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The stort was about a girl named Susan in a world where they had to train and become waiters for their early adultish life, and then they get free later. Can anybody help?


I wrote that. I've posted it here, but it fell off the end. I've also posted it on GuroDate and Dark Fetish Network. I'll repost it below, but if you'd like some links to my works that will last a bit longer than anything posted here:

There's a setting description and two stories, one about Susan and one about Daniel, each of which are divided into chapters.



In this fantasy's world, there's no clothing, so everyone is naked at all times. The world is warmer, so the area that needs air conditioning is higher. There are also no STDs, bloodborne pathogens, or any other diseases related to blood, poop, cannibalism, etc... Everyone is owned as well. There are four types of ownership. People have a variety of jobs (doctor, butcher, programmer, etc...), but are not owned by their employers.


The first type of ownership is relation. A person starts off owned by their parents. If both of their parents are alive, both parents would have to agree to be able to sell them to someone else or kill them. An exception to this is if one of the parents owns the other, without the reverse also being true, such as the offspring from a father-daughter relationship. In that situation, the partner that owns the other partner owns any offspring they have with that partner. (So, if someone reproduces with their daughter, they own their offspring completely, and their daughter does not.) If a person's parents are dead, their ownership goes to their oldest living offspring. If they have no living offspring either, then it's their oldest sibling. If they also don't have any siblings, then they own themselves.

The second type of ownership is service. When a person turns 18, their ownership is temporarily held by the government for little over a year. This doesn't last very long.

The third type of ownership is marriage. When their ownership is returned from the government, the person gets the right to marry. If people get married, they own each other. Since they're owned by their partner, their partner can decide to sell or kill them at any time. If one sells their partner, they lose ownership of that partner, but still remain owned by that partner in a marriage sort of way. (They would regain ownership if their partner's new Master dies or abandons them, as they would still be married.)

If a couple decides to get married again (polyamorous marriage), all of the resulting partners own each other equally. So, if two couples got married, in order to decide to kill or sell one person of the group, the other three would all need to agree on it. Any number of people can be married and genders/sexes don't matter for marriage. A person can even marry their parents if they wanted to. All that matters is that everyone involved has completed their government service. It is very common to reproduce outside of marriage, so marriage is more about the ownership and wanting to be together than it is about raising kids together. Sex is something most people will just do in any social situation. For some people though, marriage is just a way to own someone for free. They have to risk being owned by them briefly, but it is common enough for one partner not to survive their wedding night.

The fourth type of ownership is slavery. This is when someone buys someone else from their owner. This may be done because someone wants a slave to do tasks for them, or because they want to kill and butcher them, or whatever else. Owning oneself is socially taboo. These people feel comfortable having someone in charge of them. This is what they've always known. If someone doesn't do the same, it's weird. It's referred to as "self-serving", with the connotation that they must be a selfish person. If they're not going to contribute to someone else's happiness with their actions, they should do so with their meat instead. Most people who wind up in that situation, therefore, choose to sell themselves to someone, either as a slave or to a butcher. That's a very rare situation to be in though, as sex is frequent and birth control isn't used. Periods are, therefore, an extreme rarity that most women never get. There's a bit of an overpopulation problem as well.

If a person in owned by the government, their other ownerships are on hold until their service ends. If they're owned as a slave, their other non-government ownerships are irrelevant unless their Master dies or decides to abandon them. If they're married, their relational ownership is irrelevant. (Service > slavery > marriage > relation)

If someone is a slave, they're almost always on their Master's dinner table or sold to a butcher before they reach 40. If someone keeps a slave longer than that, people see it as strange and think of the person as eccentric. If not a slave, reaching the age of 40 is considered selfish, taboo, shameful, and often such people are looked at as inedible. Usually, the day before their 40th birthday, whoever owns them will throw a funeral for them, usually inviting all their friends and family, and the person will be served as the main course. It's a happy event that celebrates their life.

It is also common for one's parents to have a party the first time someone reproduces, during which they kill their offspring, helping to desensitize them to doing so in the future, which is important in a society so full of death. This offspring is usually the product of sex between them and one of their parents. The meat is not as good, with so much cartilage, but there are recipes designed specifically for this occasion.



On a person's 18th birthday, when their ownership transfers to the government, they are to report to be trained as a servers. During this time, their diet and exercise are tailored to make them as healthy as possible. The training typically lasts for 2 months. At the end of the training, those who don't meet certain physical requirements can try going through the training at most one more time or accept their failure. Failing results in being sold to a facility that makes pet food and winding up on store shelves to be fed to dogs, cats, or any other pet animal. Pets are otherwise treated no differently in this fantasy's world.

Those who complete the training must then use that training for one full year. They are sent to restaurants who use their services. They are housed and fed by the restaurant and at the very end of the year, if they're still alive, they get paid their full salary for all the hours that they worked and are released back to their previous owner. Restaurants also employ waiters & waitresses, who are not owned by the government, are payed regularly, and get to go home at the end of the day, but servers provide a more "full service" experience for the customers & only serve one table at a time. The fancier the restaurant, the more servers they will have. The fanciest only employ servers while the least fancy only employ waiters & waitresses.

While being seated, a customer may request to have a server with particular attributes, with the server's sex being the most common thing that customers state a preference for. Once seated, the server asks for the customer's drink order. Unless otherwise specified, the server tries to provide the customer's drinks from themselves, right there at the table. If the customer orders blood, they will cut open one of their own veins to fill the glass. Piss is the water equivalent, so a server is trained to delay the need to use a toilet for a long time, in case a customer orders it. If they order milk and the server is female, it will start with their own lactation before other servers & waitresses would finish filling the customer's glass. If they order cum, and the server is male, they will masturbate into the customer's glass first, before the other male servers and waiters do so. (There is no biological change here that allows them to lactate/cum an entire glass of liquid in seconds.)

If the customer orders the liquid that the server cannot biologically create normally, the server will ask if the customer would like it from them or from the restaurant's opposite-sex staff. Previous to their shift, a server fasts for two hours and immediately before their shift they drink a whole bunch of cum if they're female and milk if their male. For this order, they eject the contents of their stomach into the glass, resulting in a more acidic cum or milk than usual. The cum/milk for this is usually store-bought, but being warmed in the server's body and mixed with their stomach acids makes it a higher class of item anyway.

After taking the drink orders, the server will service the customers while they look at the menu. If the customers don't specify otherwise, they will each receive oral sex. They can, however, choose any available hole/phallus combination, limited only by their sex and the server's sex. A large enough group may have multiple servers. When the customer(s) are ready, the server takes their order. If the customer chooses a dish with meat (all of which is human meat), there are three options available to them:

Option one is to have the meal made with the restaurant's in-house stock of that meat, which is usually meat purchased from a butcher or grocery store. This costs the normal amount.

Option two is to order their meat "fresh". For this option, the names of all available servers are put into a "hat" twice, except that table's server, who's name is only put in once. This includes any server that serves at that restaurant, but is not currently working, but does not include any other server that is currently serving customers. The name pulled from the "hat" is the one who gets killed and has the relevant portion of their body become that customer's meal. If the meat specified is sex-specific, like a grilled penis or deep fried breast, then servers without those parts don't get their names put in the "hat". (There's generally a computerized system and no physical hat involved.) This doubles the meal's cost.

Option three is to specifically order a part from the server's body. This functions the same, but with no random selection and triples the meal's cost. If the customer selects to do so, they can snuff the server themselves, but the meal's cost becomes quadruple instead of triple. The most affluent gesture, to brag to anyone else in the restaurant in range, is to order the server whole & snuff them themselves. This is something more common if someone wealthier is hosting a party. Less wealthy people can also order whole humans, but it is far cheaper to order one that was already killed and frozen elsewhere, then shipped, like a turkey. (1/4 as expensive, to be precise.)

The multiplication is applied to the entire group's order, so if one person orders a regular meal, and another orders the server, and they're on the same bill, both meals are tripled in price. If a group is larger and snuffs two servers, the price gets multiplied by 4 twice, making it cost 16 times as much. This sort of thing is why restaurants want to have servers. They can make a lot off their death, at which point all the work they've done has cost only enough to feed them. The risk is having to pay them for all their time if they survive the year.

The government does not use this service ownership for other reasons. They hire people for the various other services that are government provided. People still hold ordinary jobs in addition to all of this as well (not during their service though). This year of service is, in part, to help reduce overpopulation.

While many are 18 year olds (and 19 year olds, since service starts 2-4 months after turning 18, and lasts a full year) are killed during their service, the cost is high enough that most people don't choose to kill them. In a very fancy restaurant, they might snuff a dozen in a month out of maybe three dozen available, but in a more average restaurant, they might snuff 1-2 out of a dozen in a given month. When those who survive their year as a server come home from it, they're fully trained and experienced in serving, their body is at its peak thanks to the government, and they've got a big check (their wages earned through that year) that all goes to their owner if they die. Since their owner can snuff them at any time, what better time would there be to do so? A percentage of those survivors, therefore, get eaten within a week of returning home or at the next major holiday. As a result, more 19 year olds wind up getting killed than 18 year olds, but not by much. The top four most deaths by age are, in order:

- 19: some service, but mostly return-from-service
- 18: service
- 0: first borns and by anyone who doesn't want their child
- 39: on the day before their 40th birthday

The other ages have much lower snuff rates than any of those four and are all around the same as each other.



Clearly, if people were eating nothing but human meat, no one would survive very long. They don't. Much cheaper than meat is poop. At the fanciest of places, they will serve only meat and offer larger portion sizes. As you go down in fanciness, you get dishes that include both meat and poop in some way, or get offered a side of poop much the same way that McDonald's offers a side of fries. Ground meat products, like burgers, will often have a mixture of ground human meat and poop, with the exception of the highest quality burgers which are all meat and shit-burgers, which are all poop. The lowest income individuals may never get to taste meat.

There are farms where people are fed things specifically to flavor their piss and shit to have it sold as a slightly better product. These are things that are considered food in our world, like asparagus, but not in this fantasy's world. There is so little of these things available, that they're not widely known of. These farms are generally on the outskirts of society, in much colder regions. Clothing occurs here to a degree. The majority of people are unaware of the existence of these regions. They know the flavored products exist on their local grocery store shelves, but don't think about where it could've come from. Additionally, there are a variety of dairy products made from human milk, such as cheeses. It's extremely rare for a woman to not be lactating. Cum and blood are also used in various sauces.

Restrooms are unisex. There is a dividing wall in the middle that has all of the plumbing work as shown below:

You can see from this why I don't draw any porn myself.

On one side, you have the sinks (which are shown there in dark blue), and on the other you have the stalls (which are shown as light blue). Each stall/sink combination has one person in it. The person's head is under the sink and their lower half is above the stall. If they're female, they're face down, in a doggy style position with their legs shackled open in a position that puts both of their lower holes at fucking height, leaving them open and available. If they're male, they're face up. with their legs shackled open and up, pointing their penis upwards and leaving their anus at fucking height, leaving it open and available. Under them, a waterless floor urinal is designed to collect whatever piss drips off the person into it's drain. The brown circles are an optional tube explained later.

A person enters, picks an available stall, fucks and/or pees on the person as they see fit, then walks around to an available sink, puts their genitals up to the person's mouth to get cleaned (and maybe pee just a little more, into their throat), and washes their hands. The collected pee is later used, generally as beverages. If it's a restaurant, for example, it fills a tank that dispenses into the kitchen to fill customer's glasses or fill pots for recipes that use boiling water. It could also wind up in the general piss supply that provides homes with drinkable piss (as it is this world's equivalent for water.)

If someone needs to poop, there are two different systems to do so. At the lowest quality place, there's a bucket. You squat over the bucket, aim your pee at the stall as usual, and poop into the bucket. A higher quality place than that would have a hole instead that sends the poop through a more automated system, but removes it fairly quickly from the area. In both of these scenarios, the poop is collected for use. If it's a restaurant, it's used in that restaurant. If it's not, it might be sold to one.

A fancier place might instead have a system of transparent hoses above the stalls. There are two sets of hoses. One bypasses the stall. The other has a face-mask on the right and a butt attachment on the left. To use this, you first put on the face mask, which unlocks the left side's attachment. Removing the butt attachment from the wall locks the face-mask's straps in place and enables that stall. You then put the left side's hose up to your anus, click the strap around you, and poop. When you're done, you un-clip and return the butt attachment, which unlocks the face mask's strap and shuts off that stall, allowing you to take it off.

The poop enters the transparent tubes and gets pushed around the track created for it. If a stall's face-mask is locked in place (which happens when you remove the butt attachment from the wall), when the poop reaches that stall, it goes through the face-mask's tube instead of the tube that bypasses that stall, getting forced into the person's mouth. The design of the mask ensures that none of it leaks out, so the person must eat it. The face mask will not unlock as long as there's any poop in its tube either. So, if only one person is pooping in this room, they will wind up eating their own poop. If their are multiple, each will eat the poop of the pooper to their right. If the last person's stall shuts off while poop is still in the tube system, it just goes around and around until someone else attaches themselves to the system.

If a place has multiple restrooms, a hotel, for example, their system will often be built to connect them all together, so poop from the leftmost stall of one restroom goes to the rightmost stall of the next. In this way, it becomes possible to get the cheapest sort of meal for free, as long as you hook yourself up to the restroom in a place that is at least mildly almost-fancy. Some people will still attach the face mask and take the butt attachment off the wall in hopes of receiving someone's poop, even if they don't need to poop, but it isn't necessary to do so when using the restroom just for sex and/or peeing.

If all of the stalls are in use, one could step in front of someone who's peeing, getting peed on as well, but allowing them to also use the stall for peeing or sex. If they're just peeing, or they're a guy, they could also go behind someone who's using a stall and pee on them or fuck their ass. If all of the stalls are full and someone needs to poop, they can still connect to a set of hoses or squat over the hole/bucket if one of the in-use stalls isn't being used for pooping.

In a more residential setting, when one needs to use the restroom, someone else will go with them & climb into the wall slot. This is most commonly someone the person owns, but can be anyone available. If someone is home alone and needs to go, they might ask to use their neighbor's restroom. If they need to poop, they'll usually collect it for use in a meal for someone else. It's common as well for people to casually pour drinks for one another of their own piss. Drinking your own piss or eating your own poop is taboo and looked at as something that only antisocial homeless hermits do.

The people in the bathroom stalls at public places are usually working something off. The first week spent on this is considered training and is not paid. After that week, they earn the minimum salary wage, counting only the first 8 hours of each day that they're in the stall. Occasionally, a worker will stop in to feed them, but it's the lowest quality shit. They may be working off the price of something they stole, which could be an item or a life that belonged to someone else, or often enough they're working off the price of an expensive meal after their date left without paying. It is common, at the end of a date, if one partner is not interested in pursuing the relationship further, for them to get up to use the restroom and simply not return, leaving their partner to pay the entire bill instead of just their half, which they almost always cannot pay and wind up working the stalls. There are occasional volunteers as well, who simply enjoy it. Rarer is the person being payed to be there, who has had trouble finding employment elsewhere. (It's the only job that pays minimum wage.) It's a bit uncomfortable, the piss gets sticky eventually, and staying in that shackled position 24/7 results in some cramping issues and such. They can often sleep at night when the place is closed, but if it's a place that's open 24 hours a day, they'll get woken up often and have trouble getting enough sleep.

The people in the bathroom stalls at public places are usually working something off. The first week spent on this is considered training and is not paid. After that week, they "earn" the minimum salary wage, counting only the first 8 hours of each day that they're in the stall, which gets paid directly to whoever they might owe. Occasionally, a worker will stop in to feed them, but it's the lowest quality shit. They may be working off the price of something they stole, which could be an item or a life that belonged to someone else, or often enough they're working off the price of an expensive meal after their date left without paying. There are occasional volunteers as well, who are simply masochistic enough to enjoy it. Rarer is the person being payed to be there, who has had trouble finding employment elsewhere. (It's the only job that pays minimum wage.)

It is common, at the end of a date, if one partner is not interested in pursuing the relationship further, for them to get up to use the restroom or something and simply not return, leaving their partner to pay the entire bill instead of just their half, which they almost always cannot pay and wind up working the stalls. There are a few people who get their kicks by taking someone out on a date with the pretense that they're rich, snuffing their server, ordering them whole, and sneaking out before the bill arrives, dooming their partner to be unable to leave that establishment for roughly half a year.

It's a bit uncomfortable, the piss gets sticky eventually, and staying in that shackled position 24/7 results in some cramping issues and such. They can often sleep at night when the place is closed, but if it's a place that's open 24 hours a day, they'll get woken up often and have trouble getting enough sleep.



A person may snuff anyone they own at any time. They may also snuff servers if they're willing to pay the extra cash for them. One can do this however they'd like, but there are some tendencies. One of these is snuff by butchering. The snuffee has parts cut off of them and hung over buckets to collect the blood as they drain. At some point during the process, they die. Some people last longer through this than others. This is a common snuff if cuts from a server are purchased, but the customer does not decide to snuff their server themselves, or if someone is purchased by a butcher, but it does occasionally happen during more personal snuffs.

Most people don't get to snuff others every day, so they like to do a bit more to enjoy it. One common way this is done is by snuffing them during sex. This is often done by choking them, stabbing them, or slitting their throat. Choking can be done with the hands, but can also be done other ways: Putting a snuffing collar around their neck, holding their head still while they're deep-throating, using a throat-clog snuffing tool (which essentially works as an inflatable dildo that you inflate in their throat), etc... Starvation is a less common way chosen to snuff someone, as the meat loses a little quality, but watching them suffer and deteriorate can be entertaining.

There are also snuffing games that people enjoy. For example, strapping someone into a guillotine, having the release catch tied to a small ball, and having them hold that ball in their mouth while they're fucked. If they let go, they get snuffed. Another game involves someone standing on a platform with a noose around their neck. Their owner sees how many times they can hit the target. With each hit, the platform lowers a little until the snuffee can no longer breathe. They might still survive if they can hold their breath long enough for the game to end.

