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Renamed of Turning to Stone, Random Petrification Stories, so be more generic.

Bunch of stories. Girls getting turned to stone, sex toys, furniture, food... out of system of other stories. Usually results in a bad way to live forever.

Magic Exists and It Can Be Petrifying

Everybody loves magic tricks. Young and old, boys and girls. There was a summer magic event at a Japanese town, where little Amy, or Eimi, had fun watching various magicians doing magic tricks. Unfortunately, she had to be back home until 5 PM, because her parents were worried about her 12 year old daughter. 'This is such a bother...' She thought at 3 PM as she was walking home, which was in another, smaller town. Her parents didn't know she would go to that magic show. She lied about that because they'd never let her go otherwise. 'My friends said they would be there...' But it turned out that they didn’t lie to their parents, so they weren't allowed to go. 'But it was so much fun! There were so many magicians!'

As she was walking through a suburb, nobody was there. They were either in town, or at work, or home having lunch or afternoon nap. But then she stumbled across a girl her age who was happily heading towards the town.

“HiiiI!” The girl greeted Amy. “Were you at the festival?”
“Yes, I was. I wish I could have stayed longer, but it was fun!”
“It would be even more fun if I was around.”
“What? Are you a magician?” Amy said in a surprised tone.
“Of course! Want me to show you some magic?”
“Uh… I would love that, but I already spent all my allowance…” There were magicians on the festival who would do magic individually for a small amount of money. Amy had already spent her money.
“Doesn’t matter! Real wizards and witches do magic for the sake of magic!”
“You are a real magician?” Amy asked, even though she knew magic did not exist.
“Yup! Some of us pose as magicians, but we actually do magic. But you mustn’t tell anyone!”
“I would like to see some magic. But don’t ask me money if you say you do it for free!”
“No way would I trick you like that! Now prepare for the transformation!”

“Eh?” That made Amy confused. “You’re going to do a trick on ME?!”
“Of course! Now don’t talk, you’re interrupting my channeling!” The girl said while with closed yes, her hands moving in a conjuring motion. “What is your name?”
“My name is Amy. It’s an American name, spelled in Katakana as e-i-mi, but in Romanji it’s just a-m-y… Wait…” She was scared. “If this is real magic… It’s not, is it?” Amy knew it wouldn’t be, but you can never be sure.
“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I’ll turn you back.”

Then, all of a sudden, Amy felt pressure on her feet.
“What’s happening?” She said, panically looking at her feet.
“Um… Transformation is taking place, but… Why only at your feet? It’s not supposed to be like that.”
“It’s rising, it’s… Wait, my shoes turned to stone!”
“Uh, damn it!!” Screamed the magician girl with her hands over her mouth, then spoke in embarrassment and guilt. “Um… Amy-chan…”
“What?! What did you do to me?!” The pressure was gradually rising.
“I… You must promise you won’t get mad…”
“I will get even madder if you don’t tell me!”
“I’m sorry, Amy-chan! I accidentally threw a spell that turns a person to stone! It’s my fault!”
“What?! You said you knew what you were doing!”
“I do, but… I practiced a lot so I got all mixed up, I’m sorry!”
“Stop this! I’ll die!”
“You won’t, don’t worry about that! I’ll turn you back once the spell is done. Although… I’d need to go home to get my book. I kinda didn’t learn how to turn people back from being stone…”
“Uhh?! I’ll turn to stone?!” Amy yelled, looking at the gray matter on her waist, rising up.
“Don’t scream! Attention will only bring us trouble… People will interfere, they won’t let me turn you back. Don’t worry! I’ll be back in a few hours. Until then… Just enjoy the sight! Your soul will take over your sight and hearing.”
“But I’m becoming stone… I don’t want to become stone… Stop it…”
“I can’t stop it! You must first turn to stone, then I can turn you back.”
“But I don’t want to!” Amy cried, for the last time, as part of her lungs was already stone.
“I’m sorry, Amy-san! I’m so sorry! Umm… Somebody could be worried if they saw this kind of face on a statue… I’m sorry, Amy, I have to change your facial expression!”

Then the unknown girl conjured something that got Amy’s face smiling. It looked like Amy was happy about being turned to stone, but underneath the smiling she was terrified.

“…” Amy wasn’t able to speak anymore. The pressure was moving up her body. ‘Impossible! I must be dreaming!’ The pressure felt really weird once it got to her tongue. Last body part of her that was turned to stone were her eyes, when her sight faded into darkness. Gradually, her sight came back, but it was very strange. She was seeing both what was in front of her and behind her. ‘Girl-chan, help me…’

“Amy-chan… Can you hear me? If you can hear me, don’t worry! Look… I’m really sorry. I lied because I wanted you to be quiet. My parents would know if I took the book that I talked about. And if I ask them to do it for me… they’ll beat me up because I learned how to petrify people! I’m not allowed to know that in this age! The way things are, several grown up magicians could have done this to you, so no one will suspect me.”
‘Uhh?! Why?! Isn’t this more important than avoiding spanking?!’
“I’m glad I don’t know what you’re thinking… But look on the brighter side! Not everyone gets to become an eternal statue! You look like a 3D print!”
‘But… I don’t want to be an eternal statue… Turn me back… Please…’
“I need to go to the festival now. I must hurry! Have fun! And soooorryyyyy!!” The mysterious yelled while running for the town.
‘No… Don’t go…’ Amy thought in confusion. ‘I can’t move… Or breathe… Come back, Witch-chan! Don’t leave me like this!’

As the hours went by, Amy was grasping the situation. It was all so sudden and… Impossible! She was in shock and panic. The best outcome was an adult wizard or witch stumbling across her, taking her home and turning her back. But that was only hope.

An adult guy had been walking back from work when he stumbled across a gray statue of a 12 year old girl. It was cold, simple stone, but a detailed statue.
“What is this?” He thought. “What a large 3D print. And so detailed!”
‘Help me, mister… Call the magicians…’
“If only she looked a bit older. I’m going to transport this into my house. I need to find out who made this.”
‘No… Don’t remove me from the street…’

He asked his wife for help. He loaded Amy into her car and took her home. Both he and his wife were amazed. ‘Why…?’ When they were dragging her into the house, she lost a toe. It didn’t hurt, but she could still feel it. It was strange. The family’s cat started playing with it. ‘No… Don’t play with my toe. Wait… Why do I feel a cat playing with my toe… if my toe is off?’

“We should put this out for auction.” The wife said.
‘Uhh? Auction?’ Amy thought.
“We first need to find out who made it and ask for permission.” The husband said.
“Why should we? It’s not like someone just loses a statue this big.”
“Maybe it fell out of the truck.”
“Honey… If it is lost, it’s lost on purpose. This is a… 12 year old girl. Maker must be some lolicon who doesn’t want to be identified. That’s why he left her.”
“But if we sell it, won’t we look like lolicons too?”
“I see… We will say that we found it and want to return it to the owner. And that we demand a prize. A fake or a real owner will probably call us because they want that statue…”
“Good idea. I’ll get to it!” He said.

Little Amy would, obviously, be sold.
‘No… Please… Don’t sell me…’ She thought. ‘Mom… dad… I’m sorry I lied… Please, help me!!!! I don’t want to live like a statue…’


A Japanese high school class was having a field trip to Austria, so they visited a 3D printing museum. One of the kids noticed a statue of a Japanese girl.
“Sensei! This girl is Japanese!”
The whole class gathered in amazement. It was a statue of a 12 year old Japanese girl. The statue of Amy.
“Why is there a Japanese girl statue in an Austrian museum?”
“I’m glad you asked.” Said their tour. “It was found by the road in a suburb in Japan. It is a small wonder! It was made 98 years ago, yet it looks as good as it was made today! It was bought by this museum 10 years ago for 50 million Euro.”

“I want to have a statue of a girl like this at home…” A male kid said.
“You should get a body pillow instead.” Said a male classmate. “Neither are real people, pillows are at least soft.”
“You boys are so lame!” Complained a female classmate. “Find yourself real girls!”



Ichika and Yuka were two girls in an orphanage. Ichika's parents were dead, and Yuka lived with her mother until she was sent off to the orphanage because of their poverty. She would still see her mother every once in a while, asking if she's healthy and had enough food. Other than that, they were first year middle schoolers, schooled in the orphanage. And they were best friends, spending most of their time together and slept in the same dorm room.

But Yuka turned out to have a deadly cancer. The orphanage nurse, who they called Yuno-sensei, handed her over the diagnosis. Little Yuka was to be operated.

As Yuno-sensei was driving them to the hospital, it was evening. Ichika wore a pony tail, and Yuka’s hair was simply neck-length. The shades of brown were also different, as Ichika’s hair was dark brown, and Yuka’s was very pale brown.

Ichika was suspicious when she entered the hospital.
“It looks like an older building.” She said. “Are you sure my friend should be operated here?”
“Most of the hospitals are like this.” Said sensei. “It’s not always like in the movies and shows.”
“Don’t worry, Ichika!” Said Yuka with a smile. “They are doctors. They will take good care of me.”
“Uhh…” Worried Ichika. “There are pervert doctors too. Don’t let they touch you improperly.”
“Ichika!” Squeeked Yuka in embarrassment. “Don’t say dirty thing like that! It’s embarrassing!”
“Uh… I’m sorry! But still… Be careful.”
“Besides… They are going to save my life… It’s not like I could say ‘no’ if somebody… would be improper…”
“Don’t be silly! It’s their job. They earn much money, unlike we ever will. They have no right to do something bad to you!”
“Relax, girls.” Said sensei. “No one will do anything horrible to you, Yuka-chan. Besides, if they do, we will have them go to prison.”

When Yuka was called, she entered the operation room.
“Lets go, Ichika.” Said Yuno-sensei, taking Ichika’s hand.
“Let me go! I’m not going.”
“The operation is going to last until 4 in the morning.” Sensei complained.
“Then I will wait until morning. Besides, you will be back.”
“Oh, I guess it can’t be helped then. But now it’s time for YOU to be careful! Don’t walk around, and especially don’t leave the building! You don’t want to be kidnapped by some creep on the street.”
“Don’t worry about me, sensei. Good night! You will need sleep if you’re going to drive us home.”
“Good night, Ichika!”

Ichika couldn’t sleep from worry, so she went to look for a vending machine. As she found one, she bought a cola.

“What are all these other items?” She wondered. “They aren’t food, are they?”

When she looked better, at one of them said: ‘Asuka-chan Mini Onahole, single use.’

“EWWW!” She screamed. “Damn. I was too loud. What is this? Are all hospitals such perverted places?” Ichika thought that, from perverted stuff, she’d only find condoms and similar things. But not this.

‘Is there any more perverted stuff around here? Just what is this place?’ She thought, while she went for a walk to see if there was more suspicious stuff around. ‘They aren’t perverted kidnappers, are they?’

Then she got to a door with a huge sing on it:
‘If you see this, you’re fucked.’
She heard a bang and felt a pinch on her butt.
“Ahh!” She screamed. “What is this?!” But very quickly she got dizzy. She collapsed on the floor, unconscious.


Yuka-chan was actually very scared that day. Especially in the operation room, as she laid on the operation table. ‘They will cut me and put needles in me!’ She thought.
“Umm… Excuse me.” She asked. “Will you put me to sleep before operation?”
“Yes!” A young, calming female doctor said. “Of course. I mean, that’s why we measured your body weight, to figure out how much gas we will give you.”
“And I won’t feel anything?”
“That’s correct, you won’t feel anything at all.”
“That’s good. Thank you.” Said Yuka, just a little bit more calmed.

But then Yuka noticed a poster on the wall.

