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Maybe you're like me and enjoy writing, but just can't come up with ideas for what to write. Or you have a very vague idea and are spotty on the details. Or maybe you do have this idea that would make for a way cool story, but think you can't write for shit (in which case you should totally give it a shot, a lot of people are actually pretty decent with just a little criticism/refinement).

Either way, this thread is gonna be about writing prompts. Leave an idea/request for some writer to pick up. Writers, find ideas or request more detailed ones based on your loose outline. And if you do a story based on a suggestion, do leave a link to that here (but not the story itself, just a link to your thread).

Note that for most people “Kill [character] via [method]” isn't nearly enough to work with, at least without appearing awfully generic. Instead, give one or two sentences with such things as location/setting, motivation (if applicable), or a brief scenario, and whatever details. (And maybe some of the more common tags for reference).

Then let's see how this turns out.
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Nah - it's been a kink rolling around in my head for a while. I dunno what stories you write.


Too bad there weren't a lot of cunt stabs there. But amazing story.


Twin girls become actresses, but one is clearly better at it than the other. Eventually, the more successful one lands a prestigious role- A high-budget movie in which her character is executed by beheading. Her sister will serve as the double for the execution scene- In a way that's hidden by editing, she will replace her before the fatal blow, and be beheaded for real in her place.


In the ancient world, a guy captures a scrawny twelve year old amazon in the forest. The normal thing to do would be to chop off her head, preserve it as a trophy, and cook the rest of her, but he is quite far from home.

After raping her, her offers to release her, but only if she swears that she will come to his house at a predetermined later date(third winter solstice from now?) and surrender herself to him.

He tells no one. They would only berate him for trusting an amazon with an oath that even civilized people probably wouldn't keep, and wasting the opportunity. But sure enough, she arrives at his village right on time- Grown and with a toned, womanly figure- Finds him outside his house, and strips and kneels in submission.

She eagerly sleeps with him, and later freely allows him to slaughter her while everyone else in the village merrily watch. The feast that follows will be remembered for a long time.

(I think there is also potential for this world, where "civilized" people share a region with amazons and consider them fair game or even pests, while still sleeping with them and adopting the male babies they bring to their villages)


There are currently WAY more female oriented stories than male, so I am going to give some vague suggestions for some male stuff.

1. Modernish setting. A sahuagin/merman (should be more on the inhuman side) is captured at sea, and the people butcher/cook him alive.

2. A succubus/demoness preys on a man, and both sucks him dry/eats him.

3. A vampire awakens to find themselves locked within a coffin not their own, with holes purposefully made to allow the sun to burn them in a very gradual manner.

4. A maiden eating/raping dragon is dragged out of their lair after being defeated, and chained down to allow the peasantfolk whose daughters were lost to go to town on him.

5. An alien creature of some kind finds themselves being kept alive in a military base while he is subjected to all kinds of invasive tests and experiments.

6. A poacher gets their rocks off while gutting and castrating male tigers for chinese traditional medicine.


Gonna add another of my own here.

A mother catches her son jacking off to his sister showering. He's been caught watching her before too, and was threatened with a penectomy and possibly castration next time he was caught. So, as punishment, his mother facesits him while cutting his sick off, causing him to have one final, terrible orgasm as he loses his manhood.


A couple of ideas.


So, I had that idea before where a girl kills herself, probably by hanging, in front of her boyfriend and he's all sad and confused because everything was so well between them, but then his living girlfriend appears and it turns out the one hanged was her twin sister he didn't know existed, and they both laugh at such an ingenious prank and how he totally bought it. Of course no concern is given to the dead twin's life, who was only happy to take part in such a fun prank.
So now it occurred to me that this idea might be more solid if it happens on a wedding. The story would start describing a normal wedding up to the point of "Will you marry this woman?" "Yes" "Will you marry this man?" and instead of an answer the bride takes out a knife she was hiding, smiles mischievously and cuts her throat with blood pouring onto the groom's face and her white dress... hmm, maybe the groom is also wearing a white suit just so that it looks nicer when blood pours all over it?.. anyway, the groom is in shock, kneels over the dead bride and wails all confused as everything was going so well between them, so why would she do such a thing? But then the real bride comes up, maybe unnoticed by him at first comes from his back, puts a hand on his shoulder and says "so are you done weeping, can we proceed with the wedding now" and he stands and sees her and is all confused, and she's like "oh, that? That was my twin sister, lol. You've totally bought it, haven't you? Ha-ha-ha-ha!" and as he realizes what happened he laughs too, what a fun prank it was indeed. And they continue the wedding, disregarding the corpse and the blood still left of the broom's suite (actually, maybe the twins only bought one wedding dress, so the real bride takes the blood soaked one from her dead sister and then they proceed with the wedding).


This one is rather vague. Or rather it has a premise, but then can go a bunch of different ways, of which I'm not sure which to choose. Not all of them even involve guro.
Anyway, it all starts with the protagonist, who is into little girls (and in case it is a guro story, he's also into guro), but lives in the world not unlike ours where it is totally illegal and unacceptable, having an especially stressful day (whether he's just not in a good mood today or he got fired from his job and his girlfriend left him and whatnot) and trying to relax by sitting on a bench at a playground watching children play. Maybe somewhere on the edge of his mind a thought appears to just fuck it all and have his way with one of those little girls. But before that thought can completely form one girl comes up to him by herself and tells she is his guardian angel and it is her job to save him from committing such a sin, and her way to do so would be to let him have his way with her, the angel, instead, and thus not harm any human girls. It is not common among angels to solve that problem the way she does by letting the guarded person use them instead of human victims, but she in particular sees nothing wrong in it. Also she could probably materialize in any form, be it girl, boy, bird, chair... but she took this form of a little girl basically from the protagonist's dreams.
From here it can go a bunch of different ways:
A1) He brings the girl home, fucks her, she leaves and he never sees her again, his stress is revealed though and life changes for the better, neither the protagonist nor the reader ever learn if she actually was an angel or not.
A2) Same as A, but it does reveal that she was actually an angel.
A3) Same as A, but it does reveal that she actually wasn't an angel, but instead just an compassionate and understanding child who wanted to help the poor guy. Well, she was an angel in a metaphorical way anyway.
B) Same as A, but he also kills her. Options 1-3 apply the same way. And even in option 3 she is totally willing and happy about helping the guy to reveal his stress.
C1) It is revealed from the start that she is a real angel. And he doesn't just get to fuck her for one night, but instead gets to keep her. With an angel by his side, he finds new will to live and his life turns for the better.
C2) Same as C1, but he doesn't only get to fuck her, but also to torture and kill her as much as he wants, as being an angel she can regenerate and revive.
C3) Same as C1, but the angel girl also has a power to ... well, I guess the way to put it is to control people's perception. The way she convinces the protagonist that she is an angel is, while they're still at the playground, she reveals to him that she is actually totally naked (and maybe even has angelic wings too). And he realizes she has been naked all that time and it is not like he didn't see her being naked, but it just didn't register as something notable. So if she has not let him perceive her nudity and then left, a moment later he wouldn't be able to remember that she was naked, or more like when remembering her it wouldn't occur to him to even question if she was naked or not, because it's not something you would normally question when remembering a random encounter like that (same with if she has wings). Like, think of any memory of yours that involves other people and unless clothes by themselves play an important role it it, you probably don't remember what they were wearing, and actually you only assume they were wearing anything at all because you think that if they weren't it would be notable and thus you would have remembered. But the trick with the angel's power is that it makes it not notable. So with that power they can just go have sex right there at the playground and people around would not perceive it as anything worth paying attention to. People can even come up and start casual conversation with both the guy and the angel girl. Like other children might come up and ask the angel girl if she wants to play together with them and she's like "no don't you see I'm busy having sex" and they're like "ah, okay then" and return to their games. Then the protagonist can also bring the angel girl to his workplace to use her to reveal stress he gets from job, and no one would question bringing an outsider to work, though they might complain if being busy having sex with her prevents him from actually doing his job. It can probably go as far as, let's say she walks through the street in all her naked glory and with a dildo inside her pussy and the dildo falls out and she asks a passer-by to pick it up and they do and hand it to her like it was nothing out of the ordinary. Or maybe even as far as she can ask a stranger to fist-fuck her and they would still see nothing out of the ordinary, might still refuse because they're in a hurry though.
C4) Same as C3, but he doesn't only get to fuck her, but also to torture and kill her as much as he wants, as being an angel she can regenerate and revive.