Some people vandalize toilets by putting a throat-clog snuffing tool into their throats. If caught, the vandal will take their place, to serve for the week of training, whatever debt their victim still owed, and the estimated price that their victim's owner could've gotten for their victim if sold to a butcher while still alive. Vandals are usually either young and stupid, or poor and unable to feed/house themselves. The former are caught about 80% of the time and the latter are always caught, as that's their intention.

When a guy is snuffed, it is common for his penis to be tied off while it's still full of blood. This is often right after death, except for death by butchering, which does this before death. The reason is because a hard penis works better for most recipes, and it can always be drained later if that's not what's desired.

Occasionally, someone will cut off parts from someone they own without snuffing them. When this is done, they're considered dead anyway, with what's left of them being an item owned by their owner. Their assets are processed the same way they would be if they had been snuffed. The most common form of this is removing one's limbs. The remaining torso is pretty much useless to society, which is why the decision was made to count them as being dead. When this occurs, it's up to their owner to feed them (or let them starve).

If someone is to be cooked whole, often they will be snuffed by organ removal. For this, they're sliced from pubis to sternum, and parts are pulled out. At some point they die. This is the most common for children, as they tend to be small enough to fit into the ovens in most homes. If someone orders their server whole in a restaurant and doesn't snuff them themselves, this method will be used, but that's rare, as someone ordering a whole server is very likely to want to do the snuffing themselves, and when they do it's usually by another method, almost always including sex.



There are a wide variety of dishes that can be prepared. I will list of a few of them. The dishes are made from human meat, poop, cum, blood, piss, and milk. It's harder to harvest, so it's more expensive, but pussy juices are occasionally used as well. Human breastmilk is processed in many of the ways we process cow milk in our world, creating a variety of cheeses, yogurt, ice cream, etc... When I say "milk" below, in many cases I'm referring to a milk-based product rather than milk on its own. Human fat has a spongy consistency, making it difficult to eat normally, but it is often melted down to use as a cooking oil. In grocery stores and delis, products will often have pictures on their labels showing who the meat in the package came from, to help try to make shopping for meat a more personal experience.

The Standard Shit: A plate of warm poop, served with a glass of warm piss. This is the most common meal. Most people have this an average of once a day. Richer people have it less often (in some cases never), eating more meat, while poorer people have it more often (in some cases for every meal). Places that serve food will usually have something like a soft-serve ice cream machine to use to reform their stored poop back into a tube shape.

Steak: A simple cut of meat, usually grilled. Some people like it as is, while others like to add a little sauce to it. This sauce is usually blood that's been thickened with cum.

Baked whole human: An entire human, baked in the oven for a long time, basted and finally served. It is customary for the owner (or customer, if it's an ordered server) to fuck the result before it's sliced into. (For women or for men who prefer to receive anal sex, the tying off of the meat's penis beforehand helps to facilitate this.) The basting oil always includes melted human fat, may include cum and/or milk, and for a slightly higher price, could also include pussy juices. As the roast cooks, its own oils melt and add some to the basting oil around it. Smaller versions of this exist for roasting just someone's butt, thigh, or even just a section of arm. If someone wants to spend less, they may request that only piss be used for initial basting.

Fried Finger Food: This was originally just fried fingers, but most places sell full hands. If ordered from a server or made at home, the person's hands may be battered while they're still alive, and they must hold their hands open (not making a fist) in the hot oil. This is generally accompanied by screaming, but many fun things are. They're generally held when they do this, as many pass out from the pain. Those who are still awake after their hands are chopped off & put on the plate can be awake for their snuffing shortly after. Of course, the oil used in the fryer is from human fat.

Deep Fried Breast: A variation on the FFF, a woman's breasts are battered and dipped in the oil. The same entertainment value is provided when done with a live woman. If it's known in advance that this will be done, a woman will not release the milk in her breasts for 24 hours ahead of time. There are not many recipes that use breast meat due to the high fat concentration, but this uses particularly hot oil, much hotter than would be used to fry anything else. The heat causes some melting and reforming of the breast fat, while also mixing some with the milk for creaminess, making it more edible. This is pretty much this world's equivalent of deep fried butter.

Ice cream: Made from human breast milk. Comes in a few different flavors. The "milk" flavor is the equivalent to our vanilla. Extra milk is used to make it extra creamy. There's also a blood flavor, which is pink in color, shit, which is light brown, cum, which has a gooeyer texture, piss, which is yellow of course, fat, which is flavored by adding extra oil to the mix, and pussy juice. Often, flavors will be mixed. Shit & piss are cheaper flavors, while pussy juice flavored ice cream is more expensive and not sold everywhere. It's common for different combinations to have their own names. A few examples: Poop + piss = toilet swirl. Milk + fat = boobie swirl. Piss + cum = penis swirl. Cum + pussy juices = sex swirl. Milk + pussy juice = feminine swirl. Cum + milk + pussy juice = 2-gender swirl. Etc... At most places, an "everything" swirl will include the shit, piss, milk, cum, blood, and fat flavors, but exclude the pussy juice flavor unless specifically requested (and available). Shit & piss are generally chosen when someone doesn't want to pay as much for their ice cream. They're still good, but most people agree that the other flavors are better. Cum is usually chosen by people who want more textural variety. So, anal swirl (cum + shit) is a common choice to pay a little less, but still get the textural variety. Milk is generally chosen for the added creaminess. Fat is chosen because of its inherent tastiness (fattier foods just tend to be tastier). Blood is chosen more for its flavor. Pussy juice flavored ice cream is chosen for its flavor as well, but part of the decision is often to show others around them that they can afford something more expensive. Shitballs are sometimes found in flavors as well, the same way we might use chocolate chips in this world, adding a harder (as they're frozen), less creamy texture and a different flavor.

Gelatin: Ingredients taken from human bone and flavored in the same ways that ice cream is. Cum is not an available flavor, but cum shots can be suspended in any flavor of gelatin. The same goes for shitballs or small pieces or pieces of congealed blood.

Brownies: Milk (for some creaminess), oil (for the fattier tastiness), and shit (for the thicker texture) are mixed together and baked.

Burgers: Made from ground up human meat and/or shit, and grilled. Cheese is common to add, as is a blood-oil sauce. This world lacks plant-based food, so there's no bun. Iconically served with a side of shit and glass of piss.

Ribs: Human rib cage (with meat on it, obviously), often with a blood-oil sauce.

Boiled meat: A cut of meat that's boiled, usually in piss, occasionally in blood (more expensive). The texture and flavor come out different from ordering a grilled steak.

Genitals: When someone orders pussy, they generally get the triangle of flesh that includes the anus as one corner and the pubic mound on the other end, cutting deep enough to include the cervix. This is often stuffed with ground meat and/or shit. It can be baked, grilled, deep fried, pan fried, or boiled, being stuffed post-cooking. An order of penis does not usually include the testicles, but it can if requested (usually for an upcharge). An order of "full" penis will also include the full length on the corpus spongiosum (the continuation of the penis that is internal to the body). Penis is a lot tougher. If not boiled, it tends to need a lot of tenderizing. If someone orders "sex" as a food dish, they are usually referring to ordering both a penis and a pussy, using the penis as stuffing for the pussy. The standard sauce for this combination usually includes oil, cum, and pussy juice. It's one of the only dishes to include pussy juice by assumption, but it is a more expensive dish since it requires parts from two different people.

Balls/ovaries: Testicles & ovaries are often injected with sauces to essentially "burst" when bitten into. Cum is common for thematic and gooeyness reasons, but milk is usually included to make this creamier. A variety pack of them might be pre-boiled and each injected with different sauces at random to allow the eater to enjoy not knowing what flavor each one will be until it's in their mouth and they're biting down on it. Such an assortment would then include more flavors, including some combinations. One might be full of shit, while another is creamy, and another has the saltiness of piss with the gooey texture of cum.

Blood sausage: Congealed blood, often containing meat or sometimes mixed only with oil. It's difficult to keep blood fresh enough for use as a beverage for extended lengths of time, so any blood that is drained from someone and not used immediately as a beverage or for boiling or in sauces usually winds up getting congealed. Machines exist to ensure the resulting shape that allows it to be more useful. In a more upscale place, this will even be offered as a standard side dish, replacing the usual side of shit. If someone orders blood as a beverage and there's no one being actively slaughtered, it will generally come from a living source. This could be any server in the establishment (though they are careful not to take too much from any one server, as to not kill them before they're ordered), or even sometimes from the toilets (bringing the glass into the restroom, holding the glass under their chest, and poking a vein. It doesn't matter if they're in the middle of getting peed on or fucked, as their chest is accessible from the side.) As such, blood is generally the most expensive beverage. If you see cheap blood available somewhere, it's probably mixed with piss, with the hope that no one will notice.

Eyes: Not often ordered. Delicacy. Served raw. If stored, they're simply warmed back up to body temperature in an oven. Some people like the "pop" they make.

Organs: Not often ordered or desired. These are usually ground up into the burger mix (or meatloaf). The brain is considered unsanitary to eat & discarded. Nevertheless, there are some recipes that use organ meat.

Sausage: Intestine filled with burger mix, tied off, and cooked.


Public sex:

It is commonplace to fuck during a meal, or while waiting in line to check out somewhere, or wherever/whenever. Asking is not generally done. At the table, you fuck other people who are also at the table. If your owner is present at the meal (or owners, if there are multiple), it is important for them to reach orgasm before you may start to eat (by social convention, not by law). If you happen to notice that your owner is horny at other times, it is best for you to preemptively help them to reach orgasm, before they have to do anything about it themselves. If you're unable to help at that time, it's common to offer them the use of someone present that you own (if anyone you own is present). People who are good at anticipating their owners needs tend to reach an older age before getting snuffed, on average. It is also common enough to offer the life (and meat) of someone you own to your owner during festive occasions, allowing them to not only fuck them, but to snuff them as well. If they do not choose to snuff them, you retain ownership of them when the event ends. (You NEVER offer your own life, as they already own that and can take it at any time.)

Generally, if you're in public and see someone you want to fuck, if they don't look particularly busy, you simply walk up to them and start fucking. You don't have to know them necessarily, but if you're a guy and don't introduce yourself in some way, exchange contact information, etc, then if they're a girl and they get pregnant, you forfeit your half of the ownership of the child. If you're being fucked and don't want to be, you simply push the other person. You don't even need to say anything. They will almost always stop, look around for someone else, and go over to fuck them instead. This is rare, but does happen if someone has somewhere to be, or if they find the person fucking them to be particularly unattractive.

When waiting in line, usually one will stick their penis (or strap-on) in the ass of whoever's in front of them. This helps prevent others from cutting in front of you in line and forces you to notice if the line starts to move. These descriptions of public sex appear to favor guys, but anyone can perform oral sex on anyone else, and most women keep a vibrating strap-on in their purse, which they will use if they feel like fucking someone or while standing in line. It vibrates the base, stimulating just below their clit (usually, this is adjustable), based on the amount of pressure around the tip. As a result, anyone can wind up fucking anyone, and bisexuality is the norm, so they do. If someone wants to be fucked by a woman with such a strap-on vibrator, and the woman does not decide to do so on her own, they would have to ask her to, but all other combinations can be done without any communication at all.




Chapter 1: Training to be a server

As I approach the gate, I'm a bit apprehensive. I know that anyone who fails the training twice is pet food, and I don't want to wind up on some store shelf ground up in a bag or some cans. When my time comes, I want to be cooked with care and be enjoyed by whoever eats me. I remember that one of my older brothers was far too fat to make it through the training, even if he starved himself, so my dad cooked him the day before his eighteenth birthday. He wasn't the best tasting meal in the world, but he was better than the shit we eat most nights. Our dad owns us, because we're his children. If mom was still alive, mom and dad would both own us. A decision to kill or sell someone can only be made if it's unanimous from all of that person's owners. Since dad is the only one that owns us, he was able to make that decision to kill my brother.

I'm not as big as my brother was, but I'm not completely fit either, so that'll take some work. Being fit is no guarantee either. I will have to learn all the right skills too. A perfect body that can't deliver is still just ground up for pet food.

I pause, looking at the door for a second, then turn to look back at my dad, who's sitting in the driver's seat of his car. I can still taste his cum. I see one of my brothers, who was sitting in the back seat on the way here, climbing into the front passenger seat now that I'm no longer there. It's the responsibility of everyone to ensure their owner or owners are sexually gratified. This is especially true right before a meal, when it's customary for a person to wait to eat until their owner has reached orgasm. I smile at them. Dad takes this opportunity to reassure me “Go on in, honey, you're gonna do just fine, I know it.” As he says this, I watch him pushing my brother's head down towards his lap.

“I love you, dad!”, I reply, as I turn around and open the door.

As I step inside, it's smells somewhat sterile, not as sterile as a hospital, but in the way that all government buildings seem to smell. There's a woman at the front desk. She's probably in her mid-thirties. I can see that her boobs have started to sag a little. Across from her are a few chairs, mostly empty. There are three people sitting, filling out forms. One boy is leaning his clipboard against his cock, rocking it gently with each press of his pen. The other boy is masturbating with his left hand while filling out the form on the chair next to him with his right. I can smell the girl's excitement in the air as well.

The older woman greets me dryly, “Happy birthday, dear. Fill out one of these forms.” She gestures towards a pile of clipboards on her desk, each pre-loaded with a form. “The pens are over there.” She gestures to what looks at first glance to be a pot of flowers, but the flowers are fake, with their stems actually being pens. I take one of each and walk over to the masturbating boy.

“You know,” I interrupt, “you shouldn't be doing that yourself, especially on your birthday.” His concentration breaks from the form he's filling out to look at me, but he doesn't stop masturbating. After a second, he finally replies, “Um...” I roll my eyes at him and kneel on the floor in front of him, putting my clipboard under his chair. As I take the head of his penis in my mouth, he replies “Thanks” and turns back to filling out his form. I work on filling out my form as I suck. It reminds me at first of all the times I've done homework with a penis in my mouth. That is, until I get a mouthful of cum before I've even finished writing my name down. It was a disappointingly short blowjob.

I look up at him, with an expression of “that's it?” on my face, his cock still halfway in my mouth, as it softens. As I'm about to let go, he reaches his left hand around to the back of my head and pulls me closer. He's too soft to cum again, what is he doing? Just then, I taste an unmistakable salty flavor. Not knowing his bladder, I swallow as fast as I can to keep from making a mess. Once he's done, he releases my head, walks up to the desk, hands the old woman his form, and goes through the next door without a word.

I look over at the other two and see that the girl is now bent over two seats filling out her form on a third while the other boy has his clipboard on her back and his penis in her ass. I put my clipboard on the seat that the boy I just sucked off was sitting on and fill out the rest of the form with my ass in the air, in case anyone else comes in. No one does. The form itself is just basic contact information. Name, government ID, gender, current owner(s), who would own me if something happened to my owner(s), number and types of dependents I own, who they would each go to if something happened to me, and for us girls, how long we've been pregnant. Once I finish, I see the other two still fucking, but their clipboards are on another chair. They've probably finished them. I hand mine in and go through the next door.

The inside has sections and rotates. The hallway leads to my section's common room, which has a door to a shared bathroom with five stalls and spiral stairs that lead up to thirty small bedrooms, each with one small bed. When this first section finishes filling up with thirty-five people, the inside will rotate so the next section's common room will face the main entrance to start filling up, and my section's training will begin.

The first thing to do right now is to select a day of the week for my bathroom shifts. There's a sign up sheet in the common room. Looking at the current schedule, there are twenty-three people in my section so far. I decide to take one of the Tuesday shifts. With the bathroom fresh on my mind and the taste of piss in my mouth, I decide to take a look at the bathroom. Two of the five stalls are roped off from use and empty, with their upper parts raised to fit people into, and the other three have people in them. There are two girls and a guy.

The bathroom stalls are like very large urinals that go from about five feet up the wall to the floor and about five feet along the floor creating an 'L' shape. The whole thing is about three feet wide. Home bathroom stalls tend not to be as long, since you don't expect more than one or two people to use them at a time. About three feet up, there's a hole in the wall big enough around for the average torso. The part above this can be unlocked and slid upwards. Extending from above a stall's center are two rough ropes which are slightly frayed with loops on the ends for a person's wrists. This person is a toilet. Extending from above a stall on either side are rough ropes of the same slightly frayed sort, with loops on the ends for the toilet's ankles. The ropes probably chafe against the skin. The rope lengths are adjustable with cranks, and are pulled tight enough to keep the toilet from moving, but not tight enough to pull on them painfully. Public bathrooms always have these ropes or chains, but home bathrooms rarely do, as toilets at home are usually only locked in for the duration of one or two uses.

The height of the opening makes it easy to fuck the toilet. Male toilets go in these stalls face up, so their penises point up, to make their penises fuckable (their asses being fuckable either way), while female toilets go in them face down so the blood doesn't rush to their head. Along the bottom, of the 'L' shape, the center ten to fifteen inches is raised to stand on. The drain is right at the joint of the 'L' shape and leads to the city's piss system to be used for people to drink, shower in, or whatever else they might need piss for. If the stalls are all in use and someone else comes in needing to go, they just pee on the back of someone who's peeing on or fucking a person in a stall, and/or fuck that person in the ass. I've been in the stall at home before when my dad or siblings have needed to use it, but home bathrooms tend to have padded stalls. These are not padded and look very uncomfortable.

There's also a bucket under the toilet's ass in case they need to poop while in the stall. When other people come in and need to poop, they just squat under the toilet, with their face near the toilet's ass. If they're nice, they might lick the toilet's ass or pussy while they poop. If someone needs to poop and the stalls are all in use, but not all of them are being pooped in, they could go in front of someone who's peeing and squat there to poop, getting their head pissed on. Someone only needs to wait to use a toilet if they need to poop and all the buckets are in use, which is rare.

On the opposite end of the wall, above where the toilet's head sticks out, is a sink. Piss comes out when it's turns on for people to rinse their hands in after they pee. While they do so, the toilet uses their mouth to clean off the person's genitals with their tongue. If the person turns around, they could get their ass cleaned as well. A person can decide to just be cleaned up by the toilet, or to receive full oral sex from the toilet. One could also decide to pee in the toilet's mouth, giving them something to drink.