“Umm, sensei? It says ‘Hot Magic, premium silicone… sex… toys… On the wall.’”
“What? Oh… We are so sorry you saw this, Yuka.” The same doctor said. “We were on vacation for the past two weeks, and this operating room wasn’t in use. I guess a guard put it there because he was bored, and forgot to take it off. Saito-san, please?”

A male doctor then took that poster down.

“You aren’t going to turn me into silicone, aren’t you?” Asked Yuka with a mixture of fright and joking laugh.
“Of course not, silly! Now just relax. Everything is going to be all right.” The doctor said as she put the anesthesia mask on Yuka’s nose and mouth. Yuka went to anesthetic sleep.


“How did it go?” Asked Yuno-sensei, as she came early in the morning, in front of the operating room.
“Just like always. Except that Ichika girl. She went to snoop around.”
“Yeah… This morning I magically made sure everybody completely forgot about Yuka. I will do the same with Ichika, it will be easy.”
“Don’t worry! We took care of Ichika. Just make sure everybody forgets about her too.”
“Oh. Good! Thank you!” Yuno-sensei thanked. “May I see Yuka?”
“Sure! Come on in.”

As Yuno-sensei entered the operation room, she saw a torso lying on an operation table. A silicone torso. Though if you didn’t look close enough, you’d swear it was a living torso of a first grade middle schooler. Except that it wasn’t moving at all, and there was no neck or head. The shoulders and buttocks were rounded as the torso had no arms or legs. You could clearly see the bellybutton, slit on the pussy, and back was slightly curved in an arousing way. Its skin was of Yuka’s normal, light color.

“So pretty…” Said sensei with admiration, feeling the body. It still felt like silicone, but unbelievably arousing. “Yuka-chan… Reduced to this…”
“As surprised as always, Yuno-san!”
“It’s just so unbelieveable… She can feel this, right?”
“Yes. That’s why we sell that good. People sense they’re violating someone, and they aren’t even aware of it. It’s funny how violence-adoring people are without even knowing.”
“What did you do with her head?”
“We didn’t want it to be recognized since she had a mother. So we melted head and limbs away after we turned her to silicon.”
“Magic is so amazing… I want to do this one day…”
“You just keep up with your online courses, take care and keep bringing us people. We will supply your orphanage with money. And one day we may teach you how we do it.”
“It would be my honor! And… The orphanage thanks you!”
“You say that every time, Yuno-san. Now, hurry up with admiring Yuka-chan, she needs to be sent to packing in 30 minutes, and I need to take my children to school.”


‘What is this?!’ Ichika thought as she woke up in darkness. ‘Yuka-chan, are you there? I can’t feel my bottom half! I can’t feel my arms! What did they do to me?!’ She feared as she thought they had cut off her spinal cord. ‘Wait… This smells like carton! Am I being driven in a box?! But… I don’t breathe! Why am I alive if I don’t… Why do I smell the box if I can’t breathe… I can’t move at all… Ahhhh I don’t understand!!!’

After a long time of panic, she figured something even worse. ‘My… Body… My body is in a box!!! My body was cut in half!!! My arms were cut off!!! And I can’t move!!! I… Hear myself being driven in a… truck? Why?!’

After a few days, without need or possibility to sleep, and with extreme frustration of boredom, loss and inability to move, she heard her box being open. She saw the light. There were 2 giants looking at her, one of them was fat.

“Beautiful!” Fat one said.
“I thought it would be bigger.”
“Bigger ones are too expensive. This took both of our savings! Besides, this is far from a mini onahole!”
“It looks… like a real small human… And a loli! A real loli with early puberty boobs, only reduced in size! If she moved and wasn’t blue, I’d think she was alive.”
“Yeah… Totally worth the money. They say all those expensive sex toy companies are crap, but… This is unbelievable! If only I could see that loli butt, but I bought only upper half…”

‘UHHHHH?!!!’ Ichika thought. ‘AM I A SEX TOY?!!! WHY?!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!’ Apparently, she was a blue, two-handed onahole.

“I guess we are supposed to fuck her in the mouth.” Slim one said.
“There is a hole on the other side too. I wish my dick was big enough to go completely through this thing.”
“You’d need to have a really big dick! Hahahaha!”

‘NO!!! LET ME GO!!! I’M A REAL HUMAN!!! STOP TOUCHING ME!!! SOMEBODY SAVE MEEEE!!!’ She thought as she felt the fat guy’s sweaty fingers all over her reduced-in-size face.

The fat guy pulled out his dick as the other one was shocked.
“I’m sorry, mate! This toy looks and feels too good. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you try!”

‘WHAT IS THIS?! STOP IT!!!’ Ichika thought as the huge (width was half her current head width) greasy thing with a hole on the tip got right in front of her eyes. ‘TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME!!! IT’S CREEPY!!! IT SMELLS!!! MOVE THAT DISGUSTING THIS AWAY FROM MY FACE!!!’

The guy was pulling his skin back and forth as a foreplay to himself as Ichika was forced to look directly at it. ‘PLEASE STOP THIS! IT’S SCARY! I’M A LITTLE GIRL! THIS GOREY THING YOU DO WITH YOUR THING IS TERRIFYING ME!’ The few minutes felt so long. ‘Just… How long are you going to force me look at this disgusting thing you do with your disgusting thing?! Stop it! Please! It stinks…’ Her nose holes were shut with silicone, but the surface was made from the skin inside her nose, so she could still smell whatever reached it through the air.

“What does it says on the box… Ichika-chan! Now let’s see, Ichika-chan, how are you on the inside.”

‘NO!! NO!!!’ She screamed inside her mind as she felt the smooth part of the meaty thing leaving its grease across her lips, trying to set up to enter her mouth. ‘IT STINKS!!! MOVE IT AWAY!!! PLEASE!!! DON’T PUT IT IN!!! IT STINKS!!!’

But her wishes didn’t come true as the thing stretched her mouth and entered it.

“Uhh! So good! It doesn’t even need to be lubed!”


Not only was she forced to taste and smell that fat guy’s cock, but the movement through her mouth and body felt confusing and chaotic for her. Because the channel that connected her mouth with the other side of her torso was stretching enormously with his dick.

When he came, she felt the slimy substance through her body. She thought it would be a relief, him pulling his dick out. But his dick pulled some cum with it, which came into her mouth. ‘Tastes grose… Bitter… It stinks… Just how many bad tastes and smells do boys have?’

“Maaaan…” The fat guy described to the other one who was getting ready for work. “Just… How good it was! And I didn’t even lube it. Man… You have to try it.”
“I will when I come back from work. Just wash it thoroughly for me.”
“Did you hear? These things don’t corrode. They basically last forever.”
“Yeah… In 5 years you can sell it for half the price, which is amazing.”
“Full price, man! Some dude said he sold one after 7 years for retail price. And I saw this YouTube video. They were trying to melt it in things that dissolve silicone. You know, chemicals! It had so little effect after long period of time! It’s difficult to even melt it with heat! If you threw this in trash, they wouldn’t be able to burn it completely. This is such a good make, it’s probably worth 5 times more than we had to pay!”
“It’s kinda weird, how they make such extraordinary things, without spending million dollars on each. As if they use magic.”

After the conversation the slim guy left, and fat guy said.
“Fuck it. He can wash it himself.”

For poor Ichika it was apparently over. ‘This… will never stop?!!! PLEASE… I’M A REAL GIRL… NOTICE IT… WHY DON’T YOU SEE IT? At least… At least wash me… This feels grose. Yuka-chan… Please be OK… Those mean people didn’t do anything bad to you too, did they? You are so gentle… You’re not rude like me. No one should be able to hurt you like this… Right?’ The best thing to hope for was be left alone and clean. But is that the worst position she could be in? Because, if anybody ever decides to throw her away, she would instead suffer in immobility and smell of trash. Forever.


‘What is this?’ Yuka thought as she woke up. ‘I can’t feel my head… Or my limbs… Anyone? Is this normal?’ She didn’t yet know she had been magically operated, turned into a full-size silicon loli torso, with 2 holes that were meant for fucking.

‘Am I in a box? This feels like a box. What is this? I can’t see, I can’t hear… I can’t… Why don’t I breathe? Am I dead?’ Yuka progressively got into panic. ‘I thought death would be more peaceful than this… Am I dead? No… I’m in a box, someone is driving me… Perverted doctors? No, I don’t feel my head or my limbs. This is impossible, this must be from anesthesia, right?’

But as time went by, she figured she was not under influence of anesthesia anymore. He torso weight felt different than normal. Lighter.

‘I… What’s going on?! Ichika-chan? Why am I lighter?’ She remembered the poster on the wall. ‘No… It’s impossible, they didn’t turn me into a silicone doll. So… What’s going on? Sensei promised me nothing horrible would happen to me!’

‘Let me… I can’t move! How much time has it been?! Help me! Someone! Ichika, you were there, right?! Why didn’t you stop them? Why… What’s going on?!!! This is weird!!! I’m in a box and I have no head or arms or legs!!! I can’t move!!! It’s been hours, let me go!!!’

‘What’s going on? The box is moving… Is someone cutting it? Thank God… Please, call someone… Please… I can’t move… It’s been days, I’m going crazy… Don’t touch me… But… Yes. You need to touch me to get me out of the box. That’s right. This feels like a bed. Thank you!!! Please, call Yuno-sensei or my mum! Or Ichika!’

‘Where were you? It’s been an hour or something… Did you call…? Why are you touching my… Don’t… Stop touching my boobs… It feels unpleasant. It…’

Then little Yuka came to a horrific assumption.



Poor Yuka was an onahole to a rich unmarried guy. Of course, he wasn’t aware that she was a little girl sealed in a silicone doll made of her own body. He was just enjoying this horribly realistic silicone body. As small as an early middle schooler, her back just slightly curved to make her look extremely sexy, her silicone body soft and arousing. No arms, no legs, no head, but her ass looked and felt so good.

For him, it felt like he was finally being a part of a hardcore hentai anime. But Yuka’s fate was similar to her friend Ichika’s. And many others whom she magically forgot. She wouldn’t die. She would be violated for many years until maybe, just maybe, she would be thrown into trash and have a probably-endless unrest.


Introduction to Sealing

Academy of Magic is a Japanese school that covers high school and college level of magical training.

The first year high schoolers, all girls category, were about to have an introduction class to sealing. The course was not optional. Why? Because otherwise, nobody would take it.

“You know what I heard?” Said a brunette to her friends while they were all sitting and waiting for the teacher to come in. “That Mamura-sensei is going to kill off half of the class!”
“He won’t kill us! He’ll seal half of the class!” Replied an orange-haired girl with a witch hat on her head.
“That’s what I said!”
“No, you said ‘kill’.”
“Ugh! Anyway, I heard they might never let us out though…”
“Heard?!” Complained the orange girl. “You just heard all that?”
“Well… People say things, it doesn’t mean they’re true!”
“How else would teach us?! This is ‘sealing’ class, he must seal someone! Takami-chan, you sometimes get really confused.”
“Yes, but… I hope it won’t be half of the class. And that he will let them out. Imagine if you just lost half of your friends!”
“You imagine”, the orange replied with an evil smile “you were just sealed in a tissue and that people blew their noses into you!”
“Uhhhh! Stop it, scary!”
“Or guys wipe their cum with you!”
“That’s just gross! Stop it!” Another short friend said, with brown hair of neck length.

Then the teacher entered and everyone shut up.