>>13346 I like the wedding idea, might include it in my Fire Emblem story in the future, but with two copies of one character instead of twins


After reading a few of the Harry Potter stories,Paticularly Hermione browses for girlmeat, I had an idea for a story. Set in the 7th book, after Dobby takes a knife to the heart, Harry uses the life prolonging spell from HBFG to give Dobby a bit more time to live. Dobby then decides that rather than be buried, he decides that he would rather be preserved via taxidermy, and asks Harry to skin him alive and remove his eyes to be used for the preserved model of himself. The remainder of Dobby's body will be cooked for Harry to enjoy.


I like read story with beheading


There is a famous restaurant in Disney World, called the Brown Derby. My thought was of a dolcett version in Dolcett World, where Daddys could take their little princesses for lunch. They would strip down, and be hog tied, then, placed on a relatively dull hook in their pussy that they have to ride on an overhead conveyor through the dining area, staying upright only by holding onto a rope with their teeth. If they let loose, the angle forces them backwards, and the hood pierces their uterus and tummy, and they are brought to the prep area for slaughter, butchering, prep and cooking.


A tribe of amazons in the dark jungles of a forgotten land undergo a trial to decide their next queen. Several competitors are chosen to participate, their goal is to successfully destroy the massive penis of a giant and fearsome predatory dinosaur. Opportunity for multiple gory amazon deaths, and male genital mutilation of a large beast.


Clone execution

This is inspired by a certain VN and is basically a premice for an execution story that lacks a method. So if you have a method for an execution in mind, but not what the charachter is executed for, here's an idea.
A scientist had a child who died in an accident, the scientist was sad with a loss and cloned the child. Cloning people is illegal though. Some years past, depending on how old you want the child to be, they were living as a normal child all that time, but somehow eventually it was discovered that they was a clone. The scientist was put in prison and the cloning, as an illegal activity, is to be undone, that is the clone is to be executed.
Optional twist: it was the child themselves who discoverd they were a clone, made it public and insisted on their own execution. Whether because they couldn't cope with a thought that they are a clone (sad version) or just because that's just a natural thing for a law-abiding citizen to do (casual version).

Teru teru bozu

There's heavy rain outside which threatens to ruin a school trip maybe? Or maybe the schoolkids just don't want to go home under such heavy rain. So they make a teru teru bozu, only out of a living child (I imagine a girl, but you can do whatever you want of course). Basically, they put a bedsheet over the child and a noose on their neck above that and hang them and chant cheery prayers for good weather as the child hangs. Everything is treated casually as if they've done it a thoustand of times, like every time it rained. Even the choice of a child to hang is... well, it's volunteering, but it's neither "fine, somebody has to do it, so let it be me" nor "yay, let me do it, I'm so excited". It's more like... well, imagine if they had, say, a difficult math problem before them, then without any word spoken everyone expects the smartest kid in class to come out and solve it, and that smartest kid also needs no further encouragement to do just that, it's just naturally assumed to be their job to deal with. So just like that, only for a teru teru bozu it's not the smartest kid in class, but one with the most pure soul.
And here's the punch. As the child died they gets to heaven or something where she they the God (or a god, like a god of weather or something) to stop raining. The god sees the child is asking sincerely for the sake of their friends and grants their wish. And the child happily watches from heaven how teir class is having fun on their school trip (or just comfortably returning to their homes under fine weather if that was the case).


Hell Inspection

An angel (preferably a little girl, but as always whatever suits your taste) descends to hell for an inspection to see if sinners are properly tortured. Basically, she goes around trying all kinds of torture on herself to see if they really bring as much suffering as sinners deserve. Her attitude I imagine is that she suffers in earnest physically but it doesn't even slightly bother her mentally. Somewhat like in my "Warehouse" story, only instead of considering it beautiful her reason to mentally enjoy the pain is because it's means the demon torturers, whom she is inspecing, are doing their job properly. So when they give her so much pain her body breaks, she's happy and praises them for good work, and when she considers the pain to be not enough she'll be disappointed and can say something along the lines "c'mon, you call this torture, you must try harder if you want it to make sinners suffer" and encourage them to hurt her much more. Makes sense?
And of course she can regenerate between tortures, or maybe even during them, actually I guess even sinners have to regenerate during tortures so that they can keep experiencing it, right? I wanted to say she regenerates because of angelic powers, but now it seems she doesn't even need that as regeneration is just a part of the tortures.


So, some long forgotten sexual fantasies from when I was in my early teens, some maybe even from preteen times, has come to my mind, interestingly, most if not all of these must come from before I discovered guro on the internet. So I tried and recalled a few more and decided why not write them down, maybe someone will even find some inspiration from them for their stories, which is why I post them in this thread.

Feeding myself to a girl

This is one of the earliest I can remember. It was a dream that felt like there must have been a lot of adventures in it, but I only remember the end where I’m in a small wooden boat and there’s also a girl with me and in spite of looking like a normal human girl she’s actually a human-earing monster. She haven’t eaten for a long time and won’t make it to the shore without eating anyone. But there’s only me around. So I tell her to eat me. She doesn’t want to, she hates herself for being a monster and says she would rather starve to death then take another life, let alone mine (as we’ve apparently gone through a lot of adventures together which made us fall in love with each other). But I insist because I would rather be eaten by a girl I love than have her starve to death on my hands knowing eating me would have saved her. And I guess I ended up successfully persuading her, though that’s the part where I woke up, I think.
Also, part which I’m not sure I recall correctly, but it might have been that even after all the adventures it was only now that she actually confessed to me she was a human-eating monster.