I walk over to look more closely at today's toilets. Two of them still look clean. They couldn't've been here for long. The third has a little bit of a shine to her, from whoever pissed on her today. I also see that she hasn't been wiped since the last time she pooped. I know how uncomfortable that can get, and she's likely to be uncomfortable enough in there, so I give her a few quick licks to clean her up. Looking down, I see that her stall's poop bucket is full. The other two stalls have empty buckets.

I decide next to go up and take a look at the bedrooms. The first one I open has a boy sleeping in the bed. I can hear moans coming from the next one. At the fourteenth room, I finally find one that's vacant. I sit on the bed and think about this new situation. Everyone that's here for training is still full of hormones and many are taking the opportunity to fuck. My dad explained to me to stay focused though if I want to pass. Fucking's good, but stay focused. Serving in real life isn't as easy as the serving simulator video games. I can't really work on things I haven't been taught yet, but I do know about the fitness requirement, and there's plenty of stairs, so I decide to climb to the thirtieth room at the top, then go back down to the common room, and see how long I could do that for. I'm glad I'm not near the end of a pregnancy, or this would be a lot more difficult. I'm only about two months pregnant.

I walk up to the top. The stairs keep going to the ceiling, but the steps after the thirtieth bedroom are just decorative. As I walk back down, I occasionally see other people switching rooms, or coming up the stairs to find a room. When I reach the common room again, I feel a little sore from the walking. I'm clearly more out of shape than I thought, but I'll work on it. The common room now has a few people in it. One is signing up for a bathroom shift, and there's one waiting behind him to sign up. At the table, a guy is kneeling on the floor, with his head buried in one of the girl's pussies, who's trying to have a conversation with a larger girl, but is clearly very distracted from it. I sit down near them.

The larger girl sees me sit down and seeing that her friend is barely paying attention, turns to me. “Happy birthday, I'm Theresa.”

“Thanks, I'm Susan. Is it your birthday too?”

Theresa looks down at the table as she replies, “No, mine was about two months ago...” That means she failed her first try at the training. This is her second try. If she fails again, she's pet food. Judging by her body shape, that is very likely. She's been through the training recently though, so I figure I might be able to get some information from her on what to expect and what sorts of things I could start working on now.

“Well, happy belated birthday, then.”

We talk for a while and continue to hang out. The rest of that day and the next, I exercise on the stairs, eat the shit that's served to us, have some sex, chat, and learn more about what to expect from Theresa. At midnight on Monday night, it's my turn to take a shift in the bathroom. Right beforehand, I do some extra running on the stairs, then take my place. It's as uncomfortable as I expected, but I've tired myself out enough to sleep anyway.

I wake up to a pleasant warm sensation on my behind. Someone chose me for their morning piss. Afterward, he chose me for his morning fuck too. As my stomach gurgles, I find myself hoping that he waits to cum until he's washing his hands. He doesn't. When he comes around to wash his hands, all I get is what little cum and pussy juices have clung to his dick, but there's already another warm spray on my ass. This repeats one after the next, like everyone just woke up as the same time. A few of the guys fuck me after they pee, so I can taste my pussy or ass on their dick. One skips pissing on my ass and just pisses down my throat while washing his hands, which helps settle my stomach a little, but not fully.

After the group is done, there's just silence. The piss on my ass, legs, and back starts to feel a little cold and sticky. I find the boredom to be worse than the pain. I wait to be fed breakfast, and it feels like forever before someone comes in. When I hear the bathroom door open, I think “finally!”, but it's just a repeat of the morning, getting pissed on, one after another, and licking/sucking everyone's genitals clean. This repeats a few more times before I feel someone letting me out. I'm starving, wet, cold, and dizzy. It's apparently midnight again.

They didn't feed us all day. Today was also the first day of training, which means that I missed that. I help tie the guy who's replacing me into the restraints. My joints are all cramped, so I stretch a few of them. I look down at the bucket that was under me, and it had apparently been emptied recently. There was only one poop in it. I was far too hungry to wait for the next day's breakfast, so I reached in and ate it right away, licking my hand clean. Everyone else had gone to bed at ten, so the first twenty-five rooms were already taken, meaning that the five of us had to walk up the stairs to the top five rooms, with all our cramps, to sleep. We didn't say a word as we climbed up to our beds.

The next day, I meet our trainer, Jim, and find out what the first stage of our training is. The hallway that we entered the place through now leads instead to a room with balance beams. We run laps around the walls of it before each meal and before bed, have a few breaks that we all go to the bathroom for, and spend the rest of the time practicing our balance on the beams. Good balance helps ensure that we don't drop anything or fall as servers. Servers need to appear at least moderately graceful. Most of us start off fairly terrible at this, but wind up doing passably okay by the end.

The meals are mostly just shit and piss, but four times during the two months a baby is born to the group, which gets taken and baked for that evening's dinner. Unfortunately, I miss one of them because its birth falls on a Tuesday.

Each day at random, one person of each gender is chosen for the milk/cum test, where the only thing they get to have that day is cum (if they're a girl) and milk (if they're a guy), with everyone lining up to give what they have to the chosen person. At the end of the day, they need to purposely vomit a full glass of slightly acidic cum or milk for the trainer.

For the next phase of our training, we have two trainers, Steve and Melissa. We still have to run laps the same and everything, but this phase's room has seats and we practice sex as done for the benefit of a potential customer. This starts with everyone being divided into two lines randomly, one for each trainer, and whoever is at the front of the line gives oral sex to that trainer, they say whether the trainee passes or fails, then they go to the back of the other line, and they continue until they get passes from both trainers. Most people pass pretty easily, but a few people fail once or twice, with one exception.

The exception is a girl named Cindy who has apparently never given a blowjob before, which is pretty strange. Apparently, her home is all girls. Her dad was cooked a long time ago, and the family has cooked every male child born to it. She's only even had sex with guys every nine months, when her mom would take her out to get fucked after each birth. It's the responsibility of every girl's owner to make sure she's always pregnant if she's old enough for this to be possible. This is part of why most of my kids have been with my dad, but I have had a few with my friends, siblings, and teachers. Cindy's mom is not a fan of men for some reason, though Cindy doesn't seem to know why. She doesn't manage to pass. To help her out, she winds up chosen the following day for cum. All she can eat is cum, which means she does a lot of cock sucking, but instead of getting better at sucking cock, she just fails the cum vomit test.

This test is repeated for other forms of sex, with all but Cindy passing smoothly, since most people have plenty of experience by this age. At the end of the last day of the sex phase, Cindy's told to practice with guys as she trains, and that she'll have to be tested again at the end of the cycle, and will need to pass then to be able to pass her training. That goes for the cum test as well. The rest of us have shown basic competence.

The next phase involves puncturing ourselves to fill a glass with blood. It's on the third day of this test that I get the cum vomit test, which means that I'm even weaker this day. I manage to pass anyway. The phase after that is for pain tolerance. We need to be able to maintain our composure, not just through the pain of filling a glass with blood, but if we're snuffed by a more sadistic customer as well (within reason). I've had my share of spankings before, but the electric rackets they used on us were a lot more painful. It took some time to adjust well enough to stay calm enough through the pain, but I was one of the first few to manage to do so.

Finally, there was a general section for people to work on whatever they still needed to work on. Cindy was pretty much constantly sucking cocks. Theresa was doing a lot of running and had been starving herself, but it was pretty clear to me that she wasn't going to make the cut. I ran with her. I've pretty much gotten into shape by this point, but one can never be too sure, and I'd already passed everything else.

When it was finally over, we were all lined up waiting to be told the results. One by one, they went down the line. Most people passed. Two people, Cindy and Matt, were told that they were going to have to repeat the training. George had apparently failed the first time on pain tolerance, making this his second time through the training, and he passed. When they reached Theresa, they measured her fat, she looked down at the measuring tool, and quickly jerked to the side to try to run. The trainer was quicker and stronger than she was, and pulled her, screaming, to the grinder, and just kinda pushed her over into it as we all watched. There was a blood splatter onto its walls, but this blood moved down the walls to join her meat. The standards for pet food are a lot lower than those for human food, so it's not necessary to remove the bones or any particular organs like it would be for food intended for humans.


Chapter 2: Being a server

We all stayed one more night, had an orgy to celebrate our success, and got bused to our assigned restaurants the following day. Going outside to the buses and seeing sunlight again was nice. Fancier restaurants have nicer accommodations, keep more servers on hand, have a higher snuff rate, and turn their servers into tastier meals. Everyone hopes to wind up at a fancier restaurant, but we don't get to make that decision. We're assigned to wherever needs us the most. I wind up at a “bar and grill” type place. The reason for requiring everyone to do this two to four month training followed by one year of service is primarily to help control the size of the population.

There are five others servers already there. When I get the shift rotation schedule, I'm a bit surprised. They have me working the bare minimum, covering a table for an hour a day, at a non-peak time, but Jason is working forty hours a week, the absolute maximum. When I ask my boss about it, they explain that Jason's been there for ten months. If no one eats him in the next two months, then the company has to pay his year's salary. By giving more hours to servers who've been there longer, they increase the chances of not having to pay for their work. This makes sense logically, so I'm sure many places do this, but on TV and in movies they always give lots of hours to everyone, often showing people getting snuffed on their first day, or at least within their first week. This means that snuffing is actually more likely later in the year.

Two and a half weeks go by without me serving a single customer. My first customer winds up being a couple of kids that wander in and sit at my table. They just have a couple glasses of piss and leave though. After another week, I get a new schedule and Jason's no longer on it. Now Dawn has Jason's old schedule and my hours have increased to three a day. I assume Jason got snuffed, but no one's mentioned it. I finally get my first real customer. They're a triple that just got married, two guys and a girl.

“Hello and welcome! I'm Susan, your server this evening. Can I get you something to drink?”


“I'll have a glass of piss, please”

“Blood, please”

I grab one of the glasses and pee into it. My aim is still good, I was a little worried about messing up. I do the same with the next glass. Finally, I grab the third glass, prick my arm, and fill it with my blood. I then get onto my knees and crawl under the table to start giving one of the men a blowjob.

“What do the two of you want to eat? I was thinking of splitting a shitburger.”

“Seriously, Jake? That's the cheapest thing on the menu. I want to order a meal for just myself anyway.”

“Well, now that the three of us are married, we have our future to think about. We should be careful with our money.”

“If I wanted to eat shit, I wouldn't've come out to a restaurant. I want meat.”

“Meat? We have plenty of meat at home. How many kids do you have at this point?”

“Kids are not ripe yet. I want someone a bit older than that.”

As I listen in on the conversation, I start to wonder if this is the group that's going to snuff me. It sounds to me like I meet their requirements. As I wonder, I feel Jake's cum in my mouth and swallow it as I move on to licking the girl's pussy.

“What, are you thinking about snuffing the server or something? You know we can't afford that!”

“No, don't be ridiculous, but I could at least order a burger made of meat or something. Let me see what they have on the menu.”

Damn... They're not going to snuff me.

“Fine, but I think we should discuss our orders before we tell them to the server.”

“While you two were arguing, I've decided on getting ribs. They have a nice cum-blood sauce for them here.”

“Aren't they a bit pricey?”


I think the girl's starting to cum. A few second later, she closes her legs, pushing my head away, so I start sucking off the other guy.

“Nah? That's it?”


“And I'm going to get a grilled cock-and-balls with an eye-paste sauce.”

“Eye-paste? That's a lot more expensive!”

“Not as expensive as you might think.”

I swallow the other guy's cum load and get up from under the table. “Are you ready to order?”

“No, we need another min-”

“Yes, we're ready.”

“I'm going to have Jake's ribs, medium-rare, with your cum-blood sauce.”

“And I want his cock and balls, grilled medium, with an eye-paste sauce, made from his eyes.”

“Do you have proof of ownership?” When someone gets married, they're owned by their marriage partners instead of by their parents, oldest sibling, or oldest offspring. To marry multiple people, everyone involved must want to get married to each other and they must all have completed their year as a server. While serving, a person is temporarily owned by the government. They pull out their brand new marriage certificate. The three of them are married, so any two can choose to snuff the third.

“Very well, do you want to snuff him yourselves? Or shall we bring him into the back?”

“I wasn't expecting this...”

“You wanted us to save money, didn't you? Killing you gives us meat and takes a big chunk off our bill for supplying our own meat.”

“I guess...”

“We'll kill him here, thank you.”

I watch as they lay him down on the table. The guy (Nathan) kisses him while the girl (Samantha) licks his cock to erection. She gets on top and starts giving him one last fuck. While she's doing so, Nate releases his mouth from Jake's, gets on the seat, and inserts his dick. Jake sucks as he's fucked until Nate pushes himself all the way in. I hear Jake gag, but his husband doesn't let go. Jake's face turns bright red, then starts going purple. Jake's spouses kiss above him, as he chokes to death on his husband's cock, with his wife bouncing up and down on his dick. Finally, Jake goes limp. As he does so, he shit's all over his wife's side of the table and fills her with piss, which sprays around her legs and onto him.

Nathan looks at the pile, laughs, and says “That'll be our appetizer!” Samantha uses her hands to separate most of the shit from Jake's ass before giving me the go ahead to bring him to the back for butchering.

While waiting for their food, I return to the table to see if there's anything else they might need. I remove an empty glass that previously had piss from their table, they're fine sexually, and they could use a little more shit to hold them over while they wait, so I grab a plate, squat down, and give them a little more for their appetizer. I mostly stand around waiting, listening to them chat about how they had always wanted to kill Jake. The two apparently had the same mother, and Jake was Nate's best friend who had eyes for Samantha. Nathan wanted his sister for himself though, but they decided to string him along anyway. Their plan was for the three of them to get married, then they simply kill Jake and eat him. It's a fairly classic way to go. They'll have leftovers for a while, and statistically speaking, it's likely that they'll either find someone else to marry and kill after they're all out of Jake's meat, or one of them will wind up killing the other someday in the heat of passion of some really good sex. It's rare for marriage to last very long.

Finally, their food is ready and I bring it to the table. It looks and smells delicious.

I continue serving customers every day. I even get a few regulars. One girl really likes drinking the milk directly from my breasts. Another guy really likes cumming on my face before I serve him, and leaving his cum there until he leaves. Another girl always rubs herself up against my body and swears that one of these days, she'll have the money to snuff me and have my whole body for herself.

The months go by and my hours increase. About five months into the job, I give birth and share the roasted infant with the other servers. Seven months later, the job ends. No one buys me. I think some came close, but snuffing is a bit expensive for our customers. I take my year's salary check home as I return to my dad, who owns me once again. I can now legally get married, since I finished my service, but until then, my dad owns me.

“Hey, dad!”

“Hey, princess! Welcome home!”

He greets me with a warm embrace and a deeply passionate kiss. It's been too long since I've tasted his tongue.

“I've finished my service. No one snuffed me...”

“I see that. A lot of people don't get snuffed during their service. More for me then! Wouldn't you rather be snuffed by your dad for a big holiday feast than for some stranger in a restaurant anyway?”

“That sounds exciting! Thank you!”

“I know your favorite holiday is in just over two months, and you should be within about a week or two of finishing your current pregnancy, so there will be plenty of meat for everyone.”

“You really know how to make a girl happy!”

“Go on inside and spread your ass for me. It's been far too long since you've had my cum inside of you. You can tell me all about the last fourteen months while we fuck.”

I go inside and see my brother Jake and my sister Sarah on the couch playing a video game where you play as dragons and try to get more points than your opponent by eating people, with multipliers for making it more painful, and by eating your opponent who then gets a disadvantage by waiting twenty seconds to respawn. Jake is hard, so I point this out to Josh who goes over to suck his brother off. Meanwhile, I go into the bedroom, lean over my dad's bed, and hold my ass cheeks open for my dad to come fuck me. It's been so long. He starts by fucking my ass, but we spend hours and fuck in many positions.


Chapter 3: Dave

Nearly two months later, I was at the grocery store buying a pack of dicks for a barbecue. I put on my strap-on vibrator as I approached the express checkout line and buried it in the ass of the girl in front of me. This strap-on vibrates around my clit with an intensity relative to how much the dildo part of it is squeezed. Most girls have these. When waiting in line, it's commonplace to have your dick or strap-on in the ass of whoever's in front of you. This ensures that no one browsing items near the checkout line, like anus gum or whatever, fails to notice the line moving.

Fairly immediately, I felt a warm penis in my own ass, letting me know that someone was in line behind me. He starts moving it back and forth, fucking me gently. “Hey, I'm Dave.”

This was a little odd, since people don't usually make small talk in the checkout line. “I'm Susan.”

“You have a very nice ass, Sue. Do you want to bring your ass to the fancy restaurant downtown in a few days? My treat.”

Getting a free meal at a fancy place would be nice. The guy has no chance of anything long term, since I'm being snuffed next week, but he doesn't need to know that. “Thanks! Sure, I-I'll see you then.” Between my vibrator's buzzing from the tightness of the ass in front of me and being fucked in my own ass, I'm feeling quite aroused by this point. By the time I reach the checkout counter, I can feel Dave's cum dribbling down my leg. I don't manage to cum, but it was one of my better checkout experiences.

A few days later, at the restaurant, the two of us are seated, and a familiar server comes over to take our drink order. “Hey Cindy!” By my math, she's on her last few days as a server. It looks like she's had about as much luck getting snuffed as I did as a server, but I also know her mother only snuffs guys, so she has no chance of getting snuffed at home until she marries. She's not in a great situation. I wish I could help, but snuffing her is certainly more than I could afford, and it wouldn't be polite to Dave, who promised to pay.

“Hey Sue! Long time no see! What would you like to drink?”

“I'll have a glass of milk.”

Dave orders a glass of blood.

As we sip our drinks and Cindy licks and sucks us under the table, Dave tells me about how he's made a lot of money buying and selling people. He's apparently got an eye for people's meat quality, buys them as slaves, and sells them to a butcher for a profit. He explains that I would probably be a good catch. Buying someone from their owner or owners grants a superior ownership over that person, but if anything happens to the person's new Master, they return to their previous ownership status. The chain for someone's owner goes like this: Government year of service > Master(s) > Spouse(s) > Parents > Oldest sibling > Oldest son or daughter > Self. The first of those categories that has someone in it is the one that owns you. It is certainly possible for someone married to be owned by a Master that they were sold to while still owning their spouse, since their marriage still exists and their spouse has no Masters. It doesn't sound like Dave keeps anyone he buys though, instead selling them to a butcher for profit.