“Good evening, class!”
“Good evening, Mamura-sensei!”
“Welcome to Sealing class! You might wish you were never here, but in 2 years, you will become addicted to sealing and bad magic just like most wizards and witches. This device over here,” he put his hand on a device that seemed to be mostly monitor, “is called ‘chakrogram’. It displays human soul inside an object. See!” He put his hand behind the screen, and you could see his hand as 5-10 points that wiggled and radiated in a radius. “You see the soul of my hand and the way it radiates. It radiates because I’m not sealed within this body, so its energy spends. Spending energy makes a body age. I will show 3 examples, with your help, today. Before we start, are there any questions?”

The orange one lifter her hand up with slight fear.

“Umm… Sensei. Are you going to seal us temporarily or permanently?”
“What? Of course I’ll seal you permanently! Complex sealing is too… complex for your age! And it will be demonstrated in the following years. For now, we will do simple sealing. One method is trapping people inside things, and the other method is turning people into things. This year we will learn the first one. BUT you need to know that you first need to learn the theory! So I will show you 3 examples that don’t have much to do with what you’ll learn this year. First you’ll learn how a human soul reacts within objects if sealed simply.”

“Listen up!” He continued. “Magic has advanced thanks to sacrifice. Wizards have sacrificed themselves or others to test and demonstrate magic. So you will sacrifice as well, for each other’s education.”

In wizards’ society, it is considered an honor to be sacrificed for research or education in magic. However, it is scary nonetheless. 95% of mages did not want to be sacrificed. Each and every victim of sacrifice needs to go through hard struggle not to run away. That is, if they, unlike these girls, even have a choice.

So orange one gulped in fear. Takami whispered to her with a whispering laugh:
“I knew you were afraid too!”

“Takami-san, come over here!” Teacher ordered.
“Huh?” She was confused. “What? Why?”
“Obviously, I would demonstrate sealing on you.”
“But… Why me?!”
“Why not? Why someone else? Come over here, please.”

Takami walked to the teacher with a face of fear.

“Take off your clothes.”
“Ehh?” She asked in shock.
“You’d do even more embarrassing things in Sex-ed. Now go ahead, take off your clothes.”

She took off her clothes. But then he pulled out his 7 inch erect dick.

“Fellate my penis, Takami-san.”
“Ehh?!” She said in surprise. “I need to suck THAT?!”
“Well, of course! What else would you suck? Just get on your knees, put it in your mouth and… suck it. Avoid teeth contact.”

Takami was really shy. She first licked that greasy dick because… She wasn’t sure what to do with it. Or how to start. Sex is very important for wizards, but they would just start learning about that in a Sex-ed class.

“Uhh, sensei…” She complained. “It smells…”
“The sooner you start sucking, the sooner it will start to smell less.”

But that wasn’t an easy thing to do. It would be neither small nor big for a grown woman, but for someone who is new at it… It would be right under her nose and she would be lost. But still, there was one thing that distracted her far more. And that she was trying to hide from others. ‘I will… Be sealed… Permanently… No…!’

She put that smelly thing in her mouth with her adrenaline pumping. She could feel the chills through her whole body as she knew the worst thing that awaited her. ‘If I make him come…Maybe he will be too distracted to do it… I will do my best!!!’

The teacher could feel her sudden determination to save herself. It felt really good even though it was sloppy! But an expert wizard who experienced that plenty of times versus a distracted, inexperienced and frightened student? She was no match for him at all. He let her do that for a few minutes until he had enough of her sloppy blowjob. Takami suddenly stopped like a Marine Corps trainee. Her whole body started flowing into his dick as if it was made from sand and his dick was the vacuum cleaner. Takami was gone. Completely. The only thing left was his erect, saliva-coated dick.

“Do you see what distraction does to a person? It makes them an easy target for a wizard! For those of you who didn’t yet figure out – I have sealed Takami-san inside my penis! The way you saw my dick sucking her up, that was just a special effect. Normally, a person just stops and their body disappears in one or two seconds. Now, let’s see her in the chakrogram!”

He put his dick behind a chakrogram monitor/scanner/core-unit. His dick radiated just like his hand when he showed it at the beginning of the class, but the soul inside the duck looked especially thick.

“Just focus on my penis. Not my testicles. You see, unlike my hand… You see my hand again now. See? My penis soul looks much thicker than my hand soul! Reason for that is Takami-san, and many other students before her! They aren’t aware of each other, which is very important if you seal people inside your own body parts. She is completely and simply sealed in my dick. Her soul isn’t even radiating because she was simply sealed. She is strictly bound to the matter, and will continue to be bound even when my penis turns into bacterial droppings in my grave.”

“Now…” He continued. “As I masturbate… Do you see the wiggle inside my penis speeding up? If you look better, it’s synchronized with the radiation of my dick, which is more aggressive as well. That is sexual pleasure! Or rather, pleasure for me, but very confusing for them, because their souls are still human. But their whole bodies are now my penis and only my penis. Not my testicles, not my prostate. They can feel me masturbating and having sex. Now, are there any questions?”

Nobody dared to ask any questions. Or even talk. During the whole process, there was silence in class never noted before. Takami whispered only once in his class and now she’s a… dick! Students even tried to breathe quietly. Ideal situation for many teachers.

“You orange-haired girl, Midori-san. Will you miss your friend?”
“Uhh?” She said with a surprising tone. “Uhh… I guess…”
“Good! Then you make a perfect candidate for the next demonstration. You lost a friend, you should join her in misery.”
“But… Thank you, sensei, but that really won’t be necessary.”
“Heh! I was just joking. I need someone so I chose you. And your brown haired friend over there… Mami-san, come over here.”

They both came with hesitation.

“Now your 2 classmates will take off their tops and lick each other’s nipples. So, let’s go, take it off!”

They took off their tops and bras. Their boobs were small. Midori’s were of lighter color and more puffy.

“Mami-san, move a bit away from Midori-san and sit on the floor.”
“Umm… Sensei, how should I sit?”
“Just sit on the floor. I will do the rest.”

Mami moved away and sat on the floor. The teacher then summoned some sort of a… portal there? Students could see lens effect above Mami and in front of Midori. But Mami could, from below, see Midori’s feet and the floor!

“Now get up. Go through there.”

As she was getting up, she found herself facing Mami, upside down, and then facing her bare breasts. It was very confusing, but the gravity laws didn’t change for her. It literally felt as if she was the one up, and everyone else were upside down. As for the rest of the class – bottom half of Mami’s body was normal standing, and upper half, completely separated, was upside-down and right in front of Midori!

“Good! Now you’re facing each other’s nipples. Start licking! Your job now is to lick well.”

“I’m sorry, Midori-chan…” Said Mami.

And that was the moment they knew would be their last. Simply put, they were up against each other. The loser would be sealed inside something, forever. They were really embarrassed as they were starting to lick each other’s breasts, and in the same time they were afraid of sensei. They did their best not to be distracted. But then they heard something… Unexpected?

“The purpose of this process is not finding the loser, but the perfect nipple. You can see Midori-san do much better job than Mami-san, but to me it does not take a chakrogram to see that Midori-san is reacting more intensely. Midori’s breasts started developing late, and they are still developing, so they are small and sensitive. And Mami-san’s breasts are just small in nature, although still developing too. We will go for a loli nipple as we have that awesome opportunity.”

Midori’s face went into shock and then it froze. Just like Takami, she flew like sand, but into her own nipple. The teacher caught it in his hand as it started to fall. Midori was gone too. She was reduced to a single, small, light-colored, warm nipple. Sensei put it behind the chakrogram.

“You can go back to your seat, Mami-san. Do you see how thick the soul of the nipple is? That’s Midori-san’s whole soul, stuck in this nipple. It is radiating hard. Honestly, this is not simple sealing. This is a living organism, a self-sustaining nipple, without a brain, but with the mind of a human female. Leave it for an hour, and it will remain warm. That’s why it’s still radiating as in getting old.”

“Let’s say we want to have a nipple badge.” He demonstrated as he was speaking. “You take this needle, stick it through the back of the nipple…” Which caused visible discomfort among the girls in class. “And then you attach it to your shirt. You see? Now I have a nipple badge! But more importantly… Let me just take it off… The chakrogram. You see, as it has the needle through it, the soul is wiggling much more aggressively than before. Because it is in pain.”

“Now, do you see this glass of water? That is not just water. It’s a magically active water that turns living matter into non-corrosive silicone. It’s important not to confuse silicon with silicone as they are 2 entirely different things! And there are more variants of silicone. So, we drop a nipple in there…”

Sensei dropped Midori into the glass. Over half a minute it was becoming pinker and pinker. Until it was unnaturally pink… Sensei took it out with the pincers.

“See this? I can take it in my hand now. We have a 100% silicone nipple! At first we had a girl, and now we have a silicone nipple! Behind the chakrogram… You can see something changed, right?” The nipple was no longer radiating. It was like Midori’s soul was trapped inside a nipple-shaped box. “She is now completely and simply sealed inside a silicon nipple! That’s what happens when a person is SIMPLY turned into non-biological matter. And I don’t mean non-organic! I mean non-biological, which you will learn in Biology or Chemistry.”

“Do you see her soul still wiggles as aggressively as the last time? That is because the needle was still inside the nipple when we put it in the active water. Let’s try to pull it out… We pulled it out. See? Nothing changed! That’s what you get when something is simply turned into non-biological matter. They are automatically sealed and their spiritual physical receptors are locked in a state.”

“Now, in this glass over here is a liquid that dissolves silicone. Let’s drop the nipple inside and put it in front of the chakrogram.” As the nipple dissolved, the soul seemed to mix with the liquid. In a few minutes, Midori’s soul was sealed inside a glass of dissolved silicone. It had been wiggling just the same. “Let this be a message to you on the dangers of simple sealing. Once sealed, they cannot be unsealed. That’s why more flexible methods are very important, especially if you’re capturing someone for interrogation.”

“Now, let’s take a 5 minute break from class.” Sensei decided as he left the classroom.

The girls talked about the class during the pause. Although they were all whispering for the sensei not to hear them.
“This is… horrible!”
“Why didn’t he first pull the needle out and let the pain fade away?”
“I actually ordered a nipple badge once… If only I had known!”

But one of the nerds didn’t care much about that.
“It hasn’t been 15 minutes and he left the class… Why is he showing us this bullshit? Let’s not waste time and people, and learn something useful instead.”

She wasn’t the only one.
“It’s just an introduction class, I mean… Yeah, you’ve got the point. He already sealed away 2 of the students. He could have done something more useful with them.”

“Why are you treating this as something normal?” A dark brown long-haired shorty asked.
“Well, he told us we are going to love it. Next year or so? I have an older brother, he will seal someone for a seminar or something. He loves it.”

The shorty broke the whispering chatter with a normal, clear statement.
“I… this is not ok.” She complained. “I shouldn’t have taken a magic school. I want to get out of here! I hope it’s not too late to give up…”
But in the worst possible time. She turned around, and the teacher was already back.

“Yumi-san, a good way of giving up is being sealed away, don’t you think?”
“Uh… No… Sensei, I was just joking!”
“I don’t really care. I need a third demonstration. So… If you think you’re not a fit, why don’t I choose you?”
“I… I don’t want to… That’s why I said it…”
“I know. Look, you can’t get away, sacrifice is mandatory for magic schools. But I promise you the last thing will not be as bad.”
“You promise?”

“Yes.” He said as he approached her. He put his hand on her shoulder as an apparent sign of encouragement. Except that her legs gave in. The teacher took a grip on her not to fall down.
“I can’t mo…” And suddenly she couldn’t even speak anymore. She was taken in front of the class.