Clone factory

This one’s pretty crazy. It was actually about a particular girl in my class. Mid-back length brown hair, flexible body as she went in for dancing, and just a nice person. And in this fantasy she was my girlfriend and the two of us were the only people on the planet. And there was a clone factory which constantly made clones of her until the ground was buried far beneath a pile of bodies all over the surface of the planet (hm, I wonder what happened to oceans? Were they all filled up with bodies too? But then maybe it wasn’t even Earth). And they were probably all alive on top of that, as we both and thus the clones too were unaging and immortal, though maybe the clones could die if actively killed by me or each other. Since it was in my fantasy, that girl loved me so much she didn’t mind ending up as one of those clones (the factory copied consciousness too) that would just forever lie in the middle of that planet-stretching pile of bodies, if it was to please me. The new surface of the planet, far above the original one, is just the uppermost layer of clones lying around in a pile. Ah, none of them have any clothes by the way, as the factory doesn’t produce them. So I would live on that surface, also seeing no point in wearing clothes, and revel in a feeling that everything around is my beloved girlfriend (now that I think of it, this is probably the whole point of this fantasy). Wherever I step, I step on her, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin under my feet, and I can just lay down anywhere and be surrounded by her presence, maybe I can even dive into the pile of her clones. They are all alive and conscious, just don’t try to move until I tell them to, because it would be madness if each tried to not just be technically alive but also act like one. So from time to time I would just pick a random one or some of them and have fun with them in any way I could imagine. It probably didn’t involve a lot of guro fantasy back then, but it would fit quite well, I think. Then if I have had enough fun for now, I would just let the clone lie back on the ‘ground’ and whenever I feel like having fun again, pick any other random one. They’re all happy with such a routine, even if most would never even see me, just buried beneath other clones forever, because of how much they love me.
Then sometimes I would go to the factory to visit the original. The factory actually keeps working down beneath all the piled up clones, it is situated in a cave of a sort, only its walls and ceiling are the clones, and there’s also a narrow way up one climb up or down like a ladder (which of course also entirely consists of clones, you just climb their bodies). Though now that I think of it a sort of stairs would probably work better. But then again, apart from immortality we would probably have some inhuman strength and endurance, no need for food or sleep, so climbing a ladder wouldn’t be a problem even if it took days. Anyway, the original girl is down there in the factory, serving as a sample for it to work, and every time a new clone is made it would climb up the ‘ladder’ to what now is the surface of the planet and find a place for her to lie down, just to be buried by more layers of clones ages after. So sometimes I would take the original out of the factory (and she doesn’t wear any clothes also, because why even bother) and have fun with her too, but the factory can’t keep working without the original present, so after some time I would return her to the factory and I would return to having fun with the clones.

Robotic sister

In this fantasy I build a robotic girl to be my sister and lover. She is of course programmed to love me more than anything, or maybe rather than programming, she sincerely feels that way because I have created her? Anyway, I would bring her to school with me to brag to my classmates. As a robot she has superior intellect, or at least is super proficient at math and such, maybe inhuman strength, agility and such too. But apart from all that she’s also fully functional as a sexual partner, so I have her strip herself to show that off too. Another option is that she was actually naked all along and her clothes were a hologram, which is another one of her robotic abilities, with which everybody is also amazed. And another option is that instead of a hologram she can change her skin’s color and do it independently for each cell or whatever robotic skin consists of, which is used to make an illusion of clothes like with body paint (I didn’t use it to change the whole skin color to mimic different races though as she was supposed to be my sister after all). And then I would probably let all the guys fuck her to demonstrate that ability of hers too. The robotic sister herself will not feel any shame in all of that and instead feel proud for being such a great robot and for me to have created her, just as I am proud showing her off like that. The teachers will allow all of that to happen because they too are amazed with how great a robot I have built, so as an exception they allow any debauchery she brings.
I don’t think I had guro-directed fantasies about her back then, but now I think it can be used for those if a part is added explaining how she can feel pain just like humans do, only she can bear much more of it, also any damage can be repaired. And of course she takes the pain with pride.

Lovable vampire loli

This one actually had a story. Twin sisters befriend another girl about their age, or at least one looking so, but one day she disappears. They go search for her, find out where she lives, come to the place and discover her chained (I think I recall an image in my head of her being chained to a vertical cross or something vertical at least) and looking rather unhealthy like she hasn’t eaten for ages. Also no parents are seen around. The chained girl behaves aggressively, trying to escape the chains but also angrily shouting at the twins to get away when they try to come up and unchain her. The twins demand explanation and the chained girl, seeing that they would leave otherwise, provides one. Apparently she is a vampire, probably actually older than she looks, which is why she lives by herself, or maybe genuinely a vampire child, in which case it may be that it is normal for vampire children to live by themselves. Or she doesn’t remember her parents at all and her earliest memory is escaping from an orphanage as the kids getting sucked dry was becoming suspicious. She is sick of being a vampire though, having to take people’s lives to sustain her own, especially she doesn’t want to kill these twins because she has grown to love them. But the hunger also kept growing stronger and she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist it much longer, so she chained herself, feeling she would rather starve to death than take her loved ones’ lives. Their smell so close is driving her crazy now and she begs them to run away because with such an additional stimulus she isn’t even sure the chains can hold her as she loses control of herself. But the twins say they love her too, so she should have just asked and they would gladly let her drink all their blood. Like it’s not that big of a deal. Optionally the vampire girl says they only think they love her because of the magical vampire charm. And she is especially sick of having to kill people who fall in love with her, because it happens every time. Then the twins say it doesn’t matter if it’s magic or whatever that makes them love her, the fact is they do love her. And if it happens all the time, it should actually help the problem of being a vampire, because if all her victims are willing and do it out of love, she shouldn’t feel guilty about it, she should be happy for those victims feeling happy for giving her their lives. In the end either the vampire girl breaks out of her chains or the twins unchain her, either way she loses control and violently drinks one of them dry, whichever turned up closer (the twins themselves didn’t care which it will be so one didn’t purposefully come closer, they just let the chance decide). She’s probably so crazy with hunger she just bits off a piece of her neck, so everything is bloody, messy and painful. But neither the girl being killed or her twin sister resist or try to stop her, instead they are both happy for their vampire friend to finally satisfy their hunger. As the vampire girl finishes her meal and comes back to her senses, she starts crying over her dead friend’s body, but the other twin comes to her comfort. “But I’ve just killed your sister right in front of your eyes,” the vampire girl says, blood still drooling from her lips, and the surviving twin kisses her. Then she says everything is alright and she will stay with the vampire girl forever, flee together with her even if it means abandoning all of her life, her parents, friends, everything, she will always be there for the vampire girl and help her hide, find new food, or herself become food for her whenever she asks and even if she doesn’t but does need it like just now. Also if a question comes up what if the vampire drank this twin instead, she would say it would be alright anyway because she knows the other twin would have done all the same for the vampire girl.
And then it can be a start of a whole series about these girl’s adventures.
Ah, also I think there was an option where the twins also shared a lesbian relationship. Even if they didn’t, they were most precious for each other, but their love for the vampire was such that they didn’t mind giving their most precious thing for her sake, if anything it only made such a gift more meaningful.

