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Small note: I wrote this under the alias of Nisroth

The emperors acquires new ordinance

Part 1 - The Weapon Testing

8 A.M. on a Thursday morning. I was sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, relaxing in my armchair on the porch of my beautiful estate, after having enjoyed my breakfast. Suddenly my majordomo calls for me
"Sir, our guests from CryoTek Armaments have arrived."
"Wonderful, go and announce the target bunnies too. This will be a bloody good day." I say with a wide smile on my lips.

Garrus, my long time friend and esteemed Majordomo welcomes the envoy from CryoTek into my domain and then goes to fulfill my other request. I welcome the envoy myself and shake the representative's hands warmly.
"So what made you travel all this way to my estate, esteemed gentlemen?" I say jokingly.
"Same ol', same ol' - business never takes a break sire. You seem to be in quite a jolly mood, so let's get right down to it. Our company has developed a new anti-tank gauss riffle. It uses 20mm slugs and has enough stopping power to pierce through an entire building or any armored vehicle."
"Oh my, that seems like an overkill, but I will spare no expense to ensure our victory on the battlefields. The rebel countries have indeed acquired some state of the art tanks, so these will come in handy." I say looking at the huge case the other two men from behind are carrying.
"I will test your weapon's accuracy as I am sure the stopping power is more than enough. If satisfactory I will issue an order and have two of my units equipped with your weapons. On to the firing range then, it's just behind the mansion."

As we arrive, so does Garrus, driving a bus full of target bunnies. They are all stunning women from across the empire, willing to die in service of the great motherland.
"They're all our finest lingerie models and porn actresses" replies Garrus as the herd of women align in front us. "I'm sure they will prove to be adequate targets for your tests."
They're dressed in provocative pink, red or orange stockings, with or without panties. Some of them wear only a bra, others use corsets to bulge up their already overflowing breasts. I can only blush in their presence and salute all of them. They're all shouting "Pick me, pick me sire, I wish to serve!" "I want to help the motherland!" "My body is yours!"

I feast my eyes upon their voluptuous bodies as I inspect each of them.
"Silence". I shout and they simmer down to silence. "I will pick 3 of you to test the new weaponry CryoTek has provided and the rest will be invited to stay for the night, in the eventuality of a party for the contract - tending to the guests needs. Let's begin."

The first target bunny, from the dozen or so, that catches my eye is a stunning middle-length haired brunette, with a devilish stare of lust. She's about 19 years old from what I can tell, sporting a pair of probably natural c cup breasts. She's wearing red high heels, stockings, no panties and a pink latex blouse that molds around her breasts. "You there, present yourself and come by me" I say. "My name is Emily. It is a great honor....sire" she says with a warm inviting voice as she comes by me.

The second girl that I select, whose name is Roxanne, is a blonde bimbo,with long overflowing hair. She has an hourglass figure, totally fake E-cup udders and is wearing a slightly transparent plastic nurse "outfit". By outfit meaning a bra and a pair of panties so tight I can even see her clit sticking out. I can't really tell her age from all the make-up but that will be irrelevant in today's tests.

The third target bunny has her hair painted in a mild green, holding it in a pony tail, with short-shaved hair on the left side. She has fair dark skin and a jewel piercing in her navel. She wears almost no clothing except for only a few black duct tape pieces over her nipples and a thin line across her waist and legs, forming a panty shape, but leaving her genitals exposed. Denise is her name and boy what joy it brings me to watch her stride, bouncing her double d's up and down with pride. She looks like a seasoned porn star, but I don't know her.

The rest of the girls go inside with Garrus, while the people from CryoTek unpack their almost cannon-level weapon.
"That weapon sure is a piece of art I say as they begin mounting it. I assume you ladies know the risks you're taking, so I won't detail out the horrible way you might die."
"Oh, sir. Stop teasing us. This is our choice, to satisfy your grace as your willing bunnies with whatever you would like." says Roxanne with an almost moaning voice. The blonde bimbo oozes horniness.
"Then hop on into that land rover and let's get you all mounted and prepped for the weapon tests. " I say, slapping Roxanne's ass.
On our way, the girls seemed to forget where they're going, until Emily asks "Your majesty, how big are the bullets you'll be firing at us?" A bit surprised by her question I reply "A bit bigger than the average cucumber. You won't feel a thing. I can give you some drugs to feel even better when you're sent over to the other side."
"Oh, that won't be necessary, I want to feel all of it" said Denise, licking her lips.
"I'll pass" replied Roxanne.
"Sign me up" was Emily's response.
I gave her the drugs and walked with them in front of a big concrete wall. I spaced them about 10 meters apart between each other then went to my car and grabbed 3 jars.

