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Maybe you're like me and enjoy writing, but just can't come up with ideas for what to write. Or you have a very vague idea and are spotty on the details. Or maybe you do have this idea that would make for a way cool story, but think you can't write for shit (in which case you should totally give it a shot, a lot of people are actually pretty decent with just a little criticism/refinement).

Either way, this thread is gonna be about writing prompts. Leave an idea/request for some writer to pick up. Writers, find ideas or request more detailed ones based on your loose outline. And if you do a story based on a suggestion, do leave a link to that here (but not the story itself, just a link to your thread).

Note that for most people “Kill [character] via [method]” isn't nearly enough to work with, at least without appearing awfully generic. Instead, give one or two sentences with such things as location/setting, motivation (if applicable), or a brief scenario, and whatever details. (And maybe some of the more common tags for reference).

Then let's see how this turns out.


I'll start. I feel like snuffing Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I can't think of how. Con/Non-Con doesn't matter, but preferably nothing sexual (i.e. no rape/masturbation as she dies) and no hanging (I've done enough of those for the moment), but most everything is fair game. Give me something to work with.

Also I'm generally open for requests. I'm willing to try almost any subject except the following: m/m (and male victims), scat, cannibalism and lactation. (And I may refuse to some characters/franchises because I wouldn't feel comfortable doing them, but those are far and few between).


I have a lot of ideas in my thead here... or so I thought, but apparently there aren't in this incarnation of the thread. I guess I didn't post them this time because I felt posting the same ideas again without finally expanding them into actual stories might feel like rude kind of teasing to the audience.
But if as this thead suggests ideas are still appreciated, I guess I'll start posting them again.

> I'll start. I feel like snuffing Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I can't think of how. Con/Non-Con doesn't matter, but preferably nothing sexual (i.e. no rape/masturbation as she dies) and no hanging (I've done enough of those for the moment), but most everything is fair game. Give me something to work with.
I'm a bit confused if this is supposed to be a kind of idea the opening post mentioned are pointless, or if this is a request for more details on how Rei can be killed? It kinda seemed like former except the last sentence that makes me think it's actually the later.
Well, in case of former, if you are interested in Ayanami Rei guro and somehow have not yet stumbled onto my thread ( ), I recommend you check it out, cause Rei is the most reccuring charachter in my stories.
In case of later, I was also going to suggest checking out my thread, as many of the ideas I used to have there, were also about Ayanami Rei, but apparently that was in an older thread that have sunk. I guess I'll start reposting those ideas, though I wonder if I should post them in my thread like I used to (pro: I keep all my stuff together, which I feel also adds context to it; con: someone looking for ideas in this thread might miss it) or here, since this thread seems to exist exactly for that.

For a start, I'll post a couple of those ideas:

Leftover coprse

(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei, snuff, necrophilia casual)

(the idea was originally suggested by someone else, I just expanded it a bit to form like a skeleton of a story or something)
Shinji and Rei are on a date. Maybe in the restaurant or in the park. Some men come by and ask Rei for sex. She casually agrees. They may even ask who is the boy with her, and she tells them that Shinji is her boyfriend, but they shouldn’t mind him. So they start having sex. Shinji watches and can’t help but get hard. Men notice that and tell him “why don’t you join?” But Shinji refuses. He states (either aloud or in his thoughts) he can’t sully Rei by doing it. She is like a goddess for him, and you don’t fuck a goddess, you worship her. No matter how much his body carves for it, he holds back, ‘cause having sex with her would be a blasphemy for him. Maybe then they ask Rei why she needs a boyfriend who doesn’t even fuck her. She states that their relationship isn’t about sex, but about love.
The sex gets harder and harder, and so does Shinji’s dick. Eventually one of the men puts his dick into Rei’s throat to the base so that she can’t breathe. She doesn’t mind, but eventually as it gets painful to her she can’t help but agonize. Instincts tell Shinji to save her, but he holds back. He remembers that something like that has already happened that some men put Rei’s life in danger by being too rough to her, and he stopped them. He saved Rei that time, but she didn’t seem thankful. On the contrary, she was clearly displeased by his behavior. She didn’t yell, but just asked coldly: “why didn’t you let those people have their fun?” “But they would have killed you!” Shinji said. “My life is of no importance”, Rei answered to that, “I can be replaced”.
So this time Shinji just watches Rei choke. She is clearly in a lot of pain, but he knows she wouldn’t be happy if he saves her. And when finally Rei’s body goes limp, Shinji cums without even touching his dick. The men may play a little more with the body, but finally they leave it to Shinji. He wonders if he should dispose of it by throwing it into garbage, but a better idea comes to his mind and he takes it home.
When he gets home (he lives together with Rei), Rei in a new body is already being fucked by some new men. Shinji gets hard again, but now he has a way to deal with it. He figures that if Rei is there fucking those men, the body he holds in his hands can’t also be Rei, and is now just a Rei-shaped dick sleeve. No sullying will be done to Rei if he masturbates with a dick sleeve. So he does so, while watching Rei being fucked by other men. And Rei, seeing him doing it with her dead body, is happy that he learned to accept her death as not a bad thing.
Happy end.

P.S. I guess the original idea was also that men's cum still remains in dead Rei's pussy, making Shinji have sloppy seconds.


(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei, cooking, casual)

Shinji loves Rei but dates Asuka. How it happened? Apparently, he didn't have courage to confess his life to Rei (and maybe even to himself), so Asuka just claimed him as his boyfriend, and he went with the stream as he usually does. Eventually he did confess to Rei and is now seeing her in secret from Asuka. And so, some day, when Shinji is home alone, he invites Rei... and suddenly Asuka comes back and sees Shinji and naked Rei (Shinji himself has either not undressed yet, or quickly dressed again).
"I'll explain everything!" Shinji says and starts to nervously think of a cop-out.
Either he comes with it himself, or Rei helps him, but the only reason why a guy can bring a girl home and strip her other than sex is, obviously, to cook her. So he says this is what it is all about, he was going to prepare a surprise romantic dinner for Asuka.
And since they used such a cop-out, now they can't help but actually start cooking. Though why not? Neither Shinji nor Rei have anything against it. On the contrary, they're happy with such a succesful cop-out.
But since Shinji's real plans for the evening didn't include cooking Rei, he's unprepared and nervous, acting clumsily, like "ehm, so, what now, what else is there... ah, the souse, right... now where do we have the sause.... I think it was here somewere...", making it pretty obvious he didn't plan any cooking and is improvising on the way. The whole idea of cooking a girl is totally casual though, the only source of nervousness is trying to conceal the fact he was actually seeing Rei behind Asuka's back.
And when Rei is finally prepared and they start eating her, Asuka admits he saw through Shinji's cop-out right away. Shinji asks why didn't he stopped them if that was the case, did she purposefully wanted to get rid of the rival? Asuka answers she would never descend to such tactics in winning Shinji's heart, but it's just all Shinji's clumsyness was so hillarious to watch, it was hard for Asuka to keep from laughing out aloud. With how funny it was, Asuka can't even be mad at Shinji for seeing Rei behind her back. Shinji remembers all his clumsiness and agrees that it was hillarous, and so the two of them laugh over it together, while enjoying eating Rei, who ended up being delicious even if cooked in a heat of a nervous cop-out attempt.


Requesting a non-con story about some girl(s) under witness protection getting brutally snuffed by a serial killer, and have either parts of their dismembered body or a recording of their final moments sent to the police.

Sexual encounters are completely optional.


I feel you may want to put just a little more thought into that one; the video tape thing is a nice idea for a framing device, but you're lacking the quite literally defining part: the manner of death. Do think of ways the killer could (conceivably) off each of the girls, either in a variety of creative ways or (if he's supposed to be a more realistic 'serial killer') one signature method. (Yay, I learned something from Criminal Minds)

Also try to add some detail about the victims (don't be as vague as "girl(s)", just decide on a number; same with "sexual encounters", give a clear yes or no), like their names and a mini-description; like "Tiffany, a cheerleader with fake boobs and bleached hair" or "Susanne, a mousy bookworm with glasses", and so on.

Do that, and I'd be willing to bet the odds of your request getting picked up will be significantly bigger


I'll add my backlog of prompts onto the pile of ideas. I'm not getting around to them any time soon, so they might as well inspire someone else.

Frozen Solid

(Disney's Frozen, f/f, freezing, shattering, non-lethal)

Set in the Frozen universe.

Several months after the events surrounding Elsa's coronation, Anna confronts Elsa about still avoiding her and stopping any use of her powers as soon as Anna approaches. She wants Elsa to see there's nothing to be afraid of. She asks her to freeze and then unfreeze a flower, which works just fine. After much convincing, Elsa finally agrees to take things one step further and freeze Anna's hand. Anna starts dancing around and hitting things to show how sturdy it is.

"See? Solid as a..." A sound like glass shattering filled the air. Anna looked down at her hand - or, rather, where her hand used to be. Her arm now ended at her cracked frozen wrist. The fragments of her hand were spread across the table. "...rock. Uhhh... oops?" It took a few seconds for the consequences of what had just happened to occur to her. She looked up at Elsa, whose face was frozen in a mask of terror. "Anna... your hand..."

Anna gets the idea to have Elsa magically reattach the pieces before unfreezing them, reasoning that if Elsa can create life, maybe she can restore it as well. Elsa does so, but can't make Anna's hand defrost due to being overwhelmed by guilt. Anna kisses Elsa full on the lips, which allows Elsa to unfreeze Anna's hand, which is restored to full working order. "See, everything's alright. There's nothing you can do to me that you can't also undo."

Over the next few weeks, Anna tries to get Elsa to freeze her again. They start playing around with this. Elsa also freezes Anna's clothes and breaks off the pieces as an alternative to stripping her the old-fashioned way. Anna is the one to start breaking off body parts on purpose, even using some of them as dildos with which to fuck Elsa. At some point she gives Elsa her frozen nipples and clit for safe keeping, saying that she doesn't want to come unless it's with Elsa.

Things escalate to the point where Elsa freezes and then slowly shatters Anna piece by piece until all that's left is her head and a pile of ice dust.


(Skyrim, f/f, cannibalism)

On one of the previous incarnations of gurochan there was a thread in which the author wrote different scenarios set in the Skyrim universe in which dragonborn Lilith and her thane (bodyguard/servant) Lydia died in various ways. The following was one of my suggestions shortly before the author stopped writing. There's nothing specific tying it to Skyrim, so it can also just occur in a generic medieval setting.

While looting a mansion in the countryside whose owner is gone on a business trip for a few weeks, Lilith and Lydia inadvertently trap themselves in the wine cellar. With nothing else to do but wait for the owner's return to let them out, they start sharing stories. Inevitably the discussion turns towards their love life, and they reveal their affection for one another. Now they have two things they can do together to pass the time ;) After a week, however, the rations run out. When several days have gone by without the owner returning, Lydia offers herself up as a source of food to stave off starvation. Lilith refuses of course, but after a few more days of their growling stomachs keeping them awake, she finally gives in. They use the copious furniture in the wine cellar for firewood, both to cook the meat and to cauterize the wounds. When Lydia has been consumed entirely, Lilith has no choice but to start eating herself. When the owner returns, he finds two dead bodies in his ravaged wine cellar: one skeleton that has been pretty much picked clean and one limbless rotting corpse.

Grace's Anatomy

(f/ffff, vivisection)

It had seemed like such a noble idea: leaving her body to science. How was she to know that a few years later she would get into a car crash and that some idiot doctor who clearly had other things to do would pronounce her dead? Grace had sure given him a good scare when she came to a minute later. Unfortunately, the wording on the waiver she had signed was rather explicit: as soon as she was pronounced dead, her body would be given to science. Which was why she was now lying here, naked on an operating table surrounded by a bunch of first-year med students who clearly barely knew which end of the scalpel to hold. And these idiots were going to dissect her. She'd been given something to suppress the pain, at least, so hopefully their bungling wouldn't hurt too much. "Hey, girls, how about we get started?" she asked, startling the students, who were still discussing the type of cut they were going to use to open her up. "I haven't got all day, you know." The girls just gave her wide-eyed stares. "You know, because I'll be dead before it's over?" she tried to explain the joke. One of them giggled nervously. She sighed. This was going to be a long last day.

Extracurricular Activities

(Harry Potter, f/f, magic, non-lethal)

Setting: Harry Potter universe

As Luna Lovegood walked out of her last class for the day, she was approached by Hermione Granger. "Hey Luna, I found this spellbook in the school library. I tried to get Ginny to practice with me, but when she saw the title she refused, so I thought I'd ask you, since I know you're a little more open-minded." Luna looked at the book Hermione held out. "Natural Body Magic" it read on the cover. Luna shrugged. "Sure, why not?" After all, she didn't have anything planned for the evening anyway. They went to Hermione's room, where they locked the door and started reading, trying out all the spells on each other.

Obvious examples of spells include amputations, decapitations in which the head is still able to speak, complete vivisections (including heart, lungs, brains, etc.) leaving an empty torso, shrinking themselves to perform unbirthing or vore, destroying their bodies (e.g. by grinding them up or burning them) before restoring them and basically anything else that is physically impossible in more mundane settings.

Hazing Rituals

(f+, amp, non-lethal)

Setting: 'Car Fight' universe, in which advanced technology makes it possible to quickly heal from extreme trauma.

Alyssa is now old enough to go to college. She and several other female first-year students are put through a series of hazing rituals that involve disassembly.

The Hangover

(solo-f, scavenger hunt for body parts)

Setting: 'Car Fight' universe.

Alyssa blinked open her eyes, but quickly closed them again as the light was blinding, making her already throbbing headache even worse. What had happened? She tried to recall the previous night, but it was all a blur. She did remember that it had started out with alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. She tried to get up, but nothing happened. Carefully opening one eye, she looked down. She saw nothing. Further inspection revealed that everything below her neck was missing. Well, that was problematic. She looked around and noticed an arm and shoulder lying on the floor a short distance away. It kind of looked like hers, though she wasn't entirely certain. Still, it was better than nothing. Using her tongue to wiggle herself forward, she positioned her neck stump against the shoulder and waited for the two parts to join up. Now that she had a little more mobility it was time to find her other parts... and work out what exactly had happened the night before. (Cue glorified scavenger hunt all across campus, having to rely on vague accounts from other hungover party-goers such as "Dude, I think I saw a couple of the Kappa Zeta Mus use your pelvis as a frisbee").

Break a Leg

(ballerinas, f+, amp, non-lethal)

Ballerinas are known for being pretty thin in general, but the girls in Ms Morozov's ballet class are even thinner than most. For the girls, who are in their early twenties, know that their teacher has very strict physical requirements for playing the lead role in their upcoming rendition of Giselle, so they strain their bodies to - and sometimes beyond - the limit. Last week, for example, Olga did the splits quite literally when her legs came off entirely. But as they say in show business: the show must go on, so the students keep dancing, despite their missing limbs, competing with each other in an effort to land that coveted part.


We need more amputee stories that are not "he cut off my limbs and fucked me for eternity" or "I always wanted to cut off my limbs so some guy would fuck me for eternity". Something softer and sweeter, preferrably set in a world where amputees are commonplace and have all the human rights intact.


Plots like that can be nice, but as for me, I come to GUROchan for much more elaborate and bizarre quad amputation scenarios.

One I want to see is where the loss of limbs causes the woman's happy life to fall apart in a more gradual manner, a slow decent that ends in her being rented out by her family as a human fucktoy against her will. So yeah, not the typical amputate-and-rape scenario, but just as cruel in many ways.


We need more seppuku stories here, so I'm going to put out a basic request for them.

I'm also requesting more consensual snuff stories - especially consensual hangings or decaps.


Here's a Final Fantasy IV idea. Rydia getting Rosa Farrell changed to have an armpit stench and bad breath that are worse than a Malboro.


That was my bad, apparently my formulation wasn't as clear as I thought; I was indeed requesting more details to that basic outline. Also I seem to have missed your thread so far, totally gonna check it out.

Tbh, those are really vague and mostly useless. I'm always happy to oblige, but try to think of actual scenarios or at least a few more specifics, including the victim/s. Especially consensual stuff (which can't get away with "random murder/execution" like non-con) needs some details and a good motivation to work.




Well, if you want a specific setting... how about a museum dedicated to executions and ritual suicides, with 'interactive' exhibits?

Anyone who wants to can partake of an exhibit, and have their life ended by way of a historical execution or ritual suicide method (with the most-used exhibits being hanging, the guillotine, and seppuku). Also, every hour with varied timings, an exhibit will have a narrated, guided demonstration with a volunteer (or "Volunteer") from the audience.

For a specific scenario regarding this museum... how about a high-school or grade-school class visits on a field trip, and one of their number volunteers to demonstrate how hanging works?

As for a victim, the only major guideline I have is that she be a redhead (Some options I'd prefer would be an AU version of Lunamaria Hawke from Gundam SEED Destiny, an AU version of Kallen Kouzuki from Code Geass, and Maylu Sakurai from the Mega Man Battle Network Series, but you can choose someone else if you'd prefer).


Ooh, nice idea. Kinda reminds me of "The Tour", an ages-old story from a previous incarnation of gurochan with a similar premise (except specific to hanging only, and the whole class volunteers).

Just a few very minor points I still need:
What average age would high school/grade school amount to? (I'm not from the US, so I don't know the school system.)
Should the setting be implicitly Japanese/'Anime-style' or 'Western'/USA? (this mostly in regards to the names and appearances of bit characters)
Does the victim legitimately volunteer, or 'get volunteered' by some prankster and then decides to go along with it?


Here's an idea:

A story set in modern Russia, a convicted rapist broke out of jail and decided to seek vengeance upon those that imprisoned him in the first place.

The constable's daughter Mila was his first victim, a timid girl in her final year of high school with a promising career in rhythmic gymnastics. She was kidnapped and taken to an abandoned factory after one of her practice sessions, there she was mercilessly raped and sodomized, followed by a slow and excruciating death by getting impaled on a rusty concrete reinforcing bar through her violated anus.

I imagine the rapist might do something special with Mila's flexibility, it would be such a shame not to take full advantage of such a promising gymnast. Be creative!



Heh. Yeah, the Tour is a bit similar in vein, though it wasn't so much a museum as an active hanging center, where they take tour groups through and see if anyone in those groups wants to upgrade to paying customer.

OK, so, the US School System has three levels to it, essentially: Grade School (Kindergarten through around Grade 5 or 6, tends to be ages 5-11), Junior High (Grades 7-9, Ages 12-14), and High School (Grades 10-12, Ages 15-17). This can vary slightly depending upon state and school district, and I'm not sure if other countries follow that precisely. For the purposes of this story, I'd lean towards High Schoolers.

For setting, I have a slight preference for Anime-style, but if you want to go western, feel free - and if you're having trouble choosing, flip a coin.

And I'd say the victim legitimately volunteers in this one - go full consensual with the story. :)

Hope that helps. :D


I request a story with Sakura Matou from Fate/Stay Night.

She's been captured by an enemy master or servant and, for whatever reason (maybe a grudge, or just sadism), they decide to torture and rape her. I'd like lots of pain and sexual humiliation, but no scat or heavy mutilation (such as the removal of limbs, eyes etc.), and I'd prefer if it she managed to get free in the end.


Tails from Sonic being strangled slowly with bare 5 toe feet with foot focus and l9ts of anal rape being received by Tails please


How about some gender inversion? Roughly 90+% of the guro lit I've read has been female on female, or male on female.

Let's go with guys being the food cows, the torture toys, the "I want to lose my limbs so they'll be with me", ect., ect., ect..


We've got the same overall ages for school, but obviously the names and stuff are different (there's really only a distinction between grades 1-4 and 5-12/13). 15-17 years is a decently wide range, but I take it you want a comparatively 'grown up' victim, not a borderline loli 'late bloomer' or something, right? (Not that I got any issue with doing either, just making sure)

Also I just noticed another important detail missing: Is the hanging supposed to be long drop, short drop or suspension? (I guess I can rule our long drop because that'd be over too quick, but which of the other two?)



For the first question, yes, I want a comparatively 'grown-up' victim. Honestly, my opinion on loli is an indifferent 'meh' - I can go for it if I have to, but I don't care about it that much, and much prefer 'grown-ups'.

For the second question, I tend to go for short drop, though a suspension (I'm assuming that's where the victim starts on the ground and is hoisted into the air) would make for an interesting change of pace. :)


Hey, I was curious if anybody was interested in taking a GoT request for either of Dany, Arya or Meera?


Sunako Nakahara's 21st birthday going terribly wrong when the poor goth gets a notice that she's been requested to be the guest of honor at a mobster's daughter's birthday after pissing off said daughter. Sunako ends up getting raped for a period of seven hours, then is gutted alive and cooked for the young lady, hence the "guest of honor".


Just prompts, not requests:

A brutal attack in utter darkness. Aggressor's POV. Work in all four remaining senses; don't forget smell and taste.


You're beat down and bereft, fucked by the world, and all that's left is to run off and join the freak show that's passing through town. The catch? There's nothing freakish about you... yet.


She's a masochist to the very bone--adorable, and not without her charms, but with a porn folder that'd make even Gurochan give a collective wince.

You're... perfectly normal.

How the hell does she win you over, and what do you become?


Strike Witches universe, ground-breaking rocket striker units were developed, much faster, but with a strict weight limit- which means no clothes, no armaments... And no arms. Legs are cut mid-tigh as well, to fit them in the crammed units.
Command gives an order that every single squadron has to have a pilot compatible with the new unit for reconissance missions, a decision not met too warmly by witches. But order is an order, and our squadron sets up a real dogfight, the first one to go down will become the recon.
Of course, using real guns on real girls, what can go wrong? Most of them had the same idea, though- shoot off others' limbs, to say "Hey, I lost, but she's already halfway there". Needless to say, all of them got "converted" in the end.


Done (and pretty quickly at that, no idea where I got all that time from). >>6685


Super Meat Girl

For some reasons the heroine of the story become immortal and immune to pain. But not as you would expect it. Her body can still be damaged and die, but when it happen the girl instantaneously respawn with a new body in a neighboring location. Yet the corps don't disappear and only the girl re spawn, not her clothes…
Because it's easy to be brave when there is no danger, the girl decide to become a super hero. But when she face her first criminals she realize that there is still a big problem: she have absolutely no fighting skill and is not especially strong. The criminals can just ignore her!

That's a huge shock for the wanna be heroine that loose her motivation and start spending all her day in her sofa watching TV series. She have a bit of money on the side and she discovered a nice tricks to save money on food: she invested on a blowlamp and use it to roast small portions of her body, then she add salt and peeper and then tear it apart from herself with her fingers. This way she doesn't need to leave her sofa at any time! No dish to wash, no to door to open to the delivery man etc.
But eating only meat give here serious digestive problem, that and the fact that she stopped heating her house to also save on this. Dieing frozen never bothered her anyway.
But a gastroenteritis can be really messy, so she must die. The problem is that her house start to be quite full with her corpses resulting of her autophagie and of some experiences. She must die somewhere else.
She find a high bridge and decide to jump from it. This way, the corps will be swallowed by the river and won't make a mess. But at the last second before jumping, she feel a hand closing on her shoulder. It's a young cops that have seen her and now have to stop her for jumping.
He start to talk to her to change her mind but she explain him that she rally have to jump: she don't feel very well and surely have caught something because of here bad eating habits. So now she have to kill herself to make it stop. But that don't seem to convince the cop and our heroine realize that her approach wasn't the best possible. She attempt to bullshit the policeman with a sad story about her four dogs being all dead today, the birthday of her deceased grand mother that had adopted her after her mother abandoned her because she have cancer (her mother, not her).
But that doesn't work better and people start gathering. So our heroine tear out her left eyeball and throw it in the face of the cop. The surprise make him release is grip enough to allow our heroine jump…
She respawn on the bank but fully naked.
Some time latter, she finally enter her home and is instantaneously submerged by the horrible stench of all the corps stored in there house. It was already stinking when she leaved but as she was living in this since a few days (weeks? months?) she was used to this. But now she clearly see that she have a big problem. The law is very strict about the detention of a human dead body at home: it's forbidden. Plus many of them show clear trace of cooking… Even they are all her bodies, she will have big problem.
So it's time to be a super hero again! If she save a lot of people, they will surely close their eyes on her private charnel house. And dealing with others problem is always a good solution to avoid to deal with your own.
She isn't really mighty to she decide to use psychological weapons. Which mean harassing criminal, being a big pervert and shower them in blood and gut until they can't stand it any longer and surrender… or make them swear that they will behave if they want her to come back to play again.
And now thank to the work of Super Meat Girl, the town have one of the lowest crime rate of all the country. THE END.

As it doesn’t change much, I didn't put it upper, but as I imagined things at first, the heroin would receive the “powers” and weakness of Super Meat Boy, from the video game. That would mean respawn but also an incredible running speed, the possibility do do wall jump. Ah and also, of course having no skin. Meat Boy is not a running steak but a skinless boy. So just like Meat Boy, our heroin would splatter her blood everywhere while running and jumping and couldn't stand big dose of salt. And see would probably attract all the dogs, rats and crows of the hoods.


Okay, talking of skinless girls reminded be of an idea of mine. I imagined it with Ayanami Rei, but it can work with some other charachter too. Whether she's dripping blood everywhere I'll leave for whoever might actually adopt this idea to decide.

There will be developed a way to let a person survive without skin (like if they suffered a severe burn and skin is irreparable; all the skin, both burnt and healthy parts, would have to be removed for that), but that would not remove the pain. And something like this would happen to Rei, probably in one of the battles with Angels, so she would be the first one on whom this technology will be applied. The story would take a form of the interview where Rei would be asked about living without skin (and clothes). Rei would tell that the only sensation left for her is pain. Just existing hurts as air touches her skinless body. Standing hurts her feet, sitting hurts her butt and lying on the bed hurts most of her body. Simplest things hurt like hell. The world that used to be a dull and boring place is now so intense and interesting. Rei rediscoveres it like a little child. How would it hurt to touch something hot? To touch something cold? To take a shower? To swim? To lay on a sandy beach? To hug? Or maybe to spar? Out of a shut-in Rei turns into an enthusiastic girl who loves trying new things and how they feel(hurt). She recommens to everyone to go for such a surgery even if they don't need it to save their live, cause it would save their life from boredom.


A young girl becomes a model and actress. As she grows up, she learns about sexuality and herself, and as she reaches certain ages, more things become legal for her to do. First appearing nude, then appearing nude in a sexualized manner.

At 16 she becomes an adult: Allowed to perform explicit sexual acts, and if she so chooses, be snuffed on camera or on stage.

A few young girls are in a closed waiting room. They were told that they were called for a medical exam(or something else), but actually, they are about to be executed.

The staff(or at least some of it) is nice to the girls, putting them at ease. One at a time, they are taken to the death room, and told to stand with their back to a curtain. Just behind the curtain is the guillotine's bascule, tilted up.


Tails from Sonic being executed via garrote by furries putting on a snuff film with Tails having 5 toes with paw pads on the toes balls and heels of his feet

Please include lots of rape and foot fetish.



I like this idea, or least elements of it. Getting used to life after being skinned sounds like a good story. Could expand it to lots of guro stuff really. Having like a talk show style thing where surviving guro-victims, or volunteers or whatever, come on and talk about their "disability" might be a neat idea for a story. Or maybe there could be a support group, AA style, for woman addicted to losing parts of their body.

I do also like JIP's Break a Leg story idea, or (again) parts of it. The idea of people trying to put on a live performance, having it go horribly wrong due to guro stuff, and then continuing with it anyway would make a cool short story. Girls trying their best to move across the stage with their entrails trailing at their feet, hoping they dont trip over, that kind of thing. Not sure it would necessarily involve dancing. Maybe it's a play. Maybe the prop swords are a little too lifelike.

And Harry Potter is a potential gold-mine. I've thought about doing a story involving Hermione. She's so anal about getting good grades I can see her willing to do anything. Maybe Snape could give her a potion recipe for class/detention that includes the brewers own body parts.

Getting back to skinning, I had a similiar idea with Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones getting skinned whole by Ramsey. Not because she did anything wrong, but because this is apparently an old Bolton wedding tradition. She'd go through with it to keep the Boltons happy. If she was lucky she could keep/steal her skin back at some point. Imagine the faces of her allies if/when she seen them again.


If it's for a wedding, the tradition could be to have the wedding dress of the bride made of her own skin. But that wouldn't be really practical if she want to use it as her skin again...



May I also add the entire thing would hopefully be NC on Tails part


If you only skin her limbs, she will have a short dress and a choice of either being skinned further for a world of pain, or have limbs removed to end the pain.


I have an idea somewhat related to Susan story but it could be independent too. main idea is that immortal girls terrorize neighborhood or just tease some boy who has no clue what is going on, but later joins them.
It all happens during Halloween with idea that it is so realistic that everyone thinks it is real, but since girls are immortal they claim it as trick, while it is actually real after all.

So after we somehow explain why those girls are immortal.
they decide to use that ability for Halloween It all starts as joke when they are preparing for Halloween but they discover that it could be good chance to play in public and not to get caught
so they spend some time to mess up each other like removing pieces of skin exposing bones, ripping out intestines , etc.
than they go out to collect candy with great success.

In one house they meet boy who is nicely surprised by their makeup
so they come in show few tricks , sell their internal organs for candy and teach some anatomy until he finally realizes that it is all for real and gets petrified but trying not to be a pussy he takes initiative then.


Okay, here's another idea that I imagined with charachters from Evangelion, but could also work with other charachters.

=-Death Game==
Basically it's a game where everyone writes down a method of death on a piece of paper (something they would enjoy to see another participant to do, so preferably something painful and entertaining; can be anything from hanging and seppuku to whatever your imagination can come up with), then each piece of paper is put into a separate envelope, then you write your name on it. Then you put the envelopes with the named side down (another option is to put each envelope in another envelope) and mix them all up. Then each participant takes an envelop, checks the name on it, if its their own, they try another one. If its not, they do what is written there to the others' amusement.
The idea for the Evangelion charachters was for Shinji to be the last participant, so after everyone else has killed themselves one way or another (preferably Rei took Shinji's envelope and it was something quite painful and she did it without hesitation for his entertainment; he is in love with Rei, so is having extra fun watching her die in a painful way he designed), he takes the last envelope and it's Rei's. He opens it and finds out the method of death written on it: death of old age. He wonders if she didn't completely understand the point of the game when writing this, but oh well, it was still a lot of fun. The attitude to death is casual enough for him to lament how remaining alive means he now has to clean up all the mess remained of the other participant, but he decides the best he can do to repay for the fun he had watchign others, and especually Rei, die is try to follow what's written and live a long life until he dies of old age.


Can I request a story of a shota publicly executed by guillotine? He's been caught as a gay prostitute in some historical time. He's not very scared of it, more so accepting of it. No non-con, maybe he masturbates before he dies in his cell to old memories in his mind. They also show his head after his death. That's all.



That seems like an interesting idea, and you're right, it could definitely work with other character sets.

I personally wouldn't mind seeing it done with an all-female (or mostly female) cast, such as the cast of Koihime Musou, or the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha cast (preferably from the StrikerS or ViVid eras). :D


This premise sounds pretty neat, I think I'll give it a shot.

But as usual, I need more details. Mostly the specific cast of characters (and a link to a wiki where I can look them up in case I don't know them), as many creative ways of death as you can come up with (including the respective victim and originator), and if the ending is supposed to have the 'old age' twist mentioned above, or just everyone dies. (And whatever other significant details, maybe the location they're in, just for flair).


There already is a story like that including those pieces of paper and it is even illustrated in 3d, except of that specific ending.
You can find it on exhentai



Here's the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Wiki:

The main characters for the StrikerS era (the essential third season) include the 'franchise' protagonist, Nanoha Takamachi, her best friend/Word of God Lover Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Hayate Yagami, Reinforce Zwei, Signum, Shamal, Vita, Zafira, Subaru Nakajima, Subaru's fanon lover Teana "Tia" Lanstar, Caro Ru Lushe, Erio Mondial, and Ginga Nakajima. ViVid (the fourth season) has a lot more, but the core five of that era would be Vivio Takamachi, Einhart Stratos, Rio Wesley, and Corona Timil. I'd say stick with the StrikerS era, though. :)

Methods of death I can think of, and who should do them... well, thinking Hayate would write down seppuku on her piece of paper, and it would be drawn by Nanoha, who would choose Fate to help her, Nanoha herself would write hanging and it would be drawn by Fate. Tia would write strangling and it would be drawn by Subaru, who would choose Tia to be the one to do it as they made love one last time. Other options (which you can choose who writes it and who draws it) include impaling, guillotine, throat cutting, knife beheading, sword beheading, axe beheading, garroting, bisection, dismemberment, and vivisection. You could even have one option where the one who draws it gets eaten by Zafira (who can shapeshift into a wolf).

Not sure whether to have the old-age twist at the end, though - part of me says no, but I'd rather that not just arbitrarily decide it - you can flip for it, if you want.

And that's my suggestion on the Nanoha side. :)



If you need me to come up with more details for any of those, like specific details for the seppuku, hanging, or strangling choices, or anything else you feel needs a bit of spicing up, let me know - if needed, we can even write it as a collaborative work (though I'd need an email address so we could work via Google Drive).