Kids' dragon

In a modern world (I imagine XX-XXI century) where dragons are believed to be just a myth, a group of kids find a mysterious egg somewhere far from adults’ eyes and witness a dragon hatching out of it. The dragon happens to be feeding on people, though I wonder how the kids knew that. Can the dragon talk, and right after birth on top of that? Or maybe they just assume it feeds on people because that’s what the stories tell? Might actually be even more fun if it turns out it doesn’t really need to eat humans, everyone just assume it does. Anyway the dragon consumes a whole person at a time and it gives it enough energy for a lot of time, maybe a whole year, or at least a month. And since the dragon is still small, a small person would do, that is, a kid. So the key idea is that the kids decide to raise the dragon while keeping its existence a secret from parents, and to feed it they use themselves. Whenever the dragon is hungry one of the kids would strip and let the dragon eat them, the rest of the kids trying their best to pretend they have no idea where that kid disappeared to. Neither the fact that the dragon has just eaten their friend, not the fact that one of them is next, makes them hate the dragon. They love it as their pet and their cool secret they keep from adults. What they hate is that if they reveal its existence to adults, the adults will most probably kill it, so they try their best to keep the secret, taking it very seriously. But as the numbers of the original group of children who have found the dragon become low, they might let some other friends or siblings of theirs into the secret to keep the whole thing going. Might even go on for generations with older kids passing it to younger kids before feeding themselves to the dragon.
Optionally some sex is involved, but maybe on the other hand the kids purposefully refrain from sex because the stories tell that dragons prefer virgins?

Class's vampire

A mix of the two above where there’s a vampire girl in a class and everyone loves her because wow vampires are so cool. And they let her drink them up occasionally, which is fatal. The class probably becomes known as haunted for its students to die so frequently, but they try their best to keep the real reason, the existence of the vampire, secret from the adults. New students arrive instead of dead ones so that the class doesn’t become empty. They might be afraid at first when they hear the class is haunted, but when the other kids let them in the secret, they too think a vampire is cool and agree to protect that secret from adults and don’t mind becoming the vampire girl’s food one day. Of course, in this story the vampire girl has no moral problems with being a vampire.
Optionally some sex is involved.

Two immortal masochistic lesbian lolis

And they can also fly superman-style. So basically they go around having all the fun they can come up with. Of the two options I actually remember one is falling from high altitude, maybe from orbit even, and maybe not even falling, but flying down with acceleration (so faster than terminal velocity) right onto a big spike on a roof of some building, impaling themselves onto it (I imagined them falling flat with their bellies onto it). Now that I think of it, they’ll already have quite a lot of fun on their way down with reentry heat. Another option is they fly all the way to the sun and dive into it. And, well, actually that’s it for that idea. There were probably some more options that I can’t possibly remember now.

Chair made out of a girl’s bones and skin

This fantasy was also about a particular girl in my class, but not the same one from the clone factory fantasy. Short brown hair, always shining with a cheerful smile, and a straight A student on top of that. In one word I can only describe her as sunny, or at least that was my impression of her. So in this fantasy she would willingly have a chair made out of her and give it to the class as charity. So it would be used in our classroom, maybe in place of a chair that was lost or broken, so the classroom missing a chair would be why she came up with the idea to make one out of herself in the first place. She is doing it just out of her natural kindness, not because the idea turns her on or because she feels obliged or something. She’s sincerely happy to help her class by doing it, but also probably doesn’t feel like it’s a big deal for her to do it. And of course I imagined I would be the one sitting on that chair, each time doing so would make me fondly remember the girl it was made of and her kindness.

Urinals made from girls’ heads

in the boys’ toilet in the school. The heads are kept quasi-alive, exhibiting only reflexive reactions and the only reflexes remaining in their brain is swallowing and sucking, so you can use them both for peeing and for blowjobs. The girls go for that willingly because there’s nothing that can make them happier than giving pleasure to many people, this motivation also doesn’t come from any sexual desire of their own, but just out of pure kindness. They might also need to train a lot to suck dicks and drink semen and pee in order for those reflexes to remain in their brain even when their consciousness is dead.
Though as a current me, I wonder if having them retain their consciousness would be better, letting them actually experience being urinals.




Honestly, is this thread even that useful? Granted I haven't been here for all that long (half a year or so) , but in that timeframe I don't think I've seen a single prompt from here get fulfilled. It seems like just a bunch of noise going nowhere.


Bump to save from faggot spammer


Casual guro settings

So, casual guro is surely hot. But there is always a problem with it: if everyone's killing themselves all the time, how the hell does the society work? How people don't just go extinct? So here are a some solutions I thought about.

Solution 1: they don't really die.
So maybe like in Car Fight where they can disassemble their bodies all the way to splitting the brain in two and then they can assemble it back or even if they don't they can regenerate. And even if they manage to kill the brain, they'll just be restored from a backup in a clone body.
Or the setting I described here:
But fun as it is for dismemberment and such, it kinda defeats the point of dying. So let's also explore other options.

Solution 2: restore population by cloning.
People do die when they die, but clone factories produce more people so that population doesn't decline. Then since someone has to raise the kids, let's say robots do. Because if we have cloning, why not AI too. Though being mass produced, characters suffer a bit in personality. Like, why would you care for the character who is just one clone among millions of similar ones? And wasn't even raised by human parents. Makes them feel somewhat less like a person, I guess?
But anyway, I've already mentioned this one before in a thread on /dis/. What I wanted to talk about is yet another option.