20 minutes have passed. Yumi was on the table. Without arms or legs. On a metal stake. It was completely through her, from her ass to her mouth. It was not like a cartoon porn scene. She was not being fucked all-the-way-through. She was literally impaled. The iron stake pierced her insides. One of the most terrible execution methods. Without limbs she was totally helpless. And what would she do anyway? Her face was apparently paralyzed, it didn’t show much reaction. But her jaw trembled and her eyes cried. She was apparently in torment.

The students were THEN shocked. First they expected some permanent but harmless sealing. And after the first 2 demonstrations, despite the nipple piercing gesture, they expected to be sealed in kinky ways. But this sight, despite the teacher falsely promising it would be less bad than the others, made them realize they should expect anything at all from him.

“All-the-way-through sex toys are really popular nowadays. And this is how they are made. A girl is taken or bought from her parents, then paralyzed, then impaled and then processed. You see a glass pool of ‘silicone water’? Yup, we put them in there.”

He then dipped living Yumi whole in the active water, holding the tip of the stake in order to pull it out later. Turning into silicone, she stopped trembling very soon and started becoming pink. In a few minutes, the teacher took out an unnaturally pink impaled amputee. He pulled out the stake. That was Yumi. First just a regular, talking, living classmate, and then a silicone doll you wouldn’t even assume was living if you weren’t told beforehand.

“So, this few-feet-long penis should pretend to be the user’s penis on the other side of the body because nobody has a penis big enough to really fuck her all the way through. You shove it in her through her mouth… The tip must be the last one to go in.” The huge artificial dick was now completely inside Yumi’s body.

“Now, the magical stake processed the tunnel in a way that anything can be pushed inside through its mouth, but not so easily out through the mouth. So, if you push your penis into her vagina…” He did that with his dick. And his dick pushed the artificial dick which then exited her mouth, as if the teacher had been fucking her all the way through. “And now you pull your penis back, the artificial penis draws back into her mouth. You see? Genius!”

It was rather shocking than genius. Just how many innocent girls did have to go through that so that people could buy themselves sex toys? Moreover, they have no idea that those toys are actually sealed living humans, permanently locked in the state of pain because that’s the easier way for manufacture. Or do the manufacturers actually use a complex method gives the poor girls more mercy? Yumi’s fate itself was just bad enough, but… It was guaranteed that the remaining students would get to like things like that after a few years. Every wizard and witch graduate does.

Sealing is known to be elimination subject for the first year. That made students think it would be hard. Because who in their right mind would think it would randomly and literally eliminate half of the class?


Boutique Business Sacrifice

I am Mika. I am 12 and my hair is brown. I have mum, dad, both grandmas, only one grandpa, younger brother and some good friends. I live with my parents and my brother. I like clay modelling and hanging out with my friends. I like modern pop, house and electro. I want to be a clothes designer or something. I am a happy but a clumsy girl. Or should I say I ‘was’? I never thought I’d be an unlucky girl too. And right now I am talking to myself in my thoughts.

An amazing boutique had opened not far away, so I had decided to go there with my friends. I wore a blue t-shirt, jean shorts and a pony tail. I didn’t wear much make up. I took my purse. I finished my homework in a hurry and then my parents dropped me off in the city, where I was supposed to meet my friends. We did all sorts of things in the city, so there wasn’t much time or money left when we got to the boutique. It was inside a huge shopping mall building. It really looked amazing! The boutique was huge, with all sorts and styles of clothes!

We didn’t get to buy anything though. We didn’t have enough money left. Or more correctly, they didn’t, and I didn’t want it to rub it into their faces, so I didn’t buy anything either. But their parents would pick them up at 7 PM, and mine would pick me at 8… So I figured, after they’re gone, I’d go back and buy myself a really nice ribbon. When I went back there, I saw some really nice gloves hanging. ‘I hope there will be some left next time…’ I thought. The ribbon costed just as much as the gloves did, and I didn’t have money for both. And I didn’t want to buy a normal cheap ribbon… I really liked that one ribbon. So I took the ribbon and decided to buy the gloves next time I was there.

So, I paid up and tried to leave the shop. Except that the alarm sounded when I approached the sensor. The shopping lady told me that it happens sometimes, so I stepped back and tried to pass through the sensor again. It sounded again. There is always a possibility of a broken sensor, but they said they should probably search my stuff so they can let me go without worry.

But the shop manager got there before they could do that. She said I had gloves in my purse. I looked at it – it was ON my purse, perfectly camouflaged. ‘Oh God, one must have accidentally fell on my purse while I was looking at them…’ I thought.

“Should I call the police, young lady?” The manager asked.
“Uhh, it was not on purpose! I swear! Those gloves had been hanging and they must have fell on my purse…”
“Yes, of course it was an accident! If I was a thief, I would say the same!”
“But it really was… You don’t believe me?”
“If it was really an accident, you should have been more careful. But no, I don’t believe you. The camouflage was almost perfect, it couldn’t have been a coincidence. It should have at least fell off your purse by now…”
“This is bad…” I said quietly.
“But this is a perfect moment, young lady! We need someone quick. You do this for us, we let you go.”
“Yes!” I immediately accepted.

She took me to a room that looked like a photograph room. ‘Uhh… They will take pictures of me? Jeez… Why did I go on with this?”
“Excuse me, miss… what should I do exactly?”
“You’ll have to wear some clothes and model a bit. We were supposed to have an appointment with another girl your age, but she isn’t coming… It’s nothing hard or embarrassing. Just take these summer clothes and wear them. Wardrobe is over there.”

I went in the wardrobe and wore them. I was anxious the whole time. I thought ‘Modelling?? Me?? What if my parents see the pictures??’

I walked out of the wardrobe, wearing the right clothes. Those were beach clothes, not lewd, but still light. I felt really embarrassed.
“Umm… Miss, how long will this take?”
“Forever.” She answered with a light laugh. I took that as a joke.

So, she placed me on the stage and went behind the camera. She told me to lean on my left leg and put my arm on the back of my head as if I were scratching it.
“Put your elbow down. This needs to be a relaxed and a cute scene. And relax. Smile. That’s good, that’s very good!”

And then the camera flash blinked. And I didn’t. How foolish was I, my only concern back there was if I’d accidentally blink or not.

The lady then moved from the camera and went to what seemed to be her office, but… I couldn’t move. At all. I couldn’t even move my eyes or muscles of my face. I couldn’t even blink. I could only breathe, and that happened automatically, I had no control over it. I was in so much panic! Ever since that flash… I completely lost the ability to move! It was unbelievable! I screamed in my mind as loud as I could, but my throat didn’t make a sound.

Then she brought a man who seemed to be the owner of the boutique andshe also brought… some sort of a monk? Shaman? He looked like a dark priest, kind of like Anthony Levey, only more pagan. He quickly set up 5 candles around me and started a prayer:

“Oh lord Hwalu! The Great Lord Hwalu! The ONLY Lord Hwalu! You who won the ancient war between all Gods. You who had acted patiently and cunningly now enjoy power and eternal wealth, while all the other Gods had been slowly drowning in their greed and now suffer eternal defeat and worsening weakness.”


“You have been trapping human souls by turning their flesh to non-living material. You had fed off of souls, and the soul is an eternal source of energy, you have fed off of their thoughts, fear, loneliness and despair. They would keep you strong even after everything is gone. You had been slowly and patiently trapping souls one by one, until you were strong enough to choke all the other Gods, and made them eternally weakening subordinates of yours. You made the wish of Buddha come true by preventing his reincarnation for all eternity.”

While he was chanting that, I panicked in my mind. ‘NO… ARE YOU CRAZY??’ Apparently, they were trying to turn me into an item or something. ‘That’s impossible… right? I feel stiff… So stiff…’ There was pressure all over my body. It got me so scared… Because it felt like I was seriously going to turn into something else. I could feel my tears raining down my cheeks. Apparently, only function I had left but breathing. The only functions I had left for the next 30 seconds…

“We offer you this child to be taken as your own statue, your own food, your own slave! In return, let these people use your new property in this shop until it is broken to ruins! Just as you give this girl eternal prison, give them life-long wealth and luck!”

And then… THAT is when the strange feeling really kicked in. I felt it. My skin was becoming different! I still remember it… My body numbing from outside to the inside. My tears stopped as if someone shut the valve. And when I realized I couldn’t breathe… that’s when I was truly worried I was going to die. That I was going to suffocate. My sight and hearing also faded away. I was in complete darkness and fear for several seconds.

Then my sight started coming back to me. But it wasn’t a normal sight… It felt like it came from the inside of my head, not my eyes. And I could hear again. Now that I think about it, I guess it was my soul that was hearing and seeing.

“I am convinced, my Great Messenger, but she still looks like a normal mannequin…” Asked the manager.
“She is the best mannequin you have, isn’t she? With ball joints at that.”
“Yes… I am not complaining, but… So let me confirm it. She’s going to attract a lot of customers or something…”
“No, you got it all wrong! The Great Hwalu will reward your shop in all sorts of ways for bringing this precious sacrifice to him through me. But since this is your best child mannequin, you may as well just use it. He doesn’t mind. It is HIS mannequin, no matter what you do with it or to it, and there is no other mannequin like that in this building. He is the only god that’s left and he doesn’t need to prove his things are his.”

“That’s OK.” Said the male store owner. “My friend here knows what he’s doing. Let’s give him the money and close up.”

I was dazed. ‘WHAT?? I’M A MANNEQUIN??? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!! DID IT ACTUALLY HAPPEN???’ I couldn’t believe it. ‘I must be dreaming… I can’t breathe… Maybe something is choking me in my sleep so I’m having this nightmare. Please wake me up!!! I’ll die!!!”

But I was not dying. It was all real. Very real. My body was numb. Completely static, all of it, inside and out. I could FEEL it being static and plastic. It was way worse than the effect of that paralyzing flash. Although numb, I could feel them holding me while taking me to the storage. The feeling was numb-ish. But it was not the worst thing. They took off my head and my limbs so they would take me there more easily. Taking them off felt like another numb-ish touch, but… I could feel myself being disarranged. It was so frustrating. And numb. I could feel them carrying my plastic body parts and… It was numb-ish, but I felt their hands and skin on my arms, my hips, my head… They acted as if I was a doll without feelings of shame. It felt so humiliating and disturbing, feeling their touch on my body.

And my sight… Oh it was not that much of a mercy at all. I couldn’t move whatever eyes I used for seeing then. I was constantly looking at only one point, not blinking, not shivering at all. It was only strange in the beginning, but it later felt like my real eyes were paralyzed.

They attached my head and limbs back on me before throwing me in the dark storage. It was pitch black because there was no window. It was so scary. I screamed and cried so much in my mind. My right foot was touching my left leg. It would normally be an OK thing, but in this situation it just reminded me of how pathetic I was. I was trying to concentrate to somehow move it, but it was futile. I was so scared… Not only because I was completely motionless, but because I was motionless in dark… I’ve always been afraid of the dark.

I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t need to, at all, but it had me frustrated a lot… I was completely new to that. I felt all mental symptoms of panic, except that the inside of my body was air and unmoving plastic. I couldn’t see the time because it was pitch black and… honestly, I didn’t even hear a clock ticking, so there was probably no clock. I didn’t sleep. I couldn’t and I didn’t need to. I was crying inside my mind for the whole night. I was hoping morning would come as soon as possible.

When it finally came and they opened the storage, they turned on the lights. I realized there were several other mannequins in the storage with me. Manager came there first, with store owner, for some reason. Why do I say ‘for some reason’? You’re thinking they were going to check out if everything was OK, but that wasn’t the case. They didn’t even recognize me!

