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Yadda, yadda, yadda, over 18, hence lack of Dipper etc, yadda yadda yadda, don't write often, don't ask, don't do it on a commission or trade basis, yadda yadda yadda, Seinfeld, yadda enjoy and those that want my art thread that don't know with similar situation

Beer Battered, Roasted Wendy.

Wendy took another long sip of her beer as she leaned back with her elbows on the bar, all the while enjoying all the stares she was getting. Buck naked, leaning back so that her large, head sized breasts stuck out to either side of her freckled frame, she had her legs spread juuuust wide enough that everyone in the room had but just to look in her direction to see her pussy.

She was the star attraction for the entire bar.

Of course that wasn't all that was going on, she mused, as she idly played with the meat grade tag dangling from her nipple, a little triangular piece of plastic with a grade “A” logo on it. She was the evening roast, literally the roast. Like a turkey. The Bartender had a sense of humor, and with it being St. Patrick's day, a redheaded Irish girl like herself, tipsy and almost drunk off her feet, seemed the most “seasonal appropriate meal” for the bar's annual St Patties day party. She'd been enjoying the honey infused beer all night, specially made at the bar, and given an unlimited tab on them as she hung out naked after work. Course, this was all given to her just to give her that “alcohol infused flavor” when she finally went over the fire.

Alright, Wendy!” Called the bartender making her jump as she was letting yet another one of the bar's patrons squeeze her breasts, “Order up time!” The gruff man slapped the bar with his hand to signal her to climb up.

“Heh, sorry, man! Gotta go get stuffed.” Said Wendy, grabbing the man's wrist and pulling his hand off her boob. “If you want to keep groping them though, order one. Seriously! Not like I'm going to mind!” She hiccuped, and waved him off with a big drunken smile as she gave him a little push back with her mug hand. Putting her drink down, she hefted herself up onto the bar top, her large tits jigging and shaking as she kicked a leg up onto the counter. Below waist length red hair fell down all around her as she got her knees up over and then spun herself around onto her butt, feeling the wood squeak under her. Making sure to raise her leg up so everyone got the full monty, she finally reclaimed her beer mug.

“Alright, who's up for some fine. IRISH. LASS!” Yelled Wendy, raising the mug over her head causing the brew to slosh over its sides. There was a cheer from the crowd as she chugged back another shot of the beer and then leaned back, setting the mug down behind her head so as to make her chest thrust out enticingly for a moment. “Alright, how are we doing this?” Asked Wendy flipping her head back up and kicking her leg idly, making sure to thrust out her pussy for the view of the crowd.

I got THIS special order from your boss.” Said the Bartender, his beard moving about the only thing that, could, be seen moving on his face as the man in the lumberjack shirt talked. He thumped down a large machine, easily the size of a smaller cooler, but judging by the fact it nearly knocked Wendy off the counter when he set it down (a little easier with her as drunk as she was), it weighed a hell of a lot more. A spout like a funnel was on the top of the machine, and what looked like a piston in a clear tube, half filled with stuffing already, visible on the side, took up much of it. All this leading up to a large hose with a head similar to a fire hose's, wide at the bottom with a thick two inch ring, then slimming down before flaring out into a big round head. Pure silver in color, the head was easily bigger then Wendy's fist.

“Stuffing machine. Swiss made. I trust the Irish to make my beer. I trust the Swiss not to screw up what I use to serve it.” Said the bartender with a deep chuckle as he tapped the device with his finger.

“Duuuude.,,,” said Wendy staring amazed at the size of the thing between her legs as she regained her balance. The hose was dangling right in front of her pussy, just a little bit of it hanging off the little spindle it wound up on, but seeing it next to her exposed pussy she could only voice her thoughts aloud as she stared. “Is that even going to FIT?”

“Don't worry, it says it fits all sizes! Besides... we need it big with what we're going to be doing with you!” Said the Bartender, laughing and banging his hand on the machine, almost making Wendy fall off the counter again. “ Can't have it popping out now! Now, just slide back and I'll get you set up!”

“Jeez, sure thing, Dude.” Said Wendy, carefully sliding back onto her elbows and trying to make sure her hair didn't caught under her, as she continued to stare at the device with drunken amazement. She was now spread eagle for all the bar to see, her large nippled tits, flopping to either side of her chest, as the fat breasts were bent to gravity's whim, and her freckled pussy jutting out for the menacing hose head and audience. As she looked down between her two breasts, she could just make out the “stuff me I'm Irish” she had written across her stomach earlier, with a big arrow pointing down to her pussy, as a joke of course, and chucked to herself that it was never so spot on as right now.

“Alright, I just jimmy the thingy here, and pop this and....” There was a loud bang as the machine started up, shaking the entire bar and making Wendy's tits jiggle as the pump started. The machine was pumping, just warming up though, as it wasn't making it come out of the hose just yet as it shoved the stuffing into a closed door, repeatedly. There was a dial on the side and a switch to raise the door, so it wouldn't start shooting till it needed to be, and Wendy cocked her head curiously as she looked at the dial and saw it had various “settings.” She was interrupted from reading what any of them were though as she felt the bartenders huge fingers press into her pussy lips and spread.

Blessed with a large clit, and a nice set of thick outer labias to either side of her pink snatch, Wendy looked on in wonder as the bartender picked up and brought the silver hose head down to her pink pussy and shoved it against the opening. Her hips raised as he made several hard shoves, squishing against the moist folds, and making her gasp and wiggle her hips as he wiggled it as well against her opening. Left and right and back again until the smaller tipped “head” popped in, the weight and force sank her down quickly to about half of the head's long base.

Still she didn't have a moment to kick back as she let out a loud “Holllllly shi
” as he pukked the hose back a little, and then shoved the hoses head back hard, causing her to slide a little on the bar, hips twitching and rising up, as he gave the thing one last, hard, shove, straight back to her cervix. After a moment of being transfixed there, feeling the cold metal pressed deep into the puckered ring of her womb's entrance, her lower body pretty much entirely supported by the things tip, it popped thru into her womb with an audible pop to the bar's crowd. Her body spasmed with shock and pleasure, as her pussy gripped down hard where it had slid down to the head's base as the bartender let her ass drop back to the counter with a jiggle.

“Whoa, THAT was... intense...!” Thought Wendy, her hips bucking slightly as she felt the hose shuddering with the pumps low vibration. She could see right between the I and the r on the “Irish” written on her fit stomach, a small quarter sized bulge where the head of the device was jutting into the top of her womb. Her pussy twitched frantically as it tried to make sense of what was going on with something that big going into her and especially thru her cervix. The entrance to her cunt was stretched wide enough around the bottom ring of the hose head to be stretched taunt around it, her large clit jutting out hard into the air! There was no way in heck that thing was popping out anytime soon, not without probably having to have someone drag her a few feet across the bar.

“Alright... Dude, so what's next?” asked Wendy, doing her best to prop herself into a more comfortable position on her elbows. A normal girl would be panting and near insensate, but the tomboyish, and still quite drunk, Wendy just she looked down onto her now over stretched snatch with fascination. She was amazed that the thing even fit in her, and now they were gonna stuff her! She was going to have to inflate like a balloon if that was the case, she thought. She grinned as she realized the entire bar was crypt quiet, save for some bad music on the record player playing, and too this she just stuck out her tongue at the staring crowd for giggles, before taking a sip of beer from her mug (that she had to struggle a bit to reach).

“And now... THIS!” Said the Bartender, grinning as he casually flipped the switch and turned the nob, leaning closer on the bar as he timed it for the exact moment Wendy put her mug down.

”Waaugh!!!” Wendy's cried in surprise, her hips shooting up again and she slipped a down on her elbows as, suddenly, the entire hose vibrated chaotically inside her. Each pulse coming with a loud thumping noise as the device started audibly chugging harder. Whatever setting it had been on before was obviously just the “warm up” she realized as her arm shot out, trying desperately to grab the edge of the bar to haul herself up a little as her legs squirmed in front of her.

The feeling of the pump was bizarre as well, something she has been entirely unprepared for. She figured the thing would just fill her to near bursting, but instead, bursts of air kept hitting the back of her womb, hard, just to apparently be sucked back into the hose and be shot out again as the thing pulsed. Soon it finished sucking the stuffing out of its bin and into the empty hose and began jettisoning it up into her, the heavier stuffing remaining in the pump as the air sucked back out. Wendy trembled, her mouth agape, gasping, as she could see the part of the hose that was the actual hose and not just the head, inflating slowly as the stuffing rose more and more thru it till it reached her pussy, and then a moment later, feeling cold, room temperature stuffing, hit the back of her cunt.

“H-holy..!” Said Wendy, gasping as more stuffing began to fill her womb. Not meant for this type of abuse, her womb already felt flooded and full as the small bulge grew a little bigger, and then a lot bigger, but it began to stretch, to accommodate, as more and more of the stuffing was forced into her with each shudder of the pump. Her pussy on the other hand was gripping and grabbing around the head of the hose like mad, trying its best to shove or keep it in her, as she felt like she was going to cum from just that already. Not that it had a choice in the hoses positioning in her, it was stuck tight, her walls feeling the force of each push of the stuffing against them as they were forced to hold the hoses head in her for it.

“And that, my lads and lassies, is Swiss machine smithing at its finest.” Said the bartender matter of factly, grinning and turning the nozzle up slightly again, making Wendy arch her hips up high again, just as she was starting to get “used to it.” Raising up on her hands, she tried to instinctively escape the device's onslaught as her belly started to bulge outwards even more.

Still drunk, though definitely sobering up a little from essentially being a stuffed turkey, Wendy's breathe came out ragged as her belly expanded another three inches with stuffing, her hands barely keeping her up right as they slipped and slid on the counter top.

“Oh, god! I'm cumming!!!” Yelled Wendy, crying out as she grabbed at her stomach with one of her hands, then at her pussy, and then the hoses base. Falling back onto one of her elbows, and then onto her back as she looked down in amazement at her rapidly rising belly as her pussy did its best to wring the hoses head off.

“Want me to turn it up higher?” asked the bartender grinning as he watched the girls hips arch, her hands falling away to grab the counter on either side again, still cumming.

“Oh, god, YES!” Said Wendy, feeling her womb stretch and pulsate with the thick stuffing. She could feel the crowds eyes on her as her huge tits jiggled, freckles and all with each movement of her body. She felt her body cumming from being stuffed, and being watched as it did so only made it all the more erotic for her spurring it on even harder. The bartender snickered and pushed the dial up to its max, and she felt the thing pretty much roar to life, thumping and vibrating against the table with its thrusts, vibrating her bones thru her ass cheeks, and her stomach now expanding inches at a time, one months pregnant, two months pregnant, three.... four...

She felt like she was going to burst as she felt her womb stretch to what had to be her limit, like it was genuinely going to burst at any moment. She could see the writing she had put on her belly stretched wide across the bulge in her stomach, and the pump trying vainly to slam more of the stuffing into her, with naught the power to actually do the deed, before the bartender throttled the thing down, making sure she was good and fully stuffed before turning it off with a click.

Panting, Wendy could only laugh as she ran her hand over her face and gasped as the bartender gave her bulging stomach a hearty slap. The bulge barely indented as he quipped, “Now there's a stuffed bird.”

“I-I'll say that again! Said Wendy panting, but still grinning as the bartender put one hand on her belly and then with a hard yank, and then another hard yank after that that felt like it was turning her cervix inside out, the head of the device pulled out of her with an audible sucking noise. The silver nozzle slid out of her easily once the base was out and the head pulled clear of her cervix. She pushed herself up to watch as best she could over her new stomach bulge, as she felt the pressurized stuffing fall partially out of her pussy, but with her cervix slamming shut behind it, even with her over stuff womb, it found itself mostly trapped and she remained just as taunt and full as before.

Poking the stuffing with her finger and tasting it, having to feel where her pussy was she her bulging stomach blocked her veiw, she marveled at her newly stuffed belly, her bellybutton even having turned into an outie sometime during the process. “Man, I AM, TOTALLY, a stuffed bird now aren't I? If there was ever a doubt Irish girl was on the menu I guess its gone now!” Said Wendy laughing as she looked at the crowd and poked again at her stomach playfully.

“And now the coop-degrac!” Said the bartender, pulling out two large corncobs from below the counter.

“Oh jeez.” Said Wendy looking shocked but not displeased, “You really aren't going easy on me are you, haha.” She grinned, leaning back, feeling her heavy tits roll back to either side with her as she spread her legs and her pussy with her hands.

The motion caused the stuffing to fall out a little more, but she managed to arch her back a little to get her ass and cut up higher as she watched the bartender from between her tits and legs angle the corn down and then to her surprised shove one of them up her back end making her gasp, spinning it till it was at least a half a foot deep into her and making her feet curl. Before she had a chance to adjust, the other one went into her pussy, using the one in her ass as a handle as he shoved it in hard, making her grin and eyes go wide at the double intrusion.

Her pussy spamsed some more, not that had ever rally stopped, already on the edge from the stuffing, and as she looked at the crowed, watching as her ass dropped back onto counter, shoving the corn cob back harder into her ass. She could feel the ribbed vegetable grinding into the wall operating that one from the one in her pussy, as she came again from the sheer raunchiness of the whole thing, feeling her cum soak into the pussy stuffed stuffing.

Wendy let her head roll back, , her body going limp, legs spread as she panted, massive tits heaving. It was too bad she was going to roast, she thought as she fought for her breath back! She could TOTALLY get into doing this, every night, if possible, if she didn't have to go turn into a fire roasted bird in a minute.

She grinned, “Totally worth it.” She said, now entirely limp on her back across the bar. She weakly groped around for her mug as she felt the feeling coming back to her limbs, and took another drink from her beer, laughing as she accidentally got it up her nose for trying to, while still drunk, angle it right to drink laying face up.

“WhuuA??” Sputtered Wendy as she suddenly felt herself rise up, off the bar, hacking as she got the beer down the wrong pipe.

“Hah! Sorry Wendy!” Said the Bartender as he lifted the girl up in his arms, her tits mushing into her legs and stomach. “Didn't mean to get you mid drink, but its getting a tad late, so its onto the next bit...!” The Lumberjack shirted man laughed, Wendy' coughing again at the same time her corn cobbed stuffed cunt and womb twitched as the vibrations went thru her. Looking back she saw what the man meant as he brought her over to the cast iron pan she was going to be roasted in. Right next to the somewhat roaring fire in the center of the room she was also going to be roasted on.

The fire was big for an indoor one, about the same as a campfires, but wider, so it encompassed the entirety of the metal grate that was the bar's grill. The grill was used only for special occasions, such as “roast Irish stuffed bird-with-red-hair-named-wendy” day. Though to her credit she was definitely the first bit of girl meat that was ever going to be roasted in the bar, much less a whole girl. She bet that'd take awhile to match up too.

The cast iron pan was actually on a bit connected to the grill, slightly off from the fire, but still close enough to be getting warmed by it, which Wendy realized as the Bartender put her down into it. The rough iron pan, hard as a rock, as her butt attested to it, was already almost unpleasantly warm, as she landed a little hard in it, her beer sloshing in the mug and dribbling on her. She looked apprehensively at the fire for a moment before taking another drink of her beer and laughing, kicking off her worries. If she was going to roast she was gonna roast, so she might as well enjoy it.

“Alright dudes and dudettes, who's ready for some Irish breast meat or a leg!” Yelled Wendy laughing as she raised her mug and a leg up into the air, her tits jiggling above the bulge in her stomach reading “Stuff me I'm Irish.” to the cheer of the bar. Throwing her legs up she looked back at the bartender who nodded, and then with her long hair pooling in the pan alongside her, she laid back, her head and chest slightly raised up by the pots curve along with her legs.

Her large freckled tits hung to either side of her now, meat tag dangling and them overlapping her arm so that the sides of them jutted just slightly out past the edge of the pan by a good couple of inches,. Her ass and cunt just barely kept inside the pan, and her head, angled up as it was was just barely behind the ridge behind her all neatly tucked in. Her legs were way to far out, jutting out to either side, those would burn if they hung loose, so she made a point of pulling them up, knee to knee around her stomach, and hugged them, squishing her breasts and stomach bulge between them, and them between her arms, and of course her beer mug.

“How's that...?” Said Wendy looking back. She could feel the eyes on her corn cob stuffed pussy and ass as she held her pose.

“Perfect just one more thing....” Said the bartender, as he raised a barrel of... something she couldn't quite see before it suddenly sploshed it down all over her.

“Ack! What the heck!” Said Wendy nearly jumping out of the pan, but laughing none the less. Her skin was now covered in some sorta of glossy liquid, sticky too as she felt her nipples stick to her legs and her thighs to her breasts.

“Special basting sauce, honey beer, just as you been drinking, extra extra honey though, for a sweet girl like you.” Said the bartender grinning, smoozing the redhead a little for the fun of it, and putting the still somewhat filled barrel to the side. “Don't want you burning at all now do we...?”

“Aww, that's so.... “ she stopped for a moment and licked her finger tasting the thick honey baste, “sweet and alcoholic apparently...!” She laughed.

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen!” Said the bartender chuckling so deeply it sounded like his chest was vibrating as he raised his hands to catch the crowds attention, “Its time for the special event tonight...! Its now time... for a good ol' Irish roast!” He grinned, and bending over Wendy's shoulders, pausing for a moment for flair, and then with a held breath from Wendy, shoved the pan with one quick motion off the side table and onto the grill proper with a thump rivaling most thrill rides.

Wendy immediately felt the heat of the fire on her nipples, the large silver dollar sized aeroles and nubs jutting out over the pan with a not unsubstantial amount of her breast flesh, forced out even more as they squished between her legs and arms. The fire had easy access and it didn't take long before the flickering flames danced below the now roasting meat ,causing the skin to feel like it was beginning to burn and shrink before the heat.

It would still be a bit before the pan she was in itself would begin to heat up, so Wendy clutched her legs tighter to her chest as she felt her nipples sting and her huge breasts cook. Wincing she just was about to take a sip of her beer, drinking in the liquid courage as she braced herself for the inevitable, when suddenly a mug came down next to hers, and with a grin between the two she toasted with the bartender. If she was gonna roast, she was going to roast drinking after all.

Even over a fire it takes a long time for meat to cook, and with Wendy being a full girl, and with tits her size, it took awhile before the pan heated up enough that she began sweating decently in earnest as her breasts began to roast in full. Her breasts once a pale white, dotted by her many freckles, began to grow an angry red as the exposed undersides of her tits and the bottoms of her nipples began to brown and blacken a little where the fire reached them between the grills bars.

Always mischievous and an adventurous girl, Wendy didn't remain idle during the time either, taking a few seconds to rub her nipples and get her meat tag jingling here and there as she squeezed her breasts with her legs, to the leering eyes of the crowd. She even made a point of reaching out between her legs to “adjust” the corncobs in her to the delight of the watchers.

Her skin also needed to be constantly re-basted where it jutted out over the fire, and the bartender allowed the various patrons to take a brush and coat her large breasts with honey, or pour some more beer over her body to Wendy's delight, so that she was always glistening between her sweat and the beer and a little wetter below. A constant drip of fat, sweat and honey dripped and ran down her breasts and into the fire, rendering both Wendy and the bar goers transfixed minutes at a time.

A half hour into the roasting, as Wendy started finding it harder and harder to breath, and the pan had become uncomfortably hot for awhile now, her skin becoming flushed and red, and her tits a darker brown the farther they were from their bases, the bartender finally came up with a knife and grilling fork, tapping her on her damp with sweat and beer head. The redhead looked up, and saw the knife and fork, her eyes going wide, and then smirked.

“Time to carve the roast?” She quipped, her voice a little strained from roasting, but, letting go of her legs a little setting her breasts a bit more “free”, as well as preparing to lose a “turkey leg” or something like that. She knew in advance some of the patrons wanted their meat at different rarities... “drumstick or wing...?” She laughed. It hurt to be roasted, but it kinda had become background noise between the beer and the length of time she'd been in the pan, she was pretty sure she could deal with whatever he dished out at this point, and the whole thing still was making her randy.

“None of the above.” said the Bartender leaning over and poking at her meat tag with his fork, lifted it up with the prongs. “Some of the guests wanted some white breast meat, and was wondering if you' d part with it a little early! Looks like its getting pretty well done outside of the pan here...” He pulled the fork out of the tags ring and prodded her tit, and to Wendy's surprised she saw the fork push into the tender breast's meat more then felt it, clear liquid pooling from the holes, the sight making her pussy twitch.

Wendy shifted in the pot as best she could, forcing her breasts up with a slight jiggle as she got her arms under her butt and held her ankles so her legs were out of the way, but not into the flames. She coughed a little, but laughed, “Well we wouldn't want the guests to have to wait too long, so feel free to carve off as much breast meat as you want off this “turkey!” I've always had plenty to go around!” She grinned, the heat and pain of roasting making the idea of having her tits carved off almost nothing but a humorous and naughty concept at this point, as she shook her chest to make it jiggle a bit for the blade.

“If you say so...!” Said the Bartender, looking down at the young girls huge breasts. In cooking they had only gotten bigger, swelling as the heat rose inside them. The dollar sized nipples bulged from their spots on the fronts of her breasts, and the skin strained to contain the cooking meat. The nipples were a dark reddish brown now, and most of the breasts were near or getting to golden brown with only the areas nearest the bases not quite there yet. Out of view the bartender waved a guest over with a plate, already filled on one side with mashed potatoes and some veggies, and Wendy could see another guest behind that one and another behind that, but she was far more focused on her left breast as the Bartender brought the fork closer to her nipple.

“Alright, Suzie, you paid the most in the auction to get a nipple piece, right or left...?{ Said the bartender, poking one of Wendy's tits with the fork and the other with the knife.

“Er, right...!” said The middle aged woman, looking on with hunger but also apprehension, as the Bartender speared the breast slowly with his fork, sinking it all the way to the base of the prong, carefully gauging the reaction from Wendy. Before he sawed a two inch thick piece of steak from the front of her breast, the mound jiggling with the motions, before taking the entire nipple section off in one piece. Using the knife as a scoop, he slid the thick slab of it onto the woman's plate, the meat still steaming.

Wendy hardly felt anything more then a slight prick and a dull pain as the blade bit and carved thru her browns breast, her eyes watching as the huge brown nipple and several inches of tit came off and slid onto the woman's plate. She was so entranced watching the steaming slice that she missed the Bartender talking to the next guest until the fork was already going into the same mound lower down, and he began carving another two inch wide slab for a man this time.

She could see fat and mammary glands, surrounded by a ring of meat from the cut in her breast, her breast now about 1/3rd gone and the area where the meat had been severed steaming. She couldn’t help, but shake her chest a little curiosuly as the bartender slipped the steak onto the man's plate and wished him off, marveling at the feeling of lightness now that several pounds of tit meat had just been carved off her chest, her other large tit feeling massive in comparison, its still intact large nipple jutting out.

“Alright, that deals with the auction winners.” Said the bartender grinning down at the girl sympathetically as he saw her staring at her breast, “We'll just get both of them off the base now, and put them on the banquet table to pass out, no need to carve in slices for all of them.” He figured it was going to get a little more painful as he got down to the bases of the tits, and there was no need to make her sit thru that when he could just take them off whole sale, “Can you raise your head a little more, and your chest Wendy...?”

Wendy nodded, thrusting her chest up as high as she could, having to force it with her partially cook muscles, and feeling her tits bounce as she forced the back of her head down as much as she could and her shoulders out under her. Wendy greened as she watched the cooked meat stand out like “not so twin like anymore” mountains. The Bartender wasted no time, plunging the fork again into the first tit and bringing the blade down to the base. Wendy had to gasp this time, and held her breath as this time it hurt a little, the bases still a little rare as the knife cut thru them. She wiggled in the pot despite herself, the Bartender working as quickly as he could as the heavy breast flesh gave way and the bartender deposited the tit meat onto a tray just out of view with a large hearty thunk. Taking a deep breath, Wendy braced herself, feeling the fat and juice from the severed mammary run down her chest.

“Aaaaaand one more...” said the Bartender, spearing his fork thru the meat tag hanging from her nipple and pulling the whole breast up by it, the nipple stretching to support the massive meat attached to it. Knife against the base the Bartender made quick work of this one too, catching the severed breast with his knife at the base and the fork thru the tag and deposited next to its “twin” on the tray as Wendy finally relaxed, and slid back up to look at his work.

Next to her on a silver tray were both her breasts, freckled, one with its nipple gone, the other still pert and stiff, a meat tag reading “grade a” hanging from her... its nipple. Steam came from the two stumps now on her chest, juice leaking out from the semi cooked stumps as she tried to breath carefully to keep from aggravating the wounds and making them sting further.

“Hah!” Said Wendy wincing as she shifted, trying to watch as the bartender started to carve the breasts into steaks, tipping the intact one on its side, and with one hand on it, cutting it straight from base to nipple, “See what deal I was! Lets see a turkey with that much breast meat!” she smirked and despite the sting shook her now de-breasted chest for emphasis.

“Irish and alcholic to boot.” Said the Bartender tapping his knife on her pan as he finished carving the tits and then deposited them a few feet away on an banquet table loaded with other small food dishes, all side dishes for the main course. Immediately patrons flooded the table and speared piece of her tit meat and she smiled in amazement as she watched people of all ages and genders biting into thick pieces of what was once her breast meat even as her head began to swim from the heat and excitement of carving.

“Alright wendy, one last thing here...” Said the bartender walking back and looking over her, now somewhat limp in the pan as the heat started to come over her.

“Oh? Said Wendy having an idea of what was next. She pulled her legs up to her shoulders, as if to emphasize her corn cob stuffed pussy and ass.

“See your one step ahead of me..!” Said the bartender, swatting her ass with the flat of the knife, “Think we can get you to scoot that over the fire so It'll cook faster?”

Wendy grinned, and wiggled as best she could slowly inching her cunt ad ass over the edge of the pan, her head slinking into the pans recess till she was looking at the ceiling, all the while wiggling her ass and pussy in full view as she felt the heat lick under it.

It was another ten minutes before it had cooked, and with a knowing look as Wendy tried to stay awake as her body started to become a golden brown, the Bartender brought the knife and fork down, spearing a pussy lip and began carving around the girls puffy mound. The redhead watched in amazement from between her legs, now above her head in height, as she watched the entire blade of the knife sink into her body around her exposed pussy until finally, with a flick of his wrist the bartender pulled up the slab of meat, stuffed corncob and all, and slapped it onto a plate, Wendy able to see her brown and engorged clit peaking out over the rim, as stuffing fell out of the now gaping hole between her legs between the stumps of her tits.

Using a ladle, the Bartender scooped the utensil into the hole he had just made, and poured some stuffing onto the plate with it before passing it onto the guest just out of sight. Another one must have shown up as well, Wendy thought as she watched her legs shake as the Bartender began carving a large piece of ass, and she passed out finally, snickering as she watched another hunk of stuffing pulled out of her and slapped onto the plate and thought about how everyone was going to 'bite her freckled, irish, ass”.



Good job. It's nice you're SHOWING how Wendy is being cooked, instead of simply TELLING, as was the case in the 'Digimon' story.


Yah got a problem with the writing, don't read. I did the digimon story that way cause i wanted to see the girl eaten, not cooked, seeing as tvb, and dolcettgirls had 33,546 stories of cooking, and none of eating, at the time and it was already incredibly long, so I did not include a scene I found boring. Lets not also forget the like 360 drawings i've done of the cooking process.

This time I wanted to see the girl cooked not eaten, with a unique premise and concept, so i wrote it as such.

Comments like this are not appreciated, nor will they ever effect what I write for free. Got enough friggin' complaints that I had the cooking off screen for a story i wrote TWO YEARS AGO and everyone seems to not notice I posted a story with cooking in before that one, nor the fact i'm the guy trading thevistorblack for half his canni stories. yeesh. Variety is the spice of life, don't enjoy the oregano, don't go and kick the bloody farmer.

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Cooking story in question as I'm predicting people will be asking. It's very, very, old so forewarned. Done for thevistorblack so a little outside my usual tastes :P.

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Hinata's Story (breast ramen)

"N-Naruto..!" Said Hinata stuttering her heart hammering in her chest. She couldn't believe he had actual come, despite the knowledge that he would come for ANYONE who offered him a free ramen meal, especially a rarity one like she had promised. It was all she could do not to blush furiously and back away, but she had made a promise, she was going to do this! Even if it didn't win his love she could at least manage to give him something he WOULD love.