Solution 3: Dyson swarm.
So there's that guy on YouTube, Isaac Arthur. Does awesome videos on various concept in Science Fiction and how they connect to real life. So one of the ideas is that we won't colonize other planets. Because just building habitats like O'Niel and McKendree Cylinders from asteroids is way way way easier than terraforming a planet. And when you run out of asteroids, you start disassembling planets, because so much mass in the planets just sits under the surface with no use. If you use it all to build habitats, you get way way way more living area. Also the growth will be exponential because each factory in space fuels building more factories. And before long you have a Dyson swarm of habitats around just our Sun that supports orders of magnitudes more population than any galaxy-spanning empire from fiction.
So what's the use of it for guro?
First, since by that time automation will make it into a post-scarcity sosciety, many people will seek for new ways of having fun, which might lead them to guro.
But second, most importantly, with such a huge population, you don't even have to take that into account. Just take the same percentage of people willing to be hurt and killed as exists in our world today and multiply by how insanely huge the population will be, and you'll have lots and lots of people dying for the fun of it every day. Combining the large absolute numbers of people willing to die with how low its relative impact on the whole society is, the society will come to accept it. It will be rare in relative terms, so the possibility of your daughter in particular coming up to you saying she wants you to hang her would be as low as it would be in the real world today, but if you look at the while solar system, at every moment if time something like this will happen somewhere. And since you can watch the news from the whole solar system, there's some lag due to speed of light, but it's still real time compared to if it was an interstellar civilization, you're kinda used to it even if you've never personally knew any snuff volunteers and you never even personally knew anyone who personally knew such a person, but in the end you're still used to it thanks to the media. So when your daughter comes up to you and asks to be hanged, you're surprised because the chances that it will be your daughter in particular who wants to die are still as low as they would be today, but on the other hand you're also kinda prepared because you know these things happen all the time. So you go "sure, sweetheart, do you want a long or short drop?" And it will be, of course, totally legal, because it doesn't hurt the society.
Next, since it's legal to snuff willing victims, there's no reason not to make profit out of it. Or at least have more fun by broadcasting it, because who knows how economy works in a post-scarcity society, maybe they don't have money or they don't work like we're used to. Anyway, no reason not to film it so that more people can watch it and have fun, right? But the point is that across the whole solar system a day's worth of such content will be generated every hour. Or something. I'm too lazy to do the math. But you get the idea. When you can't possibly watch all of the content, competition arises. Different broadcasting companies will have their own snuff shows, each trying to be more creative then the other, or maybe specializing in a certain niche, like a specific show for snuffing children. Speaking of children, since I wouldn't have my snuff utopia without snuffing children, let's imagine the legal age is like seven. With a post-scarcity economy a seven year old child can leave their parent's home and live on their own just as fine, having robots to any work, so no the laws come to think of them as legally adult. Which also gives them the right to volunteer for snuff. Furthermore, we can imagine children younger then seven can be volunteered by their parents / legal guardians. Because not yet having all the rights they're kinda legally not their own person anyway. And since it's a sci-fi future, people probably have a longer lifespan, so it's okay to kill your children because you have plenty of time to make new ones. Too much of a stretch to still call the setting realistic? Okay, then let's think of it this way: there are lots and lots of habitats around the sun, living surface of each can vary from area of New York to entire area of Russia. We can assume laws can be very different from habitat to habitat, and among such a large number of them there might be one or two that allows parents to kill their underage children. And it is all it takes for any parent who wants to kill their child to just move to that particular habitat and to the deed there. Most their home habitat can do is prohibit them from coming back, but then they can either stay living at the snuff-friendly one or move to one which while doesn't allow killing children, also doesn't care for your past deeds at other habitats. With how many habitats there are, there can be like a habitat that imitates wild west dominated by outlaws and who knows how many kinds of crazy habitats as long as they don't harm other habitats. Which brings us to the ides of guro-themed habitats.
An entire habitat dedicated to guro. Built by one of the guro-specialized broadcasting corporations. The whole population consists of volunteers who constantly arrive from the whole solar system. And the habitat's living area can be as big as Russia, and the whole area filled with people willing to die and there are always enough volunteers to replace them. They are free to kill themselves and each other, though they are also free to try and live a normal life until somebody decides to kill them. Children are free to kill too. If a child is born in this habitat, parents can choose to send the child away if they don't want them to be killed. Of course, adults (meaning 7+) are always free to leave too. So if a child is born in this habitat and manages to survive until they are 7, if they don't want to be killed, they are free to go. And then there are tourists, who probably have to pay insane amounts of money, and who are free to kill the inhabitants, but are save themselves.
As for sex and nudity, I imagine laws may also vary a lot from habitat to habitat, but in those where 7 makes you legally adult, of course it also means you can have sex and all, though laws can vary on whether you can do it in public and be naked in public. But you most surely can do both in the guro-friendly areas.


Latest idea request i had:
another Casual Guro setting aswell. i have a great love for Free Use and Free Snuff scenarios:
basicly it is just the inspiration of a conversation between a man and his girlfreind, she's a bit thicc or even plump, and he offers to drive her to her yoga / excerzie / whatever classes because today he's got the urge to fuck and snuff the super fit/buff trainer who leads the class... and then says to her that if she thinks it would be too much trouble to find another instructor he can just snuff her too when he's done with the fit girl, and she just shrugs and accepts it casualy.... the idea being seeing that snuffsex play out with the audiance of other excerzie girls who take it in stride and nobody bats an eye at the boyfriend comeing along so that he can rape and murder their instructor, most of them just shrugging it off and looking for a new instructor, but maybe a line forms of other girls who take the girlfriend's lead and want him to snuff them out too because its easier for them to just get murderd at the class than find another.


More consensual snuff prompts! Get yer consensual snuff prompts here!

—Smoking hot anthropologist trying to convince the tribe of cannibals hosting both her and her sexy co-ed assistant that she’d make a fine meal for the spit (and by she I of course mean the anthropologist).

—Dominatrix stripping nude, locking herself into a guillotine, and challenging all comers to see if they got what it takes to make her cum hard enough to drop the blade.

—Famous magician performing her last trick: getting naked and feeding herself to a hungry, hungry snake.


Since Christmass is coming, I want to remind of my Christmass idea here:

And now…
An even better casual guro setting idea
=no, I would even say…=
An ultimate casual guro setting idea
So remember that one?
I've come up with another good idea (which can totally work together with Dyson swarm or separately). So, if it's sci-fi future, what else there is beside colonizing space? Or course, life extension (on which the channel I mentioned in the previous post also has a nice video). And how does it help? Well, if people live for a 1000 years, any death within first 20 years is no different from infant death. What's another 20 years to replace them when you live a 1000 years?

Now, say you live a 1000 years and give birth every 10 years, that results in roughly 100 children. Of them, you really only need 2 to survive to replace the parents and keep the population. If 10 out of 100 survive, that's already a rapid population growth, requiring the Dyson Swarm from the idea above to settle all the new people.

But also if you have such a swarm, you have a post-scarcity economy, you don't have to worry about resources wasted for having all the 100 children attending schools even if only 2-10 of them survive. You see, there are two approaches to raising kids in nature: quantity over quality (making lots of children and hoping a few survive) and quality over quantity (making few children, but spending all of your resources on raising them well). What makes the second approach work better and result in humans is because the overall resources are limited, so it works better to concentrate more of them on fewer children. But! If the resources are practically infinite, there remains no reason for such an approach. You can raise 2 children and 100 children equally well, so why not make 100. Then 90 of them die and only 10 remain? That's just great, because that's 5 times more then 2! And each of those 5, with all the future technology and unlimited resources, is better raised and educated than todays' 2.

At that point children up to 20 and possibly even young adults under 100 killing themselves / each other is just a fun childrens' game. When 90 out of 100 children die, you would take each death as granted, it's when one survives to adulthood that is a pleasant surprise. By extension, you also wouldn't mind your children making more children. Inbreeding isn't a problem either, when most of the inbred children would just die.
The main problem with all the casual death settings is that the world wouldn't work that way, but in this setting it totally would. You can have 90 of 100 people die before the age of 20 and the world would still work totally fine. Even better, in any given moment, if you don't know people in this world can live 1000 years, it would look just like our world, where for some reason people don't care about death. Because, see: if you give birth every 10 years and kids live up to 10 years on average (dying anywhere from 0 to 20), at any given moment an average family would have 1 child. So you might even want to increase the numbers to give birth every 5 years or so, so that average family has 2 children at a given moment, so you can have stories with siblings (or just imagine for every family with 2 children there's one without children that was left outside the scope of the story).