"Listen up my darlings, these teflon jars contain fluoroantimonic acid. It's pH is -31,1 so it's a few billion times more potent than most acids,but I won't bore you with the details. You'll each be bond by a device that forces you to sit in a bridge position (leaned on the back, with feet and hands touching ground). The device will help you maintain your weight, so you needn't worry about your arms failing. It traps your arms, legs and torso with metal bars. The device has a release lock in the middle, that when shot will set you free. One of you will hopefully be set free and enjoy a night with me. Now about the jar. You will hold it between your breasts with utmost care as I test the weapon's accuracy and try to hit it and spill it's contents over your chest, ending your life. Any questions?"
"When do we begin?" yells Roxanne.
"Ah, an eager one. That's the spirit" I grab her hand and move her to the left position and secure her in place. "Nice and comfy?" I ask nonchalantly. "Yes, but the wait is killing me sir." "Oh, I doubt you'll die of old age" I say in a chuckle as I place the jar between her luscious meat orbs, though they're mostly silicone. That doesn't stop me from getting a good squeeze of both her udders and giving her a goodbye kiss.
Next, in the middle position I put Denise. She comes to me, flopping her tits around and licking one of her fingers provocatively then giving her vagina a good rub. I get her bonded, secure the jar between her breasts and pause a bit to admire her fleshy lady bits. Her outer labias are quite pronounced and her cunt looks inviting. Whether it'll be a bullet or my cock that penetrates it remains to be seen.
On the last position is Emily, with her adorable stockings and high heels. She's drugged and makes no gesture whatsoever, but willingly gets into the device. As I secure the locks I catch a glimpse of her pink sex and her portruding hip bones. What a sight I think to myself. She glances at me and smiles as I place the jar between her mammary glands, fondling them in the process. I notice, and give her a long parting kiss with her head in my hands before I leave.Her breasts aren't as big as Denise's or humongous like Roxanne's, but I hope they'll hold the jar in place. The target bunnies are aligned to face the wall and have their cunts pointed towards my firing position.

"The empire thanks you for your service" I say as I get into the car and depart. I arrive at the firing position and find my weapon carefully mounted. The targets are situated around 1 km away from our position, on a hill.
"Gentlemen, the test is simple, yet very clever. I have to shoot a recipient holding the world strongest acid in such a manner that it sprays all over the girl's chest and kills her. If I shoot the top of the jar, it will probably be blown away over her head and only a few droplets will ever touch their skin, disfiguring her rather than killing her - and that would be a waste. If I accidentally shoot one of their breasts the jar would be dislodged and fall off, again having an unsatisfactory result. To succeed I must shoot at the base of the jar so that all the acid splatters on her chest making short work of her internal organs. Alternatively I could try shooting the release mechanism that's right bellow their cunts, releasing them, but I'll see if I feel like it."
"Sir, that's an amazing test, but isn't it a bit too cruel?" asked the CryTek representative
"I know it's amazing, I devised it myself. About the girls, it is their wish to serve the empire in any way they can and their families will be amply rewarded in the case of death. You needn't worry about them."

"Let's get to it then." I say as I grab the riffle and put in a huge magazine, the size of a box of bread. It holds 8 20mm bullets, so it should be more than enough for today's test.
First in line is Roxanne. The scope of the riffle is top notch indeed, as I can observe every twitch in her body, making her E-cup breasts jiggle with the jar. If only she had the brains to realize how potent the acid she's holding between her breasts is. I thought It'd be wonderful to show her first hand so I aimed very carefully at the base of the jar. I savored the sight a bit more then slowly pulled the trigger while holding my breath. The bullet exited the muzzle with a deafening sound and I didn't get the chance to blink that I already saw through my scope the jar being blown clean, probably hit where I intended. As soon as the acid made contact with the skin, we heard a distant cry of unimaginable pain. The acid absolutely devoured her fake bosoms, breaking the bonds of every layer of her being. Skin, fat tissue, silicone, it was all reduced to goo. In less than 5 seconds the acid reached her heart and put it out of order. It was almost sad to watch her glorious chest melt away, but there are probably a million more like hers, so I didn't regret much. Her screeching screams lasted for about 12 seconds, but for her it must have been an eternity of anguish. Finally she went quiet and passed out. She probably died from lack of oxygen to her brain, but that's a nice way to go as all the pleasure hormones get released while dying of her a last all-time high.
"A great shot sir" commented Garrus.
"I think I'm starting to like this riffle already" I reply.