"Hey, Hinata!!" Naruto ran up waving his hands grinning the usual Uzumaki smile. "I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I never pass up some free ramen!!!"

"I-it's no problem Naruto, I mean, you've just been working so hard...." Hinata blushed deeper, pushing her fingers together nervously unable to meet his glance.

"Hey! I gotta get great if I want to be the next village leader you know! Heh heh!" Naruto flashed another grin, and flexed and arm. "So come on! I been looking forward to this all day lets eat! What’s this special ramen you said I had to try!"

"Well...." Said Hinata backing up a bit as they entered Ichiraku ramen shop, giving herself room. "It's a special recipe I got from Ino... It's, um me..." Hinata's face went a furious red as she dropped her coat revealing she wasn't wearing anything underneath, something Naruto hadn't even noticed as she wasn't wearing even her trademarked pants.

Naruto's face on the other hand went pale white as all the blood in his body poured out of his head in shock as Hinata held up and fondled her large over flowing tits in her hands, holding them up for Naruto to see as the fatty breasts seeped through her fingers and over her hands. The nipples themselves attracted the most attention as she continued talking, larger then two quarters wide in size, the nub about half that in the center of it, extended in arousal.

"It's breast ramen, it’s a special ninja dish usually used for rare occasions of famine... b-but I thought you wouldn't mind getting a chance to have such a rare recipe as this. B-but if you don't want it... I mean, if you think it's...." Hinata trailed off her blush trailing down her body making her huge breasts give off a pinkish hue as they were offered out to the young ninja.

There was a long pause that caused Hinata to look up at Naruto out of curiosity just before Naruto jumped up and started yelling excitedly, "Really, you mean it?!?!? I mean I saw that recipe in a book a long time ago and I never thought I'd get to try it and even if I did it was going to be some freeze dried stuff stuffed in a bottle somewhere but you mean you're really going to cook your tits for me?!?!"

Hinata giggled nervously, her scarlet spread face smiling lightly at him, her head still cocked off to the side as her eyes looked away again, "Really. I want you to have them. T-they're just going to go to waste and get in my way o-otherwise...."

"This is great!" Said Naruto throwing his arms up into the air. "Wait till I tell Kakashi-sensei!" He hopped into one of the restaurant's chairs grinning merrily. At this hour Ichiraku's was almost dead, the lunch hour long over and not nearly dinner time yet. He was almost drooling with anticipation as Hinata nervously walked around the counter, bowing to Ichiraku and Ayame as they moved out of her way, showing off how large her tits were as they hung loose for that half moment.

She had talked to them in advance, the two of them having generally shocked concerns about what she was proposing from each of them, but after convincing them that she was going to do it regardless and her own home and Naruto's had more out of date implements they had agreed to allow her the use of their store. Already they had placed the hibachi grill set into the counter top to warm up in preparation.

Not wanting to lose her nerve, Hinata immediately pushed her tits down onto the grill, gritting her teeth and gasping as the pain hit them both. Her skin was always a pale white, a standard of her heritage but now as the massive soft orbs pushed deeper on to the grill flattening out over the burning hot metal surface, they went a stark red, the skin hissing as her poor engorged nipple slid across the surface. That was the worst of it too as the pink nub seem to scratch a path across the grill, the sensitive nub sending sharp needles of pain in a branching path deep into her tit. But, Hinata wasn't going to be deterred, and after a moment of shaking her arms in pain and hissing, fists clenched she relaxed and focused on her job at hand.

"Wow.... doesn't that hurt?!?" Yelled Uzumaki, leaning forward watching Hinata’s large soft fatty tits sizzle on the metal. It had been a cold night outside and it took a few seconds but already the tits were beginning to sweat near their bases, the first line of sweat dribbling down the inside of the breasts bottom to hit the heated metal with a sizzle of its own. The waitress watching cringed.

"I-it's alright..." Said Hinata gasping as she tried to talk, the
pain making it more half of a hiss. "I-I knew it would hurt, it was in the rec-cipe book." She gasped again, and remembering the tasks she had practiced earlier on, using a counter top at home, she took the seasoning, prepared in advance on top of the counter here, and began to shake it over her tits, dotting the white and pink mounds with tiny bits of pepper and other spices.

Sprinkling oil over the cooking breasts, next she used a spatula to rub the ingredients into her skin, careful not to get her hands too close so as not to injure them, and then wedged it under each mound to make sure the burning skin wouldn't stick to the hot grill. It would take five minutes she knew, to cook enough to stop blood flow to her tits enough to be able to carry out the next part, and as she waited she gritted her teeth, glad for once that Naruto was remaining silent, both knowing she had his full attention on her and that she wouldn't have to respond.

Five minutes passed by horribly slowly as her tits continued to cook, the bottoms blackening under the constant onslaught of heat and her breathing growing more labored as she felt the sweat and fat of her breasts pouring out of her pores in small rivets, and the heat blossoming deeper into her chest, but eventually it passed, as her now shiny and angrily reddish-orange tits hit the point of no return. A prick of a long needle from her weapons belt left on the counter, revealed a drop of clear juices from just below the surface of her massive tits and with a grunt she lifted her tits from the grill, letting them swing down as she kept bent forwards, not letting them touch the rest of her for fear of burning her skin.

Of course now came the hard part, thought Hinata, smiling a little as her steaming tits brought a "WOW!" from Naruto, bringing her a little comfort before what she had to do next. Carefully grabbing a packet of pre-made dough she had prepared in advance from the counter, she opened it and poured it onto the counter in a slow glob and then hefted her gigantic breasts over the edge into dough with a small smack. She sighed a little, the cool dough feeling comforting against her breasts as they sank nipple deep into it, but then gritted her teeth as she reached for the pre-set roller.

"I-I'm going to have to soften the meat a bit and add some dough for the ramen.... so I'm just going to do both at once here and use my breasts to f-f-flatten it. I-it'll only be a moment alright?" Said Hinata managing some winded speech.

"It's alright by me!!" Said Naruto, obviously not put off by it at all, instead ogling the massive tits as Hinata brought the roller down with a hard push that bulged the nipples out with the motion. Gritting her teeth and letting out a pained gasp as all the nerves in her breasts protested being pushed down into the surrounding boiling hot, cooked flesh she began rolling her tits back and forth into the dough, flattening it out and causing the soft fatty breasts to bulge around the rolling pin, the shiny skin exposing itself to her crush's probing eyes.

Coating the front and bottom of her tits throughly with the dough and getting out the bubbles in the dough itself, Hinata let herself have one last gasp for air, grabbing a kunai from her weapons pouch, still nearby, and then holding it and her breath, lifted her tits with her hands, feeling the scalding hot skin of her breasts even through the layer of dough. Turned quickly to the counter top behind her letting them drop again, right next to the large industrial noodle extruder used for the ramen in the shop.

Not wanting Naruto to see this part she turned a little away, and gritting her teeth, took the kunai in her hand, wiped off her left nipple, still fully erect, free of dough and pushed the blade of the weapon against its side. Gripping the small nub with the forefinger and thumb of her other hand, she sawed, clear cooked juices pooling out around the blade, as she slowly cut through the pink, tough meat of her half cooked breast.

The first nipple slowly peeled away and she put it down on the counter, in view of Naruto now, and then went to work on her right, her eyes welling up in tears as she sawed through this one as painfully as the first and added it on top of the other as she turned to Naruto once again, giving him a pained smile, trying to make it look like it hadn't hurt.

"And now the n-noodles.." Said Hinata, her face now flushed from both the pain and her usual shyness as she hefted up one of her tits over the large metal noodle extruder, the open wound where her nipple used to be dripping a small line of clear fluid across the counter as her tit flopped down, against and then into the opening of the device. The cold chill of it against the hole in her tit and the poke of the serrated metal inside sent a shiver down her spine as she grabbed the machines crank, her free tit wobbling against the side.

The device was a hand cranked classic noodle extruder, made larger for the large amounts of noodles needed for the shop, and as Hinata turned it she felt the crank cause the internal works to dig into her tit, pulling the insides forwards painfully and into the main tubing. Letting out a pained squeak, she squinted her eyes as agony lanced up through her breast as it bulged around the entrance, and was slowly pulled into it inch by painful inch. At the front of the device, after the third full spin of the crank, the front of her tit began to push out accompanied by the dough in the form of long thick noodles, a circle of noodles with her "skin" along the outside forming a soft yellow pattern with the center of it the yellow pink of her cooked breast fat.

Inch by inch, Hinata slowly extruded the tortured tit flesh as it fell into a large white bowl in front of it there to collect the "noodles" until her chest hit the entrance of the machine with a jarring thump and she pulled back a bit, stretching what remained of her poor tit so what little could was pulled out. Using her kunai, and gritting her teeth enough to hurt she jabbed the kunai into the small line of tit-flesh still visible and sawed, slowly cutting through the once massive mound's base while giving the crank pressure so it just as swiftly began to rip the tissue free as fast she could cut it.

With a jerk the last bit of skin and fat gave way and Hinata ground the rest of the crank home, the long foot long noodles made of breast and dough falling into the bowl. Breathing heavily she fell back against the counter, gasping for air, causing her remaining tit to wobble back and forth with the motion and scraping against the counter's surface.

"Are you alright Hinata?" Ayame asked, half-stepping forwards to help, but Hinata put her hand, pushing herself up onto her elbow, large tit drooping below her, and forced a smile betrayed by her teared up eyes. Another push and she stood up again and pushed the other tit into the grinder, her legs trembling and threatening to give out on her as her hand went back up to the crank.

"Aughhhh!!!" Her mental reserves drained she bit her lip to stifle a cry of agony as the gears in the extruder bit deeply into her tit flesh once again, forcing the tit to bulge out and a small trickle of cooked juices to flow out of the extruder’s tubes and into the waiting bowl. Not nearly as strong as she was the first time, weakened by her ordeal, Hinata shoved with her whole body, pausing after each full crank as the tit-flesh sunk deeper and deeper into the device and began to come out of the holes at the bottom in the colorful pattern the first had, and after the 15th crank, she finally hit her chest again, panting, exhausted, eyes streaming with tears in honest now.

Pulling back by sheer force of will she grabbed the kunai again and sawed into the base of her tit once more, cutting a little farther with each ragged breath and having to pause to catch her breath as she hit the half way mark of her nearly half a foot thick breast base before finally, with one last effort cut through the remainder.

This time Hinata slumped to the floor, breathing heavily and unable to even smile up at Naruto as he looked over the counter in shock and concern for her, knocking over the rolling pin onto the floor next to her.

"Are you alright!!?!" Yelled Naruto snapping out of his shock as he looked over Hinata's ragged chest. The two half inch thick stumps on her chest oozed a little bit of blood, but as the orangish/brown flesh around it portrayed the half cooking earlier had effectively sealed off most of the wound. Without being able to help himself he noticed a particular drop flow down between Hinata's spread limp legs, sliding between the lip and clit of her exposed cunt, and noticed that, that wasn't the only thing dribbling down there, clear fluid dripped from her flushed cunt onto the floor.

"I-I'm f-f-fine...." Said Hinata breathing deeply and blushing, making her head spin a bit from the extra blood flow to her head as she took deep breaths. The owner and Ayame along with Naruto looked her over, worried as she took a full five minutes to get her breath back and shakily stood up, by that time, the bleeding on her chest having stopped as the wounds clotted.

Still barely able to speak, she turned back to the grinder, and pulled it the rest of the way finished before picking up the bowl and bringing it over to the stove, stumbling along the way. Pointing to a pot the waitress rushed over and filled it with water, placing it on the stove and then turning the stove on after a quick "High." from Hinata. Panting slightly still Hinata dumped the bowl into water with a splash and the stood over the mixture, watching as the pot it began to boil, the hot steam causing her chest to start to hurt again and feel like the skin was shrinking up.

"T-there... it should just be 15 minutes and then you can eat Naruto!" Hinata said turning slightly and giving him a happy dazed grin. She stumbled over to a chair and then sat down, watching the pot boil, and mumbled an embarrassed thank you as Ayame gave it a quick stir, looking at the pot like it'd bite her.

"T-t-thanks, Hinata!" Said Naruto looking at her half worried but obviously still overjoyed at the chance of eating the ramen. "I didn't realize it was that difficult to make this ramen! Couldn't you have cut them off beforehand?"

"T-they wouldn't taste good..." Said Hinata looking down embarrassed, cringing at the remaining stumps of her once gigantic breasts. It wasn't so much that she missed them, they always got in her way, but the wounds were still pretty painful too look at. "You have to do it attached, with adrenaline still flowing for the best taste..." She smiled, pushing her fingers together nervously.

"Oh!" Said Naruto. Pausing and going quiet as even the dense person he was, realized she needed a moment to rest. 15 minutes passed surprisingly quickly, the waitress helping to stir, Hinata only getting up once on still unsteady legs to add some seasoning.

Getting up, using the counter to steady herself, Hinata took two oven mitts from the helpful waitress's extended hands. Picking up the pot she grabbed a strainer from its wall hanging and putting it into the sink poured the ramen mixture into the strainer, careful to keep some of the juice and spice laden water in the pot before putting it back on the stove. Shaking the strainer free of excess water she grabbed a bowl, pouring half of the contents into a waiting bowl and the other half into another, before picking up the pot again and pouring the water from it into the first bowl.

Now smiling to her self, picking up the cooling nipples she had left on counter, placed one on each bowl, and after grabbing some more ingredients from the fridge, arranged several mushrooms and some parsley across the top of both bowls to decorate it.

"H-here you go, Naruto..." said Hinata, blushing deeply, fully aware of her nudity at that moment, pressing her legs together and giving him the heavy breast-laden bowl she had poured the water into. The steaming bowl smelled wonderful, a mix of meat and spices that neither of them had really ever smelled before, for obvious reasons, and it was all Naruto could do not to dig into it with his hands as he grabbed some chopsticks from the nearby stand.

Hinata bent forward eagerly as Naruto picked up her nipple, pinching the extended nub in-between the two sticks and brought it to his mouth, opening wide and dropping it in. Chewing for a moment Naruto made a loud "MMMM!" And quickly began to pick up the breast noodles as quickly as he could shoveling them into his mouth as fast as possible, almost worrying Hinata that he wasn't even stopping to taste them.

"I'm glad you like it, Naruto!" Said Hinata clapping her hands together happily. Blushing and pleased with herself she turned around and began wrapping the other bowl she had made with saran wrap.

"You taste *mmfh* delicious, Hinata!" said Naruto around another mouthful shoved into his gullet. slurping up a strand of tit noodle into his mouth that fell loose. "Is that other one for me too?" He looked at the bowl she was wrapping hopefully, though his eyes kept drifting to Hinata's supple butt that was now wiggling in perfect view as she wrapped.

"Mhhmm!" Said Hinata smiling and turning around pushed the bowl towards him. She was amazed how heavy the bowl was, the contents literally the equivalent of one of her tits seemed to weigh about 7 pounds. "J-just save it for a special occasion alright?" Said Hinata, her hands clasped below her waist as she looked down abashed, unable to meet his gaze.

"Sure will, HEH HEH! Maybe I'll invite Sakura over and split it with her!" Naruto continued grinning obliviously, shoveling more of the nearly half empty bowl into his mouth as Hinata's face fell.

"Y-yeah..." Hinata frowned. "Sakura..." She sighed and looked at the table sullen. "Hey Naruto, is there anything you need? A new wallet? A belt...?”

“A new wallet,” Naruto replied “Mine's all dinged up and ratty! Sakura keeps telling me it looks like something the dog dragged in! Why?" Naruto looked at her curiously, slurping up another noodle.

"One moment..." Said Hinata, turning and whispering to Ayame. The young waitress seemed to be shocked at whatever she said and then to Naruto’s surprise called old man Ichiraku over, before all three of them began talking animatedly. Ichiraku and Ayame seemed to be trying to talk Hinata out of something, but eventually seemed to give in to the girl as the waitress handed her a paring knife.

"N-Naruto..." Hinata turned back to him blushing deeply, trembling as she held the paring knife with both hands. "I-I want to give you a new wallet? W-would you... would you..."

"What?" Said Naruto smiling.

"W-well..." Hinata paused again breathing hard, twiddling her fingers. Finally moving she stepped back and pulled herself up onto the counter, spreading her legs. To Naruto's surprise she then pulled open her pussy, stretching the lips as wide as she could with three fingers on each side, having to use the remaining fingers on one side to still hold the knife, giving him a clear view deep into her depths, all the way back to Hinata's flesh pink cervix.

"Whoah... Hinata's...." Said Naruto, his nose starting to bleed a little bit.

"N-n-Naruto! W-Would you like m-my p-p-p-pussy as a new w-w-w-wallet?" Hinata stuttered out, hunching her head into her shoulders, her face now a dark scarlet as she realized that she had actually said what she was trying to say. Her whole body was trembling from the effort as she kept herself pulled open wide as she waited for his answer, eyes clenched shut in embarrassment at being so exposed.

"Really?" Said Naruto, staring in disbelief as Hinata, her eyes still clamped shut, hurriedly nodded her head, "AWESOME! THAT'S SO COOL, HINATA!!!"

"T-that's great... Naruto..." Said Hinata, blushing, having to adjust her fingers as they threatened to slip out of her pink depths. Using one hand she kept herself spread, as the hand with the paring knife went up to her mouth, using her lips to adjust the paring knife between her two fingers so she could cut easier.

“This is the best I can do...” thought Hinata, "At least I'll know he'll have something of my love for him by his side all the time after I'm gone..." And with that she brought the knife down.

Shoving the paring knife deep into the fold between her left cunt lip and her legs she let out a little squeak that she half caught before biting her lip, a little bit of blood running down as her teeth punctured the skin. The 7 inch knife went in easily, spearing deep into the muscle and skin of her cunt as her body squeamed from the pain, her hips rising up and trying to pull away from the knife as she began to saw through her own flesh as fast as she could.

Tears welling in her eyes, she pulled the knife up from mid thigh and continued up along towards her clit. Forcing her eyes open she pulled up with her hand holding herself open and arched her hips trying to get a better view as she forced the knife as deep as she could, making sure not to penetrate the pussy’s internal wall and to make sure the blade itself made an in and out wound into the very chamber of her womb itself.

Letting out more little squeaks with every inch she cut she tried to hold herself stable as she brought the blade up and around her pubic hair, the purple puff long ago shaved into the shape of the leaf village crest, and then back down again, keeping a large 3 inch wide patch of the skin as she brought it back down again and back to sawing around her cunt lips.

She could already feel her cunt starting to slide with her fingers as she cut back down around the bottom of it, feeling the blade bite deep into her most secret spot as the blade's tip continued its in and out movement into her womb and with a pained "NNNGH!" managed to complete the circle.

With a shudder she finished, her fingers that had been buried up to the knuckle in her cunt now pulling up, taking the main part of her cunt with it, cervix and all. It was a near perfect cut, the vaginal passage completely unharmed, and since it had cut entirely up into the womb the cervix came with it, forming a neat little bowl with a flap of skin hanging from it containing her pubic hair.

Holding up her cunt to look at, Hinata let out the breath she had been holding and panted heavily, her chest rising and falling with each ragged breath as she inspected her cunt. Her body trembled as blood leaked from the ragged wound between her legs, so engrossed in the severed cunt around her fingers that she didn't even notice that the hole gave everyone in the diner a direct look into her pink womb.

""Hah-hah. T-There....!" Said Hinata, teary eyed. Her hand shook as she made a waving signal to Ayame and pointed at her weapons bag, which the waitress promptly grabbed, pulling out one of the senbon needles and handing it to Hinata.

Still shaking, Hinata looped her fingers through a few strands of her long purple hair and yanked, snapping them cleanly from her head and threaded them around the senbon needles, tying it neatly in a knot around the extremely thin grip. With an ease of use only gained from practice with sewing and the long thin needle, she began sewing, looping the strands of hair back and forth through the pale cunt flesh as she held back the rest of it with her mouth so as not to tangle it. A minute passed and then another as she threaded an intricate pattern, only pausing to grab some more hair as she ran out with her still shaking hand before finishing the last loop and tying it shut with a knot and snipping the last strand with her teeth.

"H-here, Naruto..." Said Hinata handing the cunt wallet to Ayame who took it gingerly and with a look of disgust, the cunt still warm as she quickly rinsed the blood off of it in the sink and handed it to Naruto.

Naruto took it cautiously, weighing it and looking at it like it would fall apart at any second, but true to her training Hinata's sewing had been impeccable. The long flap of skin containing her pubic hair had been doubled back to act as the outside of the wallet, her hair used to sew the flap to the ragged end of the cunt lip on either side, giving it the appearance of a coin purse, with the rough cunt hair forcing the pattern of the leaf village on the back. A loose strand of several hairs twisted together hung loose on the end opposite of her clit, tied in a loop at the end to hang around the clit to keep the cunt shut.

Pulling it open, no longer clenched shut by the muscles it used to have when still attached to her body, Naruto rubbed his finger against the walls feeling the velvety flesh and poking at the nub of her cervix in the back of the "pouch."

"This is so cool Hinata!!" Said Naruto, pulling out his old wallet and pouring the old change and bills into his new one. The cunt bulged and stretched as it was filled to almost over flowing and Naruto grinned, tying the thing shut by looping the hair clasp around the still erect clit. He hefted it, throwing it up into the air and catching it with a jingle as the change clinked together and then stuffed it in his pocket. "This is going to make me the talk of the town!!"

"I-I'm glad you liked it, Naruto..." Said Hinata hardly able to speak.

"Are you going to be okay? I want to go show this to Sakura right away!!" Said Naruto grinning. Picking up the wrapped bowl, looking surprised at the weight, his other bowl long empty.

"G-go... ahead." Said Hinata forcing a weak smile as she slumped against the wall behind the counter, utterly exhausted, hardly able to speak. She hid her sadness as she watched him flash a thumbs up at her before rushing out of the restaurant to go find Sakura to show off his new gains.

"Are you okay?!?!" Said the waitress looking over the limp Hinata, eying the gaping hole that opened directly into the girl's womb cautiously.

"I-it.. doesn't really.... matter. You're going to use me for p-p-parts anyway... T-that was the deal w-w-wasn't it?.. I'm just happy that h-he liked it." Said Hinata softly blushing a little.

"J-just one thing?"

"Yes? What is it?" Said the diner owner looking over the waitress's shoulder.

"C-could you s-save some of me... in-in the freezer for if he c-comes back and orders m-m-me? I'd like that..." Said Hinata, smiling up at the two, knowing in a few days that everyone was going to be enjoying her as Ichiraku's served her in their own ramen.



Digimon Diner:

Warning: heavy guro and cannibalistic consensual themes (and some furry). DO NOT READ IF SQUEAMISH! This was made to suit a traders tastes, so even *I* have kinda regulated this to a back corner of my hard drive. People still keep asking for it though :P. Daffy duck has a sign for that. It involves a screw and a ball. Ah well, I aim to please at least.

“Yeeeeesh, there's really no rhyme or reason at all to these places in the digital world are there?” Said Yolei looking over the digiworld-deli they had come to see. As usual for the digital world, it was in the middle of nowhere, had no practicality in its location (that, being in the middle of an empty field, near a lake with no other buildings) and worse of all, to Yolei's dismay, busy as could be. Digimon literally were flocking to the diner, and nearly every table was packed! Word of mouth had even, to Yolei's embarrassment, brought the five girls there to the middle of nowhere from the “real world,” on Lillymon's urging.

“So whats so special about this place anyway...?” asked Yolei, pushing her glasses back against her face with palatable annoyance with a single finger.

“Oh, its this fabulous new place!” Said Lillymon excitedly. “They literally serve anything, one of those weird digi-world things. You ask for it they got it! Gomamon told me that they even managed to make him a twenty seven flavored banana split the other day!”

“27... flav-ored... split, you say?” Said Yolei, her voice breaking up against her will, dreamily, as they walked up to the line at the door and almost dropping her glasses. She cleared her throat and tried to look unimpressed, pushing her glasses back up her nose.

“Oh, yeah. I am soooo going to pig out here!” Said Mimi, crossing her arms under her large breasts and striking a commanding pose. “I just dare you guys to beat me!”

“What? And get fat? Not all of us can put away the pounds in certain.. places!” Said Kari, hand on her slim hip and poking one of Mimi's large breasts with the pointer finger of her other hand.

Mimi just smirked and looked down at the other girl proudly, as Lillymon started trying to scold Kari for her prodding, while Yolei tried to keep her distance from the whole thing. Behind them unseen by all of them Sora blushed, and crossed her arms over her own bust, trying not to watch as Kari continued her jabs.

“How many in your party?” Asked a Geckomon dressed in a tux at the door. Yolei coughed, trying not to laugh at the out of place digimon. He was obviously trying to look good, but entirely missing the point of the fact that it was a diner, not a fancy restaurant.

“Five!” Said Lillymon, holding up five fingers with one hand.

“And will all of you be dining... or otherwise?” Said the Geckomon, making a note on a pad.

“Huh, whats that supposed to mean...?” Said Kari looking confused.

“Oh, nothing!” Said the Geckomon taken a back, “If you aren't here for it don't worry, don't worry! Five's waiting time should be about fifteen minutes, yup, yup!

“Yeesh, this better be good.” Said Yolei, frowning at the long wait and giving the Geckomon a dirty look.

“Er, sorry about that Mr. Geckomon... said Sora bowing, embarrassed and giving a disaproving look Yolei's way as she stepped up, “Please, don't think anything of it!”

“Aw, no worries, Mam, I get this all the time....!” Said the Geckomon scratching his head and blushing. He looked back as he heard a rustle and saw a bunch of quests from a nearby table getting up to leave. “You know, on second thought, maybe I CAN squeeze a nice little girl like you in earlier, yup, yup! Right this way please, Mam.” said the Geckomon, straightening his collar on his tux, throwing a napkin over his arm and snatching up a hand full of menu's from a cubbyhole behind the door before striding proudly into the restaurant with the girls behind him. The group received more then a few angry glares from people in the entryway still waiting for their tables.

Mimi grinned, not noticing the looks, as Yolei gave the glaring people a disproving grin while Sora, stood, flabbergasted for a moment, before finally taking a step forward to catch up as Kari nudged her with a elbow. The brown haired girl giving her a whispered, “nice job on the goodiness there and getting us in early!”

“But, I didn't do it for that!” Said Sora blushing at all the attention as they all slid into a booth. Mimi and Yolei slid in on one side, and Sora slid in between Lillymon against the wall and Kari on the outside of the bench. “I was just trying to be nice...!” she whispered back at Kari, annoyed as the Geckomon started passing out menus.

“Your waiter will be with you shortly.” Said the Geckomon, doing a little bow, “and a busser for the table...” He motioned to all the dirty dishes, with half eaten food and half filled glasses from the previous occupants on and in them. “I hope you'll enjoy your meal, madam!” He bent forwards with a little flourish to Sora, getting another flushed reaction of embarrassment from the girl, before giving Yolei a look of dislike as well before turning away to seat the next guests.

“Well either which way...” Said Mimi, smiling, “Nice job being nice!”

“Yeah, I can't wait now!” Said Lillymon practically bouncing in her seat, hands clasped in her lap before deciding to get up on her knees and turn around to look over the back of her chair to see what everyone else was having in the diner, making Sora have to push down on of the green wings that brushed her head.

“Huh, they really do serve everything...” Said Yolei looking at the mixture of foods on the table. She could count the remains of about seven different ethnic foods, from burritos to spaghetti, to some she had a hard time identifying. She prodded a large golden brown piece of meat on a plate with a fork from the table, menu half forgotten, wondering what it was. It was only an inch thick, and looked like it had actually been carved down from a larger piece, the base of which was a large oval, with, brownish yellow, somewhat fatty, meat in the center and a thicker “skin and muscle” ring around it.

“What do you think this is, guy..” Yolei said looking up and pausing with a final “….s?” as she saw the girls all looking in one direct. They all had a look of shock and dismay in their eyes, Lillymon's hand up to her chin as they looked on at what a waiter had brought in as dish to another table. Yolei dropped the fork as she followed their gaze up to the tray being held up on a digitamamon's head.

“IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?!?!” Said Sora mouth drawn back in surprise.

“Holy, shite...” Said Mimi looking on, as the tray was sat down. The tray was nearly as big as the table, and all the digimon sitting at the booth looked on hungrily, grabbing forks as the roast digi-girl's body came to a rest on the table.

