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I got this idea recently and I quite liked it, so I thought I'd toss it out here and see if we can get some people to play. The rules are as basic as it gets: majority vote, in case of a tie I flip a coin or something; write-ins generally allowed and will be considered if they get substantial support (or I really like the idea).

Here's the twist, though. The point isn't so much 'winning' the story, as it is repeatedly encountering ways to die gruesomely; not unlike I Wanna be the Guy or Demonophobia, as interactive fiction. (I was half tempted to keep this part secret at first but I didn't want to piss off people coming here expecting a long and dramatic story.)



Let's get this show on the road, shall we? (Note that none of these choices are permanent, I plan on resetting the scenario regularly)

A: 12
B: 16
C: 19
years old. Regardless you're female, with about average physical attributes and knowledge.

D: wake up naked in a gray concrete room with no recollection of how you got there
E: are on your way home from school, when suddenly you can't shake the feeling that someone is stalking you
F: are attending SnuffCon, a traveling exhibit showcasing all kinds of methods of death and torture – and giving visitors the chance to try them

Write-in (optional): Your name, hair/eye color, clothes (of applicable, and don't overdo it), some other notable traits, mostly for flavor.

There you go. Let's get enough people here to make this worthwhile continuing. (Voting closes whenever, in a handful of days).


I vote for C & F


I say B&E




C/D for me :)


A and F :)


B+E is my vote


A, f


B & D


C and F for me, and the only concrete thing for physical details I want is red hair. :)


C + D


C + F here






Well, that's a bunch of answers pretty quickly already. And so far votes are kinda varied, which is nice too (except few people want to be a loli, a shame ^^).

In the interest of not keeping everyone waiting too long, let's just say voting closes in 24 hours from now (unless a tie comes up I'm not gonna be anal about the exact minute); I'll announce the result then and try to write the update as quickly as possible.




A nifty little idea. Upon reading the title I had kind of hoped it would all be pre-written so that you could play it like a traditional choose your own adventure game, but voting works fine too. Speaking of votes, I'll go for C + F. As for the write-ins, my suggestions would be:
- redhead with braided hair (reference:
- green eyes
- a black crop top/cut-off t-shirt that reveals so much of her stomach that it only barely covers her areola... provided she doesn't breathe in too deeply (reference:
- distressed cut-off jeans shorts; no underwear (reference:
- notable traits: perpetual optimist: very cheery and upbeat, up to and including the moment of death.






C and F. Consensual guro- with hard core masochists who beg, "Hurt me more!" as you torture them- is best, in my opinion.


I vote B and D, and pretty much all of >>6916 JestInPieces' write in.

My only change is to make her not naked so she can wear JiP's suggested clothing.




I say A and E


Vote A and A here


Vote A and A here


I like lolis. Voting a and c.


B & D


B + D for me ;)


C and F please


Alright, results are in. Winners are C/F, 19-yo attending SnuffCon, and while I wouldn't say it won by a landslide, it won pretty clearly, with the other options being about equally common as each other; also if I'm not mistaken C/F was the single most voted combination too. (There was one vote that was obviously a double post, which I only counted once, and one that was invalid because it voted two answers to the same question, which I ignored. But they wouldn't have changed anything anyways)

I actually did some work in advance, so the first proper update is coming right away, stand by.



Ugh, finally some air. That bus to the grounds was seriously cramped, so even the warm late summer's day outside is a welcome refreshment; it's not like you could be wearing any less clothing, at least not without getting some seriously strange looks, if not indecency charges. Wiping the sweat off your face you exit the shuttle along with all the other passengers, then file towards the gate with the huge glowing letters reading “SnuffCon” above it.

As you come closer, you notice the decorations above the letters. There's a pair of naked female bodies hanging from gallows flanking another one impaled on a metal rod; the two on the sides, a redhead and a blonde, look roughly your age, with sizable tits and overall well-shaped bodies, while the one in the middle has black hair, and can hardly be older than 12 or 14, her breasts just barely beginning to take shape. But regardless the artists did some great work, all three look very realistic, down to the expressions and little details like the blood covering the metal rod or the trickle of urine glistening on the inside of the redhead's legs, and the impaled girl is even shivering and twitching a little, those are some pretty cool – and subtle – animatronics.

