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Girls getting turned to stone, out of system of my other stories.

Magic Exists and It Can Be Petrifying

Everybody loves magic tricks. Young and old, boys and girls. There was a summer magic event at a Japanese town, where little Amy, or Eimi, had fun watching various magicians doing magic tricks. Unfortunately, she had to be back home until 5 PM, because her parents were worried about her 12 year old daughter. 'This is such a bother...' She thought at 3 PM as she was walking home, which was in another, smaller town. Her parents didn't know she would go to that magic show. She lied about that because they'd never let her go otherwise. 'My friends said they would be there...' But it turned out that they didn’t lie to their parents, so they weren't allowed to go. 'But it was so much fun! There were so many magicians!'

As she was walking through a suburb, nobody was there. They were either in town, or at work, or home having lunch or afternoon nap. But then she stumbled across a girl her age who was happily heading towards the town.

“HiiiI!” The girl greeted Amy. “Were you at the festival?”
“Yes, I was. I wish I could have stayed longer, but it was fun!”
“It would be even more fun if I was around.”
“What? Are you a magician?” Amy said in a surprised tone.
“Of course! Want me to show you some magic?”
“Uh… I would love that, but I already spent all my allowance…” There were magicians on the festival who would do magic individually for a small amount of money. Amy had already spent her money.
“Doesn’t matter! Real wizards and witches do magic for the sake of magic!”
“You are a real magician?” Amy asked, even though she knew magic did not exist.
“Yup! Some of us pose as magicians, but we actually do magic. But you mustn’t tell anyone!”
“I would like to see some magic. But don’t ask me money if you say you do it for free!”
“No way would I trick you like that! Now prepare for the transformation!”

“Eh?” That made Amy confused. “You’re going to do a trick on ME?!”
“Of course! Now don’t talk, you’re interrupting my channeling!” The girl said while with closed yes, her hands moving in a conjuring motion. “What is your name?”
“My name is Amy. It’s an American name, spelled in Katakana as e-i-mi, but in Romanji it’s just a-m-y… Wait…” She was scared. “If this is real magic… It’s not, is it?” Amy knew it wouldn’t be, but you can never be sure.
“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I’ll turn you back.”

Then, all of a sudden, Amy felt pressure on her feet.
“What’s happening?” She said, panically looking at her feet.
“Um… Transformation is taking place, but… Why only at your feet? It’s not supposed to be like that.”
“It’s rising, it’s… Wait, my shoes turned to stone!”
“Uh, damn it!!” Screamed the magician girl with her hands over her mouth, then spoke in embarrassment and guilt. “Um… Amy-chan…”
“What?! What did you do to me?!” The pressure was gradually rising.
“I… You must promise you won’t get mad…”
“I will get even madder if you don’t tell me!”
“I’m sorry, Amy-chan! I accidentally threw a spell that turns a person to stone! It’s my fault!”
“What?! You said you knew what you were doing!”
“I do, but… I practiced a lot so I got all mixed up, I’m sorry!”
“Stop this! I’ll die!”
“You won’t, don’t worry about that! I’ll turn you back once the spell is done. Although… I’d need to go home to get my book. I kinda didn’t learn how to turn people back from being stone…”
“Uhh?! I’ll turn to stone?!” Amy yelled, looking at the gray matter on her waist, rising up.
“Don’t scream! Attention will only bring us trouble… People will interfere, they won’t let me turn you back. Don’t worry! I’ll be back in a few hours. Until then… Just enjoy the sight! Your soul will take over your sight and hearing.”
“But I’m becoming stone… I don’t want to become stone… Stop it…”
“I can’t stop it! You must first turn to stone, then I can turn you back.”
“But I don’t want to!” Amy cried, for the last time, as part of her lungs was already stone.
“I’m sorry, Amy-san! I’m so sorry! Umm… Somebody could be worried if they saw this kind of face on a statue… I’m sorry, Amy, I have to change your facial expression!”

Then the unknown girl conjured something that got Amy’s face smiling. It looked like Amy was happy about being turned to stone, but underneath the smiling she was terrified.