“What is with this mannequin?”
“We got them 2 days ago, perhaps we didn’t memorize this one.”
“Strange, it is the best one we have… Yup, it has the company mark right here, it’s the one that we ordered. They might have sent us the wrong model, who knows how much these cost.”
“Don’t tell them. We’ll use this one.”
“I wasn’t going to tell them.”

Their conversation went somewhat like that. It was very confusing. I thought they were just trying to play a role for no one to find out about what their horrible deed. I cried, begged and cursed so much… But only in my mind. I saw myself in the mirror by accident. ‘That… That isn’t me… No… I couldn’t have become that… I cannot be just some simple dead plastic!!!’ I was seeing a typical plastic mannequin. I could recognize my face although it was not detailed at all. I had no nipples or genitalia. Now when I think better, I actually was the best mannequin they had. Not only the best child mannequin, but the best mannequin make it seemed. But still just a plain mannequin. Oh, and they said I had the mark of the company they ordered from. How messed up. I was OFFICIALLY a supposed-to-be-manufactured mannequin.

They put some clothes on me and set me up inside the boutique, several meters behind the sliding doors. I was not in the store front, but EVERYBODY could see me from the outside. Nobody recognized me. Nobody. Even police officers. They were all looking at me, at the clothes I had, they were touching the clothes, and they were touching my ‘wonderful’ plastic surface (some people are really impressed by perfection of mannequins). Day after day store employees would undress me and dress me again. It was so creepy! Unfamiliar people, their hands making physical contact in places only close friends should… but also treating me like a thing!!! Carrying me, dismembering me, carrying my arms, head, waist (with legs), and torso! ‘I am a little girl! Please see it! It is impossible!!! How can I be so helpless???’

The days were passing… Nobody was looking for me. Nobody recognized me. The only thing that kept me from boredom was panic and begging inside my mind ‘Please notice me!!! Please!!! I am Mika, the girl that is missing!!!’

Then one day my mother came to buy some clothes. I was so happy to see her! I thought she would recognize me and help investigation! But even when she was looking at my clothes close-up, she didn’t seem to recognize me.

“Can I help you somehow?” An employee asked.
“Don’t worry. I am just waiting for someone.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. It seemed to me like you were buying clothes for a teenage girl.”
“Oh, I always wanted to have a little kid.”

Even my mind had no words at that point. My mum… She completely forgot about me. Actually, no one ever came asking for me. Then I remembered the morning those 2 were confused about seeing me… They really forgot about me. They had a little teenage girl paralyzed and turned into a living mannequin. Doomed for all eternity. That is the worst deed anyone could do to anyone. Something even a psycho couldn’t live with. Yet the world just kept moving as if I had never even existed. The world suddenly and completely forgot about me…

They would dress me day after day. They would move me every week. They would sometimes take off my arms and legs, for example to move me above tables full of clothes I should represent. Being without arms and bottom waist was the worst. I felt so exposed with all these people looking at me with no limbs. Even though I felt my limbs laying in the storage room. And even when I had them on, I wasn’t able to do anything. I was in so much despair. I was sad and afraid that no one would ever save me. All my emotions, I felt them in my soul like I always would, except that my body was fully static plastic, and emptiness filled with air to make me lighter.

I craved to be heard by shoppers. I would repeat pleads in my mind whenever I saw somebody. I shouldn’t have. I should have enjoyed every movement, every look and every touch. It was the best thing in my life simply because it was the only thing in my life. Especially when I would see my friends… Growing up… Growing older…

Anyway, I should have cherished every move and sound. Because now it’s different. After many years, one or two hundred I think… fewer people started coming. And a month from that, when I was in the same place I was the very first day, I heard multiple explosions from really far away and the building shook. The boutique was partially destroyed. I was hit by deribs or something, so my head might be cracked, but I guess it doesn’t matter. Nothing had ever moved again in the building. Power was out. The only light left was some self-sustaining lamp. An eternally glowing lamp that was extremely weak, only useful because it made everything look like night time instead of pitch black. Why did they even buy that? There were no windows in that part of the building, so there was no sunlight at all. Clocks all stopped working. A long time has passed – humanity is probably dead. But what do I know? It’s not like I’m up to date with the news. What if they’re not all dead? That’s great! I’d be used somewhere again, and I’d see people moving and talking again!!! But no… Too long has passed. No one is coming.

I am wearing some blue t-shirt if I remember correctly. My arms and waist (with legs) are in the storage room. Looks like I’m never getting them back. I feel so exposed without my limbs, even after so long. I am staring at the closed sliding doors, and in the corner of my eyes are female T-shirts. I guess it’s a better sight than being buried in ruins, which is my ultimate fate. But it still feels awful, not being able to look around. I wish there was a working clock around to amuse me with its ticking. Because there are no changes in light and sound at all (no windows).

Do you remember the feeling of anticipation while looking at the clock in the class, waiting for class to be over? Well, let me tell you how stupid that is. In my case, time doesn’t even matter. I am here for an eternity. And eternity is infinite. A minute or an hour – it doesn’t matter, because there’s an infinite amount of them available for me. Hwalu is ‘eternal’ and the ‘only god’ that was not rendered powerless. And these trapped human souls is the only thing he needs. That’s what the dark priest said. And since he turned me into a mannequin so easily, I guess he knew what he was saying. And Hwalu even made everyone forget about me, even my own mum. So yeah, witnessing such power, I guess I can stop hoping and assume the priest was completely right. I called out for Hwalu many times, begging, but I haven’t even felt him.

I shouldn’t have just now thought about the fact that I’m here forever. Even now it gets me very scared and sad. So, I was 12 years old, and already went to hell. Isn’t that ironic? As the matter of fact, the dark priest said Hwalu prevented Buddha from reincarnating, so… Other people get to reincarnate??? Hah!!! I am so, so, so unlucky!!! One of the few that go to actual hell while everyone else is reborn. I didn’t deserve this, did I? Of course I didn’t. It doesn’t even matter. Nobody deserves eternal suffering, even if it’s just static half-numb hell.

How can anyone at all be afraid of death? Hwalu-sama, please, kill me. I will do anything you want. Just kill me, please…

I am so lonely…



"As the matter of fact, the dark priest said Hwalu prevented Buddha from reincarnating: That means… Other people get to reincarnate???"

It could have been misunderstood.


The Worst Wish Granter

Proby is a fairy. A fairy that grants wishes. And she loves doing it. But there is one problem. Huge problem. She had never led a human life, nor does she understand how humans feel and what they want. Even after 500 years of her existence? Yup – she is simply unable to understand humans.

There is another big problem with Proby. She loves to transform people. Sometimes, Proby’s problems affect people in a bad way. We are going to describe some occasions.


One autumn a girl called Kaede opened a chocolate bar to eat it. She wore twintails and a pink hoodie. But the chocolate bar slipped out of the packaging and fell into a puddle that remained from the recent rain. Obviously, the chocolate bar was no longer good for eating, which got poor Kaede really frustrated. But “luckily”, good fairy Proby saw her.

She approached Kaede on foot, looking like another human.
“What happened, little girl? Why are you crying?”
“Little Girl?” Kaede was surprised, even slightly scared. “Who are you?”
“Me? I’m a fairy named Proby. I grant wishes. Only you can see me right now. These are my wings.”

Then Proby turned around and showed her bug-like wings to Kaede.
“Umm…” Kaede was annoyed. “If this is cosplay… I’m not interested. What do you want?”
“Uhh, nowadays they always ask me if I am some cosplayer… What does that even mean? Anyway, you want your chocolate back, don’t you?”

Proby waved her hand, and chocolate bar once again appeared in Kaede’s hand, in the packaging.
“Waaaahh!” Kaede reacted. In shock, she squeezed the packaging which made the chocolate bar fall into the mud again.”
“You see? If I was not a fairy, then how would the chocolate reappear in your hand?”
“I… I believe you! I’m sorry, I’ve never seen anything like that!” Kaede was scared.
“Oh well. You can relax now. Because I grant wishes. Do you have a wish you want granted?”
“Uh… Wish? What do you mean?”

It took a few minutes of conversation for Kaede to come back to her senses.
“OK, so you want me to make a wish.”
“Yes.” Said Proby with a gentle smile.
“So… is it only one wish or more?”
“As long as you can talk and I’m here, you can keep making wishes.”
“OK. Let’s try. I want chocolate. Lots of chocolate!”
“Do you like chocolate?” Purobu asked.
“I love chocolate. I would like to have infinite amount of chocolate, but that would be impossible.”
“Oh, nothing is impossible, Kaede-san! Here, I will turn you into an infinite source of chocolate!” Said Proby, waving her hands in a magical motion.

“Uh?” Kaede asked. She thought ‘Did she just say I’d become chocolate?’

Kaede wanted to respond: ‘No, I didn’t mean it like that!’ But she couldn’t. She couldn’t move. ‘Uhhh? You already started?? Stop it! Please!”

“Isn’t this awesome, Kaede-chan?” Fairy asked with a smile. “You’ve become a chocolate statue. An infinite source of chocolate.”
“Now people can eat you and bake cakes by taking pieces of you. And you will automatically re-grow! Better yet, you will live forever, and every human would like to live forever.”
‘CAN’T YOU HEAR ME?! Turn me back! Please!’
“She must be feeling very happy right now. I didn’t mess up this time, did I? Oh, of course I didn’t! I mean, you can’t make the similar mistake twice! It’s conceptually impossible. Besides, it’s not like I can turn a chocolate into a human.”
‘Please hear me… Turn me back…’
“Oh well, I must go now. Take care, Kaede-chan!”

As people went by, they were surprised to see a chocolate statue of a teenage girl. One guy picked her finger and tried a piece of it.
“This is chocolate…” He said. “A real chocolate!”

‘No!!!’ Thought Kaede. ‘This feels awful! Please, somebody help me!!!’ She could feel his teeth and his tongue chewing her finger, and it felt really intruding to her. But it wouldn’t last forever.

“Look!” Somebody noticed. “Her finger is growing back! How is this possible?”

Eventually, more and more people started taking pieces of her, eating her. She had never felt chewed in her life, so it felt really chaotic.

But eventually they had to stop. Authorities came there, and blah blah blah, Kaede eventually ended up in a science institute in Sweden, as she was considered to be a scientific miracle. No matter what they would do to Kaede, she would always renew. As the tests showed that Kaede had less toxicity than most of the chocolates, the institute decided ‘Why don’t we make chocolate products on the side?’ After all, they had an infinite and renewable source of chocolate, and nobody knew about it.

Chocolate products with the name of a scientific institute actually got more people interested in science, so Kaede’s involuntary sacrifice was not in vain. But it was still agonizing, especially when Kaede figured out she would stay in one and only one position for all eternity. She would never see her family and friends again, and she would never see if there is afterlife and what it is like.


Just because she is a fairy, it doesn’t mean that Proby’s magic cannot be kinky. She knows people like sex, so she wants to give it to them. But she just doesn’t understand a thing about it.

A girl named Chika, with neck-length blonde hair, just graduated high school and didn’t know what to do next. Should she find a job, or educate further in order to become qualified for “better” jobs.

“It’s so frustrating…” She said to herself. “If I get a small job, I won’t be able to enjoy having money. But those high pay jobs take so much effort. Education or without education… Uhh, why is life so hard?!”

She said that quietly so others wouldn’t hear her, but Proby hears much better than humans.

“Hello!” Said Proby while extending her wings for Chika to see.
“A cosplayer?” Chika wondered out loud.
“Ughhh!!!” Proby was irritated. “Why do everybody call me some cosplayer?! Anyway… Extend your hand, young girl.”
“OK.” She said, while extending her hand, hoping the little ‘cosplayer’ would do some interesting trick.