The girls looked on in shock, horror, and awe as the digimon, a red dragon like digimon called Guilmon, and a little dog like digimon with large ears and a small horn on its head, Terriermon, began sawing away at what was slowly realized to be a rather busty, humanoid fox digimon, a Renamon's, body. The body had been shaved, the trademarked yellow and white fur gone, leaving a roasted golden brown skin exposed to the air. Her, long fox like legs, were pulled up and back to the bodies shoulders, with the arms bound underneath it, pushing the shaven cunt and breasts forwards into view. The head, feet, hands and tail had been removed, leaving the body looking, not unlike a turkey, further exacerbated by the bulging stomach, obviously stuffed to near bursting, a stark comparison to the thin waist it rested on, and a apple shoved into the browned cunt to keep the contents inside.

As they watched, the Terriermon cut away a breasts nearly as big as it was with a carving knife and slid it onto its plate. The breast still jigged with the movement as it slid, a dark brown large nipple waving back and forth on top of it as it came to a rest. Meanwhile the Guilmon, half stood up in its booth, leaning over the table to sniff at the Renamon's cooked cunt.

Prodding the apple with his claws, the Guilmon, popped the apple out of the body's pussy, the fruit rolling onto a bed of lettuce that was layered beneath the cooked digimon, before opening his mouth wide and sinking his teeth into the left side of the cunts tender lips. With a tugging motion, and holding the Renamon's body down with a clawed hand, he roughly ripped a large chunk of digi-girl meat free, the brown pussy being spread wide for a moment as the flesh strained at the motion, and gulped it down with a tilt back of his head. Stuffing gushed out of the girls cunt as he bent down over her for another bite, his clawed hand pushing down on the stomach. This time biting into the area around her clit, he pulled back again against the stomach, squishing the turkey stuffing down inside of her with similar results, confirming again for the girls view what, exactly, had been pushed into the girls womb as the turkey stuffing fell onto the platter.

The girls continued to watch as the digimon feasted on the girls remains, the Digitamamon looking displeased as they ripped off the pieces of meat of their meal or carved it from their plate. The group could barely hear him mention something about “.. Please don't bring your own meat next time! We have ample stock of anything you may ask for! Its entirely unnecessary and hard on our cooks!” as he left the table. As he passed, the girls eyes followed the egg-shelled digimon, hearing him complain about “...All anyone asks for anymore...!”

“I can't believe this...” Said Mimi, eyes slowly going back to the digimon enjoying their meal. Yolei meanwhile, managed to pull her gaze away, and scanning the restaurant, found, not to her surprise, that quite a few of the tables apparently contained woman meat. One table even had a gigantic watermelon sized breast on a platter, with a gold breast plate to the side of it. The skin was still a pure white as silk, and besides it were a pair of two green b cup sized tits with a green and pink severed pussy in front of them.

“Er, yeah, when they mean anything, they mean anything. I guess...” Said Lillymon, her large black eyes wide with shock as she slid back into her seat, hunching her head between her shoulders, trying to stay out of view. Across from her Yolei pushed the now obvious “what it was” plate of meat a little farther away from her.

“Erm, excuse me!” Said Kari, speaking up as a waiter came by, a Sakuyamon in an apron over her black and gold outfit. The digimon easily towered over the girls, nearly ten feet tall and just barely able to stand without ducking beneath the roof.

“Yes, miss?” said the Sakuyamon, she was carrying a tray, to the girls relief, that only had a salad and a bowl of soup on it.

“Are they really eating...?” Kari looked back at the table, not able to really see it over the back of her chair, but, could certainly hear the digimon still gobbling noisily away.

“Oh, you must be visiting here for the first time!” Said Sakuyamon, not looking surprised as a hand raised up and rested over her chest, “Don't worry, they brought their own Renamon... And one who agreed to that. We don't serve things like that against anyone’s will you know. If you girls wanted something though, we can make things like that without needing to have a girl used, our stocks completely “sentient free,” bad for business after all. Honestly, the boss is kinda getting annoyed with all these custom orders of people bringing their own!” said the Sakuyamon, “hmmping”, looking at the table in disgust. Though, to the girls dismay, entirely for different reasons then the girls felt she probably should.

“Anyway, I'll be your waitress today, I just need to drop this off at its table and I'll be RIGHT back to get your orders, and clean up this mess...!” Said the Sakuyamon gesturing to the table. “Err... and uh, sorry. IF you did want to order someone from your group go ahead. There’s really no rules against it, A couple of you do have some pretty good racks, but I don't think you'd get much off the brunette there.” Said the Sakuyamon, motioning towards Kari and her a cup chest causing the girls mouth to fall open. “We just been getting, A LOT, of these orders lately and our chefs and waiters are getting a little over worked having to set things up, forget I said anything, really...!”

“Wha.. what?!?! wait...?” Said Kari quietly, still in shock as the Sakuymon turned and left. “Did she really just say....?” Kari blushed, as she suddenly realized the fact the fact the table wasn't high enough to cover her small chest, and worse, that all the girls around her had substantially larger busts, and MUCH worse, the girls sitting at the booth all sort of dangled over their table. Her mind reeled thinking about what the Sakuyamon had just said.

Besides and across from her, the girls all shifted nervously. Suddenly aware of their own busts and those of those around them, from Lillymon and Mimi's double D's, Sora and Yolei's C's, and even Kari's own diminutive bust line, from the the implied offering. The girls went quiet for awhile, looking at the nearby tables cautiously and each other, watching some of the digimon gnawing on their meals, some of which was definitely female in origin and some of the girls even noting absently that none of it had been male, but was DEFINITELY being consumed mostly by THEM.

Looking back from a table, Yolei finally was the first one to talk as she tried to avert her gaze from Mimi's large bust, and not succeeding very well, the breasts covered in a well worn shirt with long worn in nipple prints not leaving much to the imagination. “So, how do you think they... really... you know?” She looked away, and then slightly back again, nervously.”

“Yolei!” Yelled Kari, horrified Yolei had brought it up, trying to keep her voice down to a level contained within their table.

“They probably just put her in an oven... or do you mean?” Said Lillymon quietly, leaning forwards and trying not to make eye contact, but looking inadvertently at Mimi's bust, tracking Yolei's gaze.

“Well I see a bunch on the tables, their obviously not wholesale....” Said Yolei pushing her glasses up on her nose, looking away from Mimi, and instead looking at a nearby table with the pair of green breasts she had seen earlier.

“They probably just cut them off and cook them, I can't imagine they do it while, you know...” Said Mimi, following Yolei's gaze to the other table. Leaning forwards, her breasts came to a rest on the table, Yolei's eye flickering back and noting with a blush that the prints in her shirt were definitely NOT empty at the moment. She could feel her own nipples jut out against her bra against her will and idly tried covering her chest with her arms.

“They could do it, while, you know... Kinda a last bit of kink...?” Said Sora looking back over the chair, but quickly retreating again, looking down and trying not to meet anyones eyes.

“One last show for the road.....?” Said Yolei, making Kari's eyes widen. “What?! Its obvious as the waitress said! They came here willingly.....! its not implausible...!” The girls went quiet for a bit, each one thinking about what it must feel like to have their tits or cunt roasted as they watched, some thinking on the grill other in an oven...

“I could see it...” Said Mimi blushing, but going quiet and pulling back as the waitress came up to them with an empty busing tray, obviously having to help fill in for the buser with the place so busy. Mimi noticed behind her an overworked looked Geckomon trying to fill a wobbling tray with dishes and not drop it.

“So, do you ladies know what you want to order yet?” Said the Sakuyamon pulling the plates off the table, the girls gazes tracking the plate of circular meat as it was lifted off the table and moved in front of their noses.

The girls jumped, shocked out of their stunned silence as they suddenly realized they hadn't even checked the menu's clutched in their hands yet. Mimi stuttered trying to explain and pulling up the menu as the Sakuyamon laughed. “Too much being the tourist huh? Well I'll be back in five minutes then.” She spritzed some soapy water on the table and wiped off the last of the crumbs from the table as she held the large tray in the other hands rather effortlessly. Her dish rag was even easily the size of a towel. “You better have your orders for me by then, though, we do have to keep this place moving you know, lines waiting and we're not running a theater here.” She gestured to the line at the entrance, making the girls gulp, as the digimon gave a polite smile and nod and walked off to clean off another vacant table.

“Do you still want to...?” Said Lillymon, cracking open her menu, head lowered between her shoulders as she watched the Sakuyamon lift a extremely heavy dish of what looked like a fully roasted pig off the table with one arm..

“Well, we don't need to order any of...” Said Mimi looking at the menu. Of course though the girls gazes were all immediately drawn to the second page of the ten page menu listing woman parts and how they were roasted, and cooked. “Oh my god. They really do roast them attached!” Mimi gasped as she read down to a grilled tit special, a pair of tits with grill marks on their bottoms, still red and half cooked as the graphic. Below it, it went into mention of the basting and flame based cooking involved, all as a girl sat behind it.

“So's the girl's cunt!” Said Kari, making everyone jump at the word, half shocked as well that it was Kari the one mentioning it.

Everyone went quiet again, faces flushed as they read.

“So...” said Sora. Blushing deeply, “Would anyone actually... you know.. eat it... if someone...?”

“Ah...!” Kari and Yolei both opened their mouths, obviously too embarrassed to answer.

“Well....maybe.. if the girl was willing....and....” said Mimi.

“Mimi??” Voiced Lillymon, looking in shock, uncomfortably aware of the fact the girls large bust was still resting on the table. A bit of the shirt had gotten wet and clingy from the recent table wiping without the pink haired girl noticing.

“I-Its, not like I'm offering!” Said Mimi, sitting up straight, pulling her tits off the table, causing them to jiggle and crossing her arms. “I-I just mean, maybe... wouldn’t you guys..maybe? If it was offered, maybe...?”

“.... sure...” Said Yolei.

“...maybe...” Kari blushed and looked away, obviously uncomfortable by having voiced it.

Lillymon just blushed, and made a noncommittal nod, as Sora beside her buried her head in the menu and her shoulders, her hands shaking a bit.

“Er, excuse me...” Said Sora after a moment, pushing herself out of the booth hurriedly past Kari, face bright red and eye clenched shut. The girls watched her walk off. The girl obviously jittery.

“Bathroom you think...?” Said Yolei.

“Could be the conversation...” Said Kari, frowning at Yolei and raising up the menu to hide her face.

A few minutes of quiet browsing later, the waitress finally came back to the table, a few moments before Sora did as well. The redhead looked a bit pale and didn't bother to pick up her menu as she slid in next to Kari instead of between her and Lillymon again. The Sakuyamon looked a bit apprehensive about the girls having actually decided on anything yet as she watched Sora sit down and took out a pen for their orders.

“So, girls?”

“Well...” said Mimi starting, stopping for a second, nervously shifting in her seat as she looked at the menu, she had an idea, but the previous conversation made her throat dry, trying even to mention just a hamburger.

“Erm, I'll go first...” Said Sora, cutting Mimi off. She gestured the Sakuyamon to lean over and whispered in her ear, obviously asking a question, and trying to lean as far out of the booth to ask it as possible. Kari's ear twitched as she almost made out something.

“About 50 digi-dollars, total. Since its provided its mostly just a cooking fee.” Said Sakuyamon scowling a bit.

“Ah, k...” Said Sora blushing, pushing her hands into her lap, as she swallowed hard. “Y-you girls will eat... Well you know if its offered... you said... right?”

“You mean...” Said Mimi, her face turning up a little as she was taken back.

“Well, ah, not if...” Said Lillymon, trying to back pedal.

“I mean...” said Kari trying to start.

“I'll do it.” Said Sora, loudly, her eyes clenched shut as she forced the words out of her mouth, her head bright red. “We'll have that meal those two over there had earlier, with m-ME as the girl!” Sora pointed back to the table where Guilmon and Terriermon were just finishing their meal, not looking back, body still facing forwards eyes clenched. Not much was left of the Renamon on the table by now save for a few bones as the Guilmon and Terriermon stroked their stuffed bellies happily.

“Sora??!” Kari and Mimi said in shock. Yolei across from her stared, her glasses going down her slacked face as Lillymon just gaped.

“That's right! I'm going to let them roast me!” Said Sora, openeign her eye and looking at the Sakuymon her voice was high pitched and cooming out fast as she half yelled, “what do you need me to do!!” her face a bright scarlet.

The Sakuymon, sighed, “I'll be right back, strip naked in the meanwhile and we'll bring you to the kitchen. I need to tell the boss we got another one.”

“W-wai...” said Mimi turning to stop the digimon as she walked off, but reacting to late as the
waitress walked up to the cashier and started chatting to the Digitamamon, who promptly smacked his head repeatedly on the counter. Mimi vaguely realized that the Digitamamon WAS the boss, and the res truant was just so busy he had had to fill in for one, or maybe he just wanted to scold the two digimon in person...

“Y-you can't be serious... Right, Sora?!” asked Yolei, reaching out to grab the girls shoulders.

“I-i'm going to do, it. I want to do it!” said Sora still not able to look at the girls and clenching her eyes shut again, head down. “It took me all that time I left just to get up the courage to say that!!! I hope you guys will enjoy me!”

“B-b-but, I didn't mean if it was YOU...!” Said Mimi, stuttering.

“Please, I don't want it to go to waste!” Half yelled Sora, eyes snapping open and desperately looking at Mimi as she pleaded, face a bright scarlet and a little bit of water in the corner of her eyes, “Give it to the digimon at another table if you have to, but I really want it to be you guys. Will you promise me?!?”

“Err...” Mimi, looked around at the other girls for some way to answer, trying not to meet Sora's questioning eyes.

“I'll do it.” Said Yolei, blushing, “I-I'll even call dibs on your cunt. Is that enough to show I'm serious?” Yolei looked down at the corner of the booth.

Sora's eyes went wide, and her mouth went shut as the other girls all chimed in, “Fine.” “Al-lright.” with Mimi being last with a simple, quiet. “Okay...”

“Thank you! Thank you!” Said Sora bowing over and over again smiling. She stood still for a moment, head bowed, before suddenly popping back up. “Er, right I have to be naked....!” She looked around, her face mortified. It was a public place, after all, and she DID have to strip, something she hadn't even considered after thinking so much about the AFTER.

“Er... Yeah...” Said Yolei, feeling her heart beating so hard she felt like it was going to leap out her throat as she looked back up at the girl.

“Er... Right...” Said Sora. She moved her legs out from behind the table, sitting on the edge and paused with her hands on the bottom of her orange red t-shirt. Looking around she blushed, and started to disrobe, expecting a sudden surge of looks in her direction as she started to pull her shirt off. It took a second, then suddenly occurred to her, that nearly all the digimon in the diner, and in fact the ones she had met in the digiworld were already naked to begin with, so this was almost business as usual for them. It still didn't help much, but she let out a little bit of a sigh of relief as she began pulling the shirt off over her head as she noticed no eyes really going her way.

The other girls in the booth all watched in careful silence as they watched the red head pull the shirt off over her head, her arms trembling a bit and getting hooked in the sleeves as she rushed to take it off. The motion caused her C sized tits to jiggle in their tight, white, athletic bra, something none of the girls felt surprising she was wearing due to her sport-ish nature.

Coughing a little from holding her breath, Sora slipped the last of the T-shirt over her hair, her wide spread haircut popping out from the collar as she slipped the shirt down her arms and finally off. Not waiting to wait to finish, she grabbed the waist of her jeans and started unbuckling her belt and zipping down the front, showing the front of a pure white set of panties, with a small white ribbon on the front of it, as her crotch thrust up and forwards as she tried to slip off the tight pants.

Twisting her hips and lifting her butt off the chair, leaning back into Kari a bit, with a resultant embarrassed, “hey!” as the result she started shucking off her jeans. Sora blushed and pulled down hard on the jeans, bringing them slowly down her thighs, then to her ankles before realizing in her rush she hadn't taken her shoes off. Kicking with her feet, she managed to knock one off, and then the other, so she could lift her legs up and finally pull her jeans off over her feet.

Breathing in with a deep sigh, she held her breath again, fighting down her embarrassment at being seen doing this, Sora, finally bent forwards, pulling her panties down, hooking her fingers into the thinnest part, over her waist and lifting her butt off the seat again.

Behind her, Kari blushed, as she saw the girls tanned butt and pussy dangle in front of her and wiggle as Sora fought to get the panties off her legs and over her feet. She noted absently that the skin that had been covered by her underwear, showed the small triangle mark of slightly lighter skin, showed that Sora had gotten the tan lines on purpose in a bikini.

Kari looked back helplessly at Yolei from across from her in the booth, but only felt herself get even more embarrassed, when she noticed that Yolei was staring a little to hard herself, and jumped when she saw Kari had seen her. Yolei coughed, and looked away for a moment, not wanting to meet Kari's gaze and then looked back after a second, feeling herself get a little hot in her own clothes as she watched the redhead finally start to finish stripping, unclasping her bra from behind.

“GAH!!” Said Sora, letting out a final burst of embarrassment as she pulled the bra over her head in a hurried movement and then swung back into the seat, pulling her legs up to her chest and against the cramped table, trying to cover herself. Yolei noted that the girls breasts bounced a little before they were hidden, large brownish red nipples adorning her skin, and the tanline of a small bikini across her chest making it slightly paler then the rest of her. “I can't believe I just did that!” she squirmed in her seat, half yelling the sentence, before stuffing her face down between her knees and idly trying to pull her socks off one by one with a single hand.

“You know you could still...” started Yolei, as she watched the girl wiggle, trying to pull her last sock off, before feeling the light piece of fabric flutter down onto her leg beneath the table as Sora threw it away from herself. Sora cut her off, putting out her hand and shaking her head as she continued hugging her legs, face buried.

“Alright, you ready to go...?” Said Sakuyamon, leaning over Mimi and Yolei's seat to look at Sora, causing the two girls to jump. The girls all looked up at her, Sora nodding, not able to speak.

“Then come with me....” Said Sakuymon, waving Sora over as she stood up. Sora gave the digimon a worried look, then scrunching her head down between her knees and looking at the rest of the girls, gathered her courage, before kicking a leg out into the aisle.

Standing up slowly at first, as she threw the other leg forward and then scooted her butt out, covering her chest with her arms and making an effort to keep her legs closed, so as not to show off her cunt. Sora pulled herself from the booth and stood up, Sakuyamon gave her a disdaining look, obviously annoyed at the girls slow speed in getting up and waved her forward again, as she turned to leave. Sora gave the girls one last worried look, and then, giving a weak wave, dropped her arms and started walking towards the kitchen door next to the register, determined, embarrassed or not to go out with a show like she originally had wanted too, baring a pair of well formed breasts to the diner as she fought not to cover herself.

“Wow.” Kari said, watching as Sora walked off. She noticed the girl was attempting to swing her hips a little, looking to see if she was getting a reaction from any of the digimon in the seats next to her as she walked.

“What...?” Said Yolei following the girls hips as they swung, the tanlined ass swinging a little bit back and forth in their view before she turned to the kitchen's swinging doors and with a slight pause to grid herself, and a look back, walked in.

“Did you see her... well her pussy...” Said Kari blushing, embarrassed she had to say it.

“Kinda, why...?” Said Mimi all the girls leaning forwards.

“Err... Well. She was reeeeeally wet...” Said Kari, arms in her lap again, trying to adjust her own legs at a “similar” set of circumstances for herself.

“I can kinda relate...” Said Yolei shifting.

“I kinda had my eyes a little higher up...” Said Mimi, smiling slightly abashedly, “Her nipples were rock hard too, didn't realize she shaved though...”

“You noticed that too?” Said Yolei.

“Shaved...?” asked Lillymon looking at them confused.

“You know... down there...” Said Yolei, making a pointing motion down. Lillymon gave her a confused looked, and Yolei gave up as she realized the digimon probably didn't need to do that.

“Be right back...” Said Mimi. Suddenly standing up and walking down the row to the counter where the Digitamamon was. The girls eyes followed her, noting that Mimi was somewhat ducking as if trying to stay low as she walked, that, and that the white miniskirt really didn't cover much. Kari smacked her head in the booth, cursing as she realized what she was looking at, complaining in her head she was turning into a pervert.

The girls waited as she talked to the Digitamamon for a minute before rushing back, her head turning to notice as a couple of digimon looked up at her cause of the weird motion. She gave a weak smile and a quick wave before sliding into the seat with a deep sigh, half sinking under the table, “Alright, back.”

“What was that all about?” asked Yolei, having to look down at the girl who had sunk down into the seat below her own shoulders, messing up her pink hair in the process.

“I realized they never told us how long its supposed to take...” Said Mimi looking up.

“Annnd...” Said Kari, suddenly realizing she probably wasn't going to like the answer.

“Er... Two hours...” Said Mimi. “And I asked. Sora's going to be awake of it for about half that... including stuffing... basting... Er... he gave me a pretty long run down....” She sank into the seat a little more at that blushing, and feeling her legs hit Lillymon's.

“Yeesh...” Said Yolei. She stopped and thought about it, not noticing the rest of the girls going quiet, and then shortly after, going pretty red and shifting uncomfortably.


“Alright.. you go...” Said Mimi, passing the sheet of paper over to Kari. Kari looked at the sheet for a moment, and filled in one of the spots on a square with a bunch of empty circles in it.

“I can't believe your playing that kids game...” Said Yolei as Lillymon and her watched the game the two has started to kill the last bit of the two hours they were waiting for Sora to finish.


(continued as too long)
“Hey, tic tac toe is a kids game, connect four is an adults game! Sort of.” Said Mimi sticking out her tongue as she took the napkin back. “Speaking of which...” she raised the marker to fill in the last spot of a line when a shadow fell over her as something blocked the over head lights.

“Alright girls, sit up, your orders done here.” Said Sakuyamon, a large huge tray being held one handed on her shoulder, barely keeping it from hitting the ceiling. Mimi noticed that the digitomamon hadn't come along this time, and absently wondered if he had just simply given up on scolding people.

All around them, a couple of digimon were watching with interest at what the digimon had brought for the girls, whether it was for curiosity or knowing that it was one of them, was unsure. All the girls at the table knew, was they were about to see the girl they had all just been sitting with, set down on their table after two hours of having known she was cooking. Kari scooted back in her chair, feeling her hand hit the pile of clothes Sora had been wearing, folded up by them and left on the seat.

“Here we go, one roasted human girl, stuffed, and basted on a bed of lettuce.” Said the Sakuyamon in a dull tone, having done something similar too many times before to really care much about it. She slowly lowered the platter to the table with the one arm, before grabbing it with the second just a foot from the tables top, setting it down carefully with a loud clack as metal platter hit the wood, jostling the empty plates and silverware that had been left there while they had waited.

Sora's cooked breasts jiggled as the platter came to a rest, her body shifting a little bit as it tilted a split second before the tray evened out. The girls gasped as they looked over the now fully cooked body, only recognizable since they had seen the girl naked just hours before.

As the Renamon had been before her, Sora's body had been made up, akin, to a stuffed turkey, the overinflated belly jutting out prominently from the athletic waist of the girl, with a large pair of C breasts on the out thrust chest below a now, cut short, headless neck. The skin was a golden brown, and had been basted to keep from getting dried out while she had roasted in an oven, leaving the it shiny in the light of the diner. The carefully placed arms and legs were even the same as Renamon's, a pair of hand-less arms pushed under the body, so that the bodies chest and cunt were upthrust in the air, and the legs pulled back to the shoulders for a perfect view of the apple pushed into a straining, too small cunt the girls could only imagine had been hard to get to take the large red fruit. Even as they looked on, they could see the clit held flat to the top of the apple by the strain.

“Wow...” Said Kari, staring, half horrified at the sight and half ogling the naked body of her friend.

“They really stuffed her good, didn't they...” Said Mimi, poking the stomach, which indented with the pressure while Lillymon poked at one of the breasts.

“According to the chef...” Said the Sakuymon, coughing into her hand and mimicking the apparently deeper male voice of the chef, “This one was REALLY hard to make, so please ask them not to bring another one in again.” Sakuyamon frowned a little, pursing her lips as she looked at the body. “Apparently. The issue was that she made it really hard to stuff her from being so tight... and THEN, also trying to get the apple in. Took a couple of tries and she kept wiggling. Was hard to get her stomach to stretch THAT much and the apple kept popping out with the stuffing. The chef said something about “Humans not being made as well for this as digimon.” Sakuyamon shifted a little, looking at the apple stuffed cunt and shifted a little. “Anyway, they made sure to behead her after she was cooked like she asked, so don't worry about that. We ARE, very specific, to our customers requests. So... enjoy.!” Said the Sakuyamon, making one last look at Sora's body and waving them off absently over her shoulder at the group of girls as she walked off to get another order from the kitchen.

“Jeeze, you mean she...” Said Yolei, looking at Mimi with a surprised look on her face.

“Guess so... That is what the boss said would happen...” Said Mimi, watching the steam rise from the body. “Ah, so how are we going to...”

“I guess I did call dibs on the cunt....” Said Yolei, looking at the body and realizing that with the “head” pointing at the back wall she was on the wrong end to reach it.

“Yeah..” Said Mimi, having to lean to look over the girls backside to see it, the well formed ass jutting over the ends of Sora's wrists along with the mound of her cunt.

“H-here...” Said Kari, grabbing the large serrated knife on the tray and standing up. The girls watched, wide eyed, as she stood in front of the tray and leaned forwards, a hand reaching out, then pausing, pulling back again, and then reaching out again to grab a part of Sora's leg for a brace. She noticed that the skin was pretty hot and pulled her hand back shaking it from the heat,, before grabbing a napkin and trying it again using the napkin as a makeshift “potholder.”

Staring at Sora's intimidating, browned, cooked cunt for a moment, the cunt lips stretching thin around the intruding volume of the apple, she lined her knife up with the right side of where the bend of the leg met her crotch and pushed the knife down slowly, feeling it sink easily into the brown flesh. The knife was large and long and she let it sink nearly all the way to the hilt before she felt a clink as the knife hit something hard and stopped, then pulled it back an inch or two. Gritting her teeth, hand shaking from feeling like she might hurt someone, she started carefully sawing away at the piece, follow the “v” shape of the cunt down to just before where the girls butt began and then turned it a little to face up. Carefully she brought it back up along the left side, feeling the muscle cut away with the sawing motion of the knife, easily, as she reached the top of the girls cunt and swung the blade round the top of it, just above the clit, back to the start of the first cut. All the while she had made sure to have the knife jut inwards, having to work hard not to get to close to the apple, so when she was finally done, and pulled the knife back, the girl's cunt pulled back with it a quarter inch, held in by suction and weight. A small bit of clear juice ran down the bottom line of the cut, over the swell of the girls browned ass cheeks to collect on the tray.

Grabbing a plate and looking more then a little pale, Kari held it just below Sora's cunt and with the knife, slowly prodded and pulled the large section from between Sora's thighs, feeling the suction of the meat slowly giving way for a moment, before it popped free with an audible “pop”, plopping down on the plate with a wiggle. Looking down at the triangle piece of meat, with the front of Sora's pussy facing her, apple and all still inside it, Kari could see the meat of Sora's vagina as deep as the length of the knife behind it, ending with a fist sized hole leaking stuffing out onto the plate. Looking up, she gasped as she realized she could see the stuffing filled womb visible thru the new “hole” she had cared between Sora's legs. The stuffing, already starting to leak out to fill the removed section, caused her to realize that she had cut far enough, and deep enough, that somewhere behind the stuffing on her piece on the plate must be the girls cervix. She at the piece, idly wondering if it was shut or still stretched wide after having been forced to accept all that stuffing thru it and then being cooked.

“Er, here you go.. Yolei...” Said Kari, passing the plate over, watching as the apple stuffed cunt cunt was passed over the body to the purple haired girl in the glasses at the back of the booth. Yolei set it down in front of her, turn the plate a bit so the opening faced her and stared at it, not quite certain on how to proceed.

“Erm... Well, here goes...” Said Yolei, looking up at the girls with a bit of a worried look and then back down to start sawing at the piece with a steak knife, using a fork on the other side to hold it still. Not to her surprise, Yolei found the knife cutting away easily thru the delicate flesh, the knife at the top of the mound slowly marking its way down as she started sawing away. Cutting side ways, making sure to avoid the clit as the knife sunk into the top of the cunt, she angled it down between the lips, cutting along one side of the apple, with the knife's end sawing back and forth at an angle out the side, so that she was cutting away only a small section of the pussy lip, about an inch deep. She angled the rest of the knife out half way thru, the serrated blade cutting its way thru the side of Sora's brown cunt lip, before jabbing it with a fork to pull the small 4 inch long, inch deep section of cunt from Sora's pussy.