Next in line was Denise and her lovely hair. She was probably a bit scared by Roxanne's dying screams so she began twitching nervously. Thankfully the jar didn't fall from atop her chest. I lined up my shot and begin squeezing the trigger. Just as I was ready to shoot, the sun went out from a cloud and blinded me for a second. It was too late. I had already pulled the trigger. The bullet flew at an astounding speed, so I barely got time to realize what happened. I then noticed a blood cloud form for a few seconds above Denise. The bullet went a bit left and had completely vaporized her delicious right breast. The jar then tumbled over and fell. It didn't break and I felt damn happy it didn't because they cost quite a fortune, unlike the dispensable target bunnies. I then switch my gaze back to Denise and her flayed chest. She has to be put out of her misery, so I take her cunt in my sight. She's squirming in pain, but her head is aligned with her vagina so a quick shot there should end her misery quickly. I lick my lips in anticipation as I squeeze the trigger. The bullet exits the barrel with a short muzzle flash and a huge noise. Before I realize it, the bullet had already spread her pussy leaps wide, making it's way through her flesh and leaving a burning trail along the way. Though it happened in a blink, I can imagine how it perforated her cervix, then left her body through her lombar region, only to then pierce through the back of her skull and splatter her brains on the wall. What a beautiful sight. Denise died quickly, though I highly doubt that's the kind of vaginal penetration she wanted.
"The riffle shoots true, only human error can mess up the bullet's trajectory" I say with a smile.

The last target bunny is Emily, which upon inspection I find had managed to let the jar slip from between her tits. I am a bit disappointed and settle on shooting her locking mechanism instead. She's still a bit dizzy from the drugs but she knows what this means, so she unshackles herself and begins walking to us. I get up from the firing position and shake the representative's hand.
"We'll sign a contract for three dozen riffles so we can arm three units. Your riffles are worth their price"
"Very well then, it has been a pleasure doing business with you, your majesty."
"Ah, pish-posh, you can call me Nisroth. Come on inside the house, and don't be shy, help yourself and your men with some of my fine selection of women. You can do with them what you like, even kill them. It's all on the house."
"Shall I prepare Emily for you tonight, Nis?" asked Garrus.
"Ooooh yes Garrus, I need some meat on my cock. Also, please clean the firing range and dispose of the dead meat. After that you're more than welcome to join us for supper."


Part 2 - The After Party

The day continued with a wild orgy at my place. Emily was sent up to my quarters to rest and take the drugs out of her system so she will be ready for tonight. Me, Garrus and the 3 gentleman from CryTek all had a very nice time with the remaining 10 bunnies that came. We drank, joked and fucked their brains out. We then had a drunk hit the girl contest. Each of us took a few vodka shots, spinned around a few times then, with a loaded .357 magnum we tried to hit as many times a target bunny. This happened in my huge living room, where a stage with a stripping bar is placed. To make things a bit more interesting the girls were dancing at the bar while we were trying to shoot them and the rest of the girls try to distract us with their bodies, but not really get in our way. It was no official contest, but we settled that each hit is a point and hitting the girl in her tits or pussy is two points, while a head shot is 3 points. With 6 bullets in a cylinder, the maximum points one could hope for were 18.

Garrus went first. He took 3 shots of vodka, spinned a few times then grabbed the gun. His vision was probably all blurred up as the first shot went up in the ceiling, causing almost everyone present to chuckle a bit. He noticed and got annoyed. He steadied his aim and took another shot. His bullet flew right bellow the stripping girl's crotch, leaving a trail of heat. She felt it and gasped a bit, stopping her dancing. Garrus seized the opportunity and double tapped her left flesh melon, replacing her nipple with a bleeding hole and making another mark right above. The target bunny was now in clear shock, gasping for air and holding her hands over the wound. Garrus took another shot at her, but only managed to hit her left loin, creating yet another hole through which the young damsels blood was now spilling out. His last shot was yet another miss. He totaled barely 5 points, yet he was not disappointed as it was about taking part, not winning for him. We then terminated the damaged target bunny with a shotgun blast in the mouth and continued.