Cindy comes back up from under the table. “Are you ready to order?”

“Sorry," I reply, "I need another minute to look at the menu.”

“We're ready,” Dave interrupts, “We'd like to have you on our table.”

I'm taken by surprise at this. Snuffing a server is expensive, especially at an expensive place like this, especially if you order the entire server. He must've really made a lot of money from buying and selling people, as he said. Cindy's eyes go wide and she has a big smile on her face. “How would you like me cooked?”

“Oven roasted, whole, with a cum glaze.”

“Would you like to snuff me here or have the butcher do it?”

“If Sue would like, she could snuff you, otherwise I'd do it myself.”

Cindy nods and goes to the kitchen to deliver the order so they'll know what to do with her corpse. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about how to snuff her. Choke her? Cut her? I'm not entirely sure. I wasn't expecting this!

When she returns, another server comes out as well, and stands at a distance from our table, watching. I take the knife from my place setting and motion for Cindy to get onto the table. I stab her in the belly and slice across, with some difficulty, exposing her intestines. Cindy's blood is pouring onto the table. I climb onto the table with her, getting covered in her blood myself, as I slice free a section of her intestine. I pull it up to her neck and wrap it around her throat, the other end still attached to her body. I pull, using her intestines to choke her. At some point she goes limp. I'm unsure if it's from the lack of blood or the lack of oxygen. The other server comes over to ask if we're done with her, but Dave is not. He wants to fuck her opened corpse before we have it cooked. Once her pussy is full of Dave's cum, he gives me a passionate kiss and we send her body to be roasted.

I stay covered in blood for the whole meal, which is very tasty. It's one of the best I've ever had! There's a lot of Cindy left over. I won't live long enough to finish my half of the leftovers, so I'm going to share them with my kids. Dave gets up to use the restroom while we wait for the bill. The bill arrives and I wait for Dave to come pay it. He's taking a while, so I go into the bathroom to look for him. He's not there. I come out and ask the server if he saw the guy I was with. Not being able to find him, the bill falls to me, but I can't pay it. It's simply more than I can afford. I want to ask my dad for help, but they wont let me leave until the bill is settled. The only way I could possibly pay is to work it off. I've had my freedom for less than two months. I don't want to lose it again so quickly, especially not a few days before I'm supposed to be snuffed!

I wind up locked into one of the stalls in the bathroom. The first week in the stalls counts as training. After that, I earn minimum wage credit towards my bill for the first eight hours of work each day, minus board, meals, and taxes. At this rate, it will take me sixty-three days to work off the bill. The restaurant only closes for three hours each night, so customers use my stall and wake me up when I need sleep. On the plus side, it's a nicer place, so the stalls are padded at least, with chain and padded cuffs for my wrists and ankles. For my first bunch of meals, instead of the shit that most of the stalls get, I get fed leftover pieces of Cindy, so that's good at least. After about a week and a half, I give birth again and they charge me a minimal amount to cook the infant and feed it to me as well.

Also, instead of buckets, there are tubes for customer's shit. The tubes go around the top of the room in a circle. If someone needs to poop, they first pull down a mask and attach it to their face, activating it, which unlocks the other tube, which they pull down and fasten to their ass. When not active, poop that reaches the stall passes above it. When the face mask is active, the poop instead goes out the face tube and into the patron's mouth. The ass tube receives poop into the system. For my meals aside from Cindy's leftovers and my son, they simply put an “out of order” sign on the sink above my head and attach a face tube to my face for an hour, so when shit is going around the tubes above me, I might get to eat. Sometimes no one shits during that hour, or a customer using a stall that's after theirs has a mask on, so I don't get to eat. Some people use the face masks for free food occasionally when they don't really need to poop, wearing it while they fuck one of us toilets. My own poop simply lands below me and slowly melts into the urine, adding a little bit of flavor to the city's piss system.

Talking to the stall next to me, I find out that a guy named Dave brought her here as well, with her story being the same as mine. Occasionally while getting my ass fucked, I think I hear Dave's voice. I know he liked my ass, so it makes sense that he'd stop in to fuck it now and then. He put me here, so he knows where to find me, but I can't see who anyone is. I can only guess. I get pissed on and fucked so many times, clean so many cocks and pussies, I completely lose track of time. When I finally do get home, I find out that it's been four months. The restaurant kept me for much longer than they they said they would.

Dad is not waiting for me at home. He was cooked the day before his fortieth birthday with a big party celebrating his long life. It was the last day he would've been fit for human consumption. This means that I'm now owned by my oldest sibling, which is Nick. I'm really weak from being still for so long and not very appetizing, so I'm going to have to work on that before I can get snuffed.


Chapter 4: Annette

I decide to start going for walks each day to get my muscles going again. I'll work up to jogging eventually. I go to the park where there's a trail people often use. After about ten minutes of walking, I'm interrupted by a sudden slap on my right ass cheek. As I turn to say something, the guy keeps jogging passed me. I roll my eyes and ignore him. A bit later, this happens again. Same guy. This makes me a little annoyed, so I keep going, but decide to grab his arm the next time to complain to him. You can't just go around slapping people! I keep jogging and he comes right when I expect him to, but this time I lunge to grab him on my right as he slaps my left ass cheek and passes me on my left. I use up the rest of my energy in a pathetic attempt to run after him, but I fall and just lay there.

A girl comes up to me and offers me her hand, to help me up. “Hey, I'm Annette. I saw what happened. That guy's a bit of a jerk, isn't he?”

“Yeah... I'm Susan.”

“It's nice to meet you, Susan. You don't look great. Do you want to rest up and get something to eat?”

“That sounds good, but I'd have to stop home and get my purse.”

“Don't worry about it. I'll take care of the payment.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Follow me!”

I follow Annette as she brings me to a nice restaurant. We sit down and are greeted by a server.

“Hi, I'm Zack, and I'll be your server today. What would you like to drink?”

“I'll have a glass of piss”

“Nonsense, Sue, you definitely need protein. You look so weak!” She turns her attention to the server. “My friend and I will each have a glass of cum.”

The server starts masturbating furiously and reaches for one of the glasses on the table. He cums quickly and other male servers and waiters line up to add to the glass. Once the first glass is full, they start filling the second glass. The manager, a butcher, some bussers and a few of the cooks also cum out of the back to help before Zack adds the final cum to Annette's glass with his second orgasm. I take a sip and feel how sticky and warm it is in my mouth. It's always best fresh. As I'm savoring this glass of cum, I feel Zach's tongue on my pussy expertly working me towards orgasm. After I climax, he repeats this on Annette, while I take a look through the menu.

Annette is being very nice to me, so I don't want to put her out too much by ordering something expensive, but I'm so tired of eating shit. I was eating nothing but shit nonstop for months locked in that bathroom. I've been out of there not even a full day yet. I start to hear Annette moaning and suddenly my right leg is wet.

“Sorry Sue, I forgot to mention that I'm a squirter.”

Zack gets up from under the table. His head is soaked. He wipes off his closed eye so he can open it and see. True to his server training though, he continues without missing a beat. “Do you girls know what you'd like to order yet?”

“Yes,” Annette speaks up, “We'd like your fine body.”

“Are you sure? You don't have to spend that much on me.”

“It's not just for you, Sue. I'll be keeping the leftovers, so it'll mostly be for me. It costs me the same whether I let you have some or not, so your meal is essentially free.” She pulls a card out of her purse and hands it to him. “This is the address I'd like your leftovers shipped to. As for cooking, I want you split open up the middle,” she gestures her finger from his cock to his face, “then spread out over a grill." She gestures moving her arms apart, like a flapping bird. "I want you basted in a milk-cum sauce and grilled rare. Once you tell that to the cook, come back here so I can snuff you myself.”

“Yes, maam!” Zack leaves quickly and comes back shortly. Annette has him stand. She kneels down and starts licking the head of his cock. She takes in into her mouth and starts rocking her head back and forth, taking in a little more of his shaft each time. She starts fondling his balls as well. As he approaches orgasm, she pushes her lips to the end of his cock, it's head down her throat, and starts to tighten her grip on his balls. As he finishes cumming, she bites down hard and pulls on his balls as hard as she can. It takes a second for her teeth to slice through his cock, which she swallows whole and raw. Then his balls tear off and she nods to the other server nearby.

Zack is still alive, but losing a lot of blood very quickly, so he'll be dead soon. Annette doesn't even watch him die, as she holds up his balls to me. “Eat one. They're good raw.” As I start to reach over with my hand, she interrupts, “No! With your mouth.” I lean in and put one ball in my mouth, and she does the same. The sack keeps us both leaning in as we chew up Zack's balls. Eventually, our mouths are full of chewed up testicles and ballsack and our tongues are in each other's mouths. We kiss, pushing around the chewed meat between us, each swallowing little bits of it at a time until it's just our intertwined tongues feeling one another's mouths.

Annette climbs onto the table and starts kissing down my neck, playing with my breasts, and licking my nipple. She starts sucking out some of my milk. I start fondling her and wind up on the table with her. We suck milk from one another's tits until we can't get any more. We move on to licking the wetness from one another's cunts. Annette's on top of me. When she's close, I remember that she squirts and I prepare for the blast, taking it down my throat.

“Sue... I think I want to marry you.”

This is very sudden and I want a minute to think about it. “You're single?”

“No, but I'm just married to my dad. If you and he don't also want to marry, I can just serve him to our kids, then I'll be single.”

I pause for a few seconds to think. I do like Annette. She's got a very good personality. She's cheerful, generous, Dominant, and a good fuck. She also seems to be ready to snuff her partner quickly and sounded like she knows a thing or two of the culinary arts, so there's a good chance that I'll taste good with her. I barely know her, but this seems like a good idea.

“That sounds good. When were you thinking?”

“Here's a card with my address. When you leave here, come right over and you can meet my dad. We'll see how it goes. If either of you dislike the other, I'll have him bleeding out in minutes. Either the three of us will go right after to make it official, or the two of us will, after my dad's cuts are all in the freezer.”

“That sounds great!”

Zack arrives, and he just looks and smells absolutely delicious. I cut off a piece of his ass and it tastes fantastic! It's a really enjoyable meal. I eat until I'm stuffed. I see them removing what's left of Zack to ship to Annette's place, and notice no Annette in the seat across from me. I'm confused, but I wait. About twenty minutes later, the manager comes over asking about payment for our bill. Annette said to them that I was taking care of it as she left.

I quickly find out that this restaurant's restrooms are pretty much the same as the last one's. I'm shackled in and completely lose all hope. Seventy-one days, they tell me. I wind up crying more than once. When I eventually give birth, I realize that it's been five months. I say something about it the next time they come to put the feeding tube up to my mouth and the worker says they'll look into it. They come back an hour later not just to remove the tube, but to release me as well. I ask about the kid I gave birth to, and they had already sold it as meat. Apparently, it's in the contract that those born while serving as a toilet are the property of the establishment, meaning that I had signed away my rights to it.

I'm extremely weak and crawl slowly out of the restaurant. I slowly make my way home to find a different family there. I have no idea where my owner is. I start my way toward the ownership office to find out, still crawling slowly, getting strange looks, when I collapse on the sidewalk. I wake up still on a sidewalk, but I'm across the street from where I was, it's the middle of the night, I've been flipped onto my back, there's cum on my chest and in my hair (enough that it's probably from several guys) and I think I smell dog piss. I must've been mistaken for a corpse, which means I must look horrible. I sit up, with some effort, catch my breath, then manage to stand with the help of a nearby stick.

I continue to make my way to the ownership office and manage to get there, though I'm exhausted and really need a shower. I lean against the front door and sleep, since they're closed and I want to be woken up as soon as they open. Sure enough, I get woken up in the morning, a swift boot into my tit. “Ow!” I barely exclaim, the wind having been knocked out of me.

“Move, you're in my way.”

“I need help finding my owner.” My voice is still difficult.

“Oh, I didn't realize. Let me unlock the door and I'll look up your information.”

I pull myself clear of the door, use the stick to get back up, and follow the woman inside. I give her my information, and she looks me up in the computer. “It says here that your current owner is your daughter Janet, age eight, currently living in local school housing.”

“What happened to my siblings?”

“It looks like Jake got married to a guy named Dave, sold everyone he owned with him except you to butchers, which includes your other siblings and his offspring, and then Jake decided to sell Jake to the butcher as well. From our records, Dave has done similar with a few other families. Your possessions are in storage.”

“Thank you.”

I have Annette's card, so I know where she lives. I could try to follow through with the plan she had before she ditched me, but that could also have all been a lie. I don't see another option right now for getting my life back together, so I decide to head for Annette's. I knock on the door and am greeted by the guy who kept slapping my ass while I was walking. I'm a bit taken back by this, but ask for Annette. She comes to the door, recognizes me right away, seems to be glad to see me, and not only lets me shower, but decides to wash me herself. As I walk through her house towards the shower, I see that they were watching a documentary about some long ago time when there were much fewer people, the world was a lot colder, people covered their bodies, and sex was rare. Back then, women used to be in pain and bleed because they weren't fucked often enough. It all sounds so barbaric and closed-mindedly backwards.

As I join Annette in the shower, she explains “I was a little worried you might not come over after you left the restaurant.”

“Well... I did promise.”

“I do still want to marry you. I killed my dad right after we ran out of Zack's meat. I tied him up for sex, left him tied up as I attached wires to his balls and plugged him in. He's long gone, so it's just us.”

“Who's your current owner?”

“My younger brother Joe, the one who answered the door.”

Remembering how annoying what he did was, I decide that I want him dead. “I think we should have him be the feast for our wedding.” I want her dead too, so I intend to kill her the moment the marriage is finalized. I'll still be single and jobless, but my kids and I will have a place to live again and maybe a little more money while I look for what work I can do while I'm so frail.

“Sounds good to me. JOSEPH!” Joe comes running over. “Joe, bring your big sister a knife.”

“Sure.” Joe leaves and comes back with a switchblade. “Can I watch?”

“Yeah, come closer.” Joe comes closer and Annette turns off the piss and slits his throat, giving us a blood shower to finish bathing in. “There's nothing quite like warm blood, is there Sue?”

“It's nice, thanks.”

“So I guess now I'm owned by my even younger brother Robert, who's a server right now. That's all about to change though, isn't it?”


Once Joe's corpse is empty of blood, and our bodies are completely red, she takes Joe into the butchering room to take care of a few of his organs, and gets him into the oven to bake. While he's baking, she drives me in her truck to the ownership office to fill out the necessary forms, to the schools to tell them where to send my kids when school ends, and to the storage locker to get my things. That evening, an ownership office official comes to Annette's place to marry us. My kids arrive when their buses let them off. Since Annette's owner is currently serving, he can't walk her down the aisle, so she walks down alone. I'm walked down by Janet, who seems to find it silly that such a little girl is walking her mommy down the aisle.

There's a verbal contract about the responsibilities of the owning of another person given by the ownership office official, followed by us each saying “I agree”, at which point the official says “You may now fuck!”

We kiss passionately and I start working my mouth down to her neck. Then I grab her face and sink my teeth into her neck. She starts to scream and push, but I have a good grip on her. It takes some effort, but I eventually tear open her flesh, and she starts to bleed out. She has such a shocked look on her face. “You'll taste good,” I reassure her, and receive one last smile before she passes out.

I take Annette to the butchering room to separate her into parts for the freezer and take Joe out of the oven for everyone to feast on. I permit the remainder of Annette's relatives who've been living in this house to stay with us, at least for now. My twentieth birthday is in just a few weeks, but with plenty of meat in my diet and regular exercise I should be back into shape soon enough. I still have the money from my year of service and Annette's money more than doubles it.


Chapter 5: Epilogue

I don't accept any new dates for a while, out of fear of winding up in a restaurant bathroom for forever again, and I get a new job wrapping and labeling meat for the grocery store. Every package needs a picture of everyone that's in it. That's usually one person, when it's a steak or two, or a whole thigh, but it sometimes can be more, like in a package of nine dicks. Then of course is the weight of the meat, the price per pound, the total price, and not having the labels actually obscure seeing the meat well. It's an easy enough job though.

My birthday comes, and I pan-fry Annette's cunt, to eat it one final time. The days become routine, there are more kids, and before I know it, Janet's turning eighteen, ready to be driven to the same facility I trained to be a server at. By this point, I've worked my way up to being one of the top butchers for this grocery store, only the lead butcher being above me and having other butchers that follow my orders. Annette's family moved out at some point, and I've had to sell a few of my kids to my job, and I've chosen to cook a few of them here and there.

We do fairly well, still eating shit, but having some meat with it for almost every meal. For Janet's eighteenth birthday, we roast a whole thigh I bought from work for a small party. As I drive her to the facility, I realize that she's my last child left. I'm only one month pregnant. Maybe I'll keep this one instead of eating it. Before letting her go inside, I park and get one last orgasm from her mouth before giving her a passionate kiss and telling her what a good server she's going to be. Once she's inside, I drive home.

I find out later that she's assigned to a fancier restaurant, which increases her chances of getting snuffed, so that's good. Even later, I find out that she was snuffed five months into her service. The customer decided to butcher her while she was still alive, carefully cutting off small cuts of meat to keep her alive for as long as possible. It sounds like an excruciatingly painful way to go. That's lucky for her! The customer only ordered a steak from her thigh, so the rest of her is being sold as separate dishes in the restaurant. I'm sure her parts will be expertly cooked and taste great. I'm proud of her.

This leaves me in an uncomfortable position though. I have no parents, siblings, kids, spouses, or Masters. I have aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins, but ownership doesn't go to them. That means that I own myself. I can't let anyone know this, as owning oneself is very taboo and shows a lack of foresight. I don't bring up Janet's death at work, and I otherwise just stay home for the next month. At that point, I give birth to Patrick. He can't comprehend this fact, but as my oldest living offspring, this infant owns me as much as I own him. My thirtieth birthday is in a few months, so he has until his tenth birthday to snuff me. It's rare that someone that young will snuff their own parent, so I'm really not sure what I'm going to do. I'm in a fairly unusual situation. Hopefully I find someone to marry who'll snuff me or something.