Yolei looked at the piece as she held it up apprehensively, she could see along the edge of the browned surface skinned section the start of the inside of Sora's cunt, a ripple pattern of slightly browned, pink flesh and a small bit of the clit's hood connected to the top. Swallowing hard and clenching her eyes shut tight, she opened her mouth and stuffed the entire piece in hurriedly, tasting the meat as it slid into her mouth. She was surprised to find it surprisingly good, the meat salty from Sora's pussy juices and sweat from cooking, the meat itself tasting the somewhat sweet taste of pork. Opening her eyes and chewing carefully as the girls watched, she noticed the cunt had a slightly rubbery texture to it near where the skin was, but the inside muscle of the cunt where she had sawed along Sora's inside cunt easily broke up under her teeth, nearly no fat underneath. Yolei idly wondered if that was natural, from the girls athletic nature, or perhaps, more from more “nocturnal” habits.

“So....” Said Lillymon looking at her questioningly from across the table, breaking Yolei out of her train of thought as she chewed. Yolei looked around noticing all the stares again as she chewed the last piece of meat before swallowing heavily. She felt a little queasy, but at the same time more then a little hot, heavy of breath and a wet between ber legs.

“It's, um.... its good...!” Said Yolei, her face a deep flushed as she set down the knife and fork. Looking down at the piece she could see the edge of the sideways cut she had made taking out the top 1/4th of the cunt's face, the meat visible leading up to the rippled edge of the girls cunt, still barely gripping the apple in it. The clit, slightly freed from its hood from her cutting, was still visibly large, squished against the apples top, and the slightly loosened lower lip bulged out from the apple.

“Seriously...?” Said Mimi, not really expecting an answer, which she didn't get, as she looked over Sora's body on the table.

She was still looking over the body when Kari spoke up, “So, um... who's next...” The brunette looked around, holding another plate and the knife. A couple of the girls realized she was trying to make sure she was last, not volunteering to be next herself.

“Um, I'll go...” Said Lillymon, prodding Sora's breast again.” Kari nodded and handed her the knife and plate, holding them both by as small of the surface area she could touch as if they were going to bite her.

“So, what are you going to....?” Said Mimi, having to stand up a bit to see over Sora on the platter.

“Erm... One of the breasts, I think...” Said Lillymon, finishing with a nervous giggle. She pulled herself up on her knees in the booth, the only 5 foot tall digimon having to lean over the table on her hand to be able to position the carving knife on the opposite end of Sora's browned, right tit. Setting the plate down on the table, she grabbed the cooked girls marbled nipple with her free hand and pulled it up, the cooked tit stretching a minute amount as she lined it up with the knife and slowly began sawing at the base.

The tit wobbled a bit, the fat of the mammary not having cooked solid like the rest of the meat of Sora's lean body, but instead having expanded a bit from the heat, the skin stretched taut, but still bulging as Lillymon's knife cut into the side and started working its way thru. The girls watched as the knife slowly sank deeper and deeper into the mound, in and out, till the blade started popping out the other end, and Lillymon had to start using the nipple to pull the mound up and away from the body to get a decent cut. Cutting in a circle around the base of the tit, after, so she could saw the knife all the way thru the large breast and remove it from Sora's steaming chest, Lillymon slowly worked her way thru the mound, having to let go of the nipple a few times and shake her hand as steam from the nipples and the open cut poured out and overheated her hand.

Finally it came free, as the knife cut away at the last bits of fat and muscle in the tit, Lillymon pulling the entire breast up into the air by the nipple. The cut had been close to the chest, and Lillymon could see only a small bit of the base left attached in a rough circle on Sora's chest, in fact, in even a few places where the chest jutted out far enough, the digimon could just barely see the slight bit of white pink bone of her ribcage where her knife had cut deep enough.

Half throwing the tit onto her plate as she shook her hand free from the heat, Lillymon slid back down into the booth, handing Kari back the carving knife as she watched the tit jiggle to a halt from the motion, the brown nipple crowning its peak moving back and forth before coming to a stop. The Breast was a lot larger then Lillymon had thought when she had seen Sora strip earlier, the C cup resting with the nipple slightly pointing away from her on the plate, the slope of the breast pointing “down” towards her, from being on Sora's chest all those years and the effects of gravity.

“Well....” said Kari, leaning forwards and looking at Lillymon. Mimi was leaning over Sora's body to see, both hands on the table, while Yolei leaned as far back as she could against the wall of the booth to see around Sora's beheaded neck. Lillymon idly noticed that she had her fork in her mouth, chewing slowly and that much of the front of Sora's cunt had now been eaten away, leaving the pussy's passage, and the clit still to eat.

Taking comfort in the fact that Yolei seemed to be enjoying Sora's meat, that much, despite her misgivings about eating another human, Lillymon picked up her knife and placed it against the nipple. She wasn't nearly as put off by this as the rest of the girls, she had to admit, being really only put off by eating something so close to her own anatomy. That, and the sudden surprise of the fact they even had this option open at the restaurant. She realized she probably wouldn't even hae been this embarrassed or nervous if she hadn't known Sora before hand, or in the company of the other girls, her emotions more feeding off the rest of the girls.

Still a breast was a breast, she thought as she started carving, cutting into the browned skin an inch below the nipple, her own nipples growing a bit hard and sore in sympathy for the piece of meat. The skin broke easily against the knifes blade, the knife sawing thru the fat and muscle with only the jiggling of the tit making it a bit harder for her to carve then Yolei's cunt had been. Still, it wasn't a hard feat, as the two inch thick piece of meat slowly peeled away from the breast, finally coming free on her fork. The digimon looked at it, for a moment, noticing the brown nipple was a bit dried out under the glistening of the fat, sweat and baste so that the pores were just barely visibly open in the skin, before biting into the pieces side, her small white teeth sinking into the nipple just before the tip. Biting down she ripped off the piece and chewed, noting that the part of the aureole of the nipple in her mouth was a bit more difficult to chew then the rest of the skin and fat of the tit, and actually quite a bit better tasting, though the rest of it wasn't too bad. The fat itself was still a bit of an issue though, a lot more then she realized she'd get, and looking at the bottom of the cut on her fork, she could see that just a half inch or so below the surface she could see a lot of the yellow, brown, fat of the mammary.

“The nipples... mmph. Good,” Said Lillymon chewing, having to work on the bit of fat in her mouth before swallowing. “But its a bit fatty for the rest...”

Yolei nodded, “I'm not surprised. I mean it IS her breast. Their almost entirely fat. Try one the glands...?”

Lillymon looked at her questioningly, “Glands?”

Yolei blushed, obviously the digimon never got sex ed. “Look for little circular things in the breast with ducts connecting them, their what provide milk for the breast.” Said Yolei, noticing a small partially cut one at the surface of where Lillymon's slice had been and pointing at it with her fork.

“Oh!” Lillymon said, putting down the top of Sora's nipple to finish in a bit as she used her knife and fork to pull the gland from the rest of the mound. She sawed at the duct attached to the bottom as she realized it was still connected to the rest and popped it free, the small whitish yellow gland looking like a little egg. She had to admit it didn't look that good as she watched it steam on her fork, a bit of white fluid dripping from the punctures, but pushed it into her mouth and bit down anyway. The gland squished and “popped” between her teeth, and she tasted a warm liquid which she quickly realized tasted like steamed milk. The gland itself didn't taste half bad either, though not nearly as good as the nipple.

Chewing and swallowing, Lillymon said a quick, “Not bad!” as she started working to pull another one out of the breast, cutting the side of the mound open to get at them easier. The girls watched the digimon dig in, obviously not that put off by what she was eating now that she had tried it. Kari looked on, a little pale and realizing she was definitely going to pass on trying that herself, between it being so recognizably female and the difficulty in eating it.

“Guess its my turn...” Said Mimi, Kari noticing the girl tugging the knife out of her hand, a plate already in the dyed pink haired girls hand as she got on her knees. Mimi kneeled on the booth and looked over the girls body. “You said the nipple was good....?” she asked looking at Lillymon.

“Yeah, rest is kinda hard to eat though...” Said Lillymon thru a mouthful of another mammary gland.

“Alright...” Said Mimi, looking over the left breast. She grabbed a fork setting down the plate and plunged it just to the right on the nipple and started using the knife to saw at the surface just below it. The nipple came free easily, Mimi causing the breast to jiggle and elongate a bit as she pulled with the fork towards her as she cut.

“Well, here goes...” Said Mimi giving a nervous grin, teeth clenched before opening her mouth wide and stuffing the entire nipple into her mouth. Kari could hear the girl chew as she watched the girls mouth go to work, chewing, the nipple giving a little bit of resistance, though, Mimi's face changed from one of apprehension to semi delight as she chewed. “Wow, it really is good...!”

Yolei looked at her as she idly prodded Sora's cunt with her fork, she had already pulled the apple out of the cunt, was playing with the clit, spinning her fork around it in a circle causing it to move up and down, before bringing the fork down into the stuffing inside of the lipless gaping cunt and pulling a forkful up to her mouth. Talking thru a mouthful of stuffing she idly commented, “Too bad she only has two...”

“You want whats left of mine...?” asked Lillymon, pointing to her half eaten nipple, the hard nub still attached, with her fork.

“Erm..., sure!” Said Yolei, reaching out with her fork, “How about you Kari...?” She looked at the pale girl, pausing with her fork above the nipple piece ready to spear it.

“Erm, I think I”ll pass...” Kari said, having second thoughts on having any of Sora.

“Its really not that bad....” Said Lillymon, motioning towards Mimi, Mimi, having finished her piece, had obviously decided to have some more and was putting her plate down next to Sora's thigh, Kari wondering what piece she was going to go for, now that the cunt and breasts were “gone.”

“I think I'm just gonna sit this one out guys....” Said Kari, looking embarrassed and sitting back down in the booth, trying to crouch down a bit and hide.

Yolei frowned, looking over at Lillymon, like she was dealing with a kid refusing to eat because she was afraid to try something. Leaning forwards in the booth, she grabbed Kari's fork and speared the nipple piece, cutting it in half with Lillymon's knife and held the piece up to Kari, Kari noticing it had been cut so she had gotten the entire hard nub at the peak jutting out from it. “Here, try this at least. If you don't like it, don't have anymore, just remember Sora wanted us to try and enjoy SOME of her.” Said Yolei, guilting Kari on purpose so she'd try some.

“Er, seriously, no...” Kari said trying to refuse raising her hands up and turning her head away, still staring at the piece..

Yolei just cut her off, “Come on, Kari, just one bite, and I won't bug you again.....?” She looked at the girl from behind her glasses, holding out the fork with the nipple on it, obviously not going to give.

Kari sighed, typical Yolei behavior she thought, and grabbed the fork. She looked at it a little squeamishly and brought it to her mouth, swallowing hard as she felt it touch her tongue, her mouth wrapping around the fork and pulling the piece off. Setting the silverware down she put both her hands in her lap, chewing carefully and and methodically as she ran her tongue over the rough and slightly dry piece of meat in her mouth, feeling her tongue tracing the nipple's tip before gnashing it with her teeth.

She coughed. Despite herself it was pretty good, she chewed for a moment longer.

“Well?” Yolei looked at her expectantly.

“I-its good.” Said Kari, coughing again.

“Good?” Said Yolei, smirking.

“Good!” Said Kari, blushing and grabbing a glass of water and drinking it to clear her throat.

“So you'll have more...?” Said Yolei grinning now.

“I didn't...” Kari started to object.

“Good!” Said Yolei smiling and sitting back in her seat, taking the other half of Lillymon's nipple piece with her by the fingers. She popped it into her mouth and chewed, poking at her cunt piece with the fork before Mimi hit her upside the back of the head causing her to drop it.

“Knock it off.” Said Mimi looking at the girl exasperated as Yolei rubbed the back of her head. “You don't need to eat anymore if you don't want to Kari.”

“T-t-thank you.” Said Kari, looking on in shock at the violent movement.

“...didn't have to hit me....” Said Yolei, pushign her glasses back up.

“Sure I did. And it was fun too.” Said Mimi flexing her arm and shaking her first at the girl. She gave her one last menacing look and then pushed on Sora's leg, turning back to the sice she had been pondering.

Alright, I;m gonna have art of her rump....” Said Mimi, pushing Sora's body up a little, tryign to get access. Yolei, still perturbed by the hit, reached out and grabbed Sora, feeling her fingers sink into the girls rump as she pushed the body partially sideways before shifting her hands to be out of the way.

“Thanks Yolei, said Mimi, grabbing the knife with one hand and holding a leg still with the other. She pushed the plate forward on the platter underneath Sora's left ass cheek and using her mouth flipped the knife so it was facing down and began sawing with it.

Across from them Kari's face went bright red and Lillymon looked up dully, as Sora's body was partially pushed her ay, the remaining portion of tit jiggling, though the torso still remained flat, but the hole where Sora's cunt was, and the stomach were shifted towards her, the large belly jiggling and squishing between the two legs with the movement. A heavy amount of stuffing began to ooze out from the pressure, as Mimi slowly sawed away at the ass cheek, the piece of meat peeling away before with a bit of effort falling to Mimi's plate.

“There!” Said Mimi pulling the plate off the platter as her and Yolei let the body drop back to its previous position, except with a much large amount of stuffing visible between the legs. Noticing, Mimi grabbed a spoon and shoveled a large amount of it onto the slice, the first thing off of Sora's body to truly resemble a steak.

“Doesn't look too bad...” Said Yolei looking it over. The slice had been rather ragged, the top of it showing where the knife had shifted angles slightly for nearly ever inch, and at the bottom was visible Sora's browned skin, in an upside dome like structure.

“Well if its as good as her nipple. It shouldn't be that bad...” Said Mimi, pushing her fork into the top of the piece of meat, and slowly sawing away a strip, dipping it into the stuffing before pushing it into her mouth.

“How is it?” Said Yolei, looking on as Mimi chewed.

“Wow, actually better then the nipple I think.” Said Mimi. Sora's well toned body had made her equally well toned back end nearly all muscle, and no fat, completely lean. “Want to try some?” Said Mimi, carving off another slice and offering it on a fork to Yolei. Yolei took a bite without pausing right off the fork in Mimi's hand and nodded her approval as she swallowed.

“Its good..., still not as good as this though...” Said Yolei, pointing at her pussy piece with her fork.”

“Mind if I....” Said Mimi, looking over at it.

“Sure...” Said Yolei, about to cut another piece out of it, “actually, here....” Said yolei, taking her fork, and carefully lining it up. Mimi watched as she brought the prongs of the fork to the very base of the clit, “I'd been saving this for last, but I guess I'll split it...”

“Split what...?” Said Lillymon, looking around Sora's neck.

“The clit, there's only enough for two though....” Said Yolei, sticking out her tongue.

“Aw.” Lillymon pulled her head back and went back to her own meal, The remains of Sora's breast on her plate now mostly just fat and the outside skin of the tit, most of the glands picked clean, not that Lillymon minded as she already felt stuffed from all the ones she had already eaten. Next to her Kari put her own hands between her legs in sympathy, thinking about Sora's clit about to be carved, only able to really hear the girls talking about it.

“Here...” said Yolei, taking her knife and forcing the clit flat against the fork, the prongs pushing down on the base, she slowly cut the front one half off of it, picking it up with her fingers and putting it down on Mimi's plate, before cutting off the second half, the imbedded prongs of the fork holding it aloft.

“Well, here goes..” said Yolei, leaning forwards and putting her piece in her mouth.

“Yeah... Here goes...” Said Mimi, taking the clit tip in her fingers, forgoing her knife and bringing it to her mouth, biting off a small piece from the little nub with her white teeth. They both chewed for a bit and then laughed, as Mimi threw the rest of it into her mouth. “Kinda a bit too small too taste much isn't it?”

“Think I should have kept the whole thing for myself.” said Yolei, chewing on hers, the taste of the clit wasn't nearly as good as the rest of her, and its texture was pretty rubbery. Swallowing she turned the platter around, “Here, We'll split the other thing I was saving then, though...” She poked at the back of the piece, pulling the stuffing away, revealing Sora's cervix, the tight ring of muscle slightly open from being so fully stuffed.

“Is that... her cervix?” Said Mimi, looking at it and poking at it with her finger. It was in a bowl shaped indent in the meat, which Mimi guessed was her wide stuffed wombs walls around it, literally looking at the cervix from the “inside.” She idly noted, that Kari had stood up and was leaning over, thought trying not to be seen.

“Sure is.” Said Yolei, smirking, “I figured it HAD to have it with how deep Kari cut my piece.” Her smirk got bigger, “But perhaps I shouldn't let you have any, seeing as you smacked me....?”

“Hey, you deserved it!” Said Mimi giving her dirty look.

“Fine. Fine. Pick on me why don't you...” Said Yolei, cracking a grin despite herself as she put the knife up to top of the pussy, a few inches behind where the cervix was. “Want to get some stuffing with it, in case its like the clit...” Said Yolei as she cut into it, stuffing oozing out of the front of the cervix piece as the knife squished down on it.

Slicing off a good three inch wide piece of Sora's pussy canal, Yolei pulled it aside from the rest of the cunt, little bits of stuffing falling out from the now bisected passage. Cutting thru the middle, the knife cut the cervix in half with a bit of a jolt as Yolei went from thick meat, to easily cut minor passage, to thick meat again.

“Here you go...” said Yolei, giving Mimi the right hand side, which had actually come from Sora's “left.” The piece was pretty thick, and Mimi stared at it for a moment as it came to rest next to her piece of steak from Sora's butt cheek,

“Alright...” Said Mimi, spearing the piece with her fork as Yolei sliced out the piece of cervix on her own plate and held it up on a fork. The little half circle of muscle still looked perfectly stiff even hanging off her fork. She looked up at Kari and noticed the girl holding her mouth with her hand in shock at the recognizable bit of meat, pale at the notion they were just about to eat it.

“Here goes.” They both put it in their mouths at the same time, Mimi ripping off her piece from the rest of it, and chewed. Mimi and Yolei both nodded to each other at a moment, noting that it was much better then clit, the muscle coming a part easily in their mouths, Mimi downing hers with a glass of water to help her swallow.

The girls continued eating after that, a few words here or there, but instead concentrating on finishing their meal, Sakuyamon stopping by at one point to refill their glasses. As they were all just finishing, Kari filling her time with looking at other benches and playing with her shoes, Yolei finally spoke up, as something occurred to her.

“Though you know...” Said Yolei, chewing on another final bite from the apple that had been in Sora's cunt, as Mimi scooped up the final bit of stuffing she had taken seconds of, “There's actually one thing I forgot, that Sora probably would want us to try, all things considered....” Yolei looked over at Sora, still chewing as she talked.

“Oh...?” Said Mimi. Taking another drink of water.

“Yeah.. Said Yolei, blushing and pushing up her glasses, with one hand as she poked Sora's stomach, right along the side at level with the belly button. “... her ovaries....”

Mimi, looked down, blushing, “Er, right!” She said, “I guess with this as a turn on for her, she'd have wanted us to eat those too....

Lillymon piped up from across from them, neither girl able to see her, “Ovaries?”

“Er...” Said Mimi looking embarrassed at the question “Think eggs, for humans.”

“Oh!” said Lillymon, then came a disgusted noise, as Mimi realized she was thinking of digital eggs.

“Their uh, different, trust me, Lillymon.” Said Mimi, sitting up.

“So, your going to eat... well, you know?” asked Kari, leaning over to look at Mimi.

“Might as well, not that I got much room left...” Said Mimi, stretching out. She stood up, pulling her stiffening body up to her feet and grabbed the knife.

Kari went quite watching, twiddling with her shoelace, “I'll have one.... their small right?”

Mimi looked at her surprised, “Pretty sure, why the sudden change of heart...?”

Kari blushed and made sure not to make eye contact, “Well, Sora probably would have wanted me to try them, as you put it, I might as well be..... er... well, nice...” she shifted, looking up at Mimi.

Mimi nodded, not wanting to embarrass the girl any further, she looked down at Sora's belly and then looked at Yolei, “Any idea...?”

“Probably about here...” Said Yolei, pointing to the lower right of the girls navel.

“Right...” Said Mimi, carving into here Yolei point with her knife, the first stroke cuased the stomach to burst a little, a bit of stuffing oozing out between the folds of meat. “Maybe a little higher... “ said Mimi noting she had cut into the womb, they'd probably be to the top, and with everything stretched out, she cut a straight line, till she noticed a raise in the stomach. “Here we are...” She said, taking a fork, and slowly carving loose a small oval shaped object from a tube connected to the over inflated womb and part of the surrounding meat. It was a bit harder to pull out then she thought, and looked it over before putting it down on the plate.

Repeating the cut on the other side, with a bit more precisions she found the second one a higher, that side having not deflated as much without the longer cut and removed it as well.

Looking around, as the girls watched, she grabbed a fork from each plate, and carefully cut the little ovoids of browned and pink meat, noting the speckled pattern of their insides, and handed each girl a fork with one half of the ovary on it before sitting down her self and taking hers up.

The girls all looked at their half of one of Sora's ovaries, thinking how this was the last bit of Sora's womanhood on their forks, and then, Kari and Mimi taking a deep breath, put them in their mouth and chewed. The ovaries were very salty, and juicy, making them a bit tart to eat, but at the same time different from the rest of Sora. Still all the girls chewed, and then swallowed, Mimi and Lillymon pushing their plates aside as they finally swallowed, fully stuffed.

“So.. guess thats it....” Said Mimi, looking at Yolei.

“Guess so...” Said Yolei. Across from her Lillymon looked around, tryign to find Sakuyamon, having to wait a minute or two of awkward silence before the tall digimon came out of the kitchen. She singled her down.

“So did you girls enjoy your meal?” Said Sakuyamon, looking over the girls. Most of their drinks had been hardly touched, she had noticed each time she had walked by, so this was the first time she had really had to stop, and the diner WAS busy.

“Uh, yes, Ma'am!” Said Yolei, speaking, up, the other girls nodding.

“We'd like a check please!” said Lillymon, waving her wallet. She had brought plenty of digidollars, knowing the other girls were only going to be carrying real world money.

“Ah, sure thing.” Said Sakuyamon looking over, Sora's half eaten body, both the tits had been half or entirely carved off, the cunt, gone, and half of an ass cheek on Mimi's side was missing. “do you want a doggy bag, or anything, I can get you a few?” she asked.

Mimi jumped, not having even considered it, then thought about how it'd probably be a very bad idea to be bringing girl meat to the real world, where the rules were VERY much different. “Err, no thanks, just the check please.”

“Alright...” said Sakuyamon, looking Sora over, looks like a waste of good meat though...” She shrugged, “I'll be back in a minute here to pick her up and then get you your check.” Said Sakuyamon walking off to go drop off a bowl of soup at a table with a bird like digimon the girls hadn't seen before and then moved out of sight. The girls looked around absently in her absence, suddenly aware again that it was Sora's naked body on their table once again. A few loose glances that met gazes with other digimon sitting around resulted in deep blushes and a look away. Yolei noted that another table had a Fairymon with her tits on a plate sitting in a booth, the other digimon carving a piece off her chest as she looked on annoyed.

“Alright, here we go.” Said Sakuyamon blocking Yolei's view as she came back with an arm full of dirty dishes. She bent down, putting a few of them down on the platters edge as she adjusted herself to pick her up. She looked over the girls as she reached for some plates in the crook of her elbows, “Now your sure, I can't interest you in...?”

Were, sure!” said Mimi and Kari at the same time, cutting her off. The digimon shrugged, and put the her plates on top of Sora's stomach and chest, carefully balancing them as she pulled the hefty tray off the table. They watched her walk away, bringing the tray back into the kitchen, where the girls were sure there was a busser stand, where Sora's body would be thrown away in a trash can. Mimi an Yolei both shifted a little, hands covering their pussy, as Kari tried not to meet eye contact and looked out a window. Lillymon, just counted out her money as she waited.

A minute later, Sakuyamon reappeared, stopping at the Digitamamon to pick up their check, a new plate in her hand already, and with a curt, “Here you ladies go, you can pay at the register or leave it here.” Ran off to the next table she had to visit.

“Alright, lets go...!” Said Kari, grabbing Lillymon's arm and the check with the other, standing up hurriedly, pulling the girl from the booth.

“Huh?” said Lillymon looking surprised as she stood up, noting the other girls getting up quickly.

“Yeah, lets go!” said Mimi grabbing Lillymon's other arm, nearly making her drop her wallet, as the two girls tugged her to the counter.

“Waiiit!” Said Lillymon, walking behind the girls, having to step quickly to catch up, as a deeply red in the face Yolei, tried to crouch her head as far between her shoulders as she could so as not to be noticed behind the embarrassing sight.

“Alright, how much do we owe you...?” said Mimi as they reached the booth. The Digitamamon looked at her questionably.

“It was 120.56!” Said Lillymon, getting Kari to let go of her arm and grabbed the receipt from her. “but I want to leave a tip for the Sakuyamon....”

“Credit, or cash?” Said the Digitamamon, Still eyeing the human girls oddly.

“Cash, Here's one hundred and thirty five in digi-dollars, can you see that she gets it...” Said Lillymon looking at the anxiously waiting girls. Mimi was actually tapping her foot, though Yolei had just now finally caught up to the rest of them, though was standing a few feet away, apparently trying to avoid being looped in with them,

“Sure, thi-” the Digitamamon started, but just as he accepted the money, the girls started dragging Lillymon away. “Bye! I guess?!?!”

Lillymon looked at the two girls dragging her out the door as they passed the crowd, still waitign for a table. Yolei tried not to look their way, even though the looks their way at best just showed a hope of a new table being freed up.


“Sorry Lillymon. Said Kari, letting the girl go as Mimi did also, Kari embarassed by it though
Mimi laughing a bit, breathing hard from holding her breath. They gave Lillymon a moment to straighten her dress as they stopped for a moment outside the diner's side, where a large dumpster was.

“What was that all about??” asked Lillymon, looking at the girls as a door in the back of the diner opened, a dirty looking Geckomon carrying a trash bin on his head.

The girls all paused, save for Lillymon, who was still looking around confused, as they saw the digimon carry it over to the large dumpster, piled high with rotting food stuffs and miscellaneous trash. What called their attention though was the bottom half of a girl sticking out of the Geckmon's bin, one of the ass cheeks carved off. With an unceremonious hop, he threw the trash from in into the dumpster, having to shake it as the girls body fell out, being peppered with the rest of the trash in the bin, from crabs shells to boxes, a slimy coating covering it from the misc food stuffs in with it as it fell bottom down and then slipped over partial on its back into the muck.

Yolei, Mimi and Kari, all gasped as they realized it was Sora, apparently her body having filled up the last of the trashcan. One of the legs was missing, and the girls realized Sakuyamon, or one of the chefs, must have decided it had been a waste and taken a part for themselves.

Mimi coughed, staring at the body covered in muck, and misc trash, sticking out of the heap, the left over leg spread, and arms to either side, leaving the body spread eagle for the world. It seemed kinda out of reality, to note that Sora's body would end up in a trash bin beside a restaurant when she had just been walking from college earlier that day with them. It seemed kinda disrespectful, as the naked body laid there, but they couldn't really take it home with them, much less with it covered in trash.

Instead the girls all looked at each other, Lillymon having caught on to what they were looking at, and followed as they all started walking for home. Mimi looked back, and decided, while it had certainly been a good meal, she DEFINETLY was not coming back here again, and judging by Yolei's still hiding posture and Kari still a little pale, she bent they weren't going to mention it for awhile either. Mimi already trying to figure out what to tell the rest of their crew, since she really didn't want to mention what really happened.


Stripper Mimi: Debreasting, exhib. Old as hell.

"Oh, wow, look at the size of them!!!" Said Candy, as she stared at Mimi's tits. Mimi blushed and tried not to look her in the eyes as the other stripper stared at her breasts. Easily an E cup, Mimi wasn't exactly self conscious about her breasts, but having some one ogle them when she was dressed as she was.... "I mean, yeesh, those things are huge! I'm surprised yah agreed to your act, I wouldn’t have if i had your tits!" Candy looked up at Mimi and back down again gaping.