Next I let the guys from CryTek give a try at the game. First went the boss, whose name I learned to be Murphy. He was very shaky after the shots and a few spins, yet he was an excellent marksman. He must've been in his line of work I thought. His first shot went straight into the dancing girl's vagina, making a total mess of her sex and stunning her in the process. As much as the girls on the side tried, they couldn't distract Murphy and he then nailed the poor bunny's area three times and nearly hit one of her tits. The girl had collapsed on her knees, trying to cover her wounds with one hand and touching her damaged pussy to get some pleasure with the other hand. It would be her last pleasure. Murphy was a bit puzzled by the girl's expression of orgasming pleasure. He let her go on like that for a few seconds then popped his last slug right in her forehead. "9 points, I am impressed. Good shooting Murphy." I say in admiration as I clap a few times for his score.
The other two CryTek employees managed to hit a whopping total of 0 times. I was stupefied. "Did they not teach you sons how to shoot?" I ask.
"Nnnnno, your majesty. I've barely shot a gun a few times and never at such provocative targets." replies the first.
"Heh, I didn't want to make you all feel so bad with your firing, that's why I didn't hit her. I also would enjoy her in a more traditional way." replied the second.
"Oh, I see. Why didn't you say so? I'll let each of you pick a bunny from the ones that remain. You can take her home and do as you wish with her."
"Thank you for your generosity, sire." they all three shouted in a chorus.

It was now my turn, and seeing that there were 2 bonus alive target bunnies left from the other 2 competitors, I ordered a total of 3 to dance on the stage in front of me, while the remaining five were strolling around, flashing their tits, spanking each other and engaging in what I'd call men attention grabbing activities. Two of them even started fingering themselves at my feet and grabbing my crotch. After a few shots and spins I could barely see so I ended up missing all of my shots. I felt a bit mad and ordered Garrus to bring me a fully automatic good old M4A1. I unloaded a full magazine at the 3 dancing sows, reaping their lives. It was a total massacre. Two of them were so full of holes that they looked like sieves, while another, the one in the middle had her face damaged beyond recognition.
"Ah, so much good meat. The dogs will feast tonight." I say as I peel away the cunts that were trying to unzip my trousers and work at my shaft.
"Congratulations, Murphy - you get to take home 2 bunnies due to winning the contest. The rest each get one, including you Garrus, so you can have a well deserved break after a long day of service"

And so it was said and done and only one target bunny remained unspent and unused - Emily, who was probably patiently waiting for me in my room upstairs. I open the door and find her laying on one side on my bed, with her back to me. Allowing me to gaze at her glorious ass. She was still wearing the stockings and the pink latex blouse from the firing range, quite the attire. She turned her head but for a moment, gave me a perverted smile while I was undressing from my formal war, then turned her head back to sift some more through a boring magazine. Once fully undressed I had a full hard on and I could barely stave off my anticipation for how I'd fuck her. I go to the bed, roll her slender and thin body to face upwards and begin feeling her body. I look her in the eyes. They're green with a taint of dark blue - a very rare color. Her round face and full lips beckon for a kiss. My massive arms encompass her thin, slender waist almost entirely. My hands make their way up to her breasts. I grab her mammals in my hands and gently rub them as I line myself up to her and insert my shaft deep into her sex canal. As I begin to slowly grind into her, I rip her latex blouse and expose her nipples. They're almost as pink as her blouse and I find them almost perfect. I give her c-cup natural jugs a few more squeezes then I lean forward, grabbing her head in my hands. As we kiss, full of lust, I begin pounding her harder and harder, her legs now being wrapped around me.Emily's moans are almost indistinguishable from a woman in pain's screams and her young pussy feels heavenly, it's very wet, warm and tight. After a few mere minutes of coitus I explode inside her.
"Did you enjoy it, Emily?" I ask after pulling out and stopping the kisses.
"Ohhhhh yessss, sire. I couldn't ask for more pleasurable fucking." She says smiling, still aroused and orgasming.
"Come now sire, do me the right way... you can't stop halfway though! I'm still nice and wet." she continues.
"Very well, if that is what you wish..." I reply as I open the drawer and get out a big hunting knife.
"Where do you want it?" I ask.
She takes both her breasts in her hands, fondles them a bit and then touches her heart. "Right here."
"Emily, I just want you to know you're the finest piece of ass I've had in a while, and it almost tears me apart to end you..."
"Ohhh, your majesty, your praise is too much for me, a mere target bunny. PLEASE, feel free to end me how you see fit, don't hold back on anything - I live to serve!"
"Very well" I say as I lean forward, with the knife in my right hand. "You don't mind if I get some souvenirs, do you?" "Oh, not at all, go ahead. I look forward to the pain."
I grab her left breast and fondle it a bit, then lick the nipple a few times. "Glorious nipples!" I say as I get the knife ready. I stab her left breast at the base, going full knife length. Her face lights up with pleasure and pain. Blood gushes out quickly and stains her body and the blade. I grab her funbag and tug at it with my left hand while I slice with the right. A few vigurous sawing moves later and her breast is separated. "Aaaaaahhhhh, MORE, SIRE, MORE!!" she screams as I mutilate her chest. She's losing quite a bit of blood so I have to hurry. I cut off her other tit as fast as I can and place both on a platter on a nearby drawer. "Are you ready Emily?" I ask in an ultimatum. "YES, DO IT NOW, STAB MY HEART" she screams in a voice that turns me on like a set of christmass lights. I plunge the blade in her heart in a sudden, glorious move. Her body begins to spasm and shiver in pain and in anticipation of death. I quickly spread her legs and begin licking her sex. Her whole body is going haywire with pleasure and death as I caress her labias and clit with my tongue. I can only imagine the pleasure she felt for the remaining thirty seconds of her life. After she passes out from lack of oxygen to her head, I stop. I pull the dagger out of her chest and rest it on the drawer, near her severed jewels. In the last moments of her unconscious life I kiss her and cuddle with her body. I pull a blanket over us and go to sleep. I'd be waking up covered in blood.... but it was a sign of a good night for me. I now feel kinda sorry for Garrus who has to clean up the mess. As for Emily...she got what she wanted I suppose, too bad I won't be seeing her walk around no more.