“Tadaaa~!” Proby waves her hand and a stack of money appears in Chika’s hand, out of thin air.
“WAAAHHH!” She freaked out.

After a short conversation, Chika finally got herself together. Yup, she was seeing a fairy, and only she could see her, which probably made her look crazy to people around.

“So…” Proby continued. “I heard you wanted money so I gave you some money. Although… I heard people say satisfaction that comes from money doesn’t last.”
“Yeah. It’s more about making money and becoming richer… But I guess the most important thing to me is… I don’t know, satisfaction?”
“I can make your wish come true, you know?”
“Which one? Satisfaction?”
“Yup. Just give me a few specifics.”
“I don’t know… Honestly, I always thought living in a satisfying life away from civilization would be nice.”

“I hear people want to live forever. Would you like to live forever too?”
“Haha, I would. If only that was possible…”
“Of course it is.” Proby casted some sort of a spell on Chika.
“Umm… What did you do?”
“I just made you immortal. You no longer need air, food, sleep, you don’t get old…”
“Uhh… You did? But… I didn’t even…”
“Yeah, I kinda can’t ait to make a wish come true. I’m an impatient fairy… Are you an adult?”
“Yeah, but why…?”

“That’s good, just hold still.”

Chika then became unable to move. ‘What is going on? I can’t move!!!’

Proby made all of Chika’s clothes disappear.
“Don’t worry, Chika-chan! Right now, nobody can see you.”
‘What are you doing??? Get my clothes back on!!!’

Proby then made Chika’s body squat.
“I hear adults prefer sexual satisfaction. So I will give you just that.”
‘No… What are you doing to me??? This is humiliating!!! Let me go!!!’ But Proby could not hear her thoughts.

“Now…” Purobu continued. “What I learned from watching hentai…”

Proby created magical, big, realistic dildo that went into Chika’s vagina and started fucking her.
“Isn’t this fascinating? Only with magic can you create eternally moving sex toys!”
‘It hurts!!! Please, stop it!!! This is molestation!!! It’s rape!!! I’m a virgin!!!’

Then she created another one and made her fuck Chika’s ass. Although Chika’s face could not change at all due to her paralysis, she was completely in chaos. Only tears would flow from her eyes.

“And now… one in your mouth!” Proby created another dildo to fuck Chika’s mouth. It felt so meaty for Chika.

“Finally… To throw you far away from civilization, just like you want!”

Proby encased Chika in a transparent block.
“This is what I call permanent glass. It can’t be destroyed. And I will transport you really far away, so nothing could hurt you anyway, but for just in case. That way, you will experience the favorite human satisfaction, far far from civilization, forever! Isn’t that amazing?”

Next thing Chika saw was darkness. Just darkness. She didn’t feel even her own weight.

Chika was actually far out of our space. In vacuum. Her body was completely encased in glass-like block, even the inside of her lungs. But that didn’t matter anyway, because Proby made it so she couldn’t even move a muscle. Except for her vaginal muscles. The only empty space in those blocks was the one that made room for the artificial dicks to go in and out of Chika’s orifices.

‘NO!!!’ She screamed inside her mind. ‘BRING ME BACK! PLEASE! IT HURTS! I’M BEING MOLESTED!!!’

It took many years for her to stop begging inside her mind. Her doom, her wish-come-wrongly-true, would never cease. She was to be encased, unable to make a single move, with big dildos sliding in and out of her orifices. It stopped hurting after a while, but pleasure doesn’t last forever either. Humans aren’t meant to be fucked for long periods of time. Sexual pleasure, that couldn’t be called pleasure because it was forced and felt intruding, became torturously annoying. And it would continue off forever and ever.


Ever read, or heard of, “The Little Match Girl”? Well, this time in England and not in Japan, little Heather was “the little match girl”. 13, completely orphaned since spring, yet in a small town full of primitive people. She didn’t even know she could walk to a better place and talk to social service, where they would care about her. But winter had come, and it became very cold. Althought unknowledgeable, little Heather knew that she would die soon from cold.

But then Proby came along. She saw a teenage girl freezing, and she approached her.
“What is wrong, little girl?”
“I’m cold.”
“Why doesn’t anybody let you in?”
“They are scared that I’m a witch. They say God punishes me for that.”
“Oh come on! You are not a witch! Obviously, you would not be cold if you were a witch!”
“Perhaps. Can I help you?”
“Umm…” Proby extended her wings. “I actually thought about helping you. I am a fairy, and I love to grant wishes!”

Heather was surprised.
“Are you a real fairy?”
“Yes!” Said Proby with a gentle smile. She was happy not to be called a cosplayer this time.

Heather was not shocked like the rest of the people, because she urgently needed a miracle.
“What do you wish for, little girl?”
“I wish I was never cold again.”
“You mean, you don’t wish your body to become cold, or do you not want to feel cold again?” Proby had to ask not to make a huge mistake like that one time. She made horrible mistakes all the time, but only once was she aware of it.
“I don’t know… I don’t want to feel cold… I don’t want to die from cold…”
“So you don’t want to feel cold and you don’t want to die.”
“And I don’t want to be insulted and hit by people anymore.”

“That’s good! I think I got it!” Happily said Proby. “Stand up.”

Heather stood up, but she froze in place. Then she suddenly started feeling warmer. ‘What is this?? I’m warm, but I can’t move…’

“Heather, I’m turning you into an ice statue.”
“You know, feeling of hot and cold is relative. So, if your body was cold, you’d feel hot in temperatures higher than your own. Of course, an ice statue doesn’t feel anything – unless I make it react like a human being.”
‘No…’ Heather thought. ‘I don’t want to be an ice statue… Please… It’s getting hot…’
“As you don’t want to die, I will make your natural human dream come true and make you an immortal ice statue! You will never be molten by any force!”

As Proby had been talking, Heather’s body became more and more ice-like. Once she became completely ice, her temperature would, unfortunately, keep dropping, going below winter air temperature. As the temperature was dropping, Heather was in strong fear she would start ‘burning up’. As the air temperature was eventually much higher than her own, she felt like being encased in weak fire.

“Hmm…” Continued Proby. “The Earth could be destroyed, so you would be in cold space. If you were in a shade, you’d feel cold again… I know! I will make your temperature precisely 0 Kelvin, which is the coldest possible temperature. No wait, it’s IMPOSSIBLE, unless it’s done with magic!”

Heather basically felt like a witch burning on a stake. She wasn’t even able to think from all the pain.

“So, what is left is making sure nobody hurts you again. I will transport you to the core of the Earth, and they will never even find you again!”

And that was it. Heather’s ice statue disappeared from the town, right into the core of the earth. It didn’t feel any hotter, because her soul already felt maximum amount of heat that a human soul can perceive.

Heather was in Hell. Burning. You might wonder, is Christian Hell, the eternal fire prison, actually real? Do bad people go to Hell? But in Christian belief, there is no place for a creature like this fairy… So hell shouldn’t be real? Well, one thing is for sure – for Heather, the eternal fires of hell are definitely real. Our “little match girl” will be burning up, like a match, forever.

“Hmm, but she might feel hot now…” Thought Proby. “I wonder if that’s a bad thing. People don’t like feeling too hot from what I know. But… No. I have to trust my wisher’s judgements. Yup! If she said she never wanted to feel cold again, then I guess she’s pretty satisfied now! Besides, it’s not like I can do anything with a 0 Kelvin ice statue anymore…”


WARNING: No sexual content.

Vacuum Fairy

Vaky is a fairy. She likes to clean people’s homes when they aren’t at home. Many homes have lately been cleaned mysteriously, nobody knowing there’s a good fairy with good intentions doing that to them. Even witches and wizards didn’t know that little Vaky existed!

Vaky would always carry her little vacuum cleaner with her.


“Nina!” Yelled Ana with tears in her eyes. Ana was a 12 year old Bosnian blondie from Sarajevo. She was running away from someone.
“Ana!” Said Nina. Nina was a chin-length brunette and Ana’s classmate.
“Nina, please help me!”
“What’s wrong?! You’re scaring me!”
“Cops are after me…”
“Please, just listen! They caught me trying to smoke. They took a picture of me. They want to take me to my parents!”
“It’s just that? Jesus… You scared me so much…”
“My parents are going to take my new cellphone away from me! Please, Nina, help me! They are looking for me!”
“And what can I do?”

“You…” Ana calmed down and kept her voice quiet. “You do magic… right?”
“Uhh… Be quiet…”
“Please, do something… Turn me into a frog or something…”
“I don’t think you’d like that.”
“I will do anything, just please! They don’t know my name, all I need to do is hide for a day!”

Nina was in a secret family of wizards. Only her best friend Ana knew the secret. Naturally to a magician, when Ana offered to be transformed, Nina could barely resist. Although she knew it could be a bad idea.

Nobody was around, so Nina started chanting. Ana stood still, listening to Nina speaking all those words in a mysterious language, waving her hands around. After 1 minute, Nina was apparently done.
“Umm… That’s it?” Ana asked.
“Yes! You will now turn to dust and flow into this tiny vial.” Nina opened a vial and pointed it towards Ana.
“Huh?” Spoke Ana. That was also the last thing that Ana said. She started flowing, like sand, into the vial.

Ana had been reduced to a vial of dust that was just about 1 inch or 2.5 cm high. A whole human transformed into something so small. Worse yet, into pretty big grans of DUST, which means Ana became a large amount of small particles.

‘HUH?’ Thought Ana, whose sight and hearing was consumed by darkness. She felt weird. ‘I can’t move… Is my body a mush?’ She felt like minced meat. ‘I can’t breathe…’

Nina shut the vial.
“Now each part of your soul is tightly sealed to each grain of this dust. I will release you in the evening. When cops stop looking for you. I hope your shock teaches you not to ask me to do magic for you anymore. It’s dangerous! You know, if I lose you, you will be trapped as generic dust for eternity!”

‘Let me out! I change my mind, turn me back! Please!’ Ana was freaking out, unable to move, literally feeling her whole body being motionless cold DUST.

Nina took the vial of Ana home. She put it on a shelf in her bedroom and went to school. She had classes in the afternoon that week. But she left the window open, so the draft blew the vial off the shelf and it fell on the floor. It broke to pieces. Ana’s dust was all over the floor. Ana didn’t know what happened. She wouldn’t even know if wind blew her in several different parts of the town. Because pieces of her soul were tied to EACH particle. Luckily, it didn’t blow her away. There was no draft near the floor at the time. And luckily, the dust was heavy enough not to spread through the air. That was close…

All she felt, before and after, was fear and worry. She got used to being unable to breathe, because didn’t need to breathe at the moment. But she was worried she would never be released, even though the plan was to release her. ‘I shouldn’t have asked her to do magic on me… What was I thinking…? I was so scared of losing my cellphone…”

That was close, wasn’t it?

But then came the cleaning fairy called Vaky.

“Uhhh, why do people leave their windows open?” She said as she was going to close Nina’s window. “There doesn’t seem to be a smell of gas leak or anything. Did she forget to close it then? Wait…” Then she yelled with happy shine in her eyes. “Oh… There’s dust on the floor! Or is it… tiny sand? It is polluting the floor!”

Vaky then took her vacuum cleaner and turned it on. It was a small plastic elephant, pink, with pictures of flowers on it, and some vacuuming options. It didn’t have a hose. It looked like a mini vacuum cleaner for little kids.
“There shouldn’t be dust on the floor. Some bugs could hatch there.”

With a smile on her face, she slowly and thoroughly started sucking Ana up her little sucker. Little by little, the dust in which Anna had been trapped disappeared into the vacuum cleaner, together with the pieces of the vial. Ana disappeared into the vacuum cleaner like ordinary unwanted house hazard.