“…” Amy wasn’t able to speak anymore. The pressure was moving up her body. ‘Impossible! I must be dreaming!’ The pressure felt really weird once it got to her tongue. Last body part of her that was turned to stone were her eyes, when her sight faded into darkness. Gradually, her sight came back, but it was very strange. She was seeing both what was in front of her and behind her. ‘Girl-chan, help me…’

“Amy-chan… Can you hear me? If you can hear me, don’t worry! Look… I’m really sorry. I lied because I wanted you to be quiet. My parents would know if I took the book that I talked about. And if I ask them to do it for me… they’ll beat me up because I learned how to petrify people! I’m not allowed to know that in this age! The way things are, several grown up magicians could have done this to you, so no one will suspect me.”
‘Uhh?! Why?! Isn’t this more important than avoiding spanking?!’
“I’m glad I don’t know what you’re thinking… But look on the brighter side! Not everyone gets to become an eternal statue! You look like a 3D print!”
‘But… I don’t want to be an eternal statue… Turn me back… Please…’
“I need to go to the festival now. I must hurry! Have fun! And soooorryyyyy!!” The mysterious yelled while running for the town.
‘No… Don’t go…’ Amy thought in confusion. ‘I can’t move… Or breathe… Come back, Witch-chan! Don’t leave me like this!’

As the hours went by, Amy was grasping the situation. It was all so sudden and… Impossible! She was in shock and panic. The best outcome was an adult wizard or witch stumbling across her, taking her home and turning her back. But that was only hope.

An adult guy had been walking back from work when he stumbled across a gray statue of a 12 year old girl. It was cold, simple stone, but a detailed statue.
“What is this?” He thought. “What a large 3D print. And so detailed!”
‘Help me, mister… Call the magicians…’
“If only she looked a bit older. I’m going to transport this into my house. I need to find out who made this.”
‘No… Don’t remove me from the street…’

He asked his wife for help. He loaded Amy into her car and took her home. Both he and his wife were amazed. ‘Why…?’ When they were dragging her into the house, she lost a toe. It didn’t hurt, but she could still feel it. It was strange. The family’s cat started playing with it. ‘No… Don’t play with my toe. Wait… Why do I feel a cat playing with my toe… if my toe is off?’

“We should put this out for auction.” The wife said.
‘Uhh? Auction?’ Amy thought.
“We first need to find out who made it and ask for permission.” The husband said.
“Why should we? It’s not like someone just loses a statue this big.”
“Maybe it fell out of the truck.”
“Honey… If it is lost, it’s lost on purpose. This is a… 12 year old girl. Maker must be some lolicon who doesn’t want to be identified. That’s why he left her.”
“But if we sell it, won’t we look like lolicons too?”
“I see… We will say that we found it and want to return it to the owner. And that we demand a prize. A fake or a real owner will probably call us because they want that statue…”
“Good idea. I’ll get to it!” He said.

Little Amy would, obviously, be sold.
‘No… Please… Don’t sell me…’ She thought. ‘Mom… dad… I’m sorry I lied… Please, help me!!!! I don’t want to live like a statue…’


A Japanese high school class was having a field trip to Austria, so they visited a 3D printing museum. One of the kids noticed a statue of a Japanese girl.
“Sensei! This girl is Japanese!”
The whole class gathered in amazement. It was a statue of a 12 year old Japanese girl. The statue of Amy.
“Why is there a Japanese girl statue in an Austrian museum?”
“I’m glad you asked.” Said their tour. “It was found by the road in a suburb in Japan. It is a small wonder! It was made 98 years ago, yet it looks as good as it was made today! It was bought by this museum 10 years ago for 50 million Euro.”

“I want to have a statue of a girl like this at home…” A male kid said.
“You should get a body pillow instead.” Said a male classmate. “Neither are real people, pillows are at least soft.”
“You boys are so lame!” Complained a female classmate. “Find yourself real girls!”



I'm really glad people you bump this one. Continuation of this compilation has been Bad Magic: Petrification, Transformation, Immortality and special one Statue and Hell Department. You should focus on those instead lol.

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