This was it for that spring Thursday. A pretty lucrative day, considering I signed that contract and got those powerful anti-tank riffles.

Alrighty. I'm looking forward to some feedback. My primary concern is that I've spent too little time detailing the actual sexy parts and too much on the background. Did anyone enjoy my story?


My primary concern is that I've spent too little time detailing the actual sexy parts and too much on the background.

Te OTHER way around. :/


my only problem with this story is the ph of -31 ....


my only problem with this story is the ph of -31 ....


I'll write another, medieval themed story soon. Hopefully it will be better.

It's billions of times more potent than 100% H2SO4 and that's the number I found on wikipedia, so where's the problem?


While negative pH values are physically possible, in order for such a strongly negative value to occur, the laws of physics would have to be at the very least bent - a pH value of -31 would have about 10^32 times as high a concentration of h+ ions as H2SO4, which would be more h+ ions than can reasonably fit in a solution. For context, the number of h+ ions in a gram of pure h+ ions is in the order of 10^23. Saying it's 'billions of times more potent' is really underselling it. At that concentration, you'd probably achieve fusion.


I enjoyed it a bunch 47 :)


I must apologize for my scientific inaccuracy in that case. It's been very long since I've studied the pH system in school and I must confess my ignorance. For me, personally, such mistakes would also be a great turn-off.
I'll try to be more thorough next time.



I'll consider finishing my other story set in this same universe. "Decomissioning the Milk Maidens"
It's pretty much about snuffing, *cough cough* "retiring" 3 lovely cunts... sound good, anon?


... go on


Unfortunately, the story is not finished. I started it about 3 months or more ago and didn't feel like finishing it until now. Now that I've re-read it I can safely say: I'm not finishing it. If anyone wants to read what I've written so far, here it is.

Decommissioning the Milk Maidens

Part 1 - A Little Debauchery

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick... TOCK...
The giant pendulum clock in Nisroth's mansion hall swings left and right, ceaselessly counting seconds.

"Time... Without it, nothing would be of any value, all things would be mere three dimensional slices of matter. Constant...monotonous...boring. Through time, mountains wither into sand, rivers form and dry out, empires rise... but they also fall. People are born... only to inevitably one day die. It is through time that we achieve our greatest heights...and plummet to our darkest days. "

Nisroth clears his throat, looking at the other two men in the room, as they sip red wine from delicate crystal glasses and observe him. They probably don’t care much about his blabbering mouth.

"Tonight, my friends and gentlemen, we celebrate the passage of time!" dictates Nisroth as he opens the doors of the guest room.

"Ladies, come inside! Tonight, you're the stars of the show….”

