised several feet above a solid metal table, there hung a very heavy-looking piece of equipment secured by chains from a sturdy steel frame. A crystal sphere in the dead center of the machine pointed straight down towards the tabletop. Around the crystal, articulated metal arms extended, the ends decorated with many different tools and items.

It was unclear what this machine's purpose was, but its massive size and imposing presence drew immediate attention from the townsfolk. A crowd formed around the machine and its master, a strapping young lad that could be no more than twenty-five years of age. The crowd abuzz with questions and gossip, he cleared his throat, silencing any mumbling from the excited masses as he began to speak.

"Hello friends. I'm sure you're all wondering what this machine is. Allow me to explain. I have come here today for one purpose: to offer you all the opportunity to make use of this miraculous device, the MegaMutilator 7000! For a modest fee, this astounding machine can perform nearly any surgical operation conceivable. No matter how grotesque or unthinkable the procedure may be, I guarantee that this monstrosity is more than capable of successfully molding your provided products to your exact specifications with exceptionally flawless results no matter the difficulty!"

The man walked over to a cage containing a mangy mutt of a dog. A tired old thing, it showed no resistance as the man open the cage and took the dog into his arms. He carried the dog over to the table and set it on top, then went over to the steel frame supporting the machine.

"Our first product of the day shall be this stray dog. Watch and be amazed as the MegaMutilator 7000 takes this ordinary mutt and turns into a veritable masterpiece!"

On the side of the frame was a panel containing a vast array of controls. The man turned a few knobs, adjusted a few sliders, then once everything was ready to go, he pressed the largest button in the center. The machine whirred to life and immediately, the dog was pressed violently down against the tabletop as if a great weight had been placed upon it. The crystal sphere glowed bright white and hummed as energy charged within. Then, in a flurry of light and steam, the machine sprung to life.

The metal arms around the outside of the sphere began lashing down at the dog faster than the eye could track. At precise intervals, the arms would suddenly freeze in place, allowing the sphere in the center to shoot down a controlled barrage of lasers on the immobilized mutt, then resume their tasks without missing a beat. All the while, the dog yelped in pain and anguish, crying out for someone to save it from the machine's unrelenting assault on its weakened body, but to no avail. One by one, pieces of the dog were trimmed away and pushed off the tabletop, discarded like common trash.

Finally, a loud buzzer rang out and the arms recoiled into their default positions, signaling the end of the procedure. The energy of the crystal sphere faded and so too did the various whirs and hums as the machine completed its run. In the center of the table, the finished product lay gasping for breath.

The pitiful old dog had been stripped of all four of its legs, not a single stump or protrusion remained. In their place were patches of bald skin marked by thin red lines of flesh stitched together as expertly as if done by the hand of a master seamstress. Not a drop of blood stained its coat, the lasers had burned shut veins the instant they were opened. The results were, as the man had claimed, completely flawless.

The man stepped over to the dog, picking it up and showing it off to the awestruck audience. The dog, panicking and in distress, attempted biting the man, revealing than in addition to the amputation of its legs, the machine had also extracted each and every one of its teeth.

The man held the dog out for the crowd, among which the dog was passed around and inspected with great interest. With no means left to defend itself, the dog was essentially a toy, a harmless plaything that even the children could handle safely without fear of retaliation. Words like "astounding" and "incredible" were frequently heard, clearly the audience was thoroughly impressed with the machine's handiwork.

Once everyone had their fun, the dog was passed back to the man and he started again with his pitch.

"As you can see," he said, raising the dog above his head, "the MegaMutilator 7000 is nothing if not perfection. In mere minutes, this creature has been completely transformed per my exact specifications. You too can take advantage of this marvelous device. Now then, shall we get on with negotiations? Is there anybody who wishes to volunteer any more product?"

A number of hands shot up, the man picked one at random. It belonged to an older, well-to-do gentleman. Enthusiastic at having been selected, he sent off his son to their nearby home. He came back right away carrying with him a basket filled with young kittens.

"The family cat has recently birthed a litter," The gentleman smiled. "Please, do that thing again, but with all of these!"

The gentleman dumped the kittens out onto the table. The man pressed a button and the kittens were pinned down on the table like the dog had been. The gentleman payed the man for each of the six kittens, then stepped back as the man set the machine up. In wanting to show off the MegaMutilator 7000's full capabilities, he made more than a few adjustments to the previous settings before finally sending the machine to work.

The kittens mewled miserably and screeched in pain as the machine began the procedure. The arms and lasers jumped from kitten to kitten, seemingly at random. Poking, cutting, scraping, grabbing, stitching, the machine was cruelly efficient in tearing apart the poor animals who could do nothing to stop cold, unfeeling device. Though the machine had more product to process, it only took a few minutes for the machine to run its course, same as with the dog. What was left behind on that table sent shock waves of excitement through the onlookers. All that remained of the kittens were six little furry sausages, no legs, no tails, and most unbelievable of all, no heads.

The man swept his arm towards the table, "Yes, the MegaMutilator 7000 is even capable of this: relocating the brain into the chest! Although the products are now headless, they are very much alive. Provided they are properly fed through the remaining esophagus, they will live for a very long time even without a head!"

The crowd roared with applause and reached out eagerly as the man handed over the furry sausages to examine. People laughed and squealed as the former kittens wriggled around weakly in their grip, alive and breathing despite being nothing more than tiny fuzzy torsos. Now deprived of all senses but touch, the exposed fleshy holes where their necks once were pulsed with every labored breath as the kittens frantically flailed through the sensory-deprived darkness their lives had become.

The kittens had garnered much more interest than the legless dog, so much so that it took quite a while for them to be returned to the gentleman. Before the man could even ask for more volunteers, a storm of hands shot up all at once. The man went to pick one, but was interrupted as a disgruntled father forced his way through the crowd, dragging his teenaged daughter behind him. The daughter's stomach bulged out noticeably, she was clearly pregnant.

The father asked loudly, "This thingamajig, can it get this damned baby out of my daughter?"

The man nodded and without any prompting, the father forced his crying daughter onto the table. The man pressed the button, locking her down under the intense gravitational field. She tried as hard as she could to pull herself off, but there was no way to break free, her whole body felt like it was getting crushed.

Her father turned back to the man. "She's been sneaking around sleeping with near every boy in town. That ends today. I want you to take her legs off too."

The girl's eyes bulged open. She could not believe what she'd just heard. His payment received, the man entered the settings on the control panel and the girl began panicking as the machine started warming up.

"Daddy no! Please Daddy, stop this! Don't let him take my legs, I'm sorry! I won't sleep around any more, please!"

Her pleas fell on deaf ears, the father only watched in silence as the machine started tearing off his daughter's clothes. Left naked on the table, she screamed as the arms swiftly cut into her belly. Moments later, a disgusting mass of flesh was ripped from inside her and discarded off the side of the table, joining the growing pile of severed body parts lying in the dirt. Just like that, the abortion was complete. The lasers quickly sealed the wound and the arms stitched the skin of her open stomach together.

It was not over yet. The girl's screams became louder as the machine moved on to her legs. Lasers and knives hacked away at them with incredible speed. In no time at all, the flesh around the bones had been completely cut away. A few sets of arms came down, grabbing the girl's legs and yanked them with great force, pulling the bones right out of their hip sockets with two loud, sickening cracks. The girl wept, her fate sealed. As the arms sewed up the exposed flesh where her legs had once been, she was forced to watch as her shapely legs were tossed over the side of the table, as dead as butchered meat.

The machine released its hold on the girl soon after and immediately her hands shot down to her hips, feeling around for legs that weren't there. She desperately hoped that it was all some sort of trick, but there was nothing to be found. Her legs were gone, cleanly removed in minutes, all because she just had to go and get herself knocked up. It was a mistake she would never forget.

The girl's father walked up to the table and retrieved his daughter. Hoisting her into his arms, she beat him on his chest with her fists.

"You bastard!," she cried, "I hate you!"

Her father gave her a disapproving glare, "Young lady, you will stop that awful behavior right now, or so help me, I will put you right back on that table and have your arms taken off too!"

That shut the girl up, she covered her face and wept into her hands, sobbing uncontrollably. The father pat the girl's back and attempted to console her.

"Ah, don't cry, everything is going to be fine. Even without your legs, I'm sure you'll find a fine young man to marry. No more sleeping around, understand?"

Defeated, the daughter nodded sadly, unable to stop her tears. With that, the father took her with him and left for home, another satisfied customer.

Pleased with the spectacle, people were lining up in droves, money in hand, each eagerly awaiting their turn with the man and his miraculous machine. It looked like today was going to be a very profitable day.


For anyone who enjoyed reading, give me some encouragement and motivation to keep on writing by leaving a comment and telling me which part you enjoyed the most and why. Your feedback is valuable to me and it's the only reason I share my stories at all. Sexy comments are appreciated too, the world could always use more sexy comments.