Any chance for a more specific link?


Diana's Party By: Mr:Friendly



Those two were me, by the way. :)


That's a whole bunch of characters (and I can't even tell which one/s if any are male; I don't think I'd like to do extensive male gore). Also some of your methods seem a bit impractical for the scenario, I mean they surely can get a rope, sword or knife, but I don't think it makes sense for the characters to have a guillotine at the ready. Also you mentioned Zafira shapeshifting, what about any other special weapons/powers they could use?

I'm sure I could try to read up on the characters and stuff, but for this one some sort of collaboration sounds like a nice idea. Do you have a profile, you could message me there (I have exactly the same name there) so I can give you an e-mail address; or if you can tell me what F-List is (and give me a link), I could sign up there and we use that.



Of those characters, the only ones that are male are Zafira and Erio - everyone else on that list is female.

F-List is basically a site where people gather for discussion or role play, either over notes or a live chat system. Of course, they're never listed by their main profile, just the characters they create on it. :)

Here's the link to my main F-List character:

Once we get in touch, we can discuss methodology further. :)



I do have an FF.Net profile, too, and just sent you a message there - thought I'd cover all my contact bases. :)


I hope you can write a story, a teen girl captive be public Execution by cut open her low stomach and pull out intestinal, dead very slowly and painful. thx


Okay, since it was my idea if the first place, let me add some more input.
Nanoha 3rd season has hell of a lot of characters which are hard to keep track even as you watch the series, let alone if you haven's seen it. Besides, all the main cast from the first two seasons are now adults, losing their loli appeal.
So, do we really need that many charachters for the story? I think it would work better with only season 2 charachters with corresponding age (unless you're totally against loli, in which case you can add a couple of years, but it doesn't have to be all the way to their age in Strikers).
Well, that's what I think.

Looks somewhat similar indeed. Apart from non-lethal cards, there's a difference though that I think I didn't quite elaborate, which is the attitude. In that story on exhentai the attitude is like in Russian roulette, you survive means you win, you die means you lose, so each player hopes to survive. In my idea there are not supposed to be winners and losers, and not just because there are non-lethal cards, but more because of the whole attitude the charachters have. They don't see death as losing or something to avoid. If there were non-lethal cards, they would see nothing different between a card that makes you perform a seppuku without beheaing so you die slow and painfully and a card that makes you jump on one leg around the table and mimic a rooster. So the charachters might have different opinons on which is more entertaining, but performing a seppuku isn't more undesirable than the other option, both are just having fun with friends.



That's... sorta the point, actually. I'm not too into loli (though it's more an indifferent 'meh' than a 'frak no'), and I much prefer teenagers or young adults.

In the StrikerS era, not only are Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate mostly grown-up at 19 years old, but we also get Subaru and Tia, two 15-year-olds that are quite beautiful.

And hey, at least I didn't decide to go with Koihime Musou - now THAT would have been a lot of characters.

To explain, Koihime Musou is an adaptation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms - one where every. Single. Main. Character. Is female, regardless of whether they were male or female in the original.


Helping with some prompts:

Looking for some Free use / free snuff / dolcett style settings, with willing girls eagerly accepting or at least resigned to the fate of sex object and snufftoy in the course of everyday "life".

as for settings ideas:
A Beach setting with nude beach babes ending up burried in the sand and left to drown while being fucked silly as they are bound by the sand, unable to resist or escape the riseing tide. perhaps some canibalism with a Hawian pig roast, burry a girl with coals, to dig her up for a feast at the end of a long day of beach rapeings.

A plesant central park style setting wherin a female police officer helps enforce male dominance and facilitate rapists in the park, often lending her service pistol to help finish off the girls / women that men decide to rape, especialy if they resist... perhaps ending with her happily accepting when she's the target of a rapist herself at the end.

A cyber-cafe setting wherein every lent out computer also comes with a sexy attendant (or more) perhaps even chair-girl forniphelia where the players have their cocks down a willing thorat while they game, and/or have a face at their ass so they need not get up from their gameing experiance even to use a toilet, as they have a toilet slave right under them.

Bonus points for those willing to make any of these an age differance scene with a younger (even preteen) male makeing use of adult women (or girls his own age) in these settings


A few more prompt ideas to go along with above:

Focusing more on the Straight Shota idea line, as I dont see near enough of those:

A birthday celebration for a young boy in the 9-13 range, being gifted a plump and curvacious slavegirl by his parents to help teach him how to "be a man", proceeding to have a series of scenes with her guideing and goading him to not just fuck her, or fuck her publicly, but to be rougher and more violent, culminateing with the clasic tropes of "you have to kill your favorite pet to prove you've grown up".... further bonus points if the slave/pet girl is a furry of some sort, perhaps even spend a bit of time to set the scene of it being a human dominance / fury submissive world.

a scenario with a lesbian couple being (adoptive or one biologicaly) co-morthers to a lad they wish to raise to be a dominant, training him to treat eachother as sextoys and torture dolls till one day he snuffs one of them perhaps at the sugestion of the other mother... then end with an epiloge of the mother/son pair searching to find a new co-mother for him and her to use in a similar way, perhaps implying the one depicted was not the first.

A clasic of the genera, the good old Anatomy lesson disection... but takein in a slightly diferent direction. instead of a vlounteer from the class, or the teacher herself being the snuffed and disected girl, go full hog and have EACH student supplied with a docile/mindless and/or willing/eager snuffdoll for disection. inspiration here goes back to the old old TV show Dinosaurs, wheren highscooler Robbie was to disect a scantily clad Cave Woman. perhaps play up the theames from that episode, wherin the highscooler feels sorry for the docile snuffmeat and fights an internal conflict... but eventualy goes through with it.


Speaking of kids and schools...

Population Control

Inspired by Shcool Selection and other stories like that. I like the concept of organized terminating of school kids, but I don't like the way it's forced and even when victims accept their fate, it's still a punishment for them not meeting some criteria. So here's my idea how to fix that.
In the setting I imagine population control is practiced to, well, control the overpopulation. But preventing people from having children is considered to not be humane. So is terminating people by force as in School Selection setting. Instead every like year of ever semester people from the Population Control Cometee (or whatever the institution is called) come to schools to give a little lection on why you should go and have yourself terminated (amount of resourses on Earth is limited -> the less the population, the more resourses for each person -> by terminating yourself you make those who remain alive happier -> it is an act of charity). The lection is more of formality though since it's something everyone knows anyway (especially since it's repeated every year/semester, and even first-graders must have already heard it all from elder siblings, parents, the sosciety in general), they same way if somebody came to your school (that is, imagine you're still in a school) and gave a lection on how you would do a good deed if you donated your blood - it's not like it isn't something you don't know already, however it can be what drives you to actually go and donate blood this time. So the children in this world feel the same about having themselves terminated. They know it is a good deed and nothing prevents them to do it on any random day when they feel like it, and if they learned someone close to them (classmate, friend, boy/girlfriend, sibling) had themselves terminated on such a random day, they won't see anything special in it, but usually it's just something not on their mind and not something they would bother doing (like if on a random day they remember of a possibility to have themselves terminated for the greater good, they might think 'oh, but I already have a plan for today, so maybe tomorrow' and by tomorrow they would forget it). But while it is a bother, it is not any more so than a blood donation for a person from our world, and nothing more than a bother, that is, nothing to be feared. Death is so casual one would be more interested in whether talk than the news that their child or sibling had themselves terminated (except for just knowing this fact so that they know the child or sibling in question didn't get lost or kidnapped or something actually bad). No concept of funeral or any other parting ceremony exist. They just take a not to wait the dead home anymore and that's all.
And so, the lections serve not to tell them they can do such a good deed, which they already know, but to remind them and create a good occasion for it. Then after the lection they get all the volunteers to the provisional termination point set up in the gym and terminate the children in an organized and casual manner. Perhaps the children get to choose among some standard termination methods like hanging and beheading. The attitude again is as with blood donation, they know they do a good deed and lose nothing doing so (as they don't see death as any kind of loss), the only reason not everyone is doing it is because most just don't feel like bothering with it. You know the picture by Juan Gotoh with boys standing in line for beheading, behaving totally casual and cheerful? Well, something like that.
Ah, one more thing. The reason the whole thing involves school children is because younger children are considered too young to be able to decide to end their life, while adults are considered contributing members of sosciety. Basically while you're at school you should make a choise of whether you want to contribute to sosciety by having yourself terminated or by completing your education and getting a job. Though I guess it would be legal for an adult to have themselves terminated, it would be considered an act not befitting an adult, you can even say it would be considered a childish act.
The age restriction might be narrower than just "school children", maybe it's just primary scoolers, or maybe just middle schoolers (or maybe just high scoolers, but I personally would prefer younger kids) with all the reasoning staying the same.
How much the whole this is sexualised I would leave for whoever might take this idea to decide. If I was writing it though, let me think... I would probably make them all strip, not separate boys from girls, and probably have them be casual about that and even about some skinship, but I would be carefull with including actual sex, making sure I can do it in a way that emphasizes casualness rather than ruin it, and if I can't do it in such a way, I would rather not have sex in the story at all.
What else... the bodies, right? If they don't have funerals or anything, where do the bodies go? I think they either throw them into garbage, or they take it to the nearest meat-processing plant. Anyway, among the charachters, nobody cares about it in any meaningfull way.


So you found better place to post your story ideas :)

>>Population Control

By reading this I got idea about something different:
Since they brainwashed everyone that death is great and now children are too careless about dying and do things that often are deadly without intent to kill themselves. Death itself is morally neither good or bad it is simply ignored entirely, so nobody thinks about suicide or murder to solve some problems. However government is now unhappy that money is getting wasted and this behavior is illegal and punishable crime.

For example kids decide to have party and one or few girls volunteer to serve their meat because one who serves meat gets released from cleanup duties.
or when class goes to visit zoo few friends decide to feed lion or alligator by chopping off their genitals fingers hands and legs because they don't have anything better. but then teacher finds out and scolds them so those who managed to stay alive have to go home half butchered and mutilated.

It could be a bit sexual if children are playing doctor hardcore way. as doing amputations, injections or plain looking what's inside.
one example boy finds out that there is "a wound" between girls legs and sews it up. he then diagnoses her with appendicitis, cuts her belly and checks her ovaries. later they switch places and she obviously castrated him. finally it all turns into semi fight until they totally mutilate each other to death.
But this is not school related scenario

If we think about school activities I think ther ecould be PE exam game where 2 tams have to compete in the game where one or more team mebers get selected and get beaten to death by oposing tem , one who stops responding first loses.


Yeah, to think of it, in the world I described similar things would happen outside school. If death by going to a termination center is totally casual, there's no reason why death by accident would be viewed any different. Just as you said, death by itself isn't viewed as good or bad. So while normally children wouldn't purposefully seek it (expect when they purpousfully go to a termination center) they won't purpousfully try to avoid it either. Adults are another thing though: a child dying is considered contributing to the sosciety, an adult dying, while he has such freedom, is considered taking away from sosciety, so a good coscnious citizen would try to avoid death at adult age, not because they have any fear of death, but because it would be a negative contribution to the sosciety. So, for example, one would see no reason to hesitate if they can save a more valuable member(s) of sosciety with their own life.
But who cares for adults, let's return to the children. Let's imagine a group of chilren is playing in the river and one of them starts drowning. The way I imagine this world works is: the others would see no reason to save the drowning child unless that child explicitly calls for help (or maybe in the previous talk they told someone they want to make in into adulthood), and the child itself whould normally not see any reason to call for help either. They woudn't care if they make it into adulthood or not, unless they have a specific aspiration to make it, which is not common, especially in younger children. If they do though, it's totally their right to avoid danger and expect others to save their life (even if by the cost of several lives of those children who don't have such an aspiration) as long as those others are properly informed of them having such an aspiration. Basically, if they've already made a choise they want to make it into adulthood, their life is considered almost as valable as that of an adult.
So, say a mother of two comes home and discovered one of their children has killed the other during some children game. The only thing she would scond them for is all the mess they made in the house with blood and such.
And I don't like it how you put it "they brainwashed everyone that death is great". First of all it's not brainwashing, it's just the norm in this sosciety, and the lectures are, as I mentioned, just a formality, since everyone know it anyway. When a cop comes to a school and tells children how they should only cross the road on green light, it's not brainwashing. Second, they don't think death is great, in fact they don't think of it at all. As you yourself put it later: it's neither good or bad. It's not something one would purpousfully seek, but also not something one would purpousfully avoid (at least as long as it comes to children). If you want, you can consider it to be somewhat like abortion, only instead of killing a child before it's even born without asking it's own oppinion, you let that child reach a more conscious school age and then let them decide by themselves. By the morals of that world, this way is more humane.
Anyway, not criticizing your ideas or something, just pointing out differences between yours and mine and also expanding a bit on mine.

a bit on castration

While I'm not generally into that, lately I've been thinking I could enjoy a story about a castration/nullification perfomed casually. Like a world where every little boy can just come to the clinic and ask to be nullified just because he doesn't like the aesthetics of their genitals and would rather be nice and smooth. Or maybe it's not the aesthetics, but comfort: he doesn't like something dangling between his legs and being pressed inside his pants. Or he was punched in his balls and it was painful, so he consideres not having balls to be a good method to prevent being kicked in them. Or he doesn't want to have balls becaues he doesn't want the balls think for him instead of his brain, he thinks of it as just a nuisance. Or he just does in on a whim, he was walking by, saw the clinic offering castration service and thought why not. Anyway, the boy wants it on his own, and it's not seen as a big deal. Also, whatever the reason, by the logic of this world he would see no reason to regret it at any point in his subsequent life. Nor does the sosciety (including the boy's parents who might only learn about it post factum) see anything wrong with it.
Also, it doesn't have to be a clinic. Maybe, just like you described, it can be a part of kids playing doctor. Or, as I described in one of my ideas for Kagamine Len and Rin: as twins they don't like the idea that pubery would make them look less similar, so Len asks Rin to castrate him so that he's as smooth as her, and she is happy to oblidge. In return she asks him to cut off her breasts so they don't grow bigger than his chest, and he is happy to retrun the favour. Or it can be the other way around where Len cuts Rin's breasts first and she returns the favour by nullifying him. Anyway the point is it is something they both want themselves, not something forced or whatever. Also doing these thing to each other they don't feel they deprive each other of something, but rather doing a favour for their beloved twin. And also that it is in no way something wrong for them to do. When parents learn what they have done to each other and why, they would only admire how much the twins love each other, and consider any harm to be done.
Speaking of the Kagamine twins, just about a week ago or so I stubled upon this pictrue:
(Rin crashing Len's balls with her hand in order to make him into a castrato [a castrated singer], also promices to cut off his dick later)
The only thing I don't like about this picture is how it looks like Rin is forcing in on Len and enjoying his pain. But with them being singers, having Rin castrate Len for the sake of making him into a castrato makes perfect sense as a premice for a castration story. Only I imagine such a story with Len himself wanting to become a castrado or at least seeing nothing wrong with it ("All it takes to do is cut off my balls? Sure, why not") and Rin happy to castrate him not because she enjoys him suffering, but because she feels giving, not depriving him of anything (and Len takes it the same way too, thankful to her for doing it for his sake). Kinda like in my short Atofellatio story, only she cuts his balls, not his head. And by analogy with that story it can work as a surprise too: "What have you done, Rin?" "I've cut your balls off, Len" "That I can see, but why?" "Oh, don't you know, it would prevent your voice from breaking and make you into an excellent singet" "Oh, so that's how it is, thank you, Rin, I don't know how I can express my gratitude" "Just sing for me in your castrato voice, I need nothing else to be happy". Though I don't think how this can work without Len being uncoscous durign the process itself, and I kinda don't want him to miss it. So in the end, if I were writing this, I would probably start with a casual conversation between the twins about music and singing and somehow it gets to the topic of voice breaking and castration being able to prevent it (also if I were writing it, I would try to make it a spin-off or Innocence, same as Autofellatio) and than I would try to make a transition to "Rin should castrate Len" topic as natural and casual as possible, aiming for it not being possible to say if the idea was proposed by Rin or Len, it was just flowing in the air and both twins followed a natural flow of conversation. I say 'try' because I'm not sure if I actually can do in it such a way though. But anyway, as Rin castrates Len, both consider it a good thing that would make Len into a great singer, so Len is and will always be grateful to his sister for giving him the castrato voice, and Rin is and will always be happy that she was able to give him that great voice.


You said yourself that it was a method to control overpopulation so it is probably just temporary solution, because in that rate population will turn to zero in no time. I expect government was using advertising and other propaganda methods to convince people into believing that death is not bad at all because they wanted to save on healthcare and safety.
so I labeled it brainwashing just like current government is brainwashing everyone into crazy consumerism.

About that castration, you are giving too much meaning to that, because my idea was that it happens just as form of playing without any thinking about consequences.
but this is not actually good thing so parents should scold kids for this.
if you do this in clinical setting it is no longer casual but very bureaucratic. and this ocficcial setting signing waivers waiting in line dealing with sadistic doctor is quite a turn off for me.
the reason of castration shoud be something very comical like boy gets scolded for displaying his penis in public and he decided that it is nuisance.
In case of playing doctor they are just curious to see what is inside his ballsack. so it is not completely voluntary, but lightly coercive in form "I will show you mine you will show me your's"

if you treat that as favor it implies that it was somewhat bad to have balls so it is no longer so casual.

another idea is that kids while playing stuff something important in the girls vagina and then must use knife to take it out.


> in that rate population will turn to zero in no time.
I don't think I specified any rate, be it rate of birth or rate of chldren termination so there is no "that rate". If, say, each family has 3 children and only 1 of 3 dies before having their own children, that perfectly works. Or if each family has 5 children, among which 1 would have themselves terminated after a lecture, 1 would have themselves terminated on a random day, and 1 would die in a careless accident, leaving 2 to make it into adulthood and make their own children, that would perfectly work too.

> it was a method to control overpopulation

Okay, I probably wasn't clear enough on that. The government has children volunteer to be terminated instead of just forcing abortions, because the sosciety belives this is the right way to do it. Not the other way around.

> my idea was that it happens just as form of playing without any thinking about consequences.

I'm totally fine with that, just named some more options.

> but this is not actually good thing so parents should scold kids for this.

But isn't this "giving too much meaning" and making it less casual?
At least for me the ending where the parents come and see one child has killed or castrated the other and only scold them for the mess and blood sounds like a good way to point out how casual the death or castration itself is. Besides, if it's not stated that it is normal in this sosciety from the start of the story, it makes a nice twist in the end.

> very bureaucratic. and this ocficcial setting signing waivers waiting in line dealing with sadistic doctor is quite a turn off for me.

I didn't meant it to be bureaucratic at all. I mean, if it's my dream world, guro and sex aside, can I at least imagine healthcare system not buried in bureaucracy? Any boy can just come and say they want to be castrated, it's not considered to be a big enough deal to sign lots of papers and such, he doesn't even have to let his parents know or have their agreement (as no one would see a reason not to agree anyway), they would probably just ask for a name. And it's not so frequently asked for to make you wait in line, and certainly the doctor performing it isn't any bit sadistic, they're a kind person who loves children and this is why they chose this job to work with children and provide the kind of operation they want.

> the reason of castration shoud be something very comical like boy gets scolded for displaying his penis in public and he decided that it is nuisance.

Again, totally fine with that.

> In case of playing doctor they are just curious to see what is inside his ballsack. so it is not completely voluntary, but lightly coercive in form "I will show you mine you will show me your's".

I don't really like how "not completely voluntary" sounds, but if you mean it in a way that while he doesn't seek for his balls to be cut off, he doesn't really mind it either, then sure, sounds fine with me.

> if you treat that as favor it implies that it was somewhat bad to have balls so it is no longer so casual.

It's not exactly bad to have balls, just this particular boy doesn't want to.
For example, in the real world some people color their blond hair into dark, but it doesn't mean having blond hair is bad.

> another idea is that kids while playing stuff something important in the girls vagina and then must use knife to take it out.

That sounds just fine too.

Again, don't take it on your account, I'm not critisizing your ideas, just elaborating on mine, pointing where they're different and where they're similar. After all, this thread is to throw in ideas and hope that someone picks them up, so it's for whomever picks it up to decide if they like your approach or mine better.


>I don't think I specified any rate
You didi not specified it but it is pretty clear that with that attitude pretty much nobody will even reach puberty. LOL

>But isn't this "giving too much meaning" and making it less casual?

At least for me the ending where the parents come and see one child has killed or castrated the other and only scold them for the mess and blood sounds like a good way to point out how casual the death or castration itself is.

Complaining about blood and mess only Is a bit inadequate because that reason should be related to what they did and not just complaints about being messy. If they will only complain about mess, it means that they did not even noticed what happened and it leaves feeling as if they are retards. there shoud be some kind of relevant response explaining reaction about castration or death.
Like if boy killed his sister or amputated her leg when playing, parents should scold him because they already enrolled her in ballet class and now they lost money. Reason should be related to what happened.

>can I at least imagine healthcare system not buried in bureaucracy?

If course you can, you just did not mentioned that it is different medical system from that torture industry what we have.
I am a bit surprised by your claim that doctors love children, because doctors love no one, they treat humans as pieces of meat and they could be considered inhumane machines at best or sometimes narcistic sadists.
In general doctor is not trained and even forbidden to treat patient as human being. he must be totally professional and just do his job while feeling absolutely nothing.

In general this is valid for all professionals because professionals only do their work for money without feeling anything about it thus involving professional in story is like involving some machine.
By that reason all characters should be amateurs in any fiction story.

>For example, in the real world some people color their blond hair into dark, but it doesn't mean having blond hair is bad.

Dying hair is reversible castration is not so it is extremely serious decision like everything else what is irreversible.
if they do it without good reasons it makes them retards.
in this kind of world it is mostly excusable because nobody will survive long enuogh to face consequances.

>I'm not criticizing your ideas, just elaborating on mine, pointing where they're different and where they're similar.

feel free to criticize as much as you like.
my intent is just to sho how it feels for me and probably for other people.


Aoi, on the subject of casualness, I personally think that it's a good idea to have at least a little emotional impact, especially when killer and victim know each other. Not "What have I done?!?!?" levels, but more like, "Wow, I just killed someone I cared about. That was really intense, I think my hands are still shaking. ...and why am I crying?"

I will mention that's sort of the feel I'm going for with the Nanoha fic Eterya and I are working on that's based on your Eva idea. It's still mostly casual, they're ending their lives and don't see anything wrong with it, but a fair majority of the kills are going to leave the killer somewhat emotional just from the intensity and intimacy of the act.


I know I like taking casualness to extreme levels (like this: ) which is probably not everyone's thing. Having that said...

> You didi not specified it but it is pretty clear that with that attitude pretty much nobody will even reach puberty. LOL

Okay, now I have provided a couple of examples of how it can work, so it's no longer an issue, right?
Everyone being okay with death doesn't mean everyone would take their first chance to die.
Lectures being held doesn't mean after one the whole class would go have themselves terminated. Even if from one class only a couple of students go, from the whole school there will be enough to make a group significant enough for setting up the provisional termination point in the gym to make sense and for the story still have a feel of organized termination of school children in big numbers.
Going for a blood donation analogy again, say a lecture on it is held in school, while everyone understand that it would be a good deed, how many would astually go for it after the lecture? I'm sure most just wouldn't bother.

> If they will only complain about mess, it means that they did not even noticed what happened and it leaves feeling as if they are retards.

They do notice, they just don't care for the death as much as for the mess. Well, maybe it can be clearly stated in the story with big bold letters, but then I have a feeling the readers would feel like the author thinks of them as retards throwing obvious things into their faces like they couldn't figure out by themselves.

> should scold him because they already enrolled her in ballet class and now they lost money.

How is that different of scolding him because they had plans for the evening, but now have to clean the mess instead?

> If course you can,

> doctors ... narcistic sadists
So I can imagine a world with less bureaucracy, but can't imagine one where doctors are nice and in general people love their job?

> Dying hair is reversible castration is not so it is extremely serious decision like everything else what is irreversible.

Well, maybe taking something that is serious in real world as if it wasn't is the whole point?
I'm starting to get a feeling I got to some other side by mistake. Is it still gurochan?
Since when does guro have to make sense?

> if they do it without good reasons it makes them retards.

A girl walking around the streets without wearing a niqab without a good reason makes her a retard, because having been seen by a man is extremely serious and irreversible. If that sounds ridiculous to you, so does castration being serious to the people of the fictional guro world. It is also not serious enough for it to matter if it is reversible or not.

> my intent is just to sho how it feels for me and probably for other people.

I don't insist on you liking my ideas, but it seems you don't even understand them because you're stuck with real life logic. It's like claiming Saint-Exupéry was a retard because he didn't recognize the Little Prince being his hallucination from a heat stroke and wrote a whole book about him. Hint: realizing Saint-Exupéry was writing fiction and not a recollection of a real hallucination he had is a good point to start.

> Aoi, on the subject of casualness, I personally think that it's a good idea to have at least a little emotional impact, especially when killer and victim know each other.

I don't mind that, but...

> I think my hands are still shaking. ...and why am I crying?
is different from
> What have I done?!?!?

If I was that characher in that situation... agreed to play the game as I wasn't yet aware death is sad... then as soon as I realized it makes me cry I would exit the game and persuade the others to exit it too... "C'mon guys (though probably mostly girls), the game was supposed to be fun, but if it makes us cry, what is the fucking point? I don't want any more tears to be shed!"

I'm not against emotional impact, but it being a negative one contradicts with the idea of the game, which is to have fun.
It can be intense and intimate without being negative. Something more along the line with my Just a Whim story in terms of emotions. Except the part where Rei says "put me down" and "don't want to die" causing Shinji to hesitate.
> I promised to kill her with my own hands, so that’s what I will do. I felt like with the power of love that overflowed me now I could move mountains.
> Our eye contact was broken, but I didn’t have to read her eyes to see how much pain she must have felt. I could see now why Asuka thought this would be fun.
> Rei suffered like hell and it was heavenly beautiful.
> there was a lot of time until the morning, so I put my worries aside, just holding the rope and feasting my eyes on Rei’s dance. I knew her agony was genuine, and it filled my heart with joy.
> Rei had died and it sent me on cloud nine.
> Her lifeless body swing serenely in the light breeze under the cherry tree, her dead face wet with tears and glowing in moonlight. So beautiful. Even the streams of urine released from her bladder entwined her legs in a manner that I can only describe as elegant. I hugged Rei. Her body was cold, and her heart didn’t beat. She didn’t react to anything. It felt so wonderful to hold her dead body in my arms. I licked some tears from her face. They were pleasantly salty. Then I looked right into Rei’s eyes. I couldn’t read anything in them. Instead of the infinite universe, there was now perfectly empty nothingness in her eyes. In awe, I couldn’t avert my stare. Rei was beautiful. Charming. Dead.
> a sublime and sensual experience with Rei
> I looked at Rei again. The rope was virtually invisible in the night, while her body was glowing in the moonlite, which made it seem as if blue-haired girl was an angel levitating above the ground. A capful of wind made her body swing a little and a bunch of cherry blossoms fell slowly from the tree. Some of them landed on Rei’s hair and shoulders. Ah, even if there were nothing else to gain, just this lovely scene was indeed worth taking her life.

Now if I was a charachter in that story and killing my beloved it made me feel like that, I would certainly enjoy the game and keep playing it.


I for one feel this argument between you two has gone on long enough and is quite seriously derailing a usefull and cool thread about spitballing ideas and giveing inspiration that has now devolved into a quote-back-and-forth fight with no resolution in sight.


Yeah, you're probably right.

Speaking of kids casually dying made me remember one more idea that is kinda similar.
I've written this down earlier, so will just copy it here with minimal editing (so some parts might contradict/correct the previous parts).

Reibies (guro version)

(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei's many children, deatn, accidental/casual)

So I happend to stumble upon this thing:

It's quite trashy, but a bunch of children running around dying in hillarious ways, and Shinji and Rei as their parents taking it quite casually (and also the very fact that Shinji and Rei still being 14 have kids also treated casually), and Rei calmly noting in the end that it was quite a fun day hits all the right spots with me.
Too bad it's so short though, so now I can't help but think on expanding the idea, give it some more details and realism (though the total hillariousness was part of why I liked it, it's also too cartoonish to my taste [say like when a child is sent to fly by a baseball bat, or the whole Rei-gun thing]). The start as I imagine would be something like tike this: Shinji and Rei have sex, the next day he comes to school and sees Rei heavily pregnant. She properly explains how it works, with it being: Rei herself was created as a clone of Yui, but since she was created after Yui's death and had to be 14 by the war with Angels, they used some fast growth technology that made her age 1 year per 1 day of real time till she reaches age of 7 after a week, then she grows as normal. And apparently that fast growth is inherited by her children. Also all that genetic engeneering stuff somehow makes it that all of the babies are total copies of Rei (optional: they're also all only girls). And that they are pften born in large quantities like 3 to 5 at a time. The pregnancy is fastened too, so Rei gives birth the same day, stil at school. Everyone treats is casually, Shinji is happy to be a father. After two babies are born Shinji says he had always wanted to have twins. Then it appears it's still not all as the thrird baby is born. And then Rei just takes it and kills it casually, since Shinji said he wanted twins but not triplets. Shinji says he didn't mean it like that and they all just laugh over the misunderstaning.
I haven't yet thought out in details what happens next, but here are some points:
- Children keep dying in more or less hillarious ways, but Rei says they can just make as much more as they like, and everyone else is also taking it quite casually, including the children themselves.
- Seeing Shinji liking the children Rei wants to make more, but she doesn't really require Shinji to make children, she might as well fuck random men and then bring the childred to Shinji to play with. Shinji's of course totally casual about it. Shinji and Rei might have to marry though as an excuse for all of Rei's children to be treated as hers and Shinji's and real fathers not having any claim on them.
- Since the children are growing so fast, they'll run around in the nude, cause there's no sense in buying clothes that they'll outgrow in a day or less (though now that I think of that, they might pass the clothes from older children to younger, but probably they'll consider it to by just too bothersome and see no reason why the children can't just run around in the nude), at least until they're 7 "years" / days old, though with their death rates a few would actually reach that age (and even when they do it doesn't mean they are now safe and won't find another hillarious way to die after another day or two).
- I imagine there should be a scene, where Rei solves a problem at the blackboard while babies pop out from under her skirt (she forethoughtfully doesn't wear panties) and hang between her legs on the umbilical cords as she pays it no attention and casually keeps solving the problem. There might also be more situations with casual birth like that, say they go to the lake and while Rei is swimming (in the nude) babies would pop out from her and drown in the lake with no concern given about it.

- A balance between emotionality and casualness seems to be a hard one, so I'll just have to sacrifice one for the sake of the other. But to add at least some more connection to the children than in the Reibies story, I'm thinking of actually giving every child a name. Thinking of an actual name for each of so many children would be a pain in the ass though, and naming them with numbers would be too far from proper names, so what I thought of instead is naming them with Greek letters: Alpha, Beta, etc, and once the alphabet is over, they'll retroactively name the surving children Alpha-Alpha, Alpha-Beta, etc, and the new ones will be Beta-Alpha, Beta-Beta, etc. That sounds more like names then just plain numbers, and it also sounds like a naming system Rei is actually capable of coming up with. With 24 letters there'll be 576 two-letter combinations, which should be more than enough.
- I'm also thinking that maybe I shouldn't limit them to only girls. I used to be only into girls, but now I find that with stories of little children when they don't discriminate between boys and girls that adds to the whole casualness idea.
- They'll probably still all look alike, so I figured Shinji and Rei will have to have a way to tell them apart. At first they can write each child's name with a marker pen on their forehead, but that erases quickly, so they'll look for a more permanent solution. And that would be branding. They'll use an electric branding iron with interchangable stamping parts (whatever they are called), 1 for each letter of the Greek alphabet would make 24 stamps. First they'll try it on the forehead again, but that kills a child, so they'll switch to asscheeks. And for two-letter names, first can be branded on the left assckeek and second - on the right, very handy.
- I imagine there should be a scene with Shinji on the street under Rei's window and she's throwing kids at him so that he takes them for a walk. Some he manages to catch, some he doesn't, but as usual it's not a big deal.
- IIRC in the Reibies story a dog made away with two children who were playing in a sandbox. I'm thinking of a similar scene, only set up like this: two children play in the sandbox, a dog runs by and starts to eat one of the children. The other is "Oh, a doggie! Can I play with a doggie?" and everyone's like yeah, sure, why not, and the child innocently pats the dog while it's eating the other child, and probably even survives without beaing eaten too.
- Also not all children would die in whatever accidents happen to them, some would get injured, but it'll also be treated with no concern. Say, the children are playin on a playround, as Shinji and Rei sit at the bench watching them. One child falls from a height and breaks their both legs, the child would just keep crawling around and have fun and Shinji and Rei will see to reason to pay special attention to that accident. Then as it's time to go home someone of them would carry that child in their arms, but stil not treating it like it's something out of the ordinary.
- With how fast the children grow, they have to have a lot of nutrition to not break the energy conservation law. So, in the series we can see a lot of medical stuff in Rei's appartment, I think some pills were among them somewhere... the obvious version is they're painkillers as she often gets injured, but I've seen interpretation before that they're her nutrition and she isn't usually seen eating any food because she doesn't need any, she gets it all witht the pills. So yeah, let's say it's truth in this story, then they'll feed the children with those pills too. Though a child or two might suffocate with the pills before they figure out some liquid form might work better, but as always it's no big deal.
- Speaking of food, on one occasion Shinji opens a microwave going to warm up some food, but discovers a roast baby inside. How the hell did the baby get there? Oh well, whatever, we can just eat it instead.