Mimi just pleaded silently for the girl to go away as she stood waiting her turn just inside the "deja boobs" main stage's curtains. She was dressed in nothing but a pink cowboy hat, thong, a small leg wrapping, and two large stick-on golden stars over the front of her massive tits to compliment her pink and red hair with little golden stars in them. Her tits were already turning a bit red from embarrassment, making them stand out all the bit more, as the large globes jutted out in direct contrast from her thin waist, but wide thighs and hips, all the more seeming to compliment their size. Mimi herself couldn’t believe that she had agreed to this, but the stripper pay for someone with her bodily characteristics had been too good to pass up.

And the fact she had only to agree to do it once didn't help her case. She grimaced a little thinking about what she was going to do, as she wrapped her arms around her tits, causing them to bulge under her arms as she shivered.

"Hey, your up big tits!" Yelled candy, the C cup blonde wearing only a green thong. She gave Mimi a heavy push in the middle of her back, as Mimi looked back startled, dropping her arms and stumbling out of the curtains onto the stage. A bright light flashed down on her, a spotlight setting off the sparkles of the stars in her hair and shining off the two large golden stars on her tits as they jiggled to a halt from the sudden motion. She looked up at the light like a deer caught in a headlight as thoughts of running back and quitting went thru her head, but she knew there was no turning back. She had been paid in advance a year ago, more money then most people will see in their entire lifes! And as a voice spoke up she knew she wasn't getting out of this after having spent all that money.

"Ladies and gentlemen, now tour star attraction. Miss Marvelous Mimi! Look at those tits ladies and gentlemen, have you ever seen them that big before? And they're completely natural! Why don't you bend forward and give the crowd a little look there, Mimi!" Came the voice over the loud speaker.

Mimi froze for a second and then flushed her mind free, deciding to give it her all, if she was only going to do the one show, she might as well do it with a bang, right? She forced herself to give a cute grin, bending forwards letting her tits drop as she brought an arm out under them to force them up, flashing a wink, a flash of pearly whites and a peace sign. The tits jiggled for a moment after, resting over her arms, and she could hear the crowd eat it up as they stared her nearly naked body up and down. Letting the tits drop she did a little spin, standing up and twirling to flaunt her ass, pulling on arm back over her head and putting the other on her hip so that the crowd behind her could see her red and pink tonged ass, and the pearly sides of her large breasts jutting out from behind her torso. As the crowd hooted and hollered she actually gave a real grin as she felt the energy of the place flow over her, and she let her fears subside a bit.

Turning back around, she heard the announcer continue as she started strolling up to the front of the stage where the stripper pole was. She wasn't the only stage in the joint, but the crowd of millionaires was pretty much ignoring the rest of the stripper girls on the stages to either side of her on either ends of the room, and even the strippers themselves were stopping to pause and watch.

"That's right ladies and gentlemen, a natural e cup, well built, not a scrap of fat on her unless its in the right place, we discovered her just walking the streets and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse, and for just one night only...." Mimi bent forwards, leaning on the pole letting her tits dangle an sway back and forth as she blew a kiss towards the crowd, "She's here for your dining and viewing pleasure!"

Mimi flashed a grin, trying not to grimace a bit as she flung herself back against the pole catching it with her leg as she spun around it, letting gravity swing her large breasts around. The lighting casting small star shaped lights across the shadowed crowd as they hit the stickers over her nipples. The hard nubs were easily visible in the night dimpling the material and as Mimi bent forward and then kicked up, hooking her legs around the pole, the stickers weren't about to fly off as her tits bounced downwards, nearly occluding her face as she swung.

Pulling herself off the pole she reached over to where her thong was tied around her hips and began to pull the string off, trying to look as innocent as possible as she bent down along the edge of the stage, making sure to bend just far enough forward that her large tits dangled over the drooling audience, those behind her able to see her out thrust ass. Pulling short tugs at a time, the fabric slowly unwound till pulling free, and she let it spill down, the string falling to the floor. Shifting her weight she switched to the other one, the other side, left on its own devices , starting to slowly fall down leaving tantalizing glimpses of pale ass and a shaved punk cunt.

Being as slow and deliberate as she could, she yanked once, twice then a third time and the small, red and pink cloth fell to the ground, the end of one string dangling from between to fingers. The crowd ate it up, taking in her ass, and leaning forwards trying to see a bit of the barely hidden by her crouching position, cunt, before she stood up, swinging the thong like a bolo tossing it into the crowd, enciting a loud roar and several hoots as they finally got to see all ends of her.

As she was trained she didn't let that stop there, as she bent bent forwards, legs spread and let those in back of her get a good glimpse of her puffy cunt lips, her large tits nearly touching the ground as they dangled, and then spun, dropping to the ground and leaning back against the pole. Kicking out her legs she grabbed them just below the back of the knees and pulled thetaunt against her shoulders, squishing her large breasts between them and letting the world see her up up thrust cunt and ass.

She paused there, feeling her face burn red as she let the whole crowd take in her virgin cunt, but forced herself to keep smiling, and stayed there only a few short seconds before throwing herself back up on her feet again and hooking one leg around the pole, leaning back to show the crowd the rest of her again.

Then the rest of the lights in the room went out, and Mimi grimaced a little beneath her forced smile, as she froze there, spot light shining on her, and her alone, as the announcer popped on again.

"So ladies and gentlemen, now its your choice here, you paid for the lady of the evening, the large breasted damsel in distress to be here tonight for well over a million dollars. Hell you waited a year just to see her, and we been billing her to you since we found her. Should she continue her dance...?" the crowd hooted and hollered, "Or should our damsel in distress. our woman of fancy, our big breasted babe, finally show you why this is her one night show!" The crowd hollered even louder, as Candy came on stage pushing a large “something” covered in a tarp onto the stage. Mimi tried to fix her eyes elsewhere as Candy came to a halt, doing a flaunting pose to the customers while waving with one hand and then ripping the tarp off to reveal the device. An very, very old, antique guillotine. And not just any, but one made with two holes in it.

Mimi gulped, feeling her throat go dry and her heart start to race as the crowd continued to cheer, with candy tee-heeing for the crowd.

"I believe we have the crowds opinion, Miss Mimi, if you'll do the honors!" Said the announcer as Mimi gulped again and pulled herself free of the pole. She walked over to the guillotine, the block where the "victim" was restrained opened by Candy, and bent down in front of it, pausing and looking down at the device and then to the blade, that was still un-raised jutting from it.

Summoning her courage, and to the crowd oo's and ahh's, the speakers began playing a long rattataattaaa continuing as Mimi reached out and grab the guillotines cord. Slowly hauling up with her free hand, raising the blade, her eyes looked over the blade as it rose, the spotlight gleaming off it, trying to ignore the crowd as it grew louder and louder. When it was finally above her head, she wrapped the rope around her hand, once, twice, and then leaned forwards.

Her large tits dangled and jiggled, the stars catching the only light in the room from the spotlight shining fully on her, Candy and the machine, as she slowly let them rest into the two half circles carved into the wood. Candy, gave the crowd a large grin, and made a small flourish with her hand over Mimi's tits, as the large breasts came to a rest sagging over the ends of the wooden stocks by a full 6 inches, the large golden star clad nipples catching everyone’s eyes. Then with a a slow, teasing motion, she slowly closed the top of the stocks, bringing them down and having to force them over Mimi's too large tits. Mimi jumped a little and paused as she heard the thing click shut, Candy reaching around to the front, closing the padlock, locking her in. This was it, Mimi thought as she thought about closing her eyes, but knowing what was expected of her she braced herself as the drum roll came to a halt and Candy stepped back.

And then she let go. the rope in her hand unfurled from her hand, and Mimi had half a moment to just barely see the top of her breasts, hanging out from the stocks, the shining gold material of the star and the two nipples pointing towards the hushed crowd... and then a flash of silver darted into her view, and a moment later she felt the sharp stab of pain as the guillotine cleaved down into her large tits.

She let out a bit of a cry, bracing herself, tears running down her eyes as she felt the blade sink deep into the tits, causing them to jiggle, but unfortunately it wasn't over as she realized, as the blade sank,and then stopped, 2/3rds of the way thru her tits. The crowd roared, and Candy looked over the device, with a look of surprise, seeing Mimi's tits still hanging on by the two or three inches of flesh at their bottoms. The heavy weight of the tits drug the nipples forward's pointing them towards the ground, as small streams of blood flowed down from the wound amidst the ragged flesh and the yellow exposed fat.

"Oopsies!" Said Candy, In a squeaky voice as Mimi grimaced and wiggled in pain, her arms clenched shut. The stripper gave the crowd and innocent "who would have guessed" look, finger at the corner of her mouth, and then leaned forwards. "Sorry toots, guess we dulled the blade too much!" She said, loud enough for the crowd to hear, then whispered as she hid her mouth with a out stretched shoulder, as she put both hands onto the top of the blade where it just jutted out between the gap between the stock paces, "Just hang on a little longer here, I'll finish you off here!”

Mimi let out a pained squeak as Candy shoved, and the blade hit bottom with a clack. Mimi's E sized tits jiggled for a second, then fell free, falling to the floor, where they bounced and rolled, one coming nipple down to a rest on the floor as the other fell to its side. Each breast was splattered with a bit of the blood that had pooled on the floor where they had landed in it.

"And there you have it folks!" yelled the announcer, greeted by a cheering crowd as Candy grabbed Mimi's hand with hers and helped the girl get shakily to her feet. The stripper put her arm over her shoulders and then helped Mimi give a wave with the other, "Lets have it for the tough girl who provided you with the show, and now will be used for your after show dinner!" The crowd yelled louder.

Mimi grinned weakly, still trying to put on a show, unable to hear the crowd save for the tinniest echo of the cheers thru her head as she felt the blood pound in her head, she looked down to she the ragged holes where her tits used to be, a little bit of yellow fat still clinging to her chest and a bit of the whitish pink a of a rib peaking thru one of the holes as her blood began to run down her athletic stomach.

"Come on girl, we got to get you to the kitchen before you pass out, cause I don't think i can carry you there myself!" Said Candy, Mimi just barely hearing as she woozily let out a small laugh, her eyes starting to go dark as she slipped a little and then began stepping back towards the stages exit with the other girl, her pink hair dangling in front of her face as she slouched more with each step.

"I tell yah girl, though, if i had had tits like your I sure would have held out for another million at least! And another year to have spent it on!" Candy laughed as the chefs came out from behind the curtain to help haul Mimi into the back, as the owner of the establishment joined them from the front of the stage, carrying Mimi's two large breasts, still adorned with the golden stars sticking out from the top of a white plastic bag.


Another old:

Goth propane tank shoot out: Explosives, stomach deformation, large insertion.

My version of the story that me and thevistorinblack both worked on (he wrote his, I wrote mine, and I did a picture). Picture is located here: . Don't write that often :P, dyslexic enough is a bitch to correct, but enjoy. Difference in mine and his is focus of the story, female crew instead of Adam's "cluthu porn clone" (joke me and tvb made after he wrote his) and more of a focus on camera work. This is no where as near as graphic as the digimon deli fict.

Goth Propane Tank Shootout.

"Alright, folks! Today on Snuff Testers, we're going to test whether or not, you can blow apart your girl with a shot taken at a propane tank from a run of the mill, store bought, gun." Said the dusty, plaid and denim clad, long haired, redhead named Josie as she posed and rapped on a propane tank stuffed into a goth girl next to her as she continued her introduction. "We all know in the movie, that you get a pretty decent explosion from one of these, and apparently shooting them will make a big boom. BUT, in reality, is it safe for YOU and..." She slapped a hand down on a flame tattoo'd ass cheek, causing the flesh to jiggle, "...will it really cause your girl to go boom, and make her way to the sky without the need for angel wings?"

"Lets find out!" She said, giving the ass cheek one last squeeze, before letting go and “running off”, off camera. The camera was left to pan over the goth girl, giving the viewer a good view of the girl in question they intended to blow up. The affectionately nicknamed "Ember," was a rather well built, raven haired, stereotypical goth girl, with a large swatch of her hair in the middle and extending down her bangs dyed a bright purple. The symbol for fire in Japanese was tattooed on her left check surrounded by flames, while a large complicated set of flame tattoo's extending all along her body, her legs, back, arms, and ever her nipples. Busty, her breasts braced her torso, the flame tattoo'd nipples pierced with silver studs, as she was positioned so her chin and breasts were flushed with the ground, resting under her and her on her front, her arms bound straight along the ground under her to a pike with ropes around her wrists. The rest of her curved upwards, her shapely pale butt in the air, and legs spread on two different metal pipe set ups, each forming a "U" on a two pipe legged brace. In prominent view was her strained and stretched cunt, a large silver propane tank, roughly the size of a plus sized fire extinguisher stuffed in her so only the last 1/3rd of it stuck out with its handle, the clit forced taunt against it where a sliver loop piercing dangled from it, with a small skull key chain dangling from THAT. Finally ending with her both her legs spread to either side above and to either side of the tank by a spreader bar. It was pretty easy to see why the goth girl, who had volunteered for this in the first place, had been chosen.

Blue eyes blinked as she looked back over at the camera, as she pursed her lips nervously, the silver stud in her nose and lip shined under the light. She had been set up on a range out doors, and the cold wind of the early autumn evening was blowing small bits of dust and dirt around.

The camera crew clicked off after a moment and then waited for the Josie to come back, having finished the opening intro for the show. This time she held a set of markers.

Waiting for the signal, the crew fingered a count down to her, finally signaling a silent “go” as she bent down next to Ember, hand on the goth girls ass again. "Alright, folks, So here's the plan." She shook Embers ass with her hand causing the girls body and breasts jiggle slightly with the motion, as she swayed on the pipe struts. "Our plan is to test, first, what it takes to destroy this." She hit the propane tank with her knuckles, causing the goth to gasp a little, the girl really unable to see what the announcer was doing. "So were going to shoot at it, with, first, a hand gun, and then, second, a shotgun. Presuming, of course, the first doesn't blow our little volunteer goth up the first time. So in other words... " she uncapped a red marker and drew an arrow on the girls cunt pointing at the canister, "We want our shooters shooting here." She wrote, "shoot this" below the arrow. "And not here!" She drew another arrow with a purple marker, just at the end of the large bulge in the girls stomach caused by the canister, writing "not this" above it.

"Hopefully, one of the two types of guns we'll be using will IGNITE the propane, and blow her, literally, to smithereens. And not just simply leave her torso or anything intact behind. We want to test the myth, that when were done, we'll have to look around HARD, just to find any piece of her left. Isn't that right Ember?" Josie slapped the girls ass again as she stood up, causing a strained eep to escape from the goth girl, her position and the propane tank stuffed in her cunt, a full 30 pound weight, making it hard to even make that noise as she swallowed hard. “Granted, it might be a little tough, Ember here's about 120 pounds of good old fashion girl meat, bone and fat. But all we can do is try our best, right?”

Josie walked off, and the camera crew set up the shot to show the rest of the crew hiding, 300 yards away, behind a bulletproof glass shelter. A set of firearms was set out on a table top near them, a man in glasses, their boss, smiling smugly in his director style chair, as he watched the two teenage co-host girls each pick up a gun, Josie, taking up the hand gun, and another girl a short haired brunette picking up the shotgun.

"What we got here," said Josie, turning to the camera and smiling, "Is a standard 9 millimeter hand gun. We'll see if this..." she pointed to the gun, "Has enough power to put a hole in... that." She pointed back down the range at the view of Ember, her naked form just barely visible at this range from so far away. Several close up camera's were filming behind similar glass shields to record the explosion if they succeeded. The camera crew keyed up one of them and showed Ember, wiggling a little in her roped bondage, the propane tank wiggling between her thighs.

The camera crew switched back to Josie "Alright, here goes, on three. One. Two. Three." She steadied her aim, one arm out around the shield, and fired.

Across the range, the cameras recorded Embers hips jump back, reacting, as a loud PING was heard as the bullet hit the side of the propane tank. The bullet flattened and fell to the ground, the camera crew making sure to edit in the slow motion speed into the broadcast later to make sure that the audience would be able to see the bullet impact while Embers eyes went wide for a moment as she heard it. And most certainly felt the it.

"Hmm, nothing yet!" Said Josie, as she checked the video feed from the camera. There was a large dent in the canister, but still, no hole, the bullet having landed between Embers arms after rebounding.

"Next shot!" She counted to three again. Fired, this time missing due to the long range. On screen Ember shifted, apparently having heard the bullet whiz by just an bare inch from her ass flame tattoo'd ass cheek.

"Err... missed." Josie grimaced. "Alright, shot two!" She counted down again, and fired. Another loud ping was heard, Ember not flinching as much, as the bullet pinged, just short of the first mark.

"Still no boom. Alright, shot three!" Josie took aim, counted and fired, but as expected, it just pinged off the canister again. Even Ember seemed to be unimpressed, looking back cautiously up at the canister, unable to see the side where the bullets hit.

"Alright your turn, Chris." Said Josie putting her hand gun down and dropping it on the table.

"Alright, obviously hand guns a bust. So were going to try a shot gun blast.” She grinned at the camera and hefted the shotgun before the camera men switched to a close up shot of the sign saying, "shoot this, not this" on Embers expanded stomach before going back to Chris. "No, don't worry, were smart enough were using a solid slug here, not buckshot. We don't want to shoot our volunteer after all. Well, not, HER specifically.

"Alright, on three!" said Chris leaning out past her shield, taking aim. "One, two.." she focused the shotgun on the tank, "three!" With a loud crack the shotgun went off, and down field, a dull spak was heard as it impacted the ground a good distance past Ember. The naked goth girl, jumped a bit in her rig, feet twitching a bit at the sound of the gunfire, bare white ass and tank filled cunt wiggling for the camera.

"Miss." Said Chris, frowning and reloading. "Alright, try two.. One, two, three." She fired again.

The camera crew switched back to the cameras filming Ember, as a loud metal tearing sound was heard followed by several metallic thuds as the slug passed thru the propane tanks wall, and smashed into the back of it.. Embers eyes went wide, as the tank ruptured, shaking rapidly as the gas released into the air in a white plum, the shotgun shell rattling noisily in the tank .

"Hahah, would you look at that!" Said Chris, proud at the shot she made as she watched the gas eject from the tank. Ember was wiggling like crazy, feeling the tank trying to shove itself in deeper into her from the force of the pressurized gas. The announcer frowned, as she noticed the gas slowly starting to descend, a lot of it being taken away by wind, but still, a large amount of the deadly to breath gas was starting to expand down, around the goth.

"Shit." Said Josie, looking on, they could see Embers naked form wiggling, slowly starting to be hidden behind the half opaque cloud billowing around her. A look on the camera feed showed the goth girl having noticed her danger and holding her breath as she looked around worried. "Looks like we didn't get the boom we needed, but that gas is still pretty deadly to breath. Embers holding her breath, but we just got to hope it dissipates quickly since there's nothing we brought to clear it quickly..." The group watched quietly as more of the gas streamed out. Two minutes went by before it started to clear, the girls still seeing Ember still wiggle while holding her breath under the stream of gas. After another few minutes to make sure the gas had fully dissipated in the wind and the danger had passed, the girls walked over cautiously to make sure Ember was still alright.

"Looks like were in luck!" said Josie, running up as she watched and saw that Embers chest was still moving. As they got closer they could see she was still awake, looking a little scared, but none the worse for wear. The propane tank in her cunt was sporting a brand new large hole, and as the girls looked it over from the back they could see that there was a dent on the other side of it where the slug had rebounded. They also noted that the container was at least another inch or two deeper into the girl, having been propelled by the force of the gas.

"Well, it looks like we failed to get an explosion!" Said Josie, working with Chris, both girls with a hand on the girl's ass, as they tugged to pull the canister out of the girls cunt. Ember gasped as they pulled roughly and with a squelching noise, finally popped it free. The girls cunt stayed open, gaping, a clear shot of her cervix visible to the camera as Ember gasped for air as the other two girls held the propane tank up, to show the hole. "We can see now the slug went thru here,” Josie pointed, and then slipped the tank, “and didn't exit here,” she pointed to the dent in back, “So apparently you can't get an explosion from one of these with a firearm." They shook the tank, the slug rattling in it. "But, as you know, we'll see what we can do to get it to explode, anyway, so please keep on watching!" The two girls grinned, posing, one hand each on one of Ember's ass cheeks as the camera panned in on them, her gaping cunt, and the propane tank set down on the ground between the goths legs.

"And welcome back to Snuff Testers!" Said Josie, grinning as she stood next to the naked Ember. Ember shifted uncomfortably, well aware of the fact she was standing naked in front of a camera. The crew had redrawn their little message on her stomach from the previous day, and the red arrow now pointed to her still slightly stretched out cunt. She shifted, her hands behind her back, not making eye contact with the camera. "As you know we failed to get the results we wanted, but as you all know, we always try and at least get the results we expected, if not by the means. And, we know from our research, that one of these....!" she held up a new propane tank, painted with the words "woman buster mark 2," "can easily demolish a house. So we thank our resident goth, Ember, here for coming back for a second day. She told us earlier.. " Next to her Ember waved weakly, embarrassed, "That she actually had thought about not coming back, but being a big fan of the show didn't want to leave us without an ending, so came back, even knowing, she'd be blown up by us without a doubt!." Josie grinned and shook Embers hand, "Thanks again, Ember! Now lets get down to the range!" She grinned, and the camera took a quick close up of her face first before then moving on over to Ember, panning down her flame decal'd, naked body, to close up on her cunt, the silver ring and skull key chain still dangling from her clit and the words "shoot this" upside down, and an arrow pointing down, right above it.

"Alright, folks, this time, we're going to use thermite." Josie said, pointing over to Chris, who was standing over Ember with a thermite filled bucket, the goth girl back in her rig with a new propane tank shoved in her. The top half of “Woman Buster” was still visible painted on its side, with only “uster” visible and the crew had recorded it, both times the tanks had been shoved in, it taking close to half an hour to get the tank into the girl. However they made sure to keep that off the air, saving it for the dvd extra's. "As you know, thermite's a compound that burns extremely hot, and can melt thru most form of metal with ease. Which we figure will work perfectly for this, as it'll burn thru the tank, and ignite it, thus causing it to blow sky high, along with our friendly neighborhood goth here!"

Behind her, Chris took a handful of the red powder, mixed with a bit of glue to give it adhesive properties, and smeared it on the front top of the tank. "We'll be taking this." Said Chris. taping a wire to the side of the tank, imbedding it into the thermite, "and using it to heat up the thermite, which will cause it to burn thru the tank while were safely behind our barrier out there." she pointed across the field. Slapping Ember's ass lightly, leaving a red powder hand print on the girl, she pushed the girl forward, “Just keep forwards like this, Ember, so the thermite and melting metal won't drip on you!” She grinned, took one last look over the girls naked body, and then the two star made their way back to safety as Ember was left to look back over her ass at the tank with thermite smeared on it jutting out of her.

"Alright, here we go..." Said Josie, flicking up the protective switch on the detonator as the camera crew took a shot of her. The camera men flipped back to Ember, her cunt and ass in the cold morning air in plain view of the camera and a country road visible behind her. The thermite spread across the tank with the detonator in it was in plain sight and the Camera crew let the view settle on it for a moment, before going back to Josie, with Chris behind her with her fingers in her ears. "Alright, Three. two, one, FIRE IN THE HOLE!" She yelled and hit the switch, while back across the field, the detonator sparked, the thermite igniting and hissing loudly as it began to melt thru the metal.

Ember shifted, worrying as the goth, obviously hearing the metal burning with a hiss behind her, tried to look back as drips of the thick tanks shell began to drop between her arms. There was a long dead silence, before after a minute, there was an audible pop as the metal broke and another split second of a rushing sound as the gas lighted with a fwoomph.!

The explosion went off with such a loud bang, everyone back behind the barrier ducked as the fireball went up nearly four stories high, sending bits of dirt and of course Ember and the tank inside her everywhere. The crew girls all jumped, high fiving, as the camera crew worked to get it all on camera.

"Alright, lets look at the slow motion!" Said Josie, excited as her, Chris and their boss looked over the camera feed, the camera men routing in it in as it was edited. On screen they saw the thermite spark, the dripping metal, and then the spark as the tank popped. Embers eyes went wide, hardly having time to open fully before the girl exploded in a fireball, the cunt blowing open and the tank shooting out in a wake of shrapnel. A few pieces of metal imbedded in the girls arms, breasts, ass and legs before they were covered in a rapidly expanding fireball.

"Whoo! That was great!" yelled Chris, running out into the field. Where Ember and the rig had just been moments before, there was a large crater with burnt soot all around it and small bits of metal. Looking around she could barely see anything that resembled the girl, but a few pieces of tiny bits burning in the field gave her a good estimate of how far she had spread.

"Hey, check it out!" Said Josie, laughing, she ran over to Chris, the camera focusing on her. "I guess ,the blast caught her clitoris ring and that skull! She laughed, and held up the badly manged ring, with a small part of the skull still attached to it. It was badly burnt. "And just think folks, two minutes ago this was attached to our friendly goths clit. And then, it was over there, about twenty feet!” She pointed behind her where she had picked it up. “We might not have been able to get the tank to blow with a gun..." she held up the bent and mangled clit ring, "But THIS says you CAN still blow a girl sky high without angel wings if you got the right tools... and a propane tank!"

"Hey.." said Chris, grinning. "Want to see if we can go find a nipple?"

"Good luck with that!" Said Josie, laughing. She grinned as the camera men counted down and then faded out.


Old short remake of one of thevistorblack's things

Kagome trash shoot:

tags: short, incineration, cons?

Kagome took a careful breath from underneath the garbage surrounding her as her friends began tieing the Garbage bag she had been left in closed. The three girls giggled a bit staring at her exposed cunt for a moment, her back end all that was visible from the mound of papers and trash from the classroom, as they closed the plastic bag over her and tied it shut. She was naked, her two d-cup breasts protruding from holes in the trash bag and, were the cold metal of the trash can not pressed against them, they would have been easily visible to anyone on the outside looking at them. Kagome She had lost a bet and this was her forfeit, she had to wait in the trashbag till the old school janitor came and saw her. she wasn't allowed to move or do anything till he discovered her or otherwise. and the whole while her friends would be video taping it fro a spot in the classroom opposite her to make sure she fulfuilled the conditions of the bet.

Kagome's friends turned on the camcorder and pointed it at the trash can in the hallway as the janitor came down the corridor. "I can't believe she's actually doing this." one of them remarked as the janitor grabbed at the trash can and pulled the bag, complete with Kagome inside, out of the can, revealling her full torpedo shaped tits as they flopped out of the can through holes cut in the trash bag.

"I swear, these darn bags are getting heavier each time I pick 'em up." The old man complained, his eyesight having degraded with age. The janitor changed his grip a bit, accidentally grabbing onto one of kagome's tits, squeezing hard as he used it to help him hold up the bag and the girl's weight. "That's sorta squishy. What are those damn kids butting in these bags anyway?" the Janitor muttered to himself as he changed his grip again, causing Kagome's breast to flop down as the old man let go of it, hitting the side of teh garbage can with ameaty thwack which the janitor paid little attention to as it jiggled back and forth.

Kagome's friends looked on, rapt as he hefted the last of the bag out of the garbage can and dropped it to the floor, causing Kagome's tits to hit the floor with a hefty thwacking sound. the girls holding the camcorder winced in sympathy as they watched, feeling sympathy pains in their own tits as Kagome's own hefty bust dragged against the floor behind the garbage bag as the janitor shut the trash can lid and began pulling the bag towards the incinerator. The route was a bit long, but the girls sneaked aroudn behind them, keeping the cmaera focused on the large tits dragging across the hard cold tile, the tits pulled so the nipples were pointed perfectly back towards the camera.

Finally as the old man finished dragging Kagome to the furnace chute, the girls got anxious as they watched the janitor stop for a moment, breathing hard, the bag with the pair of double d sized tits sticking out of it restign right next to him. they wondered if Kagome realized she was at the furnace and the janitor still hadn;t noticed her?