This was a pretty good read. As you asked, I'd have to say my favorite part was the ending, even if only due to the lack of animal abuse(sorry, just not my thing). If you continue this, you should provide more detail about what happens as opposed to just skimming over the entire procedure in a sentence or two. What you could do is give the machine a "manual" mode, so scenes last longer and you can add detail. Something else to consider is whether the machine can combine things together instead of just taking them apart. As for things I'd like to see, you could have some nipple/urethra/navel penetration along with perhaps some ovary and fallopian tube play. Another thing you could add could perhaps be a lobotomy scene.


I will not say I liked your story very much because I am not into that thing.
But I wonder what is this machine/ industrial fetish.
Isn't it more fun to do it old styled way with handheld tools?


I like it so far, especially the ease and speed in which the machine operates. I imagine a couple comes up to the strange man and one of them has all their limbs removed. Then maybe the perspective can change to that of the limbless one and we get to know how much they enjoy their situation before returning back to the strange man's perspective. Maybe they even come back and have their head removed at a later time. Looking forward to the continuation!


Hey! You need to get writing yourself! Hehe, I was hoping making a new amputee story of my own would encourage others to write amputee stories too.

Anyways, thank you for enjoying this so far and thank you for the suggestions. I hadn't thought at all about changing perspectives in this story, but now I'm going to consider it.


Less animal abuse, more human abuse.


I personally would enjoy it a lot more without animal abuse.


Alright, alright, I got it! You people don't enjoy animal abuse, I get that. This initial opening is probably the most animal abuse you'll see from me, so let me just have my fun and write what I want. I promise you from now on, humans are the stars of this story.

No one ever writes stories where animals get amputated. It's something I've been wanting to read for a while, so I just took this chance to write some myself. That's what GUROchan and /lit/ is about, right? Bringing your fantasies out no matter how dark and twisted they may be. So, please, I encourage you all to do the same and write to your heart's content! The more amputee stories, the better for everyone!


I'm definitely not saying you shouldn't write about it, I'm just saying that I personally don't like it. If you're trying to write specifically to people's tastes, you'll never enjoy your own work. Write what you want--I'll still read it, I'll just skip the parts I don't like.


I'm definitely not saying you shouldn't write about it, I'm just saying that I personally don't like it. If you're trying to write specifically to people's tastes, you'll never enjoy your own work. Write what you want--I'll still read it, I'll just skip the parts I don't like.


Pung, you need encouragement? Your story was a wonderful read! The stuff with the animals was a bit weird, but that doesn't matter. It still added to the atmosphere, and the townsyfolk stuff. Reminded me of Edison and his animal experiments in front of crowds. I get the mood you're trying to set for the oncoming ambush on human "volunteers" :)

Looking very much forward to the continuation!


A neat idea with plenty of potential. A few ideas that come to mind:

- A girl with anorexia asks to have all non-essential meat and a few feet of intestine removed, leaving her like a sort of walking skeleton whose skin is so tight you can't just count her bones, but most of her organs as well
- A girl with a fisting fetish asks to have her pussy, cervix and uterus expanded to the point where she can easily fit a basketball up there
- A massage therapist complaining of headaches asks to have the top of her skull removed so she can at least massage her brain whenever she has one

Looking forward to more applications for the MegaMutilator 7000.


And what profitable day it was. The flow of customers was nearly endless, each one of them chomping at the bit for a chance to use the man's incredible machine. By the end of the day, the man's pockets were full to bursting with money.

Though the day was more than profitable in cash, unfortunately it was very poor in imagination. The townsfolk were much less than enthused than the man about using the machine for sadistic pleasures. Instead, they saw the utility of the machine as a means of cheap surgery. Face reconstruction, tummy tucks, cavity removal, those were the sort of drab demands those commoners made of such a sophisticated device. It was such a pity.

The machine was called the MegaMutilator 7000, it was meant to be used to disfigure and transfigure humans in ways beyond mortal comprehension! Needless to say, the man was disappointed in the menial desires of the common masses. Honestly though, he didn't expect much from them anyways. No, what the man was truly striving for that day was recognition, a reputation that would reach the furthest corners of the town, and in that sense the day had been a successful one. It was barely daybreak the next day whereupon the man received word of an invitation, a summons to the most exclusive of venues. Yes, that was what he had been working towards. Without any hesitation, the man loaded his machine into his truck. He drove with great urgency towards his next audience, the Destiny Heights walled community.

The residents of Destiny Heights were the cream of the crop, every homeowner there different in so many ways, but all too similar in the most important traits: too much money, too much time, and too much boredom. An environment like that, where earthly pleasures flowed as freely as tap water, was a breeding ground for creativity, and the desire for the new and bizarre was in high demand. As soon as they had heard of the man and tales of the spectacular feats his machine could accomplish, they wasted no time in welcoming him into their closely guarded community. The gates wide open for him, the man was more than happy to take them up on the opportunity. After all, these were the kind of people he was looking for. These elites with no regard for morals or obligations were sure to stretch the MegaMutilator 7000 to it absolute limits in the ways of depravity and hedonism, and for that reason alone the man trembled with overwhelming excitement.

Upon reaching the entrance to Destiny Heights, the man was immediately greeted by a middle-aged man and his young wife. This couple introduced themselves as the Jacksons and it was clear from the get-go that these people were heads of their community. The sharpest, cleanest suit, the most elegant and lovely dress, these two were the gleaming picture of wealth and power. It was with their word that the man was allowed into Destiny Heights.

They served as the man's escort and with their guidance he was led to where the machine was to be prepared. Near the center of the community towered a grand theater, one whose massive size screamed extravagance and excess. It was on that stage that the man was able to set up his machine, and no sooner than he had unloaded the device before he was reached out to by the Jacksons.

Mrs. Jackson stood in awe at the machine's beauty, shifting from side to side as she rubbed her thighs together.

"What a terrifying device! Ooh, you can just feel its tremendous power! Isn't that right, Dear?"

Mr. Jackson guffawed, "Yes, indeed! Good sir, we just cannot wait to see it in action!" Mr. Jackson turned towards the man and shook his hand. "We're expecting great things from you, sir! We have taken the liberty of scheduling your performance for later tonight, I assume that won't be an issue?"

The man nodded, "Yes, that should be fine. Before that though, I'd like to discuss the payment for my services. Usually, I wou-"

Mr. Jackson rudely interrupted the man, raising his hand up suddenly. He snapped his fingers and not even a second later, he was approached by a prim attendant carrying a briefcase. Another snap, and the briefcase was opened.

"I assume this can cover your fees one-thousand-fold. This amount was collectively gathered from each member attending your performance tonight. There should be no complaints concerning payment, correct?"

The man's eyes bulged out of his head. The sheer number of bills contained in that briefcase boggled the mind. To provide this much without even consulting him for an estimate was not only a testament to the infinite wealth of the upper echelon of society, but was also a telling indication of the necessity of his machine to these people. For these greater beings, there was no surgeon on Earth out of their reach. The fact that they needed him to perform for them meant that what they had in mind for him could be nothing less than extraordinary. He would do his best to not disappoint.

"Thank you. This is very generous of you all." The man graciously accepted the payment. Just before he could take it from the attendant, Mr. Jackson snapped his fingers again and the briefcase was snatched away.

Mr. Jackson lowered his head apologetically, "Ah, I'm sorry, but I'd like it if we might be able to see a demonstration before handing over any payment. I hope that's not too much trouble. It's just that we need to make sure you are the genuine article. I hope you can understand."

The man understood perfectly. As great a technical marvel the MegaMutilator 7000 was, it was reasonable to doubt its capabilities. For those who had not witnessed the machine firsthand, one could easily dismiss claims of its seemingly impossible feats. The man stepped up to the machine's control panel, ready to input directions.

"Do you have any product on you now? It doesn't have to be anything special, any old stray dog or cat will do for a simple demonstration."

The Jacksons exchanged a knowing glance between themselves. Mrs. Jackson stepped out for a moment while Mr. Jackson turned back to the man.

"Actually," Mr. Jackson explained, "we prepared a little something for your arrival."

Mrs. Jackson returned to the stage, this time with a guest following behind. Mrs. Jackson introduced the fine lady she brought with her.

"This is Juliet. She's been working for us as a maid-in-training for about a year now. Go ahead Juliet, greet our honored guest."

Juliet looked around curiously. She was a short young lady, fair skinned, with shoulder length, auburn hair. Her uniform was that of a elegant French maid, black with a white apron, adorned with decorative frills at every possible edge, her head topped with an equally frilly headband. This style was clearly chosen to match the opulent tastes her employers. Following the orders of her mistress, she curtsied and addressed the man.