“The room is pretty clean and tidy. Too bad. One house less to tidy for me. Oh well, there are plenty other houses!”

Then Vaky had her leave. With Ana in her magical vacuum cleaner. Ana didn’t see or hear a thing that was happening. All she felt was worry, begging Nina in her thoughts to turn her back as soon as possible. If only she knew that Nina was no longer around… In Nina’s room, Ana was no more. Poor Ana would keep being several grams of lonely dust forever.


That evening, after a hard, or rather fun, day of cleaning, Vaky went to a random river in Romania. She happily opened up the vacuum cleaner.
“I can barely wait to see how must dust I have collected today!”

As she opened it, the dust bag rapidly bulged out as if it had suddenly exploded. Out of that little pink elephant came a dust bag large enough to fit 2 kilograms of potatoes.

“Just like yesterday. But it doesn’t matter! I cleaned 50 houses in 3 countries today! It was so much fun! Oh well. It’s time to get rid of all that dust.”

She emptied the dust bag into the river. All of it. The dust suddenly magically flew into the river, as if you’d never see in non-magical dust bags. All of the dust flew right into the water, and dispersed in it until it could no longer be seen.

All. Of. It.


Watching Filthy Frank, I got an inspiration.

It's just a prank, sis

In magic high schools, including our Academy of Magic of Japan, students are encouraged to do any type of magic to each other. Naturally, there are even pranksters who do magical pranks to people, bringing them discomfort, pain, death or even long term or eternal imprisonment (turning to stone and similar). And then they put it up on their social media for laughs. Why do wizards to bad magic things? Because magic is highly addicting and so is being mean. Just like most of you are good people who eat animal products, wizards are good people who sometimes do bad magic things to others.

Main reason for the encouragement to do bad magic to each other is to motivate magic students to learn protection against magic. After all, “normal” people don’t believe in magic, most of them can’t even do it, and worst yet, they are completely helpless against enormous powers of magic.


A famous YT prankster called Saito has brown spiky hair and does magical pranks. He is mostly known as a magician, and some even say his victims are actually actors. But what do YT people even know? In reality, he really does magic pranks.

It was a rainy spring day in a suburb that was mainly inhabited by magic highschoolers. It was basically a high school dorm, but with houses and apartments instead.

“This prank included a lot of preparation.” Said Saito for a video. “There is this girl called Chika and… I basically had to stalk her to find out what clothes she is wearing most often. So I made a copy of one of her favorite T-shirts, and I enchanted it. Now… She is wearing it today. As she will be coming home from her classes, I will teleport all her clothes away from her, so she will be naked. Then I will teleport THIS T-shirt in place of her real T-shirt. I will also need to teleport her bottom clothes little further away so she takes the T-shirt first, because it’s raining so she will be cold and in hurry. And when she takes on the cursed T-shirt… you will see what it will do to her!”

Then they finally saw Chika, a brunette with straight hair. Camera guy hid in a corner so she wouldn’t see him, and Saito was on the other side of the street, looking at her, waiting for her to get to a desired point where he would be able to do his prank properly. She wore her autumn clothes, including a light jacket.

Then, at one point, all of her clothes suddenly disappeared from her body, and appeared behind her. All of them.

“HEY!” She screamed.

“Shit…” Commented camera man. “He failed to teleport her pants and underpants away from her. Let’s hope she doesn’t take them first because…”

But then her pants were mysteriously kicked away from her other clothes. The invisible kick had also separated the T-shirt from the jacket.

“Fuck you!” She swore at Saito across the street. “You boys are such a bother! Don’t you know how fucking freezing it is in the rain?!”

She quickly took the T-shirt and wore it.

“Oh my, she is wearing it! Good! Now it’s only a matter of time!” Commented camera man.

She then faced Saito, her feet way separated from each other, her hands on her waist. As she was naked, wearing only T-shirt, it was a pretty hot sight, although she as angry.

“You like what you see?!” She angrily asked, as Saito was able to see everything not covered by the T-shirt. Although shaking from cold, she kept her threatening stance. “Do you like it?! Enjoy it while you can, because I will fuck you up! I will find out where you live! You don’t know who y…”

Then she stopped talking. She even stopped moving.

“It’s starting…” Camera man said. He got camera close to her, as Saito crossed the street to be in the picture again.

“She took the bait! Her body is now turning to stone thanks to the cursed T-shirt! Oh my!” Saito said for the camera. “We didn’t expect… We didn’t expect the pose to be this good! Look at her! Oh my, just like in an erotic statue museum! She is wearing only a T-shirt!”

As Chika-chan and the cursed T-shirt were getting grayer and grayer, she was panicking in her thoughts. ‘What?! Why?! Why did you do that?! My sight is fading… Why do you mess with that?!! This is simple sealing!!! Irreversible!!! I can never be turned back now!!!’ She was in complete shock. ‘It’s cold… You could have at least done this in a warmer weather!! But… Why??? Why would you do something so horrible to me??? Don’t you understand that this is permanent??? I will never reincarnated again!!! You cursed me for all eternity!!!’

To explain to you the severity of the situation… Thing called ‘simple sealing’ turns a living being into a non-living matter. Matter that can’t imitate a living organism. It doesn’t work for all materials. For example, if she was turned to wood, she wouldn’t be permanently sealed.

But once a person is quickly turned into material such as stone or silicone, the soul can’t unbind itself in time. Being tied to material not natural for the soul, the soul becomes completely bound to the material. There is no way ever that a soul can be separated from it, not magically, not even if the material was broken in pieces or chemically or nuclearly changed. Since soul’s sensory preceptors are in a specific state as it is happening, they become locked in to that state during their binding. For example, if you were hot as you were turned to stone, you would remain feeling hot. The only exception are senses of sight and hearing, which fade.

Fully bound soul does not affect the world around it, and cannot be affected by the world around it. The soul still oscillates, which is different physics than ours, and it can only be detected and visualized with a device called chakrogram, described in ‘Introduction to Sealing’ story. If the statue’s material was a vital substance in your body, for example salt, you could consume it, and the presence of a human soul would not affect you in any way, because it is bound too tightly. It would feel and act and go through your body like ordinary salt.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have just pranked Chika-chan!” Said Saito. “Now she will be living stone forever! Worse yet, she will feel cold rain on her body, which is extremely uncomfortable. And she will remain naked haha! That all must be really messed up! But hey, it’s just a prank.”

After catching every angle of statue of Chika, our prankster duo left the scene, and Chika remained there, completely colorless, completely motionless. In the evening the rain stopped and her fellow colleagues from the suburb had seen her statue.

“Chika-chan…” One of her actual friends worried. “Why? Who did this to you?”
“It must be some pranksters or something… She should have looked after herself. Now she can never change back.” A random girl said.
“This is too lewd for the streets. I need to call someone.” Another girl said.

From then on, Chika was just a statue. Blind, deaf, feeling constant cold. Even when she dried up, she felt cold water all over her body, and her weight under her feet, because that’s what she felt the moment she started turning. She knew that now everyone could see the… the consequence of her only wearing a T-shirt and nothing else. You can imagine her thoughts of despair, embarrassment, regret and panic, or… You can’t! Imagine if you were condemned to be freezing in the rain, literally endlessly, without a possibility to move a muscle. That’s how she feels. Just like she said, she would never reincarnate again.

In normal life, everything has a beginning and an end. But not in the life of a person petrified through ‘simple sealing’. Not even for those who were petrified under the influence of a volcano. For them and our poor Chika-chan, there is only one infinitely small moment repeating itself, not for thousand years, not for millions of years, but for all eternity.

And that is the guilty pleasure of being a wizard. You do things that are way more horrible than locking animals up until you kill them. But just as you can be a good person and eat animal products, a wizard can be a good person while doing way worse things to their fellow human beings.


That summer our pranksters’ prankster lives were coming to an end. But they had decided to do some more – not for the money, but for the joy of bad magic.

“So, a lot of parents are after us…” Said Saito for the camera. “Which we expected. You know, for pranking their daughters and some of their sons with simple sealing. If they did that to my little cousin, I would feel just the same. We might have to kill ourselves soon, so let’s do a few more pranks this summer and then we’re out.”

Then he went to a stand with some rocks.

“It’s early morning,” he continued, “so no one is here, but later it could be crowded. This looks like an artistic stand full of rocks. But it is a vibration stand. These guys are going to demonstrate how sand is made from rocks. They’re gonna vibrate those rocks until they break into sand. There’s this girl, Mizuki, who doesn’t know that. And we’re gonna prank her.”

“Some of you know that someone can temporarily pose as a statue. A thing called ‘delayed-binding transformation’ is done to them, which is pretty complicated, so we bought this expensive tiny vial of cursed water that does that to a person. Hopefully we weren’t scammed. Anyway, for those of you who haven’t had that in sealing classes, you need to know it’s a type of transformation and sealing that doesn’t immediately bind the soul to the material, so you can turn a person back from it. But after an amount of time, 6 hours with this vial, if you don’t turn them back, it’s just like simple sealing – their soul binds and they can never leave.”

In this realm, a soul cannot really go through walls. So, if a soul was trapped in a room without a gap, it would remain there until released. So, when a person is turned to stone or something, and the binding is delayed, the soul cannot leave the concrete. The binding to the matter still exists though, and it is strong. For example, if you broke a statue in half and turned the person back, you would get a body ripped in half and the person would bleed out. Unless certain time had passed. Then the delayed binding expires and the person is fully bound to the statue, just like in ‘simple sealing’.

“There is this thing called ‘posing challenge’. You do a delayed-binding transformation to a person that consented, and they remain like that for an amount of time, and then then you turn them back. It is a challenge because, when a person is petrified, they totally freak out. My friend behind the camera and I tried that once with each other, it was a total shocking nightmare! You can only imagine how those sealed FOREVER feel.”

“So this girl, our friend Mizuki, who actually knows us and trusts us, is going to do the posing challenge, for both thrills and money. She doesn’t know of our YT channel, and hopefully she didn’t find out in the meantime. And more importantly, she doesn’t know that this beautifully-looking stand is a huge vibration device, and we will challenge her to do the posing challenge on it! Shes not from around here, and she’s never up to date with events where she goes, so she probably didn’t yet find out the occasion here.”

“All these people will be ordinary. They don’t use magic. Oh… There she is! Hey, Mizuki-chan!”

Mizuki waved at them from the distance, smiling. Her hair was blonde and wavy. They met up at the stage. Mizuki said for the camera:

“Hiii, to whomever is going to watch this! I am going to transform into a stone statue on this stand over there, for everyone to see, and then in 4 hours… 4, right?” She asked, getting the positive answer. “In 4 hours they will turn me back, and I will jump from the sand, and people around will think it’s some kind of a trick.”

Apparently, she was completely clueless about the prank. They agreed she’d get money in advance, so they paid her. She received an equivalent of 500 US dollars. Going on the stage, she was very frightened, which she would mask with feminine laughs and comments like “No, I can’t do it.” In 15 minutes she finally gathered courage to climb on the stage, holding a tiny vial in her hand.

“You will turn me back, right?”
“Yes, after 4 hours.”

Then she drank the vial, threw it to the ground, took a pose and – froze. She stopped breathing, and started becoming grayer and grayer until she really looked like a statue.

Her clothes didn’t turn to stone. So our 2 pranksters took them off.

‘What? What are you doing???’ She thought. ‘This is so embarrassing! Give me back my clothes or I will be really mad!’