DISCLAIMER:” The sign you're just passing reads, “All decorations and exhibits of bodies are guaranteed to be from attendees of SnuffCon and replaced daily. For any questions or applications please ask our staff.” Oh... right. That also explains how they got the row of heads on pikes right next to the entrance gates so lifelike.

At the entrance you don't need to think long before filling out the 'black' form, getting an appropriately-colored wrist strap and a nice discount off the entry fee. In turn you waive your right to hold the promoters liable for just about anything that happens to you while you're here, explicitly including death, disfigurement and anything inbetween.

You vaguely remember reading about some legal trickery for SnuffCon to happen in your country year after year, because even with that huge-ass execution museum two towns over and all those 'reality' snuff shows that still look awfully staged, this event is getting away with some seriously wild stuff. Something about the grounds legally being an exclave of some country with even more lenient legislature for the duration of the event, and the forms and stuff not even being necessary, done solely to avoid as much hassle as possible.

With a look at your clothing the attendant checking your ticket reminds you that you're in no way protected from rape or molestation either, but at the same time it's also perfectly within your rights to defend yourself and break someone's fingers if they try to grope you – or challenge them to a duel to the death.

Yes, that very high black crop top and equally short cut-off jeans shorts – without underwear of course – are pretty risque, but as anyone with two functioning braincells (or a dick) can attest to, you're also looking really hot in them. And besides, if some pervert tries anything funny you can just put your karate lessons you've been taking to good use.

With a nod and a polite smile you pass the and enter the compound proper.

You're here...
A: on your own
B: with your significant other. [Write-in: girl/boy/other(futa, trans, etc); name; brief description]
C: with a bunch of friends from school. [Write-in (optional): some names and/or very brief physical descriptions]

Now, where to go first...
D: Along the side of the area, following the vague layout until something catches your eye
E: The very closest exhibit, even though you can't actually make out what it is from here because of the huge crowds everywhere
F: Straight towards the middle of the area, looking for something interesting



Here you go, this one's mostly setting the scene and stuff. I wish I'd managed to integrate the first question into the flow a bit more seamlessly, but I really didn't find a way. The 'title' of this bit is more like a reference number for later (because after you die there will be an option to restart from a previous section).

I probably put way too much thought into the worldbuilding here already, but I just can't help it; the museum briefly mentioned is one I also used for another story already (over here >>6685). Those black wrist straps apply to anyone else wearing them just as much as the PC, and most people are wearing them, if only to save money. So while I'm not saying there's nothing stopping you (and potential friend/s) from picking a victim to rape, kill or 'volunteer' for an exhibit... there really isn't. (Please don't try it right now, though. Just keep the idea in mind for later)

Btw, props to JestInPieces for their relatively detailed write-in (which got used mostly by virtue of being the only one), and with reference pictures at that ^^

Any kind of feedback/criticism, suggestions or whatever comments along with the votes are always appreciated.


And when loadning state always leave one of friends dead/mutileted/whatever instead of main character.


I kinda want a B+C combo. I can't choose between them!


C and D


A + E


I would say B and D, and make our significant other a girl, as well. :)




Nothing wrong with worldbuilding; it helps make the world feel more real. Obviously since this is just a little introduction there's not much to comment on regarding the story yet. Didn't really notice any spelling or grammatical errors, so that's a good start.

I'll vote B and D, this time, with the significant other being Natalie, a brunette with blue eyes who has her hair up in a casual, slightly messy updo (reference: She's wearing a white, backless mini summer dress with an extremely deep plunging neckline. Naturally, Natalia is going completely commando as well. I couldn't find a real-world example, so here are two shots to illustrate what I have in mind:
Reference for the front:, except with the neckline going down to her pubic mound, showing her belly button but still covering her pussy (as long as she doesn't bend over too much). The dress is about the length shown, possibly an inch shorter.
Reference for the back: This shows how the dress stays up: rather than going around the neck like in the front shot, it ties around her shoulders, leaving her entire back exposed from her hairline down to the top of her buttcrack (the updo is to increase the effect and avoid covering anything).

Natalie is the more realistic and down-to-earth one of the couple, but she's very curious, having a bit of a scientist mindset. She was dragged along to SnuffCon by her overly enthousiastic girlfriend, but she's secretly fascinated by the whole concept, especially the displays that don't immediately kill the victim: she's very hesitant to try anything herself, but she'd love to ask people what it feels like as they have their limbs amputated, their organs pulled out, etc.