"Hello Sir. It is a pleasure to meet you."

From her disposition, it seemed that she was unused to seeing new faces around here. As a member of an entirely closed-off community, an occasion such as this would be a rare one indeed. She appeared uneasy, perhaps due to a lack of training how to handle herself around guests. She had no idea why she had been specifically requested to join them that day. There were other maids that were much more qualified than her, it would have made more sense for one of them to be here to behold a guest as esteemed as the man before her. Her confusion was only compounded at Mr. Jackson's next command.

"Juliet, strip. Take all your clothes off. Your uniform, your underwear, everything."

As baffled and hesitant as Juliet was, her strict training had taught her better than to question an order from her superiors, much less the master of the estate. Her face flush with embarrassment, the girl did as she had been commanded, removing her uniform in short order, folding it neatly and handing it to Mrs. Jackson before taking off her bra and panties. Beet-red with shame, her heart pounding in her chest, Juliet trembled, frozen in the face of the group's gazes as she stood naked before them. His eyes locked onto the young woman's lithe body, Mr. Jackson instructed her to climb onto the cold metal table sat beneath the machine. The man pressed a button on the control panel and Juliet cried out as the strong of the machine locked her in place on her back.

"Ah! Sir? Sir! I can't move!"

The Jacksons' eyes lit up, pleased at the developments unfolding in front of them. Mr. Jackson smiled at the man.

"Splendid! Simply splendid! So now you can change her however we want?" The man nodded in confirmation. "That's incredible! Let's see... How do you want Juliet changed, Dear?"

"Let's have this good sir here decide for us. I'm sure he knows much more about this machine than we do. Oh, but if you would, I'd like her made into a sort of display piece. Something that can welcome the visitors when they arrive and also serve as a preview for the show to come."

The man knew just the thing. Juliet, out of the loop as she was, looked around with worry at the Jacksons' excited expressions. She had no clue what was in store for her, but she knew she didn't want to find out. Despite her training, she opened her mouth and prepared to order she be released, but before she could, the machine started its warm-up cycle. Lights flashed and parts whirred as the arms went through their various articulations, each tool presented more fearsome than the last. Even had she not been stuck down to the table, Juliet would have been paralyzed with fear. Her voice caught in her throat, she was too scared to make a noise, too frightened to speak up in the face of danger. A whining hum filled the theater as the energy in the sphere embedded in the machine charged up. Finally, everything set to go, the man pressed the start button and the machine went to work.

Unlike the demonstrations he had done the day before, this time the man programmed the machine to operate at a relatively slower pace. The Jacksons and other residents of Destiny Heights differed from the people in town, they had the stomachs to handle the gore and bloodshed and would not want to miss the spectacle of it all. Though the machine still moved very fast, it was a manageable speed, not the untraceable blur of metal and light that the townsfolk had been presented with the day before. This allowed the Jacksons to revel in the display as the first cut was made into Juliet's shapely thigh.

The machine's scalpels were so sharp and so steady, that even though a huge part of the leg had already been sliced into, the pain didn't truly hit until the lasers started cauterizing the veins. With her head pinned down, Juliet couldn't look up to see what was being done to her leg, but she could feel it now, the searing pain of burning flesh. Her burning flesh. Her pain receptors firing on high, Juliet followed her natural instincts and began to scream hysterically. Pain that intense could only mean one thing to the simple mind of the human animal: that she was dying and screaming was the only way she could get rescued. Except, there would be no rescue for her. No, for her there was nothing but the amused smirks of her employers, entranced as the skin and muscles around her upper thigh was severed away down to the bone.

A set of arms with small mirrors on the ends came down and helped direct the lasers into the harder to reach spots, immediately stopping the bleeding around the entire circumference of the exposed muscle and flesh, and with that, the cutting arms moved on to begin cutting into the left leg. The only connection left between the right leg to its host being the femur, no more cutting would be required on it. Instead, three grabbing arms came down. At their ends were long, multi-jointed metallic appendages, and, like tentacles, they tightly coiled around the exposed bone, the mid-thigh, and the ankle. With one forceful, precisely coordinated tug, the arms yanked the leg bone right out of its socket, separating it from the main body. The motion was extremely jarring, reverberating throughout Juliet's entire body.

There was no doubt she felt it, responding appropriately with a ear-piercing shriek. Her leg still in the grasp of the grabbing arms, they lifted it away in preparation for tossing it aside, and in that moment Juliet had spotted it, silencing her instantly. She knew what it was at a glance and the realization chilled her blood cold. She followed it with her eyes as it was thrown off the table, landing to the stage floor with a heavy thud. The sound echoed in her head. She lay there dumbfounded, numb to any pain as she tried to comprehend what had just happened.

Meanwhile, the cutting arms and lasers had already finished separating the meat of her other leg and the sewing arms were nearly done stitching her first wound shut, but that didn't register to her, her mind was swirling with questions and fear. And then, she felt the body-shaking tug again, the wet pop, and as she looked over to see, she was once again treated to the sight of her own severed leg.

This time, the truth hit like a truck. Releasing a breath she didn't know she was holding, Juliet's chest heaved violently as she gasped for air. She gagged against her own tongue as she began yelling with renewed vigor, fighting against the hold on her body with as much strength as she could muster. She tried pushing herself off with her arms, but she could barely even move a finger, much less her arm. Even so, she did not give up moving that finger, wriggling it around as if her life depended on it, as if the power of that finger alone could help her escape this nightmare. Then, the cutting arms came around to her right shoulder. She watched up close as the knifes pieced her supple white skin. All feeling from that finger cut out in an instant and with it, any hope of escape Juliet had was lost.

Juliet closed her eyes, gritting her teeth as she tried to endure the intense pain of having her arm cut apart with scalpels followed by the harsh sting of the white-hot energy beams. She tried to deny it all, it was just too horrible. None of this could be real. Then, she felt the tug and the pop. Her eyes shot open and where there was once her right arm, there was now empty table. A guttural wail escaped her throat as she mourned her loss, completely drowning out the thud of her arm hitting the floor.

This was it, her life was over. As the cutting arms of the machine travelled over to her right shoulder, Juliet wondered what she had done to deserve this cruel torture. She looking around, her eyes met those of the Jacksons. It was then that she saw it. The smug satisfaction on their faces. This, this was all their fault. They knew what was going to happen and they had tricked her. They didn't even try to help, this was all a part of their plan and they were loving it. A fury she had never felt before fumed up inside Juliet and as the pain from the lasers hit her remaining arm, she absolutely lost it. All at once, her maid training fell to shambles as she released her rage upon the Jacksons.

"You fucking bastards! Fuck you! You piece of shits deserve to rot in hell! I threw my whole life away just to shine your fucking shoes and scrub your fucking toilets but I-"

Another tug and pop rocked her body, completely shutting down her train of thought. Juliet gasped. looking down at her now-empty shoulder. The sewing arm came next and as it began stitching up the final wound, her fury died out in a whimper. It was all pointless now. Everything was pointless.

The buzzer rang out and all the arms retracted up to their default positions. The crystal sphere's light faded and then, there was silence. The only noises to be heard were those of sobs as the limbless thing on the table cried to herself. The man stepped over to Juliet. Picking the finished product up, he presented her to the Jacksons and took his bow.

The Jacksons clapped feverishly. Never before had they seen such a raw, unforgiving display of destruction and emotion. To say that they were impressed was an understatement. Mr. Jackson snapped his fingers and the attendant returned with the case of money. In a bizarre exchange, the attendant took the girl from the man as he handed him the briefcase. He brought Juliet over to the Jacksons, who eagerly looked her over, poking and prodding the amputation sites with much interest. Too distraught to notice or care, Juliet just sobbed pitifully.

"Please. Kill me. Just end it."

Her words went ignored as mad gibberish of a broken soul. The Jacksons cared little for her concerns. Mrs. Jackson turned to the man, beaming with gratitude.

"Thank you good sir! She's just perfect! That was an amazing performance!"

"Yes, simply marvelous!" Mr. Jackson chimed in, "I can tell we are in for quite the show tonight! Your work is stunningly flawless, I can see why you were so highly regarded."

The man smiled back at the two. "That's the power of the MegaMutilator 7000, the world's greatest technological marvel. I'm sure everyone will be more than thrilled to see what it can do later."

The Jacksons nodded in unison. They both agreed they had made the right call in inviting this wondrous man into their community. Taking Juliet from the attendant's grasp, Mrs. Jackson began carrying her off of the stage.

"I'm going to go prepare Juliet up in the entrance hall. Goodbye good sir, I'm looking forward to tonight."

And with that, she and her husband left the man alone on stage, their excited chatting echoing behind them as they walked away. There was still much to do to set the stage for the most phenomenal performance humanity would ever know, but for now the man was just happy in knowing his craft would finally get the appreciation it deserved.