- Children playing holdng their breath underwater, the instinct making them come out of whater for breath seems to them like its interfering with the game, so they figure out one of them would hold the other under water all the way.
- Accidentally (or not) injuring and killing each other while playfully wrestling
- One kid would slip in the bath and break their skull, the others would see blood in the water as fun to play, so next time one of the children might purposefully cut their wrist in the bath to have funny pink water to play with.
- They come to an entertainment park and some ride has a height limitation to enter, so one of the children who doesn't pass would cut their feet off to pass.
- One of the children tried to get another's attention, but they're too focused on something else. The first child, being behind the second, would then turn the second child's head 180 to make them look at them.
- Finding a hammer and nails they would nail some in their various bodies, finding it a nice decoration.
- Children using the guts of one of them as a jumping rope
- A child falling from a tree and being impaled on a branch (maybe keeping playing with their insides till they die)
- Children learn to cook and don't care if they cut some of their own fingers along with the food (or get those fingers in a meat grinder)
- Children making a Jack-o'-lantern out of a head of one of them for Halloween. Also maybe injuring themselves (from amputating limbs to having guts hanging out) for Halloween costmes.
- A child takes a nap inside a dumpster, or crawling inside a garbage truck out of curiosity and being pressed
- Children finding a pistol (maybe Misato is careless enough to leave hers within reach of children) and play Russian roulette before being taught that it requires a revolver, not a semi-automatic pistol like Misato's.
- A child gets into a fridge to hide from hot weather and freezes to death
- First child to survive for a week will enroll to a school only to accidentally strangle themselves with a neckerchief that is part of a uniform
- Since Shinji and Rei have a lot of children now, they can't keep living in the small appartment Rei has, much less at Misato's, so they start building their own house to live there as a family. During construction a lot of related deaths and injures occur
- While the foundation for the house is not yet petrified, children will play with it like in an unusual (and so all the more interesting) sandbox, some will end up petrifying into the foundation, some will end up all covered with concrete and get out just to end up petrified around the house, becoming nice decorative statues.
- I guess the angelic part of Rei's origin might be used to explain the children learning basic skills like walking and speaking mostly by themselves, but I wonder how plausible it would be to also include reading/writing?..

> I think reading and writing may be a stretch for Rei's kids

Guess they'll have to catch up when they go to school then, but I guess it would still be plausible to have them learn quite fast once they actually start to learn.

> drawing or other forms of art could work, and would lead to more deaths.

Good idea! I can already imagine one of the kids trying to paint on their own eyes to see if it will work as an overlay for their vision, and ending up gouging out an eye (and/or the paint ruins its ability to see if paint can do that... luckily that idea never came to my mind when I was a kid, so I wouldn't know).


And let me add a bit more on it:

- Speaking of injuries, since the children grow so fast, it is pointless to take one with a broken limb to the hospital as the bones would already concrete worngly. And since it's not a big deal anyway, it's simpler to just cut the ruined limb off, which is what they will do when they get the injured kid home.
- Speaking of setting, I think it happens after all the Angels are defeated, the war is over, everyone lives happily ever after. And the Eva pilots as savious of the world recieve a lot of money monthly so they never have to worry about bread earning, they have already earned it all by saving the humanity. They do keep going to school though (with freedom to skip it wherever they like) just for socialization and overall development, and while they don't need to work ever in their lives, they don't completly neglect such option, cause maybe they can find a job they enjoy, so they do it for the sake of enjoying it if not for money (at least Asuka, I imagine, is totally planning to find herself a job as she needs one to have a reason to live).


One last thing regarding my thing on the emotional impact, something I feel I have to say.

I'm not going for a whole society where snuff is casual enough that there's no negative emotional impact.

What I'm going for is a bit more of a 'suicide pact' kind of thing - the characters have decided to end their lives together, with the random element that you originally suggested, but there is still going to be a little sorrow in there as they take each other's lives.

I guess... I guess that's the main thing that differentiates us - you go for a whole culture where death is something just casually accepted, and while I can like stories like that (Eterya's CYoA among them), I tend to also balance them out with stories set in societies that at least hold life semi-sacred, meaning that death still brings a bit of sorrow.

That... that's all I have to say on the matter. Thank you for hearing my rant. I shall shut up now, until the next idea pops into my head.



...OK, not quite ready to shut up just yet. Thought I'd quantify my rant a bit.

If a setting is designed from the ground up to treat death as mostly casual, though still an important decision, such as Eterya's CYOA, I can enjoy it perfectly without the lack of sorrow breaking my Willing Suspension of Disbelief. Same is true for RPs - even if I borrow characters from existing franchises, if the setting is completely original and treats snuff as mostly casual, I can do it.

If I'm writing or co-writing a story in any kind of pre-made setting, though, I will more than likely have at least a little residual sorrow about death, to keep at least a small modicum of realism. That does sorta preclude the 'game' aspect from taking a large hold, so instead, in my Nanoha idea, it's sorta morphed into a 'suicide pact with a randomizer' kinda thing. They're all okay with dying, and with picking their deaths at random, even to the point of lovers hoping they draw each other's cards, but it still holds a fair degree of emotional impact, and a little sorrow at the death itself.

I hope that this and my previous post fully explain myself. It can be hard for someone with Asperger's Syndrome like myself to fully state what I feel and why I feel it, but I believe I have done the best job I can.

Shutting up for real this time.


The discussion on Hermione in the short stories thread reminded me of a certain idea.

Time Paradox

(Hermione Granger)

There was a story somewhere on gurochan where Hermione wonders why it is prohibited to meet yourself in the past, so to find it out she does exactly that. The result is that the past Hermione feels uncontrollable urge to eat the future Hermione, and so she does.
When I have read it, a though occured to me, what if... Hermione instead wondered what would happen if one goes to the past and kills their past self? What will happen to the world, what trick will it play? She considers trying it, and as soon as she thinks about it, another Hermione from future appears. The past Hermione lets the future Hermione kill her with no objections as this is the point of the experiment (maybe have some sex first cause why not, if it's with herself, it's not different from masturbation). Then, as the past Hermione is dying, she realises, whatever happens to the world, she has no way of knowing it, as she will be dead. So that must be the trick! If something is unverifyable, it is not scientific, but verifying that something is unveryfiable (which is what Hermione did) is scientific, so in the end she considers the experiment a success before finally dying.
So, what happens to the world though?
Okay, in case it wasn't obvious: we never know and that's the trick: to know you have to die, but if you die you can't know.
And the past Hermione died satisfied because she understood this trick.

There is another variant of this story though:
After hermione reveals her time turner, or after they use it all as in the book, but before Hermione gives it back, Harry and/or Ron wonders what would happen if one goes to the past and kills their own past self. Hermione shrugs it off with "it's prohibited to even meet with your past self", but it actually makes her think of it a lot in the next days, but it's not like she can just try and do it? Or is it? The future Hermione appears and the past Hermione understands that it means she decided (will decide) to do it after all, and lets the future Hermione kill her (maybe have some sex first cause why not, if it's with herself, it's not different from masturbation). Then after the past Hermione dies, Ron comes in and says to the "future Hermione": "wow, that was hell of a show, totally worth all of the effort to make the Polyjuice Potion, Harry", and "future Hermione" revealed to be Harry asnwers: "yeah, I know we have purpousely put this idea in her head, but it was still surprising how easily she let me do it" or soemthing along the lines.
Harry and Ron's roles can be reversed, whichever option you consider would fit better.


Here's a setting people are welcome to use:

The "cult" mentioned in my story "The Business Trip" got its start way back on 21st-century Earth as a college sorority (I'm tentatively calling them Delta Alpha Epsilon as according to a quick Google search that doesn't already exist). At first it was just a barefoot-centric group, but that was hardly unique and felt a bit too casual to the organization's leadership. They created strict rules forbidding members from ever wearing shoes, but it wasn't enough.
Desperate to not fade into obscurity and to cement their ideals, the leaders trained themselves for a year to use their feet in place of hands, and after a year they threw an intense private party at which they all amputated one another's arms at the shoulders. After this point all new members had to submit to the same procedure.
Unfortunately, all too often members would regret their choices, leave the sorority, and attempt to sue them. At some universities students were getting their amputated arms regrown and suing anyway. This was hurting the group's reputation, greatly decreasing new pledges, and threatening to ruin them, so using all the remaining clout they could muster they struck a deal with every university that hosted a chapter. A complex induction process was put in place.
Every year during rush week, if there is any shortage of new pledges, existing members select a number of on-campus resident students and quietly break into their dorm rooms in the night. They anesthetize the subject and spend the night stripping her and placing her in a torso cast that completely restrains her arms like a straitjacket. They also place walking casts on her feet so as to prevent her from wearing shoes. From that point forward she is cared for by one or two existing members for the rest of the semester as she gets used to using her feet in place of hands.
At the end of the semester is a party for all new pledges. Most notably their casts are removed, but there's also a great deal of sex and drunken revelry. From this point until the beginning of the Spring semester is a trial period during which they get to think over whether they want to pledge themselves to the sorority. All are required to remain barefoot until the beginning of the Spring semester, otherwise they must start the induction process over again the next year, even if they meant to decline membership. The trial period coinciding with Winter holidays helps ensure true devotion from prospective members.
At the start of the Spring semester is the final induction party at which everyone who successfully made it through the trial period has her arms removed at the shoulder and becomes a full member, and again there is much celebratory sex and drunken revelry.

Eventually said sorority develops into the cult-like organization that colonized Risa 12.1 and established its strict barefooting, arm amputation, and NanoBlock laws.

I wanted to write this out as a full-fledged origin story, but I've been much too busy for months now and don't see myself having much time to write it any time soon. Thus I've posted this synopsis and hereby declare the setting free for any authors here to use.
Inspiration for bits of it came from several sources including a story on DeviantArt about another barefoot sorority and a picture by Excilion of two students whose arms had been casted as a prank.


Another prompt courtesy of shower thoughts and my personal sci-fi continuity:

In the future, a girl is hired by a space exploration agency to become a probe to survey a new star system. Her body undergoes major alterations including the removal of all four limbs and the replacement of several organs with mechanical substitutes. Her body is made airtight, radiation-proof, and self-contained for long space voyages. On her limb stumps are placed antennae, magnetometers, solar arrays, and other instruments, and one of her eyes is replaced with a multispectral camera.
She is launched naked into space on a slingshot trajectory past several planets, with only tiny maneuvering thrusters for tweaking her heading. Much of her time is spent in hibernation, and when not busy collecting data she whiles away her days with things like video conferences.
At the end she might be picked up by a mothership, or she might be abandoned to drift forever in the void and eventually die after her internal life support's reserve power runs out. If she does get picked up, perhaps she gets sent on more probe missions or repurposed as a spy satellite.


OK, have another Nanoha idea, this one a bit more intimate, and also vague as to the timeframe. Can even be an AU, if you want. :)

The idea is that Nanoha and Fate are celebrating the anniversary of when they first met (or their wedding anniversary, if they're old enough), and as an anniversary gift, one of their friends gives them a pair of nooses, letting them hang to death together. Odds are they will have sex while they hang. :)

Again, timeframe is vague, so those into loli can go for first season/A's Nanoha and Fate, while those not into loli can go for StrikerS or beyond. I look forward to seeing if anyone is up for trying it. :)


I have an idea for a setting you might call 'Girl Factory'. As you may know, birth rate has been dropping in most developed countries, getting below replacement levels in some. It also looks like the normal age for the start of adult behavior has been rising.

After reliable artificial wombs are invented, some countries enact a plan; Institutions both government and private would grow and raise children en-masse, teaching them to be model citizens. At least two girls are raised for every boy; Maybe polygamy is being adopted by secular people, maybe artificial wombs are considered inadequate somehow so the next generations are raised with help from the first.

There is no quick aging here; They spend their nine months in the womb, then grow at the normal rate. However, their upbringing prepares them to be independent and navigate the outside world earlier than normal; Enough for most of them to become legal adults in their early teens, supposedly like in the old days.

At least, that's the theory. But their inexperience and still-developing brain are not conducive to long-term decision-making. So you have lots of girls being sent out into the world who are used to being told what to do, and to considering the desires of others over their own. Overall, they are eager to please and to be useful to society, and often make commitments they don't quite understand.

Some of them have taken service jobs, comfortably seeing themselves as once again part of an institution. And many have been talked into slavery contracts, or accepting their death for the pleasure of others.


Does anyone have the link to stories by someone called THE REAPER? They were mostly about school massacres and single girl killings on an external site with the link posted here, which got deleted later



In case anyone cares for it, the product of this idea is done. Here:


And seeing how two of my ideas have turned into stroies already (both by Eterya, so double thanks!) I feel inspired to share some more.

NERV Councilor

Have you ever thought: with NGE characters being problematic teenagers, why don't they pay a visit to a counselor?
So let's say Rei, Asuka and Shinji are just schoolchildren, there's no war with the Angels and NERV is the name of an organization that specializes on counseling problematic teenagers. The school which Rei, Asuka and Shinji attend hires one of NERV's counselors to work with the named three children. The counselor may be an original character or one of NERV staff from the series, say Fuyutsuki or Kaji. In his mind he may refer to the children by the order in which he read their files: First Child Ayanami Rei, Second Child Sohryu Asuka, Third Child Ikari Shinji. He invites them for counseling sessions in the same order, maybe a month between each session.
Rei's problem she’s clumsy at speaking with people, so the counselor says if she can’t use her words well, maybe she should use her body to interact with people or something along the lines. The point is for her to become a slut letting anyone fuck her. Maybe he gives Rei her first fuck to demonstrate how this kind of interaction can be performed by natural instinct and doesn't require social experience Rei lacks. Rei follows advice well and goes fucking people around. And it works as she's becoming more opened to people and no more aloof. She gets fucked by classmates without care that Shinji sees, and Shinji is fascinated by seeing it, it helps him realize how he loves Rei, but he still doesn't have a courage to approach her. What for Rei, she is happy now that she has no more problems communicating with people.
Asuka's problem is her egoism which manifests in her trying to do everything by herself and not trusting anyone to help her. Counselor suggests amputating all of her limbs. Asuka doesn't see why, but also doesn’t see why not. For one she witnessed changes in Rei after her counseling session and how it helped her a lot, so she believes the counselor knows what he's doing and lets him cut off her limbs right on place. Then he explains that the point is that in this state she won't be able to do anything by herself, not even feed herself in order to live. She will have to learn to depend on others. Rei is placed in care of her. At first Asuka hates her helplessness and feels degraded by how she can die of starvation only because Rei is too busy fucking all her sex friends and strangers and can forget to feed her. But in time she develops a deep bond with Rei and learns to trust her completely and to trust people in general. More that that, she comes to enjoy the fragility of her life, the way it can be over just by Rei's negligence. Rei often comes home late which makes Asuka thinks a lot of that possibility, and she discovers if Rei would be too busy with fucking to return and feed her and Asuka would die of starvation, she won't feel angry at Rei. This is the ultimate trust Asuka learned: she trusts Rei so much that in her opinion Rei doesn’t have to have a reason to leave her die of starvation (or do anything else with her), if Rei does it that that’s how it has to be. Asuka discovers that this way of thinking makes her at ease, so she’s happy to have learned to think this way.
Finally, Shinji. Seeing how the counselor helped Rei and Asuka and got him into realizing his love for Rei he is thankful and enthusiastic about receiving help for himself. His problem is that he’s afraid losing loved ones so much he avoids getting close to people in the first place. This is also why he doesn't have courage to start a relationship with Rei. Counselor states that in order to overcome fear Shinji must face it. And facing the feat means he must kill Rei with his own hands. As Asuka didn't see a problem in having her limbs amputated (at least until the counselor explained what it is for) Shinji doesn't see a problem in killing Rei in general. He brightens at a thought that just by killing Rei he can overcome his fear and stop being a wimp. But then he realizes he still is a wimp, so he doesn’t have enough courage to kill Rei. This vicious circle makes him depressed, but then Rei who was sucking counselors dick all that time stands up and tells Shinji that she loves him too and she wants to help him. She tells how happy she was when the counselor said Shinji can be helped if he kills her, because this meant she is in a position to help. Of course she’s totally unconcerned about her own death or about leaving Asuka to die by abandoning her. So Rei encourages Shinji to kill her, she kisses him with counselor’s cum on her lips. With her help Shinji finally finds the courage and does kill her, probably by strangling her right at counselor’s office. First moments after Rei's death Shinji is crying, overwhelmed by loss, but then, maybe with counselor’s help, he lets this feeling through himself and realizes it’s not as bad as he feared it would be. He finds that the feeling of loss it somewhat sad, but also beautiful in a way that it confirms he really did love Rei, and he certainly can live with that feeling. Shinji is happy to be healed of his fear, now he knows there’s nothing to fear in losing loved ones.
Without Rei to feed her, Asuka finally dies of starvation for real. Asuka doesn't care if Rei just forgot about her or intentionally left her to die - Asuka learned to trust Rei enought to believe that whatever the reason it's for the best, or rather there needn’t be a reason at all. Asuka learned to enjoy her state of not being able to live on her own, so she's only happy to die this way as it manifests this state. When Shinji learns of Asuka's death, he only smiles at losing her.

And here are some suggestions people gave me on this idea and my thoughts about them:
> I would pick Fuyutsuki as the councelor as I don't think Kaji would have enough experiance
Kaji did give some advise to Shinji in the NGE, so he does fit the counselor position. But that's really not important who would be the counselor - it doesn't affect the plot and it could be just some random guy.
> With Rei it would be good if you started her out slowly….like she goes to a gloryhole everyday after school and sucks guys off, then starts blowing guys on trains and then progresses to full sex at school.
That's how it's supposed to be, but it would probably be a short description of how she progressed to more and more perveted stuff rather than a detailed onw which would make the story longer than nesessary and shift the focus.
> In this story would Asuka be used for sex? like guys waiting for a shot at Rei start using her to relieve themselves….Maybe even borrowing her from Rei as part of her therapy, like she has to trust these strange men to bring her back home.
That sounds nice, again it probably wouldn't be too detailed though.
> For Shinji the councelor should encourage him to hump Rei's corpse when she is dead to solidify the idea…you know my necro fetish and all.
Hmm... I don't remember if I discardet it before, but now that I think of it again, this may fit. Like Shinji fucking Rei's corpse helps him accept her death as not an outright bad thing.
> When that is done he could go to where Asuka is and inform her that Rei is dead…then explain to her that as part of his therapy he will be watching he die, maybe he should masturbate or have sex with her at this time.
Not sure about this for now. First, my point is Asuka dying all alone (and enjoying it this way). Second, Shinji is cured enough after Rei's death, so his calm reaction to Asuka's death is supposed to only be mentioned to show that he's cured.

> As for the counselor idea, I don't think Asuka will have to worry about Rei coming home late. Rei's sense of duty will make her take the limbless Asuka with her EVERYWHERE, to better take care of the Second Children. Since "everywhere" will include places where Rei will be gang-raped, this means Asuka will be treated as a fuck doll, to be used and abused regardless of whether or not the Eva pilots gave consent. Hard core masochist that she is, Asuka will enjoy being fucked in the ass as her rapist forces Rei (who's also being fucked in the ass) to French kiss her.

Rei's therapy is essentially to make her more careless. Besides it might be part of her instructions not to place Asuka's needs above her own. So Rei doesn't care much about abandoning Asuka, essentially she feeds Asuka only when she's home anyway so that it's not much of a bother this way. But she won't return home just of her sence of duty and care of Asuka. She will only return when she herself wants to return. In the end when Rei encourages Shinji to kill her, she doesn't even think of Asuka.
What for using Asuka for sex, that was already mentioned before and sounds nice.


Bit of a strange request for a brutal torture ending in the inevitable story on this chick if possible?


Apologies, uploaded same picture twice, heres front



How about some more details? What you've given so far is next to nothing, no one's gonna work off that. Stuff like her name, age, hair/eye color, and more importantly her method of death and a bit of a scenario leading up to that, as well as (if applicable) details about her killer.


Okay i see, apologies, new here haha! Cant give real name of course so her names Gemma, approx 5ft4, blonde hair blue eyes,weighs about 9stone, 32c bra size. Im not too specific on details, but i love the idea of her being kidnapped, taken away and sexually tortured by some perverted old guy or group of old guys. Torturing her body due to it being so perfect and tight and them unable to fuck her willingly. I want her end to come through them getting more and more violent with their torture methods... i hope this helps?


How do writers feel about stories involving children and scat, specifically the children being made into human toilets of sorts.


Anything guys?


Keep in mind this isn't /req/. The idea in this thread is to throw ideas in the basket and if someone wants to pick them up, they will. Nobody's promising anyone that any will get picked up at all, let alone on any kind of schedule. ;)


Very true, apologies


I don't really know if I am the only one interested in such a thing, but regardless I will put forward a req/suggestion I suppose. I have always quite liked seeing women in violent, and gory situations, even if it kills them. However, I also enjoy equal opportunity situations that would result in extra gore beyond what is expected, and seeing women pitted against dangerous, monstrous things in fantasy or sci-fi settings which seems kind of rare to see in guro.

In short, if anyone shares such an interest and is willing to give it a go, I'm interesting in seeing stories where women are violently raped killed, or torn apart while fighting monstrous beings (dragons, cyclops, aliens, mutants, werewolves, demons, etc) , but not going down without a really damn good fight, taking their inhuman killer with them through last ditch attacks and mangling/destroying the male monster's genitals in gory defiance.

I was quite inspired by somewhat rare drawings like this one

I'm not quite sure what such a thing would be classed as, I often feel that it is a niche interest, within an already small niche.



I'll handle the femdom guro boytoys


...and would like to handle "girl gets captured by rival master and is immensely pained and humiliated but not damaged or shat on" but I don't know shit about that series (or nearly any other for that matter).

Still, I can write a story in that vain minus the specific setting. What particular traits about her entice you?


Anyone willing to write a story about girls of various ages getting shot in the pussy? Preferrably while one is pregnant, another pissing and a third showering?




I double posted in one of my 3 current projects, how do I delete the dirty twin?


Anyone willing to write a story about a war zone correspondent and her camera girl getting captured by the enemy, raped and murdered in cold blood, and have all of that caught on tape and uploaded to the internet.

Gutting and pulling out ovaries/uterus is preferred, you are the writer, be cruel and creative.


On it, it'll be 4th or 5th post down.


I know it's not very specific, but I just want to enjoy more beautiful young ladies aged 16-30 to be hanged slowly more my enjoyment.

Hoisting a victim is preferred, as is maximum struggling.


on it


along spankings, belly slappings, burnings, ESPECIALLY PUBLIC HUMILIATION, degrading positions and chores while naked with a burned ass and needled tits, all while being taunted with her impending doom.


More specifically: A girl, starting at age 13, is punished by essentially her whole town; First they line up and she to kneel in front of each one, getting spanked twice on her ass and once on her belly, turning around for them and thanking them for righting her wrongs, promising to be good and apologizing for having been bad. She's then tied down, a chain over her neck, waist, and shoulders, her ankles raised in the above her face, and everyone lines up and spanks her again at night, for which she is left out.

From then on, everyone in town gets her as a slave for a day. None of them can rape or permanently damage her (though they humiliate her and cause her unimaginable pain), but after roughly five years, she faces Execution by Extended Torture.

ExExTo involves amputating her arms and her legs past her knees, raping her (first the baron, then some dogs, and eventually with torture-tools); making her crawl through a deep trench filled with bugs, shit, piss, and vomit as villagers spit on her and throw things; being locked on display in a bullet-proof-glass chamber with tubes feeding her and removing excrement from her vagina and pussy, which are splayed out behind her and raised above her head; her eyes being burned, gasoline dripped on her and ignited; thrown into a pit of stinging bugs that aren't very poisonous- just painful- and yanked out by a chain tied around her neck.

She may shit herself plenty over the course of her life or accidentally burn herself, but during her final month of life, she is constantly tortured in some fashion that involved a degree of finality. The Final Punishment culminates in her being starved for locked in a chamber (with a night's worth of food on the dirty floor) for days and told she will die there (people shit through the hole at the top of the chamber, which she cannot reach or fit through, and the chamber is too small for her to avoid shit landing on her), then let out and told she's actually going to live, all is forgiven, the belief that she was going to die was needed to punish her but it's all behind her now. Then she's drowned in boiling water as her bones are broken with sledgehammers.


OH! HANGING! HOW COULD I FORGET HANGING! But don't let her actually die from it, just raise her and lower her, maybe set her feet on fire. The amputation should be near the end, right before she's crawling in a trench and then repeating some torments. MMMmmmmmyah



For this purpose, I'm not sure getting the characterisation right is going to matter all that much, so if you try looking her up on the Type Moon Wiki or somewhere similar and then work on the basis of that, it will probably be close enough.

That's honestly probably easier than me trying to explain what I like about the character, and the story would be easier to relate to if you use the real setting and character even if the characterisation isn't perfect. Plus, the setting of the story itself makes for the story happening more naturally.



Actually, do you know anything at all about the setting? In this context, the term "master" and "servant" mean something specific.

Admittedly, that particular context isn't so important, what I'm after is the character or something that is something vaguely close. The main things you need to know for this purpose, aside from appearance, is that she's very mentally strong, so she's not likely to break easily.



Oh, now that's a new challenge. It isn't usually my forte, I love strong but innocent girls being revealed as weak.

I won't do this setting, but I'll still try my hand at a strong capable lady being captured by a rival mastered and slowly broken. Anything else you'd like thrown in? I'd be willing to make it those characters, if you don't mind risking it feeling uncharacteristic, but I'd like you to throw in more details, if you don't mind.

Probably after I handle one or two other stories, though, as the hanging girls and femdom appealed to me, among other things.



Hmm, what sort of details are you after?

Also, calling her "strong and capable" isn't quite accurate. Mentally, she's extremely tough, but she doesn't have much self-esteem and isn't top-level as a fighter relative to many of the others.

Did you look the character up at all? If you're going to use her rather than some OC (which I would definitely prefer), then you'll need to look her up enough to know her backstory and some characterisation.


I'm reading her bio now. Does this suffice?



Yeah, it's not perfect, but it's the closest you're likely to get without actually playing the VN or having a very long discussion. I can answer a few questions if you're unsure about anything, though.


I'm hoping someone can expand on this idea: a theme park that caters to fetishes, one of them being the use of kids as toilets for piss and shit. The kids were raised and trained by the facility to be used as such since birth, and almost any fantasy setting can be catered to including paying more to torture some, and downright purchasing them to snuff.


2 birds with one stone, I got you fam!



Awesome! I hope it's more than just snuff/guro, I'd really love to see them be put to work as toilets too, and for all manner of disgusting uses.


I really love your writing style! Would you ever consider writing a story about girls from an all girls high school kidnapped, raped, and cruelly murdered?

Or would you ever consider doing a collaborative story? ^^






Lol. I can go more in detail for my prompt if you need.


Please do, and I'm all for a collaboration. omg.



I could help collab for my prompt too. The park would have various themed sections for each fetish, like one for pain and guro, one for animals, one for vanilla, and so on, with one obviously for using kids like toilets. The kids would be real humans, born and conceived normally, except the mothers would probably be brood moms who popped the kids out constantly, and that's the fate the kids who survived would look forward to once they pass their useful age. The kids would be doing this willfully and happy as it's the only life they've ever known, and they've grown to like it.


If you don't mind the first main character despising it or the presence of synthetic humans. I already wrote some, idk if you've seen it. I'm not into people being born in vats or human-toilets being into it, but I'm open.



I didn't want them born in vats, just natural birth. As if you want to make them dislike it, that's fine too, so long as it's got those elements and it's nasty!


>8010 here
What's the best way to reach out to you for a collab? :)


On the night of an orange full moon, walk naked while sober into the wilderness, preferably the woods. Form a pentagram with the severed limbs of an innocent virgin girl, a whore, and a rapist. Write "inumai ei heirei yir" in their mixed blood in the center of the oh fuck it just tell me your e-mail.


Flick me an email at anon guro @ gmail dot com :)


Anyone willing to do a story where a boyband his sister have their genitals mutilated? The boy gets his little cock cut off as he cums, the girl loses her pierced clit~


I'll make it a scene in the circus, I throw in genital mutilation now and then


Thanks, I look forward to it



Can one of our willing writeing contributors do something with an Abortion Clinic setting wherein the pregnant women are snuffed out in addtion? perhaps go a step further and have some 'very late term' abortions, with a mother bringing in her young (under six) daughter to be 'taken care of' (with or without the mother also being claimed by the 'clinic') ?


would love to see a short and sweet little snuff scene in a free use style universe set in a mall and with a mother pushing a stroller, she thinks the man wants to fuck her, but is just as happy to oblige his needs when he picks up her daughter out of the pram, even though the little girl's hips shatter and organs are destroyed, the corpse tossed into a public trash receptacle, the mother still offers to clean the mans cock of the blood or something along those lines. any fellow perverts able to put that scene idea into a fully fleshed story, or even just a little oneshot?


A suicide hotline that, instead of talking women and young girls out of killing themselves, instead goads them forward and encourages them to do so in not just sexualized ways, but publicly or broadcasting themselves either online, or is literally a recruitment service for a snuff film company

Bonus points the younger the girls are, and if there can be referances to at least one of the suicidal girls doing it because she's ashamed of her flat chest, even if she's below puberty, other girls (even girls with implants) with bigger tits than her bullying her till she calls into the suicide line, and is then talked into killing herself publicly at school or something


I like this idea, I think I can work with that (though I can't make any promises about the time I'll need since I have a lot going on atm).

I imagine it would be several short snippets, consisting of a phone call to the hotline and the suicide each, instead of some sort of larger, connected story. Sound good? Also do you have any suggestions for the girls (mostly their name, brief description, and motivation) as well as their suicide methods/circumstances? (I mean, I can always just come up with stuff, but I found I work better when I already have all the pieces of the story and only need to put them into words, if you know what I mean).



You might end up with two people helping with that. Though the guy above me may do the story better.... I have an idea that might work.



You might end up with two people helping with that. Though the guy above me may do the story better.... I have an idea that might work.



a few spitball ideas for the girls, since i hadn't really thought of any at first:

Liann. asian, chubby, depressed, obsessed with knives, parents are too demanding death looks like an escape

Cecilia. black, skinny, tall, lanky. anorexic, bullied for her "weight" even though she only weighs as much as she does because of being so tall

Yuki. latina, average build, short, thick ass. not her real name, Weaboo, loves japan and anime so much she insists on the new name. bullied for it. obsessed with drowning.

Anabelle. white, brunette, lean athletic build. gamer girl. trolls demanding she kill herself get too much to bear, follows through.

Jessica. white. dark hair, flat chested. teased ceaselessly for her flat chest by other girls who have boobs, feels she cant get a boyfreind without bigger boobs but cant afford implants.

Vicky. White, dirty blonde, mostly brown hair. thick. feels she's fat, boyfreind insists she calls the "support line", then is all too happy to help when even they say she should kill herslef


I'll take that into note. You may get a few extras.


Shit; I've got some ideas up for grabs if anyone wants them. Keep in mind that these are mostly consensual in nature; said if that's not your bag, let someone else take it.

--Lara Croft offering herself as a spitroast to a reluctant village of cannibals experiencing a famine (the village is reluctant because they have a taboo against eating visitors during times of crisis)

--Azula stripping herself naked, grabbing a sword, kneeling down on a rather plush cushion and ordering one of her male slaves to behead her while she orgasms

--Azula drowning herself while she's cumming on some deserted island

--Powergirl engaging in auto-erotic asphyxiation with Wonder Woman's rope, intentionally trying to hang herself as she cums (and succeeding)



It's not the full idea you wanted, since I don't really write loli. But the basic idea gave me inspiration.

Full-Service Clinic.

The Emerson Valley Full-Service Reproductive Care Hospital opened its door on Monday ready for another bright week of caring for women's reproductive needs.
Not more than a half-hour into the day was the hospital's first scheduled visit, for Dr. Albert Casch.

"Doctor Casch? Mrs. Willis is here." The clinics secretary peeked her head into the office of the healthy graying gentleman in his fifties.

"Willis? Oh, yes. Send her into the operating room. I'll be there in a second." He waved her out as he signed off on the last few forms. The amount of paperwork these facilities were still required to fill out was amazing.

In as little time as he could manage, the doctor made his way to the operating room. It had the appearance of a typical medical facility of its type. Similar to a dentists office for the stirrup chair in the middle and scattering of tables with various medical tools about the edges of the room. Sitting in that chair was a dark-haired woman in her mid-forties with an unremarkable housewives body. Not homely, but neither particularly attractive. She was also obviously pregnant, perhaps making a fair judgment of her appearance difficult.