I continue to raise him. I become the lead butcher at my job. I do eventually go on a few dates again, but I don't manage to find anyone who's up for marriage. I have more kids, eventually with Patrick once he's old enough to be capable of it, the first of which I have him snuff and cook the day it comes out, as per tradition. He has a hard time making his first kill, which doesn't really bode well for me. Throughout his life, I keep talking about him killing and eating me for his tenth birthday. I talk about how important it is. It's only a few months before my fortieth, and reaching the age of forty would make me a complete failure as meat. To desensitize him, I have him kill all of his siblings as they're born, which includes most of his offspring. I also buy him games and show him movies specifically that have matricide in them. I want him to fully understand how natural it is to kill his mother so he can take my life while my meat's still good.

He's had a few kids with his teachers and schoolmates. Sex ed is one of his best classes, giving him an 'A' every quarter. Killing me will therefore not leave him ownerless, but he'd be owned by a baby, and since a ten year old boy will also need someone to take care of him, I arrange sale of him to a man who's looking to own a boy, effective the day after his tenth birthday. That will be my final gift to him. Finally, the day comes. Little Patrick has the knife to kill me with, but he doesn't. He can't bring himself to end my life. He's just too young to understand.

The next day, his new Master comes to take him. Before Patrick leaves, I explain to him that George is his new owner, and that I can't come with him unless George buys me too, which he can't do without Patrick's permission. I also tell him that I sold him because I thought that I would be dead and that he'd need someone to take care of him. I get a call from George a few weeks later saying that his new slave just sold me to him. He likes the idea of owning a mother-son pair.

This excites me. If I'm owned, my owner will surely snuff me before I reach forty. This is my forty-second pregnancy. I should be dead within the next few months. I won't be giving birth again, since I'm currently due a couple weeks after my birthday.

George plans to cook us together, as mother and son. We serve him well for the next few months. Just three weeks before the day, George has a stroke and dies. He was only twenty-six. His family makes a nice meal of him, but Patrick and I own each other again. He has no intention to kill or sell me. Being owned by Patrick is making my death more difficult. I decide to sell him to my job and butcher him so I have the possibility of at least selling myself.

No longer owned, and with two weeks until I'm no longer fit for human consumption, I'm desperate. I can't sell myself to the grocery store that I work at, due to contract restrictions, so I go to a nearby butcher. He's reluctant to buy someone that owns themselves, as that's a bit taboo, so I offer him what money and possessions I have. It's not enough and he refuses. I repeat this at other butchers and am repeatedly denied.

By midnight on the night of my fortieth birthday, as I cease to be fit for human consumption, I sit curled up in my living room crying. I can't be eaten. I think back to everyone in my life who I've seen die... Patrick, Zack, Cindy, Jake, George, Annette, Joe, Theresa... Theresa... Theresa wasn't eaten by humans. She was made into pet food. That's not nearly as good, but it's better than being alive passed forty. I'm not fit for human consumption, but I could still be eaten by animals. At the time, I felt bad for Theresa, being pet food instead of food for humans, but now I envy her.

When the local pet food canning factory opens the next day, I'm waiting at the door. As the worker comes to unlock it, I explain "Today's my fortieth birthday and I own myself."

The worker nods as he unlocks the door. "I'll start the grinder for you first thing. There are a couple of forms just inside."

After filling out the forms, the worker motions me to the grinder. I'm ready to dive in when he tells me to wait. He says to get on my hands and knees, like one of the dogs that will be eating me. I do so and he starts fucking my ass. He grips my legs tight as he pushes me forward. The grinder rips my arms clean off. I'm gushing blood and the worker is still fucking me. My face gets closer and closer to the grinder and the last thing I feel is the gears crushing my skull through my squishy brain. I'm happy to finally be food.




Chapter 1: Linda

I was assigned to a fast food place for my service year. The odds of getting snuffed are pretty much zero. If someone's going to kill someone, they're going to do it at a nicer place. If they can't afford that, it's not likely that they can afford to do it at all. I'm stuck here for a year. Linda's stuck here for her year too, though she'll be done about a month before I am. There's a table in the corner that we each serve at half the time, but it's rare that our table ever gets anyone. People only tend to sit there if the rest of the place is full, and it's after already getting their food, which means they're not there to be served. We pretty much just sit around for a year.

Linda and I do a lot of fucking. It's not like we have any thing else to do. She doesn't get to feel like meat often, despite it being her service year, so I make sure to chew on her to make her feel desired. Sometimes I'll even break the skin a little and taste a small amount of her blood. After a couple months, I manage to snag a meat tenderizer from the kitchen. I bring it to our room upstairs where I use it to beat Linda. The meat tenderizer becomes a regular part of our foreplay.

I'd love to kill her, but that would be against the rules of our service year. I let her know that I'd order her if I finished my year before she did. I tell her about how good she'd taste after I melt her tits in the deep fryer, then cook the rest of her in there, and how painful it would be to die in her own hot molten breast fat. Before the year ends, we start talking about getting married in a month, after my year ends, so I could snuff her.

It sucks not being able to kill anyone or at least watch someone die. I was one of the few kids that didn't hesitate when I snuffed my firstborn as he came out of my mother. I just grabbed him and started sinking my teeth in. I know it's not as healthy, but I've always had a taste for raw meat. I've snuffed every kid I've had since then, all in different ways, trying to make it as painful as possible. One time, I shocked my newborn daughter with so much electricity as she came out that the current went up the umbilical cord and killed my sister too. We shoved my daughter back into my sister, and that evening we cooked and ate them both.

On my thirteenth birthday, my dad gave my mom to me as my own personal slave. He was hoping to teach me some responsibility of taking care of others, but I immediately grabbed a fork from the kitchen, stabbed her in the thigh, and when she reeled in pain gouged out and ate her eyes. I climbed onto her back and tore much of her hair out. I scratched her all I could. I wanted to inflict as much pain as possible. After a while of this, she eventually dropped unconscious. That's when I cut her head off. I think that was the longest that I've ever owned someone alive.

After Linda's year ends, Dick starts as her replacement. Dick and I certainly fuck just as much as Linda and I did, and it's nice to finally get anal orgasms again, but we never get close in the same way. He's also deluded into thinking there's a chance of him getting snuffed by a fast food customer. Linda stops in fairly often, coming to my table for a shitburger and a quickie. She's avoiding going home because she doesn't want her family to have the chance to snuff her before I do.


When my year finally ends, we prepare for our wedding and invite both of our families to attend. Her father “walks” her down the aisle holding her up with his cock in her ass, one hand under each of her thighs, so he can fuck her. If she were my daughter, I'd've wanted to cum in her one last time too. After he cums, he takes her off his dick and holds her hand the rest of the way. Her inner thighs are covered in his leaked cum by the time she reaches me.

“Do you, Daniel, take Linda to be your legal wife, to own and be owned by, to someday snuff or sell, unless you're snuffed first, and to be snuffed or sold by, unless she is snuffed first?”

“I do.”

“Do you, Linda, take Daniel to be your legal husband, to own and be owned by, to someday snuff or sell, unless you're snuffed first, and to be snuffed or sold by, unless she is snuffed first?”

“I do.”

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. Your agreement is legally bound. You may now fuck.”

At this cue, I push my tongue into Linda's mouth for a deep kiss. I then push her onto her knees and grab her hair as I fuck her ass from behind, lubed with her father's cum, with both our families watching. I take a small knife and start making little surface cuts all over her back, ass, and thighs. Once she has a lot of little cuts, I pull out, flip her over, push my penis back into her ass, and do the same all over her front side. Finally, I pull out and cum all over her bloody tits and lick the mixture of blood and cum off of her. As I'm licking, I see my dad out of the corner of my eye, kneeling down to suck Linda's dad's cock as our two families start to join the orgy.

For dinner is Linda's older brother, John. He's been oven roasted and looks great. He's brought out steaming hot, fresh from the oven. Once I get hard again, I decide to give John's ass a little fucking. The heat feels great on my dick and even hurts some. After I cum inside him, I bite the head of his penis off, a couple more bites for the shaft, and finally a few more bites for his balls before letting the rest of him get carved up for all the guests. The party lasts a few more hours and we both fuck a few members of the other's family before we turn in for the night.

It was such a small party for a wedding, but that's to be expected with only two people getting married. Most marriages have at least three people, and even that is a very low number. I remember my older sisters' last wedding joining three different marriages into one with a total of nineteen brides and grooms across five separate families. There were my older sisters Donna and Helen who were already married to Margaret and her son Tom. The second of the marriages that were being merged had the twins, Chris and Paul, their father Mark, Paul's daughter Dorothy, Lisa, and Lisa's uncle Donald. Donald happens to be Tom's father's father. The third married group included Ken, his brother Ed, their mother Nancy, Ken's father Brian, Ed and Brian's father Tony, Karen, her brother Kevin, and their parents Sandra and Gary.

Since there were so many of them, once everyone agreed to the terms of all being married to each other and the official declared “You may now fuck!”, they drew straws. Brian got the short straw, and the other eighteen newly married people voted unanimously for his death. (All votes to kill or sell someone owned must be unanimous with all of the person's owners to be legal.) They killed him by eating his body raw during the orgy that followed. With five full families there, the orgy was a lot bigger, lasted longer, and there were more people in the buffet. Now that was a wedding party!


The very next morning, I get Linda into the car. “Where are we going?”

“You'll see.”

“Come on, tell me!”

“Nope! You'll just have to wait to find out!”

As I pull in to the fast food place where we used to be servers she tells me “I had enough of this place during my serving year. I don't want to come back here again!”

“This is where we met a year ago. If it wasn't for this place, you wouldn't be my meat to cook.”

“I never took you for the sentimental romantic type.”

“It's just this once.”


We get out of the car, go inside and walk up to the counter. The manager, Mary, greets us. “Haven't had enough of this place, eh? Here's the form you wanted.”

Linda interrupts, “Form? What form?”

“Don't worry about it.” I sidestep answering as I sign the paper.

“I'm your wife. I want to know! What did you just sign?”

Mary hands me a small stack of cash. “It's been a pleasure doing business with you.” I turn to my wife and explain, “You're just meat, Linda. You wanted me to treat you like meat, and I have. I've sold you to this place for butchering. I'm looking forward to coming back later today for a Lindaburger.”

As I explain what I've just done to her, I watch the color drain from her face and her eyes widen. She's shocked. I chose to sell her to this restaurant specifically because I knew how much she hates this place. I can feel the intense mental pain I've just inflicted on her and I'm sure I have quite the grin on my face.

When I return later for my Lindaburger, it tastes far better than a fast food burger should. I think that knowing what I'd done to her may be adding a lot to the flavor.


Chapter 2: Between Jobs

I later go out to a bar to drink a few glasses of piss that night to celebrate. I have my serving money, Linda's serving money, and a bit extra for her meat. I could've gotten far more for my wife's meat elsewhere, but causing her such anguish was worth the difference. I'm feeling great.

The bar has two rooms, connected by some stairs. There are seats along the wall connecting them on both sides. This is where I decide to sit. The upper side has a hole in the wall for each seat to stick your cock through. I get sucked off once while drinking a couple glasses of piss. Instead of getting a refill, I decide to switch to the lower wall and see what comes through. I suck off a couple of guys. The second guy then starts pissing, so I hold up my empty glass for the free refill. I still get my face soaked though. I drink my refill and suck off one more anonymous cock before finally deciding to call it a night and leave.

It's pretty dark out now, and quiet. My car is about a block away. I can see a woman walking alone in the same direction. Having just enjoyed a bit of anonymous sex with the bar's gloryhole setup, I decide to give her a little surprise too. I quicken my pace to catch up with her. As I approach, I grab her forehead and whisper “Shhh... Don't look.” Her head stops trying to turn to face me and she lets out a restrained breath. I can start to smell her arousal already. Surprise anonymous sex is a rare thing and can be quite fun. I hold her chin forward with my left hand as I push my dry cock into her ass. I can feel her wince from the painful insertion. I reach my right hand around the other side to massage her right breast and play with her nipple. I can feel a bit of milk spilling from her as I play.

I move my left hand to the back of her head, where I grab her by the roots of her hair, and I push her over, onto her hands and knees, while increasing the force and rhythm of my thrusts. Finally, I cum, and I pull hard on her hair as I do. After a few squirts, I pull out, but I don't release her hair. I start pissing all over her and then I shit into my right hand. I reach around her head and smear it over her eyes. As I do, I let go of her hair, watching more than a few strands fall to the ground after such a tight pull, and I use my left hand to hold her eyes open as I smear my shit into them, keeping her blinded for a little while, so I can remain anonymous to her as I turn the corner and continue walking to my car. As I turn the corner, I hear the girl shout, “Thank you!”


The time has come to start thinking about what to do for a living. I really like killing, but being a butcher is just not interesting enough. The killing is always the same. It's routine and almost mechanical. I remember a school trip we had once to a zoo preserve, where they try to breed endangered animals, like birds, frogs, deer, jellyfish, pigs, and so on. We saw a live feeding. The animal looked like a giant orange kitten with black circles drawn all over its fur. The way it cornered the girl that was pushed into its enclosure, it seemed almost like it was trying to play with her, like she was a big laser pointer dot. Finally, the cat pinned the girl down, grabbed her neck with its teeth, and snapped it before enjoying its meal. In the wild, the diets of these animals were more varied, but there are so many humans that these animals can't survive in the wild anymore. The ones that eat plants have plants grown for them in a greenhouse, while the ones that eat meat are fed humans. I could do that. It's a more unique and interesting job than most.

I find their information online and apply to become an animal handler's apprentice. A few weeks later, I get an interview. I walk in and there's a man waiting for me with a clipboard. “You must be Daniel. Come in, have a seat.” He gestures towards a couch. “I'm William. It's nice to meet you.”

“Hi, thanks! It's nice to meet you too.”

“We don't get a whole lot of applications here. It's great that you want to help these poor animals.”

“Of course! They need what help they can get.”

“It's important for you to understand that this place runs a little differently from what you might expect. We're all owned by our Master who lives in the house up on the hill. For me to accept your application, either your father needs to sell you to our Master, or you'll need to marry me so I can give you to Him.”

“I don't think I'd mind being married to you,” I flirt as I lean towards him and run my hand along his outer thigh. Bill smiles in response. He seems to have been caught off guard by this, and is thinking of how to respond. I take the opportunity, sliding off the couch onto my knees in front of him. I lightly lick the hole in the tip of his soft penis and breathe warm breath onto it, watching it harden in front of me. I pull his cock upward and slowly lick the underside in one long stroke from the base to the tip.

Next, I cover the head of his cock with my mouth and suck, using my tongue to play with the underside of it, just how my dad always liked. I feel his hand resting on the back of my head while I'm savoring the taste of his penis. I feel him start to press on my head, so I move it forward, taking more of him into my mouth. I slowly move back and forth, getting my lips a little closer to the base of his shaft with each movement forward. I can hear him moaning. I start moving faster until I can feel that he's about to cum. I feel my mouth filling with several shots of his thick cum, but I don't swallow it. Instead I hold it all in my mouth as I stand and give Bill a long passionate kiss, moving his cum around in our mouths, slowly swallowing little bits of it at a time, savoring it with him.

When I finally release my lips from his, he grabs the back of my head by the hair, pulling painfully hard as he pushes me back onto my knees and my head back on his cock. He hold my head still as he releases his bladder and I swallow as quickly as I can. Finally, he releases my head, I back away, and work on catching my breath. “I think I'm going to like you, Dan. Follow me and I'll show you the place.”

He takes me around to many of the animal enclosures. There are beavers, chickens, dolphins, penguins, sheep, cows, and many others. There's a surprising number of herbivores. Apparently, many carnivores died out back when humans used to eat the herbivores, as we kept their food supply from them. Today we know better than to eat animal meat. It's different from our own, so our bodies have a harder time processing it. Plants are even worse for us. People used to get all kinds of symptoms that we don't have today, like memory loss, loss of hair, brittle bones, wrinkled skin, and shakiness, all because they used to eat plants and animals. We all learn this in our elementary school science classes.

Bill also takes me to see the house that the animal handlers live in and lets me see the much bigger house that his Master lives in from a distance. He keeps mostly to himself. Bill mentions that there is a small gallery in the house and that their Master occasionally hosts parties there to show off his most recently acquired artwork to his wealthy friends.

At the end of the interview, Bill has a few forms for me if I still want the job. One of them is a legal marriage contract to Bill. Bill's a slave, so marrying him doesn't give me the right to kill or sell him unless his Master drops his ownership of him, but Bill will gain the ability to kill or sell me. The entire point of this marriage is so Bill can give me to his Master, but he could easily change his mind and decide to do anything he wants to me. It's a very vulnerable position and I get hard thinking about it while I'm leaning over the coffee table to fill it all out.

I keep my ass pointed towards Bill and squat slightly to make my ass cheeks part a little. As expected, he takes the opportunity. I feel his hands on my waste and pretty quickly his dry cock is jammed directly into my anus, pounding away. It hurts, of course, but it's good. It's a little harder to fill out the forms while having my body rocked, but I manage. When I'm finished, I hand him the forms, and let him use my back as a table while he finishes his part of the forms. I relax and enjoy the sex, but it's not much longer before he cums. My prostate is still far from orgasm when he pulls out. I stay in that position until he's done with the forms.


Chapter 3: William

I came back the next day with all my stuff. Dad wasn't happy about losing me, but he enjoyed the farewell sex. As I arrive, I can feel his cum dripping out my ass and down my thighs, and I can still taste some of my shit from cleaning him off afterward. After parking, I see Bill waiting for me. I walk over to him with my arms open and give him a good hug with a deep passionate kiss. “Come on. It's time for me to give you away.”

I follow Bill up the hill to the house. It's a pretty big house. Bill knocks on the door and is greeted by a young woman. She has something tight around her neck. It's black with gems on it. This is strange, since people don't wear clothing of any kind. Perhaps it's part of a restraint? “What brings you up here?”

“Hey Liz, I'm here to give a newcomer to our Master.”