Again, thank you all for your comments! Keep them coming, I love feedback and reading all the differing opinions. Let me know what you think.

If you liked it and want more, then that's great! If you touched yourself while reading, then even better! If you hated it and want to tell me how much I suck, then go right head! All comments are appreciated equally.


The slower speed and resulting lengthier description is definitely an improvement; in fact, you could probably go a bit slower still. Now that we've had two unwilling victims I'd suggest some volunteers, but that might just be my personal bias talking.
A few more ideas:

- a performance artists asks to have her arms replaced with her legs and vice versa, or to be skinned completely
- a ballerina asks to have her skeleton replaced with rubber for extra flexibility


This machine can mix up a body, yeah. but can it alter the body in any way? LIke make parts bigger?

I wouldn't mind a bit where the machine cuts a woman's arms and legs off, but it makes her clitoris really huge and sensitive. It gets pierced with a ring, and a leash is forced on it where her masters will force her to walk.


Unfortunately, clit growth is not a planned alteration for this story. Let this be my chance to say to everyone that even though the MegaMutilator 7000 is capable of performing miracle surgeries, it is not able to alter bits and pieces of a product without being supplied the proper material beforehand. If a client were to clone a bigger clit separately to be transplanted onto the product, then in that case, the MegaMutilator 7000 would be able to do the surgery, but shrinking and growing the existing product is not possible.


Dammit, forgot my name


The man checked his watch. He still had about an hour until the show was scheduled to begin. People would be arriving soon. Having finished maintenance of his machine a while ago, the man had tried taking a nap in the green room, but found himself unable to relax. He was much too excited, especially after the performance with Juliet. With the big show just around the corner, the man decided rather than sit patiently and wait, he'd take a quick look around. If what Mrs. Jackson had said before was true, then Juliet would be found around the entrance to the theater. Exiting the green room, the man headed towards the front of the building.

True to her word, Mrs. Jackson had made Juliet into a perfect display piece. The man found her sitting in an elegant gilded chair placed squarely in the center of the main entrance hall. She was still naked from when he had last seen her, but now her hair was done up into a pretty style that framed her face gracefully. A bit of makeup had been applied around her eyes and cheeks, subtlety accentuating her natural youthfulness. Vivid red flowers were arranged neatly around the thin legs of the chair, giving off the impression of blood pooling underneath the disfigured young lady sitting above. The man was careful not to disturb them as he approached Juliet. Surprisingly, she looked up and smiled at him.

"Greetings sir. Welcome to Destiny Heights Community Theater. Please enter to the right. We hope you enjoy the show tonight."

She didn't recognize the man at all. Her gaze, it was totally empty, her smile, bizarrely calm. It was quite a radical change from the complete wreck of a girl she had become only hours ago. A closer inspection revealed the truth of the matter.

Thin red marks crept along the sides of Juliet's body. Curious, the man picked up her limbless torso and examined her. The marks visible from the sides turned out to be the tail ends of long, angry gashes crisscrossing over her backside. It was clear she had been whipped violently. That would explain her odd behavior. The poor limbless girl must have been put through some sort of cruel training and mental conditioning to mold her personality into that of an ideal display piece. Brutal, but effective. The girl known as Juliet was nothing more than a shell now, a pretty object to be admired.

The man placed Juliet back down in her seat. She stared up at him blankly, her dull smile unwavering. The lighting made her fair skin gleam beautifully; the man had to admit that as unsettling Juliet's strange behavior was, she was still a marvelous sight to behold. A sense of pride welled up in the man in knowing that product he had created ended up bringing such a stunning work of beauty to fruition. Transformed at the hands of the MegaMutilator 7000, Juliet was now, from his perspective, a masterpiece.

Finding a seat of his own in the waiting area, the man contented himself in watching Juliet for a while. Mostly she just stared down at a random spot on the floor, twitching a shoulder occasionally, but at regular intervals, her breathing would pick up and her eyes would close. These episodes barely lasted more than a couple seconds, after which she collected herself and returned to staring at the floor mindlessly. It was a sorrowful yet beautiful sight to witness this defeated creature fight off her remaining shreds of humanity in those moments of cognizance. The man could watch her all day.

Finally, the first guest of the night arrived, a short, older gentleman and his young ladyfriend. They stepped up to the display piece and beamed with delight as Juliet smiled and greeted them.

"Greetings sir, madam. Welcome to Destiny Heights Community Theater. Please enter to the right. We hope you enjoy the show tonight."

The couple took a minute to exchange amused comments with each other under their breath, then together they went down the hall to the right as directed. Taking this as his cue to finish prepping, the man gave one last wistful look at Juliet, then stood and went on his way to the dressing room.

One by one, guests arrived at the theater and took their seats. By the time of the show's opening, there couldn't have been more than sixty people occupying the numerous seats of the massive theater. By no definition could this show be considered a full house, but it mattered not to the man. In his mind, the quality of the audience mattered much more than quantity. The spectators gathered here were his people, true connoisseurs of beauty in even the most horrific of forms. Their discerning eyes would be able to truly appreciate his life's work and bring forth wondrous creations with the help of his machine.

The curtain rose and the man appeared before them, looking sharp in his new tux. He was nervous, but being the showman he was, he was able to put on a confident face for his lovely audience. Some classical music started and the man began his introduction.

"Welcome, one and all, to this exhibition of the most technologically advanced surgery automation device on Earth: The MegaMutilator 7000!"

The music swelled to become triumphant and booming as the machine's many parts swung and spun, a flashy display that earned some applause in response. Thanks to the display piece Mrs. Jackson had set up, everyone knew just what the machine was capable of and were all thrilled to finally see the device in person.

"I'm very happy to be here in Destiny Heights tonight. I've got a lot of fantastic ideas planned for tonight's products and I'm sure many of you out there have ideas of your own as well! Well I can assure you, tonight will be a night you'll all be talking about for months to come. Without further ado, let us begin! Bring out the first product!"

At that cue, a tall young lady, tanned with long black hair, stepped out onto the stage. Wearing only a white bikini and high heels, one could see every voluptuous curve in motion as she walked down the length of the stage, coming to a stop next to the man.

"Our first product of the night is this lovely woman here. Would the contributor of this fine product please stand and introduce her?"

The older gentleman the man had seen earlier stood up. An attendant carrying a hand microphone walked down the rows of seats and handed it to him to speak into. His voice came up over the speakers.

"Hello everyone, hehe." The gentleman seemed to be a bit nervous himself. "Uh, as you all know, I'm Greg Julius, and tonight I volunteered Miss Holly Christmas for tonight's performance. Yesterday, she was the most popular dancer at a small strip joint, but I've offered her a new job working for me. Isn't that right Holly?"

The woman nodded. She held herself well, posing sexily for the crowd, but there were traces of doubt on her face. She must have been pressured into doing this show, it was unclear if she even had a clue what was going to happen to her. The man decided to find out.

"Thank you Mr. Julius! Holly, do you know why you are up here tonight?" The man pointed the microphone towards her. She hesitated, then spoke into the mike.

"Uh, I think I'm going to have live surgery, right?"

Holly fidgeted a little at her own words. So she did have a bit of an idea after all. The man smiled and turned back to the audience.

"Mr. Julius, how would you like Miss Holly here changed tonight?"

Mr. Julius adjusted his tie, unnecessarily pausing for dramatic effect before finally stating his answer.

"Sir, I want her arms to be amputated and her eyes to be blinded."

Mr. Julius' bold declaration created quite a stir in the audience. They clapped in appreciation of his decision.

"Very good, what a splendid first selection! Holly, please climb onto the table and we shall begin the operation!"

Holly stood frozen, stupefied at what she had just heard. When she had signed the contract making her a part of tonight's show, she had assumed the surgery would be something more akin to breast implants or at worst a live vivisection. She had not expected something as extreme as losing her sight or leaving parts of herself behind. It was shocking to say the least. She grabbed the mike out of the man's hand.

"Greg, what the hell? I thought you said they were just going to open me up and put me back together!"

Mr. Julius smiled. "I did say that. At first I just wanted to take a look at your pretty guts. My friend here changed my mind." He motioned towards the lady next to him, the same woman that had accompanied him when he arrived. "Now be a good girl and get on that table."

"You bastard! I didn't agree to this!"

"Holly, you signed a contract. I own you now. Play nice and you and your family will never have to work another day in your lives. Your sister will be able to get into an Ivy League university with my recommendation. An entire life of luxury and comfort, all for a single night of sacrifice. I think that's a fair trade, don't you?"