"Hello Mrs. Willis. According to the paperwork you've reached your child limit and need to problem taken care of?" He greeted her with a friendly smile while simultaneously seeking confirmation that everything was as it appeared on paper.

She was clearly relieved to no longer be left alone in a doctor's office.

"That's the make of it. My husband gave me another girl here and that puts me one over the limit. Not many clinics around here handle full-service abortions, so here I am." Like most of his clients, she was undisturbed about the operation.

Dr. Casch was thankful for that. Although the clinic got few fighters, of the three on staff doctors, he was the most likely to be given such jobs. Further this was nice because the easy-going housewives at their child limit were his favorite. No fuss, no confusion.

"Alright then. We can start whenever you are comfortable. Will you be wanting the ASP or B option?" He gently lowered the chair into position as he asked her.

"ASP. I heard it works just like going under on anesthetic."

"That it does." He offered a comforting smile.

He turned around and pulled up two rolling tables of tools: One with a selection of syringes, and one of surgical devices. He fixed her ankles into the stirrups and wrapped a cord around her neck, tying it off onto a spool like device on the back of the chair. Finally, he grabbed one of the syringes.

"I will begin by inducing labor. This will be very painful. Try to remain calm. Unfortunately, law mandates that I cannot begin ASP treatment until the pregnancy has been terminated. "

The brunette gripped the chair tightly and nodded. She was clearly somewhat nervous, if composed, now that the operation was getting underway.

Dr. Casch delivered the injection with medical precision and care. The woman quickly began moaning in discomfort and experiencing slight convulsions.
The doctor patiently waited between her bound legs, watching for the fetus to emerge.

The convulsions gradually became more severe, as did her cries of distress. After nearly four minutes of waiting, a small underdeveloped body began to emerge into the world.

The doctor carefully held onto its head with his right hand, grabbing a pair of surgical shears with his left. The moment the body had fully emerged, wet and wriggling, out of its mother the doctor deftly snapped the shears shut around its neck. Silencing the tiny body forever.

Dr. Casch moved swiftly to deposit the body on one of the waiting tables, freeing his hands to press a button on the operating chair.

Mrs. Willis, weary from just giving premature birth, found her airflow gradually cut off as the wire on the chair wound onto the spool. Her body continued to react involuntarily, as it had through the entire operation, convulsing and shaking. Her eyes began to gloss over and lose focus. It wasn't long before only faint twitches came from the brunette's body.

Dr. Casch calmly held his finger to her wrist, counting her pulse until no signs of life remained.

"Janice!" He called to the front desk as he emerged from the operating room. "Please arrange for the disposal of two bodies of medical waste."


Around halfway through the day a young woman entered the building.

Doubtfully any older than 19, with short blonde hair showing erratic pink and blue highlights. Her petite body showed only the slightest signs of pregnancy. Her confused gait, unhealthy pallor, and oblivious expression pointed to heavy drug use though.

"I want an abortion." Her voice was slightly slurred. Though she did not sound completely incoherent.

"Do you have a-"

"Like, can I have one now? Here?" The secretaries question was cut off by the girl's followup.

"Excuse me, but I'm going to need you to focus. Can you do that?" The secretary firmly asked the girl.

"Huh? Uh, ok." The blonde mumbled.

"Good. Now take a deep breath." She pointedly stared at the girl until she listened. "This is a full-service clinic. Are you aware what that means?"

"Yeah, but can't you just-."

"No, we cannot. The law is very clear that reproductive clinics can only be licensed to provide one type of service. Watchdogs are constantly prying, desperate to find violations. Now in some cities I could just point you down the street and that would be that. But as I'm sure you have already found, we are the only provider in Emerson Valley. So can I be frank with you?"

"Uh, sure. Yeah." The girl nodded.

"Thank you. I'm going to need you to shake some of that crack daze out of your damaged brain long enough to perform actual, coherent consent. Then I need you to decide if you want a full-service abortion. Can you do that?"

The blonde's face flitted through a series of emotions at almost breakneck speed.

"Sure. I ca-"

"Please stop." This time the secretary interrupted. "Get yourself a drink of water. There is a dispenser over to your left. Then I'm going to need you to take a cup, and splash it over your face. After that, you will quietly sit outside for one half-hour. After I have personally seen you do all of that, we can talk."

The girl mutely listened. She sat outside, watching the sun reach its zenith and slowly sink. Her eyes slowly cleared, and though her face never gained the healthy expression of a fully cognizant woman, she at least even in that short time began to look remotely normal.

Once nearly forty-five minutes had passed she walked back through the door.

"Okay, I'm ready." Her voice sounded more steady.

"Good. And have you come to a decision?"

"Yeah. Who am I kidding? My boyfriend knocked me up, won't stick around for a kid. I need to pull tricks just to keep the coke coming in. My life is fucked, straight up the ass. I'll take the full service. I need it."

The secretary calmly nodded.

"Fill out these forms. Dr. Sander should be available in fifteen minutes." She slid a clipboard holding around five forms across. The blonde mutely accepted and began to fill them out as the secretary went back to inform the doctor.

By the time fifteen minutes had passed she was still clumsily filling out papers. The secretary patiently waited as she stared confused at the questions and blatantly scrawled gibberish to cover her ignorance. Eventually she handed over the almost comical mess of a document to the secretary.

"Down the hall. First door on your left." Were the simple instructions given her, as the secretary examined the papers to see just how she justify them to a court if ever needed.

When the blonde arrived in the operating room she was greeted by an African-American woman in her mid-thirties.

"Hello, I am Dr. Sander. I will be performing your operation today. And you are?" She offered her hand to the girl.

"Uh, you can just call me Kat. I don't really care." The blonde mumbled, pointedly ignoring the handshake.

"Alright Kat. Please sit in the chair." She gestured to the operating chair in the middle of the room.

The blonde obeyed, limply flopping her body onto the chair and closing her eyes.

"Can we just get this over with?" She asked bluntly.

"I can begin immediately. I'll just need you to tell me if you want ASP or B treatment."

"Huh? What the hell is that?"

The doctor sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, nearly breaking her calm and reassuring demeanor for a second.

"The papers you were given to sign upon entrance should have explained all the details." She replied after a moment to collect herself.

"I couldn't really read all that medical shit y'know? I know what I'm here for so that should pretty much cover it."

The doctor made a not to talk to Janice after this was done. Clearly more care needed to be taken in coaching potential patients.

"ASP stands for asphyxiation. It means I set the chair up to garrote you after termination of your pregnancy is safely completed. B stands for bullet. It means I have a nurse standing by to shoot you in the head upon the same."

The blonde thought for a moment. "I guess I'll take B. I mean, no reason not to take the quickest, right?"

"If that's your decision then we may proceed." The doctor nodded respectfully to her patient.

"Nurse!" She called out to the hallway. A young brunette, in her early to mid twenties, responded.

"I need you to standby for a B treatment." The doctor instructed.

She turned back to her subject and examined her for a moment.

"You're still to early to induce labor reliably. I think the safest approach is to perform a chemical abortion. This will be painful, but it should be over quickly."

The blonde just numbly nodded.

The older woman simply grabbed a syringe off one of the tables lining the operating room. She gestured to the nurse who drew a very small pistol out of a drawer and stood behind the chair, out of view of the patient.

The doctor slid the blonde's shirt up exposing her belly, after a few moments of caution to align her hand she plunged her syringe into the girl's stomach.

The blonde instantly winced. The doctor slowly injected a clear fluid. After she drew out the needle all three occupants of the room just waited.

"Oh, fucking Jesus it hurts." The blonde cringed in agony after a minute.

"Don't worry this is a normal response. Just ride out the pain and it will all be over." Dr. Sander attempted to calm the patient in a professional manner.

"Sweet fucking god! You clearly have no fucking clue how much this hurts bitch! Gah!" The girl was contorting in pain and gripping her stomach. This continued for the next two minutes as doctor and nurse waited out the blonde's cries of pain.

After she seemed to settle into some sort of cramping, uncomfortable calm, the doctor grabbed an empty syringe. Another quick jab, and she drew a murky bloody sample from the same point she had injected earlier.

"Fetal termination confirmed." She declared after a moments examination of the contents.

She nodded to the nurse, who responded by leveling the small pistol at the distracted girl's head.

One clean shot to the head sprayed her scrubs with a light mist of blood.

The bullet was too weak to exit the skull. After two and a half minutes the doctor checked the girl's pulse before nodding to the nurse again.

Two more bullets to the head finally did the job.

"I wish the state didn't mandate these pathetic .22 rounds. Safety my ass. They just want to show videos of catatonic girls accidentally left in operating rooms or some shit that has nothing to do with us and everything to do with their bullshit rules." The nurse griped.

"And I wish for a world without girls like this who have to rush in because the world dumped far too many problems on their shoulders. You would think we would be past this. Poverty and ruined lives. But we can only do our best, can't we?" She exited the operating room.

"You'll see to the body?"

"Of course." The nurse smiled.


Very nice. Any chance you could write a sequel with a few more options? This would make a nice series.

The options I had in mind were BTB ((bullet to belly. Would serve as both abortion and kill.)) BTC ((Bullet to Cunt)) and for older victims DB((Debreasting)) I'd particularly enjoy a loli being forces to choose the BTC option by her parents as a punishment, due to how slow the death would be.


I've got a sort of off-beat request. How about a class of teenagers in abstinence-only sex ed are induced to have sex with each other, & then get (not-fatally) punished for it? I'd particularly like to see that combined with forcibly infecting them with STDs.

For example, a couple of students get volunteered to model what an STD looks like, & get ultra-fast-growing microbes from a test tube rubbed on their, which have been pre-scrubbed & abraded so that they'll be more prone to infection. One of the boys might have his urethra semi-permanently stretched by an over-sized probe covered in gonorrhea bacteria. One of the girls has her pushy sanded inside & out with a nail file & then gets fucked by a studded dido covered with herpes & hpv (genital warts).

Then the sex ed counselors leave the kids alone in the room & flood it with a gas that makes the teens uncontrollably horny. They fiercely fuck each other not caring who's been infected & who hasn't. Some of the straight kids even have gay sex simply because of who they're sitting next to.

Following the orgy, the sex ed counselors dole out increasingly severe punishments. Some boys get forcibly circumcised in humiliating & painful fashion--permanently scarring their cocks & reducing their sensitivity. Other boys get various modifications feminizing them, or causing embarrassment--like giant, extra-sensitive nipples, or an enlarged prostate that causes them to constantly drip pre-cum.

Some of the girls get partially-circumcised (the goal being to disfigure them while maintaining or increasing sensitivity), and partially debreasted--one breast removed, lumps taken out, nipples partially removed, again disfiguring them. One girl with the most revealing clothing gets a chemical/hormone treatment that causes hair to grow on her breasts & her clit to enlarge. At the same time, a caustic treatment on her vulva makes her permanently unable to wear underwear. Eventually, the kids are so disfigured & permanently horny that they couldn't possibly marry anyone but each other. It turns out that this was their parents' plan all along.


I always wanted a story about amputees in space. Immense weight, size, complexity and thus cost savings can be had, and quads in zero gravity can still be pretty mobile.


>>8180 I can't say I have a story for you just yet, but I've already been working on a setting of sorts featuring amputees in space for some time now. ^^



Here: >>8267 This one turned out pretty long, so it took a bit, but I hope it's worth the wait. I used four of your suggestions (with some variation) and one idea of my own.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.


glorious. well written little vignettes. always nice to be an inspiration and see it come to fruition.


I want to write something (probably another set of shorts) about girls being raped and/or killed by tentacle monsters, but I'm somewhat strapped for ideas. So it'd be grand if someone could toss me some ideas like a victim (OC or existing fandom), mini-scenario or specific cause of death (though I have a few of those at least).



The mucus secreted by the tentacle(think snails) is poisonous. The girl could have pulled it out and run away, but she enjoys it too much.

Alternatively, the tentacle lays eggs in her womb, then the creature eats her head and connects itself(through another tentacle) to the neck's blood vessels, to keep her body alive but compliant.


One of my biggest (irrational) fears is to be raped by a tentacle monster while I'm on the toilet. Who knows what kind of demented otherworldly horror lurks within the cistern, and what they'll do to a defenceless girl in the middle of relieving herself?

Specific cause of death? Probably heavy internal haemorrhaging from the tentacle rape, I imagine having tentacles forcing their ways up your rectum and vaginal canal, while tearing your internal organs to shreds would be an extremely painful way to die.

If this interests you, I would love to read what you can do to my OC. ^^


I'm not too big on any degree of scat/toilet stuff, but I think I can work with this (also blood makes a beautiful mess on tiled floors).

What does your OC look like? Do you have any other ideas to the scenario (I don't mind something about peeing, but poop is a no-go)? Also how does impalement sound? As in, after it's done fucking her, the monster just runs her all the way through with its tentacles. Anything else?


would definatly love to see some more hard guro with lots of gruesome detail... tenticals pushing into the brain, girls being torn limb from limb by the beast, internal organs melting from its cum, or just being torn out by spiked tentical-cocks when it pulls out, finished with her, not careing that its tearing her organs out (or head off) when it pulls out to look for another victim) that sort of thing....

as for setting... why not go with something more nonsensical, as i'm a fan of consensual snufettes.... make it a highschool School or university, getting a foreign exchange student who just happens to be a murderess rape beast alien.

"its part of their culture" to rape and murder humanoid females seemingly at random, so anti-descrimination laws prevent actions from being taken agaisnt it/him. ((and maybe, if we're generous, we explain that the girls get cloned back to life or something afterward) perhaps even some of the girls come to It/him looking for a good time, trying to be it/his boyfreind, and end up like all the others.... may female teachers arent safe either?



Pooping is a big no-no for me too, so that's fine by me!

Here's my OC if you are interested. tl;dr: Russian journalist intern, always running into weird things, never survives the encounter.

Impalement sounds fine, I'm a big sucker for something that's slow and painful~ I would love to do a writing exchange with you if you are interested!


Mila is a star in her own way. Her straight, thick, long brunette hair falls down her back. The light makeup she wears brings out her high cheek bones and draws attention to her chestnut brown eyes, which light up whenever she smiles.

She's always in a pristine form fitting white blouse that highlights her well-endowed figure and shapely waist, and a pair of skinny jeans that brings out her long slender legs. Needless to say, she's a real head turner at her male dominated workplace - a small town newspaper outlet situated in the heart of Siberia.

As we all know, strange things tend to only happen in small towns in the United States, little isolated community likes Maysville, Roswell... you get the idea, and Russia is no different.

As a journalist it is her job to record them and keep the public informed. Although most of the time the story gets told when someone inevitably stumbles upon her lifeless and multilated corpse.


In light of the season, does anyone have some sort of Christmas-themed /g/ writing prompt for me? The only things I really won't do are scat, male gore and cannibalism; also preferably something con rather than non-con (and halfway short, so I can finish it in the next three days).


How about children* decorating a Christmas Tree with their own cut off organs, both external (such as eyes, ears, fingers, toes, maybe whole hands and feet, boobs if there are teen or adult characters, penises and testicles of there are male characters) and internal (such as guts, stomach, liver, maybe lungs and heart, uterus and ovaries). Also not sure if tongue and teeth count as external or internal. Or maybe cut out the whole lower jaw. Or maybe even a whole head.
Instead of every character just giving every organ in the list it should be more random and spontaneous as different ideas come to mind to each character. Most damage should probably be non lethal (and I think anything other than lungs, heart and head can come off as non-lethal) so that after decorating the tree they can actually selebrate Christmas. If there is any lethal damage at all, it's probably just one or two characters (depending on how many there are overall) whose choice of organs to put on the tree just so happens to be something lethal. Everything is done in a cheery holiday atmosphere as if it's a totally natural thing to do for Christmas. Just by the rules of the world, as a natural order of things, characters don't feel pain, but, as T-800 said, fell damage. That is they can tell from their senses when, say, a knife cuts through their flesh, but it doesn't bother them like pain. Either they perceive it as totally neutral or a very week version of pain that isn't enough to bother them, especially when they're having such fun. Also, by the same rules of the world, they don't die unless their heart, lungs or brain are taken. Maybe it's something like the Car Fight universe. But explanation is unnecessary.
Then, if there are lethal cases, death is perceived as an equally natural and harmless consequence as to any other removed organ. As a character decides if they want to put their foot or eye or heart on the tree, it doesn't occur to them to consider that it would hurt their walking ability or sight or kill them, as these are all negligible and not worth consideration, but only consider which they think would look better on the tree and add variety to it (like if there are already enough eyes, maybe I should put my heart instead). What for other characters reacting to someone's death, again as they would only see it as natural. Like if someone puts their both eyes on the tree, it's only natural they can't see anymore. Same way if someone puts their heart, it's only natural that they die.

* I'm thinking Elementary school age, but depending on whether you write guro with such young characters, they can also be teens or young adults. Also can be all girls or both girls and boys.

It can be a whole class of children decorating the school's Christmas tree. In which case it's probably just one item per kid.
Or it can be a family decorating their tree at home, in which case it can have characters of various age groups and probably each character puts more than one thing on the tree until they feel it's properly decorated.


And of you want to go for the most extreme, you can have a pregnant girl / teen / woman cut out her unborn child from her belly and put it on the tree too just because she's the only one pregnant around, so it makes perfect sense to use the decoration only she can provide.


Hmmm... How about a girl impaled through her pussy on the top of the christmas tree as a makeshift star for her town's christmas celebration? She can see people opening presents and celebrating christmas as she slowly bleeds out from the damage, watering the christmas tree with her life in the process.


how about short scene(s) of children/teens opening presents on Christmas day. some get toys or games that are canibalism theamed and promote a male dominance social norm, like even a "barbie barbecue" ect... maybe a girl finding out she's going to roast when she opens her gift... or finds she's going to roast because she dident get a gift.

but a central point i'd love to see is a boy opening a big box to find an adult woman sex slave inside. not a relative or anything like that, just some woman who his parents baught for him to practice with, and going with the consentual angle, she's more than happy to be the personal property of a young boy, knowing that he'll eventualy kill her, and likely encourageing and teaching him about such things.


So, inspired by some of the comments here, I wrote a nice little Christmas story

Enjoy, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year, everyone.



Some remember the true meaning of the winter solstice. In between preparations for celebrating Christmas with ignorant friends, they mark the winter solstice with human sacrifice, giving thanks to the sun just before the days once again begin to lengthen.


A rich teenager has a birthday party at the beach, and her father kills and cooks a servant there to celebrate the occasion. Lots of topless girls are running around as she roasts.

Some only come later because their parents didn't want them to see the servant being slaughtered, but only after the cooking starts.

One girl is indignant, telling everyone how wrong it is, but it excites her more than anyone; She's caught masturbating in a hidden spot, and eventually eats some too.

Some are discussing the possibility of becoming a servant of this type, and maybe be eaten themselves one day.

The father gets lucky.

To warn them against committing crime, a school class are taken to prison to witness an execution, and possibly the convict's autopsy afterwards. At least some of them enjoy it.

Sex education now includes instructions on snuff-sex. The teachers may not approve of teenagers doing such things, but they are doing it anyway, and should be taught how to do it right; Which means avoiding unwanted harm, or not causing a slow death when a quick one is desired, or not causing crippling non-lethal injuries when a death is desired. Videos may be shown for illustration. A few options:

General blade handling.

While cutting through the neck of a girl who is currently sucking you, make sure not to hit her brainstem, which could cause her jaws to shut.

Get tested for prions before letting someone eat you.

Severed heads can remain conscious for [certain time], treat them gently unless you have their permission to do otherwise. Remember that they weigh several kilos, enough to break your foot.

Do not leave bodies unrefrigerated for long, especially in warm and humid conditions. Here are some numbers to call for quick disposal. Make sure to clean blood, too.

Procedures on how to report a consensual(or otherwise legal) killing to the authorities.

A rather naive girl has a crash on a manipulative one. The latter convinces her to do an amateur stage play(possibly at school) where she will chop off her head, then give it a good kiss. Manipulative girl could be replaced with attractive famous actor or musician.

The children of criminals and other unfit parents are taken to special orphanages, where they are trained to obediently be executed in a ritualized manner, which can only be done once they're past a certain age. Several of them, whose ages are no more than a year across, are executed each time, in front of an audience, reinforcing the social order by demonstrating its strength.


Recently done a few RPs with a rather interesting concept - thought I'd throw it up as a prompt, see what people do with it.

A Female Stage Magician (who uses real magic sometimes to spice up the usual sleight of hand) has an ancient magical artifact that helps with a particular trick (All the RPs used a box that allowed for ACTUAL sawing in half, while still allowing the lower half to remain alive, and for what happens to one half to affect the other). However, the artifact requires sacrifices to remain 'fueled', so the Magician decides to work the sacrifice into her performances - the RPs I did involved the magician having herself sawn in half, then hung or decapitated by her apprentice/lover/aide, playing the role of a 'random audience volunteer', but you could change it to the magician actually picking a random female member of the audience and snuffing her.

I look forward to seeing how people work with this. :)


May I put an idea here of Conan Edogawa stripped, raped, then hung while nude?


Sure you can, go ahead.


So let's get this ball rolling with some new prompts, eh?

Lara Croft hosts a cannibalistic banquet with some of her lady friends and maids serving as appetizers--before serving herself as the main course.

(Tags: Cann, cons, feast, f-victims)


Azula willingly locks her head into a guillotine and invites her servants to compete in a challenge--whoever can make her cum the hardest can drop the blade.

(Tags: M+F+/F, cons, decap, f-victim)


Harley Quinn watches a porno of a nude woman teasing a sword before kneeling down and masturbating as she eagerly anticipates her head getting chopped off--Harley isn't impressed, so she thinks that she can do better and have it done for real to boot.

(Tags: decap, cons, f-victims, M/F or F/F, sword-teasing)


Putting this both here and in /req in the hopes of finding someone willing to write this scene idea i've had bumping around in my head in more detail and more skill than i feel i can put into it:

in a free use style and/or dolcett world, a scene involveing a young single mother with a baby girl in a stroller, either at a mall or childrens paly park. out getting fresh air or whatever. then have a guy come up, start a usual conversation like how its a cute the baby is, then picks the little tot up and starts to molest it and asks the mother if its okay if he fucks her with the mother happily letting him, saying she dosent meet many pedophiles and that its so nice to have one choose her daughter or something like that.

would want it to end with the infant dieing from the internal trauma of being raped, then thrown away into a public trash can, either by the mother herself after the man leaves or the man doing it when hes done with the baby rape toy, the mother maybe even being happy that she dosent have to care for the baby anymore, andor asking the man to fuck her too so she can get pregnant to replace the lost child.


I'm going to put this here. While I have seemed to improve on scenarios involving the snuffing of individual girls or a small group, I suck at large scale massacre scenarios (like girl hunts or school shootings). So here's two ideas that I hope someone can execute better.

Princess Hunt

In a fictional kingdom the males in the line of succession must find wives at the age of fifteen. The tradition is to gather 50-100 girls from twelve to fifteen years old are taken into a secluded area (island, walled off forest, abandoned town, etc) and allow to prince to hunt and kill as many as possible over the course of six hours. The prince selects his wife from among the survivors.

My attempts to write this had a kingdom with modern technology, but any a pre-industrial or futuristic society would be interesting as well. In the modern setting the event is televised, but you may choose to have it that way or not.

Babe Hunt

There's a place called Babe Safari, where hot and scantily clad women walk around the wilderness. Once a year an event is hosted where hunters are allowed to rape, shoot, and even eat as many of the woman as they can during the allotted time.


How about a deep poke in the eye with a sharp stick?


How about Dr Herbert West from Re-Animator, having fun with some reanimated female body parts?


Here's an idea that I think has a good chance of happening irl (at least above 1%, lol).

In about 4-5 decades from now we reach total mastery of genetics and brain scanning, allowing us to easily craft dispensible clones of real people or just genetically engineered specimens that are perfect in some way or another. This is coupled with the advent of a new brain scanning technique that uses a sort of implant that reads the brain activity of a person for a few months before it's extracted. Afterwards, a sufficiently powerful AI algorithm is used to analyze that recorded data and make a copy of that person's...personality. This is coupled with the human clones to basically create any sort of human one could imagine, in a matter of weeks. Having so much control over the production of such a human would probably also mean being able to suppress his/her primal instincts such as the will to live.

You probably see where this is going. You also probably see that there would be a lot of people debating over the ethics and arriving at the conclusion that it would probably immoral to snuff these manufactured humans... but I believe that a country like North Korea (if it even exists in a few decades, lol) could use this technology to revitalize it's economy (first by slavery)... and also provide the rest of the world with the only place to go and legally snuff 'people'. I think it would be feasible for them to open a dolcett style park there, if this technologies would indeed be developed.

Aah...but then again, this might be just another brainfart. By that time it would probably be way more efficient to create virtual reality programs with 'full dive' experiences that could provide the same snuff entertainment.
What's it sound like? I for one will probably write at least a sketch or two in this possible future.


Does anyone remember the old universe with the afterlife of Euphoria, where the only way to get to it was to snuff yourself? I want another story from that vein, maybe involving a sensual murder-suicide between partners?


> By that time it would probably be way more efficient to create virtual reality programs with 'full dive' experiences that could provide the same snuff entertainment.

It's not the same experience when you know it's not real; When it's not a real person you're meeting who is willingly giving up her life for your pleasure. Some would want to feel that connection.

I've had similar ideas; Personally, I'd go with some newly-arisen state in a vague location, rather than a real-life one with a predetermined culture you're probably not very familiar with and emotional baggage readers would associate with it.


I like that first one, will surely use later


After my first two stories of medium length (~5000 and ~6500 words, iirc), I concluded that I should get myself familiar with short stories of 1-2k words first before writing longer stuff.

The idea of writing first-person Wendigo hard vore has been itching me for a while. I would include its insatiable hunger and how this monster was first human, like its folklore dictates, and explore its thoughts with these facts in mind.

I'm telling this here because I've only been procrastinating the idea! I'd like to gauge interest and find motivation for myself to start this.


It's been a while since I posted an idea, so here's one.
It came before the "Sunny Day" and in some parts is kinds the opposite.
One happens on a sunny day, another on a rainy day.
One has them go for the very first snuff method, another has them consider various methods.
One has actual snuff happening, another hasn't (though if you want to pick up the idea, feel free to add actual snuff into it if that's what you feel would fit better).
Anyway, here it goes...

Shelter from the rain

(Evangelion, Ayanami Rei, various snuff methods considered casually but not actually happening)

Shinji and Rei are on their way from school when suddenly a heavy rain starts. They take shelter in the nearest shop. Which appears to be a "snuff shop" or maybe a "snuff cafe", where you can have yourself snuffed. It is usually used by couples who find it incredibly romantic to be snuffed together or have on of them watch and/or help another being snuffed. The "cafe" doesn't imply cannibalism, but rather a romantic atmosphere of a couple sitting at the table, reading through the menu of different options of how to be snuffed and discussing what to choose, like they would choose food in a regular cafe. Maybe they’re also given some light food to eat along the discussion like a small cake and some tea. So Shinji and Rei take a seat at the table near the window and a waiter brngs them the menu which is probably the first time they realise what kind of a cafe this is. Or maybe Rei noticed it from the start but didn't consider to be significant enough to mention. Shinji is a bit embarrassed by suddenly getting in a romantic situation with Rei, while Rei pragmatically suggests to study the menu at least to kill time until the rain stops. Though if something from the menu would be to their liking, there's no reason not to go for it, is there? So the most part of the story is supposed to be Shinji and Rei reading about different methods to get snuffed (different methods may include snuffing one of them or both), but every time one suggests something, the other comes up with a reason not to do it. And the reason is not concern for their own or each other's life, but something like discarding death by drowning because Rei doesn’t have her swimsuit with her. And so they check the next option in the menu…
The story ends with Shinji and Rei noticing that the rain is over, so they casually continue their way home, deciding to come back some other time. Yeah, I know, such an ending means there won't be actual snuff in the story, but then again it would be a nice twist, and will emphasize the overall casual attitude.

> Anyway you could have shooting her but Shinji isn't confidant he can use guns…maybe using a sledgehammer but either one isn't sure they can lift it.

First Rei suggests the sledgehammer, but Shinji says he can’t lift it. Rei then looks at the option of being cut in halves (vertically or horizontally) with a chainsaw, but figures out Shinji won’t be able to handle it either. So she suggests shooting her with a gun, and while Shinji believes he can handle it, he’s sure his aiming will be totally off, so he can accidentally shoot her in her heart or even head and kill her before he could enjoy her suffering a lot.

> If it's for couples maybe the store could offer a dual stake burning but they decide not to as they wouldn't be able to enjoy the others agony….crusifiction would take too long so that could be ruled out.

> Pushing off a high ledge…but one or the other is afraid of heights. Torn apart by dogs but the store doesn't have any, eating a timed explosive but not sure if they could swallow it?

Well, if there are no dogs why would they be on the list? Let’s say the option is called “eaten alive by the dogs”, and another customer went for it a while ago, so the dogs are not hungry right now.

Hanging – is recommended to be done during sex because of how it intensifies it, but Shinji and Rei’s relationship isn’t that far yet.

Garrote – if Shinji uses a garrote on Rei it means he has to stand behind her (now that I think of it, it probably doesn't though), so he can’t see her face as he kills her.

Seppuku – is discarded because of it’s association with dishonor.

Gutting/Disembowlment - ???

Cutting to pieces - ???

Skinning - ???

Beheading - ???

Electrocution - ???

Cutting open Rei’s skull and destroying her brain – the brain doesn’t feel pain, so it would be boring

Crushing by a press – won’t allow Shinji to see the process

Acid bath - ???

Cutting Rei’s throat - ???

Impaling through the pussy to the mouth – Rei wants Shinji to be her first, not a pole

Meat grinder - ???

Poison - ???


OK, had an idea for a competitive scenario of some kind, thought I'd put it up here, see if anyone was interested.

The idea is as follows: two women are placed naked inside two glass rooms, adjacent to each other. The contents of the rooms will be left up to the writer, but they must each have a device at the top that will suck out all the air from the room, creating a vacuum. The devices activate at the same time, and the two women must either find a way to escape the room, or complete a specific task in order to be let out. However, only one will be able to escape - once she does, the other woman is permanently trapped, and will eventually die from lack of air to breathe.



In the setting of Girl Factory or something similar, many girls are raised in institutions.

About twenty of them go on a trip to the beach along with their shared legal guardian. They play around topless for a while, but it turns out than not too far from there, a sort of game show is airing live:

A guillotine attached to a randomization mechanism like a Wheel of Fortune has been set up, and people are invited to lie into it and give the wheel a spin. In most cases, the participant will win a prize, but there is also a chance that the blade will drop instead.

First, only a few people participate, as usual. But, whether by their own volition or with encouragement, the girls agree to go for it together. As they are minors, their guardian needs to give permission. One by one, and while showing various different attitudes, each of them is put in the guillotine, and not all of them get off of it in one piece.


could we get a Shokugeki no Souma / Food Wars setting canibal story?

Anime setting has lots of unique girls to pull from, and in a college/culinary school setting perfectly suited to have the women end up on the menu not just as chefs.


More stories with Nami (after timeskip) from one piece would be fun.

Could be about anything from her selling parts of her body for food, gets fucked apart by another pirate gang or her and Robin doing some crazy bet or experiment.


Is anybody willing to write a story about the Nintendo girls being publicly debreasted and either shot or stabbed in the cunt? Perhaps declitted? Preferably while pregnant



Ah yes, that's a nice story :) Do you still make new once?


Alrighty then; let's bump this thread with some more consensual prompts!

--Azula teasing and pole-dancing with a roasting spit before outright demanding that she be impaled with it and roasted for real. (F-victim, cons, cann)

--Power Girl handing off a gun loaded with kryptoninte bullets to some random street thug and begging them to shoot her in the head right as she cums. (F-victim, shooting, cons, M/F or F/F)

--Lara Croft is visiting a tribe of natives who hold an interesting ritual every so often; a willing female victim is fucked doggy style and, right when she's hit by her hardest orgasm, she's beheaded by a machete. Lara asks to participate---as the victim. (M/F, decap, F-victim, cons)


Sango of Inuyasha caught and givin a paralyzing drug by demons and they rape her, the drug causing her body to intensely orgasm but she also feels more pain as they slowly eat her alive keeping only her feet and head?


Sango of Inuyasha caught and givin a paralyzing drug by demons and they rape her, the drug causing her body to intensely orgasm but she also feels more pain as they slowly eat her alive keeping only her feet and head?


Hey all, I do apologise first off for not quite following protocol but I was sent here as I have requested a custom story to be done as a fantasy of a character who matches my gf. Apparently real pictures can't be used so pic is as similar as I can find. For some reason I find it ridiculously hot but of course just fantasy as I know some find it strange that I want the story to be about my gf.
Story wise I love the thought of the extreme sexual torture by older guys, always liked older guys looking at her sexually. 
Name: olive
Age: 23
Sex: F
Characteristics: 5ft 3, long blonde hair, dancer background so toned stomach small c cup boobs with solid legs and ass. Quite flexible. Very friendly and chatty to everyone. Quite sexually reserved in public unless drunk but quite slutty behind closed doors. Nice tight pussy with a shaved landing strip, has done anal 3 or 4 times but doesn't enjoy it due to the tightness. Enjoys light bondage.