As Nisroth finishes his speech, three beautiful damsels gracefully stride inside the room and align in front of the trio of suited men. They're all wearing cherry dark red high-heels, coupled with the same color of lipstick, but no other makeup. They're all wearing a pair of stockings, that bring out the form of their young, well-toned legs. They wear no panties. Their sex is only concealed by a skirt made of red satin. They're wearing a black latex corset around their abdomen. Their primary assets, their well developed and juicy breasts, are hidden behind slightly transparent, red plastic bras. Their attire would awaken lust in any man.

“Each of you has decided that your time has come, that you reached the apex of your careers and that you want to go out in full glory. We are happy to oblige."

The first milk maiden in line, Britney, is a true black jewel. She's of oriental descent and her brown, smooth skin is accompanied by black as night, long, overflowing hair and a contrasting smile with perfect white teeth. According to her papers, she is 24 and has been milked since 17, more than most of her collegues. Since that age, her breasts have grown from splendid C cups to enormous, overbearing F cups. She's been impregnated several times to facilitate milk production and has also been exercising her body. It takes some pec strength to keep those milk jugs perky and centered.

"I'm pleased to be with you tonight, gentlemen. It's a true honor to be of service and offer entertainment to the emperor himself and to his guests." she speaks solemnly, looking straight ahead.

"And indeed you shall..." replies Garrus, sitting in his chair, without concealing his anticipation.

The second girl is Ashley. She's in her early teens. Her pure, golden hair, blue marble-like eyes, above average height and fair skin point to her being from somewhere in the Scandinavian peninsula. Her udders are approximately E cups and are looking to bust out of her bra. They'll get that chance later this night.

"Pleased to meet you all, I'm Ashley." she opens up with a candid smile, while strutting her body to shake her tits and provoke a reaction.

"We're glad to have a woman as beautiful and well endowed as you here, with us." replies Nisroth, in a full, deep voice.

The third girl is named Lydia. She looks restless, impatient. Her hands are constantly moving. She plays with her ashen red hair and smiles coyly at the men. Her tiny eyes and well rounded, warm face emanates anticipation as she exchanges stares with the three men. She has a tiny frame, barely 1,6 meters tall, but that just makes her all the more likable. Her tits are not as huge as those of her other two collegues, but definitely well suited for her petite body and more than enough for industrial production of premium quality milk.

"You can begin… anytime you want." she remarks, while maintaining eye contact with Ivan and running her hands across her torso, ending the motion with a nice, firm squeeze of her breasts.
"Nis, what are we waiting for, you know formalities aren't really my thing. Let us enjoy the ladies!" murmurs Ivan distractedly, his eyes still fixated upon Lydia's nubile body.

"Well, then, seeing as each of us has already found a favorite, we are ready to begin the evening. For one reason or another, these beyond beautiful milk maidens have chosen to end their careers, here, with us. First, we shall honor their service with a last milking. After that, when everyone's finished enjoying themselves, we shall proceed to the basement, where a game awaits us."

"Fuck, yeah! Nisroth, you the man!" yells Ivan as he rockets from his chair and jumps towards Lydia. He tears her flimsy red bra apart with his massive hands, revealing her tits in their full splendor. She gasps, a bit surprised and smiles at Ivan. He's almost half a meter taller than her, so he kneels in front of her and plunges his face between her mammaries, motorboating Lydia till her large nipples become prominent, aroused. Ivan looks at Lydia and notices how hot she's become. She bites her upper lip and begins massaging her crotch. Seeing this, Ivan pulls the skirt down and marvels at her sex.

"You're truly a hot piece of flesh, aren't ya, Lydia?"
She doesn't respond, but instead takes his head in her arms and forces him down to please her with his tongue. He obliges and begins tasting her nectar. His tongue oscillates perfectly and soon she shivers from the pleasure, a wild orgasm taking hold of her.
Next, Ivan points his attention to her teats. They're full of potent juice and after this stimulation, he bets they're ready to give. He places his mouth over her right tit and begins licking it, and massaging it with his hands. With every squeeze he gives, her nipple oozes sweet, white milk into Ivan's mouth. He enjoys every second of it as he switches from gentle squeezes to hard yanks and tame bites of her mammary extremities.