Nice work so far, will be keeping an eye on this

I'll vote B and D


I vote B and D.
The write-in to B is the same as >>6955


I'm in favor of A and F


A&D please :)


B (girl) and E please


B (girl) and E


B same as >>6955

and D


A + D here




I only now realized I didn't actually set a time for voting to close this time, but it's been a few days and a bunch of votes, and I don't want to keep everyone waiting too long, so I think I'm just gonna call this round.

Winner is B and D. You're here with your girlfriend, and first you want to explore along the side of the area. The latter won by a significant margin (more than both other options combined), the former by only a few over A. And once more with a very nice write-in by JestInPieces which I'm obviously going to use.

The update will be done within the day, if not the next few hours (hopefully; I hurt my arm in a bike accident the other day and typing is still a bit slow and painful).



Randomly turning to the right before starting down the rows, at first it looks like you chose poorly. There's a whole bunch of merchandise including things like clothes with various macabre or gory motives, and body bags reading 'I died at SnuffCon and all I got was this lousy body bag', but few actual exhibits.

After a few hundred meters it picks up, the merch being replaced by a colorful selection of non-lethal but rather excruciating-looking torture methods. Over the course of a few minutes you come across a maybe 13-year old reduced to a sobbing wreck by having just a small strip of skin flayed off her arm, a girl sitting naked atop a triangular 'wooden horse' with a strained expression, a chick with a rather excessive goth makeup getting her back whipped who seems to be enjoying the whole thing just a bit more than she should, and a bunch of others. And at every other stand Natalie pauses to observe the victim's suffering, a few times even amicably chatting them up and starting to ask questions until you drag her onward.

Right in front of you a woman exits a dark booth labeled 'sensory deprivation' with shaky steps, shivering and disoriented, almost running straight into Natalie before catching herself, mumbling something incoherent that may pass as an excuse as the two of you step onto a larger plaza.

From the looks of it, you arrived just in time for some kind of event, going by the amount of people gathered around the side of the area. However the crowd is so thick you can hardly make out anything from the back, but after a moment of searching you and Natalie find some crates stacked against the side of another booth, and climbing on top of them, you can get a decent view.

There is an area sectioned off with a low fence, and while the sign on it is illegible from here, the weapon rack, headman's block and guillotine make its purpose readily apparent, as if the row of actual heads on pikes lining the side wasn't enough of a dead giveaway.

Only moments later under a wave of cheers and applause the first victim steps into the area. It's a teenager with messy brown hair and relatively small, firm breasts, who cheerfully waves and gives a small bow before standing next to the guillotine. She's shortly followed by a young woman with her dark green hair up in a ponytail; she's pretty tall, towering over then teen next to her by a whole head, but also rather skinny, with her tits barely bigger than the other girl's. Then a pair of busty blondes enter arm in arm; they look like in their twenties and apart from the fact that one has her long hair open and the other has a simple braid and is wearing glasses they look next to identical, definitely sisters, likely twins.

And lastly the headman steps up, wearing black pants and an old-timey executioner's hood, but no shirt, with a muscular chest and arms. He's looking almost exactly like some of those drawings by that one guro artist, to the point you're wondering if that's copyright infringement.

Once the crowd has calmed down a bit he gets right down to business, taking the arm of the blonde with the braid, pulling her a few steps away from the others and pushing her onto her knees. At his instruction she leans forward a little and pushes her braid to the side to better present her neck, while the headman fetches a long western-style sword from the weapon rack.

You can almost hear the crowd collectively hold their breath as he places the blade against the girl's neck once to aim, then swings back – and strikes, cleanly lopping off her head with a single stroke as the crowd bursts into cheers. Her head actually flies through the air for a moment, spinning over a few times before hitting the ground, while her body keeps jerking and twitching for several seconds, spurting blood all around before slumping over.

By the time the girl's last movements die down, the headman is already replacing his sword with a bulky axe, then guiding her sister to the chopping block. She kneels down placing her neck on the wood, he parts her hair to get a better view, aims and thunk You can hear the sound of the impact even from back here as the blonde's head falls, her neck spraying blood everywhere once more and even splashing some of the spectators, most of which don't seem to mind at all.