I've always wanted to see a story about a Punisher-type protagonist hunting and killing evil women.


Always wanted to see a tables turned sort of thing, with a small and unassuming fem monster or succubus, preying on a male dragon or other big beast who goes from confused at their tiny fucktoy still being alive, to losing their shit as the little fiend starts going to town.


I had this idea for a cannibal story that I could never write down properly. In the thread where you write a story that was 100 words or less, I posted the set up, but never could get myself to follow through.

Basically, a woman had called a catering company to help prepare a special meal for her husband. only, the woman that showed up, mistakes the wife as the meal, kills her, cooks her, and leaves. The husband finds out that his wife was killed.

So, I wanted to write the idea of what happens afterwards. How he calls the company, tells them that his pregneat wife was killed by one of their caterers, so the company allows him to cook the woman that killed his wife.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what to do with the idea. so i'm hoping that someone else can take this idea and write it out.


whoops. I meant it was a guy. not a woman. this is what I get for not reading what I wrote.


(just empty talk in this paragraph)
So, browsing random videos on youtube I've stumbled onto a Kabaneri AMV, which in turn reminded me of a hentai doujinshi I've read on it some time ago, where Mumei defeated the kabane by fucking them to exhaustion, or at least that's what is seemed like, as it was in Japanese (or maybe even in Chinese, I don't remember for sure), so I don't know the story exactly, but there was a lot of extreme sex, like with prolapsed womb and stuff, though the somewhat grotesque artstyle wasn't exactly to my liking.
(end of empty talk)

Anyway, remembering that thing gave me an idea.
The basics of the idea were: a zombie apocalypse where males become zombies, females survive, zombies rape survivors, but there are also young and pretty heroic girls who fight zombies by fucking them to exhaustion.
However as I tried to write it down and think of how such a world can actually work, I came up with the following.
So, there is a zombie virus. Well, not really ‘zombie’ as it has nothing to do with living dead. In fact, most of humanity have just died from the virus and is not going to raise from their graves. The infection didn’t spread through bites, it spread through air, and have spread so quickly that everyone were infected before anyone could do anything about it. There appeared to exist an immunity though, and not one, but two kinds of immunity. One protects from any effect of the virus (I’m going to call them survivors), the other keeps you from dying, but turns you into what I’m going to call a zombie. They are still living beings needing food and capable of procreation, but they are not sentient humans anymore, they become mindless monsters driven only by instincts. Also, survivors are mostly female, while zombies are 50/50 male and female. But female zombies usually stay at home and tend to their zombie children. You can even say they’re peaceful, at least as long as you don’t come to them first. Male zombies are different. They search around for food, mostly for meat. Being physiologically human they are capable of eating plant food too, but they don’t like it and would use as last resort. Usually they get food by hunting, maybe capable of using sticks and stones they pick up, but probably too primitive for anything more advanced (like at least to sharpen one stone with another). Of course, they are nowhere near sentient enough for agriculture and ranching. Instead they have probably developed beastly speed, agility, reflexes, ferocity and survivability (they should, after all, pose a threat to survivors) and hunt both animals and survivors who ventured into the wild. But sometimes (especially when suffering from shortage of food, like in winter) zombies would gather in large groups and attack survivors’ settlements.
Now, normally they would see survivors for food following their prey drive. But when they see a young and attractive girl (and most survivors are female) another instinct kicks in, they forget about everything and would keep raping her to death and probably some more. At least, that's what normally happens. However, if such a woman manages to survive (say, her friends killed the zombies raping her before she died from it) and bears zombie’s child, if it happens to by a girl, such a girl would become a nymph (and if it happens to be a boy, then no luck, he would be inviable). Nymphs are girls with even more insane sex drive then zombies themselves, or maybe it would be better to say, sex stamina. They can take a lot of rough sex and even enjoy it, but since unlike the infected men they are still normal sentient humans, their sex drive doesn't control them, they control and put it to use instead. Namely, they fight the zombies by having sex with them, even able to seize the initiative, until the zombies, unable to suppress their sex drive, exhaust their own selves to death (or at least lose consciousness after which either easily killed with conventional methods or left so weak they have little chance of surviving anyway). In order to attract zombies nymphs wear little to no clothes. Certainly nothing to be in the way of sex. So no underwear and a shortest skirt possible if any. They would not only dress, or rather undress, so for 'combat', but for daily life too, proudly wearing nothing / almost nothing as a sign of their belonging to the honored cast of nymphs.
The most obvious downside of being a nymph is that they are not capable of bearing children. So nymphs can’t make more nymphs.
Another downside is that they get used to rough sex and might end up recklessly 'attack' more and more dangerous groups of zombies in search for satisfaction, and might end up swallowing more then they can chew, so to say, that is, their stamina is high but not unlimited, and they risk being raped to death just like normal girls, it would just take more/stronger zombies to do that. Not to say they have no hope finding satisfaction in sex with humans.
Yet another downside is they have to be young and attractive to properly trigger the zombies' sex drive, but it's not like they don't age. Ideally they try their best to keep their beauty and then retire from being a nymph and live the rest of her live as an honored ex-hero. But it is not unimaginable for a former nymph to feel so unsatisfied, she would end up seeking sex with zombies again, even though they are more likely to just eat her, and even if they choose to fuck her, she's not as young and healthy as used to be and easier to fuck to death.
As for the male survivors, being few in numbers and vital for procreation, no wonder they along with nymphs form the elite of the society. Or at least some of societies, I imagine there can also be those that hold such men as sex slaves forced to ensure procreation, and there can even be ones that treat nymphs badly. But speaking of the former type of societies, where both immune men and nymphs form the elite, I imagine it might be customary for immune men and nymphs to marry each other, even though it would be more of a symbolic political union. Even if they actually fall in love with each other, the nymph still has a duty to fight zombies with sex and the man has duty to impregnates other girls in the settlement, he also has no hope of satisfying the nymph or impregnating her. All he can do is hope she would be kind enough to satisfy him without asking anything in return, which she would be able to do masterfully with all her skill and experience.

The whole immunity thing is tied to a certain gene, let’s call it ‘A’. It has three alleles:
A-1 – die from the virus, dominant;
a-2 – survive the virus, recessive;
a-3 – become a zombie, recessive.

A-1 dominates over either a-2 or a-3;
a-2 + a-3 gives a nymph.

People with at least one A-1 (most of the world’s population) die from the virus.
People with two a-2 become survivors.
People with two a-3 become zombies.
Females with both a-2 and a-3 become nymphs.
Males with both a-2 and a-3 die from the virus (or from the gene combination itself, doesn’t really matter).

Side effects:
Male survivors (two ‘a-2’) have very low chance to father a son, but still normal chance to father a daughter (let’s say some condition affecting Y sperms, but not X ones). This is why, aside from generally being rare, the two ‘a-2’ combination is even more rare among males (hopefully it works that way). It also assures the low male to female ratio among survivors will persist.
Female survivors (two ‘a-2’) suffer no side effects.
Nymphs (‘a-2’ and ‘a-3’) survive and have increased sex drive (hence nymphs) but cannot bear children.
Female zombies (two ‘a-3’) can only bear zombie children.

A child of two non-nymph survivors is always a non-nymph survivor (99% girl, 1% boy).
A child of two zombies is always a zombie (50% girl, 50% boy).
A child of a female survivor and male zombie is 50% nymph, 50% inviable boy.


Actually, this is the best I could do with genetics, but maybe someone can do better.
Ideally, I would like a scheme where:
- Rate of male to female among survivors is very low and they can't just fix it by eugenics;
- Rate of male to female among zombies doesn't need to be exactly 50/50, but must be capable of maintaining their population (so a reverse from survivors: 1 female for 100 males, would not work);
- Zombie male + survivor female have some chance of having a nymph, but not a big one;
- Male would be nymphs can not be used to breed nymphs (as I see it, to achieve that they should be either incapable of having children, or just inviable in the first place, but if there is another solution, then it can work too);
- Nymphs can bear children;
- Nymphs + male zombies have a substantial chance of having a nymph (more than zombie male + survivor female);
- Zombie females cannot be used to breed nymphs (I had to make them unable to bear non-zombie children at all to achieve that, but if there is another solution, then it can work too);
- Basically, there is no way to mass produce nymphs, best chance is by sex with zombies;
- Two survivors should normally give birth to a survivor and two zombies to a zombie; the might be slight chances of a zombie being born from survivors or vice versa, or even a slight chance of a nymph being born, but that should be slight enough so that nymphs must seek sex with zombies in order to effectively make more nymphs;
- Same goes for nymphs + male survivors (must give birth to survivors, at best zombies, but chance of nymph, if exists, should be too little to be of use);
- In the most perfect ideal there should be incentive for survivors to not eradicate zombies entirely.

I was also considering an option where male survivors either don't exist or incapable of having children, and then the survivors actually need zombies to procreate. But I couldn't resist the temptation of a settlement with a male leader where half of the settlement are his sisters (daughters of his predecessor) and half are his daughters from those sisters, and he keeps fucking them all for the sake of humanity.
But now that I think of it, such a scenario would probably be closest to what I imagined initially. The survivors are only females and the zombies are only males. Survivors need zombies in order to procreate which is why they don't kill the baby when a male (which means zombie) is born and let it go, probably even care of him until he can do so on his own. This allows both parties to keep living. As for nymphs, they aren't born from sex with zombies, but just randomly, or it might be that it isn't as much genetic int he first place as personality + training. Anyway they fuck zombies to exhaustion, but don't kill them. They do so to protect the other girls from being raped to death, as zombies aren't capable of self-control, and also to procure semen and then share it with other girls.
Though in either scenario, now that I think of it, there doesn't seem to be a logic to why they don't just capture some zombies and get semen from them for either nymphs (in one scenario) or just procreation (in the other).

Ah, anyway. I don't know what would be the best thing to do with that idea. So do with it what you want.
As with all my ideas, do with it whatever you want, though I hope for some credit in case you actually use it, and I keep the right to use it too in case I suddenly have inspiration to do so, even if it's after you've already written a whole series of books on it which got a TV adaptation and you made a fortune and world fame on it.


Right, and the title, especially in the scenario where there are no immune men, can be something like "All men are beasts".

Here, I'll write it down for ease of search:

All men are beasts



The "Bad Dream" story by Rosie reminded me of that little idea I had. I probably won't write it myself, so feel free to pick it up or adapt it to other characters. As I based it on Evangelion, but apart from the ending with clones it can probably be used with any characters really.

Killing Snore

So, the core of the idea is Shinji staying for the night at Rei's place. Maybe their relationships have progressed enough and they have some passionate sex before the actual sleep. Or maybe it's a totally innocent friendly sleepover. In any case Shinji discovers that Rei actually... snores like a train. And he can't get any sleep with that sound. So he casually decides she won't snore if she doesn't breath and smothers her with a pillow. Or, another option, puts a plastic bag on her head, but that would probably be hard to do without waking her up. Unless you want him to wake her up, tell her how her snoring doesn't let him sleep and they come with that solution together, again quite casually. Anyway, Rei suffocates and doesn't snore anymore, so Shinji sleeps peacefully for the rest of the night next to her cooling body. Happy end. Or not, if you can come up with any ideas how to continue it, like show his reaction when he wakes up in the morning. Like, maybe he finally realizes what he's done and is terrified by it (which would fit better with the option where he smothered her with a pillow without waking her up). Or, for the option where he did wake her up and they were both casual about making her suffocate for his peaceful sleep (though this ending would work for the first option as well, maybe even better, being not entirely expected), he wakes up still being casual about it and a new Rei clone comes in, having all the memories of the dead one and also being totally casual about it, and they casually dispose of the body and go to school, both agreeing that this method of fighting the snoring worked very well and next time Shinji is sleeping at her place (which would probably become regular in the scenario where they have a relationship) he should just smother her right away before going to sleep instead of struggling with sleep for half of the night.


A double feature story! Terrible "cock" monster (think something like a large cockatrice, you can google for an idea) appears in a poultry/chicken processing plant and rapes/eats/dismembers the people there, but he would also get killed in a spectacularly gory and undignified way as well in the end, possibly by accident in the middle of a fuck.


While gurochan was down, I've looked for it at and found an older iteration of my thread there. Here are some old ideas I used to post there. Some are on Evangelion, others aren't.


Rei is injured, having her arm broken, maybe a leg too, and Shinji does his best to help her in this situation. But finally her bones are healed, so she doesn't require that help anymore. But now that she experienced being cared of she can't forget it and she doesn't know another way of making people care for her. So she decides to make another injury to herself. Only it has to be something more permanent. She calls for Shinji and while he's on the way she takes a knife and cuts her eyes out. Shinji comes just after she've done, she hears the door open and Shinji coming it and faces him with bloody holes in place of her eyes. Then either it ends here, or has just a little of dialog like:
Rei: Will you take care of me?
Shinji: Rei... you're... you're... so beautiful! Of course I'll take care of you.
And a smile appears on Rei's eyeless face.


Shinji and Rei's dialog before the operation Yashima. Shinji says: "you know, we may die there". Rei replies: "That would be nice". Shinji certainly didn't expect such an answer and asks what she means by that. Rei explains how she wants to die, but Commander doesn't let her die until all Angels are defeated. And shat's why she fights Angels - so that she would be allowed to die. Shinji doesn't realise what that actually means, he believes his father just ordered her not to die and she follows it because of her loyalty or just her sence of duty. However he is touched by her genuine longing for death. Shinji never strived for anything in his life, just went with the stream, and for him someone who has an actual dream and figths for it is admirable. So he ends up admiring Rei for her desire of death. Inspired by her sweet words of death he wants to help her and tells her that it's her own life and if she want her she can just go and end it, Commander doesn't have to listen to Commander. Rei answers sadly something like "you don't understand" or "it's not like that" and than the operation starts, so they don't have time to talk more about it.
The operation goes mostly like it did in the series. Or better like in the movie, that one was more epic. The difference is Shinji realises this is a chance to help Rei fulfill her dream, so he misses on purpose so that the Angel would fire back at him, which actually means at Rei because she's shielding him. Angel's first shot misses or stopped by the mountain, what it was? Anyway, Shinji purpousfully waits with his second shot to let the Angel shoot first this time. When if shoots, Shinji purpousfully keeps waiting as long as he can so that Rei would boil to death or at least be injured so badly she can't be healed and dies of injuries later. He only shoots when he sees Eva-00 is falling on the ground. The Angel is defeated and Shinji runs to Eva-00's entry plug to check on Rei. He hopes to see her dead or nearly dead. And indeed when he openes it he sees Rei injured so bad she's going to die any second now. She's still consious though and grateful (even if she knows she will be resurrected it's still nice to be dead for a while, and she appreciates his efforts too) but doesn't know how to express it and asks him. Shinji tells she should smile. So she does and dies with a grateful smile on his arms. Shinji cries of joy that he was able to help her.
A few days later though Rei "returns from the hospital" completely healed. Of course, astually she's resurrected into one of the clone bodies. Shinji is confused, he talks to her. He tells her he most certainly saw her dead, so why is she alive again? He feels guilty he couldn't be really of help. Rei has no choice but to reveal the truth that Commander can resurrect her into clone bodies even against her own will. That's what she meant when she told he doesn't let her die. She's still grateful to Shinji for his efforts and it was nice to be dead for a while, but for her to truly die there's no other way that to defeat all the Angels so that Commander would no longer need her. Shinji stops being a wimp, finding his reason to fight in fulfilling Rei's desire for death.


Basically, it's the concept of a fantasy world where three sentient races live: fairies, humans and dragons. Humans live in cities and villages, well, just like in real world. Fairies live in forests, but it's common to see them in human cities and villages too. Dragons live in caves in mountains, they are rarer seen in human settlements because they are big and don't quite fit the streets. All three races live in piece and know no discrimination. Nothing unusual in seeing a bunch of friends consisting of a both humans and fairies. Imagine them walking down the street having a lively discussion, humans walking on their feet and fairies flying around or sitting on humans' shoulders, all participating in a conversation as equals. Usually such a group would have 1-3 times as much fairies as humans, because there are much much more fairies in the world then humans, but most of the fairies live in forests. Dragones are welcome too, but there are less of them in the world and they rarer visit human settlements, so an average group won't have any.
Now you might ask: so what's with the food chain? Okay, here it is: humans eat fairies and dragons eat humans. And it's seen as casual. Say, when one goes to the forest, they usually don't bring food with them, because there are a lot of fairies in the forest. You just come to a fairy, take her and eat her. You don't even have to ask if she's okay with it because in this world there's no such thing as not being okay with being eaten. If there's no fairies within your reach just ask one to fly up to you. By the way, while fairies look like little humans (perhaps only girls?) with transparent wings, they are not made of flesh and blood. They are magical creatures and when you eat them they melt in your mouth and taste sweet. So, back to the sosciety. Remember that bunch of friends walking down the street and having the conversation? If one of the humans feels like having a snack they just take the nearest fairy and eat her, and the group just keeps walking and having their conversation. Or if you're not accompanied with any fairies, just take a random one from the street - there are always some of them around, maybe with another group of people, who also won't care when you eat a fairy from their group. The same casualness applies to dragons eating humans, though it happens rarer just because there are less dragons.
So, what do fairies eat? They might just eat normal food, only in small amounts according to their own size. And/or they may feed on the magical energy that fills the air. Maybe when a dragon dies they dissolve to that magical energy? That would make a closed ecosystem.
Actually about that... initially I was thinking of a world where humans don't solely feed on fairies and dragons don't solely feed on humans. But thinking of a closed ecosystem made me thing of another options: humans do eat only fairies and dragons do eat only humans. Without need to work to feed themselves there would be little for humans to do though expect uniting with nature, spititually develop, all that sort of things. Maybe turning deserts into gardens. So maybe it would be better to change them to elves. All the concept stays, just change the word "humans" to "elves". That would also help explain how they can feed on a magical energy (fairies) as they are also magical creatures.
As for what kind of story can be placed in such a world. What comes to mind is a story telling of a daily life of some random person (human/elf), they just live their life and during the course of the day eat fairies whenever they're hungry. Then a hungry dragon flyes by, sees that person and eats them as casually as they ate the fairies (or better eats their friend/lover on their eyes while having a casual cinversation with them).


It's also a world concept, rather than a story. This time a world populated by humans and angels (and mentioning of demons made me think they would better fit this world than one with fairies, though so far I don't see how to fit them). But let's start a little earlier...
Initially the only sentient species were humans, but there was also a higher power, which nature, be it a God, aliens from space or another dimension, is unknown and irrelevant. Seeing how humans' cruelty is their main problem that leads to crimes, wars and eventually could even destroy the mankind itself, the higher power figured out something had to be done with it. So it sent the angels to Earth. Angels are creatures of pure love and compassion (though really the word 'love' itself should imply compassion rather than passion, but given how it's understood today, I say 'love and compassion' to specify I mean compassionate love rather than passionate, so it doesn't mean 'passion and compassion' either). An angel would be happy to do anything to please you, be it clean up your room, suck your dick or die in a slow and agonizing way just for your amusement. The only thing it won't do is hurt other people. But most people won't want to risk hurting other people when they can freely hurt angels as much as they want. Basically, the idea behind the angels is that people would take out any cruelty they have on angels and there won't be left any for other people.
Angels look like cute young (say from 4 to 20 years old) girls with wings (not sure if they can fly) and halo (not sure if halo is needed, maybe just wings), but you probably can ask for a boy angel if that's what you prefer. Every person recieves an angel devoted to them at birth (so it's kinda like a guardian angel). It just appears from thin air knowing only utlimate love for everyone, but especially for it's master. It doesn't know what is the force that sent them to Earth and don't have any prior memories. Though they do know human language and how the sosciety works, much like Servants in F/SN gain that knowledge upon being summoned. If you kill your angel or it dies any other way, its body disappers and another one appears, you can probably choose what your new angel will look like (boy or girl, what age, what hair color...) You can't have more that one angel at a time, but if you want a dozen of angels servise you at the same time, just call for a dozen of friends with their angels, just don't forget to also share your angel when they are in need.


So, during the Third Impact Rei becomes a goddes... wait, was it a spoiler right now? c'mon, everyone saw NGE, right?.. so she becomes a goddes and asks her beloved Shinji what to do with the world. Shinji says the world must be cleaned of cruelty and violence. And Rei rebuilds a world that looks just like normal one does, only has one more rule to it. Whenever a situation arises where some person would normally use violence, another closed universe is created for just this person and Rei. There the person can take out any violence they have in mind on Rei. When they are calmed down, the closed universe is destroyed and the person and Rei return to the point in space and time where they were in the state they were (so no harm is done to Rei's main body). So in the main universe no time passed and no one noticed anything happened. The violent person doesn't remember it as well, only no longer feels any violent urges. Only Rei herself does remember every time, how every minute she's killed, every 10 seconds she's raped, every second she's beaten. This somehow doesn't affect her main memory though, so she won't forget what she was talking a second ago just because during that second she experienced a long death by crucifixion. But she does have to bare with all of that, which she is devoted to do because that's what kind of world Shinji wished for, and when she sees a random person on the street she can remember all the cruel things they did to her. She only smiles to that thought, knowing how taking that violence on herself means she saved the world from this violence occuring for real, hence made it the world Shinji wished for. She takes all of the violence of the world on herself just for the sake of Shinji liking the world. Shinji also lives in this world and is Rei's boyfriend and has no idea Rei is taking all the violence on herself. Rather than that just like the rest of the population he's not even aware that there is such a thing like violence (at least as long as it's about people hurting people, there are of course still wild animals who attack people and domestic aminals who are eaten by people) (and yes, his memories just like other peoples' are rewritten so that they think the world was always like that).
When the closed universe is created it represents the location where the violent person was at the moment, Rei being on the place of the person they were going to hurt. The violent person doesn't wonder why all the other people are gone or why the person they were going to hurt is replaced with Rei, thir violent ugres just get redirected at Rei. The closed universe bends to Rei's will and her will is to provide the violent person any means necessary to take out their violent urges, so if they want to use a knife and there's no knifes around, one just appears. Again the person doesn't wonder where it appeared from, much like in a dream. If they know Rei in the real world, they don't recognise her here. So even Shinji himself might be beating and raping and killing Rei from time to time without even knowing it.
What for Rei's own life, there are two options:
1) Rei grows older and eventually dies. The form that appears in the closed world won't change with time. What for when Rei dies, her soul reincarnates like it would normally do in a world with reincarnation. As a goddes she would also make it so that her and Shinji's souls always end up together after reincarnation, he might become her father if in the previous life he died earlier, or her son if the opposit was true, or her brother or her lover or at least best friend.
This way both her suffering and their happiness will last forever.
2) Rei becomes unaging immortal, so she can only be with Shinji in the beginning until people start to notice she doesn't age. Then she has to hide for the rest of the eternity, while continuing taking all of the violence of the world on herself. No reincarnation here, so both her happiness with Shinji and his happiness in this new world are limited. However Rei is still willing to suffer all of eternity even if that's just for that little happiness, cause there can't be to much of a price for beloved one's happiness.


Rei is training to coock, cutting some vegetables. She cuts her finger first accidentaly and finds only disturbin pain, second time accidentaly again, but she vaguely feels there's something else. She decides if she cuts herself next time she should listen to her feelings. It happens and she notices that the pain is somehow enjoyful. She is curious and cuts herself deliberately. She enjoys it more and more as she cuts herself more and deeper, hands, arms, body, fucking herself with the knife, and in the end finishes herself with cutting her throat. Happy end.


Rei comes to Asuka and asks her to teach her how to cut out a heart of a human body. Asuka wonders why the hell the wondergirl needs it, but she's flattered that she was the one Rei asked for help, so she agrees to teach her. She asks Shinji to assist, which means he will be the one whose heart they will cut out. When they finish with it (Shinji obviously dies, but no one cares), Asuka asks Rei why she needed such a knowledge in the first place. Rei answers she was planning to cut out her own heart and give it to Shinji as a present on Valentine's Day. But since Shinji's now gone, it doesn't matter anymore. Rei thanks Asuka for wasting her time on her, casualy throws Shinji's heart to waste and goes home as if nothing special happened.


Asuka has Shinji's baby and the moment they discover she's pregnant they offer Rei to become the child's guardian angel which she's glad to accept. All the way through Asuka's pregnancy Rei is around as a good freind, but finally when Asuka's giving birth, Rei is hanged. One option is for her to die the moment the child is born (kinda like the picture with Rei giving birth with a noose on her neck, only the one giving birth is Asuka). Another option is Rei while hanging holds the newborn child on her arms. Then she dies and her arms fall limp... only the baby doesn't fall as a half-transparent Rei's silhouette is still holding it. The idea behid this kind of rutial is for Rei to demonstrate a devotion to protecting the child that goes beyond life and death, and if she can demonstrate such a devotion, she becomes the child's guardian angel.


Rei is diagnosed with something that may or may not kill her in the near future (1 week or 1 month or 1 year), chances are roughly 50:50. Rei is totally broken by the uncertainty, she can't concentrate even on simple daily tasks as she finds herself constantly wondering if she will die or not and feels pressured by the uncertainty. She can't properly plan anything if she doesn't know if she's gonna die or not, where there's no plan there's no order, and Rei can't imagine her life without order.
So, Shinji, upon seeing Rei in such a state and after asking her what's the problem finds the solution. Rei doesn't really care if she lives or dies, she only needs it to be something certain. And while Shinji can't cure her, he can kill her and make her death certain. So he promices that if she doesn't die by the end of the week/month/year, he'll kill her with his own hands. Finally Rei doesn't have to worry if she dies or not, she knows for sure she will and it sets her at ease.
I'm not sure if the actual endind scene with Rei's death is needed. Finishing with Rei's certainty of her upcoming death might be better.


Okay, so I don't know how it works in Japan, but in Russia there are special conditions when you can marry before usual minimal legal age for it. Such conditions include having a child and having one of the newlyweds in mortal danger. Not sure if there are more and what they are, but the one really relevant to the idea is one about mortal danger, one about having a child might also come in handy. So I'll just have to assume Japanese laws have such special conditions too. Otherwise I guess I can just change Shinji and Rei for some Russian original characters, bot for now let's stick with Shinji and Rei.
So, the whole point is, Shinji and Rei want to marry and are too impatient to wait until legal age. So they study the law and find about those special conditions. One about having a baby won't work, because at least one of them believes in not having sex before marrige. So they decide to use another one and infect Rei (or both of them) with some mortal desise. So her/their life is now in danger and they can marry. It doesn't matter to them if she/they die soon, if they can be together for at least some time, they are happy enough with that. And they can also have sex now. Happy end.


This is actually a parody at a cliche that appers in many Evangelion fanfiction (and not only Eva, anything that has kudere girls) where Rei asks Shinji what is love. Here she asks what is death. Best way to teach her is to show, so Shinji asks Asuka to help with the demonstation. Which means either Asuka kills Shinji or Shinji kills Asuka, I'm not sure wich option is better here. Either way it's all casual, like "Hey, Asuka, Rei wants to know about death, can you kill me / I kill you to demonstrate?" and she's like "Sure, why not". So after someone dies, Rei is fascinated by seeing them dead and finds it quite appealing. So she asks whoever did the killing if they can do it to her two, and they kill her too.
Ah, the killings are most probably just by slapping their necks.


(or maybe better just GIVING A HAND)

Shinji has an erections in school and asks Rei to give him a hand. Rei wonders if he means right in the class. Shinji says "right, we should probably go to the infirmary for that". So they do and once there Rei cuts her hand off and gives it to Shinji. While she casually bandagees her stumo, in front of her Shinji as casually masturbates with her cut off hand notes how it is much better than with his own. Rei is glad she could be of help.
Another time Shinji asks her for a footjob and Rei cuts off her foot (or both).
Then he might want to put his dick in her pussy, so Rei cuts off her pussy.
Finally he wants to fuck her mouth and for that Rei's head is cut off.
Then either it ends with Rei's head becoming his favourite fuck-toy.
Or with time he gets used to it as he got used to hands, feet and pussy before, so he throws it away and decides that if cut-off parts aren't enought for him anymore, he should find a living girlfriend next.

> 'can you give me a hand' sounds really hot...although for the ending you could just have it that her parts are rotting and no one else he knows will cut themselves up so he decides to get a girlfriend.

Yeah, parts rotting is the part of why he needs something new. But speaking of Shinji's reason to get a living girlfriend, I guess it fits a casual story better when it's only because he's satisfied with cut off parts anymore, not because noone would cut themselves for him. As a matter of fact, they would probably be more willing to cut than to date him, cause when he uses a girl's part to masturbate, it doesn't count as having sex with her.

> Your idea is very erotic, but story loses its punch if you continue same pattern too much since you relieve tension to fast.

> I think you should reorder it somehow to do most amputations before those body parts are given. probably she could receive more than one request or it can be some other reasons, and in attempt to satisfy everyone she cuts herself into pieces. Finally everyone gets what they asked for just but not like they expected were story climaxes and as epilogue you can write what happens to her body parts and everything else.

Good point. Only about "not like they expected" point: in case you didn't get it, Rei cutting her parts off and giving to him was exactly what he asked for. I thought it was obvious from how casually he mastrbated with the hand and how he kept asking for more.
Now about who might want to ask what from Rei. Maybe Touji overheard their conversation before they left to the infirmary and asked for Rei's another hand. Then Kensuke asked to join too, but Rei said she doesn't have any more hands. Then Kensuke says her feet will do. Then... well.. there are no more named boys in their class. Go with random guys? Or maybe a male nurse in the infirmary upon seeing what they are doing asks to join and have Rei's pussy? Another option is to involve girls too. What they might want though? Hikari might want to have Rei's breast to cook them. If there's Mana, thinking of her reminds me of the pendant she gave to Shinji, so maybe she wants Rei's womb to make it into pendant and give it to Shinji. Finally for Asuka Rei's pussy is left I guess? Not sure why would she want it though. Or maybe Asuka takes Rei's intestines to make some king of adornment of them? And finally when everyone took what they wanted, what would be the reason for Shinji to also ask for Rei's head if her hand isn't rotten yet?
One more thing is how to have all that conversation so that it isn't clear they want the parts of Rei to be really cut off, before they arrive at the infirmary and do it. With not just a hand it might be tricky, but it seems if I manage to do it, it would make an awesome story.

> also cutting of head to fuck mouth is somehow illogical I think better reason is to cut head because remaining body with no limb s and pussy is not much useful at that time anyway. It is easier to take just head as fuck toy than everything else.

Okay, so let's say after people got all the parts of Rei they wanted to get it appeared she won't survive (and initially they didn't have intention to kill her, nor did they have intention not to kill her, they just took what they wanted, and the fact she got too damaged in the process is just a side effect), so they might as well treat her as if she's already dead, for example use as a fuck toy (cause they wouldn't have sex with a living girl without being in a relationship). Or they wait for her to die and then proclaim "Okay, she's dead, now we can finally fuck her!" So Shinji ends up cutting off the best part (the head) for himself and leaves the rest for his friends. I guess it makes sense as much as sense applies to a story like this.

> If you want to keep element of surprise and make it easier you may entirely ignore any explanations ,who asked what, besides Shinji asking for hand. Rei will just do everything for seemingly no reason leaving reader wonder why is she cutting her womb when Shinji asked for a hand and later everyone just come into infirmary to take what they requested.

> For example Kensuke enters infirmary and notices Rei cutting her breasts, so she asks if she can take pussy (which was cut earlier) and Rei says "yes, it is over there". this is also good opportunity to explain ho those body parts will be used and make another request.

I would also add some surprises, like teacher notices Rei ripping out her intestines and screams "Why are you ripping your intestines !!!" ... I told you I need them undamaged and you shredded them into pieces.

> As you described in your idea, it was unexpected, because we as readers expect that Shinji is asking for help not for a hand literally, and then it comes as surprise that it is literally a hand.

> If Shinji is not surprised this is also fine. It also works as story twist because readers expect that he should be surprised and that prediction fails because he actually wanted a hand and even asks for more.

Yes, the idea is that it's surprise for the reader, but not for Shinji and others who ask Rei for her body parts.

> If you want to keep element of surprise and make it easier you may entirely ignore any explanations ,who asked what, besides Shinji asking for hand. Rei will just do everything for seemingly no reason leaving reader wonder why is she cutting her womb when Shinji asked for a hand and later everyone just come into infirmary to take what they requested.

> For example Kensuke enters infirmary and notices Rei cutting her breasts, so she asks if she can take pussy (which was cut earlier) and Rei says "yes, it is over there". this is also good opportunity to explain ho those body parts will be used and make another request.

> I would also add some surprises, like teacher notices Rei ripping out her intestines and screams "Why are you ripping your intestines !!!" ... I told you I need them undamaged and you shredded them into pieces.