Holly dared not argue. Everything Mr. Julius said was true. Ever since their parents died, every day had been a struggle to stay afloat. This was a once in a lifetime chance, it could be the only way to ensure she and her sister could live happily again. But at what cost? Her arms, her vision, she needed those. Could she still live without them? She imagined what her sister would think, what she would say if she arrived home in such a state. The thought terrified her, but at the same time, she could not deny the allure of the offer. As Mr. Julius' words sank in, the logical part of her mind took over.

Money could help Holly overcome any difficulties her disabilities would cause. She could hire a personal servant, she could buy some top-of-the-line prosthetic arms. Maybe after all of this was all over, she would find a surgeon to give her eye transplants too. That's something they could do now, right? Yeah, that would return her vision to normal, no problem. She would be fine. Her sister's happiness was more important than her own, she couldn't just let this opportunity slip by when there was so much more to gain.

Holly's composure was broken, her whole body shaking in fear, but with her determination renewed, she decided to go ahead and let them do the operation. She would climb up on that table and let them blind her and cut her arms off.

Holly forced the mike back into the man's hands and stomped over to the table. She sat down and laid across the tabletop, arms spread wide.

"Alright. Do it."

Her expression was pained, yet strong in the face of her unfortunate fate. The man stepped over to the control panel and pressed the button locking her down. There was no going back now.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" The man started, "Let us begin the operation!"

With that, the man quickly inputted the settings and the MegaMutilator 7000 was set into motion. Twin pairs of cutting arms descended from above, moving in unison as they positioned themselves over both of Holly's shoulders. They paused, hovering just centimeters above her skin, just waiting for the signal to begin, their blades gleaming in the lights of the stage. The man raised his hand dramatically, and as he swung his arm down, he pressed the button. At once, the sharp blades of the machine began cutting into the woman's tanned flesh. The theater filled with screams as the poor woman on the table cried out in shock and pain. The audience sat on the edge of their seats, enraptured by the symphony of destruction. Muscle, nerves, tendons, blood vessels, the scalpels cut them all apart without discrimination. They only retreated to allow the lasers of the crystal sphere to stop the bleeding, after which they went right on back to their task until finally all connections were completely detached. All that was left was pulling out the bones. The grabbing arms came down, wrapping around both arms tightly. They forcefully pulled both arms free from their sockets at the exact same time, leaving their host armless in an instant. There was a boom of applause as the severed arms hit the floor, but this performance was not over yet. As the machine went and stitched up the screaming woman's shoulders, down came a new set of automated tools, ones designed to hold something open. They approached Holly's face, ready to pull her eyelids apart. With how bugged out her eyes already were, it seemed redundant having them hook under her eyelids, but it was absolutely necessary she be unable to close them for the next part of the procedure. The sphere hummed loudly, charging even more energy in preparation. Holly's eyes darted around frantically, looking anywhere and everywhere for some kind of escape, but there was none to be found. The stitching of her armless shoulders complete, the sewing arms retracted as mirrored arms descended and joined up with the others around her face. It was of utmost important that the lasers landed their shots, and to that end these mirrors would help direct them. The sphere finished charging, then released the energy all at once. With the mirrors' assistance, the shots hit the dead center of the woman's pupils. The intense heat melted the surface, causing Holly to shriek wildly. She saw a bright light and now her vision was all a blur. A few moments later, another bright light flashed and now all she could see was darkness. Steam rising from Holly's eyes, the procedure was complete.

The machine kept her eyes pried open until the bubbling flesh could cool, after which the tools unhooked from her eyelids and retreated. Holly's chest heaved as she wailed loudly, she could hardly bear the incredible pain. The machine released its hold on her and the man approached the side of the table. Reaching under her back, the man helped Holly sit up over the side of the table, then grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to her feet. The man stepped back and presented the finished product to the onlookers. They roared into raucous applause. The man took a quick bow. Though the crowd may have been small, their enthusiasm more than made up for their lack of numbers.

The man wrapped an arm around Holly's midsection and slowly guided her off the stage. She moved hesitantly. Without her sight, each step of her high heels felt like she was about to fall into a deep, dark pit. Suddenly, the woman lost her balance and tripped, falling forward and slamming into the floor with an echoing thud. There were audible gasps as she clumsily landed right on her ample breasts. Holly howled in pain, struggling to push herself up, but there were no arms to do so with, so she just ended up comically flailing on the floor. The audience burst out into laughter at the ridiculous display of helplessness. Frightened and humiliated, Holly pulled her knees up to her chest and curled into a ball, sobbing pitifully. A pair of stagehands walked out and together they carried the armless woman off stage.

"The lovely Holly, ladies and gentlemen!"

There was one last round of applause and the first act of the night officially came to a successful end.


The main meat of the story is in full swing now! I wanted to start with a more typical surgery to set the tone before moving on to the crazier stuff. Comments are always appreciated, but please let me know what you think about what I've written, don't just give suggestions and expect me to write for you. And as I always say, if you have something you really want to see, but no one will write it for you, take matters into your own hands! Do what I did and make a story of your own!


I like where this is going!


Quite the difference to the other stories here, curious about every word that you will add after this chapter!


Holly's severed arms were retrieved by a stagehand. In the event that Mr. Julius wanted to keep them as souvenirs, they would be stored backstage until the end of the night for him to pick up. The stage cleared for the next act, the man continued with the show.

"Please bring in the next product!"

"Mmmph! Mmmmm!"

The muffled sounds of a gruff manly voice was heard by all as the next person was brought out, dragged in by two muscular stagehands. His mouth was filled by a large ballgag and both his hands and feet were handcuffed together, but other than that he was completely naked from head to toe. Caucasian with short black hair, the bound man was a strong looking fellow, his body like that of an olympic swimmer's; not an ounce of fat was visible on his incredible, chiseled figure. A noticeably large penis dangled between his legs, it must have been at least seven inches long. the flaccid thing bounced around in a silly manner as he fought futilely against his restraints.

The captive was dragged all the way to the table and cuffs removed before he was hoisted upon it, at which the man immediately activated the machine's gravity field to keep him still. The gravity field automatically fluctuated, putting force on the inward facing sides of his limbs to splay out them out appropriately, spread out on his back, then put all its force towards keeping him pinned down.

"Hoho! Looks like we have our first fighter. Who brought this handsome man here tonight?"

A young Asian woman stood up. She was quite short, her long black hair done up in twintails, and with her unusually youthful face and flat, thin figure, she appeared as if she could have been in her mid-teens. The spotlight moved over in her direction, her long silver dress glittering as she snatched the microphone from the attendant.

"Ah, that would be me. Hello. I'm Naomi Suzuki, twenty-seven years old, single." Despite her short stature and childishly high voice, Naomi held herself with the confidence of the successful and daring adult she was. "I found this hot stud at the gym today and I just had to have him. He was quite rude though. When I invited him to join me for tonight's show as my guest, he totally brushed me off without even acknowledging me! Can you believe it? Brushing me off, of all people!" Her confident veil vanished for a moment as her face filled with anger. "Well, I couldn't have that, so I got my boys to pick him up and here we are now! Ha!"

The so-called "stud" fought hard against the tabletop. He remembered now, that voice belonged to the stuck-up girl he had met just that morning. He really hated the smug air of superiority that flat-chested runt had put on at the time, telling him to "be thankful for even inviting a commoner such as him." He recalled her furious shouting as he shoved her aside and walked away without a word. It had felt good to piss off such a tight-ass kid back then, but now that he was here, gagged, naked, and stuck to a cold metal table in front of dozens of creepy spectators, he realized it might not have been the best idea in the world.

"So, Ms. Suzuki, what would you like to have done to this fine specimen of a man?"

"All I want is for you to make him gentler. Please don't cut anything off, I don't want to ruin that gorgeous bod of his. Ah, and do something about his voice, it's much too macho for my tastes."

The man nodded, he had an idea in mind for this unlucky captive. He input a special sequence of commands. Since there would be no amputations this time, he would have to be a lot more careful not to damage any veins or muscles. The last thing anyone wanted was for this product to bleed out. Even worse, there was the chance that the machine could kill his circulation by sealing a vein that was nicked by accident. If that happened and went unnoticed, that could cause necrosis in the affected body parts, killing the product! No, he could not have that happening, not here when so many people were expecting perfection. It only took him a minute to calibrate the machine and finalize the specifics of the procedure. He turned back to the audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" The man raised his arm, "Let us begin the operation!"