It's clear one of the others is getting the guillotine, but just as you start to wonder about the last one your question swiftly gets answered by the executioner pushing the green-haired girl onto her knees and putting a knife at her neck. He grabs her hair and starts cutting, and within moments her neutral expression shifts into pain and fear as blood starts streaming down her chest, and you can even faintly hear her choking sounds as blood begins pooling in her mouth and dripping over her lips.

She's soon tearing up, jerking and shuddering wildly, but the headman expertly continues, already over halfway through her neck as the girl keeps writhing and producing desperate soundless gasps. That looks pretty brutal, but Natalie is clearly enticed by the show, as evidenced by her gaze transfixed on the spectacle and one hand not very subtly reaching under her dress with rhythmic motions.

However the show ends much too quick, by the time the executioner has reached the girl's spinal column her struggles have all but died down and it takes just a few more strokes to completely sever her head, and he briefly holds it up to the crowd before placing it next to the body as he proceeds to the final girl, who is bouncing on her heels as if she can't wait.

The girl doesn't even need any instructions to enter the guillotine, placing her head into the lunette and closing it around her neck, her legs hanging off the sides of the – oddly short – table her body is resting on. The point of this modification becomes readily apparent, though, as the headman opens his trousers to pull out his dick, stepping behind the girl, and she visibly tenses as lightly pushes against her pussy and you can clearly hear her squeak in surprise as he suddenly thrusts into her all the way.

The girl is most likely still a virgin, going by her pained expression and whimpers, but the executioner is fucking her fast and hard either way. Yet he seems to be doing something right as her face soon shifts to more obvious pleasure and she starts panting and moaning, and before long reaches a climax, her voice rising into a high-pitched almost shriek – which is abruptly cut off as the man releases the blade and it almost soundlessly slides down, the girl's head falling into a basket as her body seems to continue its orgasm, jerking around wildly and only held in place by the headman grabbing its arms, no doubt following suit and shooting its load into her.

Winding down, he pulls out of the now motionless body and, not even bothering to put his dick back in, stands in front of the crowd and bows to their applause, then says something, gesturing to the tent at the side of the area while a pair of assistants enter to carry away the bodies and display the heads on pikes. You can't quite make out what he's saying from here, but he's most likely asking for participants for the next round.

A: Let's not do anything hasty; you'll have enough opportunities later. Just continue your way.
B: Not quite yet. But change directions, heading towards the middle of the area.
C: Go for it. Line up at that tent to get your head chopped off. [Choose: C1: With the sword while you finger yourself; C2: In the guillotine while you get fucked from behind]


This took a bit longer to finish than I hoped, due to an injured arm (it's not that bad, don't worry) and general tiredness. But it's done now, enjoy.

Seeing as there's probably going to be replays, I'm going to plan, if not outright write, ahead to some degree anyways, and I was wondering if there'd be any interest in me making another thread for completely finished stories, slightly edited (including all the stuff you may have missed before) and properly ordered for people to play in the future. Would anyone here like to see that or should I not bother?

Also you're getting your first option to die right here. You can go for it right away or explore some more first (there's gonna be little to no actual backtracking, but at some point you'll be given the option to basically pick your death from a selection).


Since the whole point of a guro choose your own adventure game is to die as often as possible and keep reloading, I'll vote C.

If you want to stick with the two variations you mentioned I'll go with C1, but if you'll permit me another write-in: why repeat an execution method we've already seen when there are plenty of other ways to decapitate someone? For example, the executioner is a big strong lad; if he braces his feet against Natalie's shoulders while they're lying on the ground I imagine that with a bit of effort he could pull her head clean off with his bare hands. And prior to that, our protagonist could have her head slowly removed piece by piece at Natalie's request: first her head is scalped and skinned, then the skull is carefully sawed in two halves which are pulled apart. Next, all remaining flesh and her eyeballs are removed before snapping her brain stem and pulling away her brain. Naturally Natalie asks lot of questions during this, which our protagonist answers verbally at first before switching to thumbs up/down hand gestures when her mouth is gone.