“Just a second, I'll fetch him.” She closes the door and leaves us waiting outside. A few minutes later and a man opens the door.

“I hear you have a new slave for me to put to work.”

“Yes, this is Daniel. Daniel, this is our Master.”

“I'm your Master, William, but until the paperwork goes through, I'm just Michael to him. Welcome, Daniel. I can always use more help around here.” Mike hands Bill a form and a pen. It looks mostly filled out except for my name, Bill's name, and Bill's signature. He must keep copies ready for quick acquisition. It only takes a few seconds before Bill hands the form back. “Thank you! You know what to do with him.” Mike, I mean Master now, shuts the door as he says this, apparently done with that interaction.

“That's it?”

“Yep. He's not big on involving himself in the goings-on of his animal handling slaves. Come on, we have animals to tend to anyway.”

I follow Bill back down the hill and he brings me to a grouping of large beasts. They stand on four legs and having bulging muscles I figure these must certainly be carnivorous, but Bill corrects me. They're apparently called “horses” and are plant eaters. In ancient times, people used them as cars, but now people have no more use for them, so they're dying out. Bill teaches me how to lead them to the plants they eat and where to get the filtered “water” they drink. Water is a sort of clear liquid. The texture is thin, like piss and it's apparently sweet, but it's expensive to filter, doesn't occur naturally anymore, and the animals need it, so we're not allowed to drink or waste any of it. Some plants are also brought from the greenhouse for them to supplement their diet. They seem to like the long orange plants.

Bill also explains how to milk the horses. They have extremely low sex drives, so to keep the species going, we milk the males while they're eating, then pour the bucket of horse cum into a device that fills large syringes. We then take the syringes to the females, stick the end in their pussy, and push the pump in to empty the contents into them. There's a rotation schedule for which female horses to pump on which days of the week. As for the males, we milk them pretty much whenever we can. It's like giving a handjob, but with a much larger cock, which is shaped a little weirdly.

Another part of caring for the horses is picking up after them. We put on gloves, pick up their shit, which seems to be covered in plant, since digesting plants is so inefficient, and we bring it all to the greenhouse, where the gardener uses it. Lastly, when it gets dark, we let them back into the stalls they sleep in. During the daylight hours, they mostly get to run around outside. It's pretty simple and I get the hang of it quickly.

Taking care of herbivores isn't exactly what I was expecting, but it's what I'm stuck with for now. I don't get to kill anyone and can't even watch the feedings of any of the few carnivores because I'm too busy with the horses. All of my coworkers are owned, so there's no way to get the power over them to snuff them either. I figure that eventually I could move up to feeding meat eating animals, so that's motivating for me.

After about a week of feeding the horses, jacking them off, and squirting horse cum into the mares, we finally get a decent meal of our own. As I return to the house, I smell cooked meat instead of the usual shit. It's Patty's legs cooked in her melted tit fat. To my surprise, Patty's still alive and even eating her legs with us. Normally, any permanent damage or disability is a reason for one's owner to end their life immediately, but our Master seems to have a different philosophy. He instead believes that any parts of his slaves that aren't needed for their work are disposable. His slaves may choose what parts are important in each other and even make the choice to end one another's lives, as long as doing so does not impede the work that needs to be done. Patty is now using some sort of ancient chair that has big wheels on the sides.

A couple of days later, while delivering horse shit to the greenhouse, I see Barbara pouring piss on the plants. I walk up and give her a deep kiss. As our tongues intertwine in our mouths I take the bucket from her and place it on the ground. I then retract my own tongue into my mouth and bite down hard, biting off the tip of her tongue. I continue to kiss her, now drinking blood from her mouth. She reels back from the pain and drops hard onto the ground, with me landing on top of her. I massage her breasts, getting a small amount of milk on my hands as I start to fuck her.

When the taste of blood begins to fade from her mouth, I replace it with the taste of her milk, sucking on one tit for a minute, then the other, and finally sinking my teeth into her and taking a bite of her right breast meat, above the nipple. The squishy nature of boobs causes her skin to stretch for quite a while, painfully pulling on her boob before her skin finally gives way and lets me take my bite. Being primarily fat in my mouth, it takes a while to chew before I can swallow it and lick up some of the blood from the wound. I repeat this under her left nipple, cumming into her while chewing on my second bite.

She looks a bit stunned, but seems unable to speak. I get hard every time I see Barbara and the bite marks I left in her tits. She doesn't speak anymore, instead writing anything she wants to say, and I enjoy knowing that I did that to her. She also gets a nice big purple bruise on her ass for a couple of weeks.


A few days later, I find Bill, my mentor, milking one of the horses with his mouth and hands, instead of just his hands. “Is that a new technique, Bill?”, I joke, letting him know I've noticed. I watch for a minute until I see Bill suddenly grab the bucket, pull it against him, and push the horse's enormous penis down to point into the bucket. About half of the horse's load reaches the bucket, the rest being all over the front of my husband.

“Don't mention this to anyone. We're not supposed to let any go to waste, but with your help we've gotten so much of a surplus that there's more than enough for all the mares.” As he talks, he points the horse's cock back at himself, rinsing the cum off with horse piss, even gargling some of it at the end. “It just seems like such a shame to let such giant cocks go to waste, you know?”

“Yeah, I get it. Don't worry about it.” I just saw him waste something we're not supposed to waste. Additionally, I've been getting a lot more cum from the horses than he has, so I'm better at this job than he is. He's let me know that there's far more than we need, which means his contribution is no longer necessary for our work to get done. He's hoping to soon leave the horses to me and move up to wolves. Feeding carnivores is a lot more fun after all. If he takes that position when it opens though, I won't have any chance at it for a long while, and I don't like that.

I've been wanting to kill someone for so long. The circumstances are all perfect for me to kill this man. After we get the horses all back in their barn at the end of the day, I talk Bill into giving me a quick blowjob before we head back. After all, he wouldn't want anyone to know that he's been wasting the cum of an endangered species. He simply gets on his knees, puts his mouth over my dick, and moves his head back and forth, with no variety or anything special.

When I feel like I'm about to cum, I grab the back of his head and hold it close to me, cumming straight down his throat. As I stop, I feel him try to pull away, but I hold him there. After a few seconds of this, I start to piss down his throat. After I'm done, he tries to pull away again, but I hold him there. He keeps trying to pull away, and not much later, his face starts to turn blue. He has this wonderfully confused look on his face as he looks up at me, unable to breathe. Finally, I watch the life drain from his eyes.

I carry Bill's corpse back to the house and bring him into the kitchen. I eat his cock and balls raw, then fuck his dead ass before preparing a big feast for all of us from what's left. Finally getting to kill someone after so long a wait has me incredibly turned on. While his body is cooking, I fuck his head from the underside of his neck hole. I'm not the best cook in the world, so his meat doesn't exactly come out perfect, but everyone seems to enjoy Bill's meat nonetheless.


Chapter 4: Bestiality and Art

I pay good attention to how productive I am on my own over the next few days. Even without Bill, I'm getting more cum from the horses than we need for all the mares. Having a surplus means not getting an assistant and not getting an assistant means no one to take over horses for me to move up to one of the carnivores. I start walking a little slower, not aiming the horses so perfectly into the buckets, and stopping to fuck Barbara more often when I bring horse shit into the greenhouse (taking occasional bites of her tits), but the decrease over the next few days is not enough.

Being less precise when aiming the horses, I eventually get a small amount of horse cum on my hand. Out of curiosity, I lick it off. The taste is a bit different from human cum, but it's still pretty good. I start to purposely get some on my hands to lick off whenever I milk the horses. Eventually, I start to take an occasional gulp from the bucket. There's always a drop or two that stays on the horse's dick until they pee. I'm not supposed to shake the drop off because the horse could pee right after he cums and adding piss to the mixture would mean having to throw out the whole bucket, no matter how many horses I milked into it. I start to lick this last drop off the horses after each milking. Pissing on me isn't a problem, as long as they don't piss in the bucket.

Doing this, I start getting horse piss in my mouth occasionally. It's a lot stronger than human piss, which makes it better. Eventually, I start sucking off the horses, just like I saw Bill do. I'd get some in the buckets each time, but it was a bit less. The decrease was enough that I'm finally just barely getting less cum for the mares than I need. The surplus will last a while, but it's incentive for them to find me an assistant.


Now that I've got that under control, I start paying a bit more attention to the other workers, to see if anyone else is expendable. It's been a few weeks since I killed my husband and I, of course, would like to kill again. After about a week of this, I wake up to a sharp pain just above my knee. Jennifer just cut off half my leg. Before I can react, she makes the same cut to the other leg. She puts them both aside and starts sucking my cock. I'm completely surprised. I see that my legs were tied off in my sleep, so there's little blood. Jennifer is missing her right eye, left arm, and her tits.

After swallowing my cum, drinking my piss, and eating my morning dump, she explains that she thought it would be nice for us to have some meat today, and that I could crawl, so I don't really need my lower legs. Crawling all the time is a bit difficult, but I do get the hang of it. Initiating sex is a bit harder from down low as well. I still have the dexterity of my hands, so I can still milk the horses, pick up after them, inject the mares, and so forth, it's just difficult, and I have to carry things more with my mouth when moving. Later that day I eat the last bites of Barbara's tits. She had gotten used to fucking me in the middle of the day, so she laid down to wait for my cock when I came in. That evening, I enjoy a slice of my legs along with everyone else. I don't get a chair or anything like Patty did though.

Sex on the whole decreases. Forget killing someone, I just want to fuck. Eventually, I start to be so horny that any time I see someone bending over, I'd run up behind them and start fucking. Sometimes they let me, but I'm occasionally pushed away.

After a few weeks I start to get used to my new routine, but it doesn't last either. Master wants to have hand-burgers for his guests that were coming to look at his gallery. He's throwing a small party. My hands are on the list, and if my Master wants my hands, they're his to have. He owns me completely, after all.

Doing my job without hands either is far more difficult. Luckily, I've gotten used to sucking the horses off, but picking up their shit now means picking it up with my mouth. It has plants in it, so it's very poisonous to humans, meaning that my job is now a lot more dangerous. Also, to inject the mares, I now have to hold the syringe steady in their pussies with my mouth and push on the end with my arm stump. Again, it takes me a while to get the hang of it, but I manage.

It's been a while since I've had any meat. I see Chuck taking a nap on the grass. He must be having a good dream as his cock is erect. I quietly walk over him and slowly add sensation to his cock with my mouth, starting my just breathing onto it. I increase, licking and eventually sucking. I start to hear quiet moaning behind me. I start chewing lightly and get harder. Finally, I bite hard at the base, trying to separate Chuck's cock from his body. To my surprise, I feel a sharp sensation around my dick too. Chuck's biting my cock. I bite harder and finally tear off his cock. The pain of it tightens Chuck's jaw, and my cock suddenly feels as numb as my lower legs.

I walk off of Chuck and see him chewing on my severed dick, the same way I'm chewing on his. We're both bleeding onto the grass. Cocks are difficult to chew, so it takes a while. I eventually just walk off towards the rest of the work I need to do, still chewing. Losing my cock sucks though. I still have my balls, so I still get horny, but I can't fuck anyone. The only way I could cum now is by anal sex, if someone were to fuck my ass, but no one will. I'm seen as too animal like without my lower legs or my hands. I'm unattractive. The only dicks I get to touch anymore are the horse dicks, and the horses are all far too docile for anal sex with one to be something I could even attempt.


After a few completely sexless days, I'm frustrated and depressed. This is part of why people are killed when they're missing parts of their body. Master is irresponsible to keep us alive like this. I decide to go up to the house on the hill and talk directly to Master about the problem. I haven't seen him since the day I joined, but Master is kind enough to grant me an audience. I start to talk, but Master simply looks at me and points at his cock. I walk over and suck on him for a while, playing with the underside of the tip of his dick with my tongue, just like I used to do. It occurs to me how long it's been since I've simply sucked a (human) guy off.

After I swallow, Master speaks. “It's good that you've come to me. I have guests coming tomorrow and I don't have any new art in my gallery. Come with me.” I follow Master and he brings me to a sort of workbench. He lifts me onto it and proceeds to cut off what's left of my limbs, leaving no stumps. He puts me on a display peg, inserted into my ass, and uses a barbed hook on each side of my mouth to hold it open, tying the other ends to glass walls. Finally, he puts me up in the middle of his gallery, still alive. There are beautiful paintings on human skin canvases lining the walls. I can't look around much, but I don't see any other living art in the room. It occurs to me that Master never actually let me explain the problem I was having, and now with hooks holding my mouth open, doing so would be impossible.

The next day, guests arrive. They're all wealthy and admiring the artwork, which includes me. He gets many of them to donate money, which will go towards helping more endangered animals. A lot of them seem to like me, especially the hooks in my mouth. This fact did not go unnoticed by Master. The next day he puts a glass case around me, just barely not touching my skin, and works to add more hooks. He attaches four where my limbs used to be, one through the middle of each of my balls, one in each eye, blinding me, three in my nose, two in my tongue, and one in each of my nipples. The dildo is removed from my ass and I feel a few hooks hold my anus open as well. The pain is excruciating and I feel like I'm going to fall, suspended only by the hooks. Master adds a few more. One in each ear. A few in my back and ass cheeks. One where my dick used to be. After a while of this, I feel supported enough, even though it's only hooks holding me up.

I can't see anymore, but I occasionally hear these parties go on. I'm still very horny, but I'm hungry and thirsty as well. As I shit and piss, which happens less often with time, more of my body feels warm, starting from the bottom of what's left of me. After days of internal pain from not being fed, the tank is full enough that I can get a small amount of piss into my mouth. It's very difficult to swallow with my tongue and cheeks held out and open by hooks, but I manage to painfully do so. I even manage to swallow a very small shitball floating at the top.

Before I get any more, I feel the hooks being pulled out of me, the sharp barbs making this very painful, and I'm lifted out of the case. It feels like I'm being carried. It then feels like I've been tossed into the air, and when I land, it's liquid, like a swimming pool, but without the usual smell and taste of piss. My lungs start to hurt when I accidentally breathe some of the liquid in. Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain in my lower half, like a hundred knives across my belly and back. The lower half of what's left of me goes numb. It's likely gone. I figure out from all of this that I must be getting fed to some large carnivorous fish. My wounds sting badly, but that goes away moments later when I feel the fish's jaws clamp down on my head.


Here's a bonus shorter story I wrote recently & haven't posted. It's not in the same universe, but has some of the same themes, like free use and eating things out of other people's butts.


Butt Cookies

Emily was jogging along a path at a local park to keep herself fit. She's glad she lives in a clothing optional region, because it's way too hot out to be peeling sweaty cloth from her body later. The way that the bounce of her breasts pulled on her back as she jogged was slightly annoying, but not as annoying as being any hotter than she already was would've been.

Behind her, William was jogging as well, appreciating the view of Emily's ass in front of him as he listened to his iPod. He increased pace slightly when she had passed him to keep this view. His cock had been hard for a while now and was at the point of throbbing. Seeing a small clearing ahead with a picnic table, he sped up.

As Emily reached the point of the path closest to the table, she felt a pair of firm sweaty hands grabbing her by her waist & pushing her to the side, by the table. She started to turn her head to see who had grabbed her, but William let go of her waist and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back to keep her facing forward, then pushing her forward, bending her over the table.

Emily was turned on by the man's use of force, and her pussy was starting to add more moisture to her already sweaty thighs. She could feel the head of William's cock pressing against her anus and tried to relax her muscles to let this stranger in.

In front of her, she could see that the table was laid out with sandwiches on paper plates and a blue cooler. Clearly someone else was using this table as well, but she couldn't see anyone else around from her current angle.

It was difficult, but the head of his cock finally entered her and she moaned slightly, enjoying the familiar feeling of being anally fucked by an unknown man. It was a very tight fit. Emily felt like her anus was being stretched out a lot. With each thrust, he got his penis slightly deeper into her ass, pulling her hair each time with the rhythm. Finally, she could feel his balls hitting against her pussy and moaned some more.

When he eventually filled her ass with cum, he yanked her hair hard. After a few spurts of cum, his penis throbbed in her ass for a few more seconds before he pulled out. "Thank you...", she practically whispered, trying to be polite to the man, despite her euphoria and pain.

She waited for a few seconds without moving. When Emily had her bearings well enough, she started to stand, but felt her legs begin to buckle, so she quickly rotated her body and sat down on the bench attached to the picnic table. As she sat, she thought she felt something in her ass, but before she could check or speak, the back of her head was grabbed and she was pulled forward.

William wanted his cock cleaned off, so she sucked and licked. When she looked up to see the man's face, he was looking upwards, enjoying the blowjob, so all she really saw was the glare of the sun, some sweaty abs, and that the man was listening to a music player. Across the path, she could see a family playing Frisbee. These must be who the sandwiches are for. She continued sucking William's cock until her mouth was as full of this stranger's cum as her ass was.

As William started to pull his cock out of Emily's mouth, they heard another woman shout to them. "Hey! We're using this table! Don't you see our stuff on it?"

"Sorry, I think we were done anyway. All we did was fuck on the side of the table here." As Emily explained the situation, William resumed his jogging. Emily never managed to get a look at his face.

As Karen approached, she looking up and down the table, taking an inventory of everything. "Did you eat my cookies?"

"No, I didn't see any cookies!"

"Then where did they go?"

"I don't know!"

"Stand up!"

Emily obeyed Karen's demand slowly, getting up at a bend while leaning on her hand, pressing it against the table's surface. Before she moved herself completely upright, she was interrupted. "WAIT!" She felt Karen touch her ass briefly. "These cookies!" Karen held a chocolate chip cookie up in front of her. That must've been what she felt when she sat down. She had forgotten about that.

"I'm sorry, I didn't notice them."

"It's okay, just give them back." Karen pushed the cookie she already grabbed from Emily's ass into her mouth as she finished directing the confused girl. Emily bent forward a bit more and pushed the other four cookies (along with William's cum) out of her ass into Karen's waiting hands. Once Karen had all of her cookies back, she licked the remaining crumbs from the girl's butt.

"Is that all of them?" Emily wanted this to be over with, so she could finish her jog.

"One second!" Karen sounded a bit further away, but Emily held her position, bent forward with her anus wide open.