The point was moot though as the next minute the old janitor pulled open the trash chute door with a clang and reached down towards the bag, hefting it up in both hands and grunting as he forced it up onto the edge of the chute, kagomes tits wobblign back and forth and dnaglign with the motion before the janitor finally got it up, grabbing one of her tits by accident one mroe time to force it all the way up. The girls leaned forwards, tryign to keep out of site still but not able to help themselves as they filmed the bag sittign on the edge of the trash chute leadign down to the furnace room, kagomes erect nipples seeping over the edge of the opening for a minute as Kagome's tits rested on the edge of the chute, her erect nipples visible clearly to the girls holding the camera for over a minute as the janitor cuaght his breath again. Then with an air of annoyance the man reached forwards and shoved down hard on the bag, the trash bag slowly beginning to slide backwards, dragging the ends of kagomes tits over the edge inwards, before speeding up, the nippels dissapearign form the girls view as the bag continued sliding down, before the bag hit the sudden drop to the furnace below, the girls hearing the sound of the bag tumbling down the chute into the furnace as it finally fell with a thump the girls could hear from their hidign spot down the hall.

The girls could hear the furnace fire as the janitor turned it up to burn the trash, and unbeknowenst to him kagome. As he walked away down the hall to collect mroe trash, the girls snuck up, reopening the chute and looking down it with the camera, nothing visible but the dark end of the chute and the smell ofthe furnace smoke with a faint smell of cooking meat and the cracking of a fire. The girls turned to each other with still looks of surprise on their faces....

"Man, that was hardcore, not even a squeak from her!"

"Yeah tell me about it, we're so going to be able to sell like 100 copies of this tape! I told you Kagome would hold to the letter of the dare!!"


Unfinished fict here. I'm dsylexic, so I free write then spend like three times the time correcting things, so here's an old thing I was going to do for thevistorblack I keep forgetting about. maybe someday i'll fix it up but here :P.

Asuka and Rei grilled. (cannibalism, spitting.)

Asuka sweated as she pulled off her panties, the last bit of clothes left to her, and the last barrier before having to pay off her debt from the poker game she had lost last night. This left her nude, with only her socks and shoes on, same next to her with Rei, Rei's young petite body exposed to the world, seemingly perturbed, but at ease as Misato looked over her firm marble toned body.

As Misato's gaze turned over to Asuka, eyeballing her twin b sized tits, and gazing down the firm developed body to the shaved pink pubic mound, Asuka sweated a little bit. Her heart skipped a beat, counter to her feigned attitude of annoyance, her body trembled with excitement and she could feel herself growing a little wet at the idea of being roasted. What made it even more exciting was the fact they were out on the "porch" of Misato's apartment building, exposed to everyone and anyone walking around to and from their apartments this late at night.

"Alright here we go." Said Misato smiling, sitting against the wall in her usual legs spread, drunk position. She grabbed a pair of clear "panties" with a bunch of wiring in them and a metal rod sticking inwards where the crotch would be and slung them at Asuka, and then motioned over to Shinji, who was watching this all mouth agape, to pick up a spit propped up against a large portable grill.

"Asuka, put those on, and hit the red button. Rei, bend over on the floor and let Shinji spit you." Said Misato grinning, bending forwards giving Asuka a good view down her sleeveless t-shirt at the woman's mammoth tits. Misato had won them both in a bet at a poker game last night, and Misato had wasted no time in deciding what to do with her winnings, just a day later she had already bought all the portable cooking equipment she had needed to roast the two girls.

Asuka gulped a little, as she looked at the clear panties, the rod seemed overly huge, bigger then any dildo she owned, and she could tell it was going to be a tight fit. All throughout the panties ran large wires connected to a battery pack on the side, all meant to heat the large metal dildo up enough to roast her cute cunt. Still, trying to pull off a devil may care attitude so that brat Shinji wouldn't be able to know how much she was enjoying this she started putting on the panties, slipping them over one foot then the other she tugged them up till she had to line the huge metal rod up with her small cunt lips.

Asuka gulped again and risked a look over at Rei, who was on the ground obediently with her ass and cunt up in the air, trying to keep her throat as straight as possible while looking like she did this every day. Shinji, behind her was the exact opposite, sweating and trembling a little bit as he lined up the spit with her blood flushed cunt, the only part of the ivory skinned girl that seemed to be pink in any way, other than her nipples.

With a grunt, Shinji pushed the rod into Rei's resistant cunt, feeling the girl's tight muscles fight the large metal rod's intrusion. Asuka's hands couldn't help but reach down and begin to rub her lower lips, and as she watched, she realized she didn't have to make due with just her fingers as she got down on her knees and positioned the her own rod at the entrance of her cunt. A quick flick of the fingers pushed the red button, causing the rod to begin to feel warmer as it spread her delicate cunt lips.

Both her and Rei let out a gasp as Shinji pushed the spit in deeper, forcing the pointed tip past the entrance of Rei's womb and making the albino girl's teeth grit at the intrusion at the same time Asuka felt her own cunt stretch, and then pop as the head of the large dildo forced its way into her. Asuka shuddered, her cunt muscles twinging at such a large intrusion as the heating rod, but still continued to grind into the rod as she watched the spit sink deeper and deeper into Rei until it stopped, embedded in the far wall of Rei's womb.

Gritting his own teeth, Shinji paused for a minute and then slammed into the spit, forcing a foot of it into Rei, and then slammed again and again, causing Rei to rock bath and forth, gasping as the spit sank deeper and deeper into her, her eyes spread wide. With each slam Asuka forced her own self harder onto the heating rod, the rod's now hot surface burning against the insides of her cunt, just making her own horny actions all the more pleasurable to her as she finally hit base at the same time the spit emerged from Rei's mouth, a drop of blood dripping from the blue haired girl's cunt.

Everyone seemed to pause as they looked at Rei. Rei's eyes still wide and looking off into space as she reeled from the feeling of the spit moving through her cunt and out of her mouth, but was slowly recovering. Misato had leaned so close to get a look that she was almost leaning against the shocked Shinji, and Asuka rocked, panting on the rod in her cunt before forcing herself slowly to stand up.

The heat of the rod in her cunt, along with the effort that had gone into getting it into her had made her cunt wet with her own cunt juices, and as she walked forward her legs wobbled a little as the clear juice ran down her legs. She could already feel herself sizzling as the rod went to work on making her cunt little more then a roasted meal and she could hardly stand how horny it was making her as, after a few words were passed, she helped Shinji lift Rei up, and then over onto the spit holder over the portable woman cooking grill.

Shifting the spit a little inside of Rei, watching the girl writhe a little bit as the large rod rubbed back and forth inside her cunt, they managed to position her right over it and grabbed the ropes meant to bind Rei so she would be able to turn over the grill, and bound her arms and legs together at the wrists and ankles, forcing her knees up under the girl's small breasts.

Stepping back to admire the work, bent over a little as standing up straight forced the front of her pussy onto the burning rod inside of it, Asuka practically could smell Rei's meat cooking as Misato hit the button that started the spit turning. Watching Misato pour the lighter fluid over the coals on the grill, Asuka sniffed again and realized it wasn't her imagination she was smelling, it was herself, as her cunt let off some steam that seeped out around the panties' edges.

Looking back at Asuka to see what she was looking at, Misato grinned, and getting on her knees, grabbed Asuka by the waist and turned her around, pushing the girl on the back and forcing her to bend over so she could admire the site of the large metal rod sticking out of her cunt, all 12 inches of it buried save for the last two centimeters connected to the panties. The clear material gave a view of two soft pink cheeks just above that, criss crossed by a few wires powering the heating elements.

"Looking good!" Said Misato, grinning and slugging back another draught of beer from her can. She slapped Asuka on the ass and made her turn around. "Now get those..." she pointed at Asuka's small nipple crested breasts, "On the grill."

Asuka looked around for a knife and Misato laughed. "Just bend down and put them on as is below Rei!" She took another drink of beer and leaned back against the wall bowl-legged again and let her hand drift over her jeans rubbing.

Asuka looked over at the grill and felt her heart jump. This was going to hurt a bit, but still it was a more then a bit exciting as she looked back and saw how much this was exciting Misato also, and made her want to do it even more.

Taking a deep breath, she bent down next to the grill, looking up at Rei, her usually white skin now a tinged pink from the heat of the flames below her as she rotated, and then forced her breasts down onto the grating. Her small breasts were jut barely big enough to push out against the grill with out her having to be leaning over it instead of next to it. the skin hissed as sweat and moisture hit the super-heated bars and her nipples felt like the skin had instantly shrunk as it reacted to the heat, the nub painfully erect. Even with all this she kept her chest down, looking up and seeing Shinji watching, and making sure to keep a scowl on her face.

Gasping a bit as flames licked over the pink flesh of her breasts, easily ten shades darker then Rei's, she felt her body shudder in low shock as the heat coursed deep into the meat of her breasts, making the rest of her body seem cold in the air of the balcony walkway. That is save for her cunt, and ass, the rod a deep burning in her toasting cunt, and her buns getting heated as the warmth spread a little up inside the clear plastic. Behind her Misato continued her ministrations, watching as the redheaded girl wiggled, enjoying the view of ass and roasting cunt wobbling in front of her and the smell of both that and the girl's tits.

After several minutes of cooking, Asuka trying not to grind her legs together and forcing her pussy into the heated rod in her cunt, the panties let out a low beeping noise, signaling they were done. Misato, by this point was almost as horny as Asuka what with the erotic display before her and she quickly got to her knees and crawled over to the redhead, looping her fingers around the edge of the panties.
Asuka gasped, as distracted as she was by having a rotating naked Rei in front of her, and by her own two roasting breasts, all of it jumped to the background as she felt the overly large metal dildo stick for a moment, and then slowly with a sucking noise begin to pull out of her. She could tell Misato was doing this with purposeful slowness as the rod pulled out of her inch by inch, setting off every little piece of nerve ending left working in her pussy as it slipped along easier and easier in her own cooking juices, the fat and cum an excellent lubricant.
The view Misato was getting was equally as intense as the clear panties let her see all as she pulled the panties down the girl's legs. The rod slowly but surely pulled out, juices dripping along the dull red glowing rod as it pushed up into the top wall of Asuka's cunt as the panties were pulled down, and down, and down. The cooking girl's clit was also being dragged along its length, and Misato licked her lips as she saw the slightly blackened nub gather up a little bit more of the ambient juices with each inch she removed.
Finally though the dildo came out as the slightly larger head made a loud popping sound after a sharp final tug, and the dildo fell forward between Asuka's legs, getting a jump from the girl as the heated appendage scrapped against a leg for a half minute before banging on the ground. Misato wasted no time getting down to business as she pushed her face into the now gaping cunt, sucking the engorged clit into her mouth and sucking down hard, tongue rolling around it savoring the taste of the clit's juices as her fingers worked her own cunt through the jeans. It wasn't enough though, and she began to unbuckle her own jeans as well.

Asuka trembled, her head rolling back as she gasped at how strongly Misato was pulling at her clit. She could feel the woman's tongue exploring every inch of it, setting off a combination of pleasure and sting as the nub was pulled and squished, and then just about to cum, the nip as Misato's teeth neatly clipped the bud from her cunt. Looking back she saw Misato chewing, hurriedly pulling her pants off, and then her panties down to her ankles before forcing her face back into the girl's crotch.
Asuka gasped again and moaned as Misato forced her tongue into her as far she could go, licking up all the juices as she managed to blindly pull both her jeans and her panties off, and surprising Asuka again, forcibly grabbed the panties Asuka was wearing, and began to pull them off, Asuka having to kick her leg out one at a time as they came off around her shoes.
With a shock, Asuka realized what Misato was doing as she watched the woman start to pull the panties up around HER ankles. However, the shock was short-lived as her own cunt drew her attention again as Misato clamped her lips around one of her cunt lips sucking on it and then took a large bite from it, chewing noiselessly. Starting from the bottom, near where her clit used to be, she slowly began to work her way up to the "top", nibbling pieces of roasted cunt flesh off and causing Asuka to throw back her head again, breathing hard. It was an act of sheer will that kept her breasts on the grill as she felt the left side of her cunt slowly being devoured.

Hungrily sucking on the last little bit of the left of Asuka's left meaty cunt lip, Misato paused long enough to risk a look back as she pulled the panties Asuka had just been wearing around her ankles, stifling a hiss as the rod bounced hard off her leg, scalding her. In her lust she quickly grabbed the panties, pulling them forward and up over her ass and then back down again as the rod hit her clit with its own hiss of steam causing her to lose her grip on Asuka's cunt.
Panting she looked back between her legs and grabbed the base of the rod on the outside of the panties and caught it from where it was bouncing from her erratic movements. Biting her lip she flipped it up and shoved it forwards, letting out a pained groan as she slammed in into her cunt, feeling her cunt lips part, the rod burning its way past them and then her cunt was aflame as it slammed home all the way to her cervix. Steam emitted around the edges of the panties as she hiked the ends up over her hips as she writhed a little under the heat and pain of the rod, but she wouldn't have it any other way as she came violently, forcing her face back into Asuka's cunt.

Her efforts redoubled Asuka trembled under Misato's onslaught as the woman sucked the last of her left lip into her mouth and chewed hungrily, trailing her tongue over the "roof" of her cunt all the way back to her cervix, licking into the small circular opening, forced slightly ajar from the heat of cooking. Asuka for the life of her couldn't force her head back down as her mouth gaped open her tongue out in absolute over-stimulation as her mind tried to comprehend all she was feeling, her breasts were on fire from the coals beneath them, the bottoms of her breasts toasted a dark black in between the bars and the rest of them a bright red, turning brown, her nipples stood at attention, while her cunt was a multiple flarings of pleasure and pain as her cum dripped down into the mouth of the woman who had won her.

Behind her Misato was now ravenously pulling and tugging on her lips, causing the burnt insides of her cunt to crack and split as more of the meat of her outside lips were bitten between teeth and explored by tongue to be swallowed heartily by the woman till she got back to where Asuka's clit would be. Asuka couldn't help her eyes bugging out as her head lulled back between her shoulder looked up at the scene of Rei's now darkening body rotating in front and above her.

Asuka's mind, half blanking out couldn't help, but wonder who was getting the better of the deal as she watched the girl turn, her small breasts now hardened enough that they stood on end whenever she flipped, no longer enough give in them to flop around as they did at the start. The sight seemed to burn itself into Asuka's pleasure and pain ridden mind as time seemed to slow down, her eyes able to trace the sweat and fat slowly trailing down the blue-haired girl's firm buttocks to hiss as it dropped into the flames, tanned nipples positively dripping with juices as they angled downwards in a pass around the radius of the spit.

Misato behind her was nearly as whited out in mind as Asuka was, as she pulled back long enough to glimpse her next target in the girl's cunt. The cunt lips surrounding the girl's pussy were now completely gone, just the little hood of what used to be the clit left at the opening and a glimpse of the cooked inside of the meat of the pussy itself surrounding it, twitching with the contraction of the girl's cunt muscles. She could see all the way to the back of the reddish brown passage, small lines of charred meat scorched into the outer layer of it, leading all the way up to the cervix, with a black ring scorched around the farthest protruding piece of the entrance to the girl's womb.
The sting of her cunt cooking made Misato wiggle under the constant feeling as she she sunk her pearly white teeth back into the meat before her, biting into the meaty inside of the cunt, juice welling up from where her teeth sunk in before she pulled a large piece from the inner wall, cooked to brown, muscle and fat pulling away easily into her mouth.
With a groan Asuka pulled her head back finally and looked at her breasts, her mind clearing enough to know they we're finished and what vanity left in her that she knew she didn't want what were once one of her prized assets burning. Waving over to the dumbstruck, and long forgotten by the three girls, Shinji, she bit her lip and pointed erratically at her two breasts, unable to speak as Misato took another bite from her cunt wall causing another shiver through her body. She doubted by this point she could have moved her legs if she wanted to, the feeling from her lower half was so intense, and as she saw Shinji pull out a knife nervously she knew this was going to be too.
Being careful not to fall into the grill and minding the still rotating Rei, whose cunt and butt were nearly directly next to his head as they rotated, casting off a delicious odor, Shinji carefully brought the large serrated meat knife down over Asuka's breasts' bases and looking up at the near out of it girl for a sign to proceed. Unfortunately she couldn't really even give that as she fought to keep her own head from falling into the way, unable to meet his eyes in pleasure and now exhaustion, so he winced and brought the knife down the rest of the way anyway.

Asuka let out a pained gasp as the serrated blade bit into both her tits at once, Shinji forcing the blade down and back and forth with one handle on the blade and the other on the blades backing itself. She could see out of her watery eyes, between the sweat dripping down her face from the heat, her breasts were now completely brown, the nipples the darkest hue and long since cooked, were protruding at full. The skin was slightly matted and dried out as small beads of fat, the sweat long gone from them, ran down the breasts and clear juice welled up out of the wound the knife was rapidly widening.
Pain flared in her breasts from the few remaining nerve endings, but still she could feel her nipples try their best to grow harder despite the lack of blood flow to them as she watched the blade sink deeper and deeper into her b sized tits, now embedded deep enough that the back of the blade had sunk out of sight into her breast flesh.
A half minute later, watching the blade saw back and forth through the browned meat, first one then the other breast peeled free from her chest as it cut down to the bottom, and with a jerky motion, cut through the scorched, hardened meat at the bottom of her breasts. All that was left of her chest was two half inch stumps protruding from her chest now, ragged flesh circling the browned meat just above the muscle of her chest. The two breasts, now pointing front side down, nipples hanging between the bars of the grill to get licked by a last few flames were at least 3 or 4 pounds apiece, and Asuka stared in dumb amazement as she could see the yellow of fat tracing around the slightly darker orange of mammary glands that had never been used in between the dark brown of meat and the light brown of cooked skin.

Shinji hurriedly speared the breasts, one at a time, piercing the sides of the detached mammaries with a meat fork and tossing them gingerly onto a waiting plate set on top of a cooler next to the grill and stared at them equally dumbfounded as they rocked a little then fell still, dripping juices onto it.
"Mi-mi-MISATO!" Said Asuka, pushing back on the older woman's head and pulling her now nearly gone pussy from the woman's mouth, nearly landing in the grill as she fell backwards into a sitting position just in front of it, legs spread. Misato herself fell forwards, catching herself on her elbows her back arched with her butt in the air from the hot rod cooking her cunt, breasts forced flat into the ground.
"Hah-hah..." Misato gulped, swallowing the last of Asuka's juices in her mouth. "Hah, haha, sorry, guess I got a little carried away." Said Misato panting and looking at the ragged remains of Asuka's pussy. Still steaming slightly, little was left, but the very back of the girl's cunt wall and her cervix, the rest of it eaten away with teeth marks lining the hole.

Asuka just panted herself, feeling the heat of the grill, and even the ambient heat of Rei's cooking body on her back as she leaned back, looking up at the blue haired girl. Unable to see her face Asuka registered in exhausted surprise that Rei's chest was still moving with breath and as she pointed over to the tits on the plate. She nearly slipped back, and forced herself to pull herself backwards along the grill and up to one of the walkway walls before collapsing again. Looking up she noticed that one of the neighbors had just come home and gave them a weak wave as she panted, and tried not to laugh as they gave her an odd look as they opened their door and walked in. She must have been quite a sight, titless and her eaten cunt still letting out bits of steam.
"Shinji!" Misato yelled, crawling over to the wall next to Asuka and adopting a similar position, legs spread, steam coming out around the transparent panties as they cooked her. "Get me another beer and a plate for me and Asuka would you! And carve us some of Asuka's tits, I'm still hungry!"
"Ah-ah...! Yes Ma'am!” Said Shinji grabbing three more plates from a stack nearby and taking up a smaller knife. Both Asuka and Misato's mouths drooled from the smell of both of their cunts, Rei and the browned tits on the plate as they watched Shinji slowly carve. To his credit Shinji carefully speared each of the two tits with a fork and carved off a large slice from directly center, cutting out from side to side straight across enclosing the nipples, and deposited it on a plate for both Misato and Asuka. Handing it to them, he handed them a fork, before gingerly and embarrassedly taking one of the end slices that had resulted of the small breasts for himself.
Misato was still so ravenous she immediately just stabbed her fork home into the slice just below the brown nipple, juice pouring out from the pores of the cooked meat as she forced it into the plate and then chomped down on it, separating a bite sized chunk of the breast just short of the nipple, nearly a third of the slice, and chewed. Swallowing hard she took a swig of beer to cool herself down and then sucked on the nub of the nipple, licking around the aerole to collect the juices on it.

Asuka on the other hand was gingerly poking it with her fork, looking over her own breast meat with awe as she tried to calm her panting, her chest and cunt were dull aches with occasional spikes when she moved, but eventually she managed to hunker down and take a deep breath and carefully sawed off an inch wide piece from the end of the slice, carving brown and yellow meat and putting it in her mouth.
She bit in and chewed, surprised at how rubbery the texture was, but then again it WAS a breast and it was mostly fat, but it still tasted great, like a somewhat fatty steak. She was a little disappointed she didn't taste better, but she could imagine that Misato had already eaten the portion of her that did as she swallowed hard and carved off the nipple. She looked at it for a moment, the forks pointed ends having caught it with the little nub in between the first and second point. The color was a dark dark brown, and she could see the individual pores when she really looked that had been dried on the surface and now were more open then they were ever in life. She bit into it and felt the meat practically melt in her mouth, the outside a rough texture and the inside a juicy meat. swallowing she bit off the nub, feeling it snip in her teeth and then gulped and swallowed the rest of it happily.
Beside her Misato was chewing the nipple happily herself and already reaching for another of the three remaining slices. Voraciously hungry she swallowed the nipple, having enjoyed it long enough and knowing another one was coming shortly from Rei and gulped down the rest of the first slice in a hurry before carving into the second. Looking up she saw Shinji already half done with his end slice.
Gulping down the next slice just as quickly she sat down her plate and sighed contently as Asuka set down hers too. Both having decided to save some room for Rei and turned to watch the Blue haired girl turn and roast in the now darkening sunlight. The flames of the grill were coating her body with a dull red and orange as tiny flames of fire floated up on debris in the wind.

From this angle the group could see Rei's ass and spit-filled cunt easily, the girl's head pointing in the opposite direction, her breasts occluded by her legs cept for when she rotated upside down and the parted a little with gravity. She was already browning, nearly all of the pink, and white gone from her skin, the sweat havign long repalced with the stray beads of fat that leaked from the drying skin, Misato coughed and pointed at the glaze that she had compeltely forggotten about in all her excitement and motioned for Shinji to pick it up and coat Rei, her cutn twinging at the site of the brush beign picked up and being stroked over the girls petite frame.
     Starting with her ass, Shinji stroked the glaze over the large spherical mounds, brown glaze dribblign down to an engorged cunt, having swelled up around the silver spit inside it, and Misato couldn't help, but move her hips a little, grinding the rod into her cunt a little harder as she was turned on by the sight, touching her proturding nipples thru her shirt as she watched him methodically coat the girl's nether regions too. Coasting the breasts, Misato watched them rise and fall, slowly and smiled knowing the girl was still alive, Rei's stoic toughness havign let her roast for the last 20 minutes and still be kicking. Judging by the nipples though she was probably enjoying every minute of it as her cunt gripped the pole as it rotated her body over the flames.

Misato jumped, as her cunt roasting panties beeped, signalling she was "done", garnishing a look from Asuka with a smug smile. Misato just gave her a mocking grin back and slid deeper into a sitting position, legs askew and took another sip of brew. A tiny puff of smoke emanated from her cunt, replacing the steam showing that because of her "hot start" her cunt was a little more then just lightly cooked. The panties beeped again, more insistant this time, telling her ot take them off, and she just reached down and tapped the power switch on then off again, enojoyng the feeling of the smoldering dildo slowly turning her cunt into a crispy treat as she watched Rei cook.
     Asuka just gave her a flabbergasted look, not believing what she was seeing, and then nodded her head, understanding finally. Laughing, ASuka turned back to rei and brought her hands down between her legs and touching the remains of her cunt, tracing the slightly singed edges of her cervix, her only way of really beign able to "mastrabate" after Misato's meal. Misato had just decided that there was enough food present that her own cunt was better served as a source of pleasure and was letting it burn a little.
It was another ten minutes before Rei finally finished roasting, her breathing was shallow by now, and her eyes we're faded a little, barely aware of what was around her except for when it moved. Her body on the other hand looked good enough to eat ten times over, the light white skin was now a darkened brown all the way thru save for the head which was a lighter shade, but not by much. The outer skin had dried a bit due to the innattention at the beginning, but the basting Shinji had given it later on had kept it from burning. Her breasts and ass had expanded a little bit with the heat, nipples a dark rich brown and her ass cheeks shining as Shinji prodded them with a meat fork, clear juices welling up from the twin holes poked by the forks and trailing down the firm buttocks.
     Crawling over Asuka gave Shinji a shove out of the way as she reached for the carving knife that had taken off her own tits, and sat down on the side of the grill, feeling her own buttocks warm painfully, but ignored it as she reached under Rei and grabbed and squeezed one of the two small tits. Takign the knife she lined it up on the side and started to saw, grittign her teeth as the flames licked the edges of her butt, but continued on, watching the mouds slowly seperate and pull off the girls chest. The brown and yellow of cooked meat and fat slowly appeared and Asuak marveled at the ring of yellow fat, an inch of it surrounding the outside of the breasts jsut below the skin, and then jsut below it the lattice work of the meat and the many many circles of the carved in half mammary glands that dotted the inside of the tits.
     With the last flick of the wrist, Asuka seperated the first breast and flopped it down onto the plate next to the last slice of her own with a meaty wet flap and went to work on the second tit, sawing back and forth with abandon. Grinning Asuka noted that the secodn tit came off a bit harder as Rei's breathing got a bit harder and lookign up she could see the girls eyes closed shut. She could only guess what the girl was feeling, and with an more evil tinge to her grin, she reached bac, careful not to touch the burnign metal of the spit and began to finger the hard expanded nub of the girls browned  clit, getting a sharp intake of breath from the blue haired girl around the spit, albeit nessicarily weak.

With a another sharp tug, the blade passed throug hthe last bit of skin holding the second orb to the girls chest and Asuka brought it to her mouth, looking back at Misato and with a dirty look gave the nipple a little suck, tasting the juice of the breasts welling out of the nipples opening, the natural ducts now cooked open and acting like a straw, and then put it down on the plate next to its cousin, licking her lips and enjoying the salty taste of the girls tit.
     Shifting herself, having a hard time standing and having to use one hand as a prop, she switched sides on the grill, giving her poor ass a rest. Lookign down she could see soem scortch marks across the pink skin from just having been sitting on it for just a few minutes, and rubbed it a little, enojying it desptie the pain. She was turned on even by this and looked down again under rei's body as she grabbed one of the other girls ass cheeks and squeezed as she looked at the remains of Rei's breasts. Her cuttign job had been a bit bad due to the angle and the fact Rei was still spitted and hanging, and the cut had made a ragged mess of the skin and meat attached to it, but two half inch circles of flesh still jutted out for mthe girls chest. Exposed to the heat anew, without the cooked skin and fat as protection the wounds dripped mroe clear juice into the fire, each drop evaporatign in a pleasent smell of cooked meat.

Pulling herself up on her knees, feeling the flames lick the caps, she put a free hand on the spits handle for balance and brought the knife up at an angle to the head level slices of meat she wanted to carve off next from the girl. There was another low, sharp intake of breath from Rei as the blade sunk into her right ass cheek, just at the base where the leg connected. A much thicker peice of meat, Asuka had to carve hard, the non-fatty ass of the well toned girl not giving away as easy as the breasts had been. It took several good hard swipes of the knife back and forth before the knife had a good hold in the meat, and Asuka gritted her teeth, havign to grab down hard on the handle for blanace to shove off of to get the blade in deeper, seeign the large knife sink under golden brown skin. Even half way thru the butt cheek still looked intact if not for the small discrepency of the line of skin where the cut had been made shakign back and forth with each sawing motion. 
     Asuka herself was breathign hard as she finally reached padt the midway and found herself archign her hips, tryign to get the exposed cervix and remaining meat of her cunt over the hot hair of the grill, feeling what remained of her cunt juices from her cervix drip into the flames. With a hard gasp she finaly sawed the last peice off, and fell onto the grill butt first in exhausted and panted, rubbign her backside into the hot grating of the grill in a desperate attemtp to get off, barely catching Rei';s ass cheek as the slick meat slwoly pulled itself off of the girls petite frame.