Some alternate methods I haven't really seen used yet in other stories/images:
- Split the head down the middle with an axe, pull apart the two halves and dig out the contents.
- Gradually remove the head by firing three-round bursts at it with an assault rifle, making sure to target non-vital areas first.
- Rather than pulling the head off, pushing it in would also make it look like someone was headless. Keep the torso in place and push the head down between the shoulders and into the rib cage.

In my opinion, SnuffCon would be a perfect place to demonstrate some novel methods of maiming and killing that the guro enthusiasts who visit it aren't familiar with yet, similar to the way new products are launched at tech conventions or how they demonstrate innovative prototypes at car shows. Then again, I know my tastes are a tad unconventional even for the guro community, so if you want to stick to more traditional execution methods that's perfectly fine too.

The edited version seems like a good idea: it makes for a better reading experience for those who want to read it in the future, since they don't have to wade through tons of voting comments. Also, I don't think I recall ever seeing a guro-themed CYOA story, so it would be worth it for the novelty alone.


That's some creativity right there^^

But apart from the plausibility of some of these (I don't think a human neck is quite that weak one could just tear it off; snap the neck easily, actually tear probably not. Also the only thing that can specifically target non-vital areas of the head is a scalpel, certainly not a rifle; however I'll remember this one for an actual shooting scene), I'm not sure how well I could pull off the more extreme ones, especially with the PoV I'm using, so I'd rather stick with the basics for this one.

Also some of those are kinda skirting the line of a decapitation exhibit; maybe I'll place an 'anatomy' one somewhere where you could get your head cut open or something. But do keep that creativity for if/when we get to the hanging/asphyxiation related exhibit, I may be willing to do some experimentation on that one.


>That's some creativity right there^^

Heh, thanks, I try :)

>maybe I'll place an 'anatomy' one somewhere where you could get your head cut open or something

Well, you've got my vote. Always a big fan of anatomy stuff (hence why I mostly stick to magic/advanced science settings where I can explore that without anyone dying)

>But do keep that creativity for if/when we get to the hanging/asphyxiation related exhibit, I may be willing to do some experimentation on that one.

Sure thing. Granted, asphyxiation isn't really my thing, but here are a couple off the top of my head:
- A girl is suspended upside down with her head in a transparent bucket that fits pretty snugly around her head. The executioner starts making shallow cuts all over her body. The blood trails downward across her body and drips into the bucket, slowly filling it up. Once it reaches her mouth she starts to choke, and provided the bucket's not too big she should suffocate before she bleeds out.
- The executioner slices open a girl's stomach and pulls out all of her intestines, cutting them off near her anus. He tosses the loose end over the metal beam above the podium before tying it around her neck and pulling her up by her own guts.
- The executioner pulls out all of the victim's teeth before shoving her hand down the girl's esophagus, thus suffocating her. To make this plausible, the executioner should be a fairly petite girl.
- The victim is a contortionist. The executioner sews her mouth shut. The victim lies down and bends forward until her head is near her pussy. The executioner pushes her the final inch downward so that her nose enters her pussy and holds her there until she asphyxiates.
- The victim has a funnel placed into her mouth, past the point where she can close off her throat. The 'executioner', in this case, consists of a dozen or so naked girls who take turns peeing into the funnel, filling up her lungs.
- The executioner uses a circular saw to cut through the victim's ribs and removes the front of her chest, exposing the lungs. This in itself would be enough to prevent the victim from breathing, but for full effect the executioner squeezes her lungs with both hands before cutting them out completely.
- The victim steps into a human-sized plastic bag, which is connected to a large machine via a hose. The bag is sealed and the machine starts pumping out the air, vacuum-wrapping the victim.


I think I'll choose A this time. Yeah, I do like me some good decap, but I'm personally gonna wait until we hit the asphyx exhibit before choosing my first death option. :)

Hey, it's not like I can't reload from this point and go for a decap later, right?




I choose C1




If I might add a suggestion for asphyxiation-related deaths:

How about a hanging that isn't *quite* a real hanging. Rather, the girl in question has a noose tied around her throat, and is hoisted up *very* gradually so there is a long period of the pressure on her windpipe just increasing slowly rather than building up all at once. Then, the rope stops lifting her as she is brought to the tips of her toes. If she stretches her feet to push on the floor, she can lift her trachea off the rope just enough to get a little more air and buy herself some time. However, her ankles will inevitably tire and she will have to come back down, at which point the rope will begin strangling her again more completely.