That poor embarrassed girl was fully naked. Luckily, she would be just a statue in the eyes of the crowd, and luckily, they weren’t wizards, so she cared less about her honor amongst them. But she was pissed that the 2 friends took liberty of enjoying the sight of her naked body – even though she actually knew it might happen, and she even secretly wanted it. But when things you want finally happen, they sometimes feel the way you did not expect.

As the time went by, there were more and more people around. Mizuki already started begging them to turn her back, of course, in her thoughts. After all, she couldn’t move a millimeter, not even breathe, and if they weren’t around to turn her back, she would remain a statue forever. But she ‘knew’ they were gonna turn her back. Also, unlike fully bound souls, she could use her spiritual receptors to see and hear, so her environment didn’t seem to be darkness and silence.

But in 3 hours it was 10:30 AM, and the occasion started. A guy went in front of the stand, saying in the microphone that they were going to turn that wonderful set of rocks into sand using vibration.

‘What?!’ Mizuki thought. ‘This… That was not the deal!!! Saito!!! Seto!!! Get me out of here!!!’

And then the guy moved from the stand and the vibrations were supposed to start soon.

‘Noo!!! Save me!!! If they turn me into pieces, you will never turn me back in time!!! I will remain sand forever!!!’

And then the vibrations started. Mizuki’s fell to her back. Once she started breaking, she thought ‘NOOOO!!!!! PLEEEAAASEEE NOOOO!!!’ But yup. That was it. Poor Mizuki had been progressively breaking into tiny particles of sand, and our 2 pranksters had been filming it the whole time. Mizuki’s body felt seriously disarranged, although not painful. Just imagine your left arm distributed in 1 meter in radius, in a big mush, part of it inside your chest. It was then that Mizuki felt true terror. Even if they turned her back, she would die, but… They would first need to separate pieces of her statue from other pieces of sand. There was no way for it to be done in time.

She got it. ‘They were pranking me… They are pranksters and I didn’t know!!! Why didn’t I know??? Am I being punished for being so careless my whole life??? Please, turn the machine off!!! I will be trapped forever!!! Please, somebody save me!!!’

The machine had been turned off at 14:00. 6 and a half hours after Mizuki had been transformed. So Mizuki was supposed to be fully bound to the sand that she became. How did she know she had reached a point of no return? Her severely disarranged spiritual vision faded, her spiritual hearing faded, and the feeling of vibration stopped.

“Can you look at that?” Saito said for the camera. “That’s what happens when ‘posing challenge’ goes wrong. Anyway, you should be really careful about who you trust.”
“Yes.” Said camera man. “You should always have someone you full trust around, like a family member or a close friend. But her parents wouldn’t let her, and so wouldn’t her close friends, so she didn’t tell anyone. That’s at least what she told us.”
“Yea, of course they wouldn’t let her. Her friends would probably notify her parents.”
“Sure. They would keep it shut if she would get drunk, take drugs or skip class, but ‘posing challenge’ is too dangerous to be a secret.”

Then the sand was poured in a truck and was furtherly meant to be used for construction or other things, like decoration or beaches. The only thing that matters, from outer perspective, is that Mizuki had turned into simple sand that doesn’t affect its surroundings in any way. Just simple, normal sand, mixed with other sand from that stand.

And for Mizuki, it had become endless prison of darkness and silence, where the only thing she had were her thoughts, and the sensation of being a pile of sand on that stand. The last thing she felt was herself being a pile of sand, so even when she was distributed furtherly, she felt like she was on the same place and in the same “position”. It was a feeling of complete disarrangement, which would follow her for all eternity.

Although despairful, her fate is at least better than Chika’s. At least Mizuki wouldn’t feel cold, which is, let’s be honest, way worse sensation in the long term.

Our 2 pranksters would soon after kill themselves, before parents and friends of their victims have chance for vengeance. Unfortunately for them, once doesn’t remember their past life in their new life. All they did would remain long forgotten for them.


Do you think you can do a story where a guy gets petrified and feels like he's cumming forever?


I honestly don't know. I don't have any inspiration on that.
BUT I do have an idea on having those 2 pranksters prank a femboi or a trap into gettin petrified while sucking their dick. I might write that one.


Petrifying Dental Surgery

Our story starts with several middle schoolers, of a witches and wizards girls’ school, waiting in the dentist waiting room, accompanied by a teacher. A week ago the whole class had to have a dentist check, and 4 of them turned out to have bad teeth. One of them was an anxious cute brunette Nadoka. She was scared of dentists… though they all were. But she was even more scared, so she decided to go last, even though that should have only prolonged her misery.

Of course, she was scared of dentists because she had had a tooth that needed fixing just a year ago. She would still remember the sound, the smell, the taste, the moments of pain… She didn’t want to go through that again.

Worse yet, this clinic had very special ways of calming people. If you would twitch or make a sound, the dental chair would quickly turn you to a stone statue. It’s simple sealing, and just as we described in earlier magical stories – it’s irreversible. Soul, thanks to its special physics, binds to the smallest particles of the statue material. So no one can unbind it anymore, not even by breaking or changing the material.

And when her first classmate went in, she would once again be reminded of the sound cruelly awaiting for her. But there was no screaming, or any type of speaking at all. When she was done, she came out being… normal. Same happened with the second classmate. They both told Nadoka it’s only a little painful, and that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Though it was easy for them to say – they were already finished.

“You see, Nadoka-chan?” Said her friend Nakano quietly to her. “It doesn’t hurt. It will be OK!”

Then Nakano had to go inside. She didn’t make any sound either, and came out as normal as ever.

They it was Nadoka’s turn. She didn’t hesistate because otherwise the teacher would get mad. Her friend Nakano said to her:
“Be strong, Nadoka-chan!”
“What?” Nadoka asked just as the nurse was closing the door after.

“Hi, little Nadoka-san!” said the female dental surgeon. “Sit down here and make yourself comfortable.”

Nadoka looked at the dental chair, but couldn’t help but notice strange markings on it. Yup, those were supposed to turn her to stone in case she made a sound or a move.

“Uhh… Sensei…” She asked the dentist. “So I just sit there or…?”
“It’s safe to sit there right now. I will say when you should keep it still.”

Nadoka laid on the dental chair with a bit of hesitation. But after, the dentist and the nurse took care of her mouth properly. Nadoka’s mouth were wide open, and her tooth was ready to be operated. Nurse pushed some button on the chair and gestured Nadoka to be silent. That meant the petrifying device had been on, and Nadoka was not to make a move or a sound. Except for breathing.

And then the dentist took her tools. It looked horrifying. A thin shiny drill drawing towards her mouth… And then it started making its sound. High pitched drilling noise, as if it was saying ‘ima drill deep inside your tooth.’

The surgery started. Nadoka felt it inside her tooth, and she was terrified. But as calm as a lake. There was practically a gun pointed to her head. Except that a gun at least kills you, and simple sealing does not. The dentist then changed the dental burr and drilled some more. It hurt a bit, but the terror from being forever imprisoned in stone was pretty useful in keeping Nadoka still and silent.

Then, as the dentist was once again changing her burr, she was talking.

“I have drilled to your nerve, Nadoka-chan, but we have a little problem.” She sighed. “You are our last patient this week, and we had nobody petrified this week. That ain’t good. We must have at least one person petrified per week, or people would start doubting our intentions to punish them.”

Nadoka was in shock. ‘No way… They are going to petrify me anyway??’

“But here is the deal.” The doctor continued as she put a long spiral bur in the drill. “Have you seen a spiral burr before? Maybe, you have, but this one is different than all of them. We call it ‘Tiny Goliath’. In only 5 seconds, it removes all the nerves it is supposed to remove. Those who can afford anesthesia treatment have it used on them, but we, little girl… We are supposed to petrify you.”

‘What?!’ She thought in terror. There was a long spiral burr, shinier, bigger and scarier than the one she’s seen before. It was supposed to drill through her flesh, promising an agonizing moment in her life. ‘No!! Keep that away from me!!’

“On the bright side, Nadoka-chan, if you make it until your nerve is gone, it’s over. You will not be petrified.”

‘What should I do??’ Thought little Nadoka. ‘Should I move?! I don’t want to be petrified with that inside of me. But wait… What if it doesn’t hurt so much? What if I make it??’ Nadoka had a gamble in front of her. Either she would move or say something and be immediately petrified while sitting on the chair, or she would risk being petrified with that thing tearing her nerve, and experience that pain forever.

The Tiny Goliath had been spinning with the high-pitched dental drill noise, entering her mouth. ‘NO! Please, wait! Give me time to prepare!’ Unfortunately, she had no liberty to say it.

And then Tiny Goliath reached her nerve. It was the worst pain Nadoka had ever felt on her tooth. Nadoka reflexively twitched, screamed and squeezed her eyelids. ‘AHH!!! TAKE IT OUT!!!’ She thought. ‘HURRY!!! HURRY!!!’ But eventually she figured out 5 seconds had already long passed. ‘TAKE IT OUT!!! TAKE IT OUT!!! I WILL NOT TWITCH ANYMORE, JUST PLEASE, TAKE IT OUT!!! IT HURTS!!!’ But then she realized she can no longer hear the drill, or even open her eyes, move or do anything. ‘What’s going on?? TAKE IT OUT ALREADY!!!’

But the ‘Tiny Goliath’ had already been long gone from her mouth, and back into its socket. From the dentist’s and the nurse’s perspective, there was a statue. Of a middle school girl. A statue of her having her tooth operated, and being in pain.

“Nobody can withstand the Tiny Goliath.”

They rolled the dental chair out of the surgery room, and to the class. Classmates were terrified to see Nadoka in that painful, embarrassing state. Nadoka was just stone now. A gray, cold, motionless statue, amazingly detailed. Like a masterpiece.

“So that’s what we look like when you open our mouth and stuff it with those tissues… Yuck.” One said.

“Nadoka-chan…” Her friend Nakano dropped to her knees. “No… No… Why? How did this happen.” She was very shocked sad because of what happened to her friend. “They are… So gentle… This is impossible!”

‘Why isn’t anything happening?!!’ Nadoka had soon figured that the burr is probably out already. At least from her perspective. ‘IT CAN’T BE OVER!!! NO, IT CAN’T BE OVER!!! TAKE IT OUT, I WANT ANOTHER CHANCE!!!’

Unfortunatley, when a person is turned to stone the easy way, not only is the soul permanently sealed to the matter itself, but most of its sensory functions are locked in a way they were when it all happened. The last thing Nadoka felt was a dentist drill pulling her nerve, and it hurt like hell. She also felt her weight under her back as she was sitting on that dental chair, but that’s irrelevant comparing to the PAIN. So that’s what she would feel endlessly, as the sealing is permanent.

Nadoka’s statue was then sent to reception so it could be picked up by her parents. When they finally picked her up, they grieved, but it wasn’t such an abnormal thing in witches’ and wizards’ world. Especially since they had to seal people themselves during their own education. They were sad and couldn’t look at the statue of their doomed daughter, so they broke it in pieces and buried them.

But none of that matters to poor Nadoka. ‘TAKE IT OUT!!! PLEASE!!! THIS CAN’S BE HAPPENING!!!’ It is all that she can think while she is in torment. ‘I shouldn’t have gone in last!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!! PLEASE DON’T LET IT BE THAT I’M SEALED!!! IT WILL NEVER END, AND IT HURTS SO MUCH!!! WILL IT HURT FOREVER??? PLEASE DON’T LET IT HURT FOREVER!!!’

They say that the worst pain is the one that lasts long. That’s why it’s horrible to be dying of cancer. But what if a pain would last forever? Because that’s Nadoka’s fate. No matter what would happen, no matter how many millennia and stages of universe would start and end, the pain and helplessness of Nadoka will be literally never ending – eternal.

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