The man slammed his hand into the start button and the MegaMutilator 7000 sprang into action. First order of business, get rid of that voice. The gravity field adjusted in such a way that the stud's head was forced back, allowing easier access to the area where his larynx resided, right under his chin. A set of cutting arms swung over to the neck and carefully sliced into his skin. Unlike with amputation where the only step was to cut-cut-cut, for this procedure much more delicacy was required. Some more arms holding various tools came down to assist. Spreaders took hold in the incision and separated the sides of the wound apart, allowing room for the scalpels to reach deep into the stud's throat. There was no way for the audience to see inside as the machine manipulated muscle and sliced into his neck, but the sorry soul's frenzied gurgling was more than enough to entertain. As the blades finally punctured the windpipe, his vocalizations greatly weakened, becoming soft whispers as his breathing started exiting through the hole. Soon, even that was put to a stop in an instant as the machine violently cut away every last shred of vocal cords from his throat, silencing him forever. No more would the stud be able to boast to his friends about his new exercise routine, or flirt with the cute cashier at the coffee shop, or laugh with his mother over the phone. He had made the grave mistake of giving the proud Naomi Suzuki the silent treatment and now the rest of his life would be one of silence.

The sewing arms came down and went to work sealing the hole in the stud's neck. When they were done, his throat felt like it was on fire and as he tried to scream into the gag, he found he could only breath out heavily, no longer able to make a sound.

He had little time to grieve however, as the cutting arms moved onto their next target, the areas above both of his collarbones. As they stabbed and sliced into his flesh, the stud tried with all his might to pull away, to somehow lift himself off the tabletop. Surprisingly enough, he was partially successful, able to rise a centimeter before the machine's automatic sensors kicked in and doubled the force of gravity in response. His ribs bent under the pressure and the wind was knocked out of him, halting any attempts at fighting again. Completely immobile now, he could offer no resistance against the knives cutting their way into his collar. It only took twenty or so seconds for the blazingly fast cutting arms to reach their targets, the stud's brachial plexus systems. At once, the scalpels cut huge cross sections out of those bundles of nerves and the lasers zapped the severed ends, sending blinding pain through his arms, and then there was nothing. From his fingertips all the way to his shoulders and chest, everything had gone completely numb. He tried lifting his arms, but it was like they weren't even there. He couldn't quite understand what had happened yet, but he did not dwell on it too long before the cutting arms travelled down his body, coming to a stop right at the connecting points of his hips to his thighs. Same as before, they cut with purpose, digging deep with the utmost care in search of the next points of interest, his sciatic nerves. In the same fashion as before, the blades cut large chunks of out of these and the blinding pain returned, shooting through his legs as the severed ends were burned by the lasers. Then, everything below his groin level went missing too. He could still feel the warm skin of his thigh against his sizable genitals, but as far as his nervous system knew, there were no legs to be found. A swarm of sewing arms descended and sealed all four of the open wounds. The procedure was complete.

As the crushing force of the gravity field was released, the first thing the stud tried to do was push himself up with his arms, but found he couldn't budge them at all. He could see they were still there, as strong and powerful as ever, but they just wouldn't work. Panicked, he tried kicking his legs, but those too stayed unmoving. His limbs weren't responding at all no matter how he tried. He couldn't feel them, he couldn't move them, they had become nothing more than dead weight. He thrashed against the table, his torso gyrating against the surface, mouth wide open as he screamed without a voice.

The man went over and grabbed him by the wrist. The stud wasn't able to feel the man's grip, all he could feel was the the shift in weight along his side as the man lifted his arm up into the air, flopping it around.

"Voila! The strapping young man you see before you is now as harmless as a ragdoll! In just minutes, not only has he been stripped of his offensive voice, but the wondrous MegaMutilator 7000 has completely paralyzed his arms and legs as well!"

The man suddenly grabbed the stud around the waist and pulled him off the table, dropping his body into a limp heap on the floor. The visible display of this newfound helplessness sent the audience into a storm of applause. The whole time they had waited patiently, wondering just what the man was having done to him, but to have it all spelled out to them in such a dramatic fashion was the perfect payoff to this incredible development.

As he lay there on the cold, hard floor, the stud began to wonder what he could have done differently to avoid his terrible fate. For one, he could have let Naomi down gently instead of cruelly ignoring her. It was an honest mistake; from how she looked and acted, he had thought she was just some brat. Had he known she was actually an incredibly wealthy twenty-seven year old, he would have never treated her the way he did. He wished he could have apologized, but that was impossible now.

Another thing he could have done differently was actually pay attention to his surroundings when out walking alone. His great physique and strength made him overconfident, he thought he could fight off any attacker with ease, but he never expected two men to suddenly pounce him from behind and knock him out. Had he seen them coming, he could have just outran them. Now that strength he had put so much pride in meant nothing.

Giddy with excitement, Naomi stood up and ran down the rows of seats. Although the security staff tried to stop her, she deftly evaded them and climbed up on stage, rushing over to meet her prize.

"Ha! Not so tough now, are you?" She put her foot on his chest, pressing down with her heel. "You should have never messed with me, Mr... Mr... " She paused. "I never did get your name did I? You can't exactly tell me either. Oh well, that doesn't matter. From now on, you're just my Toy."

Naomi bent down and lifted up her Toy into her arms. Well, she tried to. In reality, he was still much too heavy for her weak, girlish arms to actually lift. Embarrassed, she let him drop and calmly walked away. Smooth. She hurried on back to her seat, face red, trying her best to ignore the stares and chuckles of the other audience members. In the end, it made no difference how weak or strong she was, all that really mattered was that the Toy lying on the stage was the weakest one of all now.

The man cleared his throat and picked up from where he had been interrupted. The muscular stagehands from earlier came out and together they carried the helpless Toy away.

"Yes, um... Let's all have a big hand for Ms. Suzuki and her brand new Toy!"

The kindly patrons of the theater graciously clapped for the amusing diversion Naomi's outburst had been and for the fantastic work the MegaMutilator 7000 had performed.


A bit of a shorter entry this time. Even so, this was the longest part to write yet since I had to go out of my way and do some anatomical research. If I got any details of the nervous system wrong here, blame my 2am sleep-deprived brain.
I did have fun writing a legal loli though. I might have her return in future parts.
As always, please comment and let me know what you thought of this so far. Thank you.


Since you're asking for feedback I'll post my thoughts so far.

From a technical perspective the writing is very solid: I didn't notice any grammatical or spelling errors, everything is described well and everything seems realistic (or as realistic as a story in this genre can be, anyway).

When it comes to the subject matter, though, I can't help but notice a certain lack of variety. The most recent chapter marks the fourth time in a row somebody has lost the use of two or more of their limbs against their will. Granted, the details vary a little each time, but effectively they all boil down to the same thing. Now if that's your fetish that's fine, but personally I would advise you to mix it up a little more to keep things from getting stale.

Aside from that point the quality of the writing is certainly there, though, so keep it up.


How about a girl having her facial features completely removed (leaving her smooth and featureless)? Breathing afterwards could either be through a traditional traech hole, or some "weird" redirection if that seems more aesthetically pleasing.


All in due time my friend, all in due time. Things might seem repetitive now, but that is just the prelude to greater development. Granted, yes a lot of the products will be unwilling, and yes I may be predisposed towards similarly debilitating impairments for the moment (if we're being honest here, that's what I enjoy most and will be a prevailing theme for most of the story), but there will be time for more variety down the road.

Glad to hear you are enjoying my story so far, and I hope I can meet you expectations in the future.


As the audience began to settle down, another riotous racket started up backstage. The sounds of shouting and fighting reached the main stage. The man wondered if the staff were having problems with another rebellious product. His curiosity did not go unanswered for long as the sounds quickly approached and a strange teenaged girl suddenly burst out onto stage. Unlike the other product that had come before, this girl was dressed very modestly, wearing a tight red t-shirt and black capris. Blonde hair in ponytail, the mysterious girl gripped a pistol in her left hand. Upon catching sight of the man and his machine, her expression of exhausted panic turned into a wide grin. She took a step towards the man, but before she could do anything else, a security guard came up from behind, tackling her to the ground and sending the gun sliding across the floor.

"No! Let go of me! I have to- Oof!"

The girl was knocked out with a solid punch to the head. A second guard came running over and quickly retrieved the gun, sliding it into his empty holster. He turned to the stunned crowd and addressed them.

"Alright everyone, remain calm. We've disarmed and captured the intruder, there's nothing to worry about. We apologize for this interruption, you may now continue with your sick freak show."

"Excuse me sir," The first guard, having finished cuffing the crazed girl, beckoned the man over to his side. "We believe this girl might have come to make an attempt on your life. You wouldn't happen to recognize her, would you?"

The man knelt down and took a closer look at the teen's face. Though she was quite pretty, the man couldn't say she was particularly familiar. He shook his head.

"Sorry, I don't. What makes you think she was after me?"

"We caught her sneaking around the building earlier. When we caught her, she snatched a gun from that idiot over there and demanded we take her to you immediately."

"I see."

The girl began to stir, her eyelids fluttering as she came to. As she regained her composure, her eyes focused on the man's face in front of her. Her eyes grew wide.

"You!" she exclaimed. "It is you! The guy from town yesterday!"

The man reeled back as she tried kicking herself forward, only to be pinned to the floor by the guard.