Hmm... maybe. Not sure yet. Maybe start with Shinji, Touji and Kensuke ask for hands and feet with reader thinking handjob and footjob are implied, then the next person would say something like "I want to take a part too, can I come with you?" and the others like "me too", "mee too", and then they all go to the infirmary. Rei cuts her hands and gives them to Shinji and Touji, then she cuts her feet (wait, she can't really cut herself without both hands, maybe the nurse does it? Or Rei only cuts off one hand and Touji is the one asking for pussy) and gives to Kensuke, then she asks the others what parts they wanted, they tell her, and she cuts those parts.

> This is also very interesting idea, You should mention it in your story as if Rei refuses to have sex with Shinji but has no objections to cut and give him pieces of herself. She may even complain about masturbation using her body parts.

No, speaking of Rei, she wouldn't mind dating Shinji or having him use her body parts to masturbate. Rather that that, Shinji's too shy to ask her to date him, so he decides just a hand is fine by him.


Cardcaptor Sakura ideas

I have an idea about Sakura and some homeless guys, though it doesn't involve guro and is basically "Sakura's ultimate love (compassion) for everyone makes her look and homeless people and see how nobody loves them whyle they deserve to be loved not less than any other people, so to fix that unfairness she goes and has sex with them". Actually, there are two options here: either it all begins with Sakura walking along some homeless' camp and she sees those ill-fated people and starts to sympathize with them and ends up having sex with them to make their lives not so worthless. Another option is Tomoyo notices Sakura taking some food and going to some place Tomoyo has no idea about, so Tomoyo secretly follows. There she sees that Sakura brought the food for homeless and after that willingly had sex with them. Tomoyo surely filmed that. And after that Tomoyo asks Sakura what was going on and Sakura explains how some time ago she was attacked and raped by a bunch of homeless guys. She was scared at first, but then saw into their desolate hearts, saw that those people just want to be happy as everyone else would, but the fate was so cruel to them that they became desperate enough to go and rape a little girl. From that point Sakura devoted herself to helping those people as much as she could, which included free food and sex. Then, if Tomoyo and Sakura have that conversation right on the spot and not on the next day at school, Tomoyo, touched by Sakura's kindness, asks to join in, and some more sex follows, now with Tomoyo included.
If I wanted to add guro to this story, the obvious thing is of course for Sakura to feed herself to the homeless. But to think of it, even in a world where that was totally okay, if Sakura really wanted to help them, she would bring a little food from home and have sex with them everyday rather that make a one-time feast for them.
Another idea, which does involve guro, is some random man kidnapping Sakura and raping her, Sakura asks why he's doing it and he tells how while life wasn't fair to him from the start, this one day was even worse, he was fired, his girlfriend/wife left him, maybe something else like this happened, so he just said to himself "screw it all, I'll just go and rape a random little girl to have at least some joy in my life". Again, it makes Sakura all compassionate, so she doesn't resist him anymore and even provides any help he might need. She knows he's going to kill her in the end, and maybe torture her hard before it, but she doesn't try to escape even when sees a chance, she wants to help this person in any way she is able, and if the only way is to let him take it out on her, she is willing to do it just to make him feel better. She helps him set up torturing devices, she gives him advices how to dispose of her body and not be caught up by police. Maybe there's a moment where she gets acces to a telephone without the kidnapper knowing, she uses the telephone, but she doesn't call the police, she calls her dad and tells him she's staying at Tomoyo's for a couple of days, so he doesn't have to worry. Ah, and it seems it has to be someone else's phone, not the kidnapper's one, so they can't trace him after they finally start searching for the missing girl. And in the end he kills her, disposes of the corpse and feels refreshed and willing to live again.

> If it is consensual it is not rape LOL

Yeah, what I meant its rape until the man tells his story to Sakura, then she becomes his willing fuck toy. Either he tells it right as he rapes her or right after it. Then he ends up standing on his knees crying at what a worthless person he is or something. And Sakura comes to his comfort, tells him everything will surely be okay, hugs and pats his head, but when it doesn't help much, she lowers and starts sucking his dick still covered in blood from taking her virginity.

> I think you could solve that if Sakura only talks with that guy over internet and sets situation in a way he kidnaps and tortures her without knowing that she is one who staged all that, so he still thinks he is raping her against her will.

So effectively she talks the guy into kidnapping and raping a random girl? Even if she somehow makes sure it will be her, that's not the point. It just makes no sense to talk the guy into doing horrible things, rather than then, Sakura would try to talk him into loving his life no matter what and that everything will surely be okay and things like that.
A scene also came to my mind where Sakura asks the guy his name and he's like "I tell you and then you tell the police? Ah, whatever, I just don't care what happens anymore" and tells his name. And Sakura tells him "that won't do, you should care". Which means he didn't plan to kill her at first, but she told him into caring about what happens to him, and if he cares he can't let her live, so effectively she talks him into killing her.
Ah, now you might ask what's the difference if Sakura ends up talking him to do horrible things to her anyway. In your suggestion the guy isn't a rapist yet, so Sakura wouldn't talk him into becoming one. In what I'm talking about he's already a rapist and it can't be helped, but he's not yet caught by the police and now this one can be helped. ALso, Sakura isn't directly talking him into killing her and becoming a murdurer, she only talks him into caring about his own future, and if it means he must kill her, so be it.
Also, when thinking how he would kill her eventually, Sakura's worried about when that might happen, but not because she fears it, but because she's worried how long she will be able to help this guy.
And when thinking of her family and friends and how they'll be sad when she dies, she ends up thinking "they will be sad, yes, but they will manage. This guy won't".

> Homeles guys as rapists, is not very good idea, because usually homeless guys are quite nice and very unlikely to hurt or hate someone. But this is common in manga for some reson

Well, if you say so. I actually came up with rape idea as a solution to how Sakura's sexual relationship with them might have started. Cause it's easier to write about how Sakura comes to them and has sex as always, than to write about the first time and how it came to it.


Sakura uses The Sweet card to turn herself into chocolate to give to her beloved Yukito-san for Valentine Day. She most probably stays aware, cause it would be an uninteresting story otherwise. But probably she should be immobile in her chocolate form. That would also help her not being found out by Yukito, since he's not aware of magic and believes it's just a 1:1 chocolate figure of Sakura. Now, how can she give herself to Yukito while being immobile and trying to hide it's real her? I'm not sure if she should just leave herself somewhere Yukito would surely find and have a letter on her that says it's a present from Sakura, or the other option is Sakura uses The Mirror card to pose as herself and give her real chocolate self to Yukito.
Then my intention is to say that Sakura didn't expect that Yukito with his enermous appetite would want to eat all of her in one go and thus she doesn't have a way to survive, so she's surprised at first, but then accepts it, being a sweet girl she is (pun intended). But that bring the question of how she was planning to survive in case he doeasn't eat all of her? Even if she could turn back into a person amy moment, and wait for while Yukito's not looking, he would wonder where the chocolate gone and would be sad cause it was Sakura's present. So I can't figure out what was Sakura's initial plan. Maybe she just didn't really think that far? But that kinda kills the poin)t where she realises she's not going to survive because of Yukito's appetite, because as soon as she thinks about it she'll realise she wasn't going to survive it anyway.
The other option just came to my mind. Let's say Sakura does reveal magic to Yukito and starts with turning her body parts into chocolate and feeding them to Yukito. He keeps asking for more though, so unexpectedly Sakura finds herself wholly eaten. But I vaguely remember from anime it would like make him pass out and forget seeing magic? Or is it my imagination?

> Eating immobile chocolate statue is nothing special, it is just statue even if it was human some time ago.

Well, she's still aware, but you're right, that would probably still be boring.

> so second option is better, but also since it is fantasy, why bother with turning body parts to chocolate if it can be all chocolate and stay alive and mobile?

It's easier to imagine chocolate being immobile. Besides, if she starts with, say, some chocolare fingers, then Yukito keeps asking for more and she keeps turning more parts of herself into chocolate and before she knows it there's not much left, so she can as well go all the way... so, if it goes like this, it's more clear that it wasn't Sakura's initial intention to be wholly eaten.

> But you really need enormous appetite to eat whole Sakura in one go.

I think it agrees well with his appetite from the anime, well, maybe just a bit more exagarrated. He needs a lot of energy for sustaining Yue and chocolate is just perfect for it, no surprise that upon having enermous appetite he especially loves chocolate.

> so i think instead of Sakura using magic on herself she could just return from one of her fights turned into chocolate and Tomoyo finds our that she is very tasty.

So, Sakura lost the battle against The Sweet and was turned into chocolate, then she's eaten by Tomoyo? But Tomoyo doesn't have as enermous appetite Yukito has, and also this scenario is less consensual (even if Sakura lets Tomoyo eat her, it's not the same as when it's Sakura's initiative to be eaten even if she wasn't expecting to be wholly eaten, but she didn't oppose it either).

> as you often say this is guro story, so we can imagine it any way.

Okay, maybe so.

> No she did not lost battle, it just happens that she was turned into chocolate(something like princess Bubblegum who is made out of chewing gum) and did not noticed that ,maybe she just absorbed The Sweet's powers. She is not eaten by Tomoyo alone either. Tomoyo just finds out about her strange condition and they discuss what to do next. It can be no less consensual because she can offer herself when she notices how good she tastes. At first they just sample her to see what happened and later she eventually gets eaten completely.

Hmm... let's see... I guess she can start with offering small bits of herself to everyone of her friends, then when it's Yukito's turn such a little bit is not enough for him, so he ends up eating all of her. That might work, thought I'm still not sure about all "it just happens" thing.
What if... let's say after all of the events Sakura revealed her magic to all of her friends. Let's say they're all having a dinner at school together, not in the class, but somewhere outside neat the fence that separates them from the hight scool so that Yukito could join later. And Kero-chan, whose existance is also revealed, watching as others eat, says: "hey, is there anything for me? Are there any sweets?" And Sakura is like "Ah, it can't be helped" and uses The Sweet card to turn her fingers into sweets and feed them to Kero-chan. Others upon seeing it want to try too, so Sakura turns more parts of herself into sweets to please everyone. Finally Yukito sees them through the fence and gets over it to join in. He ends up eating the rest of Sakura.
So what about this version?

> It seems that your main idea is to make Sakura sacrifice herself on purpose instead of random accident.

The idea is Sakura starts with little bits, but people ask for more, especilally Yukito, so before she knows it she ends up wholly eaten.
> But still just turning body parts into real chocolate is not that appealing because that will be just eating chocolate made from her body not Sakura

> I still think it would be better to limit transformation to the taste only while visually there should be no changes

Like in that manga? I guess that can work.


Well, basicaly the idea is to tie a number of helium-filled baloons to someone's neck until they suffocate. Then I started thinking what a setting for such a story might be. And I can imagine Sakura and Tomoyo on a festival of some sort and they either buy balloons or win them in some sort of competitions and challenges, and tie them on Sakura's neck maybe because her hands are occupied by something else like perhaps cotton candy... I guess Tomoyo is the one who joyfully goes from booth to booth taking part in whatever wins her those balloons (maybe one is a shooting range... not sure what else might be there), and she drags Sakura along and uses her neck to store the balloons. Though Tomoyo probably wouldn't be so negligent to Sakura's condition, would she? So I think, maybe I should swap their roles around? So that Tomoyo's so happy to be together with Sakura she doesn't care if the balloons Sakura puts on her would kill her. But I prefer imagining Sakura suffocating rather than Tomoyo. So another option is that it's Syaoran and Sakura, and again Sakura is so happy to be together with him, she doesn't care the balloons he keeps putting on her neck would kill her.

>you need awful lot of balloons to suffocate someone so it is hardly possible to do as accident.

In reality, probably. But for a guro story I believe it's okay to change the laws of physics just a little bit so that a person like Yukito can eat all of Sakura's body volume of chocolate and less balloons are needed to suffocate a little girl.

> But what I was saying that you must find a reason to put those balloons on her neck.

Tomoyo (or Syaoran) can't hold them because s/he's busy playing whatever that wins those balloons for her/him. So s/he decides to give them to Sakura. And since Sakura's hands are occupied with, say, cotton candy, they tie them to Sakura's neck instead. Also, if it's Tomoyo, she may find that balloons look cute on Sakura's neck.
And another option just came to my mind. Maybe it's Sakura and Meiling. And Meiling wants to compete with Sakura at the firing range. Sakura doesn't really care for competing, but decides why not. Also Tomoyo encourages her to take it seriously and aim for the win. After the first round they both score enough to win a balloon each. Meiling isn't satisfied and declares the competitions continues and now it's who can win more balloons. Encouraged by Tomoyo, Sakura agrees. Sinse they both need their hands to shoot, they decide to put their balloons on their necks. It also makes the competition more challenging as the more balloons you have on your neck the less you can breathe and harder it is to aim. And eventually, to Tomoyo's joy, Sakura is the first to win enough balloons to suffocate to death.
Does this sound better?

> I wonder how that suffocation will happen: will she just stop moving eventually and tomoyo will notice that she is dead? OR they will walk away from shooting range and Tomoyo will notice that she is dragging dead body or maybe Sakura will fly away and die in the sky?

I was thinking Sakura dies at the firing range and Tomoyo declares her victory, that could be easily put in the plot, but now that you mentioned it, I like the option where they are casually walking away without bothering to take the balloons from Sakura's neck. Maybe the time is up, so whoever has more balloons wins, competition is over so Sakura and Tomoyo casually walk away? Or maybe the competition was over who gets to accompany Syaoran on this festival, so Sakura wins and leaves with Syaoran and so happy to be with him she doesn't think about the balloons and ends up suffocating while holding his hand and happily smiling?

>yes, this is good, also because balloons take away most of the weight she can walk even while suffocating without falling down.



It's kinda cheap version of the Live of a Doll series, here reduced to one story. The premice is mostly the same: NERV sells Rei's clones as dolls, you can do whatever you want to them: fuck, snuff, throw away... or maybe you want to dress them up in different costumes or you want them to do all the housework for you? They can do it too.
Anyway, the difference starts with the fact that Rei doesn't go and change with one of the dolls. She's rather indifferent to the whole thing. Shinji, on the other hand, is not. He orders a doll and soon hears a doorbell. He opens the door and sees Rei. Now, the point is, it's real Rei, who came to ask Shinji to help her with homework or something casual like this, but Shinji believes it's the doll he ordered. So he fucks her and tortures her and snuffs her. Rei is confused, but complies. Then, when Rei's all ruined and dying, but still conscious, the doorbell rings again. Shinji opens the door and sees another Rei there with some clear indication she's a doll. Maybe she's accompanied by a delivery boy or maybe just has a pricetag on her. Or maybe she's naked and Shinji realises that's how the dolls are sold and when he opened the door to previous Rei she was wearing her usual school uniform and Shinji, used to see Rei wearing it, just didn't pay attention to it that time. Anyway he realises the doll is before him awaiting orders and the one dying behimd his back is the real Rei. In confusion he looks at one Rei than at the other until he fully gets the situation. Rei also finally gets why he was doing all those things to her, he just mistook her for the doll. As Shinji and Rei look at each other and realise the silly mistake, they both burst in laughter, though Rei ends up choking on her own blood. The doll stays still and watches silently and indifferently, finally she reminds Shinji she's here and still waiting for orders. And he says: "Ah, right, I wonder what should I do with you now? Well, that can be decided later, first let's clean all that mess" and he points to Rei's ruined body.


The story starts with Rei with a noose on her neck standng before all her classmates and a teacher. She is hanged and struggles for long, while her classmates cheer her up, admire how long she lasts and encourage to last even longer. Basically all of the story is the hangign scene. Then in the end, when after long long sruggle Rei finally goes limp, the teacher stops the timer he was holding in his hand and declares: "That's a new prefecture record! Anyone wants to try and beat it?" And Asuka comes forward and says: "I do!"


Remember the Shalter from the Rain idea? One where Shinji and Rei are hiding from the rain in a snuff cafe and leisurely study the menu like "Should we go for drowning? Nah, I don't have a swimsuit". That's where Sunny Day came from later.
So, returning to the idea of a couple discussing various methods of death, it came to my mind that mixing up some more casual entertainment would help showing those snuff things as no less casual. So, maybe rather than a special cafe, the characters (not sure if I should still go with Shinji and Rei for this version or change them to Sakura and Tomoyo or Len and Rin or someone else) discuss what to do at a weekend. And now the dialog would be like: "Maybe go to the cinema? No, they don't make good movies nowadays. Maybe hang ourselves then? That sounds better, but kinda too common. All right then, how about going to the zoo? Why, what's interesting is there in the zoo? Well, we can ask them to feed ourselves to the animals. And if they tell us they are already fed? Maybe just go to karaoke box?" and so on. Not sure how to end it though.


As the name suggests, Kagamine Len and Rin have a strong telepathic link between them. Also, some circumstances separate them, maybe one of them is invited to a prestigious school abroad and it's too good of an offer to decline. Actually they don't have to worry that they would be separated, as they can always communicate telepathicaly. So they live their everyday lives, occasionaly communicating via their telepathic link. On one day Len is bored, so he establishes a telepathic link again and tells his sister that he is bored and asks her if she can entertain him somehow. Rin says sure and hangs herself for his fun. Len can see or rather feel her agony via the link and masturbates to it. Len cums the same moment Rin's body goes limp and he also loses consciousness. When he wakes up, he finds himself in Rin's body that was saved from the noose at the last moment and they tell him (still believing he's Rin) they just recieved news that far away Len just died of a heart attack with his penis in his hand. Perhaps Len also finds out he can now access Rin's memories (maybe the person who saved him was only known to Rin, and he realises he recognizes them). He thinks about all that situation and concludes: "Now that's really fun".


Rei wakes up and discovers she's a new clone while the previous one is still alive. The previous Rei says that it must have been a mistake, so to correct it, she (the older Rei) should die, and she asks newer Rei to assist her. The newer Rei kills the older one, discovering that the older Rei seemed like she enjoyed dying. Rei gets interested and wakes up another clone, she explains to her that there must have been a mistake...
(Well, that's more of a loop that a recursion, but recursion sounds cooler and somewhat even creepier)

Elfen Lied

It goes by the title of the anime, because I haven't thought of a title for the sotry itself yet. And I haven't come with any kind of a title because the idea is still pretty vague. Also, beware of spoilers.
So, since I first saw Elfen Lied, I was fantasising about the scene in the train. Lucy kills Kouta's little sister, her blood sprays on him, and his reaction in my fantasy is "Have you done it? Wow! That was amazing!" and it makes him want to hug Lucy cause she's so adorable. Lucy is startled by such a reaction but then understands that he is the one who would accept her no matter what, so she returns the hug. Then they go back, Lucy kills Yuka and watching it makes Kouta fall even deeper in love with Lucy. While they are both covered in Yuka's blood, they kiss.
I was uncertain of how to continue it, but now that I wrote it down, it looks like it's actually a good ending right here. Maybe add something about them deciding to always be together from now on and Kouta also says if Lucy feels like another girl is threatening their relationship, she's free, no, she's even encoraged to kill her. Now I only have to come up with a title.

Taking notes

Shinji tells Rei he has to skip school and asks her to take notes for him. When the lessons start, Rei realises she doesn't have a pen, since she never took notes for herself. Or maybe it's just out of refill. Being, as Ritsuko put it, clumsy at living, Rei doesn't know what to do in this situation, she doesn't know she should just ask her classmates or teacher for a pen. She tries to solve the problem by herself and finds a solution that she believes is the best: she cuts her left wrist and writes with her blood. She dutfully takes the notes for Shinji until the lessons end and Rei looses counsciousness because of blood loss. That's where Shinji comes. It appears he skipped school to go buy a ring to make a proposal to Rei. He sees Rei unconscious and asks what happened. Asuka explains. Shinji finds it adorable how Rei did it for him. Asuka tells they can still save Rei if they bring her to infirmary right now. But Shinji tells Asuka to leave Rei be. Rei is sleeping so peacefully, Shinji doesn't want to bother her. Or maybe he realises that if she never wakes up, she can't anwer no to his proposal. So he puts the ring on unconscious Rei's finger and holds her hand as it becomes cold.

Princess's Dream

On Tsubasa Chronicles. Princess Sakura tells Syaoran about her secret dream. Once, when she was little and her father - the previous king - was still alive, Sakura was wandering over the palace and stumbled upon a torture chamber where she witnessed some criminal being brutally tortured. Sakura was fascinated by the scene, witnessing such pain that she could never think of before, and she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to experience that unimaginable unbearable pain that would make her beg for death like that criminal. Her father found her staring in awe at the continuing torture (or maybe at the end of it where the criminal dies of torture), Sakura asked him if she can do it too and the king tells her that when she grows up she can. Sakura tells Syaoran that now she understands that her father misunderstood her and meant she can torture people when she grows up, but that doesn't change the fact that back then Sakura started living in anticipation of the moment when she herself can be tortured to death and it is still her dearest dream. Syaoran asks if this is indeed what Sakura wishes the most in her life, and as she confirms it, Syaoran tells her the is a way, but they will need Yukito's help (who's the royal magician if I remember correctly). So they go to Yukito and ask him for help, maybe Sakura lets him fuck her (right before Syaoran's eyes) to convince him to help. He gives them something like a Polyjuice Potion from Harry Potter (drinking it lets you turn into someone else) and they go to Sakura's room. Syaoran takes the potion to turn into Sakura and dresses in her clothes and then lets the real Sakura kill him (or if she can't do that, he kills himself). Yukito then enters the room to see two Sakuras: one dead and another one with a bloody knife in her hands. He captures the alive Sakura and brings her to the King telling what he had found in the room and that if cam only have one explanation: the assasin used the potion to turn into Sakura and enter the palace and killed real Sakura. Toya then orders Sakura to be tortured in most cruel ways as he believes her to be an assasin who killed his beloved sister. She is to be tortured until she reveals who ordered her to kill the princess, but Sakura knew she wouldn't be able to endure torture (and that was the way she wanted), so by Sakura's own request when Yukito captured Sakura he altered her memory so that while she still remembers who she is, she doesn't remember Syaoran's or Yukito's involvement in the plan. So even when unbearable pain breaks her will and she tells all the truth she knows, it is pretty much limited to the fact that she is real Sakura, and noone believes that (as they believe Yukito who, as a magician, claims she is the one magically disguised and not the dead Sakura). As the torture gets really unbearable, Sakura begs for death, but they torture her really long and painful in hope to make her speak, but as there's nothing more she can tell, in the end she dies of torture. As her spirit leaves her body, she sees Syaoran's spirit who was in the torture chamber all the time watching her sufferings with a gentle smile, and it makes Sakura remember everything and she smiles back as the accumulated sufferings burst in a feeling of... catharsis would be the right word, I guess? The torture appeared to be so unbearably painful that while she was experiencing it she was regretting having that dream and going for it, wishing she had never been born only so that she wouldn't have to experience that, but the point is feelings like that were exactly what Sakura dreamed of, otherwise it wouldn't be earnest torture. So Sakura is happy now and goes to afterlife togehter wih Syaoran.

Heaven and Hell Online

So let's say there's a VR MMORPG "Heaven and Hell Online" (HHO). The universe of the game consists of three worlds: Heaven, Earth and Hell. Heaven is home for playable faction of angels, and Hell is home for playable faction of demons. One can not enter other faction's home world, so they also can feel safe at their own. Girls are encouraged to play as angels and boys are encouraged to play as demons, thought it's not a must. A player can also choose the gender of their character, girls that play as angels and boys that play as demons mostly choose their real gender, however girls who choose to play as demons and boys who choose to play as angels often choose the faction's gender over their real one to blend into the faction more naturally. Earth is populated by NPC humans and is the battlefield where angels and demons fight for control over human souls (or gameplaywise control over settlements). What makes the game so special is the nature of battles between angels and demons. Angels don't believe in violence, so they can't attack by design. What for demons, they can't just mindlessly slaughter angels, which would make people see how angels were adamant enough in their beliefs to fearlessly accept death, and do no good for breaking people's belief's in good. Instead demons must make angels surrender, so that the people of the settlement see angels break which would make them lose their faith in angels' ideals of piece and love and fall under demons' ideals of violence and fear. So, what happens is demons torture angels (I guess, it works best 1v1 or in small groups) and possible outcomes are: 1) the angel can't bear it anymore and surrenders, that frees the angel from suffering by dying and then respawning in heaven, grants victory for the demon as the people of the settlement where the 'fight' took place see angel surrender and lose faith in them, 2) angel doesn't surrender until she dies of torture, her soul becomes visible as a glowing silhouette of herself that separates from the body, raises in the air and there materialises, meaning fast respawn on site indead of being returned to Heaven, instead the angel's resurrection creates an outburst of holy energy that drives the demon back to Hell; needless to say such a sight makes local population turm to angels' side, 3) there must also be some sort of time limit, but I'm not sure if time running out must grant win to the angel (as the demon failed to break their will in time) or it should be considered a draw, as too much time without a proper outcome makes public bored and they just go their ways, which makes both angels and demons lose influence in this settlement (so neutral settlements can exist). Also, for the sake of balance, as a demon can attack an angel, angel can also chalange demon to torture them which demon can not refuse (which is how angels go offensive).
Influence works somewhat like in Elite: Dangerous. Each settlement has 100% of influence divided between angels, demons and neutral, whoever has most influence controls the settlement. Big cities might be divided into districts, each of them treated as a separate settlement in having their own influence, so they can be controlled separately, and of course there's some bonus for controlling the whole city. By winning battles you lower another faction's influence, but it goes to neutral (or half to neutral and half to yours), also neutral influence grows with time, so you don't just take over a lot of cities and reap the benefits, you must maintain your influence in them so that they don't become neutral. You can turn neutral influence into your faction's (aside from maintaining influence in controlled settlements, it lets you take the neutral ones). Demons do that by seeding fear and despair in the hearts of people, which is performed by raping and torturing them, but unlike in battles with angels, demon's don't have to be so carefull not to kill the victim, as a couple of deaths would only seed even more fear in the hearts of the rest of the population. What for angels, they turn neutral influence into their own by sexually serving the people. The neccecity of maintaining the influence means the closer you are to controlling all of the world, ther harder it becomes to maintain control, which assures balance of power between factions. Also, the more the population is in a settlement, the slower influence changes.
The VR makes the player feel everhything their character feels (otherwise would be no point for angels to surrender), but in a way that their real body is not affected (wouldn't want them to die of heart attack when someone reapes their heart off in the game). As angels level up, they grow more resistant to pain, so that they can bear more tortures. And the trick is as you can bear more extreme tortures, the less extreme ones are so light in comparisson, you find you can actually enjoy them. Then you level up furhter and what was most extreme becomes less extreme in comparisson to new most extreme, so eventually you learn to enjoy more and more extreme torture. What for demons, as they level up, more torture methods becomes available to them. The other option is that there is no levels in game (like, again, in Elite: Dangerous), instead angel players natually grow more resistant to pain as they are constantly exposed to it, and demon players naturally master their skill of torture as they constantly practice it.
Also, I've just thought of 'fights' again. Maybe it would work better if time limit would mean angel's victroy, and angel's death without surrendering would mean a draw (as they didn't surrender, but didn't survive the torture either)? This would compel angels to actually try their best to endure the torture rather than dying of it while trying to keep their mouth shut about wanting to die.
There's also a possble storyline: as in the game players learn to enjoy torturing or being tortured, some of them at some point want to experience it for real. It has already led to several deaths, so Kirito (if we assume it actually happens in SAO universe and not just based on it) is asked to investigate. So he enters the game as a demon, and the girls also enter the game, but as angels (though one of them, say his sister, might also join demons). At some point he must torture Asuna or watch her being tortured. And as they become more and more involved with the game, instead of investigation, they start to honestly enjoy it, and at some point also want to try it for real. Oh! Maybe their investigation led them to a real-life meating of players where he is asked to torture Asuna to death to prove his loyality. He does that, but in the process discovers he enjoyed it a lot (and Asuna, surely, enjoyed it too), so in the end he doesn't hand them in to authorities, and instead honestly joins the group, and other girls who were watching join too (those who played as angels join to be tortured, and his sister who was a demon - to torture).
A bit on characters' appearence. Both angels and demons have wings and can fly (maybe only over controlled territories). Angels feel pain when their wings are torn off. Both angels' and demons' bodies are easy to make sexually excited, that makes angels always ready to sexually please people, and demons always ready to rape. Demon's dicks migth grow in size and even grow spikes as they level up (if there are levels). As there are no real battles, there's no need for armor of any sort. There are clothes, but as sex organs of both angels and demons are used often, they are usually left uncovered. The clothing of a low-ranked angel may consist of only a camisole, usually white or some pastel color, the clothing of a high-ranked angel might be something like this: . The point is they are usually not totally naked (though, maybe, the lowest rank, the new players are), but the clothes are meant to emphasise their sexyness rather than hide it. There might be also clothes like short dresses and skirts that don't show pussy when an angel is on foot, but very much do so if they bend over or fly. Also, they usually don't have footwear (little need of it if you can fly). What for demons, maybe with leveling up their appearance changes from almost human-like (only with demon wings and perhaps horns) to purely demonic with red skin and such. What for clothing, the purpose of it for demons is not sexiness but fearsomeness, so they would either wear something fearful or if they are fearful enough by themselves - not wear anything. As they big erect dicks are fearful (as people are feared fo be raped with them), they would leave their dicks uncovered.
Aside from fighting the enemy faction and neutrals, there might be other things to do: crafting torture tools (for demons), something about healing (if death means draw) and/or pain resistance buffing for angels.
There also might actually be an overall goal of the game: if one faction manages to take control over all of the Earth world, they gain access to enter enemy faction's home world. Demons entering Heaven would be free to rape, torture and slaughter angels at their will as they don't need to worry about the influence in Heaven. What for angels in Hell, that's an interesting question. Perheps they will find there the most extreme tortures which by that point they would love to experience.
Here's also some watersports option: angels' urine is a sweet nectar, angels can reward people for loyality by letting them drink it. Most usually though angels just don't pay attention to their urge to pee and just let it flow. If angel pisses in flight and it lands on a person, that's considered a good omen. Demons' urine is acid and they also both deliberately use it to punish people and just randomly pee in flight with a chance it lands on someone unlucky.

> Also, I've just thought of 'fights' again. Maybe it would work better if time limit would mean angel's victroy, and angel's death without surrendering would mean a draw (as they didn't surrender, but didn't survive the torture either)? This would compel angels to actually try their best to endure the torture rather than dying of it while trying to keep their mouth shut about wanting to die.

I've thought on it again and realized it won't work this way. The demon can kill angel at any moment, so if time runs up, he would just kill the angel to turn defeat into a draw. So it should work like in the first option:
1. Angel can choose to die at any moment, so it should be considered her defeat
2. Demon can choose to kill the angel at any moment, so it should be considered his defeat
Now, what if time runs out... if it's a draw, demon can still lead the fight to a draw by not torturing the angel. But would counting it as demon's defeat ruin the balance? Angels would have 2 ways to win and demonds would only have one. But maybe that's actually a good thing to counter how the demons have all the initiative it battles. After all, they fully control the flow of the battle/torture while all angels can do is endure.

> There also might actually be an overall goal of the game: if one faction manages to take control over all of the Earth world, they gain access to enter enemy faction's home world. Demons entering Heaven would be free to rape, torture and slaughter angels at their will as they don't need to worry about the influence in Heaven. What for angels in Hell, that's an interesting question. Perheps they will find there the most extreme tortures which by that point they would love to experience.

Thought a bit on this part too. For the demons, let's say, the difference of torturing angels in Heaven is not only that they don't have to worry about losing, but that they can't lose as the angels won't have an option to end it by dying. What for angels' win, being tortured doesn't sound right after all... I mean, how is it differend from when they lose? So, maybe they get to torture the demons back? But that doesn't fit with them not believeing in violence to the point where they let themselves be tortured without fighting back. Let's see. It's all about power over souls, right? Demons win by breaking angels' souls. When, after taking Heaven, they can torture angels without a limit, that will probably break some souls so that in the next iteration they won't want to play as angels, but will want to try as demons instead. From the opposite side, maybe when angels take Hell, they shower demons with love and compassion to make them switch sides? That also sounds like an angelic thing to do.
The other option I thought of is winning the game somehow connected to offline meetings, but it probably doesn't make sense for only angels or only demons to gather. Thought maybe it's like that: when demons win, the hight-ranked demons get real addresses of hight-ranked angels, and it's their choise to go there and torture them (the angels also probably don't know that they addresses are revealed, so it's going to be a surprise for them), but if angels win, it's the other way around, so angels can choose if they want or don't want to go to meet demons in real life (and get tortured).
Or maybe it doesn't need speaking of winning in the first place, just let the demons continuously torture angels in their fight over human territories.


Okay, here's a newer idea that I don't think I've posted before.

Death Note

Guro Note? Fun Note? Fun With Death Note? Whatever...