Meanwhile, Garrus heads over to Britney. He grasps her in his arms. They're both smiling and eager to begin. First, they kiss, slowly, with refinement. Afterwards, he turns her around, and carefully unties her bra and her corset. Britney takes a few steps away from Garrus, still holding her clothes on and teases him with a few provocative moves. She throws her bra at him - he catches it and takes a whiff of her perfume. She proceeds to also remove her corset and skirt, leaving her almost naked, except for the red stockings. Garrus is clearly aroused, judging by his massive erection and red face. Britney, eager to be milked, walks over to the table and grabs a big cup. She heads over to the stunned man and hands the cup to him - she takes his other empty hand and places it on her chest.

"These aren't going to milk themselves, you know?"

Garrus shakes his head, still a bit dazed by the marvelous shape of Britney’s tits. He places the mug underneath her left breast, angled at 45 degrees, as if he was pouring beer, then he begins. The slow massage and yanking of her breast make her moan.
“Umh. Umph. Tighter. SQUEEZE IT!” she cries in delight.
He kicks it up a notch and gets rougher, slapping her udders and squeezing them forcefully until he fills the cup, which he puts over on the counter. There’s a bulge in his pants. Britney notices. He doesn’t protest as she undoes his belt and pulls down his pants to reveal his massive erect cock.

“My turn to return the pleasure” she whispers to him as she places his cock between her tits. She massages his shaft up and down, engulfing it with her soft fatty mammaries and licking the tip. It doesn’t take long before Garrus explodes on her face and tits.
While Ivan and Garrus revel in the company of the soon to be decommissioned Britney and Lydia, Nisroth takes Ashley into the next room. He likes it a bit more private.

“Alright darlin’, let’s see what you’ve got.” says Nisroth as he takes a seat in an armchair.
The young girl winks provocatively at him as she approaches the armchair. She begins to tease. She springs around, up and down, shaking her tender ass and revealing her sex from time to time.

“You aren’t that innocent and doe eyed now, aren’t you, you little rascal…” replies Nisroth.

Ashley bows down, bearing her breasts in her arms and flopping them around in Nisroth’s face. As she retracts herself and turns around, to excite him some more with her ludicrous looking ass, he unzips his pants.

“Get over here!” he commands in a thunderous voice as he grabs her by the waist and pulls her down. There’s an ‘Oh’ as she feels his cock briefly rubbing against her ass and then penetrating her cunt. She starts working on his cock, slowly sliding up and down, lubricating it with her juices. She’s leaning on him, with her back obfuscating his face and intoxicating him with her perfume. While she’s getting him warmed up, he unties her bra and gives her enormous tits a thorough coping. They’re ripe for milking so Nisroth, encouraged by the enticing sounds of her moans begins to rub and squeeze her nipples till she starts sprinkling milk. Nobody’s gonna drink it, but Nisroth gets an idea – with his hands still moist, he starts massaging Ashley’s clit. She slowly ups the pace of the fucking, gradually increasing the stimulation of the emperor’s cock. He stops playing around and grabs her by the waist with both hands – he’s now moving her up and down on his cock as fast as he can. Suddenly – crescendo, he unloads a full dose of royal milk up her sex canal.
Seeing as everyone’s done with the warming up, Nisroth proceeds

“Alright ladies and friends, let’s hurry up and get going with the main event. The night is still young! Let’s not waste it.” he recites gloriously while leading the group through the mansion’s corridors, into the basement.

Part 2 - Poke em full o' holes


A switch is pressed and the room lights up. It is a brick walled, long room with a high ceiling. The wall on the other, far side of the room appears to be riddled with bullet holes of all shapes and size. There are stains of dried up blood all over the granite floor. Immediately on the left and right sides of this shooting polygon style room, lay a few cabinets. Nisroth makes way for the group to enter the room and then grins, pointing at three cage-like shapes, hanging from the roof, positioned along the shooting gallery.

“Courtesy of our three retiring milk maiden, we’ll play a game…” he opens up.
“Oooh, a game! Describe it to us, sire! We can hardly wait to see what you’ve come up with.” interrupt Lydia and Britney
“I hope you three aren’t squeamish when it comes to pain and death, because you’ll be experiencing some of that rather soon.” he resumes
“Oh, bollocks! Of course they aren’t. Otherwise they wouldn’t be here, being decomissioned.” protests Ivan “Let us get started already!”