Suddenly, Emily felt something very rough pressed into her butt. "OW! What was that!?"

"A pinecone. I wanted to make sure you don't have this problem again. People's food won't wind up in your butt if your butt is already full."

Emily stood up and faced towards Karen. "I suppose that makes sense. Thank you! I'm sorry about your cookies..."

"It's okay, they're not broken too much. They're still good." As Karen pushes another cookie in her mouth, with a big glob of cum on it, Emily notices only two more left in the girl's hand, one of which is broken into two pieces.

Emily nods and resumes her afternoon jog. "Well, enjoy your picnic!" She can feel the pinecone pressing against the walls of her anus with each step, keeping her stretched open and keeping her horny. Having enjoyed her random encounter, but still feeling so horny, she considers going out somewhere after her jog. There would certainly be more people at the mall, and she could get herself some dessert while she's there. She could really go for some chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies right about now!


Since I'm reposting most of my stories anyway, I only have a few more... My favorite of my works is this one:


There is a college in a growing town. It is a popular college, so there is no shortage of students trying to get into it. As a result, the college keeps a very long wait list and is always trying to expand its size. Thanks to this college, the town is on its way to becoming a city. This town also has plenty of people who are not attending or working for this college. After all, all these people need to eat, shop, have fires put out, be protected, and so on. There are also those who stay in this town after finishing college to start businesses, which has further accelerated this town's growth as more people fly in to work for these growing start ups.

One of these businesses is a restaurant near the campus. It is conveniently located, open twenty four hours a day, and has free WI-fi, making it a very convenient place for late night studying. It is also very cheap, making it particularly enticing to the college students. There are two dining sections. One of them is full of booths with high backs that help increase privacy and minimize distractions. This section is ideal for romantic dates or studying. The other section has many freestanding tables, more light, a bar, and a few televisions. This section is better for celebrating or socializing.

The restaurant only allows people over the age of eighteen. By doing so, they can allow nudity and even permit sex between patrons. There is no shortage of hormone filled young adults happy to take advantage of this policy. The restaurant's employees are mostly naked as well. Each employee wears a thin gold colored chain around their neck with an engraved name tag on the front. The worker behind the take out counter also wears a white butcher's apron. The wait staff each wear a white belt with pockets that rest on their hips for things like straws and napkins. The cooks wear white hats with the restaurant's logo on the front of them. The managers wear additional gold chains around their wrists. The bartenders, hosts, hostesses, and bussers do not wear any additional clothing. All positions are open to people of all genders, and the employees with penises are provided a generic Viagra pill before their shift to keep them erect while they work. Despite the nudity of the employees and the open sex policy, sexual acts with the employees are actually against the restaurant's rules.

Since patrons may be naked, the restaurant provides lockers that they may use to store their clothing or other items. The restaurant has even gone as far as to integrate these lockers into their systems. Each locker requires that you insert a state issued ID. If the ID does not show that the person is at least eighteen years old, it will be rejected. The lockers also require that you insert the credit card that you plan to pay with when you leave. If multiple people are dining on one card, then the person who inserts the card into their box can enter other box numbers that they are paying for, which causes those boxes to unlock with just an ID. Occasionally, someone who feels particularly generous will enter another random box or two onto their card, and when someone later chooses to use that box, they will be surprised with a free meal, paid for by some random stranger.

To move from this lobby full of lockers to the main restaurant, one walks into the revolving door, inserts their locker key into the center, and puts their hands and ankles through the leather straps. The leather straps are adjustable to fit different sizes of people entering the restaurant. The host stand has the output of a video camera that is focused on this door. When the person is in position, the host or hostess taps the screen to tighten the straps, and taps again to rotate the door. A pane of thick glass then lowers around the revolving door, and the whole thing rotates clockwise one hundred twenty degrees (one third of a circle) revealing the restaurant. Once locked into this new position, the glass lifts back up and the straps loosen to release the customer. Straight ahead from here is a display of various cuts of meat, with a person behind it for to-go orders. To the right is the stand that the host and hostess stand behind with menus and silverware that have been pre-wrapped in napkins. Behind that stand, straight ahead, is a hallway that leads to the section that only has high booths. To the right before that hallway is the section with the bar.

There is a console that must be used to unlock the lockers for use. People use it to input the quantity of people in their party. They can also add additional information, like wanting a booth or a seat at the bar or whatever. If this is available, locker numbers are given to the group to use (one per person). If this is not yet available, the system prompts for a cell phone number to call when it is, and will reserve lockers for that group for when they arrive. There is a copy of this console on the host stand above the lobby camera feed for the host to use. If someone is unable to or does not want to enter their information themselves, they can press a button to speak to the host or hostess to have them enter the information for them. There is always one host and one hostess working at any time. They take turns seating people and one of them is always behind the host stand to watch for people enterring the restaurant and to help people in the lobby. Also, having two of them tends to keep them honest about making sure the straps are used properly and consistently.

The to-go section has the same menu as the rest of the restaurant, but you can also get raw cuts of meat to cook at home. This is the primary reason for displaying a variety of cuts of meat. Someone who is dining in can also use it to select the specific cut they wish to order. The meat displayed is red with yellow fat, as it's human meat. The restaurant does not explicitly mention that it is serving human meat, but the fact is known. On the menu, the meat is referred to by the type of cut, without mentioning the animal it came from. Most of the cuts are no longer shaped in a way that make their origins obvious. There are various steaks, ground meat, ribs, etc... There are a few that are very obvious, however. There are whole breasts displayed, which are primarily rendered down to cook other cuts of meat in the liquefied fat. There are also cocks, which are tied off at the base to keep them erect after death. Cuntsteaks are a thicker steak cut that includes the area around a woman's pussy, as well as the pussy itself, from the cervix to the clitoris. By including the interior walls of the pussy, the steak has an odd shape, like it has a thick tail. Balls are also sold, with some being attached to the cocks and some not.

Most patrons don't order those cuts of meat. They are only usually ordered by those who are aroused by cannibalism. The cuts people tend to like the best are primarily thigh and rump cuts. The restaurant also serves plenty of things that are not meat. These are mostly sides, but there are even a few vegan entrees and a few desserts. One of their stranger options is a steak-topped pizza. Rather than small pieces of meat scattered across the top of the pizza, there is a steak cut horizontally into eight slices, with each slice being plopped onto the middle of one of the slices of the pizza. These are arranged carefully to be evenly spaced. The customer gets to choose what cut of meat they want used for this as well as how done they want it cooked. If the customer chooses a cut of meat that is not a steak, then the arrangement is a little different. For ribs, eight ribs are separated, deboned, and the rib meat is placed where the steak would be. For a cuntsteak, two are used. The "tail" section is cut off, cut in half longways, unrolled during cooking, and put on two slices with the inside facing up. The front of the pussy is cut carefully in half vertically to divide even the clitoris between them and put on two slices next to each other between the two slices that have the inside of the pussy. Another cuntsteak is used for the other half of the pizza. For cocks, the ones with balls still attached are used. They are cut in half vertically, from the urethra down the frenulum with one testicle on each half. The cut edge is placed against the slice of pizza with the head of the cock pointing towards the center, with the two halves being on adjacent slices. Four cocks are needed for this, with the left halves being on every other slice and their right halves between them. When complete, it looks like eight cocks are all in side view, with each one pointing towards the center, and every other one being upside down. Nipples are another option, which get fried and scattered across the pizza like pepperoni, each one pointing up. If they specify female nipples, there will be fewer nipples used, but they will be bigger, the reverse is true for specifying male nipples, and they will get a mix of both if they don't specify. Nipples tend to be very chewy and difficult to eat though. If the customer chooses ground meat, then it is scattered over the pizza like any other topping.

In the lobby, where all the lockers are, there is a sign above the door that reads "We reserve the right to serve anyone." This is because, when leaving the restaurant, there is a random chance of being selected for butchering. When leaving, the customer inserts their locker key into the middle of the revolving door, puts their hands and ankles through the leather straps, and the host or hostess taps on their console to tighten the straps and to rotate the doors. If someone is in the doorway in the lobby, but not strapped in, they will wait to rotate the doors. The same goes for the reverse situation. When the door rotates one hundred twenty degrees, there will be a hallway in front of them. The doors pause, allowing them to wonder for a moment if they have been selected or not. If they are lucky, the doors will rotate again to the main lobby, where they can insert their key, and get back their ID, their credit card, and anything else they put in there, then leave. When this is set to happen, it flashes on the host stand console to tap to rotate again. There are two reasons for this. They do not want to automatically rotate the door because someone might be in the doorway on the restaurant or lobby side, and it makes the wait time random while looking at the hallway.

If the customer is not lucky, then the glass will open and the anchor points of their leather straps will move along a conveyor to the right wall of this hallway, then move slowly down the hallway and around the corner. A new set of straps will move into place on the door before it is allowed to rotate again. During this process, the button to rotate the door will be grayed out on the host stand. The customer is now livestock to be butchered, usually within an hour or two of their selection. When people go one after another through the doors, which is common for groups, the next few people to exit after someone is selected can see who was selected. Most people know about this chance when they enter the restaurant, but there are plenty of people who enjoy this kind of thrill, especially among young adults. Many of them use the phrase "YOLO" when talking about it, which is ironic, since that stands for "You Only Live Once" and if you only live once, gambling your life is kinda stupid.

The algorithm is also not completely random. It takes into account a variety of factors about a person's visit and what cuts of meat are lacking. The state issued ID lists the customer's age and height. When entering the restaurant, the revolving doors have sensors that measure the customer's weight, and if they are female, measure their bust size to subtract it from the BMI calculation. A younger and healthier person makes for better meat. There are also a lot of other factors. If a customer is complaining or sending things back, then they might give the restaurant a bad review, so their chances of selection are increased. A happier customer's chances of selection are decreased. Also, a customer is going to have a lower chance of selection if they have spent more money and a higher chance if they have not ordered any meat. The waiter or waitress can enter an optional opinion of the customer that skews their chances very slightly. Knowing this much about the system, if a waiter or waitress particularly dislikes a customer, they will sometimes mix their pee into the customer's drink, hoping that they complain about it tasting strange and send it back, increasing their chances of selection. The formula they usually follow is to fill the customer's glass one quarter of the way up with urine before adding the ice and the drink, and adding a lemon wedge if it is normally a clear drink, like water. This usually works, but occasionally this backfires, with a customer actually liking the difference and getting a decreased selection chance.

To-go customers are not there for very long, but they still have the same risk of selection when they leave. If selected, a person's belongings become property of the restaurant. Cash is pocketed by the owner, anything worth selling is put on eBay, and anything else is donated to charities for the tax write off. If the person selected was leaving with a raw cut of meat they just purchased to cook at home, it is simply put back in the display case. If they are leaving with a to-go order from the menu, it will be given to the employees to enjoy. When a customer opens their locker, they enter the tip percentage or the specific amount they would like to leave for a tip. Lockers of those who are selected are set to an automatic fifty percent tip.

The collars that the employees wear have chips in them that disable the revolving door's selection algorithm. Being immune to these doors is the bonus that the employees get instead of getting a discount on food. When an employee quits or is let go, however, their selection as they leave the building is guaranteed. Obviously, they don't know this fact ahead of time or they would not work there. It is common for college students to start working for the restaurant to help pay for college expenses and to quit when they graduate with big plans to go up in the world. The owner makes sure to only hire people who are healthy and would be good meat later. If he notices their meat quality start to slip, he fires and butchers them before they go bad. Also, people get paid each week for the previous week, so even if someone quits by phone and mails their collar to the restaurant, they still have to come in for their last paycheck. This is done to guarantee that they come in one last time. No college student is going to give up an entire paycheck, and they are told that they will be immune to selection while picking it up (which is a lie).

When an employee leaves, the owner will make sure to butcher them himself. He gets very turned on by murder and cannibalism, so he does a lot of the butchering, but he can't do all of it, so he does hire someone to do some of it. He also eats all of his meals there, his favorite order being a blue rare cuntsteak with cum in it. This could be a cook's cum, a waiter's cum, the host's cum, or any other guy's cum. He prefers that it is many guy's cum, but he usually only gets one cumshot, occasionally two or three. Shoved into the cuntsteak, after the cum, is a blue rare cock and balls, like it is fucking the pussy. To drink, he orders urine, which could be anyone's piss, male, female, or a mix of both. When inside the restaurant, if he sees someone that he wants to fuck in the ass, pussy, and/or mouth, or any cocks, pussies or asses that he would like to give oral sex to, he will just do so without asking. He often will need to move the person into position and hold them there until he is finished. If they do not like being raped, this is entered into the system and adds a lot to their selection chance when they leave, guaranteeing that they are selected. If they seemed to enjoy the surprise sex, that decreases their chance slightly. The owner also wears a ring that has a chip in it that keeps the door's selection mechanism disabled for him and usually pretends he is just a customer when in the dining area.

When butchering, the owner will sometimes decide to rape the person first or give them oral sex. Usually, if receiving oral sex, the person is pleasantly surprised until right after they cum or the owner decides that they are taking too long to cum, when he starts biting extra hard and yanking to tear off bites of their labia or the head of their cock. Obviously, that cut of meat does not get put in the display to sell, but that is not a big problem since it is one of the cuts of meat with the lowest demand. He eats what he can of their cuntsteak or cock and balls right then and finishes eating it during the butchering process. It is not uncommon for him to fuck some of the people he butchers posthumously. Hired butchers tend not to rape the meat at first, but after being there a while, will almost always start to give in to this perk occasionally. They tend to only rape a few of the women though, as most of the hired butchers are straight men. There have been gay men in this position occasionally, and once there was a particularly Dominant bisexual woman who got special permission to wear a strap-on at work.

Even the hired butchers get butchered when they leave. When that woman finished her master's degree in business and quit the restaurant for a rather promising job at a growing tech company, the owner left the strap-on on her while butchering her and cut it off like he would have cut off a cock. He usually slices people's femoral arteries and lets them bleed out before cutting out cuts of meat, but occasionally enjoys doing more cutting while they are alive just for the Sadistic pleasure of doing so. This was one such case. He started by clamping the major arteries in her limbs at the joints, then one by one he cut off her tits, then her arms, then her legs, and her silicone cock. He cut her arms and legs into their appropriate cuts of meat before cutting a circle around her anus and then slicing her belly open vertically to remove her intestines. It was at this point that she finally died and he threw out her strap-on.

The employees are trained that when there is a dispute between customers, and one of them is clearly not selectable for butchering, to side with that customer, no matter how ridiculous doing so may seem, as it is more important for someone who is definitely leaving to be happy when they can just increase the other person's chance of selection by a bunch.

The restaurant has video cameras throughout the restaurant. Rather than all being up high and pointing down, most of them are in good positions to record the people fucking in the restaurant. If the security person watching the cameras thinks a particular recording would do well on the restaurant's porn site, Final Fucks, then he marks this in the system, which increases the selection chance for the people fucking. If they are all selected, the video is put online. If one of the people fucking is the owner, then only the other people in the video need to be selected for it to be put online. If they are not all selected, but those who are not selected return to the restaurant, they keep their higher selection chance and if selected, their video could still be put on the internet. Final Fucks has one free sample video, which changes each month, and members can access the full site's archives.

In one such video, there is a couple on their first date. The guy is a freshman who has not been on many dates before. The girl is a regular at the restaurant. After they order, she suggests that they sixty-nine on the table while waiting. He has never licked pussy before. She tells him not to think to much, just don't go right for the clitoris until he's been going for a bit, and if she does not like what he's doing, she will just touch her teeth lightly against his cock. He agrees and lies on the table. She climbs onto him and starts sucking his cock as he licks her. She looks around while sucking and notices another guy. She motions with her hand for the other guy to come over, and she lifts the knees of the guy she came with, parting his butt cheeks and revealing his anus. The other guy comes over, and as he's sticking his dick into the first guy's ass, the first guy stops licking the girl's pussy to complain, but she squeezes her legs around his head to hold his face against her pussy and bites down hard on his cock. His screams are muffled. When she starts to rock her teeth back and forth slightly, he starts licking again and she goes back to simply sucking him off, but continues to hold his head in place with her legs. The guy is clearly in pain and not enjoying himself. As the second guy gets close, he pulls out of the first guy's ass and she sucks him clean, swallowing the second guy's cum. The first guy's cock never gets to cum and has a couple of drops of blood on it.

Both of those guys were selected that day, but being a regular, her chance of selection was lower. She came back the next day with another new guy, another freshman that had never licked pussy before. She recognized the first guy's cock in the meat selection case, chose to have that as her entree, and repeated the scene she had the previous evening, using the first guy's cock as a dildo that replaced the second guy. This time though, the guy she came with came at the end. This video is listed on the site as a sequel to the first. Having a second video chosen increased her chances of selection by enough that she did not get to leave the restaurant that evening.

Most of the people butchered are students at the local college. Since they have such a large wait list anyway, they don't really care. It allows them to accept more students every semester than they otherwise could, and have more lower level classes than upper level classes, which are cheaper to hire professors for. No one else really notices people disappearing because so many more new people are appearing in this town every day. There has been occasional outcry against the restaurant, but it never lasts long or gets much attention. The few who participate in this outcry have a tendency to disappear. Sometimes, when someone in a group is selected, someone else in the group will go back in to complain or ask for their friend/lover/daughter/whoever back. This guarantees that they get selected as well when they leave again. The local cops know that murder and cannibalism are illegal, but since so many people seem to be perfectly happy with this restaurant's existence, they don't do anything to try to interrupt it. Rarely, someone comes in and volunteers to be selected. The code to guarantee selection is to enter and exit the restaurant seven times without using their key on their locker. If the door still fails to select after that, then it has found the person to be completely ineligible for selection for health reasons.

If a woman is lactating, her odds of selection are much higher. If selected, she will be kept for a while and milked. This milk is used to make some of the restaurant's dairy products, like their ice cream and their chocolate milk. She is fed whatever food does not sell well and is kept until she either stops lactating or her meat quality starts to decrease. At that point she gets butchered. If she is pregnant when she gets butchered, the fetus is simply discarded. If she gives birth while there, the baby is left at a nearby orphanage. The restaurant still purchases most of their cheeses though. To find out whether or not women are lactating, the restaurant offers a "Mother Discount" to lactating women. All they have to do is demonstrate that they are a recent or soon-to-be mom by squirting out a few drops of their own milk.