Misato, herself, was nearly besides herself now, with how turned on she was also, watching the erotic dispaly of the two girls. Her hand working her pussy thru the panties, feeling her finger tips heat up against the bottom of the rod, she finally gripped it and tugged, using her other hand to pull on the panties sides in a desperate attempt to get them off. With a slick noise, accompanied by the small crackling noise of the burnt inside of her cunt, Misato pulled the glowing metal dildo from her cunt, careful to make sure it didn't fall back and hit her legs this time and quickly tossed the device to the ground as she pulled herself up, feelign her legs wobble with the effort. Looking down she grinned a little noting even standing up, her cunt had been burnt to a permanent gape and she could see the darkened singed insides of her cunt over the now half brown and half black clit in front of it.
     Half wobbling, she walked over to Asuka, sinking to her knee by the edge of the grill and took the knife from the girl as the redhead pulled herself partially off the heated grate. Feeling her ass sizzlign again, Asuka went back to work on her cervix, fiddling it as she watched Misato lean over Rei's prone defensless body and position the knife against the remaining ass cheek as she also gave it a long lick, collecting the melted fat run off with her tongue.
     Taking the first swing of the blade, Misato gasped, as a soft hand grabbed her buttocks, and then the familair feeling of a mouth and nose at her back end ended with the surprise feeling of a little pink tongue dartign into her nether region.

Behind her Asuka gripped both of Misato's firm ass cheeks in her hands as she forced her tongue into the girl as far as she could reach, feeling her tongue scrapping over the roughened surface of the girls cunt. Before doing this she had cuaght a feelting glimspe of the burnt and blackened hole before hand an knew she was moving her tongue over a more then cooked piece of a meat, but neither that, the heat agaisnt her tongue or the hot air that still emanated from the woman's vagina was stoppign her as she tasted Misato's insides, instead it served to make her own body grow hotter and hornier. Misato soon found herself havign a hard time kneeling as Asuka's more then it should have been, expert tongue went to work, finding every nook and cranny and half working nerve, making her body jump as she continued to try and carve Rei's ass cheek from the girl's body.

Wiggling uncontrollably every time the girl hit another sensitive erognous zone, Misato continued her carvign, cuttign a ragged path thru the other girl's buttcheek, the blade itself wiggling up and down thru the cooked flesh. For nearly two minutes, havign to readjust her grip on the blade each time sweat slicked hands slipped due to another surprise jolt of pleasure or sting of pain from the redhead girls administrations she finally managed to finish her job, catching the slipping half heart shaped peice of meat face up, having to readjust her hand as the internal side of the meat still hot off the grill scalded her hand.
Grippign the peice between her forefigner and thumb she pushed hard agaisnt the redhead's head behind her, having to force Asuka away from her spasming cunt, a harder task for not wantign her to stop.  Barely able to squeeze away between the two girls she turned her back away from Asuka, feeling her cunt drip over the grill with an accompanying hiss and tossed the piece of meat onto her plate before Asuka, still lsut driven dove her mouth between Misato;s legs again and continued her adminastrations, now in clear veiw of the woman, which made Misato even hotter as she watched the young redhead bobble between her legs, dragging her tongue from cervix to end with lickign the clit like the top of an icecream. 
     Shudderign as she watched her own clit grind between the folds of Asuka's tongue, Misato half yelled at Shinji as she pointed to the grill with a shakey hand. "Get her off the grill, Shinji... And put her o-o-on.. it!" She panted as Asuka got a exteremyl sensitive spot and knowing it continued to grind her tongue into it as she fingered her own cervix. Misato quickly corrected herself as she saw Shinji move towards Rei and this time shouted, unable to control her own voice, a "WAIT! PUT IT OUT FIRST THEN TAKE HER OFF!" As she cuaght herself and realzied that would just make Rei's roast burn to be set so close to the fire.

Shinji lookign confused for a moment looekd around for a bucket or soemthing, anything to put out the fire and realziing they hadn;t brought one went into the apartment, leaving Misato at the mercies of Asuka foir more then three minutes as he filled a bucket with water. By the tiem he came back Misato was panting so hard and her legs so wobbly as she forced the redhead's head into her crotch with hands on the back of the girl's head, ruffled through the long hair that she had half collpased agaisnt the wall.
     Shinji himself was tryign to hide his own reaction as he bent more then he should holding the bucket of water so low as to keep his erlbows together in front of his pants. Hurrying to the grill he flushed the water over the hot coals with a hiss of steam and smoke that half occluded Rei's nude form as the coals went out. Donnign a pair of gloves he then quickly moved to pull the spit out from braces on either end of the grill, nearly dropping the second one as he carefully laid her down on the grill on her back. He gulped, finishing, admirign the veiw of the compeltely prone grill, stretched straight, the veiw from above giving him a look from top to bottom of her legs folded back and her arms bound, cunt stretched and swollen aroudn the shiny spit that emerged from her mouth just a few feet away. The stumps of her chest set off a strong contrast to the golden brown of her skin, signifying that the girl was both sex object and cooked meat as Misato and Asuka finally wrestled each other away from the other and half crawled towards the grill.
Panting heavily both girls stopped, misato sitting on the cooling grill that still hissed as she sat on it as the sweat on her skin evaporated and asuka sat on her knees in front of it and let their raging hormones cool as they eyes over the next prime peice of meat. from laying on her back, even without the ass cheeks to prop it up, Rei's cunt was almsot the highest point on her boy, and with the spit sticking out of it at least a few good feet, easily the most eye catching
     Motioning for the gloves, Misato with a all to serious face as she eyes the spit with a glema in her eye took them from Shinji, putting on one and givign the other to Asuka.
     "On the count of three?"
     Asuka nodded to Misato as the woman's left, gloved hand grasped the spit near where it stuck out from Rei's cunt, and the other pushed lightly down on the sweat and fat greased skin of Rei's lower thigh. Asuak put on her own glove, grabbing near the top herself, and pushed her left hand down on the opposite thigh as Misato counted.
     "One... Two... THREE!" Half yelled Misato as both girls grunted. From cooking the meat in Rei's body had swelled, and an already tight cunt was now tight enough in conjuction with the rest of her body to give both girls a tough time as they pushed and pulled hard enough that Rei moved a few inches with each tug. Half way thru the first effort the Spit began to move with a slick noise as it began to slip from the cunt, the girl entrance finally allowign the spit to move with a small trickle of clear cunt juices as the spit began to recede back into Rei's mouth. Another foot and a half gave way on the second, and then one the thrid with one massive last pull, the spit now feeling free of its grip, slicked by Rei's own cooked juices slipped free, the last feet coming out easily. The sharpened end fell from her gaping cunt with a rush of steam from the wide open hole and Asuka and Misato could see all the way into the cervix and a little beyond before the night and the shadow hid thigns from their veiw.


and current project i'm REALLY slowly working on, unedited for anything spelling or anything. Was the prequal to digimon diner. This REALLY badly shows how much I need to edit things after I free write, so read at your own risk for the high dyslexic output. Not going to get it done anytime soon cause of that, specially since I focus on my drawing instead of writing.

I did listen to the guys who said they'd like to have seen the cooking, but sora's boring so I ran the furry route.

Renamon roasted: (cannibalism, spitting, milking shaving, etc.)

"Are you sure you want to order your friend here?" Asked sakuyamon, looking to Guilmon and to Terriermon as she poised her pen over her notepad.

"They're not the ones that are ordering." Said Renamon with annoyed sigh, as she sat on the diner table. Her usual tomboyish nature hated, that even as a "meal" authority had been assumed by the two "male" digimonsitting in the booth to either side of her. "This is a birthday gift, and a bit of an apology for a previous attack on Guilemon, here." She thumbed one of her large furred fingers in the giant red lizards direction.

"I mean we are going to have to snuff you..." said Sakuyamon, still sounding unconvinced, "as I'm sure you know. AND we DO have other women in stock you could choose from." She paused for a moment as Renamon opened her mouth to speak, before cutting her off with a quick, "Er, and no, before you ask I'm not on the menu."

"That's- er thats not what were going to do." Said Renamon, taken aback for a moment and then, growing even more annoyed with the waitress not listening to her. "Look." She scowled, lifting up her furred tuft that covered her chest, exposing her large yellow and white nippled breasts and with a grab of talloned fingers of the other hand, sheered it off, exposing her large yellow and furred tits with an jiggling bounce. Tossing the tuft to the waitress, who caught it with a bit of surprise, she continued, bending forwards in guilemons direction, "I promised that I would cook for their dinner, with it me, as a perosnal task, not someone else. And besides, Guilemon here is already drooling at just the idea of sinking his teeth into me. Predatory instinct and all." She said shaking her breasts for empahsis, the lizard digimon visably drooling and following the orbs with his head as she dangled her meat in front of him.

"AND personally I'd prefer to be cooked before I'm eaten. Not vored and digested, or worse..." Said Renamon, trailing off to try and make her point as the lizard licked his maw, showing off a flash of his many sharp teeth.

"Right, right..." Said Sakuyamon, looking at Guilemons mouth for a moment before jotting down "Renamon -" on her notepad, "One Renamon, home brought meat," Renamon, jumped a little at the word despite herself, "... rare, medium rare, well done? Roasted or boiled? Digitamon can pretty much cook you anyway you want, how do you want to be... um... "Sakuyamon pursed her lips." Done?" She still couldn't believe this many digimon kept coming here to be cooked, especially considering all the store stock on hand.

Renamon blinked, stunned a little at the options and looked to the other two digimon for input.

Guilemon jsut crooked his head, confused, and Terriermon gave a hopeless gesture. *Great* thought Renamon, it figured the two dimwits wouldn't even know what they wanted. But then again she knew she'd probably have to take charge, "Roasted." She said pointedly, "It'll taste better, boiling is to rubbery." she said starting to get a little perturbed about having to talk so much, much less to plot out her own demise. Cooked over a fire she could deal with, all these questions.... "and well done. Very well done. Can we just get on with it?"


"Gah, another one, and another one." Said digitamon, the strange lizard/egg's glowign red eyes from its crack in its huge shell glared at at Renamon as Sakuyamon left to go wait more tables. "I swear, whats wrong with the stock...!" He waved his ladle around from a large soup pot he had been swirling with it, containing a strange mix of exotic materials. Renamon could swear she saw a stop sign floating in the broth.

Renamon just grunted, walking over to a nearby counter and sitting down on it, feeling the cold table of her ass and pussy as she leaned on the edge, her newly exposed tits squishing between her arms. She never realized how muc hte tuft of fur on her chest had kept them from feeling the cold and heat, but now that she was in the kitchen she could feel her nipples growing hard as various things cooking in the kitchen blew across them.

The stoic Renamon shuddered as the milk pumps continued workign on her breasts, the white milk shooting into the clear cups as the nippels pulled and throobed to the pumps rythme. She could feel her pussy startign to get warm from the feeling, as the tension in her breasts rose with each pump. She refused to let herself cum fom such a contrivance, but it didn't help that her nipples were relatively unsed to being used in any way or form. Se never really mastrabted, or played wit hher breasts, something she felt a waste of her time when she could be training, or assitign ruki, or out hunting, or really anything, she was a fox, and she DID like her sleep. Plus she had claws. Rubbing her nipple,s or fingering herself came with its own risks, so she jsut had never bothered to try it, but now... she groaned, her face flushing under her fur as she shifted uncomfortably on the table.

"yo, miss!" Came a gurgly, frog in a throat type voice from behind her at the sime time something grabbed her tail making her jump. She felt her breasts bounce into each other, the weight of the cups on her nipples causign them to swign and then clack into each other as she sat bolt upright and looked behind her. Wincing as her tits came to a rest, she looked down at the dimintive pair of Geckmon that had called for her, ones hand still on her tail.

"erm, uh... yes...?" Said Renamon, her eyes flicking from the gecmon and then back to her tits, seeign the nipples bulge out from around the grip of the cup, and then back to the Geckomon. She wasn't used to beign embarassed, but this wasn't exactlya normal situation.

"digitamon sent us. We need to get you shaved if you want to roast." The two geckmon held up hand held electric shavers, pushign the buttons to summon a loud WHRRRRRRR noise to the kitchen.

"Shave me??" Renamon looked on in shock, her voice rising in surprise desptie herself as well as a slight hike in the center as a particulaurly hard suck on her nipples made them spurt into their tubings.

"Cna;t have you all furry over the fire, Ma'am." Said the geckomon. Depsite the fact he was speaking perfect english he still sounded like he soemhow was managing to garble and mangle it. "I mean would you eat something with fur on it? Plus it could catch fire! Can't shave you after, the oil would make it impoosible!"

"...what oil...?" Said Renamon ,somewhat annoyed at the Geckomon's rambling. She never was much for patience.

"Err, right, we need to oil you too." Said the other Geckmon, holding up a bottle of oil and a stick of butter with his other hand. "Cant have you dryign out over the fire either ma'am!" The Geckomon waved his hand and then jsut as matter of factly finished with a "Plus it makes you taste better!"

"..Riiiiight." Said Renamon, realizing that jsut by being here things were already running counter to normal sanity even in the digital world, and this was goign to be the price to pay for her "gift" to guilemon.

I guess you can start with the legs...?" She said, lifting up one of her large legs. her legs were soemwhat canine in make, while still being that of something that only walked on two of them, so they had an odd curve backwards below the knees ending with a large paw with sharp claws. The Geckomon took a secodn to look at the claws with a mixture of interest and a bit of fear, before gingerly gettign to work, holding up the paw with one of their hands and shavign with the other.

Rebnamon could only watch with interest as the two lizard experetly went to work, feelign the ticklign sensation of the razors on her skin as clumps of her fur fell to the ground rapidly turnign white furred paws, then yellow furred legs to pink exposed flesh, the ying yangish makrs the only thing left on them to stand out besides their odd anatomy from what her fur had give her.

All the while the infernal milk pumps kept on their tasks of milkign her poor tits dry, much to Renamons annoyance. Still, it wasn't so bad till the Geckomon got to her hips.

"Alright, up!" Said one Geckomon, stopping and beckoing her to stand up.

Renamon looekd around, noting that the hoses of the pumps woudln't really reach that high if she stood. "er...."

"just bend over on the table and crouch, legs spread, we need to get all fo you." Said the Geckomon moting at the box on the table the pumps hoses ran to."

"Alll of me..." Said Renamon blinking, and then even with her stoic nature her face went red as she realzied what they'd meant. Technically she was ALWAYS naked, but she had her fur... but now...

"alright..." Said renamon, pullign her self up and turning around, keepig herself bent so she woudln;t tug to far on the box on the table and knock it off. She clibmed up no the table on all fours, feeling her breast flop down and hang from her chests, formign twin torpedo's pointing at the surface all the while jigglign and swaying as the milk pump continued to drain them. She had never felt more on display in her life, and then she spread her legs....

It didn't take long for the Geckomon to get to work, the tiny digimon havign to climb up on the table with her, running the shavers over her ass, sides, before with a small jump and alot of effort ot keep still, pretending to look idly off at soemthign else, she felt the geckomon brign the shaver of her cunt lips, clearign the fur from her most private of areas and exposing her ot the world.

Underneath the fur, Renamon's tall, but petite form really showed, as her cunt lips were a small and soft cameltoe, her clit and innerlabia entirely hidden between the folds of her two lips that were accentuated by the foxes naturally wide thighgap.

*I cnat beleive i;m doing this....* thought Renamon, bowing her head and grittign her teeth as the digimon continued to shave her. She had never felt more like a cow in her life, not jsut beign milke,d but shaved too! ON all fours. But she had to admit it didn't seem nearly as outlandish as cooking oneself, so she jsut had to, well not grin, but fdeifnetly bare it.

"Okay and wraise this arm, and that one..." Said one geckomon, as her shaved under each, and pushed each glvoe down to shave into them down to the wrist. "Don';t really need to shave your hands, they should be fine, and the glvoes can stay on, their digifiber so they shoudln;t burn easily, and they'll look good on the final peice, same for your little, shoulder things... whatever they are..." He poked one of the little fins that always had justted from Renamon's shoulders. to be hoenst she had never known what they were either.

And now these..." Said the other Geckomon bendign down to look at renamon's enourmous breasts. The Breasts were now almost compeltely milked dry, the nipples painfully hard and abused by the tugging, with small spurts of the fox's milk coming out of them, but not quite yet finished.

"right!" Said the other Geckomon bendign down. With almost a little bit of joy, but keepign it professional the two geckomon grabbthe foxes breasts by the cups and lifted them, shavign udner their bases and makign Renamon gasp as they swiftly went about shavign the twin orbs, pullign them left and right by the milking cups to get at all th angles of the surface. The buzzing on the razors on her titswas alsmto too much for her with the milk pumps still going, but she bit her tongue and kept as still as she could, her eyes wide as the Geckomon's did their works.

finally done, Renamon trying not to pant, or shake, as she forced hersefl of her hands and knees, one of the geckmon reached up to grab the bit of tuft around her neck to work on shaving it and her head, when she raised a paw and stopped him.

"I'll be keeping that. Even with the risks thank you." Said Renamon, having to breathe deep to still soudn clear and even headed, even though she wasn't. "I prefer to have SOME diginity left."

"Your the boss." Said the Geckomon backing off. "Well techincially Digitamon's the boss. But no one eats the head anyway, we'll jsut makes sure to spritz you down so it doesn't catch." He tossed the Razor down and hopped off the table, grabbign a handheld vaccum and beinning to suck up all the fur on the table and ground around them.

Renamon breahed a sigh of releif, and with some great plreasure pulled the cups off her now dry breasts with an audiable pop before looking back over her now "naked body."

It was a bit embarassign to see herself like this, besides her gloves and head, only her tail was left with fur on it. She felt like one of thsoe funny little cats she had seen in the digital world with their bodies but not heads shaved. She coudl see the curve of her ass clearly now, the indent of her ass cheeks leadign up to her tail, and a quick look between her legs showed cameltoe under the rise of her now pinkish breasts.

She was glad for the gloces she was allowed to still be wearing, other wise she'd feel liek she was completely naked. She pulled one of them up as she puleld her self back down to sit on the table, only to jump and then sit more slwoly back down as the cold metal hit, for the first time, bare pussy and ass cheeks.

She pulled her tial around her, hugging it, as she shivered. "What about my tail? Aren't you goign to shave that too?"

"ah no, the boss will take care of that!" Said the Geckmon as he vaccumed, the other one was busy sweepign the floor. "give us a minute to get this all cleaned up and we'll get you oiled. Don't want fure to stick everywhere y'know!"

"Right. Oiled." Said Renamon. She was likign this less and less every second as she watched the several pounds of her coat get scooped or vaccumed up and then uncermoniously dumped into the garbage.

Come'on come'on." Said digimtamon pushing Renamon by the butt up onto the table, "spread those wide legs and lets get this over with, I have other recipes to cook, though first, "He glared, pushing her tail out of the way, "if you want to be spitted and fire roasted, this thing needs to go first!"

Renamon tilted her head back, trying to see behind her as she got on all fours on the table, her large tits swaying under neath her.

"This tail of your, itll jsut catch on fire." said digitamon, puttign a hand on her ass, and before she could register it, a large pair of cooking sheer came up to either side of her tail, and before she even had a chance to realzie what was happening, digitamon had closed them down on it, sheering her tail off at the base with the furry tail falling to the table and then bouncing off to the ground.

"OW!" Yelped Renamon, her eyes going wide, her entiee body jumping, tits boucning as she felt her tail lopped off. Her eyes teared up as she gritted her teeth, "Why you little..."

"Oh shut it." Said digitamon bmatter of factly as he slapped her rear with his hand at the same time he tapped of her tail. It was in the way and it'll make your fat ass look better with out it. It had no meat on it, and besides if you cna;t deal with a little missing limb here, you certianly won't deal with me shoving a big ass peice of metal thru you, so zip it, and bend back down so I can spit you.

"Grrr." *fine* thought Renamon, turnign back around and bendign forwards till her large tits reseted with her nipples pushed into the table, trying hard to keep her ass still as her tail stump sent bolts of pain thru her as she moved.

"Good, good." Said digitamon, lining up a big machine on wheels behind her. A spit stuck thru it, with a series of motors that clearly would send it forwards at the push of a button.

The geckomon carried Renamon behind the row first row of machines, and from her place on the spit, she could see that there was a second "row" of them behind it, a rather large kitchen for such a small restraunt, and there was at least 50 or so different machiens of various types, from friers, to microwaves, to ovens, making the place fairly cramped, as the machines stacked one ontop of each other in the little area. Renamon could only wonder what a few of the devices did, but considering it was the digital world, and Digitamon's seemingly true claim of being able to make any dish, she could only guess what exotic means they could be used for.

Her device though, was about as oridnary as it could be, if not for its size. A roaster, using a mechanical fire pit at the bottom with coals too add flavor, and a holster on each end of it for a spit, all contained with a metal box with a glass door.

"urggh!!" Groaned the two geckoman, as they hopped up on step stools to either end of the device, that they had kicked over to it, and hefted her into the device. the spit she was on dropped into fitting grooves in little circles on the end, that then clicked shut to keep the spit stuck in place. Renamon grunted herself, feel the spit thump in her body as her large breasts bounced with the drop, dnagling over the unlit fire pit below her. Her nipples had a good, half foot clearence in the device from the bottom, obviously intended to give the meat some distance from the flame so as not to burn or catch fire.

Renamon blinked, swallowing hard on the invading pole in her throat and feeling her ass twinge still from where the point of the spit had speared thru it. If there was ever a moment to bring home she was meat, and that she was going to be roasted, and eaten, it was definetly now, she thought as her tits swayed under her, her body tied to a spit inside of an oven.

"Alright, you twits, out of my way...!" Scolded Digitamon, nudging the little lizardmen out of the way with his foot as he stepped up to the device, with the door open her had to a lean ackwardly with his wide shellf, but one of his hands coming from the crack in the shell reach out and turned the oven on, a clicking noise going off as the lighter attempted to catch before the swoosh of a small flame from all over below her kicked on.

"There." said digitamon, stepping back as Renamon felt the small increase of heat already against her nipples, the lowest part of her body at the moment. "Now we''ll just let the roast heat up for a moment, and then we'll finish up." The egg gave the open door a pat before walking off, leaving it open as the coals slowly warmed up below the girl.

Renamon let out a sigh, trying to force herself to relax as she waited for the firepit to heat up, all of the intensity of the moment, suddenly dying down all at once. She was a fox of action, not to mention one that was used to fighting for her life for the most part. It took some getting used to not beign able to do anything at all, waiting, even more so she could roast.

Listening to the clank of dishes and metal around her though, that was all she could really do at this point. The heat was rapidly rising, but it still took a few minutes for the coals and flames to build up sufficiently to start cooking her, and she used that time to regrettably look around her environment. Most of the cooking devices weren't in use, but several were, and each one jsut gave her more of a sense of her impending "doom" from roasting chickens in another roaster style oven, turnign over and over again, just as naked as she is, to even worse, a clossal breast in an oven, with a single golden bra cup dangling off the handle.

Renamon gritted her teeth as the heat kept increasingly incrimently, causing her to wiggle and twist onthe spit to the limit that her body on the spit allowed. Discomfort quickly turned to pain as she felt her too low nipple begin to feel liek they were scortching fro mthe flames below them, her knees and belly starting to feel like they were beginning to cook as drops of sweat riveted down her body. She almost regretted keepign the egg from shaving her head as well, as the fur seemed to make the area around her neck even hotter.

"Ah, there we are." Said Digitamon finally returning and checking the coals over with a metal rod. That should be sufficent to make sure even those fat thigns hanging off your chest cook to a "T." With an emphasis he grabbed one of her large, now very red and sweaty breasts with his hands and squeezed, turnign them to look over the nipples to make sure they were good and hard, the small nubs and aerole bulging and cuasing Renamon to make a protesting noise.

"Now, now." Said digitamon, givign a glare mroe out of previous annoyance. He had long sicne been tired of all these customers bringing their own meat. He gave the breast a little swat and let it sway and dnagle as he reached over and hit a button. With a juttering lurch, the spit slowly turned in the fox girl, Renamon feeling the thing slip a little inside her before catching and pulling her body arounsd by the grip of her throat and cunt muscles, as well as the body mass it had been shoved thru. It was uncomfortable enough Renamon had to clench her eyes and concentrate so as not to thrash her legs around in the limited restraint she was in.

After what seemed like a solid minute, but was likely less, Renamon opened her eyes as the spit came to a halt, with her now facing up, Digitamon letting go of the button as he rattled with things.

Nagahhh, nagahh,..." Renamon panted thru the spit in her mouth as she felt her muscles twitch and the "reprieve" of the fire from the frotn of her body, even as the back end of her twitched at the flames now scrotching her ass and back. Her ass gripped the spit in her as she felt her body get used to the new positon it foudn it in, her tits still burning as they hung to the sides of her chest.

After a minute she realzied she coudln;t see digitamon for a minute thru the "window", and the cramped kitchen made it hard to hear anythign over the sound of the clatter of pots and pans and various machines, but after a minute she could see him return, barely out of the corner of her eye, as he opened the glass door and set soemthign down on it with a thump. Confused she looked at it, it looked like a little vaccum cleaner, com,plete with hos,e but digitamon didn't leave her to wodner for long as he reahed over and spread her exposed redeened pussy lips.

"Should be late enough now,, yeah, the frotns half cooked already, didn;t want the stuffing to get too over cooked...." said digitamon, largely to himself as he mumbled jsut before roughyl jabbign the frotn of the hose into Renamon makign her eys go wide as he gave it a few rough shoves to make sure it was in and then turned on the machine.

Imeddieatly Renamon understood what it was as it began forcign stuffing into her already tight and small pussy. Her fox like anatomy meant she was extrmely wide hipped, but her stomach was pretty much only twice as thick as her arms, and the stuffign quickly found itself filling her compeltely, forcign past her cervix and into her womb, and to her mix of horro and surprise she felt her stomach beging to painfull expand, even as digitamon, seemingly unconcerned, wandered off to go attend other thigns in the kitchen.

MMhmhm!!" Renamon moaned, and groaned, shifting on her spit, wantign to get away from the intruding hose but forcing herself to try and remain still as her small stomach began to double in size, and then triple, the stomach part of her waist expanding, but not her sides and back, so that her stomach began to "overflow" over the edges of her waist at the same tiem it grew out. It took several minutes, and renamon felt she could explode at anymoment, almost forgetting the pain of the heat on her back, and her scalded tits, but finally it came to an end. She could just barely see the edges of her stomach from the back of her eyes with her head facing down the way it did as it finished, but i was clear it was now like it was almsot 9 months pregnant, on her tiny waste, and eventually the thing came to a halt and clicked off, cycling a few seconds of heated air after the last of the stuffing bottomed out.

Mmmhhh..." Groaned renamon, the heat on her back now omnipresent as her back, and her ass, sticking out farther into the fire then her back ,began to cook in earnest. Her stomach ached at her, as each breath pissed off the over tuant skin and womb, and the heat of the oven made her head swim from the heated air beign breathed in.

Eventually digitamon returned, minutes later, though to renamon it felt like hours, and yanked the hose out roughly. "ah yes, nicely stuffed...!" Said the egg, smacking her stomach with his hand audiably making renamon wince and shift. Her pussy now gaping began to ooze out a bit of stuffing from the impact, and a bit of it hit the fire with a loud sizzle.

And now the finishing touch..." Said digitamon, stuffign a carrot into her with all of his strength to cork her, the carrot roughly bjabbing into her pussy and thru her cervix. "There, one roast, big tited fox. Another thirty minutes, and we'll be good to go no this order..." He gave her stomach another whack illiciting another pain gasp from Renamon and then backed up, slammign the glass door shut again. Immdieatly renamon could feel the heat skyrocket again in the oven as the door contained the hot air and circled it up to wreck havoc with her tits. Thogu hthe worst was yet ot come, as he hit a button on the side, and suddenly the spit began rotating her fli[pping her again, and then again, as renamon realzied that now both her sides had had a chance to cook,. and she was fulyl stuffed, the machine was now goign to keep her roating to keep her meat from burning.


Last old one. More risk and slight injury via nude space walk, but some unique peril!

Kizna's EVA shoot

Story note: UV radiation causes sunburns, not the sun's direct heat, you can get sunburnt, and freeze at the same time.

Kizna took in a deep breath as she waited for Zero to don his spacesuit. Inside the cold interior of the airlock, she felt her nipples harden in the cool air as she shifted uncomfortably, with nothing really in the barren airlock to do to preoccupy herself.

"Alright! Ready!" Said Zero looking up, slapping his legs and grinning at her from behind the visor of the big bulky spacesuit. Kizna couldn't believe he was the one to suggest this, considering his fear of anti-gravity, but apparently her training had helped him enough to get rid of it, so much so, that not only was he willing to go out with her, but he had been the one to come up with the idea.