"Let me go! I need to talk to him! He's the only one who can help me! Please!"

This unusual plea caused the man to raise an eyebrow.

"Please, I need your machine! I want to be mutilated!"

The man held up a hand, stopping the guards as they moved to take her away. He had to hear this.

"Hold on. Explain."

The teen's face lit up, her grin returning.

"My name is Susie Dennow. I was at your show in town yesterday. I saw what you did to those kittens. Please, I want you to make my body like theirs. I need you to make my body like that."

The man looked at her doubtfully.

"You want me to make you into a headless torso? Really?"

"Yes, really! When I held one of those kittens in my hands, when I felt it wriggling in my palms, when I felt its heavy breathing and its fast little heartbeat, somewhere deep inside myself I knew I had to become like them. Their struggle, their fear, their powerlessness, I want to experience all the same things they did! Please change me into that shape."

The man could not believe what he was hearing. He'd had his fair share of fanatics in his many travels before, but none to the extent of this. Breaking into a high-security gated community, sneaking her way in the theater, pulling a gun on a guard, risking her life, all just to become a fucking headless torso!? He had never in his life expected such an insane person to exist. He was immediately overcome with the desire to make Susie's dream a reality, but a sharp cough from the crowd reminded him he still had a show to put on.

"I'm sorry, I'd really like to help you, but I'm kind of in the middle of something. Security, take Susie-"

"Hey, just give the girl what she wants! I want to see this!"

A random voice from the audience shouted out, cutting off the man before he could send Susie away. This sentiment was joined by others cheering in agreement. The man faltered for a moment.

"But we don't have time! We have people here who paid a lot of money to get their product worked on, we can't just bump them from the schedule on a whim!"

"Why not? We're the ones paying you and we say do it!"

"Yeah, do it!"

"Cut that girl up!"

"You have my okay! Skip mine if you have to!"

The resounding support of the crowd made the man's heart swell with joy. As if that wasn't enough, Susie took it upon herself to sweeten the deal.

"How about this? Since I won't be able to go home after the surgery is done anyways, you can sell me to one of the people here!" She turned to the crowd and smiled, "You'll take good care of me once I'm a useless torso, right people?"

A flood of whoops and hollers filled the theater in support of the idea. With so many in favor of the girl's ambition, the man could not argue with the against the demands of his wonderful audience. With no more reasons to refuse them, the man gave a toothy grin.

"Gentlemen," he proclaimed, turning to the security guards, "Uncuff that girl right now! She's going to be the next product in the greatest show of all time!"

The deafening roar of applause hit like an earthquake, shaking the theater. The security guards undid her handcuffs and Susie ran up to the man, leaping into his arms for a bear hug. Tears ran down her face. Barely audible over the applause, she whispered into the man's ear.

"Thank you. Thank you so much."

Susie skipped over to the metal table and laid down. The man activated the gravity field and locked her in place, then input the sequence for the torsofication process. His hand above the start button, he gave one last look at Susie. She smiled, winking in approval, and on that cue, he pushed down and sent the machine to work.

Susie's heart raced as the machine's various arms spun and swung around her, cutting off her clothes with astounding speed. Stripped naked in an instant, the machine proceeded with the operation, starting at her left leg. As the blades cut into it, she winced as the incredible pain wracked her entire body. Her toes curled and she squeezed her fists tightly as she tried her hardest to bear it all. She knew it was going to hurt, but she honestly had no idea what to expect when she decided to go through with this. Already she could feel her head spin in and out of consciousness as the machine tore her apart, yanking the leg out of its socket before moving on to the next one.

The man watched with just as much pleasure as the enthralled audience. Here they were, watching the bravest girl they had ever seen have her limbs gruesomely stripped away with a blissful smile on her face. The sight made the man proud to be doing the work he did. Not just anyone could have made this magical moment possible. As the machine finished stitching up her legless hips and moved on to removing her arms, they could only wonder what thoughts were going through her head.

Susie's thoughts were less interesting that they would have expected however. It basically boiled down to ow ow ow, this fucking hurts, oh god this was a bad idea, please be over soon. Not the most romantic of internal monologues, but she still put on a brave face for the spectators and for herself, for as much suffering as she was going through, this really was what she wanted from the start. Already, the machine had taken off her arms and stitched up the last of her wounds. Limbless with just her head remaining, it was only a matter of time until she would finally be complete.

A loud buzzing rang out and the MegaMutilator 7000 came to a halt. The gravity field lifted off Susie's body. She raised her head to see what was the problem. The man had pressed a big red stop button at the other end of the machine.

"Hey! What gives!?" She yelled out, annoyed.

The man leaned over her, pleading in a hushed voice.

"Please calm down. It's part of the show."

Susie nodded. The man carefully bent down and lifted her up, displaying her limbless body to the crowd.

"Behold! Our friend Susie is now down to just a torso and a head! She's completely powerless now!"

Susie took this chance to take a look at herself. It was true, she no longer had any arms or legs. She tried moving them, but she couldn't, they weren't there anymore. She began grinning uncontrollably. She felt herself becoming wet. She subconsciously reached down to touch herself, but nothing happened, she didn't have a hand to do so anymore and that realization made her even hotter and hornier. Her body was useless now, her limbs were gone forever and she'd have to live the rest her life in this helpless state, entirely dependent on others. Touching her, moving her, fucking her, she had no choice but to submit to whatever whims her future owner wished. She shivered with excitement, her dream was finally coming true. Her thoughts were interrupted as the man spoke up and addressed her.

"Suzie, in a matter of minutes you will no longer have a head. Do you have any last words for our kind audience?"

Susie looked out into the crowd. Dozens of eyes were staring back at her intently, scanning over every inch of her deformed, erotic body. Her naked, limbless body. She couldn't cover herself up, even if she wanted to. Juices leaked from her dripping wet pussy. Puffing her chest out as much as she could manage, Susie put on one big smile and cheerfully shouted out.

"Whichever one of you buys me, you better make me cum lots, ya hear?"

Susie's grin shined like the sun. She giggled with giddiness as the man carried her back to the table and set her down. This was it, after this she would have the body she had longed for. The man pressed the resume button and she was pinned down once more. The blades descending towards her face, she left the audience with some parting words.

"Goodbye everyone! See you never!"

And with that, the scalpels dug into her face wildly. No delicacy was required for this part as the arms of the machine scraped and cut away flesh from her skull haphazardly. Chopping off a nose here, stabbing into her eye there, slicing her ears clean off, severing the tongue from her mouth, tearing away strips of skin, ripping chunks of hair out of her scalp, the assault on the teen's visage was brutal and merciless. The trauma was too much for Susie to endure, it did not take long at all before she passed out in shock. The man really cranked up the speed for this section of the procedure. For a process as intensive on her body as this, every moment mattered. In this life-threatening operation, the faster they could get her brain out of her head and into her chest, the better.

As the one set of arms proceeded with disassembling her head, a second set of arms came down and began cutting into her chest. To make room for the brain, one of her lungs would have to be removed. The resulting cavity would be large enough to house the brain.

When most of the skin over the girl's skull had been peeled away, arms holding small circular saws came down and began the arduous task of breaking through the thick skull. In order to break into the skull without damaging major nerves and blood vessels, it cut around the entire back half of the skull, sending sparks and gore flying in the process. At the same time, a second set of saws went to work cutting out the ribs on Suzie's left side of her chest. This considerably easier task was completed much sooner, allowing unobstructed access to the left lung. The cutting arms rapidly pulled the organ free and sealed the loose ends of the respiratory tract and veins. The cavity clear, those arms moved on to the neck and collar, cutting out bone and spreading apart the muscle and flesh there to make space for the excess spine. It was imperative that this preparation be completed before the brain was extracted so as to minimize the time it would be exposed to the elements.

A decently-sized channel was made and just around that time, the saws on Susie's head finished cutting the back of the skull away. The gravity field adjusted and pushed her head up off the table. Brain fluid spilled out as the piece of skull was left behind on the table, exposing the back half of the brain and spine. The arms of the machine spun around to the back of the head and cut those out of the front half of the skull, carefully sliding the entire mass free from their confines. With the skull discarded, now only the brain, the spinal column, and some length of esophagus and windpipe remained.

The arms grabbed her brain and gently and started to bend the spine downwards towards the chest. The muscles supporting the spine had already been cut away, so it only took a bit of careful alteration in the spine's ligaments and bone structure to get it to fit into the prepared channel. The brain nestled into the cavity in the chest, coming to a rest upside down next to the heart. Perfect fit.

All that was left to do was put the rest back together. The sewing arms and other tools pieced together the muscle, bone, and flesh into their proper places, the lasers burning odds and ends closed when it called for it. The excess length of the windpipe and esophagus were trimmed away in line with the collar. The attached flesh that had been Susie's neck was pressed down over them and sewn into a smooth contour of skin from shoulder to shoulder, after which, precisely placed holes were created and fit to line up with their openings. Without head or neck, those holes would be the only evidence to indicate a head had existed at all.