At this rate, she wouldn't be able to relax properly as her body can't get any air, so she'll be that much less able to stand up on her toes again when she wants a bit of respite.

After the fatigue slowly wears her down, she'll be unable to stop herself from just resting against the rope until she slowly strangles to death.


Bump in hope of an update. :)


>>Right in front of you a woman exits a dark booth labeled 'sensory deprivation' with shaky steps, shivering and disoriented, almost running straight into Natalie before catching herself, mumbling something incoherent that may pass as an excuse as the two of you step onto a larger plaza.

If we ever go in there it should turn out there's someone, preferably a hung futa with lots of cock peircings, slipping into people's deprivation chambers and very quietly raping them stupid.


Update is in the works, but right now there's a tie, and pretty few votes in general, so I may wait a little longer.








Okay, let's try this.
Would it be a valid vote if I just say C?
Cause as I take it, it's C1 and C2 and not C and D because you would first see which of A, B or C gets most votes, for which you count C1 and C2 togehter, then if C wins, you compare number of C1 and C2 votes. This way I can just vote C so that it counts on the first round and doesn't matter on the second. Do I get it right?


Completely valid.

Also, voting for this part closes in 24 hours, with an update a soon after that as possible.




*sigh* looks like C is going to win - well, I'll just have to wait for the reload for a chance at asphyx. Not much of a loss, since I like decap, too, but eh.

And since there seems to be a tie between C1 and C2... if it is possible, I would like to change my vote from A to C1. :)



Maneuvering through the slightly thinning crowd, you make your way to the tent with the sign bluntly stating 'Decapitation stage – applicants here'.

“Hey babe, guess what?” You ask Natalie.


“I'm gonna go and get myself decapitated.”

“Hm.” She frowns a little. “Are you sure this is the way you wanna go, isn't that over much too quick? You're at least going to go with the knife, right?”

“Maybe.” Probably not, that sounds like an awfully painful way. You'd rather your head be taken off in one strike.

Waiting in line you see another round from much closer, and Natalie gets a few splatters of blood on her white dress, before it's your turn, and kissing Natalie one final time you enter the tent.

Inside there are two more girls waiting, both slightly younger than you, and one of the assistants you saw before cleaning up asks you for your preferred method.

“With the sword. And I'd want to get time to finger myself one more time.”

“Very well. Depending on how fast you are, you may want to start now, up on the stage we have some time for each participant, but not too much. Also we'd like to ask all participants to strip, please.”

Fair enough. However before you can even start undressing someone gropes your breasts from behind as a decidedly female figure presses against your back. You flinch and spin around, finding one of the other girls, the dark-haired one, already topless and wearing only a very short skirt, with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. “Let me help you with that.” She grins and after a brief deliberation you nod; Natalie wouldn't even mind, if anything she'd ask to join, and it's not like in a few minutes this won't matter anymore anyways.

The girl rather aggressively pushes into you, one hand reaching into your shorts and the other under your top, as she passionately, almost forcefully kisses you. Looks like someone has a lot of pent-up energy. After a moment she pulls back to undo your shorts, dropping them around your legs, and you step out of them, then raise your arms for her to take your top off.

Even if she is slightly smaller than you, the girl clearly is the more assertive one, as she pushes two fingers into your pussy before kissing you again and lightly biting your lower lip until you can taste metal in your mouth and let out a sharp gasp. She pauses to lick one of your breasts, her teeth playing with your sensitive nipple just on the edge between pain and pleasure, then she kneels down in front of you, running her tongue all the way up your pussy before licking and sucking your clit, even carefully using her teeth.

Your breath quickly intensifies, and you start slightly moving your hips in rhythm to her, but just before it can get really good, the girl stops and gets up with a sly grin. “I think that's quite enough. Gotta leave something for the actual show, right?” Guess so. “My turn now.” She continues, lifting her skirt and indicating her already wet pussy.

That's just fair. You obediently kneel down in front of her and get to it, taking in the smell and taste as you lick the outside of her pussy and briefly circle her clit before moving down again, parting her labia with your tongue and pushing it inside her as far as you can, practically burying your face in her crotch.