A guy with a Death Note goes around having fun by using it to make people around do things like give him a blowjob or cut their own throat just for his fun, and the fact that any usage must end up with a person dying he sees only as a limitation meaning he only has one chance for each person. So if it's someone special like a girl he loves or his sister, it only means he wants to come up with a funner way to use it than a mere blowjob, and having a challenge like that is a fun on its own.
Long version:
There is a kind of stories where it is basically the protagonist going around having fun in any way they want. Then either they're good in hiding from police, or maybe it is set in a world where raping and killing lolis right at the playground on their moms' eyes is totally causal. Or sometimes a protagonist of such a story would have a superpower like to stop time or make everyone believe what they say or make anything they do to be viewed as normal, or a power of mind control, that kind of thing. So this story is something like that, only the power has limitations - you can make a girl you like give you a blowjob, but she must end up dead.
Anyway, the story begins when the protagonist, might be a guy or a girl actually, but let's stick with a guy for now. So the protagonist gets a Death Note just like in the manga and anime by the same name (I have to admit though that I haven't actually read or watched either, but I have a general idea). Our protagonist is not Yagami Light though and is not obsessed with an idea of making the world better by killing off criminals or anything like that. He might use it to get rid of the guys who bully him at school, perhaps while testing what the note is capable of, so basically killing two birds with one stone. And as he kills one of them in some hilarious way, he starts seeing the Death Note as a mean to create fun and hilarious situations, the affected person having to ended up dead only means to the protagonist that he can only use it not more than once on each person. So, like, he wants a blowjob from a girl he likes, but the only way to use a Death Note to get it is to write her suffocating on his dick. And he only doesn't do so because he thinks it would be a waste to use his only chance with the girl he likes on a mere blowjob. Instead he starts with small things like that from just random attractive girls around, like he comes to a restaurant, maybe actually on a date with his actually beloved girlfriend, sees and attractive waitress, learns her name from a badge, and writes her dying by suffocating on his dick. Or maybe he sits on a boring lecture at school, looks around for an attractive female classmate and writes down that she will be called to answer at the blackboard, take a knife with her (for that she must have a knife on her though... so maybe he knew she had, or she had scissors, or maybe he had actually wrote it all in advance, so anyway...), turn to the class and cut her throat with a broad happy smile (maybe say something like "I'm going first, see you on the other side, guys"), and he does all that to her just because he thinks it would be fun. Another thing he can do is make a pop-idol girl he is a fan of kill herself live on TV. But for special cases like his favorite idol, his beloved girlfriend, his sister and such, while he doesn't hesitate to kill them off for fun, he saves them for later until he comes up with really special and fun ways for them to go, because he only has one chance for each and he doesn't want to waste it for something that can be done to any other random girl. Well, I say girl, but of course you can use this idea to write about a girl killing off guys or a guy killing off other guys or whatever is down your alley.
Speaking of which, I don't imagine a shinigami accompanying the protagonist, but you can have one if you want. The original death note rules say that while there are both male and female shinigami, they can't have sex, be it with humans or each other, but for this story this surely can be ignored. So you might as well have a sexy loli with demon wings as a shinigami who would also not wear any clothes because people except the protagonist don't see her anyway. Though thinking of it, having a sexy naked loli with demon wings always accompany the main character but never have sex with him because her kind is not interested in sex, is fun on its own. Maybe she has fun teasing him or maybe she is totally uninterested and just ignores him staring at her. Anyway, I imagine, if there is a shinigami character in the first place, then they are probably a trickster character who have given the Death Note to our protagonist to see what fun and hilarious things would come out of that.
Now, the protagonist just wants to have fun and is totally unconcerned about death of the people he uses the Note on. Even if it's his beloved girlfriend or sister, their death only means to him that he can only use the Note no more then once on each of them. Which creates a challenge of coming up with a most fun way to use it, and challenges are fun by themselves! Such an attitude is why he was chosen by that shinigami in the first place.
What for the word though, it is not one of those where everyone would see death as casual and mundane and where you can come up to a person and ask if you can kill them and they'll say "sure" or maybe you don't even have to ask. In such a world you wouldn't need a Death Note in the first place. On the other hand, in this world they probably don't dwell much on death either. Nobody wants to die and they would probably be sad for a day or two if someone close to them died, but on the other hand when a girl comes to the blackboard and cuts her throat in front of the whole class, the next day everyone will be talking of how fun and cool it was and remembering her last words that she'll be waiting for them they'll laugh over who might be next to kill themselves (while each won't want to do that, they'll laugh picturing others in the role). Something like that. Or at least that's how I imagine it.
Also, the rules of the Death Note in this world might include something like any death happening by it will be viewed as natural, well not natural as in of old age, but no one will see anything suspicious about it, it just can not come to anyone's mind that someone might be behind it. So the protagonist can use the Death Note as recklessly as they want, no L would come for his head. Even if he makes all the girls in his class have sex with him right on the lessons (speaking of which, any such an action will also be viewed as not suspicious, as in they'll think it's crazy, but they'll all be sure it was the girls' own will, including those very girls of course, they'll also believe they're acting of their own will) and kill themselves in the process, and the people around won't consider that the protagonist might be somehow involved, they might even joke like "you're pretty popular with suiciders, lol" or "man, it seems sex with you is pretty deadly, lol" all in good fun.
Also in those rules it said that the death should occur something like no more than 20 with something days from when it is written, then there was also a way to cheat it by writing death of disease without specifying time of death and with picking a disease that takes more time to develop than those 20 with something days. For this story I'd say either the protagonist saves long plans like this for his girlfriend / sister and the like (for example, make his sister into his sex slave for two weeks before she finally dies), or the limit is actually less, like 24 or 48 hours, just so that the protagonist must be creative enough to have enough fun even with such limited time per person (especially his girlfriend and sister from whom he wants to get the most fun possible). I'm thinking the long things lasting 20+ days would drag the story while the more immediate action might be more fun (also it only means the effect of the Death Note itself is limited to 24 or 48 hours, but the protagonist might have plans and preparations ahead of time, like buying a chainsaw before writing his sister killing herself with it).


Got some more ideas rolling around the old noggin. All consensual, as usual.

--Kim Possible, Yori, Bonnie, and Shego are all begging to be the long-pig spitroast for their beach party.

--The Totally Spies girls demanding to cum as they each die in unique ways.

--Lara Croft asking her host tribe to use her naked body as target practice for their archers and cumming as each arrow penetrates her belly.

--Harley Quinn masturbating and then, right as she cums, stepping off of the stool she's on to hang herself.


I think there should be more Fire Emblem content, especially Fire Emblem boys, so here is my request/prompt:

A Royal Hunt (Snuff, non-con, necro (either M/mm, or MM/m depending on the ending chosen)

Ephraim of Renais has grown bored of hunting normal animals, so he chooses the most deadly prey - man. He chooses the most beautiful men of Magvel - Artur and Saleh - for his hunt.

At first, his prey works together, trying to outwit him. Then, Saleh tries to betray Artur, who completely trusted him, but ends up outing himself as well to their hunter. Ephraim has a bit of fun raping and using his prey for target practice to improve his archery skills once he binds them both to some trees. He takes a preference to Artur, who is considered the most beautiful man in Magvel, and has a little fun with him after his death. Then, once he is finished, he has them stuffed and put in his bed so he can continue to have fun with them.

Alternately, Artur and Saleh could turn on Ephraim successfully and kill him with their bare hands via strangulation (both of them being stripped of their tomes to make the hunt "fair"). Then, they have a bit of fun with his corpse.


Bumping with some new consensual prompts:

—Zatanna purposefully setting up a live, working death-trap for her next show’s“escape attempt.” Except she doesn’t want to escape and actually wants to cum as she goes, which is probably also why she’s naked when she pulls it off and has a hidden camera live-streaming it to the world. (Dealer’s choice)

—Lara Croft practically demanding to take part in her host tribe’s fertility ritual as the willing sacrifice and getting one massive orgasm right as she dies. (Dealer’s choice)

—The Totally Spies trio eagerly getting spitroasted for a WOOHP beach party. (Cann)

—Azula doing a striptease with an axe and block before kneeling down and cumming as her head’s chopped off. (Decap)

—Power Girl purposefully de-powering herself so she can finally die cumming her brains out. (Dealer’s choice)

Dealer’s choice means it’s up to the author on how the girl(s) die. Wanted to leave you guys some creative leeway and not be overbearing.


A story with a very pure and sweet and innocent quad amputee who gets taken by some merciless sadist whose initial intent was to torture and rape said quad amputee starts to make a complete 180 with their personality after discovering what an innocent little cinnamon roll (she) is.

Basically a new, wholesome twist to the generic victim-breaking amputee stories. I would write it but I don't have too much faith in my writing capabilities. Thanks.


Tracer is captured by a post-apocalyptic horde of australian Mad Max ripoffs who are able to take control of her chronal accelerator’s recall mechanism. Consequentially they can repeatedly respawn her as a renewable sex toy and source of Long Pork.


A captured kobold of a rival dragon is turned into part of a dragon's treasure hoard. She is stuffed with various manners of treasure and her vent and womb are effectively used as containers.


Can't help but feel this is directed at me, and sadly I am not inclined to write such a story.


Daenerys gets beheaded slowly



The assault takes the enemy by total surprise. They were all female cadets, girls that lack in experience. Taking down the guards was an easy task. Then the various companies were spread throughout the perimeter to wipe out sections at once. T.K. and his platoon were sent to take care of the cadet quarters. For the purpose they were equipped with bayoneted rifles.
Cadet rebel girls wore a standard uniform that consists of a sleeveless green olive top cropped just below the breasts and a pair of camo shorts low on the hips, leaving the whole stomach bare and vulnerable, so it became common practice to kill them with bayonet thrusts to the bare belly, without mercy.

As he advance deeper in the enemy perimeter, T.K. found one of those cadets.
"Freeze! Don't make any noise or I'll gut you like a fish. Hands behind your head!" She complied. She was barely twenty, clad in the standard cadet uniform.
"Where for the cadet quarters?." "To the left." she answered with a frightened voice. "Well, thank you." and without warnings he stuck the bayonet into her exposed stomach, an bit below her oval shaped navel, until the rifle's muzzle was pressing against the belly skin."Eeeek" she grunted. The blade went in with a 'slitch' sound and blood spurted out. She bent over grabbing at her lower belly with her hands. He gave a vicious twist before withdraw, rupturing her intestines and causing another grunt from her. With hands still pressed against her wounded gut, she went down slowly on the floor and then curled up in a fetal position.

The cadet quarters was a single barrack structure, full of rebel ladies in various states of undressing, some even completely naked. They were unarmed and unprepared, taken by totally surprise, so it was like slaughtering lambs. T.K. and his company storm into the barrack and started to sink their bayonets into those rebel girls exposed bellies. An ovation of grunts and screams filled the air, as cold blades were jabbed through soft tummy flesh and hot bowels. The first to fall was a petite blonde. "slitch", "Ooooooh". Her pretty blue eye snapped wide and her mouth was open in a 'O' shape, as she was skewered a bit below her sexy innie. A pretty brunette was pleading on her knees, arms high above her head in sign of surrender. "Please, mercy. Please.", but got a bayonet in the navel anyway. "Please, me..", "slitch", "...eeeeeek". "sclitch". A twist of the blade tore up her innards. "Ghaaaaaak". She fell forward with her hands pressed on her bloody belly button. T.K. saw a beautiful outie running to the exit. Her screams of panic turned in a shriek of pain, as the outie get impaled on a spiked blade, and became a bloody innie when the bayonet was withdrawn. Those ladies found in their bunks were like already trapped. Soldiers rush to them before they could be on their feet. One of the girls, a readhead, was already in a sitting position as she was intercepted by two soldiers. "slitch, slitch". "Oooeeegh". She gave a painful grunt as two bayonets were inserted simultaneously into her bare stomach. The first attacker yanked out the blade and reinserted it into her navel. A silent scream, her eyes rolled up and she fall backward on the bloody sheets. The slaughter went on until there were no more girls left alive. Their naked bellies had received the bayonets they deserved.

As the soldiers were leaving T.K. noticed small bare feet sticking out from under the last bunk in the room, that moved when he kicked one. The name tag on the bunk read JANELLE and he rested his long gun against her bunk and reaching down, grabbing each naked foot pulled out a totally naked young beautiful shivering petite body of JANELLE. T.K. figured she had been missed because when the stabbing started at the other end of the room she pushed the naked body under her bunk. Except for it seemed her bare feet which T.K. spotted. She looked up at T.K. with her big pleading blue eyes, only guessing what her fate was going to be. T.K. picked up his long gun and pointed the bayonet still bloody from his earlier kills at her tiny precious belly button. Drops of red doted her white belly dripping from his bayonet and muzzle of the gun. He loved how her sexy belly button looked and lowered the sharp bloody point to a firm/flat area about an inch or so just below it and as JANELLE moaned expecting to worse just eeeked as T.K. applied the pressure to force it into her guts. "Here, take it deep in the gut, honey." "Slitch". A spourt of blood jets in the air. "Eeeek". "I know it hurst, Honey, but you deserve it. You are a rebel, Janelle, and rebel girls have to be bayoneted in the belly. "Sclitch". "Ghaaaaak". He gave a twist to shred her intestines and she grunted in response, arching her back and pushing her sexy belly up in the air, impaling her further on the blade. "Hush now, we have finished." he said withdrawing the blade. He let her bleeding quickly and dying on the floor as he reached his squad.



Don't know exactly why I have posted this short of mine here. You can play around with this idea.



Nah - it's been a kink rolling around in my head for a while. I dunno what stories you write.


Too bad there weren't a lot of cunt stabs there. But amazing story.


Twin girls become actresses, but one is clearly better at it than the other. Eventually, the more successful one lands a prestigious role- A high-budget movie in which her character is executed by beheading. Her sister will serve as the double for the execution scene- In a way that's hidden by editing, she will replace her before the fatal blow, and be beheaded for real in her place.


In the ancient world, a guy captures a scrawny twelve year old amazon in the forest. The normal thing to do would be to chop off her head, preserve it as a trophy, and cook the rest of her, but he is quite far from home.

After raping her, her offers to release her, but only if she swears that she will come to his house at a predetermined later date(third winter solstice from now?) and surrender herself to him.

He tells no one. They would only berate him for trusting an amazon with an oath that even civilized people probably wouldn't keep, and wasting the opportunity. But sure enough, she arrives at his village right on time- Grown and with a toned, womanly figure- Finds him outside his house, and strips and kneels in submission.

She eagerly sleeps with him, and later freely allows him to slaughter her while everyone else in the village merrily watch. The feast that follows will be remembered for a long time.

(I think there is also potential for this world, where "civilized" people share a region with amazons and consider them fair game or even pests, while still sleeping with them and adopting the male babies they bring to their villages)


There are currently WAY more female oriented stories than male, so I am going to give some vague suggestions for some male stuff.

1. Modernish setting. A sahuagin/merman (should be more on the inhuman side) is captured at sea, and the people butcher/cook him alive.

2. A succubus/demoness preys on a man, and both sucks him dry/eats him.

3. A vampire awakens to find themselves locked within a coffin not their own, with holes purposefully made to allow the sun to burn them in a very gradual manner.

4. A maiden eating/raping dragon is dragged out of their lair after being defeated, and chained down to allow the peasantfolk whose daughters were lost to go to town on him.

5. An alien creature of some kind finds themselves being kept alive in a military base while he is subjected to all kinds of invasive tests and experiments.

6. A poacher gets their rocks off while gutting and castrating male tigers for chinese traditional medicine.


Gonna add another of my own here.

A mother catches her son jacking off to his sister showering. He's been caught watching her before too, and was threatened with a penectomy and possibly castration next time he was caught. So, as punishment, his mother facesits him while cutting his sick off, causing him to have one final, terrible orgasm as he loses his manhood.


A couple of ideas.


So, I had that idea before where a girl kills herself, probably by hanging, in front of her boyfriend and he's all sad and confused because everything was so well between them, but then his living girlfriend appears and it turns out the one hanged was her twin sister he didn't know existed, and they both laugh at such an ingenious prank and how he totally bought it. Of course no concern is given to the dead twin's life, who was only happy to take part in such a fun prank.
So now it occurred to me that this idea might be more solid if it happens on a wedding. The story would start describing a normal wedding up to the point of "Will you marry this woman?" "Yes" "Will you marry this man?" and instead of an answer the bride takes out a knife she was hiding, smiles mischievously and cuts her throat with blood pouring onto the groom's face and her white dress... hmm, maybe the groom is also wearing a white suit just so that it looks nicer when blood pours all over it?.. anyway, the groom is in shock, kneels over the dead bride and wails all confused as everything was going so well between them, so why would she do such a thing? But then the real bride comes up, maybe unnoticed by him at first comes from his back, puts a hand on his shoulder and says "so are you done weeping, can we proceed with the wedding now" and he stands and sees her and is all confused, and she's like "oh, that? That was my twin sister, lol. You've totally bought it, haven't you? Ha-ha-ha-ha!" and as he realizes what happened he laughs too, what a fun prank it was indeed. And they continue the wedding, disregarding the corpse and the blood still left of the broom's suite (actually, maybe the twins only bought one wedding dress, so the real bride takes the blood soaked one from her dead sister and then they proceed with the wedding).


This one is rather vague. Or rather it has a premise, but then can go a bunch of different ways, of which I'm not sure which to choose. Not all of them even involve guro.
Anyway, it all starts with the protagonist, who is into little girls (and in case it is a guro story, he's also into guro), but lives in the world not unlike ours where it is totally illegal and unacceptable, having an especially stressful day (whether he's just not in a good mood today or he got fired from his job and his girlfriend left him and whatnot) and trying to relax by sitting on a bench at a playground watching children play. Maybe somewhere on the edge of his mind a thought appears to just fuck it all and have his way with one of those little girls. But before that thought can completely form one girl comes up to him by herself and tells she is his guardian angel and it is her job to save him from committing such a sin, and her way to do so would be to let him have his way with her, the angel, instead, and thus not harm any human girls. It is not common among angels to solve that problem the way she does by letting the guarded person use them instead of human victims, but she in particular sees nothing wrong in it. Also she could probably materialize in any form, be it girl, boy, bird, chair... but she took this form of a little girl basically from the protagonist's dreams.
From here it can go a bunch of different ways:
A1) He brings the girl home, fucks her, she leaves and he never sees her again, his stress is revealed though and life changes for the better, neither the protagonist nor the reader ever learn if she actually was an angel or not.
A2) Same as A, but it does reveal that she was actually an angel.
A3) Same as A, but it does reveal that she actually wasn't an angel, but instead just an compassionate and understanding child who wanted to help the poor guy. Well, she was an angel in a metaphorical way anyway.
B) Same as A, but he also kills her. Options 1-3 apply the same way. And even in option 3 she is totally willing and happy about helping the guy to reveal his stress.
C1) It is revealed from the start that she is a real angel. And he doesn't just get to fuck her for one night, but instead gets to keep her. With an angel by his side, he finds new will to live and his life turns for the better.
C2) Same as C1, but he doesn't only get to fuck her, but also to torture and kill her as much as he wants, as being an angel she can regenerate and revive.
C3) Same as C1, but the angel girl also has a power to ... well, I guess the way to put it is to control people's perception. The way she convinces the protagonist that she is an angel is, while they're still at the playground, she reveals to him that she is actually totally naked (and maybe even has angelic wings too). And he realizes she has been naked all that time and it is not like he didn't see her being naked, but it just didn't register as something notable. So if she has not let him perceive her nudity and then left, a moment later he wouldn't be able to remember that she was naked, or more like when remembering her it wouldn't occur to him to even question if she was naked or not, because it's not something you would normally question when remembering a random encounter like that (same with if she has wings). Like, think of any memory of yours that involves other people and unless clothes by themselves play an important role it it, you probably don't remember what they were wearing, and actually you only assume they were wearing anything at all because you think that if they weren't it would be notable and thus you would have remembered. But the trick with the angel's power is that it makes it not notable. So with that power they can just go have sex right there at the playground and people around would not perceive it as anything worth paying attention to. People can even come up and start casual conversation with both the guy and the angel girl. Like other children might come up and ask the angel girl if she wants to play together with them and she's like "no don't you see I'm busy having sex" and they're like "ah, okay then" and return to their games. Then the protagonist can also bring the angel girl to his workplace to use her to reveal stress he gets from job, and no one would question bringing an outsider to work, though they might complain if being busy having sex with her prevents him from actually doing his job. It can probably go as far as, let's say she walks through the street in all her naked glory and with a dildo inside her pussy and the dildo falls out and she asks a passer-by to pick it up and they do and hand it to her like it was nothing out of the ordinary. Or maybe even as far as she can ask a stranger to fist-fuck her and they would still see nothing out of the ordinary, might still refuse because they're in a hurry though.
C4) Same as C3, but he doesn't only get to fuck her, but also to torture and kill her as much as he wants, as being an angel she can regenerate and revive.


>>13346 I like the wedding idea, might include it in my Fire Emblem story in the future, but with two copies of one character instead of twins


After reading a few of the Harry Potter stories,Paticularly Hermione browses for girlmeat, I had an idea for a story. Set in the 7th book, after Dobby takes a knife to the heart, Harry uses the life prolonging spell from HBFG to give Dobby a bit more time to live. Dobby then decides that rather than be buried, he decides that he would rather be preserved via taxidermy, and asks Harry to skin him alive and remove his eyes to be used for the preserved model of himself. The remainder of Dobby's body will be cooked for Harry to enjoy.


I like read story with beheading


There is a famous restaurant in Disney World, called the Brown Derby. My thought was of a dolcett version in Dolcett World, where Daddys could take their little princesses for lunch. They would strip down, and be hog tied, then, placed on a relatively dull hook in their pussy that they have to ride on an overhead conveyor through the dining area, staying upright only by holding onto a rope with their teeth. If they let loose, the angle forces them backwards, and the hood pierces their uterus and tummy, and they are brought to the prep area for slaughter, butchering, prep and cooking.


A tribe of amazons in the dark jungles of a forgotten land undergo a trial to decide their next queen. Several competitors are chosen to participate, their goal is to successfully destroy the massive penis of a giant and fearsome predatory dinosaur. Opportunity for multiple gory amazon deaths, and male genital mutilation of a large beast.


Clone execution

This is inspired by a certain VN and is basically a premice for an execution story that lacks a method. So if you have a method for an execution in mind, but not what the charachter is executed for, here's an idea.
A scientist had a child who died in an accident, the scientist was sad with a loss and cloned the child. Cloning people is illegal though. Some years past, depending on how old you want the child to be, they were living as a normal child all that time, but somehow eventually it was discovered that they was a clone. The scientist was put in prison and the cloning, as an illegal activity, is to be undone, that is the clone is to be executed.
Optional twist: it was the child themselves who discoverd they were a clone, made it public and insisted on their own execution. Whether because they couldn't cope with a thought that they are a clone (sad version) or just because that's just a natural thing for a law-abiding citizen to do (casual version).

Teru teru bozu

There's heavy rain outside which threatens to ruin a school trip maybe? Or maybe the schoolkids just don't want to go home under such heavy rain. So they make a teru teru bozu, only out of a living child (I imagine a girl, but you can do whatever you want of course). Basically, they put a bedsheet over the child and a noose on their neck above that and hang them and chant cheery prayers for good weather as the child hangs. Everything is treated casually as if they've done it a thoustand of times, like every time it rained. Even the choice of a child to hang is... well, it's volunteering, but it's neither "fine, somebody has to do it, so let it be me" nor "yay, let me do it, I'm so excited". It's more like... well, imagine if they had, say, a difficult math problem before them, then without any word spoken everyone expects the smartest kid in class to come out and solve it, and that smartest kid also needs no further encouragement to do just that, it's just naturally assumed to be their job to deal with. So just like that, only for a teru teru bozu it's not the smartest kid in class, but one with the most pure soul.
And here's the punch. As the child died they gets to heaven or something where she they the God (or a god, like a god of weather or something) to stop raining. The god sees the child is asking sincerely for the sake of their friends and grants their wish. And the child happily watches from heaven how teir class is having fun on their school trip (or just comfortably returning to their homes under fine weather if that was the case).


Hell Inspection

An angel (preferably a little girl, but as always whatever suits your taste) descends to hell for an inspection to see if sinners are properly tortured. Basically, she goes around trying all kinds of torture on herself to see if they really bring as much suffering as sinners deserve. Her attitude I imagine is that she suffers in earnest physically but it doesn't even slightly bother her mentally. Somewhat like in my "Warehouse" story, only instead of considering it beautiful her reason to mentally enjoy the pain is because it's means the demon torturers, whom she is inspecing, are doing their job properly. So when they give her so much pain her body breaks, she's happy and praises them for good work, and when she considers the pain to be not enough she'll be disappointed and can say something along the lines "c'mon, you call this torture, you must try harder if you want it to make sinners suffer" and encourage them to hurt her much more. Makes sense?
And of course she can regenerate between tortures, or maybe even during them, actually I guess even sinners have to regenerate during tortures so that they can keep experiencing it, right? I wanted to say she regenerates because of angelic powers, but now it seems she doesn't even need that as regeneration is just a part of the tortures.


So, some long forgotten sexual fantasies from when I was in my early teens, some maybe even from preteen times, has come to my mind, interestingly, most if not all of these must come from before I discovered guro on the internet. So I tried and recalled a few more and decided why not write them down, maybe someone will even find some inspiration from them for their stories, which is why I post them in this thread.

Feeding myself to a girl

This is one of the earliest I can remember. It was a dream that felt like there must have been a lot of adventures in it, but I only remember the end where I’m in a small wooden boat and there’s also a girl with me and in spite of looking like a normal human girl she’s actually a human-earing monster. She haven’t eaten for a long time and won’t make it to the shore without eating anyone. But there’s only me around. So I tell her to eat me. She doesn’t want to, she hates herself for being a monster and says she would rather starve to death then take another life, let alone mine (as we’ve apparently gone through a lot of adventures together which made us fall in love with each other). But I insist because I would rather be eaten by a girl I love than have her starve to death on my hands knowing eating me would have saved her. And I guess I ended up successfully persuading her, though that’s the part where I woke up, I think.
Also, part which I’m not sure I recall correctly, but it might have been that even after all the adventures it was only now that she actually confessed to me she was a human-eating monster.

Clone factory

This one’s pretty crazy. It was actually about a particular girl in my class. Mid-back length brown hair, flexible body as she went in for dancing, and just a nice person. And in this fantasy she was my girlfriend and the two of us were the only people on the planet. And there was a clone factory which constantly made clones of her until the ground was buried far beneath a pile of bodies all over the surface of the planet (hm, I wonder what happened to oceans? Were they all filled up with bodies too? But then maybe it wasn’t even Earth). And they were probably all alive on top of that, as we both and thus the clones too were unaging and immortal, though maybe the clones could die if actively killed by me or each other. Since it was in my fantasy, that girl loved me so much she didn’t mind ending up as one of those clones (the factory copied consciousness too) that would just forever lie in the middle of that planet-stretching pile of bodies, if it was to please me. The new surface of the planet, far above the original one, is just the uppermost layer of clones lying around in a pile. Ah, none of them have any clothes by the way, as the factory doesn’t produce them. So I would live on that surface, also seeing no point in wearing clothes, and revel in a feeling that everything around is my beloved girlfriend (now that I think of it, this is probably the whole point of this fantasy). Wherever I step, I step on her, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin under my feet, and I can just lay down anywhere and be surrounded by her presence, maybe I can even dive into the pile of her clones. They are all alive and conscious, just don’t try to move until I tell them to, because it would be madness if each tried to not just be technically alive but also act like one. So from time to time I would just pick a random one or some of them and have fun with them in any way I could imagine. It probably didn’t involve a lot of guro fantasy back then, but it would fit quite well, I think. Then if I have had enough fun for now, I would just let the clone lie back on the ‘ground’ and whenever I feel like having fun again, pick any other random one. They’re all happy with such a routine, even if most would never even see me, just buried beneath other clones forever, because of how much they love me.
Then sometimes I would go to the factory to visit the original. The factory actually keeps working down beneath all the piled up clones, it is situated in a cave of a sort, only its walls and ceiling are the clones, and there’s also a narrow way up one climb up or down like a ladder (which of course also entirely consists of clones, you just climb their bodies). Though now that I think of it a sort of stairs would probably work better. But then again, apart from immortality we would probably have some inhuman strength and endurance, no need for food or sleep, so climbing a ladder wouldn’t be a problem even if it took days. Anyway, the original girl is down there in the factory, serving as a sample for it to work, and every time a new clone is made it would climb up the ‘ladder’ to what now is the surface of the planet and find a place for her to lie down, just to be buried by more layers of clones ages after. So sometimes I would take the original out of the factory (and she doesn’t wear any clothes also, because why even bother) and have fun with her too, but the factory can’t keep working without the original present, so after some time I would return her to the factory and I would return to having fun with the clones.

Robotic sister

In this fantasy I build a robotic girl to be my sister and lover. She is of course programmed to love me more than anything, or maybe rather than programming, she sincerely feels that way because I have created her? Anyway, I would bring her to school with me to brag to my classmates. As a robot she has superior intellect, or at least is super proficient at math and such, maybe inhuman strength, agility and such too. But apart from all that she’s also fully functional as a sexual partner, so I have her strip herself to show that off too. Another option is that she was actually naked all along and her clothes were a hologram, which is another one of her robotic abilities, with which everybody is also amazed. And another option is that instead of a hologram she can change her skin’s color and do it independently for each cell or whatever robotic skin consists of, which is used to make an illusion of clothes like with body paint (I didn’t use it to change the whole skin color to mimic different races though as she was supposed to be my sister after all). And then I would probably let all the guys fuck her to demonstrate that ability of hers too. The robotic sister herself will not feel any shame in all of that and instead feel proud for being such a great robot and for me to have created her, just as I am proud showing her off like that. The teachers will allow all of that to happen because they too are amazed with how great a robot I have built, so as an exception they allow any debauchery she brings.
I don’t think I had guro-directed fantasies about her back then, but now I think it can be used for those if a part is added explaining how she can feel pain just like humans do, only she can bear much more of it, also any damage can be repaired. And of course she takes the pain with pride.

Lovable vampire loli

This one actually had a story. Twin sisters befriend another girl about their age, or at least one looking so, but one day she disappears. They go search for her, find out where she lives, come to the place and discover her chained (I think I recall an image in my head of her being chained to a vertical cross or something vertical at least) and looking rather unhealthy like she hasn’t eaten for ages. Also no parents are seen around. The chained girl behaves aggressively, trying to escape the chains but also angrily shouting at the twins to get away when they try to come up and unchain her. The twins demand explanation and the chained girl, seeing that they would leave otherwise, provides one. Apparently she is a vampire, probably actually older than she looks, which is why she lives by herself, or maybe genuinely a vampire child, in which case it may be that it is normal for vampire children to live by themselves. Or she doesn’t remember her parents at all and her earliest memory is escaping from an orphanage as the kids getting sucked dry was becoming suspicious. She is sick of being a vampire though, having to take people’s lives to sustain her own, especially she doesn’t want to kill these twins because she has grown to love them. But the hunger also kept growing stronger and she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist it much longer, so she chained herself, feeling she would rather starve to death than take her loved ones’ lives. Their smell so close is driving her crazy now and she begs them to run away because with such an additional stimulus she isn’t even sure the chains can hold her as she loses control of herself. But the twins say they love her too, so she should have just asked and they would gladly let her drink all their blood. Like it’s not that big of a deal. Optionally the vampire girl says they only think they love her because of the magical vampire charm. And she is especially sick of having to kill people who fall in love with her, because it happens every time. Then the twins say it doesn’t matter if it’s magic or whatever that makes them love her, the fact is they do love her. And if it happens all the time, it should actually help the problem of being a vampire, because if all her victims are willing and do it out of love, she shouldn’t feel guilty about it, she should be happy for those victims feeling happy for giving her their lives. In the end either the vampire girl breaks out of her chains or the twins unchain her, either way she loses control and violently drinks one of them dry, whichever turned up closer (the twins themselves didn’t care which it will be so one didn’t purposefully come closer, they just let the chance decide). She’s probably so crazy with hunger she just bits off a piece of her neck, so everything is bloody, messy and painful. But neither the girl being killed or her twin sister resist or try to stop her, instead they are both happy for their vampire friend to finally satisfy their hunger. As the vampire girl finishes her meal and comes back to her senses, she starts crying over her dead friend’s body, but the other twin comes to her comfort. “But I’ve just killed your sister right in front of your eyes,” the vampire girl says, blood still drooling from her lips, and the surviving twin kisses her. Then she says everything is alright and she will stay with the vampire girl forever, flee together with her even if it means abandoning all of her life, her parents, friends, everything, she will always be there for the vampire girl and help her hide, find new food, or herself become food for her whenever she asks and even if she doesn’t but does need it like just now. Also if a question comes up what if the vampire drank this twin instead, she would say it would be alright anyway because she knows the other twin would have done all the same for the vampire girl.
And then it can be a start of a whole series about these girl’s adventures.
Ah, also I think there was an option where the twins also shared a lesbian relationship. Even if they didn’t, they were most precious for each other, but their love for the vampire was such that they didn’t mind giving their most precious thing for her sake, if anything it only made such a gift more meaningful.