The straps that are used in the revolving door and on the customers who are waiting to be butchered or milked are made from human leather. Lactating women are put on a treadmill every once in a while to keep them in shape for when they are butchered. The seats throughout the restaurant are also upholstered with human leather. They always keep a certain amount of human leather in back stock to replace anything that tears. There is also a woman's full hide spread out on the floor in front of the to-go counter, similar to a bear rug, but human. Along the high walls is a long row of mounted human heads that have been saved and taxidermied over the years. The rug and the heads are replaced as they get worn out and are never made from ex-employees, since the owner does not want the current employees to know their fate. The best looking skin and faces are chosen for these things.


Here's my other "setting" story. This one had an actual story written for it, of someone going through the process, but that was written by my wife, not by me... Anyway, here's that setting:

Facility For Helping Suicidal People

To start off, the facility is created to take the cases of people who have been in treatment for wanting to take their own life for a long time, or in and out of places for such treatment, such that they're considered to be unlikely to want to live from any amount of traditional help.

The theory presented for the treatment comes from the fact that many people who attempt and fail to jump to their death report that on the way down, they changed their mind. The treatment is supposed to create the same effect with a similarly extreme situation to push the patients to change their mind and decide that they want to live.

A healthy goop is engineered to have all the nutrients a person might need. It's not designed to taste good, but to be healthy as food, eliminating the need for any other food. A diet consisting entirely of this new food will be healthier than most patients' diets were prior to the program.

As a secondary part of the theory, regarding chemical imbalance, is that a healthier body will help lead to a healthier mind. This is why the healthy goop is engineered. Also present are plenty of exercise machines, mostly for cardio.

The patients must consent to participating, signing the appropriate forms themselves. It is explained to them that this treatment can last for months, but not more than half a year, and that everyone who has left this facility has walked away wanting to live.

Both the primary and secondary theories are explained to them, as well as pointing out that the treatment is rather extreme, stripping them of some of their basic humanity, like having a name, wearing clothing, or being able to contact the outside world, to simulate death.

The facility has a long hallway. On the end closest to the lobby, is the trial room where people can try the first stage of the treatment for up to a week. They can keep their names and keep their clothes on. There's a green button on the wall that dispenses the goop to eat. There are beds, treadmills, ellipticals, weights, televisions, video games systems, books, high quality condoms, lube, etc... and the lighting is done with those lightbulbs that simulate sunlight. There are no commercials, no internet, no contact at all with the outside world.

After the first week in this section they choose whether or not to join the program. If they join, they have a "death ceremony" that involves their clothing being put into a locker and designating them a number. (The first person through this system gets the number 0. The next gets 1. Etc...) Their key hangs from their left ear (attached by piercing) and a tag with their number on it hangs from their right ear (also attached by piercing.)

They're put in the next room over, which is pretty much the same as the first. They're forbidden from using their name. If they do, they're reminded not to. In subsequent rooms, this gets harsher. They're told sternly not to use their name if it's used, then they receive a slap if they do so, eventually it's any mention of the outside world receives punishment, and by the end anything intelligible as language results in a poke with an electric cattle prod. This shift is very slow from one room to the next.

This is not the only change as they go. The selection of media gets smaller. I do ensure that for the rooms with books, movies, and video games, that sequels are in subsequent rooms, but the available selection shrinks with each move until these things disappear completely. Eventually the only entertainment is television, which gets more repetitive and boring, until it's something wacky in an obscure language that repeats after a very short time. The room after that has only a laser pointer set to move around randomly, as would be entertaining for a cat.

The available exercise equipment decreases as well. It's always present, but by the end is just a big hamster wheel. In the first room is a nice toilet, while the last has a hole in the floor. Beds decrease in number and vanish. Condoms decrease in both quality and quantity, with lube eventually no longer being in that box. The lighting also gradually gets darker, with the final room having no light at all. The hallway has light settings for each room and when someone is moved, the hallway is only as lit as their next room. For the last few, I use a flashlight when transferring them.

There are no windows, clocks, or outside contact, so there's no real concept of the passage of time. Those that come together wind up split apart as one moves through treatment faster than the other. Those who are less healthy will also move slower through treatment, to give them more time with the healthier diet and the exercise machines.

The button for the food stays the same throughout, and glows green. This glow is obviously more interesting for the later rooms than the earlier ones.

At any time, any of them can choose to leave. They have to tell me that they're certain that they want to live now. Those that take this path become more likely to say how much the facility helped them. Such an extreme treatment was what they needed to appreciate being alive.

For most, however, the changes are too subtle. They start off with a very good and positive introduction, and after the second room, each one is almost the same, so they become unlikely to realize the point at which they stop liking it. They do lose their humanity as well, dropping reason in exchange for instinct, at which point there's no real chance of them deciding anything. They will just continue to move forward through the program.

Occasionally I will come take the person who's been in the final room the longest. They are strapped to a reclining operating chair with a button identical to the food button under one hand. They are told that pressing that button will end their life and are given one final chance to decide that they want to live. By this point, it is VERY unlikely that they will decide to leave. They're not thinking and this button is how they've gotten food for a long time now. They've been trained to press this button and probably don't understand what I'm telling them.

Pressing it causes a spike to be pressed into their brain. At this point, I quickly work to extract their organs, starting with their heart, then their lungs. These are sold on the black market, the funds from which support the facility. After extraction, I remove the corpse, taking it home to butcher for meat. I make leather BDSM toys from the skin as well. Eventually, I start to sell some of the toys as a side business, as I just wind up with more leather than I can use for my own toys.

Each time I get low on meat, I come back to call the next number. If the person does manage to retain enough humanity to want to live, that's great for them. I'll simply call another number after helping them get their clothes on, giving them a gift basket, etc... I make it a very celebratory and joyous thing on their way out to help them look back fondly on the "treatment center".

Each wall dividing these rooms is a one-way mirror, allowing them to see what's coming up next, and probably a couple rooms after that, but not allowing them to see where they already were. The final room, with the chair that kills them, lights up as brightly as the first room when in use, but is in total darkness when not in use. This also adds to the confusion of the livestock as it's brought in there.

They will invariably see others processed before them. They're likely to see this from several rooms away. The first few rooms probably won't get good enough visibility to this last room. You can really only see so far ahead.

The entire system is designed to keep my freezer full with human meat. The livestock undergo the process to ensure maximum healthiness of their meat. If a sow happens to get pregnant, this fact does not get reported anywhere. Pregnancy is simply nature's version of the turducken.


I came up with this fantasy this morning and wrote it down. It's not long, and it's not in the same world as my Susan story above, but it does have some similar themes: casual free use, casual cannibalism, people being bought and sold, etc...

I suppose it could take place in an earlier version of that same timeline, after sexual free use and cannibalism start, but before animals all get endangered, people stop eating plants, and the murder system becomes so formalized.

The same goes for the "Butt Cookies" short story above, with that being before cannibalism starts, shortly after some regions start to embrace sexual free use.

If we want to squeeze them all into one setting and start doing the whole timeline thing, that is. It's not what I was thinking about while writing these two, but looking back, it could work. I simply wrote these two as one-off short stories.


Peter's driving to the grocery store to get a few things and bringing his daughter Samantha along with him. She's happily bouncing on his lap, pretending to be the one steering the car.

Sam's mother had been purchased by Peter from this same grocery store many years ago and served him as a slave for seven years before being roasted for a holiday family reunion. Prior to that, she was a customer at the grocery store, and after she paid for a cart full of groceries, the register's lights flashed that she'd been selected. She was immediately tied up, wrapped in cellophane from the neck down, and had a price stapled to her left breast, through the cellophane, above the nipple. The groceries she paid for were simply put back on te shelves to be repurchased by another customer. Peter found her on the shelf the very next morning.

Once he finds parking and opens the door, Sam gets out of the car first. Peter's cum begins to drip down her legs, but she ignores it. It would feel stranger to her not to have cum lubricating her thighs.

Once out of the car, Peter lifts his daughter up and puts her in the front of a shopping cart. The front seat has an adjustable height, and Peter adjusts it so Sam's mouth is just the right height for his dick. As he pushes the cart, Sam keeps Peter's dick in her mouth, occasionally playing with it some, with her tongue, lips, teeth, and/or suction, but she mostly just keeps it warm for him.

As they enter the store, Peter takes a look at his list.

Cocoa powder
One pineapple
Three apples
One lime
Romaine lettuce
One Human rump roast
One Pound of sliced human breast meat
Human bacon
Nine-pack of human penises
Eight-pack of penis rolls
Loaf of bread
Pack of Oreos
Pint of human cum
2-liter bottle of horse urine
One clove of garlic
One bottle of barbecue sauce
One jar of mixed testicles and ovaries
Eight pack of grape juice boxes
Shredded human-milk mozzarella
One gallon of human breast milk

They still have products made from cows, pigs, chickens, and so on, but the human varieties are often both cheaper, sweeter, and fresher, so Peter prefers these.

Near the front is a display of people who're for sale, tied and cellophaned, just like Sam's mother was. The ones who've been on the shelf closer to a week are closer to the front door, thinner, and have more bodily waste sitting in the bottom of their packaging. After a week on the shelf, if not bought, they're brought into the back and butchered by the meat department. There are a dozen people for sale, all for more than Peter feels like he could afford right now. One of the women is having her mouth fucked by a male customer, and three more of the men and women for sale are having their mouths held against customer's genitals, probably being peed into.

Peter puts a few things in his cart as he makes his way to the back of the store, where the meat department is. He takes a number and there are four people ahead of him. As he waits, he feels a hand push on his upper back and he instinctively leans forward over the shopping cart, covering Sam's head, but keeping his dick in her mouth. As he leans forward, his buttcheeks part and he grabs them to pull them apart further, knowing what's to come. Peter feels a familiar filling sensation as his rectum fills with some other man's dick, who begins pounding away. As this begins, Sam begins sucking more, knowing that her dad's prostate is being stimulated by this other man. After a few minutes of this, Sam swallows her dad's cum and relaxes her mouth around his dick. After another few seconds, she begins swallowing repeatedly as his piss fills her mouth, being quick enough not to spill a drop. After another minute, Peter feels the man cumming inside him.

As the man pulls out of his ass, Peter pulls out of his daughter's mouth. It's his turn to order meat at the counter, so he walks up and begins telling the butcher his order. While she's getting his order, Peter begins to feel some of the man's cum dripping from his anus. The man, who Peter has not even looked at, walks immediately to Sam, who opens her mouth for his dick, fresh from her father's ass. The man holds her head in place as he empties his bladder, and being the good girl she is, she swallows quickly and repeatedly, not missing a drop. By the time Peter recieves his meat order and returns to the cart, the other man is gone, and Sam goes back to keeping her father's dick warm in her mouth.

Before he started bringing his daughter with him to the grocery store, Peter used to do the same sort of thing that the other man did, fucking various other men and women in the store, and peeing in whoever's mouth was nearest when he's had to go, as does everyone else.

When Peter gets to the end of his list, his cart nearly full, the available gallon of human breast milk was all the way in the back of the case. There's plenty of cow milk in the next case over, but it cost $1.04 more and isn't nearly as good. Opening the case, he immediately felt the cold air on his nuts. He pulls his dick out of his daughter's mouth to be able to reach into the case, bending forward into the coldness and reaching out to the last gallon of milk on the shelf.

To Peter's surprise, someone else decides to bring their nuts near the cold air as well. He discovers this as he feels another dick make it's way into his rectum, lubricated some by the previous man's cum. Having just cum recently, Peter doesn't cum again from this, but still enjoys the sensation, while wishing this could've happened somewhere warmer, like the bread aisle. As he waits in the cold milk case, one of the store's employees comes up to him from the other side of the milk case, pressing her pussy against Peter's mouth and peeing into it, before grabbing the gallon of milk from under Peter and walking off to give it to a customer who asked him if he had any left in the back.

After the man behind Peter finally releases another load of cum into Peter's ass, he quickly pulls out and closes the case's door, which presses against Peter's ass and balls, making him quite cold. Peter tries to push backwards to open it from the inside, but it only opens when pulled from the outside, like a refrigerator does, and he can't fit all the way through the shelf at this angle to crawl froward and out. Just like the first man did by the meat counter, the second man chooses Sam's mouth to piss in, but does so as he walks off with Peter's cart, swapping out a few items to match his own grocery list, and eventually taking Sam home with him as his new slave that he just lucked out on finding for free.

Peter winds up fucked a few more times in the ass and mouth, and swallows a few more bladders worth of urine before the store finally closes. The cum that's been leaking from his ass has frozen, gluing his thighs togther completely, and there's a puddle of his own frozen piss below him. Customers in a store after closing automatically belong to the store, but the worker is lazy and simply staples a price tag into Peter's right ass cheek and leaves him in the milk case that he's laying on. When restocking the case, she simply stacks the cold milks on Peter's back, pisses down his throat, and otherwise ignores that he's there at all.

For six more days he just gets more of the same. The buildup of frozen cum glues his legs together all the way to his ankles and glues his balls in place as well. The puddle of his frozen piss below him begins to become more of a stalagmite of frozen piss. Finally, on the seventh day, a worker pulls the shelves away from the case door and carries a very cold Peter to the butcher. The extra cum covering his lower half is advertised as a glaze for the cuts of meat from his legs, balls, and ass cheeks, which sell at a higher price, while the rest of his meat just winds up being in the same cheap packages he's bought his whole life. His frozen piss is melted, bottled, and sold as well.


An answer I gave in a PM on a message board on another website that I posted my Grocery Store story on:

If Samantha had not been taken right away, it's highly probable that someone else passing by would've taken her. Owning another person is expensive, but sought after, so finding a freebie like Sam is something anyone would jump on.

If she beat the odds and was still in the store when it closed, she'd become property of the store, just like Peter did. Being younger, there's more potential for her, so her price would be higher. If not purchased, since she's smaller, she could be sold whole as a meat item, since she would be able to fit in a standard size oven, something adults cannot do.

Also, the rule applies at the moment of closing, even for customers who're already on line to buy their groceries, or who have their cart halfway out the door. People in this world are quickly accepting of their fate, whether they're becoming a slave or being murdered for their meat, but they still try to avoid landing in such situations while they still have their freedom.

While free, Peter would've kept Sam in his sight at almost all times to ensure no one kidnaps her, but if someone managed to while his back was turned (like if the first guy who fucked him near the meat counter had walked off with Sam), his response would be a simple "Oh well..." with a shrug. (The guy didn't primarily because there were too many people around that could've seen him take her, which prevents it.)

The man who took her can do whatever he wants with her, just like her father could've when he still had her. Being her Master or her parent aren't all that different, so she simply accepts this new man in place of Peter. She was trained to be a very obedient slave, so she'll make a good slave to her new Master as well, both for sex and labor, until her new Master decides to kill or sell her; or until someone else kidnaps her, becoming her new new Master.

She could wind up gutted and in an oven that evening, be used to make a steady supply of new children for her Master to own, or any combination of a wide variety of possibilities. I purposely didn't get into it because this was the story of Peter's snuffing, not Sam's, and by leaving her fate open, I give the reader something to imagine.

If the shopping cart she was in had rolled outside and she was miraculously not kidnapped by anyone else, since she no longer has parents and doesn't have a Master, she'd become a legal adult. Being so young, she's very easily kidnappable though, so that's unlikely to last very long. She would either be kidnapped easily or tricked by some fine print somewhere fairly quickly, since she's so young. Many people who actually reach adulthood still wind up kidnapped or legally tricked, serving new Masters, with ownership mostly replacing marriage.


Here's an old one of mine... It's more of a written down fantasy than a story, but it's what got me started with writing to begin with about 5-6 years ago.


First a beautiful woman offers me her life to take and her body to eat. While making love to her just as she starts to climax, I put my hands around her neck and squeeze. When someone can't breathe, they get a high that can expand their orgasm to last longer and feel stronger. (Also, her spasms and clenching should feel great around my cock.) Her last feeling ever is this climax as she goes unconscious.

Then I put her in the tub and slit her femoral arteries (and probably a few others). Since she's still alive, just unconscious, her heart should pump away a lot of her blood. When it stops flowing, I do CPR on her, to force her heart to pump out the rest of her blood. Before letting the blood drain from the tub, I add bleach to it. This dilutes it and prevents anything in the drainage system from smelling like rotting blood. I wash off both myself & her body in the shower after this. This includes using shampoo on her hair and washing out all the blood.

By this point, I would likely be quite horny again, and I'm very curious as to how sex with a corpse feels, so I'd have sex with her again, and clean her out once more.

Next, I remove her head and set it aside in the sink, facing me so I can see her pretty face while I work (and so it kind of looks like she's watching). Carefully, I separate her skin from her meat, setting it aside to leatherize for bdsm toys (including floggers). I hear human skin isn't good for eating anyway. I gut and quarter her corpse, then butcher her into cuts of meat for the freezer. Some of her bones are also used for bdsm toys when possible (like canes or handles for other toys). By turning parts of her into toys, they're unrecognizable as human remains, but I know what they are, and would enjoy using parts from a woman's body on another woman during sexual play. Dead girlflesh striking against live girlflesh.

Of the remaining bone, I save whatever parts of the bones I can turn into gelatin (if possible). The rest would be baked in the oven until brittle & pulverized. Most of the internal organs are pushed through the garbage disposal (except the brain, which, while inedible, is useful for tanning the hide for leatherworking), which I also add occasional dashes of bleach to as I'm going. Her heart should be edible so I keep that as a cut of meat.

Whenever I cook or eat part of her, I keep her head nearby (which I get taxidermied to preserve her youth and beauty forever), and remember the fun times we spent together, her generous contribution to my desires, and how much we enjoyed her death. Once she's completely eaten, I hang up her head as a beautiful decoration. On the plaque, under her head, would be her full name. Under that, smaller, would be her dates of birth & death.

Any future girls to provide the same offer would see the head of the previous girl(s), hanging in order from my first kill to my last. This would ideally happen once a month.

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