You can't really breathe in this position, and have to pull back for air after a handful seconds, but Natalie always loves when you do that; and from the sound of her breath, so does this girl. After only two goes, even if you barely touched her clit, she stops you, panting. “That was... great. But let me save the rest... for the stage, kay?”

You get up with a nod, and perfectly on time, as just now the assistant enters the tent again and ushers the three of you outside. Right in the front you can see Natalie, and wave cheerfully as she blows you a kiss.

As before, the sword gets the first go, so you lightly keep teasing yourself the whole time, waiting for the headman, and only moments later the crowd cheers as he enters the stage, and shortly guides you onto your knees as he fetches the sword. From up close the blade is imposingly large and even looks heavy, but it's also perfectly polished and you can see your own reflection in it, your cheeks flush, your hair slightly disheveled, and that expression in your eyes, a cross between excitement, fear and arousal. You're actually looking pretty hot.

A sentiment that Natalie, who pushed through the crowd to stand right in front of you, clearly seems to share, as she not-particularly-subtly starts pleasuring herself, reminding you that you should do the same, as you're on kind of a timer.

The grassy ground is covered in a thick layer of sand to soak up the blood, but it's still soft enough to not be uncomfortable, and you start rubbing two fingers over your clit, your neck already lowered in preparation of your impending execution, but your gaze raised and fixated on your girlfriend putting on one final show for you.

Thanks to the other girl doing some work just before – only now you realize she never told you her name, but it's not like it even matters now –, you soon approach your climax, and it takes a lot of self-control to keep your head in position, but you don't want the headman to botch it and only cut off half of your head or something.

...There it is. You orgasm, keeping your fingers rubbing your pussy as it radiates pleasure all over you, and suddenly there's whooshing sound and a brief pain in your neck as you suddenly fall over, your view spinning and you can see the ground and the sky and the ground and the sky again, and you hit the ground, getting a view of your headless body, two fingers still inside your pussy and twitching and jerking around in the final shivers of orgasm progressing into death throes.

Then someone picks up your head and turns it around, and you see Natalie smiling at you, her face flush in arousal. “Hey babe, help me finish one more time?” She holds you under her skirt, and even though your vision is already starting to dim, you still have enough strength left to push your tongue inside her, and that's almost all it takes for Natalie to come, her pussy rhythmically clenching and her moans distinctly audible, if muffled as if through cotton, as she squirts all over your face.

As Natalie's climax slowly subsides she lifts your head again. “Thanks, babe. That was awesome.” Blackness is quickly enclosing your view as she moves you closer for one final, macabre, kiss, but you barely manage to return the kiss, Natalie's face right in front of you, and her smell, and the taste of her lips the last thing you ever see before everything fades to black...




It continues. Gratuitous lesbian makeouts ftw. We may get these from time to time, but not always. It's just that a decapitation would have been pretty short otherwise, so I had to spice it up somehow (also the PC is at least a little bit of a sub and/or masochist, this may be a recurring trait).

Congratulations, you died. (And we get a stylish title drop) Now you can vote if you want to reload a save to continue the story from a previous point, or start and entirely new one (but I'd much rather continue this one for now, I already did a fair amount of preparation).

You can vote Yes/No, and if yes, the number/title of the paragraph you want to reload to, 'and' the option you want to vote from there. I hope I didn't make this too confusing. (For example “#A1 and F” goes back to the very first scene, and picks option F from the ones available there). As a reminder, the path you took this time was F;C1.


Very nice work there. :D

I vote Yes on the Reload, Save Point A2; Choice A.

Let's keep going until we get some asphyx this time!! :D


I would like to make a suggestion. As the number of save points grows, it may be hard to get a consensus from the crowd. In order to ameliorate choosing, perhaps you offer 3 suggested paths, as well as a random place to continue from. As an example:

This would allow you, the writer, time to prepare in depth for a few options instead of trying to prep shortly for a huge map of possibilities.

Just an idea.


Reload #A2 option A.
Looks like asphyxia using that tiptoes method is awesome.


A2: A


I'll join the A2 - A crowd; let's see what our options are. Also, nice touch on Natalie using the protagonist's head to get off.


Yes, A2, A


Bump to keep from losing this. :)


Bump to keep from losing this. :)


I'd like to contribute but lost all sense of what is even going on ono


Bump in hope the next update comes soon. :)

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