Which leads to the idea that you can take any story that looks like it is set in our world with only difference that nobody cared about death, and that attitude is not explained in the story (so like Lord of Pancakes' or Rosie's stories, or mine for that matter) and it makes you unable to enjoy it because it is unrealistic… well now just imagine it is actually set in this setting! The story says there's a 30 year old mother with a 10 year old child? Well, maybe she just looks 30, but really is 300 and this is her 30th child. Or maybe she really is 30 but doesn't care about the child's death because she knows she'll have 100 more children and 90 of them will die anyway.

I'm talking about children, but of course the same idea can mostly work for adults too, just instead of 90% dying before the age of 20 it can be before the age 100. Or even more evenly across all of the lifespan. And everyone is educated to be able to do each others' job, so the can replace each other easily when someone dies. And most of the real job is done by robots anyway, people are either scientists who are beyond the scope of most stories or work in service industry where you don't even need much of special education for them to easily replace each other.

Of course, all the numbers are totally random and average (so it doesn't mean you actually give birth on every tenth year, just so that you birth a total of 100 children over 1000 years… and of course it can be 143 children and 1623 years or whatever). You can also scale it down to have more children survive into adulthood (say you give birth to 20 children over 150 years and only 5 of them die) or up unlimitedly (you birth infinite children over an infinite lifespan until you decide to kill yourself out of boredom some gozillion years later).

Damn, the more I think about this idea, the more I like it. It seems to have no flaws, or has it?



The only issue I can see is that tendency to kill yourself as a child is probably heritable, so the people with that trait will make up ever larger fractions of the population as time goes on (and for actual humans this has already happened).


You mean without that trait, right? Because it's those who didn't kill themselves as children that get to pass their genes down, so eventually less and less children would tend to kill themselves.
Yeah, I didn't think that deep, but since it's fantasy anyway, we can always imagine it's a purely social thing and not in the genes.
At some point the society just starts expecting to see children die every so often, have snuff festivals at schools and such, keeping the death rate stably high.
Then there's also social evolution, but I think in a world with unlimited resources it just means societies that kill more children will just grow slower, but as long as they birth more children than they kill they can still grow.


File: 1546247441074.png (636 KB, 700x580, 1ABC0D4A-D700-4DCB-92C4-F2….png)

Can someone write a scenario where Luke Skywalker loses his cock? Preferably by a lightsaber (can be by anyone - Darth Vader, the Emperor, Mara Jade, Kylo Ren, etc) and is tortured by the site of his permanently erect dick. You would make this anon quite happy if you did.


Requesting someone to write a story about a 12 year old Princess and her little 9 year old brother trying to escape from a cult (who has murdered their parents). They end up getting caught and they're given the choice to let one or the other die. The princess decides to sacrifice herself for the safety of her little brother so she gets stabbed by each of the cult's members (Jon Snow style) until she finally dies, of course her brother watches the entire thing and is forever traumatized. That's basically the entire summary.


Onix's story on /3dcg/ involving jumping from height reminded me of one of my own ideas.

Anna moves to the city

Apparently I've even wrote a bit on it, huh.

Anna sighed with relief as the lessons were finally over. Not that she hated school, in fact she took studying with proper responsibility and had always good grades. But for a lively ten year old having free time to dedicate to fun is as essential as air to breathe. So Anna collected her belongings to her school bag and headed home. The weather was nice and Anna walked slowly savouring the view. The actual path was shorter than when she went to school in her home village, but it felt like there was much more to explore in the big city. Which wasn’t actually big, but her family has moved here just a week ago and everything was still new to little Anna. The five-story apartment blocks ( see ) constituting most of the city seemed so big and occasional nine-story ones felt like skyscrapers. More people lived in one such building than on a village street, and on one city street there must have been more people than in the whole village. Everything was different, steel and concrete instead of wood and greenery, but different only means more interesting to explore. So Anna took her time to enjoy this overwhelming scenery on her way home.
Home was different too now. In was an apartment in one of those typical five-story blocks. Anna’s parents weren’t happy with their apartment being on the last fifth floor given the elevators were only in the nine-story ones, but they had to go with it for the sake of lower price. Anna, on the other hand, was excited about living so high at first. For an energetic little girl like her climbing the stairs wasn’t such a big of a deal, and she expected there should be a great view from there. Unfortunately, it turned out that the view was blocked by other equally tall buildings. Oh well, no reason to despair, maybe she can befriend someone from a nine-story building so she could try riding the elevator. She wondered what it was like.
Dealing with the stairs like it was a piece of playground equipment, Anna was now standing in front of a locked door. It was still an alien idea for Anna that if you don’t lock the door someone could just come and take your things. Why would anyone do such a thing? But apparently there are just too many people in the city so you can’t know them all well enough to trust them. So Anna took the keys from her bag, unlocked the door and locked it again after entering, like her parents have taught her.

I think I also wanted to include that she walked barefoot, but apparently didn't find a good chance to mention it organically? Oh well.
Anyway the idea is she comes home and casually strips nude, then opens a window and casually sits on the windowsill enjoying the breeze and carefreely dangling her legs outside. Her male classmate walks by and sees her, or maybe she sees him, anyway they try to talk, but she's so high they can't hear each other well and have to shout, so the girl decides to come down and without a second thought jumps off. As she lands she's all broken and bleeding, but still alive alright, the boy comes up and laughs as he asks what was that, and she laughs too saying how when she lived in the country she used to jump off the window like that all the time, so she did it out of habit, without thinking how now she was on the fifth floor. Also she still doesn't mind her nudity, as apparently back when she lived in the country she also didn't bother to dress up if she only left home for a little while and not far. And the boy doesn't mind it too because, well, I guess just because he's still a little child who doesn't care. And of course both see Anna's injuries as something to laugh at and not worry about because this is the world of my fantasy and this is how things work in it. It's also not something the find absolutely hilarious, but kinda like if someone was peeling an orange and absentmindedly thew away the orange instead of the peel, laugh it off and forget and get back to whatever they were doing.
Then it might go something like this:
1) the boy says he wanted to ask her if she would join him and other kids in a game of football (the one where you kick a ball with your feet, you know), but apparently now she wouldn't, so they laugh over it
2) an old lady passes by and scolds the girl for being naked in public (again not paying any attention to her injuries, they're not worth mentioning), the boy tells Anna to not mind her, those adults with their stupid rules
3) the girl tries to get home, so with all her broken limbs she crawls all the way to the fifth floor only to discover the door is locked and of course she doesn't have the keys on herself; everyone knew each other in the small village, so people didn't lock their doors, so even if she locked the door herself she only remembered it when she reached it; the parents would only come home from work in the evening, so it can't be helped, just waiting under the door would be boring, so she crawls all the way down again to go outside; maybe someone might pass her on the way and their only reaction would be to tell her to move from their way and she would politely do so
The story should probably end somewhere here to not get boring, but what I imagine happening next is:
4) to kill her time till the parents return she plays with the other kids outside, including the boy from earlier, whichever games she can possibly play in her state, or at least she can watch them play and talk to them
5) parents come, laugh when they learn what happened, help her get into the apartment and she finally starts doing homework because she has to go to school tomorrow, while her parents go look for a wheelchair to buy
6) next day she comes to school in a wheelchair, they laugh a bit at what happened, and they live happily ever after
7) oh, wait, there's no elevator, so how would she traverse five floors of stairs? I guess her parents might help her get down in the morning, but after school maybe that same boy would escort her home?