"The camera's good right...?" Said Kizna giving him an un-trusting look as she put her hands on her hips, showing off her nearly naked body. Her wide hips and spread legged stance showed off her freshly shave pussy. "I'm only going to get to do this once, and after that I'm not going to be much to look at for a few days." She sighed and looked out the airlock before looking back at him. A deal was a deal, and honestly it didn't matter what he suggested she do, but if he botched the whole concept with something as simple as a lens cap on, now THAT would piss her off.

"Yup." Said Zero, looking over the camera wide eyed, doing a second check. "Films set, len's caps off, flash is ready and charged, right type of camera for EVA runs, and the range finders on auto for quick shots... and..." Kizna heard a beep as he flicked up a menu on the touch screen of the rather large camera, made with a big handle on the side for holding with the EVA suits ridiculously klutzy gloves, "Menu's set for auto lighting conditions!" He closed the menus with a flick of the small metal stylus built into the front of one of the gloves fingers.

"Well..., lets get this over with then!" Said Kizna sighing, turning away from Zero and grabbing onto one of the support handles at the side of the airlock. Bracing herself, she looked back and saw Zero doing the same thing on the other side of the small room, next to the door's keypad. He was obviously staring, as the position left her bent over in front of him, legs spread with her cunt fully visible, but then again that was the point of all this. They had long ago agreed for her to become, almost a sex slave in exchange for him giving his all for the pilot program. Since then he had received straight high scores, and given his all for everything else, just like the single minded kid he was. So she had kept her promise, even going so far as walking around the base nude (with permission from the commander). Along with that she had agreed to certain "games," her own idea to lure him in she had suggested from the start, where basically he could decide once a day (or a week in this case, since she'd need some "rest" after this) where she'd do anything he wanted, even if it meant she'd probably die from it (or was the entire point). She figured, rightfully so, that he'd want to keep her alive long enough for him to succeed in the program, but didn't quite factor in how much he would enjoy the near death perils he was now regularly dreaming up for her.

"Alright, hitting the switch now!" Said Zero, as Kizna took a few deep breaths to build up more oxygen in her blood and then exhaled as deeply as she could. She had to keep the air out of her lungs as much as possible to avoid decompression sickness, but veins were more self regulating. As the rooms pressure began to be sucked out at the button's press, Kizna could feel her skin begin to twitch as the room made its way towards a complete vacuum, but even before it could even get half way, Zero hit the door switch, and with a loud bang, the remaining air was sucked out in one go.

Kizna fought the urge to gasp as the receiver in one of her cat like ears told her Zero let out a little yell from the force. Both of them were swept off their feet for a moment. Kizna wincing as her naked ass bashed into the wall making her bounce off it hard a few times before she fought her way back to her feet. She felt the little magnetic stubs in her boots catch the ground as the air current died off as she simultaneously could already feel the massive feeling of pressure on her body, as her stockings, boots and gloves only clad body was exposed to the vacuum of space.

Wincing she let go of the metal bar and started run/walking out of the air lock, using the EVA handles built into the side of the wall to keep herself from flying off in the lack of gravity as she got out the exit. Her body began to severely ache, her breasts feeling like they were growing painfully on her chest as the vacuum exerted its influence, while at the same time ice began to collect on her body as her sweat began to freeze even as she turned to face Zero, only 3 seconds after they had started.

Gritting her teeth she posed, an arm over her head in a peace sign, and her other on her hip, making sure as she let go with her hands, she had her feet firmly planted on the stations ground with, one foot wrapped around one of the EVA'S handle on the floor, as the weak magnetic grip of her boots were only to help her keep upright, any simple motion tugged them free. She shivered, thinking about how quick, and painful her death would be if she floated off nude into space as she felt the inky black, star filled space behind her, and counted her blessings that they had coated her eyes with the thin spray on film that was currently keeping them from going blood shot or freezing over. Still she could feel the tears though from the irritation around her eyes, leaking out from the uncovered pores around it and freezing on the edge of her eye lashes.

Zero quickly took a few shots with the camera, quickly moving to catch the girl in the darkened light off the space stations shadowed side, the flash going off, but set on low as the camera needed very little light to operate. He could already see the girl trembling, trying her best to keep still as she finished, with a quick last shot with him bent down so as to get her exposed pussy in the best frame, noting already parts of her pussy lips and hard clit starting to get covered in frost.

Now 6 seconds in, Kizna, counting down the time knowing she only had roughly 20 seconds before she passed out from exposure, let go of the rung holding her foot. Grabbing another on a hip height pole with her hand and she pulled herself to the nearby edge of the little jutting off "pier" in front of the door. She cringed, wishing she could take in another breath, her lungs craving air, as well as feeling the ice climbing over her face and hair. Looking thru the little sparkling flecs in her eyes lashes of ice, she looked and aimed at the tethered bright satellite in the sunlight past the station's shadow in front of her.

The satellite was only held onto the station by a hard cable line and a metal pipe, roughly twenty feet away from where she was, and only the size of a small bouy you'd see on the ocean. It was designed to be a broadcaster, away from the shell of the station. Her heart beat as she bent down, and jumped. This was the most dangerous part of Zero's idea, and she could feel the adrenaline push the edges of fuzziness away as she felt her feet leave the safety of the ledge. She risked a look back as she floated, seeing Zero in his suit still on the ledge taking shots of her from behind with his camera, getting her spread legs and ass as she flew to her goal hands and head first towards the sattelite. The transit seemed to go for forever, Kizna's heart beating hard as she turned back, seeing the satellite getting closer as she continued her countdown regardless, "8, 9..." Her hands caught the metal scaffolding of the satellite, feeling the cold thru her gloves of the metal as she swung herself down onto the device, and blinking in the harsh sunlight. Her boots caught the metal of the surface sticking for a moment and knocking free again to catch again as the satellite shook as she landed. She cursed in her head as in the gravity-less reaches of outer space it kept on vibrating as it fought the grip of its tethers constantly shaking her boots free.

She grimaced, her heart pounding now out of control, as her body fought to keep her living in the harsh environment and from the fear that gripped her from her jump. Out on the satellite, she was no longer shaded by the space station, and the unfiltered rays of the sun already started to being burning her naked skin thrut he UV radiation. Trying to ignore it, she forced herself into another pose, putting one hand on her hip as she hung on, looking back at Zero, who was already taking shots of her now well lit naked body, already patching over with more ice, she was presenting. She could feel her skin burning the longer she stood there, a painful and odd sensation with the frozen feeling of the ice covering her as simultaneously the radiation burned her skin, even as the ice froze it. She had to fight to try not to cover herself as her skin reflected the ultra light white back for the camera.

Feeling herself starting to black out, Kizna looked back at the scaffolding, finding herself having to struggle to make it out as white spots danced before her eyes and the world wavered. She commanded her hand to let go, feeling her hand delay as her blood fought to feed it in the vacuum, and then turned back to Zero. "13, 14" Kizna counted, feeling her lungs burn, her tits felt as if they were about to pop, as the hardened nubs strained in the cold and vacuum. She could see Zero's reaction of shock as her feet came loose from the satellite and she started floating up, at not a slow pace, from the satellite, as she fought to do one more pose.

Raising her feet and fighting to move her arms, she spread her legs, and with her ice encrusted fingers, broke the layer of ice that had spread across her cunts lips to pull her them aside aside. Pain was her immediate reward for giving the boy a good look at her exposed pussy for a long second, a pose he hadn't known she would do. The sun burned into the exposed sensitive flesh, and ice began to form inside it as her fluids froze, but she ignored it, as she snapped her hand back to the scaffolding at the last moment, just barely catching it before she would have been lost forever. Clenching her stomach as she dragged herself back her arms, she then kicked off with her feet as she swung her body back to it, launching her naked body back in Zero's direction.

Her eyes we're barely able to see by now, as she saw the blurry shape of Zero with his arms wide to catch her, him, unlike her tethered to the station. After a long few seconds as she counted down an "18,19," her concentration faltered, and her mind clouded over, barely feeling herself impact him over the cold, and burning of her body. Her tits aching, her lungs feeling like they were about to explode, the blackness finally came over her, Zero clamping his hand over her mouth as he pulled himself along the EVA hand holds.
Kizna yet out a loud gasp seconds after the airlock re-pressurized. She withered in pain as she came back to consciousness, fighting herself to her hands and knees, feeling the ice on her body crack and fall off. Ice fell from her hair in clumps, as her skin burned as the temperature in the airlock slowly increased, thawing it out.

"MY, GOD. THAT HURTS!" Said Kizna, grimacing, and rolling back onto her ass as she tried to grab her aching tits, only to quickly yank her hand back as they screamed in pain at her from the touch. She withered a bit more, breathing hard, as she fought to keep as little of her body in contact with the floor, spreading her arms and legs out to keep them from touching each other as she looked down at herself. The frost was quickly melting, leaving a shiny layer of water over her body, but the skin everywhere was a dark blood engorged red. Her nipples, painfully erect and chaffed seemed to be beacons of pain as she looked at the veins pressing against her skin across her breast as her lungs burned and fought to refuel her body with air.

"Are, you alright?" Said Zero, looking concerned as he bent down next to her.

"Yeah, Yeah." Said Kizna, gasping a bit again, surprised at how much it hurt her lungs to talk. She pulled herself painfully up into a sitting position propped against the wall, feeling her ass complain as she dragged it across the floor, and even more so her sun burnt back as it touched the wall. She was obviously going to be severely sun burnt, EVERYWHERE for a few days, and she meant everywhere, as her burning pussy attested She had done the research though, and knew she should be okay with a few days recovery. "Just give me a minute, and then help me get that ointment back at the nurse's office." She shuddered, legs spread, knowing she was going to have a rough couple of days ahead of her as her tortured breasts gave another pounding burst of pain and her skin twitched.


Another old one involving vore I forgot about but had on eka's portal.

Tenchi Muyo: Space Frog Vore

"Haha ha! There's nothing quite like a nice hot spring after a long spaceflight" Said Mihoshi, leaning back against a rock jutting from the water the warm hot spring water.

Along the water's edge, sitting propped up on a sharp incline in the bank, Aeyka smirked, proud of herself. "The Jurai family line's hot springs are the best in the universe! The water comes directly from under the family trees, to insure only the best quality for the family line! You should consider yourself very fortunate indeed, Mihoshi, to be blessed with just such a rare opportunity for an outsider to share in our waters!"

"Oh, I am!" Said Mihoshi ignorantly happy. Getting up on her knees, she stretched first, before getting on her hands as well to crawl over and get a bit closer to the other girls in the shallow water. The white towel the girls were wearing were, just, barely enough to cover her torso, and even then, just barely, as her large brown breasts hung over the edge of the fuzzy white cloth, the barest glimpse of brown nipple peeking out. Likewise, at the bottom end, her plump brown buttocks, and full cunt lips, with the rich dark brown of her pussy's inner folds just visible between them, peeked out behind her.

Behind her, a dark shadow moved obscured by the brush and wilderness that had been cultivated around the private resort. A crunching of twigs alerted the girls to something moving around them though, something not uncommon with the many small animals about. Craning their heads, Ayeka and Sasami looked up to see what it was as Mihoshi, with her back turned to the noise, slightly tilted her head to try and see.

Almost immediately, with a sudden whoosh of parting plants, a long pink tendril shot out from the surrounding area. Mihoshi didn't even have a chance to catch a glimpse of it, as it speared straight between her cunt lips, her eyes widening in surprise as the intruder roughly thrust into her. The tip was pointed, organic, slightly rough from the feel, but quickly expanded outwards to the size of her fist in a large bump. Slowing down a bit at the widest point due to the resistance of her tight cunt, the tendril was suddenly forced inwards, with a more then human strength thrust, that jolted her forwards. Wincing, her cunt wrapped its self around the intruding object with a painful popping sensation as the bulb pushed itself completely into her, the tip jutting thru her cervix into her womb, as her lips wrapped taunt around the wrist thick protrusion sticking out of her.

Mihoshi gasped, her stomach bulging from the intruder as nearly frozen in surprise and shock, her head tilted back far enough for a small look at her intruder, able to see just whipping thick blurred line of pink out of the corner of her eye, trailing behind her buttocks and leading back to the edge of a huge looming shadow.

Ayeka and Sasami, however looked on in horror as they saw what was behind the girl... The brown girl's stomach bulged and moved with the spins and thrusts of the gigantic tongue of the owner of that shadow, a rare Jurian giant mountain frog.

"M-Mihoshi-!" yelled Ayeka, eyes wide as she realized what was happening, watching the thick saliva ooze off the long tongue, dripping and splashing into the water in a spray. Behind her, Sasami gasped in shock, slipping from her sitting position in the water and landing on her elbows, her towel slipping up her thighs so her small bare buttocks stuck out from the water.

Before Ayeka could do much else though, hardly even move, Mihoshi unable to even see her attackers face felt three, long, hard thrusts. The bulge in the frog's tongue expanding with each, till her stomach was swollen, looking almost nine months pregnant with twins.

Gasping, and losing her balance, Mihoshi, before she could even catch her breath felt the tongue suddenly pull back. Hard. Her cunt lips unable to let the now over sized object pass were pulled outwards for a moment, the mocha dark brown of her inner folds bulging between the over stretched lips of her pussy as it strained, before Mihoshi quickly felt her body be pulled painfully upwards by it. Her cunt spasmed as the tongue pulled back like a fishing line by a fisherman, her body flying backwards thru the air, a shower of water droplets raining behind her and flinging her towel into the air. Her huge breasts topped with large pert brown nipples, trailing behind her, bounced, as the seven foot mountain frog opened its mouth wide, and with a flick of its tongue, snapped its mouth shut over the brown skinned woman.

Aeyka and Sasami heard the frog crunch down on its prey almost instantly, and could only watch in shock as Mihoshi's arms and legs that had trailed behind her, stuck out, shaking in the grip of its mouth with each bone snapping crunch as it chewed, before closing its eyes with a pleased look and swallowed hard, sucking the brown limbs into its mouth with a hearty gulp.

Ayeka couldn't believe her eyes. Not only did she just witness Mihoshi's demise as the food stuff for a giant frog! The Jurain giant mountain frog was supposed to be all, but extinct! The Jurain's had fought long and hard to kill nearly every member of its species in the wild for its tendency to do just what they had just witnessed! Spearing innocent girls with its tongue and devouring them was its normal habit, known especially to enjoy the pussy juices of its victims ensuring them to be all 100% female. As far as she knew it only existed now in the one or two zoo's that had ensured that, at least one specimen survived for the sake of not committing genocide of a species.

As the creature extended its tongue out again, rubbing it with its paw and cleaning it by rubbing it against the side of its large head, Ayeka looked over at Sasami, the younger girl frozen in panic. Seeing her butt and a small bit of her cunt just peeking out over the hot waters edge, Ayeka's heart jumped. The frog creature was obviously not finished and her younger sister was now obviously wide open to its particular brand of assault, wearing only the itty bitty towels they had brought with them.

Pausing for a split second due to her own terror, Ayeka forced herself to move, feeling the frog's eyes on her all the way, as she grabbed Sasami and ran as fast as she could on all fours dragging the unresponsive girl with her. Scurrying up the bank of the hot spring, Sasami's towel fell off her small frame causing Ayeka to risk a look back in worry as the frog took a step forwards sensing its prey's flight. Ayeka immediately pushed her little sister in front of and under her, trying her best to cover her sisters now fully naked cunt with her own body, well aware that the action allow no protection of her own body, as her towel allowed her pink puffy cunt and ass to wiggle in full view of the frog in time as she moved.

They unfortunately stopped a few feet later, as their heads collided with an invisible wall that shortly flashed in a yellow multi-segmented dome pattern before their eyes. Ayeka's heart skipped in fright as she realized that her worst fears had come true. Like the human-like Jurian race, this species also possessed the ability to project force-fields, only many more times more powerful due to its larger size. And instead of to protect themselves, they instead used them to trap prey, to consume at their leisure, there was nearly no hope of her breaking it with her own power!

Hearing splashing behind her, Ayeka winced, expecting to feel the sharp pain of the spear tipped tongue penetrating her nethers at any moment, well aware of the feeling of the air blowing over her cunt and butt exposed beneath her towel to the creature. As she continued crawling on all floors, unable to raise the limp Sasami, she continued using her body to cover the nude girl beneath her. Ayeka risking another look back as she skirted the barrier. Seeing the Frog had followed them, its stomach bulging from the recently swallowed Mihoshi, as it waded half way thru the spring's water, made her stomach drop.

"Fine! You filthy beast!" Said Ayeka, realizing the futility of their escape and realizing there was only one chance of saving at least one of them. "If your going to eat one of us, eat me! Just leave her alone!" Ayeka shouted angrily. Loosening her towel and letting it fall free, her large breasts bouncing free as she pushed Sasami forward out from beneath her, making sure to keep the girl still blocked by her own body. Still on her hands and knees, she glared back at the frog, arching her back invitingly, wiggling and pushing her plump ass and cunt out for the frog to use at its leisure.

Glaring back angrily at it, waiting for the dreaded tongue to spear her like the prey she now was, she watched the frog tilting its head, confused by the actions of its prey. Reaching out with its tongue carefully, the long slithering length of it curled in the air carefully, as it hovered over the girls cunt as if to check for traps. Ayeka moved her hips with it, following its pattern as it weaved, never straying from that dreaded front tip, making sure it didn't, and couldn't make for the prone Sasami and at any time could take full advantage of her own exposed cunt.

"Ayeka..." Said Sasami, worried, realizing what the older girl was about to do. Ayeka shushed her, almost too late, as the tongue sped forwards, forcing its tip deep into the purple haired girl's awaiting cunt.

Nowhere near as athletic and rugged as Mihoshi had been, Ayeka eyes flew open as she grunted at the force of the tongue into her pristine princess's cunt. The soft pink folds of her lips strained as the bulge was forced into them, her ass pushing up slowly as she braced her hips. Her breasts were being forced into the ground as the creature repeatedly shoved, trying hard for each inch gained, as the bulge slowly worked it way up to its widest point, spreading the princess's lips tuant before, with another painful popping feeling, it finally forced its way inside of her by pure brute force alone.

Ayeka gasped for breath as she felt the final force of the thrust like a blow to the underside of her stomach, just as that self same stomach expanded out under her by the frogs continued onslaught. Its prey trapped, the creature took its time, Ayeka rocking back and forth with tears of strain in her eyes, as Sasami watched as her sister was tasted thoroughly by the giant frog, clasping one of her sisters hand with her own. The tongue thrust in and out of the girls open pussy, the bulge locked into her almost coming out with nearly every other thrust as the length of it swirled, coating every nook and cranny of her innermost regions with its saliva.

Ayeka, panted, feeling an unwelcome feeling rising in her nethers as the creatures tongue probed past her cervix into her womb, and as the thrusts hit a particular high, she cryed out, orgasming, coating the invading tentacle with her juices. Her body taunt, Ayeka shuddered, her palms against the ground and her arms straight for a moment, before collapsing, exhausted onto her elbows. Seeming to be satisfied now with its prey, the frog's bulge began to inflate again as it sped up it thrusting. Croaking happily, the frog began to put as much pressure as it dared so as not to ruin its prey, as her stomach inflated as it sent thrust, after thrust, the bulge growing bigger and bigger into the young Jurian princess, till just as with Mihoshi, she too became obscenely inflated.

Feeling like she might break at any moment, knowing what was coming next, Ayeka gave a knowingly loving, but worried look at her younger sister, before her eyes went wide at the sharp, sudden pull on her cunt that quickly caused her her to launch into the air. Thru the sheer strength of the things tongue, Ayeka found herself twenty feet in the air, her arms trailing behind her and her legs spread to either side as she slowly arced into the air, her cunt straining to pull the rest of her body with it. Then the tongue became taunt again, and with one last sharp twist that made Ayeka feel as if her womb may be pulled out from between her legs, she shot back towards the frog mouth, cunt first. The last thing she saw, was the spread wide, gaping maw, as she shot into the fleshy cavern and it clamped shut around her with an audible snap. A second later, her head hit something hard and her consciousness faded to black.

"Ayeka!!!" Yelled Sasami, as she looked back in horror as the creature began chewing. Her sisters body, no longer in sight save for a single hand sticking from between the lips, could be heard cracking and crunching as the frog enjoyed its rare meal. Ayeka's fingers twitched for a moment, before going limp, and a moment later, the frog swallowed. Its stomach bulging as it swallowed again and again, three times in a row, before the hand slipped back into its mouth on shortly after, showing that in whatever form Ayeka was now left in, it was no longer in one piece.

Unable to continue watching, tears in her eyes, Sasami buried her head in her arms, oblivious to the fact she was still on all fours, her nude body on display for the frog. Her small cunt and butt pointed directly back at it, displayed invitingly to the frog as it croaked happily over its latest meal, licking its lips.

Splashing forwards, it approached the small girl and ran its tongue over the slight crack visible between her legs. Sasami's head shot up, eyes wide as she realized what was about to happen her, but they quickly turned to angry slits as she looked back at the beast.

"You want me! Fine!" Said Sasami, now certain of her fate and no longer caring after seeing her sister eaten, now just wanting to be done with it. She threw herself to her chest, spreading her cunt as wide as she could with both hands as she forced both it and her ass up into the air for the giant frog, her legs splayed to either side of her. "Go ahead, shove it in and eat me!!! You already ate my sister! What does it matter?" She screamed at it, thrusting her hips back at it, wiggling her cunt for the creature to ravage.
Unafraid of the small girl's display compared to her sister's, the frog took one step forwards and then thrust its tongue down into the girls virgin cunt. Sasami gasped in pain, as the thing broke thru her hymen, forcing her cunt lips as wide as they could possibly go. as the large bulge hit home. The frog unheeded of the girls discomfort, thrust and thrust again, Sasami eye bulging out, and crying in pain each time her body rocked with its thrusts, as the large fist sized bulge smacked audibly into her spread cunt, the lips began turning bright red with the abuse.

Finally, with one last focused thrust, the creature squashed the huge bulge thru the girls sore tiny entrance with a wet squishing noise. The bulge itself having to flatten to fit, nearly drove Sasami's outspread hips to the ground with the effort, thrusting two more times to make sure the tongue was well and truly in. With that the frog paused for a moment as if to give the girl a short rest.

Sasami herself panted hard, head thrown back as her mind went white, her eyes glazing over as her tongue lolling out of her head, her back arching and twitching. The bulge in her stomach jutted out, touching the ground several inches below her mimicing the large bulge deep in her womb where the intruder was so deeply buried inside her. Shuddering she froze there for a minute, till the frog pulled back again, dragging her hips back up before thrusting down again, and then again, and again, rocking the girls body back and forth.

Slowly regaining her sense, Sasami began to pant with each thrust, feeling the slimy appendage penetrate deeper into her with each painful thrust, her stomach bulging, but behind it all her pussy spasming, and she felt, to her dismay, something welling up inside of her.

Soon she cried out as Aeyka had, gasping at her first ever orgasm in her entire life and possibly her last. Her body shuddered and continued to quake as her legs finally gave out and she collapsed to the ground. It seem to last for what felt to her like an eternity, her laying face first against the ground, panting as the frog finally inflated its bulge, smaller this time, her stomach stretched taunt almost to the breaking point. Then pulling up, much more gently this time then with the other girls, the frogs tongue rose into the air with her. She looked down, between her two limp dangling legs, feeling as well as seeing her stomach inflated, her entire body numb and suspended by her cunt, as the creature's maw opened wide below her and it slowly began lowering its last meal into its mouth.

But then, she was free falling. She watched as she plummeted a foot towards the things mouth, dropping directly to her death, before something grabbed her and she was suddenly on the ground. Dazed, she looked down between her legs as she felt the things tongue thrash in her, no longer connected to the frog. It flopped between her legs wildly, squirting green ichor from where it had been chopped off by a sword. A Jurain guard quickly reached down, and having to put a foot on her leg, after the first pull dragged her along with it as well, yanked hard, pulling the rapidly deflating tongue from her cunt with a wet plop before it dropped to the ground in front of her.

Barely able to register what was happening, Sasami feebly looked around, feeling a rush of cooling air filling her gaping cunt, as several men stood over her in guard armor, wielding energy swords, sheilding her, as another group cast a huge net over the giant frog.

Before passing out just as someone began to place a blanket over her nude, prone body, she heard two of them talking as the world faded to black, "Thank god we got here in time to save the Princess! This damnable frog that escaped from the zoo had already eaten 5 girls before her! If we had been, but a moment later...!"
"Right! But, where's Princess Ayeka and her friend? They were all here together, weren't they...?!" Said the second guard, his voice trailing off.


Absolute gold. Dude, keep up the good work. As a tit man, I must give extra praise for the stripper story. Very. Very. Well written.


guess who's back
back in /lit/
Jim is back
Tell a cann,
guess who's back
guess who's back
guess who's back
guess who's back...


Can I write here similar tales of cannibal preparation?


If yah mean in this thread specifically i'd ask not ^_^:. People will think its me cause they rarely read the headers, and then i tend to get commission requests for said stories etc...

Should make your own thread and get your credit and so on :) less confusion.


Didn't someone do a continuation of Sora's actual roast at one point?


Well, that were really hot stories. Thank you!


I know someone did but i didn't save a copy at the time. I want to say masterdragon, but i worry i'm getting screennames confused on that so don't hold it too me. I think the writer though regardless is still around, maybe i;ll post in my art thread people are looking for em next time I post something.

Glad yah liked em : ).


Hey Jim, do you think you could post any of the old stories that you use to have on Eternal Blue group page from years ago?


This should be all the guro stories I wrote. Anything else would have been another authors, so you might be thinking of tvb or someone posting other then me.


Well there was a Legend of Zelda one where Saria, Malon, Ruto and I think it was Marin, were going to the Castle Market and selling their breasts and pussies, then regrowing them.

Another was Rika had to crawl inside Renamon's pussy to have her evolve.

And the last that I remember for now was Kari crawled inside Tai's dick.

I had the last two a long time ago but I can no longer find them on my backups.


Heh, well the dick one right off the bat should be clear its not mine as i hate dick stuff like that, especially naked human male dick, so stuffing a girl into one, augh... and would have refused to save it so i don';t have a copy. The malon one was an angeteen thing. I don't have a copy of it due to a harddrive issue along the time. It was incomplete sadly as well, and the writer fell off the face of the earth, along with a few other stories he had.

Rika one's somewhere probably but i'd need to find it and covert it into a format gurochan would allow (adding a empty line between every paragraph). and I suppose technically counts as freakshow enough to post here. It is OBSCENELY old though. Were talking like 2005 works there. So if ican remember i;ll try and look it up ^^:. If someone wants to post it that has it and wants to do the dirty work feel free in the meantime.

Most of the remaining stuff postable here's gonna be someone else, i wasn't the only one posting on that yahoo group. TVB angeteen and one or two others did as well i believe. sadly the digimon hentai zone went down for the easy link to that eras digimon stuff but older stuff can be still found on Theres really no easy place to post the straight up digiality stuff I did back in the day, and gurochan's not really the place for it (one does get tired of being berated for "off theme" posts.) I think my biggest fict (in the range of 25 pages) isn't really even that worht posting as it was an incomplete story concept, even if it was random x thing fucking a girl.


Alright, it was just some of those old stories I remembered from your site. Angeteen did have some great work, but I lost/can't find at the moment.

I have however found the porn version of Red Rover's End Games series, the 3 and a half seasons of it. Though I am not sure which tags should go on it.


Sorry, for some reason It didn't post my name on the last post.



Really like this one, even if its not finished. not even a fan of the show to be honest (Harry Potter fan myself) but i really like it.


digimon diner was always the beeeeeeeeeeeeeest


digimon diner was always the beeeeeeeeeeeeeest


I'd love to see this finished at some point.




great story




He praised you, catty dumb fuck.


Can stop bumping this thread people :) . I've been too busy to write, if I write something new I'll post it in a new thread cause not everyone will be watching this one since it has a specific title type. I don't really plan to write right now due to my full time job, and I prefer to draw.

At this point your just letting the trolls in obviously :P. most of these that are finished are on eka's, hentai foundry, or dolcettgirls, so their refindable.



Oooh butthurt? Then why write here, faggot?



the dude told you it was a nice change, and you acted like a bitch, and now you are worming your way out?

Jeesus fucking christ, you are truly retarded aren't you?









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