“Alright, so the gist of it is that our 3 damsels will be locked in three bulletproof glass cages. Those cages have, however, a hole at chest height, so that their breasts can hang outside. They’ll get inside the cages, muffled or unmuffled, then the cages will be hoisted up, so that they are face down, to allow their tits to hang diddily through the air. The fun part is that they’ll be placed 25 meters away from us, and they’ll be swinging perpendicularly to us from pendulums. First in line will be Britney, then, half a meter apart will swing Lydia and then Ashley. It’s important to note that they aren’t swinging in sync so there’ll only be brief moments when they overlap-“

“I see where this is going. So… what will we use? Bow and arrow? Pistols? Hatchets?” asks Garrus

“Always the observant one… All of these are very tempting options, but considering the range…we’ll be using .308 caliber sniper rifles. We’ll take turns taking shots at the nubile breasts of our resident three beauties. We each have 5 shots. Each pierced breast is 1 point. Hitting and obliterating a nipple yields 10 points, considering the difficulty. Grazing or scratching a breast doesn’t count, a hole needs to be shot through for it to be considered a point. Any questions?”

“How will we keep track of our scores?” inquires Ivan.

“There are three high speed cameras that will be placed in front of each of our lasses’ fun bags. We’ll count at the end the score of each of us. Oh, also - the winner gets to decide who he gets to snuff…or, maybe keep for himself. I don’t really care what you do with them. Each of us gets a girl. Whether that girl will be damaged or not, is entirely up to us. Let’s get rolling.” are Nisroth’s last words for the moment, as he takes the three girls to the cages in order to prepare them.
He can see they’re a bit uneasy so he offers them painkillers and a gag, so they can bite down when the pain comes. Ashley takes both. ‘A shame, I would have liked hearing her melodious voice produce screeches of agony. Oh well…’ Nisroth thinks to himself as he gags her. Lydia turns out to be a true pain whore, refusing either of those, while Britney only takes the painkillers. She’s in first line and will probably need them most. Her breasts are also the biggest, so they’ll be the easiest targets.

“I thank you for your services. You will be remembered as our empire’s finest milk maidens.” utters Nisroth a bit nonchalantly as he hoists them up. He fiddles with their flopping udders a bit then starts the pendulum machine and heads back to Ivan and Garrus.

Nisroth opens up one of the cabinets, revealing 3 winchester 0.308 hunting rifles. He hands one to each of his friends and takes the last one himself.

“We all have a clip with 5 bullets loaded. Garrus, seeing as Britney is first in line, I’ll let you take the first shot. Ivan and I will follow suit, and we will repeat this sequence 5 times. Oh, one last thing, if one of their breasts gets completely severed by one of our bullets, then that person automatically wins, with the other two having to count their points and settle who’s the second and whose third.”

“Fuck yeah. Luck’s always been my strong point.” yells Ivan.

“Let us begin, then!” replies Garrus.

The girls are swinging at about 1 meter above the ground, so in order to shoot from a prone position they use a table on which they stand. Garrus takes aim. He wants to go big on the first shot, so he watches for a moment where all three are aligned. He takes a deep breath and shoots.

“AAAAAAAAAAAARGH” screams Britney as the big metal object passes through her udders, causing searing pain and leaving behind a gaping hole at the base of her feminine prides. The dark red hole begins to ooze out a mix of blood and traces of milk.

“You sure she took painkillers?“ asks Garrus.

“I suppose… anyway, good shot. Ivan you’re up”

Ivan kneels instead of using the table. He doesn’t aim for long and squeezes the trigger fully. Britney and Lydia both screech in agony. The bullet scratches Britney’s left tit, but it only manages to burn the flesh and cause pain, while Lydia’s breasts take a full centered hit that leaves behind a perfect tunnel through her soft fatty glands. Her scream only stops once she runs out of air.

“There’s more where that came from baby!” yells Ivan
“2 points for Ivan. Britney’s only got scratched.”
“It’s harder than I thought. I like challenges.” mumbles Ivan
Nisroth prepares to take his shot, he watches Ashley’s plump tits swing left and right. Her erect pink nipples are like a bull’s eye. He goes for it.

Yeah. This is the end...a massive cliffhanger. I planned on Britney's tits being so full of holes that they just don't exist anymore, after that Garrus makes her suck on a shotgun's barrel and blows her brains out. For Lydia, I had planned to be ...damaged during the competition, but not too much and be beaten with a bat by Ivan, until her brain is all over the floor. Ashley would only have her nipples evaporated by the bullets and be spared death, only to be repurposed as a sex slave. The end. Sorry to disappoint.


Well, that's a shame; what you had was pretty good. Let us know if you write anything else!

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