Finally, the sewing arms finished their task and the surgery was complete. Flawless stitching stretched across the upper torso, from the edges of the smooth expanse of skin across the collar and shoulders, to down and around the left half of the chest and ribs. The right half of the chest rose and fell as the headless torso known as Susie breathed softly. Was she unconscious? There was no clear way to tell anymore. All they could say for sure was that she was alive. This torso, this thing, it was living and breathing right in front of their eyes. No head, no limbs, the entire being of a human girl had been irreversibly compacted into this tiny package.

Susie's nap had gone on long enough. The man needed to confirm she was still in there. It was time to bring her back into the world of the living. The man pressed a button on the control panel. A solitary arm came down from the machine. At its end, electricity arced between two prongs. It made contact with the torso's chest and sent the creature into throes of pain. The thing shook and thrashed on the tabletop. The arm pulled away and it breathed heavily, air whistling out of its trachea hole. It stayed still for a moment to catch its breath, then slowly it began to move. It was her, it was Susie.

It was Susie, but now it was something new, something unique and different. It was a torso.

The torso twitched and fidgeted around. It curled spine back, raising itself slightly, then let itself drop down, causing its breasts to bounce. It did it again, then began to wriggle its hips. From where he was standing, the man could clearly see the torso was becoming wet, juices beginning to drip down to its asshole. The man walked over to it, lifting it from the table and raising it above his head.

"I present to you, Susie!"

The audience was silent for the longest time, in complete awe of the wondrous sight. All at once, the trance broke and they boomed into applause. They had seen it with their own eyes. The girl who only minutes ago had been waving a gun around and shouting crazily and smiling with all the happiness in the world had been transformed before their very eyes into the bizarre creature wriggling around in the man's hands.

The man smiled, quite pleased with the reaction. As happy as he was, there was still some work to be done before he could call this act a successful one. He still had one more promise to fulfill.

"Now then, which of you lucky patrons will get to take this fantastic art piece home? Let us start the bidding at 25,000 dollars."





The crowd grew into a frenzy as the bids raised higher and higher. The mood was so heated that at one point it felt like some fellows were about to exchange blows, until they too were outbid by an even wealthier individual. One by one, people were force to dropped out of the race to see who most deserved to purchase the exotic little torso for themselves, until at last no one could muster the resolve to outbid the absurd amount raised.

"The current bid is 550,000 dollars! Going once!... Going twice!... SOLD! Thank you, to the gentleman in the third row!"

People clapped as the gentleman, Mr. Chuck Bradford, stood to claim his prize. He walked towards the front of the stage and reached up as the man handed the torso down to him. He took it into his arms, marveling at how it moved and breathed in his grasp. He was able to feel its warmth through his suit. There was no doubt about it, this thing was alive. This squirming piece of fuckmeat was all his now.

As Mr. Bradford walked back to his seat, hands of fellow audience members jutted out in his direction in hopes of getting a touch of the thing's skin and prove to themselves just how real it was. He held it close to his chest, he would not let a soul lay a hand on his precious prize, not yet. There was a time and place for everything and for now, he wanted to savor his victory. They would all get their chance soon enough.

Taking center stage, the man bowed towards his audience.

"Thank you all for your support so far. Things have been going on for a little long now, it's about time we take an intermission. There is food and drinks out in the main hall. If the owners of the product be willing, we have an area set aside where you all can display and inspect the processed products for yourselves. Thank you."

The man stepped back and the curtain closed on the first half of tonight's unforgettable performance.


This part went through a lot of revisions. There are some bits I'm not entirely happy with, but as a whole this part works out the way I wanted it to.

With the end of this part, we've reached the 50% mark of the show! Of all the product in this story so far, which of the finished pieces did you like most? The least? Which would you like to see more of in the future?

Let me know what you think and look forward to some returning characters in this upcoming intermission!


I like how your style has improved from the first part to this last one. The story, concept and execution are all well done, so kudos to you for that.
For what could be next, I recall a story set in the warhammer 40k universe where a human woman victim of a dark elf archon was dissasembled and kept alive with each and every organ, blood vessel and tissue separated from each other (but not broken). It was like uncoiling the intestines without severing any blood vessel, but with every organ at once. The female victim was pretty much alive (as nothing vital had been cut, just pulled apart) and, much like your torso girl, completely helpless but still thinking and feeling everything. Your machine seems like a perfect tool to replicate that experience, keeping the 'exploded' body floating in a water tank, for example, so it doesn't collapse on itself.


So far, this latest installment of your story involving Susie has been my favorite segment. It was nice to see a willing volunteer that enjoyed her final state for a change (a shame about the head, but still great). I like how you incorporated the brief perspectives of those getting altered by the machine, as I think it adds to the overall narrative. Hoping there are more quad amputee alterations in future installments!


My motivation and drive took a bit of a nosedive after dealing with some personal stuff. As a way of getting back into the swing of things, I'll be taking a vote for this next part. Pick any of the characters present in the theater at this point in the story. Whoever wins, something crazy and unpredictable will happen to them.

A bit of a strange request, I know, but I'll do whatever it takes to keep this fun for me to write!


So far the transformation of Susie is the best. maybe you can write a short paragraph about show how she Feels about her new form, like she’s in bliss or she comes to realize this might have been a blunder. “oh god what have I done to myself. This may have been a mistake”. Suddenly the torso stared to wiggle around in a panic, but no one would ever know of her dismay and regret.

Also next mod idea the reluctant pot girl (cheating wife or lover), for a wealth man who wants to make his Ming vase a lot more valuable. Maybe add the guy she cheated with (potboy?) and make it a matching pair of vases.


Sorry to hear that you had some issues to deal with. I hope that the result of those issues is for the better, than worse.

I wanted to say I have enjoyed the story so far. I prefer the willing transformations more than unwilling. I also like the more diverse ones. When it's just taking off limbs, over and over, it lost a little appeal, but then you teased us with the idea of relocating the brain to the chest cavity, and finally delivered with a human subject! And you did give lots of detail, especially to the limb removals, as not many seem to say much beyond "This saw/laser/whatever cute her arms off, then her legs off. And they stopped the blood somehow." You included mention of the bones, and the removal from the joints.

As far as giving a vote to who might have something unpredictable happen to them, I like the idea of re-including the "Host" for the theater that was "trained" into being almost completely unresponsive. It might be interesting to see if something would happen to her that would give her new motivation for life and to "wake" her up.

Again, I wish you luck.


I like that potgirl/potboy idea! I can't do that right now, but I might be able to use it down the line somewhere.

As for who is going to have something crazy happen to them, so far we've only got one vote. I'm only keeping this poll open for a couple more days, so be sure to place your vote for which character you want something to happen to before then!


I cast my vote for Mrs. Jackson (and additionally Mr. Jackson), as I'd think it would provide some karmic payback for their treatment of Juliet.


father of the girl who was forced to have abortion and leg amputation. unborn child's father turns out to be resident of the community and wants some revenge.


Alright, today's the last day to cast your votes for which character you'd like to have something crazy and unpredictable happen to. After this, I'm going to get right back into writing this story! This is also a way to gauge how many people are reading, so even if you aren't too concerned with who wins or loses, cast a vote anyways, just to let me know you people are still with me!

I am only using established characters present in the theater at this point in the story. I am sorry, but I cannot accept this as a valid vote.


I'd love to see any male character being mutilated!

By the way it's a pleasure to see you're back! I really like your writing!
I loved your story "found" is there anywhere I could read it?


I'd love to see any male character being mutilated!

By the way it's a pleasure to see you're back! I really like your writing!
I loved your story "found" is there anywhere I could read it?


I'd love to see any male character being mutilated!

By the way it's a pleasure to see you're back! I really like your writing!
I loved your story "found" is there anywhere I could read it?


Oh shit, a fan of my old work. Didn't think anyone remembered Found.
I don't have a copy of it myself, but I did manage to find it on the internet archive:

I don't really care too much about archiving, so I only post my work here. Once this story falls off the board, it's gone too (unless someone else feels like archiving it).


Oh, and my apologies to anyone following this story, but I think this story is pretty much on permanent hiatus at this point. I probably won't continue it and I must make a mental note to keep my story ideas shorter in scope, because this seems to be a bad habit of mine.

On the plus side, I've caught the writing bug again and I'm thinking of starting up a new story. A short one this time, something I can hopefully finish! Whether this comes to fruition or not, I want to thank all you commenters for commenting when you could. You make writing sexy fetish stories worth it!


Thank you so much for the link!!!
Looking forward to your next story!






I fucking love you.




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