It seems this site wants one Chris Thorndyke dead, may I recommend a hanging or something with a beheading?

Maybe post and/or pre death fucking?


I’d love to see a story where a man kidnaps his ex girlfriend and kills her for cheating on him. But before doing so he destroys all her pleasure spots: nipples (maybe one cut off and the other perforated with a drill) and clit (cut off). Finally because he always had a strong belly button fetish especially for hers, he kills her by stabbing her through it or removes the navel to keep as a trophy


There's a long-running TV series, something of a soap opera, set in a historical period or fantasy world. It includes quite a bit of explicit sex, including the impregnation of a young actress by the actor playing her husband. Their daughter becomes part of the show as well, growing up as her character does.

Eventually, her and her mother's characters are sentenced to death, and both actresses are beheaded on camera. Possibly, their crime is attempted murder of their father/husband, who sexually abused his daughter, also in full view of the camera.


There's a special traditional massage technique- Centuries old, and recently gaining practitioners and recognition throughout the world- That involves manipulation of the client's genitals with the masseuse's. It manipulates the complex and counter-intuitive connections of the nervous system to create a lasting feeling of well-being throughout the body and improve health. The more intimate of the procedures, which not all practitioners are comfortable with, require a mutual orgasm, while others create a different kind of relaxation.

But the most powerful technique of all also requires the masseuse to be decapitated at the right moment while the client is inside her, creating special contractions and other responses in her body that cannot be replicated in any other way, and which produce unique responses in her client in turn.


A professor and a few students visit a girls' prison, looking for exhibits on human development. They select girls of different development stages, who are guillotined either then and there or at the university, in order to be cut apart, preserved and presented.


A snuff studio celebrates its 10th anniversary with its most ambitious video yet; Ten girls wait in line behind a guillotine. A guy sits on a bed. Each girl is decapitated, and while the next one is prepared, her head is quickly brought to the guy to suck him off. When she dies and stops, he tosses her aside, and the blade is brought down on the next one. The one to make him cum wins. Multi-participant snuff videos are always risky, because they can be ruined by just one of them changing her mind; Using so many shows supreme confidence in the staff's ability to determine who will go through with it.


Many cloned girls, engineered to be obedient and pleasing, are raised en-mass and sent out into the world to make it happier. Then one model is recalled; Maybe a defect is found, maybe they just want to make room for new ones. Either way, it's now allowed and encouraged to find all instances of this model and kill them. They don't want to die, but they won't really resist either. Everywhere they are casually plucked from the crowds to be killed, often in public, and often eaten afterwards.


Women duel with swords that are locked in their stiff scabbards; A club fight lasts longer than a sword fight. When one is subdued, the scabbards are unlocked by remote, allowing the winner to claim her head.


Girls volunteer for an experiment that will show how long consciousness lasts after decapitation. Or maybe it's just one girl, who unexpectadly offers herself to researchers doing something related.


I would love to see more seppuku stories on this site, the only good ones I can seem to find are from an old thread called land of the rising sun, but that’s about it



I support this


Once her perents get home, Anna's taken to the hospital. Still naked, of course, because that's fairly normal for her. Her legs are put in plaster, and she's put in a wheelchair to be sent home.

Of course, she can't put anything on her bottom half; the casts get in the way. So off she goes about her normal life, in a wheelchair, legs in plaster, pussy exposed to anyone who cares to look. And because it's soviet russia and she's a healthy country girl, she doesn't need a blanket to keep warm and doesn't bother with one. And it's just her pussy anway; back in the village, nobody thought anything unusual of her wandering down to the shop nude because she'd stripped her school clothes off and then discovered she wanted a snack, or to go playt with the boys. Nothing special there, everyone's already seen it.
Because of the chair, she can't do stairs. Her boy friends aren't strong enough to get her up the five flights to her flat, so she's got to wait outside for her father to get home from work. But unlike the village, her pussy is a new sight in the big city, at least to the local boys. People give up on scolding her for her exposure after a while; she can't help it. Her legs are in plaster and spread wide so the bones heal, and she's using her hands for the chair so she can't cover herself.

Maybe she even starts using her condition to smuggle sweets into school for her friends. She can't hide them under the blanket, not having one, so she slides them into her pussy instead. It's conveniently right there, and nobody checks to see if she's hiding stuff.
Although if she's got both hands busy with her chair, she can't expect the boys to push so she can give them sweets. No, they'll just have to reach down and find their own. She'll even prank them some days by not hiding any in there, leaving them to feel around to see if they're missing any.

When she's eventually onto crutches, her butt still hangs out. It's pretty normal to see where she's been sitting by the imprints and marks left on her butt and thighs, especially since she never bothers clearing anywhere before sitting down; it's not like she can turn and support herself on crutches while leaning over. And it's common forn her friends to greet her by stroking/grabbing her cheeks and thighs, and to probe her lower holes for treats.

And since she can hardly pick herself up to go to the toilet, maybe she just takes to casually peeing whenever she feels the need. Or she just wants to enjoy the warm feeling of the puddle.


Very nice, I love that!
Not exactly sure how and why you mean her butt would hang out. I guess you mean she just doesn't bother to wear any bottom even after she's out of the wheelchair? Because both she and everybody around are already used to her always exposing her bottom and to having sweets in her pussy.


Once she's on crutches, the casts are still on. She still can't get clothes on over them.


I had a few requests for the same kind of plot, I don't really write anymore but I hope somebody will get inspired by that:
A man/teenager walks in a forest until he find some young girl relieving themselves (camping girl scouts or whatever). He hide and decide to come back regularly to peep on those preteen pissing and shitting, until one day he get caught by some of them and get blackmail into being their slave.
I'd love seeing someone making a good story out of this.


I think you practically wrote all that story here already not much left to say ;)


haha, that was nice.

Although I see Anna did not suffer any permanent damage just had to spend some time in the cast ;)

If she broke her spine it woud be much worse but also a bit more opportunities for another kind of fun because she will not even feel her pussy or legs so she could do some more extreme tricks with them ;)


A female executioner becomes enamored with a convicted killer of women. Handling his headless body, she inserts his postmortem erection into herself and becomes pregnant with a daughter. Many years later, the girl adopts her mother's profession- And her father's passion.
Stargate Atlantis fanfic: A late episode has a main character body-swapped with a criminal, and almost executed by decapitation as a result. The device responsible works from very far; Her friends could reverse the body swap a few seconds after she is beheaded. A bit gruesome for that series maybe, but it was almost over by then so maybe they would have been willing to take the risk.
A military unit of hundreds of women retreats from battle against orders. They are punished by decimation; Ordered to execute one in ten among themselves.
A couple register for a luxury cruise years in advance, but the wife dies in the meantime. The husband takes his daughter with her ticket instead. As they sail and mingle, they independently become aware of very special gatherings aboard the enormous ships, where guests are willingly killed and eaten. As their interest in these events grows, a woman offers to do it herself and let them take their first picks from her body; But only after they show her something she always wanted to see.
Low-budget tourists take an odd job as executioners.
A normal assignment in wizard school is to perform human sacrifices and properly capture the released energies and/or the sacrifice's soul.
A reality TV game allows each team to kill the contestants entering their zone; Heads placed on their pikes determine score. One contestant feels so guilty after a kill, she volunteers to be beheaded for her own team's score instead. Unexpected, but the rules as written do allow it.