Kids' dragon

In a modern world (I imagine XX-XXI century) where dragons are believed to be just a myth, a group of kids find a mysterious egg somewhere far from adults’ eyes and witness a dragon hatching out of it. The dragon happens to be feeding on people, though I wonder how the kids knew that. Can the dragon talk, and right after birth on top of that? Or maybe they just assume it feeds on people because that’s what the stories tell? Might actually be even more fun if it turns out it doesn’t really need to eat humans, everyone just assume it does. Anyway the dragon consumes a whole person at a time and it gives it enough energy for a lot of time, maybe a whole year, or at least a month. And since the dragon is still small, a small person would do, that is, a kid. So the key idea is that the kids decide to raise the dragon while keeping its existence a secret from parents, and to feed it they use themselves. Whenever the dragon is hungry one of the kids would strip and let the dragon eat them, the rest of the kids trying their best to pretend they have no idea where that kid disappeared to. Neither the fact that the dragon has just eaten their friend, not the fact that one of them is next, makes them hate the dragon. They love it as their pet and their cool secret they keep from adults. What they hate is that if they reveal its existence to adults, the adults will most probably kill it, so they try their best to keep the secret, taking it very seriously. But as the numbers of the original group of children who have found the dragon become low, they might let some other friends or siblings of theirs into the secret to keep the whole thing going. Might even go on for generations with older kids passing it to younger kids before feeding themselves to the dragon.
Optionally some sex is involved, but maybe on the other hand the kids purposefully refrain from sex because the stories tell that dragons prefer virgins?

Class's vampire

A mix of the two above where there’s a vampire girl in a class and everyone loves her because wow vampires are so cool. And they let her drink them up occasionally, which is fatal. The class probably becomes known as haunted for its students to die so frequently, but they try their best to keep the real reason, the existence of the vampire, secret from the adults. New students arrive instead of dead ones so that the class doesn’t become empty. They might be afraid at first when they hear the class is haunted, but when the other kids let them in the secret, they too think a vampire is cool and agree to protect that secret from adults and don’t mind becoming the vampire girl’s food one day. Of course, in this story the vampire girl has no moral problems with being a vampire.
Optionally some sex is involved.

Two immortal masochistic lesbian lolis

And they can also fly superman-style. So basically they go around having all the fun they can come up with. Of the two options I actually remember one is falling from high altitude, maybe from orbit even, and maybe not even falling, but flying down with acceleration (so faster than terminal velocity) right onto a big spike on a roof of some building, impaling themselves onto it (I imagined them falling flat with their bellies onto it). Now that I think of it, they’ll already have quite a lot of fun on their way down with reentry heat. Another option is they fly all the way to the sun and dive into it. And, well, actually that’s it for that idea. There were probably some more options that I can’t possibly remember now.

Chair made out of a girl’s bones and skin

This fantasy was also about a particular girl in my class, but not the same one from the clone factory fantasy. Short brown hair, always shining with a cheerful smile, and a straight A student on top of that. In one word I can only describe her as sunny, or at least that was my impression of her. So in this fantasy she would willingly have a chair made out of her and give it to the class as charity. So it would be used in our classroom, maybe in place of a chair that was lost or broken, so the classroom missing a chair would be why she came up with the idea to make one out of herself in the first place. She is doing it just out of her natural kindness, not because the idea turns her on or because she feels obliged or something. She’s sincerely happy to help her class by doing it, but also probably doesn’t feel like it’s a big deal for her to do it. And of course I imagined I would be the one sitting on that chair, each time doing so would make me fondly remember the girl it was made of and her kindness.

Urinals made from girls’ heads

in the boys’ toilet in the school. The heads are kept quasi-alive, exhibiting only reflexive reactions and the only reflexes remaining in their brain is swallowing and sucking, so you can use them both for peeing and for blowjobs. The girls go for that willingly because there’s nothing that can make them happier than giving pleasure to many people, this motivation also doesn’t come from any sexual desire of their own, but just out of pure kindness. They might also need to train a lot to suck dicks and drink semen and pee in order for those reflexes to remain in their brain even when their consciousness is dead.
Though as a current me, I wonder if having them retain their consciousness would be better, letting them actually experience being urinals.




Honestly, is this thread even that useful? Granted I haven't been here for all that long (half a year or so) , but in that timeframe I don't think I've seen a single prompt from here get fulfilled. It seems like just a bunch of noise going nowhere.


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Casual guro settings

So, casual guro is surely hot. But there is always a problem with it: if everyone's killing themselves all the time, how the hell does the society work? How people don't just go extinct? So here are a some solutions I thought about.

Solution 1: they don't really die.
So maybe like in Car Fight where they can disassemble their bodies all the way to splitting the brain in two and then they can assemble it back or even if they don't they can regenerate. And even if they manage to kill the brain, they'll just be restored from a backup in a clone body.
Or the setting I described here:
But fun as it is for dismemberment and such, it kinda defeats the point of dying. So let's also explore other options.

Solution 2: restore population by cloning.
People do die when they die, but clone factories produce more people so that population doesn't decline. Then since someone has to raise the kids, let's say robots do. Because if we have cloning, why not AI too. Though being mass produced, characters suffer a bit in personality. Like, why would you care for the character who is just one clone among millions of similar ones? And wasn't even raised by human parents. Makes them feel somewhat less like a person, I guess?
But anyway, I've already mentioned this one before in a thread on /dis/. What I wanted to talk about is yet another option.

Solution 3: Dyson swarm.
So there's that guy on YouTube, Isaac Arthur. Does awesome videos on various concept in Science Fiction and how they connect to real life. So one of the ideas is that we won't colonize other planets. Because just building habitats like O'Niel and McKendree Cylinders from asteroids is way way way easier than terraforming a planet. And when you run out of asteroids, you start disassembling planets, because so much mass in the planets just sits under the surface with no use. If you use it all to build habitats, you get way way way more living area. Also the growth will be exponential because each factory in space fuels building more factories. And before long you have a Dyson swarm of habitats around just our Sun that supports orders of magnitudes more population than any galaxy-spanning empire from fiction.
So what's the use of it for guro?
First, since by that time automation will make it into a post-scarcity sosciety, many people will seek for new ways of having fun, which might lead them to guro.
But second, most importantly, with such a huge population, you don't even have to take that into account. Just take the same percentage of people willing to be hurt and killed as exists in our world today and multiply by how insanely huge the population will be, and you'll have lots and lots of people dying for the fun of it every day. Combining the large absolute numbers of people willing to die with how low its relative impact on the whole society is, the society will come to accept it. It will be rare in relative terms, so the possibility of your daughter in particular coming up to you saying she wants you to hang her would be as low as it would be in the real world today, but if you look at the while solar system, at every moment if time something like this will happen somewhere. And since you can watch the news from the whole solar system, there's some lag due to speed of light, but it's still real time compared to if it was an interstellar civilization, you're kinda used to it even if you've never personally knew any snuff volunteers and you never even personally knew anyone who personally knew such a person, but in the end you're still used to it thanks to the media. So when your daughter comes up to you and asks to be hanged, you're surprised because the chances that it will be your daughter in particular who wants to die are still as low as they would be today, but on the other hand you're also kinda prepared because you know these things happen all the time. So you go "sure, sweetheart, do you want a long or short drop?" And it will be, of course, totally legal, because it doesn't hurt the society.
Next, since it's legal to snuff willing victims, there's no reason not to make profit out of it. Or at least have more fun by broadcasting it, because who knows how economy works in a post-scarcity society, maybe they don't have money or they don't work like we're used to. Anyway, no reason not to film it so that more people can watch it and have fun, right? But the point is that across the whole solar system a day's worth of such content will be generated every hour. Or something. I'm too lazy to do the math. But you get the idea. When you can't possibly watch all of the content, competition arises. Different broadcasting companies will have their own snuff shows, each trying to be more creative then the other, or maybe specializing in a certain niche, like a specific show for snuffing children. Speaking of children, since I wouldn't have my snuff utopia without snuffing children, let's imagine the legal age is like seven. With a post-scarcity economy a seven year old child can leave their parent's home and live on their own just as fine, having robots to any work, so no the laws come to think of them as legally adult. Which also gives them the right to volunteer for snuff. Furthermore, we can imagine children younger then seven can be volunteered by their parents / legal guardians. Because not yet having all the rights they're kinda legally not their own person anyway. And since it's a sci-fi future, people probably have a longer lifespan, so it's okay to kill your children because you have plenty of time to make new ones. Too much of a stretch to still call the setting realistic? Okay, then let's think of it this way: there are lots and lots of habitats around the sun, living surface of each can vary from area of New York to entire area of Russia. We can assume laws can be very different from habitat to habitat, and among such a large number of them there might be one or two that allows parents to kill their underage children. And it is all it takes for any parent who wants to kill their child to just move to that particular habitat and to the deed there. Most their home habitat can do is prohibit them from coming back, but then they can either stay living at the snuff-friendly one or move to one which while doesn't allow killing children, also doesn't care for your past deeds at other habitats. With how many habitats there are, there can be like a habitat that imitates wild west dominated by outlaws and who knows how many kinds of crazy habitats as long as they don't harm other habitats. Which brings us to the ides of guro-themed habitats.
An entire habitat dedicated to guro. Built by one of the guro-specialized broadcasting corporations. The whole population consists of volunteers who constantly arrive from the whole solar system. And the habitat's living area can be as big as Russia, and the whole area filled with people willing to die and there are always enough volunteers to replace them. They are free to kill themselves and each other, though they are also free to try and live a normal life until somebody decides to kill them. Children are free to kill too. If a child is born in this habitat, parents can choose to send the child away if they don't want them to be killed. Of course, adults (meaning 7+) are always free to leave too. So if a child is born in this habitat and manages to survive until they are 7, if they don't want to be killed, they are free to go. And then there are tourists, who probably have to pay insane amounts of money, and who are free to kill the inhabitants, but are save themselves.
As for sex and nudity, I imagine laws may also vary a lot from habitat to habitat, but in those where 7 makes you legally adult, of course it also means you can have sex and all, though laws can vary on whether you can do it in public and be naked in public. But you most surely can do both in the guro-friendly areas.


Latest idea request i had:
another Casual Guro setting aswell. i have a great love for Free Use and Free Snuff scenarios:
basicly it is just the inspiration of a conversation between a man and his girlfreind, she's a bit thicc or even plump, and he offers to drive her to her yoga / excerzie / whatever classes because today he's got the urge to fuck and snuff the super fit/buff trainer who leads the class... and then says to her that if she thinks it would be too much trouble to find another instructor he can just snuff her too when he's done with the fit girl, and she just shrugs and accepts it casualy.... the idea being seeing that snuffsex play out with the audiance of other excerzie girls who take it in stride and nobody bats an eye at the boyfriend comeing along so that he can rape and murder their instructor, most of them just shrugging it off and looking for a new instructor, but maybe a line forms of other girls who take the girlfriend's lead and want him to snuff them out too because its easier for them to just get murderd at the class than find another.


More consensual snuff prompts! Get yer consensual snuff prompts here!

—Smoking hot anthropologist trying to convince the tribe of cannibals hosting both her and her sexy co-ed assistant that she’d make a fine meal for the spit (and by she I of course mean the anthropologist).

—Dominatrix stripping nude, locking herself into a guillotine, and challenging all comers to see if they got what it takes to make her cum hard enough to drop the blade.

—Famous magician performing her last trick: getting naked and feeding herself to a hungry, hungry snake.


Since Christmass is coming, I want to remind of my Christmass idea here:

And now…
An even better casual guro setting idea
=no, I would even say…=
An ultimate casual guro setting idea
So remember that one?
I've come up with another good idea (which can totally work together with Dyson swarm or separately). So, if it's sci-fi future, what else there is beside colonizing space? Or course, life extension (on which the channel I mentioned in the previous post also has a nice video). And how does it help? Well, if people live for a 1000 years, any death within first 20 years is no different from infant death. What's another 20 years to replace them when you live a 1000 years?

Now, say you live a 1000 years and give birth every 10 years, that results in roughly 100 children. Of them, you really only need 2 to survive to replace the parents and keep the population. If 10 out of 100 survive, that's already a rapid population growth, requiring the Dyson Swarm from the idea above to settle all the new people.

But also if you have such a swarm, you have a post-scarcity economy, you don't have to worry about resources wasted for having all the 100 children attending schools even if only 2-10 of them survive. You see, there are two approaches to raising kids in nature: quantity over quality (making lots of children and hoping a few survive) and quality over quantity (making few children, but spending all of your resources on raising them well). What makes the second approach work better and result in humans is because the overall resources are limited, so it works better to concentrate more of them on fewer children. But! If the resources are practically infinite, there remains no reason for such an approach. You can raise 2 children and 100 children equally well, so why not make 100. Then 90 of them die and only 10 remain? That's just great, because that's 5 times more then 2! And each of those 5, with all the future technology and unlimited resources, is better raised and educated than todays' 2.

At that point children up to 20 and possibly even young adults under 100 killing themselves / each other is just a fun childrens' game. When 90 out of 100 children die, you would take each death as granted, it's when one survives to adulthood that is a pleasant surprise. By extension, you also wouldn't mind your children making more children. Inbreeding isn't a problem either, when most of the inbred children would just die.
The main problem with all the casual death settings is that the world wouldn't work that way, but in this setting it totally would. You can have 90 of 100 people die before the age of 20 and the world would still work totally fine. Even better, in any given moment, if you don't know people in this world can live 1000 years, it would look just like our world, where for some reason people don't care about death. Because, see: if you give birth every 10 years and kids live up to 10 years on average (dying anywhere from 0 to 20), at any given moment an average family would have 1 child. So you might even want to increase the numbers to give birth every 5 years or so, so that average family has 2 children at a given moment, so you can have stories with siblings (or just imagine for every family with 2 children there's one without children that was left outside the scope of the story).

Which leads to the idea that you can take any story that looks like it is set in our world with only difference that nobody cared about death, and that attitude is not explained in the story (so like Lord of Pancakes' or Rosie's stories, or mine for that matter) and it makes you unable to enjoy it because it is unrealistic… well now just imagine it is actually set in this setting! The story says there's a 30 year old mother with a 10 year old child? Well, maybe she just looks 30, but really is 300 and this is her 30th child. Or maybe she really is 30 but doesn't care about the child's death because she knows she'll have 100 more children and 90 of them will die anyway.

I'm talking about children, but of course the same idea can mostly work for adults too, just instead of 90% dying before the age of 20 it can be before the age 100. Or even more evenly across all of the lifespan. And everyone is educated to be able to do each others' job, so the can replace each other easily when someone dies. And most of the real job is done by robots anyway, people are either scientists who are beyond the scope of most stories or work in service industry where you don't even need much of special education for them to easily replace each other.

Of course, all the numbers are totally random and average (so it doesn't mean you actually give birth on every tenth year, just so that you birth a total of 100 children over 1000 years… and of course it can be 143 children and 1623 years or whatever). You can also scale it down to have more children survive into adulthood (say you give birth to 20 children over 150 years and only 5 of them die) or up unlimitedly (you birth infinite children over an infinite lifespan until you decide to kill yourself out of boredom some gozillion years later).

Damn, the more I think about this idea, the more I like it. It seems to have no flaws, or has it?



The only issue I can see is that tendency to kill yourself as a child is probably heritable, so the people with that trait will make up ever larger fractions of the population as time goes on (and for actual humans this has already happened).


You mean without that trait, right? Because it's those who didn't kill themselves as children that get to pass their genes down, so eventually less and less children would tend to kill themselves.
Yeah, I didn't think that deep, but since it's fantasy anyway, we can always imagine it's a purely social thing and not in the genes.
At some point the society just starts expecting to see children die every so often, have snuff festivals at schools and such, keeping the death rate stably high.
Then there's also social evolution, but I think in a world with unlimited resources it just means societies that kill more children will just grow slower, but as long as they birth more children than they kill they can still grow.


File: 1546247441074.png (636 KB, 700x580, 1ABC0D4A-D700-4DCB-92C4-F2….png)

Can someone write a scenario where Luke Skywalker loses his cock? Preferably by a lightsaber (can be by anyone - Darth Vader, the Emperor, Mara Jade, Kylo Ren, etc) and is tortured by the site of his permanently erect dick. You would make this anon quite happy if you did.


Requesting someone to write a story about a 12 year old Princess and her little 9 year old brother trying to escape from a cult (who has murdered their parents). They end up getting caught and they're given the choice to let one or the other die. The princess decides to sacrifice herself for the safety of her little brother so she gets stabbed by each of the cult's members (Jon Snow style) until she finally dies, of course her brother watches the entire thing and is forever traumatized. That's basically the entire summary.


Onix's story on /3dcg/ involving jumping from height reminded me of one of my own ideas.

Anna moves to the city

Apparently I've even wrote a bit on it, huh.

Anna sighed with relief as the lessons were finally over. Not that she hated school, in fact she took studying with proper responsibility and had always good grades. But for a lively ten year old having free time to dedicate to fun is as essential as air to breathe. So Anna collected her belongings to her school bag and headed home. The weather was nice and Anna walked slowly savouring the view. The actual path was shorter than when she went to school in her home village, but it felt like there was much more to explore in the big city. Which wasn’t actually big, but her family has moved here just a week ago and everything was still new to little Anna. The five-story apartment blocks ( see ) constituting most of the city seemed so big and occasional nine-story ones felt like skyscrapers. More people lived in one such building than on a village street, and on one city street there must have been more people than in the whole village. Everything was different, steel and concrete instead of wood and greenery, but different only means more interesting to explore. So Anna took her time to enjoy this overwhelming scenery on her way home.
Home was different too now. In was an apartment in one of those typical five-story blocks. Anna’s parents weren’t happy with their apartment being on the last fifth floor given the elevators were only in the nine-story ones, but they had to go with it for the sake of lower price. Anna, on the other hand, was excited about living so high at first. For an energetic little girl like her climbing the stairs wasn’t such a big of a deal, and she expected there should be a great view from there. Unfortunately, it turned out that the view was blocked by other equally tall buildings. Oh well, no reason to despair, maybe she can befriend someone from a nine-story building so she could try riding the elevator. She wondered what it was like.
Dealing with the stairs like it was a piece of playground equipment, Anna was now standing in front of a locked door. It was still an alien idea for Anna that if you don’t lock the door someone could just come and take your things. Why would anyone do such a thing? But apparently there are just too many people in the city so you can’t know them all well enough to trust them. So Anna took the keys from her bag, unlocked the door and locked it again after entering, like her parents have taught her.

I think I also wanted to include that she walked barefoot, but apparently didn't find a good chance to mention it organically? Oh well.
Anyway the idea is she comes home and casually strips nude, then opens a window and casually sits on the windowsill enjoying the breeze and carefreely dangling her legs outside. Her male classmate walks by and sees her, or maybe she sees him, anyway they try to talk, but she's so high they can't hear each other well and have to shout, so the girl decides to come down and without a second thought jumps off. As she lands she's all broken and bleeding, but still alive alright, the boy comes up and laughs as he asks what was that, and she laughs too saying how when she lived in the country she used to jump off the window like that all the time, so she did it out of habit, without thinking how now she was on the fifth floor. Also she still doesn't mind her nudity, as apparently back when she lived in the country she also didn't bother to dress up if she only left home for a little while and not far. And the boy doesn't mind it too because, well, I guess just because he's still a little child who doesn't care. And of course both see Anna's injuries as something to laugh at and not worry about because this is the world of my fantasy and this is how things work in it. It's also not something the find absolutely hilarious, but kinda like if someone was peeling an orange and absentmindedly thew away the orange instead of the peel, laugh it off and forget and get back to whatever they were doing.
Then it might go something like this:
1) the boy says he wanted to ask her if she would join him and other kids in a game of football (the one where you kick a ball with your feet, you know), but apparently now she wouldn't, so they laugh over it
2) an old lady passes by and scolds the girl for being naked in public (again not paying any attention to her injuries, they're not worth mentioning), the boy tells Anna to not mind her, those adults with their stupid rules
3) the girl tries to get home, so with all her broken limbs she crawls all the way to the fifth floor only to discover the door is locked and of course she doesn't have the keys on herself; everyone knew each other in the small village, so people didn't lock their doors, so even if she locked the door herself she only remembered it when she reached it; the parents would only come home from work in the evening, so it can't be helped, just waiting under the door would be boring, so she crawls all the way down again to go outside; maybe someone might pass her on the way and their only reaction would be to tell her to move from their way and she would politely do so
The story should probably end somewhere here to not get boring, but what I imagine happening next is:
4) to kill her time till the parents return she plays with the other kids outside, including the boy from earlier, whichever games she can possibly play in her state, or at least she can watch them play and talk to them
5) parents come, laugh when they learn what happened, help her get into the apartment and she finally starts doing homework because she has to go to school tomorrow, while her parents go look for a wheelchair to buy
6) next day she comes to school in a wheelchair, they laugh a bit at what happened, and they live happily ever after
7) oh, wait, there's no elevator, so how would she traverse five floors of stairs? I guess her parents might help her get down in the morning, but after school maybe that same boy would escort her home?


It seems this site wants one Chris Thorndyke dead, may I recommend a hanging or something with a beheading?

Maybe post and/or pre death fucking?


I’d love to see a story where a man kidnaps his ex girlfriend and kills her for cheating on him. But before doing so he destroys all her pleasure spots: nipples (maybe one cut off and the other perforated with a drill) and clit (cut off). Finally because he always had a strong belly button fetish especially for hers, he kills her by stabbing her through it or removes the navel to keep as a trophy


There's a long-running TV series, something of a soap opera, set in a historical period or fantasy world. It includes quite a bit of explicit sex, including the impregnation of a young actress by the actor playing her husband. Their daughter becomes part of the show as well, growing up as her character does.

Eventually, her and her mother's characters are sentenced to death, and both actresses are beheaded on camera. Possibly, their crime is attempted murder of their father/husband, who sexually abused his daughter, also in full view of the camera.


There's a special traditional massage technique- Centuries old, and recently gaining practitioners and recognition throughout the world- That involves manipulation of the client's genitals with the masseuse's. It manipulates the complex and counter-intuitive connections of the nervous system to create a lasting feeling of well-being throughout the body and improve health. The more intimate of the procedures, which not all practitioners are comfortable with, require a mutual orgasm, while others create a different kind of relaxation.

But the most powerful technique of all also requires the masseuse to be decapitated at the right moment while the client is inside her, creating special contractions and other responses in her body that cannot be replicated in any other way, and which produce unique responses in her client in turn.


A professor and a few students visit a girls' prison, looking for exhibits on human development. They select girls of different development stages, who are guillotined either then and there or at the university, in order to be cut apart, preserved and presented.


A snuff studio celebrates its 10th anniversary with its most ambitious video yet; Ten girls wait in line behind a guillotine. A guy sits on a bed. Each girl is decapitated, and while the next one is prepared, her head is quickly brought to the guy to suck him off. When she dies and stops, he tosses her aside, and the blade is brought down on the next one. The one to make him cum wins. Multi-participant snuff videos are always risky, because they can be ruined by just one of them changing her mind; Using so many shows supreme confidence in the staff's ability to determine who will go through with it.


Many cloned girls, engineered to be obedient and pleasing, are raised en-mass and sent out into the world to make it happier. Then one model is recalled; Maybe a defect is found, maybe they just want to make room for new ones. Either way, it's now allowed and encouraged to find all instances of this model and kill them. They don't want to die, but they won't really resist either. Everywhere they are casually plucked from the crowds to be killed, often in public, and often eaten afterwards.


Women duel with swords that are locked in their stiff scabbards; A club fight lasts longer than a sword fight. When one is subdued, the scabbards are unlocked by remote, allowing the winner to claim her head.


Girls volunteer for an experiment that will show how long consciousness lasts after decapitation. Or maybe it's just one girl, who unexpectadly offers herself to researchers doing something related.


I would love to see more seppuku stories on this site, the only good ones I can seem to find are from an old thread called land of the rising sun, but that’s about it



I support this


Once her perents get home, Anna's taken to the hospital. Still naked, of course, because that's fairly normal for her. Her legs are put in plaster, and she's put in a wheelchair to be sent home.

Of course, she can't put anything on her bottom half; the casts get in the way. So off she goes about her normal life, in a wheelchair, legs in plaster, pussy exposed to anyone who cares to look. And because it's soviet russia and she's a healthy country girl, she doesn't need a blanket to keep warm and doesn't bother with one. And it's just her pussy anway; back in the village, nobody thought anything unusual of her wandering down to the shop nude because she'd stripped her school clothes off and then discovered she wanted a snack, or to go playt with the boys. Nothing special there, everyone's already seen it.
Because of the chair, she can't do stairs. Her boy friends aren't strong enough to get her up the five flights to her flat, so she's got to wait outside for her father to get home from work. But unlike the village, her pussy is a new sight in the big city, at least to the local boys. People give up on scolding her for her exposure after a while; she can't help it. Her legs are in plaster and spread wide so the bones heal, and she's using her hands for the chair so she can't cover herself.

Maybe she even starts using her condition to smuggle sweets into school for her friends. She can't hide them under the blanket, not having one, so she slides them into her pussy instead. It's conveniently right there, and nobody checks to see if she's hiding stuff.
Although if she's got both hands busy with her chair, she can't expect the boys to push so she can give them sweets. No, they'll just have to reach down and find their own. She'll even prank them some days by not hiding any in there, leaving them to feel around to see if they're missing any.

When she's eventually onto crutches, her butt still hangs out. It's pretty normal to see where she's been sitting by the imprints and marks left on her butt and thighs, especially since she never bothers clearing anywhere before sitting down; it's not like she can turn and support herself on crutches while leaning over. And it's common forn her friends to greet her by stroking/grabbing her cheeks and thighs, and to probe her lower holes for treats.

And since she can hardly pick herself up to go to the toilet, maybe she just takes to casually peeing whenever she feels the need. Or she just wants to enjoy the warm feeling of the puddle.


Very nice, I love that!
Not exactly sure how and why you mean her butt would hang out. I guess you mean she just doesn't bother to wear any bottom even after she's out of the wheelchair? Because both she and everybody around are already used to her always exposing her bottom and to having sweets in her pussy.


Once she's on crutches, the casts are still on. She still can't get clothes on over them.


I had a few requests for the same kind of plot, I don't really write anymore but I hope somebody will get inspired by that:
A man/teenager walks in a forest until he find some young girl relieving themselves (camping girl scouts or whatever). He hide and decide to come back regularly to peep on those preteen pissing and shitting, until one day he get caught by some of them and get blackmail into being their slave.
I'd love seeing someone making a good story out of this.


I think you practically wrote all that story here already not much left to say ;)


haha, that was nice.

Although I see Anna did not suffer any permanent damage just had to spend some time in the cast ;)

If she broke her spine it woud be much worse but also a bit more opportunities for another kind of fun because she will not even feel her pussy or legs so she could do some more extreme tricks with them ;)


A female executioner becomes enamored with a convicted killer of women. Handling his headless body, she inserts his postmortem erection into herself and becomes pregnant with a daughter. Many years later, the girl adopts her mother's profession- And her father's passion.
Stargate Atlantis fanfic: A late episode has a main character body-swapped with a criminal, and almost executed by decapitation as a result. The device responsible works from very far; Her friends could reverse the body swap a few seconds after she is beheaded. A bit gruesome for that series maybe, but it was almost over by then so maybe they would have been willing to take the risk.
A military unit of hundreds of women retreats from battle against orders. They are punished by decimation; Ordered to execute one in ten among themselves.
A couple register for a luxury cruise years in advance, but the wife dies in the meantime. The husband takes his daughter with her ticket instead. As they sail and mingle, they independently become aware of very special gatherings aboard the enormous ships, where guests are willingly killed and eaten. As their interest in these events grows, a woman offers to do it herself and let them take their first picks from her body; But only after they show her something she always wanted to see.
Low-budget tourists take an odd job as executioners.
A normal assignment in wizard school is to perform human sacrifices and properly capture the released energies and/or the sacrifice's soul.
A reality TV game allows each team to kill the contestants entering their zone; Heads placed on their pikes determine score. One contestant feels so guilty after a kill, she volunteers to be beheaded for her own team's score instead. Unexpected, but the rules as written do allow it.


A. A mob hit on a small family. Based on an RP I'd made. I'd show you the starter and you could go from there. It involves a seven year old daughter, a twelve year old son, a fifteen year old daughter, a sixteen year old daughter, and the twenty nine year old mother. With everyone getting their genitals destroyed or removed before death


B. A group of young, African American girls get stripped and executed via pussy shots by the police. Bonus points if one is a boy and gets his dick cut off by them.

C. A young girl finds out the man she's been dating is her real father, and he knew all along. He also killed her mother. As such… He kills the girl.


I'd love to see holiday themed stories, I really love them. I am doing a Halloween one where the girls are killed for spooky decorations, I would love to see another authors take on that general idea, in the universe I am writing or any other :)


Random prompt: A headless body with dollar bills stuffed down the neckhole.

An ironic mocking gift for some transgression? A bet gone wrong/right? A fair transaction in a world where this is casual and normal? You choose!


It's legal for minors to be willingly killed, but only with parental permission. A parent might need to supervise too.
Girls are killed as performances for tourists. Sometimes the tourists go instead.
Prisoners are beheaded, their heads preserved and their bodies disposed of, not as executions but out of convenience. They are reduced into something much easier to keep that still clearly identifies them.
Milk leaks out of a dead girl by itself as her breasts relax, or maybe gets squeezed out by postmortem spasms or reflexes.
Snuff matchmaking service, bringing together would-be killers and victims of compatible desires, and helping them with the logistics(physical and legal) of whatever they decide to do.


Remember I mentioned Isaac Arhrur's youtube channel? No, I'm not paid for advertisement :-) But I've just watched another episode, namely "Welcome to the Galactic Community!" and it said how a space faring civilization would have more anthropologists that we have people, so if they have been studying us before making contact, they would know us better then we know ourselves, including out psychology, and using that they would be able to talk us into being their food in a way we would be overjoyed for such a great opportunity.

Actually, the idea of humans not simply eating each other, but being a willing slave/food race for a more advanced space civilization was in my mind for some time, although I never bothered to think deeper into it (though now I think of it I do have one never finished story where it's humans who come to an alien race and and offer in exchange for military protection half of human population as slaves, who are happy to be slaves because humans characteristic in that world is empathy… though the whole thing is actually a movie filmed inside a computer simulation, so while they do die inside that simulation, they don't die for real… maybe I should return and finish it some day…)

Anyway, where was I?.. Ah, basically, what I wanted to say is that now it doesn't have to be just "let's imagine a universe where just out of nowhere humans are happy to be slaves and food", instead there can be a valid reasoning for that. And it doesn't even have to be anything one could call brainwashing or deception, but just being good enough at convincing that people would be genuinely happy to become slaves/food/whatever.


That's not a million miles from the future shown in HG Wells' "The Time Machine" where the human race has evolved in two different directions with the beautiful but simple-minded surface dwellers essentially being farmed by the more intelligent but monsterous race that live in the caves beneath.


Has anyone written this one? Sounds interesting, and maybe on-going… :)


Returning once more to the ultimate guro setting…

The comment >>15429 said that if tendency to kill oneself if heritable, then it won't work in the long term.

And just the other day it occurred to me: what if we flip it around and say that biology is what's causing it in the first place? Namely, with the life span increased beyond anything that nature indented, that same nature tries to compensate by making kids (or people in general, I'm just focusing on kids because I'm not interested in adult characters) more likely to die. Because humans evolved in the environment with limited resources and deep down the organism can't comprehend that resources are now unlimited and there's no need to fight the overpopulation. And maybe it happened to be such a fundamental thing that fixing it with genetic engineering was orders of magnitude harder than life extension that caused it. So at first they just accepted it as a side effect. In fact, maybe, at least at first, the resources were just unlimited enough to support feeding children until they kill themselves, but not so unlimited to let everyone live their full extended lifetime, so whatever biological mechanism made kids start killing themselves was not wrong. And then maybe eventually solutions were found, both in regards to the economy becoming even more prosperous and the biological mechanism identified and possible to be fixed… but at that point everyone just got so used to it they couldn't imagine living without it. After all, seeing kids kill themselves is so fun! Being a kid and killing oneself is so fun! Adults were kids once too and remember how the idea of killing themselves sounded like fun and they only didn't to it themselves because somehow it never got to it and now they're just to old for that… but they definitely wouldn't want to take such fun away from their own kids! Right?


Isaac Arthur, and the Orion’s Arm Project, are what inspired me to create the Office of Termination setting, and the same reason could be used for justifying settings where death is casually carried out.

If you live in a society where interstellar travel, even without FTL, is possible, along with extreme life extension, mind augmentations, advanced automation, artificial wombs, and so on, you could have an individual or small group creating a colony in an unclaimed star system. They could condition, or genetically engineer, the population they create to become comfortable with casual death. The casual deaths could be random termination, purges, violent games, or whatever else the ruling entity desires. Hell, the being could partake in some of the killings.

The best thing is that the entity doesn’t need to at all justify itself, but they can if they wants. The population reaching zero isn’t an issue, since they could always grow more people in artificial wombs. Even if the people are not genetically modified to accept their deaths easily, they are at the mercy of a being that has the resources of an entire star system to crush any rebellion without breaking a sweat; hell, the being could block out the sun, or direct enough sunlight to fry everyone on the planet. If the population is living in rotating habitats built by the entity, then a rebellion is even more fruitless.

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