A. A mob hit on a small family. Based on an RP I'd made. I'd show you the starter and you could go from there. It involves a seven year old daughter, a twelve year old son, a fifteen year old daughter, a sixteen year old daughter, and the twenty nine year old mother. With everyone getting their genitals destroyed or removed before death


B. A group of young, African American girls get stripped and executed via pussy shots by the police. Bonus points if one is a boy and gets his dick cut off by them.

C. A young girl finds out the man she's been dating is her real father, and he knew all along. He also killed her mother. As such… He kills the girl.


I'd love to see holiday themed stories, I really love them. I am doing a Halloween one where the girls are killed for spooky decorations, I would love to see another authors take on that general idea, in the universe I am writing or any other :)


Random prompt: A headless body with dollar bills stuffed down the neckhole.

An ironic mocking gift for some transgression? A bet gone wrong/right? A fair transaction in a world where this is casual and normal? You choose!


It's legal for minors to be willingly killed, but only with parental permission. A parent might need to supervise too.
Girls are killed as performances for tourists. Sometimes the tourists go instead.
Prisoners are beheaded, their heads preserved and their bodies disposed of, not as executions but out of convenience. They are reduced into something much easier to keep that still clearly identifies them.
Milk leaks out of a dead girl by itself as her breasts relax, or maybe gets squeezed out by postmortem spasms or reflexes.
Snuff matchmaking service, bringing together would-be killers and victims of compatible desires, and helping them with the logistics(physical and legal) of whatever they decide to do.


Remember I mentioned Isaac Arhrur's youtube channel? No, I'm not paid for advertisement :-) But I've just watched another episode, namely "Welcome to the Galactic Community!" and it said how a space faring civilization would have more anthropologists that we have people, so if they have been studying us before making contact, they would know us better then we know ourselves, including out psychology, and using that they would be able to talk us into being their food in a way we would be overjoyed for such a great opportunity.

Actually, the idea of humans not simply eating each other, but being a willing slave/food race for a more advanced space civilization was in my mind for some time, although I never bothered to think deeper into it (though now I think of it I do have one never finished story where it's humans who come to an alien race and and offer in exchange for military protection half of human population as slaves, who are happy to be slaves because humans characteristic in that world is empathy… though the whole thing is actually a movie filmed inside a computer simulation, so while they do die inside that simulation, they don't die for real… maybe I should return and finish it some day…)

Anyway, where was I?.. Ah, basically, what I wanted to say is that now it doesn't have to be just "let's imagine a universe where just out of nowhere humans are happy to be slaves and food", instead there can be a valid reasoning for that. And it doesn't even have to be anything one could call brainwashing or deception, but just being good enough at convincing that people would be genuinely happy to become slaves/food/whatever.


That's not a million miles from the future shown in HG Wells' "The Time Machine" where the human race has evolved in two different directions with the beautiful but simple-minded surface dwellers essentially being farmed by the more intelligent but monsterous race that live in the caves beneath.


Has anyone written this one? Sounds interesting, and maybe on-going… :)


Returning once more to the ultimate guro setting…

The comment >>15429 said that if tendency to kill oneself if heritable, then it won't work in the long term.

And just the other day it occurred to me: what if we flip it around and say that biology is what's causing it in the first place? Namely, with the life span increased beyond anything that nature indented, that same nature tries to compensate by making kids (or people in general, I'm just focusing on kids because I'm not interested in adult characters) more likely to die. Because humans evolved in the environment with limited resources and deep down the organism can't comprehend that resources are now unlimited and there's no need to fight the overpopulation. And maybe it happened to be such a fundamental thing that fixing it with genetic engineering was orders of magnitude harder than life extension that caused it. So at first they just accepted it as a side effect. In fact, maybe, at least at first, the resources were just unlimited enough to support feeding children until they kill themselves, but not so unlimited to let everyone live their full extended lifetime, so whatever biological mechanism made kids start killing themselves was not wrong. And then maybe eventually solutions were found, both in regards to the economy becoming even more prosperous and the biological mechanism identified and possible to be fixed… but at that point everyone just got so used to it they couldn't imagine living without it. After all, seeing kids kill themselves is so fun! Being a kid and killing oneself is so fun! Adults were kids once too and remember how the idea of killing themselves sounded like fun and they only didn't to it themselves because somehow it never got to it and now they're just to old for that… but they definitely wouldn't want to take such fun away from their own kids! Right?


Isaac Arthur, and the Orion’s Arm Project, are what inspired me to create the Office of Termination setting, and the same reason could be used for justifying settings where death is casually carried out.

If you live in a society where interstellar travel, even without FTL, is possible, along with extreme life extension, mind augmentations, advanced automation, artificial wombs, and so on, you could have an individual or small group creating a colony in an unclaimed star system. They could condition, or genetically engineer, the population they create to become comfortable with casual death. The casual deaths could be random termination, purges, violent games, or whatever else the ruling entity desires. Hell, the being could partake in some of the killings.

The best thing is that the entity doesn’t need to at all justify itself, but they can if they wants. The population reaching zero isn’t an issue, since they could always grow more people in artificial wombs. Even if the people are not genetically modified to accept their deaths easily, they are at the mercy of a being that has the resources of an entire star system to crush any rebellion without breaking a sweat; hell, the being could block out the sun, or direct enough sunlight to fry everyone on the planet. If the population is living in rotating habitats built by the entity, then a rebellion is even more fruitless.


This is a story ultimately about a criel dragon and a psycho who wants them dead at any cost, like an Ahab and Moby Dick deal, lots of potential collateral guro opportunities. He or she was happily married. Had a whole bunch of kids and everything. The dragon attacked their home and murder-rapes everyone and burned everything. The dragon is an infamous and cruel beast known throughout the land. Demands and receives maidens and tithes yet even still goes about doing this stuff because he knows nobody can or will stop him. This has been going on for decades and everyone just turns a blind eye.

Mental trauma makes the person so bent on vengeance that they become literally purged from emotions and becomes a sick, twisted, but functioning sociopath. They seemingly would still resemble a normal human being, finds a new wife or husband, starts a new family, lives happily for some time, etc. But it's part of a plan that no one but they can grasp. When the time comes, and the dragon finds their family again, the family are coldly sacrificed in order to lure the dragon exactly where they want in order to get one clean hit in, utterly destroying the dragon's cock and slaying him, finishing the cruel spree of the realm's greatest monster, and becoming a legend for the wrong or right reasons depending on who you ask.


A world where human females, or at least some of them, have gametes in their flesh. When males eat them raw, something they are better equipped to do than real humans, the gametes are absorbed and then go to their sperm-producing tissue, adding crucial components of the human genome to them and therefore making the male fertile. Because this is a way to reproduce, it's entirely natural for these women to want to be eaten.

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